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i’m sorry but what were people on when they watched Eternals and decided to hate it so much??? it is EASILY one of the best marvel movies and it also has some of the BEST fight scenes in any marvel movie, ever !! this was so so good,, eternals WILL return bitch lets gooooo
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guyramsayfieri · 6 days ago
Idk man, the eternals (while definitely having some interesting and problematique optics) wasn’t bad. I think a lot of people forget they have to buy into the logic of the movie world and just have fun with it. It felt like a good exploration of what living for millennia might do to a group of people deigned as gods, but who also still view themselves as family. Yeah the exposition was clunky but what can you do when you have to drop decades of comic history in 2 1/2 hours?
#also…maybe it’s just me but phastos saying I regret helping humanity advance #didn’t mean he directly contributed to Hiroshima and nuclear weaponry rather than any tech he offered us would result in our advancement to #that point and he regretted /that/ #idk I’d say bad optics to give it to the only black actor but he wasn’t? and the cast was the most diverse I’ve ever seen in a marvel film #(in any mainstream pop culture film actually) and it was grappling with such big themes that idk it feels like #people critiquing it so much really want to see diverse films and creators fail #text #also makkari and druig were my favorite characters #Gilgamesh hit close to #top character but idk the way druig and makkari interacted was so much #also critiquing the eternals for not preventing human conflicts isn’t valid and I’ll tell you why: #they’re not real people they’re storytelling devices and the conflict between ajak and druig was free-will vs control #like would you rather we exist as unfeeling robots for a god above us to control? or allow us to be messy and fucked up but autonomous #that’s what that’s about. they’re not real people so their actions can’t be judged morally #phastos was also the sweetest man ever I loved him so much #him and sersi #also all of the eternals were so very hot #thank you Chloe zhao #also Karuns little thank you speech meant so much to me I was 🥺 #do wish that kumail #was in the final fight but I think the internal family conflict - paralleling him and ikarus- was so cool #I loved how they contrasted each other - the not turning on family thing and being neutral was wrong but 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ idk someone had to #and his powers were the least instrumental to the final fight #*when I say most diverse I do mean it showed a range of races gender and sexuality
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Tumblr media
— TITLE :: The Girl in the Bathroom
— CHARACTERS :: Chloe Zhao, Qian Kun, Johnny Suh.
— WARNINGS ::  Smut. She sucks dick in a bathroom. Infidelity. Angst. Crying. Arguing.
— WORD COUNT :: 4.2k
— SUMMARY ::  It’s the end. She just has to deal with it.
Tumblr media
Sitting in the same room with him feels suffocating. 
He doesn’t even have to say anything for her to feel like she’s running out of air. 
Her lungs are collapsing in on her as she holds her breath, face unreadable and hands in her lap. He leaned against the doorframe, bouquet of roses in one hand as Chloe sat and got her makeup done. 
She hates roses. They’re the most basic flower ever. Chloe thinks they symbolize guilt more than love. When her stylist moves to her side, brushing her hair back and behind her ear. Johnny, dawning a white face mask covering half his face but by the way he eyes crinkle softly, he’s forcing a smile.
Chloe smiles back, softer than she usually would.
She thinks back to a few months ago when they were happy. When she could look at him and not feel like the stupidest person in the room. Every time she looks at him, she just feels so stupid.
Her stylist coos cutely when Johnny gets on his knees in front of her chair, putting the roses out to her, smiling brightly now. Chloe smiles as well, knowing he’s only smiling like that because he’s getting positive attention.
She knows Johnny too well.
“Thank you, baby,” Chloe says, holding the roses to her chest like a newborn baby. Johnny laughs as he stands up, pulling his mask below his chin to kiss Chloe’s forehead.
They’ve been trying to just go back to normal. Pretend that Jiah never told Chloe what happened in their kitchen between Nakyung and Johnny. Johnny’s one hell of an actor because after the massive fight they had, he went on like nothing happened. Continuing to be the perfect doting boyfriend.
Chloe feels like a charity case. She feels like a burden like some child Johnny is forced to look after even though he’s long gotten bored of her. 
But the thought of leaving him and having to fall in love with someone else is such a terrifying one. She can’t do it. She’s stuck. He’s all she knows and the thought of having to start over, find someone else to put her trust in again, to devote herself fully to––She can’t stand the thought. 
A part of her can’t stand the thought of loving anyone but Johnny.
They’ve been together for three long years now. Three years she thought were perfect but he clearly didn’t. She’s been thinking over everything she’s done and has done to try and understand how he got to the decision to fuck one of her best friends but she comes out up empty handed each time.
Chloe knows it isn’t her fault but she can’t find it in herself to blame Johnny. After years of telling herself he’s the image of perfection, he can’t mess up. Nothing is ever his fault in her eyes. It always has to be someone else's. 
“Are you staying to watch me perform?” Chloe asks, letting her manager take her roses from her arms and puts them on the table next to Chloe with the rest of her gifts. She uses the opportunity to take Johnny’s hand into hers as her makeup artist dusts a rosy blush on the tops of her cheekbones. 
Johnny nods.
“Yeah, and I’ll take you out afterwards,” Chloe smiles at that, feeling him squeeze her hand. “And we can just hang out later, yeah?”
Chloe nods, pulling his hand towards her lips so she can press them against the top of it, leaving a glossy red lip print on his skin, causing her to smile fondly up at him.
“Yeah,” Chloe whispers, watching him smile at the marking on his hand, pulling his mask down again and leaning down to kiss her lips quickly.
She misses feeling warm when being kissed. All she feels is nothing.
Tumblr media
Johnny’s picked up this habit of telling Chloe to meet him in the SM building and then telling her he’ll be out in fifteen minutes which turns into thirty. One time, she waited an hour for him to come out. She’s going on twenty minutes of sitting in the SM break room, tossing her water bottle from hand to hand.
She sighs when she hears footsteps walk into the break room. She’s not up for awkward conversation but forces herself to look up. Qian Kun passes the table she sits at, giving her a polite smile and bow as he makes his way to the vending machine.
“Hi,” Chloe blurts, not standing from her seat but putting her water bottle on the table. Kun looks over his shoulder at her, smiling again at her.
“Hello,” Kun says, looking the girl over before looking back up at her face, “Chloe, right? Johnny’s girlfriend?” Chloe nods with a sigh.
“Yup, that’s me,” She doesn’t wear that title so proudly anymore. Especially with the sympathetic head tilt Kun gives her. He knows. He has to know. It seems like everyone knows Chloe got cheated on and was still around. It’s pathetic.
“Are you waiting for him?” Kun asks as he leans against the vending machine, black card in hand as Chloe nods, quirking her lips to the side.
“Yeah, he said he’d be done in ten minutes–”
“And it’s been twenty?” Chloe can’t help but giggle a bit at Kun’s quip, nodding with a smile. She quickly learns that Kun is charming and makes any conversation easy
She guesses that’s how they ended up in the bathroom together, his lips pressed against hers and her hands pawing at his shirt like some hungry animal.
In situations like these, Chloe wishes she was more experienced with men. She’s only done any of this with one man. She only knows how fuck one guy and it’s not the man whos got her pressed up against a wall, his hands tight on her hips and lips pressed feverishly to hers. Chloe holds tightly onto his waist when she feels his tongue slip in her mouth and lick around inside. She moves her hand to the back of his neck, holding onto the hair at the nape before pulling back.
“Let me suck your dick,” Chloe whispers, her brain on autopilot. She doesn’t even feel like she’s in her own body as Kun just nods at her request before reattaching their lips for a few more moments, flipping them so he’s against the wall now.
Physically, kissing Kun felt incredible. His lips were soft and how they moved against hers made her stomach erupt with butterflies and the tips of her fingers tingle.
Mentally, it felt like hell. She felt bad even though she shouldn’t. If Johnny could do this so effortlessly, why can’t she? She’s attracted to Kun, who wouldn’t be? He’s stunning. This should be easy. She just needs to turn her brain off.
So she does just that. She drops to her knees, trying her hardest to ignore the way her knees hit the cold tile floor. Chloe pulls down his pants after he undoes his belt. Their hands bump against each other as she lifts her hands up to pull his underwear down, making her laugh softly through her nose, smiling up at the man. 
Kun smiles down at her, laughing through his nose as well as he continues pulling his underwear down. It’s no surprise Kun has a nice dick. She doesn’t stare at it too long though, brain on autopilot as she wraps her fingers around the base of his cock, sitting herself up a bit straighter to wrap her lips around the head.
Kun lets his head fall back against the wall with a soft groan. His fingers carding through her black hair to keep it out of her face, licking his lips as she lowers herself down further, taking Kun's cock inch by inch until she’s at her limit. She doesn’t want to gag in front of him or start drooling all over herself like she usually does when she sucks dick.
She doesn’t know him like that. It’d be weird, right? Chloe doesn’t have much experience here.
Chloe bobs her head, sucking more and more of Kun in with every movement. She can’t help but to moan when she feels his thumb stroke her cheek, causing her to look up at him.
“Yeah, you like that, don’t you?” She moans at how low his voice is, her eyes shutting as he rocked his hips ever so slightly. She can feel herself start to drool despite her best efforts not to, the warm and wet slick running from her mouth and down her chin. Kun tilts his head down at the sight, moaning as his hand rests on the back of her head.
Chloe can feel her thighs tremble and tighten every time Kun does anything. Everything he does it turns her on. She can’t remember the last time someone made her feel this turned on. 
She balls her dress into her palms as she swallows down his cock, feeling him touch the back of her throat. Expectantly she gags around him, eyes shutting tightly as he lets go of her head to let her pull off his cock with a whine when spit falls from her lips.
Kun without hesitation, wipes her mouth with his sleeve when he sees how much the drool is bothering her. 
“If it means anything,” Kun smiles as Chloe looks up at him, chest heaving slightly as she lets go of her dress to wrap her hand around his cock, “you look really good sucking dick.” Chloe smiles up at him, resting her head on his thigh with a small laugh.
“You’re so nice,” She whispers before leaning in to kiss the head of his cock sweetly, causing him to laugh softly down at her, knitting his brows at her actions. He opens his mouth to say something about how sweet she is, but she cuts him off by swallowing his cock down with one god.
Kun cried out, biting on his fist to silence himself before looking down at Chloe as her nose pressed against his abdomen. The girl pushes herself to suck harder and fight back any gagging she can feel rising up her throat, looking up at him as he cards a hand through her hair again.
"You look so pretty sucking dick," His voice was high and airy, it made Chloe’s thighs tremble.  "But you already know that, don’t you?"
Chloe’s brows knit together, making a noise to show she doesn’t agree. That makes Kun laugh a bit, raising his eyebrows at her disagreement, eyes screwing shut when her throat contracts around him. He pulls her off by tugging her by her hair, she gasps up at him with a small whimper.
“What? What’s wrong?” Chloe asks, voice a bit hoarse, Kun shakes his head down at her as she rests her hands on his thighs.
“Get up,” She listens without hesitation, standing despite her legs being weak  and wobbly. He takes her arms into his hands to help her keep her balance, leading her over to the sink. He moans softly at their reflection, his lips attaching to her neck as he presses her against the sink.
She feels like her mind is turning to static when she sees her reflection, feeling her dress get lifted up and hands skirt up to her panties, causing her to jerk up and grab his wrist like his touch burnt her.
“You can’t fuck me,” Chloe says meeting Kun’s gaze in their reflection, he doesn’t look offended or shocked just nods. “That–That’d be wrong. More wrong than–”
“You don’t have to explain it to me,” Kun says seriously but softly, resting his hand on her hip as he drapes his body over her. She can feel his cock against her ass and his chest against her back, his lips brush over the shell of her ear. It gives her butterflies and she can’t help but to want to be kissed again, whimpering softly as she drops her head but Kun doesn’t miss a beat when he wraps a hand around her throat to pick her chin up to make her look up at the mirror again.
“You say stop and we stop, okay? Just tell me when it's too much,” His fingers skim up her thigh, two of them pushing her underwear to the side to dip his fingers in and run between her folds. Her eyes flutter shut, feeling his fingers hold her jaw to keep her head up as she moans quietly, bucking her hips into his fingers as he rubs her clit. She whimpers when he feels him grind against the fabric of her underwear. 
Chloe swallows thickly as she opens her eyes just to look at her reflection, moaning again at the sight of herself. 
Whoever the girl in the mirror is, it’s not her. Whoever she is, she’s beautiful. She reminds Chloe of an angel. She looks beautiful and blissful. She can’t look away. She couldn’t look away even if she wanted to because Kun's grip on her jaw makes her stare straight ahead at the girl in front of her.
“You got this wet just from sucking my dick? You’re such a good girl, hm?” Chloe whines loudly at his words, skillfully rocking her hips against his fingers and cock. Kun moans softly in her ear, causing her to whine again as his lips attach to his lips to her neck.
Chloe’s never felt more numb yet alive in her life. She swears her brain isn’t working anymore but her heart is beating so fast it sends her whole body into overdrive, hand reaching back to hold onto Kun’s shirt as the knot in her stomach gets tighter and tighter and tighter–
“You’re trembling, baby,” He whispers, pulling her underwear down her thighs, sinking a finger inside her once they’re out of the way. Chloe’s thighs tremble again at that, looking up at their reflection as he dipped another finger inside her, stretching her walls a bit. She whines loudly, eyes shutting as she looks up to meet his gaze in the mirror. He’s looking at her like she’s some work of art, eyes shimmering and fond smile on his lips, it gives her butterflies.
She feels cared for. It’s been so long since she’s felt that.
“You see how pretty you are? You’re just so pretty, Chloe,” Kun whispers, reaching over to crash their lips in a searing kiss both of them have been craving. His hand finally leaves her jaw to go between her legs, rubbing deep circles into her clit as his fingers pumped in and out of her at an overwhelming pace.
Chloe’s always been easy to overwhelm. She’s sensitive everywhere, sex was no exception. Her eyes screwed shut as her head dropped, a string of whines and whimpers leaving her mouth as she felt rut against the back of her thigh. The whole situation is absolutely filthy and something Chloe never saw herself doing nor getting off on, but feeling the way his cock leaked against her skin and how he rutted against it, wanting more of her––It was insanely erotic. She tightens around him, letting out a sharp whimper before her orgasm suddenly hits her, knocking the wind out of her.
Kun stops his rutting to work her through her orgasm, kissing the side of her head before ducking down to kiss her cheek as she takes long deep breaths, trying to bring herself back down to Earth. She blinks hard a few times before she can finally see straight and it takes Kun sliding his fingers out of her for her to really come back to reality.
Reality sucks. It really sucks.
Without really any words, Chloe drops to her knees again, taking Kun’s painfully hard cock in her hand and taking the head into her mouth, sucking and swirling her tongue around it with new found determination to get this over with.
It didn’t take long. It didn’t take long at all actually. Maybe a few seconds of Chloe sucking and working what she couldn’t fit into her mouth before he was spilling into her mouth with a beautiful moan she could only classify as musical. Kun really is a great guy. He really is. Which makes the feeling of disgust that washes over her even more hard to digest.
She swallows his cum as fast as she can, hating the taste more than she’d like to admit, a grimace on her face before she falls back and sits on her heels. Kun rests one hand on the sink to balance himself, looking beautiful and blissed out as his high slowly crashes.
He’s beautiful. He’s so beautiful. 
She’s not. She’s anything but beautiful, especially in this moment. She feels like a cheap whore who just cheated on her boyfriend because that’s what she was. It didn’t feel empowering or right to do what Johnny did to her. It just felt wrong. She felt wrong. 
Chloe bites the inside of her cheek as she stares at the bathroom floor before pushing herself up. She avoids Kun’s gaze as she pulls her underwear back up, ripping a few paper towels from the dispenser, using them to wipe between her legs and the back of her thigh. 
God, she’s never felt cheaper in her life. 
“We don’t have to–”
“Don’t tell him,” Is all Chloe says when she finally looks up at Kun, both of their faces serious and hard to read. “Don’t tell anyone. It’s not happening again.”
Kun nods, swallowing as he adjusts his pants with the hand that isn’t resting on the sink. Chloe tosses the used paper towels away, making her way to exit the bathroom before Kun grabs her arm, pulling her back into him and kissing her.
Chloe doesn’t resist. She just melts into the kiss, one hand taking his shirt in her hand just as he pulls away to look down at the girl. Kun has the kindest eyes she’s ever seen, she thinks as he offers her a small smile. 
“I’ll be here if you want me,” He says quietly, leaning down to kiss her forehead as he lets her go. It takes her a second to actually get her feet to move and leave the bathroom and once she does she wishes she didn’t.
Reality actually hits and it’s damn near debilitating.
She stops at a water fountain first, swishing the water around in her mouth before swallowing it, hoping that’ll help cover up what she just did in SM’s break room bathroom. 
It seems to do the trick because Johnny doesn’t say anything about it when they meet up in the breakroom where he said he’d meet her forty-five minutes ago.
Just puts his arm around her shoulder and spins his keys around with the other hand. 
She simply rests herself into his side, trying to find some comfort in his warmth as they walk to the stairwell. 
She finds very little.
Tumblr media
Hotel rooms were always fun to Chloe. They felt like a different world to her. 
At the start, she would pretend they were her and Johnny’s own little home and they were the perfect married couple living inside it. It was a fun fantasy that usually made her whole month, but now as she sat on the hotel bed, watching Johnny peel off his shirt to get in the shower, she felt like a prisoner. 
Johnny wasn’t holding her here against her will or even forcing him to stay with her, it was all her. She’s the one who said she forgave him, she’s the one who said they can work it out––This is all her doing. She can’t stand herself sometimes. She’s so miserable it hurts but she still can’t bear the thought of living without Johnny.
“You okay?” Johnny asks, standing in front of her as he put his hand out for her to take which she did no hesitation. Johnny is beautiful. He’s lean and long with pretty smooth tanned skin. He’s everything she ever dreamed of in a man. 
Chloe drops her cheek on his hand, sighing loudly with a shake on her head.
“I just–” She doesn’t even know where to start or what to say. I just hate how you fucked my best friend or I just fucked one of your friends in a bathroom or I just love you so much it’s hurting me. She couldn’t get any of it out. Tears formed in her eyes as she lifted her head to look down at their hands, rubbing her lips together, using every ounce of willpower in her little body to not cry.
“I just feel stupid,” She finally gets out in a hushed whisper. The water is running. She just notices the shushing sound of the shower spraying from the bathroom. Johnny kneels down in front of her, squeezing her hand tightly.
“Well, you’re not.” Chloe has to hold herself back from rolling her eyes, but she sighs loudly, shutting her eyes. “You’re easily the smartest girl I’ve ever met. Come on. You? Stupid? Never.” She can feel tears run down her cheeks as he talks in that stupid faux cheerful voice he uses when he doesn’t know what to say. It only makes the tears roll out faster.
“Every time I look at you I just feel so stupid,” She admits, feeling his hold on her hand loosen a bit, “We shouldn’t have stayed together–”
“Chlo, come on,” Johnny takes her chin in his hand and it reminds her of Kun almost instantly. That makes her cry a little harder. “We’re working it out. It’s...It’s going to get better–”
“I gave Kun a blowjob when I waited for you today,” Chloe spits out just so he stops speaking in that tone like everything was fine, watching his face drop at her blunt confession. “I wanted to know how it felt. To understand why–”
“My god, Chloe,” Johnny groans as he stands up, letting go of her face and utterly disgusted look on his. He doesn’t look at her like he can’t bear the sight of her anymore. “You know, you might be right because that’s the stupidest shit I’ve ever heard come out of your mouth.”
“You should hear the shit that comes out of yours half the time.”
“This isn’t about me–”
“No, John, it is about you because if you didn’t fuck my best friend we wouldn’t be doing this.”
“You cheating on me has nothing to–”
“Like you care,” Chloe interrupts, hiding the shock she felt when she sees how shocked he is at her teary interjection. “You haven’t fucked me in months.”
“You don’t want to fuck! I’m not fucking you if you don’t want to!” Johnny shouts, clearing agitated, and it sucks because he’s right. Chole hasn’t wanted to fuck because she’s scared he’ll be thinking about Nakyung instead of her. It makes her groan in frustration, standing from the bed.
“I don’t know how you did it,” Chloe wipes furiously at her cheeks to get the tears to maybe stop but they just don’t, “I felt like shit the entire time and he wasn’t even inside me. All I could think about was you! And how you’d feel! And it sucks because I know you didn’t–” There she goes, making herself cry again. This time it’s actual crying, sobs and all, shrinking down to try and be less visible but she knows he can still see her.
Chloe feels arms wrap around her and she can’t stop herself from wrapping herself around him, taking in the warmth of his skin as her hands splay across his back.
“I’m going to fix this, Chlo,” Johnny whispers into her hair, causing her to sob once again but this time into his chest. “We’re going to fix this. It’s going to be just fine. We’re going to be just fine.”
It’s taken Chloe a long time to realize she doesn’t want to be “just fine” again. She wants to be happy again. She can’t be happy with Johnny. Not now. Not after everything they’ve been through and put each other through. They can’t. They don’t fit anymore. 
“Johnny,” Chloe pulls back from his chest, feeling him take her face into his hands and swipe at her tears with his thumbs. 
“Johnny, we have to break up. We–We can’t keep doing this,” She can see him shake his head from above her but she doesn’t pay it any mind, just rests her hand on his arm sniffling when she starts to feel the weight be lifted. 
She should feel happy. She should feel free. But a big part of her is terrified of freedom and what comes with it.
“We have to. I–I can’t do it anymore,” Her voice is straining like the words have to be forced out of her to happen. Finally, she looks up at his face, taking him in her hands and stroking at his cheekbones with her thumbs. 
“I thought I could and I can’t. I’m sorry.” She knows she isn’t the one who needs to apologize but the look of utter devastation on Johnny’s face makes her feel like she needs to. He just nods, swallowing as he pulls her head towards him, kissing her forehead as her hands rest on his shoulders.
“I’m sorry for...for everything,” She wishes he would just say it, that he’s sorry for the cheating, but she can’t be picky. 
It’s the end. She just has to deal with it.
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people-will-definitely-talk · 2 months ago
Marvel’s The Eternals (spoiler free)
Putting my hands out here saying first of all that this is gonna be all spoiler-free, because I’m not a highly paid Variety reporter who got to watch The Eternals’ premiere three weeks before it came out to the whole ass world only to spoil the post-credits scene on twitter as soon as I got out of the screening (for those who didn’t know, this happened for real. Thank you so much, Mr. Matt Donnelly, for spoiling the movie weeks before it came out.)
So, back to our little spoiler-free review because booooy, this movie. This movie. Just thinking about it makes me go through a rollercoaster of emotions I didn’t even think I was capable of feeling.
At first, I wasn’t really excited this much for a film about the Eternals and Shang Chi, mostly because their introduction after the Infinity saga felt wrong, like trying to add an extra piece to an already finished puzzle, but then, I started thinking of it the other way round: the first two pieces set down to start a completely new picture. So, from this point of view I started getting more invested in both movies as more teasers and trailers came out, and Shang Chi definitely ended up not disappointing (man I fucking loved that movie).
The Eternals, not so much. That is definitely not to say that the movie deserved the review bombings against lgbt+ representation nor such a low score on RottenTomatoes, because it may not be perfection itself, but it is quite good and all those people who went against all the rep better watch their backs because I can aND WILL FIND THEM-
Tumblr media
As I was saying, if you want a concise opinion, just so you can decide wether to go to the movies or wait for a Disney+ release and then close the tab, I’ll sum up the whole review with this: overall, the movie is really, like really good, with an amazing cast and photography, and it’s totally worth your money to go and watch it in an actual cinema, but there are some things that marvel probably didn’t think of, that ended up sinking a bit the overall quality of the film. Have you made up your mind on going at the movies? If you have a little more time and do want to know a bit more about what makes Marvel’s The Eternals at the same time both a really good and really bad film (always spoiler-free, mind you), then you only need to keep on reading and we’ll tackle it all together.
1) First off, the photography. Chloe Zhao is a great director and makes use of a particular photography, which for the rendering of the Eternals, mystic figures whose names, personalities and destinies match our actual myths (i.e. Gilgamesh, Ikaris from Icarus, Phastos from haphaestus, Thena from Athena, etc.) is perfect. However it seems as if they totally abused of this photography in the movie, really there are some pretty long sequences in which all you see are blurred figures in backlight, which to me is a big no no.
2) The plot. It’s really good. Really. But it felt like it was overstuffed. That is, it felt like I experienced the whole ass plot of the Cap trilogy in one single movie, and that leads imo to a lot of confusion and misunderstandings of the plot itself, which is already more “adult” and heavy compared to the other mcu films. The reason why lots of people are saying “it doesn’t feel like a Marvel movie” is because of this which, coupled with the fact that it’s almost three hours long, makes it a bit hard to concentrate. I personally came out of the cinema with an awful headache after my shortsighted and astigmatic ass spent 2h 40min staring at a big screen while also trying to follow all the plot points. (There is also a huge ass articulated speech I wanted to write about how Marvel movies were born to entertain and shut down your brain for two hours, not to be heavy three-hours-long indie movies that leave you feeling like your brain melted, but this is not the time) Overall though, the plot really is good, like I said before, except for one particular thing that has nowadays become a fixed point in every. fucking. disney movie. aka, the “good guy turns out to be a bad guy who’s been working against the actual heroes of the story this whole time” plot twist. It started with Wreck It Ralph and it went on with Frozen, with The Nutcracker, with basically every single product since fucking 2012, @ Disney give it a rest.
Tumblr media
3) The sex scene, for which I have two comments: first, my dad did not have to hastily cover my eyes in a cinema in 2008 while Tony Stark started humping Christine Everheart onscreen for y’all to say that Eternals is the first marvel movie with a “dirty” scene. And second, it’s useless af. When every review was saying “oh it’s the first marvel movie with a sex scene! oh oh oh! such a wonder!” I thought that it was, y’know, important to the plot in some way, just like in Iron Man. Instead while in Iron Man the scene was at least a bit useful in understanding Tony Stark’s pre-arc reactor character, what we got here was two full minutes of straight sex just because, which is something that I can’t fucking stand as it’s happening nowadays in every. single. piece. of modern media.
So here it is. Overall, every ten minutes of this film just make you go in a loop of
Tumblr media
and that is not to say it’s a horrible movie, nor that it’s perfection itself.
It just. It simply did not meet the high expectations that Marvel built on some aspects of it.
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Tumblr media
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#though i’d argue the ‘dotn enter medical fields if you can’t provide the care’ is intended less as an analysis of christian logic and more a
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There’s a ton to say about gender in line of duty but one specific small thing that I love is the necklines on these women’s wardrobes. In so many areas of life, including casual office work wear and formalwear, women’s clothing has much lower necklines, exposing more skin, and is also just generally colder. But in line of duty they haven’t got like, deep v necks under their blazers, it’s button downs and turtlenecks. This isn’t to say that v necks are bad, but it contributes further to two things that the show is trying to convey: one is that women officers in the show dont function significantly differently than the men do. And then the other one is that they’re all very guarded and professional and secretive and hard to trust as a viewer and anyone could be corrupt! Which, like, I dunno, I kinda feel like a turtleneck under a blazer conveys that hardcore, professional, keep my cards close to my chest type attitude more than a floral print silk blouse would. It’s less friendly and more guarded...I don’t know. I fucking love it. I wish I had jo Davidson’s wardrobe. Whatever
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Saira is asexual
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Chloe Zhao rly said I heard you hate interracial ships what if they’re all interracial ships what then
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I just wanna say thank you to the gif makers in the flash fandom because I’m not gonna watch full episodes but a continual flow of Married Content from Iris and Barry is a very necessary nutrient for my wellbeing
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Tumblr media
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