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Tumblr media
Pairing: CEO!James Potter x Reader
Warning: 18+, Minors dni!, Oral (m!receiving), and Humiliation.
Word count: 0.3k
Tumblr media
Entreating phrases for air that decorate the room as his hand ties with your tangled hair nudging your head to go deeper into his stiff cock that trembles at the tip of your tongue. A growl left his lips, infuriated by your teasing ways.
“Suck” was all he said before a muffled gag chokes your throat, feeling abused by his swelling cock’s tip forcing its way into your airway. 
Your wrists hurt with the way that his tie was tightly wrapped around your wrists behind your raw back. The grip of his entangled fingers in your hair causes a hiss to erupt from you. The cold disdained floor leaves red marks on your knees. Smashing damp breeze from the air conditioner that was turned up from its highest setting. 
Obeying his command, your head bobbed slowly on his cock. The precum from the tip spreads across your tongue letting a salt-bitter taste knit your brows together. Inaudible moans flew from your stuffed mouth, jaws closed together to help your mouth not lose its balance. Cheeks hollowed in giving more pleasure to the man sitting right in front of you. 
You finally opened your eyes, drifting them away from the visions of his unclothed hips, you glanced up to only see his unwary eyes stare back at you. His expression duplicates what a blank slate of a paper looks like. However, his eyes scream dominance. 
His caramel spanned pupils yell the words that he doesn’t say but shows.
Kneel the fuck down before me before I kneel you down myself.
The hissing feeling of his fingers fainted away as it unknots itself away from your dishevelled locks, travelling down with a graze of his nails to your forehead, then to your sunken cheeks.
His stares gaze away from you, looking back up with his chest heaving up then down heavily, leaving you to work on your own.
“I apologise, you may continue your report.”
Tumblr media
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fine line | tom holland [ceo!au]
Tumblr media
Summary: heavily influenced by the movie "the proposal"
Faced with deportation to his native United Kingdom, the playboy CEO of Holland's Tech Point located in the Big Apple, Tom Holland, tells the world that he's engaged to marry Y/N Y/L/N, his hapless assistant. Y//N reluctantly agrees but has a few propositions of her own, including flying across the country for him to meet her eccentric family.
With a immigration agent hot on their trials and watching their every move, Tom and Y/N must stick to their plan despite numerous bumps in the road.
pairing: ceo!tom holland x secretary!reader
warnings: will be posted with each chapter, almost like a crack fic, tom is a bit of an asshole sometimes, SMUT, steamy, super sweet
Tumblr media
I. lights up
II. treat people with kindness
III. canyon moon
IV. she
V. watermelon sugar (m)
VI. cherry (m)
VII. adore you
VIII. sunflower vol 6 (m)
IX. falling
X. to be so lonely
XI. fine line (m)
XII. golden
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be here | masterlist
Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: ceo!kuroo x fem!reader
synopsis: all little girls have dreamed of their future fairytale wedding - to the average woman, marriage is a sacred ink imprinted on one’s soul. but to kuroo tetsuro, and (y/n) (l/n), their marriage is one of convenience and vested interests. so, how is a wife who is adamant about making this marriage work going to fare living with a husband who isn’t hesitant to burn it to ashes?
genre: ceo au, major angst, 18+
warnings: +18; cheating/infidelity, toxic relationship, arranged marriage, major angst, profanity, mentions of sex, divorce, depressive tendencies, allusions to mental illness, mentions of criminal activity, characters are ooc, character death, mentions of drugs and the criminal trial court, corruption
navigation: prologue +one + two + three + four + five + six + seven + eight + nine + ten + eleven + twelve + thirteen + fourteen + fifteen +sixteen + seventeen + eighteen + nineteen + twenty + epilogue (might add a few chapters later on)
Tumblr media
status: on-going
misc features: fic art (open for submissions) | playlist | gallery (open for submission)
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“I know, I’m probably the last person you’d want to hear this from,” || Chapter Six
Series Masterlist
K-Pop Masterlist
Word Count: 9.6k
Warnings: smut, cursing, one disgusting man, and one hell of a Jeon Wonwoo
A/N: Stay safe you horny animals
Tumblr media
"I don't know, Binna..."
"What the fuck do you mean with you 'don't know'?! Are you kidding me?"
Your best friend and you had been sitting on your sofa and staring at the red silk dress that was laid out on the coffee table. It was Binna's idea... to lower the chances of creases or what no.
"No. No, I'm not kidding," you shook your head furiously and stood up, your eyes on the floor and your hand on your forehead.
"Y/N, we had that discussion yesterday. Now get your ass into that dress." It was 7:45 pm. You were planning on leaving at 6:30 - not to be the first to arrive but also not the last, hopefully. Binna had been trying to get you to change your clothes for a good ten minutes at that point, but your mind kept convincing you of deciding against it.
"Why would he do that?" You wondered out loud, "Why would he just send something like this?" As much as you tried, you couldn't keep your eyes off the beautiful piece of clothing for long as they always drifted to the small table in front of you.
Your friend sighed and grabbed the letter you had placed right next to it, "He said it himself. He wants to apologize."
"Oh, apologize my ass," you scuffed, "He wants something, and he's trying to lure me in with that shit."
Binna took a deep breath and stood up, approaching you with slow steps, "Y/N, some men can actually have good intentions," to which you rolled your eyes and she slapped your arm, "Jeon Wonwoo seems to really be trying. Like for real," walking over to lift the dress you had put on a hanger, letting the bottom drop to the floor, "What man would ask his freaking tailor to MAKE you a dress?!"
"A man that wants something in return," you simply stated, memories from years ago haunting you.
"Not every man is like... you know," she didn't even dare to let the name fall from her lips and you thanked her with a nod before you answered,
"He was the personification of a regular man. And sure," you admitted, "Not every single man is like that, but Jeon Wonwoo is almost no different from him. And I stand by that."
But the other woman shook her head, "They're totally different people. One already has the power, and one tried to get it. Besides, he would've never done something like this for you," raking her hand over the red silk.
You fell back onto the couch with a groan escaping your throat, "It's... It's just gonna be super uncomfortable and awkward and-"
"And you're gonna have to face him at some point again. So why not let it be at a nice event, with a lot of people around, where you might have a few drinks, so you could easily blame everything you do on the alcohol."
You wanted to say something in contrast to her statement, but the ringing bell of your hand-off system beat you to it. The two of you turned to the entrance of the hallway with frowns on both of your faces, before turning towards each other with the same expression. You stood up with a sigh, "I've been getting more visits during the last five days than in the entirety of last month." With a push of the button, you answered the person, "Hello?"
"Miss Yoon?" An unfamiliar voice spoke up, making Binna leave the dress on the coffee table and rush over to stand next to you.
"The car is here and ready for you. I'll be waiting until you're ready." You could hear him take a step back, making you speak louder,
"Wait! What car? I didn't-"
"I'm here on behalf of Mister Jeon."
With an annoyed look on your face, you turned to your left, finding a wide smiling Binna looking at you, clapping her hands and nodding her head excitedly. She quickly pushed you to the side to answer,
"She'll be down in thirty minutes."
"Take as much time as you need, Miss." Were his last words before silence came from both ends of the speaking system. With a smug grin on her lips, the woman next to you crossed her arms over her chest and raised her eyebrows,
"Now you have to go."
"I can still just send him back," you told her with an unfazed expression on your face, making her roll her eyes.
"No, you can't." And dragged you back into the living room by your arm, making you whine out loud.
"Wow..." Almost exactly 30 minutes later, you were standing in the middle of your bedroom with Binna leaning on the door frame, gazing at you with sparkles in her eyes. "My best friend is BEAUTIFUL!" She rushed over to you to engulf you in a tight embrace but pulling back again, "Oh god, no, I don't want to ruin hair, I'm so sorry," and quickly patted down the nonexistent strands that got dishevelled because of her hug. You giggled at her antics and slapped her hands away from your face,
"It's still all good."
"It's not all good," she admitted, taking a few steps back, "It's SO much better than good. You, my friend, are... wow..."
"Alright, alright," you pushed past her and made your way back into the living room where she had prepared a small bag for you. Picking up from the couch, you took a quick look inside, finding all the necessities: your phone, lipstick, some powder, and...
With your index and middle finger, you picked up the little squared foil package, turning around to meet the mischievous eyes of your friend. Instead of sharing words, the two of you kept looking at each other for a few seconds. You with raised eyebrows, waiting for an explanation, and her with a grin on her lips, happy to send you off looking fine as hell.
"He's not gonna be able to keep his hands to himself once he sees you, trust me," walking up to you to place the little package in your palm, closing your fingers around it, "You're gonna need it."
You snatched your hand back, out of her grasp, "I'm gonna cut his hands off if he tries anything." Throwing it onto the couch as you were about to make your way into the hallway when her voice stopped you. She picked up the preservative and approached you again, "Listen, I have a breeding kink too, but take it just in case."
"What the hell is wrong with you?" You couldn't help but to giggle but still kept a shocked expression at her comment. She leaned down to get a hold of your purse, opened it, and stored the condom well in a side pocket. "I mean it," you told her one last time.
"Sure," Binna nodded, "You will cut his hands off just like you did with his lips when he kissed you, right?" Teasing you about the fact that you may have shared a few too many details about the kiss, telling her about the way your legs gave in and you kissed him back.
Shaking your head, you turned towards the hallway, taking step after step, looking for fitting shoes along the floor. You didn't get to see the little victory dance she did behind you.
"Black heels," Binna motioned towards the pair she meant once she had caught up with you, and you thanked her quietly. Just like she did before, she rested her upper arm against the wall, looking at you with a grin plastered on her face.
"Listen," making you look up, "I'm gonna stay here until midnight. If you're not back by then, I'm out." You gazed at her with furrowed brows, making her continue, "I'm not gonna sit here alone and watch some romance drama on TV while you're getting railed by a CEO."
"Binna!" You warned her, but she just laughed, clearly proud of herself for coming up with comments that were pure gold to her.
After closing the clasp of your shoes, you straightened your back again, brushing over the dress out of habit and turned to the other woman in the room, "So?" Your voice suddenly heavy as if your heart had started beating faster, "How do I look?" The brunette smiled brightly at you, stretching her hands out to meet your waist, holding onto you tightly,
"Oh, suddenly you care about how you look for Mister Jeon," imitating the voice of the driver that was still waiting downstairs. You sighed and shook your head with the corners of your lips curling up, to which she quickly continued, "You look fantastic. I mean it." Looking directly into your eyes, where she found your pupils slightly shaking. "You're nervous, right?"
You nodded confused and placed a hand on your stomach, "Yeah? Why though?" Insecure about your own emotions. Binna's grin widened, if that was even possible anymore, turning into a genuinely kind smile,
"It's okay," she assured you. She knew what to assure you of, yet you were unsure about it. After a few last deep breaths and your friend throwing a coat over your shoulders, you were out, taking slow steps into the elevator before disappearing out of her sight. Binna closed your front door once you were gone and let a heavy sigh come out of her, "Damn... this is gonna take some time. Blind bitch..." and walked back into the living room to distract herself for a bit before she would drive back to her own place. In no way was she actually going to wait until midnight. She knew you weren't going to come home at any time before that.
The driver was kind and smiled at you as you excused yourself repeatedly for being late and keeping him waiting but he exclaimed just as often that he was ordered to wait for however long you may take and to not stress you as well.
The drive to the event's place was spent quiet for the most time, until the older man spoke up, "So, you and Mister Jeon must be close." Stating, rather than asking.
You met his eyes in the review mirror, "Ehm... I-" unsure of how to answer, "W-we work together. I work at Oksan & Co."
He chuckled, "I know that. He told me about you." Speaking as if it was the most normal thing in the world for Jeon Wonwoo to mention you in a conversation.
"He told you about me?"
The driver seemed to have noticed the surprised tone in your voice and decided to elaborate, "I've been working for the Jeons for quite some time. I used to work for his father before the little Jeon took over the company," you chuckled at the nickname, "I know basically almost everything about him. He talks a lot." Does he? He doesn't seem like somebody that shares a lot with other people. "He told me about the new COO, but not much about your relationship to each other." Switching between looking at the road and you through the review mirror.
You suddenly felt your heartbeat quicken, trying to get your mind straight to find a quick answer, "Oh- co... coworkers. We're coworkers. Just... coworkers." You didn't catch the grin that formed on the man's face, but got to hear the slight amusement in his voice,
"You're the first coworker of his I'm driving, in my thirty years of working for them," raising his eyebrows to pronounce the words differently.
"Oh," you chuckled nervously, "Oh well," a tight and forced smile on your lips.
"Must be special," he quietly commented, letting those be the last words of your conversation as he took a right turn and came to a halt. He took off his seatbelt and stepped out of the car, walking over to your door, opened it and helped you out.
"Have a good night, Miss Yoon." He bowed, making you do the same before he showed you where to go and got back into the vehicle, ready to drive off. With one last deep breath, you dared to take the steps forward, walking towards the older building that greeted you with a red carpet and big wooden doors, open for everyone to step in. A man at the entrance stopped you, asking for your name. After telling him, he nodded and told you to go ahead. You thanked him with a smile and continued your journey inside, only to get stopped again,
"May I take your bag and coat, Miss?" A slightly younger man kindly questioned, his hand already reaching forward.
"O-oh, yes, of course," you shrugged off your purse, but not without snatching your phone out of it, and handed him the accessory and clothing item. "Thank you," you smiled and walked through the second set of doors, finding yourself in a big foyer again. People passed you, some almost pushing you out of the way, while others stood in groups on the sides, talking loudly. You let your eyes scan the room, hoping to find a set of familiar eyes, but were disappointed as you weren't even able to identify one person. You were about to get on your phone when a woman in a suit joined you, standing still next to you, holding out a tray of champagne-filled glasses, smiling. Reaching for one of them, you got interrupted by two bigger hands stopping yours, taking two glasses off the tray before handing one to you. You turned to your left and found the familiar eyes you had been looking for. With a thankful smile, you took the one Wonwoo was holding out for you as he thanked the waitress, making her walk away to greet another guest.
"Good evening," he greeted you, filling the empty space next to you that the woman had left, letting his eyes, only quickly, rake up and down your silhouette, smiling at the clothing item you were wearing.
"Hi," you sent him a forced smile, not catching his glance, your lips feeling tighter than before and your heart increasing its beating pace, just like it did in the car.
"I'm glad to see that you could make it," he spoke softly and you were still able to hear him over the murmuring of the other people around you, as the two of you started walking to nowhere specifically.
You shook your head, looking ahead instead of to him, "You didn't have to send your chauffeur to come and pick me up." Ignoring his comment. He let out a deep chuckle,
"Hongseok is happy if he gets to drive around a little bit." Hoping to amuse you a little bit, but you didn't let anything show on your face. Wonwoo suddenly stopped walking, stepping in front of you to look at you, "And I had to make sure that you would actually show up."
"You thought I wouldn't?" You finally let your eyes interlock again, which was probably the worst idea as you could already feel yourself not being able to look away.
"Was I right?" He smirked, already knowing the answers, and getting a confirmation by you pursing your lips and slowly nodding.
Wonwoo chuckled and hid his free hand in his pocket as he noticed the phone that you were still holding. He reached out, snatching it out of your hand and stopped you when you were about to comment on it,
"You don't have anywhere to put it, it's alright," and hid it in one of the pockets on the inside of his suit. "Alright," he spoke up louder, "You arrived just in time," walking next to you again, showing you where to go.
You looked at him confused, "In time for what?"
"Dinner," he smiled.
"Dinner? We're having dinner?" Instead of answering he made you look ahead, coming to sight with a big open room filled with tables on the side, leaving a dance floor in the middle. The walls were decorated in red and gold, making it look like an old theatre, which it probably was because of the insanely high ceilings and curtains on one wall. You wanted to ask him a question but shut yourself up once you noticed he was talking to one of the waiters who would bring you to your designated table. The younger man led the way, leaving Wonwoo and you behind him.
"What even is this event?" You wondered.
He shrugged, "Just some fancy celebration of CEOs where they can meet each other and talk and see if they'd like to collaborate or even merge."
"Don't you have enough collaborations with other companies?" You wondered, making him smile and turn his head towards you,
"You can never have enough collaborations if they bring in enough money."
"Of course," you rolled your eyes at his comment, but he kept his smile.
"Looks like I might have to teach you a little bit tonight." You stopped at one of the round tables in the room, and the waiter left the two of you, letting you know they would start serving the food very soon.
You scuffed, "You wish," looking him dead in the eyes before turning to the table, finding name signs in front of each seat. You looked for yours, which was of course right next to Wonwoo's and wanted to sit down, when he beat you to it, and pushed the chair back, motioning for you to sit down. You thanked him with a nod and eyed him as he took his seat to your right. Your eyes fell on his perfectly sitting tie that was sticking out from the rest of his all-black attire with the little bit of tissue in the chest pocket that had the same colour. Both had the same colour. The same colour as your dress. Even with force, you couldn't help but to let your lips slightly curl upwards, "Your tie," you pointed to it shyly, "has the same colour as my dress."
Wonwoo looked down and touched it, acting surprised by the realisation, "Oh, well would you look that. What a coincidence." Smacking his lips as he found your amused glance.
You nodded, "Yeah, even the same fabric."
"What a coincidence," he stuck to his act and found you to be entertained by it, having to look away and take a deep breath to try and hide the smile that you couldn't hold back. Before you two could continue whatever was starting to happen, an older couple joined you.
"Good evening," the voice of an older lady made you look past the CEO and immediately stand up, seeing her and an older man next to her. You bowed politely, greeting the two as well as the woman gasped, "Oh my, aren't you two young." Making you giggle and Wonwoo chuckle.
"Why would they place two old fucks next to such young entrepreneurs?" The man commented as he took a seat.
His partner was quick to slap his chest, "What is wrong with you? Don't swear in front of them." She warned him, making you want to smile at the interaction. She turned to you, "I'm sorry for my husband. I'm Lee Hyerim, and he's Kang Beomseok."
Wonwoo nodded with a smile, "It's very nice to meet you," and turned around to you, motioning with his hand to introduce yourself, which you quickly did, "I-I'm Yoon Y/N," and he did the same right after you.
The older couple smiled at both of you, watching you closely from their seats next to Wonwoo.
"And may I ask what company you are from?" Lee Hyerim wondered.
"Oksan & Co." Your CEO answered, pushing his chair slightly back, so he wouldn't block you from their view.
The wife gasped, "Oh, Oksan & Co.!" Hitting her husband in the stomach, "I told you about them," before turning back to you, "I read about you. Amazing what you're doing. Congrats." The two of you smiled politely.
"So, you're THE Jeon Wonwoo, from Vortex, right?" The older man suddenly spoke up, and the man next to you nodded,
"And who are you then?" He turned to you, still smiling, "Wait. Let me guess, employee of the month. And now you get to join the CEO to a nice business dinner. Huh?" You forced a chuckle out of you. This was not the first time it happened and wouldn't be the last time, but at least he seemed polite, so you kept your smile,
"COO actually," you cleared up before adding, "But soon to be employee of the month." Making the couple chuckle and Wonwo turn around to meet your eyes. He looked at you amused, happy to see you in a good mood. "I just gave myself that title. I hope you don't mind," you provocatively whispered. You hoped to rile him up, but only got met with a kind facial expression and what looked like a... proud smile?
"Not at all." He whispered back, leaning in slightly, his gaze lingering on you for a little too long, and turning around to the couple again, leaving you baffled at his reaction. You tried to annoy him, or get something out of him... anything but THAT. What the hell was THAT?
"Wow..." the woman exclaimed, "You guys are really only getting younger. I could've never imagined having such an important role in a company in my twenties. Unbelievable..."
"We're doing our best," Wonwoo nodded.
"Yeah," she chuckled, "I can tell. Oksan & Co. is doing so well right now."
Slowly but surely, people filled the empty seats around the table, introducing themselves to the two of you and to each other. Never had you ever imagined you'd be in a room with more CEOs than you could count. Another day for you to feel small as you looked around watching women next to other women, or some on the arms of their partners and dates.
You had fallen into a comfortable conversation with the woman that had sat down next to you. Boo Seomin, 32 years old, who recently had her second and, as he put it, 'hopefully last' child. She was here with her husband who was looking for a new printing company to bring out the magazine articles he and his employees were writing. While you were talking, waiters had already brought out the three-course meal and collected every bit of cutlery that was left, leaving only the glasses filled with alcohol on the table.
In the middle of your shared talk, you suddenly felt a tap on your shoulder,
"Are you okay?" You turned to the side, coming to sight with the dark familiar pair of eyes looking at you carefully.
"Yeah," you nodded softly, feeling a small smile grazing your lips, making him do the same.
"Do you want something to drink?" Nodding towards the empty glass in front of you, "There's a bar back there. I can get you something." Looking around, you found what he was talking about. The neatly kept counters, bartenders serving drinks from behind them. You shook your head,
"No, don't worry. I can get it myself," and stood up only for a hand on yours stopping you,
"No, no, sit down. I'll get it." He insisted, but you pushed him down by his shoulder,
"I can do it," staring directly into his eyes, "What do you want?"
"Nothing, I'm good, thank you." Before completely leaving the table, you caught an older man from the table laughing at Wonwoo,
"Never fight about the independence of a woman, Mister Jeon." Making you smile as you made your way towards the bar.
If you had to stay here for longer, which currently seemed to be the case, you'd at least make the best out of it and use the free menu of liquor.
One of the bartenders rushed to you as soon as he saw you approaching the counter, taking your order and getting to it within seconds. While you were waiting, another silhouette showed up next to you.
"A beautiful woman like you is a CEO? Why not a model?" You looked to your left, encountering a young man, who couldn't have been much older than you, that was now leaning on the countertop as well. The pick-up line almost made you throw up and if this had been a club, you would've exactly known how to react, but this was a prestige event, so you had to stay professional and civil.
"Thank you, but I'm not interested," you shook him off, hoping this would make him leave. Of course, it didn't.
"Who says I'm interested? Can't give women compliments these days?" He simply wondered, slurring his words and chuckling to himself. 100% drunk.
"You can," you nodded, "Just not like that," and immediately shook your head afterwards.
The man rolled his eyes, "Then may I ask what company the beautiful lady in front of me is from?"
You leaned over, trying to see if the bartender was almost done, but you couldn't find him, so you continued smiling forcedly at him, "Oksan & Co."
He started mumbling and thinking to himself, "Oksan & Co, Oksan & Co..." repeating the name over and over again before the light inside of his brain seemed to have turned on, "Oh! Right. Jeon's new company."
Everyone really does know him.
"That's the one." You smiled, still waiting for the drink.
"And what do you there? You can't be CEO because that's already Jeon. So what are you?" He just wouldn't shut up. Your started shaking your legs impatiently, your fingers tapping on the stone top you were leaning on.
"COO," you quickly answered, finding the bartender who was making his way back to you.
"COO," the man repeated, "As if," a salty chuckle tumbled from his lips.
"As if what?" You took the drink into your hands but were suddenly more interested in the attitude that guy was giving you. You can put men into their place and still stay polite, you just have to try it. You can stick up to men that aren't your father. You've done it before, just do it again.
Words slurred out of his mouth but got interrupted by another voice that appeared a little too close to your left ear, making you jolt back, hitting a hard chest,
"Hey." Wonwoo's hands grabbed your shoulders to steady you as he smiled down at you and then at the man in front of you.
"Jeon!" The drunk man shouted, "Damn... I never thought I'd ever get to see you ever again." Greeting him with the typical bro-hug that looked way more uncomfortable to Wonwoo than it did to him, making you chuckle. You moved over, slightly more to the side, but felt a soft touch on the middle of your back to keep you right where you were.
"You're already CEO I heard," he congratulated the man behind you who nodded with a fake smile plastered on his face,
"You heard right."
"And the first thing you do is get yourself a hot assistant, I see, I see," he suddenly commented making you want to turn around. You tried doing that, and you would have been successful if it wasn't for the sudden gentle grab by your shoulders, keeping you close to Wonwoo. That definitely did not make your heart jump. No. No, it didn't. Why would it? Huh? No, it didn't.
"COO," Wonwoo corrected him, "She's the COO."
"Yeah," he started chuckling again, "That's what she said too." For a second there was silence before he continued out of the blue, "How well does she suck?" A disgusting and proud smile on the other man's face, making you gasp,
"Excuse me?!" You raised your voice, clearly too loud as you felt the man behind you keep you back, expecting you to lanch at the other CEO.
Wonwoo kept his cool, "What do you mean?" Continuing the conversation in his usual cold tone, making you scuff and fight his grip, which only led to him linking your arms together, and you give up.
The other man smiled, "Oh, come on, you know. How good was the head for you to make her the COO?" Not wanting to hear any more of the derogatory words that kept on coming out of his mouth, you grinned your teeth and started fighting Wonwoo's tight hold on your arm. It didn't seem to faze him much as he answered, pretending to think for a second,
"Hm...," letting his eyes scan the room, "I don't know to be honest", before looking ahead again, straight into the man's eyes, "But tell your mother that hers was great last night." Without waiting for a response that he wouldn't have gotten anyways as the guy was too shocked at the comment, Wonwoo dragged you away gently.
"Wh-," you stuttered, "What the fuck was that?" You freed yourself from his grip, coming to a halt on your way back to the table, standing in front of each other.
"What?" He questioned as if he didn't know what you were talking about. His face looked more tense than you had ever seen it before, making you slightly worry.
"That!" Pointing to the bar where the man was no longer to be seen.
He answered you, breathing heavily, "That's how you deal with men like that."
With your mouth slightly open, you kept switching gazing at him and the bar, "You can't just say things like that. Who knows who he's gonna tell that to."
The CEO shut his eyes and let out a heavy breath. "So you would've just let him continue talking to you like that?" He seemed enraged by what had happened, trying to calm himself down. Because yes, the scene had annoyed him, but what annoyed him, even more, was your opinion about his action.
"I don't need your help," you suddenly answered. It was a straight-up lie, yes. Would you confess to it though? No. Absolutely not. Wonwoo smiled with an annoyed eye roll, looking to the side,
The voice of Kang Beomseok joined you, "May I escort the lady for a dance," stopping right next to you, extending his hand towards you, but turning his head to the younger man's direction, who nodded and motioned for him to 'go ahead'.
You shook your head at the kind man, "I don't dance," but he had already gotten a hold of your hand, slowly dragging towards the dance floor.
"A woman can always do at least one dance," he joked. You turned around, a helpless look written all over your face as you found Wonwoo standing there, watching you with a smile, "You said you don't need my help." Were the last words you heard from him before you were too far away from him, and he got pulled to the side by the wife of the older man, making you chuckle. Karma.
Surprisingly, it was much less awkward dancing with Mister Kang. It felt more like you were enjoying some time with your grandfather that kept on running his mouth about the people around him, getting a laugh from you at every comment he gave.
"So," he started again, while you were swaying side to side in a comfortable distance, "You and Jeon Wonwoo? COO and CEO. Perfect match."
"Oh, no," you corrected him, "We're colleagues. We're... we're not... together in that way." He suddenly gasped, over exaggerating his facial expression, which made you giggle,
"What? Miss Yoon! How could you let that man suffer like that."
"Why suffer?" You chuckled.
"My wife and I could've sworn the two of you must've been together for at least a few years." He admitted.
Your curiosity suddenly lit up, "What made you think that?"
Kang Beomseok started explaining the situation from his point of view, "When you left to go to the bar, Mister Jeon's eyes never left you. Not even for a second. And when I turned around, I found out why," you wondering look made him continue. "Because of that man that came up to you. We were in the middle of a conversation when he excused himself, and I swear he almost RAN to stand next to you." A short moment was shared in silence, before he added, "I haven't seen a lot of men be like that, to be honest... that's something special. Even while we were talking and you were next to him, he would also try to steal a quick little gaze at you. Truly something special..."
"Why are you telling me this?" You whispered, surprised at what you had just heard. Your brain was still trying to comprehend the spoken words when he answered you,
"Because like I said, my wife and I could have sworn the two of you were a couple. We had no idea. But even now I already caught him looking at you twice."
"Huh?" You gazed at the man, who just smiled,
"My wife and Mister Jeon are only a few feet behind you," and waved to his partner. You wanted to turn around and see it for yourself, but he gave your hand a sudden squeeze, "Think about my words, alright?" He didn't even wait for an answer before spinning you around, letting go of your hand, making you bump into someone. You pressed your hands against the chest first, hoping to muffle the impact. With a quick look up, you came to sight with a familiar tie first, before seeing a smiling Wonwoo already glancing at you.
"Hi," he spoke quietly, using his deep voice.
"Hi," you greeted him back, suddenly shy by the look he was giving you. He got a hold of both of your hands and took them off his chest, only to let your right one rest in his left, while his right found its way to your back, keeping it on the highest possible position, where his palm wouldn't touch your skin.
"So," he started speaking, swaying from one side to the either, just like Kang Beomseok did with you, "I heard you don't dance."
Your heart had only started to recover from the scene at the bar before but was already starting to increase its beat again. Even with the kiss the two of you had shared a few days before, this seemed much more intimate. Much closer. You could, but didn't even dare to, rest your cheek against his shoulder, like most women would during a slow dance. Instead, you decided to play along to whatever he was doing, "Well, you heard correctly."
Wonwoo smiled at your answer, gripping your hand a little tighter before he leaned down, his mouth stopping almost directly next to your ear, "Then let me change that." And before you knew it, you were suddenly pushed away from him, his hand still holding on tightly to yours as he pulled you back in, spinning you around. The CEO grabbed your torso with one arm again, holding you close to him, as he crossed the floor with you with big steps, turning smoothly to the sound of the music playing. With one last spin, you were back, chest to chest, you looking up at him in shock, while he looked down at you, laughing at your reaction,
"Never do that again," you commented, still trying to make the world not spin anymore. Wonwoo started laughing, his chest and your hand on top of it shaking, making you hide your smile by pressing your lips to a thin line.
A comfortable silence fell amongst the two of you as you continued swaying side to side, the soft tunes of classical music filling the room, along with the chatter of the people around you. This wasn't a scene you could have ever imagined you'd find yourself in, so you didn't know what to do, other than to follow what he was doing. You wanted to speak, just say something that would get this silence away. But you couldn't because you couldn't even think of anything but starting a conversation about what had happened on Tuesday.
"See," his raspy voice interrupted your train of thought, "You do dance." You kept your eyes to the left, not wanting to come to sight with his eyes that continued starring at your side-profile,
"I'm only doing this because you're forcing me to."
"I would let go of you right now if you asked me to," he whispered softly. You didn't even budge. You didn't even let a muscle move in your body. He WOULD let go of you. Good to know. But you didn't want him to.
Wonwoo felt his lips curl up at your reaction of not doing anything to what he had just said. By the way, you were slow dancing and slowly rotating on the dance floor, his eyes fell to the older couple that had snatched you away from each other before. Both of them started smiling at him, sending him thumbs ups, making him chuckle, and you look up,
"What?" You wondered as you felt him laugh against you. He shook his head quickly,
"Nothing." And you didn't question it.
The music coming from the speakers had calmed you down, making you feel much more comfortable than in the beginning. You caught yourself moving your head slightly forward, letting your cheek rest against Wonwoo's shoulder - without your heels, you'd only be able to meet his chest with your face. The CEO looked down at you, watching the back of your head and your shining hair flowing down your shoulders. You relaxed again his form, letting out a big sigh, making him smile.
This moment didn't seem to end anytime soon as you shared another few seconds of silence. Suddenly he leaned down to be closer to your ear, “I know, I’m probably the last person you’d want to hear this from,” he whispered. Quietly, so you’d be the only one hearing the words that were only meant for you, “But I think you’re the most beautiful woman in this room right now.”
He felt your entire physique tense up against his body, your right hand that he was holding, giving his a quick squeeze unknowingly. You pulled your head away from him and met his eyes that were definitely too close. Trying to look for the lie in his gaze could go endlessly long because there was no lie. That man meant every single word that had just fallen from his lips.
Wonwoo’s eyes fell to your mouth that was slightly open from the shock of his confession. The intensity of the shared looks started becoming too much for you when you were finally able to look away, turning your head to the other side, grazing your cheek over his shoulder. You felt his chest move as a chuckle escaped from his throat, making you smile. His hand that he had kept on your upper back, making sure to leave it where the fabric of your dress was still against his palm, started moving lower. Slowly but surely, he tested how far you‘d let him go - and you weren’t going to stop him at any point. Wonwoo, himself, stopped before his hand could travel too far, letting it rest in a comfortable position on your lower back. What he didn’t know, was that the voices in your head had started screaming, begging, and pleading him to just move it a little bit lower. Just a little bit. And a little bit more.
“You hate me, right?” He suddenly asked. In this intimate moment, this man had the audacity to ask a question like that… he definitely knew how to use a moment...
“I…,” you breathed out, your voice shakier than you thought it would be, your mind still on the palm that you were feeling on your lower back, “What makes you think that?”
Wonwoo smiled, “Is that you’re way of saying you don’t?” Pushing his head back in hopes to see you looking up, which you did. With your eyebrows raised provocatively, you answered him, “I’m not saying I don’t.” Making the corners of his lips curl more. He lifted his head to look around the room as if he was searching for something, only to let his eyes rest on a different couple a few feet away from you.
With his glance still directed towards them, he dared to ask the question that had been playing on the tip of his tongue ever since he had gotten you into this position, “Would you be mad if I kissed you again?” You snapped your head to the right, finding him with the familiar grin gazing at you, waiting for a reaction.
You held back the smile that was daring to show on your lips while your eyes locked with his again, “Probably,” speaking softly to him.
He nodded, “Good.” That’s all the confirmation he needed to move your right hand, placing it on his chest, before his left one cradled your cheek in its palm, grazing his thumb over your blush and pulling you gently towards him, leaning down at the same time and meeting your lips for the second time ever since you had met. You melted into the kiss, your hand moving up higher to where his neck started, holding it in place there. Your lips moved against each other as you held your breath, still overwhelmed by what he was doing. The hand on your lower back pushed you closer even though you weren't sure how much closer the two of you could get.
His hand left your cheek, running it down your jaw to your neck, where he stopped, holding onto the back of it, letting a soft moan come from you. Your reaction assured him more of his action, feeling you not fight against him, but lean into what he was doing.
Your body was begging him to do more. Maybe it was the little amount of alcohol in your system, maybe it was the suppressed feelings of a touched-starved woman that hadn't ever got to be in a moment like that. To feel a man kiss you with more passion than you had ever asked for. For him to wait for the right moment to ask the right question and to only act with the consent and knowledge of your acceptance of his actions. And maybe it was a little bit of all of that. Whatever it was, you couldn't care less and just let your hands and lips move on their own.
A gasp left your lips as you felt the coldness of the stone wall on your back that Wonwoo had pushed you against. He closed the door hastily, locking it to make sure no one would disturb you.
Not wasting another second, he pushed himself up against you again, his hands tightly on your waist, your kisses messy and out of breath as your fingers played with his tie, tugging on it. He chuckled with his deep voice, pushing his head back, your lips distancing themselves from each other, but your noses still touching. His eyes met yours, both of your pair filled with lust and need as he whispered,
"Tell me when to stop." But you were quick to shake your head, breathing heavily as you swallowed the lump in your throat. His eyes widened, "No?" Afraid that he had gone too far. Your arms crossed behind his neck, planning on pulling him closer within the next few seconds,
"I'm not gonna tell you to stop," you whispered against his lips, making him smirk. Your eyes were shaking as the hold on your waist tightened and he pushed you up against him again, your lips finding their way back to each other, moving in a fast rhythm. Once his grip moved lower to your hips, he breathed out,
"Jump." Making you do just that. His hands held onto your ass as your legs wrapped around his midriff. He carried you for a few steps, over to the table he saw when the two of you entered what seemed to be some kind of janitor closet. Wonwoo let you down, you now sitting comfortably with him between your legs. His finger trailed down your naked leg, having found the slit in your dress, that he specifically asked the tailor to add. With his mouth still on yours, you felt his tongue graze over your lips, making open your mouth wider. Enough for him to let his tongue slip in, and you, using yours as well. The soft touches of his fingers had reached your ankle, where he grabbed it and pushed it up.
He suddenly freed you from his kisses, distancing his face from yours, gazing into your eyes before slowly getting down on one knee, making you suck in a breath as you felt your stomach flutter. Wonwoo kept his eyes on yours while his soft lips kissed your ankles, his hands holding onto your feet that were still in your black high heels. His mouth travelled up your leg, slowly, leaving a kiss after every centimetre that he got higher. Once he has reached your knee, he didn't stop and continued keeping his lips on your leg. With one quick pull, he moved your hips closer to the edge of the table. A gasp tumbled from your lips. You let your head fall back, feeling him go higher and higher, with no intention of stopping. His hand had found their way to your naked hips, pushing the red silk up. If you believed in a God, you thanked him for giving him the idea to put a slit in that dress.
Your fingers tangled into his hair once he was high enough, making him groan when you started pulling at it. His fingers wrapped around your underwear suddenly, tugging gently at it, as if to ask for permission, which is exactly what Wonwoo did. He straightened his back again after leaving one last kiss on your inner thigh, coming up to hover over you, his grip still on the lace you were wearing.
"May I take these off?" He whispered, making you shudder as you couldn't look away from his dark eyes that you were still able to see in the poorly lit closet. You nodded shakingly, which seemed to not be enough for him. "Use your words, Miss Yoon."
A gasp was very close to fall from your lips when he used your last name instead of addressing you by your first - not even in a situation like this did he.
"Yes," your voice quivered making him chuckle and after sending you a proud grin, he got back down on his knees, only to get pulled up by you, your fingers tugging on his hair. He groaned by didn't hesitate to press his lips back on yours as his hands yanked your panties off. You were about to raise your legs for him to pull them off, but his impatience got the best of him, and he decided to rip them into two halves. A shaky moan tumbled from your lips, as a quiet
"Sorry," rang through your ears. But you couldn't care less. With your arms around Wonwoo's neck, you pulled him as close as you possibly could, and got yourself to sit even closer to the end of the table, hoping to find some release of the friction. You felt the roughness of his pants rub against your core, making you moan into his mouth. As this was not enough for you, no matter how much you started moving your hips, you let your hands fall down, your fingers playing with his belt, opening it quickly before getting to work at his buttons. You fiddled with them for a little too long, making Wonwoo push your hands to the side and open his pants himself, letting them drop down his legs - his underwear doing the same thing. As soon as you heard his bottoms coming off, you let your eyes travel down, breaking away from the heavy make-ou session.
You found his hard length sticking up, almost hitting his stomach making you gulp. Not for long did you leave your gaze on his cock as a finger underneath your chin made you lift your head again,
"Eyes are up here, Miss Yoon." You blushed at his comment, hiding it by pulling him in by his tie, making him chuckle against your lips. Your legs captured him, not letting him go anytime soon, but suddenly he quit again, looking down and patting his suit jacket, "Ah fuck," he breathed out.
"What?" You wondered.
"I don't have-" and you immediately understood,
"I'm on the pill, it's okay." You shook him off, trying to pull him closer again, but he stopped you with a tight grip on your hips.
"Are you sure?" His kind eyes, filled with darkness and lust, made you almost moan out loud, but there was no time to fall for them, so you just nodded quickly,
"Jesus, yes, just fuck me," clearly out of breath and annoyed at how long this was taking. Your whining made him grin,
"Impatient, I see," Wonwoo commented, keeping his eyes on you instead of continuing with what he was doing. The intensity of his stare made you slap his arm, irritated by his actions. It only made him chuckle again, before he let his finger glide over your clit without warning, making you jolt up and moan, your eyes still interlocked.
He shut you up by placing his lips back on yours, your arms pulling him as close as possible. The CEO continued rubbing the tip of his index and middle finger around the bud, getting nothing but whines and moans from you, feeling your hips starting to grind against his movements. His fingers moved down your slit, stopping at your entrance as he switched to using his middle and ring finger, slowly pushing them inside.
You shuddered. Your fingernails scratched his neck as you raised your legs, your heels carving into his lower back with every centimetre that he went deeper.
"Fuck, you're so wet already," he groaned into your mouth as he felt your wetness coating his fingers, them grazing your walls along with the motions of your hips.
"Then just put your cock inside of me already," your impatience and neediness were killing you, along with the man that could go on teasing you about it for as long as he'd like.
Wonwoo chuckled, his deep voice echoing through the room, "Your foul mouth's gonna be the death of me."
"Fuck you," you exclaimed, looking at him with a frown. He sent you one last grin before pulling his fingers out and replacing them immediately with his hard dick, that was just waiting to be inside of you.
You threw your head back as a loan moan escaped your throat, your nails digging into his shoulders. He immediately picked up his pace, having already waited long enough, not wanting to waste any more time to fill you up. You pulled yourself up, letting your forehead rest against his shoulder while his hands helped you keep up with the rhythm that he was going at by pushing your hips along with it.
"AH," you shouted out, "FUCK!" Making him groan into your neck as he started kissing it up and down. You could feel every vein of his cock moving against your walls that were hugging him so tightly, letting him know that there was no way he could last for too long.
"Jesus, you're so fucking tight," he moaned into your ear. The feeling of the heels of your shoes drilling into his back made him pick up his speed, hoping to get you as close as he was as soon as possible. You let one of your hands hold onto the table you were sitting on, trying to let it help you raise your hips better and at a quicker pace, without needing the CEO to pick them up whenever he slammed his cock inside of you.
"Fuck, Wonwooo," you whined out loud, your voice sounding magical to him as he heard you yell out his name in ecstasy.
"Oh, we're going by first names now?" He raised an eyebrow, leaning back to capture your eyes with his, finding you in your fucked out state, making him want to kiss you immediately again. You rolled your eyes at him, which made him chuckle and push himself up against you. He wished he could rake his palms over your entire body but without his tight grip on your hips, you wouldn't get done as quickly as he wanted to, and he felt the need to release very soon. Your arms interlocked behind his neck again as you started moaning into his mouth. You wanted to feel him as close as possible, your chest rubbing against his, your nipples coming in touch with the friction.
"Y/N," Wonwoo groaned, "Shit..." capturing your lips into another harsh kiss as he felt your walls slowly tightening around him.
"I-I'm gonna cum," your high-pitched whine rang through his ears making him moan out loud,
"Fuck, yes," he kept on going at the same harsh pace with his hips, "Come on. Cum for me." With every push inside of you, you felt yourself getting closer and closer to your release.
The small room was filled with your groans, whines, your skin slapping against each other, and the sound of your wetness daring to spill out of you. All of this brought the two of you to moan loudly.
Not much later, you felt Wonwoo's fingers digging into your hips, making you groan in pleasure and pain, as in the next second, he filled you up with his cum, jolting up with a loud groan, continuing his movements as he muffled his sounds with a kiss.
Only two seconds later, the intensity of your own orgasm shot through your body, your hands tightening around his neck as your body felt limp against his, only moving because of his still tight grip on you. Your heavy breathing mixed with your whining that kept falling from your lips was the only melody he wanted to hear at this moment. Wonwoo's hands dropped you to sit back on the table properly as his palms found their way back your waist, gliding up and down the silk fabric. You raised your hand, your fingers running through your hair, pushing it away from your face,
"Oh, fuck..." you breathed out and closed your eyes, trying to steady your breathing just as Wonwoo's dick exited your pussy, leaving you feeling empty.
Once you opened them again, you found no one in front of you anymore, only jolting up in surprise as you felt soft fabric running over your still sensitive core. You straightened your back and sat up, looking down to see Wonwoo back on his knees. In his hand was a piece of red fabric that he was using to clean up every drop that kept on gushing out of you. You chuckled at the sight, even though you shuddered whenever he purposely grazed your clit,
"I never thought I'd ever see you on your knees like that." You couldn't hold yourself back from commenting on his position. A smug smile played on his lips. Wonwoo waited until nothing of his cum, mixed with yours, was left, before standing up again, cleaning his fingers up with the same piece of fabric and putting it back into his chest pocket - so that's where he had that from all of a sudden, you wondered.
He brushed over his attire as you noticed that he had also put on his pants again, looking as if nothing had happened. Well, except for his dishevelled hair that you couldn't get enough from.
The CEO closed your legs by pushing them together, grabbed you by your hips, and lifted you up, only to put you down on your feet again. As soon as he noticed you buckling from the aftereffect of your orgasm, he placed your hands on his shoulders, leaving him to hold onto the table behind you, trapping you between his arms. His face was as close as it had been a few times before, staring into your soul with his dark eyes,
"There's not a lot of people I'd get down on my knees for." He admitted with a wicked grin on his lips. His confession made you gulp, not taking your eyes off of him.
The finger of his right hand followed your hairline of the side of your face, pushing one strand behind your ear, "May I take you home?"
You raised your eyebrows, "You want to take me home? To my place?" Unsure as to why he would let the night come to an end all of a sudden, but his smile let you know otherwise,
"No, not your home. My home." He captured your chin, rubbing his thumb across your lower lip, "Let me take care of you," taking a small step closer to you, "Let me put you down on a bed, kiss every single inch of your body. Strip you out of this tight dress." Letting his other hand rake over the red silk.
You thought for a second, before answering, "I still don't like you." You couldn't even fully convince yourself of your statement, but it made him chuckle in his deep voice,
"You can dislike me all you want after that." Keeping his eyes directly on yours.
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𝐂𝐄𝐎!𝐛𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐲 𝐛𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐞𝐬
no words but a lot of thoughts. this giving very much CEO! or even carter baizen vibes
Tumblr media
𝙝𝙚𝙧𝙚𝙨 𝙨𝙤𝙢𝙚 𝘾𝙀𝙊!𝙗𝙪𝙘𝙠𝙮...
❥ ʀᴇᴍᴇᴍʙᴇʀ ᴛᴏ ʀᴇᴀᴅ ᴀʟʟ ᴀᴜᴛʜᴏʀ ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢꜱ
Possessed by @dyspneagrime
summary: Margaret Everlee is a terribly timid little thing. Living her life as a struggling artist in New York, trying to find her place in the world. That is until the CEO with a dark past, James Barnes sets his sights on her. His infatuation is instantaneous, becoming a man possessed. Desperately needing her to be his own little doll and willing to take down anyone that gets in his way.
The Match by @babyboibuckywrites
summary: You come across your boss’ Tinder profile.
Power over me by @sinner-as-saint
summary: CEO James Buchanan Barnes is a dominant. And he’s spent the last 5 years searching for his perfect submissive. Then one night, he finds you. He thinks everything will fall perfectly into place now; but he thought wrong. Turns out your unfortunate past which still haunts you to this day, and some of his enemies are, well, connected. Things go wrong. And your bond with your dom is tested in many ways
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Sugar & Spice: Part 8
“Does this look okay?” You stepped out of the bathroom with your phone in hand, giving Jake a good look at the dress you’d chosen to wear for the first dinner in Brussels, the first night alone with Ari in a hotel suite that was three times the size of your apartment back home.
“You look pretty?” Jake furrowed his brows and tilted his head. “I don’t know what you want me to say Y/N. You look really pretty and I think Ari is lucky.”
“Am I making a mistake? Should I leave?” You sank onto the mattress and crossed one leg over the other, pestering Jake for another opinion that you knew would be the same as it was yesterday and the day before.
“Are you feeling uncomfortable? Safe? Do you need me to call the police in Brussels?” Jake had leaned forward, speaking with a mix of concern and jest.
“I’m not uncomfortable, I’m not. Ari is…he makes me feel….”
“Feel what?”
“I don’t know…like I’m whole? There’s like this connection between us ya know? I feel safe with him, I feel like I can be myself and I can be open with him. I feel like I don’t have to hide who I want to be and what I want to do.” You sighed and fell back onto the bed, the camera on your phone shaking slightly from you bouncing on the bed as you hit the mattress.
“Are you dating? Are you screwing around?” Again, Jake was curious and worried like the good friend he was.
“I don’t know, to be honest. I don’t…I feel like this is going to be a relationship that completely changes me in the best way possible. I just feel….hopeful. I feel like…he’s been sending me gifts for months, Jake. We’ve talked through a screen for countless hours and he told me that he…likes watching my posts. I’m his…I don’t know. I’m something to him.”
“You like him, he likes you.” Jake smiled small, wondrously devout as your friend just as you were to him. “You’ve taken a chance and followed him to Brussels. You know he won’t hurt you, and I’ve checked him out on my end. He’s a good man, Y/N. He is.”
“I can tell. I can tell he’s good.”
“Have you done anything yet?” Jake grinned and wiggled his eyebrows at you, your belly heating at the previous events that had been at the forefront of your mind. The heat of his cock against your tongue and the taste of his spend as you swallowed it all, the feel of his fingertips against your cunt.
“You did.” Jake laughed and had pumped his fist twice. “Thanks, Y/N. You made me $100 richer.”
“Did you bet on me?” Your eyes narrowed as Jake had beamed, and a door closed in the background of his place.
“Well…Isla…” Jake had rubbed the back of his neck as he averted his gaze, heat rising to his cheeks. “Isla and I kinda hooked up.”
“You had sex with Isla? You need to tell me what happened. Everything.” The conversation had taken a turn, one you were thankful for when the door of the hotel had opened, signalling Ari’s return from the phone call he had taken out of the room. You had pushed yourself to sit and when he had returned to the bedroom, you caught his gaze as he tucked his chin into his chest and studied you with blooming adoration.
“We had sex-“
“Mind-blowing sex. Why were you hiding your mystery friend from me? Did you know the size of his cock was-“ Ari had walked toward you as Isla had brambled on, his bottom lip tucked between his teeth as he stepped before the bed. He had rested his hands on the mattress on either side of your hips and leaned in kissing you softly. The phone had started to slip from your hands when you had pressed yourself further into his chest, whining when he had started pulling away, your eyes growing wider as he grabbed the phone and turned it to himself.
“She’ll call you back.” Ari’s deep and husky voice had drawn shivers from you, your breath bated as he hung up the phone and tossed it behind you, before capturing your lips again in a sultry and inmate play.
By the time you and Ari had finally made it to the car waiting for you, your lips were buzzing with the urgent attention Ari had given them, and you were weak in the knees. There was no moment, no chance to deny the way the two of you were drawn together.
“You didn’t say where we’re going.” Ari turned his head and looked at you, the corners of his eyes crinkling as he smiled and slipped his hand from your knee to your lower thigh, enjoying the way you squirmed under his touch.
“Someplace we can talk, princess.” Ari’s voice was deep and husky, his tone reverberating in your ears, and as his fingers curled around the inside of your thigh, a sound slipped from you that was a cross between a coo and a whine.
“You’re so cute, sweetheart.” He had shifted closer to you, his arm wrapping around the back of the seat as he pulled you into his side. “My perfect princess.”
“Ari,” you shivered and shook beneath his touch, trembling when his hand climbed higher on your leg, “Ari please…”
“Please?” He questioned, leaning in to brush his lips against your neck. “Please what, Y/N? Whatever you need, I’ll give you.”
“Please,” you whined desperately, “please touch me.”
“Do you want to feel my fingers?” Ari had removed his hand from your thigh and cupped your chin. “We’re supposed to be at dinner-“
“I’m sorry. I didn’t-“
“Shh,” he crooned and leaned in, his lips dusting against your own as he whispered into the kiss, “relax, princess. I’m enjoying this as much as you are.”
“I’ll feed you, sweetheart. Don’t worry, just relax. Tell me what you want.”
His fingers stroked your bare pussy lips, a reminder that he had somehow talked you out of your panties earlier at the hotel room.
“I need you, Ari please-!” You jerked your hips against his fingers, heat pooling between your thighs.
“Alright, princess. I’ll make you feel good.”
Tumblr media
The two glasses of wine set on the table were yet untouched as Ari and yourself had sat across from one another, the conversation on the cusp of taking a sharp turn to a more intimate and significant talk. Ari had wanted to relay what he had wanted out of the relationship that was building, the connection between you was innate and basest, yet overpowering.
Ari didn’t want a relationship of sexual servitude, not how you had almost expected from a sugar daddy which is the truest definition of the relationship as it stood. Ari had wanted companionship and he wanted to give companionship in return.
He wanted to be your sole provider, to ease your financial burden and give you a chance to finish school and continue building your influencer base and reputation without having to worry about working. He wanted to give you the best kind of pleasure, and you would do the same in return.
“You’re not a virgin,” Ari had stated the fact back to you as he reached for his wine glass and picked it up from the table, “but you’re not experienced are you, princess?”
“I’ve had sex, I’ve…blown guys off but…” you bit your bottom lip and looked away, bashful and prettily shy around him.
“It’s okay, sweetheart.” Ari had crooned and sipped on the deep red in his glass before he set it down again and leaned in. “I can teach you, help you grow.”
“What do you want?” You had asked bluntly, your phone buzzing beneath the table and Ari knew, he had a sixth sense, that you were texting Jake about the trip and Ari himself. “From this I mean…”
“I’ve been good to you, haven’t I?” Ari was growing more affectionate for you every moment. His desire for your beautiful nature, your kind and breathtaking soul was unkempt.
“Of course, Ari.” Your lips stretched into a smile, your eyes brightening as you exchanged a gaze, and brushed your fingers against the top of your wine glass. “You’ve been nothing but kind.”
“Thank you, sweetheart.” Ari reached across the table and rest his hand on yours, his thumb brushing back and forth against your knuckles. “And you know, I adore you.”
“I…do too.” You were navigating a different kind of relationship from the others you had before, with Ari the intent and intimacy were already deeper and more meaningful than past boyfriends.
“I want to be with you, I want to grow our relationship with you.” Ari had lifted his glass to his lips again, sipping on the flavourful wine. “I want to be the only one-“
“You are, Ari. I promise you are the only one.” You had stumbled, almost nervous about this conversation.
“I will take care of all your bills, everything you need will be yours. In exchange, I want you to attend events with me. I want to take you out for dinner and on trips, I want us to be a couple.”
“And that includes…sex?”
“Are you alright with that honey?” Ari questioned, even though he could tell just by the way you were squirming, and the way you moaned his name, that you had wanted it just as much as he did.
“Yes,” your voice was airy, your chest rising and falling with every bated breath, “yes…I am. I do. Want this I mean, I want this…”
“I’ll help you experience things you haven’t before. We’ll start slow, you’ve already done so good. We’ll open you up to new experiences like light bondage, overstimulation, cockwarming, and role-playing. Are you okay with that?” Ari had waited for your answer, the corner of his lips twitching when you had squeaked, your eyes widening and your thighs clenching.
“You’re not going to be treated as my toy, Y/N. As long as we’re together you are my significant other.”
“Your sugar baby,” you whimpered, warmth pooling between your legs, “oh god…”
“Are you okay?” Ari hummed under his breath. “Are you okay with this?”
“It’s not going to be sex all the time?” You were affected by the implications, by the promises of being sexually awakened to more than you had been.
“No, princess. Our relationship will not be based on sex alone. Intimacy can come through simple affection. I want to be yours, I want you to be mine.” Ari squeezed your hand, hopeful that you would welcome yourself into his embrace as your sugar daddy and partner.
“I’d like that, Ari. I’d like…I agree.” You had glanced at his hand on yours and smiled softly. “I like that idea.”
“The idea of us.” Ari had pulled his hand away and slipped it in his pocket, pulling out a crushed velour box. “Let me spoil you, princess. You have no idea how completely enamoured I am by you.”
“Please,” you were in a daze, mystified by him, “Ari that’s a dream.”
“Good, honey. That’s what I want to hear. Now,” he slid the box across the table to you, and leaned back against his chair, “I have a gift for you, princess. To start our new, official relationship off right.”
Tumblr media
Permanent Tags List: @jennmurawski13-writes @beardburnsupersoldiers @daydreaminginthechaos @rebekahdawkins @supraveng @bookfrog242 @old-enough-to-know-better73 @valsworldofcreativity @rainbowkisses31 @loveitorleaveit20 @alexakeyloveloki @socalgem1124 @mogaruke @dreamlessinparis @frisky975 @dispatchvampire @hereforbuckyandsteve @jesgisborne @fairybnha3 @hallecarey1 @tang082646 @mrslokibarnesrogers @deputy-videogamer @posionivy0061 @loving-life-my-way @kaylamcd2000 @mercyy98 @undecidedsworld @rootcrop @whatinthestyles @slutforsteve @cornmousequeen @rededfoxy @yagurl-snow @glimmering-darling-dolly @patzammit @buckymydarlingangel @missusbarnes-rogers @andy-is-gay @nervousfandom @rileyloves5 @emi11ie @carelessreadersstuff @readingandwritingandreading @cynic-spirit @inkedaztec @gh0stgurl @mansaaay @cats-and-sheep @pono-pura-vida
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ajirin · 18 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝐔𝐧𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐞𝐞𝐧 𝐁𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐝 𝐃𝐚𝐭𝐞
starring - Zhongli, Childe (separate)
Abridgment: Disguised as your friend to scare away the unsuspecting suitor on a blind date things aren’t going as planned..
tumblr is glitching for me idk why
Tumblr media
Waiting for your blind date you remind yourself that you are [friends name] before rehearsing what you are supposed to do in your head. But before you could get any further an unfamiliar voice calls out your name in curiosity, answering with a “yes” you turn your head in the direction to find a man in a suit waiting for an extra conformation that you’re his blind date. Shocked at the sight before you, you wondered how a person could be so handsome, but before you could think anymore he asked if you were [friends name] to which you replied yes hesitantly along with inviting him to have a seat.
Once he took his seat, you went along with the first step of your plan, rudeness. You take out a card from your bag and wave it in front of him saying that you don’t even know him or his name to which he lifts his left breast pocket a bit searching for his own card trading it with yours.
Once you took a look at his card and he does the same you notice that the logo on the card is exactly the same as the one of the company you work for and his name is the same as the president but could it really be? maybe it’s just a coincidence you thought but could it? you never even saw him before. The look of shock plastered on your face was certainly a great amusement for him, “is there something wrong?” to which you reply with “no, nothing at all..”
Except you might be the president of the company i work for!
Tumblr media
You’re not sure why the blind date was even chosen at a bar, but at least maybe if things go badly you can just forget everything with a drink or maybe if it went wrong you could invite your friend to celebrate with a toast. But before you could even do that you would have to find out what would happen first, you honestly never wanted to go but it was for a friend and plus they even said that they would pay you back big time so how could you refuse and maybe all you really had to do was just act ever personality that men hate in blind dates or women in general.
Before you could even get settled in the chair, you saw a ginger haired man dressed in a suit with his tie a little loose walking towards you, stopping by the seat in front of you he asks if you’re [friends name], to which you replied with “yes”, once he hears your answer he takes his seat and lays his arms on the rims of the chair and a manspread all while holding confident eye contact with a slight smirk. You really wish you could wipe that smirk off his face but you can’t deny the fact he actually looked pretty attractive but you couldn’t help it, besides that you wish he could at least clean himself up a bit. You commented a bit on that before asking if he has a business card or if he could just tell you his name, to which he said “yeah, here” before pulling it out from one of his breast pockets and handing it to you.
Looking at the card you notice the name “Ajax?” to which he hums in agreement, what a familiar name you thought, after noticing his name you also notice the familiar logo on the card, suddenly it gets to you, it’s the company you work for and that man has to be the president. But how could a clumsy looking guy be the president of the company you work for, it sounds like an utter joke. Asking if he’s actually the president of the company listed, he hums in agreement before putting his hand up for the waiter to notice. “Do you not believe me?” he asks before chuckling…
How are you going to explain this one..
Tumblr media
Based on Business Proposal/modern!au
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simpurnatural · 6 months ago
“This is Mine” - T. Chalamet
[series masterlist ] || [teaser] || [chapter 1] || [chapter II] || [chapter III] || [chapter IV]  || [chapter V]
Note from Nat: “EVERYONE PREPARE YOUR BATHS OF HOLY WATER BECAUSE SHIT IS ABOUT TO GO DOWN! Also, the teaser was used in this chapter! Also, 12 Days o’ Simpmas is now! So request whatever you’d like paired with the listed prompts in the post!”
Warning ⚠️: Good Ole’ Smut, Swearing
Pairing(s): CEO!Timothee Chalamet x Assistant!Reader
Any writing errors? Point them out! Love some helpful feedback! <3
Tumblr media
Good Girl
The weekend seemed to have gone by quickly when you found yourself already on the way to another dreadful week of work. Mr. Chalamet calling you attractive repeatedly whilst under the influence was one thing. But the fact that he went out of his way to drink your spiked martini for you was another. 
Not to mention, the story was all you could see on social media during your two-day break. “Editor and Chief of Chalamet & Co. get staff at A-List attendees Charity Gala fired on the spot!” and “The inside scoop on Timothee Chalamet’s love life and the not-so-mystery girl, Y/n L/n!” Was written in magazines in bold lettering everywhere, no way anyone could miss it. Well anyone but your parents, who are oblivious to the whole situation and you didn’t bother telling them about it either. 
Mr. Chalamet hadn’t called nor texted you during the whole kerfuffle. Anytime you went out, the paparazzi had the not-so-secrete tendency to follow.  
“Y/n! Y/n! Tell us a bit about you and Timothee?“
“How long have you guys been dating? Is it true that you work for his company?“
“Ms. L/n! Look at the camera!“
“Hey!” someone hollered as the coffee shop doors swung open, causing the flashing lights to cease. “If ya not here for a cup of coffee then get the fuck outta here!” Pete shouted, clearing a path for you to walk inside.
“Thank you,” you sighed, finally being free of the sea of paps. “I couldn’t even see where I was going!” you gasped after the bleach blond shut the door behind him.
"It’s no biggie at all,” he assured as he returned to his post at the cash register. “Now what can I get you on this fine Monday morning?” he grinned.
“Morning,” you greeted, stepping through the office door wearily. “How was your weekend?” you asked.
“Could’ve been better since I was sick for a good majority of it.” Mr. Chalamet replied as you handed him his coffee.
“Sorry but I don’t understand why you even drank it? You could’ve just left it or told me not to drink it,” you shrugged, taking a swig of your drink.
“It’s called making a statement. Now that guy won’t get a job within a fifty-mile radius of New York City.” he said as it weren’t a big deal.
“Thank you,” you said with a small smile before watching his brows push together. “What-”
“-Who’s Pete and why is his phone number on my cup?” Mr. Chalamet asked, examining the coffee cup.
A dark shade of red swarmed your features after realizing that you had accidentally given him your coffee. You reached for the cup, only for him to pull back and take another sip.
“Dark roast. No creamer. Drizzle of white mocha.” He describes before looking to you with a raised brow.
“It’s like Christmas in a cup,” you lied with a smile. “Gets me going in the morning,” you add, trying to lighten up the mood.
“Are you sure? Because it seems like you order the same drink as I do just in case if one were to just…” Mr. Chalamet let go of the drink and you both watched as it stained his fancy imported carpet, “…Slip.”
“If that mess isn’t cleaned up by the time I get back, then consider yourself fired,” he threatens as he fixed his tie before walking out.
You dropped to your knees to inspect the damage and let out a couple of curse words under your breath. Getting back up, you quickly made way to the supply closet and grabbed a carpet cleaner and rag.
As you sprayed the product on the spill, seemed to have helped it sink even more into the carpet. Your eyes landed on the office painting of Mr. Chalamet smiling his ass off as you threw your hands up in defeat.
“Fuck off Timothee,” you groaned, letting out a sad wail when you looked back at the now, more apparent stain.
The sound of the office door opening made your heart drop. Your eyes met Mr. Chalamet’s with a pang of guilt. Little did you know, he was enjoying every bit of this.
“So first, you give me your coffee, lie to me, then make a mess?” he tsked, “What am I going to do with you?” he sighs, arms crossed over his chest.
You were still on the floor, trying to get rid of the stain. The sound of fingers snapping grabbed your attention.
“Look at me when I’m speaking to you,” he instructs before kneeling down to your height, “I’ve decided to hold off firing you,” he says.
“Thank you sir.” You nod, truly thankful that you haven’t been sacked. “I’ll make sure this stain isn’t permanent,” you promised.
“Don’t worry about it. I have the same one getting delivered tomorrow.” Mr. Chalamet assures, “But I hate seeing you on your knees without a good reason“.
“And to think, all you would do with your mouth is talk.” he chuckles, trying to suppress his moans. He sighed contently, watching as you tirelessly worked on his length.
With your head bobbing and hair in such disarray, you looked into his eyes. Licking stripes from base to tip and pumping him teasingly. Mr. Chalamet pulled you back to your feet abruptly.
“You don’t deserve to tease me like that,” he says, slamming you against his office table making you gasp. “Someone could walk in at any moment and see you with your tits out. All cum-wasted.” he warns as you eyed the door.
Hastily pulling your skirt and underwear down, he smacked your bare ass. A large hand print now marked it. You heard him chuckle at how your knees buckled weakly. He guided his cock in your throbbing pussy.
Mr. Chalamet wrapped a hand around your neck before beginning to thrust into you at a steady pace. He watch as you shuddered at how big he really was, eyes watering from the sting.
“Oh sir,” you moan, feeling his other hand explore your chest.
He cupped one of your breasts and gave it a firm squeeze. The table creaked slightly with every thrust, your hands gripping it for dear life. Knuckles turning snow white as he left kisses on your neck.
“You’re mine,” he whispers into your ear. “This is mine,” he declares, a hand slithering between your legs.
Another moan escaped your lips as he began moving his fingers in a circular motion. But then there was a knock at the door.
“Mr. Chalamet?” a voice asked as he pushed you underneath the table, kicking your skirt towards you as well.
“One moment!” your boss hollars, buttoning his top and zipping up his trousers. “Come in!” he shouts, making sure nothing was out of place.
You motioned for him to fix his tie as the door whined open. He winked to you before reaching over the table to give them a handshake.
“Ah yes, Mr. Isaac.” Mr. Chalamet says, “How can I help you today?”.
“Just need you to sign these before the end of the month reports are due.” the voice replied.
“Right,” he nods, the sound of a pen clicking and scribbling followed.
You studied his features in that moment. Chiseled jaw line, perfectly curled hair, and defined brows. This man just fucked you a moment ago and was now signing papers.
“Is that at all?” he asks as papers rustled.
“Yep. Have a great weekend!” Mr. Isaac says before the door shut again.
Mr. Chalamet pushed his seat back and looked to you with a smirk. He ran his thumb over your bottom lip. You sat on your haunches, he looked into your eyes with lust.
He hummed a low tune while ridding your face of his cum. Tilting your chin up, he went in for a kiss. You tangled your hands in each other’s hair. Yet he pulled away, plucking your underwear from the ground before handing it to you.
“Get dressed.” he advises, helping you up. “I want you to fetch my dry-cleaning before I fuck you again.”
There was a noticeable pep in your step as you breezed through the revolving doors of your apartment building. Both you and Mr. Chalamet agreed to walk in at different moments as to not alert any paparazzi.
You practically flew up the several flights of stairs, heart racing once you arrived at your front door.  A few moments later, your brown-haired lover appeared with a smirk on his lips.
Approaching you quickly, he pushed you against the door abruptly before smashing his lips against yours. You giggled into the kiss before pulling away and keeping your back to his chest as you unlock your front door.
Stepping inside, you both got rid of your clothes before getting back to the good bit. Mr. Chalamet put his hands to use by unclasping your bra and throwing it God knows where. You let out a moan as he cupped your breast into his ice-cold palm.
“You’re beautiful,” he breathed into your ear, grabbing hold of your thighs and wrapping them around his waist. 
Carrying you to the bedroom, he then laid you down on the mattress. Teasingly, he dragged his fingertips lazily down to your still-clothed cunt. But in one swift motion, he removed your soaking lace underwear.
Quickly, he slid two fingers in you and watched as your entire physical being unraveled because of it. He pumped them swiftly and continuously praised you for how good you are for him. 
“That’s it. Being such a good girl for me,” he smirked, making you cover your face with your hands. “No, no honey. I want to see you fall apart.” he said as he pulled them away.
Mr. Chalamet attached his mouth to your pussy, burying his tongue and fingers deep within your core. Your climax neared and you felt your body melt around him, shaking from the intense orgasm.
But it didn’t end there, he kept going making you gasp whilst trying to push away. The pleasuring feeling was too much for you, yet he pushed it. Back arching and your hands trying to pull his out, you sobbed for him to stop.
“Timothee please,” you whined, his other hand now pushing your hips down into the mattress. “T-too much,” you said as his hand vigorously pumped into you.
“Say my name,” he ordered, kissing your trembling thighs and crumbling core. “Y/n, say it again.” he instructed as your nails raked through his hair
“Timothee,” you panted, a second orgasm approaching quickly. “Timothee please,” you sobbed with a single tear trailing down your face.
Right as the euphoric feeling hit you, Timothee pulled out and embraced your body. You cupped his face in your hands as he moved stray hairs from your face.
“Are you okay?” he whispered, you nodded as he kissed your forehead. “I’ll be back,” he whispered before disappearing into your bathroom.
The sound of your bathtub being turned on was heard before Timothee emerged from that room and carried you bridal style to the warm water.
“I’ll take care of you now,” he promised.
Let me know if you’d like to be added to the taglist!
taglist: @runawayolives​ @rainelikerain @allisonxmcu @mam-ia
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untaemedqueen · a year ago
Third Wheeling
CEO!Yoongi x Reader
Genre: Strangers to Lovers!AU, Angst, Fluff, Smut
Chapter 32 (Final Chapter).
Warnings (Updating Still): Smut, Cheating, Unexpected Pregnancy, Unfaithful, Emotional Damage, Love
Warnings For This Chapter: Daddy Kink, Degradation, Hand Job, Lactation Kink, Milk Drinking, Cunnilingus, Fingering, Pregnant Sex, Unprotected Sex, Riding, Begging, Praise, Spanking
A/N: This is the FINAL, FINAL chapter.... Wah, can you believe it? This is so crazy! I'm so so happy that everyone has enjoyed Third Wheeling so much! Thank you to my forevers @xjoonchildx​, @ladyartemesia​ and @ppersonna​ for being behind me on everything about this series
Tumblr media
The sharp whistle that Yoongi chirps, bleeds through the living room of the mansion.
His two year old son turns to him with round, curious eyes. His small hand is outstretched trying to pick up the million dollar vase you have on display on the coffee table.
"What're you doing, my little troublemaker?"  Yoongi murmurs, wrapping his arms around his son and throwing him up in the air.
Honggi squeals loudly, curling his arms around his father's neck like needy vines.
"Maya, please move that vase before Y/N has a fit." Yoongi whispers to the woman he's always admired.
"Yes, Sir." she giggles.
"Dada," Honggi squeals into his neck and Yoongi's heart clenches at the sound.
"Yes, bud?" he inquires, tilting his head to look down at his son.
"Hungry." his son breathes.
"Mommy's making food, let's go see." Yoongi chirps, running his large hand over his son's small back.
Taking in the new mansion, Yoongi is really happy with it.
He didn't bring over a special architect from Greece, he didn't fawn over the marble this time around. He let you pick the house.
And like always, you're incredible.
The house isn't particularly gaudy like the last one which he shared with his ex-wife. It's warm wooden interior and gray and white furnishings scream home. And that's what Yoongi always needed -- a home.
Although, anywhere with you is home, he's noticed.
The wings that spread out far and wide throughout the house have pieces of art that make Yoongi feel comforted and he's astounded everyday by how thoughtful you are.
"Mama!" Honggi screams and it rips your husband out of his daydream.
"Uh oh, here comes trouble." you sing, slinging your towel over your shoulder.
You extend your arms over the quartz island for your son and Yoongi is incredibly cautious.
"Be careful, please," he begs.
You give him a sweet nod, accepting your son into your arms and Honggi leans over the pot curiously.
"Cow?" he asks and you snort loudly.
"Yes, beef." you reply, wiping his chin with your thumb.
"B-Beef," he repeats and Yoongi beams.
Honggi isn't one to stay in anyone's arms for long, despite how much he adored being held as a newborn. He wriggles almost immediately to get down and Yoongi takes a sharp breath between his teeth cautiously.
"Watch mommy's belly, please." he yelps, setting your son on the floor.
"Jesus," he bleats, kissing your cheek.
"It's okay," you promise him, bending down to fix your son's black hair.
Honggi hugs your neck tightly, kissing your cheek so sweetly that it turns you into a puddle of love.
"What should we name your brother and sister?" Yoongi inquires of your son as he leans both elbows down on the island.
He pops a grape in his mouth, looking at his kid expectantly.
"Pororo... Poby!" Honggi giggles, swaying back and forth.
"Oh yeah, good idea! We can name them after penguins!" Yoongi teases, giving his son a grape.
"Poby is a polar bear." you inform him, stirring the stew.
"Yeah daddy! Bear!" Honggi scoffs, tugging on Yoongi's pants playfully.
"Oh, I'm sorry daddy doesn't know what anthropomorphic animals his son watches while he's at work." your husband murmurs.
"An-Anth-Anthr… Animals!" Honggi gasps and you laugh gently.
Yoongi takes a deep breath through his nose, allowing the comfort of being surrounded by his family to enrapture him.
He steps behind you, wrapping his arms around you and your growing stomach.
"I missed you today, little dove." he breathes, kissing your temple.
"You miss me everyday," you state, turning around in his grasp.
"That's true. Because I love you." he coos, pushing some hair back behind your ear.
"I love you too," you giggle, accepting the kiss he gives you.
Since Yoongi became a father he's learned so many things like patience and showing love to his child, the likes of which his younger self never got to see. He wants to give his family the entire world if he can, he wants to give all of you everything you could possibly desire because it was so terribly lacking when he was a kid.
"Dinner isn't going to be ready for a bit." you tell your family.
"But I'm hungry now!" Honggi cries, throwing his head back in a dramatic two year old fashion that both of his parent's laugh at.
"Okay. We'll have yogurt and go play with the Gaesu until Mommy is done cooking." Yoongi announces, picking up his son and slinging him over his shoulder.
"I love you mommy!" Honggi squeals.
"I love you too, bub." you reply, kissing his forehead.
"Give mommy's belly a kiss before we go." your husband instructs, patting his son's backside.
Honggi kisses your growing stomach and you can only snort at your husband's silliness.
"Okay. Now dada!" your son says, clapping.
The CEO kisses your stomach and then your forehead.
"You're gonna wrinkle your suit." you chide him, leaning back against the counter.
"So worth it." he retorts, giving you a gummy smile.
Tumblr media
Two years have flown by in the blink of an eye.
There has, of course, been hard work that's been poured into your marriage whether it be for Honggi or just to be able to spend time together but the honeymoon phase has never truly died down.
You bask in each other's company like lizards under the hot sun.
You thrive when you're both together.
It's fate, really.
"He's asleep," Yoongi announces, stepping into your bedroom.
"Oh, nice. It only took two hours instead of three like yesterday." you know you sound sarcastic but it's really true. Honggi never seems to be able to sleep when he needs to, he's hyperactive in waves and thoroughly enjoys spending time with his father.
"Well tonight we read the big bad wolf and then he got scared so I had to calm him down and stay with him until he finally fell asleep." your husband rambles, peeling off his clothes.
You hum in agreement, sitting up gently.
Yoongi's tattoo of the large family tree on his bicep seems to shine in the dull lights of the room and it makes a smile spread over your face.
"How are my other babies?" he inquires, laying down beside you on the bed.
It's no secret that you adored your son and it's no secret that Yoongi wanted you pregnant almost immediately after Honggi was born. He missed your big belly and the closeness it brought the both of you when you were pregnant. But after Honggi was born, your paintings were flying off the art exhibit walls like hot cakes and you needed time to create new works of art.
While your husband had his tantrums and gripes about it, he understood. Being pregnant is difficult and he knows that, so when you told him he had to wait, he begrudgingly accepted it.
Your art was on hold now, with over two hundred pieces out in the world at any given second, you decided to focus on family.
"They're okay," you promise, running your fingers through your hair.
You can remember when you found out you were pregnant again for the second time. All of your symptoms hit so much harder than the first pregnancy.
"Baby? We gotta go. We're gonna be late." Yoongi calls, peeking into the bathroom.
He didn't expect to find you heaving over the toilet but when he does, two things happen simultaneously. There's a sharp bout of worry and a thinner vein of excitement that spread through his bones.
"What's the matter, my dove? You feel sick?" he pouts, entering the bathroom to rub at your back.
You shiver gently, waving your hand to the large gray cabinets beneath your sinks.
"I'm not a mime, I'm sorry." your husband whispers, raising an eyebrow.
"Pr-Pregnancy test," you plead.
He could just about pass out and die from happiness from those two words.
"Really?! You think so?!" he beams, ripping open the doors and tearing open the cardboard box like some sort of rabid animal.
His hands are shaky when he gives you the test and he helps you off of your knees immediately.
His thumbs rub at the tile indentations on your kneecaps and like always he stares up at you like you hang the moon on a string for him each and every night.
"I'm sorry we're late." you whisper, blotting your mouth with toilet paper.
"This is way more important. Fuck that. Jeongguk can wait." Yoongi avows, watching you cap the pregnancy test.
"We probably aren't even going to make it there anyway," your husband breathes.
"Why not?" you inquire, standing up and smoothing out the skirt of your dress.
The CEO wraps his arms around you, burying his face into your neck. "Because if you are pregnant, I'm gonna have to do some celebratory stuff."
You laugh aloud, running your fingers over his arms. "Stuff like what?"
"Like eating your pretty pregnant pussy and fucking your pregnant cunt." he murmurs against your skin.
You shiver at his words, glancing down at the test.
You hope you are pregnant. There's something insane in women's brains which makes them forget just how painful childbirth is so they can always look forward to more.
But the euphoric feeling of having a baby is well worth the pain, that's something you'll always remember.
"God, I think you are pregnant." he hisses, running his hands over your sides.
"Why do you say that?" you ask, tilting your head to look at him.
"You just feel different in my hands."
"I think you're crazy," you retort with a laugh.
"Why?!" he gasps.
"Because you didn't say anything yesterday when we… y'know."
"When we fucked?" he goads, kissing you softly.
You hum in agreement against his lips and he snorts softly.
"You did feel warmer around me." he announces, hooking his chin over your shoulder.
"It should be ready." you inform him, both of your eyes glued to the face down stick.
"Go on, show me that my baby is in you." he urges, kissing your temple.
Your heart races and your fingers begin to shake as you flip over the stick.
Yoongi holds his breath and you find yourself doing the same.
When you flip it over, the plus sign screams at you and Yoongi breathes a sigh of relief.
Your husband groans happily, picking you up off the ground and spinning you around.
"Thank you baby, thank you!" he cheers.
When he sets you down on the ground, you can't help the thrilled giggle that seeps from you.
"Should we head out?" you ask your husband softly.
The scoff he gives only seems right. "Yeah, right. I have more important things to celebrate than a boxing match."
You can only squeal when he scoops you up bridal style.
Putting his head on your shoulder, your husband takes a deep, calming breath.
His fingertips dance over your distended skin and his lips traipse over your exposed collarbone.
"You're so gorgeous," he breathes, letting his eyes flutter shut.
The smirk that spreads over your face is goofy and flushed, sometimes you find it astounding that he can even be so sweet with you.
There's a tiny kick beneath his fingertips that makes his head lift off of your body.
"What are you up to in there, guys? Fighting or something?" he gawks, feeling another flurry of taps below his hand.
"They don't have enough room," you announce, lolling your head back to the pillow.
"Well, just four more months and you won't have to be cramped anymore." Yoongi promises, sliding down the bed to kiss your belly.
"We should sleep, we have plans for tomorrow."
"Caleb's first birthday party." Yoongi remembers, drifting his lips over your skin.
You nod in agreement, tucking your hand beneath your head to get comfy.
Your husband knows just how difficult it is for a woman with a set of twins inside of her to fall asleep and he's nothing if not doting.
"Lemme put my babies to sleep," he murmurs, sliding his fingers over the soft skin of your inner thighs.
It's fascinating how the Kisung CEO can make you feel as if black coffee pumps through your veins even when you're completely exhausted.
He watches you avidly, making sure this is something you're up for. When your nipples begin to pebble and strain under the flimsy nightgown that can barely contain your swollen flesh, Yoongi knows he's got the green light.
His eyelids lower with lustful intentions and the tip of his tongue glides slowly over his plump bottom lip.
He knows you're excited for anything and everything when your hips lift expectantly.
Clicking his teeth, he pushes your body back down to the bed. "Easy now, little dove. You should know who's in charge here, baby."
Your whimper sounds like the most earnest plea as it passes through your parted lips and Yoongi can feel his cock straining against his briefs for some semblance of relief.
He kisses at your clothed pussy, already feeling how sodden the material is getting in a matter of seconds.
It continues to astound him, two years in, how willing your body is for him.
"Daddy," you breathe softly, carding your fingers through his hair.
His hands caress whatever he can find whether it be your thighs, your belly, your breasts.
"Wet little slut for me." he murmurs, tugging your panties off with his teeth.
You're quick to discard your nightgown, wanting nothing more to be touched anywhere you can get it.
Your husband hums at the sight of your core, pussy lips puffy and swollen with greedy intentions and slick with arousal.
"There she is," he breathes, kissing over your belly.
Palming your breasts in hand, you understand why he's taking so long -- to drive you insane.
He wants euphoria and adrenaline to course through you like wildfire so when it ebbs away, you'll be completely exhausted.
"My beautiful dove." Yoongi professes, spreading your legs wider.
Your eyes are glued to his abs, the way the muscles contort and constrict with each shallow breath he breathes.
You can thank each and every god everyday for the man you're married to.
You know the hierarchy in this bedroom, it rarely ends up with you on top, but the temptation of his thick, hard cock straining against his Balenciaga briefs has you throwing all cares to the wind.
He hisses gently against your distended skin when you cup his long length with your hand.
Yoongi will be the first to admit that he's missed this. He's been sweet and caring, not wanting to trouble you for sex with you being as huge as you are. He knows two babies are way more difficult than just Honggi. But, he needs you. In every single way.
"Play nice, my dove." he chides you softly, kissing up your belly to your swollen breasts.
You don't heed his words, tugging down the band of his briefs and swallowing thickly when his large cock bobs in the air before smacking up to his toned honey stomach.
His eyes flutter shut at the feeling and you know you've neglected him for too long. His cock is throbbing and needy as sin, beads of precum endlessly spurting from the top and slowly traipsing down the head.
"Baby girl," he gasps when you pump his cock in hand.
Yoongi kisses over your puffy nipples, scoffing at the pleasure that vibrates through him with each jerk.
He coos softly when you bead milk for him and his eyes snap to yours. "You didn't tell me your milk came in."
"I-I didn't know," you chirp, pumping his cock harder.
He shivers then, wrapping his lips around your peaked nub and tugging softly. He groans happily at the distantly familiar taste of your milk and his needy hands grip and massage your thighs as he situates himself further between them.
"Daddy, fuck!" you cry out gently, arching your back.
The tip of your husband's tongue is quick against your sensitive skin and you can only whimper for more.
Your shaking thumb runs circles over the swollen, red mushroom head of his cock and he gasps above you, pressing his forehead into your breast.
"Ba-Baby, this is about you. Please," he begs, wrapping his hand around your wrist.
You give a smirk, feeling high and mighty at how quickly you can break him down to a mere lustful animal.
Your free hand rubs circles to your stomach and he can just about cum at the sight of you.
His cock throbs wildly and he forces your hand off of him with narrowed eyes. "Behave, little dove. I won't say it again."
You hide your smirk, laying back down for him.
He eyes you wearily for a second before continuing his dissent on your body. His fingers caress over your sodden lower lips and his name tumbles from your mouth with a quickness.
"You're messy." he prods, spreading your lips with his fingers and tapping your throbbing bundle of nerves with the pads of his fingers.
Your body jolts, bottom lip tucking between your teeth.
God, you've missed this.
You've missed him doting on you so eagerly.
Yoongi continues to take his time, enjoying how your entrance clenches around nothing.
You're a needy little thing and you're all his. The way it should be.
"Daddy, please!" you beg, rubbing circles over your distended skin.
"What's wrong, beautiful? You're too much of a slut to enjoy this? You want gratification now?" he quips, lowering his head to your core.
You can't even see him over your belly and it drives you absolutely mad. You can feel the puffs of hot, needy breath that pass his lips but it does nothing but earn more dripping arousal from your center.
"Such a pretty pussy you have," he purrs, suckling your swollen lips.
You gasp loudly, screwing your eyes shut.
He plays with your entrance, swirling the tip of his index finger around it until your racking with sobs above him.
Yoongi presses the tip of his tongue to your throbbing clit and he groans gently at the feeling.
"Shhh, my dove. Daddy is going to take care of you, I promise." he avows, lapping at your nub with slow strokes.
It's so pleasurable, but it's not enough. You're on the precipice and he keeps you there for what feels like eternity.
"God! Daddy, please!" you beg, bunching your hands up in his hair and tugging.
He hums in fake confusion, adoring how your body shakes before him.
He's good at the long game.
He thrives in it.
When he slips two fingers inside of your slick cunt, you're about ready to burst but he pulls away from your core with a devilish smirk.
"My pregnant wife is so needy," he jeers, curling his fingers with ease to the soft patch of nerves within you.
Your chest constricts, heaving for breath. Your skin develops a thin sheen of sweat and you feel yourself possibly going insane within his grasp.
Picking his face up between the apex of your thighs, the sight of his soaked chin and cheeks hurdles you to the precipice.
"Wanna cum, need to cum!" you chant, cupping your belly while you grind yourself down onto his fingers.
"You hold it," he orders sweetly.
You can only scoff and the animalistic pride within you snaps.
You sit up, as quickly as you can, before pushing him down on the bed.
"Baby," he warns you, pulling his fingers from your heat and entering them into his mouth.
"I need it!" you whine, straddling him.
His hands immediately hold your hips to protect you from any imminent danger you might face. He goes to chide you but when your soaked cunt glides against his hard, thick length, he can only take a sharp breath between his teeth.
"I missed your cock Daddy, I missed it so much," you whine, rocking your hips.
"Oh Christ," he murmurs, gliding his hands from your hips to the globes of your ass.
With every rock of your hips, your clit thrums pleasantly at the feeling of the head of his cock prodding against the bundle of nerves.
Your shaky hands grip at your breasts, swiping your thumbs against your leaking nipples until your sobbing with pleasure.
"You're so gorgeous, fuck," Yoongi curses, enraptured with the sight above him.
Your eyebrows furrow and you're losing yourself in the pleasure as your mouth drops open.
His hands knead at the supple flesh of your backside before rearing back and spanking you with a fierceness that you adore.
"Yes, more!" you gasp, sitting up and positioning his cock at your entrance.
"You're a little cock slut, you know that?" he seethes, leaning up on his elbows to kiss at your belly.
"Your cock slut, Daddy. I'm yours," you whimper, slowly sitting down on his length.
His mouth opens at the euphoric feeling of your warm, wet cunt sliding down on him and he can only fall back to the bed with a heady thump.
"Shit," he breathes out, looking up at you like you give him the universe.
You do.
You give him everything and anything that exceeds his expectations.
You take a second to adjust to his length, preening as the head of his cock prods against your soft cervix.
"Good girl, little dove." he bleats, running his fingertips over your outer thighs.
Yoongi can see the way you swallow thickly and he can tell how fucked out you already are with your eyelids being as heavy as they are and pride blooms in his chest.
"Want you to suckle," you beg, palming your breasts.
He can only scoff at the arousing thought, he's up in a flash, minding your stomach. His lips pluck and suckle at your sensitive skin until you're shaking like a leaf under his ministrations.
"Your cock feels so big in my pussy, feels so good," you purr, rocking your hips.
He moans against your breast, gripping your hips with needy hands.
The rhythm you set as he suckles from you is slow but the impending orgasm you've been denied comes back in waves. The head of his cock taps against the sweet spot inside of you with each jolt of your hips and you're losing your grasp on reality.
"D-Daddy!" you gasp, letting your brain free of any thoughts besides just how pleasurable he feels inside of you.
"That's it, baby girl. Take it. Take what you need from me." he announces, laying back down.
Your hands push down on his chest as you begin to pick up speed and he can only cry out your name like a man possessed.
"Jesus, just like that, little dove. Fuck!" he curses, spanking the globes of your ass until your skin is smarting.
Then you feel the precipice again, you feel yourself teetering.
Your mouth opens to give a silent scream and your eyes well up with tears.
He coos softly, running his fingers through his hair as if the pleasure he's receiving is truly unbelievable.
You groan loudly, pressing your hands beneath your stomach. "I'm-I'm-"
"Cum for me, little dove. I can feel how badly your cunt wants to milk my cock. Cum." he orders and your gasp echoes throughout the room.
Your hands rub comforting circles to your stomach while your hips rock at an unfound speed.
"Yoongi!" you cry, squeezing your eyes shut.
Then -- euphoria.
Your orgasm explodes within you like a million shards of glass. With deafened ears and tear streaked cheeks, you don't even feel your husband lay you down on your back.
He fucks his cock so deeply inside of you that it brings you back to reality in waves.
"God, you look so beautiful taking what's yours, baby." he coos, sitting up.
You can only cry out gently when his strokes become erratic and deeper.
"You want me to cum inside you? You want to drip with me?" he inquires, tucking his bottom lip between his teeth.
You nod incessantly, spreading your legs wider when you feel his cock throb within you.
"Yeah? You want to be my little cum slut? Get so full of my cum when you're already pregnant with my babies?" he seethes through his teeth.
"Y-Yes, want to feel your cum so badly," you hiccup, running your hands over his chest.
His eyes screw shut when your hips meet his every stroke.
"Oh fuck, I'm cumming. God, your cunt is incredible!" he whines.
His hips give one last thrust, burying himself as deeply as possible before the warmth of his cum floods through your battered core.
You hum happily, rubbing your belly.
"I love you," he whispers, bending down and planting a passionate kiss to your lips.
"I love you, too." you reply, hooking your hand around the back of his neck.
After cleaning you up and situating yourselves back to normal, Yoongi pulls your body to cuddle against his. His fingers drift over your bare back and he sighs happily.
You're out like a light in mere seconds when you finally get comfy and he can only chuckle at your shallow breaths.
His hand comes to rest beneath his head and he can't begin to express how lucky he feels.
His attention falters to your stomach when he feels a gentle prodding against his hip. He smirks, kissing the top of your forehead and closing his eyes.
Tumblr media
"Mama!" Honggi screams and you know better now than to rush to him whenever he shouts for you.
"Yes, baby?" you call to him, fixing your earrings.
"Want to play with Yumi!" he calls, peeking into your bedroom.
"We're going to see Yumi now." you reply, turning to him.
Your eyebrow raises as you look at your husband's spitting image. "Where are your shoes?" you ask your two year old.
"Dada said I don't have to wear them!" he beams, rolling on the floor with your corgi.
"Oh yes you do, you're not going over to Aunt Leena's house with no shoes on." you reply.
When your husband steps into the doorway, he knows he's made a mistake. Just the look you give him makes him want to run and hide.
"What?" he bleats.
Min Yoongi is obsessed with giving his son whatever he wants. He's obsessed with spoiling him and sometimes you have to look like the bad guy.
"He needs to put on shoes." you tell your husband.
Both of your boys frown at you and it's almost so ridiculous that you can barely contain the eye roll.
"Why?" Honggi chirps.
When you place your hand on your stomach, Yoongi nods. "Mommy's right, you need to wear shoes."
He's quick to avoid chastisement today.
"But why, dada?" your son inquires.
You love the 'why' phase… when it's directed at your husband.
"Because your little feet are gonna be cold and because mommy said so. And what did I tell you about when mommy says something?" your husband whispers conspiratorially to your son.
"That you do it! Mama has two babies a-and mad isn't good for babies!" Honggi says, sticking up two small fingers.
You can only snort, shutting the bathroom light off and leaning against the door frame.
"That's right, bud. So let's get you some shoes."
When your husband goes to leave the room, he widens his eyes apologetically at you and you can't help but giggle.
"Silly," you mumble, grabbing your purse.
Tumblr media
Caleb's first birthday is a huge deal.
You know how much work his mother put into it and you know that it needs to be over the top and perfect for her to be thriving and happy with the day's events.
"Miss Thing!" Leena gasps, throwing herself out of the door to hug you.
"Hi Beena," you giggle, wrapping your arms around her.
Taehyung is right behind her with a smile plastered on his face.
"Happy birthday Caleb!" you gasp, taking him from Taehyung's arms.
Yoongi kisses your best friend on the cheek before looking over at her one year old son.
"Hey buddy! Happy birthday!" your husband cheers, watching as Caleb tucks his face into your neck.
It's always astounding to see how much of a one eighty Leena has done when it comes to Taehyung and her family.
You remember how adamant she was on not getting pregnant and not getting married but then when you gave birth to Honggi -- she wanted that.
And you completely understood it.
Now that your best friend is married and having a family, you can see how content and happy she is. It's something you're really proud of.
"Everyone is in the backyard." Leena announces, fixing Caleb's small suit.
"Yumi?!" Honggi screeches, looking past Taehyung.
"Yeah, Yumi too." Leena's husband quips with a laugh.
Yoongi snorts, following after his son.
"Miss Thing, I have to tell you, I would have never in a million years thought we'd see him today." your best friend blurts, guiding you into her mansion.
"Who?" you inquire, handing Caleb back to his father.
Leena's hands clamp down on your shoulders and her eyes widen. "Jin."
"Shut the fuck up," you gasp, pulling her towards the backyard.
There are a multitude of people in the backyard but your eyes find his tall, handsome stature easily.
He's standing by the fountain with his wife by his side and he looks in his element.
It's been months since you've seen your other best friend.
You aren't really sure why he dropped off the face of the Earth. You know he's probably been busy, you all have been.
But you know Leena has taken it the hardest. Jin has always meant something deeply to her so when he didn't return phone calls or texts… you know it burned her.
It's almost as if he feels your eyes on him the way he turns to look at you.
He gives you a warm smile, immediately leaving his wife to make his way across the large backyard.
Yoongi notices how your eyes get glassy when he looks away from Honggi and Jimin's daughter, Yumi. "Jimin, watch him." he orders, leaving to comfort you.
Now, Yoongi doesn't hate Jin, by any means. He respects him and in all honesty, appreciates him for helping him in his dire time of need.
But the CEO will be damned if he doesn't coddle you, his pregnant wife, to his side when you're emotionally distraught.
Seokjin is wary when he sees your husband loop his hand around your hip protectively.
"Shhh," Yoongi coos, hearing your gentle sniffles.
Leena on the other hand, just folds her arms, widening her eyes expectantly at your best friend.
"Hey guys," he bleats, running his hand over the back of his neck.
"That's it? All we get is a 'hey guys' from you?" Leena scoffs.
Jin blushes furiously, cupping his whisky tighter in his hand. "What do you want me to say, Beena?"
"How about a sorry, Kim Seokjin? That'll be the start. Then you can veer off into how apologetic you are for pushing us into the background for her." Leena sneers, nodding her head to Sera.
You take in how nervous Jin is and you absolutely hate it. You hate how small he's making himself look.
"I am sorry." he agrees, grabbing for your hands.
"Maybe you guys should take this inside," Taehyung whispers, looking over the party guests who have stopped their conversations to look over at all of you.
Leena doesn't even give an answer, only trudging back into her mansion with narrowed eyes.
Taehyung clears his throat awkwardly, walking with his son towards Jimin and Anna.
"Do you want me to stay?" Yoongi inquires, brushing some hair back behind your ear.
You nod immediately, wanting the comfort of your husband with you.
"Alright, my love." he promises, kissing your temple.
Seokjin chases after Leena and you can only sigh at the impending yelling you're about to hear.
"Miss Thing, please sit." Leena gushes, pointing to the couch inside the library.
You take a seat, watching Jin wade back in forth nervously like he's waiting for a scolding.
"Did you know that Y/N is pregnant again? That she's having twins?" Leena spits.
"Yes, I did. I'm very happy for her and her husband." Seokjin replies, helping you sit down.
Yoongi pours himself a small glass of scotch, draping his arm over your shoulders.
"Do you fucking understand how sorely you've been missed?" Leena inquires to the handsome man as she sits down across from you.
Seokjin clears his throat awkwardly. "Yeah, I-I do."
"Then where have you been?" you prod, folding your arms.
Your best friend leans back against the large wooden desk. "Listen guys, I've missed you guys so deeply. I need you to know this, okay? I'm sorry that I've been absent from your kids and your lives. I've been dying to spend time with you all."
"Okay. Then where have you been?!" Leena yelps, repeating your question.
Jin takes a deep breath, letting his eyes flutter shut. "I've been trying to start my own family. It's not easy! I've been taking Sera all over the world to different doctors and hospitals to try and see why she can't get pregnant! I've been depressed and down on myself until recently. I'm fucking sorry I abandoned you guys but I needed time to heal my heart."
The news resounds in your ears and you cuddle closer to your husband who rubs your shoulder with his thumb soothingly.
The smugness is wiped off of Leena's face within a second.
"Why didn't you tell us?" she whispers softly.
Jin's fingers card through his hair and with a frustrated huff, he lolls his head back.
"Because it's…it's heartbreaking and not what I want to bring to the table when you guys have families and lives already. I don't want to burden you guys with my troubles." he mumbles, spinning his wedding band with his thumb.
You take a sharp breath between your teeth, standing with the help of your husband who urges you to be careful.
"Jin," you whisper, hugging him tightly.
He stiffens at your touch before wrapping his arms around you. He sobs gently, burying his face into the crook of your neck.
"I did miss you guys, so much. I'm sorry," he cries loudly.
"You don't have to hide your feelings from us. You should feel comfortable to tell us anything and everything. I'm sorry if you didn't trust us enough with your worries." you murmur into his ear.
"No! I just… I was scared, I didn't want to trouble you both." he breathes, pulling away and cupping your face.
"Jinnie," Leena pouts, standing up and hugging the both of you.
"You're never a bother to us, don't ever think that." you coo, fixing his hair.
He takes a deep, calming breath, running his hands over your belly. "One of your kids is kicking me in the ribs." he mumbles.
You can only giggle, patting your eyes with a tissue.
"That's the least you deserve for not trusting us with your fears," Leena scolds him gently.
He nods, exhaling sharply until his cheeks are puffing out.
"So is she?" your best friend asks him.
"What?" he mumbles.
"Is she pregnant?" Leena inquires.
He takes a sharp breath between his teeth, tilting his head. "Something like that."
Tumblr media
Your eyes drift slowly over the perfectly manicured lawn watching Honggi offer to share a toy truck with Yumi. His smile is the spitting image of Yoongi’s and it makes you sigh happily. You lean against the arm of the lawn chair, resting your hand against your cheek.
You can barely believe how happy you’ve become over the past two years.
Everything just falls into the right place, everything just fits like a perfect complete puzzle.
Honggi turns to you, flailing his hand wildly and you can only giggle. Waving back, your heart expands to the size of the universe.
Yoongi laughs at something loudly, drawing your attention. You watch him sling his arm over Taehyung’s shoulder and you can only snort at the sight.
You can remember when you never heard his laugh, you didn’t know what it sounded like for quite a while and then… once he began to laugh, it never seemed to end.
That’s something you revel in, your husband’s happiness is yours well.
It gives you great pride to see him beaming from ear to ear. And you don’t think it often but --  you got him here. You got him to this state of happiness.
It’s your best artwork, yet.
“Hey Y/N.”
You look away from your husband to the one person you’d never thought you’d speak to.
“Sera… hey,” you breathe, looking up at her flawless form.
“H-How are you?” she inquires, sipping her water nervously.
You haven’t seen here in two years. She looks good, that isn’t hard for her. Something about her seems calmer and more poised then when you knew her.
“Can I sit?” she asks gently, running her hand over the back of her neck.
“Please,” you insist, sitting up straighter.
You can feel eyes on you and you can only imagine who it is but you don’t dare look away from the actress before you.
While you weren’t her biggest fan, she’s made Jin happy over the past two years and you can’t fault her for that. He hasn’t loved anyone since Leena and you can see that his heart has bloomed since being with this woman.
“No drink?” you quip, pointing at her water.
“I thought, y’know, since my surrogate can’t drink then I shouldn’t either.” she shrugs.
You don’t know what to say if you’re being honest. It must be a sore subject…
“Yeah-” you breathe awkwardly.
“I’m not upset about it, we can talk about it.” she announces, putting her hand to your shoulder.
Sera in all the time you’ve known her has never touched you and you’re surprised at how normal it is, honestly.
“I’m sorry that you… y’know… you’ve had a difficult time.” you say honestly.
You can’t imagine how hard Sera and Jin have been trying, how many hospitals and specialists they’ve gone to, how much heartbreak they’ve gone through.
“At least I’m getting a baby at all, right? I always used to be so angry about the whole situation… Maybe that’s why I was so mean to you.” she admits, carding her fingers through her long, now blonde hair.
You hum thoughtfully, looking up at the dusky sky. “I mean it mustn't have been easy for you either. I came into Yoongi’s life and flipped it upside down. You were comfortable with the situation and I just spun things around like a top.”
“Well… yeah, true. But if you didn’t come into Yoongi’s life then I wouldn’t have been able to become a better person and find the person that’s right for me.” she avows, looking over at you.
Her words resound through you and your eyes widen just the slightest bit. She’s really different these days, huh?
“Well, I came over to say I’m sorry for treating you terribly the whole first time you were pregnant, it was in bad taste and I was so selfish back then that I couldn’t begin to understand how horrible that could be for you.”
“I accept your apology.” you reply, giving her a small smile.
She breathes a sigh of relief, letting her body go lax in the chair beside you. “Oh good, I was so nervous to talk to you. I thought I was gonna have a heart attack or something.” she gasps.
You find yourself giggling and she snorts softly.
“You’re kid is cute,” she comments, watching him run over to you.
“Thanks,” you whisper, widening your eyes at Honggi curiously as he stops in front of you.
“Mama!” he cheers, holding up his paint covered fingers.
“Yes, baby?” you murmur, pushing his hair back.
“I’m painter like you! Look!” he squeals, tugging your hand.
You look over at Sera apologetically, standing up to follow your son.
“It was nice to see you Sera, I’m sure I’ll see you again soon.” you call back to her.
She smiles warmly, giving you a gentle wave goodbye.
Jin could have done worse.
Lowering your head, you look at the picture that your son has painted. The fingerpaint is thick and blobbish but you can see a few distinct shapes that stick out to you.
You don’t say anything at first, letting him finish a few small details that he thinks are important. He gives you his gummy smile, seemingly proud of himself and it makes you smile too.
“It’s very nice, baby. I can see how much work you put into it.” you coo.
“It’s mama and dad, Honggi and baby!” he beams, picking up the picture which is almost too heavy for him with all the paint on it.
Your husband sweeps in beside you, planting a wet kiss to your cheek and taking the painting out of your hands.
“Mommy is having two babies, not just one.” Yoongi reminds him, pointing at your stomach.
Honggi nods fervently, opening and closing his small hands demanding the picture back from his father.
Your husband snorts gently, lowering the picture for his son. You can barely contain the ridiculous giggle that tries to escape you as he draws a black circle next the one already painted.
"Two!” he cheers, sticking up two of his paint covered fingers.
“Good job, bud.” Yoongi chuckles, kissing the top of his head.
“I saw that interaction. You okay?” your husband inquires softly into your ear.
You hum in agreement, wrapping your arm around his waist and laying your head down on his shoulder. “Better than okay,” you murmur, feeling his lips caress over the top of your head.
Tumblr media
“Do you think he’s okay?” Yoongi inquires, pulling over the car.
You can’t help but laugh at his worried expression. “He’s fine,” you promise, putting your hand on his knee, “we can go out on a date without him around us all the time. Maya’s got it. Honggi loves her.”
He shuts off the engine, turning to you with a pout spread over his face. “I just miss him, I didn’t get to read him a bedtime story.”
Your heart is warm and you can’t help the giggle you give. “It’s our anniversary, besides it’s just for a few hours.”
He picks up your hand, placing a soft kiss to the back of it. “You’re right, I’m sorry. Happy anniversary, little dove.”
“Happy anniversary, babe.” you reply, with a smile.
The inside of Magic Shop is pristine like always, you’re so surprised that Jin has kept it exactly the same as two years ago. He always loved to change things up but you realize that he probably got so busy since you’ve last been here, he probably hasn’t had time for anything.
The music is quieter than normal and there isn’t a soul in the club. Which makes you understand immediately that Yoongi rented the whole place out.
“You shouldn’t have,” you hiss, giving Hyun a small wave.
“Of course I should have, you deserve the world, baby. Plus, loud music isn’t good for the babies,” he whispers, kissing your cheek.
Your eyes immediately land on the black velvet curtain and the memories of first meeting Yoongi flood through you like water.
“Thanks,” your husband murmurs, grabbing a whisky from Hyun.
When you pull back the curtain, you can only smile at the same leather booth from that fated day.
“Jesus, it even smells the same in here.” Yoongi breathes, running his fingers over the top of the couch.
This room holds so many memories for you but nothing beats the one with your husband.
“God, it’s like it was yesterday. I can still remember that black dress you were wearing,” your husband chirps, sitting down in the same spot he did two years ago.
He pats his lap, setting down his whisky onto the floor and you’re absolutely gobsmacked by how much this feels like dejavu.
“I’m a little big,” you murmur, sitting down slowly.
“Never, you’re gorgeous, little dove.” Yoongi coos, wrapping his arms around you.
His warm hands caress your practically bare thighs and when he looks at you, you can see the sheer love and devotion in his eyes.
“My little dove,” he breathes, drifting his thumb over the apple of your cheek.
You can remember just how smoking hot you thought this man was, how intrigued you were by him in an instant. You remember every single second of your time in this back room. You remember every minute of your days when you found out you were pregnant and how absolutely scared you were.
You can remember his good times and his bad when he was working out his feelings about you.
Nothing has left your mind and you treasure each and every memory -- because they make up who you are. They make up your life.
And it’s perfect. Because you have him.
“You were a good girl that I wanted to break so badly,” your husband announces, breaking you out of your thoughts.
“Well… you did that,” you quip, humming when he presses his face to the crook of your neck.
“Thank you, little dove, really. Thank you so much for loving me and giving me such a wonderful family,” Yoongi gasps.
“Thank you for opening up to me and showing me that our love could blossom into something as perfect as this.” you reply, running your fingertips over his arms.
When he lifts his head, you can see how glassy his eyes are with tears.
“God, I love you, little dove.” he whimpers.
“I love you too.” you reply, kissing him softly.
His lips are plush and soft against yours and you can feel the tears that careen down his cheeks until they’re soaking into your skin. He’s so gentle with you, drifting his hands from your back to your distended stomach.
“My wife,” he chuckles, capturing your chin between his thumb and index finger, “my beautiful, gorgeous, powerful wife who has given me enough love to last eons. I love you so much, little dove, it hurts me.”
Tumblr media
There are one hundred and fifty eight ways to say ‘I love you.’ And, they all pertain to Min Yoongi.
He’s a gentle soul and a loving husband that holds high standing with billions of people worldwide. He is sweet, wonderful and a perfect man at the end of the day. And now, everyone sees this side to him.
In the media he is praised and renowned for being a fantastic father and an equally fantastic husband. And to you, nothing could ever be more true,
It was March 23rd, when you saw him and met him. You tasted the finest of liquors and smelt the smoke of the richest Cuban cigars.
It was March 23rd when your life had truly begun.
Tumblr media
Third Wheeling Taglist -  @wickizer​, @imluckybitches​, @slothykrueger​, @claireelise19, @ggukkieland​, @rspbrryy​, @iv-bts​, @bambuzlee, @chanelbts​, @mxxngxdss​, @bluewhale52​, @milesjeon11​, @diamonddia-mond​, @vinylphwoar, @xnxy97​, @hubbytaehyung, @140503at-dawn​, @bts-7beauts​, @jadeblackwoll, @sunshiine-hobii, @creatorspalace​, @eclectically-esoteric​, @nikkiordonez12​, @kaitswrld​, @skamlover200​, @sevgilove98, @kooeuphoria​, @jikooksgirl19​, @hobbledehoy26​, @singular-itae​, @dchimminie​, @lowlifeoeuvre​, @sugaslittlekookies​, @bloopbloopb, @pjmcth​, @softysuho​, @codeinbelle, @jaiuneamesolitaiire​, @betysotelo18​, @jeonmisha​, @iwanttohitmyself​, @ayyyocee​, @neverthefirstchoice​, @itsbangtanoclock​, @little7bitchh​, @veryuniquenamegoeshere​, @deathkat657​, @firstlovesuga-93​, @namjoonia​, @paperpurple​, @muzikabijou​, @liebeoppa, @veronawrites​, @kleff03​, @ruinsofangels​, @brightwingr5​, @leekanchol​, @rkivemagic​, @ithinkileftmycoatoutside​, @melaninkpops​, @y00ngisbabygirl​, @ungodlyjoon​, @prochnost513​, @dunixxd​, @athenakyle​, @igotnotype​, @chxmachxps​, @tinymintyoongi, @vangameren-blog​, @alpaca1612​, @ohcarolinamin​, @thegreatestsushi​, @eltrain80​, @btsmylife21​, @deeepvibes​, @httpminyg​, @deliciouslydisturbed365​, @rkchmestizangmaldita​, @jimin-chu, @pimpnameyannie​, @preciouschimine​, @daughterofthequeen, @monetsberet​, @vanillamyg, @aamxxrii​, @kooafraid​, @ladykadyrova​, @singjisu​, @yazanii​, @moonlitmyg​, @justzeera​​, @absolutefantrash​, @whocaresarchives​, @loosewindmill, @vantesfx​​, @bt21chim​​, @flowerboyhobi​​, @kozuume-kenma, @taepiper​​
Sorry for those it didn’t tag!
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jbreenr · 6 months ago
Perfect Gift
Pairing: CEO!Scott Huffman × Reader
Summary: What do you give to someone who has everything?
Word count: 1,237
Warning: None that I know but I would like to add some in a second part. 🤔
A/N: I decided I'll be posting some drabbles (mhm) throughout the week till Saturday. Hope you like 'em at least a little. Happy holidays, everyone! As always, lack of vocabulary and grammatical mistakes abound. *apologizes in español*.
Tumblr media
ᴺᵒᵗ ᵐʸ ᵍⁱᶠ ¯ ᶜʳᵉᵈⁱᵗˢ ᵗᵒ ᵗʰᵉ ᶜʳᵉᵃᵗᵒʳ
Why? Why, out of all the people you worked with, did you have to buy a gift for the boss?
It's not that you didn't like him. On the contrary, you liked him more than you were willing to admit.
And still, that was not the problem.
When you agreed to be a part of the gift exchange that was organized at the office, you expected to be buying a tie, a Radiohead album, a shadow palette at Sephora… Never would you imagine you'd pick Scott Huffman's name to be his secret Santa.
So, here you were, scrolling through the fifth, maybe sixth website, looking for something good enough to give to your boss. There was a hard fifty dollars limit, and you had no idea how you'd make it work. His suits were made of the finest materials, the little accessories he wore were worth more than all your jewels together, and luxuries were not a problem for him.
Snapping the screen of your laptop shut, you let out a long groan of frustration. What were you going to get him if he already had everything and more?
Good news was, you still had two days to decide on something.
There was always a reunion at the office on Christmas eve. A little party for coworkers to hang and have a pleasant time before heading home to their families and abundant dinners.
It was also tradition to exchange presents as a way to get along with more people and break the routine at least for a night.
“Alright, people!” Sarah, the self-assigned coordinator of the dynamic called, clapping her hands to get everyone's attention. “I hope you all have your gifts ready because the game starts… now.”
And as soon as she said that, everyone was in motion, looking for the person they had to give their present to.
You looked for Mr. Huffman, hands behind your back to hide the bag, even though it wasn't necessary.
“Y/N.” You were a couple of steps away from his office when you heard him, freezing you. Panic running through your veins, realizing now how disappointing your gift could be for a man like Scott Huffman. “I was looking for you.” With a head movement, he asked you to follow him inside the office. From the desk, he took a small white bag with a cute ribbon and handed it to you. “Merry Christmas.”
You took the bag, peeking inside to get a look at whatever it was he got you. “Thank you, Mr. Huffman.”
Smiling at him, you were about to give him his gift, ready to run in the opposite direction, before he spoke, “Aren't you going to open it?” He asked curiously, and to those beautiful blue eyes, you could deny nothing.
“Y-yeah, sure.” Holding your own gift under your arm, you took the red little box out of the bag. Opening it, your eyes went from the content to Scott repeatedly. Your lips were parted, moving and trying to say something coherent, but your brain wasn't working anymore.
“What do you think?” His voice brought you back to reality, finally making you able to speak again.
“It, it's beautiful.” And you were as honest as you were shocked. Inside the box, neatly placed was a silver bracelet with a heart shaped pendant, it sparkled with the reflection of the white lights and if you weren't wrong, it was a real diamond. It was… “This is more than fifty dollars, Mr. Huffman. I can't accept it.”
You tried to return the box to him, but he wasn't accepting it.
“Of course you can!” Scott took the bracelet out of the box to show it to you. “The lady that helped me at the store said that it was the perfect gift for a beautiful woman.” He took advantage of your extended arm to clip the bracelet around your wrist. “But if you don't like it, I can change it for something else.”
As impressed as you were about the gift itself, you overlooked his compliment, certain that he would indeed change it if you asked. As well as you were certain he'd choose something more extravagant and, for instance, more expensive.
“No, no. I love it. It's just…” You feel dumb, knowing what waited in the bag under your arm to be opened.
If you didn't know it was impossible, you could have sworn he heard the sound of gears working inside your brain. Jewelry! There was a jewelry store down the street. It was late but with a little luck they'd still be open and, well, you hoped a watch would do.
“I'm your Secret Santa but I forgot your gift in the car. If you wait just a minute, I'll…” You tried to step back, but stumbled upon a chair, which almost made you fall, if it wasn't because of Scott, who reacted as fast as you closed your eyes, waiting for the impact.
“That's strange.” Only when he was sure you were stabilized was he let go. “I heard you telling Lynn that you had it here, with you.” He pointed to the bag you kept carrying, making it clear that by no chance would you leave the building to get a last minute change.
It was clear why you always lost in hide and seek.
Sighing on defeat, you gave him the bag, explaining why you came up with the idea of it and offering to change it for that watch you had in mind. Scott stared at it for a solid minute, watching the patterns, vibrant colors, and feeling its texture.
A soft smile adorned his face when he said, “I've always wanted one of these.” Scott left the piece of cloth in his chair to take off his jacket.
“Really?” Confusion all over the question.
“Yes,” He put on the ugly sweater with trees and snowmen and reindeer, finding it a bit difficult for it to fit his broad shoulders. "but I never really had a chance or an excuse to wear one.”
Outside, the sky was deep dark, making the large window a perfect mirror.
“It looks good on you.” Having nothing else to say, you decided for honesty. You never thought you'd like an ugly sweater that much.
“You think so?” He has that analytic glint you saw him use so often. “Don't I look…” He thought of the best word to describe it, trying not to offend your present. “unprofessional?”
“Well, I think you need some unprofessionalism in your life.” The words left your lips before you could process them. “I--.”
He turned from the window and made his way, slowly, to you. Only when he was closer than he'd ever been was when you realized you hadn't moved an inch.
The back of his hand brushed delicately your blushing cheek. The warmth in his eyes could melt you even though the air conditioning was on.
“I believe that, too.” His eyes descended to your lips, his face growing closer to yours…
“Everyone get together!” At the sudden sound, you opened your eyes. “It's time to see who won the raffle!”
“We should go.” He said against your lips, minty breath hitting your face. “We can pick this up again when the party's over.”
And as he left to join the rest, you cursed Sarah for not hanging a mistletoe right in his office.
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10. what do you see? (final) | reliability • kth
Tumblr media
previous | index
pairing: taehyung x reader word count: 5.662 genre: drama, angst rating: pg-15 warnings: cursing, kissing, implied mental health struggles, brief description of panic attack au: ceo/office trope: enemies to friends to lovers tags: ceo!taehyung, office!au, best friend!yoongi, unresolved emotional tension, mutual pining, slow burn crosspost: ao3
summary: all good things must come to an end so that better ones can begin. until then, taehyung is forced to deal with the aftermath of y/n’s choice
A/N: i'm a tad emotional to finally share the last chapter of this special story. full note at the end :)
shout-out to my wonderful beta indigo (@playmetheclassics). thanks to you i'm wrapping this up the way i always dreamed of: with fluidity emotion and good dialogues. i appreciated all of your suggestions <3
Tumblr media
Walking back to Yoon Gi’s car, I felt the cold wind on my back as it passed through the thin layer of my suit and made my teeth chatter. My hands were cold as ice and all the heat that consumed me minutes ago disappeared the second I heard Eric’s voice. Now I had this strange sensation on my face as if my skin was tight. I think it’s the dried-up tears.
“Drive” I said as soon as I got in the back seat, startling Yoon Gi.
“What happened?” he locked his phone and faced me.
Something felt off. I had butterflies in my stomach, but not the good kind. I felt nauseous, consumed with shame, and my chest was aching. It felt as if there wasn’t enough air in the room and I couldn’t breathe, I wanted to take a deep breath and I couldn’t.
“Just drive, please” I mumbled quickly, doing my best not to pass out or throw up because I didn’t know which one would happen first.
Yoon Gi understood and firmly said to his driver, “Dong Hyun, go!”
I thought the car moving would help calm me down, but it didn’t. I thought physically distancing myself from Y/N would help, but it didn’t. Instead, distancing myself from Y/N caused me a sense of panic that I had never experienced before. To the point where I started to sob uncontrollably, on the verge of hyperventilation. My head screamed control yourself, but my heart screamed something way louder, and it didn’t let me hear anything else. A wave of anger suddenly took over me, and I started kicking the front seat, scaring Yoon Gi. He never saw me like this, and I never felt like this either.
“Tae, breathe” he stroked my arm a few times.
What is happening? Why is my tie so tight? Stupid hands won’t obey me.
“I can’t” I cried out, as I struggled to take the tie off and open the window at the same time.
“Slow down” Yoon Gi said, loosening the tie for me.
“Hey, hey… look at me!”
I met Yoon Gi’s serene and commanding eyes. He was determined to de-escalate the situation, and I realized by how calm he was that he had done this before.
“Deep breath” he guided me gently as I did what he said, “Nice, that’s better. Keep going”
I felt better, yet the pain in my chest remained.
Fuck. This is horrible! Is this why they called it a heartbreak?
“Dong Hyun” he tapped the driver’s shoulder, “take us to Tae Hyung’s house, please”
“Yes, sir” he responded, stepping on the gas pedal.
The drive to my house was silent. With my tie loose, the window open, and Yoon Gi checking in now and then, I began to calm down as the minutes went by.
I felt utterly empty. My despair was gone, making room for sadness. The image of Y/N crying and Eric showing up played in my mind constantly in slow motion. The way she pulled herself together when she heard his voice as if what we were doing was forbidden hurt me.
Honestly, I don’t know what I was expecting from her. She is engaged. Of course, she would choose him. She repeatedly said that she needed time for herself, wanted to make her own choices, and look at me, Mr Trying To Intervene Again; every time I try to fix a situation, it just gets worse.
But I don’t regret it.
I had to tell her.
Maybe it was a little selfish and pretentious of me to think that with a confession, she would magically accept me, and things would be back to normal but I had to try. What was my other option?
Complain about it for the rest of my life? Wonder every day what could have been? No thanks, I had been doing it for a month, and it was miserable enough.
“We’re here” Yoon Gi’s soft voice dragged my attention back to planet earth.
I get out of the car feeling heavy. I don’t have the strength to walk. If I could, I would lie right here in the street and stay. Next to me, Yoon Gi bends down to speak to Dong Hyun through the passenger window.
“I’ll stay with him. Take the day off tomorrow. Thanks!” he tapped the roof twice and turned to me.
“Where are your keys?”
My eyelids were already closing on their own. All I could do was reach for the keys inside my jacket and give it to Yoon Gi without saying a single word.
“Let’s get you inside, come on.”
With each step, my body gave more signals that it would shut down at any second. I couldn’t say whether it was an automatic response to trauma, the alcohol losing its effect, me just being exceedingly tired, or the combination of all three. What I was optimistic about was that I needed to lie down. So I went into the house, taking off one piece of clothing at a time, starting with my shoes at the entrance, until I reached the bathroom and closed the door.
I didn’t notice Yoon Gi coming right behind me, just his voice through the door when I slid against it towards the floor, “I’ll be right outside if you need me, just don’t lock the door, okay?” I nodded, feeling the cold tile floor below me.
I don’t know how much time passed before I could muster enough strength to get up, go to the shower and turn it on. Once I did it, I removed the last pieces of clothing still on me and went under the jet of water, feeling my skin burn from the temperature.
“You love to exaggerate things, don’t you?”
“Honey, this is your opportunity to differentiate yourself from your father”
“Yes, you are not scared to take a risk”
“You and I have more in common than you think”
“You poor thing. No, you won’t. She won’t come back. I’m sorry to be the one to break it down for you, but she’s ‘the one that got away”
“Just remember to speak from the heart”
“I wanted to be your friend, wasn’t it obvious?”
“You never bothered to get to know me”
“For the first time in a long time, this is something I chose for myself. Not for you, not for my family, not for anybody”
“You think I wanted to walk away from this? From you? I had to”
“Please don’t marry him. Don’t go to London. Choose me”
“I love you, Y/N”
Crying so much made me dehydrated. I must have spent almost an hour in the shower, brooding over different moments, possibilities and words. I already felt more relaxed and ready to sleep, but I decided to go to the kitchen and grab something to drink before doing so.
“What’s this?” I asked once I saw my dinner table full of food.
Yoon Gi smirked, “I’m hungry, and I thought you would be too”
“Thank you” I sat down.
“Don’t mention it” he handed me the chopsticks.
Yoon Gi was an excellent cook. Everything was delicious. His mother used to be a famous chef before getting married, and he visibly learned a lot from her and inherited the natural gift of making people feel loved through food.
“I did it” I finally spoke, eating a piece of tteokbokki.
“Did what?”
“Told her how I felt” I placed a piece of meat on Yoon Gi’s plate.
“I’m proud of you” he smiled and ate it.
I wrinkled my nose, “Why?”
“Being vulnerable takes courage and actual physical strength. Not many people talk about the effort you have to make to verbalize the words. It can hurt”
I recognised the truth in what Yoon Gi just said. Still, I don’t get why things had to happen the way they did.
“And all for what? For fucking nothing!”
“What happened?” he cautiously asked.
Saying what had happened out loud made the situation real, and I couldn’t help it when some tears escaped. I dried them quickly and tried to explain as rationally as possible.
“I confessed, she cried, I cried, the fianceé showed up, and she chose him”
“No” he said with his mouth full.
“Yes” I replied, playing with the food on my plate.
“Are you sure?”
“What do you mean? Of course, I’m sure. It’s done. We’re done”
“What did she say?” Yoon Gi took a sip of water.
“Nothing” I shrugged, “Eric appeared, and the moment was gone”
“I don’t think she was going to say anything. I mean, she couldn’t. She was crying. Hard. I’ve never seen her like that before”
“Isn’t that a good sign?” he asked, waving his chopsticks.
“Me making her cry?”
“Maybe it was a good type of cry, you know?” he slurped some of his ramen, “She was touched by what you said”
“I guess we’ll never know” I got up and put my plate in the sink, “Thank you for the meal. You don’t have to stay. Sorry to drag you into this. Good night”
While I said it in a monotonic and practically robotic way, deep down, I was overwhelmingly grateful that my best friend was by my side today. I hate being a burden to him, and that’s why I made it a point to say he could go. He saw enough. However, being the great guy he is, Yoon Gi stayed the whole night and knocked on my door early the next day.
“Tae, I’m leaving”, he paused, “It’s almost 7. You have to get up for work”
I was already awake and just hummed.
“I’ll text you later”
I heard his footsteps moving away and thought to myself how stupid I must look right now because how come a grown man can be lying in bed feeling sorry for himself when he had a multimillion company to run? I’m young but not that young. I don’t have any excuses for acting like a teenager, and God, do I feel like a teenager when it comes to Y/N. I had a couple of girlfriends before, but nothing compares. This is intense, warm, and also hurts like a bitch.
My pride is wounded. I thought I could make her stay. Was it crazy for me to believe that was even a possibility? I thought we could be something. Did I take too long? What is “too long”? Does it mean Eric beat me to it? It feels like that, but I know it’s not. Maybe she decided to try things with him because I never showed interest, I don’t know. Am I being too conceited? All I know is that now that the truth is out there in the open, I feel ten times worse. She didn’t precisely reject me, but she didn’t accept me either. I don’t know if I should be happy that she was so emotional over what I said.
I won’t take it back. I feel for her is real and won’t go away that easily.
I have never been heartbroken before, so I don’t know how to move on.
6 weeks later
To say it was easy would be a lie on my part, but it was not as difficult as I thought it would be. My goal wasn’t to forget Y/N, instead to live one day at a time, trying not to overthink the things that happened and the fact that I couldn’t change them. I had two choices: torture myself for everything I did wrong or focus my energy on something more productive, like work or the relationship with my father.
Although far from ideal, I started spending more time with him to absorb any tips or lessons he could pass on to me about the company. Believe it or not, he simply placed the company in my hands and walked away. There was no transition phase where he taught me the day to day. I just showed up and learned over time.
Ironically, I am in a similar situation. Nobody explained what it is like to have your first heartbreak, so I just live and learn as I go.
My mother has been torn ever since I told everything that happened with Y/N — it was honestly way harder trying to hide than to tell the truth — because even though she wanted us to be together, the fact that we weren’t made it possible for me to see my father more often, so she was happy to see me around the house and watch the bond between the two of us get stronger.
A month or so ago, I finally gathered the courage to tell my dad that Y/N had left Vante and moved to London to study. He reacted better than I expected. However, he still criticized how I ‘should have predicted something like that and provided better opportunities for her’.
In the weeks leading up to the wedding, I kept my mind busy with some best man duties. My brother asked for a simple bachelor party, which was enough of a distraction not to think about my pain, and last Saturday, both of us, plus two of our cousins ​​and three college friends of his, went to a nice cottage in Chuncheon.
Ye Jun’s definition of fun was the following: a luxurious place close to nature, lots of drinking and good food. Cell phones on airplane mode.
Pretty reasonable in my book, so I ensured we were all set for a fun, relaxing weekend. By Monday morning, I felt the old Taehyung slip through the cracks of what it was once a heart. Maybe that meant I survived. Perhaps it wasn’t that bad after all.
Today, standing in front of him while fixing his tie, I find myself pondering how life doesn’t stop or wait for anyone. Time is everything. And that’s kind of the beauty of it. To heal our hearts and feelings to find closure takes time. There is no other way to put things into perspective.
“You look almost as handsome as me” I say to Ye Jun, making him instantly roll his eyes, “Hey” I give him a nudge, “You know how much I look up to you, right?”
“Tae...” he looks down, all red in the face.
“It’s true” I smile, playfully shaking him by the shoulder, “I don’t say it that often but I hope you know I mean it”
He looks up and cups one side of my face, “Thanks!”
“Are you nervous?” I ask, moving sideways so he can check the mirror.
“Not really” he replies, making a few poses and inspecting his outfit from head to toe.
“There’s a lot of people out here”
“There’s nothing to be nervous about”
“You’re committing yourself to another person for the rest of your life” I cross my arms and look at him through the reflective surface, “You’re signing a document. A binding contract”
“That’s romantic of you to notice” he gives me a thumbs-up, and I burst out laughing. He was so dorky. Ye Jun knew how to be funny sometimes.
“I’m not nervous because I want this” he explained.
“Hopefully, one day, you will want it just as much, and I’ll be right by your side saying the same contract thingy”
“We’ll see about that” I flashed a quick smile, trying to change the subject, “Now, let’s get you married!”
Once we stepped out into the garden, all eyes were on us. The sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky, a light breeze, and just the perfect temperature set the scene for this special day. I was so proud to be with Ye Jun that I couldn’t contain my genuine smile as soon as we walked down the Aston House’s stairs. The place had a stunning view of the Hangang River, and my mom did a fantastic job scouting the venue.
We passed by all our family and close friends, greeted them with smiles and nods, and took our positions at the altar, waiting for Hyun Jae’s grand entrance. When it finally happened, everyone turned to her. On the other hand, I turned to Ye Jun, who was completely mesmerized. He always had that in love look, but ten times more. And I don’t blame him, because the second I glanced over to her, I was sure that a princess was coming towards us. Hyun Jae was the personification of delicacy.
After the religious ceremony, the couple’s grand entrance at the party, and their special dance, the DJ turned the music down and handed me the mic.
“Hi everyone, if I may have your attention please” I began, “My name is Kim Tae Hyung, brother of the groom and also his best man. I would like to say a few words to the couple”
The entire room went dead silent, and, for a brief moment, the sudden attention became unsettling to me. Putting on my best CEO attitude, I continued.
“Not long ago, I discovered what it was like to truly love someone. On the other hand, Ye Jun knew that for a while and always told me how special and meaningful his connection to Hyun Jae was. Today I can confidently say I understand every single word he meant”
I remember when he first told me he was in love with her. He spent almost 10 minutes explaining how amazing their date went, the clever things she said, and how much he missed her whenever she wasn’t around. I thought he was crazy. I did. I was sure he was exaggerating. It didn’t make sense to me how another human could be that likeable. Skip to a few years later, and here I was, reminiscing about Y/N, how she was the coolest, most intelligent person and how much I missed her.
“Being here today celebrating two people I deeply care about is an honor, and I’m sure you all feel the same, so please let’s raise our glasses to Ye Jun and Hyun Jae. May they…”
And that’s when I saw her. Sitting in the back, the third table from the left, looking prettier than ever with her hair tied in a bun and an off-the-shoulder silver dress. She caught my breath, and I had to clear my throat to keep going with the speech.
“May they… uh… always celebrate together the happy moments, rely on each other when things get tough, find forgiveness in their hearts when they feel they have been wronged, and above all, trust that their love is strong enough to heal, overcome and protect. No matter what happens. Cheers!”
With the glass raised in front of me, my gaze met Y/N’s across the room, and I could feel that she understood the message when her hand tipped the drink further in agreement. The toast ended up revealing much more about the two of us than about the bride and groom, which took me by surprise because I hadn’t planned on speaking so honestly, especially if I knew that she would be there listening.
A few minutes later, while I absently contemplated the buildings across the river from underneath the garden’s wooden gazebo, wondering what Y/N could be doing here, she carefully approached me.
“Great speech”
“Thanks” I looked over my shoulder, then back to the river, “Weren’t you supposed to be in London?”
“I was. Flew in last night” she paused, stepping out from behind me, “Can we find a quiet place to talk?”
“Sure” I agreed, following her inside the hotel for a little more privacy.
Once we stopped in front of a large glass window with the Gwangjin Bridge in the background, we could see the sun already setting as the sky mixed different shades of blue and purple with orange clouds. The light was coming in reflected on Y/N’s dress, and I’m positive she has never looked so beautiful.
“Wow, that’s what I call a view” Y/N eyes went wide.
My gaze shifted from her to the window, “It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”
Trying to keep the conversation light as if the last few weeks hadn’t been overwhelming was my biggest challenge right now. Thank God Y/N didn’t take long to take the lead.
“I need to start by apologizing to you”
“No, you don’t have to, it’s fine” I reached my hand forward, “I was out of line to show up at your house like that”
Y/N sighed, “You weren’t”
“Your timing kinda sucked,” she chuckled, “but you said everything I dreamed of and then some”
Everything I dreamed of? This woman knows how to make a man speechless.
“I’ve been pretending for a long time” she turned to me, “I lied to myself, saying that my feelings weren’t valid, that I could not have fallen for my boss, and that you would never see me the same way”
She paused for a second, eyes staring into mine, making sure I was listening to all of it—my turn to step forward, more attentive than ever.
“In my head, you would never notice how I wanted to be noticed, even though the chemistry was there” Y/N looked at her feet for a second, “To be honest, there were times when I thought I was crazy because I was sure you felt the same, but…” she looked up at me, “next thing I knew, you went and did something that sent the complete opposite signal and I—”
I already felt terrible about everything, yet hearing Y/N confess her feelings so honestly filled my chest with a renewed sense of guilt. She fell for me.
“I’m so sorry” I whispered.
“When you questioned your trust in me, I felt my world collapse. You are the person I admire the most, trust and care for the most, and hearing those words made me think that we didn’t have the relationship I thought we had. I felt like it was all a lie”
The last sentence made her emotional, and I could spot tears forming in the corner of her eyes.
“We were never friends, I know…but through work, we created a bond, this sort of mutual respect, and once I realized the decision I made was what caused a side of you that I never wanted to know existed to come out, it hurt me” one single tear broke free. I immediately swiped it away before she kept going, “My pride was wounded, but soon after, I felt liberated. I suddenly understood that ultimately it was all a fantasy. You and I would never happen, and I needed to do my own thing”
Y/N smiled and recomposed herself while I took a step back to give her some proper space.
“So… I took some time to think about what the next phase of my life would be like and what I wanted to do, which ended up being to enroll in another course in London” she explained, fixing her makeup.
“To my surprise, Eric was responsible for admissions, we reconnected, and I felt that that was a sign from the universe for me to give a 360 in my life. A new course, a new city, new people. Until, of course, you showed up at my house” she poked my chest playfully.
Seeing Y/N go from serious to cautious, then vulnerable to funny in such a short time left me relatively shocked. I did not expect to hear her side of things like that. I wasn’t prepared for this conversation — not today of all days — and I must say that the Tae Hyung of 6 weeks ago wouldn’t be able to hold it together like I am doing now.
“But you were already engaged” I pointed out, attempting to display some humor in my voice.
Y/N made a ‘duh’ face, “Yes, but not married”
“Yoon Gi said the same thing!!” I shouted, making her laugh out loud.
My God, I missed her laugh.
“You two are close, huh?” she added, more like observation and not a question.
“Yeah, well, anyway, you went to London, you got married….”
“Who said I’m married?” she interrupted, “I don’t see a ring on this finger”, and pointed to her left hand.
“W-what? Wait…” I grabbed her hand as I’d never seen one before in my life.
She laughs again, and I can’t help but laugh with her, only this time nervously because I don’t know what’s going on right now. I’m getting this tiny bit of hope inside my chest, and I’m scared it will be taken away, so I refuse to believe it.
“Even though I went to London, I couldn’t stop thinking about what you said. I kept replaying it thousands and thousands of times in my head. Before bed, during classes, cleaning the house…”
It’s happening. She’s giving me hope, isn’t she?
“What about Eric?” I gently let go of her hand.
“That was another hard conversation I had to have” Y/N pinched her lips.
Yep. This is it.
“You’re telling me you’re not with him anymore?”
Every fiber of my body was vibrating, and the seconds that followed my question were incredibly long. I hadn’t allowed myself to think about this whole thing again, much less believe in the idea that Y/N and I could be something for real. However, I should’ve known she would surprise me. She always does.
“No, I’m not” she beams at me like a kid telling a secret. It’s like she can help herself. And I can’t help either — happiness is infectious.
“Plus, a little birdie told me that you needed a date for this wedding, so I’m here doing a favor” Y/N shrugged.
My mother had many talents. One of them is bringing people together. She always made sure to do everything for our family, and this time was no different. It means a lot that she intervened. Without this opportunity, I wouldn’t have a new chance at love.
“A favor?” I quirked an eyebrow.
“Oh yeah,” Y/N nodded, “I was promised free booze too, by the way”
I can’t help but find the idea of my mom and Y/N negotiating extremely funny, “I’m serious, Y/N. What does this mean?”
Before she could say anything, I decided to be just as honest and vulnerable, committing myself to her and the possibility of an ‘us’.
“You know what I see?” I moved closer, “I see a future”
“For us?” she tilted her head, intrigued.
“Yes,” I sighed and chuckled at the same time, relieved that we were finally on the same page, “One where I support you, where you don’t have to make choices for anybody else but yourself. A place full of trust”
“What else?” she asked, genuinely curious, analyzing every inch of my face.
“I see us being happy, never fighting and baking. Do you bake by any chance?”
“Uh, I bake, yes,” the question took her by surprise and earned me a giggle, “but I don’t know about the fighting part. You can be very annoying”
“I’ll do better. I’ll do better!”
“Keep going,” she moved closer to me, “I like your plans so far”
“No, tell me what you see. I wanna know” I said, placing my hands in my pockets.
“Huh…” Y/N took a second to think, “I see myself finishing my studies, then traveling for a couple of months, then coming back to Korea and starting my consulting firm”
“Amazing! What else?”
“I see this handsome guy waiting for me at the airport with balloons and a big smile,” she said, shifting from one foot to the other, “then taking me to a proper date where he will tell me everything he’s been up to with as much detail as possible and that will be our day one”
She looks so cute when she’s nervous.
“I didn’t know you were a romantic person”
“See?” Y/N smirked, “There’s a lot about me you have yet to learn”
“I can’t wait”
I deeply meant it because this was a chance I didn’t expect to have and to hear from her lips that it would be possible floored me. Here she was, in front of me, willing to and very much available, feeling the same way I did. It felt like a dream.
“What? Do I have something on my face?” she rubbed her right cheek.
“No, it’s just that I wanna kiss you so bad right now” I wet my bottom lip.
Y/N blushed, “You do?”
“Yeah”, I nodded, approaching her slowly, moving a strand of hair away from her face and caressing her cheekbone with my finger. “There’s something about your lips that is just fascinating to me” I then brushed my thumb across her bottom lip while pulling her by the waist very gently.
“Interesting” she gazes between my eyes and my mouth, hand coming up to my nape and stroking lightly with her nails.
I move in closer, cupping her face, our lips almost touching, “I’ve been wondering what they taste like”
“Why don’t you find out?” she looks up at me with the most gorgeous and mischievous expression in her eyes.
And just like that, I closed the space between us to meet the softest lips ever, tasting an unusual combination of green apple and vanilla. I’m instantly addicted, and I think Y/N is too because she took the initiative to separate her lips in search of mine through delicate and cautious movements. As she was discovering me, I felt my insides melt. I knew she was testing the waters, wanting more, so I tilted my head and deepened the kiss. My heart was racing like crazy. The way we clicked was just surreal. It just...made sense. The more we kissed, the more sure I was she was the one for me.
As we slowed down, I softly pulled her upper lip, then her bottom lip, and left sweet pecks while tugging her hair behind her ear with both of my hands.
“I’m so happy” I pressed my forehead against hers.
“Me too” she takes a deep breath, placing her hands over mine, eyes closed.
We stood like this for a few seconds, totally lost in our little world, like it was only the two of us in the party, feeling as though time had stopped as we held each other. And as badly as I wanted to stay here longer, we needed to talk about what would happen next, so I addressed the elephant in the room.
“So, when is your flight back?”
“Tomorrow” she lamented.
I pouted and kissed her hand, “Already?”
“Yeah. But I’ll be back!”
“How long?”
“A year” she revealed.
“A year???” I whined, “No, no, no, I won’t survive!”
“Always so dramatic” Y/N laughed and hugged me, “You will be fine”
“You are right. Doing the math real quick, 365 days seems like a fair amount of time to plan the perfect date”
“Whatever keeps your mind occupied, Mr Kim” Y/N’s arms rested on my shoulder.
“Mr Kim, huh?” my hands intertwined on her lower back, “You don’t work for me anymore, remember?”
She quickly pecked my lips, “I know”
“Okay, is this happening?” I looked around to make sure I wasn’t going to suddenly wake up in my bed again, cursing my head for conjuring another perfect dream.
All Y/N apparently could do was smile and nod. It was as if she had slept with a hanger in her mouth. The joy oozed from her body, and I wanted to remember this feeling forever. And kiss her forever too, so that’s what I did again and again after that.
“Right” I try to regain focus, “We’ll make it work. You can come once a month. I can go once a month… we’ll figure something out”
“You mean that?” she grabbed my hand.
“Of course, Y/N. There’s a world out there for you to conquer. I don’t wanna hold you back”
She gave me a squeeze to show she understood my feelings. I knew she was thankful too. She didn’t have to say anything. I could see it in the way she held my hand, looked into my eyes and kissed me. She was in this as much as I was.
It was crazy to think that a few months ago, things were completely different. Even crazier that I woke up today with no idea what was coming next or how my life would change. Man, that’s the real power of choices.
“Let’s go” she said, leading me back to the garden and poetically into a new life.
After so many mismatches, ups and downs, I found that trusting someone depended on me a lot more than anything else. I had to be confident enough to expose my fears and desires without expecting anything in return. So I faced my insecurities and dove headfirst into this strange and scary feeling of love, choosing Y/N with the hope that she would pick me too. She accepted my flaws and wants to see where this goes. It took her a bit, but here we are.
Our story could have been a lot different, but I wouldn’t change anything because, in the end, I learned so much. No, wait, probably just the part where I take years to realize my feelings and all the signals this gorgeous woman was sending. That would save me some time and a ton of tears, for sure.
In all honesty, I can’t say I’m an entirely changed man yet. I don’t know if I ever will be. The only thing I’m sure of is that I’m willing to try my best for her. Because she deserves it, she earned it, and it’s perfectly okay to rely on someone.
Tumblr media
A/N²: this wasn't the first fanfic i wrote but it was the first one i showed anybody (my best friends) and the also first one i shared with the world, so it will always be one of my favorites. maybe because of that, i put pressure on myself to reach a level of excellence and perfection completely unrealistic for a girl who had never written before, let alone in a different language.
i liked the first chapter a lot, the second one as well, and since the story was drawn perfectly in my head, i thought it would be easy to execute and put into words everything i had imagined, but it wasn't. i faced many challenges along the way and thought about giving up a lot. the low post engagement also helped with me thinking i wasn't good enough to publish stories. honestly, my mistake was attempting to build the perfect blog. i spent so much time structuring a posting schedule, trying to stay active, writing a little bit every day, following the right people, affiliating with known networks, and so many other tips that i read in hours of research. all for nothing bc i became more and more unhappy.
with this unhappiness came a new author's block and after struggling a lot i managed to finish chapter 09 and post it. this happened in march/2021, now it's jan/2022. i don't know if anyone who is reading this now, in fact, waited ten months to read what happens next but if so: i'm deeply sorry. it was never my intention to take a year to publish such a short story.
regardless, i hope that whoever got this far enjoyed it, had fun, laughed, cried, and allowed themselves to be transported to a new reality. my only wish is that my stories help people overcome a bad day, a bad week, a bad month; to feel happier, more loved, more connected. deep down, that's what we are: connected by the love for bts. 
thanks for reading, thanks for liking, for sharing, commenting or simply taking some time out of your day to experience a world that only exists in my head.
until the next story, xx bella
Tumblr media
𝗳𝗲𝗲𝗱𝗯𝗮𝗰𝗸𝘀 𝗮𝗿𝗲 𝘃𝗲𝗿𝘆 𝗺𝘂𝗰𝗵 𝘄𝗲𝗹𝗰𝗼𝗺𝗲𝗱 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗮𝗽𝗽𝗿𝗲𝗰𝗶𝗮𝘁𝗲𝗱 𝗶𝗳 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝗮𝗿𝗲 𝗸𝗶𝗻𝗱 ❤ 𝗹𝗲𝗮𝘃𝗲 𝗺𝗲 𝗮 𝗿𝗲𝗽𝗹𝘆 𝗼𝗿 𝗮𝗻 𝗮𝘀𝗸! 𝗶 𝘄𝗼𝘂𝗹𝗱 𝗹𝗼𝘃𝗲 𝘁𝗼 𝗸𝗻𝗼𝘄 𝘆𝗼𝘂𝗿 𝘁𝗵𝗼𝘂𝗴𝗵𝘁𝘀 𝗮𝗯𝗼𝘂𝘁 𝘁𝗵𝗶𝘀 𝘀𝘁𝗼𝗿𝘆
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mehphoobia · 11 months ago
could you do ceo!tom x wife!fem!reader
They cuddle each other in bed on the middle on morning. They’re getting dressed professionally and get back to work separately on their jobs. Few hours later, Reader went home early and start cooking for dinner, waiting for Tom to get home. In the few moments later, Tom came home and see Reader fall asleep as Tom smiled as he carry her to bed. Hope they had good day tomorrow
Your request is my command @laurentrvn.tumblr.com
Tumblr media
Pairing- ceo!tom x wife!fem!reader
Warnings- same old domestic fluff
The warm blankets protected you from the cool morning breeze. The sunlight choosing to settle on your skin awoke you. You slowly opened your eyes to a new day. Breathed in the fresh morning air which was even more fragrant because of the fresh herbs on your window. You tossed and turned to have Tom sleep by your side. The sunlight which was on your skin had managed to escape to his face, as if it had done its job waking you up and it was Tom’s turn. But no you wouldn’t let the sunlight steal your job.
“Love?” you whispered as you ran your fingers on his smooth yet firm skin. It was a routine getting up early in the morning allowing Tom to be reactive to your touch. He stirred on the bed waking up the blankets too. Tom reached out for your waist and pulled you closer to his chest and mumbled, “Five more minutes please?” His endearing face made it difficult for you to resist his touch. You finally gave in and rested your face between his neck and shoulder.
The mischievous sunlight managed to wake up the birds too. You slowly slid away from Tom and made your way to the washroom. A splash of water on your face was enough to wash away the residual sleep and lethargy. “Do you need help?” Tom asked still half asleep as you changed into your robe and prepped your bath.
“No, thanks” you said and he chuckled teasingly. He finally got up stretched a bit and immediately made his way to the kitchen to boil the water for his tea. He got chia seeds and your fruits without taking his glance off the water as if he had rehearsed everything the day prior. Well the two years of his married life was enough practice. He returned back to your shared bedroom, yawning and walking in baby steps. He took the towel from your hand as you stepped outside your bath. You closed your eyes as he started patting your hair dry.
“Thank you my love” you kissed his cheeks as you got up from your seat. There it was the pouty face and puppy eyes; you knew exactly what it meant.
“No No babe not today. You can’t bunk work today. Now go brush your teeth.” Your words trailed off as you made your out of the shared bedroom. You turned midway and looked at him make his way into the bathroom. “Maybe you will have something to look forward to tonight” you teasingly said. That puffed walk was replaced by Tom sprinting into the bathroom. You laughed softly.
After donning your outfit for your work, you went to the kitchen to cut your fruits and preparing Tom’s tea and sandwich. After tem minutes or so you heard the bathroom door click open and you asked, “Babe where did you keep the new bunch of tissues?” “Second drawer on your left” he answered back fetching his shirt out of the outfit you already had prepared for him and lay on the bed.
Both of you finished your breakfast and picked up your respective bags and stepped outside the house. Tom was near his car when you pulled up and said, “Do you need a ride, mister?” “No thanks” he mimicked you at what you said earlier. You gasped and both of you had a heart laugh. He came over to your side and planted a kiss on your forehead and said, “Love you” you smiled and said, “Love you more.” He stepped back as you drove past him. He admired the lady you were independent yet supportive someone he could lean on and trust, something that was lost in his line of work and life. He drove swiftly to his work, hoping for a good day.
Luckily your boss had a personal event to attend, so all the employees were given an early off. What more could you have asked for? You drove back home and parked your car in the garage. You changed into your comfy clothes and went straight to the kitchen to cook dinner. After thirty minutes or so dinner was cooked and you looked for pepper as you had to sprinkle some on your salad. You looked around the kitchen and found a yellow post it.
“Pepper’s on the third shelf” it said in Tom’s handwriting. You smiled as you found the pepper on sprinkled on the salad. You packed everything up and put it in the fridge to have it reheated later when its dinner time.
You decided to watch your favorite show on Netflix. But your comfy clothes were too comfortable. Too comfortable to sit and watch Netflix so you decided for a quick nap on the couch.
Tom’s set of keys made a click sound as he dropped them while entering the house. He had already found your car in the garage so he expected you to be home. He was about to yell that he was home but he saw you sleeping on the couch. In his attempt to compress his yell he choked on air and coughed.
He hunched down to your sleeping figure and smiled, “this I was definitely looking forward to.” He carried you, trying not to disturb your sleep as he slowly put you on the bed. He changed into his pajamas and lay right beside you. He caressed your hair as he slowly drifted off to sleep.
Both of you fit together like a puzzle, made for each other. There are days when things get hard because of your professional lives but it was turns out okay. As long as Tom is with you, nothing could go wrong.
A/N- Guys I don’t have a boyfriend and you all are raising my standards af. Another amazing Fic requested by laurentrvn.tumblr.com. I loved writing this one too. Thank you so much for requesting this one and I hope I have satisfied your plot. Let me know what you think about this fic down in the comments.
As always the REQUESTS OPEN so go ahead and put in your requests.
Love yourself..you are worth it ❣❣
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hrtbreakanniversary · a month ago
fine line | tom holland [1]
Tumblr media
summary: the all put together mr. holland is quick to fall after 5 simple words.
ms. y/l/n just wants a vacation.
pairing: ceo!tom holland x secretary!reader
word count: 5.7k
warnings: descriptions of sexual intercourse, 18+, profanity, nothing much
Tumblr media
All the lights couldn't put out the dark Running through my heart Lights up and they know who you are Know who you are Do you know who you are?
Luminescence lights filled the room. The features of the couple unseen as they moved around the silk sheet covered bed. Slithering himself between the tan legs of the female, pleasure shooting through his body as she screamed with each thrust as a male stood behind him, his lips attached to the bare skin of his shoulder, running his hands up and down his toned abs.
Chills running down his body when the male ran his finger down between his crevices of his bottom, inching closer to the spot that ensued an inch to be touched. A loud smack ran the room causing the both of them to let out a soft laugh at the tease.
The male's attention returned back to the female below him as she swiveled her hips.
Only prompting him to grab the hair of the woman in front of him, pounding into her faster as all of their moans filled the room.
"Fuck, are you close?" The girl didn't answer, resulting in her hair getting pulled back,"Answer me, are you coming?"
The other male's weight moved from behind to in front of the woman. Her response muffled by the sudden intrusion in her mouth.
"Speak louder, baby."
"I'm - I - I'm com-"
"Coming!", She replied back to her roommate who alerted that their takeout had arrived.
Urgent fingers ran along the mousepad of the MacBook, her eyes reading over and over again the email of rejecton. Hoping that she was reading it incorrectly. But by the fifth time, she accepted that this was reality.
All she wanted was one thing.
A stupid vacation.
"Asshole!" She exclaimed with her mouth as she repeatedly slammed her hand against the marble counter of her small desk. A meow interrupted her mid slap. "I know, Channing Furtum. No loud noises after 10 or else Mr.Hong is going to file another complaint." She sighed at the cat that perched itself comfortably on one of her wooden shelves.
"Please do not tell you're talking to that feline again."
"Tuwaine, aren't you from London as well? Convince him with your British to British brain connection."
"I don't think that's how it works and that man doesn't even spare me a glance. And the one time he did, I almost pissed my pants. His ass is watching my every move, I feel."
"TMI." Y/N scoffed into the speaker of the phone, scratching the scalp out of her head from frustration.
Her phone dinged for the 100th time as her family group chat had rose from the dead due to current events. One of her family members had just recently had a child and everyone is trying to book a flight to Bakersfield, California to see the shriveled up version of her cousin, Maurice.
She had nothing against babies but she doesn't understand how one can find a newborn baby so cute.
But her main priority was for her Ma Ma's birthday. She hasn't seen her grandma in such a long time since she's moved to New York.
It wasn't just the group chat but her parents asking her if one of the many itineraries sent were one of hers. But according to the email that writes in the first few lines:
The employee is unable to take requested days off due to responsibilities and duties requested by Mr. Tom Holland.
There's a clear chance it's not.
Another scream escaped from her throat, shooting up from her seat as her feet stomped against her floor.
A response in return was the thump of what she figured was the top of a broomstick. She couldn't hear exactly what the elderly man was saying but from the harshness of his tone, it wasn't anything too nice.
"You realize I'm still on the phone right?"
"Why aren't you in mourning with me?"
"Because this isn't the first time. He always says no. The number of PTOs you have can last you at least a year."
Memories flooded in from when she first started working when she was on a date with somebody that she had met on one of those online dating apps and had received an urgent text from Tom. Worried that some kind of project was behind or there was a missing file, she had rushed to work.
Her high heels digging into the back of her ankle, scurrying against the title floors to get to the large office at the end of the room. Her date was not impressed at all.
Even though she didn't read a single line of the agreement she signed, she remembered him clearly highlighting a part of it that told her to be quick on her feet to help him when he calls in case it was a life or death situation.
The glass door was already partially open when she used full force to open it, only to find him put all together with a stress ball in his hand. A poster on the side falling face down. His eyes fluttering closed as if he were already slipping into REM, Tom leaned back in his chair," I couldn't get the staple out of the wall."
Either way, that date wasn't meant to be. She didn't feel anything good coming out of man who pours out a mountain of salt on his pasta.
"I'll take that year anytime. Maybe find a new job while I'm at it."
"Not when Tommy doesn't know how to wipe his own ass."
"For somebody that's afraid of him, you sure talk about his ass a lot."
"For somebody that's not afraid of him, you sure never stand up to him."
As much as she preaches finding a new job, it's hard to find one without having much experience anywhere except for retail. When she was in a low, Tom had given her the job despite not having any qualifications that were listed in the job description. Then again, all you need to know is basic human skills and patience to babysit. Even easier when the one you are babysitting is an adult.
So she couldn't quit even if she wanted to.
Herr boss's satisfaction is her satisfaction despite the constant pounding in her head that occurred each time she hears his voice.
As Tuwaine rambled on and on about this bar he had stopped by last night, her calendar filled with events from both her and her roommate glared at her. This weekend had nothing booked! I mean she could always just leave tomorrow night and arrive there on Saturday then leave for a whole day of flights on Sunday.
Mid sentence, the story cut off as the call was paused and intercepted by another. Side stepping back to where her phone was placed, she wasn't surprised by the contact name that appeared.
Not even a name was shown but a little devil emoji in it's place.
She pressed the end and accept, planning to explain Tuwaine later because the ordeal was going to be the usual. Something that Tom needed help with that a simple task that a 7 year old could do or something that wasn't too grand.
In a hushed tone, "Wingguard Mansion." Her home screen reappearing.
The second floor consisted of several long tables with different groups attending to their robots. One had an arm that was able to extend itself and another was being controlled to pass around snacks to other words.
Y/N stood with Tuwaine, who was apart of the coding team. Under her eyes, bags and her hair barely being brushed through or fixed. A simple ponytail to keep her hair up and out of the way.
"You're telling me when you walked in there, the girl's mouth was covered in blood and then the other guy looked like he was on his period."
Taking a long drag out of one of the coffees in her hand, she nodded before gagging at the bitter taste.
"So she bit the bloke's dick off?" Laughter filled the cube. "And where was the boss?"
"He had me talking to the police while he slept." Tuwaine shook his head in disbelief as Y/N continued," You know how hard it was to explain to them what happened?"
According to the girl, she felt so good that she accidentally clenched her teeth forgetting that there was something in her mouth. It was completely traumatizing just because the guy would be screaming in pain with every step he took. The situation would've been funny at the time to Y/N if she didn't have to stay out till 3 am and then take the subway which made her get home at 4 on the dot. Her phone ringing her ear at 7 am so he could tell her to get his coffee with two sugars for the "long night" he had.
"So while you're working, he's fucking around." Tuwaine finished off the rest of his muffin," I don't know how you do it."
Y/N shrugged before a whistle sung through the office as one of the employees came running with a panicked look on his face..In a hushed tone, he spoke," It's here."
As he rushed by, he sideswepped one of the cups of Y/N's hand, making it spill into a trashcan that was thankfully right below her. With no time to use such foul words to call out the worker, she just wiped her hand on the inside of her black cotton coat.
The elevators door opened again and the click of shoes began to come down the hallway. Y/N herself took the initiate to make her way towards the man while all of the workers tried make themselves look busy. She even saw one person erasing a sentence and retyping it over and over again.
Tom walked with his eyes, stuck to his phone. And swiftly, Y/N handed his coffee to him and walked side by side to him," Morning, boss. You have a conference call in 30 minutes."
They entered his large office that looked out to a beautiful view of New York. Each time Y/N got a moment of her own in this office, she would watch the clouds float by and the new faces that came everyday into time square. To some, the view was bore but to her, it was everything. Even if she encountered a weird sight every so often.
"Yes, about the new launch of the voice controlled drones. I know."
"Staff meeting at 10."
"Did you call that one guy? The one with receding hairline."
"Yeah, Junie? Called her and told her if he doesn't bring in the blueprints, he won't be getting the sponsor. Also your immigration lawyer called. She said that's imperative that you-"
"Cancel the call, push the meeting to tomorrow, and keep the lawyer on the sheets." Tom flipped through some folders on his desk," Get a hold of PR, Osterfield's wants to do a collaboration."
"Harrison Osterfield? Nicely done."
Tom finally looked up from the things in his hands,"Ms. Y/L/N, do you think our company is not good on its own? Do you have inappropriate feelings for our client? That can cause potential trouble."
"N-No, I just like what they put out there."
"If I want your opinion, I will ask for it."
"But you..." Voice trailing off when he answered his ringing phone. Business call or not, it was clear he had the last word.
Used to it all, Y/N refrained from rolling her eyes and shaking her head. Taking one of the folders instead to keep her mind somewhere else than the plan that was forming in her head to take one of those phone numbers off the bulletin board and ask them to do voodoo.
"By the way, who is Luke and why does he want me to call him?"
Her eyes widened. Luke is the cute barista from the coffee chop near her apartment and partially one of the reasons she wasn't late. He flirted more than he needed to in order to earn tip but she would have never guessed he was bold or serious enough to write the visible heart and his phone number on the cup.
"Well, that was my cup."
"And I'm drinking your coffee why?"
"Because your coffee spilled."
He read the label, "So you drink dark roasted coffee with two sugars?"
"Yeah, I like my coffee as dark as my soul," She grinned at her joke but was met with a straight face, two blinks of the eye translating to an absurd insult, "I mean I couldn't possibly order two coffees for you in case one spilled. That would be incredibly pathetic, I know."
Blink. Blink. Blink.
"Good morning to you, Mr. Holland." She closed his door without another word.
Hands crunched together, the whites on his knuckles showing.
Unprepared slides. Blueprints uncompleted. Body language showing the presenter was clearly unprofessional in matters of how he spoke. "Get this shit out of my face." The phone flew across the room, the wheels of his chair scratching against the floor as he held his face in his hand in anger.
Y/N knew to give the man space before he blew up on her, rushing to her own desk and picking up the now cracked phone. The second she saw his figure stalking towards the door, she opened up a forum with an alert written in the all caps: "THE WITCH IS ON HIS BROOM.". Commotion of workers pulling their things back together were white noise when Y/N quickened her pace to follow Tom.
It was a quick turn into a room that held the room of their chief operating officer, Bob. The door slammed open, the handle hitting the side of the wall. Bob looked up from his activities with his confusion in his eyes when Tom decided to silently take a seat. "This is leather? Shell cordovan?"
The tension in the air so thick, Y/N struggling to breathe.
Bob enthusiastically began to explain his collection he had at home, Tom placing his hands on his hips when he stood up from the spot. Clearly uninterested in the topic, his mocking laugher as he stepped closer to the middle aged man.
"Bob, I'm letting you go." Bob could only stare in shock, words unable to come out of his mouth," I asked you to do one simple thing and you may have costed us a investor. So... you're fired. Now I will give you two months to find another job before you tell everyone you resigned, OK?"
None another word was spoken before Tom walked out first with Y/N following close behind, her eyes closed in on the clearly upset figure," What's his twenty?"
"He's moving. He has crazy eyes."
Hell was about to break lose. Moving off to the side as Bob kicked over a trashcan in his way.
" You selfish son of a bitch! You can't fire me. You don't see what you're doing here? Some spoiled rich kid thinks he could fire me."
Oh no, Bob. Y/N clasped her hand together, Tom tucking both of his hands into the pockets of his slack, leaning with his head slightly back. Nonchalant to all, seemingly unbothered. But Y/N knew what he was doing. He was taunting.
Bob stepped closer, "I tried to let it go. Dom passing on his legacy to some kid knowing full well he should've gave to me. So I've been here much longer than you have for you to fire me. You don't get to do that. So I know you feel threatened by me because I'm 10 times more qualified than you are."
"Are you quite done?"
Bob's eyes flicked over to Y/N and back to Tom before returning back to Y/N," And you treat all of us like slaves when I haven't seen you lift a single finger. If you had given me time to prepare instead having your little whore here last minute tell me about the project. And you know what? I feel sorry for you. Because you know what you're gonna have on your deathbed? Nothing and no one."
"I didn't fire you because I feel threatened. No." Tom stood over the man who was only a centimeter shorter than him but Bob was cowering where he stood despite his outburst," I fired you because you're a lazy, entitled, incompetent and you spend more time perving on the woman here than in your office. I've received several reports about several employees claiming how uncomfortable you make them feel and even now, you dare disrespect Ms. Y/L/N. If you say another word, Tuwaine is gonna have you thrown on your ass onto the sidewalk. Another word and you're going out of here with an armed escort. Y/N will film with her camera and will put it on that little video app with a little montage of all the complaints I have on you. What is it called again?"
"You know my name?" Y/N heard Tuwaine ask. She shushed him before quipping up, "Tiktok, sir.".
"Exactly. Is that what you want?" Tom turned around and motioned with a swift point of his thumb," Get him out of here."
Y/N could feel Tom's stare on her, Bob long forgotten as his presence disappeared from the hallway despite his desperate screams of letting him go. "How long ago did you tell him about the report?"
"Last week when you told me."
"I first told you about this three weeks ago."
"No, you told me last week."
Y/N was met with a hard stare, almost as if it could pierce through her skill. Tom made a beeline back to his office, the door closing behind him. While he remained calm throughout, it felt like a slap in her face. She wouldn't be surprised if she went in there and found his floor full of clutter from him swiping his desk
There were so many deadlines and emails that she has always managed to keep up and be responsible of. She was sure she would've been knowing of another deadline that Tom had put out.
She was done. She was dead. The monitor of her computer beeping like a hospital signaling a heart rate going flat. After checking her email, she had seen the following headline about the project he was working on. And indeed, it was dated last month and three weeks back.
"Come on, you even do his laundry. There's no way he's firing you." A girl tried to make her make feel better but returned to her own work when Y/N hid her face into the palms of her hands.
Her eyes wavered over to the still shut door. The only time it opened was twice when she saw two people walk into the room and come back out after 10 minutes within the last hour and a half.
"Yeah, maybe." Definitely way. He would've had her doing every single thing but there hasn't been a single page to her phone or anything. She was definitely fired and there's no doubt about it. The door finally opened, Tom's popping out. She didn't need to hear anything as he instead beckoned her with a wave of his hand.
Taking a deep breath, she stepped and shut the door behind her," I apologize extremely for my mistake. There has just been so many things and I know that I should've kept up with it but it was so much."
"So stupid."
"Well, that's a bit harsh."
"Damn bigots."
"I mean what I did wasn't that bad. I did a person to get fired... but that was way overdue for Bob."
"I mean my name is on the building! I'm a citizen here!"
Hold on a second...
"I'm beginning to think we're not talking about the same thing."
"They're going to deport me. Because of last night's fiasco. Apparently there's a thing where I can't get anything on my criminal record as the application is being developed. I didn't bite the guy's dick off and that's not even a crime. Hell, it was committed on American soil by an American!"
"Can't you work on the job from there? You've taken plenty of business trips."
"Yeah from inside the country. Plus they refused to do that. They're planning to have Bob take over because he has the most experience. I just fired the man."
"Wait, so does this mean I'm not fired?"
"Oh no, you are fired." Tom sat down on the edge of his desk with his hands clasped in his lap. No sympathy as Y/N's face fell.
"Sir, I apologize again for the mishap but understand that there were a lot of things I had to keep control of.
"While I've always wanted to let go of Bob, you are also at fault and lost us an investor. If you were anyone else, I would've fired you on the spot. I gave it a lot of thinking and it still comes out to the same result. Pack your things starting next week. I still need you for tomorrows' event."
"I was actually planning to go to Grandma's."
"And risk not get your last paycheck? Which guessing how much it'd be, it seems like a lot. I can always just use that money for the fund-"
'I'll be there, no worries."
"Until then, I need to find out a way to convince them to let me stay. There's no way in hell I'm giving up the company for a year to that perv."
"I mean you could get married. I've heard about that scheme before."
"Does it look like there's anybody I'm going to marry?" Tom tapped his temple with his index finger, "Cmon, Y/N, think."
"I mean you don't have to love them" Y/N shrugged, " I mean it's not like it's hard for you to find a person to marry. You had no struggle last night with the-"
"Let's not talk about last night."
In awe, she looked around the wide and big room. Controlled drones flew around the air conditioned arena. Spider like robots walked across the floor by people who were using their brain power to make it work.
"Mr. Holland, this is amazing. This is all Oster's Power?"
While she was fascinated by everything, the slicked back hair was beginning to curl out of it's form as Tom was having an essential life crisis. Many would think he was composed but he was quite literally freaking out at the moment. His breathing going heavier as more and more people crowded the large hall. What the hell was he doing to do? He's going to be deported in two weeks and he's trying to settle a large collaboration with a bigger company. If the company gets handed over to Bob and the merge doesn't go well, Holland will burn and burn.
Is this karma? Had he done something wrong?
Speak of the devil.
In all his pride and glory, Harrison Osterfield walked with two guards in front of them. When they reached the two, the guards separated and allowed the handsome man to step forward and a slender brunette woman appeared aside him.
"Pleasure to meet you in the skin, Holland." His soft accent beating the harsh headlines that blog articles spoke of about his strict attitude," And this must be Ms. Y/L/N."
When she saw her ex boss not even raising his hand to shake Harrison's, she took over and held out hers for the sake of the awkwardness that filled the air," Thank you for inviting us. It's a wonderful business that you own."
Harrison nodded, his attention now fully on Tom who stared into the air. The woman smiled one full of straight teeth, therefore proving to Y/N that she was as perfect as she thought it was. "I'm Gracie James, Harrison's fiancé." Her ring finger coming into view as she showed off the big diamond," Just recently this week." moved forward to grasp Y/N's hand to warm it with hers," And you are? Are you two together? Do you work with him? Oh my! Are you two?" Her eyes moving side to side, insinuating a suggestive matter. Well... what was she to Tom now? She didn't necessarily work with him anymore.... she wasn't technically wasn't his friend... While her mind wondered, she looked around the room and saw Tom was still in La La Land with Harrison struggling to keep up a conversation with him. With her right arm out of the view, Y/N nudged his hard side and disrupted whatever trance that he was trapped in," Right. You go and enjoy your evening. I'll see you tonight for the press. If you would excuse me."
Tom disappeared into the large group of people, Y/N pivoting onto feet to race after him before she was held back by a large hand. Harrison smiling down at her as she returned to her former posture of standing up straight with her hands clasped together in front of her, "Sorry, I'm in a bit of a rush to go check on him. He may just be nervous. I can take any questions if you'd like."
"Actually, it's a question for you."
One of his securities reached into one of their coats to pull out a rectangle paper to pass it Harrison to then pass to Y/N. A business card. "Saw how fascinated you look by everything." Clicking the side of the card, "I know you want to remain loyal but know that I have a job opening for our QA section."
Harrison went on and on about the opening. How you don't need to know much about the technology, it's mostly computer and packaging that needs to done. The pay being around the same range as what she was making now, maybe even a few more. While she wanted to stay focused on what he had to say, a constant buzz in her purse distracting her.
"Just give it a thought, alright? Tom is a good man but I could always use someone as bright as you here." Harrison raised his hand up to lay it on his shoulder," Make sure to try the cheddar biscuits, they just melt in your mouth."
"For sure. Thank you again."
Watching Harrison disappear into the crowd of people, Y/N was already hot on her toes. Advancing in direction that Tom had walked in, scrolling through the multiple messages that he sent that repeatedly told her to come but no directions to where he went. But seeing the long line of males lined up at the one person bathroom. she figured she knew where he was.
Prepping herself, she faked the best smile she could at the people in line as she cut to the front to knock on the door. "Mr-" The door swinging open, slamming against the wall before a hand grasped her wrist and pulled her in. Hair a mess, breathes coming out in a dry heaves. "Fuck, are you okay?" Tom slid and sat down on the tiled floor, hair constantly pushed back by his shaking hands. "How'd you even know that it would be me?"
"Anyone can tell the difference with that annoying voice you have."
"Okay, you're a little bit more mean than you usually are."
Tom's head peeked up from behind his knees, eyebrows knitted together in stress,” What the hell am I going to do? I'm going to be on a plane in two days back to London and convincing Harrison Osterfield to partner with my company in a week. They completely overlap and I can’t do it if I’m on the other side of the world!”
The ring from the light and the click of Y/N’s heels clicked and she didn't even stop to think about her actions. Now she was the floor with him, her hand coming up to rest against his knee. His glare bringing it back down to her lap.
"There's not a lot of good traits about you."
"Excuse me?"
"But what can I say is that you're manipulative. In a good way."
"In what way is that ever possibly good?"
"Okay here's the thing. I know when you're lying."
"How is this helping?"
"And for some reason, no one else can see through your bullshitting and somehow you always end up getting what you want. I always wondered and then I walked into your meeting that one time. That's when I heard it. You sway people with your words. What's the difference in this?"
"I'm getting deported."
"Just think of it as that one time you lied your way out of getting that parking ticket even though the sidewalk was clearly red and told you that it was red because you told the police officer you were colorblind then proceeded to bribe him even though it was your fault that lady accidentally hit your car."
"You make me sound like a bad person."
"Well... I can name off a few more-"
"Enough of that." He stood up randomly, "I'm fine now, okay? No more, I don't need to hear it." That wasn't even the worse of it, Y/N thought to herself, shaking her head to herself. With no warning, the weight she had put on him to hold her up making her lose her balance and her body stumble onto the dirty floor. Barely gathering herself before Tom opened the door and allowed the other men into the bathroom who only looked at her with a questioning look as they stepped over her frame.
More and more, she was starting to care less about being unemployed tomorrow morning.
Reporters gathered into another hall, Y/N stepping to the side near the tables.
Harrison was right. The cheese did in fact melt in her mouths. Gathering a couple onto her plate with some crackers, she settled down besides a reporter who was already staring at her through the rims of his glasses that were falling down the bridge of his nose.
She returned back a look of disgust. He was one of the men that just looked at her instead of helping her up like a decent human being so he could stare all she wanted. Choosing to sit a few seats down from him instead of the open one besides him, she figured he could get a taste of his own bad attitude of people not wanting to sit next to him... if he even notices.
The room began to darken as people came out from behind the curtains, all walking like robots up to the podium. Guess working with them so much slowly conditions you into one.
As the topic went into something she didn't really understand, she took another bite of one of the lighter color cheeses. And was immediately in shock.
It tasted so much like mashed potatoes, she could faint. She began to shove more and more in her mouth, not getting enough of the combo of crunch of the cracker and smoothness of cheese.
The euphoric moment paused when she heard the familiar voice but this time, he didn't sound as stoic as he usually sounded. His sentences coming out in cut up pieces.
"What do you have to say, Mr. Holland?"
"I'm sorry, could you repeat that please?"
The man with the glasses. What were his intentions?
"There's been rumors that'd you'll be returning to London, is that true? In the middle of the season, is that correct? Are you not worried of not hitting your next mark?"
Under the bright light, Y/N could see Tom beginning to sweat profusely. His hands fidgeting through one another with the table. Harrison on the end of the table playing with the skin of his lip which made the jittery feeling in his stomach explode. Her cover blowing up piece by piece.
Cmon... just as she thought that, she locked eyes with him as if he heard her. "Manipulate." She mouthed.
"And why would I be going back to London?"
"There's been word spreading that you're planning to go back to London, a report detailing that you were going to be deported. Say, whatever did you do to get deported?"
"Well I can ensure you that I'm not getting deported and I will not be returning back to London."
"But it says right in the the papers that the defendant has breached his contract and will have return back to London to finish his VISA."
"These claims do not make sense as I am engaged to my loving girlfriend."
Oh so now he uses the marriage tactic. Wonder where he got that from. Y/N shook her head and popped another cheese into her mouth like it was a piece of popcorn and she was watching a movie in the theaters.
"And who is this girlfriend of yours, if you don't mind me asking?"
Tom paused, unable to think of a fake name. It was too on the spot. His eyes wavered over the large crowd of reporters, their bodies leaning forward as they waited for the big reveal of the CEO who was thought to be the wanted and unattainable bachelor. Their pencils and fingers ready to write or type in the name of the mystery girl.
"Are you... by any chance, lying?"
"No." Tom quickly denied the claim. Y/N raked through her mind any name she could think. Trying her best to think of what that one girl's name was from the night before. Maybe she could offer a large sum of money to her in exchange for lying for only a couple of weeks. What the hell was she doing? She doesn't even work for him anymore. She didn't need to come up with these solutions for him. This was his mess, he fixes it.
"Her name is..." Y/N's breath hitched when her eyes locked with Tom's. The desperation in his eyes, almost pleading. Like he was asking for permission, his pen swaying side to side like a pendulum. The only beings in the room being them.
For all the times he's made her miss a date. For all the times he's stressed her out to the point of her hair falling out.
Does he truly deserve this easy way out?
But she couldn't help but nod, securing the deal. Tom turning back to the reporter," Her name is Y/N Y/L/N."
Tumblr media
a/n: thank you for tooning in! also excuse the cringe company names lol. pls let me know how it is going, i've been iffy about my writing lately hehe.
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Tumblr media
be here. (1)
→ ceo!kuroo tetsuro x female!reader
Tumblr media
→ synopsis: all little girls have dreamed of their future fairytale wedding - to the average woman, marriage is a sacred ink imprinted on one's soul. but to kuroo tetsuro, and (y/n) (l/n), their marriage is one of convenience and vested interests. so, how is a wife who is adamant about making this marriage work going to fare living with a husband who isn't hesitant to burn it to ashes?
→ genre: ceo au, post-timeskip, major angst, 18+
→ warnings: +18; cheating/infidelity, toxic relationship, arranged marriage, major angst, profanity, mentions of sex, divorce, depressive tendencies, allusions to mental illness
→ navigation: prologue + one + two + three + four + five + six + seven + eight + nine + ten + eleven + twelve + thirteen + fourteen + fifteen +sixteen + seventeen + eighteen + nineteen + twenty + epilogue
→ notes: hey guys, it’s ya girl, so i’m headed to a political rally tomorrow because it’s election season here in my country, so the first chapter came in early! thank you to the SOLID feedback for ‘be here’! xoxo
Tumblr media
It was in the middle of the night when Kuroo Tetsuro, a soon-to-be married man, snuck away from his residence, leaving behind his new fiance in the cold home. ‘Fuck,’ He thought to himself as he drove away from the parkway. It was as if he didn’t even own the house anymore, and to make matters worse, he had to let (Y/N) sleep in Alisa’s old bedroom since he couldn’t even stand to be within twenty feet of his bride without feeling infuriated about this whole shebang. 
He had arrived at Alisa Haiba’s doorstep in her Shinjuku apartment, all but begging his long-time girlfriend to let him inside the house to which the model had coldly refused him, yelling at him about his betrayal. It was only when Kuroo had screamed through the door that Alisa was forced to open the door to listen to her lover, “I’m only marrying her so I can become the Chairman of the cooperation. I don’t love her!” 
When Alisa opened the door, Tetsuro had gotten up from his sitting position [apparently, Alisa made him grovel for a solid ten minutes], planting his lips on hers. Alisa smirked against his lips, thanking the heavens for a man so desperate for her love that he’d sooner kneel in front of her doorstep. Pushing her to the wall, Tetsuro’s eyes searched her blue orbs for a hint of forgiveness before ducking his head to her shoulder, nipping hungrily at the porcelain-like skin on her neck. “Hmm-Kuroo-ah,” She moans when he skillfully marks her as his own, clawing at his back, and allowing her newly-done nails to sink into his toned flesh. 
“I’m yours,” Tetsuro says through half-lidded eyes, returning to kiss her, sinking his teeth to her bottom lip, biting, sucking as if to prove a point. 
“Then make me yours,” Alisa sighs, cupping his cheek. She is taken by surprise and she gasps when Kuroo lifts her into his arms bridal style and marches up the loft stairs in her apartment. “I think I’d make a prettier bride, no?” She smirks at him. 
Tetsuro lays her down in her bed, ripping apart her button down shirt, while Alisa scrambles to take off his suit. He smirks when he sees Alisa wearing his favorite lingerie. “Silly girl, were you just pretending to be mad at me so I can have my way with you?” He pulls down her bra, sucking on her rosebud, the vibration of his moans while his free hand was fondling her other breast were enough to make Alisa let out a contented sigh. 
“Is it working - ah!” She moans a little too loudly that Tetsuro clasps a hand over her mouth, making a shushing noise to silence her, skillfully moving the lace panties to the side to circle her clit. “Why don’t you just marry me instead, hmm? I’d make a better wife, you know,” Both of them groan when Tetsuro inserts a finger into her soaking wet, hole, allowing himself to relish the feeling of his lover’s tight heat, her walls already tightening around his digit. 
“Tell you what,” He comfortingly says to Alisa. “The minute my father hands over the company to me, when the merger is signed, I’ll divorce her,” He withdraws his finger, sucking on his digit teasingly in front of her.
“You promise?” Alisa pouts, banking on the five years of their illicit relationship. She is confident that in the confines of Kuroo Tetsuro’s heart there will always be a part of her that will always beckon him to come back to her bed. She giggles when her lover roughly rips her panties off of her, revealing her glistening entrance, and pulls her legs apart to settle them on his waist, He pulls down his boxers to release his growing excitement, and he moans when he languidly strokes his cock. 
He wastes no time in trying to cheekily rub his cock against her folds, and the pair lets out a wanton moan when Tetsuro lustfully thrusts himself into his soon-to-be mistress’s heat, throwing his head back when he feels her cunt tightening around him, he struggles to control himself and not allow himself to forcefully pound his cock into her after not being intimate with each other for sa few weeks, before he grits out a small, “I promise.”
The storm rages on outside the apartment, bathing the city in an angry downpour. 
Tumblr media
Sam arrived at your doorstep complaining about the sudden rainfall last night while you were having your morning coffee with your bag of luggage. She’d actually come early, since she had texted you the night prior that she had a breakfast meeting with a few of her clients. You sit her down on the couch, and offer her a cup of coffee. Sighing, and seemingly because there was really nothing else to talk about, she brings up the wedding, “So, how are you coming along?” 
It was a harmless question, but to you, this was a source of anxiety. You mindlessly put two sugar cubes in your coffee, stirring silently. You think of the next words you’re going to say. You couldn’t possibly make your sister know about the little misunderstanding last night you had with Tetsuro and bringing up the picture you found in the bathroom at this time would be unwise and might further upset your father. 
“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you right away,” Sam sulks at your unresponsiveness. “I know this must be a difficult time for you.” 
“Not really,” You lie through your teeth. “I’m just getting married, not heading off to war,” You try desperately to lighten the mood, but to no avail. You are met with silence again.
You couldn’t help but think about that picture, of course, you didn’t know Alisa Haiba personally, but anyone who is updated with the fashion world right now knows about this gorgeous, young model with Russian heritage. You haven’t brought up the topic of Alisa to Tetsuro, because you have painfully learned how he is when he deals with marital issues and whatnot. 
“We’re losing ground in the EU market, you know that, right?” Sam is careful about what she wants to convey, of course, she doesn't want you thinking that you are a mere pawn for the company. However, you knew very well that this marriage is accompanied by a duty which is to secure the merger. The Kuroo Group of Companies is big right now in Europe, most of their international headquarters are based there; the (L/N) Group has never been able to penetrate through the veil of Europe and establish a solid followership in the continent. Marrying into the Kuroo family will certainly help matters, and possibly even securing a legitimate heir to both of the companies once they become one is definitely favorable. 
“I know where you’re going and I understand what I have to do,” You were nothing more than a lamb to slaughter. But you knew that your father has not been well these past few months, he’s had very frequent visits to the doctor, and you couldn’t bear to see him distraught. “But, getting married before I’m even a proper adult? I-I’m - I’m terrified,” You finally admit. 
Sam puts her mug down, engulfing you in a comforting embrace. “Marriage is hard at any stage of your life. I got married at twenty-nine, almost thirty, and it still was difficult for me to adjust to saying goodbye to my life of reckless independence. But with Sakusa by my side,” You sigh at the mention of her husband. “It made things a lot easier. That being said, how is Kuroo treating you?” 
“He’s still adjusting to the thought of us getting married, but he’s fine,” You force a small smile, and change the topic fairly easily. Any more talk about Tetsuro was sure to give you a migraine. “Oh, right, could you come with me to the wedding planner today? Tetsuro can’t make it,” Sam raises an eyebrow at your question.
“Isn’t he coming with you?” She scowls at the thought of you being ditched for the wedding preparations. She immediately whips out her phone, much to your horror, and you quickly try to snatch it away from her. “I’m calling Papa, if your future husband can’t show up to a wedding consultation, God knows if he’s going to show up at your actual wedding.”
“No, no,” You panickedly tell her, “He said he has a meeting today, he said he’ll make it in time to check the venue with me. Please don’t tell Papa.” Sam looks at you, unconvinced, but she chooses to take your word for it anyway. Your eyes tell a different story however, Tetsuro hadn’t come home since last night as far as you knew. You feel your heart crumble at the mere thought of him running around town with Alisa. 
For now, you couldn’t tell what you truly were feeling for your fiance, it’s scarily uncertain as of now, but the possibility of him leaving you for another woman brings a sense of bitterness to your soul. You couldn’t understand why. You had been friends for as long as you could remember with him from primary school, when his family had first moved to your small gated community in the Greater Tokyo area, just after his mother passed away. You could remember meeting this lonely, young boy who much preferred to be in his own company. It was only after you snuck up from behind him during a regular corporate party that your father regularly hosts at your home to say hello that you truly became friends with Tetsuro Kuroo. 
Your friendship went on without so much of a hitch, oftentimes, you even marked down the next time hima and his father would pay a visit to your family home. However, it was pointless to deny that you did develop certain feelings for Tetsuro during high school, your relationship with him did not advance further than just being friends. Although there have been some confusing moments between the two of you during your teenage years. 
You even remember a time that he beat up Bokuto Koutarou for allegedly hitting on you, when in fact, he only invited you to the cafe that particular weekend  to return your train card that you dropped in school. He never really did provide you with a reason as to why he did that, when you had asked him after Bokuto had stormed out of the cafe, he simply replied with a shrug of his shoulders, “He’s obviously a creep, and I don’t like creeps.”. There was also another time when you and he would sneak into the chemistry lab to check out all the previous class’s experiments - or what remains of it, Tetsuro always did like to play around with all sorts of laboratory equipment even if it meant getting him a notice of suspension.
Such was the life of a mischievous teenager, you figured.
These memories make it hard for you to understand Tetsuro’s behavior now that you’ve reconnected. He’s colder, aloof, with a steel-like demeanor. But, in the end, that’s exactly how a businessman should act, after all, unruly emotions usually means disaster for a world that revolves around emotionless wealth.
Nevertheless, seeing him the way he is now really feels unsettling, and you wondered just how worse things were about to be especially after the wedding. 
Gulping the last of your morning coffee, you stand up, “Right, so, the wedding planner requested that I take a look at some of the catalogs in the studio, and that’s scheduled for ten o’clock, I think we should go,” You tell Sam and she instantly stands up when she notices the time from her phone. 
“Right, let’s go. At the very least, this should be the fun part in all of this, right?” She tries to console you and you genuinely smile for once that day. “Just to be clear, I get to pick the outfits for the flower girls, right? Yuki’s been blowing my ear off about this princess costume that she wants to wear for the wedding. God, I’ve never even heard about that princess. What was her name again? Elha?”
“You mean, Elsa,” You deadpan, and Sam bursts out laughing. You join her in laughter when she mentions that your nieces are now begging to have their hair dyed blonde to look like the said princess. All things considered, moments like these with your sister really do work wonders for a trapped soul and that makes you a little bit happier than you were last night. 
Tumblr media
A knock rings out in Tetsuro’s office that same morning. He groans inwardly at the loud noise, picking his head off the table. Mentally cursing himself for having a little one too many drinks last night, he readjusts his tie, “Yes?” His voice comes out in a gruff, obviously sleep-deprived from his late night escapades. “What is it?” 
His secretary, Akane, talks through the door, not daring to enter her boss’s office without the go-ahead. She’s been scolded one too many times because of her sudden intrusions, the last time, she even almost got fired when she walked in during an executive meeting. “”Mr. Kuroo, your father’s here to see you.” 
Tetsuro stays silent, staring blankly at the form reading: “Certificate of Legal Capacity to Marry” that he found on top of his desk when he entered the office at nine o’clock this morning. He sighs to himself, playing with his ring finger which in a few days would now welcome a silver piece of jewelry that his father requested from a top of the line jewelsmith in Slovakia. He recalls the night prior, his frustration building when he realizes that if he keeps Alisa as a mistress once he’s married, he’ll only be putting himself in a damning position. He couldn’t afford to risk the public’s opinion turning sour on his end; that would only question his legitimacy to inherit his father’s position.
“Let him in,” He says, standing up when the door opens to greet his father. “Father,” He says curtly, with a small bow of his head. The older Kuroo motions for him to sit down. 
“So, Tsubaki called in just a few minutes ago.” Tetsuro tunes in at the mention of your father’s name. “He says your bride’s sister is accompanying her to the wedding planner’s office today,” Yoichi’s voice starts to get a little louder at the thought of his son not putting enough effort into your marriage. “Aren’t you gonna come with her?” At the sight of his son’s disinterested silence, he asks Akane. “Akane, how’s his schedule for today?” 
“He’s free,” Akane replies, much to Tetsuro’s displeasure. An instant frown painting his features.
“You should go see the venue with her, after all, that’s what Tsubaki said you would do according to (Y/N). Aren’t you even a little ashamed to know that your bride is already covering up for you when you’re not even married yet?” Yoichi yells, and Tetsuro flinches at the booming sound of his father’s voice, reminding him of the many times he’s been scolded about his screw ups growing up. Yoichi sighs, muttering an apology for raising his voice. 
Tetsuro manages to say, “I’m sorry, father.” 
“Tetsuro, when your mother died, we were left alone to trudge through this rat race together. I’ve given you everything you asked of me. I allowed you to study abroad even when our company was hit by the last recession. I allowed you to live luxuriously in Spain for quite some time as well even when sales were extremely low for the past year that you spent screwing women left and right,” He pauses, screwing his eyes shut in exasperation. “Can’t you do this one thing for your old man?” 
Tetsuro is absolutely appalled at the thought of marrying his childhood friend turned stranger, but seeing his father all but beg in front of him was enough persuasion for him to slowly nod his head. Even if they were never on the best of terms, Tetsuro does see eye-to-eye with his father in this current predicament - if he wanted to gain enough of his father’s trust to also convince your father to name him the new company’s chairman, then this is the only way, he thinks to himself. 
“Good, I’ll arrange for your driver to pick you up at three,” Yoichi says, taking his leave. But, he stops midway and turns around to face his son, reaching for his coat pocket. “Before I forget, (Y/N) dropped by earlier to give you this,” He takes out a small jewelry case and sets it down on the table. Tetsuro opens the box wordlessly and is met by the sight of gold Montblanc cufflinks exquisitely accented with a black diamond, “She’s a nice girl, Tetsuro, if you’d only give her a chance.” 
Akane and his father leave the office without another word, leaving him to his thoughts. His eye twitches at the thought of you humiliating him with luxurious gifts. He couldn’t stand how you were flaunting your family’s wealth in front of him when he believes that you’re the one marrying for convenience; he coldly closes the box with a thud before chucking it in the bin under his desk.
Tumblr media
Yoichi had spotted you from the other side of the ground floor lobby, ignoring the confused and disapproving glances from his colleagues who had  just finished their usual morning elevator pitch, after greeting you with a hospitable embrace he took a look at the paper bag in your hand, containing your little gift for Tetsuro, “That’s very kind of you, (Y/N). I’m sure Tetsuro would love this. Thank you.” 
“It’s the least I could do,” You respectfully say to your father-in-law-to-be  who gives you a brief concerned look, when you take a look at your ringing phone. He quickly masks his expression to that of elation at your sudden visit.``I’m sorry I have to go. Sam says we need to head over to the wedding planner right about now.” 
“Oh, then, let me see you out,” He offers to lead you outside the building to where Sam was parked. You immediately spot her car, and wave her to pull the car around from the other side of the street. “Your father gave me a call that you’d be going alone to the appointment today. I’m very sorry about Tetsuro - apparently, he’s swamped with work right now,” He lies skillfully, preferring not to distress you about his son. 
“I understand, Dad,” You tell him earnestly. “I really do hate to be a bother.” You jump a little when Sam pulls around and rolls down the passenger window. “I’ll see you soon, Dad, thanks for seeing me today,” You reach up to kiss his cheek which he returns graciously, as what the French would do. 
“Alright, you take care now. Hi Sam!” He greets your waving sister, warmly. “Do bring my future daughter-in-law home in one piece alright?” He references Sam's wild party days when she was your age. You have long yearned for a chance to have had experienced that kind of phase as a young adult, but here you were getting married instead of getting absolutely wasted in bars and making spur of the moment decisions that could land you a night in jail. He stuffs his hand in his pocket, giving a final wave before Sam rolls up the window. 
Sam grins from ear to ear seeing you getting along well with Yoichi. “You got it, Mr. Kuroo!” She flinches when the car behind her honks to move the car along. “We better get going, see you at the wedding!” She skillfully brings the car out of the street gutter, and sets off. “It’s nice to see you get along with him, Papa would be delighted to hear about it.” 
“He’s certainly made a few things easier,” You acknowledge. You were glad that Yoichi was actually welcoming you into the family, unlike his son who seems to have little to no interest in you. At the very least, it was nice to have a little bit of warmth in your new family. If anything, family dinners would be a little less awkward now. 
Tumblr media
When you arrive at the wedding planner's office, things went more smoothly than you could have ever expected, but these kinds of processes do take a shorter time if only one person gives a damn about the wedding. There was no room for arguments on your part, knowing full well that Tetsuro wasn’t going to care about the ceremony, and it certainly worked wonders that Sam already talked to the planner prior to the appointment regarding the venue and caterer. “We do have one small problem, since you’re getting married next week. I don’t think it would be possible to have your dress custom-made, we do have an extensive selection of RTWs here in the salon. Why don’t you have a look around?” 
Any woman of your standing would be petrified at the thought of wearing a ready-to-wear dress, but in all honesty, any dress would work fine so long as it does the job and you don’t show up underdressed to your own wedding. You nod and quickly follow your consultant to pick out a few dresses. After trying on a few of the consultant’s suggestions, you make the choice of wearing a minimalistic dress to the wedding, since the theme of the event isn’t too extravagant and is relatively small - you were just inviting a few friends and family, and some of yours and Tetsuro’s business partners and associates. 
So, there was no urgent need to go all out. You walk out of the wedding room in a modest sheath wedding gown made up of exquisite organza accompanied by a lace rainbow edged veil. You turn around to show Sam who gasps and claps a hand over her lips in pure astonishment. You slightly outstretch your arms, giving the gown a small twirl. “Well?” You shyly ask your dumbfounded sister. 
She stutters a bit, throwing her hands up in exasperation failing to look for the right words at times, before she settles with, “You look beautiful,” She stands up, lightly putting her hands on your cheek, she fans a few settling tears from her eyes. “If you don’t end up on the front page of Vogue Japan, I'm seriously going to throw hands.” 
But the thing is, you didn’t want to appear on the front page of any wedding magazine and you didn’t really care for the decision to invite selected members of the press to document the whole loveless affair. You feel exhaustion creeping up your system when you realize that you’d have to put on your best face during your wedding - on that day, you were to play the part of a loving married couple. If that doesn’t run you ragged, then, what will? “I just hope that I end up on the front page of Vogue Japan in a good way, though,” Your dry joke obviously didn’t amuse Sam hence, the little slap on the back of your head. 
You wrap up with the other essentials quickly. By nightfall, you had already settled on a dress, some flower arrangements and the overall decor, and the cake. All that’s left now was to check on the venue and the seating arrangements. After a short drive to the Ritz-Carlton in Central Tokyo, you are quickly met by the hotel staff and the person in charge of setting up the reception hall and the chapel. Once you were done inspecting the space, you were led towards the ballroom. 
The whole time you were looking around, Sam had been harshly whispering to your ear, asking about the whereabouts of your groom. “I thought you said he’d meet us here?” A hint of anger evident in her tone, dreading that you had been stood up. Before she could mutter any more unattractive words, you quickly reassure her that he’ll show up, though you were pretty sure that your little lie from this morning was bound to fall apart sooner or later. 
You had to do a double take when the staff opened the doors leading to the hall only to reveal Tetsuro whose back was turned to the door conversing with another staff member. He is cut mid-conversation about the security needed for the event, when he hears the door open. Turning around, he puts on a rare smile. It seemed he had already mastered the art of playing the perfect and lovestruck fiance. “Sweetheart,” He greets you with a brief kiss on the lips. You could feel the pure insincerity in the kiss, but you play along anyway. And, you were pretty sure that his lips tasted of a different brand of Merlot which was served to you during brunch this morning at his residence. 
Sam eyes the two of you warily. She makes sure that no one is within earshot before saying, “You never know who is watching, so you have to pull yourselves together, alright?” You both nod sharply at her words. Although she had long since revealed her position about this wedding and how she opposed the whole arrangement, she still held true to the initial goal concerning the merger. You knew about your sister’s warmth, but she, too, is as cunning as any other businessman out there. Begrudgingly, you link your arm with Tetsuro’s, feeling the faint burn of his touch on yours. However, you do not miss the static that had zipped between the two of you just now.
“Mr. and Mrs. Kuroo,” The wedding coordinator walks back to you after inspecting some of the tables to show you and Tetsuro. “Before we move on to other pressing matters, would it be possible for you to provide a rough estimate on how many guests you will be receiving on your big day?” 
“A little over fifty,” You reply. 
“More or less fifty,” Tetsuro provides. You look at one another in panic, already disagreeing on the size of the guest list. “Sweetheart,” Your fiance begins with his signature million dollar smile. “You never mentioned you wanted a big wedding,” He looks at you with a warning stare, but his curved lips say otherwise. 
Feeling the hesitance to return the term of endearment, Tetsuro lightly squeezes your arm. Tuning it down with a chuckle, you chuckle lightly, and pat his arm, “Darling, wouldn’t it be nice if we invited more of your business partners to the wedding? I’m sure they’d be happy to see you.” 
Tetsuro narrows his eyes at you, but doesn’t drop his playful smirk, “I’ve yet to confirm their availability, but I guess I can send out a few emails tonight,” You had to suppress yourself from flinching to hell when he teasingly twirls his fingers around a stray lock that had fallen near your temple.”And I certainly wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to flaunt my gorgeous wife.” 
You nearly passed out at his flirtatious remark pertaining to your beauty, you knew you weren’t the prettiest out there and you, frankly, knew exactly who he was referring to when he said ‘gorgeous’ and that, sadly, isn’t you. Tetsuro notices the slight flush in your cheeks, your face gradually losing color by the second. He places a cold, comforting hand on the small of your back, playing the role of the concerned fiance like a pro. You could almost feel the sting of his palm burning holes to your back.
“Ahem — Right so, if we’re done discussing security measures, I’d just like to inform you, Mr. Kuroo, that we’d already picked out a layout plan and decor for the reception hall,” A catalog is shoved into Tetsuro’s hand and he instantly flips through each page. 
After a short while, he nods, almost eagerly dismissing the wedding team, “This will do. Thanks for all your help.” The staff instantly files out of the room, and you are left with your sister, and your fiance. “Should we get going?” He asks you, with far less affection this time around but not so much that it will cause your sister, who was still wrapping things up with the last of the wedding organizing team, to raise suspicions on the true health of your short engagement. 
“Sure,” You tell him, and Sam walks over to your pair, placing a kiss on your cheek. “We’ll be heading off now,” You tell her. After what felt like an eternity of her trying to make sense of the slightly obvious tension brewing between you and Tetsuro, she reaches up to kiss her brother-in-law, by practice, on both cheeks. Although you knew that your little charade had already been figured out, knowing full well just how sharp your sister is, you were not able to stifle the slight happiness that you felt seeing the two of them get along. 
“Bye, Samantha. Thank you for helping (Y/N) out today,” He says almost genuinely, and Sam gives a slight pat on his back, acknowledging his efforts to reach out to her. 
“It was my pleasure, Tetsuro,” She looks in your direction. “My only sister is getting married, I wouldn’t mind spending what little time I have left with her preparing for your special day before you take it from there,” She accompanies you to the hotel’s valet parking. “Alright, see you at the wedding you guys,” She says, giving you a final hug before you part ways. She makes one final reminder while Tetsuro helps you into the passenger seat of his car, that to an outsider’s point of view would seem completely innocent, but to the both of you, it was enough to send chills down your spine. “Be nice, now.” 
That was the last night that you were ever to see your sister bearing your family’s last name. 
Tumblr media
The night before the wedding, dinner with Tetsuro who was miraculously free that day was an eerily silent and tense affair with little to no sound filling the dining room save for the sound of cutlery scraping the fine china. It had been a long week, with the coordinators calling left and right, press briefings, responding to hundreds of well-wishers. And now, you were standing upon the precipice of all things.
You look up every now and then from your food, barely touching it in the first place, to silently plead to Tetsuro to end the deafening silence with just about anything. Conversation, altercation - anything - just to stop this torturous game of whose shell would crack first. 
Luckily enough, the game is won when Tetsuro puts his cutlery down to wipe his lips with the intricately ornamented table napkin - you have heard from one of the housemaids a while ago that the same napkins will be the ones used for the reception to cut a few costs from the humongous amount of money that was to be burned for this whole charade of a marriage. “I’m sorry I haven’t been around to help you with the preparations for the wedding,” He says in a business-like manner, as if he were merely talking to one of his people in the company. “As you know, I’ve been busy as well with some of my affairs.”
You resist the urge to sorrowfully scoff at his mention of his so-called ‘affairs’. You nod at his unusual demeanor, picking at your food quietly. “Don’t worry about it,” is all you manage to say. You were quite certain that the exchange would end abruptly for Tetsuro to make his quick exit with the excuse of him having to ‘go somewhere’. “Did you manage to get your suit?” 
“Yes,” He shrugs, leaning back against his chair, his bangs falling to his forehead. He always did have unkempt hair he affectionately referred to as ‘bed hair’. You momentarily look up from your plate when Tetsuro turns to his house staff. “Could you excuse me and my fiancé for a second? You’re free to retire for the night,” He tells them and they leave. 
When one of the maids passes by, you put down your cutlery and push back your plate containing your untouched food. “Excuse me, could you take this please?” 
“You don’t like sea bass?” Tetsuro asks.
“No, usually, I’m quite fine with it,” You answer briefly. “But I just don’t feel like taking a bite right now.”
When the last of the staff finally leave and are out of earshot, Tetsuro fishes out a cigarette from his pants pocket, instantly setting it alight. He takes a long drag before he points an accusing finger at you, “That little stunt the other day — I heard you barged into my office — what was it? A provocation?” 
“It’s not like that,” You protest your innocence. 
“The hell it wasn’t,” Tetsuro snarls, recalling the fury he felt when he opened the cufflink case. “It seems you’re falling into the habit of constantly infuriating me here at home and in my office. From now on, you are not to show your face there unless I tell you to, do I make myself clear, (Y/N)?” 
You stiffen at the volume of his voice, the absence of his earlier compassion in his demeanor ebbing away. “I just wanted to say sorry for prodding you the other night.” 
“Just — whatever, forget it,” Tetsuro immediately puts a stop to the exchange. “I can’t stand to be in conversation with you for another minute. I’m going to bed.” The feet on his chair scratch violently against the floor in a loud creak when he stands up. 
“Tetsuro,” His name rolling off your tongue in complete devastation and hurt as he venomously pushes you aside, refusing to let you in. “I’m sorry,” You plead with him when he stops by your seat. Your hand longs to touch him again, to let him know that you truly were remorseful for getting in his way and pushing this marriage on him. But with what happened earlier, you could never put aside the sting it felt when he touched you — but there was more to it than just your anxiety. 
There was security in his touch no matter how false it may be, there was sorrow and pain in not being adequate enough for him to properly treat you as his wife, there was longing — to understand him, to learn what weighs on him, to make things better for you both. 
And just as this whirlwind of emotions set in, the image of the picture you found that night flashes before your eyes. Your hand halts and falls back to your side. 
“I’m sorry I’m not who you want me to be.” 
“I am too.” 
Tumblr media
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"Yep, everything's fine." || Chapter Five
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Word Count: 8.7k
Warnings: screaming, cursing (this is going to be a regular in every series of mine)
Tumblr media
The both of you were still glaring into each other's eyes when Jeon Wonwoo scuffed at your question. He knew you'd be hard to convince. You weren't one to give in easily. But he was also just as ready to play along with your antics.
Even with his gaze on the floor, your eyes fell on the movement of his tongue as it glided over the bottom row of his teeth, helping him to keep his anger to himself. You had screamed enough, he wasn't going to make you shout at him again.
The man lifted his head again, staring directly into your eyes, which hadn't left his face ever since he had gotten as close as he now was. He was even closer than before, your noses only millimetres away from each other, both of you feeling the other breathing against your own lips. You felt your heartbeat quicken at the sight of his irises directly in front of you. Never had you ever imagined you'd be as close to the CEO as you now were.
The moment you shared felt like an hour when it probably was only around a minute before he lifted the hand that was resting on the cabinet to your right. Without realising or caring what he was going to do, nor did you have the possibility to do anything since your wrists were still in the tight grip of his right hand, his free one got closer to your cheek. You suddenly sensed the roughness of his thumb against your cheek, feeling him wipe away the tear that was sitting there. A silent gasp escaped from your lips, making you quickly shut your mouth again and swallow the lump that had formed in your throat. The man's eyes never left your gaze, only switching a few times as they fell down to something on your face, as if he was trying to read you - he probably felt your breathing stopping for the seconds that you had to swallow.
This was a moment people would usually start kissing. Oh god, why did you feel the need to start leaning in? Why did this feel so much more intimate than it should? The CEO seemed to have noticed the intensity of the moment as well, letting his finger graze your skin a little too slow. Before you could even think about your next move, Wonwoo backed up, letting your hands drop from his grip. The moment the contact between your skin broke off, you were finally able to take a deep breath. At that moment, you didn't care about how much of it he noticed. Something had just happened that made you feel uneasy, not able to breathe normally, and you had to get yourself together again.
Without another word, he turned around and started walking out, only to stop in his tracks in the door.
"If I don't see you in the meeting room within the next two minutes, don't expect a paycheck for this month," he didn't even turn around to tell you this, just showing you his back. It took you a few seconds to process the words he just spoke, but he waited for you to answer. Even if it had taken you minutes, he would have waited.
"You can't do that," your voice was quieter than you wanted it to sound, but at that moment, you couldn't trust it to be louder without sounding desperate. Desperate for...?
With a small smirk on his lips, eyebrows raised, Wonwoo turned around slowly, his hands hidden in his pockets, "You wanna see what I can and cannot do?" With that, he left the room.
With a loud and shaky breath out, you fell to your knees, them not able to keep you up anymore. All of a sudden, you felt weak. You felt little and... touch-starved.
That was the first time in a long time that a man had been that close to you. So close, that you could actually feel your breathing mixing and your lips begging to touch. And the last man you would have ever expected to share a moment like that with was Wonwoo.
With a hand on your chest, you were able to catch your breath again but could only enjoy that for a short second before the thought of going back to face those men crossed your mind. You had to go back. For one... yes, because of the money, and yes, you were sure that he would actually not pay you. You had no idea what he was capable of doing in his position of power, but you were sure that he would LOVE to try it out. And second... Wonwoo was right...
As much as you hated to admit it... he was. You shouldn't let yourself get talked down that easily, but how much more of your father's and other men's derogatory comments would you be able to handle?
You got yourself back on your feet, straightened the skirt you had decided to wear and fixed your hair that must have looked like a bird's nest. With one last deep breath, you decided to take slow steps forward, leaving your office, your room of comfort and stepped out into the hallway. Right away, concerning pairs of eyes found your silhouette, making you look around. Employees were eyeing you up and down, trying to talk to you without having to exchange words. Some of them looked scared, others disgusted...
Oh, crap... they must've heard what Wonwoo and you... screamed about... I mean, you weren't exactly silent and didn't think about the other people on the floor. You felt your entire face heat up in embarrassment, and with quick steps you rushed to the meeting room, head down, not wanting to see anyone else looking at you. As much as you tried to think about the right words to say once you would enter the room, the uneasy feeling in your stomach distracted you too much. Explaining why you walked into the room with your head down, letting the first words that you could think of come out of your mouth,
"I'm sorry," you sighed loudly. Only when you lifted your head, did you find the meeting room to be empty apart from the CEO leaning on the chair he was sitting in earlier.
You looked around confused, opening your mouth to ask a question, when Jeon Wonwoo interrupted you,
"I sent them off." With his hands still on the back of the chair, his eyes found yours. He had taken his jacket off and rolled up the sleeves of his button-up, making him look much more casual than you're used to. Also much more attractive. No.
"What?" You exclaimed, pointing behind you, "B-B-But in the office, you... you said that-"
"Sit down." He pushed the chair he was leaning on the back, motioning for you to take a seat.
"Hm?" You asked, unsure if you had heard him well and were reading his actions correctly. Instead of answering, he just nodded down again.
With confusion written all over your face, you took two careful steps further into the room and pushed the chair in front of you away from the table to sit down. You didn't know what he was planning on doing, but in no way would you sit down where he had told you to do so. He chuckled at your decision and rounded the corner to do the same right in front of you. While you intertwined your fingers nervously in your lap, he placed his entangled pair of hands on the table. Just by looking at him, you could feel your heartbeat starting to quicken again, thinking about what had happened merely a few minutes ago in your own office. Now sitting opposite of each other - alone - was not what you would have wanted to do after a heated argument.
With your eyes on your hands, you couldn't see his that were purely focused on you, ever since you had entered the room, or the smirk that he had been trying to hide ever since he came to sight with your silhouette.
"There's a gala on Friday. You may already know about that," he suddenly spoke up, making you look up at the sound of his voice. You nodded once you noticed that he was waiting for you to answer his statement. "I want you to come." Wonwoo leaned back in his chair, his hands still on the big meeting room table.
"Excuse me?" Your eyes widened. From what you remembered, having seen it on the calendar, it was supposed to be a CEO event with the big shots of the country. You? Definitely not included. Wonwoo and Mingyu? Definitely invited. "I... I, ehm...," you stuttered, cursing yourself in your head for not getting your mind straight, "From what I remember...," a man like him should not be able to make you feel like this, "It's an event for CEOs. I'm not one... in case you forgot." Underlaying your voice with spite at your last statement.
Wonwoo chuckled, "No, no... I didn't forget," and took a deep breath, looking to the side before turning back to you, "But Mingyu won't make it, so I need someone else by my side."
"That's why you called me back into this room?" Ignoring what he had just said, you nagged on what was bothering you. "You couldn't have asked me that in my office?"
He tilted his head to the side and crossed his arms in front of his chest, the muscles of his forearm showing even more, "You were kind of busy," you looked at him with scrunched eyebrows, "With asking this fucking idiot to fire you." You immediately put your head down, not catching the smile that was playing on his lips as he remembered your wording. Even in his own moment of rage back in your office, he couldn't help but want to remind you of what you had said to him, now amused at your use of words.
Your eyes drifted from left to right, unsure of what to say next, so you lifted your head, "I'm sor-"
"No," he quickly stopped you by showing you the palm of his hand. The sudden interruption made you look up, "Don't."
"What? But... But I am." You hated admitting it... but at that moment, it did make you feel guilty. You had promised yourself to stay as professional as possible, and you failed.
"Then don't be." He simply stated, making you shake your head as he continued, "I shouldn't have put in that position. You have nothing to be sorry about. I'm sorry." His comment made you shift uncomfortably in your seated position, unsure how to work out this situation. This was unfamiliar territory to you. Never, in your many years of work, had anyone ever told you that you were right and they were in the wrong.
"And yet you did," was the first thing that came to your mind and most definitely the wrong way to respond. "You... you knew what was going to happen..."
"I swear to god, Y/N, I didn't- I would have never thought that he would-"
You scuffed, "Alright, yeah, sure. As if you had no idea what would happen," and nodded in spite before standing up, suddenly forgetting the gentle voice he had been using throughout this time in the meeting room, "Next time stick your apology up your own ass." Whatever he was trying to do, was not going to work on you. Only minutes ago, he was screaming at your face, and suddenly he thinks by saying sorry and pretending he didn't expect your father's misogynistic comments, everything would be forgotten again? Not with you. You walked over to the door, ready to open it.
He should've bitten his tongue instead of letting out the next words. He really should have, but your comments always got his temper to shoot through the roof. So, he couldn't help it,
"I was right though." With your hand on the door handle, you left it closed and turned around.
"What?" You watched him standing up, his hands back in his pockets. Only now were you able to see his muscles through his shirt. Before, you didn't pay much attention, but now with his head held high and forearms clenched, everything was almost see-through.
"I was right," he smirked.
"With what?" You snapped back.
"You said that you wouldn't stand up to your father with others in the room. You said you'd be too scared to do it. But you came back," the smile he sent you annoyed you to the max, but the way he was approaching... didn't, "Even though I told you they'd be in here." He stopped right in front of you, looking down slightly to meet your eyes.
"You told me you wouldn't pay me, of course, I came back," You answered with the obvious, not seeming to phase him much.
"At least now I know how to threaten you." Rolling your eyes at his last comment, you turned around, not understanding where he was trying to go with this, and opened the door, only for it to get pushed close again. You tried pulling at it, but it didn't budge. With one lookup, you saw the hand that was pushing against it, making you sigh. After a deep breath, you turned around, ready to go at him again, but gasped instead and let your back hit the door once you came to sight with his face that was closer than before. Your eyes immediately locked with his brown ones, not being able to look away. He looked down your face before intertwining your gazes again. Then he whispered as he was close enough for you to hear his deep voice, "You still don't get what I'm trying to do here, huh?"
His lips started to curl as he noticed your eyes that kept on drifting to look at his lips, and quickly up again, hoping he wouldn't notice.
"You're trying to make me feel smaller than I already am." You copied his tone, suddenly afraid of speaking too loudly.
Those words were the truth. This is what you felt like. You didn't buy his excuse of 'not knowing how your father would react'.
"I get it," you admitted, "You did it, okay? I do feel smaller than before." But he only shook his head and looked up to the ceiling, giving you a perfect view of his throat.
Wonwoo sighed before looking back at you, "That's the last thing I'd want to do." He was hesitant at first but still lifted his hand, just like he did back in your office, running his cheek over the dried mascara right under your eye that you had forgotten about. With everything you had in your body, with every muscle you could, you tried steading your breathing, trying not to show him the effect that his touch had on you. But they gave up on you as you slowly started leaning forward.
"You can tell me to stop," he whispered, letting you feel his breath on your lips. Wonwoo didn't budge. He didn't let any muscle in his body make him lean in - only his thumb was resting against your skin. Once your noses touched, you stopped for a second, trying to get your mind straight to what was happening. Because... what the hell was happening?!
But before you could think much more, the CEO lost every bit of self-control he had left, grabbed your face with the hand that was already on your cheek and pulled you closer, your lips finally meeting. The pull towards him made you gasp, holding your breath as soon as you felt his mouth on yours. Without much thinking, your hands found their way to his chest, not grasping anything, just feeling his muscles underneath your palms. Your lips moved against each other, starting off slowly, increasing the pace within only seconds.
Wonwoo didn't dare to let either one of his hands travel down, keeping one on the door and the other on your cheek. With the feeling of your legs slowly giving in, you stepped back, your back hitting the wall again, making him take one step forward, not wanting to leave your lips too soon. You melted into the kiss. You weren't proud about the thought, but at this moment, you would've let that man do whatever he wanted.
A few moments later, your brain let you think again, still slightly in a trance of the intimacy of the moment. With your mind somewhat straight again, you were able to pull back from the lips you had found comfort in, even if it was just for a minute. You softly pushed Wonwoo away from you, freeing you from his grasp. Even with your mouths apart, the CEO kept his hand on your cheek, his thumb brushing over your soft skin. You could feel each other panting, breathing harshly as both of you tried to comprehend what had just happened.
"I'm sorry," he suddenly whispered against your lips, moving his head slightly back, finding your quivering eyes. You swallowed harshly, trying to read his eyes once you heard those words. You couldn't think of what to do. What do people usually do after a kiss that could've easily turned into a full-on make-out session if one hadn't stopped it?
So many questions kept popping up in your head, overwhelming you all at once, so the only possibility to escape was to open the door hastily and rush out of the room. Which is exactly what you did. You didn't even dare to look back as your feet brought you back into your office with quick steps.
Even closing the door didn't help your racing heart as everyone could see you through the glass windows. Being in the same building as Jeon Wonwoo didn't help ease the anxiety that was creeping up. After only a few short seconds of being able to decide on what to do next, you found your bag and jacket and got the hell out of the place that was making you suffocate. You stumbled all over the place, but made it to the elevator eventually, letting out the biggest breath you had ever held in.
Your back hit the wall of the small room immediately as your hands found your hair, raking through the strands and knots. You kept your head down, shaking it while pictures of the scene in the meeting room kept showing up in front of your eyes.
What the hell did just happen?!
Back in your apartment, you quickly threw yourself on the couch, hiding your face in one of the pillows, and didn't even hesitate to scream into it. You turned to lay on your back, your eyes now fixed on the ceiling.
"Why?" You breathed out.
The sound of your phone interrupted your thought process, making you stand up with a grunt escaping your throat. You fished it out of your bag and saw Jisoo's name right at the top of your lock screen:
You're already off work?
Followed by Mingyu:
Everything okay?
You quickly replied to Jisoo with a short 'Yes, have an appointment". But what were you supposed to text Mingyu? Was everything okay? Most definitely not. Words must have already gone around the office if he writes you something like that out of the blue. Instead of having to keep up a conversation with a difficult response from you, you decided to end it short and simple:
Yep, everything's fine :)
If that wasn't one of the biggest lies you had ever told.
What next? You ran out of the office with no thoughts on what would happen afterwards, because, let's be honest, you didn't know. There wasn't much that you could do. Quit? That's one idea. Go back? ...Bad idea but also a possibility...
One quick look at the clock told you that Binna would still be at school, so you'd rather not disturb her for now, even though you couldn't keep this 'secret' to yourself for much longer.
You brought yourself back to the couch, sitting down and closing your eyes.
Why the fuck did you do that?! What on earth made you think that that was any kind of good decision?! Of course... of course, you'd give in to the freaking statue looking hunk of a man that Jeon Wonwoo was.
You were disappointed in yourself. Disappointed in the fact that you let yourself get lured in by him, forgetting your initial hatred towards him, and letting your touch-starved self take over. Okay... let's just forget it, right? Let's just forget this happened and move on. Can't be that hard... right? Oh god, please let it be fine with just pretending it never happened. He would most likely think of it the same way. He wouldn't want anyone else to know about this, so... denial is the way.
You started looking around your apartment, trying to find something to distract yourself with. Just think of anything but the kiss, Jesus Christ.
The kitchen looked very appealing, and your stomach agreed, rumbling at the sight of it. You stood up, walked over to your fridge and opened it. Not much was in there. A half-empty glass of Pesto? That should do, you shrugged and took it out of the cold box.
You had been standing by the stove for 10 minutes, watching the noodles, you had put into a pot, soften with the boiling water, when a knock on your door brought you out of your trance. Thinking it might be your neighbour, the delivery man, or who else, you walked into the hallway and opened the door, only to come to sight with the man that you had texted merely minutes ago. Kim Mingyu.
"What the hell are you doing here?!" You exclaimed loudly, forgetting about the second time the two of you met, which was in this building.
"You wanna tell me what really happened?" He sounded out of breath, both of his hands on each side of the door frame, holding himself up. Before you could answer, the sound of water hitting the hot stove rang through your ear, making you sprint back into the kitchen, finding an overflowing pot. You hissed and took it off the hot surface.
"You can come in!" You shouted through your apartment before hearing the front door close and the co-CEO taking off his shoes.
After turning everything off, you turned around to face the living room, in which Mingyu was standing right in the middle, arms crossed in front of his chest.
"What happened?" He repeated his question from before, looking you dead in the eyes as you sighed, looking around the room, avoiding his glare at all cost.
"You- You... want something to drink? I'll get you something to drink," you blurted out, answering the question before he even got the chance to do so. Turning back around to find the fridge and some filtered water you kept in it.
"I want my question answered, Y/N." That was the first time you had ever heard him use such a tone when talking to you. Strict. Stern. And straight to the point. Just as you opened the fridge door, you closed it again with your lips pressed to a thin line. "But, ehm, could I actually have something to drink as well?" He smiled at you sheepishly, "Please?"
You opened it again and got the canister with water out, with a sigh you started, "If you're here, I'm gonna guess you kind of already know..." You weren't going to keep this from Mingyu since half of the office had already heard the argument between the CEO and you. And the kiss... there was no way Jeon Wonwoo would keep this a secret from his best friend.
"Not really," he shook his head, his voice soft and low again as he approached you, taking the glass of water out of your extended hand, "All I know is that we now have a shattered window in the office-"
"What?!" You looked at him, eyes wide and eyebrows raised.
"No, no," he quickly tried calming you down, "Not a window on the wall. One of the glass window wall things inside." Motioning around with his hands, trying to make it make more sense.
"And what does that have to do with me?" You gulped, closing the fridge door again, and sat down at your small dining table, telling Mingyu with a nod to do the same.
"You tell me," he shrugged, "When I asked Wonwoo what the fuck he was doing, he just screamed at me that he's about to lose the only person he gives a shit about in this office." And that made him look for you immediately? "With those exact words," the man added.
You scuffed and leaned back in the chair, your fingers playing with the table cloth's edge, "The only person he gives a shit about is himself." You knew that wasn't right. You saw what he did for you, so he obviously wasn't all bad... but something in your brain told you to let those words fall from your lips.
Mingyu shook his head after taking a gulp from the water in his hand, "I think you have a very wrong picture of who Wonwoo is, Y/N."
"I don't think a have a wrong picture of him. I think he's trying to better his own picture in a VERY wrong way." You tried talking yourself out of it, unsure of what exactly was coming out of your mouth.
"What do you mean?" He wondered, but you were quick to shake your head,
"I don't know." Making Mingyu chuckle, "I'm annoyed". For a few seconds, the two of you sat quietly in front of each other, letting silence fill the room until the man's impatience took over.
"Annoyed at what?"
"Myself." You straight-up admitted because it was the truth. You didn't have to think long about an answer.
"Why?" He seemed more concerned than before.
"Because," you tried finding the right words, almost feeling yourself choking up, so you continued in a quieter voice, "Because I'm exactly how every man portraits women to be... easy to woo with good looks."
Mingyu's lips curled sheepishly at your statement, forgetting the serious point of your conversation, "You think Wonwoo is good looking?"
Your head snapped up quickly, glaring at him immediately, "That's not the point!"
"Than what is the point?!" The co-CEO sounded more desperate than you.
You shot up from your seated position and raised your voice, "The point is that we kissed, and both of us seem to regret it!" Shouting into his face. Mingyu's mouth hung wide open as he copied your action, "You kissed?!" You fell back down on the chair with a pout and a whimper as you nodded your head.
"I thought you didn't like him!" He pointed at you. At this point, you couldn't tell if he was mad, surprised or disappointed.
"I don't!" You were quick to defend yourself, standing up in a protective manner, slapping away his finger that was still directed towards you.
"Then why did you kiss him?!" At this point, both of you were shouting at each other, not caring about possibly disturbing your neighbours.
"I DON'T KNOW!" With only a few steps, you were back on the couch, and let yourself fall onto it, face forward, "I don't know," you repeated quietly.
Mingyu could clearly tell how much this was actually weighing you down. He saw Wonwoo's reaction to the incident, and now yours. Two very different ways to cope with it, but both of you seem to regret it in one way or another. The good friend that he was trying to be, he had managed to somewhat calm down his best friend, and now it was his turn to help you. He walked over to your laying form and sat down in the only free space left, his hand immediately finding the back of your head, where he placed it gently.
"It's okay, Y/N. Somet-"
"No!" You shot up, taking him by surprise, sitting up on your knees, "This isn't okay. This is not w-what I wanted to do. That was a mistake. A HUGE mistake." Agony and regret were dripping from your lips as your whines echoed through your apartment, but Mingyu only knew one way to make people feel better, and that was with his terrible sense of humour.
"Was it though?" Making you snap your head towards him, "Was it really a mistake?" He sent you a smug facial expression while you glared at him, making him switch quickly, "Just kidding, just kidding," placing a hand on your arm to calm you down. You were scary, looking at him like that.
"It was a terrible mistake...," you whispered to yourself, before raising the volume of your voice enough for Mingyu to hear, "Did he actually break a glass wall?"
"Oh, yeah," he nodded, "I wasn't kidding about that. He did."
With a groan you fell back against the backrest of the couch, hiding your face behind both of your hands. As much as you would try to push away the truth, you couldn't. It happened, and you would have to learn to deal and live with it.
"Are you gonna tell me what happened so I can help?" He didn't let go of the initial question that he had had ever since he had entered your apartment.
You whined, "It's not important what happened... He and I both know it was wrong, so... we're just gonna move past it." With your arms crossed, you sat back, looking straight ahead, pretending like it wasn't the only thing on your mind ever since you had run out of the office building.
The co-CEO shook his head, "I don't think that's gonna work like that." Making you turn your head in confusion, looking at him with furrowed eyebrows, letting him continue, "I've only ever seen Wonwoo that frustrated once before... he's not gonna let that go so easily. So I want to try and help you at least."
And with that, you started. You told him about everything that had happened. From the moment you walked into that meeting room, up to the point of him showing up at your front door. You didn't leave out any detail, because what was the point. If he wanted to help, he should be your guest in trying. He knew the CEO better than anyone else around you, so he might just have an idea on how to handle the situation from now on.
You explained everything that happened in the meeting room, every word that fell from both of your lips in your office, the close distance the two of you shared, and the kiss both of you would like to pretend it never happened. After a good few minutes of non-stop talking, you finally took a deep breath and leaned back as Mingyu did the same, trying to process everything you had just told him.
"Wow...," he exclaimed, sounding as breathless as he would've just narrated the story. You only nodded to the sound of his voice, feeling even more guilty than before after re-living the events of your day.
"But...," he started again, careful about his wording, "You know... I... I don't think he really regrets it," making you look at him again as he did the same, your eyes meeting in the middle, "And I don't think you do either."
"What?" You wondered.
"Think about it, I don't know. But to me, right now, it doesn't seem like either one of you regrets what happened."
"Ehm," you sent him a furious expression, "Mingyu, I do very much regret what I did."
"Do you?" He nagged, "Or do you regret the circumstances under which they happened?" Instead of questioning his statement verbally, you kept on looking at him confused out of your mind, "The fact that you kissed should already tell you, that there was something more between-"
"No!" You quickly interrupted him, "Because I don't want to have to go back into the office and face him-"
"See!" He jumped up from the couch, "The office! You don't want to see him IN THE OFFICE after what happened. Because you regret that it happened there, in the heat of the moment. You never said anything about not liking the fact that you kissed, but the fact of where and how it happened."
"You're starting to make less sense than me," you simply stated, looking at him with an unreadable expression on your face.
"No," he smiled smugly, "I'm making perfect sense to myself. Both of you are just too fucking blind to see what has been going on the entire time."
"You're too fucking blind to see!" Answering him in a whiny voice, only repeating his comment as a defence mechanism, not exactly knowing what you were trying to do.
"Too blind to see what?" He raised his eyebrows provocatively, leaning forward to be closer to. His question and gesture made you shut up, which made him only smile more, "Exactly." After seeing your defeated posture, he sat back down, placing his hand on your shoulder, "Talk to him."
"Oh, yeah, sure," you exclaimed, jumping away from his touch, "I'll just- I'll just walk up to him and ask him about his day and how the kiss was or what?"
"Something like that," he made it sound it easy, making you scuff, and him roll his eyes at your antics, "Alright, then don't listen to me." He stood up, "I'm telling you you should talk to him because it's gonna be the worst thing if whatever you're hiding from each other is going to be kept that way even when both of you CLEARLY have some things to talk about." After a sigh fell from your lips, Mingyu made his way towards the hallway, leaving you on the couch, "I'm gonna go now," but didn't end his sentence completely, making it sound like he wanted to say something else, but decided not to. "Goodnight, Y/N." And off he was.
With him out of your personal space, you suddenly felt empty. Now there was no one around you anymore. No one to talk to, no one to potentially help you. He tried helping you, and even if you didn't let it show... you were grateful. The problem was: Mingyu made it sound easy. As if you didn't already dislike having to converse with that bachelor you had to call CEO.
You let yourself fall back into the pillows, a heavy breath escaping from your mouth as soon as your back hit the cushions. Your eyes were fixed on the ceiling while different possible outcomes of a maybe civil conversation with Jeon Wonwoo kept on going through your mind. Only sad to say that you were not happy with any of those outcomes. Not any of them... besides one.
Thursday - Evening
The past two days, you had decided to work from home. You had sent a quick and simple email stating that you were ill and would be staying away from the workplace, working from your own laptop at home. You didn't necessarily care about what Jeon Wonwoo thought about this, it was as clear as day that that wasn't the real reason for your absence, but oh well, what was he going to do. Fire you? At this point, yes, please. The idea of away rather than facing your problems wasn't something that you would usually do, but something kept you back from walking into that building and meeting the eyes of the man that made you give in to your beliefs. Also, you prefered having the opinion and possible guidance of your best friend first before coming face-to-face with the CEO again, but that bitch forgot to tell you that she would be on a field trip from Monday to Wednesday with her class, and there were no cellphone allowed. Who even does that anymore these days?
But that explained why you had been pacing around your apartment the entire evening, placing different kinds of snacks and drinks on your coffee table while trying to think of how you were going to confess to Binna about kissing the one man you had convinced yourself of hating, that you still hated... disliked... still... didn't like... much.
You cursed yourself once you started arguing with yourself again, but got interrupted by the sound of the familiar bell. You raced into the hallway and pressed the button of the hands-free system next to the door. The system Mingyu seemed to have forgotten about when he had knocked on your door on Monday...
"Heyyyy," she sang into the speaker, making you smile and allowing her to enter. Only a few minutes later, you found her stumbling out of the elevator, carrying a massive bag. You chuckled at the sight, especially after hearing her groan about the weight on her shoulder, "Oh yeah, laugh all you want at the woman carrying the expensive alcohol."
"Why do have expensive alcohol?" You couldn't hide your amusement, letting her in and closing the door right behind her.
"Because," she groaned in relief as soon as the bag hit the floor softly, hugging you first, "Hi," and taking her shoes off, "If you have a trip to a different city, you shouldn't come back empty-handed."
"You bought alcohol while you were away with your class?" You looked at her wide-eyed, not fully believing what you were hearing, even though you weren't surprised much, having known her since middle school.
Binna smiled at you sheepishly, "SO MUCH alcohol, you have no idea," continuing dragging the heavy bag into the kitchen, making you laugh. "Don't fucking laugh. Help." She demanded, which didn't help with your amusement, but did grab one of the handles and pulled at it.
Once you had reached the kitchen, she bent down to reach for one of the five bottles she had brought, "This is some kind of really strong white wine apparently," trying to read the tag but failing, "I have no idea what this means but the people there said that you should be careful when drinking it."
"And that's why you bought it?" You chuckled, taking a look at the other bottles.
"That's EXACTLY why I bought it," she smiled, looking around and finding two glasses already set on the small table in front of the couch, rushing over to fill them. "Oh my god, I have sooo much to tell you," she exclaimed, pouring the wine in excitedly.
Suddenly you started feeling nervous again, rocking back and forth on your heels, "Yeah... me too." Binna looked up from her position on the couch, eyeing your anxious form,
"Oh, you go first. Your messages sounded kinda urgent."
You shook your head, sitting down next to her, getting a hold of one of the filled-to-the-rim glasses, "Imma need quite a bit of that wine before I get to that," taking a big gulp of it.
"That sounds serious," she looked at you concerned as you shook your head,
"Just start." Asking her to begin with what she had wanted to tell you. And thank god she went first. Binna, as usual, meets the weirdest and most interesting people you would ever hear about. She would forever have the strangest encounters with people. As she started telling you about the field trip, you didn't imagine her suddenly telling you about a teacher's night out during the trip where two teachers stayed with the kids while the others went out to party, and she got laid in the same night.
"Binna!" Your mouth hung open, your eyes widened at her story, "During a freaking trip?!"
"The kids were asleep," she shrugged, plopping a grape from the plate in front of her into her mouth.
"You did it at the hostel?!" You weren't able to process the story you had just heard, looking at your friend in shock while she just kept a smug grin on her lips. "Unbelievable," you sighed, sitting back with a chuckle.
"I would've loved to have a teacher like me back in our days," she smiled to herself as you shook your head,
"You amaze me," having already finished your glass, slowly feeling the slight reaction of alcohol to your body. Binna now looked at you wide-eyed,
"Are you okay? You finished that glass way too quickly! What's going on?" Knowing that you were usually the last one to still have something to drink at a table with your friends. With a sigh, you met her eyes, your lips slightly curling up,
"After you hooking up next to kids-"
"I wasn't next to them!" She defended herself with a smile, "We were in a different room, alright?!"
"Whatever, weirdo," you rolled your eyes, "Now I actually don't feel that bad about what happened..."
Binna reached over to the bottle you had drank from, taking your glass to fill it up again, "Is this about what you wanted to talk about?" And handed it back to you.
"Yep," you groaned as you sat up, taking a sip before sighing, "Something... something happened... at work." Looking at her, waiting for a reaction.
"Oh god, what?" Her voice was filled with concern, "Did you get fired?"
"What? No!" You smiled.
"What else?" She asked herself, thinking for a few seconds before greening at you, not meaning what she was asking, "Did YOU hook up with someone? In a freaking office." Making sure to pronounce the last part clearly, leaning forward to get a better reaction from you, but you pushed her back with a chuckle.
"No, because I'm a civil person," you copied her tone, making her roll her eyes and mumble,
"A civil person that's missing out on all the fun." To which you shook your head and looked at your hands that were grasping the glass of wine tightly.
"I, ehm...," you swallowed, "I did something... that I don't think... should've happened."
Binna jumped up, making sure her wine wouldn't spill somewhere, "OH MY GOD, did you finally hook up with that hot CEO?!"
You pulled her back down on the couch harshly, "No, I told you I didn't hook up with anyone..."
She kept on eyeing you curiously, "...but?"
As if someone else could be in the room, you turned to the sight, only finding some show playing on the TV, before turning back to her, your lips pressed together tightly.
"Ikissedhim," you mumbled only barely between your lips, making her look at you confused,
You sighed, "I kissed him." Stating the fact and looking straight at her and her open mouth.
"You-" she put her hand up to her face, "You...," and suddenly jumped up again, this time placing the glass on the table, "YOU KISSED THAT DUDE! Wait, what was his name? Wo- Won... Wonwoo!" And started giggling like a little girl, "YOU KISSED JEON WONWOO!"
"Shhh," you hushed her, "The neighbours don't need to hear that too."
"Oh, hell yeah, they do! Everybody!" Binna raised her voice, "YOON Y/N KISSED THE HOT CEO OF OK-" you rushed to her and covered her mouth with your own hand,
"Shut up." As soon as you let go, you came to sight with the smug smile playing on her lips as she tapped you with her finger,
"You little bitch. You hoe!" Her steps took her back to the couch, where she let herself fall down, pushing her hair back dramatically, "I knew it. I fucking knew it. You never hated him. You found him hot the moment you first saw him."
You rolled your eyes and took the seat next to her again, glaring at her, "No. I still don't like him. He's annoying... and... irritating... and..."
"Attractive." Her answer earned her a punch from you, making her wince, "What are you so mad about? You kissed him, he kissed you, you know what that means. He's been thinking about you, like..." widening her eyes, suggesting the inappropriate thoughts that came to her mind.
"Stop! It's not a good thing," you quickly shut her up. And another rant of yours began. Binna got to hear the whole story that Mingyu also got, only that with your best friend, her brain was filled with all the dirty things you could only ever imagine. She did see the seriousness in the situation you were in and started cursing out your father more than you had ever heard her curse, only to get followed by admiring Jeon Wonwoo for the man that he was.
"God, I fucking hate your dad," she breathed out, "I don't remember him being that much of a fucking idiot before-" stopping herself quickly, not daring to finish the sentence, only looking at you apologetically, "you know..."
"Yeah, I know..." you sighed, looking down.
"I do understand," Binna started again, "well I don't really, to be completely honest, but that's beside the point, so I'm just gonna pretend like I do. So, I sort of understand why it could be uncomfortable for you know, but Y/N!" Turning to you with sparkling eyes, "He WANTED to kiss you! He asked you to come back into the room. This man was ready to lay you out on that table and devour you like you were his last meal."
"Binna!" You hit her arm, making her laugh,
"You don't like me stating the truth because you know you're gonna have some very nice dreams tonight." Not knowing that you were already having them. Tuesday night it started. Jeon Wonwoo suddenly appeared in your dream, and just as Binna had just explained... he devoured you like you were the last thing he'd ever get to eat. And then you woke up. You shook yourself out of your daydream as you caught your friend starring at you with a knowing smile on your lips. Damn, she knew what you were thinking about.
She nodded but decided to switch the subject, "How was it?"
"What? The dream?" You wondered, half in trance, forgetting that you had just admitted about dreaming of Jeon Wonwoo, making her grin,
"Not your perverted dream with him! The kiss!"
You sighed, leaning forward to place your glass on the coffee table. You hated to admit it but nodded, "It was good..." you answered in a quiet and unsure voice, making her giggle,
"I KNEW he would be a good kisser, he already looks l-" suddenly, she got interrupted by a knock on the door. The two of you shared confused looks before eyeing the clock. It was the evening. Not too late, but no one would visit you at this hour. You stood up from the couch and walked towards the hallway, Binna quick on your feet. Once both of you exchanged one last look, her encouraging you to open the door, you put your hands on the door handle and opened the door.
"Good evening," the unknown man greeted you. You bowed back to him as continued, "Special delivery for Miss Yoon," showing you a big black squared box with a ribbon tied around it.
You looked at him confused, "I-I'm sorry, I didn't order anything."
"Are you Miss Yoon Y/N?"
"Yeah..." you answered carefully, and he wanted to pass you the box.
"Well, this is for you, Miss. A gift." The man kept on smiling at you, waiting for you to take the present out of his hands. While you kept on eyeing the box, Binna pushed you to the side slightly, getting a hold of the black package,
"I'll take this, thank you very much." The two exchanged goodbyes before you closed the door and turned to her.
"You're just gonna accept it like that?" You wondered, watching her jog back into the living room, placing it in her lap.
"He said it was a gift," she shrugged, patting the empty space next to her.
"So what? He could be lying," you tried explaining to her, but she just plopped the box on top of your legs once you had sat down.
"Open it, and let's see," Binna smiled, clapping her hands excitedly. You stood up again, taking the box with you, only to place it on the floor and open it there.
You pulled on one of the strings of the ribbon, letting it fall apart easily. After pushing the fabric to the side, you were able to open the rather flat present. The first thing you came to sight was a white envelope on top of black tissue paper, neat handwriting grazing the front of it:
Tumblr media
You took it out and opened it carefully, the paper alone feeling too expensive to get touched. Binna was eyeing you carefully, sitting on top of her crossed legs.
Once you got the actual letter out of the envelope, you put it to the side and opened the folded paper. Immediately, you frowned at the handwriting:
Tumblr media
"Who is it from?" Binna was excitedly waiting for an answer, but you were still mesmerized by the message. You turned the letter around, finding an address at the top before you looked up,
"Jeon Wonwoo." Letting his name fall from your lips in a whisper.
"What?!" The girl jumped up and hurried to the floor, snatching the paper out of your hand, reading his written words with her own eyes. "Oh my god...," she exclaimed, looking at you, who was still staring into mid-air, "Open it! What the hell are you waiting for! He let something get specifically made for you!" She repeatedly punched your arm softly.
Without wasting another second, you pushed the paper to the side, finding thin dark red fabric and, what looked like, the top part of a dress. Carefully, you grabbed it and stood up, dragging it up with you, only to see just how long it really was. A simple floor-length red dress. Thin straps would hold it on your body, and the top would hug your waist perfectly only before escaping to the sides, flowing slightly looser towards the floor. Binna let a gasp escape from her lips,
"Oh, wow...," she quickly stood up, "Put it up against your body!" Urging you to turn the clothing item around, pressing it against you, only to gasp even louder.
"Y/N..." The two of you exchanged the same emotion on your face - pure shock, "It even has a slit!" Pointing to the lower part of the dress.
"Binna...," you copied her tone, gracing the fabric with your fingers. Silk. "This is expensive stuff..." How on earth did you get to hold a possible thousand dollar dress in your hands, in the middle of your living room?
A few seconds passed in silence, just the two of you staring at the beauty of the clothing item.
"Y/N...," Binna started again, "You have to go. You can't say no after getting something like THAT." You were about to say something, but she stopped you quickly, "I will drag you there if I have to. You're going." Pointing at you strictly.
You had to now.
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leah-bobeea · a year ago
Magazine Girl; Steve Rogers
Tumblr media
You ever start writing a fic about a journalist reader at two am who’s eventually gonna end up doing steeb, over his desk, biting down on his expensive leather belt?
❀ ❀ ❀
Warnings: CEO!Steve x Journalist!Reader, Angst, Steve’s a little mean, Bossy Steve, Shy/Anxious reader, Dom!steve, mentions spanking, oral (m receiving), unprotected sex, coercion (a little teensy bit), Bad writing lol
Word Count: 3.9k
A/N: Terrible writing w/ a terribly rushed ending. Written on my phone, in my notes app, not beta read, and barely proofread.
❀ ❀ ❀
Yes, your hands were busy. Not busy typing out a rough draft of this stupid article on Steve Rogers, not busy calling his secretary to set up a meeting with the man, or the closest to him you could get, not busy doing their job at all. They were busy tapping your pen against the glass tabletop of your desk, successfully annoying Wanda, who sent you an aggravated look from across the room.
“Seriously, Y/n?” Wanda moved from where she was at her desk, clearly not making a breakthrough on her article for this month's issue either. You could only shake your head in reply. Throwing your head back to stare at the ceiling, you starting explaining. “Maria gave me this huge article, Wanda. Cover! And, trust me, I know she’s testing me and doesn’t think I’ll actually be able to do it so she can fire me, or belittle me, or- or something! I don’t know what to do, help me, bestie.” As you finished rambling you looked up at her with your best puppy dog eyes, hoping for some of that amazing advice she gives.
Wanda laughed and pulled a chair over from an empty desk, sitting down and haphazardly throwing her feet on top of your cluttered tabletop. “She wouldn’t give you an article you couldn’t handle, she loves you, Y/n. If it’s truly as difficult as you’re making it out as that means that she knows you’re ready for it, and you’ll do amazing. Who’s it on anyway?”
She was doing such a good job at easing your nerves until she brought up the topic. You whined high in your throat and threw your head to the side before uttering, “Steven Rogers,” you turned your body back to Wanda, “What more do I need to say?” Her eyes widened just a little. “Sheesh...I’d start making phone calls, and praying, maybe?”
❀ ❀ ❀
“Hello, Miss. Carter, um- this is Y/n L/n with Shield Mag-“ “Please hold, dear.”
You pulled the phone away from your head and let it rest on your naked thigh, quickly pressing the speaker button. It was times like this when you were grateful that you let your grandma convince you to buy a house phone. Peggy Carter was the fifth person you’d contacted trying to get an interview with this man and she was the second lady that humored you enough to at least pretend like she’d get back to you.
She’s his main assistant so you might have better luck this time...
Thirty minutes later you had your head inches off the ground and your toes wiggling in the air. Humming the annoying hold music to yourself, you braided, unbraided, and re-braided a single strand of your hair. At thirty-nine minutes you were ready to give up until you heard a click on the other line.
You scrambled to turn off the speaker and press the phone back to your ear.
“Miss. Carter I was hoping to set up an interview with Mr. Rogers, over the phone, in person, or through email, if that’s possible?” You asked, hopeful that she wouldn’t shoot you down immediately like everyone else.
“Well, Magazine Girl, I only do in person. But I am a very busy man, so I need to know right away, what’s in it for me?” Your breath hitched and you almost fell and cracked your head open from how startled hearing his voice made you. Then, you nearly gave yourself a head rush from how fast you sat up.
“Well, um, Sir, you would get a headlining article, and uh, a cover on the June issue of Shield Magazine. That’s um, that’s if you want a cover- you don’t have to be on the cover if you don’t want to, just the interview would be mentioned on the cover, but-“ His chuckle was gritty and vivid, effective in stopping your babble. “I’ll see you Friday around noon. Goodbye Magazine Girl.” He hung up on you before you could even comprehend anything but that captivating laugh.
You rubbed at your eyes and grabbed your planner and pen. “Friday at noon...”
❀ ❀ ❀
The next day you were back in the office, sitting in Wanda’s stiff chair with twin caramel lattes sitting in front of you. That was the thing about you, you’d come to work early bearing gifts just to tell your closest friend your good news. You’re sweet like that.
When Wanda arrived it was fifteen minutes later and your latte was halfway gone. Hearing her black stilettos click on the glossy linoleum made you perk up immediately. As she approached, you stood, handing her the latte and wrapping your arms around her lithe body.
“I got an interview!” You squealed, rocking your bodies side to side. She stilled you and smiled. “Gosh, that’s great, Y/n. How’d you get it?”
“Well, I called, like everyone, and he picked up, Wanda! he picked up! I’m scheduled for Friday, and my Lord, Wanda, his laugh, it's like honey...” You trailed off, sighing at the thought of him. Your head was rested on her shoulder, a faint smile on your face. “You’ve got a crush on him!” Wanda exclaimed, grabbing your shoulders and holding you an arm's length away to get a good look at your bashful face.
You gasped, “No I do not! That would be totally unprofessional!” The cackle that erupted from her made her sound like the wicked witch of the west. And honestly, under her stare, you felt like Dorothy stuck under that house.
When Wanda was finally done laughing maliciously she let you go, plopping down in her desk chair and sipping her latte. She pointed over and your desk and gave you a look. “Better start drafting those questions... we wouldn’t want you to blank on your crush.” “Wanda!”
❀ ❀ ❀
The days leading up to Friday were excruciatingly long, yet the hours until twelve flew past all too quickly.
It seemed as if your wardrobe was never ending, full of clothes that you deemed inappropriate for a meeting with the CEO of American Enterprises. You threw yourself back onto the bed, hair and makeup done but body still wrapped in a fluffy white towel. “Oh Milky, what am I gonna wear?” The soft white kitty glared at you from the pillow she was perched on, meowing at you aggressively.
Ten thirty blinked on the clock and you sat up, glancing at all of the clothes that were scattered on the floor. “I guess this will do.” You picked up the same emerald blazer you had chosen originally and layered it over some basic Levi’s, and gray low cut blouse flowing over your form. A belt was necessary, so you grazed over your options. Brown wouldn’t go, even though it was your only fancy belt. The only black one you had was old, the leather cracked and worn, but it had to do. You slipped on some pretty black heels, lucky that you painted your toes a similar color to your blouse. After accessorizing you sprayed your signature perfume, the one that got you your first college-aged boyfriend, and the same one that you were wearing when you got your first real job.
By the time you were on the Metro, it was eleven o’ six, and you were worried. If you were late you’d lose this chance, and probably your job. The car stopped around eleven fifteen, giving you fifteen minutes to make your way to the building, check-in, and try to not seem so nervous.
Finding the building wasn’t difficult at all, after all, it is the second biggest building in New York City, competing with Stark Tower. The “A” at the top wasn’t illuminated, but it still stood out against the other buildings, cowering over them.
You found that the doors were heavy and if you denied Wanda of going to those burn boot camps you would have extreme difficulty prying them open. The inside was classy, just as you expected. The lamps had blue shades and the front desk lit up with a design that resembled the American Flag, but with less curved stripes and only one large star.
The receptionist was one of the women who shot you down immediately when you called and was a little surprised when you checked in. “Hello, I’m here for Mr. Rogers, twelve o’clock?” She searched for something on her computer, clearly trying to see if the appointment was legitimate. When you were proven correct, she handed you a temporary security badge and a sharpie to write your name on it. “Have a seat over there when you’re finished. I’ll call for you when Mr. Rogers is ready for you.” She smiled, it was fake, but it helped you feel more comfortable.
The red couch was stiff and small, clearly not meant for long periods of sitting. The badge was clipped onto your blouse, not your blazer, and the weight of it was pulling at the already low cut neckline. You thought about moving it, but your attention was quickly turned to the coffee table, where your magazine sat, opened to an article you wrote. Your hands were a little shaky as you went to close the magazine, but you were interrupted before you could grasp the bent pages.
“Miss. Y/n? Mr. Rogers is ready for your interview. Head up to floor thirty six, the door on the right.” Miss receptionist sounded bored, her eyes never left the monitor in front of her. “Thanks.”
Some of the others in the waiting area looked up to you after hearing where you were going, causing you to blush.
You felt lucky to get the elevator to yourself. Thirty-six floors is a long way to go, yet you got there in under three. In the elevator you adjusted your outfit and flattened your hair, hoping it wasn’t frizzy.
The door on the right was clearly not just a meeting room but an office, which you thought was odd. You also found it odd that no one was in the room, you expected to at least be met with his assistant or secretary, if not Steve himself.
Your eyes scanned the room to make sure it was completely empty before taking a seat on the leather chair on the opposite side of the big desk. You opened your notebook and got out your lucky rooster pen before going over your questions once again, hoping he didn’t think they were stupid.
You waited fifteen minutes for him, growing increasingly irked as the minutes built up. When he walked through the door you felt like your heart stopped.
Six-four build covered in a black suit and tie, white undershirt pristine. Blonde hair disheveled and a perfectly manicured beard. The door slammed shut and you heard the clinking sound of a glass being set down. Steve lifted his head and you snapped yours to the front, hoping he didn’t catch you checking him out.
The room was silent besides a rustling coming from behind you. You busied yourself with your notebook, highlighting the questions you wanted to ask most.
“You’re a very patient girl.” He observed. Steve made you wait on purpose. He knew from the first person you called that you wanted an interview, he was friends with Maria Hill after all. But he wanted some entertainment, and after looking into you, he knew you were the right girl. So far he’s made you wait an hour and fourteen minutes for just a smidge of his attention.
“Yes, Sir.” You mumbled, accidentally stopping the highlighter too soon, pressing it down, and letting the pink ink bleed to the next page. He hummed in approval as he rounded the corner, drink in his hand, coat jacket discarded, sleeves rolled up, first couple buttons loose. Finally, Steve sat in the big chair, keeping eye contact with you as he leaned forward, resting his elbows on the mahogany table.
“Give me that.” Your eyebrows furrowed at his statement, “What?” You asked, putting your pen down on your lap. Steve motioned for your notebook, and you opened your mouth, starting to stumble over your words. “Oh? um- Okay?” You handed it over to him and he relaxed back into his chair. A question bubbled in your throat, but you didn’t let it escape. Instead, you watched as his eyes scanned the papers, blue cursive, and pink highlighter, little stars and flowers drawn in the corners. “Mr. Rogers, are you ready to start the interview?” You tapped your watch, twelve twenty four.
He nodded, “Yes, I’m ready.” You cleared your throat and went to ask for your notebook, but he beat you to it. “Miss. L/n, is there an achievement or something that you’ve contributed to me that you are most proud of?” Why was he asking you your own questions? “Sir, I-“ He cut you off once again. “Answer the question, doll.”
You huffed and crossed your arms over your chest. “I- um, no. I haven’t contributed anything to you that I should be proud of, Sir.”
“Is there a particular moment or memory of building this relationship that stands out to you?” He continued with the questions, tilting his head to the side. Why was he twisting the questions onto you? When you didn’t come up with an answer he chuckled, sounding sickly sweet like molasses dripping straight from the sugarcane. “Patience finally wearing thin, honey?” You nodded eyes staring at his chest, you couldn’t quite muster up the courage to look him in the eye.
He snapped your notebook closed and slid it towards your side of the grand desk. “You couldn’t answer my questions correctly, Y/n.” You nodded, eyes now downcast, admiring the pattern on the blue carpet. You felt like you were going to cry. This big scary man was mean and just wouldn’t let you conduct your interview and you didn’t know why. “I’m sorry, Sir.”
“I know you are, doll. But, if you can’t answer my questions how can I answer yours? You have nothing to offer me.” This was it, you were losing your chance. “Business wise, that is.” Your head shook, and your hands were clasped together, your left thumb rubbing your right nail back and forth. “I don’t understand, Sir.”
“I’m friends with Maria, Y/n. If you’re able to get this article done and get me on the cover you’re gonna get a promotion, you want that, right doll?” Your eyes went wide, “Yes, Sir.” Now, he stood, coming around to the front where you are and leaning against the desk. “She said to make it difficult, but I don’t care enough to do all that. So, doll, I’ll answer your questions. They’re quite good actually. And I’ll do a little photoshoot for the cover, but you’ll need to pay me back.” You gulped, hands suddenly sweaty, you felt like a little chihuahua, trembling under his gaze.
“How? Um, how do I pay you?” Gosh, even your voice was shaky. “Stand up. Lose the blazer.” Steve commanded, slowly unbuckling his belt. You could faintly tell from the buckle that it was Hermès. You stood and took off your blazer in a rush, folding it poorly and setting it on the arm of the chair. “Atta girl.”
He placed his hands on your shoulders and then ran them down to your hands, giving them a little squeeze before he hooked his index fingers into your belt loops, pulling you closer. So close that the tips of your shoes were touching. He leaned down to kiss your neck and you stiffened, but when he grazed his teeth over the bruised spot he just created you melted into him, your hands grasping at the pristine white button up, letting out a little whimper.
Steve pushed you back a little and took in your form, then he pulled the little security badge off, tossing it to the side. Like a little kid, he pulled at the neckline of your shirt. “Off.” You would’ve giggled at him if he didn’t look so scary right now. His blue eyes were piercing into yours, left hand so tight on your hip you thought he might leave bruises.
By the time your shirt hit the floor, he was pushing at your shoulders, hinting at you to go to your knees. “Sir, I don’t know-“
You started, knees hitting the carpet underneath you. He shushed you and guided your head to look up at him. “It's okay, baby, you don’t have to know how. I’ll do all the work, doll. Now, undo your bra.” As expected you did as he asked immediately, fumbling with the clasp until it fell down your arms. It ended up next to your thigh as you watched him pull his belt through the loops.
Steve walked around you and kneeled down, belt in his hands. “Put your hands behind your back.” You nodded immediately, so submissive, completely at his mercy. “Yes, Sir.” Steve loved how polite you were. He made quick work of restraining you, tying your hands to rest against your jean clad ass. The metal felt harsh against your skin and the soft, expensive leather snaked up your arms.
When he was back in front of you he sighed and shook his head. “I should’ve had you unzip me first.” Hearing Steve say that finally brought you to the reality of what was about to happen. You watched with big eyes as he undid the button and then the zipper, the sound making you tremble. His dress pants puddled on the floor and you were in awe as he massaged his bulge through his boxers. Slowly, he pulled them down to the middle of his thighs. His cock bounced up to hit his abdomen and he hissed as he stroked it a few times. “Open as wide as you can, honey.”
As always, you did as asked. Your tongue stuck out a little, wetting your bottom lip. He grasped the back of your head and leaned you forward a little, then you felt his blunt tip on your tongue. You gagged and spluttered when Steve was about halfway seated, he pulled out and leaned down, kissing you sloppily. “Breathe through your nose, baby. Don’t forget.” Then he was back at slowly entering your throat. “Fuck...” he grunted, finally fully seated in your throat, your nose pressed against his nicely groomed pubic hair. He caressed your throat then, rubbing the bulge in your throat, resisting the urge to press down and have you choke on his cock even more. “So good, Y/n.”
Steve started rocking into your throat, slowly fucking it as spit leaked from the corners of your mouth. After minutes of abusing your throat, he finally pulled out, adoring the way tears ran down your cheeks and how you hiccupped, wanting to desperately rub at your raw throat to soothe it. Your hands pulled at the belt and your eyes begged Steve to undo it. “Up, doll.”
He hoisted you up from your armpits and bent you over the desk. Steve pressed kisses down your back and reached in front of you, unbuckling your belt and throwing it somewhere to the left of you, then he unbuttoned and unzipped your pants, tugging them down with fervor.
Steve undid your restraints and left more kisses down your back until he reached your ass, spreading your cheeks to reveal your tight hole and glistening cunt. “I’d love to see this ass all bruised and red, but I’ll have to save that for another day.” His index and middle finger ran circles on your clit, your back arching to press into him more. “Sir, please!” You gasped, your hand flying out to the edge of the table and nearly knocking over the glass of whiskey he left on a coaster when Steve finally pushed two fingers into your aching hole.
“Gotta open you up first, doll, get you all sloppy and ready for my cock.” You cried out as he hooked his fingers, rubbing the magic spot inside of you. “Please, Steve, please.” He cooed at you, pulling his fingers out, and instead traced his name over your clit. “You gonna come, baby? Huh? You gonna drench my fingers, little girl?” You were moaning in wanton, hips humping his hand desperately. He brought his other hand down and started fingerfucking you again, giving you just enough to push you over the edge.
Your moans were breathy, your legs twitching, and you were panting by the time your orgasm faded. “I hope you know I’m not done with you yet, doll, I still haven’t come inside you.” That made you whine high in your throat and you tried, to no avail, to slam your legs shut around his hand.
Steve’s right hand fisted his cock a few times, making sure he’s rock hard and dripping with pre-cum, while his left kept your lips spread, showing him your gorgeous pussy. The blunt head at your entrance shocked you, and you yelped at the intrusion. “Sir!”
He leaned his head down and spit where you were joined, trying to make the glide even easier. “Shut up, doll.” He snapped after you cried out. Once he was as deep as possible inside of you he reached for his belt, looping it over as if he was going to spank you, and stuffed it into your mouth. “Bite down,” Steve demanded, a hand snaked around to the front of your neck where he was applying light pressure.
When you tried to push back against him he held your hips down against the wood steadily and started snapping his hips at a fast speed. Each thrust pushed you down onto the table, letting your clit rub against the mahogany wood.
Your vision felt spacey like you could black out any moment as he choked you. Your orgasm washed over you and you had to use all the strength you had in you to keep biting down on the belt. You didn’t want to know what would happen if you disobeyed his and let it go. Steve’s hips harshly snapped against your ass a few more times before he stilled inside of you, filling you with his spunk.
Before Steve cleaned you up and let you leave his office he had to finger his cum back inside of you, making sure none of it went to waste. Then, he made sure you had a way home, and a way to contact him, because, “Now you’re no longer Magazine Girl, but My Girl.”
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imaginedreamwrite · 11 days ago
Sugar & Spice: drabble (and sneak peek): An important conversation
The two glasses of wine set on the table were yet untouched as Ari and yourself had sat across from one another, the conversation on the cusp of taking a sharp turn to a more intimate and significant talk. Ari had wanted to relay what he had wanted out of the relationship that was building, the connection between you was innate and basest, yet overpowering.
Ari didn’t want a relationship of sexual servitude, not how you had almost expected from a sugar daddy which is the truest definition of the relationship as it stood. Ari had wanted companionship and he wanted to give companionship in return.
He wanted to be your sole provider, to ease your financial burden and give you a chance to finish school and continue building your influencer base and reputation without having to worry about working. He wanted to give you the best kind of pleasure, and you would do the same in return.
“You’re not a virgin,” Ari had stated the fact back to you as he reached for his wine glass and picked it up from the table, “but you’re not experienced are you, princess?”
“I’ve had sex, I’ve…blown guys off but…” you bit your bottom lip and looked away, bashful and prettily shy around him.
“It’s okay, sweetheart.” Ari had crooned and sipped on the deep red in his glass before he set it down again and leaned in. “I can teach you, help you grow.”
“What do you want?” You had asked bluntly, your phone buzzing beneath the table and Ari knew, he had a sixth sense, that you were texting Jake about the trip and Ari himself. “From this I mean…”
“I’ve been good to you, haven’t I?” Ari was growing more affectionate for you every moment. His desire for your beautiful nature, your kind and breathtaking soul was unkempt.
“Of course, Ari.” Your lips stretched into a smile, your eyes brightening as you exchanged a gaze, and brushed your fingers against the top of your wine glass. “You’ve been nothing but kind.”
“Thank you, sweetheart.” Ari reached across the table and rest his hand on yours, his thumb brushing back and forth against your knuckles. “And you know, I adore you.”
“I…do too.” You were navigating a different kind of relationship from the others you had before, with Ari the intent and intimacy were already deeper and more meaningful than past boyfriends.
“I want to be with you, I want to grow our relationship with you.” Ari had lifted his glass to his lips again, sipping on the flavourful wine. “I want to be the only one-“
“You are, Ari. I promise you are the only one.” You had stumbled, almost nervous about this conversation.
“I will take care of all your bills, everything you need will be yours. In exchange, I want you to attend events with me. I want to take you out for dinner and on trips, I want us to be a couple.”
“And that includes…sex?”
“Are you alright with that honey?” Ari questioned, even though he could tell just by the way you were squirming, and the way you moaned his name, that you had wanted it just as much as he did.
“Yes,” your voice was airy, your chest rising and falling with every bated breath, “yes…I do.”
“I’ll help you experience things you haven’t before. We’ll start slow, you’ve already done so good. We’ll open you up to new experiences like light bondage, overstimulation, cockwarming, and role-playing. Are you okay with that?” Ari had waited for your answer, the corner of his lips twitching when you had squeaked, your eyes widening and your thighs clenching.
“You’re not going to be treated as my toy, Y/N. As long as we’re together you are my significant other.”
“Your sugar baby,” you whimpered, warmth pooling between your legs, “oh god…”
“Are you okay?” Ari hummed under his breath. “Are you okay with this?”
“It’s not going to be sex all the time?” You were affected by the implications, by the promises of being sexually awakened to more than you had been.
“No, princess. Our relationship will not be based on sex alone. Intimacy can come through simple affection. I want to be yours, I want you to be mine.” Ari squeezed your hand, hopeful that you would welcome yourself into his embrace as your sugar daddy and partner.
“I’d like that, Ari. I’d like…I agree.” You had glanced at his hand on yours and smiled softly. “I like that idea.”
“The idea of us.” Ari had pulled his hand away and slipped it in his pocket, pulling out a crushed velour box. “Let me spoil you, princess. You have no idea how completely enamoured I am by you.”
“Please,” you were in a daze, mystified by him, “Ari that’s a dream.”
“Good, honey. That’s what I want to hear. Now,” he slid the box across the table to you, and leaned back against his chair, “I have a gift for you, princess. To start our new, official relationship off right.”
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bvcksbunny · 7 months ago
𝐜𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐛𝐚𝐢𝐳𝐞𝐧
@buckys-milk is watching gossip girl on a call with me while I've been doing these and im inspired
Tumblr media
𝙝𝙚𝙧𝙚𝙨 𝙨𝙤𝙢𝙚 𝘾𝙖𝙧𝙩𝙚𝙧 𝘽𝙖𝙞𝙯𝙚𝙣...
❥ ʀᴇᴍᴇᴍʙᴇʀ ᴛᴏ ʀᴇᴀᴅ ᴀʟʟ ᴀᴜᴛʜᴏʀ ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢꜱ
all for love by @jobean12-blog
summary: You visit Carter at work after getting a call that his father is there causing trouble.
Leash by @georgiapeach30513
summary:  Carter loves his pet. Kinktober day 12
Made for Sin by @klmurr
summary: You’ve been away from the Upper East Side party scene for almost a decade now, but tonight you’re headed off to the Palace to catch up with friends and make amends with an old enemy.
Bad Business by @jobean12-blog
summary: You and Carter attend a business event. As soon as his business friends show up he starts acting very unlike himself which obviously upsets you. He apologizes and makes it up to you.
narcissist by @quietmyfearswith
summary: for the longest time carter thought that only alcohol was the constant thing in his life and that it would always be there for him; besides his actual self, of course.
Escort by @fuckandfluff
➵ Main Rec List
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simpurnatural · 6 months ago
“This is Mine” - T. Chalamet Masterlist
CEO!Timothee Chalamet x Assistant!Reader
Simpurnatural’s Grand Masterlist
Tumblr media
A little Christmas present (that keeps on giving) for all you T.C. lovers <3
[CHAPTER I] THE INTERVIEW (December 6th 21′)
[CHAPTER 2] ARM CANDY (December 13th 21′)
[CHAPTER 3] GOOD GIRL (December 18th 21′)
[CHAPTER 4] LOVIN’ YOU (December 20th 21′)
[CHAPTER 5] ALL FOR YOU (December  25th 21′)
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katsukis-lilbunnywhore · a year ago
𝓴𝓪𝓽𝓼𝓾𝓴𝓲'𝓼 𝓪𝓼𝓼𝓲𝓼𝓽𝓪𝓷𝓽'𝓼 𝓪 𝓵𝓲𝓵 𝓭𝓾𝓶𝓫
Tumblr media
this is a lil dubconny with a power dynamic so here’s your cw ! as always, minors dni
katsuki’s assistant is a little,,, ditsy. she stumbles sometimes carrying the coffee into his room on late nights, or will drop a few papers onto the tile floor when he asks her to send papers off to the hero commission for him. he will stare tho as you bend to grab them, full ass in display. he wonders how it doesn't bust out your slacks. 
he’ll catch you zoning out-- staring at his muscles under that t-shirt that’s maybe a little too small for him-- and he’ll snap his fingers in front of your face or growl out a quick “oi, pay attention, stupid” just to see you flush and huff at his mean words. or you’ll wear a white shirt with a red bra thinking no one can see, but everyone sees. he sees. 
there are some days where your mix ups are cute and garner nothing but a shake of the head. but there are other days--like today-- where your mix ups have serious consequences. you had messed up some of his very important documents, you weren’t paying attention again, staring at his dick print through his hero costume, and you spilled his coffee all over the document. he was seething, almost red in the face as he rushed off to answer the villain report he just received. “stay late today, you’re going to fix this” 
you were a crying mess all day!!! you were surely going to be fired and you contemplated just leaving before he could even get back. hopefully he forgot about it. but you knew the way he glared at you and snapped, “my office” when he came in, that you were in for it. 
you stood in front of his desk, sniffling slightly. you wanna seem strong, you don’t wanna cry in front of him but you don’t wanna get fired. “y/n those papers were really important” his voice is gruff, big arms folded in front of his chest making him look bigger and intimidating. if you weren’t so worried about your job, you be messing up your panties.
“i know, sir! m’sorry! it won’t happen again”
“i know it won’t” you cry a little harder. this is it, he’s gonna tell you to pack your shit and have you replaced by monday morning. “you wanna keep your job right?” you don’t even answer, watery brown eyes look up past your eyelashes to see him. he’s standing in front of you now, learning a little on his desk, arms are still folded over his chest. an eyebrow quirks when you don’t answer. “well, do you wanna keep your job or not, dumbass” 
you nod, tears falling onto the floor as you do. “i do! i really do” 
“and you’ll do anything to keep it?” 
“of course!” 
“fine” he stands up a little more. “get on your knees then” you’re slow in your movements, moving to kneel on the cold tile of the floor. “be a good girl and make me cum and you can keep your job” 
you’re blinking back in surprise, but your hands make quick work to remove his belt. this is something you’ve thought about a lot, even at work sometimes you’ll run to the bathroom, stuffing your fingers full at getting the chance to even kiss him. and now he’s asking you to suck him off all just to keep your job? this is a win-win situation if you’ve ever seen one. 
“hurry up” he grunts out at you, noticing you’ve zoned out again. his pants and briefs are pushed to his knees, his cock slapping you on the forehead as it stands at half mast. soft hands encompass the base of him as you pump him a little. spit dribbles from your lips and onto the tip of his cock. it’s big and it’s pretty. he’s long and it’s kinda hard for you to wrap the entirety of your hand around it. it’s even harder when you try and fit the whole thing in your mouth. 
“greedy baby” he coos, fingers fisting in your braids and pulling you back a little. “slow down, dummy, you’ll hurt yourself” you whimper at the name calling. they’re making you mess your panties up more than hurting you and it’s starting to get a little uncomfortable. he sees your hand inch towards your pants and he snaps, tugging harshly at the root of your braids “no touching. you don’t cum until i do” 
the promise of an orgasm has you working hard to get him off. you slobber a bit more to get his dick wetter, feeling it grow harder in your mouth. “that’s it, mama, fuck~” your head bobs, and your jaw hurts a little, and it sounds so sloppy. you’ve got drool coming down your jaw and tears falling down your cheeks. you definitely can’t fit all of him in your mouth. 
his hands release your braids, but move to the back of your head. he thrusts into your mouth, his cock twitches in your mouth feeling you gag when he hits the back of your throat. he does, unsurprisingly, chokes out a gasp when he feels you take a hand and pump him as your mouth moves to lick at the heavy balls under him. “fuck you’re so good at this. ‘knew you would be.” his voice keeps breaking and when you look up at him, his eyes are shut with his head thrown back in pleasure. 
since he’s not looking, you decide to sneak your hand into your pants, hoping to get some friction. you were soaked under your panties, you hands practically slipped over your clit. you tried to keep quite as you put his dick back in your mouth, but as you slipped your middle finger into your sopping cunny, you moaned out. he snapped his eyes open, seeing your fingers stuffed in your pants. he pulls out of your mouth with a pop bending down to grab you by the arm to get you standing. “i thought you were gonna be good?”
“i-i-” your eyes water again at being caught. you don’t know what he has in store for you now punishment wise, but if it’s anything to do with him, it’ll be good.  “I- I- what? spit it out, idiot” 
“m’sorry daddy. i was wet” you see his eyes falter as he cheeks flush a bit, you don’t mention it but hope the way your eyes widen help you get out of trouble. 
“bend over the table” 
“i said-” his hands, warm and calloused and big, wrap around your neck. he squeezes the sides, inches closer to you and says through gritted teeth. “bend. over. the. table” at your whimper, he lets you go. you’re slow to bend over the table, ass poked out through your slacks. he bends himself over your body, wrapping his lips around your earlobe as he begins to unbutton your pants. “you don’t know how long i’ve thought about you like this” one button down “bent over my desk” another one “this fucking gorgeous ass in my face” 
“you thought about me?” your head whips back, braids following to swing over your shoulder. 
“don’t play dumb with me, princess. i’ve seen the way you look at me” he pulls down the zipper, shimmying the skinny pants down your smooth brown legs. “go ahead, lie to me and tell me you haven’t thought ‘bout me fucking you silly until you don’t know your name” 
“m’not gonna lie, daddy. think about you all the time, even at work” 
“you’re not a good girl like i thought, huh” 
“i’ll be good for you, daddy. promise” 
“take it then” his hands slam down on your ass and you gasp in surprise. 
“Suki! That hurts” you whine out into the air of his office. it smells just like him. he likes how you grind into his hands as he rubs at the slowly reddening skin. 
“Almost done, baby. I’ma give you five more and then you’re done.  Count ‘em for me. Mess up and I add five more” 
And of course, his dumb lil baby messes up a few times, and by the time he gets to the tenth one and’s about to stuff you full with two thick fingers, you’ve decided,,,
you’re gonna make a few more mistakes just to get some more act right from him. 
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