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#But the show must continue
hakuoyuki · a month ago
Hello! Is there an order to read the routes of Ikepri?
Hello Anon! Oh, yes. Absolutely.
I have also pointed this out before in a post I made before the release of ENG ver (here) so I'll copy the bit about the reading order over (but please do check out that post for additional references ^^)
Routes after starters are very very highly recommended to be read in order of release due to how heavily it will be spoiling the previously released route and how The Reveal in the route prior to it links to the subsequent routes.
The order: Starters → Nokto → Licht → Jin → Luke → Clavis → Act 2
Note: Details of Route Availability Status on JP ver can be found in this other post (here)
Nokto route: The first route after starters, in JP it was released just 1.5 months after the app was released. You could say Nokto's route is the one exception to the above order (in terms of completing a route to at least 1 end before starting to next) but please, at the very least, read Yves' Ch 1 (or if possible to Ch 4) before starting Nokto's route since it'll add more depth to his route. Chev's and Leon's common route also adds more depth to Nokto's route as well.
From Licht route onwards, the story gets darker and darker real fast. I am Not Kidding. Please be forewarned.
Additionally, for all routes, True Love (Romantic) End is the true end. Both end clear stories all continues after the True Love End's epilogue. Passionate Love (Dramatic) End is the alternative ending.
Note: Despite what some people might say, regarding "true end" or the lack of for Ikemen Series, that really isn't the case for Ikemen Prince. (For JP ver at the very least). ENG probably changed the ending names to make it the same as the other ENG titles to make it "easier" for western audiences but that Does Not Change the fact that This Is The Case for JP Ver. As I have mentioned earlier, (this may not be obvious for the starters, but for Nokto route onwards they have made it absolutely clear that) both end clear stories all continues after the True Love (Romantic) End's epilogue.
Further more, event stories which continues after the release of routes also continues from the True Love (Romantic) End. It is also to be noted that unlike other titles, IkePri is Very Consistent in its writing and their event stories happens sequentially with references back to prior released contents such as events and even the main route (and happenings from True Love end). The only exception for this is "If Stories" but even with such stories, they are still consistent on the level of an alternate timeline where MC and none of the suitors have yet to become lovers.
However, since the timing of IkePri ENG release doesn't align with IkePri JP, I do not know how the consistency in event stories will be handled on the ENG ver since JP ver has quite numerous seasonal events and various events in between those which directly referred back to those seasonal events that happened before it.
Bottom line for event stories: For events which are Not "If Events", some contain spoilers from main route.
Last words: After playing IkePri ENG for the past few days, I can't say I'm completely amused with all the changes the localization had brought about so I'll be sticking to IkePri JP but I'll be checking out the ENG ver leisurely. I have friends playing both versions so I am caught up to what goes on in ENG to a certain extent. But with IkePri now having multiple versions, do note that I am most well-versed in and more experienced with the original JP version.
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thetwinsinlaw · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Goddamn it, I'm doing the best that I can here. Okay? This job is hard. No, yeah I know it doesn't seem that way to you because I walk in and out of a room grinning like a Cheshire Cat. But it is fucking hard, 'cause when I took over, they didn't give me the keys to a new car. They gave me a raft that's so riddled with holes, and is so crudely patched over and over – there's not even a raft left. It's just a million patches, held together by a million more. And I know you know how that is because you're the patch that holds together another patch every morning at 7:00 a.m. And I am trying to conjure Noah's Ark out of thin air. And I... Frankly, I think I'm doing a pretty decent job of it, all things considered. Actually, a pretty great job of it. And I had hoped, frankly, you and I? We would be able to walk on together, two by two.”
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aflawedfashion · 5 months ago
When they decided on Gabrielle’s name, they really did not take into account how well New Zealand actors would be able to pronounce it in an American accent
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jurisffiction · 6 months ago
merlin, a show that ran for 5 years, has been off the air with no new content for some 9 years now and yet merlin videos made in the past year have over a million views. any time i think about this i am forced to imagine new supernatural fan content still meeting energetic receptive and perhaps even combative audiences in, by my calculations, 2047
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bustersnax · a month ago
So would gramble be wamawink/play that role? He strikes me as mom friend worrier of the group
And obviously Chandlo as I think his names Ched the bird jock?
oh! the personalities of most of the herd are fairly different than that of the grumpuses and they all continue to have their original personalities, but roles are something they can and will take over of 😤
Gramble is DEF the most fit in the crew for wamawink's role! (and someone has to make the instant bugsnax replacement pancakes, he's still pretty much a vegan here.) though herd leader title naturally belongs to filbo being the mayor, maybe they team up before liz comes over and they decide to follow her instead?
And Chandlo's the jock of the group so I can def see that! just a jock that is not rude in the slightest.
We have wiggle taking zulius' role as the flashy(?) one and probably either cromdo or beff (or both of them?) as the one that steals things. Though I don't think anyone can take dumple's job 😔 sorry giraffe man
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quicksiluers · 4 months ago
so for the dumb college au, @tipsywench brought up a great idea about what types of clubs or groups the trio (grant, sherman, & sheridan) would be in and it got me thinking...
so grant and sheridan for SURE would be in some equestrian club, for all those inner horse girls at the school. i also think that grant would be in some book reading club cause home boy loved to read, he even mentioned in his memoirs about how he liked to read instead of study which i mean, same. but he’s also kinda reserved so i wonder if he would want to be part of a club or just read himself? i can see him just sitting under a tree and reading, minding his own business and then being bothered by sherman/sheridan or longstreet. but the big thing would be the horse club, gotta be able to ride those horses!
sheridan would also somehow be in a random club about sword fighting or something cause i mean he did try to stab a dude once, so he probably would want to tune up those skills. but other then the equestrian club, i can’t think of another club sheridan would be in...he’d start a club about shit talking people he doesn’t like and just argue with anyone who doesn’t agree. seems to be his m.o.
sherman would for SURE be in theater club but would be that “well ACTUALLY” kinda asshole about it so maybe he’d start up his own shakespeare club but no one wants to join cause he seems a bit aggressive about it. he’d try to put on his own productions of stuff and that’s how’d he rope grant to be in them to play the female role, just dragging the poor boy away from any conversation he’s in to play some part in a play that grant has no clue about. sheridan would try to join in but sherman would be like “nah you too small” and then it would just end up in a fist fight. 
what it comes down to is that it would all be chaotic
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Perhaps fittingly for the day after Holby finally, FINALLY mentioned John for the first time in over 2 and (nearly) a half years, I’ve just found, thanks to my YouTube recommendations, another song that absolutely breaks my heart with Johnrik feelings: “Silhouette” by Aquilo.
“Let’s go out in flames so everyone knows who we are ‘Cause these city walls never knew that we’d make it this far We’ve become echoes, but echoes that faded away So let’s dance like two shadows burning out our glory days
Devil’s on your shoulder Strangers in your head As if you don’t remember As if you can forget
It’s only been a moment It’s only been a lifetime But tonight, you’re a stranger Some silhouette”
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saelrum · a year ago
I just made a giant post and it did't appear, so everything i wanted to say is gone :")
So... You all remember how much hatred this show got back in the days it has just aired? How repulsed we were, how much we doubted it would be something awesome... Look at us now, just look at us now. We are all in love with our new heroes, villains, by GODS HAND MADE ANIMATION SEQUENSES-
I cant describe by words how much i liked 2 new eps. This was whole new level, and it got me right in the heart. Every joke made, every laugh it gave me, every tear those moments squeezed out of my eyes, every time my breath seemed to stop because of how unbelivable was everything that seemed to happen on the screen. And watching this LIVE was even more emotional than i ever imagined. Seeing people reactions... I can say there was nothing like what we saw before today. And never will i ever regret staying up literally all night for this. Never.
@nickelodeon , if you are ever reading this, i wanna say two things... First one being: Thank you for making all this come to life. I am happy more that ever that this show exists in life of me and hundreds of thousunds other people. Second on, hovever, is prayer to you by whole fandom... Please, do NOT cansel the show. It deserves merch, it deserves proper promotion, it deserves support, love and respect... It deserves continuation. By all means give. it. a. chanse. Im sure you will never regret this, and will only regret of shatterig people hopes by canseling the show. Thank you and please take care, listen to us...
And with all of that...
Happy mid-season final for everyone! Can't wait to see More of ROTTMNT!
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