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mellaithwen · 6 months ago
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Tumblr media
cool cool cool no big deal, just Oliver Stark running shirtless to THAT SONG on his insta... no doubt, no doubt, we’re good this is fine
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queen-freya · 22 days ago
Liam is playing at Leeds Fest which is about a mile from my house and I can literally hear him playing if I stick my head out my bedroom window. I can hear Liam and he’s playing shockwave. Not even a recording of him, literal Liam Gallagher. I can hear him singing from my bedroom aaaaaaaaahhhhhh
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hi <3 i wanna to send an ask! a looong time ago but i was scare because I think you’re so cool jeje. I just want to say that I admire you so much, and to tell you to keep being this creative, and making all the content, believe it or not you inspire me soo much and I bet that I am not the only one who feels this way.
I hope you are well, you look like a really nice person 💞💞
btw I’m sorry if my writing is bad, English is not my first language and it’s 3am jsjsj
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racinglando · a month ago
aw when did he get so soft pLSSSSSSSS
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sweet-potatoq · a year ago
dim is supposed to talk to everybody but his eyes in on green only like????? im soft 🥺🥺🥺
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the-necessary-unnecessary · 11 months ago
What is wrong with arsenal. They're just not kicking into next gear.
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mx-riley · 10 months ago
I have feelings about this archive 81 netflix deal, give me about seven to ten business days to process those into words and I will get back to you.
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cargo2017 · 4 months ago
sick jan we don't have to claim a home office if it means we'll both go to jail
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saturndivine · a year ago
Can you do a most to least favourite mars sign as well? 🌺
ranking of the mars signs according to a libra mars
1. aries mars: oh my, sister sign... how i adore you all. the fire you show, the passion displayed when youre dedicated... i just. youre so assertive and know what you want.. teach my libra mars how to do that
2. leo mars: so so giving,,,, will serve you the world on a platter if you confess your love for them. intesnely there for you, will worship the ground you walk on. yum.
3. taurus mars: theyre there for you, no matter what?? and want the best for you?? consistently dedicated to supporting you and making sure youre well fed n healthy n happy
4. sagittarius mars: so very playful & fun. its so easy to be around them and simply joke about life. very open to new ideas, easily excitable, so sweet n cute
5. Capricorn mars: oh my... the strength they show... true bde. i just admire how stern and disciplined they can be and carry themselves as such. i adore it, i simply want to hug them n give em kisses of praise
6. aquarius mars: fun fun fun!!! so fun to talk to and be around and very weird??? weird things set them off but getting to know them and be around them is refreshing & unconventional. very rebellious and exciting
7. libra mars: i truthfully love us. were so caring and considerate of other people. we just want to make the world a more better and open place. were so giving & sweet & pleasing us is so simple,,, we are top tier (just a lil messy)
8. pisces mars: sweethearts!!! just dreamy lil guys who hate fighting as much as a libra mars would. gentle and so relaxing to be around, they simply go with the flow. never really know whst they want though... like libra mars
9. cancer mars: so! many! feelings! maternal healing energy when youre around them but i feel like they just have so many feelings when theyre around people and they develop so quickly,,, it must be overwhelming, im so sorry
10. virgo mars: so decisive, knows what they want (or seems like it) is very talkative ??? loves to talk about other people though?? gossipy, lil judgy. lowkey a god complex. theyre very good at sex due to their attentiveness but being around them... is draining. too much for my libra mars, sorry bubs
11. scorpio mars: im sorry yall, youre all great but youre my complete opposite. you act with your feelings first and let that consume you and drive you and i just,,,, you guys show so much passion and love and its admirable but you see things as black and white and i just cant—- yall r cute though
12. gemini mars: there is no need to be that messy !!! im sorry my precious mercury mars babies but stop it !!! focus on other people, take others feelings into account. you guys are exciting and so active and its inspiring but you guys can be so mean and use your words unwisely. u guys can adapt so quickly n its lovely but just not for me <333 love u all
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quornographic · 9 months ago
i just went to the kitchen to make food and idk if any of u lot watched x files but the catflap went and im feeling eugene victor tombs in this household today
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fartemis-crock · 11 months ago
🍒 + my url
send  me  🍒  +  a  url  and  i  will  write  some  positivity  for  them.
Um??? Hey?? Hi?? Hello??
Ur such a lovely person!!! I love how well thought out your headcanons for shade are oh my goood.
Like, I'm honestly not usually the biggest fan of the ~~~shadowman~~~ but oh my gooood I love reading your stuff cause it's so well rounded!! We love a good villain to pseudo hero story in this household and I appreciate your potrayal SO much like omg.
&& honestly, I say this waaay too much abt ppl on here prolly but you seem like such a sweetheart!! Gosh I love ur blog so much 😍💕
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hollandbaby · 11 months ago
it’s almost like i don’t exist
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sunflowerliberty · 8 months ago
currently mourning the death of a fictional character
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zayngf · a year ago
when people have that 1 specific iphone alarm set as their ringtone or whatever and i have to hear it in PUBLIC i swear it fills my body with fear like i feel ill
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