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Madrigal Triplets
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And then you can see the pupil glancing to the left toward Pepa when Abuela says “Pepa, the cloud”!?!?!
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You chose, I drew 😌✨
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i havent seen this information anywhere yet so im sharing it here!!!
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imagine being five years old, your one sister can cook magical food and your other sister can control the weather and you get to tell people their grandma will die tomorrow
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Part 1 | Previous | Next
Here is part 4 ENJOY!!
will get to drawing the next part! also if you want to see me draw something specific, I do commissions through paypal and would love to draw what you would like.
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We Don't Talk About Bruno no no no.
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I feel like he'd clean up nicely.
Bruno belongs to Disney . Artwork by Meredith McClaren
Description: An illustration of Bruno from ENCANTO.  He is wearing a dark green suit and green poncho.  He is sitting on the ground, looking at the camera, brushing back the hair in his face.
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Bruno had to bare the extra burden and pressure of being Abuela’s only son. 
It’s not much of a stretch to assume that Abuela may have hoped to have seen something of Pedro in Bruno’s face and personality. 
And given the time period she may have expected Bruno to have become the head of the family, a provider.
In fact, the name Bruno can mean armour or protection. (according to Behind the Name website.) She wanted her son to become the strong one of the family.
However, it is a dangerous - if understandable thing - to expect a child to become a clone of a dead family member. 
Bruno does look like his father, but he struggled to deal with the weight of expectations that Abuela placed upon him, as well struggling to deal with the mysteries and responsibilities of his gift. 
He never married and we don’t know if he ever had any kind of relationships. His only friends seem to be the rats living in the walls.
Abuela may have felt some kind of disappointment in him, stemming from her own grief and trauma. Bruno would have picked up on this, even from a young age.
TL:DR: Poor Bruno
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Jorge makes the spackle AND the messy flower bouquets 🥰💚💐⏳✨
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Like a novela [Bruno Madrigal X Reader] - Chapter 3
Summary:You deliver all kinds of fruits from your mother's garden to the people of the village. You meet Bruno at the Madrigal's house and after that it's a tale to tell. Life is not like a telenovela. But sometimes it sure feels like one.
Tags: Romance, Mediocre Slow Burn, Age Difference, Fluff, Telenovela Elements, Bruno Madrigal Needs a Hug, Post-Movie
Read it on AO3
Chapter 1
Chapter‘s note: At lot of feels and some background story of the reader in this chapter. Also, Bruno is one fine man.
Chapter 3: A glimpse into the future
You are sitting in your room working on some sewing - it's mainly old clothes that need to be fixed – when you hear voices downstairs.
It's not your sister, otherwise you'd hear the thumping on the stairs of your nephew Hijo. He always rushes to your room to play with you.
He always says you're his favorite aunt. You're his only aunt though.
You put your book aside and stretch your limbs. Your stomach tells you that it's time to eat a snack, so you decide to go downstairs to see who came to visit.
The voices come from the dining room, but you go to the kitchen first and take some leftovers from lunch.
Then you enter the other room.
"Bruno!" you exclaim when you see him sitting at the table.
Your mother looks up and frowns at this rudeness, but you pay no attention to her. You look at the man, who avoids your gaze and rather looks nervous.
"What happened?" you ask him.
"Señor Madrigal," your mother points out, answering in his place, "came by because he had a vision that concerns us."
Bruno merely nods absently, still careful not to look at you. It's obvious to him that he's uncomfortable delivering the news. He looks at the cut fruit your mother has offered him as if it were the most interesting thing in the world.
You notice yourself holding your breath. So far, none of his visions of the future have ever directly affected you.
"What's going to happen?" you want to know.
"A storm will come up," Bruno murmurs. "And lightning will destroy a tree on the plantation."
You blink at him.
"That's good."
Confused, he looks at you.
"Well, not good," you correct yourself. "But if you can tell us which tree it is, we can pick the fruit beforehand and the harvest won't be lost."
"I don't know when it will happen."
"Even better. Maybe it won't be for a few years."
The news really isn't as bad as you expected. Of course, it's inconvenient to lose one of the trees. But you'll plant a new one in its place, you decide.
Bruno seems a little perplexed by your reception. His gaze wanders from you to your mother, who doesn't seem overly upset either. This is rather unusual.
"My daughter is right," she adds. "Do you think you can identify the tree, Senor Madrigal?"
Slowly, he nods.
"Excellent. Then it would be most helpful to do so."
She rises and he stands as well.
"Sure," he murmurs.
"I'll handle it, Mom," you interject. "Rest your legs."
"Fine. But take a basket with you, Y/N. Maybe you can harvest it right away."
"Si, mama."
A few minutes later you're walking across the grass behind the house with Bruno at your side.
"How's Julia been since her twin sister died?" you ask him.
Bruno gives you a sly look.
"She's pregnant. But it's not clear who the father is, because she's already four months in."
"Yes, she is! Ricardo is devastated. If it's not his child, he'll seek vengeance. Oh, there, that’s the tree."
He points to a tree standing on the edge of the plantation.
You tilt your head and look at the fruit hanging from it.
"They’re not ripe yet. But maybe we're lucky and the lightning will wait. Did you see in your vision if it was still bearing fruit?"
Bruno shakes his head.
"Unfortunately, no."
"I guess there's nothing we can do, then," you reply, merely shrugging your shoulders. "There's nothing to harvest here yet, but you could help me pick avocados."
You point to another tree hanging full of fruit.
"Gladly, no problem."
He follows you and together you pick the soft avocados and place them in your basket.
"You never asked me for a vision for you," Bruno says after a few minutes of working silently. "Women your age all want to know something about their wedding or future husbands."
You just mumble thoughtful 'Hm'.
For a while, no one says anything.
"Are you afraid that I’ll give you bad news as well?" he then asks quietly.
You frown and look at him.
"No, I think I'd just rather be surprised by what my future holds for me," you reply. "If I knew I was getting married, I might not stop looking around for men. And if I knew I was never getting married, I might completely stop caring. That doesn't mean those are bad lives, but I don't want to let my actions be influenced because of something that's going to happen in the future."
Bruno listens to you silently and merely nods in response to your explanation.
"I'm sorry," you add. "That probably sounds unfair to someone who has constant insight into the future."
"I can't change it. The future I mean. No matter what I tried, it always happened." You hear the pain in Bruno's voice and you realize that there's a lot of weight on his shoulders. Weight that he has to carry involuntarily. "And I've tried many times to alter the future. Especially when I was younger and didn't understand the point of knowing what's going to happen before it happens."
You nod in understanding.
"I guess if I had known my father was going to die so unexpectedly, I would have used my time with him differently. Maybe it would have been good to have a prediction back then," you consider. "Even if it hadn't been good news that you would have given us. But we could have been better prepared for it. Like with the tree now."
"It was an accident, wasn’t it?" Bruno asks, "My sister told me about it."
"Si. My father was trying to fix something on the roof and slipped. It was very unfortunate. Even Julieta was too late to do anything."
Talking about it brings back images into your mind and your throat tightens.
You had been home that day as had your mother, who had sent you immediately to the Madrigals' house. But no one could have run fast enough to make it in time before your father died.
A tear creeps into your eye and you quickly turn away.
But Bruno has already seen it and puts a hand on your shoulder and turns you to face him. To your surprise, he wraps you in his arms in a hug. You bury your face in his ruana and take a deep breath to calm your feelings.
It smells like Bruno: earthy and warm. And you feel a few grains of sand in the fabric rubbing against your skin.
His hug is firm and feels really good.
A little embarrassed, you finally break away from him.
"I'm sorry…it shouldn’t affect me that much anymore," you murmur. "It's worse for my mother. She lost her husband that day."
"Something like that is always bad for everyone involved," Bruno replies, thinking of his own mother and her fate. And his father, whom he had never really known. "Just remember that life goes on."
In a silent agreement, you look at each other.
Then you get back to work.
When the basket is full, you make your way back. Bruno says goodbye and you re-enter the house.
Your mother is in the kitchen sorting out some old vegetables to make a salad.
She looks at you as you enter.
"It was nice of Senor Madrigal to come by to tell us," she says, and you nod.
You stand next to her and start washing the vegetables.
When he left just now, Bruno seemed pleased to have helped you with his vision. From what you've heard of the people in the village, it's probably a nice change in reaction for him.
"You danced with him at the party the other day. I didn't know you were so familiar with each other," your mother continues, and you perk up.
She continues to work in an nonchalant manner, but something in her voice is suspicious.
"I've danced with a few men," you answer vaguely "And I see Bruno sometimes when I run the deliveries.”
Now she turns to you and looks you in the eye.
"Señor Madrigal is almost twice your age."
It's not accusatory or reproachful. Just a statement of facts.
"I know, Mama."
You suppress a sigh, because sometimes it's easy to forget that factor. When you're with Bruno, when he makes you laugh. But of course, you've thought about that yourself.
"Don't worry about it. I'll be careful," you add.
"I'm your mother, Y/N. I'll always worry about you just a little bit. Even though I know you're all grown up." She gently strokes your cheek. Then she turns back to the vegetables. " Señor Madrigal is a polite man," she admits. "But he's been away a long time, and even his family hasn't always spoken well of him. And the people in the village-"
"Bruno is an honorable man!" you interrupt her more forcefully than you intended. "People don't really know him."
Your mother purses her lips.
"Some have known him longer than you've been in the world. I'm not going to forbid you to meet with him, because you're too old for that. I just don't want you to do anything you'll regret later."
"Si, Mama," you grumble softly, stalling further discussion.
Your mother glances at you and sighs silently, but says nothing further on the subject.
You put the washed vegetables on a towel to dry and then go upstairs to your room.
The argument with your mother upsets you. It's not the fact that you both got loud or disagreed - you know you can still hug her afterward because you love each other.
But it’s the topic.
You’ve tried to ignore it for the longest time. But you can no longer deny that you've developed feelings for him. Romantic feelings.
Just thinking back to the night when you were dancing with him makes your heart flutter wildly in your chest.
Sighing, you stare out the window at two children playing with a tire.
Your mother is right.
Of course she is.
Bruno is old enough to be your father. He would have been a young father, but still.
You don't even know if he returns your feelings. You have no comparison to find out, either.
It's easier with men your age. They ask for a date, give compliments, and express themselves about what they expect. They're loud, but they're clear about their intentions.
Bruno is just there.
He doesn't brag about being particularly big or strong. He doesn't have to.
Rarely he flirts or makes a move. And when he does, it's so natural that it's only noticeable at second glance.
Maybe it's even better if he doesn't feel that way about you.
If it weren't for his looks.
You catch him looking at you too often for it to mean nothing.
Or does it?
You feel his eyes on you. Those green eyes that could never tell you a lie.
With another deep sigh, you turn away from the window.
One day you'd try to figure out what he thinks about you. But until then, you’ll just enjoy his company as often as you can.
It hurts, but not as much as being rejected.
I'm starting a tag list for this one. If you wanna be added: DM me, write it into the notes or send a rat messenger (be careful, I've got cats...)
Tag List: @could-be-gayer21, @jessicarosequinzelfleck
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Tumblr media
a/n; takes in the morning of when casa madrigal fell. i probably did something similar about this but who cares.
CW/TW; character's death
Tumblr media
There it was. The voice he was longing for. So desperately need to hear. It was just a simple call of his name. "[Name]..!". His name was rolled off the man's tongue perfectly. That soft-spoken man that he loves, misses so much. Bruno, his fiance. He wanted to turn to look at him. Achingly trying to find comfort by only seeing his lovely soon-to-be husband's face. But it's not the right time.
Currently, [Name] was standing in front of the sea of villagers. Right in front of the fallen Casa Madrigal. He was defending everyone from the similar younger generation of the soldiers from Abuela Alma's stories. He held eye contact with the leader, hands raised up in the air as if he was surrendering. His face visibly stiffened- and desperately hoping that they would go away. Of course, no enemies would even comply with such requests. The whole family of Madrigal watches the scene unfold. Their heart racing rapidly. Especially Bruno and Abuela Alma. To Bruno, he just deeply hoped that [Name] wouldn't get hurt. Since it was the first time in years he was able to see him face to face. As for Abuela Alma, she was terrified. Seeing the same exact situation that she had gone through unfolding right in front of her eyes.
"Please," [Name] begged. "Please don't hurt them," He tried his best to sound intimidating. But he knows damn well he was shaking in fear. No one was prepared for this type of situation. They all only depended on the magic of the Madrigals to save them. But now that the magic's gone. They're defenseless. "Leave us alone,"
Bruno couldn't take it. He wanted to- no, he needed to get in there and be right beside his lover. He knows that [Name] needs him desperately. He can feel it.
The sound of a bowstring stretching caught Bruno's attention. He snapped his head to where the sound was emitted. One of the soldiers, to the left, had readied his bow and arrow. Pointing in some direction. He followed the line of aim he was pointing at and came to his surprise, it was his beloved lover. He gasped silently. "[N-Name]!!" He tried to warn. Ending up triggering the arrow to be released and penetrated through [Name]'s chest, earning a sharp inhale from him. Stumbling and falling onto the ground. Everyone gasped. The soldier's leader hurriedly left the place, with the others following him behind.
Bruno's heart beats even more fast. He quickly pushes through the crowd that was surrounding the [h/c] head. Kneeling and cradling [Name] in his arms. "[Name]?! [Name], please!" now it was his turn to beg. Tears had seemingly rolled down his cheeks. Sobbing out his lover's name. [Name] slowly turned his head to face his lovely lover's face and flashed him a weak smile. With his last strength in his body, [Name] slowly raised his hand and gently cupped Bruno's cheek. "Brunito... You're finally back... Welcome home, mi amor..." Tears began erupting from his eyes. "Y-yes! Yes, I'm home...! [Name], oh my god," [Name] let out an amusing hum as his hand fell from Bruno's cheek, leaving that spot colder than ice. His eyelids flickered close as the [skin color] in his face faded into a pale one. Bruno's eyes widened as a called for his lover's name once again. Having no response, he immediately broke down on the spot. The others couldn't do anything out to feel pity for the broken couple. Everyone knows they could've been such good newlyweds but as if bad luck came, very unfortunate things had to happen. And Bruno would still blame himself for bad everything that happened, even when it wasn't his fault.
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bruno, camilo & mirabel — encanto 💃🏻 icons (120x120) | like or reblog <3
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HEY GUYS! I just wanted to take a minute to say
Tumblr media
✨⌛️I have not forgotten about all the amazing requests you’ve dropped into my in box!!! Anyone waiting on a request I promise I’ll get to them soon 😭😭I’ve just been super busy with work as well as drawing copious amounts of fan art for bruno and my OC!!⌛️✨
I just wanted to take a minute to introduce you all to my little Bruno family while I was here! 💚💚
I’m not sure if anyone will care to read about my OC and her kids but I’ve decided to post it anyway!
Tumblr media
Her name is Vanessa 💚
Here’s a little about her and the relationship she shares with Bruno:
She’s 30 years old, but just as short as half of the kids in the Encanto! It’s the on going joke that Tío Bruno managed to find a wife shorter than he is.
When I say short, I mean she’s TINY. She’s only 143 cm. (4’8)
Her family owns a bakery in the Encanto. Delgado Dough
She has one sister who is 16 years of age. Her name is Pamela and they do NOT get along.
She totally thinks her sister is a pampered spoiled little princess who’s never had to lift a finger to help their parents and their bakery.
Before marrying Bruno, she’d work the bakery in the mornings and dedicate her nights to painting just at the edge of the village under the night stars.
She loves the arts, all forms. Music, painting, drawing, dance.
She’s quite the musician, seeing as her father’s favorite past time was pushing forward his knowledge and love for music
It definitely helps her adjust into the Family Madrigal. A house so full of music and talent.
Her favorite color is coincidentally green! She’s always been drawn to the color, it feeling so natural and beautiful.
In fact one of the first things Vanessa says to Bruno is “I like your ruana. Green is such a beautiful color, and it really looks nice on you. It brings out your eyes.”
He is FLUSTERED. He could have choked on his own tongue.
He stood there opening and closing his mouth trying to think of a comeback until Mirabel put the poor man out of his misery and interjected.
She found it kind of endearing. She’d never seen someone react to a complement like that.
Once they met, Bruno would be in town every day just hoping to bump paths with her again.
If you’ve ever heard of In The Heights (another amazing soundtrack done by the lyrical genius Lin Manuel Miranda) Bruno reminds me of Usnavi when it comes to Vanessa.  Especially in the song “It Wont Be Long” when Usnavi and Sonny are singing Vanessa’s name.
Mirabel told him multiple times “Tiooo just talk to her already! Come on let’s go let’s go! Make a move!”
He eventually listened… he’s just…slow about making his first move.
Painfully slow.
When Bruno brings her home she has no trouble settling into the family.
Vanessa always tells Bruno’s nieces and nephews that she doesn’t have a favorite.
She does.
It’s Mirabel. Just don’t tell anyone else, especially Mira.
She also bonds pretty well with both Pepa and Julieta.
She definitely finds it easier to bond with Julieta however. They just have a similar interest in cooking, and they both have this nurturing aura about them.
Her and Pepa definitely have a rocky relationship, neither of them caring for each other at the start. They couldn’t seem to see eye to eye but now they get along thick as thieves.
Vanessa’s relationship with Alma though….is complicated. She always grew up admiring the woman, but when she realized all the trauma and pressure the founding Madrigal placed on the family’s members, her perspective shifted.
She tries to keep her emotions towards Alma’s blatant mistreatment of Bruno hidden, but sometimes it’s hard. When her husband breaks down in her arms from the overwhelming burdens and traumas of his past, it takes her everything she has not to say something to her mother in law.
With that said, Vanessa would defend Bruno with her last breath. Rights for a Bruno Madrigal was the hill she’d choose to die on.
Her family is pretty comfortable with Bruno. The only person she has to defend him to is her sister.
God she’s so annoying! 16 years old and thinks she knows everything about everything! “I heard he was 7 foot tall…he looks BARELY taller than you.”
She’s one protective mama bear. She’s protective of her husband and even more protective of their babies….
Tumblr media
Sophia and Pedro. Bruno’s weak point.
Sophia is 7, and the biggest little trouble maker you’ll EVER meet. Don’t get me wrong, she’s not a bad kid, she’s just a little menacing sometimes.
Her gift definitely leads her into a lot of trouble.
Her gift is mimic. It’s kind of like her cousin, but instead of shifting her shape, she can perfectly copy the sound of anyone or anything. (Etc. her mothers voice, an animal, a baby crying.)
She is such a little menace when it comes to using this power. Her and her cousin Camilo are a sight for sore eyes together. They like to pull pranks on the entire family. Camilo will shape shift and Sophia will throw her voice from another room. Truly the wombo combo.
She definitely is a bit spoiled…so if Vanessa says no to something, she’ll try and trick her father.
She usually can. Bruno’s disappointed in himself every time for falling for it. Vanessa is also upset everytime he falls for it.
She doesn’t abuse her gift too much though, most of it’s in the name of fun and games.
Her favorite cousin is Luisa. She wants to be big and strong and cool like Luisa one day.
Pedro is 5 years old.
He is the SWEETEST little boy in the world.
Vanessa literally hit copy and paste on bruno. The kid is the spitting image of his father at that age.
He’s a little sensitive guy, and a huge mamas boy. Is always attached at Vanessa’s hip.
His gift is like a sixth sense. He can talk to the dead and see them.
The first few days with his gift were overwhelming. He refused to stay in his room, crying every time he went near it. (If you’ve seen coco, it looks similar to the land of the dead. ) Definitely the biggest room in the house.
He was petrified every time he saw a spirit, clutching onto Vanessa’s dress begging her to make them go away.
The first spirit to try and talk to him is of course Abuelo Pedro.
He sits down with the boy and explains to him that he would have never blessed him with such a strong and important gift, like his father’s, if he didn’t think he was capable of handling it.
Pedro soon becomes used to his grandfathers presence, and learns to find comfort in his gift.
The little sugar skull on his ruana is a gift from Mirabel, something to make him feel less scared about his gift.
He’s Abuela’s new golden child.
Sorry Isa.
Not only is he the baby’s baby, and her last grandchild, he is always very vocal about sharing messages from Abuelo.
Abuelo always tells Pedro to relay a message to Abuela every morning, usually something along the lines of “let her know I’m here waiting for her, and that I think she still looks beautiful.”
Bruno’s low key a little jealous of the relationship his son and Abuela have.
When Alma passes on, Pedro is devastated. He looks for Alma every night, panicking when she doesn’t appear right away.
“What if she’s lost? What if she doesn’t come back! What if I never get to see Abuela again!”
When she finally reappears, he runs through the house letting everyone know that Abuela is rightfully back in the house with the Madrigals.
✨⌛️ If you stuck around to read all of this TYSM! I just really love the characters I’ve created and the stories I have for all of them! After I finish some of the requests I have I want to start posting little short fictions of things I think happen between Vanessa, her husband, their kids, and the other Madrigals!⌛️✨
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squidartism · 2 days ago
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This is the plot of the movie right
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millin21 · 2 days ago
Encanto watch number 3. One huge cry session later:
.... YOU FUCKERS!!! Abuela DID apologize to everyone! ESPECIALLY WHILE FACING Bruno!! She already talked with Mirabel about her mistake, it is OBVIOUS that she is wanting to mend what she has done to them all these years while she was blinded to “keep the miracle burning”. You guys don’t know how to forgive, and it weighs my heart with sorrow. 
She had lyrics that was directed at the whole family, WHILE holding Brunos’ hand. She said the miracle was you. She accepts all of her family. She accepts Mirabel. And she calls her family the miracle.
It was the miracle that helped save her and her children so they could have a life. She is now going to live that life. She’s going to allow them to live their lives. They are going to live as a family that will be more open with each other, even while building their house. (I am sure there were a lot more things they have talked during that time.)
And what also gets me is that Bruno said he had a lot of apologies, mainly got out the apology for Pepas wedding, but whenever he tried starting up another apology his family interrupted him saying “we’re just so happy to have you back!!!” ;-;
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lnter-net · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
half bun, in white, disheveled hair and his lipstick stained face
I drew fanart of chapter 15 of this young adult bruno x reader ao3 fic, larger than life by pathetic_fallacy
Send them love and let them know i made this! That chapter made me feel all kinds of 💓🥵
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