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mind-of-tavia · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
it’s been a minute since my pretty lil face graced y’all’s feeds so hi happy sunday 🥰✨😁
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ichayalovesyou · 2 days ago
Why Does God Need A Starship? (Live Reaction):
I always thought Sybok was cool and interesting and NOW I’m sure! You know it’s times like these that I’m grateful I kinda came back into the Star Trek fandom on my own, because I don’t have to deal with Opinions of older/louder Trekkies. This one kinda has a lukewarm reputation but I’m getting the vibe that I’ll genuinely enjoy it.
Yet again Bones is serving up some LOOKS damn! Look at these elder gays! Spock has rocket boots, amazing. “Because it’s there” and then falling off the goddamn mountain is such a James Tiberius Kirk thing to do 😂 “HI BONES!” These guys omfg. OH MY GOD SO WE DO SEE CAITIANS OUTSIDE THE CARTOONS?? Hell yeah! Also pole dancing to no music, is... weird. Lmao. Also okay I’m sorry Sybok is cool! Sybok is cool and interesting and I really like him! (Not morally obviously dude is shady as all fuck, but a cool dude nontheless!) Always fascinated by Cult Leader type villains, especially when they point out valid criticisms about the society from which they came (important distinction is that the CAUSE is not vilified, but the person and their means, something M****l has largely forgotten)
Awww I may ship Hikura, but Uhura & Scotty are also cute as hell!! Awwwwwww!!!! Old married couples can be so freaking cute. Chekov & Sulu are LOST ohhhh my god this is hilarious, these two idiots. Also can we talk about how Koenig’s eyebrows are slowly gaining sentience and Takei aged like fine wine? Lol. THE HOLY TRINITY OF ELDER GAYS ARE CAMPINGGGG! I’m- oh my god they’re so cute. “Marshmelon” this is cute as hell oh my god. They’re indulging and messing with Spock at the same time I’m dead! They’re singing ohh my god this gonna give me cavities with how sweet it is!!!
This Klingon dude is frickin ROCKING the eyeliner! Bruhhhh was the frickin spotlight necessary! Leave the gays alone SHHHH they’re SLEEPING!! Lmao. Yo I’ll be real this movie starts incredibly slowly but I seriously do not mind, it’s relaxing to not have to worry about missing important details if you look away for a second, it’s nice. WAIT? Does Jim’s shirt say GOT MILK?!!? Oh no, it says go climb a rock, oh thank god [“fatty milkers” flashbacks]
Seriously McCoy is just radiating so much old southern lady/gay energy in this movie and I love it so freaking much “if you ask me (and you haven’t) this is a horrible idea” he sounds like my North Carolina living Meemaw. Wow you can see Spock low-key taking psychic damage from seeing Sybok 😲 V’tosh Ka’tur of the highest order huh? Still disturbing that his government literally cast him out, that’s a red flag 😬. What happened with Sybok is probably a lot of why Spock was pressured to be as Vulcan as he was, I’m sure Sybok was a massive scandal/shame for Sarek, and knowing him, he’d end up making that his kids’ problem not his 🙄
Oh neat!! Chekov is in the in the captain’s chair. Oh this is the song they replaced Nichols’s voice for 😤 but also GIRL THAT WAS BADASS AND THAT SONG WAS A BOP! Quick question, wow these “alien” horses are somehow even worse than the unicorn dog (also it’s a desert planet, wouldn’t it be better to have, like, alien camels or something?) This dude’s Klingon is freakin impeccable btw! He’s really got the vibe down! Jim did you forget how fuckin bananas strong Vulcans are??? Sybok went like 😡☹️ when Spock pointed that laser rifle at him 😂😂😂 again even tho I know Scotty and Uhura are married but it’s scenes like getting held hostage right there where they radiate such POWER COUPLE energy GAWD! 🤩
Stay out of this Bones we’re having a lover’s quarrel! Jim is taking fucking psychic damage from this entire conversation lol. Okayyyy whatever Sybok is doing is definitely some kind of mind control type thing, that shit is creepy af no thank youuuuuu (spores anyone?). Oh my god Spock & Jim are so married lmao, that “I’m sorry” Vulcan kiss in the brig man Aw. (Oh man Magic’s of mega-tsu got devani mixed by that comment lame!) SCOTTYYYYYY!! YAS!
Yay rocket boot glomp! Lmfao! Sybok needs to brush up on his earth history Columbus did NOT figure out the world is round 🙄 Ah Scotty being like “listen, you’re not okay rn so I’m not really down for whatever you think you wanna do right now it can wait until you’re right in the head again” and they could’ve not done that and it would’ve been creepy (especially by today’s standards) but they didn’t! And that was awesome!
Bones being skeptical and has every right to be! He’s faced down would be gods and would-be messiahs before! Also I’ve seen people judge Bones for being the first to cave but Sybok totally did that shit to him without consent! He didn’t go back on his beliefs, Sybok forced him to! BONES PROTECTION SQUAD IS HERE AND ITS ME! Oh Bones, man, poor babeyyyy (fuck Sybok!) 😭😭😭 OH MY GOD BONESSSSSS Sybok leave him alone! Goddamnit! Leave him alone!
I think Jim can see Spock’s Sybok induced vision cuz they’re ✨Bonded✨ (it didn’t seem like they could see Bones’s, other than what Bones was doing). JIM KNOWS SO MUCH BETTER! ITS HOW HE BEAT THE SPORES ITS HIS CORE! I UNDERSTAND AND LOVE HIM FOR IT!!! Spock 😍😍😍 he’s like, you’re bullshit happiness pill doesn’t work on me cuz I am whole for the first time in my life, and I love my husband, and I already learned my lesson decades ago 💚🖖🏻💚 (who knew how important the character development from This Side of Paradise AND Return To Tommorow would be??? Hell yeah!)
I love Scotty so much 🥰 hardcore badass Hufflepuff from beginning to end! Also I hope Sybok appears in SNW that could be really really interesting if they do it right! ITS GOD (derogatory) REVERE HIM! Oh here comes that legendary question!! “What dies God need with a starship?” Red flag don’t call Jim a creature! Oh shit god has laxer eyes oh no lmao! Bones snaps out of whatever Sybok did to him when “God” hurts his friends and we LOVE HIM FOR ITTTT! Awww Spock & Sybok and be saaaaad, oh shit! Into the lightning to fight a mirror of yourself like Lazarus in that one episode!
OH SHIT THE KLINGONS ARE HERE! Oh damn Spock just swore a cuss the right way, at a Klingon General no less! General dude just went “caotain tell Kirk you are sorry!” LMAO! NOT IN FRONT OF THE KLINGONS 😂😂😂😍 KISS DAMNIT!! God this whole after scene is so good, maybe the god is the friends we made along the way. “I lost a brother once” you also lost SAM dummy, I know you were just telling Spock you love him but still. SHUT UP SPOCK IS PLAYING ROW ROW ROW YOUR BOAT ON HIS LYRE??
Okay, seriously, I unironically love this movie, it might be my favorite out of the ones I’ve seen so far actually. TMP felt like the movies getting their sea legs, but it was slow and messy, it wasn’t as thought provoking as it wanted to be (aside from Spock’s wonderful arc in that film). WoK & TSFS are amazing for drama and angst and Spirk content, but they weren’t really asking the big questions Star Trek is wonderful for. Then The Voyage Home is just plain silly and fun and wholesome. But this, this movie had depth! The whole premise is “what is god and is there is one?” I LOVE that as someone who has a very complicated relationship with spirituality. I also already loved the TOS episodes This Side of Paradise, Return To Tomorrow, The Omega Glory and The Way To Eden, and this movie had the best of those concepts! Sybok was such a fascinating antagonist/anti-hero and I hope we get to see him explored more on screen one day, even if it’s just through Discovery/SNW flashbacks. It may have started off slow and it’s not without its flaws but this felt like the Star Trekkiest TOS Star Trek movie so far!
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zmayadw · 3 days ago
I totaly neglected my story posting :/ Shame on me!
So, here is next part, if anyone is still interested in reading :P
Have a nice evening! :)
Oh, and i guess i should mention, a slight warning - there is a little violence in this part, nothing serious, but still :P
Next morning it was actualy me that awoke first, Jake sleeping soundly. I snuck out fo the bed, tip toeing to the bathroom. I got dressed making as little noise as i could not to wake him. He could use some rest, finaly. I took the car keys sneaking out of the room. This time i will surprise him with coffee and breakfast. Driving to town, i tought of last night, smile coming to my face. Things wer going well, considering all. I parked the car, going for the coffe shop. I bough coffee and some croissants, and as i left the shop someone yelled my name. I turned and smiled „Hello, Phil.“ „Hey there gorgeous, you up early today.“ He said grining. It was early, just pass 7. I found it strange myself when i woke up, considering we came back at the motel late, and, well, all that followed after we did. I was sure i would sleep till late again. I smiled „Well, you know what they say about the early bird.“ „Indeed.“ He smiled back. „Well, good I ran into you, i need to talk to you anyway.“ „Oh, you do?“ i asked curiously. „But that can wait till later.“ He said, glancing at the coffees and croissants i was holding. „Dont want for loverboy to be waiting on you.“ I smiled akwardly. „Anyway, come to the Aurora later if you can, and i'll tell you all about it.“ „Alright, i will.“ I said. Phil chimed cheerfuly „Excellent! See you later then, gorgeous.“ I had no idea what Phil might need of me, but i was curious. Ugh, i groaned inside, Jake wont be too happy when i tell him about this. Hopefully, he figured out by now he has nothing to worry about considering Phil. All tho, i doubted the two of them will ever get allong well. Ah well, you cant have everything.
I parked back at the motel, taking the stuff out of the car and heading for the room. The moment i stepped inside, Jake was all over me. „What the hell, Maya!“ he almost yelled at me. „Well, good morning to you, too.“ I said, looking at him questioningly lovering the things i bought at the desk. „What wer you thinking?“ he asked me. „Uhm, well , coffee and breakfast mostly, but i somehow doubt that is the answer you want.“ „You are right about that.“ He said, frustration rising in his voice. „Was it so hard for you to take your phone with you?“ I winced at it a bit „Considering what almost happened last time i had my phone with me while driving, i would go with yes.“ He sighed „I get that, Maya, but what if something happend to you, how would i be able to find you?“ Crap, he had a point. „I'm sorry, Jake.“ I said. „I didnt think about that, dont be ma...“ I stopped abruptly. „Wait, wait,wait, what did you just say right now?“ „What?“ he asked. „You said 'find' “ I could literally hear the 'tick tick' of wheels in my brain as it hit me. „What did you do with my phone?!“ i asked. He was silent, and i knew i was right. „You are tracking my phone, arent you!?“ i said, squinting my eyes at him. „Fine! Yes, I am tracking your phone!“ he said, throwing his arms up with frustration. „You could have told me!“ He sighed desperatly „I know, but i didnt want to get you bothered with it. You had enough on your mind already.“ „Jake“ i said going to him, putting my hands arround his neck. „You need to tell me stuff like that. Im not mad you did it, its kinda cute.“ I smiled, making him smile back at me. „But“ i started serious „From now on, no more secrets. I want you to promise me you will tell me everything.“ „Alright, i promise.“ „Good.“ I said, giving him a kiss. „Now, can we eat, im actually pretty hungry.“ i chimed cheerfuly. He chuckled at me, taking the bag with croissants. He took one out, turning to me with a raised eyebrow „I can see that. There's this suspiciously looking croissant here thats missing a part.“ „Oops“ i said, taking it from his hand, grinning „Couldn't resist.“
I basicly devoured three croissants, sitting on the bed with my laptop. Jake was behind his laptop at the desk doing 'his stuff'. I took a sip of my coffe „I ran into Phil when in town, by the way.“ He straightend in the chair, turning to me „Oh, yeah?“ „Yes. He wants me to come to Aurora later, he said he wants to talk to me.“ „About what?“ he asked. „Thats what i will find out when i see him.“ „So, you decided already you will go.“ He said, squirming in his chair. „Ofcourse i will go, why wouldnt I?“ i asked. Jake was even more squirmy now, i chuckled inside. „I dont know.“ He siad. I grined „Are you getting jelous again?“ „No, i'm not!“ he replied, quickly turning back to his laptop. „Oh, you soooo are!“ i said laughing. I so liked teasing him. „Shut up.“ He said, throwing the empty croissant bag rolled in a ball at me. „Heeey, its not nice throwing stuff at others, mister.“ I said teasingly. „Stop distracting me then.“ „Fine, fine, be all serious.“ He looked sideways at me, and i stuck my toung to him. „You're impossible.“ He said. „I tought i was amazing.“ He chuckled „I might have gotten ahead of me with saying that.“ „Oy!“ i protested, throwing a pillow at him. He turned to me and crossed his arms at his chest „Mhm, its not fun, beaing teased at, right?“ He grinned. I squinted my eyes at him „Touché.“ He turned back to his laptop. „Ok, joking aside, you are welcome to come with me to Aurora later, if that would make you feel better.“ I told him. He turned back to me „You know what? I just might do that.“ I was surprised. I didnt mind him coming along, just didnt expect him to actualy say yes. „Alright then, its settled.“ Oh boy, this will be fun.
We parked at Aurora, and leaivng the car Jake said to me „I'll join you shortly, there's something i want to do.“ „Umm, alright.“ I said „Can i ask what it is?“ He just grined „You'll see later.“ He sat back in the car and drove off. I was left confused walking towards Aurora. Phil was sitting at the booth when i entered, turning towards me at the sound of doors opening. He smiled at me with his usual grin „Hello, gorgeous.“ „Hey Phil.“ I smiled back, joining him. There was a bunch of papers in front of him. „Hope i didnt catch you at a bad time.“ I asked, him smiling at me „Dont worry, gorgeous, i could use a break anyway, i cant add one plus one anymore staring at all this numbers.“ He got up, ushering me to sit „Want something to drink?“ he asked, adding with a wink „I have a fresh pot of coffee waiting.“ I grinned „You know me so well.“ „Hey, i'm just glad i'm not the only coffee addict around here.“ he said with a grin before leaving. His phone rang as he left, so it took him a while before he came back. „Sorry, gorgeous, business call.“ He said, putting a coffee cup infront of me and sitting down. He leaned in the booth „I was sure that 'loverboy' would come with you.“ „Huh, well you wer right, he will join us soon.“ He laughed „Does he feel that much threatened by me?“ I looked at him, groaning desperatly „Phil..“ „Dont worry, gorgeous, i'll behave.“ He grinned. „As much as possible.“ He added winking at me. „Oh, im sure you will.“ I said, shaking my head at him. I took a sip of coffee „So, what was it that you wanted to talk to me?“ „Ahh, straight to business, right?“ he said to me. „Well, i am curious about it, so, come on, out with it.“ I grinned at him. „Alright, alright“ he said. „I have a business proposition for you.“ „You do?“ i looked surprised at him. „Indeed.“ „Alright, and what is it about?“ i asked. „Well, you do draw and designe, right?“ he asked, and i nodded. „I would like you to do a new design for t-shirts and some other stuff for Aurora.“ I was surprised by it. „You do?“ „Ofcourse.“ He said. „Why look so surprised by it, gorgeous?“ he asked with a smile. „Umm, well, dont get me wrong, I am flattered by it, but i'm sure there is someone better then me for it.“ Phil shook his head at me „Let me tell you something, gorgeous.“ He started, looking serious at me. „When it comes to work, i dont choose lightly.“ I still wasnt convinced. „And, besides, you can thank the 'all mighty internet' here.“ He said grining at me. „ You think i didnt chek up your skills before offering this to you?“ He wasnt wrong, i was good at what i did. „Alright“ i started „I appreciate it, really, but i have to decline.“ Phil looked dissapointed „Why? And dont give me some crap answer, Maya.“ „Well, honestly, i cant accept because i couldnt charge you for it.“ „And why not? Because we're friends?“ he said, and i nodded. „Its business, gorgeous, of course it comes with payement.“ „True, but i just wouldnt feel right doing it, Phil.“ I said desperatly. I added after a moment of silence „I could do it as a favore, tho, that would sound better to me.“ Phil looked at me serious for a moment, before his eyes sparkled and he grinned „Alright, how about this: you do it anyway, but instead of me paying you, i make you a special deal.“ I raised my eyebrow at him „And what special deal that might be?“ He laughed „ Dont worry, gorgeous, its nothing dirty, as you might think.“ He winked, smiling devilishly. I rolled my eyes at him „I havent tought of something like that.“ I said sarcasticly, but it actually did cross my mind. „ Ofcourse you didnt.“ Phil said, rising his eyebrow. „Well, what that special 'deal' is then?“ i asked. He grinned „ You get to drink for free here from now on.“ I laughed „You really will try anything to get me to accept it, arent you?“ „Hey, its a good deal, gorgeous. You have no clue how manny people would gladly take that kind of the offer.“ He said to me winking. „Allright, Phil“ i said after a momet „You convinced me, I'll do it.“ „Excellent!“ he chimed cheerfully, rubbing his hands together. He got up „I
think we need to seal this with a drink!“ I laughed „Ofcourse you do.“ The door of the Aurora opened then, and we both turned to see Jake walking in. He came to the booth, not taking his eyes from Phil, and Phil doing exactly the same. „Perfect timing, loverboy.“ Phil said „We wer just about to celebrat.“ He winked at me, leaving the booth. Jake looked at me, and i saw annoyance in him from Phils behaviour. He growled sitting next to me „Do i still have to behave arround Phil? I havent punched anyone in a long time, but i'm sure i still remember how to do it.“ I shook my head at him „Yes, you still have to behave.“ I grined leaning for a kiss „And, if you ever want to see me naked again, no punching, either!“ He raised his eyebrow at me after we kissed „You are taking away all the fun from me.“
Phil came back settling three glasses and a bottle of whiskey at the table. „So, did she tell you the good news already?“ he asked Jake, filling the glasses up. „No, she didnt.“ Jake replied, turning to me now. I sighed „Phil offered me a job.“ „Did he, now.“ Jake said, turning to look back at Phil. „Ofcourse i did.“ He said and grinned. „Our girl here is quite talented at her work.“ He handed us the glasses, taking his and rising it towards me. „Here's to you, gorgeous.“ I glanced at Jake, him being suprisingly calm to Phils words. He took a sip from his glass, settling it down. Me? I finished mine in one gulp. This calmness of his got me worried. „Whoa, easy there gorgeous.“ Phil said to me chuckling. „Could you stop calling her that?“ Jake said to Phil, his eyes darkening. Phil leaned back in the booth „What? Gorgeous?“ he said, giving Jake a grin „But she is, so why not say it.“ „Oh, for the love of it.“ I said, taking the bottle and filling my glass again. They both continued staring at eachother, completly ignoring me. „Phil“ Jake started, sounding calm but his voice so sinister „I promised Maya i'll behave, and i really dont want to break that promise.“ „Oh, relax loverboy, i'm just messing with you.“ Phil told him back, grining. „But let me just say this to you“ he started, taking the bottle to refill all the glasses, looking smug at Jake. „I know your type, I've seen it manny times before. Eventualy, you will mess up with her. And when you do, i will be right here waiting.“ And that was it - Jakes fist flew to Phils face, sending him sprawling on the floor from the booth. I basicly jumped over the table, glasses spilling all over and on me, making myself stand in front of Jake, as he shot up from his seat to go for Phil again. „Stop it!“ i shouted at him, but he looked so furios at Phil. His eyes wer so dark, and he was breathing so fast. I wasnt sure he even aknowledged I was standing in front of him. He wanted to push through me for Phil, i had to use all my strenght to try and push him back . I never saw him like this before, it got me frighten. „Please, Jake!“ I yelled once more pleadingly. He looked at me. The shock that was shown on my face made him tense, his eyes opening wide. „Shit!“ he said, turning from me, and storming towards the doors. I just stood there, taking a deep breath to calm myself as Jake left Aurora. I turned to Phil „What the fuck, Phil! You just had to do it?“ i yelled at him furiously. Phil just grined at me „Sorry gorgeous, i was just being honest, as always.“ „You just wanted to provoke him!“ „Look, Maya“ Phil started, getting up from the floor. „I meant what i said. He will mess things up eventualy, i can bet you. He will end up hurting you.“ „No, he wont!“ i continued yelling at him „You know nothing about him! And if you hoped provoking him will make me care less for him, you wer wrong!“ I took a few more deep breaths calming myself down once more. „And 'friends' dont wish for other friends to end up miserable.“ I said my voice taking on a sad notch. Phil winced at my words. „Thanks, Phil, thanks a lot.“ I said, turning away from him heading for the doors.
Stepping outside i wanted to scream in frustration. Like i didnt have enough happening in my life already. Jake was nervously pacing back and forth next to the car, stopping as he saw me. He walked towards me. „I'm sorry, i'm so, so sorry!“ he said to me. „I shouldnt have let him provoke me.“ He started pacing nervously again in fron of me. „Jake, it's fine.“ I said, but he didnt hear me. „He's just so annoying, i just couldnt control myself anymore!“ „Jake, it's alright.“ I tried again, but he just continued. „And talking to you like that? He has no right! Who does he think he is?“ „Jake!“ i yelled at him, making him stop and look at me. „It's fine.“ I said again, finaly having his attention. „It is?“ he asked, looking surprised. „Yes. He did kinda deserve it.“ I told him. „I tought you would be furious.“ he said to me, still surprised. „Oh, i am.“ I started „I'm not a fan of this things happeneing, just to make it clear to you. And to be honest, i should have forseen something like this happening, i shouldnt have let you come with me, so im furios at myself, too“ i said. My face got all serious then „You got me worried there for a moment.“ He looked at me, worry creeping to his face. „You didnt get scared of me, Maya..did you?“ he asked, his voice insecure a bit. „No, Jake, i didnt.“ I said „But i was scared I wont be able to stop you.“ He took a deep breath. „Maya, because of you, is why i stopped.“ I smiled at him, embracing him in a hug, leaning my head on his chest „I told you i will be your 'helping hand'.„ „Yes, you did.“ He smiled. „And I am sorry I did this.“ „Dont worry about it.“ I said, looking back at him, grinning „ I would have punched him myself if he continued like that, either way.“ Jake laughed at it „I can totally picture you do it.“ „I know, right!?“ i exclimed cheerfully, and he leaned to me for a kiss. As the kiss ended i asked „Can we go now, please, i just want to leave here.“ He smiled at me, hugging me with one hand, and we started walking back to the car. „You and me, both.“ Jake unlocked the car, and i went to the other side to get in. I opened the doors, and tensed. I sat in, turning to Jake, fear creeping at me. „Jake, are you going somewhere?“ He turned to me, confused „What are you talking about?“ I glanced at the back seat, a black traveling bag there. He chuckled at me „Relax, Maya, its just some clean clothes i took.“ .“ I sighed relieved, for a moment there i thought the worst. He looked at me raising his eyebrow „I am mostly with you at the motel, and i doubt any of your shirts would fit me.“ „Oh i dont know, i think that pink lace tank top of mine would fit you perfectly.“ I said teasingly. He laughed, shaking his head at me „Pink is definitely NOT my color.“
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bisexualprinxexx · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
bittersweet | 37
author: @bisexualprinxexx​ pairing: stiles stilinski x oc a/n: wow, first chapter of the year. and it only took me over three months! it’s the longest chapter yet tho, hope that makes up for it.  warnings: an injury, mentions of a family murdering axe murderer.   wordount: 4492
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“Of course you’re still the team captain.” I glanced to my side at Scott who was looking down at the ground, brows drawn together in worry. “You got your grades up just like Coach told you to, right?” I asked as we arrived by the bleachers in front of the lacrosse field.
“Yeah,” Scott nodded, “but he never told me I was back on the team. He just told me to show up to tryouts today.”
I shook my head. “We got bigger things to deal with, anyway. Did you tell Argent yet?”
“Ah, I texted him, but he didn’t get back to me.”
I halted in my steps, turning around to face Scott fully. “You told him his sister Kate came back from the dead over a text?”
Scott shrugged, looking guilty. “I didn’t have the money to call France.”
I raised my eyebrows. “Yeah, you think you got money problems? Try paying for an MRI and a visit to Eichen House.”
“Another notice?”
“This one said final,” I said, sighing. “Now, what the hell are we even doing here, anyway? We got, like, 117 million problems, and worrying about our status on the lacrosse team is not one of them.”
“It is now.”
I jumped at the sound of the new voice. Valerie was standing right beside me, clipboard in hand. I furrowed my brows at her and she nodded towards the field. Scott and I followed her gaze and oh my god.
Some new fucking guy I was standing in goal, practicing with two of his friends. The two boys shot ball after ball at him, taking no pauses between shots. The little bastard caught every single one.
I shot a quick glance back at Scott just to check that he was seeing the same thing I was. He looked just as shocked.
“Who the hell is that?” I asked.
Valerie exhaled. “Name’s Liam Dunbar,” she said. “A freshman who recently transferred here from Davenford Prep. He has caught every single ball since he arrived earlier this morning. And, I’m sorry, Scott,” Valerie turned to look at him, brows drawn together in sympathy. “I talked to Coach. All positions are open.”
“Okay, maybe we should practice just a little bit.”
3rd person
“I hate math. It’s pointless,” said Malia as Stiles and Valerie led her into the classroom, having just caught her trying to sneak away.
“It’s school,” said Stiles strictly as the three of them took their seats in desks next to Lydia, who was already there. “School is important and math is essential.”
“To what?” asked Malia defiantly.
“Knowing how much to tip at restaurants,” said Valerie as she pulled out the textbook out of her bag, playfully winking at Malia. Stiles raised his hands in a gesture that said, “exactly”.
Lydia rolled her eyes at her best friend’s words. “And less important things like medicine, economics, engineering.”
“Tipping,” Valerie repeated.
“Alright, volunteers to the board,” Miss Ramsey announced to the class. “Lydia, Diego, Malia.”
Malia’s head quickly shot up towards her teacher when she called her name. “Um… I didn’t volunteer,” she said.
“You did now. To the board.”
Malia swallowed, and Stiles gave her an encouraging double thumbs up. She responded by growling in his face. Valerie laughed at Stiles’ scared expression as the two other girls stood up to solve the problems on the board. “I’m so glad she joined our pack.”
Meanwhile, Malia was staring at the board in utter confusion, the numbers and letters meaning nothing to her. Lydia quickly noticed her frozen state. “Did you go over the notes I gave you?” she whispered.
“I– I didn’t understand them.”
Lydia looked back at the room, spying Miss Ramsey in the classroom's corner, bent over and helping another student. She wouldn’t notice a thing. “X equals 25,” she whispered. Malia let out a relieved sigh, scribbling the answer on the board. “You can come over to my house today and I’ll help you study. And hopefully explain my notes better.”
Malia let out another relieved sigh, but this one was slightly quieter, calmer. “Yeah, that would be great, actually.”
Lydia nodded, scribbling her answer on the board. “And, sweetheart,” she said, putting the piece of chalk down. Malia’s heart skipped a beat at the nickname. “Put away the claws.”
Malia looked down at her hand to see that her claws were out.
Across the room, Stiles’ phone buzzed. He pulled out the phone out of his pocket and read the notification.
BEACON LEDGER NEWS ALERT Triple homicide developing...
Kira bit her lip. “An axe murderer?”
“A family-murdering axe murderer,” I corrected, as Valerie and I followed behind her and Scott.
“I already heard about it,” said Scott, sighing.
My eyes widened. “Wait, what– you did? How?”
“My mom called me. She knew we’d see it on the news.” Scott shrugged just as he arrived by his locker.
“Perfect, let’s go,” I said, already stepping to walk out of school.
“Woah, woah!” Scott exclaimed, making me halt in my steps. “We’ve got econ in five minutes,” he said simply.
“Right,” I said. “Did you forget the part about the family-murdering axe murderer?”
“Did you forget that your dad’s the Sheriff? They want us to stay out of it.”
“Are you guys kidding me?” I looked from Scott to Kira to Valerie. “There– there’s a family-murdering axe murderer and we’re not going to do anything about it?”
Kira shrugged. “Maybe we should just let the adults handle it?” I opened my mouth in indignation and then looked at Valerie, raising my eyebrows. She raised her shoulders, mirroring Kira’s body language exactly.
“So, you three, you just want to stay here, school, go to class...?” Scott opened his mouth, but only incoherent sounds came out. Kira was looking at Scott, waiting for him to say something, and Valerie was looking at the ground. “Never heard anything so irresponsible in my life,” I scoffed, turning around and walking away from them.
“Hey, Stiles, wait!” Valerie’s voice carried from behind me until she showed up in my line of vision, walking along by my side. “Calm down, okay? I’m sure there will be plenty of supernatural mysteries for you to solve in the future. But for now, can’t you just enjoy the break and try to be a normal high schooler with the rest of us?”
I rolled my eyes. “Fine.”
She smiled. “Great. Walk to Econ with me?”
“Yeah, whatever,” I said, letting Valerie wrap her arm around my bicep and lead me down the hallway.
There were several stares in our direction as we walked toward the classroom. Valerie wasn’t bothered by them. She had gotten used to these kinds of looks a long time ago, and, more importantly, she didn’t care. But I couldn’t help but feel insecure.
As soon as Valerie and I had become friends, rumors and whispers started flying around the school. To some degree, I understood it. Valerie had made her hatred for me very clear for so many years that basically our entire grade knew about it. “That guy Valerie hates” had been my only claim to fame for a long time. High Schoolers were nosy. It was expected that mine and Valerie’s friendship had caught people’s interest, but by now I felt like it was time to just accept it and move on. But no.
Our friendship did come with a bonus, though, that I hadn’t expected, which made up for the rumors and judgmental looks. Let’s just say that during my school time… Valerie wasn’t exactly the only person who had picked on me. I mean, I sort of got it. I was a weird nerdy kid with ADHD and anxiety. That’s top tier bullying material right there. But now, with Valerie by my side, people left me alone. The entire school was kind of terrified of her after she had floored a senior who had been bullying Erica with a punch in freshman year. It had basically stopped all direct bullying of her immediately.
As Valerie’s number one victim, I had been free game. But now, having the protection of being her friend, everyone knew that if they did anything to me, their jaw would soon have a date with Valerie’s fist.
Said girl’s walking then halted, and the sudden force of her now holding me in place nearly made me trip.
She let go of my arm. “Sorry,” she said, without looking at me. Instead, looking at the bulletin board mounted to the wall. More specifically, she was looking longingly at the sign-up sheet to the school musical.
School Musical Auditions Sign-Up High School Musical: the Musical
It was Valerie’s favorite movie. I knew that because she had forced me to watch it about a week ago.
Valerie popped the DVD into the player and sat down next to me on the couch, snatching the TV remote out of my hand. “If we’re gonna be friends, you have to watch this,” she said. “I’m not gonna be friends with some loser who hasn’t seen High School Musical.”
I let out a breathy laugh as Valerie clicked the play button and leaned back into the couch, grabbing a handful of popcorn out of the bowl resting in my lap.
“If I’m being honest, I didn’t peg you for the kind of girl to like this stuff,” I said as the opening credits faded out and the movie cut to Zach Efron playing basketball with his dad.
Valerie frowned. “You know Lydia and I used to talk about these movies all the time.”
“Yeah, but you know…” I glanced back at Valerie, whose eyes were focused on the screen, and shrugged, “that was before.”
A mix between a smirk and a smile pulled at Valerie’s lips as she actually turned to face me this time. “Not everything has changed, Stilinski.” I smiled back at her. Valerie’s eyes turned back to look at the screen, but mine remained trained on her face, admiring the way the light from the TV illuminated her blue eyes. They burned with love and nostalgia as she re-watched her favorite movie for what must be the thousandth time.
Probably feeling my stare on her, she blinked slowly and scratched the back of her neck, leaning her head forward slightly so that her hair fell in her face. I looked away from her, clearing my throat awkwardly. “Well, if I’m watching this you’re definitely watching Star Wars,” I said.
Valerie shrugged. “I’ve already seen Star Wars.”
I turned to her again, this time in surprise, my eyebrows raised significantly. “Really?”
“Of course.” Valerie popped a popcorn in her mouth. “They’re classics.”
My mouth turned up into a half smile, half smirk, very similar to the one Valerie had been wearing just a couple of moments ago. “You know, this friendship thing might actually work out.”
“Shut up and watch the movie,” she grumbled, and I nearly missed the upwards curl of her lips.
“So are you gonna sign up for tryouts?” I asked, fixing my gaze back on her face.
Valerie looked away from the sign-up sheet to glare at me. “It’s theater. They’re called auditions, you dumb jock. And no.”
“Why not?”
“Because I don’t want to,” she snapped, harshly pulling a strand of her hair behind her ear.
My eyes narrowed at the gesture. “Uh, huh. Just curious…” I said, shrugging my shoulders and quickly swiping my thumb across my lips. “If you did want to try out,” Valerie glared at me again, “what song would you sing?”
“Defying Gravity from Wicked,” she replied instantly. “I already know it by heart, and it’s perfect for showing off my range. Plus, I love it. It’s like the story of my life and it pretty much single-handedly got me through my breakup with Michael,” she finished, shrugging casually as if she thought that would convince me she didn’t actually care. Yeah, right.
“Mhm,” I mumbled, raising my eyebrows skeptically. Valerie bounced on the balls of her feet and took another longing glance at the sign-up sheet. I rolled my eyes, deciding just to sign her up myself.
“Stiles!” Valerie exclaimed as I leaned over and scribbled her name under Gabriella Montez. “What the hell are you doing?”
“What does it look like I’m doing?” I asked, releasing the pen and stepping back to stand opposite to Valerie again. “You can’t lie to me, Val. You want to audition so I’m signing you up.”
She sighed. “You know I can’t, Stiles,” she said weakly. “My father–”
“Doesn’t have to know!” I interjected, but she didn’t look any more convinced. I let out a small sigh, dropping the act to speak seriously. “You don’t actually give a fuck what he thinks. We both know you’re just using that as an excuse because you’re too scared to pursue your dreams.”
Valerie bit her bottom lip and crossed her arms, sad eyes turning to look at the floor. “What if I’m not good enough?” she mumbled.
“Not good– Val, look at me,” I said, putting my hands on her shoulders. She slowly pulled her head up and locked eyes with me. “You’re an amazing singer, okay? You got the brains and talent to go as far as you want. And when you do, I’ll be right there beside you... to borrow money.”
Valerie scoffed quietly, but she still smiled.
“You’re gonna kill at that audition,” I said, patting her on the shoulder as I pulled my hands away. “Well, metaphorically. Hopefully, you won’t actually kill anyone.”
“I’ll kill you if you don’t shut up.”
I scoffed. “Sure you will.” If Valerie actually wanted to kill me, she would’ve done so already. “Even if you do, I’m gonna come back as a ghost and haunt your cute ass. You’ll never get a moment of silence again.”
She shuddered. “Okay, point taken.” I winked at her. Valerie laughed and shook her head, before leaning over towards the sign-up sheet.
“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,” I said quickly, wrapping my arm around her shoulders and pulling her away. “Uh, uh. There’s no way you’re erasing your name from that sheet. No way.”
“I wasn’t going to!” she shouted indignantly.
“Yeah, sure.”
Valerie rolled her eyes. “I was just going to correct it. With your dumb hand writing it looks like Lalerie Thomas signed up to audition for Gabriella Montez.” I glanced back towards the board and lo-and-behold, the V I had written in the beginning of Valerie’s name looked a lot like an L.
“They’ll know what it means,” I said simply, shrugging my shoulders and pulling Valerie towards Econ.
“I don’t understand what you’re upset about,” I admitted, slinging my backpack over my shoulder and looking at Kira, who had offered to walk me to lacrosse tryouts. “He kissed you. Isn’t that a good thing?”
Kira nodded, fiddling with her nail bands like she always did when she was nervous. “He did, but… he didn’t.”
I furrowed my eyebrows. “What the fuck is that supposed to mean? Scott either kissed you or he didn’t.”
Kira shrugged, biting her lip. “Well, technically he did…”
“Okay,” I sighed, looking down at my shoes for a while as we trudged towards the lacrosse field. Kira was obviously too nervous to just get out what she was trying to say, so I was gonna have to figure it out myself if I wanted to help her. “Was it on the lips?” She nodded. “Was there tongue?” She shook her head and groaned.
“No, it was like how you kiss your grandma when you’re five!” Kira exclaimed, voice high and eyes open wide, which made her look like a scared baby deer. “It was so embarrassing. He just said bye, kissed me quick, and walked away like nothing had happened. I’ve never been more mortified in my entire life!”
A lighthearted chuckle escaped my lips. “Wait, that’s what happened? Of course that’s what happened! Oh, Scott, you really are one in a million,” I said, running a hand through my hair.
“Do you know what it means?” asked Kira, voice still high pitched and eyes still blown wide. She clearly didn’t find this as amusing as I did. “He probably doesn’t even like me, right? I mean, why else would it have been so chaste? Why else hasn’t he said anything? He must just not like me, but he’s just too nice to hurt my feelings. He is super kind like that. And a little oblivious. Oh God, what if he thinks that I don’t like him–”
“Oh my God, shut up!” I yelled, putting my hands on Kira’s shoulders and turning her to face me. “Okay? Stop being so anxious. Stop overthinking things. God,” I groaned, “you sound like Stiles.”
Kira did as I said. She closed her mouth and stood stiff as a board listening to me.
“Of course he likes you, you moron. He’s had a big fat crush on you since day one!”
The side of Kira’s mouth pulled up slightly in a small smile, but she still looked thoroughly unconvinced.
I sighed, softening my voice a bit. “I wasn’t there when it happened, but I’m sure the reason he kissed you like that was because he was going on instinct. Everything with you probably feels so safe that kissing you goodbye was just the natural thing for him to do in his mind. I’m willing to bet that he didn’t even realize what he had done at first. And he’s probably having the exact same conversation we’re having with Stiles right now, because you’re both morons. And I mean that in the most affectionate way possible. You two are literally perfect for each other, so the next time you’re with him just talk to him about it.” I removed my hands from Kira’s arms, patting her on the shoulder a bit. “And if that’s too hard, you can, I don’t know,” I shrugged, “just grab his face and kiss him. A real kiss. With lots of tongue.”
Kira blushed slightly, removing a strand of hair that had fallen in her face. “Okay,” she said timidly.
I grinned, throwing my arm around her shoulder and moving her with me. “Now come on. We have lacrosse tryouts to get to, and Malia’s waiting for us by the stands.”
“Hurry up, you pathetic weasels! There’s no price for running the slowest!” Valerie’s encouraging words rang across the field as we all ran laps around it.
Coach blew his whistle and looked down at his timer as the last of us ran across the invisible finish line. “Terrible. Horrifying. Pathetic. Unbelievably pathetic. Is that everyone?” I fell down to the ground just across the finish line, panting my lungs out. “Yep, that’s everyone.”
Valerie hoisted me up, way too easily for me to have any shred of dignity left, wrapping my arm around her shoulder.
“Who came in first?” I asked with difficulty, as I was still very out of breath.
Valerie nodded towards Liam, who was doing push-ups on the grass now.
“Is he even human?” I asked. “What is he, like, a were-cheetah? Does it even exist? Is that a thing?”
Valerie rolled her eyes. “How the fuck am I supposed to know?”
“I’m gonna puke, take me somewhere.”
“Okay, come on.”
I stomped down the line in front of the goal, having just blown my shot. I stood next to Scott, trying to ignore the laughter that was coming from the rest of the guys on the field. Liam “perfect at everything” Dunbar was next, picking up the ball perfectly and aiming the stick towards the goal.
“You know, maybe he’s only good in goal,” I said. “You know, just totally useless on the rest of the field.”
Liam made the perfect shot, the ball flying past the goalie’s shoulder and into the net.
I set myself up for that one.
“Maybe he’s just perfect at everything,” I grunted. “I hate this kid!”
Scott, ever the true alpha, said, “You don’t have to hate him. The team needs new players.”
“Yeah? What about a new team captain?”
That one got to him. Scott walked ahead in line, picked up a ball and swung the stick back. The ball hit the side pole and bounced out of the goal.
Laughter rippled from the guys on the field again. Garret, ever the considerate teammate, said, “Nice, McCall!”
“Shut up, Garret!” Valerie and I said in unison.
We continued taking turns down the line to shoot at the goal. I missed every one, which was expected. What wasn’t expected, however, was that Scott Former Captain and True Alpha McCall sucked just as bad as I did.
“Dude,” I asked, flailing my hand towards Scott as he stomped away from the line, throwing his gloves on the ground, “What is going on with you?”
“I don’t know,” he said. “I’m having a really off day.”
“Off day? You were dying out there! I feel actual physical pain watching you.”
“Hey, Scott!” shouted Valerie as she walked towards us. “How come you suck again?” I flailed my arms towards her to emphasize her point.  
Scott glared at me. “I didn’t see you make any shots.”
I nodded. “Yes, that is because I’m terrible, though, Scott. You, you are the alpha.”
Scott shook his head. “Not on the field. I’m human on the field.”
“Well, human-you is kind of sucking at the moment. So do you think there’s any way you could use, like, a tiny bit of wolf power?”
“You know,” Valerie placed a hand on my shoulder and gestured between Scott and I with her clipboard, “what you two are doing right now is discussing cheating, and as the Assistant Coach I should really tell him what you’re doing,” she said, nodding towards Coach.
I rolled my eyes. “Yeah, and as the Assistant Coach you also shouldn’t be writing song lyrics on your clipboard during practice, but that doesn’t stop you either,” I quipped back.  
Valerie gasped, holding the clipboard protectively against her chest. “How’d you know?”
“Please, I’ve known for almost a year. You need to step up your game, Thomas.”
“She’s right though,” said Scott, sighing. “It is cheating.”
“I know it is!” I groaned. “I just… hate seeing this little freshman come in and steal all your glory after you worked your tushie off. I hate it.”
“He’s not gonna steal all the glory,” said Scott. Just then cheers erupted from the other side of the field as Liam scored yet another goal. Scott’s eyes locked on the guy, and they glowed alpha red.
Coach blew his whistle. “Hustle!” he screamed as the boys gathered in a half circle in front of us. “McCall, and Stilinski, grab the long sticks! You’re covering goal for two-on-one. Let’s go, line it up!”
Scott and Stiles grabbed the long sticks and made their way towards the goal while the rest of the guys lined up in front of them. Garret was first up. At the blow of Coach’s whistle he scooped up the ball and ran towards the goal, but Scott and Stiles (mainly Scott) managed to stop him.
Coach cheered. “That’s my boys!” he shouted as Scott and Stiles high fived. “Those two are like sons to me.”
Dude in green shirt and dude in blue Nike shirt followed (I hadn’t been bothered to learn their names), and Scott and Stiles managed to block them too. Each time they succeeded, Stiles turned to look at me to see my reaction. It was sort of adorable.
Liam was next. I could practically feel the tension rise in the air as he readied himself, and I held my thumbs in anticipation, hoping that the boys could take him. Coach blew the whistle and Liam sprinted forward. Stiles ran to meet him, but Liam evaded, and he fell to the ground. Scott was next, but Liam evaded him too. An instant groan escaped my mouth as he shot the ball right into the net.
“That was luck!”
I turned around at the familiar voice, and saw that Malia had stood up from where she and Kira were sitting in the stands. Oh no, Malia. Don’t get involved.
“Do-over!” she shouted again, cupping her hands around her mouth.
Coach sighed. “Sweetheart, there’s no do-overs. This is practice.”
“Ten bucks on Scott and Stiles!” Malia boasted, changing her strategy.
I grinned, and a serious look overtook Coach’s face. “I’ll take that action,” he said. “Hey, get back in there Liam!”
The boys retook their positions, and the tension was thicker than ever. Coach blew his whistle and they took off. Liam managed to dodge Stiles, but when he got to Scott, Scott’s head connected with his thighs and Liam flew up over his shoulders before crashing on the ground. There’s a definite cracking sound when he lands, followed by groans of pain leaving his mouth.
My eyes blew wide and I followed Coach who was running towards the boy. “Don’t move! Don’t touch him!” Coach shouted at Scott and Stiles who had taken off their helmets and were looking down on Liam in worry.
“I’m okay Coach,” said Liam from down on the ground. “I’m alright.”
“Yeah right, you are,” I said, my tone of voice harsh but worried. Liam locked eyes with me for a second before his cheeks grew red and he looked down again.
“Ah! Aaah!” Liam screamed in pain – only proving me right – as Scott and Stiles picked him up by swinging his arms across their shoulders so he wouldn't have to stand on his injured leg.
“I think we better get him to the nurse,” said Stiles.
Coach nodded, and Scott and Stiles bagan taking Liam off the field.
“I’ll help them,” I said, but Coach stopped me by holding out his arm.
“No. I need you here.” He pointed at the jocks huddled behind us. “You guys, take– take a lap! Run ar– Start running around the field! STUPID!” Coach picked up the lacrosse ball from the ground and threw it in anger. The ball soared directly towards Malia’s face, where she was sitting in the stands. Luckily, Kira – who was holding a lacrosse stick for some reason, managed to catch it just in time.
“Oh,” said Coach simply as he realized what he almost did. Then his face morphed into his thinking expression as he realized what Kira had done. “Wow! Nice catch.” He gave Kira a thumbs up, who’s surprised expression made her look like a scared baby deer again. “Throw it back!”
Kira stood up and threw the ball. It flew forward and hit Coach right in the stomach. I had to hold back a laugh as he fell down on the ground in pain. Kira didn’t share my amusement, though. She looked absolutely horrified.
“You!” Coach croaked, pointing at me. “Ask her if she’s ever played lacrosse.”
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heavensweetheart · 14 days ago
We'll always be a family (Pt. 2)
Pt. 1
After Sozin's Comet and the defeat of Fire Lord Ozai, the GAang is resting and regaining strength at the Fire Palace, awaiting Prince Zuko's coronation and the arrival of their allies. Yet, the clarity after the adversity brings them new epiphanies, as well as it makes feelings come to light.
Additional Tags: Love, Unrequited Love, Friendship/Love, True Love, Selfless Love, Male-Female Friendship, Female Friendship, Male Friendship, Sibling Love, Team as Family, Best Friends, Post-The Last Agni Kai (Avatar), POV First Person, POV Aang (Avatar), platonic Aang/Katara, POV Sokka (Avatar), POV Toph Beifong, POV Suki (Avatar), Implied Katara/Zuko (Avatar), Post-Episode: s03e18-21 Sozin's Comet
@zutaramonth Day 6: ZK from other's POV
Read also in AO3.
“You are awful at this nurse thing.”
“Excuse me, sir, I am a guard,” I tell Zuko from over the scroll I am reading (or I was until he interrupted me), “And I am excellent at it.”
“You’ve been reading all the while since Katara told you to watch over me, I could have walked out of here and you wouldn’t have noticed!”
“Forgive me for being a good reader!”
“At least can you give me something to read, too? I am going stir crazy lying in bed all day, I feel like I’m losing my mind!”
“You clearly are Aang’s foil, he loses his mind whenever he isn’t lying in bed,” I reply, trying to resume my reading. “And Doctor Katara said you had to rest. I am watching over you to make sure you do that.”
“But I hate not doing anything!”
“And I hate watching over whiny cardiac patients, we all have to make sacrifices.”
I can feel how he glares at me even with my eyes glued to the text.
“Speaking about sacrifices tho…” I say. “Thank you.”
“For what?”
“For saving my sister’s life.”
That makes him quiet for a minute. “Oh. No need to thank me, I would never let anything happen to Katara.”
“I know. Mind if I ask you something?” I put down the scroll.
“What was it that happened between you two?”
Now he is quiet for more than a minute.
“Wha… What do you mean?”
“I dunno. When you first joined the group, Katara was all…” I growl and pretend I’m strangulating someone, (for driving the message across) “… and then you two were all…” I interlace my fingers “… with each other.”
“Didn’t you all want to strangle me at first?” he asks.
“Yeah, but we got over it, and Katara went on being… off.”
“Wouldn’t Katara be the most appropriate person to answer that?”
“But I am asking you, ain’t I?”
He looks away. “It was… something personal.”
“So, you had ‘something personal’ going on with my sister?”
“It wasn’t like that.”
“How then?”
“I told you, I don’t want to talk about this without knowing if Katara’s okay with it.”
My eyebrow arches. (Interesting…) “Sounds like you care a lot about what she thinks.”
“Yeah. I do, actually.”
“Why are you smiling?”
“Nothing,” I shrug, my smirk accentuating, “Can’t I just be happy?”
“Weren’t you grumpy because you had to watch over a whiny cardiac patient?”
Way to wipe off a smirk from someone’s face. “You are a jerk.”
“And you are a bad nurse and guard.”
“And you’re annoying.”
“And you are– ”
“Well, I suppose the kindergarten insults are better than disobeying a healer’s recommendations,” Katara walks into the room with more infusions and medical supplies on her hands.
“He started it!” Zuko and I yell at the same time.
“Sure…” she sits on Zuko’s bed. “Thanks for watching over him, Sokka. He is the worst patient I’ve ever had.”
Zuko complains, “Am not!”
“Any time, Doc!” I say, ignoring him and taking my cane. “I am an excellent nurse!”
“Weren’t you a guard?” Zuko counters.
I throw him an ‘I’m watching you’ gesture with my fingers. “Peace out, guys. Get well soon so you’ll stop being so whiny, Zuko.”
“Shut up,” he says. “But I hope your leg gets well soon, too!”
“Thanks, buddy,” I smile. “See ya.”
As I walk out of Zuko’s room, I wonder…
I always wanted a brother anyway…
Would it be too bad to have Zuko as my brother-in-law? (Brother-in-law, brother; same difference.)
Like, he is still pretty much a grump, (and a jerk), and he ruined my sand sculpture of Suki, but… he really cares about Katara. That’s pretty much everything I need.
Plus, it’d be kinda cool. In a ‘In your face, world! The new Fire Lord is totally head-over-heels for my sister and he is my best friend! Call history books, let’s show them the new generation does it better!’ kind of way.
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Draco Malfoy vs. Harry Potter: Harry found out his man's a flat earther
Thank you for the ask!! I really enjoyed writing this. It was just so random and so perfect 🤣🥰Thank you!!
My asks are always open for more suggestions. For more information about this you can go to this post.
I do hope you like what I did with this tho :) enjoy!!
Harry Potter vs the moment he found out Draco’s a flat earther
It had always been a dream of Harry’s.
From the moment he had discovered National Geographic on the tele, he had been dreaming of travelling around the world.
Seeing those people go everywhere in the world had awoken something inside of him. He wanted that too. He wanted to discover the different cultures, the different foods, the different ways people used magic.
Back when he was living with the Dursley’s, it had all just been a fantasy.
Late at night, when he was sure his aunt and uncle were fast asleep, he would crawl out of his cupboard and turn on the tv, making sure the sound was as low as it could go so he wouldn’t wake anyone.
Or he would secretly buy travel guides from the little shop on the corner of his school’s street with the little money he managed to earn that month.
But now, he didn’t live with the Dursley’s anymore. He didn’t have to sneak around and be quiet about it.
Now, he could do whatever he wanted. And he still really wanted to travel around the world.
It had never been the right time, though. Not until one day...
“I have an idea about where we could go on our honeymoon.”
Harry was lying on the couch, his legs swung over the back and his head resting just over the edge of the cushions. A travel guide was floating in front of him.
Draco, who was actually using the couch the right way, looked up from his charcoal-covered sketchbook, an elegant eyebrow raised in question. “And where would that be?”
“Around the world.”
“You’ll have to be a bit more specific.”
Closing the magazine, Harry sat up on the couch and turned to face his fiancé. “We could travel around the world”, he said, “we could start here and go west to Greenland and Canada and the USA. After that we could go down to South America. And then we could go to Australia and Asia and so forth. Until we’re back here in England.”
Draco was looking at Harry, a blank look on his pale face. And then, he snorted loudly. “Oh! That’s a good one, love.”
Harry stared at Draco, confused. Had he said something funny?
“Draco, what... why are you laughing?”
“Why I’m laughing?” Draco wiped a tear from his eyes, his fingers leaving a stripe of charcoal on his cheek. “Everyone knows the world’s flat, Harry. So it’s impossible to travel all the way around. You’ll just fall off.”
“Fall off the world...” Harry ran a hand through his hair. He didn’t know what to make of this. “You’re serious?”
“Of course I’m serious. Hasn’t anyone ever taught you that in those Muggle schools?”
“Oh my god”, Harry mumbled, covering his face with his hands, “I can’t believe it. I’m marrying a flat earther. How the hell did this happen?”
“What are you talking about?” Now Draco was the one to be confused.
Harry lifted his head and studied Draco’s face. Alright... he’ll have to beat some sense in that thick skull.
“Draco, love, I need you to really listen to me for once”, he began, taking Draco’s dirty hands into his own, his face serious, “the earth is not flat. It never has been flat and it never will be either.”
“Wait...” Draco narrowed his eyes. “So I’ve been lied to my whole life? And nobody has ever said anything?!”
“I know it’s hard to come to terms with the fact that the earth isn’t flat but-“
“No,” Draco waved Harry’s words away, “I don’t care what shape the world is. It can be square for all I care. It’s the fact that nobody has ever told me I was wrong! Honestly, I’ve made a right fool out of myself.”
“Oh,” Harry said, watching as Draco glared at the fireplace, mumbling about the unfairness of it all, “so you’re not upset about finding out the world isn’t flat...?”
As Draco’s gaze fell back on Harry, the tension seemed to melt away from his shoulders, his face softening. He sighed. “I can’t believe I actually thought the earth was flat. Everything makes so much more sense now.”
Harry laughed, resting his head on Draco’s shoulder. “I’m sure it does”, he said. His finger traced an invisible pattern on the back of Draco’s hand. “But about our honeymoon-“
“Alright, yes! We’ll go travel around that round earth of yours.”
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Evening all :)
Hope you all had a nice few days :)
Anyway, here is the next part.
Enjoy your evening!
The sun was out already when i woke up the next day. Jake was still asleep next to me. He looked so peacful, no worry showing on his face. I smiled, giving him a kiss on the cheek, running my hand through his hair. „'Morning, sleepyhead.“ I said, nibbling softly at his ear. He smiled, his eyes still closed. „Are you trying to kill me? I'm so sore from all the fun we had yesterday, i'm not sure i'll be able to get out of bed.“ I laughed at it „Don't worry, i'll let you rest.“ Adding, kissing him on the neck „At least for the morning.“ Now he laughed, taking the pillow form under his head, throwing it at me. „You're crazy.“ He said turning, giving me a long kiss. „You're welcome to take a shower.“ I told him „it might ease some of the soreness off.“ „That's not a bad idea.“ He gave me one more kiss, getting out of the bed. As he neared the bathroom doors, i asked „Is it ok if i turn my phone now?“ „Oh, i forgot.“ He said, going to the desk, unpluging my phone, handing it to me. „It's fine, you can use it normaly.“ „Thanks.“ I turned it on, checking a few messages i got while it was off. One was from Jessy, asking if i contacted Jake. I chuckled, thinking how Jessy will be thrown out of her shoes when i tell her about all that happened with him. I replied to her, asking if she wants to meet for coffee later. I checked other messages, and tensed a bit when i saw the one from Phil. „Hey gorgeous, hope you ok. Havent heard from you for a while, just checking up on you. Don't be a stranger ;)“ Shit, i tought, i forgot about Phil. I threw my phone on the bed, burrying my face in the pillow. Ah, crap. I will have to talk to Phil soon, and i dreaded it. He was always nice to me, and i was willing to give him a chance if things with Jake didnt turn out like this. I took my phone back, replying to Phil „Hey, hey, all is fine. Been bussy working. But thanks for checking up on me! Will come to Aurora for a drink soon, promise! :) „ Jessy replied in the mean time, telling she is free arround 13h, and i replied confirming our meeting. Phil also replied. „Glad to hear you ok! Dont work yourself out, take a break ;) See you soon, gorgeous.“ Bah, i tought, throwing my phone back to bed. I so didnt want to have another talk with Phil. Even tho he said he would be fine, i knew it wouldnt go easy on him. He really was into me, and i didnt feel good knowing what i had to do. I got lost in my toughts, that i havent noticed Jake was standing at the bathrom door, looking at me curiously. „Everything ok?“ he asked. I sighed, giving him a small smile „It will be.“ „You sure?“ he asked, and i could see he wasnt sattisfied with my answer. „Yes, Jake, im sure. Its nothing that cant wait.“ I said giving him a bit better smile. He looked at me a bit skeptically „Alright, if you say so.“ My phone rang then, and i was grateful for it. I really didnt want to talk to Jake about Phil, at least not right now. Jake got agitated at my phone as i took it, answering it a bit surprised. „Hannah?“ i said, and i saw Jake was being confused as much as me. „Hello, Maya.“ She replied cheerfuly „Hope i'm not disturbing you.“ „Ofcours not.“ I told her „Whats up?“ „Well, i called to ask if you are free tonight? I'm inviting everyone for drinks at the Aurora. I'v got some good news to share with you all.“ „Ofcourse!“ i told her cheerfuly. „Great.“ She chimed from the other side. „You we'r the last one i needed to call. I tried yesterday, but your phone was unreachable.“ „Yeah, i turned it off, wanted some peace while working, sorry.“ I said sounding apologetically, looking at Jake. He just grinned at me. „No need to apologise, i understand. Well, i do have someoe else to contact.“ She said „I dont suppose you heard from or seen my half-brother recently?“ „Jake?“ i asked, trying to sound surprised, and he looked at me rising his eyebrows. „No, sorry, i havent seen him, or talked to him recently.“ „Hmm, i called him few times, but he didnt answer or called me back.“ She said, sounding a bit worried. „Im sure hes fine.“ I told her, grinning at Jake., him shaking his head at
me. „Yeah, you're probably right. Anyway, i have to go now. Cya tonight, arround nine.“ „Cya tonight, Hannah.“ I lovered my phone, Jake asking „What was that about?“ „Well“ i started „Hannah wants for all of us to meet at the Aurora tonight, she has some news she wants to share.“ I looked at him inquiry. „Dont look at me, i have no clue what she wants.“ „Hmm, i guess we'll find out tonight then.“ I said. I looked at him „By the way, was it ok i told her i havent seen you? I mean, we havent really talked ourselves about all of this.“ He smiled, sitting next to me. „Its fine, Maya.“ He took my hand, entwining his fingers with mine. „Maybe we should keep it to ourselfs for a while.“ He said, but looked at me with a grin „Even tho i dont care who knows.“ I grinned „Same here.“ „Hmm, you sure about that?“ he asked, and i looked puzzled at him. „Well, we are meeting Hannah at Aurora tonight, and i know one person there who would care.“ Shit, i tought. „If you mean Phil, im very well aware of it.“ I said, getting up from the bed. I got a bit annoyed by Jakes words, even tho i knew he was right. „Maya“ Jake started, and i looked back at him. His eyes met mine, and my heart skipped a beat. I could see insecurity written all over his face, his eyes gloomy. „Do you still feel the same about Phil?“ he asked. I walked back to him, taking his head in my hands, leveling his eyes with mine. „Do you really have to ask me that, after all that happened?“ i told him witha a smile and kissed him. I moved back, meeting his eyes again. „It was always you that i wanted. Only you, Jake.“ He pulled me to him and kissed me, and this time it felt different. Before, his kisses wer packed with desire and lust. But this time his kiss was deep, tender, i would dare to say full of love. „You're amazing.“ He told me „I'm lucky to have you.“ He kissed me again, with that same depth and tenderness as earlier, sending tingles. This time, every move we made was slow and gentle. This time, we made love.
I was getting my sneakers on, as Jake was zipping his hoodie. „Will you be ok tonight? At the Aurora?“ i asked him. „I mean, seeing Phil acting as he would arround me.“ He groaned a bit „Not really, but i'll survive.“ I walked to him, putting my hands arround his neck, saying teasingly „I'll make it up to you later, if you promise to behave.“ He raised his eyebrow at me „That sounds tempting“ he started „But i cant promise you i wont be tempted to not behave.“ I grined at him, giving him a quick kiss „Well, do your best.“ „That, i can promise.“ He said, grining back. I let go of him, grabing my phone checking the time before throwing it at my purse. I took the car keys „I'm gonna be late! You ready?“ „Yes, lets go.“ I gave him the car keys, and he drowe us to the towns center. „Are you gonna tell Jessy about us?“ he asked. „I dont know.“ I said „She was the one who begged me to contact you about the calls, so she knows abou that.“ I paused for a while, a smile creeping to my face „And Jessy can be quite perceptive, she might figure out on her own that something is up.“ I looked at him „Would it be alright with you if she knew?“ „I wouldnt mind“ he said „If she can keep it to herself, for now at least.“ „If i ask it of her, she will.“ I told him. „You two became really close.“ He said , as we came to the parking in the center. „We did , she means a lot to me.“ He turned to me, taking the keys from the ignition. „But you are on top of my 'special people' list.“ I said leaning in for a kiss. He kissed me back, moving away, giving me the keys. „Good.“ He said, grinning „Now off you go, you're late already. And before anyone sees us.“ We left the car, and i started walking backwards from it, blowing him a kiss „See you tonigh.“ He smiled „See you, Maya.“
Jessy was already at the cafe when i came, sitting myself on the chair accross from her „I'm late, i know, i'm sorry!“ I looked at her appologeticaly. „Its fine“ she said, smiling „I got here few minutes ago myself, to be honest.“ „Good.“ I told her. „So what have you been up lately?“ i asked, her face getting cheerful. „Well, as a matter of fact, i have some good news.“ „Yeah? Well, out with it allready!“ i chimed happily. „Ok, ok. Well you know i had to find a new job, after all that happened.“ Her face got a bit gloomy as she said it, and i understood it. I gave her a small smile, thinking how much her life must have been affected by all that have happened. Jet, she stayed so positive through it all. „Anyway“ she continued „I had a job interwiev today.“ „Oh, Jessy, that's great!“ i exclaimed cheerfuly „Where at?“ She smiled „At the library.“ I clapped my hands at it, i knew how much Jessy liked that place, and books, too. „Thats excellent, not just good news, Jessy! I'm happy for you.“ i told her, smiling sencerely. „Well, i havent gotten the job, jet.“ She started „But i have a very good chance for it.“ „I'm sure you will get it.“ I told her. „Anyway, enough about me. Did you contact Jake already?“ she asked, getting all serious on me. „I did.“ I said, a small smile appearning at the corner of my lips. „Good.“ She said, not noticing „And, what happened?“ A lot, i tought to myself. „Well, he checked my phone, to see if it was hacked or something.“ „Did he find anything?“ I sighed „Unfortunatly, no.“Thats not good.“ Jessy said „Can't he do anything else? I mean, isn't that like his expertise?“ „He is trying one more thing.“ I told her. „He connected' to my incoming calls, again.“ I started, and Jessy looked inquiringly at me. „We're hoping he can figure out the location from where the calls are comming like that.“ „Hmm, that would be usefull.“ „Indeed“ i said „I just wish all would end soon, i'm getting terrified by it all, Jessy.“ „I know, Maya“ she said „I'm sure Jake will be abel to find something.“ „I hope so, Jessy.“ I said. „He will.“ She said, smiling reasuringly at me „We all know how skillful he is.“ Indeed, i tought, and not just with computers. Jessy was looking at me now, like she could read my toughts. She squinted her eyes at me „Something else is up.“ „What do you mean?“ i said, trying to sound as calm as i could. „You look different.“ „Different how?“ i asked. „I dont know“ she started „It's like, you're glowing.“ She continued looking at me, and i got a bit fidgety. She was staring intensly at me. Then, all of a sudden, her eyes opened wide, a grin on her face. „You hooked up!“ she almost screamed. „What?“ i tried to sound confused, but she didnt bought it. „You and Jake, you hooked!“ she chimed again. „Dont denie it!“ she said, grinning at me. I groaned „Fine! Yes, we hooked.“ I looked at her, and we both started squilling like a teenage girls. „Finaly!“ she said laughing „Im happy for you, Maya.“ „Thanks, Jessy. Im happy ,too. But, please, keep it to yourself. At least for now.“ I said pleadingly. „Ohh, i'll try my best, i promise.“ she said. „Give it your best, at least for tonight.“ I pleaded her again. She got serious „Uh, oh, Aurora tonight.“ „Yes, Aurora tonight.“ I said, dreadfully “It can never be simple for me.“ She gave me an akward smile, squizing my hand. We stayed silent for a moment, before a smile started creeping back to Jessys face. „Sooo“ she started „Jake and you? Talk! And i want to hear everything. And i mean, E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.“ I laughed, Jessy looking at me with the biggest grin on her face. „Alright.“ I said, Jessy clapping her hands excitedly.
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I Don't Count -- Part II
Word Count: 1.4k Warnings: None? I don't think? Let me know if I'm wrong tho. Author's Note: By popular demand, I present to you a second part to I Don't Count, a William Miller fic. Thanks for all the positive feedback on that, I really appreciate it! Especially because that fic was born out of me simply wanting a hug and deciding to project that need onto Charlie Hunnam and his incredible arms.
Tumblr media
He said goodbye with his lips to her forehead, pressed soft against the skin with a promise to call her in the morning to check on her. To talk about this. To make plans.
The alcohol has worn off, the loneliness lasts ten minutes. The purgatory between Will’s departure and Ben’s arrival. She wonders if they passed each other on the two lane highway.
She knows the guilt that Will is feeling, it’s the same one buried in the pit of her stomach as she breaks in Benny’s arms. Falling against him to cry in heartbreak; not of the relationship she just lost but the friendship she feels so certain she’s about to ruin.
His fingers tangle in her hair as a comforting kiss comes to her forehead, not too far off from the one she received not a quarter of an hour ago, and she clings tighter to him as he says,
“What did he do?”
She buries her face into his chest, “he accused me of cheating.”
His back bristles at that, she can feel it. Knows the question he’s about to ask. The one he knows the answer to.
“With who?”
It takes on that low, threatening baseline that he gets before a fight and she grips him tighter, fearing he’ll slip through her hands and catch an assault charge if she doesn’t.
“Same as always, Ben. With you. With William. Always a Miller’s girl, me.”
He pushes away from her, holding tightly to her shoulders as he looks down into her glassy eyes, “do you wanna get cheeseburgers?”
A laugh breaks through in a hiccup, “I already ate some.”
He looks to the coffee table, the empty bottle sitting in the middle amongst wrappers and looks back confused, “you didn’t drive did you?”
She smacks Benny in the stomach before crawling back to the couch, her gait more graceful without the heaviness of alcohol in her system and sits back down, “It's called UberEats, jackass.”
His eyebrows start to knit in confusion as she focuses on the screen of her phone but he doesn’t speak. He knows UberEats doesn’t deliver to her apartment, they’ve spent many drunken nights wanting Chinese food and settling for Domino’s because they couldn’t get anything else delivered. He ignores the not-so-hurt look in her eye as she scrolls through her phone. A smile tugs at her soft features and he grabs the empty glass on the table, following the same path his brother did earlier to the kitchen and that’s when he smells it.
The faint trail of Tom Ford, the one that sticks to every surface of his own home like it’s interwoven into the bones of the house.
“Hey, Shane,” he calls, walking back to the small living room, “was my brother here?”
She meets his gaze with a calm expression but he recognizes the spark of panic in her eyes before she smiles, “you weren’t answering the phone, Benny, I forgot it was Tuesday so I called the house and Will got worried, so he came to check on me.”
He points towards the table, “one of those wrappers his?”
She tucks her bottom lip behind her teeth, a guilty nod of her head.
“Didn’t know his name was UberEats now,” he laughs, turning back into the kitchen to get the water, “I know you guys are friends too, it’s fine if I’m not the first to give you a hug when you need it.”
“I know,” she calls over to him as he pads back into the room, “I also know you throw a hissy fit if you’re not.”
He’s sat down now, the same place William sat. The same place Shane all but threw herself at the older Miller brother, praying for the best under her breath even as he slipped his tongue into her mouth but that same look of guilt is dripping off her features and she can’t school her thoughts back to banter with the way he’s looking at her.
It’s harsher than she meant for it to come out but if he feels the sting, he doesn’t show it. He’s used to taking harder punches in the ring for a couple hundred bucks here and there anyway.
“You're being fucking weird, Shane,” his blue eyes bear down on her and she is shrinking, an act he notices because he follows it up with, “you can’t even shoot something back? What else did that jackass say to you? Because I wi—“
She grabs his hand, “I’m drunk still, Benjamin. You will not do anything, do you understand?”
He breaks a smile, grabbing for her foot to drag her legs into his lap, a position they find themselves in often on the small couch. He still feels like something is wrong but he doesn’t ask about it, doesn’t want the fight.
“Do you want me to stay the night?” It’s their post break-up routine, a slumber party with bad movies but he’s hoping she says no tonight. Doesn’t know how much more of this—whatever this is—he can take.
And she feels the same, doesn’t know that she can keep this facade up throughout a marathon of bad movies. She can tell by the way he’s breathing that he had a shit night at the gym anyway and so she says, “no.” A simple word that sets them both free from tradition because she knows it’s all changing anyway. —————
“Benny's onto us,” she pulls back, face flushed under the scratch of his beard and breathless.
His blonde brows knit up in confusion, “what the fuck do you mean he’s onto us? We only just,” he gestures between the two of them, “last night.”
“I don’t know, William, he can just… read me really well,” those same glassy eyes are back but it’s not sadness, he’s come to recognize, it’s fear.
He brushes her hair back, the pad of his thumb grazing across her cheek, “do you want to tell him?”
But she shakes her head against the palm that’s now cradling her face so gently, “I don’t know what I want, Will, not when it comes to that. Because I keep running through the scenari—“
“And that’s why I love you.”
“—in my head,” she glares at him speaking over her, “and they’re all shit. We can tell him now before it goes further, if he’s mad then it won’t be like we lied to him.”
“So let’s tell him now.”
“Or we can wait until we know for sure but then we’ve lied to him and that ruins things.”
He draws his hand back, tucking his arms underneath each other as he looks at her, an impatient expression crosses his fair features.
“What?” He’s reading her too but it’s like he can’t pluck into her mind and take the thoughts on for himself.
“You said all of the scenarios, Shane,” he leans forward and brushes a thumb over her lip, “that was two.”
She takes a breath and smiles, “can we just go back to making out?”
She lets out a low whistle, “well, I see why they call you Ironhead.”
“Sweetheart,” he's closer, licking his lips, “that’s not why they call me Ironhead.”
And the laugh it was meant to pull from her bubbles forth as he says, “the other scenarios, please.”
“There's just one,” she grabs his hand, letting her much smaller one wrap around it, “that we tell Benny and it doesn’t work out and I’ve lost you both.”
And he knows where the fear comes from now, the one that’s been hiding behind her eyes every time she looks at him. He thinks back to every time she’s looked at him before, that same fear underlying all of her touches and hugs.
“I thought I lost you once,” her accent is sweet like honey, “I thought I lost you both and I can’t do that again, Will.”
He gathers her in his arms, a kiss finding that place on her forehead again, and rubs her back as reassuringly as he can.
“Let's go to the gym, let’s tell him now before it goes any further, okay?”
She nods against his chest, okay.
“And I’ll tell him that if it doesn’t work out, he gets full permission to beat the shit out of me,” he smiles into her hair, “I know he loves you more than he loves me so, I’m actually scared to see what he can do.”
She laughs again, pulling back to look into his eyes, “William Miller, you could break my heart in a million ways but I would never count you out against your brother.”
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8. Scared
Tumblr media
synopsis: A trip to Seoul ends up transporting you 300 years in the past. How will you survive the Palace life that you surprisingly end up in? Or will the King kill you?
pairing: king!jungkook x female timetraveler!reader
type: historical au, royal au
genre: some smut and fluffity fluff fluff
updates: every monday and friday
words: 2.1k
warnings: office sex, pregnancy, mention of labour/delivery
AN: I’m late... with good news tho!
Tumblr media
One thing that you were remembered after your first night together, was that there is also the possibility of a pregnancy. Which also booklet hinted at so you know that you can't really avoid it. But because you are a 21st-century woman, you know how your body functions. So, you started tracking your periods and keeping an eye on the window when you are supposed to be fertile.
Not that JK is of any help. You swear that he is worse than a horndog, not that you are complaining about it that much, but it is hard for you to doge him for a week when you are fertile. Of course, that he was fascinated by your knowledge in sex, and you think that if it wasn’t for the blood on his cock after he pulled out of you, he might have suspected you to be impure. But he is not complaining when you teach him a new position almost every time you guys have sex.
Which is often. Every night.
At least you found another way to keep him solely in your bed. That and maybe the fact that you performed oral on him, in a mediocre try, to say the least, he has been addicted. You also showed him that it can be reciprocated, and if you know one thing for sure about JK is that he loves his control, especially over you. So, no surprise that he likes to give you oral, a lot.
So, of course, that one time he just had to fuck you in your fertile window. And you just gave up trying to avoid him, because you know that JK is good at everything, and that probably counts his sperm too. You are probably pregnant 2 hours after he pumped his cum into you, so why even bother trying anymore.
You visit him the next day in his study, which you have free reign over since you spend most of your time here, and you dismiss his personal eunuch, who seems shocked at your actions but follows them after a few seconds of hesitation.
You slowly approach him as he is sitting at his desk, a frown gracing his face. Well, you know how you are going to fix that real quick.
“One thing that we like to do in the future,” you start as you arrive next to him and he has yet to notice you, “is that we like to make love during the day, and in a situation when we can get caught.”
He almost jumps at your voice, but he regains his composure, only raising an eyebrow at your words, his documents long forgotten.
You lean on his desk on your elbows and wink at him. “Why don’t you raise my skirt and look for yourself how wet just the idea got me,” you whisper in a seductive tone.
“What-” his words die on his lips, eyes laser-focused on the bare skin you are presenting as you inch your skirt up
You have no idea how much you can actually push his buttons, maybe he will back down.
“Do you desire me, my King?” you had your fun when you got him so turned on he would turn silent.
But you are glad, really glad that he never backs down. So after he buries his head under your skirt, he flips it over and almost makes you regret challenging him this way. You had to physically cover your mouth to keep yourself from screaming and announcing to the people on the other side of the paper panels of what you are doing here.
Yet the rush in both of you cuts the foreplay short, your hands finding his cocks and bringing him inside of you. He sinks with a low groan and if people had no idea of what you were doing so far, they had now.
“You bewitch me,” he grumbles as he leans over you. You are sure that some people in the Court would be delighted to accuse you of that.
You respond by tightening your walls around him and arching your back.
“And you secretly love it.”
As you lay on his desk after he finishes, again, inside of you, you just bite your lip as you feel his cum trickle down your thighs, and think that maybe, even sleeping with him, was your biggest mistake. Because you can't get enough of him. And he will be your downfall.
Tumblr media
You started being more involved in what you called the court life, meaning spending time with his other women, paying respect to them. He currently has 2 other wives, both of them Queens, so you can guess how fun that went.
Both of them, you know, will never have his children, which secretly excite you, but you are concern about Suk-bin Choi because you know that she will be your competition, in the future, for now, she is only another palace lady, and if you could, you would keep her that way.
As you tried to avoid sleeping with JK you took interest in what is considered hunting, or mainly training. It seems that you are pretty good at archery, and this is a skill that you picked up here. You also started to learn how to ride a horse, with small adjustments of wearing trousers underneath your skirts if you do so, and all that JK had to say in response was chuckle as he watched you climb on the horse. You do you.
You noticed that ever since you told him about your situation, that being from the future, and not the possibility of being pregnant, he was more helpful and he expected less from you.  Less referring to things that you should probably know if you were Korean or from this period.
Instead, he would approach topics that he knew you knew about or ask about things that he thought you probably knew about. And if that didn’t make you fall in love with him faster than you already did, you have no idea what else would.
Tumblr media
After a month, you had your answer as soon as your period was late for one week. You could see the excitement in Neul’s eyes, but you made her swear secrecy. If you learned something from dramas, you learned that the queens, especially if one was jealous and wanted to get rid of a concubine, would plant one of her spy in the other’s servants.
And as Inhyeon rubbed you the wrong way since the first time you met her, you made Neul fake the fact that you had your period. You didn’t want to mistakenly have an abortion because someone put something in your drink. You also wanted to wait another month to be sure that you are truly pregnant and it’s not just your period being late.
Which… was not the case in the end. You were pregnant. Damn him and his super sperm.
You lie on your bed that night, hand pressed against your lower belly, now flat, and still flat even though you are considered to be 2 months pregnant. You never imagined that this is how you’ve gotten pregnant.
With the man that you love? Sure. But not in the 17 century where is not a great medical system. What if you end up tearing? What will they do? What will you do with a fucked-up vagina?
What if there are complications during the pregnancy?
So many what-ifs. And no answers.
The door to your bedroom slides open silently and you turn to see him enter slowly, the red silk almost shining in the moonlight. He must think that you are asleep, so you take the opportunity to just look at him as he undresses and slides in be next to you, careful to not wake you up.
You pull back, making room for him and he freezes almost scared. “Hi,” you whisper, smiling as you couldn’t contain it at how cute he is.
“Hi,” he whispers back, now getting comfortable in your bed without worrying about waking you up. You also started teaching him English these past 2 months. You wanted to be shellfish and hear him speak something that was yours from the beginning. You also thought that it might be more useful for him is to teach him English, maybe there are some lost British men that find their way into Korean anytime soon.
“Long day today?” you ask as you move away a stray strand of hair that has fallen into his face. Now he always unties his hair before coming to bed, and you like to think that it’s because you once said that you liked to play with his hair.
“Mhm,” he affirms as he nuzzles into the palm of your hand.
“I have something to tell you,” you say slowly as you ponder the best way to say this. You slide your hand from his face and grab his wrist in the process just to bring it between the 2 of you. You plant his palm over where your unborn child should be and announce, “I'm with child.”
And had to phrase it so he understands.
There is a good silent minute, in which he can only stare at you with wide eyes.
“Ar-are you sure?”
“Yes, 100% sure.”
He then breaks into a smile so big and beautiful that it practically melts your heart.
“Our baby,” he whispers in awe and you think that you fall even more in love with him. He looks down at where his hand is, now gently cradling your body and an inexistent bump. “I love you so much,” he says to you in English.
“I love you even more,” you nuzzle into him. “Do you want a boy?” you ask after a few minutes spent just stroking together your belly. Of course, he would want a boy, he doesn’t have an heir.
“I don’t care,” he rasps. “I just want our baby to be healthy.” You are reminded of his 2 daughters that passed away before you even came into the palace. Yeah, you also just want the baby to be healthy.
“Well, it all depends on you.”
“What do you mean?”
“There are these things called chromosomes, they determine the way they look,” you scramble your brain for a way to explain this is the simplest way possible, you don’t have to be accurate. “And when we make love, you share your chromosomes with me. The chromosomes meet and form a baby. They are half from me and half from you. There is a specific chromosome the dictates the sex of the baby, and he can only get that from you. That’s why it depends on you.”
He stares at you before he bends to leave a kiss on the tip of your nose. “You look so sexy when you talk about things I don’t understand.” You also thought him the meaning of sexy just so you could use it on him.
Seven months have never passed faster. While you actually liked being pregnant, especially with Jungkook’s child, you have to put that out there, you are also scared shitless now that you are close to when you are supposed to give birth.
What if-what if something goes wrong? With your, or with the baby-
No. Better stop before you go down that path.
Of course that your water breaks in the middle of the night, as JK sleeps next to you with his arm around your waist and palm resting on your bump.
Of course, the whole Palace is in chaos for the 20 hours in which you are in labor.
Of course that you make his ass sit next to you and hold your hand as you push his spawn from your body even if you get weird looks from the maids.
Of course that you after 4 hours of horrible contractions you miss modern medicine and an epidural or maybe even a C-section.
Of course that you become your own nurse and you start to do what you remember from all the birth vlogs you watched, walking around, etc.
Of course, you fight with your midwife, because she is of no help and you honestly know better.
And of course that you give birth to a 4 kg baby boy. You fault Jungkook for that one.
Tumblr media
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duvetsandpillows · 26 days ago
Lucky One
Pete Davidson x Reader 
Tumblr media
Word count: 2k
Warnings: Swearing, mention of needles, slight angst, drug use
A/N: This is my first Pete fic but I think I will definitely be writing more. Please let me know what you think!
I sat in bed, joint in one hand, lighter in the other. I’d been staring at the wall for the past half hour or so, drowning in my thoughts, forgetting the joint I’d been fiddling with was there to be smoked.
I was thinking about everything and nothing all at once. Have I taken my antidepressant? What do they do with the bagel holes? You’re gonna be alone forever. Don’t forget your earring is behind the back left leg of the desk. New thoughts beginning before the last one could end. I was exhausted yet I hadn’t done anything to warrant feeling so drained. I’d only left my bed to piss.
“Hey you home?” I glanced over at my door, reality setting back in, before realizing how messy my bed was; sketchbook and pencils scattered everywhere, weed crumbs and ash from not paying attention to what I was doing and empty monster cans. I kicked as much as I could off the end of the bed before putting the long forgotten joint to my lips and sparking it. The door slowly opened, Pete standing in the doorway holding a bag and a coffee.
“Whatcha doing in bed B?” he asked climbing into the bed handing me the coffee. I took a toke and thanked him while passing him the joint.
“I just don’t feel like moving. I feel like shit, my brain won’t stop for just a second. I just want everything to stop.” My voice breaking as I began to fight back tears. He blew smoke into the air, putting his arm around my shoulder, pulling me into his side, handing me the joint.
“Breathe B, you’re gonna be okay. I know that sounds like bullshit but I’m here to help you through it.” I took a take and wiped a stray tear from my eye. “It’s always been me and you hasn’t it, that’s not gonna stop now. Did you take your antidepressant today?”
“I can’t remember,” I squeaked, letting the tears win the battle. Pete put his other arm around my chest and squeezed tight, resting his hand on the back of my head and rubbing his thumb.
He would whisper little pick me-ups every few minutes while I cried. “At least you didn’t walk straight into a street light like I did.” I looked up to see him pointing to a small bruise on his forehead. “I saw a woman carrying a dog in a baby sling thing and then boom! Street Light.” I giggled before taking a deep breath and wiping my tears with my sleeves.
“I guess you could say she threw you off your rhythm.” He rolled his eyes and pushed my head playfully before chuckling.
We’d been friends practically our whole lives, yet it was rare for us to talk about deep shit. Not because we didn’t care but we were good at talking each others minds off all the bullshit. 
“Movie, smoke, munch? I brought gushers and twizzlers.”
“Only if I get to pick.”
“Obviously, you always pick.” I scoffed and sat up, rolling my eyes.
“Bullshit, we constantly watching The Mule.”
“Not my fault you can’t appreciate a masterpiece,” he said as he grabbed my rolling tray from the end of the bed and I began flicking through Netflix for something to watch.
“Your hair looks nice by the way,” he mumbled, eyes focused on rolling the joint. I glanced over at my reflection in the mirror, I looked as if I’d just climbed out of the hedge. I smiled and thanked him, deciding to put on Knocked Up.
Pete told me what he’d been up to all week and who the guests were gonna be while we watched the film. I made him a twizzler ring and he attempted to make me a bracelet but he couldn’t work out how to get the knot to stay tight.” After a couple more joints I sat up on my knees and faced him.
“Could... I maybe colour in your tattoos?” I asked, placing my hand on his leg to stay balanced, realizing how high I was after not moving for so long.
“Yeah of course, which one first?” I smiled and pointed to the unicorn on his arm and leant off the end of the bed to grab my pens, Pete grabbing hold of my foot as I almost fell off. After I’d finished the unicorn I moved onto the direwolf underneath. Pete was flicking through the pages of my sketchbook as I added icy blue to the eyes.
“Y’know,” he started, passing me a joint, “I reckon you could be a tattoo artist. You could even practice on me.” I stopped and looked at him a bit taken back.
“I’ve never thought about it before.”
“Maybe you should.”
Once I finished the direwolf I looked up to see Pete had dozed off, I smiled and pulled a blanket over him, moving the sketchbook off his lap. I rolled a joint and glanced at the open drawing of a group of clouds I’d been working on but hadn’t yet worked out what should accompany them.
I thought about what Pete said and picked up the sketchbook and a pencil. I smoked while drawing Frank the bunny’s head from Donnie Darko. It was my favourite film and Pete had watched it with me countless times.
After an hour or so I finished the outline and most of the infill with different shades of blue. I felt Pete roll over and put his arm across my lap. I looked down to see him, eyes half open, observing my drawing.
“That’s amazing.” His voice gruff and low.
“Thank you,” I said passing him a monster from my bedside table. He sat up partially and took a sip before handing it back to me. “Good nap?” He nodded and laid back down into my side.
“You should put that on me,” He kicked his leg out from under the blanket and pointed to the side of his thigh. “Here would be perfect.”
“If you’d like.” He sat up again and gently tore the sketch out of the book.
“Come on then.” I frowned and tilted my head slightly. “There’s a guy that could do this now, you could get one too?”
I stared at him in a bit of shock, not expecting him to actually want one of my pieces on his body. I thought he was saying it just to be nice. Also as I’d never considered getting a tattoo before. Not because I didn’t like them but more because I was nervous; I wasn’t great with needles and if tattoo’s would suit me.
“You up for it?”
“What if I look awful with one?” I blurted, Pete’s smile morphed into confusion.
“Why would you look awful?” You always look great.” I could feel my cheeks getting warm and I couldn’t help but ever so slightly smile. “Plus I think you’d look hot with one,” he mumbled handing me the sketchbook, open to a small drawing of a sheep I’d done high while watching Shaun the Sheep.
“It’s small, if you want it to be hidden then it’s easy.” I looked down at the doodle and thought about it for a moment.
“Fuck it lets go.”
I sat on a chair next to Pete watching as the tattoo artist, Jon, carefully traced over the light purple outline in dark blue ink. I began adding to my sheep. A few clouds in the background, similar to the ones on Pete’s.
“What you doing?” I handed him the paper, glancing over at his leg, in awe at how it was turning out. I looked back at Pete who was smiling at the drawing. I held out the pencil to him, when he didn’t notice I poked his arm with it.
“Ow, dick,” he said pouting and rubbing his arm. “What am I meant to do with this?”
“Add something to it, you got a piece of me,” I pointed to his leg. “Your turn.”
“I can’t draw like you and-”
“And I don’t care. Draw.”
While Pete drew, not phased at all by the needle going in and out of his leg, I chatted with Jon, asking him question about how he became a tattoo artist and what it’s like. I was slowly becoming more interested the more I watched him work. Once he was done he turned to me.
“You ready?” he asked, I nodded nervously and Pete passed him the design. Pete swapped places with me after taking a look at it in the floor length mirror. I decided to get it on my arm as I decided I wanted to always be able to see it now Pete had added to it. I told them I didn’t want to see it until it was finished, wanting Pete’s addition to be a surprise. I looked over at Pete, nerves starting to kick in a little.
“Have I ever told you I’m not brilliant with needles?” He chuckled and took my hand in his.
“Yep,” I winced as the needle hit my skin. “Like the time you gave blood because you thought that nurse was cute and threw up all over him before fainting.” I chuckled before biting the inside of my cheek and gripped his hand tight. “You’re good, just keep your eyes this way,”
Pete kept chatting with me and rubbing his thumb on the back of my hand, keeping me distracted from the pain.
“Should I be nervous with what you drew? It’s just clicked how much trust I’ve given you.” He pursed his lips, holding back either as smile or a laugh. “Pete...”
“Nah nah nah, it’s not that bad, but you said to add a bit of me. Trust me you’ll love it.” I raised my eyebrows before gripping his hand again, feeling a muscle in my arm unintentionally spasm.
“You’re good, it happens sometimes, we’re almost done here.”
After ten more minutes it was all done and he was wiping it up. It was aching it a little but I was really excited to see it.
“You ready to see it?” I nodded and looked at my arm to see the best tattoo I could imagine. The clouds were a beautiful combination of greys and whites, my sheep now with a spliff in its mouth and a second, slightly wonky looking, sheep with a spliff also in its mouth and sunglasses on. It kind of looked like a child drew the second sheep but I loved it even more for that.
“I put our initials at the bottom so we don’t forget who is who.” I giggled looking at his scruffy handwriting underneath. “So... what do you think?”
“I fucking love it!” I said wrapping my arms around him hugging him as tight as I could. “Thank you Pete.” I pressed a kiss to his cheek and let Jon wrap my arm up in cling film.
We grabbed some Taco Bell on the way home, I was designated DJ and he driver. I was, questionably, rapping along to Colson and Corpse’s new song while Pete laughed at me. He slipped his hand into mine, giving it a small squeeze and continued driving and started rapping along as if that was a normal for us to hold hands. I smiled and gave his a squeeze back even though I was a bit shocked. Shocked but yet it felt normal.
“You can roll the next one, my arm aches,” I said flopping onto my bed.
“Is that gonna be your excuse for the next week?” 
“Did it work?” I looked up to see him shaking his head and chuckling as he picked up the rolling tray.
“You’re lucky you’re cute.” I smiled and winked as it sat up. 
“You’re lucky too, you get to look at this cute face all the time.” Pete leant forward and took my hand, pulling me into his lap.
“What would you say, if I asked you out... to dinner or something?” I wrapped my arms around his neck and furrowed my eyebrows.
“What like a date?” His smile and confidence drained from his face immediately and I had to force myself to hold back a laugh.
“It doesn’t have to be no, I just- aw fuck.” I started pissing myself laughing, holding onto him tight to keep my balance.
“Yes I’d love to go on a date, if you hurry up and roll that joint, I teased winking at him, swinging myself off his lap. “I’ll even put on The Mule yeah?”
“I’m definitely the lucky one.”
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nemowrites · 27 days ago
7: They do be lacking subtilty tho.
Choices: Foreign Affairs
Pairing: f!blaine x m!mc (Daniel Anderson)
Words between ’ ’ are thoughts and Italic words between ’ ’ are memories.
this is the seventh part to the series, I missed the upload day on Tuesday due to having a crap ton of studying an exams but I'm happy I had time to write this since I enjoy writing this series so much!
Also I've added an "ask me anything" page so if you have any questions you could ask and if you have any ideas you want me to implement the series, you could send them there! (and if I don't write someone's idea, that probably means I saw it and I'm saving it till a chapter that it would be fitting)
Word Count: Around 1.2 K
Tag list: @iamsimpforpoppy @alexlabhont @deflatedball as always I hope you enjoy reading this!
Previous Parts: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6
A couple of days later, Daniel finishes his second study session with Blaine and goes to meet his student advisor, accompanied by Tatum he heads inside the unfamiliar office, he spots a familiar face sitting down tho "'re my student advisor?"
She beckons him to sit down and nods "I am, if you need anything or are having any problems, you could come here anytime"
The passes as half of his time went to talking to Ayna, then to Tatum and the other in classes, later, much much later he heads to his suite, and to his surprise the suite was chaotic, more than usual anyway.
Shoes and clothes were scattered all around the living room, and he hears fumbling from Dionne's room, shortly after Dionne comes out of there with like fifteen dresses in hand, leaving him wondering how her arm didn't fall off right then and there.
"Uhh, may I ask what's happening here? It looks like your closet had one too many drinks and puked all over the floor" He looks all around then at a breathless Dionne "I'm deciding what to wear to my family's state dinner tomorrow, which you, my roomie, are invited to!"
Before he can respond, she hands him a fancy-looking invitation that was hidden below the jackets she was holding, the invitation was decorated over the top, but understandable, it's a royal state dinner after all.
"Well, I'm looking forward to..." Dionne doesn't wait for his answer as she begins pacing back and forth, cracking her knuckles a couple of times "We have to prepare your outfit too! Oh my god, I'm so underprepared!"
"Dionne" his voice snaps her attention back to him "Take a deep breath!", she does as he tells her and after a moment she calms down, at least calmer than before "I have a couple of suits, we could choose from them" He does finger-guns for some reason then heads inside his room without another word.
He changes between suits and shows Dionne, who shakes her head every time, picture a mandatory rom-com makeover dressing montage, plus all the cheesiness of it too.
"How about this?" He gets out of his room dressed in a red suit, and to his surprise, she springs out of her seat, eyes lit up "I love this one!" She squeals, he breathes out of relief "Finally, thought this would last forever"
"Okay, one last need a date for the party!" She says with absolutely no poker face, she definitely isn't a good liar.
"Need?" He raises an eyebrow, she rubs the back of her neck, trying to look as innocent as possible "Okay maybe not need but...a certain someone wouldn't mind if you asked them to the party...their name starts with a 'B'..."
He sighs but couldn't help the corners of his mouth that turned up "Someone has to teach you how to be subtle one day...but do you think Blaine wants know, be my date for the party?"
"I wouldn't ever find out if you didn't ask her...the curiosity bubbling inside of you tho..." she starts waving her fingers as if she's casting a spell, turning from a ball of energy into a wannabe professor McGonagall in an instant.
"I uhh...think that's my cue to go..." He starts walking backward, eyeing Dionne with his eyebrow elevated as he leaves the suite.
It doesn't take him long before he starts pacing up and down the hallway, nervous to dial Blaine's number, or even send her a message, she wouldn't be the first girl to reject him but it doesn't mean it wouldn't hurt or be humiliating, but this time it was different, he was more nervous than any other time.
'you can do it Daniel...even if she rejects you she probably wouldn't be a jerk about...come it's probably too late, she might have another date already...'
"Red!" A familiar voice behind makes him jump, creaking him out of his overthinking, "Ahh" he turns around to see none other than the person he was nervous to talk to.
"Sorry, I forgot you got scared that easily!" Blaine shakes her head with a laugh, thinking that jump scaring him was the only reason why nervousness was etched onto his face, which was the farthest thing from the truth,
He blinks a couple of times as he tries to recollect himself enough to at least respond to what she said "Uhh, no it's okay, I uhh..."
He takes a deep breath and continues "Sorry just uhh...thinking 'bout something, why did you come here at this time?", she shrugs "Dionne wanted me to join you and her while prepping for the state dinner, that's if you want me to..." she finishes her sentence with a smirk.
"Of course I do" he wanted to ask her about the next day but decided to do it when they're inside the suite, not in the middle of the hallway, they head inside and Dionne peeks her head out of her room "Guys you need to help me pick an outfit!", Blaine laughs gesturing aimlessly with her hand at Dionne "I don't think we even have the choices to object so show us the options"
They both simultaneously plop on the couch and cue another rom-com makeover montage and *SpongeBob time card: one eternity later*, Dionne finally settles on a dress, "I have to call my stylist to get me jewelry that matches the outfit, I'll be back in a bit"
Silence, comfortable to Blaine, quite the opposite to Daniel settles in as Dionne shuts her room door, he swallows 'it's now or never...', "So, Blaine...".
She turns to him, a smile on her face "Yes?", he continues, and if you thought Dionne lacked subtilty "Tomorrow, the dinner you know...are you uhh going with someone as like...a date or something?"
She eyes him for a bit before letting out a small laugh "I'm not, do you have someone I could go with?", '...shit...' he couldn't help his eyes going wide "Oh I mean I know..."
But to his surprise, she holds her hand up "No need...I already have someone I want to go with so I gotta you want to be my date for the dinner?"
His eyes were still wide, but this time they had light practically emitting out of them, he answers after a moment, the answer already visible in his expression "Yes, I'd love to! ...I was actually going to ask you but I was kinda nervous"
She jokingly gasps "Whaaaaat? I couldn't tell at all...", he shoves her lightly, she shakes her head after a moment "But what's actually surprising is that the cutest guy in all of Vancross was nervous to ask me, Blaine Hayes, to a date"
His expression unusually grew serious "Hey...don't be surprised, you're one of the best people I've met since I came here and I usually don't take things this fast but it just...feels right to be around you know"
No matter how much she searched his eyes at that moment, there wasn't even an ounce, a little bit of deceiving, he was being genuine...this weird for her, first her defends her in his messages without waiting for something in return and now he says all of this, no one in her whole life has been like that.
After a moment, she leans closes and kisses him on the cheek, then stands up almost immediately and cocks her head to the door "I better get going, I still haven't prepared a single thing for tomorrow...see you tomorrow, Dan"
She waves with a smile and leaves the suite, her visit leaving him about ten times more excited to go to the state dinner the next day.
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uncpanda · 27 days ago
Secret Identity
Prompt: May I pls request a Dick Grayson (from Titans verse if possible) x platonic!reader where she has water powers and almost drowns bc of it and he like recruits her as a titan and etc. you don’t have to of course tho
AN: Not going to lie, this idea has been living in my head rent free for like three months now. This prompt just made it pay up. There are no romantic pairings for this, just a whole lot of found family love. 
Requested by: ANON 
Tumblr media
You’re surrounded by people. There’s no less than ten government agencies present, and the whole world outside the Hoover building is going to hell in a handbasket. You’ve had a consistent headache since the red terror alert had been raised at three that morning. And your phone had been buzzing since before that: not your work phone, but your throwaway phone, with a number only one person has, and he’s abusing it. 
You ignore it as it goes off again and try to tune into what’s being said. It’s the same as what’s being said on the news. An evil overlord was invading Earth, Vandal Savage and Lex Luthor were offering to save it for the reasonable price of the justice league revealing their members’ identities. 
There was a little less than three hours left before the deal expired, and governments across the world were trying to figure out a backup plan in case the league said no. . . they wouldn’t. You’d been at that meeting too. 
You’d been out of the game for nearly a decade now, but your identity would still have to be revealed. That had been one of the conditions: all members past and present had to be revealed. The moment that happened your future at the FBI, with the BAU, and with the family you had found here . . . it would be gone. 
You couldn’t be prosecuted for your actions. You had been with the league and a minor, and your actions had been deemed lawful through legislation years ago. But you had no doubt they’d find a way to force you out. 
You slip away and into the stairwell to get some air. You settle on the dirty stairs, and put your head between your legs. “You okay little bit?” 
You grin at the nickname and glance up at Rossi. He’s staring at you with concern clear on his face. He’s more of a father to you than your sperm donor had ever been. “I’ll push through.” 
He comes down a few more stairs, “Want to talk about it?” 
“Not yet.” 
He ruffles your hair and leaves you behind. You stay for another minute, before standing up and heading back inside. What you find there makes your heart stop. In the middle of the crowd, dressed in his suit sans cowl, is Bruce. The breath leaves your body in a woosh. This is really happening. 
Your eyes scan the crowd. You find Ollie and Dinah up on the catwalk where Hotch and Derek are. At the back of the room is your generation. To his credit, he’s not wearing the spandex suit like the older ones, he’s wearing his normal dress suit that he wears to work. You find a place next to him. 
Dick’s eyes never stray to you, but he knows you’re there, and you know he knows. You’d been trained from a young age to notice this stuff, “I tried to text.” 
“I know.” 
His lips quirk, “I resigned from the force today.” 
Your hand brushes the gun at your hip, “If the FBI wants me gone they’re going to have to say it to my face.” 
He fights a laugh, “True. I also have a trust fund to fall back on.” 
Your eyes stray to Ollie and Dinah, the people who had taken you in, trained you, and basically raised you. Your trust fund was just as nice as Dick’s even if you had never touched it.
You let out a deep breath and allow you body to be supported by the wall behind you, “You’d think we would have earned our anonymity.” 
Dick scoffs, “They villains already know who we are. They just want the rest of the world to know. It’s their way of showing dominance.”
“They’re trying to scare us out of the game.” 
This time he does turn to face you, “Us?” 
You don’t look at him, “You know what I mean.” 
He leans his shoulder against the wall, “Do you miss it at all?” 
“I chase serial killers for a living Dick. I’m still doing the job, just in a different way.” 
“You’re scared Y/N.” 
You stiffen a bit at that, “I don’t know what you mean.” 
“It was one accident. One mistake.” 
This time you do turn to look at him, “A mistake that almost killed the both of us.” 
His hand strikes out to grab your wrist, and his thumb runs over the bracelet there, the bracelet that keeps your powers dormant and those around you safe, “You have a gift, Y/N.” 
You yank your hand away, “I don’t need it. I’m a hell of a shot.” 
“With a bow and arrow, and a gun.” 
You turn your attention back to the meeting at hand. On one of the big screens are two pictures; one of Dinah as a civilian and one as Black canary. You listen as Bruce reads off an incomplete list of her abilities. 
You bite your tongue for a second before you ask, “Are they going by names or groups?” 
Dick raises an eyebrow, “Groups?” 
“Batfam, Arrowfam, aquafam, flashfam, ya know?” 
“You spend too much time on the internet. It’s by name.” 
That’s good, you have a while until they reach Tundra then. When they do get to the T’s you push off the wall, and Dick follows suit. You can feel the panic attack coming on, and he drags you out of the room. He leads you to the reception desk for the floor, and disappears behind it. He reappears a moment later with a bag. “They have a shooting range around here?” 
You hesitate, and he nudges you, “It calms you down. It always has.” 
That is the truth. 
You lead him to the range. You have to modify things to make it work for a bow and arrow. You ditch your shoes, and your blazer, and you’re grateful you chose a flowy top. You settle the quiver on your back, and you can feel a calm settle around you. That feeling intensifies as you grip the bow, and then you’re firing. You hit your target each time. By the time you’re done you can feel the ache in your arms and shoulders forming, you haven’t done this in a long time, you haven’t had the time. 
“Well that . . .is impressive.” 
You suck in a deep breath of air, and turn to face Dave, “I’m guessing they got to my picture.” 
He nods, his hands in his pockets, “Place went so silent you could have heard a pin drop.” 
Dick clears his throat, “Right, Dave this is Dick Grayson, Dick this is Dave Rossi.” You turn to Dave, “You’ll have to excuse him, he’s a fan of your books. When he found out you were coming back to work here, he hounded me for three weeks about getting you to sign his copies. I hid them instead.” 
Dick scowls at that, “And I still haven’t gotten them back.” 
Dave smiles, “The team wants to see you.” 
You glance back at Dick, and he shrugs, “I’ll get your arrows, go to talk to your team.” 
You hand him your quiver and bow, “What if they don’t want to be my team anymore? I’ve lied to them for five years.” 
“You still have me.” You smile because you know it’s true. Dick Grayson has been your best friend since the two of you were eight years old. At twenty seven the two of you had nearly twenty years of friendship under your belt. He was the only one who didn’t try to convince you to stay when you left. 
You follow behind Dave, and you can feel the eyes on you as you pass people in the halls, and then go through the bullpen. You keep your head up high and when Dinah catches your eye you give her a jerky nod. 
Your team plus Strauss and the director are in the round table room and waiting. You settle in your usual chair and take a minute to calm yourself before looking at Hotch. He’s studying you. After a moment the director says, “I need to know one thing. Have you been active in the league since you started working for the FBI.” 
“No. I haven’t been a member since I retired at seventeen.” 
This time it’s Strauss who asks, “That’s a little young, isn’t?” 
You look her in the eye, “By the time I was eight, I had powers I couldn’t control. My family thought I was possessed, and then they thought I was a demon from hell. They would have killed me if Dinah hadn’t shown up when she did.” 
Strauss straightens, “The slide said you can control water.” 
You look away, “No one can control water. Say what you will about fire, but water is more destructive in my opinion. Either way, I don’t have access to my powers, and I prefer it that way.” 
Strauss waits one, two, three minutes before the director clears his throat and says, “The slide also said you’re trained in several fighting styles, and you’re proficient with a bow and arrow. . . .” 
You shrug, “I’m better than the olympic shooters, but not as good as Ollie. Then again very few people are as good as Ollie.” 
“Do you want to stay at the bureau?” 
You bite your lip, “It the team is still comfortable having me. If not, then I’ll hand in my credentials and service weapon.” 
“What kind of bullshit question is that?” 
You startle a bit, at Derek’s raised voice, and you watch as he crosses the room to kneel in front of you, “You think we’re going to let you go because you used to be a superhero?” 
You can feel the tears welling in your eyes, “I lied to you.” 
Hotch’s voice washes over you, “Only because it wasn’t your secret to tell.” 
Spencer smiles at you, “You’re family. We’re not letting you go.” 
Penelope wraps her arms around you from behind your chair, while JJ takes one of your hands, and Prentiss places a comforting hand on your knee. You close your eyes as the tears flow. Your family still loves you, and that’s what’s important. Out of the corner of your eye, through the glass, you catch Dick’s eye. He’s standing at your desk. He gives you a smile, a nod, and then holds the bag with the bow and quiver in it. You watch as he places it underneath your desk, before he gives you a wave and heads out. And with that the old and the new in your life start to merge. 
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drawlfoy · 27 days ago
Wonders of Ohio P.10
masterlist request guidelines
pairing: draco x reader
request: no way 
summary: american high school senior y/n y/l/n is in for a surprise when her british exchange student is a little...odd. 
warnings (AYO please pay attention to these this time it’s not just swearing): swearing, underage drinking (no i do not condone this ig), beginning elements of smut but def not too explicit, i think you can consider it dubcon ?? if both people are drunk bc i don’t think you can actually consent if youre drunk (plz rest assured tho they are both 18 hehe)
a/n: “hey where did this come from” yeah so hey yall ive never written such an intense scene before but i’ve spent so much time w these characters that i decided i kind of had to. there’s no like...real sex in this and i don’t imagine that i’d describe it in this much detail if i ever decided to write it but um.. anyways. i hope y’all enjoy. thanks for suffering for this long ! i hope i’ve made it worth it 
word count: 4k
music recs: 
cloud 9 -- beach bunny
the adults are talking -- the strokes
anything from the strokes tbh 
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“Thank fucking god for the generator,” said Y/N as she flew around the kitchen, banging pots and pans together in her quest to make New Year’s Eve breakfast. Draco was sitting, unamused and completely silent, at the table. They’d been snowed in for a few days now with her parents nowhere near able to make it to the suburbs. For some reason, the entire city of Cincinnati had decided that the day before Christmas was the best time to schedule maintenance on literally every single one of their plows. “Can you imagine living here without heat? Or power? I’d die.”
Draco hummed in response. A glance over confirmed that he was deep in thought, a scarlet colored letter clutched firmly in his hand (hello, Nathaniel Hawthorne). Jealousy curdled inside of her as her thoughts turned to a dark place--it was Pansy, that Pansy Parkinson. 
Knowing her intuition, she was probably his grandmother or something. Why else would she have written so many letters?
After she finished plating all of the pancakes, she allowed herself to sneak a peek at the envelope. 
Astoria Greengrass
She frowned. Astoria? She’d never seen that name before. 
“What is this?” asked Draco as he picked up his fork to poke at the pancake on his plate.
Y/N’s jaw dropped. “Have you never had a pancake before?”
“A pancake?” He gave his plate a stern look. “It a soggy pastry.”
“Fuck you, I made that,” responded Y/N. “Try it with butter and maple syrup. And then tell me it’s a soggy pastry.”
She took out her fork and knife, demonstrating very clearly what she meant as she spread butter over the top of her pancake. She’d learned that Draco was too proud to ask what she meant when she introduced him to American/muggle foods--the last time he tried to deduce something himself, he ended up pouring ketchup over the top of his hamburger bun instead of actually putting it on the patty. 
A sense of satisfaction flowed into her as she saw him follow suit, spreading the warmed butter and dipping a cut piece in syrup. He raised it to his lips, taking a delicate bite.
“Americans really have this for breakfast?”
“Yeah…is something wrong?”
“Nothing. It’s just…” He grimaced. “This isn’t breakfast. This is dessert food.”
“God, your life must be so sad back home,” said Y/N. “What does your family make you eat--just straight unbuttered bread under the guise of it being a real breakfast food? Do they let you dip it in your unsweetened, weak tea if you’re good?”
He scoffed. “You have no idea how I live back at home.”
“And, judging from this conversation, I don’t have any desire to know any more.”
They ate in silence for the next few minutes. Y/N smiled when she saw Draco reach for a second pancake.
“Two desserts? Draco, I know it’s New Year’s, but don’t get too off the hinges,” she teased. 
He rolled his eyes, but she could tell her was fighting back a smile. “Speaking of which, how do you celebrate New Year’s?”
Draco looked up and met her eyes. “Sorry?”
“How do you celebrate tonight? With your family or your friends, or your...whatever.” The cold reality of the fact that she did not really know if he was dating someone back home set in.
“Oh, I don’t usually. It’s not really a big thing in the magical community,” he mused, unaware of her sudden panic.
“Well,” she said. “I always celebrate New Year’s with my friends. I didn’t tell you this sooner because I didn’t think that you were going to be here, but I’m kind of hosting a party here tonight. With anyone who can walk here.”
“Oh.” He took a sip of his tea. “Will it be like the Halloween party at Sylvia’s?”
“What do you mean?” She smiled. “Do you mean, will there be drinking?”
He shrugged in response, avoiding eye contact.
“There definitely can be,” she continued, her smile widening. “Last year we played this dumb drinking game over this card game--if you lost, you took a shot. It was fun. We could do that again.”
She settled down to eat, digging into two of the pancakes. They were really good--she wasn’t Gordon Ramsay by any means, but she did breakfast food pretty well. But at the mention of her friends, a realization hit her. “Oh. Draco?”
He raised an eyebrow and met her eyes.
“Um, can I tell you something?” 
He dipped his head in recognition while Y/N cleared her throat.
“So, um, I forgot about this,” she began, “but while you were gone, I kind of had to scramble to figure out what to tell everyone about why we were avoiding each other before you left. And why you left so suddenly and why I didn’t know.”
He was still watching her in curious silence. 
“So, I really didn’t want to slip up or say anything” Y/N paused to take a sip of her tea, deciding to not try to look at Draco again. “So I decided to tell Sylvia and Lizzy that I told you my feelings for you and you didn’t return them.”
A clang startled her enough to look up. Draco was staring, completely frozen. His fork had fallen into the syrup on his plate, handle and all.
Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. 
“I mean, oh, fuck. Um.” She smiled at him, hoping it was going to distract from her audible stumble. “Obviously, I made it all up. I mean, both sides! But what’s important is that they bought it, and now they’re probably going to give you a little shit for not liking me ‘back’. So I’m sorry about that.”
“Made it all up, huh?” His voice had a surprisingly teasing lilt. 
“Yes, that is in fact what I said,” she responded, hoping that her cheeks weren’t as red as they felt hot.
“Is it really now?” 
He rolled his eyes. “I’ll be back. I need a new fork.”
“Just wipe off the handle of the one you have now--Draco, why are you getting up? Stop!”
To her disappointment, none of her friends were able to show. Sylvia and Lizzy made a concerted effort to try and convince their family to let them brave the walk, but once another flurry started up outside, it was hopeless. Her face turned pink whenever she thought about the fact that she hadn’t even needed to tell Draco the thing that made her slip up in the first place. 
Y/N, disappointed but not surprised, told Draco that she still wanted to celebrate, even if it was just with him. He’d snorted at this--asking her why she made it seem like such a burden--but once she produced a yellow glass bottle and a deck of cards and told him she bet that she was going to beat his sorry ass, he caved.
She started with a heavy lead, but once Draco learned the rules and strategies of the slightly convoluted Go Fish game, he proved to be a worthy match. They played until around 11:45 when the bottle was about 3/4 full and Y/N was feeling the pleasant warmth of being slightly intoxicated. Once she noticed the time, she threw her cards on the table. 
“Let’s watch the ball drop,” Y/N said with no further explanation, even when Draco looked to her for one. She grabbed the bottle and his hand, pulling him up the stairs to her room. The remote control for her TV was a struggle to find--it was all the way tucked back in her nightstand drawer--but thankfully the channel was already set. 
“You forgot the cups,” Draco said, staring down at the opened bottle held in his hand.
“You can get them if you want,” she managed.
“You should! You forgot them.”
“Too far,” she whined, flopping to lean back on her pillows while Draco followed suit. His hair smelled like peppermint. Without much more thought, she moved close enough that their shoulders were touching. He didn’t move away--instead, he lifted the bottle to his lips and took a drink directly. 
“Your New Year’s traditions are weird as fuck,” he murmured as he watched Savannah Guthrie on the screen. He didn’t have to speak very loud for her to hear him, and it seemed like he knew this.
“Oh, you haven’t even heard it all yet,” said Y/N. “We’ve got a tradition to kiss someone going into the New Year. New Year’s kiss, I guess. I’m sure you can imagine the kind of drama that creates.”
“What d’you mean?”
“You don’t have to be dating to kiss someone, sometimes people it. As friends.” Y/N reached over to the bottle and took a swig herself, feeling the warmth trickle down her throat.
“Take it easy,” he tutted, pulling the bottle away from her before taking another drink himself. 
“Hey! Says you!”
“Because I can actually hold my liquor well,” he teased, giving her a shove.
“The fuck are you talking about?”
“You just kept getting worse and worse at whatever that game was,” he told her matter-of-factly.
“Give it here,” she said, reaching across his chest to where he was holding the bottle, out and above his head. She hoped he couldn’t tell how much this side of him filled her with glee. “That’s not fair!”
“Not fair, huh?” He raised an eyebrow and met her eyes as he held it up even further into the air. His voice was startlingly low. “So what are you gonna do about it?”
Before she could muster up a response, the TV began playing the audio for the New Year’s Countdown.
Y/N wasn’t sure if she was supposed to answer--or if he was just...flirting?
He managed to set the bottle on her nightstand without taking his eyes off of her.
The hand she had used to reach across him with was now pressed into his side of the bed, supporting her as she hovered over him.
Without moving any part of her body, she dared to glance at his parted lips.
Maybe telling him about the kiss tradition was a stupid idea.
His hand, warm and soft,  reached up to brush a piece of hair away from her cheekbone. 
His fingers lingered on the outline of her jaw.
He was kissing her before the cheers from the TV even had the chance to bounce around the room, both hands cupping her face and pulling her in so desperately that it took her breath away.
Her hands found his shoulders, then the back of his neck, and then, eventually his hair. It was just as soft as she imagined it to be. They started out innocently enough--closed mouth kisses and only their hands touching each other above the shoulders--but once she tugged on his hair (mostly by accident) something...shifted. 
Suddenly he was on top of her, and suddenly her leg was wrapped around him as he tilted his head, deepening the kiss. It occurred to her that this was no longer just a New Year’s kiss. He tasted of lemon and sugar--and was notably better at what he was doing than any of the people she’d kissed before. Or maybe it was the alcohol clouding her judgement. Regardless, she liked whatever was going on. His hands had drifted from her face to her neck to her hair to her shoulder, gently tracing the outline of her bra strap. She brushed her hand down his chest, pulling gently at the collar on his shirt. Only when his leg pressed up into her and her breath hitched did she realize the weight of their situation.
The way he pulled away to hover over her signaled that he’d had the same revelation, his eyes wide as he stared down at her. “Um…”
“Yeah?” Dread crept into her despite the pleasant haze she was in. 
He swallowed, hard. “I can’t believe I did that.”
Draco was on the other side of the bed in seconds, wringing his hands and keeping his eyes fixed on her floor. “Oh, my god, I can’t believe I did that. I’m sorry. I’m drunk and I’m not thinking straight. I’m so sorry.”
“Is something wrong?” She didn’t know if he wanted her to touch him, but she wanted so badly to place a steadying hand on his shoulder. “Did you not”
He scoffed and turned his gaze up to the ceiling. “I had too much to drink. I’m sorry.”
“Oh.” Y/N felt the blood drain from her face as she fell back on the bed.
That’s all it was. A drunken mistake. 
Tears pricked at her eyes as she surveyed her options. Despite the fact that she was drunk off her ass, she knew she couldn’t just tell him to leave without making her feelings clear. She never explicitly told him that she wanted him and it wasn’t like she moaned his name or anything--thank god--but what other option did she have? She didn’t want to cry in front of him, and if he stayed in her room any longer he would without a doubt witness her alcohol induced cry fest. 
NBC finally switched to ads, and Y/N granted herself permission to mourn the fact that Flo from Progressive would forever be ruined for her. 
It was dark enough for her to quickly reach up and wipe her eyes undetected, granting her enough confidence to sit up and look at him directly. “You don’t get to just...kiss me like that. I hope you know that.”
“I know,” he said. His hands were clasped tightly together and rested on his nose. “Fuck. Of course I know.”
“But you can tell me you meant it to be just as friends,” she told him, hoping he couldn’t see how hard she was fighting back a new wave of tears. 
“As friends,” he repeated, his tone flat. 
“As friends,” she said. 
“I don’t think either of us are daft enough to believe that.” 
Her stomach twisted. “What do you mean?”
“Maybe things are different in America, but I don’t see you doing that sort of thing with Lizzy.”
“We can forget about this. It’s fine. I know you regret it.”
He exhaled, his breath long and shaky. “I didn’t stop because I regretted it.”
“Then why did you?”
“Is it because I’m a muggle?” His silence was everything she needed for an answer. “Okay. I had a feeling.”
“Y/N, it’s not like...I don’t know how to explain it.” He still wouldn’t make eye contact with her. “I just don’t know what to do.”
“About what?” 
“About this!” he said, dramatically gesturing to her. “About everything!”
“I don’t understand.” The tears began pricking in the corners of her eyes again despite her best efforts. 
Draco finally looked at her. She was shocked by how genuinely distressed he looked--the last time he looked at her like this, she’d been laying on the ground outside of the antique sore. “I don’t expect you to.”
His tone was low, careful. He was holding back.
“Can you just tell me how you feel about me, then? Just so I know?”
“It’s not that--” He stopped himself, sucking in another breath before he continued. “I shouldn’t. It’s not right of me.” He groaned, flopping onto his back and covering his face. “This wasn’t supposed to happen.”
“Hey,” Y/N said, reaching out to awkwardly pat his shoulder. “I meant it when I said that we could just forget about it. We’re friends, Draco. Just friends. I know you didn’t mean it. Let’s just pretend this never happened, ok?”
He was quiet for a bit before responding. “Did you...want me to kiss you? Did I make you uncomfortable?”
“As in, did you want me to stop?”
“Oh.” Y/N cracked her knuckles. “You didn’t violate me if you’re asking to gauge how guilty you should be.” 
“I’m glad to hear that, but that’s not why I’m asking.”
“Okay,” she said simply. He was still laying in her bed, and she hated the fact that her bed was going to smell like him until she washed everything. 
“So?” He raised an eyebrow. “You didn’t answer.”
“We’re friends, Draco.” She sent him a weak smile as she repeated her previous sentiment. “I trust you, so you didn’t make me uncomfortable.” 
She was aware of the fact that her sentence didn’t exactly track, but she wasn’t particularly concerned with the literary quality of her speech.
“That still doesn’t answer my other question.”
“I…” She felt her throat dry up. “I want--I wanted you to kiss me. I’ve wanted you to kiss me for a while now.” 
At this, he finally sat up and looked her in the eyes. She thought she could see the briefest glint of relief pass over his face before he managed to rein it back to a neutral expression.
“Did you want to kiss me?”
“I was the one who kissed you, not the other way around, yeah?”
“That still doesn’t answer my question,” she snipped, hoping he caught on to her mocking. She’d missed sparring with him. 
“Yes, I kissed you because I wanted to, not for some weird ulterior motive,” he responded, rolling his eyes despite the fact that his cheeks were clearly very pink, even in her dimly lit room. “Though I agree it’s best if we just stayed friends.”
“Yeah.” She felt her face fall, but she managed to catch it before she looked too devastated. “It’s all water under the bridge. Now we know not to drink together again.”
“That too.” He shifted, clearing his throat before making eye contact with her again with an uncharacteristically soft expression. “But the damage is already done, I suppose?”
“I suppose,” she echoed. “You wanted to kiss me? Actually?”
“Should we really talk about this? After what we just said about staying friends?”
“We’re going to feel regret tomorrow morning no matter what we do now, “ said Y/N. “Might as well.”
He smiled one of his rare smiles--the ones where his eyes went all soft and he dipped his head to hide it. “Yes. I really do. Want to kiss you, that is.”
“I really want you to kiss me,” she blurted out before slapping her hand over her mouth in shock. “Fuck. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say that out loud.” 
His smile morphed into more of a smirk as he crept closer, his hand resting on top of her knee. “So can I do it again?”
“Draco…” She sighed.
“The damage is already done,” he repeated as he reached his hand up to brush a lock of her hair behind her ear, his fingers dragging down her neck. The smug look that formed on his face after she drew a quick breath in confirmed that he knew what he was doing, that fucker. “You said it yourself--we’re just friends.”
“I’m going to hate myself in the morning if I say yes.”
 Draco’s hand drifted over her jaw, his thumb pausing to trace over her bottom lip. “You can hate me instead.” 
This time, it didn’t surprise her so much when he leaned in. He was notably less desperate, taking time to draw breaths in between kisses and lacing his fingers through hers, squeezing. Once he seemed satisfied, he lifted her chin and brushed the hair away from her neck, kissing down from her jaw to her collarbone. She shivered, and he drew her closer by wrapping his arms around her until she was sitting on his lap.
“Wow, you’re such a good friend, Draco,” she managed to joke. She could feel the smirk that formed on his lips as it passed over her clavicle.
 “Shut up.” His teeth grazed over her delicate skin before he sucked, eliciting a gasp from her. She could feel him smile again. 
His hands teased the bottom hemline of her sweater, his fingers tangling in the fabric but not moving it. She sucked in a breath, feeling his hands ghost over her skin. 
“Are you okay with…”
“Yes!” The answer came out much quicker than she would’ve liked, but the grin on Draco’s face made it completely worth the momentary embarrassment as he helped her out of the thick cable-knit sweater. “Now is your chance to dote on me and tell me how beautiful I am. As a friend, of course.”
“You stole the words right out of my mouth,” he said. He looked like he was positively glowing as she smiled and leaned in to kiss him, slow and deep. His hands found her back and hesitated over her bra clasp.
Before he had a chance to do anything, Y/N started fiddling with the buttons on his white shirt, successfully undoing the first two before she noticed that Draco had frozen completely.
“Is something wrong?”
“Kind of,” he said. “Maybe...not now, okay?”
“I had a feeling that was too much,” she admitted, reaching for her top before realizing he’d tossed it across her bedroom floor and suddenly feeling very exposed.
“It’s not that…” he said, trailing off. “I just...should probably tell you some things before my shirt comes off. And I don’t think tonight is the best time for that.”
“Oh.” Y/N tried to make herself look like she understood whatever he was on about. “Yeah, of course. Oh! Is it about that tattoo you tried to gaslight me into believing didn’t exist?”
“Y/N!” he exclaimed. “I didn’t gaslight you!”
“Here you go again,” she huffed. “I rest my case.” 
“And I am not getting into that now,” he said. “I didn’t want to talk about it for very good reason.” 
She reached up to his shoulders, dragging her fingertips over his collarbones and watching as he gazed up at her. “That’s okay. We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.”
The corners of his lips turned up at this, and she took the opportunity to press a chaste kiss on the edge of his mouth. “I think we should go to sleep. We have enough material to regret for tomorrow at this point. Any more and I think we’ll be getting greedy, so--”
Draco cut her off with one last kiss, his fingers splayed out across her back, pulling her impossibly close before finally releasing her.
“Agreed.” He let out a sigh before sliding her off him and standing up to grab her runaway sweater. “Do you want to sleep in this? Or do you want me to get you something else from your dresser while I’m up?”
“Um…” She was frozen at the prospect of him watching her change clothes. “Probably something else. Top left drawer--just pick whatever.”
He sifted through her piles of random T-shirts before settling on one with the UChicago logo and tossing it to her. 
Y/N pulled it over her head, grateful for the fact that he wasn’t staring at her with only a black lace bra that barely did its job. 
“So, uh, I think I should probably go then,” he said. 
She fought the urge to ask him to stay. “Yeah, that’d be best.”
His mouth opened like he was about to say something, but he closed it and frowned. “So I guess this is goodnight.”
“Goodnight, Draco,” she replied. “I’ll look forward to agonizing over this in the morning.”
Once the sounds of his footsteps heading down the hall faded, she finally allowed herself to flop back onto her now Draco-scented sheets.
What the fuck just happened.
final a/n: hellooooooo ! it finally happened! i hope this didn’t seem rushed or unnatural to you guys but like. it’s been over 30k words and i thought you guys deserved something. yes i am going to be leaning into the whole “we’re just friends” trope while definitely not being just friends. yes i am going to drag astoria into this i’m excited i hope yall enjoyed
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hi I suddenly got this idea when I was trying to sleep so yeah hope you enjoy miss b.
Hate Ringing
“God.” The girl groaned in annoyance, looking everywhere but at the guy who was sitting next to her.
“This is your fault.” She heard him say, she turned her gaze to him. “How the fuck is it my fault exactly? You started it.” She said, sounding pissed when he rolled his eyes.
“You made me start it.” He corrected, “in fact, you being a bitch made me start it.” He pointed out and gave her a cold look as she raised her eyebrows at him, scoffing in amusement.
“Listen here, lee whatever the fuck your name is, you being popular where you intimidade everyone around doesn't mean it works on me too. Better watch your mouth before I close it in my own way.” She threatened, he let out an airy, fake chuckle.
“As if you aren't popular yourself.” He mumbled, looking at the side.
“Did you forget what I am popular for tho?” She asked with a fake smile, he turned to look at her. “Snapping people's necks, but don't think that threat works on me too.” He spoke. She smiled, “Oh really? all I did was push you back and stand in front of you and that confident cocky look on your face vanished in a flash.” She reminded him. “Why the fuck are you even sitting next to me, damn.” He groaned, wanting to stand up.
“Lee Hyunjae, sit back down.” He heard the teacher sternly demanded from afar, “This is your fault for having a fight in front of everyone in the hall. Better reflect on yourself.” He continued, hyunjae looked down at tooleen to see her smirking at him.
“Do we really have to sit next to each other? This is a detention, not a nursery. the whole fucking class is empty why would you make her sit right next to me.” He raised his voice as he slightly pushed her away by the shoulder. she shot him a harsh glare. “Watch your language, she is gonna sit next to you and that's on final. Sit down or you two aren't going home today.” The teacher said as hyunjae let out a frustrated sigh and sat back down loudly, sending the girl next to him an eye roll just like she did in return. “I don't even know why do you see yourself above everyone when in reality you're just a piece of shit.” She mumbled, loudly enough for him to hear but not for the teacher to. He narrowed his head in her direction. “Listen here you brat, if you want me to watch my mouth then you better do the same. You can break necks I can definitely do something worse.” He threatened her, using a low tone so she would only hear it.
She rolled her eyes for the umpteenth time today, tsking. “Asshole.”
Boy she was testing him.
He kicked her leg with full force under the desk as she flinched and looked at him with wide eyes. “For calling me an asshole even after I warned you.” He sent her a death glare. When she was about to stand up he locked his eyes with her, giving her the softest, most innocent smile you could ever see.
“Please don't do anything, we have to go home today you know.” He used a fake "charming" voice, keeping the innocent look on his face as he glanced at her fist in the air. He reached to hold it and put it down on her side, harshly forcing her to sit back down on the chair by her shoulders.
Basically the rage that wasn't shown on his face was shown in the strength of his hands pushing her back down.
“Aye, see how cool you'd be when you listen to me?” He leaned forward, patting her forearms. She knew she couldn't do anything because the teacher was watching them, but the way she was holding herself from just raising her foot and kicking him across the whole class. damn her limbs were twitching in anger under his grip.
“You have three seconds to let go.” She whispered and shut her eyes and raised her shoulders for him to get the hint. He smirked, seeing how it pissed her off. he continued on it after glancing at the teacher to find him watching the scene silently from the corner of his eyes.
Finally letting go of her slowly, she opened her eyes and sighed sharply, looking at his still innocent soft expression as he rested his head on his fist. “Damn it, how could you have those soft ass features when your personality is basically the worst.” “You just see me differently, everyone loves this worst personality you're talking about. Girls scream when they get the chance to take a glimpse of me.” He said confidently.
“You're still an asshole.” She gave him a death glare and crossed her arms, looking at the other side of him.
“and you're definitely still a bitch.” He replied.
It was all peaceful in the hallway until the great tooleen and hyunjae had to put a show for everyone to witness.
“Cocky as ever.” She mumbled to herself and she gave a disgusted look in his direction, and he caught it. It's not like she got scared of anything, she did want him to see her being so disgusted just by his presence.
He, of course, known as the most handsome and charming basketball player in the school team, never even caught someone taking a glimpse of him with a cringed out expression. Everyone gave him the lovely eyes from afar. indeed he was unapproachable just like the female who just dared to send him a disgusted look.
“I've actually heard of you, so many times.” Both unapproachable by others, but for him, it seemed to be nothing to him to just approach her and give her a tiny little threaten to not dare to put that disgusted expression on her face when he's near ever again.
“Glad you have, it's not like I have a reputation or anything.” She replied coldly, resting herself back on the lockers with her arms crossed. He gave her a soft smile of amazement, seeming to be a sarcastic one.
“Yeah that's exactly what I heard about you. Anyways, mind telling me what's making you feel so.. cringed?” He asked, holding his basketball on his side as his friends watched the scene from the other side of the lockers. They would never miss such a scene like this. tooleen and hyunjae's first ever physical interaction, sounded so interesting, and so scary.
“Hm, how do I say this.” Tooleen pressed her lips together, seeming to be thinking about it for a short moment. “Well in a very easy way for you to understand, you.” She smiled at him.
an airy chuckle let his lips, “Me? I'm making you that cringed?” He asked, she hummed. “Yes! exactly! I'm so glad you got it!” She said happily, yet so sarcastically.
“Whats making you so cringed about me?” He asked again, using her happy tone in a mocking way. She sighed, “Honestly, I can't describe it.” She paused, “Just how you act like.. you.” She shrugged, turning around and opening her locker. He scoffed. “So that's what you're known for, your bratty and sarcastic ass.” He said as he leaned his side on the locker next to her so he can face her, turning the ball on his finger casually.
“Thats what I'm known as? as I told you before, it's not like I have a reputation or anything. If I'm called a bitch, it won't even seem like I give a single fuck.” She replied calmly, going through her textbooks inside the locker. Once she removed her hands away from the locker to fix the hem of her dark grey buttoned shirt, her locker was slammed shut in front of her. She didn't even flinch at his move, keeping that calm face on as she looked at him with a smirk, still trying to fix her shirt.
She was pissing him off.
“My poor locker didn't do anything for you to slam it like that.” She said innocently, “When I'm talking, you better look at me instead of acting like you don't care.” He spat lowly, making her laugh. “Why should I? it's not like we're close or anything. in fact you were the one who came up to me and it was your choice to speak to me. this is how I run conversations, like it or not that's your problem.” She turned to face him properly, folding her arms.
“This is exactly why you don't have friends.” He slightly grinned before giving her an up and down look, disgustingly.
“Who needs friends anyway? I'm good on my own. Even though it's weird that you know that much about me and we never interacted before. interested much, I guess.” She shrugged and grinned back. “What are you even so popular for? it's not like you've got the looks or the personality.” He scoffed, he said it in a way that sounded like yeah look I'm famous because I've got those and you don't.
“Well too bad you only got the looks, personality is too trashy on your side.” She scrunched her nose and shook her head, his friends went oohing quietly on the side as they watched the both of them roast each other.
Hyunjae sent them a quick glare before turning back to the girl, the grin coming back to his face when he realized what she has just said. “Oh so you're admitting that I've got the looks.” “Yeah, kinda. Definitely not my type tho.” She shrugged, hyunjae didn't know how to reply to that so he just quickly went “You aren't my type either, don't think high of yourself.”
“Who said I do? do you think I'm lee hyun whatever that name is? I'm not him. so I don't think high of myself like he does.” She smiled as he rolled his eyes to the side.
He was so pissed off now.
And he didn't want to continue the conversation anymore.
The rage that was in him wanted to come out so he just let it out by harshly throwing the ball in his hand at the girl and walked to his friends with a cocky, mixed with annoyed expression, if that's even possible.
A very dumb move, lee hyunjae.
before he managed to walk away he felt a tap on his shoulder and he turned around, the ball went flying to his chest in a flash but he managed to catch it with his hands. Just then he felt his back crashing into the lockers as a hand was slammed right next to his head, looking in front of him to see the girl from earlier with a dark look on her face.
and he only heard gasps through the whole hallway, knowing that everyone was definitely witnessing the scene.
He looked at her with wide eyes.
“What? so scared now?” She asked sympathetically, “Listen, it was all fun messing around with you in the beginning but who said you could just hit me like that and walk away like it was nothing?” a scary smile went on her face as she leaned closer. His friends watching the scene in shock.
“Come on, Lee. Act like a man and do something, your reputation is falling down in front of everyone where you're literally just being pinned against the lockers by a girl.” She said with a confident smile.
damn she was so right.
His reputation was crushed in pieces to some people.
The ball, still in his hands, fell down between the both of them as he pushed her off him, walking to her in a quick motion as she backed her way back to the other side of the lockers.
They did switch places, but they did not switch expressions.
She was still smirking, he was hesitant.
“You—” He harshly held her by her arms and crashed her back into the lockers. “Hey hey hey! what's happening there?!” A teacher's voice echoed in the hallway as hyunjae turned his face to find him at the end of the hallway, walking in their direction.
He looked back at tooleen, letting her go as he backed away from her. He sighed frustrated, pushing his hair back.
“You two, detention for starting a fight in the middle of the hallway.” The teacher pointed at the both of them, they widened their eyes. “Wait what?! I literally didn't do anything!” Tooleen said shocked as hyunjae scoffed loudly. “Says the one who literally pinned me against the lockers awhile ago.” He spat as she looked at him. “You literally just broke my back just now you piece of fu—” “ENOUGH!” The teacher yelled. “Both of you, detention. NOW.” The teacher continued, looking at everyone else in the hallway. “Go back to your classes, you have five seconds.” He pointed at them.
And that's how basically the both of them got that detention, and now they are forced to sit there next to each other with the urge to murder each other too.
“I hate you so much damn.” He groaned as he slammed his head down on the desk, she let out chuckle. “it's not like I've ever loved you either.” She rolled her eyes.
And that's how the three hours of detention went like, just them expressing their hate for each other every single minute.
“FUCKING FINALLY.” She yelled as she rushed from the desk and walked her way out of the class before he scoffed and jogged after her.
“Woah woah where do you think you're going sweetheart.” He pulled her by her arm back but she immediately yanked herself away. “You got pinned against the lockers like a pathetic weak piece of shit earlier, I'm down to do even worse than that if you touch me again.” She threatened him as he laughed. “Oh I'd definitely love to see you try. We aren't done, let me tell you that.” He gave her a harsh look before walking away, making sure to bump his shoulder with hers.
“You're still a fucking asshole.” She yelled at him. “And you're still a fucking bitch.” He yelled back without turning around.
the school was all empty when they both got out of their detention as she stood alone in the empty hallway after he left from the school gates.
It's when suddenly her ears started ringing loudly, as if a broken tv was literally placed on her. She shook her head multiple times, groaning while holding her ears.
And that's what exactly what happened with him when he was in the streets walking casually. It managed to make him stop aside for a minute to try to maintain the powerful ringing in his ears.
“Dude, you looked fucking hilarious. HOW COULD YOU EVEN LET HER PIN YOU LIKE A PIECE OF TRASH IN FRONT OF EVERYONE!” He heard his friend yell loudly, laughing with some others at the memory of their friend being pinned against the lockers by a girl, and it was her out of everyone else.
“Stop talking about it.” He groaned as he eyed the huge screen in front of him, already annoyed. “But dude, what happened was legendary. what she did was some queen shit.” “Shut the fuck up, Sunwoo.” Hyunjae glared at him.
“Damn I could have witnessed it too.” He heard his other friend aka his friend's girlfriend say in disappointment. “Fuck yeah you missed the whole scene, b. it was such a sight.” His friend chanhee pointed out, Hyunjae clenched his jaw.
“Can you stop talking about it already?” He stood up after aggressively throwing the remote on the floor, “Chill out, we're just messing around.” Juyeon shook his head, hyunjae scoffed.
“Well you messing around is fucking annoying, it's not even funny.” He spat angirly, Sunwoo oohed when an idea struck his mind.
“He's mad because he was pinned against the lockers by a girl guys, stop annoying him.” Sunwoo said sarcastically as the others laughed loudly again. Hyunjae gave sunwoo a death glare, wanting to choke him before Younghoon held him back by his arm from the couch. “Let him be, you know how he is.” He said.
Sunwoo was having the time of his life, “Wait wait come here.” He pulled Changmin and placed him a bit away from the wall. “Y'all I'm tooleen and he's hyunjae.” He said as they all watched, sunwoo imitated the way the ball was thrown at hyunjae's chest and pushed Changmin back on the wall and placed his hand next to his head, still imitating Tooleens expression and the way she stood in front of Hyunjae, “What? so scared now?” Sunwoo said, holding his laugh with Changmin as the others behind them started snorting, trying to watch the scene without their laughter interrupting. “Listen, it was all fun messing around with you in the beginning but who said you could just hit me like that and walk away like it was nothing?!” He continued the act, snorting himself before they all fell into loud laughter and wheezing.
“WAIT WAIT WE FORGOT THE BEST PART!” Changmin yelled as everyone went quiet again and watched them, Changmin pushed sunwoo away from him as he kept backing him to the other wall and holding him by the arms before pushing his back on it, perfectly imitating the scene that happened today.
“You.” Changmin mocked Hyunjae's 'You—' before they all yelled and fell on the floor while laughing on the top of their lungs.
Hyunjae shut his eyes and inhaled sharply, holding himself in.
“That was so hot of you, lee hyunjae.” Sunwoo said through his loud laugh. “Like did you really think it would scare TOOLEEN TO DO THE EXACT SAME THING SHE DID TO HER?” He yelled louder, Hyunjae bit his bottom lip still trying to hold it in.
“No wait wait,” Sunwoo wheezed, switching places with Changmin as he held his arms. “Y-You,” He tried not to wheeze again, “PLEASE DONT TELL ME THAT WAS A THREAT.” He turned around and laughed on the top of his lungs along with the others.
“This isn't funny.” Hyunjae coldly spat as he glared at them. “IT FUCKING IS! YOUR REPUTATION DUDE—” Sunwoo replied with wide eyes, still snorting as he tried to be serious and keep his laugh in. “This is literally everything.” Bebi laughed as Hyunjae shifted his gaze to her, looking disappointed. “Sorry sunwoo won this time, I can't.” She looked with an apologetic smile at the mad figure standing there.
“Fuck this shit.” Hyunjae spat angirly as he stormed out of the room before slamming his door shut, once he did the ringing got again in his ears as he groaned loudly. he covered his ears and bent down.
This is the second time.
Even though it was painfully loud, he just thought it was a temporary thing and maybe he has got too much water in them while showering or something.
Suddenly and unintentionally, the thought of Tooleen crossed his mind again when he heard his friends fainted laughter from outside his room.
He clenched his fists, sighing in frustration.
“I'll fucking kill you, Kim sunwoo.”
on the other side, she was sitting down in front of her laptop going through her Instagram lazily and then she decided to go grab a cup of water, on her way back to her room her ears nearly exploded. The ringing became worse as if there was a neon banger near her head, it became powerful that the glass in her hand went down to the floor and breaking into pieces. She didn't really seem to care as she tried to maintain the loudness almost exploding her head.
Hyunjae went to her mind almost immediately, still unintentionally tho, and she couldn't feel anything but anger. She didn't even know why.
they hated each other to death.
“You won't do anything today to her, right?” Hyunjae heard the cockiness in his friend's voice next to him as he rolled his eyes. “Shut up.” He said, not giving him a glance as he heard sunwoo laugh. “Oh please, yesterday's show was so entertaining, you should definitely do it again.” He whined, “And get detention again? leave me the fuck alone.” Hyunjae spat bitterly as he walked over to his locker, still followed by the younger boy.
“You can put the show differently this time you— oooohhh weelll hello there beautiful.” Hyunjae furrowed his eyebrows and turned around to find Sunwoo flirtatiously walking towards the other side of the lockers and approaching the familiar girl, Hyunjae widened his eyes.
“Sup.” Sunwoo leaned on the lockers next to her, having a smirk on his face as Hyunjae gritted his teeth, not knowing what to do.
Sunwoo noticed the way the girl in front of him raised her eyebrow at him, practically because he was hyunjae's friend and he just came to flirt with her at eight in the morning.
“How have you been, especially after the long ass detention that you got yesterday.” Sunwoo pushed his hair back as Tooleen shut her locker closed, sighing and turning to face him. “If you've got anything left to say except being an ass, I'm leaving.” She smiled at him, but for some reason some parts in her didn't let her move from her spot when she locked eyes with him properly, staring at the male in front of her, if it wasn't for how sleepy she was, it was probably because of how stunning someone could look at this time of a morning.
“Actually, I've been great, especially when your friend had to be stuck with me in that long ass detention you know.” Tooleen grinned, Sunwoo was definitely taken aback when he realized she was having a normal conversation with him, the smirk on his face disappearing for a short moment before coming back. He glanced back and saw Hyunjae had his eyes narrowed in their direction, he smirked harder.
“You know, I was always interested in... you?” Sunwoo shrugged at the end of his words, tooleen let out an airy, sarcastic chuckle. “What is that supposed to mean?” She placed her hands in her pockets, imitating the way he was leaning on the lockers.
“it means that we should hang out sometime, I know you'd be down for it with me.” He replied, Tooleen laughed. “What made you think I'd be down for it? love how your confidence is reaching mars here.”
She wasn't gonna lie, she was kinda interested in him too. Despite his cocky ass and that confident smirk he keeps on his face just like his friend who she hates the most here, she still saw sunwoo differently, but didn't wanna show it.
“Hey,” Sunwoo leaned forward, “We both know you'd be down for it. stop denying it.” He lowered his voice, winking at her. “Well maybe I am, after school today?” She asked casually, his cocky and confident expression vanished as he stared at her blankly. “What— wait you mean you actually—” “Fucking come with me you piece of shit.” Hyunjae suddenly held him by his jacket and dragged him away as Sunwoo stared at him confused. “W-Wait— YES AFTER SCHOOL TODAY! I'M ALL FREE! SEE YOU!” Sunwoo yelled for Tooleen while being dragged away by his jacket before Tooleen smirked.
“You've gone fucking insane.” Hyunjae almost roared at sunwoo as he pulled him into an empty hallway, Sunwoo stared at him with a wide, confused smile. “Dude we're hanging out after school today can you believe it.” Sunwoo said, laughing in excitement as hyunjae held him by his arms. “You won't hang out with anyone after school kim fucking sunwoo, did you forget who she is? She's gonna use you to piss me off.” Hyunjae spat madly, Sunwoo shut his and pushed him off. “Don't think everything she does is revolved around you, dude. Since what has just happened is rare then she of course ain't lying and using me to piss you off. Just get over it, or admit you are jealous.” Sunwoo smirked kinda darkly at Hyunjae as the male in front of him let out the loudest laugh you would ever hear, it echoed around the whole empty hallway they were standing in.
“Man do you know what you just said? She's my fucking enemy, Sunwoo. I hate her more than anyone else I know. And you, can't hang out with her or even go near her because I know what she's trying to do.” Hyunjae spoke after his laugh died down, noticing how sunwoo pulled a cold blank expression in front of him.
Hyunjae gave him a confused chuckle, “Please don't tell me you actually believe her?” “and what if I do? what are you gonna do about it?” Sunwoo interjected, “If there was someone she was interested in, Sunwoo, it would definitely be a wall. She is Tooleen. She ain't like the other girls who would be down to hang out with a guy after their first interaction. Come back to your senses.” He slightly pushed Sunwoo's forehead back with his finger, Sunwoo gave him a disgusted look.
“Again, not everything she does is supposed to be revolving around you. And we both know how much she hates you just like you do.” He said before walking away, and leaving Hyunjae who was frowning alone in the empty hallway.
“He has gone mad.” He mumbled to himself, tsking in disgust as he imagined sunwoo and tooleen together.
if I could only show you how nothing really revolves around you, lee hyunjae. Sunwoo thought to himself and slightly smirked, “Whats making you smirk that much since we stepped out of the school you idiot.” The female in front of him rolled her eyes as he snapped out of his thoughts, looking at her. “Oh nothing, just how I managed to finally hang out with someone like you, im just praising myself for it.” He used a confident tone, she raised her brow. “Weren't you the one who was interested in me in the first place? I can literally leave you here now and not give a single fuck.” She replied and rested herself back on the chair, he licked his lips, laughing. “And I am, but hey, you can leave whenever you want. I'm not forcing you to stay.” He lowered his tone and it sounded challenging, she scoffed. “What did you drink this morning dude.” She shook her head, “Oh yeah I forgot, you're like this 24/7.” She said defeated, he smiled. “It's not like anyone doesn't like the way I flirt,” “Oh boy I fucking don't.” She interjected making him gasp. “No no, don't even say anything about it, you know how I am. I never fell for flirtatious asses.” She cut him off before he grinned, poking the inside of his cheek with his tongue.
“Then why are you sitting in front of me right now?” He asked, seeing the way she didn't reply but kept her previous expression on, he let out a confident chuckle. “See? Gotcha.”
“No you didn't.” She coldly said, the look on her face changing almost 180 degrees. a loud groan of frustration left his mouth as he slightly slammed his hands on the table in front of him. “Look at you, all bitchy and cold again. I didn't ask you to hang out with me so you could just use what your known for aka your cold sarcastic ass with me.” He growled, sounding mad as she raised her eyebrow for the billionth time that day.
“What are you so mad about? that's basically me who's talking with you at the moment.” She retorted. Sunwoo bit his lip, closing his eyes.
“Please make me feel like he's just wrong. you ain't doing it for him.” He mumbled, taking a deep breath afterwards.
“What?” Tooleen let out confused, furrwoing her eyebrows.
“You aren't doing this to piss hyu—” He stopped mid-sentence, suddenly changing his mind about telling her about it when he looked at her confused eyes. “I am not doing this to what?” She asked, sounding dead serious.
“Forget about it, can we leave now?” Sunwoo sighed, noticing the way Tooleen gave him a weird look before whispering a 'sure' and standing up slowly, both leaving the cafe they were sitting in.
On their way to Tooleens apartment since sunwoo had suggested walking her home because it was pretty late, he pulled out his phone to see literally 49 missed calls, 101 missed messages just from hyunjae.
He rolled his eyes, glancing at the female next to him while walking before opening the texts,
You piece of shit.
you're dead once you step in the dorm.
How fucking could you.
Kim fucking sunwoo, I'm killing you with my own hands.
Sunwoo I'm calling you again if you don't pick up you're dead.
Are you fucking serious?
is your phone dead? of course it is.
Just wait till I land my hands on you you fucking asshole.
Sunwoo tsked in annoyance, shoving his phone back in his leather jacket's pocket. Hyunjae definitely has to ruin it for him, first it was spat right on his face and now he just wouldn't leave him alone.
Sunwoo pulled his phone out again to see hyunjae calling him for literally the 50th time in the past few hours, “Who's annoying you that much?” He heard the female next to him finally speak after a while of silence. “Oh, uh—” He shoved his phone back in his pocket, “No one. it's just my friends.” He gave out a thin smile.
“I could have gone home by myself you know, you didn't have to make your friends that annoyed about you being so late.” She said sarcastically, he scoffed. “It's none of their business anyway, I can go home whenever I want and they can't do anything about it.” He replied, placing his hands in his pockets when he heard a low hum from her side.
“We're here.” She lazily said as she stopped in front of a doorstep, which was practically her apartment. “You've got a nice house.” He mumbled with a small smile, she searched for the keys in her bag. “Thought you were gonna judge since you were basically Kim sunwoo.” He scoffed after hearing her say that. “Come on, I'm not that much of an asshole.” “Oh trust me you are.” She gave him a glance, still searching for the keys.
“Finally damn.” She sighed while pulling out a keyring that had a bunch of silver keys, pulling one of them out before unlocking her door, quickly putting her foot in the small gap to block...
... a furry thing?
Sunwoo frowned when he saw her actions, “What are you— oh.” He stared at the cat that also stared back at him from inside her house, Tooleen noticed sunwoo's smile on his face. “She's the only one I flirt with, you should be jealous.” She said as Sunwoo snorted, shocked. “Hey, you flirted with me this morning, don't deny it.” “When did I do that? remind me again.” She grinned, “Well you have a nice cat, she deserves to be flirted with.” He looked back at the cat, Tooleen bit her lip, hesitantly thinking if she should do what she's thinking of or not.
“Hey.” She mumbled, taking a deep breath. “Come inside for a while.”
Sunwoo stared at her, blankly. “What?”
“Just so you could flirt with her, nothing more. I will kick you out afterwards.” She continued casually. his lips formed a confused, wide smile. “Wait, are you for real? like can I?”
“Just fucking come inside before I change my mind you idiot.” She said annoyed as he laughed and quickly stepped inside, a nice scent hit his nose as he accidentally bumped into the cat with his ankle, receiving a punch on his shoulder from the back. “What the fuck was that for?!” He widened his eyes at the girl behind him. “For hitting the poor creature down there.” “Hey i didn't mean to!” He said as she went further into her house, taking off her bag and jacket before sitting down on the couch.
Sunwoo bent down and carried the cat, facing Tooleens direction as he snuggled his face into the furr of her.
It was a sight, it was definitely a sight.
and for once, it made Tooleens heart warm because of it.
She tried her best to hide the wide smile that has been making its way to her face after seeing him, “Damn what is she so soft for??” He asked amazed as he patted the cat's back, hearing Tooleen chuckling from afar.
He turned around the couch to sit on it, with the cat still in his arms as he looked around, “Nice style, I like it.” He said impressed while looking at the black and grey walls, black couches and glass coffee table in the middle. “Do you live with anyone?” He asked as an airy scoff left her mouth, “They could have been dead a long time ago.” “Hey, don't be creepy like that.” He said annoyed as she grinned lazily at him.
I can't believe I'm doing this. she thought to herself, still eyeing sunwoo who was too busy playing with the cat and patting her nonstop.
She literally had no idea what made her actions change themselves when it came to him, she could have never let anyone in her apartment, and play with her cat. She just forgot what it felt like to have friends.
And even when he wasn't certainly her friend here, she still felt different about him.
And suddenly, she doesn't even want him to leave.
what the fuck have I become?
“Tooleen!” “Huh?” She flinched and looked at him with a frown, “I have been calling you for a minute, are you okay?” He softly asked as she realized she was only staring at him for the past time, too zoned out. “Ah yeah, I'm okay.” She mumbled tiredly, rubbing her face. Fuck this.
“Are you sure?” He asked again, titling his head as his hand landed on the cat's back again. Stop doing this you're making it harder—
“Yeah, I'm alright.” She reassured him, avoiding his gaze when he turned quiet, still confused on why she still hasn't kicked him out yet.
He thought she was gonna finally do it when she stood up, walking to him with a smile on her face as she bent down in front of the couch he was sitting on, scratching her cat's head.
“It's weird to see you smile like that, you know.” He commented with a low voice, she looked at him. “Is it forbidden for me to smile?” She asked. A warm, relieved smile itself made its way to his face.
“No, it's pretty. keep smiling like that.” He said, she felt how genuine he was being but still chose it to be another flirtatious comment of his. before she could even reply to that, something definitely had to ruin the moment.
And it was fast, really fast how the loudness came back to her ears as she yelped in pain, holding her ears before her body collapsed on the floor. Sunwoo widened his eyes, panicking as he rushed to the floor next to her.
“Whats happening? Are you okay? what is it?” He asked quickly and worriedly as he noticed the way she was holding her ears. “Tooleen are you okay?! Damn it!” He groaned before trying to help her sit up, holding her arms. “What is it? what's wrong?” He asked again as she hissed, the loudness becoming unbearable.
She couldn't hear him.
This is the third time.
and she didn't even know why Hyunjae crossed her mind for the second time it happens with her now, he would just always be there in her head when she hears those loud ass noises.
After a while of Sunwoo begging her to tell him what's happening exactly, the noises calmed down. She finally looked up at him to see how worried he was. “Are you okay now? all good?” He tried to help her stand up, she nodded her head. The noises finally fading away completely.
“My ears were ringing loudly, it's not a big deal. Sorry for worrying you this much I just couldn't hear you properly.” She mumbled, looking down as he patted her arms. “It's alright, but it did seem like it was serious tho, did you go to a doctor to check it?” He asked, “I told you it's not a big deal, I don't need a doctor.” She whispered, for some reason still not wanting to bring her eyes to meet him. “But—” Sunwoo let out, not knowing what to say anymore. He slightly sighed. “You're okay now, right? I should probably leave..” He murmured the last words while rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly, looking down at the cat.
When it became too awkward, he decided to finally just walk away from her before she held his hand and stopped him, shutting her eyes when she did so. Basically regretting it.
He froze in his spot and slowly turned around, staring down at her. “Is there something wro—” “Don't leave.”
Some parts in her literally cursed her for letting those two words out.
Sunwoo had no idea how to react to that, should he be happy? should he be concerned? he was totally dying once he goes home tho, so staying a bit more at her place won't harm anyone right?
Even tho he himself didn't want to leave in the first place, he just thought she was uncomfortable because he was there.
Guess he was wrong.
And oh he was so wrong.
Because one of the reasons she didn't want him to leave was for him to be a distraction from thinking too much about hyunjae.
Who was apparently the reason of her ears ringing so loudly like that.
“Fuck this fuck this fuck this.” Hyunjae cried in pain when the loudness became too much for him as he crouched down next to his bed, holding his ears as he wished it would go away soon. he wouldn't be surprised even if he lost the sense of hearing after a while.
This was the third time.
and again, he thought of her. he was doubting if she was the reason of this because he thought it can't just be possible. but he wanted something to distract him away from it. He can't think of her.
It made him sick to think of her.
After the loudness calmed down after which seemed like a minute, he slowly got himself up and left his room. He walked into the hallway and quickly rushed to sunwoos room,
to fucking find it empty.
He got mad, really mad. And it was when he went downstairs, seeing chanhee sitting on the couch in the dark and watching TV. “Don't tell me sunwoo still hasn't come back.” Hyunjae asked, trying not to sound mad. “I have been sitting here for too long, I didn't see him at all.” Chanhee replied, kinda noticing the anger on hyunjae's face as he pulled out his phone and dialed his number.
Make it 51 now.
When he saw how he didn't pick up again, he almost lost his shit, slamming his phone down on the table as Younghoon walked into the living room, frowning. “What is it?” “It's almost midnight and sunwoo still hasn't come back, he's not picking up his damn phone!” Hyunjae said angirly. “Calm down, he must be somewhere messing around with his frie—” “Oh let me tell you this asshole is with a girl right now.” Hyunjae spat harshly as Younghoon squinted his eyes. “What?” “You heard it right! He's literally fucking hitting on Tooleen out of every other girl on this planet thinking he might have a fucking chance!” Chanhee turned around from the couch and stared at Hyunjae with a weirded out expression. “Tooleen?” Younghoon repeated, shocked. “What the fuck do you mean he's hitting on Tooleen? Does that mean he's with her right now?” They all turned to find Juyeon walking into the living room, sounding confused. “He's not picking up the phone damn it.” Hyunjae inhaled from his nose when his foot hit the floor under him multiple. “I can't believe he actually did that even after I fucking warned him about—”
When the four of them heard the door of the dorm being closed and some soft footsteps afterwards they all looked in the same direction, seeing sunwoo walking in with an unexplainable look on his face.
Hyunjae walked in a quick pace to him and held him by his collar, “You,” He almost roared. “Where the fuck were you?” He continued, Sunwoo looked at him unfazed. “Why do you care?” He asked coldly before hyunjae held him tighter. “Of course I would fucking care when you never thought of picking up your fucking calls today. Were you with her? TELL ME!” “YES I WAS! I WAS WITH HER! AND I WAS PLANNING TO COME BACK EARLIER BUT SHE ASKED ME TO STAY LONGER!” Sunwoo roared back at Hyunjae, who looked taken aback when he processed his words. “Stop fucking lying, she wouldn't do that.” He replied with a low voice, Sunwoo scoffed loudly and grabbed hyunjae's arms, pulling them off his collar. “Well apparently she did, and I don't give a fuck if you believe it or not.” Sunwoo gave him a cold death stare before walking away. Hyunjae wanted to follow him before Bebi held him back, “Calm down, I'll talk to him.” She calmly said before walking in the way sunwoo left from.
“She'll handle it. don't worry about it.” Changmin assured him when he saw the unconvinced look on hyunjae's face.
“You gotta tell me everything that happened.” “I'm not saying shit.” Sunwoo replied instantly as he sat down on his bed, ignoring her presence after she closed the door. “Sunwoo.” She called, slightly sternly as she crossed her arms. “I said, Im not saying shit.” He repeated his words a bit harshly at her, but yet she was still unfazed by it.
“Listen to me, I'm the only girl living with you all and it's all crazy, ever since Changmin suggested me moving in with you it has been the most chaotic two years of my life. and since I've said it just now, I am the only girl within you all, I managed to deal with several situations like this before right?” She said and walked closer to him, he eyed her with a raised eyebrow. “Well definitely not like this one, but I still did fix some girl problems for some of you. remember Jacob's situation?” She reminded him. “And I know we two see the most to bicker in this house, but I came here to help you.” Sunwoo finally looked at her, she crouched down in front of him. A sigh left his mouth before he looked away.
“I...” He began, “I don't want anyone to help me.”
She pressed her lips together, her lips forming into a small smile. “Sunwoo, it's Tooleen who we are talking about. how can you trust her so easily?” She titled her head, he clenched his jaw in annoyance. “Why do you all think of her like that?! Okay I get it but like Bebi,” He paused, the look softening on his face. “She was being genuine with me, at first it started as a joke and I didn't expect her to actually hang out with me. Indeed she is cold and bitchy and so fucking sarcastic but today I saw a whole total different side of her. Hyunjae just wants to ruin everything for me.” He said as he bit his bottom lip, frustrated.
“He warned you because he cares for you, he knows how Tooleen thinks and he is also sure that anything she does with us aka his friends it would just to make him mad. You know how she is. How they both are, actually.” She pointed out, he shook his head. “Thats what I thought too, but when she told me not to leave it made me believe that she isn't doing this to make hyunjae mad.” He said, getting flashbacks from two hours earlier.
“Do you like her?” He heard her ask softly, he shifted his gaze to her. He was hesitant. “I-I don't know.”
“I think you do.” Bebi smiled as he got flustered and moved uncomfortably in his spot. “I said I don't know tho!” He tried to explain. “Who thought seeing someone get flustered because of a girl would be this cute to watch.” She mumbled as he glared at her. “Hey stop it!” He whined and pushed her away making her fall on the floor from her previous couch. “For a second I thought you turned into a soft kim sunwoo just because of her guess I was wrong.” She said before punching his ankle from the floor. “I should become friends with Tooleen if this is the case.” “Damn it get out of my room you shit.” He said as he tried pulling her up and push her out of his room. “Wait wait!” She stopped while laughing, “For real tho, I'm gonna help you out with it, I'm not gonna tell hyunjae that I'm on your side with this, but I actually kinda believe you. so just leave it on me okay?” She gave him one last smile. “Thank you, now get out.” He pushed her out and closed the door, hearing a muffled 'fuck you kim sunwoo' from the other side.
“Did you talk to him?” She immediately received that question once she left to the living room, hyunjae who quickly stood up once he saw her coming.
He was alone there with Changmin, everyone else seemed to be already sleeping.
“Calm down first, nothing is gonna be fixed when you're this mad.” She sighed and sat down next to her boyfriend. “Damn it B how am I supposed to calm down when he's being so fucking stubborn like this?! he thinks he's living a fantasy or something!” He threw his hands in the air as he leaned forward on the couch.
She sighed. “I talked to him—” “And what the fuck did he say?” He cut her off as Bebi rolled her eyes. “Hear me out first, Hyunjae.”
“There's no way, he must be out of his mind.” Hyunjae laughed after hearing her. “I know it sounds crazy but—” “Wait wait.” Hyunjae stopped her and shook his head while laughing, bringing his gaze back up to her. “She is using him.”
“No she's not—” “What do you know?” He smiled, raising his eyebrow. “You only knew her from afar, just like he did.”
“Okay but still we weren't at the scene and saw what has happened between the both of them Hyunjae. It can't be happening just because she wants to piss you off.” Changmin interjected.
“So you're taking his side?” Hyunjae smiled bitterly. “We didn't say we are taking his side, we are saying that you should just think of this differently and stop being so stubborn. We all know how Tooleen is and I'm not gonna deny how fucking sarcastic and fake she is, but what sunwoo said might be right.” Bebi explained, hyunjae took a deep breath and licked his lips. “I'm still against this, if he comes back heartbroken or crying don't say I haven't barked like a fucking dog about it.” He said before leaving the room.
“Ugh this gave me a headache.” Bebi groaned while rubbing her face. “Who told you to get yourself in this? younghoon could have dealt with it you know.” Her boyfriend said while resting his head on the couch arm, “younghoon wouldn't have known how to deal with this, min.” She sighed deeply, he sat up again. “But babe you clearly haven't done anything to fix the problem! I know you want to help sunwoo, I heard you.” “You were eavesdropping on us?!” She widened her eyes as he laughed. “it's not like you weren't going to tell me everything when we are alone again.” He grinned, earning a hit on his shoulder.
Sunwoo was standing lazily in front of his locker as he struggled to get one of the notebooks out, “Ugh fuck this.” He groaned before finally managing to take it out from under almost 7472827 books.
“Hey.” He jumped in his spot once he heard a familiar voice next to him, closing his locker to find tooleen standing there while leaning on her side. Sunwoo stared at her surprised, he was expecting himself to approach her this morning, not be approached by her.
“Oh uh— hey.” He mumbled and smiled, scratching the back of his neck as he turned to face her properly. She crossed her arms. “Why are you all shy now?” Raising an eyebrow she said, “What? who's shy? You look pretty by the way, except for the dark circles you're trying to hide.” He grinned as she shook her head. “Exactly, that's kim sunwoo right there.”
“Are you all good now? you actually fell asleep while we were talking last night.” He lowered his voice at the end of his words and let out a short awkward laugh, “So you were the one who got me to bed? I didn't feel anything.” She furrowed her eyebrows, remembering how she closed her eyes on the couch and the next thing was finding herself on her bed the next morning. “Well you were exhausted and you seemed too peaceful, I couldn't just wake you up or leave you on the couch so..” He said softly, pressing his lips together and looked away, she gave out a small smile. “Well thank you, I guess. sorry for keeping you at my place till midnight, I just— needed to stay with someone, which is so rare for me.” He smiled back, trying his best to hide how he felt his cheeks kind of heat up.
There hyunjae caught the scene with the corner of his eyes as he tried his best to stay calm, seeing how openly and comfortably they both were talking together just sent him over the edge. It's wasn't jealousy, it just made him feel worse for sunwoo. He looked like he was the happiest ever and he knew that's what made Tooleen satisfied; making someone feel the happiest then fucking crush their heart into pieces. He couldn't just see sunwoo going through that right in front of him.
Or maybe it was just him, maybe it's different.
At least he was gonna make sunwoo feel happy for now, and let him live the fantasy that's in his head.
But he knew he had to deal with her, instead.
“So, wanna hang out after school today too?” He heard her suggest, he stared at her shocked. “Is the great tooleen asking ME to hang out?” He almost yelled as she pushed his shoulder, “I don't wanna hang out anymore then.” She gave him a disappointed look before trying to walk away, he was quick to catch her arm. “Wait I'm kidding! of course, let's hang out again. do you want to go to that cafe again?” He asked as she seemed to think. “Nah, let's change our location this time, I have the perfect place in mind.” She winked at him before walking away, Sunwoo stared at her figure walking away lovingly before dramatically leaning his back on the lockers and clutching his chest, smiling widely.
Dude the way hyunjae was nearly losing it.
“Hey! what are you— let me go!” “Shut the fuck up and come with me.”
Tooleen was literally being dragged all the way to the back of the school while still struggling to get out of the guy's grip who was still tightly holding her wrist, she even tried kicking him on his leg but yet he never budged.
She can't use her strength now.
When he finally reached an area where no single human was actually watching, he harshly turned pulled her in front of him, giving her a sharp glare. “Listen here, I'm gonna say one thing. Fucking leave sunwoo alone and don't you dare go near him ever again, if you want to fucking make me mad then do it with me, do not use my friends to fucking do it.” He spat angirly and stepped forward.
“What do you mean use your frie—” “Oh you know fucking exactly what I'm talking about, you're using sunwoo and making him believe that you're interested in him just to piss me off.” He cut her off.
“What?” She asked confused as he clenched his jaw, already done with her bullshit. “Just fucking stop okay? if you're doing this to me then keep it between us, do not get sunwoo into this. I will fucking beg for it just— don't do anything to him.” He breathed. Tooleen squinted her eyes at him, not believing him. “What... what makes you think I'm doing this for you?” She asked with a low tone, suddenly sounding cold as well. “Because I just know you are. I know how you are. If anything happens to sunwoo because of you then i won't for sure stay fucking still.” He threatened her with a dark voice before storming away, leaving her there with a frown.
Right after Hyunjae left her there and in a quick moment the loudness were back in her ears again, wincing in pain as she backed away to the wall. Everytime it would happen and it would just make her body weak, too weak.
what in the world is this.
“I'm so glad that shit of a place was closed.” Sunwoo said so relieved before he was welcomed by the familiar cat from last night, crouching down and whispering a hi to her. He scratched her head twice. “it wasn't even that bad.” Tooleen mumbled coldly after taking her jacket off, “You were literally taking me to a haunted house, how is it not that bad?” he mocked her words annoyed. “It's not my fault you're a scaredy cat.” He noticed something different about her tone, she sounded weird.
“Hey are you okay? you sound... off.” He did assume she was just exhausted from all the walking, “I'm off all the time.” She replied, “But I'm sure there's a reason for it this time.” He said before sitting down next to her, leaning his side on the back of the couch to face her.
The conversation she had earlier with hyunjae never left her mind ever since he walked away from her, it just made her suddenly feel insecure, feel different about sunwoo. Has it always seemed like she was just playing with his feelings in hyunjae's eyes? It just made her frustrated how even when she actually was being genuine to someone, it seemed fake to everyone.
and it made her guilty, because sunwoo did seem like he was feeling something towards her. especially when he acts all soft, shy and gentle when he's with her, unlike the cocky self of him when he's at school.
The cat came quietly and jumped on sunwoo's lap making him smile, patting her multiple times and kinda getting distracted by her a bit.
“Sunwoo.” Tooleen called out. “Hm?” He turned to her, his fingers still buried in the cat's fur.
“Do I..” She began, not knowing if she should continue or not. “Does it seem like I'm just using you?” that question almost came out as a whisper. he frowned. “What do you mean?”
she took a breath, shutting her eyes. “Please tell me it doesn't feel like what I'm doing with you is just because of Hyunjae.”
“it doesn't. and I'm sure that you aren't using me.” He said seriously, “What—” “Listen to me, I have been warned by hyunjae so many times that I even lost count. All he tells me is that you're using me to make him mad. but I trust you, I just know that you probably wouldn't act this comfortable and even let someone like me inside your house twice and hang out with me. it just doesn't make sense.” He explained. “Does that mean you believe that I'm being real with you?” She asked as her face softened at him, he nodded. “You wouldn't do it, right?” He asked, she let out a small tired smile before shrugging in a teasing way.
“I've got a question tho, what made you treat me differently than anybody else? am I your first friend?” He gave her a silly smile, hugging the cat in his arm before placing his head on the back of the couch, almost snuggled himself into a ball. She turned to him, “I'm not sure, you just got to me.” She blinked slowly, “Does that make me special to you?” He asked, she shrugged again, trying to hide her smile. “It's still unbelievable how you chose me out of everyone else in the school, I mean look at me. Didn't you say you weren't interested in flirtatious asses? that's basically me.” He laughed at himself, “I did say that, but you've got a different side too, which is soft and shy.” She replied as he scoffed, “I'm not soft and shy! I just do that when I'm nerv—” “I think I like you.”
Sunwoo stayed silent for a moment before breaking into a laugh, “nice joke that actually got me for a second, don't do it again.” He continued to laugh as he heard nothing in response, locking eyes with her as his laughter died down. His head stopped functioning.
“I'm not joking.” She mumbled to him softly, “fuck you for getting my feelings messed up, kim sunwoo.”
“What.” He whispered, his expression was unexplainable, as if he was tiredly drunk and just got hit on his head. He thought his ears were lying to him and he was just hearing shit.
“You still don't believe it?” She smiled, when the look on his face didn't change, she sighed and fixed her position, sitting on her knees as she leaned forward, stopping when their faces were only inches away. Both of their breath hitched, the confidence that Tooleen had was no longer there where she couldn't move forward anymore, Sunwoo's heart was literally out of his chest when he just sat there waiting for anything to happen. When Tooleen sighed in slight frustration and shut her eyes after remembering what hyunjae had accused her of earlier, she backed away, only to be pulled back where sunwoo finally landed his lips on hers. it lasted for nearly three seconds, and Tooleen almost screamed when he broke it. Staring at him with wide eyes. “Don't act like you weren't going to do the same thing when you leaned in just a minute ago.” He whispered. And he wasn't gonna deny the fact that his heart burst when he pulled her back, he didn't even know how he did that, and why.
“Damn Hyunjae for thinking Im only using you for him.” She whispered bitterly before completely backing away from him. “If what just happened wasn't you intention then I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me.” He apologized with a low voice, thinking it made her uncomfortable or something.
“It's... fine. I'm the one who confessed first anyway. and you weren't wrong, that idea wasn't completely out of my head when I leaned in. I just don't know why I stopped.”
Sunwoo stayed quiet for a while before opening his mouth again. “So what you said earlier, were you... actually serious?” “what do you think?” She gave him a look of disbelief, “I just can't— believe it.” The words got got stuck in his throat before leaving it. “Just forget what has just happened okay? God this is awful.” Tooleen groaned and covered her face, “No wait, I actually like you too. Im not sure if I have made it obvious before but I'm finally saying it now.” He said softly, reaching to take her hands off her face. “I know since you might be someone who's inexperienced of having friends and most importantly boyfriends would feel awkward about this, but don't worry. I won't force you to be with me, I'll wait for you until you're all ready for it.” He assured her, she shook her head. “No. let's date, I just want that asshole to get the idea of me not using you in his head.” She said, getting pissed over the thought of Hyunjae.
“Wait does that mean we are.. a thing now?” Sunwoo mumbled almost speechless, she turned to face him and nodded, he slowly shook his head with a smile that became bigger and bigger each moment. “There's no way, just tell me I'm dreaming already.” “You're not, stop it.” She said, before he quickly hugged her and wiggled her body happily.
“Just wait till he knows about this. He will fucking explode.”
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nobodywasfound · 28 days ago
Hey, I want you to hear me out of this idea I just had today! So I went through the Minecraft wiki and saw the 2017 mob vote then scrolling down to see. There were different type of creatures like the sea monster creature in the ocean. Then the idea sprung out and my brain said hey what about the reader being a hybrid of these ancient creatures. I thought about them being creatures that were long forgotten by humanity and how creatures were never seen again by humans! This can be series of the reader meeting the smp people in their spawned then becoming best friends with the smp and how they react to the reader being this long forgotten ancient species that dwelled in this world. I can see the hybrid reader having characteristics of those creatures like the wildfire which was a type of blaze that had these floating shields! It can a separate type of a hybrid reader that differs or it can be the same type of hybrid for each member! What do you think of it??
Loved your idea!!! Hope you enjoy! I had a blast writing this! :) Thanks for requesting!!! I love your requests!!!
SBI / wildfire hybrid!reader [platonic]
Tumblr media
Philza could swear that there was something off about that fortress, he just felt it, almost like a warning bubbling up in his chest.
“Are you sure we need those blaze rods Techno? I think we have enough from the other fortress” he asks towards the pink haired man by his side, this one chuckles “are you tired already, old man?” the piglin hybrid teases, making Philza laugh
“Stop bothering dad, Techno” a small blond boy gives Techno a small punch in the arm, making the piglin groan “why did we had to take him with us Phil” Tommy scoffs, placing his hands on his hips proudly “because I’m a big man and you pussies couldn’t make it without me!” Techno groans again, pushing the kid out of his way, walking inside the base they had made in front of the fortress “I’m very sure that’s not it”
Tommy blows raspberry as he follows Techno inside the base, swinging his iron sword around, almost like a lil kid “Stop playing around with that sword, you dumb child. You are going to break something” Wilbur scolds as soon as he sees Techno and Tommy walk in. Tommy frowns and swings his sword more aggressively with a smug smile as Wilbur sighs
Phil chuckles at the scene as he looks through the chests placed around, making sure they have all the supplies needed to loot the fortress, he still felt nervous, not sure why.
Tommy suddenly approaches him, looking at the chest with a confused gaze “what are you looking for dadza?” Phil can’t help but laugh at the nickname “just checking we have everything ready” Tommy stares at the chest for a couple of seconds “we don’t have a lot of blocks, I’ll go mine some netherack” Phil nods as he ruffles the boys hair slightly “alright, be back soon tho, I’ll look for you if you don’t”
Tommy shakes him off with a chuckle as he grabs his pickaxe and leaves the base, starting to wander around the Nether. The Nether had never been his favorite biome, it was hot and dangerous, but fun to explore and gain experience, he had lost count already of how many times he had snuck out with Tubbo into the Nether to mess around.
He walks towards the fortress, starting to dig into the floor around it, taking him just a couple of minutes to get four stacks. He chuckles proudly as he digs into the fortress, falling inside one of the hallways, ready to head to the exit.
But,,, he sees something
A golden shine at the end of the hallway distracts him from his path, Tommy pulls out his iron sword, slowly walking towards the odd shine, it didn’t look like a normal blaze shine, it was something different...
“What are you doing inside my fortress, human” a sudden voice speaks making Tommy yelp as he looks behind his back, finding you, standing in front of him.
You looked so odd. Not in a bad way, just odd.
Half of your face was normal skin, human skin; but the other half was yellow, almost golden, there were big golden shields floating around in you in circles, they were so big and shiny, Tommy almost felt like touching them.
“Boy? Are you going to answer me??” You push again, feeling slightly threaten by the blond boys silence, your shields floating around you protectively, Tommy shakes his head “sorry it’s just, you scared me” you raise an eyebrow at the boy, crossing your arms over your chest “I scared you??? As far as I’m aware you are the one who is walking around my home after making a hole in one of the walls”
Tommy chuckles awkwardly, looking back at the wall he had broken “oh yeah, sorry about that” he focus his gaze back at you “who,,, who are you?” Your shields disappear in the air as you notice that the boy is not violent at all, or at least he didn’t seemed at the minute “I’m Y/N and this is my fortress, I would appreciate it if you left” you say sternly, sounding more of a warning than a recommendation
“Well I am Tommy, sorry about your wall, I can fix it before leaving if you’d like” he scratches the back of his neck awkwardly, your glare softens at the kid, he seemed nice? For a weird reason, in all the years you had live in the Nether you had never met a human as nice as that human kid “It’s fine Tommy, no need to” you smile gently at the blond boy, and he reciprocates, putting his sword away
You can’t help but feel slightly drawn to Tommy, he seemed so nice and excited to explore, you sigh “look kid, if you promise to not break anything you can continue to walk around, even take a thing or two of the chests, alright?” Tommys eyes light up at the thought, he nods excitedly making you laugh
You decide to give the kid company as he walks around the fortress, making sure that none of the mobs try to hurt him, after all, any mob at this point always listened to you.
Tommy likes your company, he continues to walk around, snatching things from the chests and just wandering around. The fortress you lived in was nothing like the ones Tommy had seen before, it was full of gold blocks and shiny decorations, it seemed almost like a castle in his eyes, it was exciting, something new, he kinda wished Tubbo had went to the trip with him.
As the both of you approach the top of the fortress you hear noises of arguing coming from outside the fortress, your shields quickly materializing around you, Tommy looks at you with a confused/awed glare “those shields are awesome” he mutters under his breath but loud enough for you to hear, you smile and materialize a shield around Tommy, making the blond boy gasp in awe “holy fuck, this is so fucking awesome”
As soon as you guys reach the spawner of blazes you float up, checking the perimeter around the fortress “is something wrong?” Tommy asks after a long silence, you float back down, sighing “there are some humans outside the fortress, they seemed to have made a base”
Humans were so annoying to you, always taking things and destroying whatever is in their path, you had fought and killed so many humans already but they always seemed to come back and make a mess of the Nether, killing everything and everyone on sight. So cruel.
“Oh, that is my base!” Tommy replies as he looks down, a bright smile planted on his face.
Well, maybe not all humans were that bad.
“Hm” you nod as you continue to look down with Tommy “Did you come here alone?” Tommy chuckles and focus his eyes again in you, that kid was so expressive with his movements “nah, I came here with my brothers and da-” and suddenly he freezes, just for a couple of seconds “OH FUCK I FORGOT I HAD TO GO BACK!” He exclaims, covering his face with his hands “oh gooodddd, dadza is gonna kill me—”
You can’t help but chuckle as you pat Tommy back “c’mon kiddo, let’s head back” the boy nods as he gets back up on his feet and walk by your side back to the hallways.
As soon as the two of you approach the exit, you notice three persons in front of the fortress, clearly arguing with each other. You look back at Tommy and you just know that the boy is in deep trouble, you giggle making the shield around him spin slightly, catching his attention “I’m getting grounded” he whines, tugging at one of your sleeves
You ruffle his hair gently “good luck with that, now go, your family must be pretty worried” Tommy looks up to you “hang on, you are not coming with me?” You cringe at the thought of having to talk with humans (other that Tommy) “sorry kiddo, I don’t get along with humans very well”
“Bullshit, you got along with me very well” he crosses his arms and you swear to god he pouts “Still, no thank you” But he doesn’t give up, Tommy grabs your hand (the human one, the other one would have burned him) and drags you towards the exit as you groan
“Dad!” Tommy exclaims as the both of you make it out of fortress, he lets go off your hand as a tall man with black wings leaps towards him, wrapping him into a tight hug “TOMMY!” You stare at the boy and his father as another boy in a yellow sweater joins them into the hug “Thank Ender you are okay!”
Tommy laughs “of course I’m okay!! A big man like me would never die in the Nether, cmon!” You can’t help but giggle at the comment, making the four boys look at you, three of them suddenly noticing your existence “This is Y/N!” Tommy smiles as he point as you “they live inside the fortress”
Techno crosses his arms “so, we gotta kill them now?” He genuinely asks towards the boys making you instantly tense up, your shields materializing around you protectively “of course not Techno! What the hell man?” Wilbur scolds him, giving the piglin hybrid a quick punch in the arm
“Sorry about them” you look towards who is talking, finding Phil next to you, smiling “I’m Phil, I didn’t knew an hybrid lived here, I’m terribly sorry” You can feel how your chest relaxes as you sigh in relief, your shields suddenly disappearing in thin air, you almost thought there you guys would have to fight “it’s alright, Phil”
Suddenly, Wilbur approaches the two of you, scratching the back of his neck awkwardly (kinda like Tommy had done before) “sorry about Techno, he is kind of an arsehole. I’m Wilbur” you nod at him, pulling your human hand to shake his “nice to meet you Wilbur, no worries” tommy quickly runs towards his brother, tugging into his sleeve “show him the trick you did Y/N!! It’s so fucking cool”
“Alright Tommy” in a blink of an eye a big golden shield appears around Tommy, covering almost his whole body “holy fuck that’s so weird” Wilbur mutters as he presses the tips of his fingers against the shield. “You are a blaze hybrid? That’s interesting, never seen one like you” Techno suddenly speaks from behind, making you yelp “Holy shit- didn’t see you there” you chuckle, turning around to face the piglin hybrid “yeah I’m not an blaze hybrid, more of a wildfire one”
Tommys, Wilburs and Technos faces fall into a pure expression of confusion while Philzas turn into a surprised one, extremely surprised “No way! Wildfires have been extinct for years! Decades!” you sigh, trying to make space between you and the boys “yeah yeah, I’m aware, i have done a terrific job at keeping my existence secret from the humans so they don’t hunt me down”
Tommy expression falls flat “why would anyone do that?” You shrug, patting his head gently “no idea kiddo, some people are just like that” Tommy grabs your hand and stares at you for a couple of seconds, clearly thinking something carefully “come with us, you can come live with us, we will make sure nobody hunts you down”
You can’t help but soften at the innocent invitation, you shake your head as you ruffle Tommys hair “ask me other day alright buddy? Maybe I’ll say yes next time”
Little did you knew, that wouldn’t be the last time meeting with that one odd family
[thanks for reading!!! Hope you enjoyed!] edit: part two is out here!
Taglist: @theofficalbatanon @smbird @realitycanbeajerk @icryoverfanficseverynight @official-game-anon @bi-narystars
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zmayadw · 29 days ago
Evening to all :)
Time for the next part :)
Have a nice evening :)
I woke up with a terrible taste in my mouth. I had no clue what time was it, but the sun was out already, making me squint my eyes. I got in sitting position slowly, banging in my head intensifing with every move i made. Ugh, i'm never drinking again, i scolded myself. Squinting, I focused on the little alarm clock that was on the night stand. 10.34. Whoa, i cant remember the last time i slept this long. I got up from the bed and went to the bathroom. I filled the glass with wather, rinsing my mouth a few times before gulping down two glasses. My stomach growled at it, i just hoped not to throw up .Taking a shower would be a wise thing to do, so i just threw the clothes i had off and entered the shower. The warm water felt good, i just let it pour over me for a while. I wrapped myself in the towel taking some painkillers for the headache. Getting back to the room, i dressed up, and sat on the bed. I felt a bit better, but still not enough. Coffee, i tought, thats what i need now. I got up, going for the purse i threw on the floor when i got in, searching for my phone. Shit, i cursed, it wsnt there. I checked every pocket, even Jake's hoodie, but my phone was nowhere to be found. Crap, i probably left it at a the Aurora last night, when Jessy and me wer taking pictures. Or at lest i hoped so. Well, i was going for coffee, so i could stop at the Aurora eitherway. I grabbed my backpack with drawing stuff. Who knows, i might be up for some drawing, no matter I still felt woozy from last night drinking. I putted my sneakers on, grabed my stuff and car keys. Walking wasnt an option this time, i wasnt feeling well enough for it.
When i parked my car infront of the Aurora, I saw Dan's car was still there. I smiled as i left the car, guess i wasnt the only one sleeping late today. I hoped Phil was there already, and my phone too. I entered the Aurora, relieved at the sight of Phil behind the bar. I was washed with the smell of coffee, and as i neared the bar, I pleadingly said to him, sitting on the stool „Please, please, please, tell me i'm not wrong and that is coffee i can smell.“ Phil turned arround , not noticing me when i entered. He grinned at me „You are most definitly right! Would you like some?“ „Yes, pretty please.“ I said, as i putted my hand on the bar, and leaned my head on it as on a pillow. Phil chuckled at me „Want any sugar with it? Or milk?“ „Yes, please.“ I replied, and he vanished through the storage doors. He returned with a big cup of coffe putting it infront of me. I rised my head, took the cup, taking a deep breath of its smell, before taking a big sip of it. „Thanks, Phill, you're my saviour:“ i smiled at him as i settled it back on the bar. „Here to help.“ He said, winking. „Rough night?“ he asked teasingly. „Oh, i dont know how you can be so cheerful.“ I started „I feel like a truck hit me lastnight.“ He laughed „Practice to perfection.“ „I think i would need years of practice to be even close to that kind of perfection!“ i said, making a skeptical face. He smiled at me „So, to what do i owe the pleasure?“ he asked. „Dont get me wrong, im glad to see you“ he said, that devilish spark in his eyes again „But i doubt you came just to see me.“ „You caught me.“ I said, even tho it was nice seeing him. „I was hoping that i might have left my phone here yesterday.“ He shook his head at me, crouching down searchin for a few seconds under the bar, giving me my phone as he got up. „Better be carefull next time, good thing i noticed it as you left.“ „Yay, thanks Phil, again.“ I told him, giving him a big smile. „I owe you big time! Both for the phone, and coffee.“ His phone rang then „Sorry business calling. Be right back“ he said, answering his phone and going through the storage door. I checked my phone with him gone, finding out few missed calls and messages from Jessy. She was worried i havent answered her jet, so i decided to call her while waiting for Phil. The tone barely sugested it rang when Jessy's voice boomed from the other side. „Finaly! Do you know how worried i have been? Are you allright? Where wer you? Why didnt you answer me before?“ It made me smile a bit, her worrying for me like that was so sweet. „Im sooooo sorry Jessy“ i said pleadingly „I left my phone at Aurora last night, i just got here to get it.“ Phil returned at that point, and i mouthed to him 'Jessy's' name, indicating who i was talking to. Her voice boomed again, and i moved my phone a bit from my ear, wich made Phil laugh. „Ofcourse you did! Its no wonder after all the whiskey you had! Dan is still sleeping like a log! You two really had it last night!“ „Aww, Dont be cross, Jessy.“ I started pleadingly again „I promise next time we wont over do it.“ Phil was grining at me now, and i stuck my toung at him, trying to calm Jessy down. „C'mon, you cant tell me you didnt have some fun yesterday.“ I started „I have some pictures on my phone as a proof of it.“ Phil threw his thumb up, showing me i said a good thing, and i grined at him. „Alright, i admit last night wasnt all that bad.“ Jessy started, sounding calmer now „But you're still not off the hook completly.“ „Thanks, Jessy“ i started, grining as a sign of victory to Phil. „You can scold me some more at lunch, if the deal for it still stands.“  „Ofcourse!“ Jessy cined cheerfuly from the other side „Dan will be a sleep for God knows how long, and im already bored here.“ I quickly moved my phone from the ear checking the time. „Its 12.20 now, when do you want us to meet?“. „I'll meet you around 14 at the Aurora. I doubt Phil will mind you hanging there with him till then.“ She replied, teasing me. „Somehow i think you're right.“ I said, looking at Phil with a devilysh smile. „Cya later, Jessy.“ I sadi, lovering my phone. Phil looked at me,a bit confused „Wat was that about?“ „Oh, just Jessy being Jessy.“ I told him, grining. „Fine, fine, be all mysterious.“ He teased me. „Awww, c'mon, you wouldnt find me so interesting if i was an open book.“ I told him, smiling sheepeshly. He looked at me, with that intensifing look again, making me feel heat spreading through my body „You're not wrong about that.“ Crap, what are you doing again, Maya, i scolded myself. Phil was definatly into me, and i was toying with him like this. It really wasnt my intention, i didnt want him to get the wrong impression about anything. But it felt so easy for me, talking to Phil, compared to Jake. Why does all have to be so tough and complicated with him? It feels like walking on egg shells every time im with him: dont do this, dont say that. Shit, it shouldnt be that way, should it? Was i really that much into Jake? Blah, i dont know anything anymore. I wish he would be more open with me, it would make things so much easier. I was lost in my toughts when Phil finaly snaped me back to reality „Maya? You allright?“ I looked at him, shaking my head,  to clear it from all the 'Jake' toughts. „Yeah, sorry.“ I started „Guess the coffee didnt kick in properly yet.“ Phil looked at me, and i could see he didnt really belive what i told him, but decided not to take the matter any further „If you say so.“ Was all he said. I smiled shyly at him. „Do you mind if i just hang here for an hour or so, before metting with Jessy? I dont feel up to driving back to motel, and the coffee isnt bad here either.“ I tried, smiling, waving my empty cup at him. Phil looked at me, rising one of his eyebrows, and smiled devilishly „How could i say no to a beautifull woman?“ He took my cup, winked at me vanishing through the storage doors. I could feel my cheeks flushing again, and my heart beating faster. Shit, shit, shit..
When Phil came back with another full cup of coffee i asked if its ok if I sit at one of the booths, to wich he said  fine, since he did have some work to be done. I took my stuff and coffee setteling at the booth. I had a bit over an hour before metting with Jessy, i hoped some inspiration for work might come to me. I took my stuff out of the backpack, took my sneakers off, sitting with my feet up on the booths perch. I liked drawing like that. Leaning my drawing pad on my knees i tried to focus on my work, but my toughts just kept wondering off.  I tought about Phil, sneaking glances towards the bar. He was good looking, always nice to me, even tho everyone warned me that he was a 'no good' considering women. He never showed any sign of it towards me. He was easygoing, i enjoyed his company, we definatly clicked. Then there is Jake. I was definatly drawn to him, cant deny that. When im near him, it feels like when a moth is drawn towards fire. Cant fight it, its driving me crazy. But nothing with him is easy. Its like taking one step forward, then not one, or even two, but ten steps back. Its so frustrating. And with all that had happened, i feel like all the progres we had was completly gone. My head was still too woozy for thinking of stuff like this. I setteled my drawing stuff down, taking my coffee, leaning back in the booth. Maybe Jessy would have some advice fore me. Two heads are smarter then one, or so they say. But i should definatly talk to Phil, at least try to explain things to him. I dont want him thinking im giving him some false hope here. As if he could sense my toughts, he turned around, took his coffee and walked towards me. „Mind if i join you?“ he asked, and i smiled „Ofcourse i dont. I guess my inspiration is still sleeping, so no work to be done at the moment.“ He grined „Thats good for me. I can have the pleasure of your company for some more then.“ I chuckled at that, siping some more of the coffee. But i tought again about talking with him about everything.  My face must have gotten some serious expression, 'couse Phil looked at me a bit serious, before asking „Whats bothering you, Maya? I have a feeling you want to talk to me about something.“ I looked at him, those deep eyes of his gazing intensly at me, trying to dig up my toughts. „I do.“ I admitted after a moment „But to be hones, i dont know how to start .“ „Well, just do your best.“ He said, and i started to get the feeling of a knot at my stomach again. „Allright.“ I said, but the words didnt come easy after that. „I like you, Phill.“ I said finaly after a moment of silence. He chuckled „Ok, thats a good start.“ „Ah, but that was the easy part.“ I started „Now comes the tricky one.“ I could notice him tensing a bit, like he knew where this might lead to. „Ok, go on then.“ He said. „I enjoy your company, talking to you, its so easygoing. I feel we clicked, that theres some 'spark' between us, and i know you noticed the same.“  „You're right about that.“ He replied. „But..“ i started, and Phil interupted me, sighing „Ahh, there it is, the famous 'but' part.“ „Please, Phil, just let me say what i have, then you can hate me.“ He looked at me, his face getting a soft touch „I couldnt hate you, Maya.“ „Dont say it untill im not done talking.“ I said, a bit sadness creeping to my voice. „Alright. Please, continue.“ „Ok. As i started earlier,i like you, but i dont want to get your hopes up.“ I settled my coffe on the table, my hands fidgeting with the cup. Why was this so hard? „Shit, Phil, im a complete mess at the moment.“ I started „I myself dont know what i want, and its tearing me up inside. There is someone, and i dont know where I stand with him. And i dont want to start something new, if im not a 100% sure that its the right thing, that its something i really want. With no loose ends catching up on me.“ I looked up at Phil, him still not taking his eyes off me. „Am i making any sense to you here?“ i asked, lovering my head. I really didnt want to have this conversation, but that was me being honest. All of a sudden, i could feel Phil's hand covering mine, and i looked back up at him. He still had that softness written all over his face. „I appriciate your honesty, Maya.“ He started „Now let me be honest also.“ „Ofcourse“ i said „I expect nothing less.“ „Good.“ He looked at me more serious now. „You know i like you, you said it yourself. I dont know why, but i felt drawn to you the moment i saw you. Theres something in you that makes a man bedazled by you, i cant explain it differently.“ He paused for a moment before continuing. „And i get it, you dont want to get into something half hearted. And i applaud you for that. Because, if anything was to happen between us, i wouldnt want it that way either.“ He looked at me now, his gaze intensifing again, and i started to feel that heat again. „If it was to happen“ he continued „I would prefere if you wer in it with every inch of your body and soul.“ I was mesmerized by his words. He was so open with me, the words came so easy to him. Why cant it be like this with Jake. „Allrighty, that was pretty honest there.“ I said finaly, making an aqward smile. „You wanted me to be honest.“ He said, adding „And just so you know, im not going to make it easy for you.“ He looked at me now, with that devilish spark in his eyes again. I looked at him puzzled „What do you mean by it?“ He grined at me „Its like this: i will continue to act like i did so far, and you can do the same, cause, lets face it, we both like it.“ His grin widened, and i smiled back at him. „Good, you get me. But, until i get a confirmation from you about freely taking it a step further, i will do whatever i can to maybe, just maybe, help you feel a bit less messy and steer thigs in my favore.“ „And what if it wont end as you hope it would? Can you be ok with just being my friend?“ i asked him. He looked at me for a moment, before answering. „Honestly“ he started“i cant say i wouldnt be dissapointed, a little hearth broken probably, but i would respect your choice. And yes, Maya, if that would be so, i would gladly be just your friend.“ “Thanks, Phil, i appriciate all you said.“ I told him „I was kinda affraid of having this conversation with you.“ „You, affraid? I cant belive that“ he said, teasingly „Belive me, i was scared as hell.“ I said, adding to it „But im glad we had it. I didnt want it to become aqward between us at some point.“ „Not gonna happen.“ He said, winking at me. I smiled „Shit, you know, even thou i had enough yesterday, i could actualy use a drink right now.“ Phil lughed so hard „Awww, you really did get scared. We are in a bar afterall, you just say the words and ill bring you that drink.“ He said, looking at me with one raised eyebrow. „Only if you join me“ i said, grining at him „ And if you dont tell Jessy about it.“ He got up from the booth, smiling and winking before he left for the bar „Deal!“
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scarlet-fantasies · 29 days ago
🤬 With them? at school I didn't cuss for 2 years and I said " fuck " out loud when the teacher was outside, everyone was so shocked so it made me think what would they say 💀
Hi sweetie,
Yeah people were like this with me too. So then they asked me to say the word again so I did, it made some girl’s day. I thought it was weird. Any-who let’s go ahead and answer this question. 
oh my I made this too long I’m sorry.
From —->Prompt
Q:Hearing their gf curse for the first time
:: Eren::
He’s not opposed to it. Since he found it kinda funny but more so cute because you were mad.
I think the way he heard you curse was because some teacher was just being horrible and unreasonable so it made you upset.
“Gosh, he’s such an ass.” You’d say annoyed.
This made him laugh a little after seeing you pout looking at all the work in front of you. You just looked like a little kid to him so he just couldn’t help it.
After that incident he’s gotten used to it. So, sometimes you’ll curse at him. Especially when he’s teasing you and just being a jerk.
“C’mon I know you liked it otherwise you wouldn’t have been moaning.” He’d wink, with a smirk on his lips as he corned you once again.
“Your annoying.” You were embarrassed cause he not only caused you to moan but Eren made you moan loud enough for his brother to hear from next door.
“Babe, it’s good that he knows you’re mine.” Although his brother didn’t have a crush on you Eren still worried seeing you get along with his brother a little too well.
“Besides everyone should know that this cute ass belongs to me.” He’d say, bringing you close to him before smacking your ass hard.
Which of course hurts due to his hands being large and rather rough, plus he was hardly ever gentle.
“Ow! Fuck you!” You’d blurt not actually towards him but at the pain, which he knew judging by your reaction. 
“Sorry.” Covering your hands over your mouth now realizing what you said to him.
His brow raised whilst lips twisted into a playful smirk, “When and where?”
“Ewww, you’re disgusting!”
Eren honestly gets turned on when you say “fuck you” to him or in more extreme measures if you say “fuck me”
All I can think of is Gordon Ramsey but he gave me the idea. 😂😂
I was watching the show the other day lol.
plus some asked me something similar to this so I’m adding it.
I’ll provide a convo as an example:
“I have to do this all over again.” You’d realize disappointed.
“Aw babe it’s alright.” He’d smile.
You only shook your head try to fix the mistake you made on some project, still calm yet disappointed.
“May I can fix it—-oh wait I can’t. Damn, fuck me.” You say now feeling out of options on how to fix your project.
When he hears you saying this he can’t help but take it the wrong way and think of the way you’d squirm for him. omg eren!
He gets so turned on—-like you didn’t notice at first but through many times of you doing this you realized why he goes quiet mostly cause he told you at some point to not use that phrase around him.
“Y/n don’t use that phrase.” He’d grunt, scratching the back of his head whistle you were busy.
“Why, you haven’t had a problem with it before? I mean you curse too.”
“No babe, it’s not that. I just don’t want you to say that.”
“What, ‘fuck m—“ You’d say again a little confused only for him to cover your mouth.
“What’s so wrong about saying it?”
“I mean it’s not like-“ You stopped yourself after seeing Eren’s eyes flash with a hint of seriousness or rather frustrated look. But it wasn’t like he was mad at you he was sexually frustrated this time.
“Ohhhhhh—-Oh my gosh, Eren, I’m so sorry!” You say waving your hands in front of him frantically. You had no intention of turning him on, yet you did.
“It’s fine-“
Though the more you thought about the idea you thought it was stupid you apologized. “Wait a minute that’s means every time I said that, you were thinking of. . .“ 
And now it was your turn to be embarrassed.
Of course he only laughed seeing you so surprised. “Y-you pervert!” You’d say hitting his chest repeatedly til he caught your hands and held them. Making sure you wouldn’t hit anymore even if he was still laughing which made you annoyed. He of course hugged you from behind not wanting you to use your hands again.
“I’m never saying that ever again.” You’d say while still being his arms. You averted your eyes, your cheeks still red as you didn’t want to look at him.
“Hmm, too bad I think it’s a habit of yours now. You say often when you make a mistake.” He’d tease putting a kiss to your head still thinking you’re cute, despite the fact that you turn him on by saying that.
“Ugh, f***k me!” You’d say once again, annoyed by what he pointed out. Only to realize what you said and put your hands over your mouth now not trusting yourself around him.
Your blushed only deepened when he didn’t laugh but you were sure he was smirking.
“I’d like to, but I’m not sure you’re ready for that.” He’d tease, putting a kiss to your cheek while making his hug tighter.
“S-stop talking about it!” You’d squeak only to make him laugh.
he looks at it differently than Eren.
tho kinda the same
just some things change.
like for one thing I don’t think he curses as much as his brother does so his gf probably doesn’t curse a lot either.
(not saying Eren’s would do it lot tho either, cause that would be annoy)
anyways he’s just not the type to really curse, especially not in front of you.
He has this thing about not cursing in front you.
“Zeke you can just say it.”
“In front of my cute-little-sweet-n/n? I don’t think so.” He’d tease just to make you annoyed. 
n/n is nickname btw.
Now going on to the first time you did.
Well it was probably because you worried.
or more or so afraid.
Zeke brought you to see a horror movie with him and your friends, and after getting back you were still scared. You didn’t want to tell him that but tbh he may have already taken the hint. Seeing as you went up the stairs first but where pretty slow at going up the steps as you seemed rather catious.
A smirk made it’s way up to his face as he realized the moive did get to you. So Zeke, being the horrible boyfriend he is--decides to scare you!
As you’re going up the stairs he shuts of the light switch you switched on which makes you turned to him a little confused.
“Zeke why did you turn the lights off? We can’t really see in the dark.” You’d say confused, yet beyond paranoid.
“Who said I turned them off?” He asked, pretending to be confused.
You swallowed hard before stating, “Zeke, stop lying.”
He could tell you seemed a little worried and unsure yet not afraid enough. But he was almost there he just needed something.
“Did you see that?” He asked looking around like he saw something.
“See what?” You freak, just a little.
“That over there.” He pointed. And if the world wasn’t on his side today, that would be a lie because not long after the wind screamed
“Oh my gosh—shit!” You’d yell worried and ran down a few steps causing you to bump into your boyfriend’s chest.
Of course he couldn’t take the joking anymore and just started to laugh which made you mad caused you realized what he did.
“You ass!” You’d say being upset while he laughed and shook his head.
“You’re swearing a lot. Is that when happens when you’re scared?” He teased now ruffling your hair.
But of course the weather only got worse so thunder cracked.
“I’m no—Ahhh!” You scream, jumping in his arms as he held you like a baby.
You only buried your face into his chest not wanting to move because you were paranoid still.
“Aww don’t be scared.” He’d laugh before stroking your hair and carrying you up the stairs.
“I’m not scared. I was just surprised.” You’d huff not wanting to admit it.
“Alright, you weren’t scared. But I’m not a fan of the profanity.” He joked while walking up to his room with you in his arms.
“You’re the one that’s trying to make me die!” You defended.
“I was only playing, but I could punish you.” He grinned wiggling his eyebrows at you, setting you on the bed before taking his jacket off and pinning you down on the mattress.
“Zeke please, at least turn the lights on.”
“Admit you were scared.” He whispered, planting kisses on your neck, making you shake at the feeling but you didn’t want to give up your composure not yet.
“Zeke I-“
“You what baby?”
“I-I I’m not afraid.”
“We should work on honesty while we’re here to.” He winks before unbuttoning the buttons of your shirt.
Overall you better know what your getting into with Zeke.
Now if you curse randomly out of no where he doesn’t really mind but he’ll act like he does.
So even if you don’t say it very often he will look at you and try to scold you about it.
But he’s only teasing you.
He’ll always say, “Language babygirl.”
Or even things like “Badgirl”, or a simple “Baby” and he’s giving you the look of you’ll pay for saying that.
Though you always ignore that fact and just laugh.
But be aware that he would punish or really pleasure you when he wants.
Just cause it gives him the excuse to and he wants to see you blush.
He’d even warn you in front of people just to make you feel awkward.
“Babe, punishment~” he’d somewhat whisper making your face go red.
Sometimes he will laugh if you curse cause again when your mad he finds it cute.
Like he just can’t express how cute it is too him.
But overall it’s just a way for him to tease you.
Tumblr media
:: Previous Post::
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felassan · 29 days ago
Extended thoughts on the Dark Fortress preview pages [spoilers at link]
(Would I be an MJ if I did not do this? This post is under a cut due to spoilers.)
I like the preview pages a lot, I’m excited for release - roll on March 31. There’s a lot packed into just these limited pages, so I’m looking forwards to seeing the issue and its contents in their entirety. 
A flashback to the Battle of Ostagar all those years ago is the last thing I was expecting when coming to this comic and it hit me with a one-two of feelings and nostalgia. Up there just off-screen, the Hero of Ferelden and Alistair have just lit the beacon in the Tower of Ishal. In these panels, the rain, the lighting, the atmosphere - it’s surreal (not in a bad way) seeing these fateful events again, back where it all kinda began really, and that page does a good job of replicating that cutscene and the heavy feel of it in a different medium. It’s a nice touch seeing surprise/unsureness and even conflict on some of the soldiers’ faces as Loghain gives the order to retreat. A couple of them even seen disconcerted as they walk away (looking at one another in askance). I like this take on Ser Cauthrien, and I wonder if Aaron ever encountered Aveline, Wynne, Carver or non-mage Hawke at Ostagar before the battle...?
Loghain’s words “He must do what his honor compels him to do” almost feel like a bit of metacommentary, i.e. on Loghain’s character in addition to obviously being about Ser Aaron.
In-universe before now, there have been varying accounts of Ser Aaron’s experience at Ostagar. Did he miss the fight, did he kill two ogres, etc. Now we see the truth of the matter is exactly as he told Vaea, which speaks of the trust and close relationship between the two. I’m not going to lie, the “I am coming my king” and subsequent panels make me cry on this re-read. Aaron reaching out for Cailan in his sleep with his other fist clenched, jerking awake from a nightmare in a cold sweat.. Aaron is so brave, he was the sole or one of the few soldiers in Loghain’s company to make this kind of stand (and you can see that there was a moment when he did turn to leave and considered it before turning back), and these panels convey the extent of the trauma that he experienced on the field of battle that day. I’m positive that in panel 2 here, it’s the exact moment when he sees Cailan die. It also hurts to think that not far from there, Duncan is seeing the same thing. They’ve done a good job integrating the new characters’ pasts with previous canon events with things like these. It’s like, expanding on things, but without anything conflicting.
When Aaron reaches for his alcohol skin I’m pretty sure his hand is shaking. Vaea is so tender and understanding/supportive at this part and it’s a really poignant and soft moment for them.. Aaron’s nightmares are a regular occurrence it seems. I love her and their relationship so much.. keeping watch over him while he sleeps a bit away from the others and the fire. ;; Also Autumn’s ears here, she’s lying down but still listening to what’s going on with and between her people. ;;
Brief pause here: I always appreciate getting a good sense where different events are taking place in the additional media. Also we now have in-universe confirmation that in the timeline we’ve now reached 9:45, as opposed to only external word-of-god. Do you guys ever think about your Wardens and how it’s been 15 years for them?
Tumblr media
Aaron is like a father to Vaea 😭
Fenris has two daggers now in addition to his twohanded sword. The better for ending Danarius’ bloodline my dear 🔪
Have they tweaked Fenris’ hairstyle a bit, compared to Blue Wraith? Possibly also his skintone and eyebrows, compared to Blue Wraith? (I find this kind of thing hard to tell. If I’m incorrect here please feel free to correct me.) He looks good in this preview.
Poor Francesca. Tessa is really kind at this part and it’s nice to see more moments like these between female characters (women supporting one another). It reminds me of the moment in a previous issue where Vaea hugs Francesca on the ground. Tessa makes a great point here that true strength isn’t necessarily being stoic and unemotional, it’s standing up for what you believe in and for the greater good, even at great personal cost. It’s not 'not crying' and hiding your sadness. That’s a nice message, and again, Fran has really grown on me.
I also think it speaks well of Fenris and his character development after all these years in-universe that he was looking for a way to help Aaron, then immediately thought to go speak to Francesca when she was upset to see if he could help her in turn.
hhh brooding silent Marius staring broodily and silently into the flames and not responding to Fenris’ attempt at making conversation tho, the gentle lampshading..  That’s so true to his character. These might be my favorite panels in the whole preview. Fenris’ dry wit and facial expressions, the general composition, Fenris peacing out like “ok bye ig” lmao. You also get the sense that Fenris is reeling a bit and feeling abandoned since Hawke and co split up. After trying to do something to help both Aaron and Fran above, he then tries to make conversation with Marius. He’s trying to lighten the mood but also to connect after being alone for some time. He has missed having a group around him, and I suspect this group with its varying troubles and issues reminds him a lot of Hawke and co. That both the humor aspect and this characterization comes through in these 3 panels is pretty brilliant.
We reach the titular dark fortress! If ever there was a fortress for a bad guy, huh? x) The narrow exposed causeway being the only approach is a smart line of defense, strategically. Also, the realization that this is where Fenris lived while he was a slave of Danarius’ :| It’s a horrible-looking place and will be full of bad memories for him.
If this is how stormy the Nocen Sea gets in places - well, it reminds me of the lore that in Thedas naval exploration beyond the known map has been historically limited by different factors like pirates, Qunari dreadnoughts, stormy seas and sea creatures etc.
Characters speaking their native languages in places is always a nice touch. Now we’ve heard “By the Maker!” in Orlesian.
Aspects of the style and architecture of the Tevinter buildings in this preview, like the window shapes and the red lights and stuff, echo or remind me of what we’ve seen of Minrathous in the most recent trailer and some of the recent pieces of concept art for the next game. Neat.
We have our name and identity for the mage on the cover! Tractus Danarius, bastard son of Danarius. Danarius fucked around huh. “Tractus” has a Latin root, fittingly for a Tevinter name. Its different meanings are quite interesting: being dragged, extracted, plundered, an anthem sung in some masses, an elongated area or abnormal passage... I wonder if one of them will come into play somehow, the name possibly having been chosen for a reason? I also wonder how young Tractus is relative to Fenris, and if their paths have ever crossed in the past.
Tractus makes his entrance with two elven slaves or servants in tow. Like on the cover, his eyes are red. The head of his staff is a red sphere, also. Can we assume a connection to red lyrium, then, given these factors and the villains’ interest in using red lyrium to power the sarcophagus? I would guess that as normal magic was required to make it work with blue lyrium, the thing required to make it work with red lyrium is blood magic? A blood magic ritual. My guess is that the thing Tractus shows Marquette and Nenealeus is probably a chained up dragon or similar, which they plan to sacrifice and use the blood/power derived from that to fuel the magic/ritual. This is considering blood as a theme in this setting, blood as a source of power mechanically and the dragon-like beast on one of the covers which has clearly at one point been shackled and collared. (Here’s some previous speculation about Dark Fortress based on the covers.)
Although Tractus’ relative youth and inexperience compared to Nenealeus comes across in these pages, I get the feeling that Nenealeus will regret talking down in this manner to Tractus later in the comic.
It seems Tractus paints his nails dark. His commitment to aesthetic I give 5/5 stars
Remember the fall of Ventus/Qarinus to the Antaam invasion in TN? The Antaam must be progressing through Tevinter if people fear that Neromenian may soon fall also.
I appreciate that everyone’s horse is different! It’s a nice touch. A lot of the time in media groups of people ride identical horses like they’re clones or automatons as opposed to actual creatures.
Tractus’ smile when he’s asking if they’re going to wait for Qintara to arrive is slightly manic, lol, he’s giving off “Are we there yet?” car journey energy here. The doorway in this panel - is that a portcullis-style door? It seems like it has spikes at the bottom which would sink into the floor, and that there’s some kind of mechanism running along the floor towards it. Presumably to contain the [dragon?]?
I forgot Nenealeus has a sword - I guess then he knows magic artforms similar to those of a Knight-Enchanter or Arcane Warrior. Also here, Marquette echoes the Executor in TN, with the sentiment that Qintara fell with Ventus. Nenealeus is then referencing Gaius, the impersonator Qintara, right? That’s interesting; Gaius’ true master was Fen’Harel, on whose behalf he accessed important information about the world. This means then [?] that some of the time when Gaius believed himself to be working on behalf of Fen’Harel, he was really being manipulated by Nenealeus. Poor Gaius, at different points Fen’Harel and Nenealeus were pulling his strings. Does Nenealeus’ manipulation refer to Gaius trading it away to House Danarius for information?
Marquette references the red lyrium idol, and suddenly my Dragon Age 4 ears are pricking the way Autumn’s do. x) He mentions that it makes weapons, referencing I assume Meredith’s lyrium sword, Certainty and the ritual blade that pops out from the base of the idol during The Dread Wolf Take You. I wonder when the events of this comic take place in relation to the stories related at the spy meeting in TDWTY? Is this before or after the events of the Mortalitasi’s tale? At any rate, Marquette voices something we’ve been obsessing over: what else can and does the idol do specifically, beyond just making weapons and being Ominous and Powerful? Because whatever it is, it’s key to Solas’ ongoing plans, and Solas obviously knows.
So it seems that the villains’ plan is to use the red lyrium idol’s sword part with the sarcophagus, red lyrium, a ritual and [the thing Tractus shows them in that panel - the dragon?] in order to transform Shirallas into, essentially, a Red Wraith, a Red Lyrium Fenris. And then to arm him, under Nenealeus’ control, with the sword.
Does Shirallas still have his vallaslin - is it just the lighting and the angle in that panel? Also, that panel with Shirallas and Nenealeus looks so ominous and foreboding 😭 .. (and reminds me somehow of Fenris and Danarius when Fenris was still his slave and bodyguard) Shirallas, we really are in it now 😭 This is a really cool panel btw, like the composition, the lighting, the dramatic-ness. 
Nenealeus is motivated by a desire to route the Antaam from Tevinter (like the mage in the Mortalitasi’s tale in TDWTY) and reconquer lost lands in order to restore the glory of the Imperium (which reminds me in a way of of Aurelian Titus, who also wanted to restore the Imperium to greatness). Classically Tevinter here.
“Danarius the Lesser” is a sick burn. I’d guess Tractus’ life thus far, as a bastard, has had themes and struggles with inferiority and consequent lack of power but desire for it (being disrespected, but craving respect, being connected to a certain world but not really part of it, in fact rejected by it). Venatori connection confirmed. That the Venatori had to be convinced to accept someone as a Danarius - implications for the role of the Venatori remnants and their role in Tevinter and things in general going forwards? Lightning flashes overhead as Tractus and Nenealeus have this face-off in that panel, emphasizing the tension between the two. I wonder what the magic in the fortress and in the courtyard can do? It’d have been no mean feat to escape from this place as a slave, it seems, especially bearing in mind there’s only one proper way out, that causeway (passage not included). Tractus’ staff-head lights up when he’s making a threat (uh-oh), and then wow! Shirallas moves so quickly, in the blink of an eye suddenly appearing out of nowhere and startling the guard-mage onlookers. He’s fast and formidable.
I wonder about Tractus. Is he a “half blood” because he’s a bastard and his mother wasn’t an Altus, or even wasn’t a mage, or because he’s a bastard and his mother was an elf? Or both?
Will we see a face-off between perrepataes (Marius and Shirallas)? Will Marius face-off against his former master, Nenealeus? Perhaps a showdown between the Blue Wraith and the “Red Wraith” is on the cards?
Back to our team in the tavern! There’s a looot of great character content packed into these pages, which is really cool. Each brief character interaction conveys a lot, and in general this sequence is just well-executed imo. How troubled and tired Aaron looks at the bar (my heart.. it hurts); Fran worrying for Aaron; Vaea knowing that she can’t pressure him too much because that’s just not how it works when it comes to folks who struggle with issues like these; Vaea asking after Fran’s wellbeing; Fran struggling to come to terms with what happened to her father; Fenris watching the door waiting for news (he’s so vigilant isn’t he? safety, an escape-route..); Marius Broods Harder; Vaea’s [relative] pacifism being highlighted; Vaea engaging Marius looking for reassurance; and the choice of having Marius break his silence now is meaningful and impactful in that it shows what happens when one becomes ‘numb’ to the constant murderizing of people, so to speak. Fenris then rightfully points out that becoming numb to killing and violence isn’t really a good thing and is worse, really, than being ‘soft’ or uncomfortable with it. I wonder if he’s speaking from experience here, given the hundreds of people Hawke and co kill their way through during the Kirkwall years, for example. Then Vaea’s concern for Aaron and his state of mind, and Fenris’ uncanny insight into that, of a man he’s only recently met.
Tessa looks so cute when she comes in the door! I love Vaea’s lil “:D” face when she sees her, and I wonder what the tavern food on the table is.
Those two panels, when Fenris talks about Hawke and Leandra, are the biggest emotional gut-punch in the preview pages 😭 omg.. I’m not strong enough for this.. bls... bruh... This is then compounded by (hitting me when I’m down!!) the look of sheer... fear, fury, alarm, upset, shock - that appears on Fenris’ face as soon as he hears “I found Danarius”. Seriously, look at his eyes here. He (understandably) still has a trauma-response associated with the name/man.
Bless Tessa. 
I have to say, it’s very Metal of Fenris that not only did he kill Danarius in DA2 (in those universes), but he has also been going around Tevinter since then killing all of Danarius’ [adult] heirs, and that his response to learning there’s still one remaining is to grab his sword and go to march off with the aim of ending the bloodline a second time. Very metal
I love the final panels in the preview as well! Vaea’s sense/smarts and how she wasn’t afraid to tell Fenris no, Autumn’s giant ears, how Autumn also moves with Vaea to step in front of Fenris to stop him (SHE! HELPED!!!), Autumn’s Happy Face and furiously wagging tail and agreement with Aaron, and Proud Dad Aaron rising from his slump to praise Vaea with the most Proudest Daddest expression that you ever did see...  ( ´•̥̥̥ω•̥̥̥` )
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kasey-writes-stuff · 29 days ago
I’m feeling very lee for Eret right now so take this
Eret definitely finds it super cute that you like being tickled!
He definitely figures it out pretty quickly like I imagine somehow when you guys are hugging he accidentally tickles you and he asks like “Are you okay?” And then you having to be lije “uh- yea- yea no yea I’m ehe I’m good I’m just... uh I just.. I’m just a bit... and you just accidentally uh...” They’re very confused but patient “you’re what? You don’t have to be embarrassed to tell me” and your face softens but your blush increases as you say “it’s just... I’m a little sensitive... and so when your fingers grazed my sides it know....” and their face lights up with realization “Oh! Oh I understand now” and they smile “You’re ticklish! It’s okay you know? It’s okay to be ticklish I mean even I’m ticklish” and you’re very grateful for him being so open and honest but also you’re internally screaming “uh yea yea uh thanks? And that’s good to know” you have a slight teasing smile he blushes slightly and pokes your side in warning “Hey i’d watch it I’ve heard before that I’m a pretty decent tickler” and your face is impossibly red and he asks “are you okay your face is like really really red right now” and you mentally curse yourself for not being able to control your blush “yea yea yea no I’m fine I just... I uh... anyways so uh get anything in your PO Box lately?” And so you try and change the subject and they raise an eyebrow slightly confused but go along with the subject change. A few weeks later tho he can’t help his curiosity and brings it up again “hey y/n?” You turn to look at him “yea?” “You know a few weeks ago when we hugged and we sorta found out each other are ticklish?” Your face turns a bright pink as you nod “uh yea...” “well I was just curious as to why you changed the subject, if it makes you uncomfortable we don’t have to talk about it! I was just sorta curious as to why you didn’t say the word and why you changed the subject” you take a shaky breathe “uh well it’s not that it makes me uncomfortable it doesn’t at all it’s just uh it more so just flusters me... and embarrasses me...because um.... I you know maybe sorta.... kinda... a little bit uh like it....” you cover your face with your hands and they gently take your hands in theirs and smile softly as they look at you but don’t force you to make eye contact “my dear it’s okay to like it you know? There’s nothing to be ashamed of about liking it” you slowly make eye contact with them “T-thank you... I’ve been told that before but it still doesn’t make it any easier... but it means a lot to hear it spoken again!” His smile widens as he says “of course dear” He plants a platonic kiss to your forehead “if you’d like I could tickle you right now” you nod shyly and so for the next small while your giggles and laughter are heard but before long Eret’s giggles and laughter are heard.
So def Eret starts out as a very soft ler casual teases that he doesn’t even really realize are teases at first and very gentle touches but as time goes on they get more and more comfortable as do you and so things grow more playful and more teasy. Definitely after a while the type to do the tickle monster and chase type games, also the type to do the tickling you when reaching for things thing but you do it back to them as well so it’s even haha, won’t tickle you in front of anyone unless he knows you’re 100% okay with it and he won’t tell a single soul about you liking it unless you say it’s okay! Once you’re both comfortable enough and into the more teasy playful stage sometimes he’ll slip the tword into conversations with others just to see you blush a bit and oh boi it’s hard to tell whether it’s worse when the conversation is with someone/s who knows because then they can casually drop the word as well and get pure enjoyment out of seeing you blushy and flustered and trying to act normal despite everyone in the conversation knowing... or whether it’s worse when it’s a conversation with someone/s who doesn’t know and so you really have to try and act casual so they won’t suspect anything... still he doesn’t do it to often tho as not to make you too embarrassed or uncomfortable!
Also this is all platonic so when it comes to romance.... if they know your crush doesn’t know about you liking tickling they’ll subtly tickle you sometime when you’re all hanging out and absolutely grins wildly with the upmost pride and satisfaction and he’ll occasionally drop hints to them on spots that get the best reactions! He absolutely loves how you just cover your face and groan when your crush says they’ll have to do this more often and he’ll definitely jokingly say “Oh yea! Definitely! I’m sure Y/N would love that right Y/N!?” And so of course your crush doesn’t know and just thinks they’re being sarcastic but you know the truth... and so yea eventually your crush figured out you like it and you’re definitely tagged teamed v often from then on!
Eret definitely uses their curls to an advantage when giving you raspberries and is sure to shake their head when giving you raspberries!
They’re not one much for tools just preferring to use their hands but sometimes they enjoy using a feather on your palms because they just find it so adorable how your palms constantly twitch.
So yea that’s pretty much all I have but if you want more like this based on other DSMP members I can definitely do that just message me or inbox me or whatever with your requests!
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shinsouscatpisssmell · a month ago
>【Shigaraki】 rơųɬɛ
>chapter 3
Master list
An// the amount of research I did on puffins 💀 I also couldn’t kill off magne 🧍🏾‍♀️ I love her.
-puffins stomp their feet or shake their heads side to side to show ownership of a borrow for their mate
It's been a couple of weeks since you been with the league of villians and a lot has happened in that time span.
Well more like only four major things happen.
The first was the attack they had planned to capture bakugo ,who you had called your puffling cause he was so soft and cute. only to find out that even tho the mission was a success, muscular ,moon fish , and mustard got arrested in that process.And to make matters even worse bakugo got stolen away by the heros who so rudely faked giving you guys pizza and smashing your door to bits and hurting the rest of the members until you guys were able to escape thanks to a man that came out of the sky.
The second was you realized that the man who came from the sky was living in the tv. It wasn’t until later you found out his name was All for one who by the way didn't even try to make friends with you until they day of the attack. From which you secretly took a picture of him and was planning on going to sought out on a mission later to talk to him.
The third thing was that you have come to term that Shigaraki is an idiot who hasn't realized you have been courting him since day one. Like c’mon you were trying to show him you approved of his room to be sustainable for your lives as mates. You even tried to show him by claiming ownership of his room by stomping your feet and shaking your head side to side but he only thought you were throwing a tantrum for no reason and kicked you out of his room.
At least until he let you back into the room once he heard from an outside source (toga) that you were following a trail of shiny rocks that conciendentalhy led to dabi's room and you nuzzled him and played with his hair much to his annoyance. He even let you show him how to play bratz but got annoyed when he couldn't figure out where the hell the arrows were pointing to for the objective.
The fourth thing is that you are now waiting outside a door while they talk to a man with a weird bird mask who was so mean and looked at you like you had just passed gas in his proximity because you asked him to touch it to see if he’s beak was real.
This interaction making Shigaraki commanding you to stay outside and guard the door with a tall muscular man named rappa. It didn’t take long for you two to become friends after he asked you to fight him and you declined.
Until you both started getting bored and in boredom we all know you can get...creative ideas.
"Hey rappa, Can we take a picture together? I gotta put it in your friend page." You took out the Polaroid camera.
"I don't see why not. Overjerk has us stuck out here and from the way it sounds the meeting is calm." He bends down and you press the button that sets off a shutter and outputs a picture. Placing the camera down while shaking the photo you look over at rappa, "hey rappa?"
"What now,girly? You wanna try and fight me now?" He punches his fist together but you shake your head and put the picture that was just taken in your notebook.
"I was just wondering if you wanna try out one of my inventions?"
The people inside the room are oblivious to the chaotic nature of you two that was currently brewing.
As rappa had said the meeting was calm but very intense and soon escalating down hill rapidly as mange went to go attack overhaul but as soon as he was about to retaliate her attack they all stopped dead in their tracks when gunshots started popping off in the distant and giggles be heard.
"That couldn't be (y/n), right?" Magne puts down her magnet. While other members took their time thinking on it.
"Who the fuck are we kidding it's 110% chance it would be her." Dabi tells them as he was the first one out the door after the small group of yakuza members and soon the rest followed right.
Low and behold dabi's statement from earlier was true. It was in fact caused by you and the light brown hair man named rappa.
Specifically it was you on his shoulders firing off the same gun you had when you first met them but this time with real bullets and they were going through the roof of the place as you and rappa laugh with pure joy.
"Wasn't that thing filled with glitter?" Twice asked looking over to the others and Shigaraki groans.
“Who gave (y/n)-Chan real bullets anyway?” Toga taps her finger on her chin
"It certainly can't get any worse. I'm sure they will realize what they are doing at some point." Mr.compress expresses not fully understanding that the two of you together equals one shared brain cell.
Oh but it did.
"Fuck asshaul! Fuck asshaul!" You two were chanting loudly as you turned the corner as you reload the bullets and continue your fun activities of destruction to the building.
"So is no one going to stop them?" Kurono asked quirking his eyebrow and side eyeing a pissed off overhaul who continues to look at all the damage.
The rest of them stay silent before running out with speed leaving the shie hassaki members dumbfounded.
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