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Usagi Tsukino stimboard for anon! With themes of love in red and pink. Let me know if you'd like anything changed.
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austim · 2 days ago
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Neon slime stimboard for anonymous
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downwiththeficness · 2 days ago
A Thing Most Desired-Ch. 21
Tumblr media
Summary: Rosalind was eight years old when she knew she had a soulmate. At eighteen, she vowed never to find him. To protect her family, Rose makes the decision to tempt fate and she finds that walking away is easier said than done. Kandomere/Bright!FemOC AU
Word Count: ~6,000
Warnings: Sex, blood
A/N: This story contains references to child murder and kidnapping. It is rated E for explicit sexual content, blood, gore, death, and mature themes. Please heed these warnings, if you’re going to read or interact with this fic.
Taglist: @dystopian-dez382, @miss-rebel-without-applause
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Rose thought that she would have gotten used to the extravagance of her fiance’s family by now.
She was mistaken.
As she stood in the entry hall of the massive house, marble floors under her heels, Rose kept her hands carefully folded in front of her. There would be no way she could replace any of the clearly antique knick knacks dotting the high end furniture. Just this side of cluttered, the space constricted her movements and made her self conscious about how she held her body.
Above, a crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling, casting the entire room in a warm light that wasn’t quite welcoming. To distract herself, she studied the paintings that lined the wall to her right. A series of portraits, some of them looking centuries old, Rose recognized none of the subjects. The color palette matched the rest of the house, cool tones and severe expressions.
Kandomere appeared beside her, having come from hanging his jacket and her purse in the hall closet, “Ready?”
“No,” she quipped with an easy smile, “But, we should go in, anyways.”
Kandomere had let himself in with a key, felt comfortable enough to walk in unannounced. With the same comfort, he led her to what she thought was probably some kind of living room, though it looked nothing like the one on the estate. Decorated in slate grays and shining silver, it was about as inviting as the entryway.
From an armchair, a stately looking elf stood and waited for their approach. It would be impossible to determine her age—white hair, crow’s feet at the corners of her eyes, beautifully manicured hands, and a full mouth painted with a tasteful pink lipstick—her attributes conflicted with one another so much that it was jarring.
Her voice, when she spoke, was a soft alto and delicately accented, “Kandomere, Rose, thank you for coming.”
Thank you for coming...As if they weren’t the whole reason the family was being gathered, as if they were doing her a favor. Rose was immediately on her guard.
“Visha,” Kandomere greeted, leaning in to peck his grandmother on her cheek, “I hope you enjoyed your trip.”
Visha sighed, “I would have been nice to stay a little longer, but given the circumstances…”
She trailed off, her eyes falling on Rose. They were so strikingly similar to Kandomere’s that Rose had to look away briefly before she could hold the older elf’s gaze.
“Its nice to meet you,” Rose managed, but didn’t mean it.
Visha didn’t acknowledge the pleasantry, “You are the vessel.”
In the back of her mind, Rose could hear Alma’s voice sneering, No better than the old biddies gossiping over pink lemonade. She silenced that voice quickly, trying to form her expression into something mildly congenial. This was likely all that Visha knew about her, and she didn’t seem the type to mince words.
“She is young, Kandomere,” Visha said to her grandson. “Have you educated her?”
He nodded, “I have answered every question, Visha. She knows what she’s doing.”
Rose wanted to argue that she wasn’t that young, certainly not as young as she could have been, had she not moved to Montana. Visha’s natural intimidation kept her silent.
“You realize that you’ll be asked to keep our secrets?” Visha questioned, to Rose, “There are things that we do not speak about.”
Rose knew this, had known it even before she’d met Kandomere. And, while there was still a lot for her to learn about what it would be like in their marriage, she found that she didn’t like the implication that she wasn’t prepared. Rose had done a good job of keeping secrets her entire life. This would be no different.
Instead of biting out a sarcastic reply, she simply said, “I do.”
“Good,” Visha pronounced, her posture visibly relaxing, “I must say that I enjoyed speaking with your mother. She is a natural negotiator.”
Rose smiled, “Ivy spent a lot of time arguing with the HOA.”
She couldn’t count the times Ivy had refused to back down from a blonde haired woman wearing Patagonia who arrived at their front door with fresh baked cookies and an agenda. Some of the proudest moments of her teenage life were watching Ivy back them carefully into a corner and then spring the trap. It was a skill that Rose envied, but had never mastered.
“Did she?” Visha’s brows lifted, “I’ll have to consult with her, then. Mergaren has made one too many threats about our porch lights lately.”
“I’m sure she’d be happy to help,” Rose said, knowing that Ivy would enjoy the challenge, would probably purchase a set of new gel pens for the occasion.
Visha gave a nod of approval, her mouth tilting up in almost a smile, “Good. Now, Kandomere, I received your text about the incident at the county clerk.”
Rose tensed. The incident in question was days in the past, but they still hadn’t resolved their argument about how it would be handled. It was a subject she and Kandomere had carefully avoided, pretending that it wasn’t waiting for them on the date of their binding.
“I have reviewed our current House employees. All have passed through inspection. However,” she paused, her voice dropping into her chest, “There is one that we let go about a decade ago that...may be our problem.”
Kandomere shifted towards her in a subtle motion, his hand brushing hers, “Who?”
“His name is Roman. We employed him in our labs. He was...extremely resourceful, but lacked the discipline to follow procedure. My understanding is that he became a public school science teacher after we let him go.” She paused a moment, then, “His dismissal came after we discovered he was attempting to sell some of our proprietary information to competitors. It came as quite a shock when I confronted him.”
Rose’s blood went cold in a way that made her nauseous. She wobbled in her heels, one hand pressing to her belly. It couldn’t be. It absolutely could not be the same person. What were the fucking odds?
Kandomere’s arm snaked around her waist, supporting her. He quickly guided her to the sofa and helped her sit down. Rose dropped her head into her hands, breathing deeply so that she didn’t throw up all over the rug. Or worse, all over her dress. She liked this dress.
“What did I say?” Visha asked, a touch of concern in her voice.
Kandomere dropped onto the cushion next to her, his hand rubbing softly over her back, “I know him—we know him. He’s the subject of one of my investigation. Rose confronted him several weeks back and he got away.”
There was a pregnant pause, “The child killer.”
“Ah,” Visha intoned softly, “That does change things.”
It sure as shit did. Rose had to keep swallowing back bile, her eyes squeezed shut. They couldn’t have one nice day, one thing that they could do without this motherfucking asshole shoving his way in. She vowed that she would take Roman out the next time she saw him, come hell or high water.
There was a swish of fabric, followed by Visha’s voice, “When Marcella arrives, I’ll speak with her. We’ll provide any information we have.”
This was said with a perfunctory tone that reminded her too much of the elf at her side. A family trait, perhaps.
“Thank you,” Kandomere said. He touched her knee, “Are you alright?”
Rose inhaled deeply through her nose, lifting her head, “Yeah. Just surprised, is all.”
She was more than surprised—bewildered might be more accurate. Rose had assumed that he was some kind of eccentric weirdo who’d only managed to escape detection through happenstance. The realization that he was smart enough to not only be employed by a High House, but to work on one of their most secret projects made things so much worse than they already were.
It meant that he was good. It meant that he was very, very, good.
Kandomere hummed, fingers spreading out over her knee, the weight comforting.
Looking up, Rose watched Visha sit gracefully in the armchair she’d vacated earlier, “We’ll leave this subject alone for now. Today is happy day.”
It was a directive that was clear enough that Rose found her spine straightening involuntarily. She needed to smooth her expression and forget about Roman until after the ceremony. Now was not the time for histrionics.
As if on cue, a bell sounded. The front door.
“Excuse me,” Visha said, rising and moving past them towards the entryway.
“Are you sure you’re alright?” Kandomere asked, eyes searching her face.
“Yes. Like Visha said, today is a happy day. There’s no room for Roman, here.”
His smile was proud. Dropping a kiss to her mouth, Kandomere tugged her to him, inhaling against the skin of her neck.
Voices filtered in—Ivy and Ulysses had arrived. Rose turned a bit, waving at them as they entered the room. Ivy was wearing a soft white blouse and slacks that had been ironed within an inch of their life. Ulysses was wearing one of his best work suits. They looked completely unbothered by the opulence of the house, Ivy reaching to pull Rose up and off the couch into a tight hug.
“You look so pretty!”
Rose smiled, her hands smoothing the lilac fabric of her dress, “Thank you.”
Ulysses was just ending a handshake with his partner, his wide grin falling on Rose, “Ivy’s right, you look great.”
Rose thanked him, accepting the hug as he squeezed her into his barrel chest.
Another bell. Visha had barely come back into the room when she was spinning on her heel and going back to answer it. She returned with two more Elven women, one older than the other.
“You must be Rose,” the older elf greeted, holding out her hand, “I am Marcella, Kandomere’s mother. This is Vikander, my daughter.”
Vikander also offered Rose her hand, giving a deferential nod. She stood back a step or two, regarding Rose with a clinical gaze. It was difficult not to wilt under such scrutiny.
“So glad to meet you both,” Rose said warmly, hoping to ingratiate herself with her in-laws.
“We’re happy to meet you, as well,” Vikander announced with a small smile that didn’t quite reach her eyes. Then, to her brother, “Took you long enough.”
Rose blinked at the change in tone, the depth of sarcasm in the words.
Kandomere rolled his eyes, “I thought it might be better to introduce her to this slowly. Couldn’t have you running off my vessel.”
“As if I would,” Vikander replied in mock indignation, her hand resting delicately against her chest. “Besides, if anything’s going to run her off, its going to be your work schedule. Or, have you suddenly gained a sense of work-life balance.”
Marcella said, in an aside to Rose, “Three seconds without a sarcastic comment. That has to be a record.”
Rose had never had siblings. She couldn’t imagine what it would be like to have someone that she had to share attention with, especially if they were as close in age as Vikander and Kandomere appeared to be.
“I’m sorry,” Kandomere said in a way that definitely wasn’t an apology, “But, I’ve seen how you have fun. To be honest, I was surprised I didn’t wake up this morning to find shaving cream in my best shoes.”
Vikander laughed, “Seriously? It was a joke, and technically they weren’t your best shoes.”
“They were the only shoes that matched my suit,” Kandomere countered with indignation, “Do you know how hard it is to get shaving cream out of suede?”
“Alright,” Visha cut in, “We have a ceremony to complete. And, now that everyone has arrived, I think we should get to it.”
Oh. Okay, then.
They were just going to do it. For such an important ceremony, they were treating it...unceremoniously. For a culture that had so many rules about so many things, this particular ritual seemed to be pretty simple. She glanced at the faces around her, the confidence of the elves, the happiness of her parents. It took effort to wrestle her nerves.
Kandomere took her hand and they followed Visha through a set of ornate double doors into a smaller, more intimate room. The lighting was softer, the furniture less formal. It was a room that was lived in. The softer setting did nothing to allay Rose’s nerves. She focused on her feet, placing each step carefully so that she didn’t stumble.
Several chairs and a massive sofa decorated the space. Along the far wall was a tall dresser, atop which sat a box covered in gold gilt. Visha went to it, opening the top and taking from it what looked like a long rope. She felt her mouth spread in an involuntary smile. Rose knew that this was technically called a ‘binding’ but she didn’t think they’d meant it literally.
Visha held up the rope, the material sparking with fire in a way that unnatural. As Visha approached, Rose could feel the magic in it, feel how her own magic rose up in response. It vibrated all over her skin, making her feel a touch too hot. The air in the room thickened. Rose swallowed reflexively around a dry throat.
Visha began to speak, the Övüsi washing over Rose like honey. The actual words, and any hope of understanding them dissipated when the rope touched her skin. The feeling zinged through her hard, forcing her to lean on Kandomere. She tried to shake it off, failing utterly.
It felt like the magic of the estate—ancient, powerful. Her vision blurred as it pushed inside, wiggling between her defenses. It melded with her own magic, sealing itself within until she knew there would be no separating it. She felt her heart pound in her chest, banging heavily as her breath picked up. Her eyes closed and remained that way, shutting out the room and the rest of the world. All she could feel was magic inside—magic, and Kandomere holding her up and steady.
When Visha stopped talking, Rose was finally able to open her eyes. She realized that the rope had been wound around their wrists in a complicated knot. A quick flex of her wrists told her that she wouldn’t be able to get out of it quickly—which was probably the point.
Far more quickly than it had started, the feeling of the magic faded, leaving Rose off balance. Kandomere, who she had already been leaning against, took more of her weight.
Something had remained.
Visha held up a piece of thick vellum and a knife. In Rose’s foggy brain, she barely registered the touch of the blade against her forearm, the press of the paper to her skin. What did register was the fire the bloomed the second Kandomere did the same. It lanced through her, lighting her up from the inside—blood magic.
Her vision blurred and she lost focus.
It wasn’t until Rose was sitting on a low bench near the bay window, Kandomere murmuring against her hairline that he was going to get her something to drink, that she understood the ceremony was over. Sweat beaded at her temples, her heart still going a little too fast, Rose was surprised that she was so calm.
Ivy’s face wavered in front of her, “Rose, honey, are you okay?”
She blinked rapidly, “Yeah, I think so.”
Blowing out a relieved breath, Ivy said, “Visha said it would be unconventional by human standards, but I didn’t think she’d hypnotize you.”
Looking up, Rose frowned, “I don’t think that’s what it was.”
She didn’t feel out of control in her own body, and she certainly didn’t feel like she had missed much more than the finer details. Rose just felt...more. It was as if her entire world had expanded about three inches wider, letting in something extra.
“Sure,” Ivy replied shortly, with disbelief. “You’re okay, though?”
Rose really wished people would stop asking if she was okay.
“Yes, I’m fine.”
A glass of juice slid into her view, along with a flash from the face of Kandomere’s Rolex. She took it, sipping first lightly, then drinking deeply. Her thirst was thick on her tongue, and not easily assuaged.
Something had remained.
She could feel it. There was something more inside her that hadn’t been there before. It was cool, hard, steely. And, like steel, it had melted down the magic that connected her to everything that she was, merging the two until they were inseparable.
“Refreshments have been set up in the garden. If you’ll follow me.”
Rose barely heard Visha, rising automatically and following the lead of Kandomere’s hand in hers out into the sunshine of the day. She had conversations that she didn’t quite follow, ate a little, finished her juice, and sat demurely while words flowed around her in indistinct circles.
It wasn’t until Marcella settled herself where Kandomere had been not a moment before, her hand touching Rose’s, that the world came back into focus.
“It will fade, some, with time.”
“The muddiness. The fog. It took me about a week, but it went away.”
Mouth open, Rose regarded Marcella with confusion, “How do you…?”
Patting Rose’s hand, Marcella replied with a knowing smile, “I also performed the binding. And, I am also a bright.”
Inhaling an unfeminine breath, Rose started to deny it, but immediately decided it was unnecessary. Kandomere had said that his mother was observant. She needn’t waste the energy.
“I must look insane,” Rose commented with a smile.
Marcella shook her head, pale hair moving like water, “No. Not at all. It is to be expected.”
Rose’s eyes drifted over to where Kandomere was talking with Ulysses, all smiles, “He looks like he’s doing fine.”
Her laugh was surprised, but warm, “He’s been dealing with the effects since the moment you met. That’s how it is with our males.”
Casting her mind back over her memory, Rose tried to think of a time where he’d been as disconnected as she felt. She came up short.
“I’m not sure I believe that,” she said, eventually.
“I do,” Marcella shot back quickly. “I’ve never seen him so impulsive. Not in over eighty years.” There was a moment of silence, then, “Visha tells me that you ran into Roman.”
Rose flinched, “Yeah, I did.”
Nodding, Marcella commented, “I’m surprised you survived. We lost four staff the day he was fired. He broke Visha’s arm in two places on the way out.”
Firmen’s blood spurting out from his throat flashed before Rose’s minds eye, “I believe it.”
“Still,” she continued, gesturing vaguely with her hand, “Anyone strong enough to defend themselves against a Moloch is more than a match for a bright with a god complex.”
Rose considered the statement, agreeing with only half of it, “He’s stronger than he looks.”
One shoulder lifting elegantly, Marcella dismissed the statement, “I’m sure he won’t get away next time.”
Her eyes cut to the side, “You think there will be a next time?”
“Of course,” Marcella said, her intonation oozing with confidence, “Roman wasn’t the type to let someone get the best of him—too arrogant for that.”
Rose sighed, rubbing her temple tiredly, “That’s what I was afraid of.” Then, “I just wish I knew how to use his—.”
She cut herself off, pressing her lips tightly together as she wondered if she should trust this person.
Curious, Marcella urged, “Use his…?”
Exhausted, too tired to even think too much about it, she relented.
“Blood,” Rose finished. “When I saw him last, I got a bit of his blood.”
Marcella visibly hesitated, her eyes casting about the guests as her mind worked, “I think I can help you, but not now.”
Intrigued, Rose asked, “You can help me?”
Marcella gave a sharp nod, “I’ll come to you tomorrow, before you leave for Montana. I can teach you what you need to know.”
“You can?”
Marcella nodded, catching something in Rose’s periphery. Expression a mask of polite cheer, Marcella turned her attention to Rose’s left, where Kandomere was approaching with a wide, pleased smile. He looked like he did when he knew he was going to win an argument—smug self-satisfaction.
“Its late,” he said, pulling Rose to standing. “We should go.”
Rose looked to the horizon, noting that the sun was starting the set. How had the time gone so quickly? It was only just passing noon when they arrived. In a daze, she said good bye to her family, to her new family, walked out to the car, and went with her husband back to the place that she was now beginning to call home.
It was dark when they arrived, the porch light the only illumination they had. As they passed through the threshold, Rose felt the thing that had remained jostle awake, meeting the magic of the house with familiarity.
Kandomere hung his coat, turning to regard her closely, “Would you like a drink?”
She shook her head, not trusting herself to handle alcohol. He nodded, pushing his hands in his pockets, still staring.
With a small smile, he said, “You are so beautiful.”
Rose scoffed, nearly rolling her eyes, “You’re only saying that because you just married me.”
He gave a shrug, mouth quirking up, “I can be objective when I need to.”
Humming noncommittally, Rose watched him approach with an affectionate gaze. He took her hands, kissing each before pulling her into his chest. Sighing against her, Kandomere touched his mouth to her cheek, her jaw, the soft skin of her neck. His hands drifted up from where they were resting on her hips, catching the zipper at the back of her dress and pulling down.
Giggling, Rose let him tug off the dress, the fabric pooling at her feet. He helped her to step out of it, then dipped down for a passionate kiss. Pushing into her space, the kiss continued as he led her backwards, until she pressed up against something that dug oddly into her back.
Glancing up and over her shoulder, Rose smirked as she discovered that he had guided her into the stairs on the far side of the living room. Undeterred by her distraction, Kandomere cupped her breasts, thumbs circling around her nipples. He sucked little marks along her collarbone, his mouth working upwards to take hers.
Against her lips, he said, “Give me a number.”
“What?” she asked, breathless.
“Give me a number,” he repeated, his attention on her breasts, “One through ten.”
Head falling back against the spindles holding up the banister, Rose regarded him with bemusement. She thought that he might be joking, but he definitely didn’t look like he was joking. Kandomere looked pretty damn serious.
“Four,” she said, eventually.
He smiled, and the hair on her arms stood on end. This was a smile that meant something. What, she didn’t know. But, she had a feeling that she was definitely about to find out.
“I can do four,” he announced, with arrogance, “Easily.”
Before Rose could ask what he meant, Kandomere was kissing her again. It was a leading kiss, coaxing her response with gentle tease. Rose quickly found that she didn’t really care what he meant, not when he was kissing her so nicely.
Hands kneading her ass, Kandomere glanced down her body. His fingers slipped beneath the thin band of her underwear, pushing down. Rose blew out a breath as he brushed the skin below her belly with the pads of two fingers, drawing a line down to her center.
Watching his hand intently, Kandomere drew his lower lip in between his teeth, biting down as his wrist turned so that he could trace down to her slit. As he massaged her folds, Rose felt her magic rise up.
Under normal circumstances, she might have been able to push it back down. But, after the way she’d antagonized it today, it was an impossible task. Her power refused to be ignored, surging with so much force that it sparked visibly from her skin. Kandomere breathed in sharply, his eyes lifting to gauge her reaction.
“I’m okay,” she assured him.
He nodded, returning his focus to the task at hand. Slowly, very slowly, he rubbed back and forth, pushing between and nudging at her opening. Rose’s hands flexed on his biceps, stance widening in the heels she still wore. Her arousal grew in tandem with the buzz of her magic, a buzz that seemed magnetized to every place that he touched her.
By the time he pushed a finger inside, she was rocking her hips towards him. He kept a slow, even pace that deliberately tapped her g spot on the outward pass. She moaned lowly, earning a slight increase in pace and a second finger that upped the sensation.
He gave her a quick, hard kiss, resting his forehead against her as his thumb moved to rest directly on her clit. Magic spinning inside, Rose closed her eyes as another high pitched moan escaped. Her knees threatened to buckle, thighs shaking as she worked to hold herself upright.
Nosing along her cheek, down her throat, and to her shoulder, Kandomere breathed deeply, the muscles of his arm and chest rolling with every motion. She pushed her hands into his hair, pulling loose the strands from the pony tail. He avoided her lips when she tried to kiss him, tucking his face into the curve of her throat.
Head tilting back, Rose held him to her as the heat built in her body. It pooled down low, swirling with the momentum of her magic. Too soon, she was crying out softly, the release doing almost nothing to ease the need. Her body, and her power, were crying out for more.
Breathing hard, Rose barely had a chance to blink before she was looking at empty air, Kandomere having dropped to one knee. Without preamble, and without saying a word, he lifted one of her legs and hooked it over his shoulder, diving down to lick away the traces of her arousal as they dripped down her thigh.
Groaning, Rose gripped the shoulder not currently occupied by her bent knee. The feeling of his tongue as it rolled and dipped along her folds ripped through her. Already sensitive, Rose trembled against his hold, barely able to keep standing. He gave her no mercy, the sound of him sucking at her clit loud in the quiet room.
He adjusted his weight and slipped his fingers back into her. The dual sensation was more than enough to push her right off the edge again. It was harder this time. Deeper. Rose had to reach up and grab the spindle behind her just to remain standing as the contractions rocketed through her.
Standing quickly, Kandomere kissed her. It was messy, touched with the taste of her. Rose gripped him tightly, pushing up in her heels to press her body as close as possible.
Pulling away, he waited for her to steady herself, then said, “That’s two.”
“Two?” she croaked, before realization could dawn. “What would you have done if I said ten?”
His look was confident. Downright smug.
She laughed, rolling her eyes, “Alright, hot shot. I get the point.”
All business, he turned her to the side and guided her towards the stairs, “Bed.”
“Still got two more, right?” Rose couldn’t help the tease, even knowing that she’d pay for it later.
With a sound that was more amused than frustrated, he ducked down and hauled her up and over a shoulder. She got to watch the stairs fall away as he carried her up to the landing and made a sharp turn towards the bedroom. Rose spent the short trip laughed into the fabric of his shirt.
Landing with a cut-off breath on the mattress, Rose lifted up so that he could pull off her bra and heels. It was only when she was stark naked that she realized he hadn’t removed a single article of clothing. He was still wearing the deep violet suit and white shirt. A lilac tie brushed against her belly as he leaned over her.
Grasping it, she pulled him down for a kiss, hand tracing up its length to tug at the knot. She managed to get it free, but he stopped her when she began to work at the buttons of his shirt. Taking both her hands, he pressed them deliberately into the mattress. Knowing his intent, Rose relaxed a little.
He kissed her softly, sweetly, as if he hadn’t just made her come twice, as if he was only just beginning. And then he sat up and reached down to pull the laces of his shoe free. Pushing it off to land with a thud at the side of the bed, he tugged off his sock before switching sides.
Having finished, he stretched out beside her, leaning on an elbow, “You know, we’re married now.”
Rose hummed in agreement, rolling a little to settle against him so that she could plant a kiss on his Adam’s apple. He’d shaved that morning, the skin smooth and scented lightly with his cologne.
“And,” he continued, pausing, “Actually, I didn’t have anything to add to that. We’re married.”
Rose smiled up at him, “We are.”
He kissed her, “You’re my wife.”
“Uh huh,” she said, between kisses.
Mouth lingering against hers, Kandomere gave a pleased hum. He eased her onto her back, settling atop her as if it was right where he belonged. Hands kneading her hips and thighs, he kissed down her chest, tongue dabbing between her breasts. By the time he made his way back up to her mouth, Rose’s breath was stuttering in and out of her and she was pushing her hips into his just to get a little friction.
He let her do as she liked, more focused on kissing her senseless. Rose pulled at his shirt, managing to get it out of his pants so that she could work on the buttons at the bottom. It was not easy work, especially since she couldn’t quite bring herself to allow much space between them. Her fingers were clumsy, her mind distracted by pleasure.
Rose got about halfway up the shirt before Kandomere grabbed her hands put them back where he’d put them earlier. She whined in frustration, curling her legs over his hips and holding him to her. Giving him a slow grind, Rose smirked as he moaned against her ear.
That smirk slid right off her mouth as he hitched her higher and wrapped his lips around a nipple, scraping his teeth along the too sensitive skin. She hissed, back bowing as her eyes scrunched in pleasure. Letting go with a wet sound, Kandomere tucked his chin into his chest, face a mask of concentration.
He had caught her rhythm, understood what she needed. They shared breaths as they moved. Rose wrapped her arms around his shoulders, not caring that she was disobeying his silent order. He certainly didn’t seem to mind. She held him tight to her, gasping with every twist of her hips.
Above her, Kandomere began to shake with either the exertion or with the effort it took to keep from coming. In any case, he visibly lost patience, hand reaching between them to circle her clit hard and fast. Rose’s hands clenched his shirt as she was thrown into orgasm, body twitching beneath him.
Sitting back, Kandomere crouched above her on his hands and knees, breathing hard. Core still fluttering, Rose stared up at him. Sweat slicked his brow and the hair at his temples. The muscles of his arms trembled as they took his weight. Between his legs, his erection jutted out, tenting his slacks. The fly was wet, drenched with her arousal.
Entranced by the sight, Rose reached up and pushed him to his back. Dropping down, she ran the flat of her tongue over it from bottom to top. Kandomere grabbed her shoulders, trying to pull her up. Resisting, Rose worked open the button of his pants and got his zipper down with surprising dexterity.
One hand pushed up his half open shirt and the other tugged down his slacks enough so that his cock sprang free. As she had done before, Rose gave him no warning, no teasing stroke, before she sucked the head into her mouth.
Her name was out of his mouth on the next breath, a shout that fairly echoed off the walls. Rose bobbed her head, taking his length down as far as she could. That, apparently, as much as he would allow, his body curling up so that he could get a good grip on her arms.
He had her up and underneath him in the next beat of her heart, her noise of disappointment cut off with a fierce kiss. Reaching down, Kandomere lined himself up and slid home. He moaned loudly, the movement stunted as he struggled to keep control.
“Fuck,” he breathed, eyes closed.
Rose might have granted him mercy, had she the capability. She didn’t. Her body was screaming out that she needed more, and she needed it now. Planting her feet, she rolled her hips, taking him deeper. In a flash, his hand was holding her down, fingers digging into the curve of her ass.
Head turning to the side, she tried to get at his ear, knowing that it might give him that little push he needed to fuck her as hard as he clearly wanted to. He’d made his point, was well on his way to earning  the fourth and final orgasm he’d boasted about downstairs. She didn’t understand why he was delaying.
Lifting up, Kandomere slapped a hand to the center of her chest, “Don’t.”
She stared at him, mouth open, drawing deep breaths. Her pussy clenched down on him, earning a soft groan. The hand on her chest trembled, his strain evident.
Laying back, Rose let her hands fall to the side the way he’d put them twice before. Kandomere eyed them warily for several long seconds before he lifted his hand from her chest and pulled out. He quickly unbuttoned his shirt. With more grace than Rose could have ever achieved, he kicked off his pants and returned to his place above her. Settling back between her thighs, Kandomere eased himself inside with a harsh noise blown through his nose. Taking a calming breath, he began with slow, deep movements.
Dropping to his forearms, Kandomere kissed her so softly that Rose grew confused. She blinked up at him, her brows coming together in question. Slowing to a stop, Kandomere cupped her jaw, thumb rubbing over her cheek. Something passed between them, a feeling without words. His eyes were blazing with it, flashing in the dim light.
Catching himself, he kissed her again. A slow thrust gave way to another, and then another. Rose encouraged him, telling him how good it felt, how she wanted more. He gave it to her enthusiastically. Heat built between them. Sweat and salt. Rose felt the tension begin to rise in her body, the feeling searing through her.
It was so much better when he was inside her—so much better than his hands or his mouth. His cock spearing into her gave Rose something to come against, something to squeeze down on. It gave her something to crash against as the feeling overtook her.
She might have screamed his name. She might have scored his back with her nails. Her magic, spiraled out of her. She heard him choke on a groan, heard him curse, felt his hips go fluid with quick, hard thrusts until he stiffened above her.
His weight was warm and solid as they came down, his mouth pressed sweetly to her cheek. Carefully, he rolled to his back, taking her along with him until she was draped over his chest.
“Four,” he said when he caught his breath.
She laughed, swatting him gently. He caught her hand, kissing it as he had done before, down in the living room. A sweet, happy gesture.
The thing that had remained was less steely now. More malleable as it rode the stream of her power. Rose sighed against Kandomere, unable to believe that she didn’t recognize it.
It was him.
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20,000 watt lightbulb | source
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Artist Butch Locsin performing for the dearly-departed on Día de los Muertos 
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
source: sunsetoned
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✸ blooming ✸
one of my plans this year is to redo some of of my old art that both my past and present audience will (hopefully) enjoy! 🌞💖 to kick things off, a remake of what i considered a warm-up doodle back in 2016.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Julie and the Phantoms 1x02  ✨Bright ✨
this week’s Fantom Friday prompt was “favorite scene” and i couldnt choose, so. i drew three from one of my favorite episodes lol. i hadnt done lineless stuff in a While but it was a lot of fun!!
check it out on instagram :3
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