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penthousepussy · a day ago
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weebannihilator · 2 days ago
Yall will go fucking rabid, screaming and crying tripping over yourselves to make sure no one says the word ""insane"" but its dead fucking silent when those same people you're apparently "defending" try to advocate for themselves. And if not completely ignored, we're just talked over. Again and again and again. Sureee. Calling someone insane isn't nice i guess but for fucks sake can we focus on something that actually?? matters?????
Instead of trying to baby proof the internet from meanie bad words, maybe it would be more useful to focus on what you can start doing right now that will actually help:
Stop stigmatizing us.
If people were genuinely interested in helping us when they're barking the "don't say insane!!" rant, (They're not.) then it literally wouldn't take anymore than doing your own research to understand what and who they're trying to help. It can be hurtful, but someone calling me insane will never be anywhere near as harmful as the complete lack of even basic knowledge the public has about the disorders they like to stigmatize and laugh at. I can name so many just off the top of my head:
BPD (Borderline personality disorder) is extremely common. There are over 3 million cases every year. A majority of people who have BPD developed it because they were victims of early childhood truama or neglect, but the world has made it out that they're always going to be inherent abusers. Same with NPD. (Narcissistic personality disorder) It's painted that all of them are evil monsters, even though the majority developed the disorder after being abused themselves in childhood. (find a more in depth study/explanation here!)
Instead of focusing your "support" on telling people not to say insane, why don't you focus on visibility and acceptance for victims with disorders?
OCD (Obessive compulsive disorder) is an anxiety disorder associated with intrusive thoughts. Saying, "I'm so OCD" because you like to color code your pencils is careless sterotyping but an extremely common saying.
So why don't you focus on educating yourself/others when you make those mistakes?
Psychosis is common. It is not an illness itself, but a symptom. 3 in 100 people will likely have at least one psychotic episode in their lives, even those without disorders associated with it, after traumatic events. (Ex. like the death of a loved one or a natural disaster.)
So why don't you focus on normalizing reactions to truama? Even the "crazy" ones?
((For most of the extra information above^, I've linked Mayo Clinic webpages. They are easily accessible with accurate descriptions. They cover all symtoms and causes while still staying unbiased and offering support.))
I really could go on and on but this whole thing is just giving me a fucking headache. If you've been on the "dont say insane" bandwagon with absolutely nothing else to show, either shut up and stop pretending you have some moral high ground on illnesses you dont know shit about, or take a step off of your high horse and LISTEN TO US. If you're defending people with disorders, then learn from people with disorders and what we actually care about and need your support for.
We appreciate the effort, but if you're at all genuine about wanting to help, we need you to put that effort into what actually matters to us.
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t4tsilver · a day ago
i want to be babied but not in a "aww cute little adhd autistic trans boy" but in a "you're clearly not okay and i know that you struggle with a lot of things but i still love you and will always make you feel loved because i care about you and you deserve to be happy" way
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funeral · 2 days ago
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Cognitive-developmental model of Borderline Personality Disorder
Mark A. Reinecke and Jill Ehrenreich, A Cognitive-Developmental Formulation of BPD
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sickdelights · 2 days ago
I be like "i'm in my evil era" and then the evil is just setting healthy boundaries
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quiet-bpd · a day ago
thing is if i love someone, i love them so hard and obsessive but if i hate you then god i fucking hate you and wanna destroy you
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Ok I don’t know what the general consensus is on this or if this happens with the other pds but one thing I hate in the bpd community is the term ‘quiet bpd’ it just gives off ‘I’m not like those ~bad~ bordelines’
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letyourfatedecide · 20 hours ago
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bpdohwhatajoy · 2 days ago
Stop getting attached? Sorry I have this endearing disease known as ‘gets attached to every single person they talk to for longer than 3 days and inevitably become destroyed once said person leaves like they all do despite hoping said person will be different”. Also known as bpd
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mindissues · 2 days ago
Sometimes being happy is a trigger.
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borderlinexcrazy · 2 days ago
i just got into a breakup holy fucking shit i want to curl up into a ball and die he was everything to me. I want him back. this isnt fucking fair. I can't do this without him. I just want to cry i want to feel nothing its all too much. the anxiety in my chest is unbearable. i can't do this i fucking cant oh my god.
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artsyolivia · 7 months ago
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11secondsfromabaddecision · 8 months ago
Ok so we all love a hyperfixation but does anyone else ever avoid certain things because you feel like you don't have the time to be fixated on that, or that you aren't in the right headspace for this to become your latest obsession
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bpd-bbyg · 5 months ago
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penthousepussy · 18 days ago
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wintersbasement · 3 months ago
they’re minor inconveniences to you, to me they’re world-ending tragedies
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koriand · 7 months ago
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sickdelights · 3 months ago
Don't ask me "wyd" i really just be in my room going insane and being a danger to myself
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bpdohwhatajoy · 2 days ago
Cause of death: being ignored
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