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Wait who says I’m into Red Hood? He seems interesting and is like to meet him, but I don’t know if I’d say I’m into him. He’s hot but I think I need to know more first. But thanks for the compliment, I think

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I purposefully didn’t defend or condone anything - what I did do was make a good point about your (I’m assuming you’re the same person) motivations for name calling an 11 year old whose parent is currently making some bad decisions

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dunno if you use insta but ollie update at least

YES ANON YESS i use insta and ive seen his update and i might have tear up when i saw the post. The pic with that caption 🥺🥺🥺 i just want him (and the rest of the team) to be okay and to be well mentally and physically. Im happy he’s still talking about making contents after the break so jolly (and KE maybe) is not a lost cause!! I cant wait for their return!

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After sleeping on it, I realized that what that anon said means nothing. It’s not worth my energy getting upset. They purposely went to multiple Chris Evans blogs that are run by black women or women or color to be rude racist assholes. When they couldn’t get their ridiculous Lily shipper fantasty across, I noticed the same words popping up with the racist anons.

Bottom line is Chris is happy in Massachusetts. Happy posting pictures of beautiful New England in the Fall, posting thirst thot traps to show us glimpses of his tattoos, doing his political duty to get people to vote, staying busy with A Starting Point.

The same crazy anons that tracked flights and swore he was in London but popped up the next day in HIS HOUSE. He isn’t Lily’s saver. I’m sure 90% of her fans are fine and over the crazies as well.

What set me off completely was coming for me as a PROUD biracial woman and that I’m somehow lying in my Tumblr bio about being biracial and mother of an autistic child.

There are lines you don’t cross and you crossed a line brining in my child. All because you got called out for being a lie and spreading lies in the CE tag.

But I’m gonna let it go because there are more important things to worry about and it’s not worth it. Between virtual school for my son and niece, my meetings, and daily life. I started this autism journey is January and it has not been easy! And when you have a high functioning kid with a high IQ, some days are very hard when it comes to virtual school. That’s when I realized it was not worth the long long response I made to that anon.

So here are some pictures of my amazing son, myself in all my biracial glory, and my family. I cut my hair after my sister’s wedding lol. I can do long hair anymore! I hope it eats away at one of you anons 😘

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come off anon PLEASE come off anon im actually begging please message me i cant take this

- Jeff bursts through Peter‘s bedroom window and cuts Lois down like the dirty bitch she is

- Peter looks up at the homeless, dumpster dwelling killer in awe

- „J-Jeff? Jeff!?“ Peter asks, excitedly moving across the bed and over Lois‘ still warm body, his hefty cankles breaking her ribs

- „It‘s been too long, Peter…“ Jeff says softly, an unbrushed tooth falling out of his mouth as he smiles, gently caressing Peter‘s gelatinous cheek

- Peter swallows Jeff‘s face in a sloppy, wet kiss, and Jeff moans as he can taste that night‘s dinner

- „It has been too long, Jeff“ Peter croaks as he falls onto Lois‘ now room temperature body, pulling Jeff on top of him

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