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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#Burning records
Hey! Do you have the full video of wearing yellow to a funeral, full song (you just posted part of it) 馃挄

Unfortunately no 😅 the part that’s cut off is just her saying “Catherine was a massive catholic” but there was outside sound over the top of my audio so it wasn’t usable. Sorry love 🙊🦆

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Hymns of Burning Nepotism (Short Film) by Marcellous Lovelace

Hymns of Burning Nepotism (Short Film) Based in an Apocalyptic Arizona county in the year 2048, all United States born citizens are forced to a capitalistic monarchy governed by Police Rule being that democracy is now outlawed and militia’s control the individual states formally known as the USA. Paranoid friends who have deep introspect and shared thoughts after a friend of theirs is missing. © 2019 Joe Left Hand Records #75dab #biko70 #blackfilm #sciencefiction Nephew of Frank Records A Short Film co-written by Marlon from the Book based on a screen play by Marcellous Lovelace… Soundtrack:…
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If we all aren’t recording ourselves reading journal entries with Civil-War-Era diction about daily life during quarantine while “Ashokan Farewell” plays in the background…


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Let My Prayers Be Heard

Obtainability: Limited to “Mitama’s Festive Feast” event

Effect: Negate Poison / Negate Burn Chance / Negate Curse Chance

Thoughts: This is a good memoria to have on hand, but it is also niche. It can negate Poison, and has a chance to negate against Burn and Curse.

Keep in mind that it can only negate against those three status ailments– it doesn’t offer any other benefits, like attack up or defense up. It’s also rare to encounter a fight where you will encounter all three of these effects.

So with this in mind, this memoria is best kept on hand as an additional preventative measure for if you’re missing one of the more specific status ailment memoria.

A better ‘Negate Curse’ memoria would be “My Bible.

A better ‘Negate Poison’ memoria would be “Attitude Towards Art.”

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fsflskdfj now i am distracting my SELF bcos suddenly i want to work on the agnes series (which has only one fic so far but in my HEART and in my MIND it is a series) bcos there is……… gertrude/agnes yearning……… in it later………….

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I have a beautiful notebook that I was using as a tarot journal with a specific deck and a specific month-long deck challenge that I never finished doing. I’m really torn about what to do with it because I only used about a quarter of the pages but because I’ve moved on from the situation I was writing about I don’t see myself going back to finish that challenge. I want to use the notebook as a grimoire now but also feel it’s important to have a record of that hard time in my life (even if I’d like to forget it).  I am thinking about removing the pages and using the rest of the book but the way it is constructed makes that difficult. Its a sheaf of pages that were folded over and stapled in the middle. Not sure what to do with it yet.

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“We’ve been in worse situations than this.“ - Natasha


     It wasn’t that he didn’t believe her, but he sure as hell couldn’t remember any event that had occurred up until now that could possibly stack up. And he honestly couldn’t put his finger on who it was that should be taking fault for their current disaster. He had been the one to come up with the idea, but Natasha had not only agreed, but egged him on. And now they were standing in a kitchen that was covered from countertop to floor with fire extinguisher waste. 

“Do you have a number for people who clean up after you kill people? Can we just tip really well and call it day? I don’t want Bucky to come home and see it like this…’

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