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#Buck LITERALLY said 🥺🥺🥺 to him
agentofbarnes · 5 months ago
Im so in love with the stucky trio/ trinity au 🥺🥺🥺 The relationship development you’ve done is so sweet!! can I request a prompt for them specifically?? Maybe fluff #2 and sarcastic/fun #34ab?? 🤞🙏🙏
panties — stucky
summary | steve is a little shit, but you and bucky love him anyway.
warnings | poorly written smut, it’s rushed idk, cockwarming, mentions of oral, panty stealing, public sex, creampies, bruises (steve tends to be a little rough and leaves marks)
prompts :
2. “I love you. You enormously stubborn pain in the ass.”
34. A: “You’re an idiot.”
B: “But I’m your idiot.”
Tumblr media
“Steven Grant Rogers, give me back my panties right now,”You warned, voices echoing all the way from corridor to the kitchen where Bucky was sharing lunch with Sam and Joaquín. It had been Steve’s idea for Bucky to bond more with people who were important to the two of you. Joaquín Torres was your best friend, a man you had met working with Sam and Steve that the former had taken under his wing. The younger man had just moved into the facility, taking the room across from Sam’s and next to yours.
It was very important to you and Steve that Bucky got to know your friends, which is what he was doing when Steve seemingly stole your panties.
“Oh dear god,”Sam cursed, looking at Bucky pointedly.
“What’s happening?”Joaquín asked curiously, still very new to the whole situation of the poly relationship.
“My boyfriend and girlfriend are getting up to no good,”Bucky answered nonchalantly.”Can’t ever leave them alone, they tend to start trouble.”
“Now, that is something we can agree on,”Sam said, chuckling slightly,”Get used to it, Torres. They are insatiable and unashamed.”
“Should you go check on them?”The younger man asked, but Bucky shrugged.
“They’ll come to me, just watch.”
What happened was that Steve had come into your room, looking for some affection when you had slipped on the new dress that you got for Bucky and him to see. He couldn’t help but spread his hands over your ass and pulling the cute pastel panties from your legs. He had spread your thighs out, buried his face between your legs happily. He told you he was getting you ready for Buck because the second he saw that dress, he’d want his cock stretching your cunt until you were whining for more.
When Steve had pulled away from you, he didn’t get the panties back, stuffing them in his pocket with a teasing smirk.
That’s when you begged him to give you your panties back,”C’mon, Steve, give ‘em back.”
“Not gonna need when Bucky has you bent over the couch,”Steve teased, making you playfully hit his chest.
“Maybe he’ll bend you over the couch, huh? Why is always me gettin’ fucked?”
“Hey, I get fucked,”Steve told you,”Literally last night, remember?” Another smirk came on his lips, grabbing your waist and squeezing. You whined at the feeling, his hands massaging the sore bruises he had left the night before,”Or did you forget how you sat on my cock while Buck fucked, bunny? Surely your memory isn’t that bad.”
Yes, you did remember, vividly, actually. Bucky had been pressed against your back, rocking into Steve who was absolutely mess of pleasure with both of you stimulating him in all ways. Steve hadn’t been able to hold himself back, his hands tight around your hips to the point that his crushing grip had left slight hand prints on your skin.
Steve lifted your skirt, admiring the bruised skin that he knew you liked so much. Bucky always told him he needed to be more gentle, but you liked the pain.
“‘m sorry, are you really sore?”Steve asked, actual concern now in his voice when he realized how bad he had bruised you.
“I’m fine, don’t be ridiculous.”
“I’m not being—did I hurt you bad? Do I need to ease up?”
“No,”You told him,”I like how needy you get, how want me so bad that you can’t help but lose control. I like how it feels, and I love how it looks.”
“It does look so fucking hot,”Steve murmured, kissing your shoulder and tracing the bruises with a blush on his face.”I love marking you, letting everyone know who you belong to.”
“You’re an idiot.”
“But I’m your idiot.”
“Yeah, you are,”You murmured, kissing his lips gently before pulling out of his grip,”I miss my other idiot, let’s go find him.”
Steve intertwined your hands, pulling you along with him till you found Bucky in the kitchen.
“Jamie, we miss you,”You complained, a smirk displayed on your lips.”You take so long to eat.”
“Sorry, I like to take my time with things so sweet, peaches,”Bucky chuckled, making Sam roll his eyes and motioned for Torres to help him with the dishes.”You two causing trouble?”
“No...”Steve murmured, resulting in Bucky shaking his head.
“Yeah, because I think both of you were having a little too much fun without me,”He teased, looking between the two of you darkly. Bucky leaned forward, his fingers clutching the fabric of your dress. His hands danced up your hip to find Steve had no given you you ur panties back.”No panties?”
You shivered are his low whispered, shaking your head and looking at Steve.”He was too stubborn to give them back.”
Bucky smirked, licking his lips before pressing a kiss into his lips. Steve slipped the pastel panties from his pocket into Bucky’s hands teasingly, making his groan quietly and his cock twitch in his pants. He glared at Steve’s antics, glancing at the company in the room. Bucky breathed out,”I love you, you enormous pain in my ass, but you’re gonna regret getting me hard when you know I can’t fuck either of you right now.”
You giggled at that,”Oooh, somebody’s in trouble,”You teased Steve, but felt Bucky’s hand on your waist.
He pulled you against his body,”You aren’t any better, wearing this fucking dress...”
“You guys ready for the movie?”Sam interrupted, holding up the dvd for Harry Potter. Apparently, it was a must see for popular culture.
“Yeah, we are,”Bucky answered, taking the couch with with the two you. Except he pulled you on his lap, sharing a blanket with all three of you.
“What are you doing?”Steve asked very quietly as the movie began to plan and Bucky seemed to be moving your hips.
“This dress is driving me crazy,”Bucky admitted, his hard cock discretely trying to push his thick cock into your clenching cunt. Your hands balled up the fabric on Bucky’s shirt while the brunette slung his arm around Steve.
“Fuck,”You whispered, making Bucky squeeze your thigh to be quiet.
“You’re gonna sit still and watch this movie, okay?”Bucky rasped into your ear as you felt Steve leaned into both of your bodies, his hand resting on your thigh.
“Yes, sir,”You murmured, back pressed into Steve and Bucky as you tried to keep quiet with your cunt stretched by the length of his cock. Luckily, the room was dark and big. The two friends of yours were completely immersed and the surround sound worked in your advantage.
You had slowly moved your hips, not able to keep yourself from trying to fuck your self of his big cock. “Careful,”Bucky huffed into your neck,”Don’t wanna get caught, do you?”
You shook your head, holding back a gasp when you felt Steve’s touch teasing at you. You were soaking his cock, feeling so full and needy.
It had been an hour of you squeezing his cock and Steve slowly teasing at your clit before Bucky couldn’t take it anymore, spilling inside of you impulsively. He breathed out quietly, making Steve cover his own mouth to suppress a moan.
You thought it was over, the risk of being caught made your body feel tingly. But it seemed Bucky had other plans, his metal hand dipping into Steve’s trousers and pulling him out under the big blanket.
“Cuddle with Steve, peaches,”Bucky said,”’m too hot.”
You nodded, moving over to Steve’s thick thighs innocently. Your body quivered under his touch, feeling his thick member pressing inside your sensitive pussy. Steve nearly came just from how easy you seemed to sink down him with Bucky’s cum lubricating his cock.
His hands carefully grasp your hips, pulling you back into his chest while Bucky smirked.”That’s it, bunny,”Steve whispered into your ear.”Feels so good.”
“Quiet,”Bucky warned.
So, Steve shut up, slightly moving your hips against his cock until he painted your already dripping cunt with his cum. Your whole body vibrated with pleasure, small gasps falling from your lips which Bucky quickly swallowed by kissing you innocently.
It was only now that you were leaking with their mixed cum that Steve slipped your pretty panties over your thighs. You kissed both their cheeks, settling between them happily. They both wrapped arms around you, making you sigh out peacefully.
Yeah, Steve and Bucky tended be horny idiots when it came to you, but god, you loved them so much.
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metalbuckaroo · 4 months ago
Hi! I love literally everything you write. What about roommate bucky and angsty “no. the moment you saw me as a bet was the moment you fucked up.”
You have no idea how much it means to me and warms my heart to hear that 🥺🥺
Light smut, angsty, and cursing below cut. Minors DNI, 18+ ONLY
Tumblr media
Bucky's sweat slicked body rocked against yours, breaths and moans mixing together as his lips brushed yours with each long, slow thrust that sent sparks of pleasure through the both of you.
Your hands cradled his scratchy jaw, looking into his hooded blue eyes. "I think I love you, Buck." You whispered, his movement nearly stopping before he locked your bottom lip between his.
You weren't sure if it was your brain talking or the three rounds of euphoria Bucky brought on with his insatiable need to feel you. A need he didn't think he'd have when all of this first started.
When he made the hundred dollar bet with his friend Tony a weeks ago. Having let it slip how gorgeous his roommate was, and Tony betting him that he couldn't get you to fall in love with him.
He moved his head to nose at your jaw, returning to the pace from before. "Love you, sugar." He muttered against your skin.
Bucky cringed slightly at the thought of you finding out. It was a stupid, drunk bet that shouldn't have been made. Not with you.
He grew to love the way you scent would linger in his sheets, the spot next to him still warm instead of cold like when you'd sleep in your own room; the sleepy kisses he'd get every morning, and the tender, loving touches to his sleek left arm.
A pounding fist against the front door made Bucky's pleasure wracked form relax a bit, so close to sending you over the edge and finding his own release. "Fuck..." He sighed, lifting himself away from you and grabbing his sweatpants.
Opening the door, Tony stood on the other side, a grin plastered on his face. "I was kinda busy, what do you want? And how do you know where I live?" Bucky sighed, stepping to the side to let him in. "Woah, hide that a little better." Tony chuckled, gesturing to the straining fabric. "I've come to collect."
Bucky's eyebrows knitted together, shaking his head. "No, no. That's off, I told you I was calling it off." He pointed as Tony sat on the couch. "Why? Because you don't want to pay up, or because you don't want to admit that you couldn't do it?" He retorted. "It was a stupid idea to begin with, I should've never made the bet over her."
"The what?"
Bucky's head snapped over to where you stood in the doorway to the living room from the hall, body covered by his boxers and t-shirt that had been discarded on your floor. "Nothing, sweets." Bucky swallowed, heart twisting in his chest. "No, James. What bet?" You snapped, stepping closer to him.
"Oh, no." Tony said quietly. "It was dumb, okay? It doesn't mean-" You turned to go back down the hallway, Bucky stopping midsentence to follow behind you. "Shit- Babydoll, please just listen. It was a mistake. I used it as an excuse-"
He took a few steps back when you spun around, tears welling your eyes. "An excuse?! You used a bet as an excuse to have sex with me?!" You said through gritted teeth. "This wasn't how it was suppose to go! I called the bet off a week in!"
"A week?" You scoffed, slinging the door of your room open.
Bucky watched as you shed his clothes and pulled your own on, sputtering out apologizes and pleas for you not to leave as you jammed some of your stuff into a bag.
"Please, don't leave. I fucking love you. I should've called it off the next day, I'm sorry. I fucked up." Bucky begged, tears stinging at his eyes, his feet working on autopilot to follow you around the room. "No. The moment you saw me as a bet was the moment you fucked up." You spat, dodging his hands each time he'd reach out for you.
You blood boiled and heart ached, you thought it was real. The adoring way he'd look at you, sweet words he'd spill into your ear at random times. But, it wasn't.
"I don't see you like that, I meant every thing I've said to you. Please, baby." He wrapped his arms around you and pulled your tense body to him. "Dont leave. Please, don't leave." He said, voice shaky at the thought of the one thing that made him feel whole walking out of his front door.
You just stood there, frozen by being torn between staying to hear what he had to say, and leaving for a while.
Pulling away, you shook your head. "I'm going to stay with Nat for a few days." You mumbled, leaving into the hallway. Bucky felt a little bit of relief, a few days meant you'd come back, and going to Natasha's meant he could have her talk to you.
"Can I please- just one more kiss?" Bucky nearly whimpered when you shook your head, jerking the front door open and slamming it behind you.
"If I would've known she was-"
Bucky shot Tony a cold glare. "Get the hell out."
Taglist: @likeahorribledream @cxddlyash @iwannabekilledtwice @bookstan0618 @glxwingrxse @yliumy @pineprincess @makbarnes @cupcakehinch @doasyoudesireandlive @magicwithinnightmares @preferredrealty @andy-is-gay @stucky-my-ship @marvel-3407 @maladaptivexxdaydreaming @i-l-y-3000
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strwbrrybucky · 4 months ago
just need me some comfort!bucky, need him to deadass just hold me 🥺
summary: bucky had never been one to say i love you out right, but he did his best to show you in the ways that he knew how
warnings: extreme fluff
Tumblr media
Bucky had a hard time expressing his emotions, he usually held a hard and stoic facial expression around pretty much everyone that wasn’t Steve or you.
When he was around you, he was a whole different Bucky. Not that you were ever complaining, you usually just felt bad for Bucky that he thought he had to hold a hard exterior around everyone. You knew he had a hard time trusting people, so it warmed your heart just a little bit that he wasn’t like that way around you.
All Bucky wanted to do when he was near you was love on you, press kisses over your skin, carry you literally everywhere in the apartment, and pretty much do anything for you. He didn’t want his princess to do anything, nothing at all. He felt some sort of duty to make sure that you were taken care of, protected and loved. And he was going to make sure every damn second you felt that.
You were known to have a hard time after mission, this one especially was rough. You can back with bruises on your sides and a few cuts on your arms, but the worst being on your thigh. You got caught in the cross fire on the field and weren’t able to get out of the way in time. Bucky hated he couldn’t get to you in time, so to make it up he was going to take care of you.
He changed your bandage as much as you needed, cooked your favorite foods and let you watch your favorite movies even if he didn’t want to watch them.
You were in his arms on the couch, resting in between his legs, head on his chest as he played with your hair. He made sure your leg was propped up on a pillow so you weren’t in as much pain as you had been lately. He pressed a few kisses on the top of your head, closing his eyes and reveling in the touch that you were giving him.
“How’s my girl feeling?” You looked up at him and closed your eyes, nuzzling the side of your face into his chest. You wished you could roll over and face him but your wound had stopped fast movements for you.
“I’m okay, just tired.” He hummed as he played with your hair, wishing he could take your pain away so you didn’t have to feel it. He would do anything for you to be pain free in life.
“I’m sorry I couldn’t get to you in time.” You opened your eyes and looked at him, opening your mouth to say something before he stopped you.
“I know, it wasn’t my fault. But I feel so bad something happened to my girl and I wasn’t there to protect you. I promised I would and I didn’t keep it.” Bucky would be lying if he said he had a hard time not beating himself up for not being there to protect you. He was on your side all the time, wherever the two of you went and the second he wasn’t you got hurt. He didn’t know how he would forgive himself for it.
“Buck, it’s okay. You and Sam were caught up somewhere else. It was wrong place, wrong time for me.” You rested a hand against his arm, rubbing your thumb against his skin and pressed a kiss on his arm. You didn’t want him to feel bad, you didn’t blame him, you didn’t blame anyone. You thought you had cleared out the field before you moved, but there had just been on straggler hiding behind a few boxes that was out of your sight.
He sighed, sitting up a little, being careful to not move your body suddenly. You scooted back and sat on the couch, your legs now over his lap. He placed a hand on your knee, grabbing your cheek with his other hand and rubbed his thumb on your cheek bone.
“I think the world of you, you know that?” You nodded as you closed your eyes and leaned into his touch, your facial features softening as his touched your face, making you feel relaxed instantly. Something about Bucky touching you anywhere on your skin in a loving and soothing way always made you feel at peace.
“I know Buck.” You rested your hand against his that was on your cheek, turning to press a kiss against his palm. You wanted to stay in this little bubble with him forever, where nothing could hurt the two of you.
“I don’t know what would’ve happened if i lost you. I don’t even want to think about it. I love you so much, y/n. The moment I laid eyes on you when Nat brought you in. I thank the stars every single day for them bringing you to me,” He paused and you opened your eyes, meeting his eyes with yours and seeing nothing but love. Nothing but love behind those ocean blue eyes. A soft smile was against his lips as he leaned in and pressed a gentle kiss against yours.
The spark the two of you felt was unreal, like it was the first time the two of you had ever kissed. You had never believed love at first sight until you met Bucky. The way he looked at you while Nat introduced you to everyone on the team, the way he always had your suit and weapons always laid out for you so it was easier to get ready, the way he knew how you loved your coffee in the morning and how you always wanted to shower first before anything after a mission.
He loved the way you said his name, how it sounded like honey to his ears, and how he wanted you to speak forever because he was afraid one day he would forget what you sounded like.
He wanted to be with you forever, and he did his hardest to prove it to you. And you always felt how much Bucky loved you, how much he cared for you and wanted to protect you. There wasn’t a sliver of doubt that he would do anything for you, because you would do anything for him.
taglist: @scorpioaes | @comfortbucky | @buckys-short-idiot | @ratedrkohardychick91 | @stark107
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bucksfucks · 4 months ago
Ok ok elaborate on that period sex with civil war bucky 👀
oh i sure can elaborate on this one 😩
he’d literally be the best, definitely concerned and watching over you like a hawk and he’s probably a little antsy because you’ve buck, i’m fine. it’s just my period. but you’re clearly not and he wants to do more.
so he escapes to the bathroom, but it’s to google at home period remedies 🥺 he sees hot water bottle, a bath, and then….oh….orgasms — he could do that.
he comes back like “i was ready about uhm, well about periods and how to help and one of the articles said that uhhh having orgasms can help the pain?” and he’s rambling at this point, cheeks flushed pink.
“and i don’t know if it’s true, steve said not to trust everything on the internet, but if it helps i wanna do that for you.” and his eyes are worried as you just pull him down into the bed like “the internet is right on that one, they do help with the pain.”
and bucky gets so excited at the idea — setting up the bed, bringing towels, making sure you’re comfortable and he probably puts a pillow under your lower back like “i don’t wanna hurt you.” 🥺
and oh my god does it help, bucky also can barely contain himself groaning “fuck, you’re so warm ‘round me.” as he slowly thrusts, gauging your reaction. “mmm, baby you look so good, so sensitive for me. tonight’s all ‘bout you, gonna have you cummin’ in no time.”
and he’s so sweet about it all, “my pretty girl, moanin’ my name. yeah, that’s my girl.” 😵‍💫
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winterrskywalker · 4 months ago
perhaps the reader is afraid of bees and finds some and has Bucky carry her to safety? I find it cute ✌️
thank you so much for your request !! i really appreciate it + this is super cute 🥺 i’ve put so much of myself into this ngl, i’m super scared of insects in general and i’d probably react like this. hope you’ll enjoy ♡
WARNINGS: bees (idk if someone needs it), fluff, written in lowercase
READ ME! english is not my first language, sorry for any possible error. please be kind!
Tumblr media
bucky and sam got closer and closer by each day. you were happy, bucky was finally doing better. you were at the wilson’s now, you decided to go for a walk around the house, the landscape was really nice. you were walking, looking around the place, but then…
“oh my god… bucky!” you screamed when you saw too many bees too close to you, for your liking. “i’m gonna die, i’m sure i’m gonna die.” you were frozen, looking at them with pure fear.
“not because of some super alien monster, not because of some crazy super human, but because of a swarm of bees…” you mumbled, “bucky!” you then called for him again.
you were too busy watching the bees in fear and mumbling something to notice him coming– no, running towards you.
he dropped whatever he was doing, literally. he was wearing only a pair of shorts, probably because he was training with sam.
“what happened? are you okay?” his heart was beating fast, his expression showed how much worried he was. “of course i’m not okay! look at them!” you pointed at the bees and bucky opened his mouth to say something, but then closed it right after.
“you gotta save me!” you turned around and literally jumped into his arms, holding him tight like a child. “you kidding right?” he asked while quickly grabbing your thighs to hold you. “no i am not. please take me away from them, please buck.” you pleaded while hiding your face into his neck.
bucky chuckled and started walking away from the swarm, holding you tightly. “you kicked walker’s ass like three times, even when he got the serum, and now you’re scared of a bee.” bucky mocked you and you hit his back jokingly. “they’re much more dangerous than walkshit.” you muttered and bucky simply laughed at that.
“is she okay?” sam’s voice was worried, also because you were being carried by your boyfriend. “yeah, she got scared. saw a bee.. or maybe more, whatever.” bucky kept teasing you, you hit him again. “she’s fine, don’t worry. i’m taking her inside, wait for me.” he said and then walked towards the house.
you were dropped on the couch, gently, and then bucky kissed your head. you smiled at him, pure love into your eyes. “you’re my saviour.” you blew him a kiss, trying to imitate a damsel in distress.
“i love you too, doll.” he smiled and then left to come back to sam, to train a bit more.
@thesneakylittleminx @xbeauxny @weinersolider @golden-hoax @iwannabekilledtwice @baby-shy @sunwardsss @my-divine-death
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comfortbucky · 5 months ago
bestie !!!!!!! roomate bucky hcs pls???? like just silly ideas ab being buck’s roomate
BESTIE !!! u are fueling my roommate!bucky obsession and i am 1000000% okay with it
𝗹𝗶𝘃𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝘄𝗶𝘁𝗵 𝗿𝗼𝗼𝗺𝗺𝗮𝘁𝗲!𝗯𝘂𝗰𝗸𝘆 ⋆。˚ ☁︎ ˚。⋆。
pairing: bucky x gender neutral! reader
my masterlist!
completed requests!
we’re starting off with grumpy!bucky because ,,,,, ofc
at first he’s annoyed with ur bubbly personality
he literally can’t imagine how someone could be so bright and positive all the time
u recently moved to the city, so u don’t know a single soul
which is why ur constantly trying to become friends with bucky
“hey, bucky! do u wanna watch tv?”
“i found this really cool coffee shop, do u wanna go check it out?”
“i’m headed to the grocery store, do u need anything?”
bucky never takes u up on any of ur offers and just politely declines
but he fucked up when he was having a terrible day, everything going completely wrong, putting him in a sour mood
“hey, bucky! i’m gonna go check out the museum if u wanted to tag along?”
“don’t u have someone else to bother?”
and ur feelings are hurt
and bucky immediately regrets what he said when he sees u go teary-eyed
u leave the apartment before he can apologize
the next morning, u finally drag urself out of bed, not wanting to run into bucky on ur way out of the apartment
u enter the kitchen and see bucky, standing there with 2 coffees in his hand from the coffee shop u had mentioned to him a while ago
he’s so nervous!!!! (BABY BOYYYY)
“ i‘m sorry ‘bout what i said yesterday, didn’t mean it. was havin’ a bad day.”
he looks down at the ground after he speaks, nervous that ur still upset
ur speechless bc this is probably the most u’ve ever heard bucky talk
“it’s okay, thank u, bucky.”
he moves his head up to look at u and is greeted with the warmest smile he’s ever seen
from then on, u guys become much closer !!!
bucky will go grocery shopping and pick up things ur running low on without u having to say a thing!!
he’s always fixing things in the apartment, refusing to call for professional help
“bucky, the kitchen sink is leaking, let me call—“
“don’t, i got this.”
bucky’s love language is acts of service u can’t tell me i’m wrong
u guys run ur laundry together to try and cut down on costs and will sit on the couch, folding ur clothes together🥺🥺🥺
u take turns picking what music to play in the background
bucky always picks 40s music, ofc
but u try and show him some newer sounds
and although he acts like he doesn’t like pop music, he secretly loves to watch u sing along
especially when u sing right to him, both of u getting lost in each other’s eyes
both quickly averting ur gazes when the song ends
if either one of u notice that the other is having a particularly long day, u’ll cook for each other!!!! making it seem like u made too much food as to not give ur true intentions away
movie nights regularly !!!
u realize he’s got an old soul and are determined to introduce him to the essentials
“why does that rat know how to cook?”
“just enjoy the movie, buck. don’t think too hard about it!”
oh the nicknames
he fucking loves it when u call him buck
bucky has a crush
it’s so simple but so endearing to him
and u love his nickname for u, melting everytime he uses it
at first he said it in a more joking manner
“ur gonna hurt urself, sweetheart.”
and ur face turned RED
u have a crush
and bucky makes a mental note to call u that more often
especially when u bring guys home
u just assumed there was no way ur, very attractive, roommate would ever be into u, so u throw urself into the dating world
but bucky fucking hates it
there was this one guy u brought that u had really hit it off with
u brought him back to urs and there’s bucky, sitting at the kitchen table with a beer in one hand, a book in the other
“oh hey, sweetheart! didn’t know company was coming”
u quickly reassure ur date that the man sitting over there is just ur roommate, even though u are definitely lying to him and urself when u say that
u and ur date have a rather awkward night in, bucky refusing to take a hint to leave the common area
when ur date leaves, u confront bucky
“u wanna explain what the hell that was?”
“what, him? i’d give him a 5/10, way too much cologne”
he sighs and runs a hand through his hair, silently debating on revealing his feelings for u
“just tired of seeing u waste ur time with these guys who don’t treat u right,” he mumbles, shifting his gaze to the ground
he takes a step towards u, standing so close that u can feel his body heat radiating onto u
“because u deserve to be with someone who really cares for u, sweetheart”
bucky slowly lifts his hand to, very cautiously, cup ur cheek, looking into to ur eyes for any sign to stop
u don’t give one
“like who, buck?”
ur question slips out of ur mouth in a whisper, ur faces moving closer together, resting ur foreheads against each other
“like me.”
he immediately crashes his lips onto urs and u gladly welcome it, grabbing his hair in ur hands to try and pull him closer to u
safe to say, u don’t bring anymore dates home; u don’t need to
bucky is ur home🥺💗
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fandomfluffandfuck · 16 days ago
Plsssss if you have time tell us about the Buck who receives that pretty pink pic of modern twink Steve 🥺🙏🏻
related to this
Thinking something like these two lookers...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Bucky who receives that teasing photo works as a translator just like his mother did. He works heavily with Russian and German languages, usually for immigration purposes. Communicating between the neediest and the United States government, helping them to come either to the states or leave the states. Bringing attention and literal voice to their cases. So... needless to say it's a very high stress job. High stress for this Bucky, who is a soft, kind hearted man who cares so much. He cares about everyone so much and sometimes feels so helpless sometimes- unable to do anything to help them but scream uselessly at the government that won't always listen to it. So having Steve who will listen, always, and who doesn't need his help but wants it anyway... it's good. Really good for Bucky.
But, yes, that high stress job: Steve has already picked a couple of grey hairs off of his head when he's admiring his Daddy. Scratching his fingers through his hair and his beard. And he's aiming for a little stress relief with that photo in particular, since Bucky had to be boots-on-the-ground, out of the US to see the people he's representing for this case.
Steve knows he achieves taking his mind off of his work when-
His photo buzzes itself off of the nightstand in the moment it takes him to wash his hands after going to the bathroom quickly, suited up in a pretty silk robe rather than wandering the flat naked now. Post-photo session.
"детка, детка, детка мальчик-" [baby, baby, baby boy-] is the first thing he hears. Growled real low and rumbling, dragging over Steve like velvet but also like Bucky's fingernails dragging over his skin right before he's about to dig them into his flesh. He signs, pausing, then, "...ты дразнишь" [ tease]
"Yes Daddy?" Steve whimpers, already going dreamy and dumb as evident by his response. He doesn't understand a fucking thing Bucky is saying. He doesn't speak Russian. But Bucky speaking Russian to him-? Bucky speaking in Russian in his Daddy Voice? Steve is in. for. it.
Bucky is so wound up he's not even thinking about translating into English for him? Steve's made Daddy go dumb? Oh. Oh, fuck, it makes Steve want to curl up in his lap and purr like a kitten. It makes him want to help the work the silk is doing for him - making him feel some kind of way, soft even as his cock throbs, aching and painfully hard - by putting on mascara just so Daddy can make him cry it off, then cup his cheeks in his hands and coo at him, oh, pretty girl, look at what Daddy did to you! Tsk tsk, 'm so sorry, Daddy made you look like a slut, didn't he?
Steve feels woozy.
Bucky makes another sound, probably looking back down at the photo on his phone. Cropped juuuust so. Mood lighting very apparent, very millennial (unlike Bucky because... mmm, God, Steve scored good with his Daddy. His handsome, smart, older Daddy). Then his words crackle across the line again, melting Steve back into the mattress like a fucking maiden fainting, "Я собираюсь связать тебя и погубить, как только вернусь домой, Steven." [I'm going to tie you up and ruin you the second I get home, Steven.]
"Daddy-" Steve whines, he, he can tell from the heat in the words themselves that they're dirty and he wants them. Fuck. He wants them.
Almost as bad as he wants his Daddy to be here at home with him, he wants those fucking words. He wants them growled into his mouth, forced to choke on them while his Daddy's cock fucks him. Heavy in his pussy, forcing him to take it. Forcing him to agree to whatever filth he's no doubt spilling. Admitting to whatever Daddy says because Daddy said it. In whatever language he wants to.
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eddie-diass · 2 months ago
Oooh if you're taking prompts, more cheerleader eddie please 🥺 buck waiting for eddie to finish practice by the bleachers maybe or something along those lines 🙏🏻 i'd love for cheerleader eddie to be a thing ❤
hope you like it!
Buck isn't religious by any means, but he’s pretty sure he’s getting a small glimpse of paradise in the sliver of belly exposed every time his boyfriend’s t-shirt rides up.
(His abs, consequently, are the stairway to heaven.)
Soccer practice finished up earlier so that the team would have time to rest before the match that weekend, but all Buck could think about was running up the stairs from the lower field to catch the last few minutes of Eddie’s routine. He props himself up against the railing of the bleachers and watches as Eddie throws a girl up in the air and balances her on one hand before squatting to catch her fall.
Yeah, he’s never going to get sick of that view.
“C. A. T. S. Cats! Cats! Cats!”
And, yeah, he’s always going to be able to pick out Eddie’s voice from a crowd and that thought—knowing every one of his senses can recognize Eddie despite intervening distractions—won’t ever stop leaving him just a little in awe.
They’ve known each other since they were ten when Buck told the teacher that sure, I guess the quiet kid can be my math partner. Eddie had taken the seat next to him, smiling shyly before pulling out a meticulously-organized pencil case and setting it right next to the name tag he kept tucked in his notebook.
Eddie Diaz.
Buck sometimes wants to smack his past self upside the head when he remembers interrogating his new tablemate about his name.
(Is your full name Eduardo? Head shake. Edwin? Head shake. Eddison? Rolling eyes.)
Then it was one multiplication table later and they were practically inseparable after that. Something about the way they loved each other felt too intense, too deep given their age, and it should scare them both—it does, at times, admittedly—but the home that they’ve made in each other was built over years of laying bricks made of late night phone calls and morning carpools and crushing hugs and hushed conversations during sleepovers where Buck sneaks out of his bed to surround Eddie’s body on the air mattress.
He’s tugged out of his thoughts, literally, as Eddie grabs him by his jersey to plant a kiss on his cheek.
“Didn’t know I had a groupie.” The brunet smirks.
Buck takes his chin between his fingers to respond, “Eddie, babe, no one has said ‘groupie’ since like. The 70s,” only to get back the patented Diaz eye roll—which happens to be the same one he got in Miss Friedland’s math class all those years ago.
(Some things never change. He wouldn’t want them to.)
“So…” Eddie tugs his lip between his teeth, “How’d I look out there?”
Buck drags his fingers across Eddie’s cheek before splaying them around the back of his boyfriend’s neck and drawing circles in the sticky skin right below his ear. Glancing down at his lips, Buck licks his own before pressing them to Eddie’s.
“You looked really…” a press on the freckle under his half-lidded brown eyes, “fucking…” another on the tip of his nose, “good.” Buck exhales the last word before returning to Eddie’s parted lips. Neither of them seem to take any notice that they’re both on the wrong side of sweaty nor that the whole squad could probably see them if they wandered through the bleachers.
Buck was otherwise very preoccupied with hitching Eddie’s leg around his waist and kissing down the column of his neck, thank you. His boyfriend’s cheerleading training really has come in handy (in more ways than one…) because he’s pretty sure the hand not currently gripping Buck’s bicep is holding on the railing behind them and lifting him up so that their hips bear down on each other with more pressure.
Eddie’s eyes are rolling for a different reason entirely, this time.
“What was your favorite part?” He breathes out.
Buck hums, pretending to consider the question deeply before sliding his hand further back on Eddie’s thigh, “I liked this part a lot.” He digs his fingers in for emphasis.
“Oh,” Eddie chuckles low, “I see how it is.”
“Actually, I think it was this part….” Buck kisses both corners of Eddie’s mouth and, as if it had been watered, his grin grows until it takes over his face.
Buck thinks—no, he knows—he’d do anything for that expression.
(It was a Monday evening when Eddie had, with shaking hands, handed his parents the forms he needed them to fill out so that he could participate on the cheerleading squad. Buck had been waiting for him with both of their bikes in case it had gone poorly and Eddie would need to make a quick escape to the convenience store at the corner that always had his favorite kind of mint ice cream sandwiches. It’s not that Eddie’s parents would really do anything to physically hurt him, the brunet explained the night before then, it’s that being at home in the aftermath of knowing he’s disappointed them is like swimming around in a pool that’s been covered with a sheet of glass—suffocating and cold.
That’s how Buck had found him when he’d left out the back door of his house.
After picking up their fill of junk food, they planted themselves on the curb to eat in silence—every now and then wordlessly passing a bag of chips or pretzels or fruit gummies back and forth to each other until Buck couldn’t take the downturned lips anymore and began to tickle Eddie until the light returned to his face.)
Buck couldn’t stop thinking about how brave his best friend had been, then. How he continues to be brave every time he continues cheerleading because he enjoys it.
“I’m proud of you, you know.” Buck murmurs.
“Proud of me fo—…?” The question is cut off by a shower of ice water and shrill whistles bursting the bubble Buck and Eddie had created for themselves.
“Y’all have got to get a room!” Chim—another cheerleader on the squad—jeers. Enlisting the help of the other cheerleaders, Chim had dumped the remnants of the cooler on the two of them.
Eddie gave Buck one last kiss before raising an eyebrow to ask: continue this later?
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breanime · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Also a Bucky gif because this one is so soft and I love Seb Satan’s face 🥺😍🥰
When Sam dropped Bucky off at your house, his only instructions were "don't let him sleep all day" and "if you have plums, feed him plums", and then he flew off.
Literally. Sam flew away.
And so Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier, Sam's reluctant sidekick and even more reluctant friend, slept on your couch.
In all honesty, you kind of wished he'd slept in your bed, but your schoolgirl crush on him was just that--a crush. You knew there was no chance in hell Bucky ever be interested in you. But still, you had your orders from Captain America himself, and you of course would follow them.
It was already 11:30, and Bucky still hadn't woken up. He hadn't budged through any of your passive aggressive attempts to wake him: not the 15 minute symphony you played via the garbage disposal, not your passionate vacuuming, he hadn't even reacted when you blasted Bell Biv Devoe's "Poison" for 12 minutes straight. Sighing, you grabbed your cell phone and dialed your last resort.
"Don't tell me you lost sight of Buck," Sam answered. He was in his uniform, you could tell by the echo of his voice.
"No, no, he's here, he's just knocked out. I can't wake him."
"Did you shake him?"
"What--no! I've been making a bunch of noise and stuff to get him up, but--"
"--Hold up," Sam interrupted, "You haven't actually tried to wake him yet?"
"I don't want to be rude..."
"Rude? He's sleeping on your couch in your home, wake his ass up. Hey, Buck! Get up, you bum!" Sam screamed into the receiver.
"Sam," you covered your phone with your hand, dropping your voice to a whisper, "Could you be any more embarrassing? Damn!"
"Oh, that's right, you're a Bucky groupie," Sam teased.
"I'm not a groupie! I just... I think he's a great guy."
"Well..." You sighed, thinking of all the things you knew about Bucky. You'd only met him a few times before this, but every time you were around him, Bucky revealed a little more of himself to you. "...He's really smart," you started, "and he's strong as hell, obviously. And brave. Bucky's incredibly brave. Plus he's funny, he's got that dry, sarcastic sense of humor."
"Some would call that being a pain in the ass, but we'll allow it," Sam said back, a smile clear in his voice, "Now, gon head, gimme the monologue about how he's so dreamy."
"He is!" You laughed. "Dude, I have never seen eyes like Bucky's, and that face--sculpted by the Gods. I just know Thor had a hand in that," you ranted, "Plus the man is swole, Sam. Like, I know you beefed up too, but Bucky is a BRICK, man. Like, he's hot. He's so hot, it's distracting. I was supposed to be cleaning and all I could do was creep around him half trying to wake him up and half marveling at his beauty and--"
"--and I TOLD YOU SO!" Sam shouted.
"Buck, I told you she was into you! Bam! Now don't say I ain't never did nothing for your ass," Sam laughed, "Okay, I gotta take down this tank, but I'll check in later."
"Wait," you blinked, confused, "What are you--"
"See you, Y/N, talk to you later, Bucky!" Sam laughed again before hanging up.
Slowly, you turned, knowing what you'd see.
Bucky was wide awake, grinning over at you from his spot on the couch.
"So," you said slowly, "Super hearing?"
"Mm hmm," he confirmed, that grin making him look younger than his over 100 years.
"So all morning, you were aware of the noise?" You asked.
"Been awake since 6," he answered.
"And just now..." You started.
"Heard the whole thing," his grin was getting wider, "Sorry."
You couldn't help but smile back. "You don't look very sorry to me."
Bucky sat up, "Yeah, well, that's cause I'm kind of giddy. Me and Sam... He knows a lot about me, he..." He swallowed. "...He was my anchor, for a while now, without even knowing it. He snuck up on me, and before I knew it, I was spilling my guts to him about everything--including about how swell I think you are."
You felt your heart flip with excitement in your chest, and you giggled at the boyish look in his eyes. "Hm... Well, remind me to thank Sam later."
"You can thank him after I thank him," Bucky's hands went to his lap, his flesh fingers intertwined with his metal ones, "But, uh, until then... How about we go out for brunch?"
You nodded, powerless against that bright smile. "Sure...'s a date."
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fugophobic · 2 months ago
Yo now do Gorillaz characters losing there virginity pleasesesses 🥺🤲
Gorillaz characters but it's only ace, murdoc and 2D loosing their virginity
Murdoc: He didn't care, he thought he was the most skilled person in sex because he watched porn. Lost it at 23, when you two met at a bar for his birthday. He knew he needed to bring protection but he didn't. He assumed you would have some so he just waited for the time to come. He told you he was a virgin and yaknow- you were kinda like "what😀" but we're 100% ok with it because you knew how to make this very special.
"Well- I don't have a condom, Y/n"
"Be honest Murdoc. Did you even want to use it?"
He shook his head no but he knew he should have.
"Alright Mudz. Take your pants off for me"
He gladly obliged, stripping away his pants leaving him in his boxers. You could see his member already pitching a tent in his pants so you just went in for it. You took his dick out and just- started sucking like no tomorrow. He enjoyed it and that's all that was important at the time. You felt him clutch your hair and thrust up into your throat, his thrusts were becoming unsteady so you took the hint and went all the way down taking his cum deep in your throat. He was blushing and panting hard. You smiled and stood up.
"Alright, it my turn." You said and winked at him
You got on top of him and slid your panties over so his member could get access to your entrance. He slid right in, it was perfect, it was everything he had imagined. After about 20 minutes you finished and hopped off so he could finish himself off, no babies here🙄🤟.
2D: OK OK HE WAS HONESTLY TERRIFIED. He didn't know what was gonna happen but he knew that he wanted to have sex with someone very special. So he just waited. He was- I'll say like 20-22 because he was already fucking girls when he was 23 so- he had condoms on hand all the time just in case. He met you in highschool and yaknow- he had a thing for you so it was just like fate ig. You hit him up with a text.
"Hey Stu, what are you doing right now?"
"I'm just watching TV. Why?"
"Wanna come over? My roommate is out with some friends lol"
"Sure, I'll be there around 10-15 minutes! See you soon:)"
He already knew man, 100%, he hopped in the shower real quick and washed up before heading over to your apartment. He got dressed and drove over there, it was- very dark so it took him a little longer than he expected. He knocked on your door, and you answered in a towel.
"Augh sorry" you did an awkward laugh "I just got out of the shower"
"oh no it's fine" he smiled at you.
He just kinda stood there in the living room while you went and got changed- he was- not the most social person yaknow? When you got back you asked if he wanted to watch a movie of course he said yes, you popped in a dvd and cuddled up next to him. Even though you two weren't dating he still likes it. You eventually mustered the courage to kiss his neck and he let out a hum of approval. He looked at you and asked if you wanted to yaknow 👉👌 you said yes, obviously. He pulled out a rubber and slid his pants down to put it on. He told you he was a virgin and you didn't believe him at first but then you looked at him and he quite literally didn't know what he was doing. You crawled over him and grabbed his cold hand to help guide him. You put his two fingers on your cl!t and told him to rub in a circular motion. He did and you loved it. After a while you finally slid down onto his member. Letting him hold your hips and help you slide down. He bucked his hips by accident and it made him go even deeper, you were already a moaning mess. He knew he wasn't going to last very long so he just went slow for your pleasure. He did eventually go faster but like he thought didn't last very long. You didn't care though, you just thought it was cute <3
Ace: lost it as soon as he turned 21. Like the night of his birthday he went to a party at some club and saw you dancing in a red dress. You caught him staring at you, so you walked over.
"Hey!" You said loudly because of the music
"uh- Hey! What your name, Doll" you were practically yelling at each other.
"Y/n! What's yours?"
"Hey Ace! Wanna go get a drink?"
"Sure baby"
You two walked over to the bar and sat down. He pulled out his wallet to get his ID and some money. You both orederd your drinks and after a couple rounds you were all over eachother. You took it back to bathroom which was gross but hey, You guys were fucking wasted.
"Ah shit" ace swore
"I don't got a condom"
"It's ok! I've got one hang on" you pulled it out of your handbag and opened it
"here you go"
"Thanks" he slid it on and lifted you against the stall he shoved it in not so softly but it was ok<3 after a couple of thrusts they started getting sloppy as he made out with you. Your moans were being silenced by his tongue and so we're his. You both finished and he let you down. Ace disposed of the used condom and you two fixed your hair and clothes. After exchanging numbers you headed back out to the room to continue partying.
Hi. This took forever so yea.
Have a nice day!
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deluweil · 5 months ago
Bobby said:
Tumblr media
And I keep thinking about how this is the first time we see Buck on the 'wrong' side of the hospital doors.
(Before you say "but Chimney", remember that it was in the beginning of S1 and Buck barely just got there, and in S2 he spends most of the time looking for Maddie and the next episode is a time jump forward. We mostly see the hospital reunion between Madney - in parallel, we have a hospital reunion with buddie - which just now came to me as an afterthought. 🤔🤔🤔)
But this was Eddie, and Buck is literally left waiting on the 'wrong' side of the hospital doors.
Tumblr media
He's used to be on the other side of these situations and throughout the episode we see how hard it is for him to handle being the one left standing. 🥺🥺
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lavendercodes · 3 months ago
hey! i was wondering if you could do a buck imagine with a male reader~ specifically one where buck tries/does braid the readers hair~ just really fluffy and soft 🥺 i’ve been wanting to grow my hair out again, and this has been sitting in my brain for a bit, hehe
yes! i’ve been wanting to do a male reader for literally SO long, but i didn’t have the motivation without a request. thank you so much!
fluff - no warnings
evan buckley x male! reader
you fumbled with the ends of your hair, trying to twist the strands together and braid your hair, but unfortunately you weren’t succeeding.
it had been a long time since you had braided your own hair and eventually, you forgot how to do it. every time you tried, your hair would always fall loose or it would all just look wonky. on top of that, your hair was quite long. not too long to the point where it was impossible to take care of, but just long enough to be able to braid it.
the front door opened as you finally gave up. you leaned your head back against the couch and groaned.
“hello to you too.” Buck chuckled, setting his keys on the counter.
he made his way over to you and pressed his lips against your cheek. you hummed and sighed, “sorry. not groaning at you. i’m just frustrated with my hair.”
“let me try.” Buck grinned.
you watched as he shrugged off his coat and kicked off his shoes before walking towards you. he sat down next to you and made you turn around so that your back was facing him. Buck took the hair ties from your hands and set them on his thigh while he started to work on your hair.
he was gentle with how he pulled your hair back a bit and twisted it into a firm braid. with the first one done, he tied it back and moved on to the rest of your hair.
“where did you learn how to do this?” you asked.
“you learn a lot of stuff when you have an older sister.” Buck said, pressing his lips to the back of your neck.
“wish my sister taught me how to braid my hair.” you mumbled, “oh wait, she did! i just forgot.”
when Buck finished he smirked at his handy work and wrapped his arms around you. you leaned back into his chest and closed your eyes.
“you’re a lifesaver.” you said softly.
“i know, babe.” he chuckled.
“your hair is really soft, by the way. and you rock those braids.”
“thank you, handsome.”
“you’re welcome, handsome.”
idk i like the thought of you and him just calling each other handsome as if it was a nickname i find it cute. i’d love for someone to call me handsome-
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finduilasclln · 5 months ago
Can we scream about Eddie only focusing when he sees the blood all over Buck? And when he hears he isn’t hurt he goes under almost immediately?🥺😢
YES! Oh anon, I've been screaming about that since it happened! Eddie was barely conscious!
After he was shot but before he fell, time just stood still and Eddie was stuck staring at Buck. Then he fell, was literally bleeding out all over the concrete, and all he did was look at Buck until his eyes went dead. And when he reached out his hand, IT WAS TOWARDS BUCK!!
Then he's finally in the fire truck, he's lost God knows how much blood, he's barely conscious, and the only thing he seems to focus on? Is the blood he sees on Buck's face! And the ONLY thing he asks is if Buck is hurt. It's his ONLY worry in that moment. Not himself, even though he must realize that he's at risk of actually dying. That he's gravely hurt. But no, all he can concentrate on (and how much effort must it even have taken him to concentrate on that?) is Buck's safety, Buck's well-being. He needs to know if Buck is alright because he sees blood on his face and it's all that matters.
He could have said Christopher's name. He could have said ANYTHING really. But no, he says THAT. How are we even supposed to interpret that? And then like you said, the second he is reassured that Buck is alright, it's as if he can let go. He can stop fighting, he can just let happen what needs to happen.
I mean... I legit wonder how we're supposed to see some of the scenes between Eddie and Buck as anything other than a slow build, than a romantic relationship. Because the "haha, they're just best friends, you're seeing too much in it" is just not flying with me anymore.
I love the friendship between Hen and Chim, and I think they are the best of friends. But I have never seen the (romantic and sexual) chemistry between those two characters the way we see with Buck and Eddie. We have never seen moments as profound between them the way we constantly see between Buck and Eddie. It's just... *sigh* Yeah. I don't know, anon. They heal my heart and hurt my heart at the same time. I just love them so much. *cries*
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eddiediazisascorpio · 2 months ago
the scene with eddie, chris, buck, ana and ravi killed me i'm laughing so much, eddie please, you're gay, break up with her, she deserves better, you deserve better LOL
I was screaming during that scene. I definitely saw the way Buck was looking during that entire scene, the way Eddie looked. I still would like to study Eddie. I love that man and I want to see what he’s thinking. That man has so many thoughts that swirl around his head. I can see it the way he frowns, the way he stares off, the way he just looks so deep in thought, even momentarily.
And I reaaalllly don’t understand how Ana can be with Eddie for this long. I understand why Eddie is still in this relationship but literally what is she getting out of this. I’ve seen people speak more eloquently on it than I ever could - that there could be some things she could be getting out of it- but even then I still don’t get it lol. I just keep cringing. If I was in her shoes I wouldn’t stand for this. I know that she knows that Eddie has one foot out the door of that relationship and probably has from them start. I know she sees the way Eddie seems stiff and not fully into it when they kiss (he kisses her cheek almost every time. Like ????). I know she sees the way Eddie brightens up when he’s around Buck, the way he’s more himself and all of that with Buck than when he’s with her.
And Eddie, beloved 🥺 comphet ain’t no joke, as I’ve said a bunch of times. This journey of reckoning with all of these things for him is interesting to watch unfold. I love him so so much and I can’t wait for him to make this decision (hopefully he’s the one to break up with Ana) so that he can move forward. I know this isn’t easy for him at all so I watch from an empathetic lens
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zeyzem · 2 months ago
Listen everything that happened in this ep for buddie would be insane on its own but together? Kinda damning
Eddie nearly having another panic attack bc of Ana and Buck WITNESSING that happening
Bucks face after the interaction w Ana 🤨
Chris and Buck interaction🥺
Buck takes Chris to the zoo enough that he has the whole place memorized!!!
Buck annoying Eddie into telling him abt the panic attack
Eddie saying that he’s gonna “stick it out” w Ana and buck being like “it shouldn’t be a chore”
Buck being like “I have been Ana” ?????hello???? The entire speech he gave could’ve been a love confession to Eddie???? I’m literally going insane and will be memorizing everything he said
And then all of the normal smiling like an idiot in love looks that we get nearly every episode
Clown nation we are thriving
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alixveesblog · 2 months ago
So i binged (ovbi) Q-Force and this is my input for the characters:
Steve: Jee this dude ain't easy. Like Deb said "he's the devil". Really he is a very good leader and all but sometimes his arrogance is a bit too much for me. Over all i believe he makes an amazing leader for the Q-Force because lets face it they all needed and will need a hype-man at all times.
Stat: She is fairly ok. She is the child of the Gen Z and you cannot, literally, argue with me on that. A hacker with a soda obsession that did time. Yep, its a gen Z kid, definitely. Also, i thought the thing that happened with the internet-demon-kinda-girl, Jacklyn, was SO cute and i was sad when she died:(
Twink: The most stereotyped character out of everyone but at the same time SLAY QUEEN. I ADORE drag Queens with all my heart and sadly in Greece there aren't any (:() but I don't think that they act like Twink bc the way he acted was a stereotype. Then again, he was amazing with all his emotional strength and he didn't once back down from a mission. Also, the parts where he was emotionally stressed about his father were vv sad to me but in the end he showed that past memories don't affect him anymore and really i was proud for my boy:) All and all 100/10 adore himmmmm
Deb: Miss Gurl the whole fandom loves you🤚. You are the one and only mom of the group, caring deeply for everyone on the team, being a total smart ass and you are mcfucking willing to drop the life tou always wanted for your wife. If that's not perfect person material, then i dunno what is. Slay and we will be here as your loyal subjects
Buck: First of, when i heard his name i thought of Bucky from Marvel and my reaction was "hell no, don't compare my baby to this savage ☠️🤚" l. But in the end i was surprised to see how much i liked him. I mean he has been through a damn lot with all the adoption shit and when the prank was going on with the stuffed animals we finally got to see a side of Buck that proved he was Human.( Also ship Twink and Buck but that's for another time) and at the end, when he told Steve he was talking to the princess about how good of a time he was having with them it was just,,, awwwww🥺
V: My queen, my saviour, my love. I loooove the relationship she has with Mary and the rest of the team, how long she had been holding to a plan, a promise and how she was trying to guide mary along the way. Plus, i think that what happened with Carin ( Karin?) was something really needed for her to get back on the field. I just adore her, please adopt me ;-;
Lastly, generals being the princess is a badass dictator, Carin-Karin ( i dunno how to spell it, thanks) has gone lu lu land ( if you get the reference i adore you, dm me🤣🤣) but is a huge softie the director of AIA is a huge dick and i hate him( couldn't bother looking up his name) and his secretary which I don't remember the name of is cool
So tell me about your opinions and if you want to share something my inbox is open!!
Have an amazing day, night, evening or afternoon. Stay safeeeee
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athenagrantnash · 18 hours ago
Over all the Bathena content (😍😍😍) and finally getting Taylor's back story (😭😭😭) I completely failed to appreciate the growth Buck has gone through in this episode
Like this is literally what I have been BEGGING for from Buck, and we finally got it!
Because once again he was starting to get too stuck up in his own head about things (this time his relationship with Taylor) but then he actually took Bobby's advice, took a moment, and TALKED about it. And once he understood what was actually going on, he was the kind, dependable, supportive person that he often CAN be but that he sometimes gets too caught up in his own head TO be.
This is the Buck who has learned that, like Taylor said, sometimes things CAN be all about him. But sometimes... they're just not. And this whole situation proved it and really helped him to be the person that he needs to develop into. It's helping him be the kind of person who I could see captaining his own firehouse someday, and that's legitimately just... so beautiful🥺🥺
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loveyourownsmiilee · 5 months ago
You know that clip/gif of Buck holding a huge beautiful bouquet of flowers 💐? And he looks so cute. He’s like squeezing his eyes half shut and he’s smiling. How do you think Eddie would react if Buck gave him flowers? I personally think Eddie would blush like crazy and his heart would be beating so fast. Like Buck just thinks it’s a no brainer- Eddie said he’s never been given flowers so Buck goes to get Eddie flowers. And Buck, the guy who likes to research different random things, looked deeper into different flowers and their meanings. And so he gets flowers that remind him of Eddie- delicate, beautiful, and endures all hardships despite unforeseen weather and people who pick and pick at it sometimes. And mixed in with these flowers, Buck also gets flowers that hold specific meaning, like a flower for devotion, since he’s devoted to Eddie. And a flower that means ‘new beginnings’ because he sees his relationship with Eddie as a new beginning and chapter, one where he fully trusts his partner and has never felt like this before- so comfortable, so cared for. And Eddie just stands there, completely shocked. Never in his life has he received flowers. He’s watched his mother receive flowers for every Mother’s Day and every birthday, he’s watched his sisters receive flowers from their partners, get fresh flowers from the store or market to decorate their homes. He has even given Shannon flowers, years ago, but he felt bad because she had to remind him that she liked sunflowers, NOT roses. She took the flowers anyway because the roses were still beautiful, but Eddie felt like shit for a week for being wrong, not knowing. So, he stands there, shocked and tears prickle in his eyes. And Buck looks startled. He pulls back, quickly apologizing, assuming Eddie is allergic to the flowers or doesn’t like them. But Eddie takes the bouquet and tells Buck thank you. He puts the flowers in a vase and squeezes Buck in a hug. He pulls backwards and Buck looks so shy. He tells Buck he’s never been given flowers before, never thought anyone ever would. And Buck says I’ll buy you flowers every day if that’s what it takes for you to know I love you. And Eddie hugs him and squeezes him again, crying softly into Buck’s neck. He feels so comfortable, so loved, he could drift and float away by the way Buck circles patterns into his back... ok let me stop I’m gonna cry at how soft this is lmao 🥺🥲
I am literally crying at how beautiful this was. Yes to everything you've said. It was so beautiful. I, for one, think Eddie deserves flowers by one Evan Buckley. Eddie is such a 'macho man' on the outside, but such a big softy on the inside and I think he would really enjoy receiving flowers. And of course Buck will research many flowers meanings to switch things up for Eddie. I think Eddie will definitely blush and smile so wide that his pointy teeth are on full display. He will hug Buck every time and nuzzle his face into Buck's neck because he's just so happy to receive flowers from the love of his life. Buck continues to surprise Eddie with flowers and then Eddie decides that Buck deserves some loving too and gets Buck flowers as well. Their home slowly becomes a wonderful garden for all the flowers they get one another and they learn how to care for the flowers so they dont die early. Eddie, being the closest romantic he is, keeps the very first flowers Buck has given him and frames them in a glass frame. He hangs it up in their room and smiles every morning when he sees it. I am also crying at how soft this is.
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chilling-seavey · 2 months ago
Lil Pss Daniel and Chris playing with sailboats down at the pond - I’m literally 🥺 just thinking about it
↳  A/N Inspired by the second clip in this post because who could not think of those sweet Passchendaele pre-war adventures?
↳ Word Count: 1793
↳ Passchendaele Masterlist
Tumblr media
May 30, 1900
“Hold my hand, Daniel.”
In the glare of the early afternoon sun, four-year-old Daniel would remember the sight of older brother standing beside him just like that for years to come. He was always looking up at him like Christian was his protector and his honest hero and with a soft smile, Daniel held up his small hand to his big brother. It was their first outing just the two of them and ten-year-old Christian was very excited to be trusted enough with his little brother and their toy sailboat.
Walking along the roads of their town, Daniel held tightly onto Christian’s hand and kicked at stones that littered their path, scuffing his little shoes against the dirt.
“Chi-Chi,” Daniel called sweetly, “how far is the pond?”
“Only a little ways away.”
“How much?”
“Mm…two hundred steps.”
“That’s far, Chi-Chi.”
“Not really.”
Christian smiled down at his little brother who kicked pebbles across the road with the tip of his shoe. In his black shorts that were a tad big and rested just below the knee and matching spring jacket, Daniel was the cutest little boy Christian had ever seen and, gosh, was he ever proud to take him out all on his own. With his hand holding his brother’s, his other was carrying the large toy sailboat that they had received as a Christmas present but had yet to use until the frost passed. Daniel had been asking day after day to take the boat out and finally their mother permitted them an afternoon to head down to the pond.
Christian even got to wear his little bowler hat and fresh slacks and jacket and he felt like a million bucks, walking the streets of their little town like he owned them. A true little gentleman.
A few other boys from their town were already gathered by the pond with their own boats when the Seavey boys arrived and Daniel held tighter onto his big brother’s hand. Christian greeted the town boys easily and then they found a section of the shore that they could set up sails.
“Do not get too close to the water, Dani.” Christian warned. “I do not want you to fall in.”
Daniel nodded in agreement and stood in place as Christian stepped ahead to set their boat in the water. The shore was filled with the excited chatter of little boys playing, all dressed in their springtime trousers and caps just like Daniel. Christian, as well as some of the other older boys, had slacks. Daniel was so excited to wear slacks just like his brother someday.
Their boat was rested on the rippling water by the careful hand of the eldest and Daniel crouched down to get a good look at how the little waves brushed up against the wooden hull.
“It’s floatin’!” Daniel beamed.
“Sure is, Dani.” Christian said proudly as he stood up straight again.
They stood side by side for a moment, watching the sailboat rest still in the water. It wasn’t moving. Daniel looked up at his brother curiously, waiting for him to answer as to why their boat wasn’t gliding across the pond like the others.
Christian only frowned and glanced down the shore to the other boys and watched how the nudged their sailboats along with sticks.
“Wait here.” Christian said before he was rushing back up the small embankment towards the tree-lined road.
Daniel watched him go and then sat himself on the muddy shore patiently. The four-year-old wasn’t very patient, however, and he eventually shifted onto his knees and crawled right up to the water’s edge to push the side of the boat with his hand. It rocked over the small waves and floated a few inches away towards the centre of the pond.
“Chi-Chi!” Daniel shouted excitedly, “Chi-Chi, look! It’s goin’!”
Christian was still far back by the road and unable to hear the excitement of his little brother as he jumped up to try and grab one of the sticks from the full trees to use as a lead for their boat. His black bowler hat ended up falling off in his haste to retrieve a branch and he swore with a soft “Christ” under his breath…just like the grownups did.
Daniel was more than proud of himself and he shuffled onto his feet and stepped right into the cold pond water to reach the sailboat again. He nudged it with his hand once more, beaming to himself as it floated farther through the water and he waded after it. When the water was up to his knees, the ends of his shorts were starting to get wet, not to mention his stockings and shoes that were well past soaked. The little boy was far more concerned with his boat than with the state of his clothes.
When Christian returned to the water’s edge with his long stick housing his hat on the end, he was more than startled to find his four-year-old brother thigh deep in the pond.
“Daniel!” Christian shouted worriedly. “Stop walking!”
“It’s goin’, Chi-Chi!” Daniel called over his shoulder.
“Daniel, I am serious!” Christian was already dropping the stick and kicking off his shoes to go after him, “Mother will be so cross if you get hurt! I will be cross if you get hurt!”
Daniel stopped in place and turned to glance back at his older brother, “You’ll be cross with me?”
“Yes, Dani, please get back here.”
Daniel looked back to the sailboat now more than an arms length away and then he looked back to his brother. No silly boat was worth making his brother cross. He waded back through the water to the shore, the waves splashing and sloshing around his little bare legs that were rising with goosebumps in the still spring-kissed temperature of the pond.
“I made it go myself, Chi-Chi.” Daniel explained sweetly as he approached the shore on wobbly legs.
“Yes, I see.” Christian sighed, stepping one foot in the water to scoop up his little brother under the arms and hoist him out and onto the grass half drenched. “It is certainly sailing.”
“It’s sailin’, Chi-Chi!” Daniel beamed at the new word, shivering slightly as he sat down on the grassy embankment. Christian shuffled off his jacket and draped it over Daniel’s lap and over his bent up legs.
“You are silly, Dani. Mother said no swimming and now we will return with your trousers all soaking wet.” Christian scolded him gently.
Daniel didn’t mind it one bit as he stared up at his brother in the afternoon sun and just smiled at him as he tried to dry him off with his jacket. There was no one Daniel loved more in the world than Christian and being their first adventure just the two of them was so exciting. Christian just seemed so big and so grown up and so perfect in Daniel’s eyes.
Once Daniel was warmed up a little and Christian had managed to retrieve their sailboat from the middle of the lake by soaking his own stockings and making use of the long stick, they were able to play properly. They took part in a little race with the other boys and took turns nudging it around the water with the stick; watching how the sails rippled in the wind and the waves rocked the wood toy side to side.
Daniel was tired by the time they had to walk home and he held onto Christian’s hand and dragged the stick behind him the whole way. He was more quiet but peaceful and perfectly content and Christian was just thankful he was no longer trying to run into the road to almost get hit by passing carriages.
They made it home before their father was back from work and Christian ushered Daniel right up the stairs the moment they got inside.
“Back from the pond?” their mother called from the parlour where she sat with their baby sister.
“Yes.” Christian answered sweetly but hurried up the stairs as well. “I must help Daniel change out of his play clothes.”
“Alright, my grown up boy.” their mother chuckled.
Daniel’s room was at the top of the stairs and Christian set the sailboat on the chair in the corner to tend to his brother. The four-year-old hopped up onto the side of his bed as Christian shuffled through his drawers to find him some clean clothes for supper.
“Did you ever hear of the story of the sailboat that was swallowed by a whale?” Christian asked casually.
“Swallowed by a whale?” Daniel’s eyes went wide.
“Yeah.” Christian nodded matter-of-factly as he turned to his little brother and started to help undress him from his jacket and little suspenders first. “These two brothers were out on the ocean taking their brand new sailing ship for a voyage on a very calm and pleasant day when all of the sudden, a humongous whale came out of the water right in front of them.”
Daniel, with mouth agape, hung onto his brother’s every word as he changed into his warmer clothes. There was never a story that Christian told him that wasn’t so completely interesting.
Christian continued, “And the whale opened his huge mouth to show off all his teeth that looked like bristles of brooms and gulped the brothers and their sailboat right into his mouth.”
“Did they get hurt?”
“No, no.” Christian assured him as he buttoned up Daniel’s clean pair of shorts. “The brothers had each other and they had God whom they prayed to and they were only swallowed by the huge whale in one whole piece. It was so dark though and they could not see a single thing the whole way into the whale’s stomach.”
“Did the whale wee them out?” Daniel asked.
Christian laughed lightly, “No. The brothers made such a ruckus in the whale’s stomach that it wasn’t fun to keep them in there anymore so he let out a tremendous belch and the sailboat came flying back out.”
Daniel giggled at the slightly impoliteness of the story, staring up at his big brother lovingly as the story came to its conclusion.
“And then the brothers sailed home safe and sound and their mother had their favourite meal ready for supper with no peas.”
“I don’t like peas.” Daniel agreed.
Christian ruffled his hair, “I know.”
The smell of supper almost finishing in the kitchen and the sound of their father coming home from the church had the boys getting ready to head back downstairs. Daniel reached for Christian’s hand habitually as they took to the stairs.
“Chi-Chi, may we go back to the pond tomorrow with our sailboat?”
“Yes, I think we could, Dani.”
Tumblr media
Passchendaele Taglist: @stuffofseaveyy @hopinglimelight @onlyangelavery @randomlimelightxxx @jonahlovescoffee @sbrewer21 @bessonsbxtch @viamiasoncrack @21burritoseavey @queenseavey23
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willasferreyra · 2 months ago
top 5 work pets cause i want to hear the stories lol ❤️
OMG HELLOOOO MY BELOVED!!!! Omg I had to do like a 30 pet bracket to come up w my answers for this BUT I THINK IVE FOUND MY CHAMPIONS….
Tumblr media
Leading the list at #1 is Buck the world’s biggest german shepherd. He is The Dog at work who i regularly forget isn’t mine. I’m 5 foot 10 and his head comes up to my ribs. Seriously just a Dane sized shepherd. He LOVES fetch but he got his hips at the dollar store so he gets like 3 throws and then it’s all vibes. Smartest dog in the world. Love him more than life itself.
Tumblr media
#2. Long time listeners knew he was coming. Simba the pit bull. Muse behind the “#yes THAT simba” tag. Terrible walker. Afraid of two things: things that move, and things that don’t move. If he doesn’t want to move he’s not moving. People across the street have called him “stubborn” before. Once I had to carry him a mile in a foot of snow. His mom calls him “grandpa” and she’s right. I would die for him. Truly bestie status.
Tumblr media
#3. Fred the basset hound. Again a terrible walker but as you’ll find out I have an affinity for assholes. Fred hates hates hates to walk. His mom is always home and hands me 4 milkbones before we start, which i then break into 900 pieces and use to get him to walk one block in the span of twenty minutes like a horse with a carrot in front of its head. Sometimes the treats don’t work and I literally sit on the sidewalk with him for twenty minutes and pet him. His parents are Cubs fans and he had a cardboard cutout in the stands during covid. A lot of my coworkers are terrified of fred bc he apparently bites but we’re cool. Fred understands that I work for him and not the other way around.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
#4. This would not be a Greatest Hits post without Spud the greyhound. Spud is old as fuck but can still apparently run like 40 mph according to his mom but overall he realllly likes to take his time on walks. He’s a gentle boy. Sometimes I’ll sit on his bed with him and stare into his eyes and start crying for no reason. He is so so so sweet. He has a tiny terrier brother with the exact same markings as him and everyone thinks that he’s a puppy spud it’s really really cute.
Tumblr media
#5. Tino the Papillon. I call him my little Tostinos pizza roll. Mean. Mean mean mean mean mean. Hates to walk. Only accepts 67°-73° weather, rain is out of the question why would you even say that. You have to pick him up in the house and carry him down the block and let him angrily walk back, but he tries to bite so you have to subtly scoop him up from the back. Around like 8 months into this gig Tino and I finally became friends and he lets me pet him now (ONLY before walk. Too angry after walk to even consider it) and one time I ran into his mom and she said “I cant believe he lets you touch him” and i was just like “I know.” I LOOOOVE him. Like favorite favorite favorite gremlin. He is the #1 dog that i want to adopt but his parents love him too much. He spends all of his time on a heated blanket on the couch with a water bowl and his teddy bear. Yes he has bitten me many times. He recently got an 8 year old Samoyed brother and they are like big cloud and little cloud 🥺
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