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despite the fact that he was living with (as far as he knew) two blind people, in a city with only corpses, xue yang still took the time every day to put up his fancy lil updo with the hairpiece and strap those gay lil bdsm bracers on…..what im saying is he’s doing more than Any Of Us in quarantine

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UHHHHHHHHHHHHH that’s a really hard question. I think JYL does love them both equally; she’s just more outwardly affectionate towards WWX because a) he’s more affectionate in turn and she’s responding to his cues and b) if she doesn’t give WWX affection then who will? I think she probably likes them equally too, just because JYL is the only person JC makes an actual effort to be decent to and as much as I love her she doesn’t always seem to grasp that someone being good to her doesn’t mean they’re good to everyone. Now, if she absolutely had to choose one of them to die… uh… I don’t know! I genuinely have no idea who she’d pick! The angst-loving part of my brain says at the end of the day she might still pick JC if she had to choose but I take everything the angst-loving part of my brain says with a bucket of salt; in-universe she treats them both equally enough that I really can’t say with any degree of certainty which she’d choose if it came down to that.

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I mean, to be entirely fair I don’t think it’s ever mentioned whether the other sect heirs were head disciples of their own sects or not. I’d say it’s a pretty safe bet unless head disciples typically aren’t sect heirs, but it’s never said one way or the other. But yeah, the sheer irony of the sect JC hates above all others being the only reason he gets to lead the sect is delicious.

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I finally got an iPad that I can draw on!! I never drew digitally before, and I don’t have an Apple Pencil yet (gotta use the rubber end of a pen for now haha!) so I this drawing is me just fucking around after watching one (1) yt video of a dude drawing on his iPad lmaooo

Hope you all enjoy Wei Wuxian wearing his husband’s robe ;)! 

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The Untamed costumes, 3/?

I was going to do the Jiang siblings next, but as they both wear the same set of robes for quite a while, I’m going to hold onto them for a bit longer. So here’s Lan Wangji’s first oufit from the flashback.

Lan Wangji’s outfits 1: The white Gusu Lan robes (episodes 3-8)

This is the outfit we see on Lan Wangji as he first appears in the show, returning to Cloud Recesses in episode 3. He continues to wear the same (or similar) outfit until the start of episode 8, when he embarks on his Yin Iron quest.

The outfit has three layers:

  1. A white inner robe with light blue decorative stripe
  2. A white outer robe with embroidered cloud motif on the chest
  3. A white over robe (coat?)

He wears the waist jewelry/tassel on the right hand side with this outfit.


The over robe/coat has long sleeves. It is rather simple with no visible decorations or patterns.


The light blue of the decorative stripe matches the colour of his forehead band, and it seems that the embroidered cloud motif is probably also of the same shade (the colour varies a bit depending on lighting).


The sash is white fabric and seems to be wrapped around multiple times, forming a nice fishbone pattern (or perhaps it is sewn into shape?).


See? Look at the sash. Also, the decorative stripe on the inner robe is not just around the neck, but continues along the edge, as can be seen here through the outer robe. Yes. Moving on.


Both the inner and the outer robes have narrow sleeves, that have been further tied with a white strip of fabric wrapping around the forearm.


The inner robe has pleats (this seems to be rather common). His knees are knobbly 🤍.


And I think he’s had enough of this for now.

But I just want to repeat a question I’ve asked before: are we supposed to believe he does his own hair? I mean look at that ⬆️.

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I would pay to see them as in-laws 😂

They would picker more than WWX and JC, and grudgingly get along.

They would bully people together, because if JZX is a peacock, WWX is even more of a peacock when he wants to be.


Also, how does JZX know that WWX is heavy?!

Apparently he was the one that carried him, not JC. (But why, if you don’t like him?! 😂)

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