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#Bucky x reader
jobean12-blog · a day ago
Love’s Eternal Kiss
Pairing: Stucky x reader (Bucky x reader, Steve x reader) Vampire AU
Word Count: 887
Summary: Bucky and Steve want to love you for eternity. 
Author’s Note: There is no one to blame for his except myself and my dear friend @nix-akimbo who continues to bless us with so much gorgeousness. It’s that time of year and I can’t get enough of Vampires these days so here it is. Hope you enjoy. Thank you all so very much for reading! Much love always! ❤❤❤ Divider by the lovely @imerdwarf
Warnings: Softness and smut, oral sex (f rec), teasing, light light dirty talk, sexy vampires, mentions of blood (18 + ONLY PLEASE!!!)
EDITS NOT MINE: These two amazing edits are by @nix-akimbo and totally inspired me! Thank you so much! 🥰🥰
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You’re draped over the chair in Steve’s lap, toying with the necklace that rests against his chest and sipping wine. Bucky stands in the doorway, his gaze fixed on you as you swallow the dark red liquid and lick your lips.
“Want a taste?” you ask Bucky, winking when he continues to stare.
Bucky’s eyes drift to Steve and some silent exchange passes between them but you don’t dare ask, knowing they will share in time.
“I’d much rather have a taste of those beautiful lips,” Bucky whispers, sauntering over to you. “Or better yet, something even sweeter.”
He kneels before the chair and takes your foot in his hand, gently massaging the sole until your body melts against Steve’s.
You close your eyes and moan, gasping when Bucky’s hands inch higher and rub along your calves. He works his way up your legs, now placing soft kisses along your inner thighs until he has your dress pushed up over your hips.
“Look at you,” Bucky simpers. “Already so wet for us.”
Bucky’s lips continue to trail along your skin, his warm and wet mouth making you shiver with anticipation. Steve’s large hand ghosts down your neck and his thumb caresses your jaw, turning your head so he can press his lips to yours.
Steve’s kiss swallows your quiet whimpers, his free hand grazing your collarbone and slowly unbuttoning the top of your dress. Bucky gently slides your underwear down your legs and pushes them further apart, humming appreciatively when he runs a cool metal finger through your soaking folds.
Your hips lift off Steve’s lap and push forward but his fingers slide down your throat and tighten around the base making you go still. His thumb brushes over your quickening pulse and he groans into the kiss, nipping and sucking at your bottom lip.
Bucky continues to tease you with his finger and you can feel his hot breath before he places a soft kiss to your clit. You writhe on Steve’s lap, his hard cock throbbing against your ass every time you move. Steve’s hand dips into your bra and his fingers graze your peaked nipple before he pinches, sending a new wave of pleasure through your body.
Your hand falls to Bucky’s hair and you grasp it between your fingers, tugging harshly until his mouth covers your pussy. He growls and slides his tongue from top to bottom then sucks your clit into his mouth, nipping with his teeth, before doing it again.
Steve holds you to him, one hand still closed around the base of your throat and the other kneading the soft flesh of your breast while his mouth devours yours. Your hips start to roll and your stomach tightens. Steve releases your lips and looks down between your legs.
“How does she taste James?” Steve asks, his fangs pressing into his lip as he watches.
Bucky looks up for a moment, his mouth and chin glistening in the moonlight.
“Always so sweet,” he whispers, flashing his fangs before he lightly bites your inner thigh.
You cry out in ecstasy, your walls tightening around emptiness and you drag your nails over Bucky’s scalp, holding him to you. His lips soothe the stinging skin before they trail along your thigh and his tongue dips between your folds again.
Your breathing is coming in short pants and your eyes are clamped shut. Bucky’s mouth brings you right to edge of bliss and then disappears. You whine loudly, opening your eyes and staring down at him, his smirk only making you want more.
“Please,” you beg, your eyes falling to Steve as his hand slides down your stomach.
His fingers settle between your legs and brush against the wetness. He draws his hand back, your arousal gleaming on his fingers before he lifts them his mouth and licks them clean one by one.
“So sweet,” he purrs before kissing you so you can taste yourself on his tongue.
Bucky rises from his knees and his eyes glitter with predatory intent. You tremble in Steve’s arms.
“Do it,” you rasp. “I want to be yours for eternity.”
Steve and Bucky share one last silent moment, their minds connected in a way you’ve only heard them talk of.
Bucky leans in close, whispering against the shell of your ear. “Is this really what you want? Just the three of us. Until the end of time.”
“Yes,” you breathe out, your tone pleading.
Bucky’s lips touch your throat just as Steve’s do the same and your vision pales, dying away and you know nothing but exquisite pleasure. Then the blood comes, pouring through every fiber of your body until your skin heats, tingling with electricity and a renewed hunger.
You drink and drink, your face buried first against Bucky’s warm skin and then Steve’s.
“You are ours; you are wholly and completely ours.”
Bucky’s voice is like a melody that sings through your head and Steve’s voice a soothing echo.
You lay in bed, folded between two hard bodies as the pleasure shimmers through you even now. You shift against the silken sheets and the boys press you closer, their soft words of sleep murmur through your mind as your eyelashes flutter along your cheeks. You have found your place; your eternal place, nestled amongst an eternal love.
Tumblr media
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angrythingstarlight · 19 hours ago
When we find alpha Bucky
Tumblr media
Pairing: Beefy Alpha Bucky x Reader
Summary: Bucky loves the sounds you make.
Warnings: size kink, Buckys 6"4', voice kink
A/N: Sinday drabble #3.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bucky loves the sounds you make, it started with the cute little chrip that slipped out when you first saw him. Your eyes dilating as you gazed up at him. He knew right then and there he wanted to hear you make that noise again.
He fantasized about the way you said his name, imagining all the ways he could get you to scream it after you became his.
The second favorite sound, well, he discovered that by accident. You were in the middle of an argument when you growled at him. It stopped him mid sentence, his cock stiffening and throbbing when you did it again. You're even sexier when you're angry. He can't even remember what the fight was about, only that it ended with him lifting you off the ground, legs over his massive arms as he pounded into your tight cunt until you were sobbing his name.
But nothing compares to the noises you make when he's fucking you. Oh the way you moan when he's deep inside you almost makes his cum. He's had dreams about the way you softly gasp when he first stretches your little pussy, even after all this time, you're still not used to how big and thick he is.
A few strokes in and your breathy little moans surround him, driving him to go deeper, harder until you're keening, telling him you can't take anymore.
That's what he lives for you, that cute little tremble in your strained voice, pleading with him to let you cum, begging him for more, whimpering that it's too much Bucky, oh god I can't.
That's when he pushes on your belly so you know how deep he is, reminding you that you can take every inch Bunny, your pussy was made for his cock and he's not stopping until you give him one more.
And because you're his good girl, you give him what he wants, letting him feel your tight heat spasm around him as you cum for him again and again. Chanting his name until you're reduced to whimpering and soft grunts.
When your orgasm finally winds down, he places a sweet kiss on your cheek, a smirk forming on his bearded face because you're about to give him last sweet sound. A soft shuddery noise slipping from your slack mouth as he pulls out of your puffy cunt.
"Good girl," he murmurs in your ear. "Since you did so good for me, I'm going to clean your pretty little pussy up with my tongue."
And when he feels a shiver wrack through your sweaty, pliant body as he whispers all the things he's going to do to you, Bucky thinks you might like his mouth just as much as he likes yours.
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metalbuckaroo · 2 days ago
Okay I have an ask !!!!
Mafia!Bucky and BestFriend!Reader to Lovers where she’s been with him through all the bad stuff he’d done , seen him at his worst and is still a comforting constant in his life
Summary// After particularly hard business runs, Bucky always comes to you to talk the guilt away
Warnings// kinda angst, kinda fluff, smut, unprotected sex, brief oral (f receiving)
AU// mafia!bucky x f!reader
Note// mafia bucky is a sweetheart, honestly 😩 also, I'm kinda half asleep so I'm hoping this is decent (like most of my other fics, this isn't proofread)
Tumblr media
"You okay, boss?" Peter said, looking at Bucky through the rear view mirror. A fresh out of high-school kid he should've never hired. "Yeah, just- take me here. Need to see someone." Bucky muttered, taking a notepad from the pocket in the back of the seat to write your address down. "Can do."
There was always some sort of guilt bubbling in Bucky's chest everytime he'd make a stop by your apartment after a particularly hard and gruesome business run. Always leaving the pain and remorse he felt from the things he'd done behind, telling you everything he couldn't tell anyone else.
When the car stopped, he walked around the side of the brick building, going down the alley to your apartment door.
Feeling for his keys, he let out a heavy sigh when he realized he'd left them in the car before taking out his phone.
"Hey, Buck."
Your sweet voice coming through the speaker made warmth bloom in his chest. "Open your door?" He said softly, hoping you didn't have company.
"I'm in the bath, use your key."
"I-I don't have it, let me in." Bucky didn't mean to sound so demanding, but the guilt was slowly eating away at him. The only thing that could make it leave was if he'd seen you.
"There's a spare under the mat, I'll be done in a few minutes."
Letting out a breath, Bucky muttered a quiet 'okay' before getting the key.
You finished with your bath not long after hanging up with Bucky, securing your robe around your body with the ties at the front as you walked out of the bathroom.
"Everything alright, Buck?" You asked softly as you walked into your living room. Bucky sitting on the edge of your couch with his forearms resting on his knees and hands clasped together. "I did something..."
"James-" you let out a heavy sigh, sitting next to his tense frame. "You come here everytime you 'do something' let me hold you for a few hours and then leave. You can't keep doing this to yourself."
His body relaxed a little when your fingers carded through his hair. "Am I really hurting myself if... I have you to make it all go away?" He murmured, looking down to what use to be his polished black shoes, that were now covered in soot and blood.
"What if one day, I'm not around to make it go away?" Bucky's heart twisted at your words, chin wobbling a little as the thought of someone keeping you from him invaded his mind. "You mean... when you find someone who won't let you around me, don't you?" His eyes started to burn as he swallowed the lump forming in his throat. "No, Bucky."
Your lips curved down into a frown when he looked at you with red ringed eyes, his steel blues dull. "I'll never let anyone keep you from me, you're all I have." He swore, jaw clenching tightly. "I'm allowed to date." You said with a pointed look, Bucky shaking his head with furrowed eyebrows. "That's not what I said. A man who won't let you be around who you want- isn't a man at all. You've got to have trust in your partner. Me scaring someone like that away, would be doing you a favor."
Giving him a soft smile, you pressed a kiss to his cheek. "Go shower, you smell like kerosene. I'll make us some hot chocolate when you're done."
By the time Bucky had finished showering, you had packed his soot covered clothes into a duffel bag for him to take with him when he left.
"Here's that hot chocolate I promised." You said with a light smile as he sat on your couch again, holding the mug out to him. "Thank you, darling." He murmured, letting his eyes wander up the bare skin of your legs until they met the hem of your robe just above your knee.
He spent nearly an hour talking the intrusive thoughts away-planning out the next time he took you to lunch, when you would be coming to visit him at home, all of the things that put his mind at ease. A blanket laid over your lap as he laid on his front between your legs with his head against your chest; one of his long legs off of the side of the couch.
A comfortable silence settled in the air, Bucky shifting around a little to nuzzle his face in the crook of your neck. His arms tightening around your waist.
"I'm scared that one day, I'll do something that will scare you away. Promise you'll never be scared of me." His gruff voice vibrated against your skin when he spoke as you twisted a piece of his hair around your finger. "You could never scare me, you're a big baby." You said with a light laugh, his head lifting to look at you. "You're smile is so gorgeous."
Bucky wasn't sure what took over as he slotted his lips over yours. Whether it was the fact that he needed to act on things before someone else stole you from him, or how your eyes looked at his lips every time he talked- he needed it.
He groaned into your mouth when your fingers laced in the back of his hair to pull him closer, his bionic fingers working at the knot that held your robe together.
"Let me take care of you, darling." Bucky whispered, the anticipation sending a shudder down your spine as he kissed down your neck and chest. Elicitng a moan from you when his lips latched around your pebbled bud, flicking his warm tongue over it a few times before continuing his patch lower.
You watched with eager eyes, swallowing hard when he started to drag your underwear down your legs. Glancing up at you one last time as he leaned closer to your heat.
"Oh, hell-" you choked out when his lips locked to your clit and he worked a long finger into your cunt. The vibrations of his low groan causing your hips to buck up against his mouth.
Your hands pulled and scratched at his scalp, his gentle licks and sucks to your clit quickly turning into head shaking and harsher nibbles as his finger curled up against your spasming walls.
"Buc-" his name died out with a sharp gasp as your orgasm crashed into you, Bucky moaning when your shaky thighs closed in on his head.
He didn't expect your hands to take hold of his cheeks to pull his lips back to yours, tongue slipping into his mouth to press against his. So hungry with want as he pulled you to straddle his lap, lifting his hips to shove his sweatpants down as you let the robe fall down your arms. Lips never parting as he eased you down on him.
Bucky threw his head back in a loud moan at the quick pace your hips met his in. Taking every inch of him as you panted and whimpered his name, holding his shoulders for stability.
"S'good to me, baby. Feels so goddamn good." He grunted, chest heaving as he watched your breasts bounce with your movements. Working yourself to your next high with a craving that burned deep in your core, nearly overpowering the twist of another knot forming in your lower abdomen.
"M'close, Buck-" you whined, Bucky's hands gripping your hips to push you up and drag you back down at a rough pace. A blissed out giggle passing your lips as your head lulled back, feeling so full as his cock dragged against every sensitive spot of your velvety walls.
"Squeezin' me so tight- make a fuckin' mess, sweetheart." The look on Bucky's flush face sent you crashing over the edge with a breathy whine, nails dragging down his firm chest as you released around him.
Bucky's hips rolled up to meet the tired bounce of yours, gripping your waist as he watched himself disappear into your cunt again and again.
"Gonna make me cum, sugar. Wanna fill you up, s'bad." He panted, slipping a hand up to squeeze the supple flesh of your breast. "Need it, Bucky- please," you whined, hips slowing into a grind as he held you down on him. A gravelly moan tearing from his throat as his face scrunched up, coating your walls with thick spurts of his spend.
Bucky lifted his hands to hold the sides of your neck, pulling you down to nip at your lips with his. Stopping you when you went to move off of him, not wanting the moment to end. The feeling that surged through him that he hadn't found in another woman.
"Just a few more minutes, don't wanna move yet." He muttered through a series of brisk, loving kisses. Your heart fluttering ad metal and flesh thumbs brushed against your jaw.
A cheeky grin creeping across your face as you pulled away slightly to look at his half lidded eyes. "We should've done that years ago, Buck."
🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹
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ardentcupid · 2 days ago
Dog Tags (Bucky Barnes)
Word Count: 1.7k
Summary: Reader surprises Bucky wearing nothing but his dog tags
Notes: 18+ only under the cut. Body worship, nudity, p in v, established relationship, creampie, fem anatomy for reader, too many pet names. My first time writing smut so be nice :)
3 weeks. 21 days. 504 hours. 
Bucky had been gone for three weeks, and you were counting every second until he came home again. His mission had taken longer than usual, and you were beginning to feel the effects of his absence. 
With little access to a phone, Bucky hadn’t been able to call more than twice since he’d been gone. The specifics of the mission weren’t important to you, but Bucky’s return was all that was on your mind.
Bucky had gifted you his dog tags a while ago, a covert promise that he belonged to you, and you alone. Now that he was halfway across the world, the tags served to anchor you in place, to remind you of his vow to always find his way back to you. 
The metal chain rarely left your neck, often hidden behind layers of clothes and away from the prying eyes of others. The tags were a tribute to you and sat over your heart where Bucky had made his home. 
Early this morning, Bruce had found you in the kitchen, telling you the news of the mission’s end. 
“They’ll be home before midnight,” he had said before wandering back to the lab.
Your day was jumpstarted, like a shock had run through your body. You made quick work of preparing for Bucky’s return, cleaning and trying to contain your excitement at the thoughts of having him next to you again.
The day passed and you were practically buzzing as you sat in your spot on your shared bed. You had received the notification that the jet had landed, and you knew there was nothing in the world that could keep Bucky away a moment longer.
You sat on your haunches, feet tucked under you like a picture of serenity. A chill ran through the air and you shivered, bare to the world except Bucky’s dog tags around your neck.
They clinked together with every movement and shifted against your skin as you took in a shuddering breath. You knew Bucky would appreciate the sight of you waiting for him so patiently. 
With that thought, light filtered in through the doorway and Bucky appeared in front of you. All at once, the weight of the situation hit you; Bucky was safe, and he had come home to you just like he had promised.
The two of you shared a small gasp as Bucky looked over your exposed body. You had both waited so long for this reunion, and you could practically feel yourselves gravitating toward each other.
Bucky slowly closed the door behind him, hoping that this was more than a pleasant dream. He thought about pinching himself to make sure that this was real but didn’t want to wake himself in the case that it wasn’t.
“Welcome home, Sergeant.”
Your voice was quiet and sultry, a beacon of desire that that guided him to where he belonged.
Bucky approached you with orchestrated steps like he had planned this entire moment in his mind.
“I missed you, doll.”
He stopped just out of reach, watching the light reflect off the dog tags around your neck. 
His eyes trailed down your frame, admiring the eloquent pose that you had taken. With your chest pushed out towards him, you looked like you were trying to close the distance between his body and yours.
He reached forward to run his fingers over the metal chain, stopping at the disks that rested between your breasts.
“Missed a lot about you.”
“What did you miss, Buck?”
“Everything.” His answer was instant.
“Missed the way you feel in my arms, missed your lips on mine, your hands running over me, touching me like you know exactly what I like.”
“Sounds like we have a lot to make up for.”
He sent you a lopsided smirk, hands ghosting down your ribs and over your naval.
“I think you’re right, doll.”
In that moment, everything was perfect. His lips found yours in a devastating kiss, making up for every second that you had gone without his touch.
You groaned into the kiss as Bucky’s tongue met yours, passionate in this unity.
Wordlessly, his hands began to memorize your body, brushing over your shoulders, your spine, your thighs — everywhere except where you needed him most.
Your fingers twisted into his shirt, gripping the material tightly to bring him impossibly close. You couldn’t stand this barrier between the two of you and you began pulling at whatever fabric you could reach. 
Bucky’s hands left your body for just a moment, pulling a breathy whine from you in objection. His hands joined yours in hastily removing any offending article of clothing before pushing you back onto the bed and joining you there. 
His warm breath puffed over your face as he laid over you, drinking in your dazed expression.
“You have no idea how much I’ve missed this,” he spoke gruffly before pressing open mouth kisses down your neck and across your collar bone. 
“Missed this,” his teeth grazed your jaw at just the right spot.
“Missed this,” he bit down on your skin softly, pulling a moan from you as his tongue laved over the red mark he had left there.
“Missed these the most.” His hands grabbed at your breasts roughly before his lips settled around your left nipple. The combination of his lips and fingers pulling at your breasts was something indescribable, leaving you writhing in place below his domineering frame. 
Before you could catch your breath, Bucky had moved further down your body, leaving sloppy kisses in his wake.
“Never leaving again, doll. Not when I’ve got a pretty thing like you waiting at home for me.”
You couldn’t produce much more than a whimper in response, bucking your hips into his face in a restless plea for attention. 
His hands pressed down onto your hips, keeping you in place as he worked his way back up. Bucky had always been one to appreciate your body, showing attention to every inch of skin before he would finally give in and devour you whole.
“S’pretty for me.”
“For you, Bucky,” you echoed, already slipping into a blissful state.
He hummed at your response, sitting up and moving his hands to your knees.
“Gonna take care of you, darlin’. Gonna make up for leaving you all alone.”
He tightened his grip, pushing your legs apart and reveling in the sight before him. He had dreamed of this very moment for almost exactly three weeks, and he couldn’t contain his groan in anticipation. 
One hand snaked down your thigh, leaving goosebumps over the warm skin.
He wanted to make you beg. He wanted to hear your euphonious pleading, to tease you until tears threatened to spill past your waterline. And if it were any other night, he would’ve. But he had been gone far too long, and he wanted to hear you sing. 
His fingers plunged into you without warning, quickly working you open with his digits. 
“You like that, sugar?”
Your soft moans filled the air and Bucky pressed into you harder, hoping to pull more of the sweet sounds from your open lips.
His fingers curved just the right way, always hitting that spot inside of you perfectly. Your arousal dripped down the inside of your thighs and over his knuckles, leaving Bucky transfixed by the sight.
He pulled his fingers out abruptly, leaving you gasping and just short of being thrown over the edge. 
“Can’t wait any longer, gotta feel you,” he rushed out, returning to his knees and pulling your legs around his waist.
One hand went to his cock, running over the head once, twice, three times before tapping it against your clit.
You held your breath as he placed the tip at your entrance, waiting for that exultant feeling. 
He filled you up in one swift motion, the sounds of your shared groans blending together until they became one.
Bucky leaned over you again, trapping you with his forearms pressed into the mattress on either side of your head. 
His face hovered directly over yours, sharing in the warm pants that you gave off.
“Missed you so much, doll. Missed this pussy – my pussy.”
His thrusts became fast, pounding into you with fluid movements.
“Dreamt about you. Every. Single. Night.”
His words were accentuated with harsh thrusts and you tightened your legs around his waist in hopes of enduring his quick speed.
The sound of Bucky’s dog tags clinking together had been a constant throughout the evening, but it still brought the two of you a sense of belonging.
Leaning his weight onto his metal arm, Bucky reached down and grabbed the disks, bringing them into your line of sight.
“You kept these on the whole time I was gone, doll?”
You nodded in affirmation, barely comprehending his question in your hazy stupor. 
“Uh-huh. Never taking ‘em off.”
Bucky gave you a toothy grin, pleased with your response.
“That’s good, darlin’. Want everyone to know you belong to me.”
He inspected the dog tags for a moment before reaching them up towards your face, his cock still sliding into with vigor.
You puckered your lips, leaning up to press them sweetly against the dog tags that Bucky held between the two of you. 
He groaned at the sentiment, dropping his head and trying to stave off his impending orgasm. 
“I’m close, sweetheart.”
Your head nodded erratically in time with his thrusts. “Me too.”
He abandoned the dog tags against your chest, moving his hand down to circle against your clit.
“Wanna feel you cum around me. Let go, doll.”
“God — Bucky,” you cried out at his actions, hitting your peak with a blinding pleasure that sparked through your entire body.
Bucky’s thrusts faltered, following you in your state of rapture. His cum filling you and leaked out with his last sporadic thrusts.
In your post-orgasmic bliss, you barely registered the kisses that Bucky pressed against your balmy skin.
You reached up to place a hand on his cheek as your legs tangled with his, not ready to let him go just yet.
“I missed you, Bucky.”
Your voice was peaceful, like the torment of the last three weeks had been forgotten.
His lips curled into a hint of a smile, cherishing the sentiment behind your words. Bucky had someone to come home to, someone who loved him without hesitation. 
He leaned down once more, leaving a soft kiss against your lips, a contrast to the intensity your reunion.
“I’m never leaving again.”
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wkemeup · a day ago
Delicate Edges (2)
Tumblr media
series summary: Trapped under a mountain of debt to the Hydra club, it is only in moments when Bucky walks into your flower shop that you forget the cruelty of the biker clubs of this town. But a war is brewing. And Bucky will stop at nothing to keep you safe. (Biker!AU) pairing: Bucky x reader chapter word count: 5.4k chapter warnings: meet the gang!, Bucky is a charming little shit, fluff city baby!!, (no legitimate warnings this chapter) a/n: Thank you so much for all the love and support on part 1!! Please enjoy some complementary fluff as a little treat 😘
series masterlist / series playlist
Tumblr media
Bucky leaned over the edge of the bar, swirling his last sip of bottom shelf whiskey around the glass. He watched as the amber liquid slid up along the sides, chasing its own shape in an endless loop as a few droplets coaxed over the edge and touched his fingers. Slowly, he stilled his hand and the whiskey sank back to the bottom. Alcohol was usually a pretty efficient method to take his mind from his troubles. The comfort of a warm burn down the back of his throat and through his chest, the lingering buzz in his head as he swallowed the last drops.
Only this time, his troubles came in the form of a woman. Stronger than you’d given yourself credit for, the ability to smile and laugh even with the ghosted imprint of a hand on your wrist. Charming and lovely and certainly the opposite of the sort of trouble Bucky was used to.
Perhaps, that was the problem. Because Bucky couldn’t get you off his mind.
He knew the flower shop you lived above. His mother was once a frequent patron of May Flowers back when Bucky was a kid. Every Sunday like clockwork, she’d take him by the hand and lead him inside the shop. He’d tug and twist at the suit she’d dressed him in because no eight-year-old kid wanted to be constricted by that much fabric, but it was important to show respect, she’d told him. He distinctly remembered thinking that where they were going, no one was going to notice or care whether he was in a suit or basketball shorts. Cemetaries were quiet that like.
Regardless of what Bucky wanted, he showed up with his mother and stood in the corner of the shop staring at the rows of poppies until she finished chatting with the owners. They were a nice sort of people, Bucky remembered. Always kind enough to ask how he was doing and smile in his direction when most adults barely acknowledged the kid shuffling behind his mother’s legs. The woman gave him a hard candy most Sundays and that was usually enough to shut him up about the suit.
Those must have been your parents. He remembered seeing a little girl running around behind the counter, picking up stray petals and imperfect flowers to make a bouquet of her own. Red bow in her hair and the echo of giggling carrying over the low hum of Simon & Garfunkel on the radio.
He didn’t remember exactly when he stopped going around. It happened slow, over time. Sometimes things came up on a Sunday here and there, and soon they were going once a month, until they weren’t going at all.
It was harder for his mother to see the headstone, Bucky realized years later when he found her crying quietly to herself over a picture she’d found tucked away in a drawer. He hadn’t known his father well, having spent most of Bucky’s life stationed overseas, so he didn’t know what to feel when the man passed. His mother did her best, but she crumbled every so often. Bucky didn’t mind helping her pick up the pieces when she did.
As a teenager, he’d often swing by May Flowers to bring his mother a bouquet of lilies on the days he knew would be harder for her.
His father’s birthday. Their wedding anniversary. The day the men in suits showed up at the front door and made his mother cry.
He offered polite smiles to the kind woman behind the counter and the man huddled in the back making new arrangements for the windows. You, then a teenager yourself, were laid upon the floor, making a flower crown of the discarded stems your father tossed aside.
After Bucky enlisted in his early twenties, he had a standing order with the shop to keep up his usual deliveries for his mother. Every so often, he’d ask they have some sent to the cemetery for his father. He never told his mother that he did that, but he knew it would make her happy. Even from the desert, that flower shop still kept a hold on him.
May Flowers had been such a significant piece of his life for so long, he wasn’t sure what to make of its return. Part of him longed to walk by again, see the rows of blue flowers along the curb and the scent of florals in the air as he stepped inside. He even wondered if perhaps he might see you behind the counter – the little girl with stray petals and unwanted stems now running the business herself.
But Bucky knew better than to risk stepping foot into the west side.
He brushed his hand over the tattoo on his bicep, tracing over the lines hidden between the delicate art, folded carefully along the design; the name he’d given his chosen family – this rough, lost group of people who found themselves drawn into the ragged old bar he’d called the Centenarian and never had the good sense about them to leave.
The 107.
Named after his grandfather’s infantry in the second world war – the men who had been taken prisoner behind enemy lines and had the gull to survive. His mother once told him that his father had the numbers tattooed over his heart in roman numerals. Perhaps giving the number to the name of his club was a way of keeping both of them alive. The 107 lived on through the mess of strangers in a bar with a trail of bikes out on the street that had become something more than family.
“You’re looking awfully pensive.”
Bucky looked up from his empty glass to find Steve pulling up a chair on his left. He wore a line etched above his brow that made it evident he knew something was on Bucky’s mind – something more than the drunk he’d chased down the previous night and locked up in county jail. The cops were useless and barley said a word as Bucky escorted the man into the cell himself and threw the keys in the donut box on the front desk on his way out.
Steve knew Bucky better than most. Growing up fighting in alleys together would do that to a pair of kids. Especially if one had a painfully stupid habit of provoking fights he couldn’t win in the name of moral superiority. Steve wasn’t always the wide shouldered, All-American Adonis he was now. He used to be a hell of a lot smaller. And sicker. And less of a nosy asshole.
“You’re thinking of crossing the border, aren’t you?” the low, sultry voice of Natasha Romanoff carried from across the bar. She was watching from her place in the corner, nursing a glass of vodka neat as she raised a single eyebrow in his direction.
The thing about Natasha was that she noticed everything; including the moment he’d spotted two shadowed figures under a streetlamp from the window of the bar and sprinted out the front door in the middle of a Billy Joel chorus. She hadn’t said a word, but she’d noticed how his keys were a little lighter when he returned, how his cheeks had been flushed, and a lingering smile tugged at his lips.
He wondered how it was possible she noticed such things about him. Hell – part of him wondered if she had developed some way to read minds. He wouldn’t put it past her, considering she was entirely correct in her assumption. Bucky couldn’t shake the thought of someone crossing your path after you disappeared from view. He knew exactly where May Flowers was set up – only a few blocks past the border.
The 107 and Hydra were barred from crossing into the other’s territory, but that didn’t always stop them. It often came with trouble. And it seemed as though Bucky was already contemplating risking a bit of that trouble to see you again.
“No way in hell Barnes is that stupid,” Sam rolled his eyes as he stepped up from behind the bar. A towel was draped over his shoulder, a clean glass in his hand as he stocked it back on the shelf. It was his shift to run the bar and he wasn’t entirely thrilled with it as he refilled Bucky’s glass an ounce short. Bucky reached over the bar and swiped the bottle from Sam’s hand, giving him a look as if to say ‘watch yourself’ as he tapped off his glass.
Sam Wilson was a grade A pain in Bucky’s ass but Steve had been the one to vouch for him early on. They were buddies from their time at the VA, apparently. Bucky had yet to see any of this supposed empathetic counselor shit Sam preached, but perhaps it was because the two of them butted heads constantly. Didn’t mean he wouldn’t take a beating for the guy. He’d just hold it over his head for an eternity after the fact.
Peter Parker jumped up to the bar next, a tray of empty glasses sliding onto the counter. The kid was the last one to come around, barely old enough himself to drink but he was eager for community after he lost his uncle to a Hydra mugging and ended up with the family bike. Sam thought getting Peter to work as the bus boy in the bar would be a fun initiation prank, but it turned out the kid didn’t mind it at all. His apron was usually filled with fries from the kitchen and he liked to talk to himself while he worked. Seemed he just like being around, even if his handle on the throttle was sporadic on the best of days.
“Wait--” Peter leaned on the counter. “What’s so important on the west side anyway?”
“Nothing worth getting stabbed over,” Sam huffed, setting down the glass a little harder than needed for the sake of dramatic emphasis. “Right, Barnes?”
Bucky’s silence must have lingered too long because Natasha lips curved into a knowing smirk. Sam threw his arms in the air. He looked as though he were a disgruntled parent attempting to scold a rebellious teenager – a comparison he would certainly not find as entertaining as Bucky did.
“Do I need to remind you what happened the last time you—”
“No, I’m well aware. Thank you, Sam,” Bucky bit back roughly. Any trace of amusement wiped from his features. He could still feel the dull ache between his ribs where a blade had once pierced his skin, how quick the blood as spilled down the side of his stomach and soaked into his shirt. The rush of adrenaline barely masking the desolation, the betrayal, the—
“Oh,” Peter nodded, feigning understanding. “This is about the Dot thing, right?”
The glass might have shattered under Bucky’s grip if he had the strength. Even Sam had enough sense about him to not mention that woman’s name around Bucky, but Peter – Peter was a kid and he’d only started coming around in the last few months. He was just getting a hang of riding the damn bike, he shouldn’t be expected to know the whole history of the 107 and the part Dot played in it.
Thankfully, Barton finally sauntered over from his perch in the corner of the room and set a hand on Peter’s shoulder. “A word of advice, kid. Don’t say that name again unless you want to be on bathroom duty for the foreseeable future.”
Peter swallowed, his gaze awkwardly shifting to Bucky. “But...I’m already on bathroom duty.”
A laugh echoed from where Tony had been sitting at a table in the left side of the bar; lounging back with his legs propped up on the table, a tray of fries on his lap and a full beer in his right hand. It was enough to break the tension, and soon, even Bucky cracked a smile as laughter touched every spare inch of the wood. Frames and floorboards he’d once hammered in with his own bare hands. The place deserved a little laughter every once in a while.
Bucky threw back the rest of his bourbon and set the empty glass on the counter. “I’m heading out. I’ll see you guys later.”
Natasha gave him a pointed look from across the room, one that warned him to resist the allure of a woman on the west side he barely knew. It wasn’t worth the risk – you weren’t worth the risk. You were a stranger to him and he had family he had to take care of, people to protect – and he damn well couldn’t do that if Brock Rumlow and his goons caught him in their territory.
But Bucky reasoned he knew better. He could keep a low enough profile, keep his head down. Hydra had no reason to suspect he’d dare show face on the west side after what happened the last time he’d been lured across the border. Theoretically, he wouldn’t be that stupid. Or reckless. He was the damn leader of the only club who managed to stand up to Hydra’s schemes and keep their rotten ass out of his side of town.
Yes, Natasha was right – you were a stranger and it was a foolish risk to take, but he couldn’t get you off his mind. Not with the way you had looked at him under the glow of the streetlamp behind you, the starlight gently coaxing down over your skin and touching against the full rise of your chest where your labored breathes swelled. Breaths that slowly eased, fear subsiding almost instantly in his presence. He wasn’t used to that these days.
He'd heard the rumors of the 107 and to be looked at as a place of safety, of security – he'd almost forgotten what that felt like. It took time most days to remind himself he was not the monster the children of this town told stories of; especially when they scattered in the streets, leaving behind footballs in their haste when they heard the low purr of an engine approaching.
But you – you'd made him feel like he could be more than the head of a biker club half the town feared. You'd made him feel human. And Bucky wasn’t sure he’d be able to let that go just yet.
He pushed his way outside, taking a final glance over his shoulder to the Centenarian. His home in more ways than one. Tony was at the jukebox again, swiping through the songs as if he were considering anything different than his usual selection of AC/DC top hits. Sam and Steve were laughing at the bar, seemingly teasing Natasha as she glared back at them, only for the guys to promptly shut their mouths and pretend to busy themselves with the dust on the counter. Peter and Barton were huddled in the corner, sharing the fries the kid had nabbed from the kitchen.
Bucky smiled, hanging his head.
The feared biker club of the east.
He stepped outside into the afternoon sun. His bike was parted near the sidewalk, but he knew better than to drive the thing into the west. It would be a dead giveaway – not to mention the few ounces of bourbon in his system. He’d walk it off by the time he made it to May Flowers. Hell, he barely felt it the effects of the alcohol after years of tolerance, but his mother had drilled it early enough in his head to not even swing a leg over the side of his bike with a single drop of the stuff in him. Even years after she moved out of the town that carried too many painful memories, her words never left him.
The damn thing was dangerous enough as it was, she’d tell him. With only a helmet protecting him from collision, he was giving her a damn heart attack every time she heard the engine buzzing from down the street. He’d made a promise to her to never cross that line and he was intent on keeping it. Made sure the rest of his club followed the same, too.
Bucky turned to the west side of the sidewalk; hands shoved down into his pockets. Just over the hill on the crest of the horizon, he spotted Jay's diner as it sat on the edge of the border. The same place where Sam had gotten jumped by Hydra a few years back. There had been casualties on both sides – with the interior of the diner taking the brunt of it. Bullet holes in the walls and knife marks on the upholstery. These days a closed sign turned in the window any time a bike approaching in the distance.
Bucky tugged his cap lower over his eyes, stilling himself behind the red X marked on the sidewalk. He’d sworn he would never set foot in the west again after what happened – the ache in his side an unpleasant reminder of his own foolish trust in a woman who did not deserve it.
Was he about to make the same mistake now? Was he walking straight into a trap in search of a woman he’d only met the night before – with relief in her eyes and the sweetest damn smile he’d ever seen? Was he a damn fool for thinking he could seek out even a resemblance of normalcy – to believe he might be able to chase the burning feeling inside his chest and know what it was like to truly be wanted?
He supposed he’d find out.
You pricked your finger on a thorn as you attempted to squeeze the stubborn rose into the bouquet. Once it was secured, you sank back into your chair and pushed against the desk. The wheels swiveled unevenly as it carried you a few feet back to get a better look at the flowers. It was always easier to see their shape from a distance – how the colors blended and interspaced together. Pinks and reds and oranges gently peppered with Baby’s Breath and Bells of Ireland.
You chewed on the inside of your cheek, waiting for an ounce of satisfaction to ease the churning anxiety in your stomach, but it never came. The shop had been empty all day and you’d hoped making new arrangements to hang in the windows might attract some customers or at least keep you busy enough to avoid checking the register to find you hadn’t magically gained enough to make a full payment the next time Hydra showed up.
But no such luck. It seemed the universe was not as keen with you today.
The low rumble of your phone began buzzing inside the desk. You groaned, sliding your chair back across the tile until you slammed rather harshly into the drawers. When you pulled your phone from its hiding space, Wanda’s image appeared bright against the screen – nose scrunched up as she looked at the camera, lips pursed. Face paint from the summer festival bright upon her skin.
You tapped the green button and held the phone to your ear.
“Are you alright?” Wanda’s voice demanded through the speaker before you could so much as take in a breath. Her accent was usually thicker when she was worked up, her words blurring into one, and it was unusually heavy on her tongue.
“Hello to you, too, Wanda,” you chuckled, spinning in your chair as you stared up at the ceiling.
“Pietro heard you were accosted last night,” Wanda pressed and the smile fell from your face. You sat up on the edge of the chair. Damn Pietro and his neighborhood gossip.
“Accosted is a strong word...” you replied cautiously, wincing when you heard Wanda scoff in return. “It was nothing, Wan. Just some drunk moron. He was too out of it to actually do anything, honestly.”
Wanda huffed. “Well, Pietro heard that some random man wandered into county lock up dragging around a drunk by his collar and tossed him into the cell himself! Cops didn’t say a word, of course – bunch of useless fools. Know anything about that?”
You shook your head, stunned. You hadn’t seen where the drunk had run off to after Blue-eyes chased him away. Hell – you couldn’t remember much of anything else after you saw Blue-eyes. A fireworks display could have been set off behind the Centenarian and you wouldn’t have noticed.
“No, I— A man helped me. I don’t even know his name but he sort of came to my rescue... I guess.” The keychain was sitting in the drawer where your phone had been; the black plastic shiny under the reflection on the overhanging lights. You slid a finger down the side, a smile twitching at the edge of your mouth.
“But the drunk... you're sure he wasn’t Hydra?” Wanda asked warily.
You closed your eyes, forcing yourself to remember the man’s face. “Yes, I’m certain. Besides, I thought you were the one who said they wouldn’t cross the border.”
“It’s dangerous for them to do so – reckless, really – but it doesn’t mean they won’t,” Wanda warned, her voice low. You could vaguely make out Pietro’s voice as he called the order of a customer in the background. “There are consequences if they’re caught. I’m sure you remember the fight that nearly took out the diner by the border. Sent a bunch of guys on each side to the hospital. There’s a reason those men have so many scars, Y/n. You’ve seen Rumlow’s face.”
You swallowed. The vivid image of the mountains and craters on the side of his face drawing shivers down your spine. It was the same face that haunted you at night, peering in through the window amongst the shadows – taunting you. You ran your fingers over the glass face of your father’s watch, drawing on its stability to ground you.
“They don’t do it often,” she tried to ease you, “but it happens. The 107 have restricted the east to their control so Hydra can’t go around extorting people over here the way they did your dad. But... unless the 107 catches them... I imagine they could do as they pleased.”
You hadn’t considered that before. You’d always considered the east side to be a safe haven from Hydra. The 107 – despite the rumors of their violence on par with what Rumlow was capable of – scared you less than Hydra did. They didn’t show up in your shop the first Tuesday of every month and threaten you in your own home. It was like picking the worse of two evils. You’d rather chose the devil you didn’t know because the one lingering over your shoulder was vile enough.
“I didn’t mean to upset you,” Wanda said softly. “I just want you to be safe. The Hydra club is dangerous, Y/n. They already think they can control you; I’m just scared of what else they feel entitled to.”
You didn’t tell her the words sinking like metal into your stomach – that Hydra did control you, that they held your dignity and your life within the palm of their leather gloved hands. You owed them a debt and until it was paid, they owned you. But Wanda was only trying to help and there was no sense worrying her over what she could not change.
“I’ll be all right,” you said, absentmindedly picking up the keychain in your grip and the anxiety began to melt from your chest. “I can handle the Hydra club. I’ve done it for long enough. As long as I keep making payments, they’re not going to do anything. Wouldn’t make a very good business model of they did.”
You tried to laugh, but it was humorless and forced. Wanda didn’t so much as make an attempt. Business had been slow lately and you both knew it. The twins put all of their money into their tea shop and still – they never failed to offer you help, but you couldn’t take it. You couldn’t drag them into this with you. You'd figure it out. Your father had always prided himself on your instincts – you'd find a way through this. You didn’t have much else of a choice.
The bell rang at the front of the shop.
“Sorry Wan, I have to go,” you mumbled into the phone and hung up before she could reply. You’d text her later, let her know that you were doing okay even if you weren’t. Sometimes pretending made it a little easier. It allowed you to believe for just a moment that it was true.
You shoved the keys and your phone back into the drawer. The shop hadn’t had a single customer all morning so you brushed a hand down the front of your wrinkled apron and attempted to fix the flyaway strands in your hair. You rushed back up to the front, pressing on a smile though it felt unnatural against your cheeks.
“Welcome to May Flowers! Please let me know if there’s anything I can—”
You froze, watching the man stroll around the shop. His footsteps impossibly quiet, his fingertips gently touching the ends of open petals with a whispered smile. Hidden under a layered jacket and a baseball cap, it took a moment before you recognized him.
“What did you call me?” Bucky chuckled as you appeared behind the counter. You must not have realized you’d said the name aloud as your gaze quicky dropped nervously to the floor, an anxious smile peering up on your lips.
There were flowers on your dress. Tiny, little printed bouquets of blue and purple flowing along the soft cream fabric; like you couldn’t get enough of the things when they surrounded you in this shop, you had to have them on your sundresses, too. Bucky felt his gaze trailing over every single one; at the ends of the seams by your thighs, along your hips, the fluttering sleeves on your shoulder. He only tore his gaze away before it could linger over your chest in a desperate attempt at chivalry.
“Sorry, I didn’t-- You never told me your name,” you replied, slightly flustered, and damn – if it wasn’t the most endearing thing Bucky had ever seen. Hiding behind whisps of fallen hair and the curve of your palm against your cheeks as if you could disappear from him entirely.
You were just as he’d remembered from the night before. Just as lovely and as beautiful – though this time, he could see you in the full light of the shop, surrounded by flowers and greenery. Ethereal, if he had to put a name to it, and he most certainly did. He’d never seen someone so full of light and levity and he wondered if you could bring life to everything you touched. From the smallest of rose buds to the heart beating frantically inside his chest.
He could already feel it beating a bit faster as you smiled nervously at him.
Bucky tried not to take stock in the fact that you’d been thinking about him enough to give him a name of your own – a nickname given from the color of his eyes— but it was damn near impossible to ignore the jolt fluttering in his chest at the thought.
You'd been thinking about him.
“My name’s Bucky,” he offered, slowly making his way up to the counter. He picked up a loose stem of a lily from the floor that had fallen from its display and slipped it behind his back. He twisted it between his fingers, waiting until he was close enough and then slowly, he extended the flower to you.
Your eyes jumped to the lily, your lips parting slightly as if you couldn’t quite control the small gasp that pulled in your lungs. Slowly, your lips curved brightly into a smile as you pinched your fingers around the delicate stem, your fingers grazing his touch for only a moment, but it was enough to send jolts of electricity through his body.
It was a simple gesture, one that barely required any effort at all, and Bucky was suddenly desperate to do something more – something the required planning and effort and time, just to see what you’d do, to see if your smile could grow any wider. Anything to make you smile like that again.
He'd pick you a garden worth of lilies if you wanted. He’d plant you a garden if you’d smile for him once more and he didn’t even know your name.
“Y/n,” you finally replied, bringing up the lily to your nose and taking in a full breath. The petals touched your cheeks, delicate and fragile. The smile pressed higher on your face and it left Bucky’s stomach in knots.
“It is a pleasure, Y/n,” Bucky said, leaning his elbows against the counter. He tasted the syllables of your name on his tongue, let them slide over his lips, tremble in his voice. He quite liked the way it felt, how you seemed to shiver under its tone.
You slid the lily in a vase with a neck small enough to accompany only a single stem. Then, you set it on the counter beside the register, adjusting the petals until they laid how you liked them. You took such tender care with it – such a fragile, breakable thing. He studied your movements, the gingered touch of your fingertips over the leaves, feathered light as if you’d barely made contact at all.
Was he a fool for wishing you might touch him the same way? Possibly. Almost definitely. The 107 would have his head for thinking such thoughts of a woman on the west side, but damn if he couldn’t help the ache instead his chest at the very thought.
“I’m a little surprised to see you here, Bucky.”
He shrugged, taking a step back and pretended as though he hadn’t been trying to get you off his mind for the last eighteen hours. “Wanted to make sure you got home safe. And clearly...”
Bucky gestured to the shop and the evidence that you were alive and well as you stood before him in your floral printed dress, the ends flowing against your thighs, obstructed only by the white apron draped over your front. Hand stitched embroidery of the shop’s name, May Flowers, was woven into the pocket. The apron looked a few decades old – with fraying edges and stains on the front, but it fit you perfectly. It must have held meaning for you given the way your hand brushed over the stitching in the pocket in comforting traces along the lettering.
Suddenly, you perked up and rushed back to the desk in the corner of the shop without a single word. Bucky grinned, watching from the distance as you dug your hand into the drawers, pushing aside papers and old condiment packets, muttering under your breath, until you pulled out your keyring. On the end, was the self-defense keychain Bucky had given you the night before.
Sam had given it to him as a gag gift a few years back – making some joke about how Bucky couldn’t swing hard enough to bring down an opponent and needed the extra help. Didn’t matter whether it was true or whether Bucky’s fingers could even fit through the loops, but he kept it anyway. He was glad he did as you held it up in your hand, closing your fist around the grip. You made your way back to him, still holding the keyring, admiring the sharp edges of the plastic.
“I didn’t end up seeing anyone else last night but I felt safer holding this. Reminded me I’m not as defenseless as I feel sometimes... so... thank you, again.” Your voice was quieter, almost reserved. Your gaze shifted to the register as you ran a finer along the sharpest edge of the keychain, thought pondering through your mind you did not give words to. It pressed a frown onto your lips and Bucky felt something terrible lurch in his stomach.
“I hope you never have to use it,” Bucky said, gently breaking through the silence.
You looked up at him, a heavy weight on your shoulders as you nodded. “Me, too."
Just as quickly as the storm clouds had rolled in over the horizon, you pushed them away with the soft brush of a smile – albeit momentarily forced – but soon enough it began to touch your eyes as you set the keys on the counter. It seemed as though you might have had practice with engineering your own emotions into something kinder.
“I’m glad you came by, Bucky,” you said quietly, as if the words were ones you’d intended to keep hidden inside your thoughts, the evident relief aching within your voice.
Something inside his chest swelled as you smiled at him and Bucky was determined to chase that feeling until he was suffocated under it.
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Coming In Hot
— Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader — Summary: When your best friend Sarah recommends you a mechanic of her brother’s trust, all you can think about and pray to is that he doesn’t rip you off. Your car is your prized possession and amidst all the worry and concern of your medical studies, drowning in even more debt sounds as suffocating as it would be. Of course, you never thought of the possibility of the mechanic being the problem. A hot, polite, gentle and silent-type of problem. Drowning in debt would be easier to navigate than the blue of Bucky Barnes’s eyes. — Word count: 7k — A/n: This is the FOURTH chapter of this series. If you enjoy it, feedback is appreciated & highly encouraged and motivates me to write even more. mistakes/errors might be here, let me know if you find any.
Tumblr media
◦➳ series playlist ♫ ◦➳ nyx masterlist
Series Masterlist — Previous Chapter
Sarah came into your life two years ago during a university campus tour.
One bump into each other and two compliments later, and it was like you two had known each other your entire life.
The looks you two exchanged and the master ease with which she complimented your thoughts, lines, and actions was an experience you never had before. Her friendship, in less than three months, became one of the most real and precious things in your life.
Whether this trust and love had built from the late-night conversations about what passed in life, what was going to be or what you two sometimes just wished it were, it existed as a lighthouse of happiness in your life.
You'd had friends before, of course, but a soulmate was a unique experience.
There had been many happy nights and happy parties you two shared in this time you've known each other, but your birthday barely starts before you realize this is gonna be one of the top three.
Convincing yourself that has nothing to do with Bucky Barnes becomes impossible until the end of the night.
It starts with you, Sarah and the kids picking up your sisters from your stepmother and father's house.
Rosa and Flora are nine and twelve, respectively, and they're one of the best people ever. Maybe that's a bias of your part, but having had a lot in the part of how they were raised, you thought they came out pretty well.
They were fun, intelligent girls to be around and AJ and Cass had a wonderful time with them. The four of them could be heard laughing from all the way down the dock when they were left to their own demise.
Since it was your birthday, your boss had changed both yours and Sarah's shift to earlier on Saturday, so by five-thirty your car filled with loud pre-teens, a boosting sound system and you and Sarah looking particularly stunning, you all arrive at the boathouse where everybody is already waiting for you.
"The party is hereee," you sing-song, leaning with the upper half of your body outside of Bullet's window.
Sarah presses on the honk, everyone at the backseat whistles and whoops (you're aware they're making TikToks, but the boost is still appreciated) and everyone waiting and gathered at the dock whistles and hollers back.
"C'mon, you four help us take this stuff inside, then you're free to go," Sarah tells the kids, and they all start moving to get the food and drinks you bought to the fridge inside of the boat and the ones outside, too.
Wherever you passed by, the choruses of happy birthday, Y/n! and the hugs which came with it.
Sam, Riley and your friend Mile are the first ones to welcome you.
"You look absolutely stunning," Sam tells you with a smile.
Scoffing with feign modesty, you pose a little bit. "Shut up. This? I threw on the first thing I found." Sam laughs with you, and you bat your elongated eyelashes at him.
"That's why it took you only two hours to get ready. Got it." Sam's pout and nod drips is sass, and you throw Riley a look like can you believe this guy.
"Takes time to look that nice, idiot," Riley takes a sip from his beer. "They put on lotion with gloss all over their body now. I've seen it in my insta feed. Rihanna put out these things and they just—" Riley gets up and pushes down his t-shirt a little bit to reveal his shoulder, then pretends to rub something on it. "And it's glitter!" He adds with pure delight. "Look at Y/n, glowin'", he points at you, who is laughing brightly and loudly already.
"Thanks, Riley." You pose with your hands under your face. Sarah had done your make-up, and you knew it looked very nice. "I completed another round in this crazy Sun, I deserve to glow like it, don't I?"
"Sure do, babe," Mile winks at you. "Ah, Ben's coming by later, is that cool?"
"Sure. Tell your boyfriend to bring booze," you send him a kiss. "The only gift I need is everyone drunk and happy, and maybe singing some karaoke."
"Oh, good luck getting that gang in a karaoke," Sam chuckles, pointing at the back where they are.
The Sargeant's battalion.
As Bucky told you on the phone call, he warned you when the other boys confirmed they'd be present, but now here they were. All waving at you, with happy grins on their faces.
Well, almost all of them. Steve, Gabe, Morita, and Peter were all sitting in front of the boat with beers on their hands, seeming completely fine.
Bucky's absence only made you highly alert to the fact that he came and was around here, somewhere.
On a table in front of your newly acquired friends, there was your group of friends from high school, and on another table parallel to that you could see Stephen, Claire, and Liv, the only others who you had invited from university.
"I'm gonna—" you point at the other guests, and all three boys nod in understanding.
"Can you ask the Captain over there if he's gonna bring me a bear anytime soon?" Sam asks you.
Wait. Who? "Who's Captain?" You ask.
"You don't know Cap?" Riley asks, sounding very confused. He looks back into the gang and points in their general direction. "Blond. Tall. Right there."
"Ah!" Apparently, Sargeant isn't the only ranking among their group. You nod to Sam and Riley. "Got it. Be right back."
You thread through the tables saying hello to everyone and thanking them for their presence until you make it to where their group is.
All of them exclaim your name happily when you stop in front of them, so you decide it's a good time as any for a hug.
"We got you a gift," Peter tells you when he lets you go.
"What?!" You shriek. "Man, no! I told you guys there was no need."
"Sarge insisted." Morita smiles above his beer and pulls you in for a hug too. "Don't stress it. We all pitched in, we hope you like it."
"I know you'll like it," says Steve, shrugging his shoulders. "You've got taste."
"Well, thank you very much, guys," you smile, hugging Gabe lastly. Directing your gaze to Steve, you point to where Sam is with the other boys. "Samuel wants to know where his beer is, Captain."
"Oh shit!" Steve gets up from the stool like it suddenly lit his ass on fire, and he grabs another beer from the cooler. With a frown to Peter and Gabe, he says. "You two gotta stop giving me juicy gossip and distracting me. I've got ADHD, damn it."
With that, he walks away in Sam's direction.
You and the boys watch it, then turn around to look at each other.
"So. Where's Sarge?" You ask, smiling wider at all their knowing glances watching Sam and Steve talk to each other.
"He went inside to help your auntie with the food," says Gabe. Damn it—auntie already stole someone to do her bidding and the party had barely started. "She's a gem," adds Gabe with a smile.
"Yeah, she told us that she's glad you and Sam have such lovely friends," Peter says, blinking his eyelashes in a poor display of innocence.
"Right." You scoff. "I'm sure y'all were on your best behaviors."
"Always, ma'am," says Morita with fake seriousness.
"She kept asking where did we find Steve," Peter giggles into his palm, his cheeks flushed a little pink and you think—awn. What a shitty alcohol tolerance; that's adorable. "She never heard how much that man can cuss, I guess."
The sound system starts blasting Doja Cat instead of the good and old rock'n'roll playing previously and you know Sarah took over the sound system from the boathouse.
"Excuse me," you ask the boys before heading inside.
Before you make it inside the kitchen, right on the corner outside you almost run into a body.
"Oh." The startled little jump makes you take a step back, and that's when you see who almost knocked you on your feet.
Bucky Barnes is standing in front of you, and the first words you say to him slip and fall out of your mouth.
"Oh my god, where is your hair?" your whine, hands involuntarily reaching up in the direction of his head.
You stop yourself in the middle of the motion, eyes bulging a little at your brash boldness.
Bucky, on his hand, is too busy staring at you to notice.
More people other than Bucky — almost everyone at the party, actually — had complimented your outfit and/or your hair.
You hadn't picked anything that was out of the ordinary, but taking into account the casual jeans and t-shirts you often were, what you had on tonight was definitely several steps up in improvement.
The faux-leather black pants, a goth Family Addams baggy t-shirt that was open wide at the sights and left your lace black bralette exposed if it weren't for the bomber jacket.
All of that paired with one of the nicest blood-red heels you owned and loved, and yeah... You could admit you looked nice.
"I..." Bucky looks up at your eyes, finally, after roaming your body shamelessly. When other people (men) did this, it resulted in your mood evaporating and your posture changing.
His eyes had none of that invasiveness. They might've traveled from your foot to your head like all the others did, but like very few of them, it felt like appreciation instead of objectification.
"I put in a drawer, darlin'," he chuckles at you sassily, shaking his head a bit and straightening his shoulder. "Does it look that bad?"
"Right. You look awful, as I'm sure everyone has told you by now," you roll your eyes dramatically, unable to contain the smile from spreading on your lips.
"Stevie said I look like a biker or somethin'. Peter took one look at me, did a little whistle, and left. Dunno what that means." Bucky chuckles and shrugs his shoulders, scratching the back of his head.
As much as you'd love teasing him, the reality of the shock passed really quickly.
Seeing him without the ponytail was like a personal loss, but his clean-cut look settled in as he talked in that languid and carefree way of his.
Bucky looked so good it was almost delicious.
The hair, the black fitted jeans, and green-navy flannel shirt over a black tee, god. Eating people is wrong, you tell yourself. Drooling in front of them — while looking at them — was also wrong, and uncomfortable.
"It means..." you drift of theatrically, and Bucky leans in his head closer slowly.
You wolf-whistle the two notes perfectly, and get to watch from up close as his cheeks turn a little pinker just before he ducks down laughing, a shy touch on his crinkles.
That, much like the 'loss', goes away quickly. Bucky is close when he licks his lips and asks under his breath, "Is that so?" and you have to fight against a blush of your own.
"Yeah, a lil' bit." He smiles at your teasing tone, then nods to himself, smiling like he's pleased.
Straightening his posture again, Bucky points to the inside of the boathouse.
"I heard that the scary little ones with the colorful hair are your siblings?" He asks, the smile still on the corner of his lips.
"Yup. Rose and Flora. Don't let them sit you down anywhere or you will be asked things 'till next Saturday," you warn him.
"Wow. Genes are a strong thing," Bucky muses out loud with a smirk.
"I'm not the only talkative one on this boat, Sargeant," you scoff at him. "You had plenty to say about Achilles if I remember correctly."
"I sure did," Bucky agrees, sounding both resigned and amused.
He keeps glancing between other boats in the bay and right into the deep of your eyes.
"That song was fabulous, by the way," he tells you, remembering it with a snap of his fingers. "I'd never heard Gang of Youths before."
"Glad you liked it," you smile brightly at him. "Achilles Come Down is an experience everyone should have. When—"
"Y/N! Get here!" Sarah yells from inside of the boat, interrupting you two.
With her calling, you and Bucky seem to notice how close you were leaning against each other for the conversation, and you back away with the heat winning the battle this time and warming up the tip of your ears.
"Go, go," he gestures inward with an understanding shake of the head.
"I'll be right back?" You offer him.
"You better." He smiles at you from the corner of his lips. "Your aunt wants to marry Steve, I think, and I've got a present to give ya."
God, he'd bought you a present. "I can't believe you bought me a present," you shake your head at him. Bucky waves his hand dismissively at you, so you ask. "I trust you to keep Steve safe?" You ask.
That brings the smile back to his face. "Will do."
You and Bucky go in different directions, but neither of you seemed willing to let go of each other's gaze. From up above comes a scissor and cuts the thread keeping your heads turned towards each other, and you two walk away laughing.
Sarah's yelling, it turns out, is because of your mother's happy birthday call.
The whole conversation you stand looking outside through the kitchen's window, catching glimpses of your friends and family interacting outside.
Your mind is half present on the wishes your mother says through the phone, and half replaying is that so and that deep, low voice.
If Sarah notices anything, bless her heart, she keeps it to herself.
After the call, the real party starts.
Boosting sound system, kids (we're teenagers, Y/n) walking around and eating good food, Sam and Steve running the grill and acting like two halves of a perfect host—it's everything you could've asked for and more.
As it happens in most parties, people start by standing in their own groups, and as the day settles into the night, you see Claire and Stephen mingling with everyone, your friends and your friends' friends getting to know you better and you making sure they are all having as good of a time as you are.
Sam compliments your caipirinhas to everyone, and Sam Wilson happily boasting about something with the happiest smile on his tipsy face is enough to sell even the older ones to have a go.
In under four hours, you get everybody at least a little tipsy.
It's awesome.
Your uncle hooks up the karaoke on the bay's stand right in front of the boat, and pulls Riley, Sarah and the kids straight into it.
You're laughing until you're tearing up after three performances.
They're joined by Steve, by Claire, by Sam and when Morita gets up from besides you with a determined grunt and says, "Alright. Someone hook up Toxic by the Britney, Bitch. Lemme show you, youngsters, how it's really done."
Everyone at the party starts cheering.
Bucky — who is sitting right behind you — and Steve by your other side start clapping their hands and whistling loudly.
"I can't believe this!" Steve laughs out loud, watching Morita strut towards the TV and the mic. "He only does this when Buck and I get him really drunk on Christmas day. What have you done to him?" He accuses with bright laughter, looking straight at you.
"Dunno what you're on about," you sip from your straw, watching everyone around you as they watch the karaoke area like it's better than a football game.
"Hey, Y/n." Stephen calls.
You turn to him and he points to where Morita is currently swinging his hips at the intro of Toxic.
"This is why I stay away from your drinks," he states with a smile.
"You're just allergic to fun, Strange," you snort at him.
He shakes his head, laughing at you and then, at Claire happily waving by your Aunt's side. She's sung Man, I Feel Like A Woman and reminded you earlier of the reason why you are friends with two of your professors in the first place.
Bucky and the boys had teased you earlier—"who on earth is friends with their teachers?" Gabe asked, and Peter added, "yeah, that's some nerd shit right there, y/n. i'm a nerd and even i'm wouldn't do that" — and when you said offering explanations on why was useless.
Claire and Stephen had their way of charming anyone they met, and having a conversation with them if you knew what to talk about could be so interesting that not befriending them was the hard part.
Being the reason why everyone was gathered there today, you tried your best to give everyone attention.
Usually, that was easy as breathing.
People called your attention at all times, and you traveled between the groups that formed and interchanged like a breeze.
A certain group seemed to have a harder gravitational pull towards you.
Well—technically, not a group.
With time, it becomes harder and harder to ignore the one person who keeps stealing your attention. Sometimes without meaning to, sometimes just to tease someone you're talking to (Steve or Sam), but sometimes, like he wants it all to himself.
Bucky's eyes and smiles towards you feel better than any booze or good food.
Since neither of you seems willing to let go of the easy camaraderie building up or wants to test what these looks mean, nothing happens until someone brings up relationships into the conversation pit and something happens to make you want to be alone with him.
It starts because of a simple question of Gabe's.
"What do you mean parties and bars aren't your thing?" He looks between you and Sarah, then looks up at Steve to see if his confusion is matched.
"I don't do agglomerations that well anymore," Sarah answers him.
"Me neither," you confess with a shoulder shrug. "I used to like 'em, but I prefer small things, at least for now. I think I gotta grow into it?" You muse. "I was never a big fan of all the people rubbing up against you or spillin' drinks on you, anyway."
"She makes a good point," Steve points at you with his beer instead of his hand.
"Of course your old soul would say that shit," Gabe laughs, and Bucky seems to agree because he's chuckling in front of you, eyes glued to his own beer.
"It's not about being an old soul. It's just—it's gross." Steve looks at you with a hopeful grin. "Isn't it?"
"It really is," you chuckle. "The drink spilling I wouldn't mind so much, but unless I'm going out to dance which I really like—"
"Really likes," Sarah chuckles to herself.
"—then it's just people walking past you all the time or hittin' on your or worse, thinking they can just touch you to flirt with you which is." You shudder your body, and all the men present do a sympathetic wince; the one that says 'ah, yes, most of my people do behave like this, unfortunately'.
"So where do you two go to have fun?" Gabe asks with curiosity. Then, with a cheeky eyebrow wiggle. "To eat all the men."
At the same time, you and Sarah turn to each other and burst out laughing.
"Men?" Sarah squeaks. She shakes both hands in front of her body. "Had my fair share of them, and then canceled my subscription for the foreseeable future. No, thanks," she laughs, sounding truly delighted at a great joke.
Giggling, you answer Gabe. "To answer your first question, we go to a lot of places for fun. Games, theater, theme park, good pubs. As for the men, I gotta agree with my girl here. For what?" you ask with a chuckle.
"I'd say ouch, but sounds fair to me," says Steve.
"Same, but also... outch?" says Bucky.
"Wait, wait—" Gabe leans in his chair, brows furrowed in confusion. "But you said earlier you didn't do relationships," Gabe points at you. Then, he tilts his head. "You don't do relationships or one-night-stands? How do you live?" He scream-whispers.
It was true.
"Happily," you answer with a grin. Everyone else laughs at that, but Gabe is still looking at you a bit like one looks at an alien exposition. "Gabe, don't get me wrong, pal, but men are the whole fucking reason why one-night stands stopped being an option for me in the first place."
"They are... often disappointing," Sarah agrees with a sigh, drinking a little more of her caipirinha.
"That..." Gabe whistles, looking away from you two, still in disbelief.
"Not everyone needs to get sticky and sweaty with people they don't fucking know, Gabe," Steve speaks up, sounding personally offended in your opinion, and also like this is a point they've visited before as a group.
When his eyes find yours, you can't help but give Steve a sweet and 'i agree with you' smile.
"Plus—This shit is super easy for you men. Most of you just use want a way to get off, which, I get it's not just exclusive to men, but from what I've heard from friends and the unfortunate experiences I've had, men are the only ones who completely don't give a fuck if their partners came or felt good and—ugh. That's just... no. No, thanks," you sigh deeply.
"So you just swore off of them?" Gabe asks, looking at you curiously more than anything.
It's good to have this type of conversation with men who seem to be trying to understand where you're coming from instead of just wanting to find a flaw in your reasoning.
"Not exactly," you sip the rest of your beer. "I just don't look for it anymore. Avoiding disappointment is pretty cool."
"If no men ever made me cum after spending the whole night buttering me up to take me home I'd stop looking for them, too," Sarah snickers behind her cup.
That's definitely a way to put it.
Unfortunately, to all the others present in the conversation, finding out that no man has ever made you cum seems to be less funny than you and Sarah seem to find it.
Steve and Peter's eyes widen comically. Gabe legitimately chokes on his drink, but it's Bucky's reaction that calls your attention the most.
"Hold on. Back up." Bucky's voice is rougher and lower than before and—is he pissed off? "None of your casual partners ever made you cum?"
Bucky's eyes widen, and his lips part in shock.
He swings his beer up and finishes the whole thing in one chug.
"God, that makes me want to chop my dick off," he sighs loudly. Getting up, he pins Gabe with a look. "She's right. Men are a fucking disappointment."
"Where are you going?!" Steve asks, laughing at Bucky.
"To get more beer!" Bucky announces, already walking away.
The group laughs at his hasty exit, and you watch Bucky walking away with something bubbling in the pit of your stomach. That makes me want to chop my dick off. That's how pissed off he'd gotten at hearing about the men that passed through your life.
The conversation naturally continues on the topic of sex, as it usually does around a group of active adults, and eventually, Claire and Sam join the circle.
When Bucky comes back, it's with two beers in hand.
He sits by your side where Peter was (he's off to join Morita and Stephen in karaoke) and offers you the other one.
That's the position you two stay in for the better half of the next hour.
Bucky gets along marvelously with Claire, Stephen and Steve seem to find in each other a soulmate for dry sarcasm like no other and, when everyone is tipsy enough that even Sam has to tip his hat off to you, everyone including the Sargeant's gang ends up doing at least one round of karaoke.
It's the most fun you've had in a long time.
Sure, you miss some people in there — there are two people in particular who you miss desperately, but they couldn't travel all the way here for the party — but all in all, it's perfect.
Despite not being alone for most of the party, sometimes you and Bucky end up in your own little bubble.
He pulls you in for a conversation with a whispered question or just leans in to make a funny comment about what someone said and then you two lose each other to your own world for a little while.
Just like in his office, it's extremely easy to get lost in banter with him.
He keeps up with you.
Bucky gives you shit just as much as you do to him, and he isn't discouraged by your high levels of sarcasm or dry answers.
Most people don't understand or can't tell when you're being honest or when you're teasing, but he seems to have no problems.
At some point, while Sarah, Steve and Sam are teaching Peter about some artist they can't believe he doesn't know, you and Bucky are giggling to each other about shitty movie adaptions.
When you say, "Oh yeah, that was wonderful," snorting in your beer, you expect him to yell on whether you're crazy or not.
What happens is he nods solemnly and says. "Sure. Wonderfully done."
You gape at him. "How do you know when I'm being sarcastic? Most people get so lost, and I don't even know why," you add with a perfectly theatrical confused face.
Bucky laughs at you. "Darlin', I've been best friends with that one for years." He points at Steve with his beer bottle without even sparing him a glance. "You're not the first irony master with the face of an angel to cross my life."
The heat immediately takes over your face, and you have to look away from Bucky before something tragic happens, like you falling over the last inches that separate you and end up on his mouth.
"Shut up." Across from you, Sarah's eyes find yours in a display of soulmate bond and she lifts her eyebrows at the obvious blush on your cheeks. "Hey, Sarah. Wasn't The Great Gatsby a great watch?"
She narrows her eyes, fully suspicious.
"Until today I don't know if you mean that shit or not," she answers, with a tone that says 'and you know that'.
"She's fucking with you," says Steve, natural as ever. "Why was d'you think it sucked?"
"Oh, Steve. What a lovely question you ask me," you tell him in pure delight.
That's how the conversation grom from sex, to music, to the world's climate, and at last, to movie adaptations.
Sarah notices the looks and private talks between you and Bucky.
You discover that because during the conversation, she texts you.
to Bed him or to Befriend him, that is the question...
Little does she know how right she is.
The looks you and Bucky share throughout the night leave little to the imagination: he's paying attention to you.
His eyes on you are more intoxicating than any vodka or cachaça you could down.
The way he licks his lips sometimes while paying attention to you talking makes you remember what being attracted to someone feels like.
Sarah's question starts burning holes into your brain.
When the topic of relationship was brought up much earlier and you'd said you didn't do them, among the mixed answers came Bucky's "hear hear."
Knowing he shared your approach on relationships didn't mean he shared the reasons.
To befriend or to bed him.
Would Bucky even want to be with you like that?
Licking his lips while staring at yours might mean attraction, but attraction didn't equal desire to act on it.
Were you willing to give up the possibility of a friendship to find out whether Bucky's disapproval of the previous men who found themselves on your bed meant he could do a better job than them?
Thinking about Bucky and your bed was a road too dangerous for a family party like this, so you shake yourself out of your thoughts and decide to move on.
You get up and socialize a bit more, but when you check the time, you're happy to realize that it's almost midnight and everyone still wants to be here.
You make another round of caipirinhas for everyone — strawberry special for Sarah, kiwi special for Steve 'cause he earns it — and then move inside the boathouse to make sure the teens are all tucked in and ready for bed.
Being tipsy while making sure Rosa showers and goes to bed means you and her end up giggling and laughing at each other more than often.
You lose the notion of how much time you spend with her and the kids, talking about the gifts you received — Bucky and the boys' Vinyl are something they all want to see — and all four of them tell you how much they adored the party.
AJ, Cass, and Flora are a little older, so you only ask them to change into their pajamas and you hook up their videogames in the living room.
"Can we play 'till we're tired TT?" Cass asks with a huge grin.
"Sure," you shrug your shoulders. It's Saturday and—, "Birthday privileges," you wink at him.
"AJ said we can sleep here in the living room," Flora says with a hopeful look.
"Why not," is your answer, and all the kids cheer on. "Grab the blankets in your rooms."
With the kids cared for and in their proper place, you take a deep breath and decide it's time to head back to the party.
Knowing your friends and other guests, your Auntie and Uncle should be leaving home soon. Stephen is also an early bird because both he and his wife have serious grown-up jobs (as you love to call them, just to see the grin on his face), but the others should be fine.
You don't make it outside of the boat.
The reason?
Bucky Barnes in the boathouse's kitchen, gathering all the trash into a black bag, casually munching on candy, and swinging his head to the Nirvana song playing outside.
"Forever in debt to your priceless advice," Bucky sings out loud to Kurt's voice.
It makes you giggle. "Into Nirvana?"
He looks at you funnily, eyebrows furrowed. "Who isn't?" he asks playfully.
You start helping him around the kitchen, putting the plates and cups together. "Well, Flora's best friend asked me what's that song? It's good when Smells Like Teen Spirit was playing in my car, so..."
Bucky groans. "I feel old. Shut up."
"Kids nowadays, am I right?" You ask, just for his reaction.
He points a dirty cup at you before throwing it into the bag. He's trying to go for the stern look, but you can see the smile hidden on the corner of his lips.
"You're on a thin line, miss."
"Uhhhh, that sounds dangerous," you tease.
Bucky shakes his head and his resolve breaks, and he starts laughing at you.
"I think it's inevitable, though," you muse out loud. "I mean, I grew up with my dad sounding baffled every time his old bands played and I didn't know them, you know? Now it's our turn to feel that way when kids don't know who the hell Nirvana is."
"Good music is supposed to transcend time, Y/n," Bucky jokes.
"Maybe. But there's so much new stuff nowadays that kids and teens don't want to look for the good shit in old stuff." Shrugging your shoulders, you put the organized dirty dishes in the sink. "Their loss, I guess."
Bucky remains in silence for a little, nodding to your last statement as if he's thinking about it properly.
You lean against the sink, watching him tie up the bag. The kitchen is almost clean now you two organized it.
"D'you like the new stuff better?" He finally asks you, leaning against the counter.
"Not really, not," you shake your head. "There's a lot of excellent new artists, but music-wise I'm really into older stuff. The riffs, the solos, the lengths we don't see anymore. I love that."
Bucky nods at you again, then moves to the fridge to grab another couple of beers.
"God, if I drink any more beer I'm gonna have to do something gross like hitting the gym or something," you groan, and he pauses with two beers in hand. After a heartbeat, you sigh. "Just give me."
He hands the beer to you laughing.
"Was that a serious complaint?" He asks.
You open the beer with the inside of your elbow — his eyebrows shoot up at that — and then take a sip.
"Not really?" You look down at your body.
Saying you're a hundred percent comfortable with it would be a lie, but you work daily on trying to love yourself and not hold your measurements to ridiculous standards meant to pull money and unhappiness out of you.
With a final shrug, you take another sip. "The worst issue with a big alcohol consumption is the dehydration the body suffers."
"Tell me more, Dr. Y/n," Bucky says with a fake-serious tone, making you laugh.
"There's a lot of time before that, but—" you point your beer at him. "Dehydration is a serious business. Which is why I make sure to drink glasses of water between all of this," you point at the beer.
"Glasses of water are supposed to help with lessening the problems all your caipirinhas create?" He asks with a knowing smile.
You snicker. "It's supposed to help with the dehydration bit. The other problems are a bit beyond me."
"Ah, I see." Bucky looks out of the window to everyone gathered outside, then looks back at you with a lot of curiosity in his eyes. "Sarah said earlier you like to go dancing a lot. You don't do that anymore?"
The question throws you out of a loop for a second.
That fact had come up just a few moments before that thing. The part where Bucky claimed he wants to chop his dick off 'cause men disappointed him that much, apparently.
"Uhm—yeah? Yeah, I still go dancing sometimes." The places you two go for that are much different than the ones from before. "There are a few bars close to Uni that we go every now and then to have fun."
"I'd think that's something you'd wanna do on your birthday," he muses.
"Hm, I quite like spending my Name Day with my friends and family."
"Wow. I'd never say you're such a good girl from... this ensemble," he gestures towards your rock'n'roll outfit.
Too bad your mind was stuck on the way Bucky said 'such a good girl'.
His thick Brooklyn accent was enough to make anyone melt.
Fuck, why was it again that you said you didn't want to jump him?
This time, you were the one who had to lick your lips and distract yourself by drinking your beer.
This was the second time you two had been alone since the party started. Now, more than ever, you want to know what it felt like to have his stubble burn your cheeks and your neck.
You want to know if Bucky was as good of a kisser as he was a talker.
With a nervous laugh, you look back at him. "I can be," is what it comes out.
You'd meant to say anything, something to joke and keep the conversation going, but Sarah's text and the way he looked so nice with that new haircut was shortening your thinking abilities.
Bucky stares at you. "I bet you can," he answers, smiling a little more lazily.
Outside, Kings of Leon is singing exactly what your body is feeling.
You, your sex is on fire. Consumed with what's to transpire...
Both you and Bucky seem to realize the incredible soundtrack for this moment and laugh under your breath at the same time.
"You, on the other hand," you start. It seems like whatever reservations you had before, they don't exist in this kitchen. Looking straight into Bucky's eyes, you smile. "You don't seem like much of a good boy."
Bucky starts dumbfounded at you, then bursts out laughing.
"I don't?" He asks with the most innocent eyes ever. "That's crazy. You have no idea how good I can be."
As serious as you can manage, you say. "Wow, I don't buy that shit for one second."
He laughs even harder. "Ask Stevie!" He points to the gang outside. "I'm always honest. Always on time. Always respectful. My ma raised me well, Y/n," he tells you, blinking those beautiful long eyelashes at you.
If the chance for you to not be enchanted existed before, it disappears with his blue eyes blinking innocently at you talking about being raised right.
"I'll put the trust on her, then."
"Winnie," he tells you, taking a sip of his beer. "She's a nurse. You'd like her, I think."
"She had just you?"
"Nope. I've got three younger sisters," he tells you with a much softer smile. "They're all menaces, clearly."
"Clearly," you agree.
"I don't talk to them much anymore 'cause I was away for most of their lives, but I've been trying to gain their hearts back," Bucky adds, sounding a little more distant.
Your heart squeezes in your chest at that knowledge.
It makes sense—you know how much affection is tied to presence and constancy in a kid's life and knowing Bucky isn't close to his sisters because he was away in military tours makes you want to... do something. Hug him, maybe. Card your fingers through his hair in a reassuring manner.
"You're spending time with them now?" you ask with an encouraging smile.
Bucky seems to snap out of his mind as he looks back at you. He smiles, soft and shy. "Yeah. Becca's the oldest so she's the toughest one. Min and Liv are a little easier, but they're only startin' to like me, I think."
"Give them time and sing to them a lil' bit, it'll be inevitable," you tell him.
That makes his smile widen. "You think so?"
Shrugging, you say. "Sure. You're a charming guy, they'll soon realize they've got a really cool older brother and that'll be a one-way street. Dunno if they're old enough to understand why you were away or not, but explaining it to them might come a long way."
Bucky bites on his bottom lip and nods, looking down at his boots. "Thanks."
"Sure." You sip your beer, then smile wider. "I can see now."
He looks up. "See what?"
"The good boy."
Bucky starts laughing once again. "Damn it—don't tell anyone, though. I've got a reputation to keep."
"It'll be our secret."
This time, when Bucky looks up and bites on his bottom lip, you can see it in his eyes the same thing that you're sure resides in yours: the curiosity.
Befriend or bed him...
Bucky chooses for you with the next words out of your mouth. "I've been thinkin' a lot about whether I deserved to be their older brother or not, but you make it seem real easy." He looks out of the window for a few seconds, then back at you. "I never spoke to them about the tours. I didn't—that's not a part of me I like talkin' about. Remembering. You know?" When you nod, he continues. "But you just reminded me they're very smart young girls and tryin' to get close to them without explainin' why I was away in the first place is much harder, so..." He takes a deep breath, and raises his beer at you. "Thanks, darlin'."
You click your beer on his, feeling your chest warmer than ever before.
"'Course, Sarge."
The attraction you feel isn't worth one steamy night that may or may not be great.
It's not worth the way he smiles so softly at you from one simple piece of advice.
It's definitely not worth the awkwardness it could rise from sleeping together and then not knowing how to act around your friends, because if there's one thing that became clear with your party, was that now you, Sarah and Sam's group of friends suddenly became one.
No matter how attractive Bucky Barnes is and how much he makes your whole body feel like open nerve endings, he's also Bucky and he comes with great friends and even greater conversations.
Plus—what are the damn chances this man wants to sleep with you once and then keep up being your friend?
You've dealt with men before.
You've had a 'no strings attached' relationship before and it almost cost you one of the best friends you've ever had.
A part of you almost wants to answer Sarah's text.
To befriend him. At least the pleasure will be longer than just of a few hours.
Bucky's name is called outside the boat, and he's pulled away from his thoughts just like you are from yours.
He gestures outside. "Shall we?"
Now all you have to do is not drown in how much the blue of his eyes seems to pull you in.
You nod. "Lead the way."
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Bucky Barnes | Series | Pride and Privacy
PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5 | PART 6
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Nurse!Reader
Warnings: 18+. Fluff, angst and mentions of smut.
Plot: Bucky is hot and cold and you are just done.
Words: 4,100
Tumblr media
“Do you know why you’re here?”
Taking a deep breath, you nervously glance at Bucky and see him stare at the floor. It’s obvious that he’d rather be anywhere else than here right now. Redirecting your eyes back to the strict-looking therapist, you conclude that you share Bucky’s sentiment.
“To help?” You force out nervously and you feel Bucky tense up next to you.
You’re familiar with therapy. You’ve had it yourself and being a nurse entailed quite a bit of therapizing skills, but never have you been so hyper-aware of your words. Being the third party to this session, you’re not sure what to do with yourself. Bucky is in no state to comfort you and you’re in no state to comfort him. It feels like there’s miles of space between you on the office sofa.
Both of you had been busy the past week and barely talked since that one morning where you found out he answered your date’s call. It was quite the task to explain yourself to your date. You just decided to swallow your pride and take his scolding, because he was right to tell you that you were the one in the wrong.
After digesting your mistake, you felt alone. Bucky had left for work and you desperately wanted someone to comfort you. Your feelings about Bucky were incredibly confusing. You hated him for playing with you like this. Never did you want to admit to being that girl, but you can’t do casual. Not with your kind and attractive roommate anyway. You dropped a man with real potential to be good for you for someone who takes his frustrations out on you with sex.
Pretty sure that’s the road to self sabotage.
So when Bucky casually dropped the question whether you wanted to attend a therapy session with him, you looked at him like he had gone completely batshit crazy. A minute later, you figured out he was so casual about the question because he wanted you to say no.
So of course you said yes.
Unsure whether you agreed to come out of pettiness, curiosity or support, you completely regret your decision now you’re facing Dr. Raynor. Doing yourself a favour, you blame it on curiosity. Maybe this is your window to get back to the way you and Bucky started. The memory of you handing him the photos for his room makes your chest constrict.
“In a way, yes.” She answers “James? Care to explain?”
Bucky looks as if he’s hauled from deep thought and raises his head, not bothering to give you any acknowledgement and making you invert into the couch at his cold demeanor.
“You know better than I do, doc.”
Raynor sighs and turns to you, noticing the uncomfortable look on your face. She feels for you. Knowing that Bucky won’t admit to his feelings for you, whatever they may be, must be tearing you apart.
To Raynor, you don’t seem like the vulnerable type, but something about you seems uneasy. “How would you describe your relationship with James?”
You swallow hard, fighting the urge to look at the man of the hour, especially since you finally feel his eyes on you. Skin heating up and hands fiddling, you think about the question long and hard before answering.
“We’re roommates.” You mutter, hating that no one takes over the conversation as your words hang the air. That’s when Raynor rolls her eyes dramatically and slams her notebook onto the table beside her.
“You two are idiots.”
Your jaw drops at her accusation and you narrow your eyes at the woman. You might not be a therapist yourself, but you’re pretty sure this isn’t the proper way of talking to your clients.
“Excuse me?”
“Did you two have sex, or not?”
You almost choke on your own spit and turn your head to Bucky so fast you almost get whiplash. Giving him the hardest glare you can muster, you grit your teeth at the man who apparently has the audacity.
“You fucking told her?!” You exclaim to Bucky and for the first time, his eyes connect with yours. It would take you by surprise and heat up your entire body if you weren’t completely shocked by his actions.
“She’s my therapist.”
“You don’t tell your therapist about your sex life!”
“I didn’t. She guessed.”
You take in his words and run your tongue over your teeth in annoyance “She guessed… She guessed that you had sex with your roommate… Bucky, are you fucking insane?!”
He rolls his eyes and scowls at you “You tell me, darling. Am I fucking insane for going to a therapist?!” He seethes at you and that makes you shut up instantly.
Your mouth goes dry as you look at him with wide eyes, the pain evident in his. Your eyes dart between his as you study his expression. Fighting the urge to hug him, your try to telepathically tell him all that he needs to hear.
Bucky’s breathing is harsh, but he slowly starts calming down when he watches you. Trying to stop himself from getting reeled in by your essence, he turns himself back to Raynor and you copy his actions, staring at the ground as you process his outburst.
“This was a mistake.”
The words rip through you like a chain saw. Somehow, it feels like he is referring to everything.
You look down at the floor and grit your teeth to stop your emotions from bubbling to the surface. Seeing two combat boots cross your sight and hearing a door being opened and thrown shut, you conclude that Bucky has left the office.
“If you don’t mind. I’d rather not stick around.” You announce and push your body off your seat, your entire body feeling extremely heavy. “I’d say thank you, but this completely sucked.” Grabbing your coat and bag, you trade a sympathetic smile with Dr. Raynor before leaving the room.
It feels like he has been running by the way he’s breathing, his back pushed against the closed front door of your apartment after slamming it shut. Peering at the empty living room and kitchen, he tries desperately to avoid thinking about the session he left a mere twenty minutes ago. His eyes fall onto an envelope with a note that looks like it’s been shoved underneath the door. Sliding down the wood and taking the paper in his hand, he reads the note.
You weren’t home, so slid it under the door.
She got you one of me, so had to return the favor.
Frowning at the vague words scribbled hastily onto the crumpled paper, Bucky opens the envelope supplied with it and finds a small polaroid like picture inside. Studying the photo, he watches how it has captured a small moment between you and him standing in your kitchen. You’re looking up at him as you laugh, your eyes crinkled with happiness as he seems to be telling you a story with admiration in his eyes. It’s a private moment, he barely remembers it happening, let alone the fact that someone might have taken a picture of it.
His breathing halts in his chest as he remembers how badly he wanted a picture of the two of you to hang in his room. A forced breath leaves his lips at the realisation that he completely and utterly fucked up.
Hearing the faint ding of the elevator from the hallway, he senses that it’s you immediately and dives up from the floor, scurrying to his room before you walk into the apartment. Bucky hates himself for avoiding you like this, but he felt everything in Dr. Raynor’s office with you. Your racing heartbeat, your sweaty hands, trembling fingers, tightened vocal chords, everything. It tore him to pieces and he wanted it to end right away. There’s only one thing worse than feeling miserable to him and that is knowing that you are the one feeling miserable.
He ended the session before he could hurt your feelings, having no idea that he did just that. He hurt you.
“Can we just be completely, disgustingly honest with each other for once?”
Bucky scrunches his face in disgust at her proposition and stays quiet. After a small staring competition with Raynor, he drops his shoulders in defeat. He’s completely sick of himself and his endless efforts to keep everything to himself.
He’s a smart man for God’s sake. There won’t be any progress at all if he doesn’t start opening up during therapy. If he doesn’t, he might as well call everything off. He wants to get better. Not just for him, but for you. You’re so good, so kind, so wonderful. He wants that. He wants to deserve that.
It’s perfectly clear to him that his pride and privacy are getting in his way. It took him seeing a picture of you and him together to see it, but he’s sick and tired of holding everything in like he has a reputation to uphold, when he knows how can be when he let’s go of that. Like when he’s with you for instance.
So when Raynor called him that later that afternoon to come back in alone this time, he debated it for a second but eventually showed up.
“What are you feeling right now?”
Bucky stays quiet for a moment, trying to think about the answer.
“Stop thinking! Tell me.”
“I’m pissed!” He spits out instantly.
Deafening silence follows her question and a lump grows in Bucky's throat.
“Because…” Tears spring to his eyes “Because I keep fucking up. Just when I think I’m doing better, I fuck up again and again and again. And I’m not even fucking brainwashed!”
“Are you angry, or are you sad?”
Bucky’s eyes connect with Raynor’s and his vision blurs instantly with pooling tears.
“Fuck, I’m so sad.” His voice cracks and he leans his head back as he buries his face into his trembling hands.
Head aching, making him remember the way he used to be electrocuted by Hydra, he swallows the big lump in his throat. He hates this feeling so much. He hates feeling this vulnerable and the way his chest lurches in pain. Gasping for air, he removes his hands from his face and works up to talking again.
“How can I feel like this when I thought I was doing okay?” He asks with a broken voice, a few of his words barely audible, and Raynor refrains from sighing in relief at his ability to ask such a vulnerable question.
“Do you deserve to be happy, James?”
He looks at her with wide eyes still glassy from his tears. His mind flashes back to you cheering for him and throwing your arms around him in celebration at his tiny victories, and he swallows hard.
“I think I do.”
Raynor smiles “I think so too.”
He lets out a shaky breath, taking in her words. Her permission.
“People are allowed to make mistakes. If others are, so are you. When you fuck up, you swallow your pride and apologise. You’re not the only one struggling with that.” Raynor explains “If you want someone to know you care, you don’t talk about them like they aren’t special because your pride is more important. It isn’t. Who you lie to isn’t my concern, until you start lying to yourself.”
Bucky nods as he processes all of her words, realising that his vulnerability allowed his therapist to finally give him the answers he has been looking for since he started his sessions with her.
“People have hurt you in every way possible and you have every right to be cautious. I’d be a lot more worried if you weren’t. But when an honest, kind person shows up and eventually expects you to open up… it’s a loss if you don’t. In the long run, it won’t allow you to be the good man that you undeniably are, Barnes.”
“Are you talking about my roommate?” He asks with a weak smile.
“I was talking about myself, actually.” She teases, making a genuine smile appear on his features this time “But if she’s the person that you thought of first, I think you have something to do.”
Bucky swallows hard and folds his hands together as he looks down at the ground “She’s really special.”
Raynor smiles “I can tell.”
“But she’s my roommate…”
“Yes, she is.”
Roaming through his bedroom aimlessly, Bucky thinks over Raynor’s words from earlier that day. Foolishly thinking he could outrun you forever, his heart leaps out of his chest when you pounce loudly onto his bedroom door. He holds his breath in an attempt to go unnoticed, cursing to himself silently that years and years of his training as the Winter Soldier escapes him when it comes to you.
“Bucky. Open the door, or I swear I’ll kick it down.” He hears your voice muffled through the wooden structure and he squeezes his eyes shut before putting his usual stoic expression back on and opening the door.
You barge in and shove your palms against his chest, shoving him backwards. Bucky actually loses his footing and stumbles a little, opening his mouth to tell you to stop before you give him another shove. He rolls his eyes and grabs your wrists, pulling them apart as he holds them up. Gritting your teeth, you try to pry your hands from him, but to no avail.
You have been simmering long enough and the bomb he lit is ready to burst. Sick of your anxiety ridden brain taking you in loops, you’re ready for some clarity from the man in front of you
“You fucking asshole! It was all a mistake?! You think you can say things like that to me, without me wanting to kill you dead and burn your corpse after?!” You scream in his face and he actually bites back a smile at your explosion towards him.
He sighs and waits for you to stop struggling against him “I never said all of it was a mistake.”
“You did.”
“I didn’t.”
“You d-”
“Would you shut up, woman?!” Bucky growls and you freeze at his harsh tone of voice, closing your mouth as you look at him with wide eyes. “Therapy was a mistake. Exposing you to my shit. That was the mistake.”
Bucky finally drops your hands and you rub your wrists to soothe your slightly irritated skin from his harsh grip. He notices the discomfort from your arms and runs his hand through his hair in frustration, walking around you and pacing through the room. The room falls silent as both of you assess the situation quietly.
“Why did you tell your therapist we had sex?”
“I didn’t tell her. And we didn’t by the way.” He clears up, eyes connecting with you to make his point before continuing his pacing through the small space. You watch him pace around the room and sit down at the foot of his bed.
Something was keeping you from leaving, from trying to pretend nothing is going on. Maybe it’s your usual impatience, the impatience you always hid from your patients. The impatience that makes you want to fix Bucky -like yesterday. The impatience that is sick and tired of waiting for Bucky to get his shit together and tell you what’s going on between you.
“Why does your therapist know about us?”
Bucky sighs and starts chewing his bottom lip nervously as his eyes dart around the room. You can tell he’s feeling cornered and normally you would back off, but you are in this as much as he is and you’re done giving him the special treatment. If he’s man enough to make you come four times while calling the guy you’re seeing to listen in, he should be man enough to be honest for once.
“She asked.”
“About us?”
“About my roommate.”
“-which is me.”
“I told her because I don’t know what to do, okay?!” Bucky exclaims exasperated, throwing his hands in the air when he stops pacing and turns to you.
“Do with what?” You ask quietly, looking up at him curiously as your fingers grip his soft duvet and your ankles hook around each other while you sit.
“With you.” He breathes in defeat, his hands ushering to your entire body. “With my roommate. Who is mindblowingly beautiful by the way and seems to somehow know exactly what I need and when I need it.” You stay quiet as you listen to his words. You are sure you have never heard him say this many words. “Everyone I know tip-toes around me. They think I’ll cry or turn back into the Winter Soldier. You don’t care. About any of it. You’re nice, because you are a nice person. Not because you have to be.”
“No!” He interrupts you and you immediately quiet down “You flipped my world upside down. You’re so calm, so goddamn homey, that my nightmares vanished. And just when I thought you were the kindest person to ever live, you showed me that you don’t ever take my shit. You’ll put me in my place and hold me accountable for my actions.”
Listening intently to his words, you realise you had no idea how much he noticed your behaviour towards him. Some of it was intentional, because you know how to deal with traumatised people, but most of it was because you treated him like you would anyone.
But then there was the part about him calling you beautiful...
“You think I’m pretty?” You ask him and his eyes almost pop out of his skull at your question, surprised that's the part you picked up on. He studies your adorable face and he finds out that you are seriously waiting for a genuine answer.
Heaving a deep sigh, he walks over and kneels down in front of you. Putting his warm palms over your knees, your eyes connect with his. His beautiful, blue, Bambi-like eyes.
“You don’t?”
You shrug indecisively and his entire body slumps as an empathetic smile crosses his face. His flesh hand raises to cup your face and goosebumps rise all the way up to your cheeks at his touch.
“I almost backed out of moving here because I knew I’d try to hit on you. Couldn’t exactly tell anyone that, so I let everyone force me into living here. I eventually decided it’d be for the best to just find another place." He shrugs and sighs, "But then you called me to ask if I’d made my choice yet. I heard your voice -your sweet fucking voice- and I just said yes. I guess somewhere along the way I told myself there was nothing going on... But you just feel like home.”
He drawls out your name the way that makes your heart leap “The bed is nice. The pictures are lovely. But you make this home.”
You’re at a loss for words. But the silence between the two of you is comfortable, so you don’t feel the need to fill it. Raising your hands, you press your hands to his chest, stroking over his muscular pecks slowly and tapping your fingers gently up his neck. Gently grazing over his thick stubble, your eyes drop to his mouth. You trace your index finger over his soft, pink lips and you study his features attentively.
“Are you still mad at me?” He whispers, his lips moving against your finger his warm breath flushing against your skin.
You shake your head, your eyes meeting his again “Apparently the only reason I’ll actually be mad at you is if you don’t make me orgasm.”
A raspy chuckle leaves his lips and your hands drop down to his chest again as he traces his thumb over your cheek bone.
”What am I going to do about you?” He asks, shaking his head with admiration dancing in his eyes.
You grin at him and sink your teeth into your lower lip. Just as you’re about to lean in and give in to his tempting lips, a loud ringing sound penetrates through the room. You fight the urge to let out a giggle at Bucky’s annoyed grunt and he fishes his phone out of his pocket, answering immediately.
“Sam.” He snaps into the phone. “Shit… Fuck. Oh, yeah. I forgot. Lost track of time. We’ll come. Yes. Sorry.” He mutters and hangs up before shoving his phone into his pocket again. “The party. We were supposed to meet Sam and his date at his house and-”
“We..?” You ask.
“Yeah, you agreed to come.”
“I did?”
“You might have been high on orgasms…. But yes. You did.” Bucky pushes up from his kneeling position and grabs your hand to lift you up with him. “Get to your room and wear something classy.”
Arching and unimpressed brow at him and crossing your arms over your chest, you hide how hot it makes you that he orders you around “You can say please.”
Bucky smirks and walks over, his soft presence from a few minutes ago completely gone. Wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you flushed against him, he slides his large hands down to the curve of your ass and squeezes. You let out a soft yelp and he smirks at your response.
“Get dressed.” He orders and spins to towards his door, but not before leaving a smack on your ass and throwing the door shut behind you after.
Stroking your hands over the black fabric, you admire your reflection. You’re ashamed to admit just how much effort you put into your appearance for tonight. Wearing the black dress Bucky saw you in before your date, you wanted to look perfect for him. Not necessarily thinking you do look perfect, you definitely tried to.
You’re nervous. Actually nervous. This might very well be Bucky’s and your first unofficial date and you know for a fact that you are going home with him tonight.
But how is it that every time you and Bucky are completely honest and finally reveal your true colours to each other, you’re always left with more questions than before? Bucky and you liking each other and both being pretty sure it's mutual, is like a massive elephant in the room.
The sound of your name being called by your favourite voice pulls you from deep thought and you take a deep breath before grabbing your purse and walking out of your room. You halt when you see him dressed in a perfectly tailored, navy-blue suit with his chestnut-coloured hair bringing out his light tan.
Bucky’s chest tightens and his throat goes completely dry when he sees you. Eyes trailing shamelessly up and down your body, he takes in the shape of your legs, that fucking dress he loves so much and your adorable and beautiful face.
“Jesus Christ.” He mutters and walks over to you. Reaching out his hands to your face but stopping himself half-way, he clenches his jaw tightly. “Fuck. If I touch you now, I won’t be able to stop.”
Your frown at him angrily and shake your head “Then don’t fucking stop.” You say breathlessly and dive forward, grabbing his face and pressing your lips to his.
Bucky lets out a deep chuckle against your mouth, but it doesn’t take him long to grab your waist and pull you as closely as possible. Your arms wrap around his neck, standing even further on your tiptoes than your heels push you and you moan into the kiss. Bucky answers with a groan and hoists you up against his large body, his metal arm clutched around your waist as his flesh hand tangles into your hair where it belongs.
The kiss is breathless and needy, both of you feeling like you have a year-long kiss to work into a miniscule minute. It is hasty and desperate, the way you grab at each other and whimper into the kiss, not allowing the other to break free from it as you fight for dominance.
You’re the one who breaks away from the kiss first, pressing your palms against his chest to prevent him from pulling you in again. “We really do have to go though. We’re already late.” You gasp, your entire body tense as it tries to calm down from that mind-blowing kiss you just shared.
Bucky swallows and nods in a daze, not quite sure what he’s agreeing to while his eyes stay trained on your swollen lips. He whines when you break away from his hold and make your way to the door. You giggle and order him over with your fingers. He follows your obediently and locks the apartment behind him.
“To be continued…” He promises and grabs your hand, lacing his fingers with yours and taking you along with him to meet Sam at a party he just wishes was already over.
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Fic Recs (9.25.21)
I wanted to share my favorite series/ one shots while I work on my own, please show some love to these amazing writers! These are in no particular order, some are older, others are more recent, all are amazingly well written. Previous Fic Rec
Method Acting (Series, Ongoing) by @kinanabinks (18+ Only)
Pairing: Frat!Steve x Reader Summary: “frat!steve and y/n are close friends, but the lines are starting to blur. if that isn’t confusing enough, enter beryl; a girl who’s hell-bent on making steve rogers hers, no matter what it takes.”
Couldn’t Be Me (Series, Ongoing) by @drunken-imagines
Pairing: College/ Fuck Boy!Bucky x Reader Summary: “college boy bucky”
Locked Out by @kayteewritessteve
Pairing: Firefighter!Steve x Reader Summary: “A much needed trip to the laundry room takes a turn for the worse when you realize you’ve locked yourself out of your apartment. The next move you make doesn’t play out quite like you’d hoped and ends up turning south, and fast. But, your luck starts to change when a neighbour finds you in a rather compromising position and offers his help.”
Astrophile (Series, Completed) by god herself @all1e23
Pairing: Firefighter/ Single Dad!Bucky x Bookstore Owner!Reader Summary: “Orion Rebecca Barnes's favorite thing in the whole world (besides her daddy of course) is spending hours after school in the bookstore by her house and the owner GIVES her any book she wants; she’s the coolest girl Orion has ever met. It doesn't take long for Bucky to notice his daughter’s sudden interest in constellations and the large stack of astrology related books piling up in her room. He’s spent her entire life trying to teach her about the stars and where her name came from with little interest from his little comet and all of sudden she’s in love. All thanks to the girl who owns the bookstore?”
Saving Grace (Series, Completed) by @revengingbarnes (18+ Only)
Pairing: Demon!Bucky x Angel!Reader Summary: “The reader loses her grace, loses everything she has ever known, and is cast down to Earth. Bucky is the demon who loves causing chaos in little human minds. What does he do when he happens upon a broken angel?”
2 Night Stand (Series, Ongoing) by @james-bucky-barnackle (18+ Only)
Pairing: Bucky x Reader Summary: “You found yourself at a club drinking away to forget about the stress of your shitty job as the assistant of the biggest Editor in New York, you end up hooking up with the man of your dreams only to wake up to a nightmare when you find out he’s the son of your boss.”
A Touch of Ink (Series, Completed) by @deamstellarus
Pairing: Single Dad/ Tattoo Artist!Bucky x Reader Summary: “After a breakup with your ex, you decided to move to the small town where your long-time friend Sam lives, hoping for a change of pace and starting a new chapter in your life. You were prepared for a slower paced lifestyle, quaint diners, and a change of scenery. However, you didn't expect to be swept off your feet by two stunning pairs of blue-grey eyes.”
Burn The Witch (Series, Completed) by @dreamwritesimagines (18+ Only?)
Pairing: Bucky x Spy!Reader Summary: “The mission was simple; get closer to the Winter Soldier and start a relationship with him to get the necessary information for your superiors to use. Everyone told you not to get your feelings involved. You should have listened.”
Real or Fake? By @tweedlydumbtweedlydoo
Pairing: Bucky x Reader Summary: “Nat and Steve try to set you and Bucky up by sending the two of you to be a fake couple on an undercover mission at a fancy gala. Will you two still be pretending by the end of the night?”
Blink Twice (Series, Ongoing) By @simmerandwrite
Pairing: Bucky x Reader Summary: “It was just an undetermined amount of time in a safehouse with a stranger: Bucky “I didn’t come here to make friends” Barnes himself. Would it really be all that different from your lonely life with your cat in the city? Bucky was basically a cat, anyway. He was quiet on his feet, only really made noise when it was dinner time, and you both seemed to just coexist without acknowledging each other. His mandate was to keep you safe. What could go wrong?”
The Stray By @bombsonboard
Pairing: Bucky x Reader Summary: “You make it a habit to feed the stray behind your building. Turns out someone else had the same idea, sickly meet cute ensues”
The Match (Series, Ongoing) By @babyboibucky (18+ Only)
Pairing: CEO!Bucky x Reader Summary: “You come across your boss’ Tinder profile.”
Untitled By @angrythingstarlight
Pairing: Construction Worker!Bucky x Reader Summary: “Beefy construction worker Bucky asking you out.”
The Boxer Next Door By @clints-lucky-arrow
Pairing: 1940’s Boxer!Bucky x Nurse!Reader Summary: “You haven't yet had the chance to introduce yourself to the group of young men who have moved in next door. Especially the handsome one who owns the bedroom window that faces your own. However, on a busy night working in the hospital's emergency room, that chance unexpectedly presents itself.”
Mel’s Cafe By @riverevelations
Pairing: Bucky x Reader Summary: “when a new dark-haired beauty makes his way into your daily life, he becomes the muse for your art. eventually, he becomes the muse for your feelings, as well.”
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Movie Night - B.B.
Tumblr media
Summary: Bucky invites the new, shy team member to family movie night.
Warnings: swearing, mentions of traumatic pasts?, awful comedy - like really bad, and a truck load of fluff.
Word count : 3,100
A/n: AHHH this is so much fluff, this is only my third fic so lemme know if you guys like it and send me an ask or private message if you have any ideas or requests for future fics! Xx
Please do not translate on steal any of my works! Reblogs and likes are welcome and much appreciated if you would like! X
"Ok movie night" Tony announced dramatically as he entered the kitchen, arms thrown in the air with a swagger in his step.
Bucky rolled his eyes at Tony's usual theatrics.
"Alright take it down a notch Gatsby, theres no paparazzi in here" Nat grumbled with a bored expression as she walked past him to put the orange juice back in the fridge. Sam snorted and Tony simply brushed past her comment waltzing over to the booze cabinet.
"Meet back here in 20 minutes with snacks and blankets, I'll handle the drinks" he said lifting up a bottle of vodka.
"All I heard was drinks" Nat shrugged grabbing a bag of skittles and heading straight over to the couch, where she not-so-graciously flopped down onto a cushion.
"I'll bring the pop tarts!" Thor boomed.
Sam made a beeline for the cabinet that they keep specifically stocked for nights like this. "SAM NO! The oreos are mine!" Clint yelled as he made a mad dash for said cabinet knocking over a barstool on the way. Bruce looked at them, then to the barstool that lay on the kitchen floor, and with a defeated sigh turned and left to join Nat on the couch.
"Hey Steve" Bucky said quietly to his best friend. "Where's y/n?"
"Uh probably in her room, why?" He replied
"Uh- well, it's just she never really joins us for any team thing, and, i don't know, maybe she feels left out.. or something, m-maybe one of us should go get her?"
He asked sheepishly, worrying that Steve would catch on to his very obvious crush that he definitely didn't have on you.
Steve smiled, "that's really sweet Buck, I mean i assumed she just wasn't really a people person but, maybe she's just shy? It's worth asking"
"Ya think? What if she just hates us, what if she feels awkward saying no"
"Buck i'm sure she doesn't hate us, she's been through a lot, you understand that better than anyone, she's probably just shy, plus she's only been here two weeks, she might feel awkward joining in on our team things, she just needs someone to let her know that she's more than welcome"
Bucky contemplates Steve's words before nodding his head and turning to head to your room.
You had come to the compound a couple weeks ago after the team rescued you from a Hydra base in Russia. The team had all been very nice to you, but you hadn't seen much of them as you weren't a fan of coming out of your room all that much. You weren't really used to normal human interaction, since you were taken by Hydra at such a young age. The team figured they'd give you a settling period, let you get used to your surroundings so you felt more comfortable before they started bombarding you, after all, when Bucky first arrived at the compound he basically didn't talk to anyone that wasn't Steve.
However, Bucky also knew how lonely that time had been, he knows now that team didn't talk to him so much because they didn't want to make him uncomfortable but he didn't know then and he always felt it would've been nice if someone had just offered. So, he figured, if you said no then that was fine but it would be nice to at least offer.
He made his way nervously to your room. He waited outside for a moment going over what he would say, then, hesitantly knocked on your door. He heard soft foot steps on the other side of the door but as soon as the door opened, everything he planned on saying went out of his head. You were wearing a cozy outfit, joggers and a t-shirt that appeared to have some sort of constellation on the front, along with a pair of fuzzy grey socks. Bucky couldn't help but think about how it would feel to snuggle up next to you in your adorable - seemingly tired - state.
You both stared wide-eyed at each other for a moment. Him not knowing what to say, and you shocked to see someone at your door.
"Uh hey" Bucky said quietly after a moment of awkward silence.
"Hi" you said, so quietly he probably would have missed it if it weren't for his super soldier hearing.
It was the first time Bucky had heard you speak, and after just one word he knew he wanted to hear more. He took a second to compose himself, deciding it was best to start explaining why he had randomly shown up at your door after never having had an actual conversation, besides what he said to you the day he carried you out of the hydra base, barely still breathing.
"I uh, I was w-wondering if you wanted to.. join us for team movie night? It's totally fine if you don't want to or if you just don't feel comfortable yet, I completely get it, I just thought I would ask in case you thought you weren't welcome or something, there's like snacks n stuff and you can bring a blanket if you- well, I mean that's if you decide to come but you don't have to.. if you.. don't want to" He trailed off at the end suddenly aware of his mindless rambling. He didn't want to scare you away before you'd even agreed to join them.
You looked at him, still in shock, although thinking it was really nice of him to go out of his way to come find you and ask if you wanted to come.
"Um y-yeah, that'd be nice, uh o-only if everyones ok with it, i d-don't wanna intrude or anything..." you mumbled, barely audible and looking everywhere but directly into his eyes.
"No no of course not, no it would be great, we'd love you to join us!" He was quick to make sure you knew you were welcome but cringed at the sound of him seeming way to enthusiastic. "Uh you can come now with me, or- or you could make your way down in like 10 minutes for when we start".
It was then that you finally let yourself meet his eye only to see the most beautiful crystal blue orbs staring back at you. You blinked a couple times trying to break out of your daze.
"Is- uh can i go with you?" You asked terrified. Bucky almost thought he saw tears in your eyes, which immediately left him feeling guilty, was he making you uncomfortable?
"Of course you can doll, uh shall we go"
You nod, shyly, and start to shuffle out of your room as Bucky turns to make his way back to the common area, checking every few seconds to make sure you're still behind him.
You hesitate once you reach the entrance of the common area and see the rest of the team, hustling around. Tony mixing up drinks, Steve trying to calm down Clint and Sam who were still fighting over a packet of oreos, Nat, Bruce and Vision carrying a casual conversation over on the couches, Thor was sat on a bean bag on the floor surrounded by blankets, a box of strawberry pop tarts in hand, already happily munching away, Wanda launching a pillow and Nat's head as she watches her try to slip into her usual spot on the smaller couch to the right of the big screen.
They clearly had a family dynamic - I mean chaotic as hell, but still family and you felt bad intruding on that, plus the fact that just being around people after so long scared you quite a bit.
Bucky sensed your hesitation, and knowing how you felt after his own experience thought it would be best to just be supportive as he eased you in.
He offered his hand to you as a symbol of reassurance rather than giving you a lecture about how everyone is very welcoming. He knew from previous experience, that those talks often didn't help. He also knew very well that Steve was just trying his best when he'd give Bucky one of 'those talks' but it's easier said than done when your walking into a long time family.
He gave you a soft smile, and you gently took his hand, surprising both him and yourself. You knew a little about Bucky's past and you guessed you just found comfort in him knowing he had a very similar experience. Bucky took it as a victory that you trusted him enough to let him lead you into the chaotic common area hand in hand.
He first brought you to the kitchen which was less crowded now that Steve had finally got Sam and Clint to compromise and just 'share the goddamn cookies'. Now only Steve and Tony stood in the kitchen.
You hid yourself slightly behind Bucky as you approached the counter.
"Oh hey kid, glad you made it" he smiled at you then continued on to the living room area, drink in hand. You felt yourself relax slightly, you were very grateful that he didn't make a huge deal out of it, and seemed very welcoming.
You softly and timidly returned his smile.
Steve brought his head out of the cabinet he was rummaging through to see Bucky and a very scared looking you, just behind him, holding his hand. He was surprised, first to see that Bucky had actually gone through with asking you and that you had agreed to come, and also at the fact that you were holding hands, but he decided to brush past that for now, clearly taking note of your discomfort.
"Hey y/n, your here for movie night I assume"
You nodded your head with a timid smile.
"That's great, well then welcome to your first of many" he said with a warm smile. "Thanks" you said quietly. He nodded with a beaming smile then wandered of to join the rest of the team.
Bucky let go of your hand as he went over to the snack cabinet. "You want anything to eat or drink?"
"Oh uh no that's ok, thanks though" you replied quietly.
Bucky just smiled while reaching up to grab a bag of popcorn, he poured some into a bowl before walking over to you, and with a comforting hand resting gently on your lower back you made your way over to the team. Bucky, once again sensing your discomfort, sat down on the large L shaped couch that took up the majority of the space, he sat in the corner of the couch since less people seemed to be crowded there and gently tapped the space next to him. You immediately followed happy to be able to sit by Bucky where you felt more comfortable. He smiled as you sat down.
The team acknowledged your presence with a simple, but pleasant chorus of "hey"'s and "glad you could make it"'s. They all seemed to pick up on your nervous demeanour and acted accordingly which you really appreciated you were not up for a whole lot of attention right now. Well all but Thor, bless him, who didn't seem to quite pick up on your fear as he boomed, "Welcome lady y/n, how pleasant that you are here for your first movie night"
If looks could kill, Thor would be six feet under, as Bucky glared literal daggers at him. He'd made progress with you and desperately didn't want to scare you off now. There were a few eye rolls and a definite face palm from Clint.
"Calm down Thor, you're gonna freak her out" Wanda reprimanded him from her place behind him on the couch, although quietly.
Of course the poor guy was just trying to be sweet so was a bit confused at the reaction he got from the rest of the team.
"Hi Thor" you said, barely above a whisper and not looking up from your hands. In all honesty the team were a little shocked but they didn't want to make you even more uncomfortable so they just moved on, although Thor was beaming.
"Ok who turn is it to pick, ive lost track" Tony says, margarita in hand, diverting the teams attention back to the matter at hand.
"Why don't we let y/n pick?" Bucky speaks up.
Theres a chorus of approvals from the rest of the team and they all turn to look at you expectantly whilst you turn to Bucky with terrified wide eyes like a deer caught in the headlights.
"Oh no no thats ok i don't really know any" you replied, barely audible as you looked down at your hands in your lap.
Bucky sensed your discomfort but he was determined to make you feel welcome and a part of the family because he knows from personal experience how hard it can be, and at least he had Steve when he came to the compound, you had no one.
"That's ok, how about I scroll through some of these and you just point to one of the pictures you like the look of?" He replied quietly.
You looked up at him and hesitantly nodded your head. "Uh ok yeah"
Nat chucked the remote over to Bucky and he started slowly scrolling, waiting for you to point one out.
You had no idea where to start, you hadn't watched a movie since you probably only 4 years old. You were overwhelmed and worried that no one would like what you picked but also very wary that they were all looking at you, waiting for you to make a decision. You pointed to the very next one that came up which happened to be a picture of a girl in a pink dress, but what caught your attention was the small dog standing next to her in a... pink sweater? Why was there a dog wearing clothes? You'd never seen that before.
Bucky stopped scrolling when he saw you pointing at the screen. He looked to where you pointed and read the title.
"Legally Blonde?"
He looked to you for confirmation.
"Uh, yeah i guess, i-if everyones ok with that we can choose som-"
"Hell no, I love this movie!" Sam yelled excitedly. "Great choice y/n" he smiled at you.
You stared at him wide eyed for a second, and once you got over the shock, sheepishly smiled back at him.
"YES! I was going to pick this next week" Wanda squealed, getting comfortable in her spot on the couch.
You turned to Bucky with a soft, grateful smile on your face, that he then returned.
Bucky started the movie, then held his bowl of popcorn out towards you. You weren't exactly hungry but he was being so good to you, and you felt bad refusing his offer.
You took a handful with a small smile and turned you attention back to the screen that had started blaring a loud, cheerful tune.
Just a few minutes later you felt your self shiver as you'd left your room forgetting a blanket and without your sweater. Bucky immediately took notice of this and was quick to find a way to make you comfortable again, not that you would ever mention you were cold, but that just gave Bucky more reason to help you. He reached over to Wanda and swiftly snatched her blanket that was loosely draped over her legs. She was about to protest but Bucky stopped her with a glare that shifted to pleading eyes when he nodded his head towards you, who was still paying full attention to the screen and hadn't noticed the blanket war behind you. Wanda still looked pretty pissed, but also understood that Bucky was just trying to be sweet to you, even if it was at the expense of her warmth, so she let it go and turned her attention back to the movie.
Bucky got to work, carefully tucking the blanket around you. You jumped for second but relaxed and gave Bucky a soft smile in thanks to what he was so kindly doing. Wanda looked over at the rustling, witnessing the very adorable scene, of Bucky with his tongue sticking out in concentration, making sure the blanket was perfectly placed around you and that you were no longer cold. She just smiled and turned back to the movie, suddenly not so mad about her blanket being viciously ripped away from her.
It was about half way through the movie when you started to feel your eyes grow heavy. You hadn't been sleeping well since arriving at the compound, understandably after what you went through with Hydra. You fought it off for a while not wanting to seem rude but one look down at Thor snoring with his mouth hanging open, half eaten pop tart in his open palm, you let your eyes stayed closed longer each time you blinked until eventually you fell into a deep sleep.
Bucky hadn't even noticed until he felt your head drop against his shoulder. It startled him at first, thinking it was you trying to get his attention, wanting to leave, but immediately relaxed as he saw the peaceful look on you face as you slept. He smiled down at you. He knew if you slept like that your neck would be agony by the time you woke up so he adjusted your position on the couch, moving his arm around you and ever so carefully and gently moved your head to rest on his chest, he manoeuvred the blanket so that it now wrapped around you both. He checked to make sure you were still asleep before turning his attention back to the movie. Only this didn't last long as he found himself staring down at you adoringly and eventually, he too felt himself slip into a dreamless sleep.
As the end credits rolled the team, or those that were still awake anyway- started to move about. Wanda gently woke up Thor whilst Nat not-so-gently woke up Clint, with a splash of water to his face. Clint woke with a start about to have a hissy fit but Nat stopped him by shoving a pillow over his face.
"SHUSH you'll wake them up" she smirked, knowing that she'd got away with her little stunt.
Clint moved the pillow from his face giving Nat a glare before turning his head to see who she was referring to.
Over in the corner of the couch you and Bucky laid, tangled together, both in a peaceful sleep.
The rest of the team looked over, there was a wonderful silence for a moment as they took in the adorable scene in front of them, only for that moment to be ruined as they here the loud unmistakeable 'click' of a phone camera. All heads turn to Steve with a mix of pissed off and disappointed expressions as they watch the mighty Captain America, get into a pathetic wrestling match with his phone as he madly scrambles to cover the noise and turn his phone off. His phone ends up dropping into a bowl of popcorn on the table in front of him, and he freezes with a sheepish look on his face.
"Oh For god sake old man, would it kill you to just be quiet and stop being all proud best friend for one fucking second!" Tony whisper shouted to an apologetic looking Steve.
"Should we wake them?" Bruce whispered.
"Nah leave them, it's sweet" Nat whispered back.
They all started to quietly leave and just as Steve turned to go, Sam came from behind him and slapped him on the shoulder. "Don't worry old man, I got the photo" Sam whispered with a smug smirk as he strolled past Steve and off to his room.
Steve took one last look at the two of you curled up together on the sofa. He was happy for you both, after everything you both went through with Hydra, he was glad you'd found each other.
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thepokyone · 2 days ago
Rainy Nights
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x gn!Reader
Warnings: fluff
Words: 1.2k
A/N: Something soft for you guys. Give me more gentle love confessions and drowsy mornings. Thanks for the request, anon, I think it turned out so cute and was nice to write after the all the angst I've done lately. Bucky calls the reader "doll" but the fic is gender neutral. Enjoy, everyone!
The rain had been billowing down in sheets for hours, thunder rolling every few minutes. Your street (and probably half of the city) was swamped, but you were safely on the third floor of your apartment building and free to curl up under a blanket and watch Netflix to your heart's content.
Until the power shut off, that is.
"Damn it," you groaned, tossing the remote aside and going to rummage in your drawers for a candle. It wasn't particularly cold out, so you weren't concerned about freezing, but being without power was always less than ideal.
You had just located a candle that had probably seen better days and was on the hunt for your meager stash of matches when your phone rang.
"Hey Buck, what's up?" you asked, holding the phone to your ear with your shoulder as you pulled open another drawer to search through.
"Nothing too good. Your power out, too?" he asked. The two of you shared an apartment building, though his apartment was on the ground floor.
"Yeah. I'm looking for matches for my candle, I could swear I had some around somewhere," you said. "You need something?"
"Kind of. I hate to impose, but my place is starting to flood and I don't fancy having to wade through three inches of water to reach my fridge," Bucky said.
"Of course you're welcome here, you don't even have to ask. Come on up whenever. And bring matches if you have them, I'm starting to think I don't own any after all," you said. You had a vague memory of attempting to create a s'more using the last of your matches two months ago.
"Sure, I'll be up in a few. Thanks, Y/N," he said, ending the call. You gave up your fruitless search for matches and unlocked your door so Bucky could let himself in, which he did a few minutes later.
"Shouldn't leave your door unlocked, I could be a murderer," Bucky called from the hall where he was kicking off his wet shoes. "Well- oh, you know what I mean."
"I'm not sure any murderers would announce their presence in my apartment first," you said, snickering. "Especially not with the fearsome Winter Soldier downstairs, cursing out his wet carpet-"
"Oh, shut up," Bucky said good-naturedly, setting down a bottle of wine on the counter and tossing his bag in one of the chairs around your kitchen table. "Otherwise I won't give you the matches."
"You're so mean to me," you said, lighting the candle with the matches Bucky tossed you as he opened the bottle of wine. "Glasses are on the top shelf."
"Is that your way of asking me to get them?" he asked, grinning.
"Unless you want to see me do parkour on my kitchen counters, yes," you responded, discarding the used match.
He laughed. "I would love to see that, actually."
"You're the worst," you said, also laughing, and took the glass of wine he offered you. "I'm sure you do this for all the girls."
"You're the only one for me, doll." Bucky smiled at you, the one that made you fall for him in the first place, and you wished he meant it.
You sipped your wine and changed the subject. "How bad is the flooding?"
"Well, I can't sleep there, that's for sure," Bucky said with a grimace. "Figured I'd get out of your hair once it gets late and go find a hotel."
"Don't be ridiculous, Bucky, you're not going to go out in this to find a hotel. You can stay with me. It'll be a sleepover," you said, sighing at his skeptical expression. "This is what best friends do, Bucky."
"Steve and I never had sleepovers. Well, we did once, but-"
"Ha! See? Sleepovers and cheap wine are a sleepover tradition," you said.
"We were seven," Bucky laughed. "But since you insist, I guess I'll stay. I'll take the couch- I'm not kicking you out of your own bed."
"Bucky, you could never fit on my couch," you said with a laugh. Your couch was tiny, only just big enough to seat two people and not nearly large enough for him to stretch out on. "We can just share my bed."
He almost choked on his drink. "Share? I don't want to make you uncomfortable, this is your place. Really, I would be fine sleeping on the floor."
"Don't be ridiculous, you wouldn't make me uncomfortable. It's more than big enough for both of us. We can put some pillows in the middle if it makes you feel better," you said.
Bucky glanced at your small couch and nodded. "Well, alright. But if you get uncomfortable-"
"I won't, but if I do, I'll kick you straight to the floor," you said, grinning at him.
"That's what I like to hear," he said with a laugh.
The two of you spent the rest of the evening playing board games (you lost spectacularly at Monopoly), using your phones to take Buzzfeed quizzes (Bucky was Rye bread), and drinking the bottle of wine. The rain had slowed to a drizzle by the time midnight rolled around and both your phones were dead.
You used a flickering flashlight to stumble into your bedroom, Bucky bumping into you from behind. "Sorry," he mumbled, but the warmth you could feel from his body told you he was still close behind.
After you changed into pajamas, it took several minutes for the two of you to get situated in your bed. There was a measly one pillow between you, as you didn't have many extra, and it was strange sharing your bed with another person. Still, between the wine and Bucky's breathing beside you, it wasn't long before you drifted off to sleep.
You woke feeling cozily warm, the light streaming through your windows rousing you from sleep. For a little while you were caught in that period between dream and waking, when you didn't consider how Bucky's arm was around your waist, drawing you back into his chest or how his thumb was rubbing gentle circles into your skin.
When you woke up fully, blinking against the sunshine that flooded your room, Bucky's soft breathing was tickling your neck. "Buck," you mumbled, unsure if he was still asleep.
"'m awake," he said, and you could feel his voice rumbling in his chest.
"What happened to the pillow?" you asked quietly. You were both speaking at a volume barely above a murmur, as if using normal volume would shatter the moment the two of you were dwelling in.
"Screw the pillow," Bucky said, nosing your neck and pulling you even closer to his chest. "Like this better."
You trailed your fingers down his metal arm, feeling him shudder, and smiled. "Me too."
"Be mine," he murmured, his metal hand catching yours and twining your fingers together. "Please, doll."
"Course, if it means I get to wake to this every morning," you said, squeezing his hand.
"You only love me for my cuddles," he whined, a smile in his voice.
You released his hand, rolling over to face him. "I love you for you."
"Love you too," he said, dipping down to gently press his lips to yours.
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kikix36 · a day ago
Hi- may I ask for an angst-mix with Bucky x reader: she had her share of abusive/toxic relationships in her past, but it was nothing she spoke of, and not now when she had James. It wasnt like she thought she was gonna be triggered again, not by him, any other guy- buy not her Bucky! Some tiny bickering evolved to a large dispute, and before she knew what was happening, she shied away from him, making herself small, awaiting the blow - that never came... And instead she was overcome by shame...
Pasts and Apologies
Bucky x reader
Word count - 3k
Warnings - Mentions of domestic abuse from ex, some descriptions of abuse, angst, trauma
A/n - Okay I definitely went hard on the angst for this one. I kinda just went off on one so not so much bickering and more just a full blown argument but I've been feeling kinda angsty lately so I kinda accidentally made this darker than I expected. Please read the warnings and do not read if you think this could trigger you.
Love had not been kind to you before Bucky. Every decent memory of your ex was clouded with uncertainty, you would walk on eggshells around him, terrified that saying the wrong thing would set him off and you'd be calling Sam again, sobbing down the phone, cradling another bruise at the hands of your 'partner'.
You were together for years, devoted to and unconditionally in love with the man that you had met in high school. Childhood sweethearts.
He always was quick to anger and he wasn't shy about that. He never had any issues with shouting at you when you pissed him off, just as he never had issues with shouting at his mother or younger brother, but at the time, you had always stood up for yourself and defended the poor woman, making him apologise, and he let you, he always let you clean up his messes.
The first few years were spent in ignorant bliss, you constantly ignored the fear that would creep up your spine when he got angry, but you could manage a screaming match or two, you could manage it all because you loved him, you depended on him despite that he wasn't at all dependable.
The arguments were tough, but you never expected it to go further than that, but eventually, it did.
The first time he was physically aggressive was on his 22nd birthday. He had insisted that he spend his birthday with his friends, calling it a guys night, and you were fine with that, you knew how handsy he got when he was with his friends anyway, so you spent the day with him instead, making sure to keep him happy and spoilt rotten.
As the night crept on, you had tried to wait up for him to return, just as he had asked, but as it passed 3am you decided that he wouldn't mind you going to bed since you had work the next day, so you crawled into bed and fell asleep, a mistake, at the time, you didn't know you had made.
When he returned half an hour later to see you unconscious, he woke you up with his shouting, angry that you hadn't stayed up for him, convinced that you were ruining his night on purpose. The loud awakening was enough alone to trigger your fight or flight but when he threw the duvet off you and grabbed your ankle so tightly you knew a bruise would form, you were terrified. He dragged you off the bed and pushed you towards the door, telling you to fuck off, and you did, tears streaming down your face as you laid awake on the couch till morning.
It only got worse from there, when he realised that he could hurt you and get away with it, it became his favourite past time, he'd look for reasons to shout at you, make you do things that would piss him off just so he'd have a reason to be cruel.
When Sam started noticing dark bruises on your skin, he was livid, and despite how often you'd try to convince him that it's just clumsiness, Sam knew better.
There were rare days that you would have long conversations with Sam, you'd talk about how you'd lost all your friends and distanced yourself from your family but you didn't blame your abuser, you blamed only yourself, and Sam would beg you to leave him but you'd be sobbing in his arms, telling him that you still loved the man who hurt you, that he didn't really mean to hurt you and you'd feel even more guilt if you ever got him in trouble for it.
It was a long and hard journey, but the moment you told Sam that you wanted out, he was there for you, offering you to stay at his place and helping you call the cops. He gave you all the resources he could possibly find through the VA and set you up with an amazing therapist and eventually you were living in your own place, talking to old friends again, and filing a restraining order against your ex.
It was nearly two years later when you met him. Introduced through Sam, you met the love of your life on a Sunday. He was quiet and focused, with hard eyes scanning the room, looking for escape routes, analysing people's faces.
You smiled gently at him when you met, opting for a small nod in greeting instead of a handshake. You stayed near him for the remainder of the gathering, not pressuring him to speak to you, just sitting in silence. You were drawn to him, his behaviour was so similar to yours.
You knew what it felt like to want to just blend into the corner, to stay unnoticed, you understood the need to know how to escape a room, and you saw the way he hesitantly returned your smile and then struggled to chase his smile away once you had sat down beside him.
You and Bucky soon became each other's rocks, always there for the other on the hard days, days that you would spend just walking or reading together in calm silence. There was no doubt that the two of you loved each other, and after months and months of trying to hide longing glances and blushing cheeks, you finally confessed to each other, and the rest was history. You trusted him like you had never trusted anyone before.
As your relationship progressed, Bucky started to notice some strange things in your behaviour, how you'd always ask his permission for you to go out with friends, how you were always quick to apologise in any situation and distanced yourself from him when he was the slightest bit irritated.
He had tried to ask you about it, but you always changed the subject as soon as it was mentioned, ensuring him that it was nothing to worry about.
To tell the truth, you were embarrassed, you were ashamed that your ex still had this effect on you, and no matter how many times you told yourself that he would never, that your Bucky would never, your brain refused to allow you to believe it and you continued with the odd behaviour that you used as a defence mechanism when in the abusive relationship.
You never spoke out of line, you never asked him where or who he was going out with, and you never let small bickering escalate.
It was only after you had overheard Sam and Bucky in a heated conversation, Sam scolding Buck for being reckless and stupid during a mission, that you had your first argument with him.
You had called Sam while Bucky was at the store, convincing him to tell you what had happened and after a few minutes of guilt-tripping, Sam finally confessed that Bucky had practically ran into open fire, endangering himself in an attempt to shut down a Hydra base, it could've very easily been fatal, and it wasn't the first time something like this had happened.
You knew it was wrong, you knew you should've just asked Bucky about it, but you couldn't help yourself, and you knew that Bucky would've downplayed the whole situation.
When he returned home you were pacing up and down in the living room, chewing the inside of your cheeks and your nails to pieces because you could've lost him, Bucky could've died and he was acting as if it were nothing.
"Doll?" You could hear the worry in his voice as he placed the shopping bags on the kitchen counter and walked over to you, standing in front of you to stop your movement, pulling your hand from your mouth and kissing your knuckles.
It was supposed to calm you, and it almost did, but as his soft lips grazed your hand, and his eyes met yours, your mind kept wandering to the fact that he could've died.
This moment could've never happened, instead, you'd have Sam or Steve at your door, trying to deliver the news of their best friend's death, your lover.
"Honey speak to me" He looked utterly confused, but the look only made you feel angry.
How could he be so reckless?
"I just got off the phone with Sam."
He froze, eyebrows furrowing and taking a step away from you, waiting for you to explain.
Your gaze didn't move from the floor, trying to even out the anger and worry rushing through you, settling like a heavy rock in your stomach.
"He told me about the missions, about how you've been acting."
"What do you mean, how I've been acting?" He scoffed, sounding offended, and you sighed.
"How reckless you've been acting. Sam said that Tony's considering pulling you out of missions! How many times have you endangered yourself like this? How many times is it gonna take for you to realise that you could fucking die out there, James."
Your voice was stern, and the tone felt foreign against your tongue. Bucky's kept his face hard, refusing to show any emotion, but you could see the way his jaw clenched harshly, eyes glued to the corner of the room, ignoring your fiery glare.
"Were you ever going to tell me? I thought that all the injuries you got were fairly normal for the jobs you do, but when I hear that you run into open fire, that you make decisions on your own before talking to your team, that you've gotten fucking stabbed in the past, and you never told me, how do you expect me to react?"
He sighed heavily through his nose, jaw ticking in annoyance towards his friend, angry that he had told you even though it wasn't his place.
"I told him not to tell you." His voice was gruff, the words spoken harshly under his breath and you felt your anger flair again.
"What and you think that's okay?!"
His gaze shot to yours, looking at you incredulously.
"Bucky we're partners! You're supposed to tell me this shit, you're supposed to tell me when you've nearly died on a mission, you're supposed to trust me."
"You think I don't trust you?!" His voice was slightly raised and you felt your annoyance spike, "I didn't tell you because I didn't want you to worry."
"Of course I'm gonna worry, James. This is a big deal, I can't believe you've been getting seriously injured and not telling me."
"Well, I don't think it's that big of a deal, Sam shouldn't have fucking told you. This wouldn't be happening if he had just kept his mouth shut, but no! Of course not!" Bucky's eyebrows were drawn in tight with annoyance, wishing you'd just drop the subject, "I'm not stupid, I know what I'm doing."
"What the hell do you mean 'You know what you're doing?' You know that you're not supposed to endanger yourself to complete a mission, yet you do it anyway. I'm glad Sam told me because otherwise, I doubt I'd ever find out!."
"I don't see how what I do on missions is anything to do with you. Sam is exaggerating. I'm fine!"
As Bucky's voice raised, you started to lose focus, flashbacks of your past echoing in your mind and in his annoyance, Bucky didn't notice the way your eyes had gone distant, losing sight of the man in front of you, the man you loved, and forming the image of the man you still see in nightmares, the man you're so terrified of seeing in the street that you haven't stepped foot in Queens since leaving him.
You could almost feel the sting of his palm against your cheek, the burn of his hand, tight around your wrist, and you tried to remind yourself that it wasn't real. It had been months since you'd had an episode, and your steps to control them were hard to find with the false image of your abuser so clear in front of you.
"Are you even listening to me?" The statement dragged you back to reality and you felt yourself calm when your eyes focused in on Bucky, reminding yourself that your ex wasn't here, that Bucky wasn't like that, he would never, but as he raised his arm to push his hair out of his face, everything flew out the window and in the moment, you were 21 again and you were sure he was going to hit you, your exes face flashing behind your eyes again.
You flinched, a gasp falling from your lips as your eyes squeezed shut and your head ducked down, breathing heavily through your nose as you awaited the hit.
Time slowed.
Bucky froze completely, his eyes wide and frantic as he quickly stumbled away from you, shaking his head as self-hatred ran through his veins, disgusted at himself for making you think even in the slightest, that he would ever hurt you.
"Doll?" He sounded absolutely broken.
Your head shot up, panic flooding through you when you realised what you had done and pain replacing the feeling when you saw the agony on Bucky's face.
"Y/n, I- I would never-" He kept his voice at a pained whisper, not wanting to scare you further as he stayed at a distance.
You collapsed to the floor, sitting on your knees as the weight of the situation pulled you down. Your hands raised to cover your mouth as a sob threatened to tear through you, so fucking ashamed of what had just happened, so fucking ashamed that your ex had done this to you, and you had let him for so long, ashamed that he still haunted you.
"Babydoll I-" He struggled to find the words, terrified that he had just lost you, wanting to reach out and hold you but scared shitless of hurting you more than he already had, "I don't know what- I'm so fucking sorry y/n, I can't- I can't even fathom the thought of-"
His voice trailed off, unable to even say the words and you felt your guilt tenfold.
"N-No Bucky, I'm sorry I thought-" You struggled to speak through your crying, hot tears flowing down your cheeks as you rocked yourself gently in an attempt to self-soothe.
"Why are you apologising honey? This is on me, this is-"
"No, it isn't, I promise Buck this isn't you, it's.." You couldn't get the words out, you couldn't tell him, "Just come here, please."
You wanted him to wrap his arms around you, you needed him to know that it wasn't him, you know the way his mind works and you knew that by now he would already be drowning in guilt and self-hatred.
"I don't think that I should. I don't want to hurt you, I can't- I can't hurt you" You smiled at him gently through your tears and your chin wobbled as you saw the tears running down his cheeks too.
"It's okay. I'm okay Bucky, I just- I-I need you over here, I need you - I need you to touch me. I need you."
He was over in an instant, falling to the floor beside you and letting out a huge sigh of relief when you instantly wrapped yourself around him, tucking your head into the crook of his neck and crawling into his lap, needing to be as close to him as possible, to rid the memories of the pain, to remind yourself that his touch is good, his touch is safe.
Arms enveloped you and he held you as tight as possible, the both of you crying.
After the two of you had calmed down and a comfortable silence enveloped you, Bucky knew he would have to break it.
"Why did you think that I would hit you?" He asked, his voice tentative and gentle and you sighed, knowing that it was time for you to tell him.
"I didn't, I don't, I promise."
You lifted your head from his shoulder but still stayed on his lap, instead, resting your forehead against his.
"Then why-?"
"I thought I was better, I-I thought it was all over but I just- I lost myself again. Everything got all foggy and I lost where I was and I just, I thought I was there but-" The floodgates opened again and you knew that Bucky had no clue what you were talking about but the words just kept coming.
Bucky's eyebrows were furrowed tightly and when your vague, confusing explanation only made his worry grow, he felt himself pulling you even tighter against him.
"Doll, Did someone hurt you? Is that why you're always walking on eggshells around me? Is that what the nightmares are about?" He struggled against the words, not wanting to say them because he didn't want to believe them and he watched in agony as you swallowed hard and nodded slowly, your hands coming to rest on the back of his neck as you continued to hold your forehead against his.
He refused to let his anger show, he wouldn't do that to you, especially with you so fragile, but he couldn't hide the pained shaky breath he let out at your confession, "Fuck, I'm so sorry. God, I'm so sorry that that happened to you. Was it your ex? Did he hurt you?"
You nodded again, doing your breathing exercises, and calming yourself so that you could explain your situation fully to your partner.
"I should've told you, I know, I just, I'm so angry that I'm still like this, I just wish it would all go away and I could forget about what he did. I thought I was better. I can't stand that I'm still so haunted by that asshole" Bucky nodded along as you spoke, brushing his fingers up and down your back to help calm you.
"It's okay, Doll. Things like that don't just go away. Believe me, I wish they did too, but things will get better, I promise you that. Thank you for telling me."
You scoffed in self-deprecation, "I should've told you ages ago."
"That doesn't matter, you've told me now, and I'm sure it wasn't easy, so thank you for sharing" His voice was so gentle, his hands caressing your back almost making you feel sleepy.
"And Buck?" He hummed in response, letting you know that he was listening, "About the mission thing, I'm just worried about you. I can't lose you, I need you, and I need you alive."
A gentle smile lifted his frown and he nodded in understanding, feeling bad for getting mad in the first place, and you leaned back, looking down at him, your hands playing with his hair.
"I know. I'm sorry for being an idiot, It's just so hard to look at them and remember what they did to me and know what they've done to so many innocent people and I just lose it, all rationality out the window" You nodded at him, understanding how painful some of the missions must be.
"I'm sorry I got so upset with you, and I'm sorry I went to Sam instead of talking to you. Don't be mad at him, I kinda forced him to tell me" You gave him a sheepish look and he breathed out a small laugh, his nose crinkling like you always loved.
"It's okay doll, I'm sorry for being so careless and hiding the stuff about the missions, I promise I'll be more careful, I gotta make sure I always come home to my sweet girl. And don't worry about Sam, you deserved to know and I know what you're like."
You tutted at him and he smiled in response, the adorable, loving look on his face making you pull him into the sweetest, softest kiss which he instantly returned.
After sitting together in each others embrace for a while, the yawns eventually started. You were both positively exhausted from all the emotions you had both just experienced so Bucky wrapped your legs around his waist and lifted you both from the floor, discarding the groceries still left in bags in the kitchen and carrying you to bed, holding you as close as physically possible as you both drifted off to sleep.
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jobean12-blog · 2 days ago
What's it like to be in the arms of a very beefy Bucky? 😳
Fall Love
Pairing: Bucky x reader
Word Count: 836
Summary: You and Bucky spend the evening on the porch swing during a thunderstorm...and there are apple cider donuts.
Author's Note: So I day dream about this, thank you for the ask lovely anon! It's really just a dream come true in every way and I hope I somewhat captured it here. ALSO, my beautiful friend Nix apparently reads my mind and sent me the GORGEOUS edit in the moodboard yesterday and I was like...well, that's perfect! Thank you so much @nix-akimbo Hope you all enjoy, thank you so very much for reading! Much love always! ❤❤❤ Divider by the lovely @imerdwarf
Warnings: sweet and soft fluff, soft and fluffy flufferSMUT (18+ ONLY PLEASE!!!)
Edit in the moodboard is NOT MINE: Credit goes to @nix-akimbo❤
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Are you cold doll?”
“Not at all. I’m so cozy Buck, thank you.”
You curl tighter into his chest and nuzzle your cheek against his shoulder. He uses one leg to gently push off the wooden porch and rock the swing. The light rain pitter patters along the wet leaves and you can smell the damp earth even over the sweet aroma of the apple cider donuts.
“How many have you eaten so far?” you giggle, wiping some cinnamon and sugar from his bottom lip.
He grabs another donut from the plate sitting beside him and takes a big bite.
“This is number four,” he mumbles through the mouthful.
You take the remaining piece from his hand and eat half of it, humming in pleasure at the taste. Bucky finishes his bite and opens his mouth. You hold up the last pillowy piece and smirk.
“Boop,” you say as you hit him on the nose with it, sprinkling cinnamon and sugar all over his shirt and his face. “Oops.”
His tongue darts out to lick his lips but he misses most of the sugar. With a smile you kiss his nose then move down and across his cheek, kissing off all the sweetness. He quickly grabs another donut and smears the cinnamon and sugar across his mouth.
“You missed some,” he simpers.
You giggle and kiss the corner of his mouth then work your way along his lips until they are clean. He chases your lips when you part and you shift in his lap, wrapping your arms around his neck.
The flannel blanket slips down your shoulder and Bucky’s fingertips follow the same path, his feather light touch making your shiver. Your lips brush over his forehead and you comb your fingers through his soft hair.
The rain becomes heavy, the big drops hitting the edge of the porch as thunder rumbles across the sky. A bright flash of lightning illuminates the trees in the yard and you cling to Bucky a little tighter.
“Do you want to go inside baby doll?” he whispers against your lips.
You shake your head no, bumping his nose lightly before pressing a kiss to his cheek. He finds your lips in a soft kiss and you sigh, melting into his arms. His hands sneak under your shirt and he explores your soft skin with reverence. Even though his touch is delicate, you can feel his biceps flex as he holds you close and smooths his hands along your back.
“I want to feel your skin,” he murmurs, carefully lifting the hem of your shirt.
You bring your arms above your head and he pulls it off, draping it over the back of the swing. His fingers ghost over your pebbled skin and he brings his lips to your neck, softly kissing his way down. You arch your back and tug on his shirt until he takes it off.
His skin is warm as you graze your fingers along his chest and then press yourself against his skin, taking a deep breath when you bury your face in his neck. The wind continues to blow and the lightning glows through the dark outline of the trees followed by low rumbles of thunder.
Bucky shifts, lifting you higher onto his lap and traces the curves of your body with his hands. He rests his head against your chest, snuggling closer with soft kisses and deep breaths. Your fingernails gently scrape over his scalp and you hold him close.
His hands continue to wander over your skin, every movement deliberate as he pulls soft sighs from your parted lips. You tuck a piece of hair behind his ear, grasping the ends and pulling his mouth to yours.
“Make love to me Bucky.”
He gathers the blankets out of the way so that nothing lay between your bodies except the soft fabric of his pants and your silky underwear. He splays his metal hand at your back and draws your closer, the tickle of his beard making you gasp before his soft lips meet your skin.
You rock against him, whimpering when he frees himself and pushes your underwear to the side. You slowly sink down on every inch of him, stilling when you’re completely full and stretched.
“Baby doll,” he groans, soothing you with gentle kisses and quiet praise.
Even when you begin to move he continues worshipping you, the slow build making your thighs burn as your stomach starts to tighten.
You tremble in his arms, falling apart with his name a chant on your lips. He follows, his moans muffled by your breasts as you cling to each other.
The rain eases and soon all that’s left is the drip drop of water falling from the drooping leaves and the distant roll of thunder. A light mist hangs in the air and the breeze is chilly but you’re warm and safe in Bucky’s arms, the gentle sound of his heart steady against your ear.
“I love you baby girl.”
Tumblr media
@allydrabbles @book-dragon-13 @bbl32 @drabblewithfrannybarnes @dreamlessinparis @hiddles-rose @jhangelface0523 @jewels2876 @jeremyrennerfanxxxx123 @loricameback @lookiamtrying @marvelgirl7 @musicalmuffindog1410 @maladaptivexxdaydreaming @nano--raptor @randomfandompenguin @suchababie @tumblin-theworldaway @starlightcrystalline @in-umbra-gratia @saiyanprincessswanie
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angrythingstarlight · a day ago
Tumblr media
What a nerd...I love him 🥺
Pairing: Beefy Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 700
Tumblr media
Bucky smiles wistfully at you, an intense longing in his blue eyes. He’s never asked for much, he’s never asked for anything in over seventy years. He hasn’t had a chance to or even a reason to want much.
But here, in this too small apartment cluttered with junk that he loves standing in front of a girl he loves even more, there’s only one thing he wants. You. The words sit on the edge of his tongue, run away with me, let’s go, forget the world and just be with me.
But he can’t ask that of you, he knows you’ll say yes without hesitation, that you would go anywhere with him. If he asked you to. He won’t though. He loves you too much to put you in any more danger.
Bucky glances around the room, in just a few months the two of you built a lifetime of memories in this small place. He’s been happy here, more than he imagined he could now that he has you. His gaze returns to you and his heart twists in his chest. It’s not fair. He’s doesn’t want much. Just you. His soft blue eyes linger on your face.
Bucky knew that this would happen one day, that they would come from him, try to keep him from you, but as he presses his lips to your forehead, he whispers a silent vow. The last time he’s going to leave you. One more fight stands between him and his future. He’s going to build a life with you. Just one more fight.
“We have to go.”
You hum in response, keeping your eyes focused on the thick straps. The corner of your lip twitches, a sudden burst of amusement breaking through your melancholy mood.
Only you would buy a deadly assassin a book bag with straps across the chest.
Only Bucky would let you put it on him, declaring that it was exactly what he needed. “It’s perfect, I love it.”
Only Bucky would utter such sweet words, his hand cupping your chin, his lips curling into a tender smile. Both of you know he’s not talking about the cheap, sturdy bag you got from the thrift store.
“I’m coming back for you.” He’s sure of it. The thought of a life with you is the only thing that’s keeping him from breaking down. From biting down on his fist and screaming that he’s so fucking tired, he’s doesn’t want to fight. Because of you, he knows he can be more than what everyone says he is. He’s not a weapon, even for the good guys.
“Bucky.” You tuck a loose strand of hair behind his ear. “It’s going to be okay,” you promise, kissing his soft, chapped lips. He melts into your touch, his eyes fluttering shut. He’ll never understand how you recognize he’s about to teeter off the edge of a crumbling cliff into a deep abyss and pull him back each time.
Placing your hands on his chest, you stare at his red henley, blinking back tears. “You promised me you’re coming back for me and you better. You’ve never broken a promise yet. Don’t start now or else.”
“Or else what?” He retorts, his heart a heavy thud under your palm.
“You don’t want to find out.” You glare at him, eyes narrowed.
Bucky smiles in return, “Ești dragostea vieții mele.” After this battle, he’s going to ask you for something and he hopes you’ll say yes.
“What does that mean?”
His smile grows wider, you love the way his face changes, becomes younger, almost boyish when he smiles like that, you can picture the Bucky from the 40s, carefree and happy. “I’ll tell you when I come back.”
Unable to resist your lips, he dips his head for another taste, a languid, passionate kiss that he relishes, his hands grabbing your waist to bring you closer to him, he deepens the kiss, taking more and more. Time passes too quickly and soon he’s breaking away, resting his forehead on yours. “I love you.”
“I love you too.” You adjust the bag over his shoulders, sliding the last strap into place, the soft click resounding between you.
“Let’s go.”
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metalbuckaroo · a day ago
Just to give you some ideas. How about DBF!Bucky taking your vcard after you came back from college that summer in a sundress that showed everything just right.
Summary// Bucky agreed with you not to talk about the New Years kiss, but the dress you show up to his house wearing has his mind racing.
Warnings// Smut, protected sex (holy shit, thats a new one), fingering, kinda a handjob?, cursing
AU// dbf!bucky x f!reader
Note// this was suppose to be a drabble, that flew out if the window pretty quickly 😂 (i was pretty proud of this when I first wrote it a few days ago, but reading it over, I'm not so sure)
Tumblr media
You were greeted by Bucky's familiar slate blue eyes and charming smile when he opened the door, a surprised look flashing across his face. "Been a while, sugar." He said with a light laugh, looking you over briefly. "Yeah, just got in a few hours ago. Figured I'd come check on you, see what you've been up to the last few months."
"Come in for a beer?" He offered, nodding his head towards the kitchen as he moved to the side for you to walk in. "Of course."
Bucky tried to keep his eyes on your face, the neckline of the sundress you wore showing just the right amount of the tops of your breasts to have his mind wandering. The hem flowing against mid thigh as you walked to his fridge.
"Cute dress." He commented. Admiring how the fabric fit your waist and hips. "Thanks- is beer all you have in this fridge." You laughed when you saw nothing but a carton of eggs and six pack of beer in the back.
Bucky swallowed thickly when you bent down to reach for the beer. The bottom of your dress lifting enough to show the lack of underwear underneath. "Uh, I need to go to the store. You excited about your last year at college?" He said, clearing his throat.
"Just glad it's finally going to be done- You alright, Buck?" You asked when you saw the nervous look on his face as his jaw clenched. Knuckles on his right hand white from how hard he gripped the marble countertop he was leaned back against. "Nope." He said quickly, pressing his lips into a thin line.
You stepped closer, holding one of the beers out to him. The same sweet smile you had given him months before on New Years gracing your face. "You can tell me anything, y'know?"
Bucky breathed a dry laugh and shook his head. "I don't think you'll wanna hear what I was thinking. Especially after the agreement we made back in January."
He thought about that night countless times. How freezing it was outside when you walked down the street to where he was in his backyard next to his firepit. Half a bottle of whiskey already gone as you pulled a chair next to his and joined him. Neither of you wanting to be alone on what was suppose to be a fun night.
The sweetest smile he'd ever seen pulling at your lips when you'd asked: 'Be my New Years kiss and we'll never talk about it again.'
Bucky had savored the way your lips tasted when the clock struck midnight, the soft moan that he swallowed when your fingers laced in his hair to pull him closer.
But, he agreed not to talk about it again after that.
"You'd be surprised." You chimed, pulling him back to that moment as you lifted yourself to sit on the countertop. His eyebrows twitched upwards as he sucked in a sharp breath, looking down at the expensive hardwood floor.
"I was... I saw- something I'll be fucking my fist to later." He gave a tight lipped smile as he brought the bottle to his lips. "Is this about the kiss?" You said softly, tracing the bumps on the bottom of the bottle in your hands, watching the tiny bubbles in the liquid pop. "We agreed not to talk about it."
You shrugged and let out a heavy sigh. "I kinda want to..." you mumbled, looking at him through your lashes. "I just-" Bucky wet his lips and sat his beer down to rub a hand down his face as you chewed your bottom lip. "Oh, God. Don't do that, it just makes me want you more." He chuckled, shifting his weight from one foot to the other. Deciding to take the few steps across the kitchen so he was standing directly in front of you.
Sitting your beer down, you lifted your hands to rest on the sides of his neck. Toying with the chain of his dog tags that were hidden under his tight grey t-shirt. "Tell me what you want, Buck."
Bucky's hands went flat against the counter on either side of your hips as he leaned so his face was level with yours. "Really wanna know, sweetheart?"
You gave an eager nod and sucked your bottom lip between your teeth. His steel blues dancing back and forth as he thought for a moment. "I think you know what I wanr." He said bluntly.
Without a second thought you pulled his face closer, locking your lips to his in a starved kiss as his sturdy body slotted between your thighs. Cold and warm hands following the dip of your waist and curve of your hips. Stopping at the hem of your dress to slip under the thin fabric.
Your fingers moved down to tug at the leather of his belt, popping the button of his jeans open and pulling the zipper down before slipping your hand into the front of his jeans to palm the hardened bulge in his briefs.
"Mm, feels good, baby." Bucky hummed, lips leaving yours to graze his teeth along the skin of your shoulder. You chewed your bottom lip, a nervous feeling churning in your gut when you thought over what you were going to say next. "This is probably a deal breaker for you, because I know you've probably been with a lot of experienced women, but-"
You paused for a moment, swallowing hard as his lips sucked a mark to the dip of your neck. "What is it, sugar?" He murmured against your skin, gently massaging the tops of your thighs. "I've never had sex..."
Bucky's released the skin from his mouth with a light pop, lifting his head to look at you again. Eyebrows furrowed together. "Okay, um- okay." He nodded, thumbs brushing the skin of your thighs. "You sure this is what you want? Me being the first one you..." He trailed off, watching your eyebrows crease together. "Very sure."
A light smile curled the corners of his plump lips as he pulled you closer to the edge, lifting your legs to his waist. "Need to take this to a more appropriate place then. Huh, sweet girl?" He purred, swiftly lifting you from the countertop as his lips claimed your again.
You moaned softly against his lips as he made his way down the hallway, kicking his bedroom door shut before your back met his plush mattress.
Clothes came off in a haste, Bucky letting his eyes linger over every dip and curve of your figure as he kneeled on the bed. Your lips bitten and chest heaving as he bent his body back over yours.
No matter how many times you'd seen Bucky's bare torso over the few years he'd been friends with you dad, it never ceased to amaze you just how breathtaking he was. Smooth, tanned skin mashed with metal, muscles flexing with every movement. Just the sight of him could have you weak in the knees.
"We'll go slow," he said pulling away slightly. "Just need you, Buck." You exhaled, his warm hand slipping down to between your thighs. "Gotta warm you up first." He smirked, working a finger into your cunt as his lips slotted over yours again to swallow the breathy moan that passed your lips.
Your hand reached down to trace your fingertips over the throbbing vein that ran along the underside of his cock, feeling it twitch lightly as he groaned into your mouth. Curling his finger up against the spongey spot just inside your walls, eliciting another moan from you.
"S'wet, all mine?" You nodded your head, letting your eyes close as your fingers wrapped around his erection. Pumping it the best you could from the angle. "All yours," you whimpered when he added another long, thick digit. "Now I'm all yours, darlin'." He promised, pressing a kiss to the spot he'd left a mark on your neck not long before.
Angling his hand, Bucky thrusted his fingers into you at a steady pace. The stretch from just his fingers making your head and body feel fuzzy each time his palm knocked against your clit when you'd rock your hips.
"That's it, sugar. Fuck my fingers- cum for me." His gruff voice vibrated against your skin, the pads of his fingers stroking the sweet spot until your thighs started quivering. A string of curses rolling off of your tongue as warmth flooded your veins and you released against his palm.
"Good girl," Bucky purred, removing his fingers to grab a condom from the nighstand. A quiet moan slipping through at those two words, distracting him for what he was doing. "Knew you had a thing for being called a good girl." He teased, pecking a kiss to your lips.
Your legs went around his waist, thick tip prodding at your folds. Slowly working in as Bucky's lips found yours again, having to stop for a moment to ground himself from the instant clench of your walls once he had eased in a little.
"You doing okay?" He asked, breath fanning your lips as he kept his thrusts short and slow. Your arms going under his to glide your hands up his back, feeling the ripple of his muscles as his hips rocked into yours. "Yeah, faster- please," you huffed, pressing the heels of your feet to his tailbone to push him deeper. "Patient, baby. Don't wanna hurt you."
Bucky kept everything gentle, hands delicately feeling your skin as he nuzzled his face to the dip of your shoulder.
The uncomfortable feeling from the stretch fading away to an overwhelming bliss, one of your hands slipping up to tangle in his hair as your nails of the other curled into the skin of his back. Each bump of his pelvis to your clit sending shocks down your legs.
"Oh, fuck-" Bucky grunted when your walls clamped around him, pace picking up a little as he angled his hips to fuck into a rough patch. Your lips nipping his pulse point as the pressure in your core grew stronger, your breathy moans mixing with his soft grunts as they filled the air.
"S'close, Bucky- Fuck-" You whined, toes curling as your mind blanked for a moment. Hot puffs of breaths fanning against your neck as he fucked into you, murmuring filthy praises that added to the tingling pleasure that crashed into you as you released around him.
Absent-mindedly, you bit down on the smooth skin at the base of his neck. A guttural moan pulling from his throat when his hips stuttered, spilling into the condom as your grip on him loosened.
A shudder rolling down his back from the aftershocks when he pushed a little deeper into your spasming walls. Letting out a shaky breath as he moved away from you.
"You alright, sugar? Didn't hurt you did I?" Bucky asked softly, warm hand rubbing up the inside of your thigh. Looking over your blissed out form, your chest heaving and eyes closed. "I'm great," you exhaled, a lazy smile tugging your lips.
You turned to face him when he laid next to you, running your fingers over the dark mark that adorned his skin from your teeth. Only a few inches away from where metal met flesh.
"Sorry..." you muttered, the corners of his kiss bitten lips curving up as he let out a breathy chuckle. "Don't be. You can dig your teeth into me anytime." He teased, pulling you into his side.
Bucky's tongue prodded at the corner of his mouth as he stared up at the plain white ceiling of his bedroom. Goosebumps prickling his skin as you traced the dips of his chest and abdomen.
You craned your neck to look at him when he sucked in a breath. "Does it make me a shitty person that I've thought about this happening since your dad introduced us on your twenty-first birthday?" He said, brushing his metal knuckles against your upper arm. "If you're a shitty person for it, then I guess I am too."
"Sleeping with your best friend's daughter is kinda a dick move." Bucky said with a heavy sigh. "Well, you're a bit younger than him. Plus, he doesn't have to find out." You shrugged, watching the way his baby blues danced back and forth. "He'd run me over and feed me to the hogs."
You laughed lightly and ran the tips of your fingers along his sharp jaw, the stubble that covered it scratchy against the pad of your fingers as you admired him.
Orange tone of the setting sun seeping in through the blinds making him look like he'd been pulled from a magazine cover as you traced over his plump, pink lips. His eyes shutting when he felt the delicate touch graze the length of his nose. Another light smile gracing his face.
"Hm, that feels nice." He exhaled before turning to his side to face you. "What're you thinking about, sugar?" He mumbled, a brisk kiss placed on your lips. "How pretty you are." You grinned, running your fingers through his disheveled hair.
"Pretty, huh?" Bucky chuckled, gliding his hand along the curve of your back as he pressed another kiss to your lips.
You muttered a quiet 'yeah' against his lips before he pulled away, brushing the tip of his nose to yours. "Thank you, darling. Hungry? I can make you some eggs, not promising they're in date, though." He said scrunching his nose at you. "I'll pass on your expired eggs." You laughed, trying to push down the feeling that he regretted what had happened that bubbled in your chest.
"Not been home much since the promotion, took a couple days off when I heard you were coming to visit." He mumbled, the pads of his fingers rough against your skin. "Did you really?" You grinned, the feeling you had moments before almost going away completely. "Couldn't miss the chance to see my favorite girl."
💙 💙 💙 💙 💙 💙
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Tumblr media
All I Want | TFATWS!Bucky x Reader
Summary: Bucky tells you he’s ready to start dating; not anyone random, but you, he wants to date you.
W/c: 980
Warning(s): Fluff, just a simple conversation.
A/N: I was gardening and listening to a podcast and this image suddenly popped into my head. Please bare with me, I have assignments that are to be completed, so posting will slow down a bit.
Thank you for your support :)) Enjoy <33
Tumblr media
Bucky had been helping you build a space in the backyard of your new home that you have recently moved into. This was going to be your home for a while, and you thought you might as well make it feel more like home.
You sat on your legs, planting a lemon tree into your garden, while you and Bucky made conversation. He was someone you happened to bump into on the way to a therapy session. You were reading a book and happened to be crossing paths, you were too into your book that you abruptly smacked into him. The profuse apologies created an unrequited friendship between the pair of you.
Walks around the city turned into morning café dates which then turned into late-night conversations lying on the balcony of your old home. Now that you had moved, Bucky was almost over every single day.
Using the shovel, you feed through a bit more dirt around the lemon tree to hold it steady; Bucky had a succulent ready in his hand for when you finished planting the other. "See! I do a good job at gardening." You chuckled, extending your hand out to Bucky for the next plant. Gently placing the succulent into the nook you made for it, you began to adjust it. "I've been thinking a lot recently and I think I'm ready to start dating, doll." He smiled, handing you another succulent for you to plant into the ground. You turned to him while simultaneously planted the succulent, a bright smile on your face. "That's great, Buck!"
You two talked a lot about relationships, why you weren't in one, why he wasn't in one. Your reason, because you were waiting for the right one, if the right one was him, you didn't know back then, but you knew now. He, however, wasn't ready for a relationship, and you understood that. He told you all about his past because he could trust you. You were unequivocally proud that he was ready. The only thing that never left your mind was the feelings you've developed for Bucky over the time you've known him.
"You know, you should try dating apps, I heard they're great." You spoke while patting the substrate around your flowers. While you went on your rant about dating apps, Bucky couldn't help but stare at you. Smiling, he knew he wouldn't try dating apps because he wanted to be with you. And here you were, obliviously offering him dating tips.
"…Buck?" You softly waved a hand in his face to get his attention. He came back to reality, still staring at you; you chuckled a bit, "did you hear me?" You asked, and he shook his head.
You rolled your eyes, sighing, "I said could you please pass me some more substrate." You smiled; he nodded, getting a bucket more of substrate for you. You sighed, watching him, "I see why Sam gets a bit annoyed when you ignore him", You joked. Bucky lighting laughed, shaking his head, "That's because I want to tune him out." He spoke, your eyebrows raised, you squinted at him, "Ah, so that's what you were doing with me… huh? Tuning me out." You laughed.
"Of course not…" a smirk played on his face. He watched as your hair fell in front of your face; he wiped his hand a bit before reaching to tuck the hair behind your ear. You slightly turned to him, "Thanks Buck." You smiled, thanking him for the gesture. "So… are you going to try dating apps?" You changed the sitting position, now with your legs crossed and your body leaning over the wooden rail of your garden.
He just looked at you as you awaited his answer. "Buck?" You turned to face him; his mind was somewhere else again. "Buck?" You lightly whispered, which caught his attention, "Mh?", lightly laughing through your nose as you shook your head.
"Dating apps? What are your thoughts." You asked; the both of you momentarily stopped working on the garden. "I don't think I'll be using em' doll." He smiled at you. With a confused look on your face, he saw your reaction; with a light chuckle, he brought a hand up to your face, caressing away the dirt you'd gotten on your face.
"Because, you're all I want." Both of you locked eyes with each other, and you were trying to process what he said. "M-me?" You stumbled over your question. Bucky nodded, "s'been you since the day we first met…" he softly smiled. A sweets smile formed on your face before you pushed the bag of pot mix that was between you. You moved closer before embracing him in a big hug, which causes Bucky to fall backwards.
You chuckled as he fell back, and you fell on top of him in your hug. "So I'm guessing you like me too?" He asked; a shy smile formed, and he knew what your answer was. Laying on his chest, you both had grub all over you. But the both of you didn't care.
"I mean… always… but I didn't know if you'd like me back, and on top of that... you weren't ready." You smiled brightly; he hands his hands at your hips, holding you on top of him. Your hands were at both sides of his head. "I like you back, a lot! and I am ready for this." he smiled, pointing between the two of you.
So, you went for it, leaning in. You softly closed your eyes, connecting your lips to Buckys. You could feel his smile as he kissed into you, which made you smile more.
You heard both of you turned, looking at the gate; Sam stood there with beers in hand and three cases of pizza. "you both were killing me." he groaned.
Bucky laughed along with you; turning back to look at you, he gently used his hand to guide your attention back to him before pulling you into another kiss.
Tumblr media
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Reckless • P5
Tumblr media
A conversation with your kids ends sourly. Luckily, Steve is there to remind you of the sweeter things in life.
Content Warning: Widower!Steve x Divorced!Reader, Ex Husband!Bucky, Dead!Peggy, mature themes, angst, argument, yelling, hurt/comfort, smut (live sex show, public sex, fingering, penetrative sex, soft dirty talk, soft dom!steve), forbidden romance, more angst, mentions cheating, wholesome fluff.
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
Tumblr media
You're trying not to make it obvious that you need a lot of wine to get through this dinner, but when Blake nudges your arm after you pour your fourth large glass, you know you haven't been trying hard enough.
"Calm down," She hisses under her breath, frowning at you. "You know what you're like when you're drunk."
A little sore from her harsh words, you bite your cheek, staring down at your food. You feel Steve comfortingly stroke your arm with his thumb under the table, alleviating at least some of your discomfort.
Thankfully, the others are too busy laughing at Grant's anecdote to notice the tension on your side of the table. You try not to stare at Kaya for too long at a time, but you can't help it. Her beauty is the kind that makes you want to look at her forever, like a painting in which you can discover intricate details the longer you stare at it.
Kaya's nice. You hate to admit it, but she's a wonderful human being. Never once has she been malicious towards you, or expressed any sort of jealousy for your odd friendship with Bucky. She hasn't tried to replace you; hasn't asked the kids to call her Mom. Has never once disrespected your authority or overstepped any boundaries.
She's absolutely perfect.
Her and Bucky met on a dating app four years ago. He told you straight away, as he did with all the women he dated after the divorce. You didn't expect it to last as long as it did, let alone result in him getting married again, but you're genuinely happy for them both.
That's what makes it so difficult to be around her. She's so lovely and kind that you have to try extra hard not to seem like the villain. If you complain about anything, you'd look crazy because Kaya is amazing.
"I'm really glad we could all do this together," Bucky says with a warm smile. "Like a proper family."
You really do love seeing him happy. It's been a long time since a relationship has lit him up this way - you don't think you've seen him this happy in love since you were sixteen.
"Blake, are we still on for tomorrow evening?" Kaya asks once Steve, Bucky and Grant fall into their own conversation.
Frowning, you turn to your daughter. "What's tomorrow evening?"
"Oh, it's the second round of Battle Of The Bands," Blake tells you nonchalantly. "Kaya's been coming to watch us play."
You can't help but feel offended. "Really? You didn't tell me you had entered." Blake and Grant have been in a rock band since high school with a couple of their other friends, and whenever they've entered competitions or performed gigs, they've always informed you. Until now.
An awkward silence sits between the three of you. Blake rolls her eyes and sighs. "It's not a big deal. Kaya's really into music; she'd enjoy it more."
"Besides, you're always busy at work," Grant suddenly interjects.
You feel attacked by both sides, and it throws you into defense mode. "I could have taken a day off, if I knew about it," You state with a frown.
"But Kaya can take any day off because her job isn't that intense," Blake says, while Kaya looks like she wishes the floor would swallow her up. "For you, it's a huge problem and causes issues at work."
"That isn't true!" You say, scoffing.
"Mom, it's fine," Grant claims. "You put work first, and that's fine."
Your lips part, but you're speechless. You put work first? Above your kids? "Do you really feel that way?" You ask them, feeling completely sober all of a sudden.
"You make us feel that way!" Blake suddenly yells, making you recoil. "You're just jealous that Kaya is doing the mom things that you should have done for us."
The entire table is silenced, everyone's eyes on you. With a shaky breath, you stand up and rush to the bar, trying to calm yourself down. All your life, you've pushed yourself in your career in order to be able to give the twins the life they deserve. You took barely anything from Bucky in the divorce, adamant to be independent, but now they're throwing that right back in your face.
Rolling your eyes, you look over at him. "Not now, Bucky."
Sitting at the bar with your head in your hands, you feel someone sit next to you. "Rough night?"
He just gives you a smile before waving down the bartender. "Two shots of tequila, my friend!"
"Absolutely not," You say with a grimace.
"Come on, why not?" Bucky asks you.
"Because," You begin, sitting up. "Last time you and I took tequila shots, I woke up the next morning with two babies inside me."
He narrows his eyes. "Not sure that's how it works, but you're the mother, so I'll go along with it."
The bartender slides the shots over, making you grimace. "Please, Bucky, just let me wallow in peace."
For a few moments, he complies, saying nothing. After staring at the shot, you roll your eyes before grabbing it and drinking it in one go, making him cheer before doing the same.
"I'm not jealous of Kaya," You mutter once the burning in your throat alleviates, hoping he believes you.
"That was a low blow. They were upset, and said what they knew would cut the deepest," Bucky replies softly. "I guess they learnt from a young age how to really hit someone where it hurts. We were always so good at it."
You wince at the reminder of the times the kids would witness the toxicity of your marriage. They were only 11 years old when you got divorced, and daddy and mommy hating each other had been the norm for most of their life.
"They love you, you know," Bucky says, leaning closer. "They just miss spending time with you."
You glare down at the bar. "What am I supposed to do? They're away at college. I do my best to visit them. How can I be a better mom?"
"This is not about your competence as a mother," Bucky says sternly, placing his hand on yours. "You have been nothing short of incredible when it comes to raising our kids. Every time I look at them, I am so proud of what we did. And there is no way they'd have turned out so great if it wasn't for you."
You let out a sigh, nodding, knowing he's right.
"Fuck, why am I tearing up?" He mumbles to himself as his eyes gloss over. "I just- fuck, I'm just so grateful to you, sweetheart. Our babies are all grown up and they're doing so well in school. Oh, fuck."
Turning to him, you see the tears streaming down his face, the sight making your own tears build up. "Don't you fucking cry on me, Buck, I swear to God."
"I'm so sorry for ever hurting you," He sobs, leaning his forehead against your shoulder as his warm tears run down your arm. "Through everything, you're still my best friend. And you always will be, no matter what."
"I'm sorry, too," You say, your breaths quick and shallow.
"I love you, sweetheart," Bucky utters, wrapping his arms around you.
"I love you, too," You reply, rubbing his back.
"Everything okay here?" You hear Steve ask from behind you.
You pull apart from Bucky, turning to look at the blonde with a pressed smile. "Yeah, we're fine."
"Tequila, brother," Bucky says, palming his eyes before sighing. "Ah, fuck."
"I, uh, I think it's home time," Steve says, patting Bucky's shoulder who laughs up at him.
"Yeah, I think you're right," He says, standing. He gives you a quick hug, does the same to Steve and walks back over to the table. Kaya gives you a wave which you return, but Blake and Grant just storm out the restaurant, breaking your heart.
Steve takes you to his car, the both of you letting out a long sigh once you're settled in.
"That was... a lot," You breathe out, pulling down the sun shield to look at yourself in the mirror. Your mascara has smudged, your lipstick has disappeared and your eyes are puffy.
"Yup," Steve says, driving out of the car park. "What were you and Bucky talking about?"
A small smile plays at your lips as you look over at him. "You jealous that he can still make me cry?"
"Something like that," Steve mumbles, biting back his own smile.
You lean your head back and let out a sigh. "The kids. He always gets emotional when he talks about them."
He hums, placing his free hand on your thigh. "You know they love you. Kids are bound to forget how great their parents are sometimes, but you need to remember just how incredible you are as a mother."
A smile blooms on your lips. "I am pretty incredible."
Your words make him grin and when he gets to a red light, he looks over at you. "Do you trust me?"
You narrow your eyes, slightly offended that he even has to ask. "Steven, you could tell me your shit smells like roses and I'd believe you."
He chuckles before taking an odd turn into a quiet country road. "You're not scared of the dark, are you?"
"Not when you're here to protect me," You mumble, narrowing your eyes suspiciously. "What's with all the questions, Rogers?"
He doesn't say a word and continues driving down the vacant road until you reach a small clearing. After parking the car on the grass, Steve turns off the engine, making you snort.
"Seriously?" You ask him with a raised brow as you look around the forested area. "You brought me to a quiet spot in the woods so we could make out like teenagers?"
"Make out? Oh no, you've got me all wrong," He says, leaning over to you and lowering his voice. "I brought you here so I can kill you."
A small smile pulls at your lips. "Fuck, really? Damn it."
"Mhm," He hums, stroking your cheek as his eyes burn into yours. "But, I'll tell you what- if you let me cum inside you, I'll let you live."
His proposition makes you snort before you straighten your face. "Uh, sure. Seems fair."
"Yeah?" Steve asks, leaning closer. "Gonna let me fill you up?"
Your cunt throbs at his words, your thighs squeezing together. He notices straight away and looks down before slipping his hand between your legs and tutting.
"Oh no, baby, don't try and hide from me," He coos, kissing your cheek. "Let me take what's mine."
"Fuck," You whisper as you feel yourself get wetter by the second.
Without a warning, Steve lifts you up and sits you down onto his lap, attaching his lips to yours before you get the chance to react. He immediately groans into your mouth, using his grip on your hips to push you down against his boner.
"Shit," He utters, throwing his head back. "So fucking hard for you, baby."
"Just for me?" You ask him teasingly, resting your hands on his shoulders.
"Only you," Steve promises desperately, looking into your eyes with a clear certainty. "I'm all yours, sweetheart."
You fiddle with his belt while he pulls up your dress, and when pull out his erect cock it immediately slaps against your panties, making you gasp. Steve kisses you deeply, moving your panties to the side with one hand and guiding his cock to your slick cunt with the other. After rubbing his shaft in your juices for a few moments while you squirm, he slowly pushes it into you as you hold your breath. The sensation of him stretching you out is one you know you'll never get used to, and it takes you a few moments to grow comfortable with his invasion.
He lets out a low groan, his Adam's apple bobbing as he watches your face contort. Bringing his lips to your ear, he whispers, "You gonna be a good girl and ride me, baby?"
You can't help but want to please him, and with your grip on his biceps, you slowly begin to bounce on his cock. Steve kneads your ass with his right hand and gently holds your throat in his left, letting out weak groans as your pussy envelops his length.
"So fucking good, keep going," He mutters, slapping your ass. "Just like that. You're doing so well for me, pretty girl."
Letting out moans and cries, you ride him faster, your body twitching when he starts playing with your hard nipples through your dress. He pulls the neckline down, allowing your boobs to fall out, before grabbing them both and pressing his face to your chest. Soft grunts leave his mouth as he flicks his tongue over your nipples, sucking and slobbering all over them.
"Oh, Steve!" You cry out loudly, your eyes rolling back. "Steven, please, I'm gonna cum."
The windows steam up and the car is filled with the sound of his balls slapping against your ass as his cock pounds in and out of your pussy. He takes holds of your hips and assists you, thrusting up into you harder as you feel the knot tighten in your core.
"Steve," You whine, pulling on his hair. "C-cumming." The knot is undone and you cum all over him, a harsh jolt of pleasure and relief hitting every inch of your skin.
He groans loudly, growling as your cunt milks him of his cum. Shooting his load into you, Steve lets out a repetitive chant of your name, thrusting into you a few more times as his eyes roll back.
You let out weak whimpers, your head falling forward to rest in his neck. He strokes your hair while the two of you recover, breathing heavily. Steve cracks open one of the windows, allowing some fresh air to fill the heated vehicle.
"Baby," He whispers, wrapping his arms around you. "Baby."
Lifting up your head, you look up at him. "Yes, Steve?"
A look of conflict grows on his face, as though he's trying to decide on whether to say something or not. His eyes scan your face, his thumbs stroking your cheeks, and when he lets out a soft sigh it's almost like he has given up with whatever he was contemplating. "Kiss me," He mumbles, to which you immediately comply.
The moment of bliss swallows you hole, but a small part of you can't help but wonder whether he had something more to say.
Tumblr media
"So, it's Steve."
You look up at your office door to see Shuri standing there with a raised brow. Gesturing for her to come in, you wait until the door is closed behind her before you reply. "It's Steve."
"I can't believe this!" She exclaims, a shocked grin on her face. "I mean, I've always thought you would look good together, but I didn't think you'd actually go through with it!"
Leaning back in your chair, you shrug with a soft smile. "I didn't, either."
She walks further in and sits on the chair opposite you, her eyes lighting up with excitement. "Does Bucky know?"
"God, no," You answer, shuddering at the thought of him finding out.
"What about the kids?" She presses with a frown. "Have you thought about how they might feel about it?"
"Of course I have. I never stop thinking about them; they're my kids," You say, slightly offended that she even asked. "The thing is, I didn't expect it to go this far. I thought we'd sleep together and that would be it. We'd get it out of our systems and move on. But... fuck, I don't wanna move on."
Shuri presses her lips together, and you can tell that she's loving the drama. "So you like him? Are you like, together?"
Her question makes you stop and think for a second. "Uh... I don't know," You admit. "We haven't really had a conversation; we're kinda just going with the flow."
"He isn't sleeping with anyone else, then?" She asks with a frown. "Because that chlamydia scare last year has scarred me for life-"
"Steve is not that kind of guy," You insist, but there's a small glint of fear you can't deny. "And I thought you swore to never bring up Chlamydia 2020 again."
She holds her hands up in surrender, her eyes wide. "Sorry, sorry. But are you saying that it isn't just sex?"
"Of course not," You answer her. "It... we have feelings for each other."
"You don't sound so sure-"
"We have feelings for each other," You state firmly. "We do."
"Okay," Shuri says carefully. "Are you trying to convince me, or yourself?"
You stare her down, contemplating her words. There's no way Steve doesn't have feelings for you. He said you were more than a soulmate. He looks at you like he hasn't seen a single thing more beautiful. He's risking his lifelong friendship with Bucky to be with you.
"I don't need convincing," You tell her calmly. "In fact, I'm pretty sure he's in love with me."
Tumblr media
A full week passes before you see Steve again.
Between the renovations at his gym and the new budget schedule you've been working hard on, neither of you have had a single minute to spare. On Sunday evening, though, he is finally able to come over to see you.
"Missed you so much," He mumbles against your lips as your legs tangle with his. There's a shitty soap opera on the television but your focus is purely on him.
"Missed you more," You reply before giving him a sweet kiss. "Can't believe you stayed away for so long."
"It was horrible. Terrible," Steve groans, rubbing your arm. "I thought of you every single minute, you know that?"
"Every single minute?" You repeat with a teasing pout.
"Every single one," He whispers back to you. "You make me fucking crazy. I don't think I've ever felt like this before."
His words make you snuggle closer to him. "Do you really mean that, Steve? Or are you just saying that?"
He frowns, taken aback. "What are you talking about, baby? Of course I mean it."
"No, but..." You trail off, feeling stupid. "Do you like me?"
Steve raises a brow, moving his head back as he stares down at you. "Honey, are you high?"
Snorting, you hit his shoulder. "Steven, I'm being serious. Is this just sex to you?"
"Just sex?" He sputters, utterly baffled. "What put that thought into your head, baby?"
You shrug meekly. "I don't know, I just-"
"Look at me," Steve cuts you off curtly, grabbing your cheeks and forcing you to stare up at him. His bright blue eyes burn into yours, his gaze both soft and firm. "I care about you more than anything. You're the first thing I think of when I wake up, the last before I sleep, and the only thing I think of in between. It's like I was half-alive before you became mine- like I hadn't experienced what it was to truly live yet. Baby, I love you."
His admission makes your heart flutter. "Steve," You whimper, feeling your soul burst with joy. "I love you."
It feels like you've both broken free from shackles that you didn't even know you were bound to. He meets your lips with his, tugging on your hair as he kisses you deeply.
"Mmm, fuck," He groans into your mouth, his hand roaming up and down your body. "Need you so badly, baby."
"I'm yours, Steven," You swear to him. "Forever."
He lays you down on the couch and spreads your legs apart before nestling himself between them. Just as you feel your heart begin to pour with raw excitement and need, you hear someone knocking on the front door.
Your eyes shoot open and it takes all your strength to push Steve off of you, who looks dumbfounded as his eyebrows furrow.
"If that's Buck, I'm gonna fucking kill him," He growls while you stand up and smooth down your hair.
Rushing out into the hallway, you open the door and are surprised to see Grant. He looks utterly distraught as he sobs into his hands, the sight making you want to die.
"He was cheating on me," His muffled voice comes through the gaps in his fingers. "The whole time, he was cheating on me."
"Oh, my baby," You whisper, pulling him inside and enveloping him in a hug. "I'm so sorry, my angel."
Grant lets out a weak whimper before removing himself out of your grip and walking further into the house. "Can you believe it? Franco. My Franco. He was so sweet, and nice... and the whole thing was a lie."
He strides into your kitchen, where Steve is already standing at the island with a look of concern on his face.
"Do you know what it's like to be cheated on?" Grant asks him hysterically, before huffing. "Of course you don't. Look at you."
At a loss for words, Steve stays silent, giving you a shrug.
"This has nothing to do with your looks, angel," You promise him, walking closer to him and rubbing his back. "Him cheating is not a reflection of who you are as a person; remember that."
Grant sniffles, resting his hands on the island. After a few moments, he looks up at Steve, his eyes narrowing suspiciously. "Wait. What are you doing here so late?" He asks him, before looking at you. Grant's face drops as cold realization hits him and he takes a few steps backwards. "What the fuck? Does Dad know?"
You take in a shaky breath, doing your best to remain calm. "No. Your father doesn't know."
A look of disgust and confusion grows on his face. "What the fuck, dude?" He yells at Steve. "I'm named after you and you're fucking my mom?"
"Hey," Steve says sternly, frowning. "Do not speak about your mother like that."
"Screw you!" He retorts bitterly. "You're not my dad."
"Grant, calm down," You order him lowly, your heart beating erratically.
"If Dad knew about this, he'd punch you right in your face," Grant says angrily, and in a second his fist is raised as he prepares to sock Steve right in the jaw.
You grab his arm before he can make contact, appalled. "Grant Buchanan Barnes, you watch yourself," You boom sternly.
With a sigh, Steve meets your eyes. "I should go."
Nodding, you know he's right. "I think that's a good idea."
"Okay wait," Grant interjects, rubbing his forehead. "I'm sorry for overreacting, I just... my life is crazy right now, and this is just weird."
"It isn't that weird," You mumble defensively.
"He's Uncle Steve, it's weird!" He retorts with wide eyes.
"Okay," Steve holds up his hands. "I'm gonna go." He makes his way over to you and is close to giving you a kiss goodbye - but when he sees Grant's glare, he opts to give you a quick forehead kiss instead and a mumbled goodnight before swiftly escaping your tense home.
A silence falls between you and your son. You take his hand and lead him to the island, both of you sitting down opposite one another. His cheeks are still flushed from earlier, his eyes wet with his previous tears.
Taking in a deep breath, you speak calmly and with a control you didn't know you had. "When we got divorced, you know that Dad started dating around pretty soon," You begin, recounting the worst time of your life. "I was angry. I wanted to get back at him, so I did what I thought would piss him off the most."
Grant raises a brow. "What'd you do?"
You let out a dry laugh. "Took his worst enemy, Sam Wilson, out to dinner. I felt so guilty that I cried when the starters came out."
"Did you stay for dessert?" He asks you with a hint of a smile.
Snorting, you shake your head. "No, I did not. Ever since then, for the last 9 years, I still felt that guilt. Even if it was just flirting with a stranger at the store, I got this weird pit of dread in my stomach. Like I was betraying your father. It wasn't his fault that I felt that way; it's just how I felt. It was like every guy I dated was just to prove Bucky a point. To rub it in his face. To get one over him, and prove that I could move on, too." Looking down at the counter, a small smile grows on your face. "But with Steve, it isn't like that at all. For the first time, I feel... safe. Safe to be with someone without caring about what your dad will think. For the first time, I've finally let go of being your dad's wife. I can finally just be me again, and that's partly because of Steve."
Frowning, Grant tightens his grip on your hand. "Then why haven't you told him yet?"
You swallow thickly, letting go of your fear. "You're right. I have no excuse. In fact, you're so right, that I'll tell him first thing tomorrow."
To your surprise and utter joy, Grant smiles at you. "You know, I don't think I've ever seen you in love before, ma."
Your cheeks heat up at the word. Love. It was so recent that Steve said that word to you, but it feels like you've been in love with him forever.
"You look happy," He goes on to say warmly, before sighing. "Enough about you. Can we watch movies and eat ice-cream now? You know I just got cheated on, right? Tonight's about me."
Grinning at his dramatics, you stand up. "Of course, bubba. But first: what's Franco's mother's number? I'd like to have a word with her."
"Oh, please," Grant groans, getting up and pulling you through to the living room. "Just turn on Netflix while I peruse through your frozen treats."
"Wait," You say, grabbing his arm and looking up at him. "You came all the way from Raleigh tonight?"
"I caught the red-eye," He explains. "I just wanted to come straight here the minute I found out what he did."
"Here as in New York?" You ponder out loud. "Or here as in my house?"
"Straight to my mom, of course," He says as though it's the most obvious thing in the world.
"Really?" You press with wide eyes. "You didn't wanna... I don't know, go see your dad?" Or Kaya?
"I've just been through a tragedy, Momma," Grant tells you. "There's nobody else I need more than you right now."
"Oh," You whisper. "I just... I just thought-"
"That I'd rather go to Kaya?" He finishes with a scoff.
You shrug. "The last time I saw you, we had the worst argument we've ever had."
"And you suddenly stopped being my mom?" He questions you incredulously. "Mom, you're my mom."
"But you've been spending a lot of time with her- which is fine and all, but I just figured you'd wanna go to her with this kind of thing," You mumble, even though you know you'd be pissed if he went to Kaya instead of you.
Sighing, Grant rests his hands on your shoulders. "Ma, she's Dad's wife. That's all. And sure, I have fun with her, and she's great to hang out with, but that's it. She's pretty much just a friend to me. And if all I needed was a friend tonight, I'd have stayed in Raleigh."
His words soothe you, and you almost feel stupid for getting envious in the first place. You're their mother. Get a fucking grip.
"Okay," You utter, giving him a smile. "I have butterscotch ice-cream and Oreo ice-cream sandwiches in the freezer."
A wide grin spills out on his face as he pulls you in for a hug. "And that, you wonderful creature, is why nobody could ever replace you as my mom."
Tumblr media
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Make It Better
It's your anniversary, but does Bucky remember? No. Does the night start off well? Absolutely not. Can he fix it? Who knows.
Biker!Bucky x Reader
This is for @metalbuckaroo s 2k Writing Challenge! Angst Prompts: 9: "Don't raise your fuckin' voice at me." 28: "Get out." Smut Prompts: 3: "Do that again." 40: "This isn't what I had in mind when I yelled 'Fuck you'."
Warnings: attempted abduction, language, a drunk man being a pig, beginnings of smut
Words: 2.3k
18+ Only, Minors DNI
Tumblr media
You were half sitting, half leaning on your boyfriend’s bike outside the bar. He and a bunch of the gang were inside drinking and celebrating a street race win against a neighboring group in the next town over. It had been nearly a week since you had seen him between your work schedule and all the time he was spending with the guys. Which would be fine and you wouldn’t have interrupted him today, except that it was your first anniversary and he was sitting inside that fuckin’ bar and not spending time with you.
So there you were, on his bike, fixing your lipstick in a compact mirror, when a large, sour-smelling man walked up. “Heyyyy, sugar-tits,” he slurred, shuffling closer to you. “You ain’t supposed to be on the boss’s bike, and he don’t want no lot lizard.”
You rolled your eyes and ignored him, hoping he’d go away like an annoying fly. You clicked your compact closed and put your items in your purse. Suddenly, he pinned you between his arms, hands gripping Bucky’s bike and face inches from yours. “You can’t stay here, he’s real pussy whipped. His old lady don’t even let us touch her no more.” He must be one of the gang members, but you didn’t recognize him. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, exhaling so forcefully beer and spit landed on your face. You realized that he didn’t know who you were, and that you were probably in more danger than you first thought. “Almost throwed up there. Why don’t you come with me though? I ain’t got a ball and chain.” He grabbed your wrist in a surprisingly strong hand and yanked you up off the bike.
You slapped him with your free hand and ground out, “Let go of me, or you’ll be sorry.” He saw the anger in your face and laughed at you. He dropped your hand and backhanded you faster than you thought someone so drunk could. Blood began to fill your mouth where your teeth had cut your cheek and you screamed, “JAMES!”
The man in front of you grabbed a fistful of your hair and yanked your head back. “No screamin’ now,” he mumbled as he spun you around, clamping his free hand around your mouth and pressing you firmly against him. He started walking and dragging you towards what you assumed to be his bike. “Ain’t no one named James in that bar. You’re comin’ home with me, I’ll pay you for your time Miss Whore-Lady.”
.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
Inside the bar, the music was playing loudly and the TV’s were cranked up. Bucky was enjoying another cold beer, hanging out with his friends. There was something nagging him, but he couldn’t quite put a finger on it. Something he was forgetting? He didn’t know, but it didn’t matter. He knew he was thrilled his guys had one, so he would celebrate until he could remember the other thing.
“Boss!” came a shout from the front window. “Danny’s got Y/n! We gotta go!”
Beers were slammed down and spilled, men jumped from booths and barstools, and everyone mobbed out the front door, led by Bucky.
.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
He was so dumb it made you even more mad. The way his hand was squeezing your face was making the cuts in your mouth throb and you thought you were going to choke on the blood.
Then, a loud shout sounded from behind you and your captor whipped around. A stream of men were running out the front door, led by Bucky. The man holding you let go and threw you to the ground, shoving so hard you fell to your hands and knees, cutting them on the gravel and broken glass that goes with a bar of this kind. You came up swinging, catching his jaw with your right elbow, landing a knee in his dick, and another good jab to his head. Then Bucky was there. He grabbed you from behind and pulled you away while the other men descended on the drunken fool.
“Let me go!” you screamed. “This is my fight, I had it!” While you were having a fit, the men had duct taped the drunk’s hands behind him and he was sitting on the ground, crying and bleeding. Most of them slunk back inside, feeling like they were intruding on your breakdown, but a few stayed to keep watch in case they were needed.
At this point, you had spun in Bucky’s arms and were beating on his chest. “I screamed for you and you didn’t come!” you screamed.
“I didn’t hear you, I’m sorry. The bar was loud.” He tried to pull you into his chest, to stop your flailing, but you weren’t having it.
You started crying. “You said I was safe! But he didn’t know me, he called me a whore and a lot lizard and he slapped me!” You turned to the side and spit out blood and saliva. Bucky’s eyes got wide. Tears streamed down your face, but you weren’t done. “You’re a sorry son of a bitch, Barnes! You forgot our anniversary, and then you couldn’t even come out here when I called you? Do you love me at all?”
“Hey!” he yelled, “That’s not fair! The bar was loud, alright? I was at the opposite end of the bar, how was I supposed to hear you?”
“Don’t you fuckin’ raise your voice at me! I would have never been here in the first place if you cared enough to be home or take me out somewhere for our anniversary, but it was more important for you to come race your bike and get drunk like every other week night!” You shoved him away from you and stormed to your car. You got in and slammed the door behind you, cranking it up aggressively. You rolled your window down just enough to yell, “Fuck you, Bucky! Don’t come home tonight!” before rocketing out of the parking lot.
You drove through your favorite fast food place and ate it on the cold kitchen floor. It just felt right. A deep sadness had settled over you and the fear of the night had caught up. When you had finished your dinner, you went to the bathroom.
You sat on the edge of the tub with a flashlight in one hand and tweezers in the other. Picking glass and rocks out of your knees should have hurt, but you couldn’t really feel anything. After your knees were clean, you worked on your palms. They were in considerably better shape. Once you were satisfied you had gotten everything you could, you ran yourself a hot bath and added Epsom salt to help with the pain and cleaning the wounds a little bit more. As the tub filled, you grabbed all your favorite candles from around the house and set them around the bathroom, lighting each one with care. You went to the freezer and took out a pint of your favorite ice cream. Now, your spa treatment was complete. Candles, ice cream, and a hot bath. You sank down into the water and took one bite of the cold sweet treat before bursting into tears. Your mouth hurt. Your knees hurt. Your hands hurt. But most of all, your heart hurt. How could he do that to you, just forget like that? And why had he taken so long to come save you? Maybe he really didn’t know, didn’t hear you. At this point it didn’t matter. You were sure he would break up with you after disrespecting him like that in front of the whole gang. You wiped your tears and set down the ice cream, deciding it wasn’t what you wanted. You sank even further down until the water was just below your nose and let yourself cry.
.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
You didn’t hear the soft click of the front door or the padding footsteps walking through the front of the apartment. Bucky took extra care to be as quiet as possible, taking his shoes off before coming in and everything. He slowly set a large bouquet of flowers on the counter and peered around the room. He could see a pile of food wrappers on the kitchen floor. All the candles had been removed from the room, so he could only assume you had taken them somewhere. Soft sniffling and gentle water moving around caught his attention and he set the rest of his stuff down before quietly opening the bathroom door. He peeked his head around the door and gave you a small smile.
“Get out.” You said, adjusting your hair so he couldn’t see the red in your eyes from crying but it was too late.
“I can’t. Please, can I come sit and talk to you?” he asked in a voice that almost made you believe he cared.
But you were just too hurt at the moment. “No. You smell like beer and piss, and I’m trying to forget those smells tonight. If you change and shower, maybe you can come talk to me.”
He swallowed and nodded, then disappeared from view.
You noticed that your bathwater had gotten cold, so you pulled the plug and let the water drain. You rinsed your body off quickly with fresh warm water, then got dressed in your tank and sleep shorts. A short shuffle later you were curled up on the guest bed under a soft blanket.
Three soft knocks jolted you out of your internal monologue and you said come in, both wanting to see him and wanting him go leave.
“I’m sorry,” he whispered from the doorway. You sat up and faced him.
“Sorry for what?” You weren’t going to let this go easily.
He took a deep breath and sat on the bed facing you. “I’m sorry I didn’t hear you from the bar. I’m sorry I was there in the first place. I’m sorry I didn’t remember our anniversary and that I’ve been taking you for granted for too long. I’m sorry you got hurt and I’m sorry I’m a sorry son of a bitch.” He took a breath and you shook your head.
“I’m sorry too, I shouldn’t have called you that.”
“Yeah, you should have. Because that’s what I’ve been acting like. I promise, I’m going to make you my number one priority from now on. Like I should have done from the beginning.” He reached out and brushed your hair out of your face. “Y/n, you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. You love my friends and take care of them as much as I do. Never in a million years did I think I would find a girl who would be willing to teach my guys how to cook for themselves, or have everyone over for dinners, or always have a guest bed for them when they need a place to crash. You’re always available for a smile or advice or a listening ear. You’re the best part of me, you make me so much better than I am. I’m so sorry Danny grabbed you tonight and thought you were a prostitute waiting for me, he just joined last week and is a complete idiot. Mack and another guy took him from the bar and you won’t ever see him again. Listen, I owe you big time for tonight. You give my life so much color and meaning, and I let you down completely. You name it, we’ll go do it this week. I’m going to celebrate you all week, ok?”
You nodded. “Promise he’s gone?” you whispered.
He held your cheek. “I promise, princess. Gone forever.” You nodded and scooted closer. Bucky rested his hands on your hips and guided you to straddle his lap so he could wrap his arms around you and hold you. “Can I kiss you, my love?” he murmured in your ear. You nodded again and sat up so you were facing him.
“Oh, my girl,” he said sadly as his fingers ghosted over the bruise forming on the side of your face. “I’m so sorry.” He kissed your cheek and then lifted your hands so he could kiss the bruises on your knuckles. Then, he kissed your lips, gently at first. He deepened the kiss, swirling his tongue around your mouth, tasting the blood left from the cuts inside. You hissed and the coppery taste over ran his senses. He grabbed two handfuls of your ass and kissed you harder. When you whimpered, he pulled back startled. “I’m sorry, I got caught up.”
“No.” you replied. “Do that again. It was hot.”
He grinned up at you wickedly and yanked your tank top up over your head before catching your lips with his again. One hand kneaded your ass while the other moved to your front, fingertips tracing patterns all over your torso. You moaned when his fingers found your breast and threw your head back. “You know,” you gasped, “this isn’t what I had in mind when I yelled ‘Fuck you’ tonight.” Bucky pulled back too and caught his breath.
“Just to be clear, you’re ok with this though?” he asked, double checking.
“James, I want you to fuck me. Make me forget you forgot our anniversary,” you whispered in his ear.
“Yes ma’am,” he growled. And boy did he.
.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
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freak (like me) / episode two
tied him down to my queen bed
✧ ೃ༄ dbf!bucky barnes x fem!reader
warnings: smut! 18+ / sexting, phone sex, mentions of sub space, unprotected sex, nicknames (sugar, baby, good boy), sub!bucky (he needs a warning) not proof read
summary: you and bucky meet again and this time you take control…
a/n: i hate this and im really tired and this is really late. 
word count: 2.5k
Tumblr media
 It had been a torturously slow and long week since the out of body experience you gave Bucky. Thankfully your communication had tripled in light of that situation, both desperate and in need of the others company in any way that you could get it.
Every night found yourself with a hand rubbing your swollen clit, the image of your beefy man as he came down your throat replaying like a dirty tape. But somewhere along the line your hands began to fail you. They weren’t enough.
He plagued your mind so much more than usual, you couldn’t do anything without thinking of him. And he was just the same.
Every sheet of paperwork would blur before his eyes because he’ end up thinking of you. On your knees. Gagging on his cock. Crying for him.
All in all you were both struggling.
So, on the third day you ended up sending him a nude, to get the ball rolling. And it worked.
Within a minute your phone was vibrating in your hand with an incoming call; and nothing could have prepared you for that call.
“Sugar, I’m at work.” His deep tone was laced with almost pain, frustration at you and you giggled. It was a reprimand, but you knew he didn’t care. Needing you just as much as you needed him.
There was an image of him, the boss of his own very successful company, palming his slacks under his desk as he groans at you. Oh, what you would do to be under that desk, or bent over it, now. But you’re not so you figured you might as well have some fun.
“I’m sorry to disturb you Mr. Barnes, truly but,” you’re cut off with your own moan as you dip your fingers into your cunt. All day you had been dripping with the thought of Bucky fucking you, finally touching yourself felt so good. “I need you.”
Its utterly sinful the groan he lets out. Really he should punish you for getting him so worked up at his office but he can’t think of anything but sinking into that tight, warm hole that’s soaking just for him.
Allowing you to carry on your little performance he pulls out his cock and starts stroking himself. All in time with the sound of your fingers roughly fucking yourself.
You don’t think you’d ever come that hard. His filthy praises spurring you onto your orgasm. It felt like an eternity until you came down, legs shivering slightly from the sensations. Pulling on an old worn t-shirt you picked up your phone and became aware you were still on the call.
It occurred sometimes that after an orgasm you could float into subspace. Masturbating had never got you there, perhaps because you were alone, but right now you felt yourself feeling more floaty than usual. Not entirely out of it, but also not totally here.
A lot of your bad sexual experiences came from this happening with a person that didn’t know how to handle you like it. you had learnt your lesson and tried to keep yourself as grounded as possible during the moment but with Bucky, things must have been subconsciously different.
Of course things were different anyway. It was Bucky, your Bucky. He emanated a calming, safe aura that you had picked up on and when you came back onto the call and heard him telling you how good you did, how proud he was of you, it solidified your feelings: He was your person.
You don’t know how he knew but was eternally grateful that he understood. He stayed on the phone for another half hour afterwards whilst you cleaned up and made yourself dinner. Making sure you were happy, comfortable and feeling safe.
After the call it became a habit to sext and occasionally facetime whenever either of you were free. By the end of the week the pent up energy of not having physically touched each other became too much and you arranged another date. If you could call you sneaking out to his house, to make sure your parents didn’t find out, a date.
The sneaking out was easy. A result of having had perfected it when you were in school. It should’ve been the difficult part, so why were you hesitating on knocking?
It’s just Bucky after all. But this plank of wood, painted deep blue, separating the two of you was making you nervous. Or maybe it was what was behind it. Him.
Seconds before your knuckles hit the wood, it was yanked away from you revealing a broad chest covered in a soft, worn, old band shirt. Sometimes you forget how tall he is.
Lifting your line of vision, you meet his baby blues and its an instant calming effect.
“Hi, sugar.” And everything’s normal again.
You fling yourself into his arms, him being prepared he cradles your head, squeezing you tight. God, you had missed this.
It’s not just that his arms are home but he holds you so delicately, carefully whilst also hugging you so tight its like he wants to imprint your smaller form into his own. A permanent indent of you, his home.
Both of you take a moment to just breath the other in. Heads snuggling into necks, burrowing into the warm feeling of fully requited love. There was no need to speak, not needing to say anything.
That was until you realised how much you had missed him and now he was here in your arms so found his lips desperately no longer wanting to breathe.
He kissed you back with fervour, that same hunger you showed and God, he was fucking starving.
He dragged you into the house and pushed you against the closed door, laying his body over yours.
“Fuck, pretty girl,” he says between kisses, “missed you s’much.” His hands are desperate. Grappling at your clothing and you’re no better. Clawing at the soft fabric blocking his chest.
Breaking apart and simultaneously lifting both shirts above your heads, no care for where they’re thrown. Its like you can’t bear to be away from each other’s lips for longer than absolutely necessary, immediately latching back on.
His togue is warm and insistent, begging its way through your mouth. It moves seductively and when he pulls away, you follow like a lost puppy.
His large fingers tilt your chin so he can start attacking your neck. The clean expanse of skin looks beautiful but dull. Bucky thinks it deserves some crimson and plum. His marks. Which you’ll proudly wear.  
It makes you keen, the nips and bites sending shocks straight to your core, which has been steadily getting wetter. Your panties have been stuck to you for too long and Bucky isn’t stopping or letting up anytime soon.
Groans reverberate against your tainted skin due to your fingers pulling, tugging at the brown locks. The lines between needing more and needing a break are blurred, you don’t know wat you’re moaning for. But in that special way he has, he knows.
Leaving your neck, deciding its got enough traces of him, he picks you up and carries you to his bedroom. Acting like you weigh nothing, which to him you probably don’t.
Softly he places you on the bedding and leans over you, retreating back to your lips. They’re pink and swollen and addictive.
“Please, Bucky I need you,” you cry. The pulsing of your clit is overwhelming and you need him to make you come or something, otherwise you might burst.
“I know, sugar, I know.” He mutters. His hand travels down your sternum, dipping below your leggings and going straight for your clit.
He huffs at the material blocking the two of you so he shimmies both articles down your legs and throws them to the floor.
It’s embarrassing really how close you are just from a few kisses and his fingers but it’s a skill he has. Insistent circles are rubbed on your clit by his thumb whilst his fingers go down to your dripping hole, coating themselves in slick. As soon as he dips two in your back arches and you can only scream out his name. Completely helpless to his shameless torment.
“Oh baby,” he chuckles, “you close already?” as if he doesn’t know what he’s doing. You would slap the smirk off his face if you weren’t so determined to come. And luckily for you he’s not in a sadistic mood, there’s no denying he’s been rutting against the bed desperate for some friction, so he speeds up his fingers. “Come on princess, come for me.”
With his permission and assault on your cunt it’s the easiest thing in the world. Coming apart all over his hand, shaking and bowing off the bed. Your pathetic moans fill the walls of his bedroom and Bucky swears he’s in heaven. And you? Well you’re somewhere better than heaven.
You came down quickly, a goal in mind.
See, you had planned tonight ever so slightly. Just like the first time, your goal was to always make Bucky feel good. You wanted to push the boundaries and see how he would react if you took control.
Rolling him over you straddled his narrow hips, planting your arms beside his head. Now you finally got a good look at him.
His cheeks were flushed scarlet, leading to his ears and neck. Pupils blown utterly, barely any blue left and his hair was stuck up all over the place. And if the hard, big outline in his jeans was anything to go one, you’d say he was enjoying himself.
“Do you have any ties?” an image of confusion laces his face but he nods in reply. “Where, baby?” you smile down at him and he smiles back in reflex. Clearly words are failing him, so he just indicates in his chest of draws across the room.
A noise of annoyance leaves his bitten lips when you leave his lap, and you can’t help but chuckle at him.
He’s got a lot of options. You end up deciding on two blue ones and head back over.
“You trust me?” once you’re back in his lap. He barely takes a second to reply, nodding his head with certainty. But a nod isn’t good enough for you.
You grip his jaw, not too roughly, “Use your words, darling.” If possible, his pupils become even larger. The way you’re treating him now is turning him on impossibly and he struggles to think of what you’ve asked of him.
“Yes, I trust you.” He hadn’t spoken in a while and his voice was gravelly.
“Good.” You can’t stop from bending down and kissing him quickly.
You bring his arms up yourself and when securing the first to his bedpost, with his very own tie, he holds the other near the second bedpost in anticipation.
The reaction after you whisper in his ear, “Good boy.” Was fucking sinful. He can’t help but moan and buck his hips into you, desperate for you to do anything. Touch him, feel him. it sent his brain haywire and he doesn’t know what to do with himself.
Once both makeshift handcuffs are secure you lean back and admire your work. If you told yourself a month ago that you would be sat on a half-naked Mr Barnes, about to give him the ride of his life, you would’ve choked on your own spit. Oh, how times have changed.
Rubbing yourself over his jeans, he groans and flexes in the ties. He could very easily break out: but he won’t. You know he won’t.
You’re painfully slow when unbuckling his belt but the speed in which you pull him out and align him with your entrance has him reeling. Trying to keep up with you but getting lost in the feeling of your much smaller hand encompassing his length, wrapping as far round you can and pumping.
He’s hot and heavy in your hand and about to get a whole lot hotter. Pushing the angry tip through your folds, you sink down on to him deliberately slowly. Allowing both of you to feel each other in detail.
You knew he was big from the first time but having him inside you was a wake up call. It was like he was in your throat. You had to stop a couple of times, inching down slowly because it was a lot.
When you finally sunk down, allowing for him to bottom out you both moaned. Bucky let out a weak, fuck, and you whimpered every time either of you shifted. But now that he was all the way in you were feral. Immediately going and bouncing up and down, chasing both of your highs.
Bucky was actually the first to protest, “Sweetheart, slow, please slow down,” you felt like the sweetest paradise and Bucky was worryingly close.
And you smiled down at him, looking like a devilish angel, because it was cute really; how he thought he was in charge.
So, you did what he said, you stopped bouncing and started moving. Rolling and twisting your hips, hellishly. Spelling your name and writing random words. And somehow this was worse for Bucky.
You kept that up for longer than thought possible. alternating between raising your hips and slamming back down and rolling them and moving back and forth. However, you pleased. Every time you felt him twitch or heard him whimper you’d slow down. Sometimes completely and leaning down and attacking his neck, creating your own marks.
Bucky wasn’t sure if he had died and gone to heaven or was being punished in the most delicious way. Whichever it was he was grateful, because he had never felt this good. And it was all you.
By the time you had decided it was enough, having become too eager for him to fill you up, he looked a mess. His chest was gleaming in sweat and covered in red splotches. Like ink seeping into paper. You were very proud of his state.
“Bucky,” you moan, having started bouncing up and down with a wild desperation, “Want you to come in me,”
And God: he almost came at that. But something was holding him back.
“You can come Bucky.”
And fuck, he did.
The ties ripped as his arms wrapped around you, he thrusts weakly into you as he whines into your neck. Holding you so close as you come around him. your cunt suffocating his cock, milking it for everything it has. Your moans are fed into his hair, and you cradle his head.
It takes a millennium to fall down from both of your immense highs, and you stroke his hair waiting for his breathing to regulate.
There’s a level of vulnerability in the rom and you just hope you haven’t messed anything up with Bucky. A small corner of your brain whispering that you took it too far.
But when he pulls back, looking into your eyes, its normal again. The blue reflects peace and comfortability. He’s trying to tell you that you’re both ok and the minor detail that loves you. A lot.
You just hope he knows when he looks into your eyes that its returned. Wholeheartedly.  
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bentobarnes · 2 days ago
pairings : bucky barnes x reader
word count : 1k
request by @cherry-season (thank you! and for some reason, I can't tag you...) : you buy a sexy pair of jeans to get bucky's attention.
warnings : implied smut, fluff
*feedback is appreciated. please reblog so it can reach more people♡
Tumblr media
It was early in the morning when you woke up for your training session with Nat. Although you had powers like Wanda’s you preferred to work on your body, hand-to-hand combat skills, and how to use different weapons.
You stopped your alarm with a grunt and heavily lifted yourself to start your day. With puffy eyes from sleep and already in gym attire you were making your way through the hall to the kitchen. You stretched your arms above your head and yawned a sleepy ‘’Morning!’’
Bucky, Nat, and Steve were preparing breakfast and coffee. As you were taking your mug full of coffee you bumped at Bucky’s back.
“Sorry, Bucky!” You shyly apologized. You had a crush on him since he came to live in the Avengers Tower but you always thought that he is not interested in you. Little did you know he was thinking the same thing when he replied with a small “It’s okay.”
You made yourself a sandwich and plopped on the seat on the other side of your table facing Bucky. You locked eyes a couple of times but both of you were too shy to start a conversation. You were eating your sandwich in silence with the three of them. Steve and Nat occasionally exchanged a few words but nothing more. Your eyes were glued to Bucky's calm figure and this didn’t stay hidden from Natasha.
“I don’t think he likes me back, Nat.” You said as you were throwing punches at the black widow.
“Oh seriously Y/N! You need to see the way he looks at you when you look the other way!” Natasha confessed while trying to dodge your attacks away.
“But he hardly looks at me when I’m in the same room!” You protested as you finally managed to get the Russian spy off guard.
Nat fell on the ground, a tiny grunt escaping her lips. You smirked and extended your hand to help her stand up.
“He is just an old man, remember? He hasn’t been with a girl for decades he needs some time or provocation…” Your friend sniggered but her tone was serious enough to make you think.
“Do you have something in mind?” You tried to get her to open up her secret plan to you for how to get Bucky’s attention.
“I actually have!” She talked as she grabbed her water bottle and took a sip.
“Tell me the plan!” You exclaimed with curiosity to the bones of your body.
Nat took her phone and unlocked it. After a couple of seconds, she handed you the phone. A picture of bright red jeans with a big grey denim heart on the butt was lighting the screen.
“What’s this?” You asked with brows furrowed in confusion.
“I saw them a couple of days ago and I think they will fit like a glove on your nice booty. I bet that even an old fashion man like Barnes won’t resist such tasty sight.” Nat smirked watching your expression.
“At this point, I’m up for everything that can get his attention. Plus the jeans are adorable and sexy and I will get them immediately!”
You purchased the jeans on the same day and by the next, they were in your hands. You observed the red denim and the heart shape on the back. The fabric was soft and highlighted your curves so well.
You were going out with the girls in the city and it was the perfect time to flex your new clothing in front of Bucky. You went to the kitchen already ready for your hang out.
Bucky’s eyes scanned you secretly as you entered the kitchen. “New jeans.” He thought. His eyes couldn’t look somewhere else.
He was sitting on the opposite side of the table this time. Giving him a nice view of the kitchen counter and the fridge.
“Morning, Bucky!” You greeted him and turned your back to him to pour some coffee into your mug. That’s when Bucky saw it. “Oh my god!” His mind screamed and he felt his cock twitching in his pants. Those jeans, that heart on your butt was rounding your already peachy ass. All he wanted was to squeeze your ass cheeks or even better give them a few slaps for the teasing.
You couldn’t miss the way Bucky looked at you. Nat was right even old men can’t resist the sexiness of this outfit.
You continued your day normally but all you could think was getting back in the compound and seeing Bucky’s thirsty eyes. Training with Steve felt like in slow motion for James. Your ass with that heart on it was filling his mind. He tried to push that through a couple of times but it was impossible.
When you got home Bucky was out with Steve for a couple of hours. By the time he came home, it was already dark and you were sitting alone on the couch in the kitchen. Everyone was out, some at dinner, others god knows were.
Bucky entered the kitchen and his gaze instantly fell on you. Your tights were stretching the denim ready to be eaten out. He couldn’t wait anymore.
Bucky slowly approached the back of the couch. You felt his breath on your ear and you immediately understood it was him. He placed his big palm on your shoulder and leaned down.
“You have been teasing me all day with those little jeans of yours, doll but let me tell you they will look better on my room’s floor.” James whispered into your ear and your heart stopped beating for a second before you turned your head to him, your lips meeting his.
You caught him by surprise but as soon as he understood he returned the kiss as passionate as you. When you pulled away you looked in his eyes, your own darkening with desire.
“Then make those jeans look better.” You murmured against his lips. That’s what he needed. Bucky placed his hands around your waist, an indication for you to turn around and jump on him. You wrapped your legs around his waist as he finally got in touch with your ass.
His large palms were gripping onto the clothed flesh and a few smacks followed as he closed the door of his room with his foot.
“Thank you, Nat!” You said to yourself when Bucky laid you into the bed tossing your jeans to the side along with your panties.
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„Watch me“ - part 2
James Bucky Barnes x Steve Rogers x female reader
Words: 3.5k
Summary: Steve has no idea kinks exist so his best friend Bucky has to step in and help him with his new girlfriend.
Warnings: voyeurism, edging, threesome, sex lesson, spanking, dirty talk, dom/sub, power play, polyamory, innocent Steve & experienced Bucky
Notes: Y’all asked for a part 2 so here I am delivering. I also felt like including Steve more so I hope you guys like it! 👀 Read it on ao3
[Part 1]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
„I think we need Stevie to listen to you scream my name a few more times before he’s really motivated to make you cum, right doll?“, Bucky asks looking down on you and back to Steve.
Bucky can feel the way your breath gets caught in your chest, and being the bastard that he is-
„Oh, she likes that idea, Stevie. She’s gonna make me cum soo good before you‘ll get your turn on her. Is that what you want, princess?“
Steve pauses the stroking on his cock, the moment stilling. He wanted this, and apparently Bucky did too, but they both wanted to be sure it was something you wanted as well.
And, even though you had never in a million years thought you’d find yourself in a situation like this, there’s actually not a single thing you want more right now than what the two were offering you.
„Yes,” you say, quiet at first, so you repeat it with enough confidence for both men to feel comfortable in your decision. “Yes, please, I-", your words are cut off as Bucky pinches your nipple hard, and a whine comes out instead.
„Next lesson, Stevie…“, his tongue is suddenly against your lips, and you part your mouth for him, allowing him to explore it.
He tastes good. The scent of his skin mingling in with that of his cologne.
You find yourself enjoying it, you enjoy it very much as the taste and smells meld together in your mouth while you kiss him.
„Communication is key. Talk to her, make sure to let her know how fucking perfect she is, how good she’s doing… Ask her if she’s feeling good.“
Suddenly the bed dips and strong hands find your shoulders.
„That feel good, baby?”, Steve whispers in your ear, pushing himself behind your naked body so you lean against his firm chest. You eagerly nod.
„Buck doing a good job?”
“Must be“, Bucky answers the question for you, a smug grin on his face as he pulls out of you. You have to physically stop the whine from leaving your throat at the unwanted absence. He gives himself a few demonstrating strokes, his dick glistening with your slick.
All you can do is gape at him with wide eyes as he slowly, while looking straight at you, brings his fingers to his mouth and licks them clean.
„Tastes good, doesn’t she?”
“She does,” Bucky responds to Steve, who brings a hand up to your hair and tightens it in his grip, making sure you can’t look away.
You’re so overwhelmed between the two of them that your normal instincts to taunt back, stand your ground and not completely just roll over and submissively take it, are suppressed. You wiggle your hips, arching yourself into Bucky.
“Aw, look at that. She’s practically begging you for it, Stevie.”
The condescension in his tone brings you an ounce of willpower. „Dude, shut the fu-ah, god-” your breath is stolen from you as Steve yanks your hair back, and brings a hand to squeeze your face between his strong fingers.
„Be good for him,” his voice is soft as his lips brush over your temple. He points your head, so you’re forced to look back directly at Bucky.
„Tell him you want his cock.”
Bucky sits there, stare burning into yours. A thought passing over, if the two of them had actually planned the whole scenario, crosses your mind, because, fuck, they sure do seem like they know how to act like a team about all of this.
The idea intimidates you. This was new, and it’d been a long time since you felt anything but experienced when it came to your sexual escapades. Especially since you’ve met Steve.
„I want your cock“, you finally give in, a slight sting of shame in your voice. It was almost embarrassing, the way they clearly intended to just play with you like this. Regretfully, the idea of it all only makes you wetter.  
„Say please. Come on baby, I know you know how to use your manners.“ Steve’s voice was so warm, so comfortable yet his words and their meaning were filthy and mean.
Bucky was far too eager to run with it too.
„You heard him, doll.“
You lick your lips, you don’t even mean to. Steve’s getting impatient, and the hand that’s not roughly grabbing your jaw moves down, thumb pressing hard against your clit.
„Please” you break at the pressure, “Fuck, please, Bucky…“
„God, what a desperate little thing she is, huh?” “Listen to how wet she is from all of this.”
Bucky slams his full length back into you in one smooth move, the noise from the actions almost obscene.
“Fuck, you’re goddamn right she’s desperate, look at this, Buck.” Steve’s grip on your face tightens, “drooling all over my hand like this, Christ.”
You weren’t far off from orgasming and dammit you wanted to. The way Bucky was fucking you now was far more aggressive, hips smacking against yours and forcing you harder against your lovers chests behind your back.
Steve knows your body well enough by now and recognizes how close you’re getting. Your walls start to tighten around Buckys cock, and just when you think he might let you-
“Damn, she wants to cum already.” You can tell by Buckys tone what he’s getting at before he even mumbles out, “do you think we should let her?”
Steves hand goes to your chin, tilting it upwards so you’re looking at him.
His pupils are blown from lust but his expression intimidatingly steady given the situation. You didn’t ever consider what Steve would be like when it came to this, but holy fuck, you didn’t expect him to be so god damn sly and dominant about it all.
“Nah, I’m not sure she’s earned it yet.“
Definitely not the response you were hoping for and you embarrass yourself further as the moan that leaves your mouth is just as disappointed as the look on your face.
Steve laughs as Bucky pulls his cock out again in apparent agreement. He takes his cock, sliding it up and down your slit, teasing you and pushing it in just enough to make your knees start to shake under you. All the while you’re looking right at Steve, a pitiful mess with your desperate eyes and wet, swollen lips, he watches you start to break bit by bit as Bucky teases you.
„Ready for you next lesson, Stevie?“, Bucky says, suddenly moving away. You watch him, curious and more than frustrated at this point. You don’t know how long they can keep you on the edge like this. You expect they intended on finding that exact thing out.
„Wanna taste her?”, Steve asks, though Bucky is already settled so he’s on his stomach, eyeing your pretty, pink, glistening pussy as Steve fixes his ankles, wrapping them around yours so he can use his own legs to keep you spread open. „What do you say, princess? Want Buck to lick that sweet, wet cunt of yours till you cum all over his face?”
You’re having a hard time focusing, but you mumble out a rather shaky, „uhuh,” to which both men laugh at. They were having way too much fun flustering you up like this. If you were a third party watching in, the sight of you and your absolute lack of resolve to do anything but lay down and take it would make you cringe.
Bucky, blue eyes wilder than you’d ever recall seeing them, clearly riled up by the prospect, takes his fingers and pinches the lips in front of his face, the action causing you to groan. It’s equally painful as it is arousing.
„You know how to ask, don’t you?” You feel the breath from his words against your cunt and tremble at it.
„Use your words,” Steve affirms Buckys sentiment. „He’s doing us a favor, after all.“
You’re torn between wanting to kill him and wanting to take his cock until you choked on your own spit. God, you didn’t know Steve could be such a prick when he really wanted to be. His hands slowly move up your body until they find your throat. The grip isn’t threatening, yet, and it just speeds your already racing pulse all the more.
„Lick me,” you mumble out, „please,” you add on, as the pressure from both Steves hand on your throat and Buckys fingers pinching your pussy lips increases.
„We trained her well, huh?”, Bucky comments before diving into it. His tongue laps a wide strip across the lips he was just torturing, and eagerly dives in deeper for more.
Okay, that does it. Your hips jolt up as Buckys tongue starts to jet in and out of your center, but you speak through the ridiculous pleasure of it all.
„I’m not a fucking pet, you dickhea-ah-”
You don’t get to finish the sentence. Steve brings a hand up and covers your mouth, fingers lightly pinching at your nose, just starting to block the airflow.
You try to mumble against his hand, and he just pinches tighter.
You feel Bucky’s hand on your thighs, metal fingers wrapping around the soft skin as he spreads you wider, laps of his tongue only becoming more aggressive as Steve slowly lessens your ability to breathe.  
„Could have fooled me, moaning into my hand like a bitch in heat,” his voice is low in your ear, but Bucky must hear because you feel him laugh against you, the vibrations only causing you to groan louder into Steve’s hand. The brunette pulls away just long enough to mumble something.
„Good job on the talking. You’re a fast learner“, he says, sounding proud of his friend, „She seems to like it too, I’m almost drowning here.“
Steve allows you to breathe again, removing his hand.
„Atta girl,” he praises you like you’ve done something right. „Hear that, princess?“
Bucky‘s mouth is already returned to your cunt, and you realize he’s intentionally ignoring your clit. You squirm your hips, trying to get him to give it any attention but seems to know as well as you do, that as soon as he does, you’ll be within an inch of cumming.
„Someone’s impatient“, Steve chides, hand returned over your nose and mouth.
Impatient?! Like you haven’t been hanging on the edge of this orgasm for the past twenty minutes. You don’t even bother trying to say it, the words would be muffled, and it’d likely only delay it further. They’re both clearly on a fucking power trip.
You feel Buckys nose brush against your clit, you’re not even sure if it was intentional, but the motherfucker seemed malicious and calculating enough that you wouldn’t be surprised.
Your reaction is so immediate and intense that even he can’t ignore it. It must do something to him, because he finally relents.
The very tip of his tongue flicks across your clit, and Steve removes his hand from your mouth just in time to hear the pathetic sob Bucky has earned from you as he now shifts his focus entirely to the throbbing, neglected bud on top.
Your hands grab at Steves biceps, nails digging into the skin as you can’t hold back what you’ve been trying to achieve for far too long.
“Look at him when you cum, princess, be polite.”
Fine, you think. Fucking fine. You don’t want to admit it, but there’s little you wouldn’t do at this point just to finally fucking cum.
You can see far too much from how you’re resting against Steve, more than you’d normally be comfortable with.
Buckys eyes are open, blue peering right up at you like he was waiting…which, you guess he was, since he clearly knew what Steve was looking for in all of this.
Suddenly, you feel a lot more vulnerable. You would’ve thought that being held in place by Steve while he spreads your legs so Bucky can nest his head between them would’ve done that but no, it’s this. The eye contact. The way you’re forced to look right at him as your mouth drops, face twists and thighs absolutely quiver as the orgasm ripples through you from your core.
Bucky doesn’t leave the spot until you stop shaking, giving gentle licks, and then soft kisses on your inner thigh as he finally backs away. As he sits up and you notice how his mouth and chin are literally shiny, thoroughly coated in you, you look away. It’s too much. The reality and embarrassment over what’d you just let him -your boyfriends best friend- do to you, threatens to take over, but Steves comforting strokes, his hands now gently rubbing your arms, keeps the anxiety at bay.
You had nothing to be ashamed of, he wants this. They both want you. This much is obvious by how awfully hard both of them are as they watch you recover from the moment.
„She looks so pretty like this, doesn’t she?”, Steve says, voice deep and relaxed. He looks at you, thumb brushing over your bottom lip, eyes more thoughtful than predatory at the moment. „You’re so beautiful, doing so good for us, princess.”
He doesn’t take his eyes off you, like he’s mesmerized by your body, your face, your wonderful scent…
You turn to him and meet his lips in a kiss. You’d kissed more times than you can count at this point.
When you pull away from his mouth, your eyes catch the painfully neglected red tip of his cock, leaking pre-cum. Holy shit.
Your heart twitches in your chest.
“C’mere,” Steve pulls you into his lap. He leans down flat on his back and Bucky’s hands are on either side of your hips. They rub over your bare body, lips on the back of your neck as Steve watches him slowly work you up again.
“You wanna ride his cock, sweets?”, Bucky asks from behind, his lips brushing over your earlobe.
You nod your head, not trusting yourself to speak without your voice cracking.
Steves dick is in his hand, ready to line it up with your entrance. Firm hands on your hips, Bucky lowers you onto it.
Steve thrusts up into you and you suppress a moan as best as possible.
Your senses were completely overrun, and knowing full well where this was heading, you wanted to keep your coherency for as long as you could.
„Big, right? Bet it feels so good in that tight little pussy of yours“, Bucky almost whispers, his hands are on your ass, squeezing.
You don’t see Bucky bring his open palm up to Steves face, but you hear him say „spit on it,” and the sound of Steve obliging his request.
Bucky uses the newly wet fingers to jerk himself a few times, and his hands that had been kneading at your ass stop their movements. Instead, each hand grabbing a respective cheek and spreading it open.
„God, fuck.” , you’re panting, breathing heavy and your moans match Steve’s pace under you as he drives up into your soaking wet heat.
„You’re doing so good, doll,” Bucky encourages you as he strokes himself faster to the sight of you and your boyfriend.
„Turn her“, he suddenly says and both swing you around, your cunt never leaving his cock, so you’re facing Bucky again with Steve kneeling behind you.
A metal hand is now on your head, urging you down and you immediately realize what he’s asking for.
You lick up his length, from the hilt to the top, giving special care to his cock’s head as your lips suckle on it.
You pepper his cock with a few more kisses before lowering your mouth onto it, actions slow as you feel him slide further back your throat. His grip on your head is more tender this time, gentle pets of his fingers toying with your hair.
„Fuck, sweets, your mouth was made for this… I should’ve done this sooner.“
You respond to the praise by bringing a hand up and palming at his balls, which he appreciates, a small “Ah-Fuck, good girl,” interrupting his sentence, “looks so pretty with a cock in her mouth,” as you start to bop your head faster.
You moan on his cock, all the compliments going straight to your head and pussy.
Steve waits for a few more seconds before he picks up his pace again, thrusting into you so hungry for release.
Bucky‘s metal arm suddenly reached forward to rub fast circles on your clit and you have to break off his cock to catch your breath.
„Just like that…oh, fuck, yeah, just like that.”
You’ve lost any inhibitions you might’ve normally had at this point. You’re screaming, moaning, murmurs of their names, praising them, praising god, saying words you’re not even sure were actually words. You’re completely gone. Your moans are loud and obscene in their ears, but they don’t dare try to quiet you. They’re like honey in their minds, coating over it, sticky and delicious and sweet.
“You like being used like this, huh?”, Bucky’s voice is gruff, he’s shoving your mouth back on his cock and you bop your head with the rhythm of Steves thrusts inside you, harder and more erratically.
You don’t answer right away, mostly because your mouth is stuffed with Buckys cock and as a result you feel a hard slap on your ass but you honestly can’t tell which hand belongs to whom at this point.
„Yes“, you moan around Buckys length.
„You love it, don’t you? You love being mine and Stevies little fuck doll.”
„You were made to take our cocks, huh?” Steve joins in and you know he’s close, so you tighten around him just to have some semblance of control in all of this.
„Fucking hell,” he grits out at the feeling of his cock being squeezed in your already incredibly tight hole.
Even so, you feel another slap on your ass and you lift your head to cry out at the painful contact.
„Answer his question, come on now. You were being so good.”
It takes you a second to even remember what the fuck he said, but you mumble blind agreements anyway.
You’re close, and you’re about to cum with or without their permission. They must sense it, or maybe they’re just close themselves, because Bucky asks the question you didn’t realize you were waiting for. “You gonna cum all over Stevies dick for us?”
You don’t even get to answer, your walls clench hard around him and Steve throws his own head back, jaw clenched, and eyes shut tight at the feeling of cumming hard around his deeply buried length.
There are genuine tears in your eyes as you climax, you pull off of Bucky once again and you’re bumbling like a drunken idiot, reduced to absolute ruin and it drives them both wild.
Steve cums first, you feel his cock tense and twitch inside you as he serves one last hard, deep thrust, hands gripping your hips so tightly you won’t be surprised if there are prints left over for you to admire tomorrow morning.
„Just like that, fuck, yes, just like fucking that princess.”
He doesn’t pull out, he won’t until Bucky cums, which isn’t at all long after. His hips jet up hard into your mouth again and you feel his release fill you up from the other side.
He mumbles a mixture of praises that make your already weak legs shake, and curses, into your ear as he holds you still until the he’s sure he’s given you all of his release.
„Swallow it all, fuck…such a good girl.“
Bucky pulls out first, Steve keeping you there a moment longer. You lift your head, spinning, sweaty, cheeks tear-stained, just to turn your face and look at him. As soon as your face is there, he kisses you, hard, passionately. You let him, moving your lips more lazily against his. You were fucking beat.
You don’t think you’d ever came so hard in your life.
The moment finally dies down as Steve pulls away and then out of you. You roll over so you’re on your back lying next to him, and Bucky joins you on the other side.
The three of you are tired, breathing heavy. It takes a few minutes for anyone to have the energy to speak up.
„So…that was,” you start.
„Incredible“, Steve finishes the sentence to which Bucky hums in agreement.
You laugh, bringing your hands to cover your face.
What the fuck just happened?
„Are you okay?”, Steve whispers, genuine care in his voice. You nod your head.
„Okay is one way to put it.”
This time, he laughs, and Bucky gives a small, airy chuckle.
„Was I… I mean, was that good for you guys?” You shouldn’t be insecure, but you can’t help it. You’d never done that before.
„Do you want a yelp review? I figured the way we came all over you would be enough of a reassurance.” Despite his asshole tone, Bucky brings an arm and wraps it around you, pulling you into him so you’re back is resting against his chest. You reach your hand out to grab for Steve who showers your face in light kisses.
It feels nice, laying between them. Nicer than you’d ever considered it could.
You’re not sure how you should feel right now. You liked this all, and you liked it a lot. You liked Steve, you liked Bucky… you found yourself hoping this wasn’t going to be an anomaly. That it wasn’t going to be a one-and-done deal.
But the way you’re curled up between them gives you the impression it would be more than that.
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