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geryone · 26 days ago
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In Accelerated Silence, Brooke Matson
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lifeinpoetry · a year ago
If I could have plucked you / like a mussel from your shell / I would have swallowed you whole.
— Brooke Matson, from “Elegy in the Form of an Octopus,” In Accelerated Silence
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brekker-by-brekkerr · 3 months ago
comfort things tag game
hey you. you’re lovely and i’m glad you’re a part of the world :) 
anyways sometimes it’s just nice to do things that comfort you. if you have the time. so let’s tag some people and talk about our comfort things yeah?
here’s mine:
comfort show: gilmore girls
comfort movie: any pixar movie but to be specific monster’s inc. also tangled, love rosie, the to all the boys trilogy, the twilight saga
comfort book: cress by marissa meyer. or a cute rom com like people we meet on vacation or tweet cute or anything by morgan matson
comfort article of clothing: cozy sweatshirt or this one super soft yellow babydoll dress
comfort song: don’t worry baby cover by the brook & the bluff or briggs by mike mains & the branches
comfort place: anywhere with my friends or at barnes & noble. the best day ever involves both <3
comfort food: macaroni cheese
tagging, only if you’d like: @bouquet-of-wilting-violets @fangirlforever-15 @vrakali @mel-street @lovedust4starlust @mszenik @kaztiel-angelofthetimelord @kanerallels @look-up-to-the-skies-and-see @thatonecrowguy @galwithalibrarycard @twentythreesuns @sisterofartemis and anyone else who sees this and wants in!!
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gyldowens-blog · a year ago
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You are striking. Tough to crack. Worth every effort, you said. There's an art to eating a pomegranate; cut away the crown
until you can see the chambers inside—six bedrooms shining with ruby chandeliers. In a bowl of water use your thumbs to tear the walls apart.
Ode to a Pomegranate - Brooke Matson 
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booksoanahasread · a year ago
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Save the Date by Morgan Matson
I finished this book around midnight after reading about three hundred pages yesterday. This is such a fun book. It’s immersive and makes you forget that you’re reading.
I love Morgan Matson’s books, she has this super easy style that gets you back into reading even when you are in a reading slump. She’s one of my favourite contemporary authors because she makes it seem effortless to get back into reading. 
This book isn’t as focused on romantic relationships like other books by her, but the way Charlie’s family is described during the turmoil that is the days before a wedding. It was so interesting to see how Charlie kept running errands for her family and how she never complained once. I honestly think they were starting to take advantage of her. 
Linnie and Rodney’s wedding was almost a complete disaster. I’m really shocked that Linnie didn’t have a meltdown, I would’ve. Almost anything that could go wrong did go wrong, it was frustrating. The reader ended up rooting for the family and hoping that nothing else would go wrong. 
Danny was a piece of work to be honest. The way he interacted with Brooke really annoyed me, after all, he was basically ignoring her and she was at a wedding where she barely knew anyone. He does love his siblings and would do anything for them, but he clearly is obsessed with his job. 
JJ was absolutely hilarious, but I don’t really think he was actually helpful in the book. He just seemed to be there for the drama. I kind of liked Mike, I understand why he argued with his parents about the comic strip. His privacy was violated in such a profound way, his anger was clearly justified. 
I really couldn’t stand Jesse, it was clear that he was just using Charlie for sex. The poor girl was in love with him for such a long time, it was as if he were making fun of her by trying to have a one night stand. Jesse obviously didn’t care about her, he was a self-centered student.
Charlie was such a people pleaser, she kept saving the wedding and I don’t understand why she was the one delegated to do that. After all, she has parents who were supposed to be paying for the wedding and taking care of her siblings. 
Bill was so sweet and adorable. I loved the scene where he asked Charlie to dance with her in the supermarket. It was something straight out of a romcom that I would love to be a part of. He was so ride or die for Charlie and I loved it. 
This whole novel is fantastic and fun to read. My summer vacation can end now that I’ve read a Morgan Matson book. I would recommend this to anyone going through a reading slump. 
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curiositymagic · a year ago
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balletbookworm · a year ago
In Accelerated Silence: Poems by Brooke Matson
In Accelerated Silence: Poems by Brooke Matson
Summary from Goodreads: “The thin knife that severed your tumor,” writes Brooke Matson in these poems, “it cleaves me still.” What to do when a world is split–terribly, wholly–by grief? When the loss of the beloved undermines the most stable foundations, the most sacred spaces, of that world? What else but to interrogate the very fundamental principles themselves, all the knowns previously relied…
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geryone · 26 days ago
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In Accelerated Silence, Brooke Matson
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lifeinpoetry · a year ago
winter is a prism in reverse / colors
resembling into white
snow that illuminates
the morning / kisses the dark
needles of pine / the season
before his death / it crusted the patio
like porcelain from the plates I split
against it
months later in my rage / all the delicate
flowers arranged in the jagged blue
and alabaster triangles / a kaleidoscope
— Brooke Matson, from “Elegy in the Form of Porcelain,” In Accelerated Silence
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Robert Paige.
No puedes comprar todo (1934) como extra de boda (sin acreditar)
Crimen de Helen Stanley (1934)
Despedida de Annapolis (1935) como Ensign (sin acreditar)
Hearts in Bondage (1936) como Union Lt. Evans (sin acreditar)
Caín y Mabel (1936) como Ronny Cauldwell (como David Carlyle)
Rose Bowl (1936) como jugador de fútbol (sin acreditar)
Rubia inteligente (1937) como Lewis Friel (como David Carlyle)
Once a Doctor (1937) como Dr. Burton (como David Carlyle)
Melodía para dos (1937) como Mr.Carlson (sin acreditar)
The Cherokee Strip (1937) como Tom Valley (como David Carlyle)
Ritmo en las nubes (1937) como Phil Hale
Conoce al novio (1937) como Tony Page (como David Carlyle)
Talent Scout (1937) como Bert Smith (como David Carlyle)
Sargento Murphy (1938) como el teniente Duncan (sin acreditar)
The Kid Comes Back (1938) como locutor de radio (como David Carlyle)
¿Quién mató a Gail Preston? (1938) como 'Swing' Traynor
Cuando G-Men interviene (1938) como G-Man Bruce Garth
Siempre hay una mujer (1938) como Jerry Marlowe
El evento principal (1938) como Mac Richards
Patrulla de carreteras (1938) como William Rolph
La dama de los objetos (1938) como Ken Harper
Me acusan (1938) como Joe Benson
La última advertencia (1938) como Tony Henderson (como Robert Page)
Oficina de homicidios (1939) como Thurston
Flying G-Men (1939) como Hal Andrews / The Black Falcon
Muerte de un campeón (1939) como Alec Temple
Primer amor (1939) como Ball Guest (sin acreditar)
Escuadrón de emergencia (1940) como Chester 'Chesty' Miller
Parole Fixer (1940) como Steve Eddson
Mujeres sin nombres (1940) como Fred MacNeil
Inaugurado por error (1940) como Jimmie Daniels
Guantes de oro (1940) como Wally Matson
Dancing on a Dime (1940) como Ted Brooks
El monstruo y la niña (1941) como Larry Reed
La llama de Nueva Orleans (1941) como Narrador (sin acreditar)
San Antonio Rose (1941) como Con Conway
Melody Lane (1941) como Gabe Morgan
Hellzapoppin ' (1941) como Jeff Hunter
Don't Get Personal (1942) como Paul Stevens
Jail House Blues (1942) como Cliff Bailey
¿Qué está cocinando? (1942) como Bob J. Riley
Me estás diciendo (1942) como Dr. Burnside 'Burnsy' Walker.
Filmografía segunda parte:
Perdón por mi sarong (1942) como Tommy Layton
Get Hep to Love (1942) como Stephen Winters
¿Qué le parece (1943) como George Selby
Hola, amigo (1943) como Tommy Craig
Hola, Buddy (1943) como Johnny Blake
Keep 'Em Slugging (1943, en material de archivo de Hi'Ya, Chum ) como estrella en Moviehouse Film (sin acreditar)
Vaquero en Manhattan (1943) como Bob Allen
Por qué estamos luchando (1943, corto) como Karl Baxter - Marido alemán
Mister Big (1943) como Johnny Hanley
Ponte en marcha (1943) como Bob Carlton
Frontier Badmen (1943) como Steve Logan
Esposa despedida (1943) como Hank Dunne
Casa loca (1943) como Robert Paige
Hijo de Drácula (1943) como Frank Stanley
Su hombre primitivo (1944) como Peter Mathews
Follow the Boys (1944) como él mismo (sin acreditar)
No puedo evitar cantar (1944) como Lawlor
Shady Lady (1945) como Bob Wendell
Tánger (1946) como Paul Kenyon
El semental rojo (1947) como Andy McBride
La llama (1947) como Barry MacAllister
Rubia de hielo (1948) como Les Burns
La promesa verde (1949) como David Barkley
Afuera (1951, Serie de TV)
Teatro del gremio Gruen (1952, Serie de TV)
Lo inesperado (1952, Serie de TV) como Gigolo
Fireside Theatre (1952-1953, Serie de TV) como Harrison / Boss / Steven
The Schaefer Century Theatre (1952, Serie de TV) como Father
Abbott y Costello Go to Mars (1953) como el Dr. Wilson
Split Second (1953) como Arthur Ashton
Lux Video Theatre (1953, Serie de TV)
Cabalgata de América (1953, Serie de TV)
The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse (1953-1954, Serie de TV) como El padre / Sam / Roger Libbott
Casa de juegos de cuatro estrellas (1954, Serie de TV) como Paul Campbell
The Colgate Comedy Hour (1955, Serie de TV) como él mismo - Anfitrión
La novia y el novio (1957-1958, Serie de TV)
The Big Payoff (1958, Serie de TV) como él mismo - Anfitrión
Le sucedió a Jane (1959) como Bob Paige - Presentador de 'The Big Payoff' (como Bob Paige)
El millonario (1960, Serie de TV) como Whitney Ames
The Marriage-Go-Round (1961) como el Dr. Ross Barnett
El show de Barbara Stanwyck (1961, serie de televisión) como Roger Haines
Bye Bye Birdie (1963) como Bob Precht.
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curiositymagic · a year ago
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