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camilo !!
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Legionnaires in Young Justice S04E03
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Young Justice: Outsiders, Nightmare Monkeys
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Young Justice: Phantoms, Odnu
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So we're getting the Captain back, eh?
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camilomarrymegal · 9 days ago
will you do a camilo x reader who is insecure about their spanish speaking skills? <3
i shall do my best for you, anon!:]
the reader will have gender neutral pronouns since there wasn’t any specification :}
You are Perfect
no matter how much you practiced, you couldn’t get any better at pronouncing these spanish words. you had moved to colombia from the U.S. so you didn’t know much spanish besides the basics.
thankfully you had met the lovely madrigal family! if it weren’t for them, you would’ve been stuck not knowing what most people are saying. you especially were thankful for camilo, who was truly the whole reason you moved there. he constantly helped you with the language starting with the basic affectionate names and greetings.
you rushed out of your small house in town, running to casita. you had been practicing this all night and you needed to try it out.
it was nerve wracking waiting for camilo to open the door. he usually never took this long, always eager to greet his beloved. in the time you had to yourself, you practiced the secret word over and over, getting more insecure about your pronunciation. you didn’t want to act confident when saying it just to get it wrong.
the door of casita quickly opened and you jumped, yelping. “sorry, y/n! are you looking for camilo?” it was mirabel. you nodded timidly.
“he’s just in his room, i think he’s just trying his best to dress nice for you.” she chuckled as she threw you a wink, running off to town leaving casita’s door open.
you walked in slowly until casita suddenly pushed you to camilo’s room, opening the door to throw you inside before slamming it shut. camilo jumped as you were pushed inside his room, catching you to make sure you didn’t fall. your nose collided with his chest. you leaned your head back and rubbed it, your eyes tearing up a bit.
“jeez casita, be less aggressive next time or she could’ve gotten hurt!” his tone was angry which scared you a bit, casita was just being impatient, that’s all. the floor tiles went up and down as if casita was sulking. he helped you stand, checking your face and arms to make sure nowhere else was hurt.
“sorry i took so long, mi amor. i was just nervous when getting ready.” you noticed he had his ruana off and a nice dark reddish-brown button up shirt on. he could almost pass for his uncle bruno. or as you should say, tío bruno.
“mi amor..” you said softy, trying to make the same ending ‘r’ noise as he did, but you found it hard because you couldn’t exactly roll your tongue to make the same noise. you looked up at him and he smiled lovingly.
“that was great. i’m so proud of you.” he tapped your forehead with his own and you sighed, still upset. you have so much trouble pronouncing these words because you overthink, not because it’s actually hard.
you took a deep breath in, wanting to call him the nickname you’ve been practicing but you exhale, unable to do it. he lifts your chin so your eyes meet, his eyes full of worry.
“what’s wrong, y/n?” he searched your eyes as you frowned, the familiar lump in your throat forming. you tried to swallow it down but you couldn’t, causing your eyes to water. you looked down.
“is this because of the whole pronunciation thing..?” he knew you’d been having trouble accepting how you pronounced things and felt embarrassed speaking spanish too confidently.
“y-yes… i just feel like.. if i speak so confidently but get it wrong then they’ll think i’m a narcissist or something…” camilo gazed at you softly, wiping your falling tears. he pulled you into a hug, his chin resting atop your head.
“you’re perfect no matter how you say it. it’s okay to be confident and get things wrong, it happens. mistakes are what help you learn.” his words were so gentle that you couldn’t stop the flowing tears as your grasped his shirt.
“thank you…. cariño…” you mumbled. you finally used the nickname. camilo jumped slightly at your words, but still held you. he felt his face get red.
“you’re pronunciation is perfect. you’re doing so well.” he let go to look at your face as you smiled, wiping your tears with his hands. he lightly kissed you, resting his forehead on yours once again.
“practice makes perfect. believe in yourself and don’t be afraid to accept criticism.” you nodded as his hands held your face. he kissed your forehead before taking your hands in his.
“let’s go have some fun, shall we?”
aahhh, i finally finished something. i have another fic i was planning on finishing before this, but i loved this request so much i had to do it.
i found it really easy to write this and kind of self-inserted a bit, i’m also really insecure about my spanish pronunciation and only really speak it with my friends who are learning it instead of my classmate that actually speaks it fluently. the best thing is to be open to any criticism and just be confident in what you know! if you have questions, ask, etc etc.
thanks for reading and i hope that this was satisfactory for you, anon! ♥︎
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Young Justice Phantoms End Credits Ep 1-10
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the Legion(s) of.... Who’s Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe (1985—1987)
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legion crumbs bby
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Shrinking Violet, Chameleon Boy, and Validus by Steve Lightle.
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"0 days since last the Brainiac 5 incident"
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There are Four Legionnaires
This is a joke until it isn’t , but I’ll call it now that the Mars Legion mission has Saturn Girl, Phantom Girl, Chameleon Boy, and Invisible Kid. That’s right, Lyle has been there the entire time. I think I also know why it is specifically Imra, Cham, and Tinya on this mission. They are on mars, and Martians main abilities are telepathy, shape-shifting, and phasing. But that is also why I think invisible kid is there because another of there main abilities is invisibility.
Tumblr media
Also side note, I love how they got Kari Wahlgren to reprise her role as Imra, man I loved the 2006 Legion show.
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honeybunhalo · 7 months ago
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Here’s a collection of Legion of Super-Heroes (Cartoon) drawings I made for my friend's birthday, @dogsigil​!! Yes, the same friend who invited me to their house a few years ago, made me watch the entire series in like 2 and a half days (Which i was down for. Don't get it twisted) and then they asked my opinion on it. Now LOSH lives in my head rent free. Anyway, I love that heretical and radical person. They are truly a genuinely good bean, so I decided to give them what they really wanted.
This started as just Brainy as Cursed Emojis but it really spiraled into a lot more. I used a new brush to draw the cursed emojis and am really happy with how it turned out. I made the Tiny Legion Founders and Phantom Girl drawings their own images. I was inspired to make this because of this fantastic post by @redinthesea​
Feel free to download the image below. It’s transparent so you can crop the faces to use them as emojis or whatever. Just don't repost my non emoji art and don’t use them without credit
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Legionnaires in Young Justice S04E02
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Shout out to the Young Justice subreddit for making this discovery:
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Soooooooooooo, why are they in Metropolis?? Oh man are they after Clark and Jon now???
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116t98 · a month ago
Ooh, Saturn Girl and Chameleon Boy are in the end credit stinger; will they (or other Legionnaires) be in this arc too? 👀
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romancemedia · 3 months ago
The Legions Mission: Save Superboy
Tumblr media
It’s clear now what the Legions mission really was all along. The reason they had been following Supermartian and Beast Boy was to protect them from an unknown enemy, but now we know exactly who they were trying to protect... Superboy.
Whoever this mysterious villain is, he was after Superboy all along. The look he gave right before he approached the bomb, it was clear Superboy was his target. The camera zoomed in toward Superboy’s direction and then he smirked, a clear sign of who his intended target was.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Plus lets not forget that the Dessad said the bomb only affected Martians, but he never mentioned anything about Kryptonians. This means this mystery villain was the one who included the kryptonite onto the bomb which was clearly shown right here.
Tumblr media
He knew Superboy would realize the bomb was deadly to martians and he would sacrifice himself to save those he loves like Miss Martian and Beast Boy since he would be immune to the virus effects. In his weakened state, the heat from the lava and by adding the kryptonite onto the bomb, he would further ensured Superboy’s demise.
Plus the Legions had to keep their distance when Miss Martian was around, especially after she caught on to Saturn Girl’s psychic touch, but once she was gone, they could get closer to protect Superboy since he doesn’t possess psychic powers and therefore he wouldn’t have been able to sense them. If they were protecting the whole group then the Legion would have split up, but since they didn’t follow Miss Martian and instead stayed in close range of Superboy, it’s further proof that protecting him was their main goal all along.
Whoever this mystery future villain is, his goal to kill Superboy and it appears he was successful, but the Legion disappeared soon afterwards and so it’s possible they might have actually accomplished their mission to rescue Superboy. What this means for the future of the show remains to be seen, but I think it’s safe to say Superboy holds the key to this new mystery regarding the Legion and this new big bad.
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the JSA’s influence is unavoidable and inevitable
JSA #51
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Superboy: in hell (at least figuratively speaking)
Legion of Super-Heroes: C H I L L I N G
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Long Live the Legion
Chris Batista - Marc Deering
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