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stardust-danvers · 4 months ago
You and the darkling have to hide in a cave because of a suddenly appearing storm. It is too far from the castle so you stay here until it’s dry again. What do you think would happen? 👀
Warnings: probably incorrect use of Grisha magic but I don't care, Nervous!Aleksander, pining, shared body heat, smut, unprotected sex don’t be silly, wrap your willy, fuck or die, afab reader (no pronouns), fingering (f receiving),
Word Count: 2805
Ravkan rain is cold and the sudden burst that had surprised you had left you both more soaked than was favorable in this kind of weather, not even the Kefta holding against the heavy droplets coming out of the sky.
But luck hadn't completely abandoned you as there was a small cave nearby, deep enough to provide shelter from the downpour, but with your Keftas soaked, there is not much warmth to be found and neither does there seem to be anything to start a fire.
At first you two just pull your soaked coats closer around yourselves, hoping to preserve some of the body warmth you both had left, hoping the weather would soon take a turn and let you return to the palace.
But by the time you both figured out the weather is not going to change any time soon, you were shivering in your coat, curled up against the cave wall with half purple lips.
Aleksander realised the cold is affecting him too, maybe more than he initially thought it would since he is used to the coldness of the shadows and vaguely recalls a time a healer told him something about staving off the cold and shared body heat.
He knew it was probably a good idea to get rid of the soaked fabrics around your bodies, but it was the fact that you needed to share body heat to be able to survive that was arguing with him.
He had been harboring feelings for you for a few months now, but he could not be sure if you felt the same, even though Ivan had told him many times with a semblance of a smile around his stiff lips that he shouldn't worry about that. And yet...
"Saints, I'm fucking freezing," you said with clattering teeth as you pulled yourself tighter together as far as it was possible and readjusted your soaked coat. "Couldn't there be some damn wood in this cave?"
Seems not. Seems like the Saints like to torture me, as always, Aleksander thought to himself as he slowly came closer to you.
You stopped shivering for a moment when he called your name, curious about what he had to say as he suddenly seemed almost... nervous?
"A healer told me sometime ago, when we found one of our lost search parties, that when things get too cold for one human body to bear alone..." He trailed off as he tried to gauge your reaction, would you be appalled at what he was about to say? Try to crawl away from him, saying that it was a bad idea?
But you did none of those things, you just kept looking at him with curious eyes.
"That if they have a companion... it is best to..." he swallowed before the next words left his mouth, afraid you'd reject the offer. "Share body heat."
He'd said the words, made you a proposal, a fairly scandalous one at that, and for the first time in many decades he found himself genuinely praying to the Saints above that you would accept, if only for your own survival.
He couldn't read your face as you thought about it and he wouldn't blame you if you rejected, but as you had done so many times before, you managed to surprise him. Again.
"Well, I'd accept, but we don't really have anything dry to cover ourselves with to keep the warmth in, do we?"
"I wouldn't be so certain of that," he said as an idea sprung in his mind.
He'd never used the shadows for a purpose like this, but he was convinced it would work. They might not be very warm themselves, but they were excellent at keeping things outside. And inside.
You raised an eyebrow at that. "As much as I would love to be a Durast right now, we don't have anything to keep our body heat trapped in something."
"We do," he simply said, "now strip before we both die from the cold."
It was a command, that much was clear to you, but the underlying playfulness made you laugh.
"Sir yes sir," you giggled and gave him a short wink as you worked yourself out of your coat and other garments until you were both naked, but he covered both of you in shadows, before you could get a good look at him, though he had been watching you the entire time, you had been undressing and he felt heat rushing through his body like he was some blushing schoolboy and he could almost hear his mother scoffing at him as he ordered the shadows to take you to him.
To his surprise, the darkness around the both of you did a far better job of keeping out the cold than he had expected it to
"Better?" He asked, the nervousness he displayed earlier now mostly gone and you hummed as you nuzzled into his chest, which was certainly warmer than you were in the current situation as he slowly lowered the both of you to the ground, making it easier for the both of you to get as close and as much skin contact as possible.
Your body was still shivering against his, but as time went on, it didn't subside like the both of you had hoped, even though you felt a lot warmer than you had before and he felt how you tried to get closer to him, to try and help away even the slightest bit of cold.
Several ideas popped into his head, though he dismissed them all as soon as they came up. He was already happy you agreed to this solution and he wasn't going to push his luck. Not this much, but the longer you kept shivering against him, the more that resolve began to crumble.
And for the second time that day, you surprised him.
"Saints... I am probably overstepping my boundaries here... but I can't think of another way to get warm..."
"Care to elaborate on that idea?" The words left his mouth before he could do anything to stop them as he heard you suck in a surprised breath and quietly cursed himself for losing his filter.
But you quickly recollected yourself before you spoke again, albeit with some hesitance.
"Like I said... I am probably overstepping my boundaries here–" but he cut you off before you could finish your sentence.
"You're not overstepping any boundaries, is that clear?" His tone was commanding as you looked up at him and nodded, though he noticed your gaze was still avoiding his and for a brief moment he wondered why.
"Sexcanraisesomeone'scoretemperatureandhelpscombatlowbodyheat." The words flew out of your mouth so fast he could barely understand what you just said. He wanted to ask you to repeat it in a slower tempo when the meaning hit him.
He wanted to say so many things to you, but the only thing that came out of his mouth was: "Do you trust me?"
“I do.“
As soon as the confirmation had left your mouth, he placed his lips on yours.
The kiss was soft and he could feel you smile as he trailed one hand down your body while the other held the back of your head.
he traced his fingers around the sensitve area of your sex as he deepened the kiss and a content sigh left you as his fingers continued their exploration.
He could hear your breath hitch in your throat every time he went over a particular spot on your inner thigh and decided a little teasing wouldn’t hurt. The more aroused you were, the better.
Your breath grew laboured as he traced circles over the spot and he couldn’t help the grin that was tugging at the corners of his lips, before he moved up to snake his long fingers through your folds.
Your mouth fell open into a silent ‘O‘ when he did so, quietly encouraging him to go on and he happily obliged that request as he found your clit and gave it a few experimental touches, eliciting a soft noise out of you he never wanted to forget.
He continued to tease your clit while the rest of his fingers found your soaking hole and without warning one quickly found its way inside you, making you moan and the grin on his face grew.
The nervousness he’d felt earlier had completely melted away and a more teasing side of him had taken its place as he captured your lips into a kiss once more, this one deeper and hungrier and you eagerly returned it as you felt your hips start to move on their own accord as he continued his torturing slow pace.
“Eager one aren’t you?” he teased as he started to work a second finger inside of you as you only nodded and as he looked at you, he realised he really wouldn’t mind seeing you more often in a position like this, albeit under more favorable circumstances, while he continued to work in and out of you as your walls started to clamp down on his fingers.
You moaned his name and for a moment his mind went blank. He’d always liked the way you said his name, made him feel more of a man than an ancient being, but when it had left your lips in that sweet tone he knew he was a goner. He wanted to hear you say it over and over again and he would never get sick of it.
He could feel you starting to leave marks on his chest from the pleasure you were experiencing and it spurred him on. Perhaps even more than he would like to admit and slowly increased his pace as more moans fell from your lip as he craned down to trail a series of wet kisses over your jaw to your neck where he softly bit down on the skin. It wasn’t nearly enough to hurt you or to leave a mark, but the way your body went slack with the action had him aching to find out what would happen if he did mark you up.
But something like that was not reserved for this time. Perhaps later, though he wasn’t sure there would be one. He wasn’t even sure you’d want to look at him after this, but that was a concern for later. Right now he just wanted to keep hearing the way you moaned his name and all the other sweet noises you were making.
He could tell you were getting close as your walls started to clamp down on his fingers more and more and he kissed your swollen, parted lips, once more wondering what it would be like under more favourable circumstances.
And then, with a loud moan, you came down hard from your peak. The expression on your face was forever burned in the back of his mind as he worked you through it and as your body calmed down, only now realising how hard he had gotten by watching you as you curled into his chest, his erection no doubt poking against your hip.
“How do you feel?” He asked as he weaved one of his hands through your hair, trying to ignore his massive hard on as he checked in with you.
“Warmer. You?” you softly murmured as you placed a soft kiss on his chest, either ignoring it too or completely oblivious to what was poking your hip.
Horny, was the first thought that went through his head and he silently laughed at himself. He sounded like a schoolboy and luckily for him, it was not those words that left his mouth.
“Better, now you are not shivering from the cold anymore.”
You hummed at his response. “Sure you don’t want to do anything about that hard on of yours?” you half teased him as you giggled at your own words.
He laughed with you for a moment before considering what you just asked.
“And how do you suppose we would do that?” he asked, but he had barely finished the sentence before he felt your hands around his cock, slowly stroking him and he groaned.
“Well we could go about it in one of two ways… either I use my hands like this, or you fuck me.”
He twitched at your words as you continued to softly stroke him.
“Your choice.”
He didn’t need to think long about that offer as he crashed his lips onto yours, removing your hands from his cock in the same motion.
“Is that enough of an answer for you?” he said, his voice deeper than it had been moments ago and you nodded.
Parting your legs, he dragged his length through your still slick folds, before slowly pushing into you, both of you hissing at the feeling of the other and he rested for a moment when he bottomed out, silently wishing he could see all of you, but the fates would not have it that way.
“Saints you feel big,” you breathed and the clench of your wet pussy made it hard for him to keep control of himself, but he knew he needed to give you just a little more time to adjust to him and so he did.
“Think you can take it?” Half of him was teasing you and half of him was checking in on you, if he truly wasn’t hurting you.
“Fuck- I want to.”
At first, his movements were shallow, but with every stroke they grew longer and harder and soon enough he had set a steady pace, though it didn’t last long as he increased his pace quickly and he was surprised at how quickly he lost himself in the feel of you around him as he started to chase his own pleasure.
Your moans were quickly swallowed as you slotted your lips together in a wet and sloppy kiss, the sound mostly drowned out by the repeated skin to skin contact, the both of you lost in the feeling of each other.
A groan left him when he felt himself get close to his edge as his thrusts grew sloppier.
“Fuck-” he choked out before you pulled him back into the kiss and with a handful of thrusts, he send himself over the edge, not really caring what the aftermath of him coming inside of you could be and neither did you seem to as he looked at your blissed out face.
You whined slightly when he pulled out, the loss of contact suddenly foreign to your body as you cling to him. He thought it was adorable, but in the back of his mind, the thought of you avoiding him forever sprung up again and even though he tried to push the thought as far away as possible, it kept nagging him.
“So, what are you planning on doing after we get back to the Palace?” you asked and he could feel your fingers trace patterns over his chest and he inhaled sharply at the question.
Hoping you won’t leave, he thought as he smiled down at you.
“Asking the Fabrikators to figure out how to make watertight Keftas, probably, and what about you?”
“Continue my training most likely. Can’t let myself be caught alone in a storm like this on my own with no way to keep warm,” you chuckled.
“No can’t let that happen, can we?”
There fell a comfortable silence over the cave as the rain continued to heavily fall down from the sky, neither of you in any sort of rush to break the peaceful moment, even though his heart was hammering in his chest.
If you had noticed, you had decided not to comment on it, which he was grateful for. It didn’t seem like you were planning to avoid him after this, but the thought wouldn’t stop nagging him and it was bothering him enough that, with every minute that went by, it seemed better of an option to ask you how you really felt about him, despite your very compromising position.
But ultimately, he decided against it. He would definitely cross a line there and with the amount of luck the Saints seemed to have granted him today, he decided he wasn’t going to push it. There was a time for luck and there was a time for things that needed to be thought out, confessing his feelings for you falling under the latter.
And so you remained quietly under the stones until the rain was gone and your clothes had dried enough that you could make it back to the Palace without getting sick.
Confessions could always be made later… and at a better time, Aleksander thought somewhat bitterly, but for now, he was happy he had you in his arms, safe and warm.
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potatosstuff · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Porcutrick ;3
and thank you @monotonematt for the second one i hkdjgskdjfksd it kills me
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Case Report #0784
#0784 “Hydra”
Incident Date: 07/21/17
Victim Name: Samuel Richards (19)
Status: FC (Elimated)
Body Count: 11
Agents Dispatched: “Shocker”, “Lightbulb”
Corruption Apperance: 
“Hydra” appeared as a mass of diverse arms sprouting endlessly out of where his head, face, neck, and chest used to be, constantly moving and feeling around with seemingly no purpose. In the center of where the face should be was a large, bloodshot eye with two pupils that darted around wildly and randomly. The victim was in his late teens, wearing a sport jersey and basketball shorts. 
Tumblr media
Corruption Report:
Richards worked at a minimum-wage fast food job, and in an interview with his manager said that he was ‘overworked’. He would constantly give himself things to do, and pick up people’s shifts just to do more work. His co-workers mentioned him joking about “needing more arms”. 
After exposure to the force from an unknown source, coworkers slowly observed him begin to grow unnaturally tall and thin, and his demeanor changed quickly. He began making others uncomfortable by talking about the quality of their arms and focusing his attention specifically on people’s arms. He was banned from working at the restaurant by his manager after attempting to pull off a customer’s arms. 
He was not seen or heard from by anyone until two weeks after his manager barred him from working at the restaurant. A coworker, Robert Duncan, stopped showing up to work suddenly, and was found deceased in his apartment, with his arms messily removed with a kitchen knife. A day later, two regular customers of the restaurant were discovered dead in their houses in a similar fashion. It wasn’t until the fourth day and four similar murders later, when a family of four that recently visited the restaurant were found dead in their home with their arms missing, that we were alerted to a possible FC individual. A security recording showed Richards murdering them and using the corruption to crudely attach the arms to his own body. Arms had grown from his body on their own accord, and Richards was considered fully corrupted. 
Agents “Lightbulb” and “Shocker” were immediately dispatched to the scene, and were able to subdue and eliminate the corrupted entity in 19 minutes and 23 seconds with minimal witnesses. The remains were transferred to a research facility (and were later cremated), and all who saw the creature were fogged. 
Agent Notes: 
All living people who made contact the entity were successfully fogged. As far as the media is concerned, Richards killed himself in a police standoff after a spree of violent murders. After research was completed, the body was cremated and given to his family. 
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posetabuvijeu · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
nikada nisam rekao da
02/10 subota  Lavinji
 Sofi, upravnica zamka u Lavinjiju, napisala je na oglasnoj tabli TEL CHATEAU. Natpis je propraćen telefonskim brojem. Ali ja sam na prvi pogled, pogrešno, što mi se, šta da radim, često dešava, skraćenicu TEL shvatio kao pridev: Takav zamak. Odmah sam uzeo marker, strpljivo sačekao da se kuhinja isprazni, i tik iznad Sofinog obaveštenja, pazeći da se rukopis ne razlikuje od njenog, napisao: „Tel patron“. Tabli sam prišao tako uigrano kao da su mi grafiti uža struka. Ali to nije bio samo gest štrebera-uličnog anarhiste. Bio je jedinstven primer memorije tela. Ono je, po svoj prilici, dobro upamtilo sličan (i slično neodoljiv) pokret od pre deset i kusur godina u vračarskoj kafani Drvo javorovo. Tom prilikom, u društvu prijateljice Stanke, nisam izdržao da na vrata sa natpisom sluzbene prostorije (sic) ne nalepim kvačicu iznad slova Z. Ona će tu kasnije ostati godinama. Doduše, to je možda bio instinkt korektora, ili, kako bi mlađe, korporativne generacije rekle, „konstruktivna kritika“. Ovo, u Lavinjiju, bio je čisti ispad pisca, pisara, sa olovkom, kome se prohtelo da na tabli ubuduće piše: „KAKAV GAZDA, TAKAV ZAMAK“. (Intervenciju niko nije primetio. Tim lepše.) 
  Kao što uvo na keca registruje ženski glas, tako odmah prepoznaje i ženski kašalj. Ili mi se sluh previše izoštrio u ovom polupraznom zamku, snu svake potlačene klase? (Još koji mesec pa će taj divlji sluh da izumre i da se pripitomi.)
  Staro ime za Ženevu za koje saznajem od Buvijea: Piogre. „Poslati nekog u Pjogr“ i dalje znači prognati ga na kraj sveta. Samo Švajcarci, izgleda, imaju pogrdna imena za rodne gradove.  (Zvuči, zar ne, kao Beograd?)
03/10 nedelja
skok u Lozanu
Tumblr media
   Otkud toliko strašila na ulicama gradića Denan? Nije valjda da su ih u tom gradu izmislili? Iskaču iza svakog ćoška, kao u nekom avetinjskom zabavnom parku, a mogu da se kladim da su nepodnošljiva noću. S druge strane, nijednog strašila u poljima i vinogradima. Koga onda plaše kad ptice nisu pretnja? Dokone namernike kao što sam ja?
  Švajcarski vozovi su opet pokretne čitaonice. Student u vozu za Lozanu lista priručnik za nemački, a žena preko puta otvara školsko izdanje Životinjske farme, šareno od bukmarkera, i počinje prstima da se preslišava. Da sam neko i nešto u preduzeću CFF, najpre bih dekretovao da se smanji brzina u izvesnim vozovima, onima koji polaze posle predavanja na fakultetu: čisto da bi se izbeglo mučno zanošenje na koje se ovih dana cela Švajcarska žali. Kada se kriterijum stabilnosti ispuni, instalirao bih u svakom vozu, u jednom zasebnom vagonu, po biblioteku. Umesto restorana! Nek bude prosveta umesto usluge. Najlepše je čitati na prazan stomak.
  U švajcarskim ugostiteljskim objektima srpski digitalni sertifikat ne može da se očita. Za to, avaj, nije kriva srpska administracija. Stvar isključivo zavisi od aplikacije koju odgovorna lica koriste za proveru. Njihova fleksibilnost je, pritom, veoma individualna. U pekari u Lozani, i to u nedelju, konobarica se zadovoljila time da sama, svojim očima, pročita uverenje o moje proklete tri doze. Nije prošlo pola minuta, nonšalantno me je upitala „Šta želite?“ Ali zato u jedinoj kafani u Lavinjiju (koja se i zove Café de Lavigny) šankerka me ne pušta unutra zato što njen program ne registruje moj QR-kod. Džabe upućivanje na drugu aplikaciju, džabe ukazivanje da u enterijeru nema nikoga! Greška je sigurno kod NON-EU stranca, jer „prošli su mi i Nemci i Francuzi...“ Šalje me, dakle, na terasu i ne trudeći se da pročita dokument na kojem su pomešani ćirilica i engleski, sklanjajući se spontano u frankofonu ksenofobiju. Jedva čekam da izađe na vetar i da je upitam: „Imamo li mi Srbi, iliti Vanevropljani, pravo na švajcarski internet?“ (Odgovara, nimalo zbunjena: „Naravno“. Prokleta uslužna reč. Izbaciću je iz svog rečnika. Treba da učim od Bova, koji kaže: „NIKADA NISAM REKAO DA.“)
Tumblr media
  Francuski Švajcarci očito lude za strašilima. U Lozani dominiraju mehaničke lutke. Gde god da se nalaze u gradu, poput onih koje pripovedaju istoriju kanona Vo, u samom centru, kod katedrale, ograđene su šiljcima koji služe za proterivanje golubova. Zauzvrat, na figurama nekih nacionalnih junaka, na primer kod trga Sv. Franje, stoje izvajane ptičje figure. Verovatno ćemo jednog dana na osnovu tih kipova i saznavati da su ptice nekad postojale.
 Kada u Švajcarskoj vidim golo žensko rame, uglavnom kod (svežih) imigrantkinja, pomislim : „Evo plodne ženke“. U Srbiji ga gotovo ne registrujem. Švajcarski kontekst je prezakopčan. I time erotičniji.
  Postoji nešto što me dubinski iritira u smeškanju kod Francuskinja, čak i s ove strane Ženevskog jezera, čak i kad su naturalizovane. To nije osmeh. To je nekakva beskrajno produžena grimasa, sladunjava maska radosti, koja smrdi na mondenštinu, ili koja je smrdela kada je usvojena, a u međuvremenu je postala tik koji se ne može odstraniti sa lica. U mom selu to se zvalo: „mnogo mi se keziš!“ Kad to samozadovoljno prenemaganje uočim, a dovoljne su sekunde, osim što počnem da cupkam očekujući ili da je smeni grimasa nezadovoljstva ili da mi nestane iz kadra, prvo pomislim: manipulatorka! (Ili barem: ona koja je od manipulatora učila!) 
  Reč TARBUR, beleži Buvije, na avganistanskom persijskom znači i „rođak“ i „neprijatelj“.
Tumblr media
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the-worm-man · 2 months ago
There’s a new post at @the-corrupting-force-foundation too- sorry for the delay! I’ll try and keep a regular schedule with it going forward
there’s a LOT of body-horror so beware when clicking
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senttotheshadowrealm · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Oh rlly~?
Tumblr media
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greenbagjosh · 6 months ago
18 April 2001 - vacation preview IT-CH-DE-FR-IT
Grüezi Mitenand!  Bonjour!  Buongiorno!  Hi everyone!
Today I want to just give a preview of my vacation in April 2001 which happened twenty years ago this week.
It has been twenty years since I had made a visit to Zurich for its Sechseläuten festival.  I would follow essentially the same route that I took for part of the vacation that I took in September 2000, counterclockwise from and to Milan Malpensa airport (MXP), but I would not go east of the Lambrate rail station, nor would I go anywhere in Austria, the German Bundesland of Bavaria, and very little east of Zürich than the Wollishofen district.  In that case the route would be shorter, lengthwise.  One goal I had this journey, was to visit as many cantons of Switzerland that I had not been to yet.  These would include Luzern Aargau Schaffhausen Basel-Landschaft* Solothurn* Bern* Obwalden Nidwalden Neuchatel* Valais
* have only taken the train through, have not really visited
My route plan would be San Francisco International Washington DC Dulles with MetroRail ride to L'Enfant Plaza, Pentagon and Rosslyn Milano Malpensa the historical Flycar (since replaced by a regional rail service) to Lugano via Varese and Mendrisio day journey to Bellinzona and Locarno with surprise journey to Camedo by regional railway visit to the Foxtown shopping center dinner (pizza, and just pizza) at Manora in central Lugano bus to Lugano FFS station and train to Zürich via Arth-Goldau train ride to Schaffhausen and back by Lotstetten train ride to Aarau in the canton of Aargau watching the Sechseläuten parade and burning of the Böögg, and ride up the Rigiblick-Seilbahn, down with the tram to Central and dinner at Brasserie Johanniter. train ride to Luzern, leave bags at station side trips to Stans (Nidwalden) and Sarnen (Obwalden) with a grocery store run for lunch train ride to Bern side trip to Worb BE by local train and return train ride to Basel tram rides around Basel, walk into Weil am Rhein and (D) tram St. Louis border (F) train ride to Biel/Bienne, return to Bern through Lyss by regional train train ride to Fribourg to leave luggage train ride to Delémont (JU) via Biel/Bienne walk through Delémont and ride to Neuchatel wrong way train to Biel/Bienne, train to Bern and farther on to Neuchatel to fetch my bags and farther train to Lausanne (VD) ride on the historic cograil Flon-Ouchy and supper at the Manora in downtown Lausanne train ride to Geneva and tram to Gaillard (Moillesullaz) tram ride to Palettes train ride to Vevey (Charlie Chaplin statue) train ride along the LEB to Romanel sur Lausanne train ride to Milano Centrale via Brig (Valais), lunch on the train, original hotel overbooked metro ride to Cascina Gobba and ride on the Ospedale San Raffaele cable car metro ride to Duomo and ride up by elevator with a view of Torre Velasca (Missori on the M3) ride along the counterclockwise trolleybus route to Lotto, quick visit to the Piero Rotta hostel near QT8 and back ride to San Donato by M3 and back ride to Famagosta by M2 rest of the day is a blur.... train ride from Loreto to Repubblica, Bovisa and Malpensa MXP Terminal 1 Flight from Malpensa MXP to Washington Dulles, uneventful customs checks, flight to SFO that night. and back to work on 1st May 2001 until the next adventure...
The journey may well be thought of as an "encore" to the September 2000 visit to Milan.  Some places I did not get to visit in September 2000, I was able to visit in April 2001.  Then in December 2001 I covered the cantons that I had not at least gone through by train, but that is for another time.  
I have unfortunately only a fraction of the audiovisual media available to refer to, as others are in storage and could therefore not be obtained in time to properly add context.  So I will do my best to remember what I did between the 19th and 30th April 2001.  It is not as long as September 2000 but should be just as enjoyable of a vacation.  Hope you will enjoy all the same.
Auf wiederluege!  Au revoir!  Arrivederci!  Goodbye!
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natashacoco · a year ago
natashacoco’s Joel Edgerton Masterlist
*UPDATED 09/05/2020*
If You Want the Best, Imma Need A Check
Mini Series
*Note, for some reason tumblr hates this and it doesn’t show up on my blog. If the links don’t work for you please let me know!
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stardust-danvers · 4 months ago
Sitting between his legs in bed. Back against chest. You read the darkling a book and he kisses your shoulders 🥺😩
With the war going on, there are very few moments like this. Moments where the war seems but a tale from far away, where peace seems to have settled.
But tonight is one of those rare, quiet nights as you sit between the legs of your lover and the leader of the Grisha.
You had been sitting on the bed reading a book when he had come in and placed himself behind your back. Peppering kisses over your exposed shoulders, relishing in the giggles that came from you when he did so.
"Will you read to me?" he'd asked after you had stopped giggling from the kisses and you had agreed.
Between paragraphs he still pressed kisses to you skin, perhaps reminding you, perhaps himself, that this was real. That the peace you had in this moment was real as the words flowed from your eyes to your lips into his ears.
Not that he was interested in any of the words that were written on the paper, but your voice was an extra reminder to him that he wouldn't suddenly wake up without you. That all of it had been a dream.
And so you spend most of the night together, reassuring the other that this was real and that they were there.
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twelvemagpies · a year ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Hunter X Hunter Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Characters: Leorio Paladiknight, Kurapika (Hunter X Hunter), Gon Freecs, Killua Zoldyck Additional Tags: killua doesn't have his electrician's license but it's fine you guys, -tall guy rights!- says nobody but leorio, holiday traditions that are absolutely not mito-approved, leorio diagnoses everyone with Found Family Bonding Time, set ambiguously at a point in canon where everybody can take 0.2 seconds to stop being dramatic
Summary: Leorio gets schooled on the true meaning of the holidays, Kurapika is an enabler of the worst caliber, Killua mostly showed up for the sweets, and Gon's just making it up as he goes along.
this is my hxh holiday exchange gift for @flamecrownedstag!! i'm so sorry this is late, i got nerfed with tech issues and this is the last file i was able to restore and access, which ig is just proof the gods didn't want me putting leorio through any more strife and nonsense this holiday season lmao
in any case, i hope you like this and happy new year!! cheers also to @shalnarkonice for running this!
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Text Transcript under the cut.
WITNESS REPORT: Corruption Number 0784, “Hydra”
Witness Relation to Corrupted Entity: Previous Manager
ETF: Intermediate 
Interviewee Agent: Codename: “Lightbulb”
Text-to-speech has been used to protect the identity of the witness.
Agent: Tell us what you knew of Richards.
Witness: Knew? Like, past tense? Does that mean… is he… 
Agent: Yes. 
Witness: …Alright. 
Witness sighs deeply.
Witness: It’s just… I don’t understand what happened to him. Like, he… he was so nice at first…
Agent: Begin your testimony, please.
Withness: …Okay. I’ll see what I can remember.
Agent: Take your time.
Witness pauses for a moment.
Witness: Well, He had been working for the restaurant for about… two years, now? That sounds right. He was nice. A good worker. Overworked himself a lot, though. Really tired all the time. 
Witness: He… he always jokes… or, joked about needing more arms. 
Witness begins breathing heavily.
Agent: Calm yourself, Ma’am. You’re safe now.
Witness: Yes… I’m sorry. 
Agent: Continue with the testimony.
Witness: Well, okay- One day he came in and he looked… really tired. Like, super tired. The bags under his eyes were deep and black, and he was taller. By, like, a few inches, I think? I didn’t measure him, obviously, I don’t know exactly. Anyway, he looked horrible, but was acting really weird. Not tired at all, maybe even a bit more energetic than he usually was. 
Witness: And… when we talked, he never made eye contact. He just kept… staring at my arms. I don’t think I’ll be able to forget the way he looked at them. It freaked me out, but he was doing good work, so I kept scheduling him. He seemed fine. 
Agent: You kept scheduling him?
Witness: Yeah, I shouldn’t have… 
Agent: Hindsight is 2020, Ma’am. Please continue.
Witness: Right, Right…. So, he, like, seemed fine at first. But his arm jokes got… weirder? Like, more detailed? I don’t know if that makes sense. He would, like, instead of saying he wanted more arms, he would say he wanted a specific person’s arms, while staring at them all weird. It started with coworkers, then he would stare at customers… I started getting complaints… 
Witness: What finally got me to sort of… stop him was when we got a complaint that he… grabbed someone’s arm and started pulling. Hard. I stopped scheduling him after that. It was too much. That was the last I saw of him for a while. 
Agent: When did you see him next?
Witness: Well, I heard about Rob a few days later… They found him in his apartment with his… arms ripped off. I saw it on the news when I got home. They never showed any pictures, but I could see it in my head. And I couldn’t stop thinking about Sam. Like, it reminded me of him a little too much.
Witness: After that, one night, I saw something out in my backyard. I could… smell Sam’s cologne, but it didn’t look like him. It was dark, so I only saw, like, his shadow. He had about, eight arms coming out of his face and chest, and he turned to look at me… I thought it was a bad dream. I didn’t see a trace of him being there in the morning. I’m lucky I had the doors locked.
Witness: I heard about that family on the news… I remembered them coming in that day. They were the ones who complained.
Agent: The person who’s arms he pulled? In the restaurant? 
Witness: Yeah… I knew it was him at that point. But… I was too scared he would come after me, so I didn’t say anything… 
Agent: You did the right thing. Protecting you is our priority.
Witness: That’s… good to hear, I guess. But I can’t stop thinking about that thing I saw that night… Like he’s grabbed my brain and won’t let go.
Agent: I can help you with that. 
Witness: What is that? A needle? I’m not going to start, like, doing drugs or whatever because of this.
Agent: It is not like that, Ma’am. I am going to inject you with this, and within five minutes you will forget about ever seeing the creature. 
Witness: Like in that men in black movie? …I’ll forget about Sam? 
Agent: Yes. Come with me.
Witness: …Thank you.
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trainviking · a year ago
Trip report on EuroCity (EC) from Zürich Hb to Hamburg Hbf (between Mainz Hbf and Köln Hbf) 
A trip-report on the EuroCity (EC) 8 between Zürich HB and Hamburg Hbf. 
The special thing about this train is the panorama car on first class. I'll take this train on the pretiest part of the route between Mainz & Cologne. 
This train will stop at the following stations. Zürich HB, Basel SBB, Basel Bad Bf, Freiburg(Breisgau) Hbf, Baden-Baden, Karlsruhe Hbf, Mannheim Hbf, Mainz Hbf, Koblenz Hbf, Bonn Hbf, Köln Hbf, Düsseldorf Hbf, Duisburg Hbf, Essen Hbf, Gelsenkirchen Hbf, Münster(Westf)Hbf, Osnabrück Hbf, Bremen Hbf, Hamburg-Harburg, Hamburg Hbf, Hamburg Dammtor & Hamburg-Altona.
Trip report #20
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ogcosmicfragment · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Leonardo Dicaprio met Lina Wertmüller and Giancarlo Giannini in Cannes, yesterday, May 22nd 2019.
Lina Vertmüller was the first woman ever nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Director’s category in 1977 for the movie Seven Beauties - nominated also for Best Original Screenplay and Best Foreign Language Movie - starring the very same Giancarlo Giannini.
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stardust-danvers · 4 months ago
Making a flower crown for the darkling as gift 🧡 I just know his reaction would be priceless ksksksks
It would be! He is definitely not used to recieving gifts and especially not delicate ones like this.
He knows he is a destructive force of nature and here you are, offering him a gift that could easily be broken if he isn't careful. You're likely alone in a meadow when this happens, on something of a picnic either of you organised when you give it to him.
The crown itself is mostly composed of white and yellow flowers because their long stems make for easy braiding, contrasting the dark black clothes he always wears.
It feels strange when you set it on his head, but he thanks you for it nonetheless. A crown is something worn by a king and he is not one, yet when the delicately braided stems are placed on his head, he feels like he is.
And the truth is, he is a king. Of your heart, but you are yet to tell him that...
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metrocentric · a year ago
Tumblr media
Zürich Hauptbahnhof
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