rochenji · 2 days ago
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beholding the light
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three-fold-symmetry · a day ago
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So... homoerotic lightsaber training, anyone?
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obes-kenobes-benos · a day ago
Obi-Wan: Cody sometimes talks in his sleep, it´s adorable...
Cody, sleeping: fight me...you motherkriffer...square up.....i think the kriff not...
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anotherineffableidiot · 2 days ago
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A quick Codywan wedding? On my blog? More likely then you think.
It is now 5am but my only regret is not having the energy to draw Cody as well (for now).
Not pictured: Rex with a hand on Cody’s back to make sure Cody doesn’t faint in front of everyone. But Padme knew exactly what she was doing when Obi-wan showed up with basically nothing but the colour scheme as inspiration, and the look on Cody’s face is the exact outcome she planned for.
Also, Obi-wan 100% uncoupled and dropped that pretty cloak to the ground the second he was at the alter. Anakin insisted during the outfit brainstorming that it HAD to happen. Bonus: it worked wonders to break any nervous tension left as most everyone laughed at the familiar antic.
And I accept that I’m always so wordy, but small announcement so it doesn’t seem like I disappeared. I had an amazing and hilarious comic idea in the middle of this that I want to create. But it will take me a while so I will be a bit absent while I work. I am sure y’all will enjoy it though. If you like Codywan anyway. RIP my other WIPs.
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galateagalvanized · 2 days ago
Pairing: Codywan Rating: Teen Tags: Sci-fi Horror, Fix-It, Canon AU Summary:  “Alright, how do we fight it?” Cody asks, squaring his shoulders and adding steel to his spine. “You know as well as I do that the Vigilance’s armory is unmatched by any modern warship. If there’s anything that can carve through this, then we’ve probably got two.” In the scattered light reflecting off a thousand broken hulls, Obi-Wan’s eyes are as clear and inscrutable as well water. “Cody,” he says, “this isn’t something you try to fight. This is something you try to survive.” Author’s Note: First chapter of four of my sci-fi horror fic is up! Enjoy 🎉!
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ryleeamberrr · 16 hours ago
Rylee’s Codywan Fic Rec Post
(Listen, the fact that I’ve been in this fandom actively and so enamoured with this pairing for ages really makes it a bit bizarre I haven’t ALREADY made one of these.)
These fics are ones I am constantly coming back to, re-reading, raving about, recommending to people, etc etc. Seriously, they’re all so so so so good.
Some of these are multi-chapter, some are single shots, and some are series, so I’ve divided them up and added word count and chapters for ease of reference.
Without further ado, recs below the cut!
Single Shot Fics
Saint Valentine by @trixree​ (AO3 Link) 6,008 Words
Probably one of my favourite modern AUs. Good big brother Cody + his wild siblings + a handsome and kind stranger = 24 hours that go way differently than expected. There’s multiple moments I actually laughed, choked, and made comments while reading and it’s just so sexy and fun.
Like A Haunted House by @evanesce-origin​ (AO3 Link) 2,435 Words
Y’all... if you’re into emotional angst with a shred of fluff as resolution, this is your bitch right here. A post-order 66 au vaguely set during Kenobi with a heart wrenching tattooine reunion.
Shown the Ropes by @glimmerglanger​ (AO3 Link) 9,946 Words
This is so so so slutty and so fucking funny. I’m a huge fan of putting Obi-wan and Cody in awkward situations that push the bounds of their relationships and this is just that, with an incredibly satisfying (hehe) resolution.
What Came After by @galateagalvanized (AO3 Link) 8,024 Words
An incredible Sithy-wan fic taking place during the Mandalore arc. The angst, the suspense, the sass, the sexiness, the devotion!
Multi Chapter Fics
Name of the Game by @esamastation​ (AO3 Link) 40,088 Words, 10/10 Chapters
Seriously, THIS is THE Sithy-wan fic. Holy shit, I am not even exaggerating. This is slow-ish burn, sexy, funny, extremely action-packed, slightly political, and over all PHENOMENAL. This is one of the fics I am constantly re-reading over and over again cause its just THAT GOOD.
Recollection by @elwenyere​ (AO3 Link) 18,488 Words, 4/4 Chapters
Where do I even start with this one? It’s SO painful, SO angsty, and SO creative. This is such a unique take on brainwashed/chipped Cody and simultaneously hurts the soul and comforts it. Mind the tags!
On the River Someday by @redminibike1 (AO3 Link) 20,741 Words, 3/3 Chapters
THE COW-BOFICATION OF CODYWAN. This fic is suspenseful, angsty, tender, and gives the characters a rich backstory dispersed through the narrative. Featuring bad-ass big brother Cody and his gaggle of siblings and lawman Obi-wan.
Fic Series
Sanguine by @glimmerglanger​ (AO3 Link) (Part 1) 157,518 Words, 19 Works
Holy god, I don’t know how to summarize this one except for WOW. I normally have a really hard time with long-form series, but this one sucked me in like a blackhole and held me by the THROAT until it was finished (although, tbh, I don’t think it will ever fully let go.) This series is the ultimate angsty, slow burn vampire au with SO MUCH incredible plot and twists and turns. Mind the tags!
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gong-gyo · a day ago
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boxer cody / professor obi-wan
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mj-irl · a day ago
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These two just hanging out at the museum on a Sunday morning. Art school/ Professor AU
[image ID: digital drawing of Cody and Obi-Wan sitting on a cushioned bench in an art gallery. Obi-Wan reads a book and Cody looks at his phone. Cody had his arm around the back of the bench and behind Obi-Wan.]
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lizardwritesao3 · 2 days ago
Cody joins him a moment later, pulling his gloves off, with his chestplate, shoulder bells, and arm armour already gone. 
“Is Leia up too?” 
“No,” Obi-Wan answers. “I don’t think there’s anything wrong, I think he just… missed us.” 
“Here, give him to me.” 
Cody sits down on the bed, one leg tucked under him. Obi-Wan passes Luke to him and leans back against the headboard. Cody’s gentle with Luke, brushing a thumb across his cheek, a faint smile on his own face. 
“I know the feeling, little one, but you can’t cry every time the general’s gone.” 
“You want to cry when I’m not there?” Obi-Wan asks, amused. 
“Only because I’m imagining what stupid shit you’re getting up to without me to keep you in line.” 
“I’m not that bad!” 
“I assure you, you are.” 
Obi-Wan hmphs under his breath and crosses his arms over his chest. Cody grins at him, as affectionate as ever despite his teasing, and Obi-Wan thinks it’s no wonder that he’s fallen in love.
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padawansuggest · 2 days ago
Clone Empire still but that post is too big now and I can’t keep clogging everyone up with it so follow the tag.
Gree and Luminara are like a well settled married couple with a kid, who end up pregnant very soon after the wedding (lmao I just think Lum getting pregnant would be cute cause lol I’m insane and I think she’s very beautiful and would look gorgeous pregnant lol don’t ask me more) and it’s nice. Lum is a very mature person who’s gonna run her family very well. She’s a good cook and (unlike Kenobi who lets his kids eat off the floor) likes making natural organic snacks for them. Gree is like an average father. And that’s not bad, I mean he’s like the Home Depot Theme Song of dads. He’s gonna learn to fix things and will be very attentive to his kids (he knows when to say sorry, or just buy them their fave candy/a new game console) and learns how to grill. He likes cuddling with Barriss while they watch her shows and gives Ahsoka suspicious looks when she comes to pick her up for their dates. It’s cute.
Aayla and Bly, on the other hand, are the twink version of that. Aayla likes parties and dancing and surprises and 3am road trips funded by theft. She is Quinlan’s daughter through and through, and she was the most feared GAR general for a reason. But mainly she’s just bubbly and cute. She’s Anakin’s big sister tbh! Bly is a puppy in love and willing to follow her to hell and back. He wants to take her name when they get married (obviously, considering the clones don’t have last names, lmao) and go to war together. It’s cute.
Obi-Wan is acearo. And Cody is acearo. Which means they are platonic life partners who like to cuddle. The cuddling together is about the closest they get to romance. They sorta flip flop back and forth ‘maybe we are in love? No wait, holding hands feels good, but kissing made us too nervous, but Alpha says you don’t have to kiss yo be in love, but dates sounds like actual hell,’ and they keep flip flopping over details. What they have, is of a nature, romance, but they’re weirded out and settled on platonic life partners. They cuddle and sleep in the same bed, that’s enough for them. Obi-Wan wouldn’t cuddle with Cody or sleep with him after the Empire came up but that’s cause he was in this spiral of self loathing and confusion and martyrdom, and didn’t really settle down till Alpha told him, point blank, if he needs a downside to accept that he’ll be taken care of, he’ll just have to accept that he no longer has a choice of things, and the clones are keeping him whether he wants to go or not. It makes Obi-Wan sorta needy and tired so he lets Alpha pet his hair and call him a good boy. He’s slowly accepting that the clones are taking care of them all by accepting that he doesn’t get a say in it.
The children and padawans are almost all 100% okay with things because they’re following the will of the force and they know the force wants this. Also, they love the clones! They play games with them and give tickles! The clone cadets they bring to the temple to grow up with them are super nice and ask to join their sleep piles and it’s really comfy.
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ahsokatano-thetogruta · 2 days ago
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Here is my last piece of art to post for the @codywanreversebang event. I really had a lot of fun with this au, especially with designing and drawing their tails. @nightfoliage did an amazing job of creating a wonderful fic, which you can find here:
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juniper-bush · 2 days ago
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thatgreyjedi · 2 days ago
Hey everyone! The podfic for Deep Avalanches has been posted! Thank you all so much for the constant support! I couldn’t have done it without you all! Have a nice rest of your day!
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amikoroyaiart · 5 months ago
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Typical day for Cody and Rex
Based on THIS post
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phantom-of-the-keurig · a month ago
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The original draft of the Kenobi show heavily featured Cody and they were described as “bickering like an old married couple”
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Codywan gang, we lost
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coruscantsbookstore · 11 days ago
obi-wan, preparing for a solo mission: and anakin, one last thing. temporary command over the 212th does not mean you can treat them like the 501st. please leave the planning to cody.
anakin: don't worry master, i'm sure the commander and i can work something out
[three days later in the resolute's medbay]
cody: *stares at anakin*
anakin: *stares at cody*
cody: i won't tell him you head-butted the separatist leader while in handcuffs and a blindfold without a lightsaber if you won't tell him i jumped right into that tank of acid to block the drain and disable the cannon attached to it
anakin: you got yourself a deal, commander
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three-fold-symmetry · 6 months ago
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yeah I managed to make myself sad with a muppets joke
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