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Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary: You were experimented on, resulting in you now having wings. Eventhough you might hate it, Bucky doesn’t.

Wordcount: almost 1.6K

Warnings: angst

A/N: I’m so sorry, again, it’s been so long. And again, it’s not a identical mosters update but an oneshot. I kind of really like this concept and i think its cute, also this one has been ready for quite a while but i wanted it to be longer but i had no idea how to make it longer and i kinda like it like this. So here you go, please enjoy, and also another side note, i think i found motivation to continue identical mosters so we’ll see if i upload in the next couple of days, I’m very sorry if i don’t in advance.



Originally posted by classylena

(gif is not mine)

When you first met everyone in the tower, you were scared of their prying eyes, their gazes and their eyes scanning your appearance.

Oh, how far you’ve come since then. You remembered the way everyone had looked at you well, but you never held any grudges against them for it. They all had apologized, it’s just that they had never seen anyone like you. And that’s probably because there is no-one like you, and if there was the things you’d give to meet them.

You were special, and you had accepted it now. You had maybe chosen a different way for yourself to become special, but oh well you were here now. It wasn’t your choice to be kidnapped and experimented on.

No, no experimenting they had done on you wasn’t like the experimenting Hydra had done to Wanda. No, it wasn’t alike in any way. Loki’s staff caused them to have awesome powers, what your torturers had done was cut you up and stitches you back together again and again and again until they had finally reached their goal.

Now there were two protuberances sticking out of your back they had dared to call wings. And yeah, they had actually succeeded, you were able to fly with those wings. When you first came to the tower you were weak and they had called a miracle that you were still alive. You could use the wings back then, but barely, and it also hurt so badly you passed out every time you’d use them.

You were different and kept to yourself, but surprisingly it was Bucky who had taken you under his wing. He helped you when you needed it, while you were trying to distance yourself from everyone, and who knows, they might have tried to distance themselves from you too, he didn’t. He took care of you, he knew what it was like being the odd one out and when he was he took great comfort in knowing Steve.

He felt bad for you, everyone was curious about you, but didn’t seem to care to talk to you, or to even question you about the things on your back. You knew no one in the tower and suddenly you were living in the same ‘house’ as them, used the same kitchen and walked through the same hallways.

Bucky had never looked at you that way, and you couldn’t find the words to tell him how grateful you were for that. It was because of him you were able to grow into the person you were today, nothing compared to the person who first walked through those doors.

Of course you’d never be the same person you were before everything happened but you are content and confident being the person you are today. Although you may have hated living in the tower at first, you couldn’t be happier to be there now. Most of your mornings were spent training with Sam or sometimes Nat if you were feeling up to it for the day. And then you usually made breakfast and ate with whoever was in there with you, it didn’t matter anymore they all warmed up to you and became great friends. Afternoons were spent having fun with Wanda, occasionally Peter and Shuri too if they were around, there was also rarely a day you didn’t stop by Tony and Bruce in their lab. Overall your days in the tower were good, you were fine being with anyone and speaking with anyone but you were also perfectly okay being on your own and watching a movie or reading a book.

But the thing you were maybe most grateful for was that at the end of the day you’d get to be able to curl up to Bucky and talk to him about the days you had, whether they were spent apart or together.

You and Bucky took great comfort in each other, although you were very different people, if you look closer you may have more in common then first meets the eye. He was the first person you ever let close to your back, and the first time you let him he almost shed a tear, you may not have noticed, but that really meant a lot to him. He was known for being violent, his name was connected to hurt and yet he was the first person you let take care of you.

Like the skin connected to his metal arm, your back was scarred and had an angry red color. So when you had let him touch your back the first thing he did was gently rubbed some cream onto it that would help your skin heal itself. He had learned you how to take care of yourself, and in return you did the same. He still had his own trauma to deal with, but you thought it was safe to say that you both had come a long way already.


It took you a long time, even after you had become more open with everyone in the tower, before you were able to join the others on missions. You trained long and hard, because making a change for the better in the world was something you really wanted to do.

So when Steve finally agreed to let you come to a smaller mission you were beyond happy. To say the mission went extremely well was an understatement, and you were happy you were an asset to the team. And from then on you went on almost every mission fury sent your way. Mostly Natasha but the others too trained you to be a skilled fighter and with the help of Bruce, Tony and doctor Cho you could now use your wings without it hurting which was a great help as well.

But even though the wings didn’t really hurt anymore, the skin surrounding the wings was still scarred and red. But there was another thing about the wings that you hated. Yes of course you got looks from everyone that saw the wings, I mean a human with wings? Yeah something doesn’t add up there.

But they weren’t pretty wings, bird like wings with feathers, like the ones angels have. Beautiful white feathers, if only your wings looked like that. But no, in stead the scientists gave you purple-ish, red-ish wings the resembled more batwings then anything else. They were ugly in your opinion, the skin like consistency of the wings felt and looked weird, ugly and dare I say it, scary.

How everyone, but most importantly Bucky, could accept you this way was something you could never understand. The wings made you look scary. The world was aware of you, they knew who you were and they knew that you were with the avengers, but they don’t know your story. There are times when you are out on the streets with Steve or Tony to anyone really gets recognized for example by little kids and they scare away from you, they hid behind their mothers legs. You were sure nothing could ever hurt you more, you loved kids, you truly believed you had a kind heart and you took pride of that. Even though you’ve been hurt so much, you aspired to be the best kind of human being. And when young kids are scared of you, your heart breaks into a million pieces.

But sadly, scaring away children isn’t the only thing that happens when you get recognized on the streets. Teens and often older people too, throw hurtful words at you.





And that list goes on and on and on. You would think you’d know all the hurtful words by now, but it seems like they come up with new ones everyday. But Bucky is always there, at first you didn’t show that you cared about what people thought, but little by little as Bucky broke your walls down, you let him in on your thoughts. And of course he told you not to care, they didn’t know better, but the also knew from experience it’s not easy. After what he had done all those years, Bucky received quiet some backlash too. At the end of a hard day he always called the two of you ‘the monstrous couple’ and for some reason a smile magically appeared after those words. Maybe it was caused by the butterflies you still had every time he called you a couple, maybe it was the reminder that you weren’t alone in all this, or the fact that the two of you could make fun of it because deep down you knew in the end, you only need him.

But he still found you often looking at yourself and your wings in the mirror. This conversation was one you had with Bucky over and over again. And for some reason you two always said the exact same words, as if it was the first time you ever had the conversation.

“What are you looking at, doll?” He’d ask as if he didn’t already know.

“The wings” you’d reply

“And why is that?”

“Because they’re horrendous, I look horrendous.”

“Honey you’re the most beautiful human being the world has ever seen, inside and out”

And he’d always take a little breath before adding the next part. The part you loved most.

“Darling you’re an angel, you’re my angel and you got the wings to prove it”

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So I had a dream about Seb the other night and I wish it was real. In my dream, for some reason, Seb was slightly chubby and not as fit as he is for Marvel movies.

Seb was laying on a couch and I was walking by when he held his arms out for me to cuddle him. I asked if he was sure and he said “of course” and waved me over again. We laid there cuddling on a couch and watching a movie. Later I was in bed in a tank top and pj shorts when Seb walked in in just boxer briefs and strattled my lap. I rested my chin on his stomach, looking up at him, running my nails lightly over his back.

And then I woke up. Damn my love for Seb had reignighted with a fire it’s never had before.

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Thank you @jbbarnesandnoble for the tag ❤❤❤ I actually haven’t even looked at some of these in forever, so this will be interesting 😂

Rules: post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. Send me an ask with the title that most intrigues you or interests you, and I’ll post a little snippet of it or tell you something about it!

  • Heartbeat of a Soldier: Blooming Romance
  • A New Maybe: Curse of Fate
  • Secrets Hidden in Yellow Paper: Chapter One
  • Kingdoms Rise
  • Drive to Survive
  • Petals in the Wind
  • The Devil’s Hound
  • The Battlefield has an Ugly Face
  • Waiting for the Right Song

Tagging: @afictionaladventure16 // @snarky–starky // @space-helen // @whiskey-writes // anyone can join!

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Author: dina @softboibarnes

Word Count: 1.2k

Pairing: sugar daddy!Bucky Barnes x sugarbaby!female reader

Warnings: public use of sex toys, mentions of smut and stuff… 

A/N: see this as a continuation of surprise, daddy <3 surprise, daddy was my first ever fic, and i love imagining what these two are up to, to this day. i hope you enjoy <3 wannabe sugar daddies, don’t interact


  • you’d turned him down the first time he’d proposed it

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(Series; Made in collaboration with @thorfanficwriter​)

Making Omelettes Masterlist

Need to read Chapter 6 ?

Pairing:  Single-dad!Bucky Barnes x Fem!reader

Words: 3400+

Warnings: Language. Wanda and Pietro’s age is downsized to young teens. Beware the embarrassing soccer dads!

Summary: As if being the single father of two young girls wasn’t pressure enough, Bucky Barnes has to deal with a wacky brother, Steve, and nosey neighbor, Sam Wilson, trying to run his life. On top of that, he is struggling to get ahead in his high-pressure job as a financial adviser. He has reached his limit, sure he couldn’t possibly handle any more drama in his day-to-day. And that’s when you enter the picture, willing Bucky to have the courage to take a chance at finding love.

A/N: We are happy to finally update this series. We know that it’s been a long while since the series was last updated, but school and work had been kicking our asses amongst other things. Thank you for not losing your patience with us. Hope you like it!

(Moodboard by @thorfanficwriter​)


Despite all the hardships, life was truly beautiful, wasn’t it?

A bright smile played on Bucky’s lips. His heart sang with an unexplained joy. He couldn’t have helped it even if he had wanted to, the driving force behind his giddiness was that strong. His fingers thrummed against the steering wheel to the background tune on the radio. So engrossed in relishing the comfort, the confidence he felt after spending some time with you, he didn’t even realise it was Taylor Swift playing. 

The promised text from Y/N letting Bucky know she’d made it home, had come a few minutes before he pulled into his own apartment building’s garage. After parking and sending a quick reply, he then noticed the time. It was much later than he had planned, meaning the girls would be in bed and probably asleep.  

But as soon as Bucky turned the key in the lock on the apartment door, he heard their familiar squeals on the other side. Hanging his keys by the door, he had barely gotten one foot over the threshold before he was attacked by a pair of maniacal teens practically jumping with excitement, their smiles wider than his. 

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Bucky x Reader

Summary: you and Bucky never get along, it’s not that you hate him- it’s just that he always finds ways to get on your nerves. You’ve had enough of it. But, funny thing about feelings, they often tend to intertwine with others in ways that you can’t really expect.

Word count: 3,956

Warnings: language, probably bad writing too, implied sex- one line tho.

A/N: I refuse to apologize for the amount of avatar and Taylor references. This is the last chapter, the end of the first series I’ve written. I’m excited both in the good way and in the nervous way because I don’t know if this is any good, I had no beta for this one.

A/N 2: Thank you all for reading this series! I really hope you liked it, let me know what you think! I hope I did this series justice because I really enjoyed writing this storyline. Next up is a WoC and Time Travel challenges. I am actually happy with the foreshadowing I managed to do in this series.

Preview  part 1  part 2

Part 3- The End


Bucky is a supersoldier, an assassin. He was trained to notice everything. The shift was sharp, he couldn’t really pinpoint it, but he couldn’t miss it. He noticed the change.

It was in your attitude, in your movements. It was in the way you entered the room, in the way you retorted to his remarks. It was in your response in the comms, it was in the tea you made. It was in the way you dressed and in the place you sat during lunch or movie nights. He just didn’t know what it was.

Him mind wandered to the last mission. There was no way that you knew, he was careful.

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Let’s talk about ZOMBIES 2.

Namely, that debate scene between Zed & Bucky. Zed goes full-on zombified, and starts freaking everybody out.

But not Bucky. Bucky. The same guy who, in the first movie, was a total xenophobe, and despite the hopeful note it left him off with, hasn’t really changed much by the time the sequel rolls around.

Except for one thing. Unlike everyone else, he’s not afraid. Zed turns into a full-fledged, brain-eating zombie, and Bucky’s just like, “pft, I know you won’t actually hurt me, you big softie.”

Like……. when did Bucky get that kind of faith in Zed’s self-control?

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Author: dina @softboibarnes

Word Count: 674

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x female reader

Warnings: thigh riding, blowjob, bathroom sex (kinda) 

A/N: just a little head canon to sweeten your wednesday <3 (also - this is my first ever head canon - pls be nice 🥺)


  • Bucky loves it when you ride his thigh, no matter how you do it, whether it’s your front against his or with your back to him

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