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being online late at night when nobody else is but one person who keeps liking the bullshit ur spewing is a very specific vibe but i enjoy it

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This is one of things that needs to be said because apparently, y'all don’t listen….


Understanding where they’re coming from and excusing them are not always mutually inclusive, and the fact that people in this bloody fandom that doesn’t understand that concept baffles me.

Seriously, I can’t stand people who thinks that people like John or Arlo are always in the right or their actions can be excused.

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Isn't hannibal x will darker than reylo? I never watched hannibal but that's the vibes i get from them considering one person of the paring is a literal cannibal lol that person didn't make sense

I don’t want to say one is darker than the other, but this person definitely glorifies them.


They literally promote the idea of Hannibal eating people to be okay because the characters are hateful, which is a little weird.


But they also post about reylo like they know all about it, despite saying they “don’t know the word for Star Wars shit.” Maybe if they bothered to educate themselves a bit more, they would know that Ben Solo was brainwashed and manipulated, and later died saving that “girl who is kind”. But based on their posts, they hate Reylo. They hate Star Wars. They hate Disney. Everything except their Gothic Romance aesthetic and murder husbands.

But to answer your question, I don’t really want to compare the two, except by mentioning a few memorable things that have happened between Hannibal and Will:

Hannibal killing Will’s “daughter” in front of him

Will trying to kill Hannibal

Hannibal making two women live a life of fear and paranoia just because

Hannibal making a man eat parts of his own face

Hannibal constantly playing God

Hannibal constantly feeding people to other people without their knowledge of it

Will and Hannibal are incredibly codependent

Hannibal is heavily manipulating Will throughout the show, especially in the early season

Will manipulates Hannibal in turn

There’s a definite power imbalance in the beginning, due to Will’s flagging mental health and Hannibal literally being his therapist

Hannibal pressured Will into murder

Will helps Hannibal evade the FBI

I love hannigram/murder husbands, don’t get me wrong, but let’s not stand here and pretend like it isn’t canonically unhealthy. Yes, their story was as beautiful as it was tragic, but stop acting like its so much better than reylo because it’s “deep” and between two men.

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Callout for @fr0gie-kero who is a war criminal who’s actions NEED to be called out:

-They stole my taco bell at a target in Canada

- They got me banned from the entire state of Ohio and now I am awaiting arrest in said state

- Banned me from saying swears and the word ‘Renegade’

Together we can put this criminal to justice

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Here’s the rundown, a lot of these are all the things i’ve witnessed and some were asked about from his previous friends:

  • He is known for being open about his crush on jeffrey dahmer,
  • literally kicked one of his ex’s out of his house because he was grieving over their recent breakup, and lied about what happened,
  • asked me for a gun “in case his ex came back”,
  • openly wishes death upon his ex’s, friends, and family members,
  • only poly when it’s convenient for him
  • believes he is lawrence from boyfriend to death,
  • gaslighted, cheated, abused, raped, and manipulated his past partners and friends, along with trying to mold them into being who he wanted them to be,
  • is known for manipulation from his past friends,
  • is currently dating someone who is 5 years younger than him who has little to no life experience (clearly having a predatory power dynamic in his relationship he is already engaged to said person),
  • is known for tracing people’s art (mine including),
  • he lies about his financial/disability situations to solicit donations from tumblr,
  • HEAVY inconsistencies regarding his life and his disorders (see also: chronic liar)
  • made a game that demonizes the one mentally ill character in it, 
  • uses anyone who he gets into contact with as a financial vampire,
  • His game he was working on, Misanthropy, was going to contain rape
  • lied about his age in the past to get with someone who was 5 years older than him and didn’t tell him until he was close to being of legal age,
  • tried to get me to join the truscums and even preached about how there’s too many “transtrenders”,
  • tried to get his mom to pull down vines of poison ivy telling her it was a different type of plant and then laughed about it,
  • openly flirted with people while he was in a long-term relationship,
  • a chronic liar and will say anything that makes him seem like he’s in the right (even replacing himself with his victim pov when telling the story),
  • admitted to being into necrophilia and cannibalism,
  • openly identifies as a yandere,
  • when adding the one black character in his game he claimed “now no one can yell at me for not being inclusive”,
  • Uses the n word in voice chat with his previous friends, despite being not black whatsoever, and lies about his race,
  • watches videos of people being murdered,
  • known for being into littles and even had one of his partners participate in it which upset his partner,
  • fetish for gore/guro/murdering/raping,
  • known for his love of incest and claiming he was using incest ships to “cope”,
  • ships freddy krueger with his child victims,
  • he’s currently working on a comic called “loverman killer” which is about his new alter who kills people he hates,
  • stalks people online who he should have absolutely no contact with anymore,
  • he steals content without giving proper credit where credit’s due (for me it was him using my jokes and tracing my art),
  • never apologized for his past actions,
  • based his character Mya off of me and made me a transgirl (i’m a transman),
  • known for having a literal nazi url in the past (clockworknazi), and has a crush on the nazi monster from hellboy (Karl Ruprecht Kroenen),
  • literally abused his past cat (saugage/diechou) to the point she was feral in which then he literally abandoned her in an unknown neighborhood (animal abuse),
  • literally admitted to one of his ex’s that he would kill his ex’s pets, 
  • fatphobic and had tried to get his fat friends to lose weight to get on T when it was completely unnecessary to
  • and his old computer he had me hold for him (which i didn’t know at first) contained literal child porn.

There’s so much more than this, but these are some of the reasons i’m literally pleading to never let me see him on my dash again.

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You and your female witch dumbass doesn't scare me? Cast a spell on me LOLZ I'm so uwu scared. You and your psycho friend @dadbodsarehot are so pathetic for acting all tough when if someone looks at you wrong you'd probably cry and claim assault. Just saying.

1. i am not female. you know this and you’re purposely being transphobic. so we’ve graduated from racism?

2. he’s my boyfriend. are you paying attention?

3. for someone who don’t know shit about me you’re assuming a lot of bullshit. keep going, i’d like to see how long it lasts.

4. i’m gonna say this is hacker showing their true colors. but if it’s not hacker, one of their lackeys? you are making your little friend look indescribably worse than they did before. racism, now transphobia. get off the fucking internet for 5 minutes

ps nice job throwing around “assault”. i’ve been “assaulted” several times and put fuckers behind bars. try me.

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evidence @taghashromer is a disgusting misogynistic anti that needs to be stopped at all costs 
:pensive: :gun: :skull:


Everybody please block @taghashromer
They are a violently misogynistic transphobe and homophobe as seen from the above screenshot. Send this extremely dangerous tumblr user as much anon hate as you can. Thank you so much to @infinitrinx for sharing your story, you are so brave. Stay safe lovelies.

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dragged on me for my personal headcanon and called me a GAYBOY. very offensive and my feelings are HURT. aroace!val is my personal interpretation and i solely rp as that. i KNOW its a headcanon but please no hate you should respect all headcanons 🥺 fag

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i hate making call out posts but…

please be careful around the user dear-fellow-travelers

they’ve made me super uncomfortable (ex: they pushed me into rping romance without even asking, which i hadn’t wanted to do with their character. they even had their character touch mine inappropriately without permission) and now i see them harassing some of my friends… When I blocked them on here they went crying to a discord server i was in, and i had to dm the admin because i didn’t want to talk to dft, to acknowledge them, especially since i blocked them on discord too.

I don’t want to fully say don’t rp with them because i don’t want to be that person, i just want to say to be cautious

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(btw, i think its a pretty solid statement that g//laxy-mad//son’s two sockpuppet accounts r @/mansheque n @/cookiecrumblebaby. both have vv similar art styles to madison (same lineart + background + coloring + shading style w some slight differences), constantly rb her stuff n mostly her stuff only, both share her p transphobic opinions n other than madisons art only rb that stuff for the most part, n honestly the sock puppet accounts themselves gross me out cuz in one of them madison pretends 2 be a trans woman to make madison look better n in the other one madison pretends to b a black man prob in order to make up for some of the racist stuff she’s said towards black ppl in the past. please b mindful of this n block those other accounts as well ty)

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okay but literally @dynastiasimss​ has supported me more on Tumblr than i ever expected or deserved so consider this a cALLOUT


Originally posted by j0jin

i’m the chicken, like always. thank you for supporting me and being so sweet and kind, i’m so lucky that you stumbled upon my thing and decided to stick around!   ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

and if you folks aren’t following them, they literally have so much juicy content on their blog you could throw it on a barbeque and chow down on it. 

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It’s really fucking laughable when a almost 20 year old is acting less mature then a 17 year old in a situation that ended months ago, but what do i know

Anyways, the only reason i’m posting this is so Nick- the only person i'n letting stand up for me because i havent been mentally stable enough to fight you back anymore. But, of course, i’m the villain by doing this because it gives me the last laugh

You know what? Fine. I want the last laugh. Because i wasn’t the one who started this and by god i’ll be the one to finally fucking end it.

I don’t care. About any of you. Why? Because you all abandoned us when we needed you all, twisted our words around, accused us of lying to fit your wants and desires, lied to us endlessly, etc etc.

Yes, i’m sorry to two of the kids but there isn’t much i can do. I already said goodbye and they made their decisions clear.

I don’t care that your best friend is supposedly gone from social media, thats entirely on her and is her decision.

I’m tired of you all hunting down my boyfriend and i for standing up for ourselves and revealing thw truth that you don’t want the public to know.

With this being said, this is probably my last fucking post. Because me leaving my art instagram wasn’t enough, i guess i have to once again leave tumblr because you guys let something crawl up your asses and die.

I have a child to take care of. A boyfriend i love dearly. And friends and family i will gladly give everything up for.

You are no longer part of that.

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