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1) Get to know your customs group well. I didn’t, my freshman year, and regretted it because I felt like I missed out on a lot of social stuff later on.

2) Join affinity groups! They are a really great resource and help you get to know lots of great upperclass students you might not otherwise meet!

3) Make use of your professors’ office hours. They will notice, and it’s really helpful!

Other than that… get out and meet people, basically. Don’t skip classes. Don’t be afraid to ask questions in class. Bryn Mawr is a really great school, and hey! Message me on here if you want to grab a bite at New Dorm or Erdman when you’re on campus in the fall!

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my friends and i were talking pictures on the stairs of a skeleton (bc we have an instagram account for him) with a bunch of plants in owl pots & these two upperclassmen came in clearly wanting to go up the stairs but they stopped when they saw us awkwardly trying to move the setup and laughed and were like “it’s okay we get it” and left to take a different staircase and as they walked away we heard one of them go “i love bryn mawr” guys i’m so glad I go to this school

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Smith is test-optional so I actually didn’t submit my test scores! I think Bryn Mawr might be too but I’m not positive. My SAT score was in the mid/high 1200s (which isn’t amazing by competitive college standards) so I didn’t submit it bc I had 3 strong letters of rec (2 from teachers, 1 from my lgbtq youth group leader) an interview that went well and I applied early decision II. I think my common app essay and high school extracurriculars also probably helped. So just take all those things into account! Liberal arts colleges like to see that you’re passionate about things, have helped the community, held leadership roles if possible, stuff like that. Historically women’s colleges are also generally very holistic when looking at your application, so numbers don’t matter as much as they might with other schools.

Good luck!

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Wanna know the number one way to win over the hearts of 1,300 college students?

These three good boys (Cornelius, pumpkin and tubby) live a block from my campus and their owner made them an instagram not because she wanted to post pretty pics of them but because she wanted us to be able to message her and tell her that we’re stressed, or homesick, or whatever and need the dogs. And she’ll just bring them to us!!!


She just walks them around campus every day because she knows we need them and it’s just so pure and good and I love them and this weekend they’re having Cornelius’s bday party on campus because we all love him and wanna celebrate 😍😍😍 like really if you have dogs bring em to a college cause they will get so much love!!!!

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