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#the moment she fell in love
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Anthony&Kate || Thinking about each other [14/?]
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BONUS (no rings but hands 😌):
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kathony + benedict bridgerton
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JONATHAN BAILEY at the AMI show for Paris Fashion Week (June 23, 2022)
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I cannot wait for Colin Bridgerton to realize he is head over heels in love with Miss Penelope Anne Featherington 💙💛🎀✨
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Enamored [28] - Friends
A.N: Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback my loves, you’re amazing!❤ I hope you’ll like this chapter as well, and please let me know what you think, thank you! ❤ And as always, thank you @theskytraveler for helping me with the chapter and the story❤
Summary: Rebuilding a friendship requires effort.
Warnings: Regency era society and social rules.
Word Count: 5100
Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
 The wedding retreat had only taken a couple of days for you but it felt as if it had lasted years.
Returning to London after that was interesting for sure. Your brother and your best friend had stayed behind for their honeymoon that was supposed to last a week at Stormview before they would be back and of course now that everyone was back in the city, the rumor mill had started spinning again.
Not that you would know.
You had taken the decision to stay away from gossip and not read anything about it once again. Though you knew it probably wouldn’t last long, you still hoped it would be longer than before.
After all, you were going strong for five days now.
“I must admit, I have missed London a little,” Aunt Lavinia said at the breakfast table and the Duke pulled his brows together, tilting his head.
“Did you?”
“It’s fun, I keep running into old friends,” she thought for a moment. “Well…friends is a big word for them I suppose. I didn’t like most of them years ago and that apparently hasn’t changed.”
“I wish papa could be here too,” Iona heaved a sigh and Kenneth shrugged his shoulders.
“He has responsibilities back home Iona. Besides, he’s seen here numerous times, it’s not like he is missing anything.”
“Uncle Duncan doesn’t like London?” you asked and Aunt Lavinia shook her head.
“He likes Glasgow more, much like Kenneth,” she said and turned to him. “I still do not know why you changed your mind about spending the rest of the season here by the way. I understand why Iona wanted it but you?”
Kenneth stole a look at you and you tried to control your expression.
“It just sounded like an interesting idea,” Kenneth said and you lifted your tea cup to your lips to hide your grin.
It had to be because of Hugh, because Kenneth wanted to spend the rest of the season closer to Hugh.
“Who have you run into so far?” The Duke asked and Aunt Lavinia waved a hand in the air.
“Lady Oakley…”
“Oh she has an illegitimate grandchild!”
“Does she now?” Aunt Lavinia asked, ignoring the Duke. “From?”
“Her son and a kitchen maid,” you answered. “Her son refuses to acknowledge them though.”
“Mm, I knew Priscilla wouldn’t be able to raise a proper gentleman,” Aunt Lavinia said. “I also know the mother of that poet that tried to marry you Y/N. Louisa Sinclair.”
Kenneth repressed a chuckle, while the Duke just looked entertained.
“It is upsetting that he is heartbroken,” Iona mused. “Hopefully his heartbreak does not keep him from writing more poems.”
“Hopefully it does,” you and the Duke said at the same time and you bit down a smile before pushing at the food on your plate.
“And I also met the um..” Aunt Lavinia snapped her fingers. “This season’s diamond, the one your brother almost married.”
“Miriam?” You grimaced. “What is she doing lately?”
“Apparently she got engaged three days ago.”
Your eyes widened. “Miriam got engaged?” you asked. “To whom?”
“Earl Hayward,” The Duke said and you and Iona turned to him.
“Wow, Uncle Percy you know everyone!”
“I just hear things here and there,” The Duke said and you tried to put a face to the name but failed.
“Hayward?” Aunt Lavinia asked. “Any relation to Earl Hayward who was caught with another woman at his wedding breakfast?”
Your jaw dropped. “What?”
“That was his father Lav. He died a couple of years ago.”
“And this Earl Hayward that Miriam is getting married to?” you asked and the Duke shot you a small smile.
“People say he took after his father,” he said. “I doubt they’ll like each other much in that marriage.”
Aunt Lavinia hummed. “It’s beyond me how people willingly get married to people they are not in love with.”
“She’ll be a countess,” Kenneth pointed out. “That seems like a good motivation.”
“Getting a title in exchange for a life in misery?” Aunt Lavinia said. “No. That’s a terrible bargain.”
“But you’re a countess too mama.”
“I would’ve married your father even if he had no titles Iona,” Aunt Lavinia said, making you aww and press your hand to your chest.
It was quite saddening that you were never going to get this, but it still made you happy to see people in love.
“So we’re all meeting at the picnic today?” Aunt Lavinia said and you nodded.
“Absolutely! I just need to go to the modiste with Eloise and since I’m there, I will check on Cecily’s new wardrobe but after that we will join you—Iona, are you sure you don’t want to come with us?”
Iona beamed at you. “Well I do want to actually but I already promised Ken and Lord Trenlove.”
“We will join you at the picnic,” Kenneth added hastily. “Hugh—Lord Trenlove mentioned this place I think Iona will really like, I want to show her there.”
“Percy?” Aunt Lavinia said, making him look up from the newspaper.
“You’re coming as well.”
“I have things to do Lav.”
“You can do them later!” Aunt Lavinia said, “We’re all going as a family, you don’t have the luxury to lock yourself in your study today. It’s such a beautiful day out there.”
“Yes Uncle Percy, you should enjoy the sun!” Iona said, and the Duke suppressed a smile, heaved a dramatic sigh, then shrugged his shoulders.
“Alright then,” he said. “I suppose I could join for a short amount of time.”
Iona clapped her hands together happily and you and Kenneth grinned at each other while Aunt Lavinia sipped her tea.
“Honestly Percy, you’re such a recluse,” she said. “You’re lucky I’m here.”
“Mm hm, I feel very lucky Lav.”
You checked the clock on the wall, then pushed at your plate and stood up.
“I will see all of you at the park then?” you asked and Iona nodded.
“Great,” you said and smiled at Kenneth. “Do give Lord Trenlove my best, Kenneth.”
Kenneth’s grin widened and he raised his tea cup as if toasting you, making you giggle before you walked out of the breakfast room.
When you got to the Bridgerton house with Lucie, Lady Bridgerton, Francesca, Gregory and Hyacinth were outside but the rest of the family was in the drawing room. Anthony was sitting in an armchair and reading the newspaper but as soon as he caught the sight of you walking into the room he sat up straighter like someone had just pricked him with a needle. Benedict was busy with drawing, Colin was reading Lady Whistledown and Eloise was writing a letter by the table but they all turned to look at Anthony as he jumped on his feet.
“Hello everyone,” you smiled slightly and waved, then turned to Eloise. “Are you ready Eloise?”
“Almost, I just need to finish my letter.”
“What’re you…?” Anthony trailed off, staring at you as if he couldn’t believe you were there and Eloise grinned.
“Oh did I forget to tell you?” she asked. “We’re going to go by the modiste, and then have a picnic at the park.”
Colin put the Lady Whistledown issue that he had been reading on the table to grin at you. “Oh well, isn’t that the lady who shoots through London’s marriage market like a comet?”
You grinned back and wiggled your fingers in the air. “Maybe.”
“And destructive as such,” Benedict commented. “Did you reject anyone’s proposal and ruin their dreams of matrimony with you today?”
“It’s not even noon so I haven’t got the chance yet,” you played along, crossing your arms to lean back to the wall and Colin raised the paper in his hand.
“Have you had a chance to read today’s issue?”
You blinked a couple of times. “Colin, I hope you realize what a terrifying sentence that is.”
“She wrote something about you,” Eloise called out, still busy with her letter and you groaned.
“Are you serious?” you asked and walked to Colin to get it from him before your eyes darted over the lines.
“Third paragraph,” Colin said helpfully and you tilted your head.
“It is to this author’s knowledge that Lord Gillingham was very much taken by Lady Y/N after their dance and is now planning on courting her. It seems that there’s another rival to—” you stopped reading as soon as you saw Anthony’s name and lowered the paper but Anthony’s brows pulled into a frown while you heaved a sigh.
“Who even is Lord Gillingham?”
“You literally danced with him at Elias’s engagement ball,” Eloise said and repressed a smile. “After the waltz, if that rings any bells.”
You thought for a moment, and shrugged your shoulders. “Ah.”
“I heard he says he wants to propose and waiting for Elias to come back.”
“Dear God Elias is going to shoot someone by the end of the season, I just hope there will not be a huge injury so that we can get him out faster.”
Anthony scoffed, glaring at the Whistledown issue as if it had personally offended him.
“May I?” he motioned for it and you handed it to him, then went to sit on the couch while he sat back down on the armchair.
“So I take it you’re not going to say yes?” Eloise teased you and you rolled your eyes.
“Well no, I’ve recently decided to become a spinster,” you announced and Anthony’s head shot up from the paper, Eloise finally looked up from her letter and Benedict stopped drawing.
“You?” Eloise said, her voice full of doubt. “You will become a spinster?”
You nodded and Anthony swallowed thickly, then pursed his lips as if he was trying to keep the words in.
“Well, I was actually going to become a nun,” you said. “But apparently I’m too vain for that.”
A silence fell upon the room and you looked around.
“Really? No one is going to disagree?”
“Why would we?”
“Sounds like a legitimate reason.”
“Not even you?” you asked Anthony and he shrugged his shoulders.
“You get mad if I lie to you.”
You narrowed your eyes at him, then turned to Benedict and Colin who both looked very entertained.
“So yes, I’m going to become a spinster, and go after my calling.”
“Your calling?”
“I have a talent in matchmaking, I’m planning to do that with all this spare time I will have.”
Eloise blinked a couple of times. “You will be a spinster while chasing for love for other people?”
“History is full of people who get couples together but stay unmarried,” you said. “So is literature. Take Shakespeare for example.”
Eloise scoffed. “Yeah, you’re a classic Juliet.”
“Apparently I’m not. I’ll just be…” you waved a hand in the air. “I’ll just be the priest. He was the one who married them after all.”
“He was also the one who got them killed,” Anthony pointed out. “Are you sure that’s your favorite play? Everything you’ve said about it so far just makes me think you didn’t read the ending.”
You rolled your eyes at him and turned to Eloise. “Eloise are you writing a book or a letter?”
“I’m about to be finished,” she said, still scribbling and you walked to take the Whistledown’s paper from Anthony’s hand to take a look at the paragraph again.
“I honestly don’t remember this Lord Gillingham, who is he?”
“Debatable, he’s not that tall,” Anthony stated before Benedict shook his head.
“Light hair, blue eyes, a lot of ladies find him charming.”
“He’s not charming.”
“He likes working with horses—”
“That’s what he claims.”
“Anthony, do you want to describe him or will you let me?”
“It’s not my fault if you’re giving wrong information.”
“It doesn’t matter,” you interrupted their banter. “I’ve made up my mind, I am to be a spinster.”
“Alright I’m done.” Eloise said and sprinkled some sand on the paper, then blew on it and took it from the table. “We can go.”
“Do you two—um—” Anthony said, standing up again. “You two need a chaperone right?”
“Not really, Lucie is coming with us.”
“My maid is coming with us as well.”
“I can accompany you,” Anthony said in a haste. “I’m not doing anything.”
“Good for you,” you deadpanned and Eloise repressed a smirk before turning to Anthony.
“There’s no need for you to come with us,” she stated and Anthony took a deep breath, shooting her a look.
“Eloise, do you remember that meeting in the city you wanted to attend to? For that book club with the other ladies?”
“Do you still want to attend that?”
Eloise shot him a grin and turned to you. “On a second thought, he could come with us. You don’t mind, do you Y/N?”
You could feel your heart skip a beat but you shrugged your shoulders. “We will go by the modiste first though.”
“Not a problem, I can wait there.”
Benedict and Colin exchanged glances.
“You know what?” Benedict said. “Let’s all go to the park, that sounds like a good idea. We can stop by the modiste.”
Eloise frowned. “I thought you said—”
“I’ve changed my mind,” Benedict said, stealing a look at Anthony before clearing his throat. “Yeah, let’s all go. Should be fun.”
It was such a lovely day that apparently the rest of the ton also had the idea of going to the park to enjoy the pleasant weather. As soon as you got there after the modiste, Penelope and Eloise wanted to go on a boat ride and managed to convince Benedict and Colin to go with them. Iona, Kenneth and Hugh were on another boat but Aunt Lavinia and the Duke said they wouldn’t, seeing that they were swarmed by other people who were trying to talk to them.
Since you got seasick whenever you were on any kind of boat or ship, you had refused to join the rest on the lake, instead you and Lucie went on a stroll around the park. You stopped by the bridge to read the rest of the latest Whistledown issue while Lucie enjoyed the scenery, and it was only when your eyes found a familiar name in the lines that you tilted your head, your brows furrowing.
“I figured I’d find you here.”
Your head shot up from the paper and you turned to look at Anthony whom Lucie was glaring at.
“You didn’t join the others?” you asked and he shrugged his shoulders.
“Wasn’t in the right spirits I suppose.”
“Are you ever in the right spirits to have fun?” you asked back and he leaned back to the bridge railings, his dark eyes fixed on you while a fond smile played on his lips.
“The urge does strike me from time to time, now that you mention it.”
“And you wait for it to go away?”
“Most of the time, yes,” he said and stole a look at the paper in your hand. “Trying to find more information about Lord Gillingham?”
“I’m trying to catch up,” you said. “I’ve made sure not to read it since I came back and apparently a lot happened—which reminds me, what is a brothel?”
Anthony started coughing all of a sudden while you patiently waited for him to get his breath back and he cleared his throat.
“I’m sorry?”
“What is a brothel?”
“Where did you hear that word?”
You held up the paper. “It says here Pierre was seen leaving a brothel. What’s that?”
Anthony ran a hand over his eyes. “Jesus Christ.”
“Is it some sort of a park?” you asked. “Because if it is, you must tell me where it is.”
“I don’t want to run into Pierre,” you insisted. “It will be so awkward if I do, so you must tell me what it is and where it is, so that I can avoid it.”
“It’s not a place you’d ever go, Y/N.”
“How do you know?”
“Because…” Anthony trailed off. “You— it’s not an establishment you’d be interested in.”
“Oh it’s not a park of some sort?”
“No. Nor is it in any part of the city you’ve been to.”
“But you know where it is?”
The tips of his ears went pink and he bit inside his cheek, nodding. “Uh huh.”
You tilted your head, curiosity urging you to ask more.
“What happens there?”
“I can’t answer that question.”
“Then I will walk away and find someone else to answer it if you don’t,” you said. “Hugh is still around, so I’m sure—”
“No!” he cut you off. “No. Don’t ask anyone else, least of all Trenlove.”
You raised your brows, looking him in the eye. “Then?”
“It’s a place of…” he trailed off. “Transaction.”
“Like a trade?”
“Mm hm.”
“What do they sell?”
Anthony rubbed the back of his neck, averting his gaze from you. “Ent—entertainment.”
You frowned. “Entertainment?” you repeated. “Why can’t I go there then? I want to be entertained too!”
“You must take me there!”
“I’m not going to do that.”
“Well, you don’t have to join if you don’t want to, you can just watch me have fun.”
“Please stop saying that,” he muttered as if he was being tormented and you rolled your eyes.
“I’ll find a way,” you told him and clicked your tongue. “I suppose Pierre is not heartbroken if he is having fun though.”
“Do you want him to be heartbroken?”
“Not really,” you said. “I mean I knew he wouldn’t be terribly heartbroken, I could tell when I turned him down. It’s good that he went to that place to be entertained, perhaps he will find love in someone else.”
“Quite literally.”
You pursed your lips, fixing your gaze on the lake while trying to ignore the ton’s glances on you both.
“You know you being here is just going to fuel more rumors?” you asked and he stole a look at you.
“I can leave if you wish.”
You frowned, then shook your head, making that hopeful light appear in his eyes again.
“Do you want to leave?” you asked back and he paused for a moment.
“No, but it doesn’t matter,” he said. “I’ll do whatever it is you want me to do.”
You could feel a warmth spreading inside your chest but you forced yourself to ignore it as you turned to look at his handsome face.
“I don’t think avoiding each other will help,” you said slowly. “You’re Elias’s best friend and I’m his sister, so it’s very clear we will see each other a lot.”
His eyes searched your face. “Is that all?”
“Is Elias the only thing that connects us?”
No, Elias was not the only thing that connected you. What connected you was your hopeless, endless and naïve love for him.
Even after everything that had happened, you were still completely in love with him, and it wasn’t going to go away, you knew it.
No matter how much you pretended, it wasn’t going to go away, but living with heartbreak was in your blood after all.
Your mother could do it, and now you were going to do it.
You took a deep breath and shrugged your shoulders.
“Regardless of what connects us, I think we can become friends in time.”
And surprisingly enough, that hopeful light in his eyes didn’t disappear. It was as if that was still an improvement for him, he stared at you before he nodded fervently, a small smile appearing on his face and for the hundredth time you couldn’t help but notice just how irresistible he looked, even more when he was smiling.
“I mean that is if…” you trailed off, trying to bite down a smile. “If our—what was it? Our undeniable attraction doesn’t prove to be challenging for our friendship?”
He blinked a couple of times as if he couldn’t tell whether you were serious or not.
“I’m not the best at proposing as it seems?” he said carefully like trying to test the waters and you raised your brows.
“One could say it was a humbling experience.”
“For you,” you pointed out. “Not me. I was just standing there.”
He stared at you but a look of relief crossed his eyes as you shot him a grin, making a bright smile appear pull at his lips. He hesitated for a moment, then cleared his throat.
“Very humbling,” he played along. “Do you have any advice you would be willing to give me to improve?”
You hummed as you caught the sight of Iona, Kenneth and Hugh’s boat coming back to land and Hugh jumped down, and helped Iona out of the boat as well.
“Well, my mother always used to say that it’s a strength to know your weaknesses, so perhaps you should just swear off romance and become a priest like I wanted to become a nun,” you said, making him chuckle.
“Oh that’s your advice?”
You pushed yourself off of the railings you were leaning against, then heaved a dramatic sigh.
“You’re right, it’s not a good advice,” you taunted him. “You wouldn’t make a good priest at all, you’re too vain for that.”
With that, you walked away from him to go to Iona, Kenneth and Hugh, with Lucie following you suit.
Elias and Cecily were supposed to arrive in London before noon but apparently they were going to be late, because their carriage was nowhere to be found in the afternoon. It was a hot day, so Aunt Lavinia wanted to spend time in the backyard while the Duke had shut himself in his study again, claiming he had documents to go over. Kenneth was outside with Hugh and you had decided to join Iona and Aunt Lavinia in the backyard, enjoying their conversation.
“I’m telling you, we must throw a ball when Cecily and Elias comes back,” Aunt Lavinia said, “It will be Cecily’s first ball as a marchioness, and the whole ton is waiting for it already.”
“Oh that would be fun mama,” Iona said, “I wish I brought more gowns with me.”
“Iona we can get them done!” you told her. “We can go to modiste today if you wish, after Cece and Elias arrives. And if you want, you can check my wardrobe as well, I have more than enough ball gowns I haven’t got to wear yet.”
“I’d love that!” Iona said, “I like your gowns, you have amazing taste.”
You pressed a hand over your chest. “Aw Iona, you’re the sweetest.”
Aunt Lavinia’s gaze found someone over your shoulder by the house and turned to you.
“You have a caller as it seems.”
“What? No, the Duke was very clear—” you started as you looked over your shoulder and the second your eyes caught the sight of Anthony descending the marble stairs to the backyard, you felt your heart skip a beat. You stood up from the picnic cloth you were sitting on, and offered him a small smile.
“Lady Ashdown,” Anthony bowed when he reached you. “Lady Iona. Lady Y/N.”
“Good afternoon,” Iona said. “It’s lovely to see you again!”
“Lord Bridgerton,” you greeted him as he smiled at you.
“My lady.”
“I wasn’t aware you were coming.”
“Oh I just wanted to drop by to bring my wedding gift and see y— say hello.” he corrected himself, motioning back at the house. “And I thought Elias and Cecily would’ve arrived by now.”
“I thought the same,” you admitted. “They’ll be here at any moment I think.”
Anthony gulped down and stole a look at Aunt Lavinia before turning to you.
“Would you like to walk around the garden while we wait?”
You blinked a couple of times, your heart beat getting faster but you scolded yourself in your mind, then nodded.
“Of course,” you looked around for your fan but realized you hadn’t brought it to the yard, so you grabbed the latest Whistledown paper to fan yourself with in case it got too hot while you were walking. You smoothed down the skirts of your gown, and Aunt Lavinia cleared her throat.
“Walk where I can see you, Y/N,” she said. “Lord Bridgerton, do try to stay away from anything that can break please. We do not want another accident.”
You bit down a smile and the tips of Anthony’s ears got pink before he pursed his lips and nodded.
“Of course Lady Ashdown,” he said with a bow of his head before you both started walking side by side and Anthony rubbed the back of his neck.
“You’d think she would’ve forgotten about that by now.”
“I’m planning on asking her for more embarrassing stories,” you pointed out, making him chuckle.
“Don’t you dare.”
You let out a laugh and looked up at him.
“I didn’t know you got Elias and Cece a wedding gift,” you said. “What is it?”
“A fine china set.”
You narrowed your eyes at him playfully. “No really, what did you get them?”
“I’m serious, I got Cecily a fine china set.”
You pressed the Whistledown paper on your lips just so that you could hide your smile but of course Anthony could tell from your eyes as he shot you a mischievous grin.
“More of a gift to your father rather than Cecily, but…”
A giggle climbed up your chest and you shook your head, then bit on your lips as you fanned yourself with the paper and he stole a look at it, still grinning.
“Anything interesting?”
“Not really. Just that um— Earl Buxton is marrying Lady Tabitha and there’s supposed to be this huge ball for their engagement.”
Anthony hummed. “Finally he asked, I suppose.”
“You know him?”
“From gentlemen’s club. He has been planning to ask her for a month now.”
“Ah,” you said. “A love marriage?”
“Mm hm.”
You let a small smile curl your lips. “So I scored a point then?”
That made him stop dead in his tracks as if he couldn’t believe his ears, that light glimmering in his eyes again as he let out a breath, mirroring your smile. You raised your brows, looking at him in anticipation for his answer.
“…You certainly did,” he managed to say and took a deep breath, trying to pull himself together. “But I’m scoring a point soon as well.”
“You’re that sure of yourself?”
“Lady Miriam and Lord Hayward. Match made in hell.”
Your head shot up. “What makes you say that?”
“I know Hayward.”
You pointed at him with the paper. “You need to tell me everything right now.”
He shrugged his shoulders. “Well, Lady Miriam probably chose him because he’s an earl, he chose her because she’s the diamond.”
“And it’s a match made in hell because…?”
“The only reason he’s getting married is because he needs a legitimate heir, but he has a mistress in the ton. That, and Lady Miriam’s dowry I’m guessing.”
You made a face. “Well, she always wanted to have a high title,” you muttered. “I can’t believe if it were up to you, you would’ve supported Elias marrying her.”
He held up his hands. “I saw the light later on.”
“More like I made you see the light.”
His gaze on you was soft and full of fondness.
“Yeah,” he said after a beat. “Yeah you did.”
“We’re back!” Elias’s voice reached you, making both you and Anthony turn your heads and you gasped, then lifted your skirts a little to run at them at full speed before throwing yourself into Elias’s arms. He caught you mid-air and hugged you tight, making you giggle as he laughed.
“Welcome back!”
“No one proposed in my absence, did they?”
“No!” you said as you pulled back and hugged Cecily, making her laugh. “I missed you!”
“I missed you too, so much!”
“Elias, I decided to become a spinster!”
“Jesus Christ—”
“Welcome back my dear,” Aunt Lavinia said and Elias beamed at her before hugging Iona, then turned to Anthony.
“It’s okay, you can admit that you missed me,” he said with a grin that Anthony returned before he pulled him into a hug to slap his back.
“Took you long enough.”
“Cece, your wardrobe is only half ready but I will show it to you!” you said, holding her hand to pull her into the house much to Elias’s protests but you paid no mind to them. Cecily giggled, running with you upstairs.
“How was your honeymoon?” you asked her breathlessly as you reached the top of the stairs and she shot you an abashed smile.
“Absolute perfection,” she said and you pulled your brows together.
“Why were you late?”
“We um, we woke up late.”
“Will you tell me—”
“I cannot,” she said, fanning herself as if her face was on fire and you gasped.
“I will tell you when it’s time for you to get married, deal?”
“Oh I will never get married, I decided to become a spinster,” you said and she ran a hand over her face.
“You’re not serious.”
“I am!”
“And what was Anthony doing here?”
“Well he—” you paused. “Wait a second. Anthony? You never call him by his name, you always call him the rake.”
Cecily shrugged her shoulders.
“Well, he’s Elias’s best friend so I decided to give him another chance,” she said. “So? What is he doing here?”
“He came to bring your wedding gift.”
“That’s all?” she asked. “He didn’t look like he was busy with my wedding gift when we got to the backyard.”
“Oh, we…” you trailed off. “I decided that since I shall be a spinster—”
“You will not.”
“Yes I will— and since he’s Elias’s best friend, we will be seeing each other a lot. So I’ve had a conversation with him the other day.”
Cecily pulled back slightly, her brows furrowing.
“What kind of a conversation?” she asked. “Please tell me he didn’t propose or said something foolish again.”
You shook your head. “No,” you said. “No, I just— I told him that we could become friends in time.”
A smile full of disbelief curled Cecily’s lips and she tilted her head.
“Oh?” she said. “Friends? You and Anthony will be friends?”
“Well, I think I will always be in love with him but I—” You paused before waving a hand in the air.
“Enough about me and my heartbreak,” you said as you held her wrist and pulled her deeper into the hallway. “Let me show you your new gowns, Marchioness Westcliff.”
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hi!! do you have any polin fic recommendations? there’s such a lack of content for them i’m desperate for literally anything. love your blog btw
First I have to recommend my own, because I'm an extremely biased, selfish person: Say I'm What You Want - Pen wears a vibrator to Benedict's wedding. lighthearted, romantic chaos with Colin ensues.
Secondly, you must read this fic, as it's my favorite romantic polin fic, and i beta'd and i love the author and again, i'm biased. but it is EXTREMELY good: Field of Dandelions - Soulmate AU. romantic, pining love-sick colin. And now for the rest in no particular order:
Modern AU:
Dress - Iconic. iconic story. second favorite story ever. my god the writing. also, i recommend reading every single story she's ever written. you don't even need a summary just go read this.
Cardigan - Colin is a famous actor and Pen is a gossip columnist that writes about him. i've read this story three times already. it's fantastic.
Invisible String - angsty childhood friends to lovers
What's in a name? - fluffy jealous Colin one-shot
If I'm Butter - gets better with each chapter, Colin is slow to realize his feelings. i love this story. the author has some really good smut one shots also
Firsts - incredibly smutty love story (warning: freaking hot possessive sex scene)
Home - 99,000 word slow burn (5 part series), that is missing the last chapter and not updated in over a year. but...idk man i think it's still worth it.
To Penelope, with Love - Eloise goes missing and Colin and Pen travel Europe together to find her
Twist me Right - starts out as a raunchy telling of Penelope going to town on a popsicle but the story ends with lots of romance. Porn turned into romantic plot
Casual Goodbyes - Eloquently written story of a romantic, pining Colin trying to win over Pen. There is a full chapter of domestic fluff.
Scenes from a Holiday - Penelope is FWB with Michael Sterling, much to the jealousy and insecurity of Colin. I think this fic is well written and emotionally mature. Features a rare confident, sexy Penelope.
I Guess You Like Me- very short 5+1 prompt where people think Polin is married.
Valentine's Day - Groundhog Day trope- Colin repeats Valentines Day with Pen until he can get it right
Phone Lights Up My Night Stand - short 5 + 1 trope, but make it texts from Colin
Everything I do is Electric - Angst and Fluff and Smutt, Pen and Colin have a one night stand before they meet
Regency era:
The Marriage of Miss Featherington - A marriage of Convenience between Anthony and Penelope
The Path Forward - author's take on what will happen in season 3
460 - a quick story of Colin and Penelope having matching soulmarks
Breakable Heaven - adorable, fluffy, angsty, romantic. Penelope has to agree to an arranged marriage. Will Colin be too late?
Take me to Church - i mean....poetic porn what more do you want.
I'll use you as a Warning Sign - Soulmarks AU, but the words are Lady Whistledown's.
Wonderlust - jealous Colin as penelope tries to marry someone else
Romancing Mayhem - Jealous Colin, set amidst book 4 and 5, penelope and Michael are friends AU. love love love this one.
Tend My Garden - Soulmarks AU. i love soulmark stories, btw that's why there's so many.
These Days Will Fade Out - Soulmarks, but Colin doesn't have Pen's
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The way she makes him smile 🥹
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REQUESTED: Violet and Benedict Bridgerton being a duo [x]
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Simone Ashley as Kate Sharma
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Anthony&Kate - Kisses [2/?]
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edwina sharma costume appreciation 4/∞
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Summer Nights
Benedict Bridgerton x Reader
Summary: Benedict was born to be a father, she was sure of it.
Word Count: 1.7k
Prompt: 61.“Don’t get up - I’ll do it.”
Warnings: extreme fluff!!!, parenthood, benedict is a good dad™️
A/N: is this self indulgent? possibly. is it short? maybe so. either way, give this man a hundred babies, I dare you. he literally deserves nothing but the world.
Living in the country was blissful, the quiet summer nights were entirely beautiful and calming all the same. When Benedict had first shared My Cottage with his wife, it was on their rather extensive and long honeymoon—and while she fell more in love with her husband during that time, the same could easily be said about My Cottage. She never really expected to enjoy country life as much as she did, almost begging Benedict to allow their permanent residence be settled here rather than in a stuffy estate in London before the honeymoon had even concluded. He could never say no to his beloved, even at the best of times.
So, they stayed. 
It was on nights such as these that made sleep all the easier, the droning of wildlife buzzing quietly outside their windows. Benedict’s arms were wrapped languidly around his wife’s frame, small snores escaping his mouth. Normally, (Y/N) would grow vexed with his snoring—it was only one of few flaws she could pin on him—but with how deeply she was sleeping, the sound didn’t even stir her.
The crying, however, did.
With bleary eyes and only the moonlight to guide her, (Y/N) began to claw at the sheets covering her body. She knew it would be too good to be true, to be able to sleep so soundly, especially with their newborn in a bassinet beside the bed. Forgoing the help of their staff—insisting on trying to care for their child on their own as much as they could—they allowed their newest bundle of joy to share their chambers instead of occupying the freshly renovated nursery. Although they appreciated the efforts made by Mrs. Crabtree to make the nursery as welcoming as she could, there was something magnetic and natural in wanting to be there immediately for their child.
Of course, the idea was an excellent one, in practice… it had been a journey for the new parents to embark on, to say the least. The last few months were a trying time for the Bridgertons and their new babe. 
(Y/N) slipped the sheets carefully off her skin, the cooler air sending a small shiver up her spine. It was an impossible feat, to try and remove herself from bed without Benedict waking. Not only was he a light sleeper, but he almost always knew when his wife was separating from their embrace—the warmth fading quickly and his slumber disturbed. This time was no exception to the rule.
Benedict groaned lightly, obviously fresh out of sleep much like his wife. Without as much as a minute to listen to the wailing, he sat straight up in their bed, his head turned to the bassinet by the foot of the bed. 
“Don’t get up,” Benedict said, rubbing the sleep from his eyes, “I’ll do it.” She tried to reach for his arm, only to be met by a light pat to her hand—his insistence of tending to their daughter evident.
“You don’t have to,” she said, enjoying the warmth of his hand atop of hers. 
“I’d be a rather rubbish father if I made you take care of her every time she cried,” he said quietly. “I don’t mind it, really.”
“You could,” (Y/N) fought back a yawn, “never be a rubbish father.”
In the sliver of moonlight that cascaded across Benedict’s face, she could make out the hint of a smile as he got out of the bed, making quick work to attend to their daughter. “A bit fussy, are we?” Their daughter continued to wail, her tantrum shaking the bassinet enough to be noticeable. He carefully lifted her out of the wooden crib, gently wrapping the draping cloth around her in his arms. 
“She might be hungry,” (Y/N) said carefully, adjusting her silk sleeping gown, it had bunched up rather uncomfortably.  
“If she’s hungry I won’t hesitate to wake you, my love,” Benedict said as he carefully bounced the babe in his arms, his eyes not leaving his daughter. “But you,” he turned his gaze towards (Y/N), “should get some rest. I’ll take her out of here so you may sleep soundly. Let’s let mama rest, shall we?”
(Y/N) couldn’t argue with that, the urge to fall back into her slumber was too great. She knew that Benedict would be able to handle himself just fine, she trusted him wholly and undoubtedly, especially with their daughter. 
Fatherhood had suited him, she decided. While it was a very little surprise to the couple when (Y/N) came to be with child—honestly, the surprise was that it hadn’t happened sooner—they knew the child was wanted all the same. When their daughter was born, something flipped in Benedict, a paternal instinct of the sort. He was a natural, the practice of having six younger siblings was evident, with the way he cared for her. It wasn’t even a discussion of keeping their daughter in their bedchambers with them at night, he was the one to move her bassinet without a single word or objection. 
While (Y/N)’s leisurely thoughts of her husband soothed her back to a sleepy state, the urge to follow him out to wherever he took their babe and watch from a distance was too great, seeing as she only made it all of fifteen minutes before breaking. A small sigh left her lips as she kicked her legs off the side of the bed, allowing herself to float across their bedchambers and search for the candlelight Benedict was bound to have lit. Sure enough, a small flickering light was emitting from his studio, the door cracked ever-so-slightly. (Y/N) took it upon herself to peek in.
“You see,” Benedict softly said, pointing to a half-finished painting, “this is your grandmama’s house, I’m painting it for her birthday.” Their daughter, now seemingly calmed down, babbled, almost in response. “Yes, well, I also think it could use some more work, but it is not yet finished, my dove.”
She cooed lightly, gripping Benedict’s free finger.
“There she is, my beautiful girl,” Benedict smiled down at the bundle in his arms, “you just needed some time with your papa, huh?” He wiped her nose with his thumb—a snot bubble had formed in such a short amount of time. “Did you want to see some other things your papa has been working on?”
He knew that the baby couldn’t give any rational response, but he decided to cart her around his studio as if he was born to do it. Benedict moved her from every other easel in the room, from the finally finished portrait of Anthony and Kate to the landscape of My Cottage—it was originally to be an anniversary present for his beloved, but she had caught a peek of the painting and ruined the surprise. (Y/N) claimed to be the best of actresses for when their anniversary did come around. Finally, he stopped at his desk, a littering of parchments and half-finished drawings adorned the top in a semi-organized fashion.
“This one? Oh I do rather like this one,” Benedict nodded, pointing down at the oak desk, aiming at one drawing in particular. “You see, it’s just a bunch of scribbles and shapes right now, but I want to try my hand at drawing you, my dove.” He smiled contently at the parchment beneath his fingertips. “Much like your mother, your beauty is something that is hard to capture, so I’m afraid this will take papa quite some time to finish.”
“She’ll have grown by the time you decide to finish that,” (Y/N) said, finally stepping into the studio. She had grown tired of just watching her husband interact with their daughter, even though her heart nearly soared at every passing word.
Benedict’s eyes lit up when he noticed his wife across the room, a smile curling his lips. His hair was tousled—from sleep, no doubt—his white sleep shirt was barely buttoned, he was truly a sight to be seen. “It’ll be very hard to forget how she looks, seeing as I spend far too long staring at her.”
(Y/N) hummed quietly, walking over to Benedict’s side. He wasn’t lying about the drawing, it truly was just scribbles and shapes, only a basic outline of what could possibly be a baby. “She is hard to look away from.”
“We did a good job, didn’t we?” Benedict asked, his eyes not lifting from the baby in his arms. “She’s just so beautiful, just like her mama.”
“If you are insinuating that I look like a baby—”
“Of course not, darling,” Benedict laughed, pulling his wife into his side. “I am just forever blessed that she has your features and very few of mine.”
“She has your nose,” (Y/N) said, lightly pressing her fingertip to her daughter’s nose, “and your ears.”
Benedict grimaced lightly. “Ah, she does, doesn’t she?”
“She’ll grow into them,” (Y/N) laughed lightly, her finger now tracing the shell of her baby’s ear. “Unlike someone I know…”
Benedict immediately pulled away, his head tilting down in faux offense. “I beg your pardon?”
(Y/N) smiled up at Benedict. “I only jest, my love.”
He relaxed back into (Y/N)’s side, his brows were drawn tight, not completely convinced.
“I’m still quite beside myself that all it took was showing her around my studio,” Benedict said, adjusting the baby slightly, she had started to drift off. “She has the spirit of an artist, I’m sure of it.”
(Y/N) smiled sweetly. “Perhaps she just loves being in her father’s arms?”
“I find that most women love being in my arms,” Benedict narrowed his gaze upon his wife, “it must be another fantastic trait she inherited from you.”
“You must be right,” (Y/N) hummed contently.
“I usually am.”
She allowed herself to chuckle airily in her husband’s jest, knowing full well that she was the winner of many an argument in their marriage. Their daughter’s breathing was even—she had fallen asleep again—(Y/N) adjusted the blanket across her body. “We should go put her back down, try and sleep another few hours.”
As deeply enticing as the offer sounded, Benedict simply couldn’t bring himself to move from his spot—to break the little piece of heaven that had cultivated in his studio in the wee hours of the morning. 
“And remove the best things to come of my life from my arms?” Benedict gingerly pressed a kiss to his wife’s temple, his lips lingering for a second too long. “Never.”
So, they stayed.
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You, Edwina, were born to be Viscountess.
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dearabsolutelynoone · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“He might have been a rake and a rogue—he might still be a rake and a rogue—but clearly his behavior to those ends did not define the man. And the only objection Kate had to his marrying Edwina was... She swallowed painfully. There was a lump the size of a cannonball in her throat. Because deep in her heart, she wanted him for herself.”
Julia Quinn, The Viscount Who Loved Me (Bridgertons, #2)
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things i noticed in bridgerton
1. anthony does two eyebrow scrunches, one after the wedding scene, and one when he finds out kate is awake
2. anthony is defensive and closed off about his dad with EVERYONE (including daphne, violet and sienna), save for two people: Kate… and Gregory.
3. anthony makes a face when he’s trying to suppress emotion, or with hold judgement, where he purses his lips just so. some instances when he does it: - when courting the girl in the tea shop in one of his interviews. - right before he breaks down when violet tells him kate is awake. -find more
4. when a little johnny slips through into anthony’s personality “perhaps we should find someplace a little quieter
5. THE VOICE CRACK WHEN HE SAYS “before what? before we both finally do something for oursELVES?
6. Kate and Anthony both shake their heads a little throughout the show, but for different reasons; Kate does it when she is trying to clear her head, or remind herself why she’s in London in the first place; in the gazebo after her fight with Edwina, after the bee scene, after almost all of the heavy breathing Kanthony scenes 😭
7. And Anthony does this thing where he shakes his head when he’s trying to deny his feelings for kate. when daphne is like “it is CLEAR that you have affection for miss sharma…” ?*head shake*. when kate tells him to marry edwina bc their feelings will pass? *HEAD SHAKE*. when kate says she’s going back to india after anthony proposes? *HEAD. SHAKE.*
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