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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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asfhsdfhsdh i mean.i tuned out most of history except for exclusively our shenanigans hold on lemme pull up the quote wall i bet i can find some more great ones

> “If I’m ever standing on a cliff and I have the opportunity to yell something into the abyss, I’ll probably yell, ‘I LOVE PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURE!!!’”

> “I’m still disappointed that the father-son duo wasn’t Jungkook and Katy Perry”


> “nudes are so last decade…send me your general election history”

> “it’s gif not jif…this is a peanut free school.”

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TCW. Tbf I’ve only seen bits of Rebels, but it got mixed reviews from most of the people I follow. While TCW is a mess(Aryanlorians, Barriss being a terrorist for reasons), I did enjoy most of it.

And I will never forgive Filolni for flip flopping on FUCKING TWI'LEK HYBRID CHILDREN. YOU GODDAMNED IDIOT.

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