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[5 images. A large building. A group of people sitting at a table. A plate of food. A person holding a plate of food. A group of people sitting at a table eating food. Captions: First of all, Mr. Tyler, you watch your language around me. Sorry, ma'am. And secondly, you never told me a thing about your head. And third…]

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Here is other charcoal drawin/ tracing I of the building next to queen train.

More I drawing in charcoal better the drawing come out. This drawing come out a tidier the first charcoal drawing I did. The drawing get better with more details I added.

The different size building give since of scale to drawing.

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I wasn’t sure if there was anything in the field when I took the picture but I could feel it.

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The Van Gogh Museum

The Van Gogh museum is located in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. It has the largest collection of the famous Dutch Vincent Van Gogh’s artwork, it has 200 paintings, 500 drawings and 750 letters. The building itself is huge and has about three floors filled with Van Gogh’s artwork and each floor has a different stage of his life.

The ground floor is all about becoming face to face with Van Gogh and most of his self portraits. On the ground floor it contains an information centre and a restaurant. His work on this floor are mostly portraits of himself as that’s what he started painting when he first wanted to become an artist. It shows you portraits he painted from 1886 and 1887. For example, ‘self portraits as a painter’ 1886. There is actually Van Gogh’s palette with tubes of paints that he used which I thought was amazing.

The first floor was his about his life in 1883 - 1889 and his beginning his art journey. There was a lot of information regarding how he started out. I read that he taught himself as an artists and that he taught himself perspective, anatomy and colour. As he got a lukewarm reaction from his painting ‘The Potatoes Eaters’ it made him realise that he had a lot to learn. This floor was filled with all the paintings where he just practised all the time. He started taking lessons and went to the Art academy in Antwerp. Then went to the studio of painter Fernand Cormon in Paris and practise for an entire year. He was inspired by 17th Century masters. He began studying the human body and drawing nudes, copying classical sculptures. He mostly concentrated on still life trying to perfect skills within painting techniques and combining colours.

The second floor was all about Van Gogh in close up and about his life journey. There’s information regarding when Paul Gauguin went to visit Van Gogh and these two artists kept on clashing. Van Gogh is said threaten Paul Gauguin with a razor and Paul leaves. To then return to Van Gogh cut off his ear. It is said that Van Gogh suffered with a series of mental health and mental breakdowns and he went to many doctors but ended up admitting himself into psychotic hospital. However, he remained confident in the healing of painting. This floor also had all of his letters he went his partners and other members of his family and a family tree. 

The third floor was about his life 1889-1890 where his life was coming to a end. Van Gogh started to create artwork with nature in his finally months of painting. He produced seventy-five paintings in just severely days, he portrayed primary nature such as gardens full of lowers, close up of waving wheat, landscapes filled with emotions. He was familiar with this region of art from the paintings of Charles Francois Daubigny. Charles admired moods and personal sensibility and managed to install that into his landscapes. Van Gogh tried to convey the emotions that he experienced watching the sun rise or looking at a blade of grass or a ploughed field. On the 27th July 1890 Van Gogh shot himself in his chest with a pistol in a field near Auvers. He died two days later, all of his artist friends went to his funeral and it was then when one of his artist friends wrote about him he became a famous artist. 

The painting by Van Gogh captured my imagination the most is the Irises painting because I love the colours he uses and the brush techniques. Near where I live these a house with Irises outside there front garden and it always reminds me of Van Gogh. I love his paintings of the Irises its do detailed with the colours he chooses as they all blend so nicely together and he is the reason why I love to draw, photography and paint nature. He has to be my favourite artist and I would love to go see his work in real life as he has inspired me so much.

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જામનગરમાં લીમડામાં રહેતા 80 વર્ષના વૃદ્ધ મહિલાના મકાનમાં ચોરી

જામનગરમાં લીમડામાં રહેતા 80 વર્ષના વૃદ્ધ મહિલાના મકાનમાં ચોરી

જામનગર : જામનગરમાં લીમડા લાઈન વિસ્તારમાં રહેતા 80 વર્ષના વૃદ્ધ મહિલાના રહેફણાંક મકાનમાં કોઈ જાણભેદુ તસ્કરોએ ઘૂસી જઈ હાથફેરો કર્યો હતો, અને ઘઉંના ડબ્બામાં સંતાડેલી રૂપિયા 41 હજારની રોકડ રકમ અને 15 હજારની કિંમતના સોનાના બુટીયા ની ચોરી કરી લઇ ગયાની ફરિયાદ પોલીસમાં નોંધાવી છે. પોલીસે કેટલાક શકમંદને ઉઠાવીને તપાસનો ધમધમાટ શરૂ કર્યો છે.
ચોરીના બનાવની વિગત એવી છે કે જામનગરમાં લીમડા શેરી નંબર ત્રણ માં…


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Wells Fargo, downtown Milwaukee

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ઓખા હાઈસ્કૂલની જર્જરિત ઈમારત પાડવાનું કામ શરૂ

ઓખા હાઈસ્કૂલની જર્જરિત ઈમારત પાડવાનું કામ શરૂ

મીઠાપુર: દેવભૂમિ દ્વારકા જિલ્લાના ઓખામાં લગભગ 57 વર્ષ પૂર્વે નિર્માણ પામેલ હાઈસ્કૂલની ઈમારતને 57 વર્ષના વ્હાણા વાતા હાલ આ ઈમારતની હાલત જર્જરીત બની હતી. આથી તંત્ર દ્વારા સલામતીના ભાગરૂપે આ જોખમી ઈમારતને પાડવાનું કામ શરૂ થતા ‘ઈતિહાસ રચનાર આજે ખુદ ઈતિહાસ બની ગઈ’ હોવાની લોકોમાં જન્મી હતી.
ખંઢેર જેવી બની ગયેલી ઈમારત પાડી નાખવામાં આવતા બિલ્ડિંગમાં અભ્યાસ કરી ચુકેલા ભૂતપૂર્વ વિદ્યાર્થીઓ ત્યાંથી પસાર થતી…


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Proyek Pembangunan Masjid Baiturrahman Pekajangan, WA/Telp : 081-2299-8888

Jasa Arsitek, Jasa Gambar, Jasa Desain, Jasa Desain Interior, Interior Design, Jasa Desain Ruangan, Desain Bangunan, Jasa Desain Rumah, Jasa Desain Minimalis, Jasa Desain Furniture, Desain Modern, Jasa Buat Kantor, Jasa Kontruksi, Konstruksi Bangunan, Bangunan Desain, Desain Mewah, Desain Gambar Arsitek, Gambar Bangunan, Bangunan Gambar, Gambar Rumah Modern, Architect Design, Architect Design And Interior, Design Consultant, Design Engineer, Architect Exterior Design, Exterior Design, Architect Interior, Exterior Design, Desain Rumah,Gambar Rumah, Gambar Desain Rumah, Desain Arsitektur, Desain Kantor, Rumah Modern, Rumah Desain

Kami Adalah Perusahaan Jasa Desain yang sudah berpengalaman 10 tahun dibidangnya dan merupakan salah satu jasa desain terbaik dengan berbagai konsep design yang bervariasi.

Adapun untuk gambar-gambar design yang kami kerjakan hingga saat ini diantaranya meliputi :

  1. Siteplan
  2. Design Rumah tempat tinggal
  3. Gambar Mechanical
  4. Gambar Struktur
  5. Gambar sipil
  6. Arsitektur
  7. Design Gedung Universitas
  8. Design Masjid dengan Konsep Modern
  9. Design Pondok Modern
  10. Design Interior / Eksterior
  11. Rendering View
  12. Design Ruko / Pertokoaan
  13. Design Gedung bertingkat
  14. Gambar ME + Plumbing
  15. Gambar 2d / 3d
  16. Design Gambar Teknik lainnya.

Design terbaik dan harga terjangkau yang memberikan kepuasan customer merupakan komitmen kami dalam memberikan pelayanan prima kepada customer kami.

Kami membuka layanan Jasa Gambar ini terhadap Perusahaan-perusahaan baik itu instansi Pemerintah, BUMN ataupun swasta.

Kantor Archiplan
Jl. Untung Suropati No. 21 Kota Pekalongan - Jawa Tengah

Telepon : 081-2299-8888
WA         :
Email     :
Website :
Medium :
Tumblr  :

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[3 images. A person standing in front of a building. A person standing in front of a store. A man standing in front of a store. Captions: - Up there. - Good country. Listen, sir, thank you, for taking me on this job. - A noble way to make amends. - Amends?]

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I’ll steer clear of any abandoned mausoleums

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Inhotim Museum - Brazil MG

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Enon Baptist Church in Baltimore, Maryland.

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Solna Metro Station, Stockholm, Sweden.

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