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#But Kakashi loves his ninken
kakairuincorrectquotes26 days ago
Kakashi, completely serious: Sir, it has been reported lately that you do, in fact, have little paw-paws and a little button nose. Do you care to comment?
Kakashi: Riveting.
Iruka, walking in: Am I interrupting something?
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mokutone3 months ago
Hi yes, first of all, your art is amazing and so beautiful and serene, I always love to see it, it gives me a sense of inner peace and contentment and I just adore it鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍
And second of all, I love to see your thoughts in the tags, especially you analysing the characters and their interactions, it's so wonderful鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍
Hope you have a lovely day!馃挒馃挒馃挒
thank you!!!! that is sweet of you to say, i am glad that it gives u a sense of peace and contentment, i try often to capture that feeling, even with some of the trickier and messier content
and thanks for that as well! <|:^) analyzing characters and their interactions is one of my favorite things to do, i'm glad its enjoyable and not annoying!!!
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boredcatsyndrome9 days ago
So I felt like writing some Kakashi angst fic... This is my first fic so please be kind :)
For the sake of story let me clarify few things, this is post obito getting crushed by rock period, except he died ( sorry ) and kakashi didn't kill rin so she's alive.
Warnings : mostly angst, some grammar or spelling mistakes
After obito died you got added to team Minato as a third member even though you were a medical nun like rin you were pretty good at taijutsu, over the time you became close friends with both Kakashi and rin.
Tumblr media
You three often went on mission together and you made a great team. Kakashi is still haunted by obito's death by his promise to obito that he would keep rin safe kept him going. It took him a while to get comfortable with you but when he he got to know you he felt a wave of warmth spread across his body, his heart felt light and his mind clear of all the self doubts he carried. It took him a while to realise that he was in love with you.
So after one particular mission where he saw you protecting rin from a hidden nin made him confess his feelings to you. He was shy and first but he confessed and you.... You fell for him. You fell for his strength, his nindo, his ninkens, his humour...
Kakahsi decided to keep your relationship secret for the sake of your safety. He knows he has kill on sight order in many lands and people wouldn't hesitate to use you to get to him. That was the last thing he wanted. It frustrated you at first not being able to hold hands in public, not being able to go out on dates like other couple.
It frustrated you how Kakashi was open to physical affection from rin in front of others but with you he often kept it behind closed doors. You knew they were childhood friends and you knew about Kakashi's promise to obito. But, Kakashi made a promise to you too, to keep you happy and safe.. there were times when you let these thoughts consume you but when Kakashi cooks dinner for you, when he lets you play with his ninkens, when he kisses you these thoughts evaporate into thin clouds.
This mission was proving to be extremely tricky, things were not going your way, All you had to do was rescue the villagers of a small village not far from konoha from the rule of few delinquents.
You and Kakashi had managed to take out the delinquents but the condition of few villagers was looking bad. It seemed they were injected with a particular kind of poison that renders them paralysed. These delinquents used this to rob houses and treasuries.
"This poison doesn't seem potent to me, I think we should go back to konoha and get more people to deal with this, it will most likely resolve on its own" to in said looking at Kakashi.
For some reason she never spoke directly at you, it was always at Kakashi, you knew she had feelings for him. Kakashi knew rin had feelings for him.
You looked at villagers writhing in pain , "it might be too late, we should try healing them as much as we can before going back to get more people. We don't know how potent this poison can be and we cannot leave them in this condition"
"y/n this poison is not that serious, I have checked their condition and..."
"and you're sure about your diagnosis rin?"
"are you doubting me right now? I have experience and this doesn't seem that bad"
"I still think we should stay and try to heal them as much as we can only because you don't think it's bad doesn't mean it isn't and..."
'Y/N ENOUGH!!" Kakahsi yelled suddenly making your words die down in your throat. "rin knows what she's doing, I trust her. She's a great medical nin. As the captain of this Mission I say we go back"
You looked at rin who had a tinge of pink dusting her cheeks.
"fine, you both can go back and I'll stay here to monitor the situation.." can he sense the hurt in your voice?
Kakashi sighed and agreed to it. Him and rin left for konoha and you focused on the situation at hand. This seems bad. You started healing villagers one be one and you found out that not only it paralyses them but not getting treated on time can cause permanent paralysis. You were glad you stayed.
It took one day for rin and Kakashi and to come back with other medical nin. One of them shizune being and expert in poison also accompanied them.
When they got back you couldn't look at Kakashi. You couldn't look at either Kakashi or rin. You explained the situation to Shizune. She knelt beside one of the villagers and ran a hand over his chest.
"I'm glad y/n stayed behind, this poison is quite potent if given in such quantities, it can cause permanent paralysis if not treated on time? Did you manage to heal them completely?"
" no, I could only extract about 50% from each of the 15 villagers, I didn't have enough chakra left.."
"it's quite alright then, we can take It from here, you should rest, you look spent"
You turned around without meeting Kakashi's gaze and left to rest in one of the huts. You could feel the ache in your chest and your limbs felt like jelly. Neither your brain not your heart had the capacity to deal with Kakashi right now. But this didn't stop him from following you into the hut.
"y/n can we talk?"
"Yes captain". You couldn't look him in the eyes, you were to hurt and one look at him would have you crumbling.
"I'm sorry, I should have trusted you-"
"it's alright". You cut him off with a painful smile. He took a step towards you, you took a step back. "look y/n I know I made a mistake okay? But you have to understand that I had to pick a side.."
"then why couldn't you be on my side?!"
You didn't want to tell at him. You hated it.
"why couldn't you ever take my side? Why couldn't you ever rush to help me when I am surrounded by enemy? Why does it always has to be her?" You couldn't help the tears from falling but you didn't care. You've had enough of being second. A replacement if what you felt like.
"you said you wanted to keep us a secret and I agreed but that doesn't mean you can't Be seen out with me? This happens everytime and I am tired of being second now, I am tired of being your secret and I am tired of being like this..god!.. when was the last time your pulled the "I am the captain" card to defend me?"
"y/n please calm down, you know I made a promise to obito to keep her safe and always be there for her-"
"you made a promise to me too Kakashi ! but I guess I am not important enough for my promise to be kept, tell me how am I supposed to live with the fact that my boyfriend will never be by my side or will only look at my behind closed doors.." you could feel energy draining out of your body drop by drop and Kakashi reached out to hold you but you slapped his hand away.
"this might be a small thing for you Kakashi but it isn't for me.."
"y/n please I am sorry I know I should have trusted you I know... Fuck y/n please just trust me on this that this is the last time and I promise I'll never make you feel this way...I promise y/n please.." you could hear the crack in his voice as he spoke but it was hard for you to believe him.
"I'm sorry Kakashi I just need some time alone.. "
"at least let me stay with you ,please y/n.."
"I think you should go out afterall you're the captain of this Mission.." with a heavy sigh Kakashi left you alone.
His heart ached and now he realised what you went through. How you put up with everything he asked for only wanting to be with him in return, Kakashi worked with every fiber in his body with the only aim of returning to you and telling you how stupid he was, he worked thinking about all the time he could have made you feel this way, his breath hitched and tears threatened to fall from this single visible eye every time he looked at the direction of your tent.. at night he entered the tent you were supposed to be resting in only to find it empty, when he asked Shizune she told him that she sent you back because you were to tired to continue and using any more of chakra could have harmed you.
Kakashi couldn't look at rin, everytime as he did he thought about how his behaviour hurt you. He declined her offer for lunch when they got back to konoha. All he could think about now was you and how hurt you were and how sorry he was. He knew no amount of apologies would ever be enough but he was ready to take whatever it you'd give him..
So when Kakashi recahed the gates of konoha he ran towards the hospital, he asked the nurses about you but none of them could look at him. What was happening? Where is y/n and why won't anybody tell me anything!
"Dr.Miro where is y/n? None of the nurses will tell me anything!"
Dr.Miro took Kakashi to one of the room, through the glass he saw you lying on the bed unconscious, surrounded by wires and monitor. He didn't understand, you seemed fine, what happened?
"while returning from the village she was attacked by some of the rogues that got away, she fought them as much as she could but it seemed like her chakra levels were already quite low, luckily one of the other teams were returning the same way and they assisted her, but she was in a bad condition, she has been unconscious since two days but we are monitoring her closely.."
No this can't be happening, not to you, not to his y/n! Fuck he should have stayed back with you and helped you! You wouldn't be this out of chakra then! None of this would have happened if he would have just stayed with you! You would have been fine, he would have told you he loved you, but now he can only whisper it under his breath as his legs gave up and he sat on the bench outside. You had to wake up! You had to! He'd do anything for you to be back!
But now all he did was stay outside your room, and look through the looking glass at the girl whom he loves and prayed to whatever god was out there that she comes back to him..his y/n..
Part 2
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apricitobio4 months ago
You Are My Sunshine
Tumblr media
A/N:聽聽A little something I wrote based off the song,聽You Are My Sunshine, by Johnny Cash.
Pairing: Kakashi x fem!Reader
Warnings: Angst, death
Word count: 1,292
Tumblr media
You are my sunshine, my only sunshine,
A knock on your window one stormy night awoke you. You reached out to open it, only for a tall, silver haired man to tumble in, bruised and bloodied. You put your panic on the back burner as you led him to the bathroom to tend to his wounds. You carefully removed his vest and his undershirt, cleaned the fresh wounds and stitched them up, all while focusing on keeping your hands from shaking. When all the immediate damage had been taken care of, you helped him into comfortable clothes and supported him to the bed. You caressed him gently, placing loving kisses all over his face and smiling softly. As Kakashi was slowly lulled to sleep, he muttered silent words of thanks to Kami, for having you, his anchor, for you never forsook him.
You make me happy, when skies are grey,
Kakashi gazed at you as you animatedly chattered about a new book you read. Walking through the streets of Konoha, with his usual Icha Icha in hand, the jonin realized that he wasn鈥檛 paying attention to the words on the pages he was leafing through. The chime of your voice, your mirth and the sparkle in your eyes, left him enraptured. He couldn鈥檛 help the smile that grew under his mask. It slowly dawned upon him, just how happy you made him.
You鈥檒l never know dear, how much I love you,
鈥淢mm, looks tantalizing鈥, you remarked as you embraced your boyfriend from behind. You rested your head against him as he prepped the day鈥檚 dinner. Kakashi turned his head to place a sweet kiss on your temple.
鈥淥nly the best for my love鈥, he smiled.
鈥淎lthough鈥, he added with a chuckle, 鈥渋t鈥檚 a new recipe, so I鈥檓 not sure if you鈥檇 like it.鈥 His heart did a few jumps at your next words.
鈥淥f course I鈥檇 enjoy it, darling; you made it with so much love, there鈥檚 no way it isn鈥檛 the absolute best.鈥 He spun around to face you and nuzzled against your jaw. 鈥淚 love you鈥, he whispered, and it made his day to know you felt the same.
And no one else could come in between.
鈥溾楰ashi! You old man! How long are you taking, baka?鈥 you exclaimed as you ran to your picnic spot with the ninken following suit.
鈥淢aa, wait up鈥, Kakashi breathed as he tried to keep up with you. By the time he made it to the tree, you had already settled down, picnic basket wide open and the dogs swarmed around you, all eager for a share of your affections.
Kakashi stopped to admire the scene that lay ahead of him. It melted his heart to see that his pups loved you like their own. His peaceful daydream was interrupted as you waved to him and patted a small spot next to you, beckoning him to come and cuddle.
鈥淚 saved the best spot for my favourite Pup.鈥
A little while later, as he lay surrounded by his sleeping ninken and you fast asleep with your head on his chest, he dearly wished you all could stay like this forever. As his eyelids grew heavy, he pulled you closer, the thoughts of happy days with you expressing themselves as a soft smile on his face.
Please don鈥檛 take my sunshine away.
It all happened in less than a second.
鈥淜akashi!鈥 The sound of a familiar voice screaming his name, pierced the heavy air.
He knew it, deep down inside, he knew exactly what had happened. 鈥淧lease, Kami, please let me be wrong,鈥 he begged to anyone who would hear him.
His plea went unheard.
He whirled around to face the sight of you collapsing, a bloody blade impaled in your stomach. His fast reflexes helped him catch you before your body hit the ground.
鈥淜akashi, we鈥檒l handle them鈥, he could hear Genma yell. Kakashi merely nodded, being unable to process the swirl of emotions that raced through every fibre of his being. There you lay, with your head on his lap, bleeding profusely, as you struggled to breathe.
How many times had this event plagued his sleep? But every single time, you were there to hold him close, whispering sweet nothings in his ear, running your hands through his hair to pull him out of those nightmares.
鈥淚鈥檓 not going anywhere, my love鈥, you had comforted him. 鈥淚 promise, I鈥檓 right here, see?鈥
As he gazed at your face now, he just knew you鈥檇 never be able to do that again. The tears that slowly streamed down his face mixed with the fat raindrops that began to fall.
鈥淚鈥檓 taking you to Konoha, come on, you鈥檙e going to be okay鈥, he choked, 鈥淛ust-just stay awake for me? Promise me that you鈥檒l stay awake for me,鈥 he pleaded.
You smiled weakly and caressed his cheek . Shaking your head gently, you said, 鈥溾楰ashi, no, I know I don鈥檛 have enough strength to carry on. I鈥檓 sorry, my love鈥, you breathed, 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry I broke my promise. Always know that I鈥檓 right by your side.鈥
鈥淣o- no you鈥檙e not leaving me. Stay awake for me, love, please.鈥
鈥溾楬atake Kakashi鈥, you said, mustering all the strength that you could, 鈥淧romise me that you鈥檒l lead a good life, and not run into death right after me.鈥 You paused, trying to catch your breath.
" You are a good man, one of the best this world has ever seen, and I am so lucky to be a part of your life.鈥 You gasped, and you both knew that your time was running out. 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry that our story ends here, my love, I鈥檓 sorry I couldn鈥檛 give you everything. But never ever forget this,鈥 you choked.
Kakashi braced himself for the words that you鈥檇 utter next, the fact that this would be the last time he heard it, shattering his heart.
鈥淚 love you, Kakashi. I love you so much.鈥
鈥淚- I love you too, I love you too鈥, he spoke, as tears clouded his vision.
You smiled at your lover, trying to burn the image of his beautiful face in your memory, as you drew your last breath and closed your eyes forever.
Kakashi was in shock. He clutched at your limp body, pulling it close to him, in a vain attempt to somehow bring you back. This, this was just another nightmare, and you鈥檇 wake him up anytime now, he thought frantically.
He stayed that way for what seemed like hours, until he felt Guy鈥檚 hand on his shoulder. 鈥淜akashi鈥, he said sadly, 鈥渋t鈥檚 time to go.鈥
A day after the funeral, word spread through the ranks that the Hound ANBU had been sighted again after several years. Cold hearted and ruthless as ever, they left in their wake, a bloody trail- killing without mercy.
A week later, the Hound stumbled into his apartment, tossing his ANBU mask to the side as he made his way to the bedroom. 聽He brushed his hands through his silver hair and picked up the photograph that lay on his bedside table.
The picture was of you, him and the ninken, taken just a few days before you departed. 聽You were all smiles, and so was Kakashi, as you both rested your hands against a growing bump in your belly.
It was too good to last, Kakashi knew, happiness in his life was always transient. But that happiness you gave him, the way you made him feel- for that he鈥檇 thank Kami every waking moment.
For deeming him worthy enough to be loved by you.
You are my sunshine, my only sunshine,
You make me happy, when skies are grey,
You鈥檒l never know dear, how much I love you,
Please don鈥檛 take my sunshine away.
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simps-and-scribblesa month ago
Ninken News - Kakashi x Reader
Summary: the ninken give some surprising news while on a mission
Genre: lots and lots of fluff, slight protectiveness, mostly just fluff and cuteness, some suggestive sexual themes, and little bit of humour.
Warning: suggestive themes, pregnancy
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You bounded through the trees following Kakashi鈥檚 footsteps on each limb. The warm wind rushed by you as the summer sun shimmered through the leaves. Kakashi looked back to make sure you were still okay. You gave him a reassuring smile and he returned it with his signature eye crinkle. It wasn鈥檛 often you got to go on a mission with your boyfriend. Even though this mission was ranked A class you were feeling quite content and confident in completing it relatively quickly and easily.
You had recently gained new information about an illegal group growing at the border of fire country and had been dispatched to gain more information on the groups leader and to avoid conflict if possible. The only thing you had as a lead as to those involved in the group were a few items of clothing that had been left at a bar not far from the location of the suspected hideout.
After travelling for a couple hours Kakashi came to a halt several hundred yards off the main path. At this point you were a couple miles away from the suspected area. 鈥淚 think this should be good鈥 Kakashi said, looking at you for an opinion.
鈥淵ah, this gives the dogs a good chance to spread out and lead us in the direction of any scents they can pick up.鈥 You said analyzing possible outcomes in your head. Kakashi nodded and made the summoning hand seals for his ninken.
鈥淜uchiyose no Jutsu鈥 kakashi said as he bit his thumb and placed his hand on the ground. Instantly 7 dogs appeared infront of you and in his signature position sat Pakkun atop Bulls head.
鈥淵o鈥 Pakkun said jumping off Bulls head. 鈥淲hat鈥檚 the mission, Kakashi鈥 Pakkun asked. Kakashi began explaining the mission to him.
A few of the dogs sniffed around your feet and you greeted them. 鈥淗eya Shiba, hi Bisuke.鈥 You were no stranger to them as you had worked with them on previous missions and they sometimes hung around Kakashi randomly in the village for pets and treats from civilians.
鈥淗ey y/n,鈥 Bisuke said still sniffing around your feet, his forehead crinkling in confusion. At this point a few of the other dogs, including Uhei and Akino had gravitated toward you.
鈥淲hat鈥檚 up guys鈥 you asked feeling like something weird was going on 鈥渄o I smell bad or something?鈥 You said double checking if you your armpits smelt.
鈥淵ou smell like kakashi鈥 uhei said.
You blushed and scratched the back of your head. At this point Bull had come over and was sniffing you as well. 鈥淲ell I mean that鈥檚 to be expected.鈥
鈥淣o, it鈥檚 something different鈥 Akino said sniffing at you.
Bisuke jumped up placing his front paws on your thigh, continuing to sniff at you. You bent down so that you were at better eye level.
鈥淕uys what are you doing, leave y/n鈥.鈥 Kakashi started
鈥淵ou have a puppy in you!鈥 Bisuke blurted out finally placing the scent. All the dogs tails were wagging lazily in contentment as they started licking your face.
You stood up a look of astonishment on your face as you tried to place when and where it could have happened. You knew you were late but that wasn鈥檛 uncommon as being a shinobi could put a lot of stress on the body sometimes and delay it.
You thought back to a couple weeks ago when Kakashi had come back late from a mission. It had been storming and the lights had gone out, the rain pounding against the roof. He鈥檇 shown up soaking wet at the door. You鈥檇 been so worried that something had happened and apparently he had missed you too, it didn鈥檛 take long before you were stripping each other of your clothes and he was carrying you to the living room where you had lit a fire in the fireplace. You made passionate love that night. Sex with Kakashi was always amazing, but that night had been different.
You blushed as you remembered the intense memory. Suddenly Kakashi was grabbing your wrist and pulling you roughly out of the circle of dogs. 鈥淜akashi! What鈥斺
鈥淲e鈥檙e going back,鈥 he said his voice low and dangerous.
鈥淲hat? No we need to finish the mission!鈥 you said, trying to pull your wrist out of his grasp. You got no response, his face turned away from you as he continued to pull you toward the road. A few of the dogs whimpered as they sensed Kakashi鈥檚 mood 鈥淜akashi, if you don鈥檛 want this you have to tell me!鈥 You said jumping to conclusions as to why he would be acting like this.
You felt yourself pulled tightly into his strong chest as he wrapped one arm around your waist, the other resting on the back of your head. He nuzzled his face into your hair and whispered 鈥測ou鈥檙e my family now, I want you,鈥 he pulled back to look you in the eye, his voice softer 鈥渁nd I want this child.鈥 His expression darkened again 鈥渁nd I鈥檓 not losing it again, so we鈥檙e going back.鈥 the dogs continued to whimper around the two of you.
Placing the palm of your hand on his cheek you saw his expression soften again at your touch. You knew Kakashi was protective of you on a regular day, but it seemed that his protective tendency had increased tenfold at the revelation of the news. Leaning up to his masked lips you pressed a kiss to his, he drew his mask down deepening this kiss, slipping his tongue into your mouth to draw a small whimper from you. You released the kiss and looked into his eyes. 鈥淣othing is going to happen,鈥 you said.
鈥淵ou can鈥檛 guarantee that鈥 his protective mask fading to show worry in his mismatched eyes.
鈥淓h-hem鈥︹ you both looked to Pakkun who was sitting to the side of where you and Kakashi were standing. You felt some heat gather on your face realizing all the dogs had watched you and Kakashi share an intimate kiss.
鈥淲e won鈥檛 let anything happen to y/n, boss鈥 Pakkun said matter of factly. 鈥淚 think we can finish this mission without any conflict, right guys!鈥 Pakkun said to the rest of the pack. A series of yips and barks proceeded in agreement.
You looked back to Kakashi, who still looked unconvinced. 鈥淎t any sign of a battle we can retreat,鈥 you said hoping to ease his mind.
鈥淎t any sign,鈥 he repeated fixing you with his no nonsense gaze. You gripped his hand giving it a squeeze.
7 months later
You sat on the couch reading a book. Each of the dogs laying around you in one position or another. They had barely left your side since that day on the mission when they notified you that you were pregnant. After that you鈥檇 only completed mostly C and some B level missions up until about a 2 months ago. Kakashi had asked the Hokage to suspend you鈥檙e shinobi duties, and even though you knew you might die from boredom you had agreed knowing kakashi wouldn鈥檛 settle for anything less.
You silently petted Bisuke鈥檚 head where it laid on your swollen belly. The door opened and a few of the dogs jumped up to meet Kakashi at the door, wagging their tails. 鈥淧akkun, status report!鈥
鈥淗i Boss,鈥 pakkun addressed Kakashi standing on the arm rest of the couch as Kakashi entered the room. Pakkun always acted so serious but you couldn鈥檛 help as his little tail wagged as he reported to Kakashi. This was no doubt one of his favourite missions he鈥檇 ever been given. 鈥4 kicks, two bathroom breaks and a craving for ice cream and pickles.鈥 Pakkun reported.
鈥淒o you guys seriously need to do that鈥 you groaned.
Kakashi placed a kiss on top your head 鈥渋ce cream and pickles, that鈥檚 a new one.鈥 He said reaching over the back of the couch to place a hand on your stomach. 鈥淎nd yes we do, because I don鈥檛 want to miss anything.鈥 He kissed your cheek.
鈥淥k I鈥檒l be back soon.鈥 Kakashi said standing up and giving his signature wave.
鈥淲here are you going? You just got back?鈥 You questioned.
鈥淭o get ice cream and pickles of course鈥 he said and all you could do was laugh as he shut the door.
鈥淭hank you for making him happy鈥 Pakkun asked looking at you. 鈥淚 haven鈥檛 seen him like this in many years.鈥
Looking at Pakkun you gave him a scratch behind the ear, and corrected him 鈥淭hank you for protecting him all those years and for being his friend.鈥
Allowing Pakkun to settle into your side, you began reading your book again, content in knowing you were part of the pack now, even if they had considered you part of the pack for many many years already.
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whatshernameis7 days ago
Hello, and welcome to the first fic of my little Naruto Advent Callendar :D So today is the first day when I post for the event and I'm super anxious, I really want to make this event work, and provide some good content!
But anyway, I'm glad you're here, and today, as a first installment we have SFW work for Kakashi Hatake, with a special appearance of his Ninkens! Hope you'll enjoy :D
Prompt: First snow Pairing: Kakashi Hatake x fem!reader feat. Ninkens TW: I guess a little bit of mutual pining, fluff, lot's of snow :D Word count: 1921 Summary: The first snow in Konohagakure was a big event on its own, but except for frost and beautiful sights, what else the white fluff could bring for you? Proofreaded by @kissmekakashi 馃槝
SFW, everything under the cut!
Snow wasn鈥檛 anything unusual in Konohagakure, like every year, everyone expected white Christmas. But nobody expected that the first snow would be brought with one of the heaviest storms the village has seen in years. The white fluff was laying with a thick layer everywhere, making the adults curse while cleaning their doorsteps and streets, and children enjoyed the delight of a free day from the academy. And so did you.
The first thing that you noticed when you woke up was the unusual bright coming from the outside, and the subtle scent present in the air, associated with winter and fallen snow, and your bedroom felt colder than usual. When you woke up and saw through the window how everything was covered under the white carpet. There was no option, you鈥檇 miss the chance to play in the first snow this year.
The air outside was wonderful - cold, fresh, and light, biting gently your nostrils as you took a deep breath in. A lovely day for a walk. Even if most of the people didn鈥檛 share your feelings about the day, it didn鈥檛 matter - you decided to enjoy it fully. The training grounds seemed like the perfect destination point - you had high hopes that the snow there would be still untouched by anyone, leaving you the blank sheet to stomp on it and make some snow angels. But you wouldn鈥檛 be yourself if on the way you wouldn鈥檛 attend some snow fight, losing miserably to your friends, or watch the kids trying to go as far as they could on the ice that covered the Naka River passing through the village.
The walk through the woods surrounding one of the many training grounds was almost like a walk in a fairy tale - everything was covered with a thick layer of snow, the branches were bending under its weight, and the winter sun shone through the trees painting soft shadows on your path.
To your surprise, the place you鈥檝e picked was already occupied, and not by one person.
Well, technically, there was only one person鈥
Despite the silver hair blending in with the bright snow, the other part of his outfit was clearly visible - including the mask as the most distinctive part of it, making him recognizable within a second. While you would expect that Kakashi would take out a team of his kids rather than the whole pack of his dogs, so rarely seen while not accompanying him during the mission. It was a funny sight to see - eight dogs gathered around him, waiting for Kakashi to finally throw a snowball after a few rounds of teasing, and the whole bunch racing after the small snowball thrown with a force and disappearing between trees. Well, almost a whole bunch because the small grumpy pug was sitting beside Kakashi, and as you came closer you could almost see the discontent on its snout.
It wasn鈥檛 long before Kakashi noticed you and waved his hand, putting on a warm smile - and how he always did that with only one eye, it was a mystery for not only you. You were sure though that he knew that you were coming - in your career not even once you鈥檝e managed to surprise or startle him in that way.
鈥(Y/n)! What a surprise,鈥 he chuckled, right after he had thrown another snowball making the pack race as fast as they could. 鈥淲hat are you doing here?鈥
鈥淣othing much,鈥 you shrugged, looking around. Of course, all the snow on the training grounds was already stomped by Ninkens pointlessly running around, chasing the snowballs that were gone the moment they hit the tree or fall into the deep snow, 鈥渢he weather is lovely today, so I thought the small walk wouldn鈥檛 do any harm.鈥
鈥淥h it is,鈥 he chuckled, pointing at his dogs, now tumbling in the snow and chasing one another, 鈥渢hey always go crazy seeing the snow,鈥 he started to explain, tightening his scarf and hiding his hands in the pockets of his pants. 鈥淪ometimes when there is no mission going around, and there is snow like that I just鈥 Let them go crazy for a while, they love it.鈥
That was something new - the usually withdrawn, mysterious, and shy man was surprisingly chatty when it came to his dogs. So, seeing an opportunity to actually know something more about him and about the Ninkens you never had really a chance to talk about, while for once he was the one talking, you just started asking about the dogs - even if they were just summons it turned out ever a dog had its own personality, favorite snacks or activities.
You listened, mesmerized a bit, not daring to interrupt the avalanche of words that suddenly came from behind the mask. The thing was - you actually liked Kakashi for a while now. Whenever he was around, your mood instantly lifted like his sole presence was enough to do it. Usually, he was the one who listen to your blabbering, on the rare occasions when you two met during parties thrown by a fellow jounins, both sitting somewhere at the corner table, avoiding the crowd, or when you two were observing the many shenanigans of Gai making a bet, waiting for the day if and when his best friend will say that he can鈥檛 do something. But you never really had a chance to meet him alone, there always had to be someone else around you.
So now you hoped that you could use it, at least for a cup of tea.
Little you know, Kakashi actually liked the time he had a chance to spend with you - he tried as much as possible to not impose himself too much, but every time he met you at any party, he couldn鈥檛 stay indifferent, feeling that you鈥檙e the only one around that wouldn鈥檛 try to drag him onto the dancefloor, or challenge him on who can drink more sake, or - the most important thing - try to pull down his mask out of sheer curiosity. He valued that, and it was also a point of honor for him to protect you from courtships of other men - even if he would rather die than admit that, he always did it out of sheer jealousy.
He wouldn鈥檛 mind if he鈥檇 be the one with whom you鈥檇 agree to go out, at least for some tea.
Both unaware of that, but throwing subtle gazes at each other, laughing at the most meaningless jokes, and curiously asking each other questions, testing the waters, you two were too focused on each other, unaware of the pack of dogs observing every move and listening to every word from afar. More than once, on days when his mental health was put to the test, and Kakashi summoned his dogs to just not be alone, the whole pack heard how he talks about you, the woman he wish to know better, but he has no courage to do so, and he can鈥檛 just burden you with himself. But it was obvious even without the stories, even without your stares and laughs - the scent of chemistry between you was perfectly noticeable to their sensitive noses.
So when Pakkun approached the rest of the dogs and told them what鈥檚 going on - they just had to come up with a plan, to somehow guide you two towards, well, date. Maintaining the sham play, pretending that they chase each other, the biggest of them all, Bull, in the last moment changed the trajectory of his run just a little bit, but enough to bump you and make you fall straight into Kakashi鈥檚 arms.
It was a blink of an eye, but fortunately, the Copy Ninja was fast beyond comprehension. Before you鈥檇 fall on the ground, covering yourself wholly in the cold snow, he grabbed you in his hands, and with a delay, first looking at you from up close, he put you back on your feet.
鈥(Y/n)...! Are you alright?鈥 He asked, the bits of fear lingered in his voice - not only because he thought something would happen to you because of one of his dogs, but also because he was scared that he crossed some sort of a line.
鈥淣-no!鈥 You were as startled and surprised as him, 鈥渢hanks for saving me from a fall!鈥
鈥淥h, it鈥檚 n-nothing,鈥 even with a mask on, you could clearly see the blush painting his face slowly. He suddenly turned to the pack of Ninkens, sitting behind you, observing the two of you curiously. 鈥淏ull! You can鈥檛 do that,鈥 Kakashi scoffed at the biggest dog, 鈥淚鈥檓 so sorry for him, I have no idea why-鈥
You were about to say, that it鈥檚 nothing, it happens, and you are not angry with him or Bull, but the smallest pug made a few steps forward and sat down between you two.
鈥淏oss?鈥 It was always amazing seeing them talk.
鈥淲hat is it, Pakkun?鈥 Kakashi looked at the pug, then at the rest of his pack, sitting like they were waiting for something to happen. 鈥淲hat鈥檚 going on with you all?鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 cold,鈥 the dog announced the obvious news all of a sudden.
鈥淵es, I know.鈥
鈥(Y/n) is cold too.鈥
Now, you two just stood there, not sure what to say to the small pug. Only when the silence became a bit too long, you decided to speak up.
鈥淯m ah- Maybe a bit?鈥 A small chuckle escaped your chest, trying your best not to shiver and not to confirm the little dog鈥檚 words 鈥渂ut it鈥檚 nothing!鈥
鈥淏oss, I think (Y/n) could use some tea,鈥 like nothing happened, like you said absolutely nothing, Pakkun just continued, and his intentions became clear, at least for the silver-haired man.
Damn, he could鈥檝e not said that he likes you to them, now there wouldn鈥檛 be a problem, and you wouldn鈥檛 think that everything was staged just to invite you for鈥 a鈥 date?
But actually, you had a quite different thought about this - it would be a great opportunity to finally spend some time with him and鈥 See if he is really interested in something more than being just friends.
鈥淲ell鈥 I-鈥 you started, but looked at Kakashi, worried that now it would be you, who might have crossed some line, but the look in his eyes, the slight panic mixed with hints of hope gave you a bit of courage and painted your cheeks with a delicate pink blush. 鈥淚 would鈥 Love to have some tea.鈥
鈥淵-you would?鈥
鈥淵eah, I mean鈥 It鈥檚 cold and鈥 I really鈥 wouldn鈥檛鈥 Mind...鈥
鈥淪o鈥 W-would you like to go with- with m-me?鈥
You nodded in answer and Kakashi smiled with his eye, relieved even if still nervous.
鈥淎lright,鈥 he exhaled loudly like he was giving himself a bit of courage before he sent back his dogs with only a short 鈥榳e鈥檒l talk later鈥, 鈥渦hm鈥 After you? And please鈥 Can we not talk about that we just got set up by...- It鈥檚 embarrassing...鈥
鈥淭hat we got a date thanks to your dogs, especially a certain grumpy pug?鈥 You chuckled, hearing how ridiculous it sounded. 鈥淥f course, my lips are sealed.鈥
鈥淪o鈥 Any ideas where we should go?鈥
鈥淚鈥檝e heard about the new cafe near the main road鈥 Maybe there?鈥
鈥淪ure,鈥 he nodded, knowing that he would be content even if this would just be a simple walk. 鈥淲herever you want.鈥
You smiled and threw again some meaningless question that roamed through your mind, as you led the way to your first of many dates.
SFW event taglist: @half-baked-biscuit @clearlyjustchlyri @ice-icebaby @daddykakashisensei @kakaxhi @sphinxfantasy @vetani19 Want me to add you to the event taglist? Click HERE
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imaginativeamateur4 months ago
|12 Random Alphabets Collection| Kakashi Hatake
Pairing: Kakashi Hatake x gn!Reader
Note: It鈥檚 been a long time since I posted anything for this series, so I thought it鈥檚 time to dust it off :DD Enjoy reading!
Tumblr media
Activities - What do they like to do with their s/o? How do they spend their free time with them?
Kakashi likes reading. So he would lay his head in your lap and read his Icha Icha, and he really likes it when you stroke his hair. Kakashi is a busy man, so he wants to spend as much time as possible to hold you close and make up for the days that he鈥檚 gone for work. In the evenings, he likes to take you and his ninkens out for a walk after dinner.
Beauty - What do they admire about their s/o? What do they think is beautiful about them?
He admires your personality. Kakashi always smiles to himself when he sees your beaming grin as you talk to him about your day, or waving to the little kids that happen to pass you on the street.
The Copy Ninja is very proud of his facial features, of course. He doesn鈥檛 show it to anyone except a few that are extremely close to him. And you are more than聽honored聽to see his bare face.
Comfort - How would they help their s/o when they feel down/have a panic attack etc.?
One night, you had a dream that he didn鈥檛 return from a mission, you woke up sobbing and panting, heavy beads of sweat trickling down your face. Kakashi immediately sat up and pulled your head into his chest, planting soft kisses on your forehead and lips. Until your breathing returned to normal, he laid you back in bed and scooped you closer into his arms. He didn鈥檛 utter a word, the tenderness in his actions spoke for himself.
Gratitude - How grateful are they in general? Are they aware of what their s/o is doing for them?
The man is really grateful that you choose to be with him out of all people. He is glad that you want to stay with him despite the risks of being an ex-ANBU and Konoha famous Copy Ninja鈥檚 significant other. Kakashi would show his gratitude by buying you flowers on random occasions, kissing your lips with a small 鈥淭hank you.鈥
Inspiration - Did their s/o change them somehow, or the other way around? Like trying out new things or helped them overcome personal problems?
He sleeps better and doesn鈥檛 get nightmares that often when he has you in his arms. You鈥檙e the sunshine of his life, and your smile makes his day. You help him to look at the positive side of life whenever he鈥檚 down. He used to think that he wouldn鈥檛 need anyone in his life because he was too afraid of losing those he held dear, but everything changed the day he met you.
Jealousy - Do they get jealous easily? How do they deal with it?
Kakashi gets jealous very easily. He is low-key possessive, because he doesn鈥檛 want to lose his angel. If someone is trying to hit on you, he makes sure they know the consequences before even laying a hand on your body. He would casually swing his arm around your shoulder, swatting the person鈥檚 hand out of your personal space, 鈥淭hat鈥檚 not where you should be resting your hand.鈥
Kiss - Are they a good kisser? What was the first kiss like?
It was an accident when you had your first kiss, and you were not in an established relationship with him yet. He was standing behind your back, leaning over your shoulder to see what you were reading. And your lips touched when you turned to look side-way. Even with his mask, you could clearly feel the actual texture of his lips underneath the fabric. Kakashi was quite bold as he used one hand to support your neck and deepened the kiss until you pulled away for the sake of oxygen.
He is truly, a very good kisser. Kakashi is聽the Copy Ninja聽of the Leaf, expect no less.
Love Confession - How would they confess to their s/o?
Kakashi is quite good with words, but his mind went blank whenever he planned to confess his feelings. He would start a conversation and get distracted, talking about something else, anything besides what he had to focus on. Until his students were frustrated of their sensei鈥檚 lack of courage, they arranged a date for both of you. With his students glaring at him from behind a bush, Kakashi finally mumbled, 鈥淚 like you.鈥 And he immediately turned red.
Quirk - Some random ability they have that鈥檚 beneficial in a relationship.
His eye smile is ridiculously adorable. You two can be arguing over anything, you ignore him, and he gives you his eye smile with a sincere apology. You can鈥檛 find a bare reason to not forgive the man.
Support - Are they helping their s/o achieve their goals? Do they believe in them?
Kakashi believes in you with his whole heart. If you want to become a strong Shinobi, he would gladly train with you personally. If he can鈥檛 directly help you achieve your goals, he would make sure to be the one for you to lean on when you鈥檙e down. He would tell you over and over that you would be able to make your dreams come true and that he would be here whenever you need him.
Wild Card - A random Fluff Headcanon.
He carries a picture of the two of you whenever he leaves for a mission. One time, he accidentally lost it and was devastated, making Yamato so anxious for the rest of the mission he didn鈥檛 want to go on a mission with his senpai for quite some time.
Zeal - Are they willing to go to great lengths for the relationship? If so, what kind of?
Kakashi is a giver. He would do anything to make sure that you are safe and happy. Being the famous Ninja of the Leaf, he understands the risks that it brings for your relationship. Therefore, he rarely lets you go outside of Konoha boundaries on your own even though you can hold yourself just fine. He would definitely ask the Hokage to minimize his long-term missions, and leave Pakkun with you when he鈥檚 not there. The man would risk聽his life聽for your safety.
Taglist: @dai-tsukki-desu鈥 @thenightfallingstar鈥 @iam-gaaras-loveintrest鈥 @animepickle7鈥 @tirzamisu鈥 @rinnegankakashi鈥
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rayshippouuchiha7 months ago
Uchimaki baby Beniko really out here stealing your mans with her adorably lil pudgy fingers grasping into his flak jacket, all puppy-eyes of cute curiousity, huh?
$10 says Kakashi is just feral-parental replacement unit enough to growl when someone tries to take her away. It鈥檚 his goddaughter. Back off.
There鈥檚 pictures floating out there with a mask less Kakashi asleep one couch with an infant on his chest napping, a certain mask grasped in her hand. She has succeeded where many others could never dare.
Oh Beniko has him wrapped and I can鈥檛 even be mad because she鈥檚 perfect.
Kakashi getting low-key jealous if anyone else gets too much of her attention even though he鈥檇 rather take a gut wound than admit it.聽 Gai or Yamato show up and even look in Beniko鈥檚 direction and Kakashi鈥檚 like聽鈥渙h no I鈥檝e accidentally summoned my entire pack of ninken, shame I鈥檝e got no one to help me play with them鈥.
And Beniko? Oh no she loves her Kakashi. Good luck getting a picture of them napping cause that kid has ears like a fucking bat and will wake up and throw herself across Kakashi鈥檚 face to keep anyone from seeing him but her.
It鈥檚 adorable.
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sloanersa year ago
Tumblr media
An AU where Obito is resurrected, but just his head. He hides in plain sight on Kakashi鈥檚 desk as a paperweight. Kakashi later insists Obito is also a paper shredder, when Obito is caught chewing some particularly terrible reports before Kakashi has a chance to review them. He also tends to bite people whose hands get to close, which Kakashi also insists is a security feature.
People are torn between the fear that Kakashi has dug up the remains of his former-teammate-turned-war-criminal friend, while others are convinced it鈥檚 a creative-if-disturbing art piece that Kakashi made as a coping mechanism. Obito is carried to and from the Hokage鈥檚 office under Kakashi鈥檚 tent of tranquility hokage robes, naturally.
Only Obito鈥檚 head ultimately makes it through the Edo Tensei process, as he鈥檚 allergic to the rest of the body, so that鈥檚 something Kakashi and Yamato need to resolve. What body do Kakashi and Yamato use, you ask...?
Tumblr media
Yamato allows Kakashi one (1) ethically monstrous wish for his birthday. Since Yamato is still following Orochimaru around, he engages in an incredibly long Monte-Cristo-esque long con, where he builds mokuton bricks around Orochimaru, jenga-style, to trap him. Ridiculously, Orochimaru lets this happen, completely out of scientific curiosity. Kakashi then slaps a seal on Orochimaru鈥檚 face, and Kakashi and Yamato鈥檚 descent into true mad-science begins.
Tumblr media
Ever since Obito鈥檚 head was resurrected, Kakashi and Yamato have also been trying to recreate all the other bits of him. In the meantime, they avoid revealing Obito鈥檚 alive to anyone, ESPECIALLY SASUKE.
Tumblr media
And at all costs!聽
But it鈥檚 okay, Obito gets enough attention for all the grief he goes through.
Tumblr media
And he learns to get around in his own way, when the ninken aren鈥檛 gnawing on him as a well-loved chew toy.
And then, Kakashi realizes... why stop there? There鈥檚 other people to resurrect, and another immortal guy buried around here somewhere..........
Tumblr media
And that鈥檚 the AU!!!
(Many thanks to @keepyourpantsongohan鈥 and @britishassistant鈥 for the initial voice chat for this AU, and everyone on twitch chat for egging it on!!)
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saudade-mayari7 months ago
headcanons for kakashi, shikamaru, neji, and gai with a civilian s/o plz?
Tumblr media
Dating a Konoha Civilian
Tumblr media
Kakashi, Shikamaru, Gai & Neji
warnings: none, fluffs I guess
Tumblr media
Hatake Kakashi
The first time he saw you was overwhelming, considering Kakashi rarely talks to the civilians because he鈥檚 usually busy and away from the village. There was this one time you helped him when he got back late night from a dreadful mission. He was doubtful but he let you treat his wounds. It was not fatal but the growing concern you have for him felt different. 鈥淪hinobis like you should not only take care of the village but as well as yourself Hatake-san鈥
Then things started to change. Gai and the rest had noticed how Kakashi always pass by the same streets in hopes to find you. He didn鈥檛 even get to know your name but he was really persistent to find you hence he did and became friends with you.
He was a bit skeptical about it, he鈥檚 just so done with attachments and he thinks he鈥檚 not worth any relationships because he鈥檚 a shinobi but there was this one time when a Ch奴nin tried to hit you up and Kakashi felt so protective, finally deciding to confess. It was the most awkward but sincere confession. Just you and him, just the dim lights of Konoha. He wasn鈥檛 expecting anything, he just wants to be honest with his own feelings. Just this once. But you too had admitted you love him hence you started dating.
Dating with Kakashi is lowkey but never in denial. You meet with his friends, his ninken that you love and his team, Kakashi always visits the store you work in and if he鈥檚 not away from missions he always waits til you get off from your work.
Meeting your parents was the most hardest part of him. Kakashi was typically the type of person who tends not to care whatever they鈥檙e gonna say, but with your parents he鈥檚 actually scared of their thoughts about him. But ofc Kakashi is a well known shinobi, who wouldn鈥檛 like him?
The random tea and coffee time during his leisure hours, teasing him with his icha icha and the festivals Kakashi never expected he鈥檇 attend with you. Kakashi himself was even surprised how clingy and touch starved he could be. lmao he鈥檚 not expecting to be so needy of your touch and kisses.
The one he always looks forward is you waiting by the gates after his mission. 鈥淲elcome home Kakashi.鈥 馃ズ Whenever he gets home you鈥檒l always prefer a cuddle with him 鈥淟et me take a shower first, y/n鈥 but you won鈥檛 let him escape, snuggling yourself more to him. 鈥淣o, you smell good. I missed you.鈥
Forehead kisses is already a thing for Kakashi, it鈥檚 a way of his reassurance that he鈥檒l try to avoid injuries.
When he gets home late at night and sees your peaceful slumber in his bed, he鈥檚 gonna realize that it鈥檚 not bad to settle down while being a shinobi. It鈥檚 not bad.
Tumblr media
Nara Shikamaru
For someone who鈥檚 well known in his clan, a future clan head Shikamaru wouldn鈥檛 expect meeting you in the most unexpected time. He鈥檚 probably gonna caught you lurking around their forest, admitting you sneak in and tried to wander around.
Shikamaru, as a genius knows you weren鈥檛 lying hence he offered to escort you out to avoid trouble from his father. It was then when the Shogi had caught your attention and Shikamaru looked so smug about it. He asked you if you wanted to play with him and so you did. Shikamaru never admitted that he had trouble playing with you. You are skilled but he still won.
After that both of you had started playing shogi matches, with his argue you鈥檙e a better player than his dad or his Asuma sensei. Ino and Choji would probably notice the extra attention Shikamaru gives to you. He鈥檚 completely fascinated of how your brain works, be it by the books or by theoretical applications and that鈥檚 when he finds himself falling for you.
Shikamaru wouldn鈥檛 waste any time anymore. He鈥檚 gonna confess and tell you he actually likes you. It was good for him dating a civilian from Konoha, he rarely goes from away missions because Lady Tsunade is always in need for Shikamaru to work inside Konoha.
Bondings with Shikamaru would be laying down in the grass. Leisure picnic bondings while watching the clouds. He loves to rest on your lap while exchanging giggles and telling how his day went. Shikaku would be extremely proud seeing his son actually going on a date!!
Shikamaru lowkey has a hard time giving you gifts, given you鈥檙e a knowledgeable person he has a hard time choosing what kind of books he should give to you.
Shikamaru would always find himself chuckling whenever you catch up with his phrases like 鈥淲hat a drag, I know dear it鈥檚 a drag but you need to do it. I know you can okay?鈥
Shikamaru would soon realize that his dad is right. That he needs you to be stronger and motivated. Shikamaru finally has someone who made himself question his own credibility because sometimes he thinks you鈥檙e too smart for him馃槀
There he finds it enjoyable, pleasing and beyond happy whenever he鈥檚 with you exchanging conversations.
That man wouldn鈥檛 care about public affection. He kisses and hugs you whenever he wants. Ino would probably be salty about it and will say: 鈥淛ust get a room!鈥
Tumblr media
Maito Gai
You probably met him when he tried to help you with an errand. You were carrying something heavy and big and that鈥檚 where Gai started to pop out of nowhere 馃槀 He would probably say 鈥淚t鈥檚 not youthful for such beauty to carry these!鈥
Gai finds you extremely captivating. He finds himself talking to you a lot, bragging about his challenges with Kakashi and talking about his life. What surprises him is you tried to respond with his whims, making him extra enthusiastic whenever he鈥檚 with you.
Gai is also a busy shinobi going for various missions but whenever you go dates with him, it would be always hilarious and cheesy.
Dango dates that Kurenai and Asuma are completely weirded out. You would propose whoever eats the most dangos win and Gai would reluctantly accept it. After that hilarious random competition you and Gai did he would probably brag 鈥淚 ate 15 sticks of dango, my lovely dear!鈥
You would give him a peck on his lips and giggle in between, raising your eyebrows and glanced at him with a completely smug look. 鈥淩eally love? I ate 16.鈥
Kurenai, Asuma and the rest would find it absolutely hilarious whenever he lose but both of you would end up laughing with bloated stomachs from overeating dangos馃槀馃槀馃槀
Watching him do his tremendous training, you bring him low carb foods that would probably help him with his diet.
Random cuddles at Gai鈥檚 apartment during his free time and you would sometimes wear those green jumpsuits out of fun. Since Gai is tall, these jumpsuits would be so loose and Gai would probably laugh saying you look like a sack馃槀馃槀 Both of you would end up tickling each other with loud laughs around the four corners of his apartment.
Tumblr media
Hy奴ga Neji
Let鈥檚 be real here, who wouldn鈥檛 know him? With his distinctive eyes anyone would know he鈥檚 from the prominent clan in Konoha.
You are scared to approach him because he naturally looks smug and scary but nevertheless you made friends with him. Your home is near the Hy奴ga district so you always see Neji got home from his mission and his trainings with Lee or Hinata.
The moment you got friends with him you鈥檒l know how much of a softie he is. He talks a lot when he鈥檚 with you and for a short while he forgets being a Hy奴ga shinobi. For once, Neji had felt like he鈥檚 a normal person trying to interact with you.
Neji started bonding with you, Lee and the rest would be so happy about how he is slowly opening up with his feelings despite his Tsundere attitude. Given a genius, the first j艒nin to be promoted among his class, Neji is always needed in missions.
One thing he looks forward too is having an Onsen bonding with you. Neji finds it calming whenever he鈥檚 with you.
Neji always had the handkerchief you gave him whenever he鈥檚 on far away missions.
Neji finds it cute whenever you play with his hair. He may looked annoyed and grumpy but you know he loves it when you touch him!!
Silent walks around the village. Neji never finds himself always walking around Konoha. He would always train or go to mission but dating you meant he learned more of Konoha and little did he know he enjoyed walking with you each night. Seeing the stars that made Neji appreciated how beautiful and glowing the night is.
Bondings with Neji would always be so serene and calm. Just peaceful cuddles in his home. At first he鈥檚 shy to kiss you, but when you鈥檙e alone with him, he鈥檇 always find an excuse to hug, kiss you, and caress your hair.
Neji lived alone in one house of the Hy奴ga District, but this time when he got home from a tiring mission he found a you smiling by the dining table with a buckwheet soba/noodles waiting for him.
The tiredness and loneliness he had felt would be gone, a small smile would form his lips and will hug you from behind whispering. 鈥淭hank you for waiting for me.鈥
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kuramakakashi7 months ago
Tumblr media
domini album
#1 Kakashi Hatake聽
#89聽鈥淚鈥檒l protect you.鈥 / #193聽鈥淲hen did you sleep last?鈥澛
noctuary - (n.) a record of a single night鈥檚 events, thoughts or dreams
word count: 2,522
The mission had run into overtime, that you were sure of.
Regardless, you plopped down in front of the fire beside Genma, breaking into his muttering about snooty heiresses and rich assholes.
鈥淣o, no, please continue,鈥 you said, taking a kunai out of your own holster and spinning it on your opposite finger. 鈥淚鈥檓 just as irritated as you.鈥
Genma huffed, 鈥淚 just don鈥檛 get it. Three weeks that Tsunade-sama has us trekking out here, back and forth across swamp country to escort Suzuki-san to and from the Daimyo鈥檚 palaces, and not a single whisper of danger. There鈥檚 no point for us to be here other than mosquito killing duty.鈥
You smirked, 鈥淗ow many ryu do you think Tsunade-sama will pay me for every mosquito I kill?鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檙e hilarious,鈥 Genma replied dryly. 鈥淣early as funny as Kakashi over there.鈥
Genma nodded towards Kakashi鈥檚 dozing form with his senbon. Your team鈥檚 tents were set apart from the main caravan of the heiress鈥檚, her distaste for 鈥榥injas鈥 dreary personalities鈥 forcing you to keep a distance from the young woman and her party. Laughably, you鈥檇 wondered aloud when she gave the order for you, Kakashi and Genma to back off if she knew you were supposed to be close in order to keep an eye out for danger. The heiress wasn鈥檛 as amused by your sarcasm as your teammates were and had glared you down while you鈥檇 twirled a kunai around your finger.
However, you鈥檇 heard no shortage of whispers in between the caravan鈥檚 women while you did your nightly watch through the camp about Kakashi and Genma. You鈥檇 gleefully reported about Genma鈥檚 nice ass and Kakashi鈥檚 devilish scar to your partners, enjoying even Genma鈥檚 shudders from the compliments.
鈥淚 prefer women who know how to kick my ass and our enemy鈥檚 ass,鈥 Genma had told you resolutely. Kakashi had just shrugged and pulled one of his Icha Icha books out. 聽
Your mission was outlined to have been just under three weeks long, but Tsunade-sama had also put the three of you out on loan to the heiress鈥檚 father. You weren鈥檛 necessarily happy to be out of the village as an escort, per say, but the paycheck was supposed to be worthwhile. If the mission kept going on like this, you were going to need the funds to pay for a weekend at the hot springs to try an forget the squeaky shriek-voice the heiress spoke with.
鈥淣othing will be funnier than watching the caravan鈥檚 guards trip headfirst into a bog,鈥 you replied cheekily. There were personal bodyguards hired for the trip as well, though their employer鈥檚 lack of faith in them spoke volumes to their own inhibitions. Truly, one should have been able to see where the dirt turned to muck and sludge, but your teammates could hardly scold you for keeping your mouth shut about the surprise swim the guards had taken when they鈥檇 kept their mouths shut too.
So now, you were ostracized by both the heiress and her guards, and didn鈥檛 give one damn at all.
鈥淵ou two are very bad escorts,鈥 Kakashi spoke from across the small fire, raising a singular, white eyebrow at you and Genma. He clucked his tongue, 鈥淭o think those guards threatened us that we鈥檇 have to pay for their replacement uniforms.鈥
鈥淭hat was pretty funny too,鈥 Genma conceded, turning the cooking fish over on the fire. He鈥檇 waded into one of the clearer swamps and snared the fish while the women of the caravan had looked on, not-so-innocent thoughts practically painted across their faces. You were surprised you hadn鈥檛 caught anyone sneaking into Genma鈥檚 tent yet. 鈥淭oo bad we鈥檙e 鈥榗heap ninja for hire鈥, right? Surely we couldn鈥檛 afford clothes for the guards, much less better clothes for ourselves.鈥
Genma truly hated that heiress and you chuckled as you sipped out of your canteen. 鈥淒on鈥檛 forget her invitation for me to quit the shinobi life and join her mock court,鈥 you reminded Genma and then clasped a dramatic hand over your heart. 鈥淥h Genma,鈥 you swooned over the man. 鈥淧lease take me to your tent and fuck me like a wild ninja and leave me wanting more while I stray farther from my husband with every thought of you.鈥
Kakashi choked on his water and Genma snorted, dropping his arm around your shoulders and dragging your closer to his side.
鈥淥h (Y/N)-chan,鈥 Genma replied in the same tone, making his voice rough as he fought back a laugh, 鈥淚鈥檒l take you in my tent and fuck you so hard you鈥檒l wish 鈥撯
Kakashi threw a stone at Genma and you burst into laughter, clutching your canteen.
鈥淲hat鈥檚 wrong Kakashi?鈥 you teased, 鈥淒o you want me to commit adultery with you instead?鈥
鈥淚f Kakashi was your husband, he鈥檇 be too busy fucking you for you to think of another man,鈥 Genma leered, nudging you with his shoulder.
You laughed again, not noticing the sharp look Kakashi flashed at Genma.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e right Genma,鈥 you laughed, 鈥淜akashi鈥檚 read those Icha Icha books so many times 鈥 he must have some good ideas for positions, right?鈥
Genma waggled his eyebrows at Kakashi, 鈥淚 dunno 鈥 you have an answer for that, Hatake?鈥
With you both looking at him, Kakashi only shrugged and leaned forward, plucking a stick from the fire and watching the steam rise from the fish as it began to cool. 鈥淢arry me and find out, (Y/N)-chan.鈥
He said it in such a flat voice that you paused, exchanging a glance with Genma before the other nin laughed and clapped you on the back.
鈥淟ooks like it鈥檒l be a secret for a little while longer then,鈥 Genma chuckled and passed you a speared fish.
While the sun set, casual conversation carried on between the three of you, until the stars began to emerge in the fresh night sky. You stood up and stretched, kunai holster tight around your thigh as your teammates watched you.
鈥淲ell, I鈥檒l take the lookout,鈥 you said, waving at them. 鈥淭hanks for catching dinner Genma.鈥
He winked at you as you turned away and leapt into the trees.
The birch trees were thin and damp, and it took a lot of your concentration to not slip despite your chakra-laden soles. The last thing you needed was to fall out of a tree and bust your ass right in front of the heiress and her caravan and really get a tongue lashing from Tsunade-sama about embarrassing yourself in front of the nobles.
Eventually though, the birch changed to great red oaks and you were high up enough in the trees that you could see both the heiress鈥檚 campsite and your comrades鈥, as well as see straight toward the horizon in every direction.
Content with your position, you sat back against a studier branch and gazed up at the stars.
You were born and raised as a Konoha nin, a life you would never regret, but sometimes you wondered what it would be like to explore the world. You wondered if the stars looked the same in the distant south, and what existed beyond Kirigakure in the east, and what lands lay past Iwagakure in the west. There were maps, sure, but you wanted to see everything for yourself. It was partly why you didn鈥檛 put up a fuss about the escort mission, despite the irritation it brought. You loved Konoha, but there existed an unrivaled love in your heart for the great expanse of the world beyond those gates as well.
The moon was reaching its apex when Kakashi鈥檚 chakra stirred against your senses.
You blinked at him as he landed on the branch in front of you, silent as death and looking the part.
鈥淜ashi?鈥 you asked. You didn鈥檛 trade night shifts with either of your partners. You slept for a few hours before sun broke, but Kakashi and Genma were responsible for watching the caravan more closely than you did during the day.
鈥淵ou looked exhausted earlier,鈥 Kakashi replied, voice quiet. 鈥淚 can cover the rest of the watch.鈥
You tilted your head at him. 鈥淚t鈥檚 okay Kakashi. I鈥檓 awake.鈥
It was the truth 鈥 you weren鈥檛 necessarily ready to go kick anyone鈥檚 ass, but you were aware enough to guard and protect the camps on your own. You weren鈥檛 a jonin for nothing, after all.
Kakashi seemed to be hesitating so you offered him a smile, 鈥淵ou can stay with me if you don鈥檛 believe me, but I鈥檓 fine.鈥
You could barely see the frown that pulled at the fabric of his mask, but he settled on the branch opposite from you and leaned back against the trunk of the red oak. The insects resumed their chittering and you exhaled as you tipped your head back to the sky.
Kakashi spoke again after a few moments. 鈥淵ou like it out here.鈥
It was not so much of a question as an observation but you nodded anyway. 鈥淢y father used to take me camping in the woods outside of Konoha when he was still alive,鈥 you replied, smiling faintly.
鈥淢y father did too,鈥 Kakashi admitted quietly. You didn鈥檛 look down at him, knowing that any sudden movement would make the man retreat so quickly that even his shadow wouldn鈥檛 remain after a breath, so you trained your gaze on a star and pursed your lips.
鈥淒id you ever go to the Nara forest?鈥 you asked.
鈥淥nce,鈥 Kakashi answered. You could hear the fondness in his voice as he spoke. 鈥淭o train, at least. Shikaku Nara let my father and I teach the ninken how to hunt together there.鈥
You smiled. 鈥淚 always thought your ninken were so cool. And cute 鈥 especially Pakkun.鈥
Kakashi laughed quietly, 鈥淒on鈥檛 let Pakkun hear you say that. He hates being called cute.鈥
You looked down, 鈥淏ut he has such a squishy nose,鈥 you said, and squished your own nose as you laughed. 鈥淎nd he鈥檚 so small, and always telling us to pet his toes. He鈥檚 adorable.鈥
鈥淚 can summon him right now and you can tell him all of this yourself.鈥
You snorted, 鈥淗e鈥檚 alpha for a reason,鈥 you said. 鈥淚鈥檇 rather not get on that pug鈥檚 bad side, no matter how cute he is.鈥
Kakashi鈥檚 smile wrinkled around his right eye and you found yourself staring at him until he raised an eyebrow at you. Startled, you cleared your throat and smiled again, unable to stop yourself.
鈥淚t鈥檚 been quiet these last few nights,鈥 you said, gesturing around. 鈥淚鈥檓 beginning to wonder if Tsunade-sama didn鈥檛 just take mercy on us and decide to send us on a vacation in disguise.鈥
鈥淵ou and I have very different ideas of what a vacation is,鈥 Kakashi replied sarcastically.
鈥淲ell, we can鈥檛 all read Icha Icha and sit on rooftops, disturbing pigeons,鈥 you teased. 鈥淚鈥檇 very much like to be soaking in a hot spring right now instead of making a new bruise on my ass up here in this tree, but beggars can鈥檛 be choosers.鈥
Kakashi laughed again. 鈥淚 imagine your ideal vacation would be traveling through Fire Country and visiting all the villages and ruins, though, not spending all of your time in a hot spring.鈥
You felt yourself blush, 鈥淲ell, yeah,鈥 you nodded, 鈥渂ut the heiress is right in the least that all of us nin need a spa day here and there.鈥
Kakashi gave you a look that spoke volumes about his thoughts on the heiress and you grinned back at him.
You relaxed against the tree as a comfortable silence fell between the two of you again. You couldn鈥檛 hear Kakashi breathing, as expected of a ninja, but you could sense his chakra lying dormant beside yours, his own awares cast with yours around the area. You wondered if there was ever time that the man wasn鈥檛 on guard.
鈥(Y/N)?鈥 you heard Kakashi call.
You blinked and look over at him to see the amusement in his singular eye.
鈥淲hat?鈥 you asked.
鈥淵ou started dozing off,鈥 Kakashi explained, sitting up. 鈥淎re you sure you don鈥檛 want to go back to camp?鈥
鈥淎nd risk sleeping with Genma when he gets 鈥榯oo cold鈥 in his own tent? No thanks,鈥 you chuckled. 鈥淵ou can head back though if you want. There鈥檚 only a few more hours until dawn.鈥
Kakashi tipped his head at you and for a moment you thought he was going to leave, but then he stood up and walked across the branches toward you. When he was in front of you, he spoke again.
鈥淪coot up,鈥 he said. Brow furrowing, you complied, chakra channeling into your legs to keep yourself from falling, and he stepped behind you. The branch was wide enough to comfortably sit on, despite your earlier complaints, but with Kakashi now sitting behind you, you were suddenly aware of just how short the branch truly was. Your heart started to race. 鈥淚鈥檓 not going to bite.鈥 His voice sent chills skittering down your spine as his warmed breath traced over the shell of your ear. Slowly, you sat back against his chest, his body heat enveloping you from cold you didn鈥檛 realize had been clinging to you. He smelled of the swamp and sweat, but faintly, you could smell jasmine and spice on his clothes.
You folded your arms across your stomach as he folded his across yours, holding you against his body while one of your legs fell parallel with his off the right side of the tree. You couldn鈥檛 feel his heart through his flak vest, but his pulse in his wrist was lined up against your fingers and you could feel it pounding away. He was just as nervous as you were.
The realization helped you relax, and you let your head fall back onto Kakashi鈥檚 shoulder, peering up at him from an angle. He didn鈥檛 look at you, instead looking skyward.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e warm,鈥 you said and then mentally kicked yourself.
You saw his smile through his mask and he shrugged. 鈥淢y father said it was an inherited thing 鈥 the Hatake clan runs hot because our ancestors used to run with wolves in the mountains.鈥
That wasn鈥檛 a story you鈥檇 heard before about Kakashi鈥檚 clan. You knew by default, Kakashi was equally the clan heir and the clan head, as well as the last of his clan and his family. Stories had circulated aplenty about the Hatake Clan when Sakumo had been found dead and Kakashi had been dragged away from his father鈥檚 body by Minato-sensei, but they鈥檇 been distorted through bias intended to paint Sakumo as a traitor and coward.
鈥淭ell me about them?鈥 you asked quietly, resting so your forehead was pressed against Kakashi鈥檚 covered neck. You wondered how he was able to breathe through his mask so easily in the humidity.
Kakashi exhaled so fully that you sank deeper against him. His arms shifted, holding you closer as his chin rested against your head.
鈥淢y father鈥檚 father told me this story before he died鈥︹
You fell asleep listening to him speak, your dreams filled of a young, white-haired boy with a wide smile chasing after wolves thrice his size and leaping from mountaintop to mountaintop.
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kakashifanrpa month ago
Hi!! Congrats 馃挄馃挄 love your writing! I was wondering if you cand do a soft Kakashi scenario with his dogs and SO with prompt 39? Thank you!
An: Thank you 馃挏 I loved this idea! Cute little scenario with the ninken 馃グ hope you like it! A short little morning scenario for you.
100 followers event, prompt 39 "You're comfy"
Tumblr media
The best thing with having a Shinobi boyfriend had to be his summons. It was not like others you had seen, like the snakes or toads and all that.. No he had dogs, talking dogs at that. Kakashi would be nice and leave them with you if he had a small mission where they wouldn't be needed, and honestly you loved the company.
This day was like the others, the smallest ninken woke you up. Accidently offcourse, as pakkun rolled out of bed in his sleep. The confused look on the little ninja dog was almost priceless. "are you ok, Pakkun?" You rubbed your eyes tiredly as you tried to wake yourself up. "You and boss needs a bigger bed" He scoffed, making you laugh a bit. Who would have thought the smallest of the 8 took the most space?
Since you allready were awake you got up and did your normal morning routine, taking a warm shower, getting dressed, brushing your teeths and all before going thowards the kitchen to make some tea. Since the dogs were here, you thought Kakashi would be out on a mission again.. Thats why you were suprised when you found him in the livingroom, leaning against the bigger one named Bull as he read his book. The others were laying around exept from Biscuit who were allready running around you. "you are up, breakfast?"
"Let her wake up, Biscuit.. And you had food just a while ago" Pakkun glared over from kakashi's lap, making the ninja chuckle. "I heard we needed a bigger bed?" He placed his book down and smiled. "I can imagine he told you.. I am gonna make some tea" You smiled before going to make it. When no one was looking you gave Biscuit a little treat, you couldn't say no to that little cutie, which the ninken knew to well. With two cups in hand you walked back into the living room and gave one too your boyfriend. "I almost thought you had left, since the ninken are here?" You sat down next to him as he lifted the blanket for you soo you could get comfortable. "It got solved before I left, soo I figured I just let them have a day off too" He explained softly, before pulling you closer to him.
"Thank you for the tea" Even with his mask the kiss felt soft against your forhead. You smiled and cuddled up in his arm, while resting your head on his chest. "You're comfy" You sighed happily as you relaxed against him. Being snuggled up against Kakashi were always the best way to wake up. It was not often he had a day off, soo when he did you loved to just relax with him, letting him rest up as much as he needed until next time he got summoned
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ladykissingfish5 days ago
At the request of @crackshipps-for-life , here鈥檚 another relationship questionaire, but an ObiKaka version. 馃槉
Who is most likely to get lost when they go on a road trip together?
Seeing as how they鈥檙e both constantly 鈥渓ost on the road of life鈥 鈥 I can鈥檛 see them returning from a trip for a long, long time.
Who is most likely to make a big deal about things being organized or messy?
I think 鈥 Obito? Well kid Kakashi was pretty damn organized and kid Obito was messy and sloppy as hell. But as adults Kakashi has gotten more lax and Obito had gotten more crazy so honestly it鈥檚 a toss-up.
Who most likely wants kids one day?
I feel like both would want them pretty bad, but be scared to truly bring up the topic to the other. But I can see them both being great, doting dads.
Who is most likely to be most scared to try new foods?
Kakashi. Obito has a bottomless pit stomach and is willing to try damn near anything. Kakashi鈥檚 constitution is a bit more delicate and he can鈥檛 really handle foods that are overly spicy or too sweet.
Who most likely will want to pet a dog walking by?
Lmao KAKASHI. Aside from having all of his ninken live with them, he鈥檚 always trying to convince Obito to adopt more puppers.
Who is most likely to leave the other on 鈥渞ead鈥?
Kakashi. I鈥檇 imagine texting isn鈥檛 really his thing to begin with; he鈥檇 prefer to call or talk face to face.
Who is most likely to sleep 15 hours in a row?
Kakashi. But if it looks comfortable Obito will lay down and nap with him for at least a portion of that time.
Who most likely will show up to the other鈥檚 house without asking?
Obito. I imagine he just pops up at the most random hours and Kakashi is startled but is always happy to see him.
Who most likely will be most excited for a surprise birthday party?
Neither. I feel both of 鈥榚m don鈥檛 like surprises of spending time around a lot of people at once.
Who most likely would eat all of the other鈥檚 Halloween candy?
Obito. And Kakashi knows this which is why he goes home great lengths to hide his stash.
Who is most likely to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving?
Obito. Christmas is his favorite holiday and Kakashi can鈥檛 stop him from dragging the Christmas tree out of storage in the middle of November. He draws the line at playing XMas music until December 1st, though.
Who is more likely to forget the other鈥檚 birthday?
I鈥檇 think neither. I think they鈥檇 both set reminders for themselves for weeks leading up to the day, and plan something really romantic for each other.
Who is more likely to introduce the other to their family first?
Well Kakashi鈥檚 father is dead, and Obito 鈥 man. I can鈥檛 imagine the hell is would be 鈥渋ntroducing鈥 Kakashi to the remaining Uchihas. I mean Sasuke and Itachi have known the man for forever, so it probably wouldn鈥檛 be that big a deal. But Madara? Goes into super-interrogation mode. 鈥淒o you think you鈥檙e worthy enough to be part of my family? Just because you have that eye doesn鈥檛 mean you鈥檙e at the caliber of a full-fledged Uchiha.鈥
Who is most likely to have pretended to be sick, to avoid school or work?
Kakaahi. Man has a book鈥檚 worth of excuses on stand-by.
Who is most likely to have skinny-dipped?
Both. Together. Their third date. 馃槒
Who is most likely to win a drinking game?
Ummm, probably Kakashi? I feel like Obito is a lightweight to any kind of booze, even mild wine. I feel like Kakashi isn鈥檛 really a big drinker either but if he鈥檚 competing with Obito then he doesn鈥檛 have to drink THAT much more to beat him.
Who鈥檚 most likely to be more affectionate with the other?
I think Obito is the constant hugs and kisses guy. He thinks Kakashi is perfect and gorgeous and wants to have his hands on him all the time. Kakashi acts annoyed but secretly loves the attention.
Who is most likely to keep a dream journal?
Obito. His dreams are wild af and he starts keeping a journal after Kakashi suggests he start writing them down.
Who is most likely to be the 鈥渃ool鈥 parent?
Probably Kakashi. I feel like anything goes with this guy. Ice cream for breakfast? Why not. Skipping school to go to the circus? He鈥檚 in. I feel like Obito would be too over-protective of their kids to be considered a 鈥渃ool鈥 parent.
Who is most likely to win at arm-wrestling?
I think they鈥檇 both be pretty evenly matched. The only way one could win would be to attempt to distract the other, possibly by saying naughty things to get the other all hot and flustered and distracted.
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sunflowersenshi4 months ago
Lover (Kakashi x fem!Reader Fluff/Songfic)
A/N: so I have recently been listening to this on repeat and figured I could make some use out of it you go babies <3
There鈥檚 a dazzling haze, a mysterious way about you dear
I look across the bar, strangers lined shoulder-to-shoulder sipping away their sorrows, others simply looking for quick companionship. For me, it was for people watching. The elders, ready to scold any young person who will humor them, the middle-aged escaping on their one night of freedom from their children, and the young adults like myself just trying to pass the late evening time. My focus on a man reprimanding a younger man for having long hair was disrupted as soon as I laid eyes on him: shrouded in mystery, a mask concealing his face up to his nose, Shinobi forehead guard loosely hanging over one eye. I felt his gaze before I knew he existed, and as soon as I met it, I nearly gasped. Something about him...I had to introduce myself.
Have I known you twenty seconds or twenty years?
The connection was instant. Before long, we were both laughing hysterically into our drinks; sharing stories of battles, our childhoods, how there鈥檚 nothing wrong with reading until the sun comes up, compared who made worse puns and shared a mutual obsession with dogs. It was as if we were old lifelong friends, catching up after years of separation.
鈥淒id you know that I was the one who won the limited edition Icha Icha? Naruto gave them to me for three bowls of ramen.鈥
鈥淚鈥檒l let you dogsit my Ninken for a whole week if you let me borrow it.鈥
鈥淎 week?! No way, Hatake.鈥
鈥...Then how about I take you on a date?鈥 He smirks, even through the mask I could tell he enjoyed the blush that appeared on my face at that comment.
鈥淵ou have yourself a deal.鈥
Can I go where you go? Can we always be this close, forever and ever?
Three months have gone by; I wake up to a rustling sound and the dip of someone getting out of bed next to me. Kakashi was gathering his clothes as if he were trying to make a hasty exit.
鈥淲hat鈥檙e you doing?鈥 I asked, rubbing my eyes and checking the time, 鈥淚t鈥檚 4:30 in the morning, did you get called in for a mission assignment?鈥
He shakes his head, a look of guilt painting his beautiful features.
鈥淚 was...I was just gonna head home, is all.鈥
I immediately got up from my bed, approaching him and taking his hands gently in mine.
鈥淲hy?鈥 My whisper had a twinge of sadness in it, but I didn鈥檛 want to guilt him.
鈥淒on鈥檛 want to overstay my welcome,鈥 he smiled, but I wasn鈥檛 buying it.
鈥淵ou could never do that. Everything is better when you鈥檙e here,鈥 I caressed his cheekbone with my thumb, feeling him soften, 鈥減lease don鈥檛 go.鈥
鈥淎s long as you鈥檙e sure,鈥 he leaned into my touch, smiling warmly at me, 鈥淚...I love you, y/n. I have for a little while now.鈥
I almost didn鈥檛 even register his words, it shocked me so much. Once I was able to process, I just laughed in pure joy.
鈥淚 love you too,鈥 I hummed as he kissed me sweetly, 鈥渇orever.鈥
Take me out, take me home, you鈥檙e my my my, Lover
We barely made it in the door of our now shared apartment, kissing each other fervently and pawing at the other鈥檚 clothing frantically.
鈥淪o fucking beautiful, look at you,鈥 he croons in my ear, voice strained and gravelly with need as he pulled me to our bed.
Our eyes locked as he slowly thrust himself inside me, our mutual breath hitching.
鈥淚 love you so much, so good for me, always,鈥 he panted, pulling cries and moans of ecstasy from me, nails ripping down the skin of his strong back.
鈥淚 love you too, Kakashi,鈥 I managed between moans, reeling at his response of a groan, and the feeling of him spilling inside me, which brought me to my release as well. We fell asleep, forehead to forehead, him still inside.
Ladies and Gentlemen, will you please stand? I take this magnetic force of a man to be my Lover
I walked slowly down the aisle, adorned in a white ball gown, arm-in-arm with my father. Then I saw him. Our eyes met, his full of tears, threatening to stain his Hokage robes, and I could tell he was itching for me to get up there. It made my heart skip a beat, and I walked a little bit faster. We were announced as husband and wife and shared a kiss, then made our way to our reception, and our forever.
And you鈥檒l save all your dirtiest jokes for me, and at every table, I鈥檒l save you a seat
鈥淥ver here, my love,鈥 I waved, adjusting our newborn daughter on my hip as I pointed to the empty chair next to mine, wrapped in birthday streamers, 鈥渨hat鈥檚 with the grin?鈥
He leaned in, whispering a filthy joke into my ear, making me blush, and then toss my head back in laughter.
鈥淚n front of the baby?!鈥 I giggled.
鈥淛ust wait, she鈥檚 going to have my sense of humor.鈥 He winked, taking her from me and kissing her tiny nose. My heart swelled, happiness overwhelming me.
Darling, you鈥檙e my my my my, Lover.
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kakashiswilloffire6 months ago
hey friend! i saw you are taking requests and would love to submit one if you're up for it!
would love something fluffy and sweet for kakashi. maybe some lazy day off shenanigans with his s/o and his ninken? bonus points if snuggling in a dog pile is involved at some point. reader can be gender neutral.
thanks and congrats on 100!
thank you so much!! i'm not really a dog person so i struggled a bit but i hope you enjoy!!
words: 2.4k
warnings: none!
It was the first day off you had both had in nearly a month. Team 7 kept Kakashi busy, if not with missions, then with training all day. On top of that, he was still in the on-call rotation all jonin were required to keep their names in, though his shifts were less frequent due to his status as a sensei. You had recently been promoted, and with that, your responsibilities were upped and you had been asked to step in for one of your colleagues who had recently run into some unexpected health issues. The time you had been able to share at home together had been limited to early mornings and late evenings, and frequently, there had been nights where the apartment you shared had remained empty entirely. Your fianc茅 had been counting down the days until your schedules finally overlapped, and you had exactly twenty-six hours in which you both had no obligation to the outside world.
You were awoken by the fire alarm screeching and a handful of swear words, followed by a crunching of plastic and sudden silence. Gaze flickering to the side, you noted Kakashi鈥檚 two-thirds of the bed empty and grinned, holding back a chuckle.
鈥淓verything alright, babe?鈥 you called out.
The reply came with an air of resignment. 鈥淒id I wake you up?鈥
You brought your arms over your head, feeling your joints re-align and pop lightly as you stretched.
鈥淣ot necessarily, unless you need help cleaning up?鈥
鈥淣o!鈥 He replied quickly, and you heard the broom skitter across the tiles, dragging the remains of the smoke detector with it. 鈥淕o ahead and go back to sleep, I鈥檒l come wake you later.鈥
Not one to deny the opportunity to rest after how late you鈥檇 gotten in last night, you snuggled back into your pillow with a small smile. It only took a moment before you were drifting off again, although not as deeply as you had been. You were dimly aware of the sound of teapot being filled, the burnt toast smell wafting through the open door, and your fiance鈥檚 graceful footsteps as he danced through the kitchen.
You raised your head up slightly, freeing both ears to focus on the sound of the Copy Ninja鈥檚 footsteps. His weight wasn鈥檛 distributing evenly on each step and the pattern of his footfalls was irregular. Bringing yourself to a sitting position, you suddenly realized that he was humming absentmindedly in the small kitchen.
Kakashi was not known for his stoicism, but the level of professionalism he established outside of the copy of Icha Icha attached to his palm was carefully maintained even in his downtime. When you went out together for dinner or drinks with friends, he told few jokes and mostly at Genma or Asuma鈥檚 expense. Gai鈥檚 repeated challenges to karaoke contests, both in locations with and without a karaoke machine, had always been flatly denied in favor of watching you and Kurenai choose the heartbreaker duet of the week to belt out. When you found yourself at the rare club, it only took light coaxing to bring him onto the dance floor with you, but anything more than swaying to the beat was out of the question. As long as he was having fun, you didn鈥檛 mind him not joining in the way the others teased him to do, but you had wished that he would be able to let go of his responsibilities long enough to really enjoy himself one day.
You slinked out of bed, keeping your movements as fluid as possible as you wrapped the comforter over your shoulders. As silently as you could move, you travelled into the hallway and through the living room, the smell of something acrid and burnt slowly getting stronger. You flattened yourself parallel to the wall, though not touching it to prevent the noise of the comforter dragging along, once you approached the doorway to the kitchen. He was certainly humming, and you couldn鈥檛 repress a grin, realizing he must be nearly skipping from the counter to the pantry from the way he moved. As slowly as you could, despite your excitement, you leaned around the corner to check on the man in the kitchen.
Kakashi was wearing boxers and a binder, his most comfortable outfit when secure inside your shared home. To your delight, he had chosen one of the binders without a mask attached, and you had a clear view of the slightly silly grin plastering his face as he shifted intermittently from humming to light, mumbled singing, punctuated by murmuring the ingredients he was using as he reached for them. He was stationed at the stove, stirring a medium pot and tasting from it in between verses of his song, reaching for more salt or minced garlic to adjust. He closed his eyes, bobbing his head side to side at a line he took a particular interest in, the morning sunlight catching glints of silver in his messy hair.
Taking advantage of his eyes being shut, you whipped back around the doorway into the living room, quickly tiptoeing away. You were so in love, and so happy to see him carefree, your mouth fell open in a silent scream and your hands, corners of the comforter still held in each, flew to your face.
You had to tell someone. No one would ever believe that Kakashi Hatake, master of a thousand jutsu, could be so sweet and cute behind the former ANBU exterior. Quickly, you crouched to the floor, abandoned the comforter, and made the required handsigns, pausing for a moment to remember if it was hitsuji or uma that came after saru, then gently pressed your palm against a squishy couch cushion. With a puff of smoke that evaporated almost as quickly as it was created, Pakkun sat before you.
You brought your finger up to your lips in a shushing gesture immediately. The tiny dog squinted, but nodded his agreement after a beat. This was your third or fourth time summoning him, and the first time you had done with without Kakashi. Animal summons were not your strong suit, and you had never particularly been a dog person, a fact that Pakkun had keyed in to almost instantaneously upon meeting you when you had no more than polite 鈥渕y boyfriend鈥檚 pet鈥 level interest in his paw pads. They were as soft and supple as he claimed, but you didn鈥檛 quite understand the appeal of man鈥檚 best friend.
You made the simple gestures required to convey that there was something to see and led Pakkun quietly toward the entryway to the kitchen where you could hear the rice cooker being sealed and started. Kakashi had switched to a different song and was now vocalizing the instrumentals softly, occasionally pausing to mime playing the instruments he was mimicking. Your hand found its way over your mouth, your heart melting with the gentle domesticity. Then you jerked away, feeling a soft scratch at your feet.
The pocket-sized grizzled dog glared at you until you bent down, when he pointed upwards toward a mess of hair. You felt a pang of guilt as you realized from this angle, all you could see was the shinobi鈥檚 calloused hand pushing silver strands out of his face, the black engagement band glinting dully on his finger. For the wedding in four months, you had managed to arrange custom bands for you both with the Hatake crest engraved into the matte surface. Kakashi didn鈥檛 know yet, and you knew that with how mission work was, he wouldn鈥檛 get to wear it often, but he would have a piece of his clan鈥檚 legacy with him whenever he did wear it.
The feeling of disappointment radiated off of the dog with the headband as you absorbed the fact you hadn鈥檛 considered him not being able to see over the counter. After a moment, you held out both your hands cupped together, fingertips resting on the floorboards. Pakkun regarded this, looking from your hands to your face, which you tried to humble appropriately. He sniffed at your exposed palms, then delicately stepped into your arms.
Bringing him up to your chest as you stood back up, you felt him stiffen. Had you moved him too quickly? Were you holding him too tightly? You ran two fingers down the back of his head instinctively and were surprised to find him relax. Kakashi tasted the cloudy liquid from the pot again and nodded firmly, turning toward the doorway. You whipped around, placing your back against the living room wall and clutching Pakkun tightly to your chest. You both held your breath, waiting to see if you鈥檇 been caught.
He sang to himself, 鈥渁lmost ready!鈥 and you released your breath. Quickly, you snagged the blanket off the floor and made your way back to the bedroom.
鈥淲hat鈥檚 the occasion?鈥 Pakkun demanded as soon as you had the door shut behind you, jumping onto the bed.
鈥淭here is none! It鈥檚 just our first day off in a while, and he thinks I鈥檓 still asleep!鈥
Pakkun considered that quietly. 鈥淗is pa, Sakumo, used to do the same thing. If he thought no one was around, he鈥檇 put on a whole concert for himself. Kakashi used to join him, up until his death. Then I didn鈥檛 catch him humming again till about a year after Minato鈥檚 death. Life had been rough for the poor pup up till about then. But he鈥檚 been in there all morning singing to himself?鈥
You nodded, pulling the gray comforter tighter around your shoulders. You knew your fianc茅 had been through more than most people should ever have to go through, but to think he might be making a breakthrough with his depression and trauma鈥攖o start singing again?
Pakkun made an odd noise that reminded you of a sneeze, then pawed at his eye and seemed to clear his throat. 鈥淚 gotta tell the others. They鈥檙e gonna lose it.鈥
鈥淵eah, you should definitely head back and let them know the good news. I鈥檓 supposed to be asleep after all, he鈥檒l probably come wake me up in a minute or two.鈥
The sly dog hesitated, then a wicked glimmer flashed across his eyes. 鈥淥r鈥︹
Before you could react, you were engulfed a thin cloud of smoke that smelled vaguely of grass, and your bed began to creak. You jumped up, gasping at the number of variously sized dogs that had appeared in the room.
Pakkun addressed the crew before anyone could ask any questions. 鈥淪tay quiet. We鈥檝e got a stealth mission ahead of us. Everyone, this is Kakashi鈥檚 partner, the one he鈥檚 marrying soon.鈥 He then turned to you and pointed out the pack members in a line. 鈥淏ull, Urushi, Shiba, Bisuke, Akino, Uhei, and Guruko.鈥 They were all undeniably adorable, and you鈥檇 have to ask your fianc茅 when he had the time to commission them all matching vests and headbands, but you were still shocked to see so many dogs. Did he really have eight summons? When most shinobi had one, if any?
鈥淣ame of the game is observe without being detected. Target: Kakashi. Location: kitchen. Standard formation. Questions?鈥
With no questions being posed, Pakkun lept up onto Bull鈥檚 head and led the way. You marveled in how quietly such a massive dog could move and trailed the pack as they made their way through your apartment.
You heard the timer on the rice cooker ding, then the seal breaking and relished the scent of the steam drifting through the air. There must be a stick of lemongrass in the rice this morning. You could see that Kakashi was beginning to set the table, gathering everything for a cozy breakfast for two.
He was also singing, audibly, with some degree of confidence.
One by one, the dogs all stopped and froze in awe. Akino and Uhei stepped around to the other side of you, and Shiba鈥攐r maybe it was Urushi?鈥攑opped their head between your knees to try to see. You were surrounded on all sides by the ninken, and you started to feel comforted by their warmth. Together, you all listened to your man serenade chopsticks and bowls as he spun to the small table, breaking into a mock tap routine as the china hit the wooden surface. You felt your head tilt to the right as you let the waves of love rush over you as you watched him carefully adjust the oily, burnt pan in the sink so he could wash his hands.
鈥淎lright, love鈥攂reakfast is ready!鈥
For just a moment, you forgot that you were supposed to be in bed. You didn鈥檛 move as Kakashi rounded the corner, freezing when he saw nine sets of puppy-dog eyes gazing wistfully back at him from the middle of the living room, all heads tilted to the right and dreamy smiles plastered on each face.
鈥淎h! Uh, how long have you, uh鈥?鈥
Together, you moved as a pack toward your loved one, tackling him in a ten person hug. When you wormed your way past Uhei, you cupped Kakashi鈥檚 face and brought him in for a deep kiss, feeling butterflies in your stomach. He blushed slightly, tracing his thumb along your jawline.
鈥淚 love you, and I鈥檓 so glad that you feel safe and happy and loved with me,鈥 you whispered fiercely, trying to beam the intensity of your emotion at him without being too aggressive.
He smiled, Sharingan deliberately taking the whole scene in as he lay on the floor with you, pulling you into his arms. Pakkun trotted over to sit on his chest while he brought you in for a firm, tight hug.
鈥淢e too. And I鈥檓 glad you got to meet the rest of the clan.鈥 He let the Sharingan fall shut, relaxing against you.
鈥淲ould鈥檝e made more miso soup if I鈥檇 known everyone was coming over. Have you seen the dog bowls around anywhere?鈥
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Could I request something? I鈥檇 like to request well, you can choose the characters(or character), but I鈥檇 prefer da bois, with a friend or s/o who has ADHD and who鈥檚 energy levels and focus are all over the place. Thank you. Pleasure doing business with you, I wish you success and good fortune with all of your future business endeavors.
Well sure I can try! So... I just picked the three of what I'd felt would be interesting to describe, and I hope that's something you were hoping for!
Pleasure doing business with you too, may the good fortune and health never leave you.
TW: None, really.
Tumblr media
Oh boy, here comes the troublemaker
At first Kakashi was just scared of you
Like, big time, scared
You were the opposite of his calm, composed and balanced demeanor
So first time you were around him he almost ran away the moment he realized how much energy you possess
Every next meeting was a bit better, as he started to get used to the fact that you're all over the place
Yet the fact that you couldn't focus, or act like you're not listening to him was bugging him a little
Kakashi is a man of a few words, but his is willing to understand and help you
He is finding various ways to work with you on the control of your mind and body
And slowly he is showing you how to deal with stressful situations on your own
Working on improving your memory and concentration
The man is patient, like an angel
Of course he will use his ninkens as therapy dogs
"(Y/n), are you listening to me?" His voice was calm and soft, without any sign of irritation.
You blinked, looking at him with confusion. You were just about to do something, but the wooden panels on the floor created such an interesting pattern... "I- Ugh. Sorry! I will- I just..." You sighed, feeling the frustration building up.
"Hey, look at me. It's okay," he nodded when you finally turned your sight to him "nothing bad happened, alright?"
You shifted on your chair, your gaze fell upon small tiles laying scattered on the table. There were plenty of them, some of them contained letters, numbers, pictures... OH! You were supposed to find all pairs! The stack on your left indicates how many of them you've found already. Your hand darted, revealing another tile showing Pakkun's mouth.
Kakashi smiled underneath his mask, but he didn't make any sound just to keep you focused on your task.
Tumblr media
Oh this man just LOVES the amount of an energy you have
And trust me he is the king of having ideas how to use this energy
You're now the number one partner for doing any challenge that he will come up with
And he will challenge you until you're breathing heavily almost begging for a break
But the physical training and challenging your body is not everything he is capable of
The focus and composure can be also trained in many ways - meditation, aiming practice... He is open to try new ways to help you improve
And despite your failures, he won't give up on you
No, no, no
He is your #1 cheerleader
Everything you succeed will be cherished and rewarded
Every failure will be seen as an occasion to improve, and there will be absolutely no shaming
And if anyone tries to shame you...
Yeah, we all know what would happen
But the man is patient, and patiently will go with you step by step, making sure you make progress and feel comfortable with yourself
Your breath is short, cut by rapid gasps for more air. You've been running from the Hokage tower to the village gates for an hour now and your lungs started to burn with a living fire "Gai... I can't..." you breathed to the man running near you
"Come on, (Y/n)! We still have 10 more rounds to do!" His mood was intact, and the man himself looked so fresh like he just started his running routine.
You couldn't endure, feeling your body giving up you stopped and sat down on the ground. The man in the green suit crouched near you handing you the water bottle. Greedily, you drank up almost half of it.
"(Y/n), you made amazing progress during the past few weeks, it's not much to break another record. Four week ago you were saying that you can't make it to 5 rounds, and now you're past 15. " He stood up and stretched, making his bones crack. "Come on!"
His hand darted and picked you up from the ground. He pushed you forward, setting the pace of your run.
Tumblr media
Okay, the two of you can be described with one simple word
Pure chaotic energy that comes out from you two is something everyone is scared about
You two sent on one mission is guaranteed to end with trouble
Poor Deidara lmao
But... You're having fun, big time
Tobi tries to match up your level of energy
And in the same time he tries to get you as tired as possible
However, while working, he is a bit protective over you, not letting you to get hurt in any way
And if Deidara tries to scoff you, he is there to stand in between you聽 to piss off the blonde one more by standing by your side
Tobi hates to see you cry of feel sad and will do anything to cheer you up
Whether it's stuffing yourselves at a dango booth, or pulling a prank on Deidara someone
He'll do anything to make you laugh again
And he will punish anyone who've hurt you
"(Y/N)-CHAN!" Tobi screams loud and clear in between the woods. With whole goofiness so unique for him he runs to you, but as soon as he sees your swollen eyes, and runny nose he stops with a gasp. "(Y/n)-chan... You've been crying?!"
You nod, wiping your eyes from tears "Deidara picked on me again." silently spoken words startle him at first, but the anger towards the blonde starts to grow inside him.
"What did Senpai say?!"
"That I am not good for anything! That I'm screwing up everything that I touch!"
"No, no, no, no, no~ (Y/n)-chan is perfect in every way! (Y/n)-chan!" He waves his hands to make you focus your eyes on him "Tobi will take (Y/n)-chan for dango, and then Tobi will help get (Y/n)-chan a revenge!" He grabs your hand and drags you to the nearest dango booth, making a fool out of himself, putting an extra effort in making you smile.
In the meantime, he wonders how long Deidara would endure the taste and burn of the hottest pepper that Tobi could find. In all of his mouths.
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animeyanderelover4 months ago
Punishment for temari, nastu, erza, and kakashi
Tw: Yandere themes, unhealthy mindset, unhealthy relationship, possessiveness, obsessiveness, delusions, strict behavior, kidnapping, isolation, manipulation
Yandere Alphabet
Kakashi Hatake
Tumblr media
Punishment-How do they punish their darling?
馃摉Kakashi is more of a reasonable person so punishments wouldn't be something he would be very keen on using which doesn't mean he won't do it if it is needed. Kakashi just has more patience and is a fairly aware Yandere to have so he always tries to solve things normally, though he can turn more demanding and strict if the s/o proves to be the stubborn kind. I would like to say that locking away would be a punishment, though at one point his paranoia gets the better of him and he locks you permanently away and only let you have his ninken as company. But if there is a chance he would at one point let you out again, this small freedom will be taken away and he can honestly be like a parent with a happy child as well since he'll take things away from you that you like and can hit time faster dead.
馃摉I would say he has also a more kind of indirect way of punishing you in the sense that he will manipulate situations to prove that he knows better and you should listen more to him instead of arguing with him. Might not sound that bad, but constantly getting into situations where you realize that listening to Kakashi would have proved to be helpful makes you with time more doubtful of your own decisions and whilst Kakashi is thoughtful to not sprinkle salt in your wounds, somehow he will scold you afterwards. Kakashi just is that smart and no one will really suspect something as well.
Tumblr media
Punishment-How do they punish their darling?
馃尓锔廡emari is more of a Tsundere kind of person so her darling somewhat runs risk of getting a harsh scolding from her side the moment they happen to have a heated verbal fight and that girl has a fire inside of her and she'll spit it out the moment she loses her composure for a short moment as well. So this is somewhat one way of punishing you for her, she hurts you with words when she starts seeing red. It isn't like Temari doesn't feel sorry for it afterwards, she never really means what she says since she really loves her darling a lot and mostly apologizes afterwards.
馃尓锔廈ut if there is a time she really needs to make use of her more vicious language, she will do it through gritted teeth. Words can hurt more than you think when they come from someone that you love and she might also start acting more cold. Similar to Kakashi she isn't all that into doing such things since she wants a normal relationship, but she is on the slightly more impulsive side. Has no qualms about trapping you in her apartment as well when she's had enough. Whether she would use her younger brother and his position or not, I think it is unlikely since her siblings mean a lot to her. She isn't into abusing power and influence she has that directly against her darling.
Natsu Dragneel
Tumblr media
Punishment-How do they punish their darling?
馃敟You see, I have a hard time trying to figure out how Natsu could possibly ever do something against his darling. On a scale from one to ten to how dangerous and violent he could really be to his darling he is a burning and big zero. He is neither manipulative nor is he violent, he is a far more childish and clingy person over anything else. It mainly roots from his delusions that he is this way to be honest, even if he gets rejected by his darling countless times or realizes that they seem to like someone else, he never really takes it in a really bad way. It's because he is such a delusional Yandere so he never really gets discouraged by this all.
馃敟So it is somewhat hard to think of how he could ever possibly go against the s/o, even if he becomes desperate or, through a miracle, gets angry at them, his love and adoration dominates over everything. The thing that could be counted closest to a punishment with him is when he starts yelling at them which could be for some frightening. He doesn't mean to scare you of course, but he really can not grip his emotions once something has set him off and he can come over as more intimidating at such times. But that's honestly all. That and that he'll glue himself to your side like a leech.
Erza Scarlet
Tumblr media
Punishment-How do they punish their darling?
馃洝锔廡his woman gives probably at first the impression that she would be very ready to teach you better when you go against her, but she has under her armor a heart made out of gold hidden and she is a lucid Yandere who loves and respects her darling on top of that. Erza means in all ways really only the best for her darling and could never bring herself to hurt them physically (no one of the people here would). The S-Class mage still has her stern side in her and such things are exposed sometimes to you as well, most likely only in scenarios where things are about to go down the wrong way.
馃洝锔廔 mentioned it before, but Erza has some sort of trauma from everything that happened to her and even if she can even understand if the s/o goes against her more demanding wishes, most of the times she can still understand since she has some fellows who are just the same. So she is a bit difficult to figure out as well, but her punishments probably consist of scolding the s/o furiously and in a really worse situation where they got hurt, she will keep them trapped in their house and force them to stay and not do anything. She'll force herself afterwards for a while to be more strict and less excited and soft like she is normally.
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rayshippouuchiha8 months ago
Out of curiosity, for the Uzumaki Househusband au, do you have any ideas for names for the Uchimaki Spawn yet? I know there will be a small army of them, of course, but names are very important
Ohh names!! And since I鈥檓 legit attached to the 8 spawn I was presented with by another lovely I will start with them! So here鈥檚 their tentative names and descriptions.
Spawn #1 - Hajime - basically looks like Itachi but with wine red hair. I'm thinking calm and collected on the outside, but also P E T T Y and absolutely Sasuke's number one minion. Baby genius with a Hawks summoning and wind and fire. Sasuke debated on naming this one after Itachi but ultimately he and Naruto decided not to.聽 Instead they named him what he is, their new beginning.
Spawn #2 - Kimiko -聽鈥渆mpress child鈥 since she鈥檚 their first daughter. Blonde hair but it spikes up in the same way Sasuke's does and black eyes. She's the most vicious and just Uchiha鈩笍 in general. Toad summoning but is also reeaally good with seals and she becomes a problem once she learns fire-style
Spawn #3 - Y艒ko - Was given some of Kurama's chakra via sketchy test tube baby stuff, and has the cheek markings and the most chakra. I'm thinking a boy with super spikey long black hair (maybe Naruto teaches him whatever jutsu Jiraiya used for his hair) and blue eyes. Basically takes after Naruto in personality. Has Snake summoning with fire and lightning. Though often a girl鈥檚 name, Naruto likes to tease Kurama that they also named this one in tribute to him.
Spawn #4 - S艒suke - is the last of that cluster of test tube babies. A boy who looks an awful lot like Kushina, and has her temper, but also Minato's and the collective Uchiha genius and intellect. A master of the Flying Thundergod Jutsu by age six. Hawks and Toad summonings with lightning and wind, but manages to learn fire style out of spite.聽聽
Spawn #5 - Mioto - is a girl who looks like your average Uchiha, but is completely Uzumaki鈩笍 in all other aspects, and wants to be Hokage of all the villages somehow. Both Toad and Hawk summonings, fire and wind.
Spawn #6 and #7 - Hannei and Hayuma - are identical twin boys. Strawberry blond hair and dark blue eyes. Kind of quiet and unsuspecting, keep to themselves for the most part but inherited Naruto's love for pranks on an unholy level, and give Iruka heart attacks on the regular. Somehow ended up with Lady Katsuyu, though Tsunade and Sakura both deny any involvement and neither the boys nor Katsuyu are willing to spill. Both have wind, but #6 has fire and #7 has lightning.
Spawn #8 - Beniko - is a girl that has dark red hair and black eyes, but otherwise looks like Naruto. Baby genius who gets herself into more trouble than Naruto or Sasuke ever did, but can usually get herself out of it with high charisma and sheer cuteness (those puppy dog eyes of hers are irresistible). Snake summonings and also managed to con Kakashi into letting her use his ninken. Lightning and fire.
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uchihashisuii4 months ago
We鈥檝e been talking about obito and shisui but what about kakashi 馃槱
you certainly have a point there 馃 requests are open!
when I think of kakashi, I think of someone who can make you laugh
he doesn't even really mean to, but his deadpan humor and snark are unintentionally hilarious
whilst his first copy of icha icha is precious to him, he actually has multiple copies in case they get too worn or damaged
if you compliment his ninken or show even a vague interest in dogs he'll never forget it
updates you on how they're doing, ropes you into helping him bathe them all or fix their outfits
(he's secretly a bit of a dork don't tell anyone he has a reputation to maintain)
he isn't comfortable being outwardly emotional or affectionate. he cares, so much; even if he doesn't know how to show it or speak it. he holds the world at arms length, because of the unimaginable trauma and loss he's experienced
because of that he's difficult to read. sure, he shows snippets of his care and his humor and his depth, in tiny little ways. but you need to look closer - underneath the underneath, like any good shinobi
it takes time to breach past his barriers. he'll resist, just a bit; he doesn't want to lose any more precious people. but when he lets you in -
it's beautiful. he's patient and kind, even eager. all his affections are kept behind closed doors, though; he isn't comfortable with overt pda
he'll have an arm around your shoulder or your waist when you walk together. drops a kiss to your cheek if he wants to tease you
when you're alone, he loves to cook for you. he's good at it, and makes the effort to learn your favourite recipes
laying against his chest, his fingers through your hair. fond smiles and good-natured teasing
likes to pin you down and steal your breath with laughter-tinged kisses. he nuzzles your neck, nipping at you with his teeth
it'll take a while for him to be comfortable admitting it, but he really wants you to spend the night. holding you as you fall asleep is something that calms him
(he still makes you pay for dinner, though)
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