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primal crusher
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
CC by @diesus2412d, @genshinsims, @vedora-kingdom, @ms-marysims, @revolution-sims, @raccoonium, @kijiko-sims, @gorillax3-cc, @nell-le, @darte77, @pralinesims, @goppolsme, @sclub-privee, @miikocc, @magic-bot, @asansan3, @kaguya-fox, @cosplaysimmerofficial, @usamarusims, @bluerose-sims, @slayclassy-showroom, @madlensims, @mmsims, @strangestorytellersims, @chloem-sims4, @ddarkstonee, @evellsims, @oranos, @simpliciaty-cc, @rimings, @zou-you-sims, @jius-sims, @syyf414, @4w25-cc, @trillyke, @lady-moriel, @sentate, @grafity-cc, @tukete, @mamalovesnuts, @newen092, @evoxyr...
Poses by @helgatisha, @honeyssims4, @nell-le...
Together with @kanonbreakerz, @ksksimskreator (Paimon)
Thanks to all cc creators ✨
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
hi hello !!! i'm back with some posters, again lmao.. i hope you'll like these just as much as my others!! one thing about them is they turned out to be very lq but you can still use them and see what's on them, so i apologize for the lq !!! i will try to fix it for my next uploads <3 i hope you'll still use them and love them just as much as i do <33
36 swatches
1 simoleon
recommend sizing them down
search "SIMBIN" and they'll show up in game
DOWNLOAD - free (patreon)
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Tumblr media
i was going to have this be a whole expression sheet but i cant focus on it and im too busy with the wig for this guy anyway
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When We Were Young {1}
The DILF series, part 3.
Ship: Hunt x Bryce
Summary: After a series of tragic events, Bryce is forced to raise her daughter alone until her ex and father of her child, Hunt, gets discharged from the military. When he comes back to town, Bryce finds that the past cannot simply be forgotten.
Warnings: Mature content throughout. Language, sex, drinking, etc. 
Written with @snelbz
Tumblr media
With her eyes closed, music blaring into her ears, Bryce almost could have convinced herself she was a famous dancer or model, getting ready for an important shoot, as someone curled and pinned her wine red hair into an intricate mess of waves cascading down her back.
Until, at least, she was hit in the face with something small and hard.
Amber eyes flaring open, she found Danika in the salon chair across from her, mouth moving, an open bag of Skittles in her lap.
Pulling her earbuds from her ears, Bryce paused her music. “You could have taken my eye out. What were you saying?”
“My aim is better than that,” she drawled, popping a green candy into her mouth. “I asked if you’d talked to Hunt today?”
“Of course,” Bryce replied, unlocking her phone. She opened her messages and opened the thread from Hunt Got a Better Grade On the Calculus Exam Than Me.
She’d rolled her eyes when she’d found the new contact name after they’d received their tests back the week before, but never changed any contact name he set in her phone, just like he never changed hers.
She scrolled up until she found the one with his and Baxian’s plans. “He said they’ll be at my house at five to get us for dinner.”
“And did Ruhn tell you if he’d get drinks for us?” She asked, not bothering to hide the fact that they were discussing Bryce’s older brother getting booze for them, regardless of the fact that they were underage.
Bryce threw the two ladies doing their hair a glance. Neither of them seemed to care, thankfully. It was prom season in Lunathion though, so this was far from the worst thing they’d probably heard from the clients in their chairs.
“Yeah, but he was grumpy as Hel about it,” Bryce confessed. “He told me no a hundred times before giving me that yes.”
Danika snorted. “Sounds right. He needs a woman in his life. Or a man. Whatever he’s interested in, I don’t know. I do know, however, that a little sex may get that stick out of his ass.”
Bryce scrunched her nose. “Can we not talk about my brother’s sex life?”
“I’m just saying,” Danika mumbled with a grin before throwing another Skittle in Bryce’s direction.
Bryce responded with an unladylike gesture that made her hairdresser chuckle.
Bryce and Danika had been planning tonight for what felt like forever.
After all, you only go to your senior prom once.
“Fury says she’s picked up all of her party favors,” Danika smiled, typing away on her phone. She was grinning. “She also says you better not be with Athalar the whole night. We get you for some of it.”
Bryce rolled her eyes. “Same goes for you and Baxian then.”
“Oh, he already knows I’ll be bailing on him at some point,” she replied, waving at Bryce dismissively. “He also knows I’ll be his at the end of the night, so he’s more than willing to share.”
Bryce cringed as she thought about the fact that Hunt wasn’t one to share.
He wasn’t excited about prom, about the tux he’d have to wear or the dress Bryce had spent weeks picking out. He wasn’t excited about the dinner they’d all be attending together, or the booze and mirthroot Ruhn and Fury had acquired for them. The only thing he was looking forward to was having Bryce to himself that night, in his empty house, thanks to his foster dad’s last minute business trip.
Nonetheless, he would go for her. He would do anything for her. He had since the moment they had started dating, junior year. He would show up and be pleasant, would treat her like the princess she surely was, but she would know the truth. He was going for her and her alone. 
When Bryce came back to the present moment, Danika was watching her. 
“I know you want to spend as much time together as possible before he leaves, but we need to spend time with you, too,” she said.
Bryce gave her a grin that she didn’t quite feel. “Don’t worry. I know it’s not a party unless I’m there.”
Danika’s head fell back as she laughed. Her hairdresser looked annoyed. “Don’t get too cocky. At least not until Ruhn comes through with the liquor.”
After their hair was perfected, they were getting their nails done and heading back to Bryce’s house to finish getting ready. Ruhn was already there, sitting with Ember and chatting about what classes he was taking that semester. Although not her son, Bryce’s mom had always had a good relationship with Ruhn. At least, she had always been kind to him once he and Bryce connected in her early teens.
“You’re early,” Bryce said, dropping her keys on the kitchen counter.
Ruhn opened his mouth to say something but Bryce was too distracted by her mom yelling, “You two look so beautiful!”
“Do you agree, Danaan?” Danika crooned. “Do we look beautiful?”
Ruhn had no facial reaction at all, but he looked at Danika as he said, “Always.” Ember was going on and on, but Ruhn was standing from the table and shoving his hands in his pockets. “I got called into work early so I thought I’d come drop off your shoes now.”
It was clearly a lie, but if Ember realized it she didn’t show it.
“They’re in my car,” Ruhn went on, clearing his throat.
“I need to get my dress out of my car, I’ll grab them,” Danika replied, coolly. Ember was still gushing over Bryce’s hair, continually hooking one of the loose strands over Bryce’s ear, out of her face. Bryce continued to pull it forward.
“Great,” Ruhn sighed, stepping forward and hugging Bryce as Danika rushed outside while Ember was distracted. “Have fun. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”
Snorting, Bryce hugged him back. “That leaves my options pretty wide open. Flynn told me what y’all did at your senior prom.”
Ruhn threw a sheepish grin to Ember, who gave him the most mom-like look he’d ever seen.
“Fine,” Ruhn said, backing away. “Do the complete opposite of what I’d do.” 
Ember chuckled and then Ruhn was walking outside, making sure Danika had grabbed the correct bag out of his car. 
Bryce was in her room when Danika had returned. “Why does he always get us the cheap shit?”
“Because he keeps the expensive shit in his apartment to impress every woman that finds him charming enough to spend a night with him,” Bryce said, pulling the box that held her shoes out of the top of her closet. 
Danika had a grin on her face that told Bryce she was about to comment on Ruhn’s sex life, once again, but then she thought better of it.
Hunt and Baxian would be arriving within an hour and they still had a lot to do. After perfecting their makeup, they shimmied into their dresses, Danika’s a deep purple and Bryce’s all black, hugging every inch of her curves. 
After shoes and jewelry were added, the two of them looked in Bryce’s floor length mirror. 
Danika whistled. “Not to sound too cocky, but we’re about to be the hottest bitches in that place.”
Bryce laughed in full agreement just as the doorbell rang. Her eyes flared, but she knew she’d never make it down the stairs in time to stop Randall or worse, her mother, from opening the front door. Especially not in the heels she was wearing.
It seemed Ember had beaten even Randall there, because only a second later, she heard her mother mooning over their boyfriends.
Stashing the booze in their empty shoeboxes, Bryce and Danika silently made their way down stairs, carefully setting the boxes and their purses on the kitchen counter. Stepping into the living room, Bryce caught Hunt’s eye as her mother took picture after picture of he and Baxian standing together.
She watched as his already dark eyes somehow became impossibly darker as he dragged them down her body. She bit her lip to hide her smile, and he smirked as Ember and Randall turned towards where Bryce and Danika waited.
By the end of the fifteen minutes Bryce and Danika had allotted for pictures, she was fairly sure her mother had taken at least a thousand shots of them. There were some of each couple, some of Bryce and Danika alone, some all together, and, of course, some of corsages and boutonnières being put on.
Baxian had expertly snuck the boxes containing the alcohol out to the car while Ember was chatting with the girls about her own senior prom and Randall was threatening Hunt with a smile on his face. Hunt took it in stride, used to Bryce’s step-father’s loving but overprotective nature. Neither of the parents had even noticed Baxian slipping away and silently returning to Danika’s side.
As they were trying to get out the door, Ember still snapping pictures, she hollered, “Let me know when you get to Danika’s tonight. Have fun!”
They all waved and smiled as they piled into Baxian’s all black Jeep, even as they all knew Sabine would never have allowed the debauchery they were all planning on to take place under her roof.
Once Bryce shut the door behind her, Hunt moved to the middle of the backseat and took her hand. “You look incredible, by the way.”
Bryce’s cheeks heated. “For someone who hates dressing up, you look pretty good yourself.”
He grinned that grin that had her soul going up into flames as he said, “Thanks.”
The restaurant they made reservations at was nothing special, just a quick bite to eat before the main event. They ate quickly, Ember’s onslaught of pictures taking longer than they’d expected.
They rode to prom with the music on full blast. Bryce was nervous and she had no idea why. Yet, she had a feeling that this would be a night they would never forget and she only wanted it full of good memories.
Prom was being held at a hotel ten minutes from Bryce’s house and she had never been anywhere so incredibly fancy. Even though she was all decked out, she nearly felt out of place as they walked beneath the crystal chandelier in the lobby.
They spotted Fury and Juniper beneath an arch that read Crescent City High Prom 15,023. A Night To Remember.
“More like a night we’ll be so drunk we won’t be able to remember,” Danika announced, hugging Juniper as they approached.
She huffed as she wrapped her arms around Bryce and then stepped back into her girlfriend’s awaiting embrace. “All the other themes were too cliché,” Juniper sighed. She was on the student council and had been the main brain planning the evening. “It’s our senior prom, we’re not going to go with Monte Cristo again.”
“Is it too early for booze,” Hunt grumbled.
Bryce nudged him in the ribs. “You promised to be excited.”
“My excitement is fueled by alcohol,” he said, but his smile told her that he was trying.
“I promise that once we get through this,” she began, sliding her arms around his neck, “that I will truly give you a night to remember.”
The light in his eyes brightened as he leaned down to kiss her, softly.
“Save it for inside, lovebirds,” Danika called, her and Baxian leading the group towards the ballroom. 
“I can get us a room instead,” Hunt mumbled.
Bryce just rolled her eyes and laughed as she took his hand and followed the others. 
Bryce had always loved to dance, especially with her friends. Although Hunt wasn’t one to get out on the dance floor, Bryce was never dancing alone. It wasn’t until a slow song came on that Hunt finally made his way to Bryce and held out his hand. 
“I’ve never seen you on a dance floor before,” Bryce laughed as he pulled her into his arms.
“Don’t get used to it,” Hunt said, then added, “but I couldn’t not come dance with you. You’re perfect.”
She rolled her eyes but it didn’t stop the butterflies from settling in the pit of her stomach.
Hunt's arms went around her waist as Bryce clung to him, resting her cheek against his chest.
They were quiet for a moment as they swayed back and forth. Danika had been right earlier. Graduation was still three weeks away, but Hunt would be leaving soon after and she wanted to spend all the time with him that she could before he went away. 
“You look sad,” Hunt said, quietly, halfway through the song. “I didn’t come dance with you to make you sad.”
Bryce chuckled and sighed. “Graduation is soon.”
Hunt’s body tensed but it quickly relaxed. “I don’t want to talk about graduation.”
Bryce frowned but didn’t push it. It was a topic that they avoided as much as possible.
“I just want to be here with you,” he added, his voice gentler than before. “Let me be here with you.”
She nodded, arms tightening around his neck.
“I love you, Quinlan,” he said, pressing his forehead against hers. “You know that, right?”
He’d never done a single thing for her to doubt that, but they’d been inseparable for the past two years. The future, not having him with her, not knowing when she’d see him next… It would be an adjustment.
“Of course, I do,” she breathed, stretching up on her toes to kiss him. “I love you, too. More than anything.”
They wouldn’t talk about graduation or summer tonight. They wouldn’t talk about the countdown that they felt closing in on them. Instead, they would spend time with their friends, they’d dance and drink and laugh.
A night to remember.
Bryce, Hunt, Danika, Baxian, Juniper and Fury bailed as soon as Pollux Antonius was crowned prom king. Some of the members of the sunball team said they’d be by later, but they had no idea just who all  would show up at Hunt’s house after prom had officially ended. They weren’t having a party, just a small get together.
That had been the plan at least.
Now, Hunt looked around at at least fifty of his classmates in his living room.
Too bad he was too drunk to care.
“Is it bad to admit that I don’t know who the fuck half of these people are?” He asked, his shirt untucked, unbuttoned, and his tie discarded.
Bryce laughed as she fell back onto the couch. “It’s too late in our high school career to get to know them now. Just enjoy the company.”
Hunt snorted and fell onto Bryce, kissing her slowly. “We can get you out of this dress, you know,” he muttered against her mouth. “Such a tight dress seems uncomfortable.”
“We’re surrounded by people,” Bryce laughed.
“I have a bedroom,” Hunt countered.
They kissed again but it was soon broken up by Danika jumping on them both and saying, “Real party is out back in two minutes. Don’t miss it.”
Hunt groaned. “I’m already so drunk I can’t walk straight.”
“That’s just an excuse to take this party to the bedroom,” Bryce grinned.
Danika groaned, dramatically. “You two make me sick.”
Hunt rolled his eyes. At first, he hadn’t been able to stand Danika but she had grown on him over the years.
But only to a certain extent. 
Danika hurried towards where Fury, June and Baxian waited, a rolled cigarette tucked behind Fury’s ear. Bryce knew it wasn’t tobacco. She was about to stand up, about to tug Hunt outside for a couple hits of mirthroot and then she’d let him take her into his bedroom, when the front door opened and they both glanced that way.
Connor and Ithan Holstrom, followed by most of Ithan’s teammates, flowed through the opening.
“What is he doing here?” Hunt asked, eyes narrowing.
It wasn’t a secret that Connor had a thing for Bryce. He had since they met freshman year, when Bryce and her parents had moved from Nidaros. But neither of them had ever made a move, even though Bryce had had a crush on Connor, too.
But then Hunt had transferred to CC High their junior year and Connor had missed his chance.
Bryce felt Hunt’s arm wrap around her shoulders right before Connor’s eyes found hers. He quickly looked away, catching sight of Danika as she slipped out the back door. Ithan and the rest followed as they walked through the living room and out back.
Bryce shrugged out of his grip. “Really? That alphahole bullshit again?”
Hunt bristled, but didn’t say anything.
“I’m going to smoke,” she announced, standing up. “You can be an asshole and stay in here if you want or you can come outside and be civil with Connor.”
She was out of sight before he could get out another word. With a groan, Hunt fell against the cushions and covered his face with his hands. He was far too drunk for such drama.
He had a choice to make.
Neither seemed like too much fun. He didn’t want to go up to his room alone, but he certainly didn’t want to be around Connor and his puppy dog eyes for Bryce.
Then he remembered his promise.
They only had one month together. They had one month until he was gone, going a hundred miles away for basic training, then across the ocean. They had one month until they didn’t have the ability to see each other every day. With her outside and him inside being an alphahole, as she put it, he was wasting time.
After swallowing his pride, Hunt pushed himself off the couch and headed toward the backdoor.
With his hand on the doorknob, he froze.
Bryce was standing next to Connor, laughing the night away. He knew it was innocent, knew that she loved him, but that jealousy…
He couldn’t control it.
His hand remained on the knob for a minute as he tried to calm himself down.
But then Danika saw him.
She said something to Bryce.
Bryce met his eye through the glass.
Then Connor looked their way, too.
He was going to do something stupid.
If he went out there, he knew he would do something stupid, knew he would get in a fight, knew that he would ruin Bryce’s night and he didn’t want that. Bryce didn’t deserve that, especially not on prom night.
Hunt’s hand fell away from the door and, with a bottle of vodka, he made his way upstairs to his bedroom.
It was nearly forty-five minutes later, when Bryce was sufficiently fucked up enough to stumble up the stairs and pause in front of his door. People had started to dwindle out, the night finally well and truly coming to an end. It had only taken Bryce a few minutes to realize she may have overreacted. But only just a little. He had acted like a dick, but she knew how he felt about Connor and his feelings. And they only had so little time left.
Sighing, Bryce raised her hand and knocked on the door.
It didn’t open.
She heard the music stop downstairs and then Danika hollered up the stairs, “We’re heading out, B! Love you!”
She didn’t want to yell in front of his door, so picked up the long skirt of her dress and hurried to the top of the stairs. The only ones left were Baxian, Danika, Fury and Juniper.
“Let me know when you get home safe, okay?” She looked each of them in the eye, so they knew she meant it. “A night we’ll always remember, right?”
They said their goodbyes and Bryce was in front of Hunt’s door once more. Rather than knock, she tried the knob.
It was unlocked and Bryce released a relieved breath she hadn’t realized she’d been holding as she pushed the door open.
The bottle of vodka sat on his nightstand and she could see his sleeping form lying in the bed.
With a sigh, she unzipped her dress and helped herself to one of his shirts before reaching for the glass bottle, which was now empty.
That explained the snoring.
“Hunt,” she whispered, climbing onto the bed and nudging him in the shoulder.
He grumbled something and rolled onto his stomach.
“Hey.” She tried again, shaking his shoulder.
This time, he rolled over to face her, his blurred eyes meeting hers. “I’m sleeping.”
“You were the first one asleep at your own party,” she replied.
He mumbled something incomprehensible in response.
“What?” She asked.
“Nothing,” he grumbled.
“No,” she pushed, her voice rising. “Tell me what you said.”
Hunt rolled onto his back, at last, and rubbed his temples. “I said that I didn’t want this fucking party. All I wanted, Bryce, was a night with you. Alright? Not half the damn school. So, I don’t give a shit if I fell asleep.”
His words were still slurred, that drunkenness lingering.
She stared down at him, lips set in a thin line. She didn’t say anything as she made to slip off the bed, going to sleep in the spare room or on the couch. Hunt’s hand wrapped around her wrist. His words were strained. “I don’t want to fight, Bryce. I just…” She turned back to look at him. His jaw was set, but his eyes… She couldn’t read the emotion there. “I want to spend what time I can with you. Danika and Juniper and Connor, they’ll see you every day at CCU. We don’t even know when we’ll be able to speak…”
Silently, Bryce pushed back the blankets with her free hand and Hunt released her wrist. She climbed in next to him and he turned to face her, framing her face in his hands. Brushing a thumb over her full lips, he said, “I want to experience everything with you, even something as stupid as prom, because I know how much it means to you. But I need that time, Quinlan. I need what time we have now to make memories that will get me through days without you, the nights without you.”
Leaning forward, Bryce pressed her lips to Hunt’s. “If you aren’t too drunk, we can still make tonight one to remember,” she breathed, a gleam of longing in her eye.
Hunt rolled them until she was pinned beneath him and kissed her, not needing any more words uttered to know what they both wanted, what they both needed. 
The clock was closing in on them and Hunt was right. Everyone else in her life would still be here in a month. She and Danika would be moving into their apartment at CCU, Connor and Ithan in tow, even if Baxian was joining him in the military, though not in the same way. Baxian would be granted leave every few months, back and forth to Lunathion, thanks to his family’s ties to the city.
Hunt dragged his teeth down Bryce’s neck and she sighed as she arched her body up into his. “Do you have any idea how tight that dress was?” He growled, letting his hand trail up under his shirt she wore, roaming all that soft, warm skin beneath.
“I do actually,” she chuckled, but it turned into a moan as he rolled one of her nipples between his fingers. “It made my ass look phenomenal.”
As if in confirmation, he gripped her leg by the knee and hooked it around his middle, and his hand smacked her ass. “Yes, it did. It always does.”
They got lost in each other’s arms, in each other’s kisses and touch, and Bryce finally pushed him away, pulling his shirt over head. Her voice was breathy and high-pitched, even as she groaned, “I need you inside of me.”
At eighteen, it took little more than that to convince him to fuck his girlfriend. He sat up, kicking off the sweats and boxer-briefs he wore and leaned over to the nightstand, digging through the drawer for the box of condoms he kept hidden in the back.
His fingers closed around the box and he pulled it out, freezing as he looked at it.
Bryce felt him go still and she asked, “What’s wrong?”
Hunt glanced over at her and he groaned as he took her in, gloriously naked, laying in his bed. He dropped his head against the pillow, muffling his voice, and mumbled something.
She waited, knowing he’d repeat himself after a second, and he looked up at her, cringing. “We’re out of condoms.”
Bryce’s eyes flared. “Shit. Maybe Micah might have-?”
“He can’t have kids, remember?” Hunt interrupted. Bryce went quiet. She had known that, it was the whole reason he’d taken in Hunt as a foster kid.
They stared at each other for a moment, neither of them saying a word but both breathing heavily.
Bryce sucked in her bottom lip but it was Hunt who asked, “Do you trust me?”
“Of course,” she breathed.
“I’ll pull out,” he promised. 
She hesitated, but nodded, capturing his lips in a needy kiss.
Neither of them said another word as he took her to bed and made love to her in a drunken haze.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
A couple weeks ago I did edits of my versions of the post canon calamity trio. Now that we have actual post canon designs, I figured why not edit those?
Reblogs > Likes
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Ya no quiero estar aqui.
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Tumblr media
Summer Accessory Dress
47 swatches
Base Game Compatibile
Custom Thumbnail
Right Bracelet Category
Get it from TSR: Summer Accessory Dress
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kryp-tonita · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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CAMUFLAJE - Club Exotic Set (Male) Open Shirt & Shorts
Tumblr media
Open Shirt :
* New mesh
* Compatible with the base game
* HQ
* All LODs (I recommend using it on very high settings)
* Total 13 Swatches (Solid & Patterns)
* Normal Map (NEW NORMAL MAPS! Will make it even more realistic in the game)
Shorts :
* New mesh
* Compatible with the base game
* HQ
* All LODs (I recommend using it on very high settings)
* Total 13 Swatches (Solid & Patterns)
* Normal Map (NEW NORMAL MAPS! Will make it even more realistic in the game)
Early Access - This item will be available for free download 20th of June
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viagosims · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Of course you have blue hair and pronouns.”
A sim I made in honor of a pronoun option being officially added to The Sims 4!!
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maisonnarcisse · a day ago
Maison Narcisse | Mediteranean Iron Fence & Railing I
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Mediteranean Iron Fence & Railing I
These fence and railing are part of "Mediteranean Memories" build set but items are posted seperately for site organisation matters.
Find the Stone fence & railing here
Types : fence, railing
Swatches : 11
Categories : fence/ railing
Materials : Iron
Thumbnails : custom
Price : 46 to 55§
Needs : base game
NB : the fence cannot be used on very round surfaces due to the very high polycount so we removed it, however you can use it normally for straight and diagonals.
If you encounter any issues with this product, please report by contacting our after-sales service.
Don’t hesitate to leave feedbacks in the comments section !
You can also follow us on Instagram !
Download Patreon
Download Kofi
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Tumblr media
AxA Girlboss | Public on 05-23
What comes after being a Kappa and ruling over the sorority life hierarchy? Well, becoming an absolute girlboss of course. With the new AxA pack Ayoshi and I have made, your sims will have three outfits to summon their inner girlboss and look like they're ready gaslight any other sim they see.  And remember, gatekeeping is a key part of this lifestyle. So don’t let any other sims get what you’ve worked for! Enjoy
Item Index |  Download  |  Follow Ayoshi
Tumblr media
The item index linked above will show the basic info for the items in this collab. Below are credits + Patreon .zip download of the entire pack
Basic info
All items are BGC and do not require other meshes/packages/versions.
All hairs come in 24 EA Colors
The clothes come in 1 out of 2 palettes ► 30 colorful solids  |   palette used ► 35 patterns ► 15 metalics
Report any issues to me through Tumblr DM with images.
Follow my TOU for all items
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Eyebrow Set
Here's my new set of brows! It's a set of three maxis match variations in all EA colors ✨
24 EA swatches
Custom catalog thumbnails
All gender flags and ages
T.o.u | Twitter | Instagram
Public release April 16th
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Tumblr media
Bird Familiar Set
11 swatches each
Base Game Compatibile
Custom Thumbnail
Left Bracelet Category
VIP Early Access (14 days)
Get it from TSR: Bird Familiars Set // Bird Familiar Right // Bird Familiar Left // Bird Familiar Head
(Available for everybody 9 June 2022)
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so sick of hearing “subs are better than dubs” “dubs are worse than subtitles” that is not how accessibility works
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