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#Bucky barnes
ohheyalex · 41 seconds ago
Before I find out what’s inside the case that Bucky gave to Sam. Let me just say if Bucky really asked the Wakandans for a new pair of wings for Sam I’m going to combust
Tumblr media
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iamsherlockedondoctorwho · a minute ago
now me and my brother are arguing about if it was really a violation of his bodily autonomy for her pop his arm off without him knowing it did that.
because he’s like it didn’t “hurt” him, and he knew she would do anything to get that guy back so he should have expected her to go hard.
which like good points.
but my point is that as an ally who claimed they were helping in his recovery and healing process, they shouldn’t have kept secrets about things his body part, that they built, did.
if she hadn’t been a friend i would have been like yeah exploit what you know in a fight i guess. but.
and yeah she needed to win that fight, so she is gonna do everything she can to win. but it's the fact that she knew about it BEFORE they were in a fight and didn’t tell him. probably just in case it was needed in a moment like this.
it rubs me wrong. 
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winged-winter · 9 minutes ago
okay but someone got railed on that boat. who was it.
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mbucky · 10 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Buckys late dramatic fall still sends
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hellotvshowtrash · 13 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Hi! Welcome to my masterlist. Some notes:
I currently write the TVDU, MCU and eventually Harry Potter!
If you don’t see a character you’d like to request for, feel free to send me an ask!
I will not write things that I am not comfortable with/do not interest me, and that is up to my discretion.
All artwork below was made by me (The Mikaelson Family one is so cute, I couldn’t resist)
Last updated 4/17/21
* indicates smut, if you are not 18+, please do not interact.
The Vampire Diaries Universe
January Prompt Challenge masterlist
February Prompt Challenge masterlist
March Prompt Challenge masterlist
Elijah Mikaelson
Tumblr media
One shots
Life of Crime
CrimeBoss!Elijah AU. Reader is Elijah’s best employee and she has a plan.
Say You Love Me*
Y/N and Elijah spend their first anniversary together in a special way.
One Thousand Seventy-Four
Soulmate AU in which Elijah saves Y/N. TO season 3 rewrite.
Y/N and Elijah are in love for centuries, his family becoming yours. Until something goes horribly wrong.
Elijah and Y/N deny their feelings for each other until one drunken night.
The Only Cure
Y/N gets bitten by a werewolf, forcing Elijah to make a,ends with Klaus in the midst of a brotherly fight.
Obey 1, 2*, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9*
Y/N moves to New Orleans after a heartbreaking divorce. She decides she will never be treated poorly again and she closes her heart off, deciding to use men strictly for pleasure. She meets Elijah Mikaelson in the process and gets tangled in the world he lives in.
Bed Rest
Elijah forces the reader to follow the doctor’s orders.
Late Night Dancing
Elijah and Y/N dance together to the hum of the microwave.
There Never Was An “Us”
Y/N finds out Elijah cheated.
Knight In Shining Armour
Y/N provokes Elijah into being a little less gentle with her.
Comfiest Pillow
Elijah and Y/N settle in for the night.
Fortune Teller
Elijah lets his witch girlfriend read his palms.
Klaus Mikaelson
Tumblr media
One shots
Y/N has a surprise for Klaus on their wedding day.
When The Saints Go Marching In
A look into Klaus’ thoughts in the series finale.
Klaus’ jealousy is showing.
Kol Mikaelson
Tumblr media
One shots
Beats Per Minute
Y/N’s heart races when she’s near Kol.
Reader can’t sleep, but Kol is there to help.
Sweet Love
Kol assists his baker girlfriend reach a deadline.
Pick Up Artist
Kol tries to seduce Y/N with a series in one-liners.
Mikaelson Family
Tumblr media
Kol calls on his family for help.
Marcel Gerard
Tumblr media
Marcel tries to cope with your death.
Enzo St. John
Tumblr media
One shots
Take As Old As Time (Bonenzo)
A series of instances in which Bonnie Alan’s Enzo find themselves falling in love with one another until one of them confesses.
Stefan Salvatore
Tumblr media
Stefan helps reader through an anxiety attack.
Bucky Barnes
Tumblr media
Ones shots
My Girl
Y/N and Bucky spend one last night together before he ships off to war in 1943. Based off the song “My Girl” by The Temptations.
Dead Girl
Y/N meets The Winter Soldier. Based off the song “Dead Girl” by Baby Snooks. Semi part 2 to My Girl
The Four Times Bucky Tries To Tell You He Loves You and The One Time He Does
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idga-buck · 15 minutes ago
Some and Others, 2/?
Bucky finds it difficult to end a relationship without a good reason, until he has a good reason.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word Count: 3,702
Content: sexual references (18+ only), swearing, Bucky seems like a jerk in this, but he really isn’t. I’m so behind on FATWS (like..second episode behind) because the friend I’m watching with is very busy and I respect that. This doesn’t contain any spoilers that I know of and doesn’t use the show as a point of reference. May change in future chapters if I ever get to watch it.
Tumblr media
“Fuck... Fuuuu-“
The word died in Bucky’s chest, dissolving into a
mouthful of shamelessness. Grunts that vibrated against the back of his teeth as his body tightened, every muscle from his fingers digging into your hips to his burning quads pulled so taut that his ass cheeks could have crushed rock between them. He was getting rather comfortable using his new body to dole out something other than pain and suffering, to experience something else too. Though by the yellowing finger shaped bruises scattered on your legs and arms, there was still a little pain. The good kind, you’d assured him many times and some days Bucky Barnes was in awe of the fact that there was a “good kind” of pain. He wasn’t ready to be on the receiving end to find out for himself and you never pushed him to it. You were good, he liked that.
When his orgasm faded, leaving Bucky feeling like an empty husk of a man, he leaned down to kiss you in the middle of your back. A “good job” kind of peck that ended with him pulling out and pulling away to flop his sweaty body into your bed. There was a fuzzy blanket that irritated his heated skin and while he kicked awkwardly at it until it fell onto the floor, you were catching your breath next to him and inching closer. He wasn’t in the mood to cuddle and he closed his eyes hoping you wouldn’t expect too much. That was why he’d come over so early in the morning anyways. To see you off to work in a fun way, but at a time when he knew you wouldn’t be able to dawdle. Much to his surprise, you kissed his shoulder, the same little gesture he’d given your spine, and then rolled away, yanking a flowery robe from under his wide spread leg to pull it out. It was getting hot outside, the summer air a little too sticky when it seeped under those long sleeved shirts he preferred, but thankfully you kept a stand up fan at the end of your bed and Bucky sighed dreamily when he heard you flick it on, the artificial breeze shooting up his legs and cooling his damp skin. He’d expected you to continue your walk across the room and into the bathroom to prep for work, but your footsteps were muffled, which meant you’d stayed on the rug next to his side of the bed. Even with his eyes closed, he could tell you were watching him. Sure enough, there was a small dip in the mattress next to his head and your hand reached up to play with his sweaty hair.
“I could call in today.”
Bucky’s left eye fluttered open at the offer. You’d squatted next to the bed, leaning in one elbow to mess with the hair around his ears while you spoke. He usually liked that. There weren’t any memories of gentle touches from the last oh, 7 decades or so, and the therapist he stopped going to had encouraged him to seek out hands that didn’t hurt him. He’d found you shortly after and it felt good enough. Lately, especially today, Bucky just wanted the touching to stop making him feel so guilty.
“You’ve been gone a week, maybe we-“
“Better not,” he interrupted, rolling his head against the pillow to look at you. It felt like the decent thing to do. Look a person in the eye when you tell them no.
You were still smiling at him, but the hand that was touching him fell to the mattress. “You sure? We could stay in bed,” your voice lifted, knowing it was an extremely tempting offer. “I missed you, soldier.”
“Yeah,” Bucky offered a tight smile that probably looked even less convincing when it was half smashed into a pillow. “You should go to work.”
You licked your lips and kept them tucked in over your teeth as you nodded then stood without saying anything else. You’d get ready in the bathroom, Bucky would close his eyes again and pretend to be asleep when you emerged. You’d kiss his cheek and he’d enjoy your quiet apartment for the rest of the day while you were at work. It was how things had gone for a while. Long enough that it surprised Bucky a bit that you were still offering to stay home with him after he’d returned from a mission.
He flinched a bit when the bathroom door creaked open again and recovered quickly, waiting for his kiss before the front door closed behind you. But he heard dull footsteps pause before being replaced by the sharp sound of heels against wood. Then the rivets on your leather bag scraped over the kitchen counter and the keys jingled in your hand. Bucky waited, but the door opened then closed again without your lips stopping near his face. He sat up right and looked through the open bedroom door toward the entry, half expecting you to come back in, apologizing as you awkwardly stooped in a tight skirt to right this mistake.
You didn’t. And Bucky took it to mean that you felt it too. This whole thing was over.
He’d started feeling that way just a few weeks ago. You’d been feeling ill and he realized that he was more than happy to stay away. There wasn’t any urgency or desire to take care of you and only realized it a week later when he was coming over and you’d asked him to bring a Gatorade. He’d stopped dead on the street just outside your window and wondered if he should ask after any other needs. Or if maybe he should just assume and bring something he knew you liked. But then he spent too long standing in front of the candy rack by the glass covered register without a clue what you liked. He grabbed one of everything at first then put them all back, not wanting to admit he hadn’t been paying attention. He’d been a spy, an assassin, a marksman, a ladies man- all of which required keen observations. Yet, he’d missed this. Bucky told himself it hadn’t come up and he paid for only what you asked before heading upstairs.
After that, he started to feel off about everything. Noticing all the different things he didn’t necessarily like about- not you- but being with you. Not that it would sound any better, but once he realized he wasn’t actually ready to be in a relationship, the awkward dance began. Bucky Barnes had never been dumped. Obviously. But he’d never really had to let a girl go either. Dating was so different back when he was at it. Dates were frequent and they were fun. Being seen out and being seen with the right girls only made you more popular. It was especially good for the girls and a date with Bucky Barnes was as good as gold. Now, you and he had skipped over all the steps he’d known anything about and once you called yourself his girlfriend he had no clue what to do with you. Fumbling around for a few months didn’t yield much progress and the frustration was too much.
Everytime he thought he’d do it, he decided it wasn’t the right time… or he’d decide to kiss you instead, one last time. Last kisses taste as good as the first if you don’t really mean it and too often, Bucky found himself back in your bed instead of walking away. He’d linger in your apartment while you were at work, treating it like his own secret clubhouse and try not to think about how his mother would pinch his ear for how he was treating you. So Bucky finally rolled out of your bed and stepped into the shower.
Under the spray, he eyed the products you kept in a gray plastic bin for him and he wondered if he should throw them out when he was done. He had no use for them back in the compound, but when he pictured you coming home to find all his stuff in the trash before he’d had a chance to say something, he left the bottles where they were and toweled off. Then he dressed and checked his phone in the kitchen. You’d texted from your office, asking him if he’d meet you for dinner. He didn’t prefer going out, but he could suck it up for this. It would be easier to let you down in public. Maybe. Bucky agreed and you responded with a tiny picture of a floating yellow head. It was smiling so he slid his phone into his pocket and left it there to eye the kitchen next. Part of him wanted to leave, knowing what he’d have to tell you later. But another part of him was hungry and he knew you kept bacon in the freezer for weekends. So he stayed.
He’d changed into a set of clothes in the bottom drawer of your dresser. Just a black pair of jeans and a sweater that you said made his arms look tasty. The outfit was left after a different date and now Bucky was glad to be getting it out of your dresser. He didn’t bother leaving the city, but he did leave the apartment, knowing you’d stop home to change before heading to the restaurant you chose. He found a bar to sit at until 6:00, but while he was killing time a text message came in that ruined his whole evening.
Bucky should have seen it coming and when the toe of his boot collided with the trash can outside, he wished it was his own brain. Or heart. Or whichever other organ was responsible for putting him in this mess. He looked down toward the sidewalk and kicked that too. He knew exactly which organ got him here.
There were plenty of signs. Little moments that he ignored to soothe every selfish ache. The need for sleep, the need for comfort, the need for release, the need for something that was just his. You’d given him all of that without question, but clearly not without expectation. Dating a hundred year old soldier came with its own difficulties sure, but dating an Avenger seemed to make up for all of that. Bucky knew he wasn’t blameless, having agreed to the whole boyfriend thing knowing your name, your address, and how much he liked sleeping on your sheets. Beyond that you were a mystery to him and it seemed to be unraveling right before him.
This kind of thing was meant for Steve or Tony, the faces of the organization not the bloody fists behind them. Bucky hadn’t even considered that he was being used until FRIDAY alerted him of a sudden social media buzz that included his name circulating around the internet. Tweets and posts and fan accounts which he wasn’t aware he had were passing around a photo of him. It was undeniably him. Even without seeing it on a regular basis, Bucky could recognize his own back from a photograph. The problem was his shirt, or lack thereof, highlighting the fact that one of his arms was the color of gunpowder and twice as deadly. It wouldn’t take a genius to figure out who it was.
Aside from the obvious violation, feeling like the intimate moments he’d guarded so carefully were suddenly being invaded by a world of people who didn’t know him, Bucky also couldn’t help but feel hurt as the leaked photo proved something he’d suspected, but never gave much thought to. You were only with him to be with an Avenger. He wasn’t sure it would matter who it was, you would have gone home with any member of the team given the chance. It was his face you found at the bar that night, so it was his life you slithered into without remorse. Bucky had only one desire left when it came to you— to slither out the same way.
“What is this?”
Bucky dropped the phone on the table between you and watched you wince at the loud clattering of silverware. If only you’d known his real desire was to throw the damn thing. On the screen before you was a familiar photo, one you’d posted yourself to Instagram, desaturated just enough to catch the early morning sun glinting off Bucky’s arm complete with the location “Welcome to New York” and appropriate Taylor Swift lyrics in the caption. The muscles in his bare back tensed as he looked out the window of a swanky hotel room. You’d met him for drinks in the bar downstairs when the night manager caught wind of the avenger in his hotel and made the surprisingly vacant presidential suite available for you two. It’d been a good night. A very good night, Bucky thought, before those steamy memories were spoiled in this very moment.
“Earth’s Mightiest Lover, question mark?” You read aloud, laughing at the headline, before looking up at Bucky’s face drawn tight in annoyance. “I mean, it’s not far off,” you offered casually, winking as you passed Bucky his phone back. He was unamused and watched as you straightened in your seat, tone suddenly matching the serious look on his face. “My page is private, I don’t know how they got that.”
“It doesn’t matter,” he seethed. “You posted it.”
You scoffed. “I didn’t realize this was a secret.” You sounded offended and that surprised Bucky. As if you didn’t know exactly what you’d done.
“What I do in my personal life isn’t anyone’s business,” he insisted, still standing next to the table instead of sitting to join you.
He only became aware of the other patrons watching the exchange when your eyes left his to float around the room. You lowered your voice in response. “Well, what I choose to share from my life is.”
“This isn’t about you,” he sighed, dropping his voice a bit to match yours. No reason to bring anymore unwanted attention to himself.
“It feels like it is!” Your whisper was forceful and you turned your face away from him immediately after. “Why the big fuss, Bucky? Was it really a secret?” He didn’t answer. If he’d done what he’d been meaning to do sooner, this whole thing could have been avoided and he felt more ashamed of himself than you. It wasn’t that you were a secret, per se. It just wasn’t something he knew enough about to share with the world. He was still getting used to this century, let alone dating in it, let alone being a public figure in it. There wasn’t any part of him that wanted to fail in front of an audience and he assumed you’d know that. Even if he’d never told you. “What’s the point of a superhero boyfriend if no one can know,” he heard you mutter while he was lost in thought.
Bucky froze. “What’s the point?”
“Bucky, I’m sorry,” you said quickly. The air around your table changed immediately and you’d both picked up on it. “I hear how that sounds, that sounds bad, that’s not how I meant-“ he turned around and unfortunately, you chose to follow. He heard the offended gasp of a nearby table as you scampered after him, heels a dull thud in the thick carpet. “Bucky, come on. I didn’t mean it, can we talk about this?”
“No,” he said gruffly, pushing the door open and stepping out onto the sidewalk again.
“We’ve both said things-“
“Well, I’m done saying things.”
“Wait…” Bucky stopped walking when you grabbed at his arm. You didn’t normally go for his left side. He didn’t know if it was because you found it weird or if you thought he did. Another thing he never brought up. The feeling of your hands wrapped around vibranium was startling enough for him to face you, expectantly. “What just happened here?”
“This isn’t going to work for me,” he said, watching your mouth twitch a little as you considered his words. At least he wasn’t kissing you. He still kind of wanted to, it’d become a sort of habit over the last few months. When he was wound up, like he was now, he came to you and you made it go away. Simple. Yet now it felt complicated. Like the relationship was supposed to be more but also felt like too much. He wasn’t ready for it and as long as he focused, as long as he got out as soon as possible, he wouldn’t slide back into comfortable ways.
“Bucky…” your eyes were wide and your voice broke a bit at the end of his name. “Are we… are you breaking up with me?” You asked, before adding, “Over a picture?”
No, but also yes.
Bucky knew that he should, before you got hurt, though apparently he was too late for that. Your arms were crossed over your chest defensively and he dropped his eyes to the pavement. It wasn’t the picture. It was everything. The picture gave him permission to do the right thing. Though the right thing probably would have been telling you he wasn’t interested in a relationship at all when you asked.
“Delete the picture,” he said simply, choosing not to say more. “You don’t have a superhero boyfriend to brag about anymore.” With the twisting of that knife, he felt more like the Winter Soldier again in that moment than he had in months. Cruel and beyond his own control.
It happened so fast. All of it. By the time he’d returned to the compound, half the team was waiting for him. Tony stood smugly looking like a dad that hated being the bad cop, while Steve wondered aloud why Bucky had kept his relationship a secret for so long anyways. Sam’s questions were blessedly lighthearted, but Bucky’s gratitude could only be expressed in quick grunts as he pushed through the Brady Bunch. Back in his room with the door shut, Shuri called and without really thinking, Bucky answered. He didn’t turn to face the hologram floating above the kimoyo beads on his bedside table, just let the princess talk directly at the side of his head while he listened.
“Sergeant Barnes!” The honorific was standard for her and most of the time he appreciated it, but storming out of a date like a teenager had him feeling less than worthy of any title. He was barely fit to command his own personal life at that second and being called sergeant left a sour taste at the back of his tongue. If the boys could see him now, moping about because a gal was too eager to show him off. Ridiculous.
“Bucky…” he muttered to himself, but it didn’t matter. Shuri was already rambling excitedly about something or other she’d cooked up in her lab. Under normal circumstances, Bucky would be enthralled, but he was tired. Not physically, after accidentally on purpose taking a nap in your bed before getting dressed again. Just… all the other kinds of tired that he couldn’t talk about. So while the Princess talked, Bucky hummed randomly. He didn’t think he was allowed to miss this call and stayed on the line, though his disinterest was noticeable and promptly called out.
“Why do you look like someone kicked your goat?” Bucky turned to glare at the floating head and Shuri cackled. His time as a shepherd was nothing compared to the real Wakandans who’d been perfecting their craft over thousands of years, but she’d never let him forget his ‘roots’ as she jokingly called them. Because of her he was reborn, therefore Wakanda was his de facto home. Honorary member of the border tribe and the royal family’s favorite broken white boy.
“We broke up.”
“You know,” she started in a light tone, far too playful in response to his news. “White Wolf is just a name, you don’t have to be so lonely… or mopey.”
“I’m not mopey,” he argued, but the fight wasn’t really there.
“Says the mope,” Shuri countered, sucking her teeth and shaking her head. “Nakia would twist your lip if she saw it stuck out like that.”
“Well the next time I’m in the presence of the queen I’ll let her.”
“You know Sergeant Barnes,” the youthful tone in her voice disappeared instantly. She sounded every bit of the Black Panther mantle. “It’s been a long time since a man has snapped at me like that and walked away unscathed.” There was an underlying threat that sent Bucky upright, sitting on the edge of his bed and lifting the beads in his palm. Already his posture was more respectful than it had been a moment ago.
“I’m sorry,” he said sincerely and Shuri nodded. “I… I don’t want to talk about it.”
Finally the princess’s smile broke back through and Bucky was instantly relieved. “I didn’t call you to talk about girls anyways.”
“Can we skip this one?”
“No,” said Shuri, leaving no room for argument.
“How many diagnostics does one arm need?”
Shuri looked back up from the tablet she’d grabbed and squinted at Bucky. “The next time you rebuild a brain and an arm from scratch- you can tell me.”
And there was nothing to say to that, so Bucky detached the arm in question and set it down before popping a single kimoyo bead into the empty joint. He got comfortable and waited for Shuri to engage him again for another evaluation. The first year was critical, she kept saying, and he had no choice, but to agree with her.
He’d never rebuilt an arm or a brain.
While he waited for her to need his input again, Bucky thought about you. How surprised you looked when he started to walk away. Maybe you hadn’t seen it coming like he had. Just before Shuri finished with the arm, he’d decided to reach out to you. Not tonight. Probably not even tomorrow. But at some point, he’d apologize for the brusqueness of his exit. If he got the chance to.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Photo because, Bast bless this woman. She is too good for the world. Also. A mood. Shuri isn’t here to fix your relationship, Bucky. She’s a genius and a princess and a badass.
A/N: this is my not so subtle introduction to a genre I have created called, what is everybody else doing? Ok do the opposite just for fun. One of my favorite things in fic is when Bucky finds himself a girl who’s DiFfErEnT. Seriously I eat that shit up like fourth meal. But for fun, I asked, what if ‘reader’ is just like everyone else? A little shallow. A little star struck. A little in over her head. A little bit Alexis. Jk. Kind of. The excitement starts in the next chapter which I won’t wait two months to post. I don’t think.
Tags: @fangirl-swagg
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wakandacoconutoil · 16 minutes ago
Bucky's dramatic self was really just standing out there like
Tumblr media
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thescribblerqueen · 17 minutes ago
Blurt #41: If Bucky is supposed to be making amends for the crimes he committed as the winter soldier and it’s implied that he assassinated JFK, how is he planning to go about that?
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janeyfoster · 18 minutes ago
One thing I took away from the Zemo and Bucky scene from the last episode was Bucky was finally able to stand up to an abuser. Everyone else that did that horrible shit to him was dead, Zemo was the only one left.
He finally got to say, in his own way, "You can't hurt me anymore."
And then he went home to Louisiana to his waiting family.
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icoulddothisallday · 19 minutes ago
Bucky with Sam's family was the first time he he felt at peace since Wakanda... I'm EMOTIONAL
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backonefish · 21 minutes ago
not sure why the mcu is still so intent on painting bucky as someone who needs to “amend” and “serve” to right his wrongs. or that he should move on from the image that steve had of him - aka a victim and not a villian. theyve decided that the only way forward for bucky is to be forgiven by people who have suffered because of the winter soldier - as opposed to bucky forgiving himself.
first zemo acts like he forgives bucky, when... what did bucky even do to hurt zemo?? wasnt it the other way around???
even sam, who is a va therapist, is pushing the dialogue that the only way forward for bucky is to amend. the entire conversation felt so uncomfortable bc it very much felt like victim blaming and that bucky wasnt doing enough work, or the ‘right’ work to move past his trauma. 
not once do they label bucky as a trauma victim who wasnt in control of his actions but a casualty of a system that used and abused him. 
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manyprofoundbonds · 23 minutes ago
On one hand, I LOVED seeing flirty Bucky again even if it was with Sarah, on the other hand, even if I headcanon him as bi, I'm so tired of m/f relationships in the MCU and I just want Bucky to have a boyfriend.
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manyprofoundbonds · 26 minutes ago
The way I thought Bucky was going to throw the tags away when he went to help Sam with the boat because that scene screamed "i need to get closure" (Steve) and I'm still convinced those tags are a) steve's or b) bucky's but steve had them during the war and gave them back to bucky at some point. I was already crying and at the end he didn't do it lmaooooo
me to me: 🤡
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official-cat-noir-sex-cult · 28 minutes ago
just noticed how, in episode 4 of TFATWS, Lemar and Sam were the only two characters who weren’t super soldiers, and, by the end of the episode, Sam was the only living character there who’s never gotten any blood on his hands. Karli murdered Lemar, Walker murdered Nico, and Bucky obviously murdered a bunch of people when he was brainwashed by HYDRA.
in addition to that, the way Walker murdered Nico wasn’t just a contrast/callback to Cap fighting Tony in Civil War, it was a direct parallel to police brutality, and the title of the episode, “The Whole World Is Watching”, is a parallel to a phrase often brought up in BLM protests, “The World Is Watching”.
i love the subtle ways that this show shows racism. it’s not overdramatized or just played up in a few scenes to seem woke, its a consistent undertone throughout almost the entire show. marvel really did an amazing job with tfatws, and im so sad theres only one episode left, as there are so many directions they could take the show in if they continued it for another season or two.
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captainamericasamwilson · 29 minutes ago
Sambucky is a bi 4 bi couple
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