#CATS Incorrect Quotes
Mistoffelees: Hello, I am Mistoffelees and this is Tugger, he is...
Mistoffelees, mentally: Partner? Soulmate? Boyfriend? Husband?
Mistoffelees, out loud: Significant Boy.
Rum Tum Tugger:
Rum Tum Tugger: I will no longer be referred to as "Rum Tum Tugger".
Rum Tum Tugger: I am now Mistoffelees' significant boy.
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whittington-friend · 20 days ago
Rum Tum Tugger: Do you want to know your gay name?
Mistoffelees: My... my gay name?
Rum Tum Tugger: Yeah, it's your first name-
Mistoffelees: Haha. Very funny Tugger-
Rum Tum Tugger: *gets down on one knee* And my last name.
Mistoffelees: Oh- oh my god
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uppastthejelliclemoon · 3 months ago
Bombalurina: I thought I was barking at a dog for the past hour
Bombalurina: Turns out it was me and Tugs barking back and forth from other ends of the neighborhood.
Bombalurina: Dem and Munkus have not stopped laughing at us since.
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Mistoffelees: When I said Netflix and chill I meant Netflix and chill. Stop trying to kiss me. Watch this conspiracy theory documentary or get out.
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linadoonofficial · 9 days ago
Mistoffelees: Tugs, what’s wrong?
Rum Tum Tugger, sobbing as he’s trying to pet all their kittens at once: I don't have enough paws...
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Rum Tum Tugger: *leaves Nyxen's side to do something*
Nyxen: Father is... Evil? Father is unyielding? Father is incapable of love? I am running away. I am packing my little rucksack and going out to explore the world as a lone vagabond. I can no longer thrive in this household.
Rum Tum Tugger:
Rum Tum Tugger, confused and nervous: Why are you talking like that...?
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tortcontent · 2 months ago
Mistoffelees, pointing: May I sit there? Rum Tum Tuggerr: That's my lap Misto: That doesn't answer my question, Tugger.
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ministroni · 4 months ago
Misto: Is something burning?
Tugger: Just my desire for you~
Misto: Tugger...Tugger, the toaster is on fire.
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rumtumtumbl-r · 3 months ago
Jemima: Dad, can I have some sweets?
Munk: What did your mother say?
Jemima: No
Munk: So, why would I let you?
Jemima: She’s not the boss of you
Munk *mentally*: Don't fall for it don't fall for it don't fall for it
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storyweaverofgondor · a month ago
Macavity: I am a dangerous criminal! Stop tagging me in Horrible Histories Napoleon skits!
Handelkettle: *Tags Macavity to this video for the fifth time that day*
@uppastthejelliclemoon Handelkettle is a dignified gentlemen. He is also the king of shade! XD
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mystery-vixen · 4 months ago
Mistoffelees: *Wakes up startled and in tears*
Macavity: *Is woken by the sound*
Macavity: Mistoffelees, darling. What is it?
Mistoffelees: I’ve been calling you Mac for so long.. and I did in my dream. *sniff* But, you corrected me and wanted me to call you by your full name. *sniff*
Mistoffelees: You wanted me to call you Mackson!
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Rum Tum Tugger: Is this the part where you tell me that if I hurt him you'll kill me?
Alonzo: No, if you hurt Misto, he is perfectly capable of killing you himself.
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whittington-friend · 2 months ago
Rum Tum Tugger: If there's going to be a big dramatic scene, wait until I get back.
Mistoffelees: Of course. I can't flip this table by myself.
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uppastthejelliclemoon · 3 months ago
Tugger: Well, now I can actually say that I fell for you
Mistoffelees: You literally tripped and fell down the whole staircase, how are you still alive
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Macavity: Don’t be afraid of your darker side, have fun with it.
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linadoonofficial · a month ago
Cryptid Monochromatic Family AU
Rum Tum Tugger: Oh, look at you! Getting all romantic with the candles~
Cryptid Misto: I’m about to sacrifice you.
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Pysia: You say "please" and "thank you" in front of your younger siblings all the time and they never repeat it.
Pysia: But when you say "fuck" ONCE—
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thunderwhenhepurrs · 4 months ago
Modern AU Tuggoffelees
Tugger: *on the phone to Munkustrap* Yeah, I’ll be over soon. I gotta feed my boyfriend first.
Munku: Why does he need you to feed him?
Tugger: Look, Misto can perform many amazing tricks, but turning a raw egg into something edible is not one of them.
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ministroni · 5 months ago
Jenny, to Teazer and Jerrie: So how was your day?
Jerrie: We almost got surprise adopted!
Jenny: What?
Teazer: We almost got kidnapped.
Jenny: Oh, okay.
Jenny: WAIT WHAT?!
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rumtumtumbl-r · 6 months ago
Munk: We're going out to town, I expect you to be on your best behavior
Tugger *to Jemima*: Yes, Jemima, listen to your father
Munk: I was talking to you
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