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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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I may not be the CEO of Sex, but I do know that I’m the Head Assistant and Commander in Cheif of the ‘No Sleep Corps’ and that’s probably the only thing I have going for me atm so I think I’m doing pretty damn good for myself… And with a total paycheck of $0.00 an hour for this 24/7 occupation is exceding my expectations rn man

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small brain: takasugi is good

big brain: takasugi is an asshole

galaxy brain: takasugi is a petty as bitch who should be held accountable for his shitty actions however it is not his fault he is like this and suffers from extreme trauma and should not be chained down by his past mistakes and should attempt to grow into a better person who should actually rely on the people who care about him and forget the past and look into the future

astral projecting brain: takasugi is a bad trini bitch mixed with china real thick vagina smuggle bricks to china woo

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