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Tumblr media
I don't ever wanna leave I'll watch you sleep And listen to you breathe I don't ever wanna leave I'll watch you sleep -Girl in Red
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Tumblr media
Quality time by @Kibbsley Art
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lacroixqueen · a day ago
sevikas VA plays a lesbian lawyer who falls for viola davis in how to get away with murder
Tumblr media
Can we please talk about the cultural IMPACT this woman has.
Like her RANGE.
She can switch from a girlboss attorney in Philadelphia to an equally badass drug-dealer/hitman in Zaun like it's NOTHING.
Also they are both gay women of color who take no one's shit.
Tumblr media
Also is Arcane trying to tell us something with casting actresses who play gay women to voice even more animated gay women like-
Case in point: Vi's VA, Hailee Steinfeld, playing a lesbian poet, Emily Dickinson? And also Kate Bishop in Hawkeye?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Like this is NO LONGER A COINCIDENCE how do you even begin to explain your way out of this this you simply cannot.
Aaaaaand this is the hill I will die on IDC IDC.
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giisip · 2 days ago
Still trying to work out how I want Caitlyn in my style.. not 100% on this.. will keep working at it.
Tumblr media
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fulcrum-art-fox · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The way this show frames these scenes is killing me. Like, they’re both viewed from behind Jinx, through Jinx, from Jinx, however you want to phrase it, and they’re both directly symbolic of the nasty three way knot arcane ties around Vi, Jinx and Caitlyn. They’re both of scenes where Jinx’s jealousy regarding Caitlyn causes her to try and hurt Vi (almost incidentally when she shoots at them on the bridge, because the scribbles across her vision literally blot Vi out, like she’s not even seeing her, and 100% deliberately in the tea party scene), thereby actually doing to herself what she’s afraid is happening anyway - like, she’s scared that Caitlyn will come between them, right, that Vi is replacing her with Caitlyn, scared that Vi will prioritise Caitlyn? But in shooting at Vi and Caitlyn on the bridge, she demonstrates to Vi that she is actively a danger to Caitlyn, and so Vi chooses to leave, to get Caitlyn off the bridge and away from her, because she knows now that chances are high that if Caitlyn stays here on the bridge, Jinx will kill her. So Vi walks away from Jinx, precisely the scenario Jinx was afraid of, but she literally causes it herself by shooting at them. Vi is willing to risk her own life to get through to her sister, but not Caitlyn’s. And Jinx seems to take that to mean Vi doesn’t love her at all. And at the tea party she wants Vi to choose her, to love her, accept her - but the way she’s going about it is outright horrifying. Torturing Vi with the implication that she has killed and beheaded her girlfriend and now intends to serve her head up on a platter as some kind of twisted test, offering Vi Powder back if she will kill Caitlyn, etc. Jinx setting the bar this high, (high isn’t even the right word, it’s a horrifying ultimatum), essentially at “if Vi won’t literally shoot her girlfriend in the head at point blank range she doesn’t love me” is setting herself up for failure. And it’s heartbreaking, because Vi loves her, and she wants to be loved, but for Vi to “prove” her love in the way that Jinx asks her to in this moment she would have to sacrifice her humanity. And you can see across the show how Jinx got here, to this place and these twisted thoughts, and it’s heartbreaking, for everyone involved, how it turns out, how it happens, and with Jinx seeing the situation with such a narrow gaze, tunnel vision, framed by violence and paranoia and pain
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I'm looking at Vi and Caitlyn!!
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happylizard-21 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Chibi champion Caitlyn!! Omg finally she can be together with Vi on tft😭
Credits to: MonstrousYi i saw that on their channel
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himeka008 · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
don’t worry vi, she would never lose
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violetrashie · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
I have to do it ^^
Follow me on insta to see more content!! And if you want prints and other merch visit my redbubble shop :D
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“Stop thinking like I won’t beat the shit out of you, you’re not even half my size.” with Sevika, interpret it any way u want 🕺🏻
this got a lot longer than I had intended, thank you for the prompt!
An Uneven Match
Sevika trains Zaunites in close combat and the reader learns a painful lesson. This is set somewhere between Act 1 and Act 2, in the years of Silco’s rise to power.
Sevika x genderneutral reader, 3k words
CW: age gap between the reader (early/mid-20s) and Sevika, canon-typical violence, blood.
“Thirty push-ups in three, two, one…”
You stopped running and threw yourself on the ground, counting loudly with the others as you somehow dragged yourself through thirty fucking push-ups. Your triceps burned, your hands were shaking, your chest felt like it was going to explode. The others didn’t sound like they were doing much better.
“Up!” Sevika’s voice boomed through the empty warehouse. “In pairs, combination five to six, alternate.”
Panting, you turned to the person next to you and rolled your bandaged wrists. Sara was a good friend, two years younger than you and less experienced but heavy-set and strong. She cleared her throat and wiggled her eyebrows as both of you got into position.
Grunts and hissing sounds filled the large hall as punches went flying into open palms. You stepped forward, issuing a jab, a punch, and an uppercut to Sara’s quick hands before pivoting on your back foot and delivering a mild front kick that still sent her stumbling backward.
In the last few years of training, you had developed faster than the others, taking to close combat so well that Sevika had started giving you separate training lessons. Silco had bought this empty warehouse at the docks and turned it into a place for Zaunite youth to exercise, to study, and to spend time together away from the fumes in the Fissures. He needed strong, capable, and loyal citizens for any attempt at independence, and he never hid his motives from any of you. That’s what had drawn most of you here; an honest offer by the only person who could give you a chance for a better future.
Sara had caught herself and stood sideways, readying herself for the second combination. You delivered a roundhouse kick to her hip and a high kick to her shoulder in rapid succession before punching a right hook into her palm and jumping for a final elbow blow.
“Damn!” She grinned and fist-bumped you.
You loved this; the feel of the damp mat beneath your feet, the air filled with the stench of two dozen bodies training for hours, the sounds of people forcing their bodies to the brink of exhaustion, Sevika’s deep voice cutting through the noise with expert remarks on their technique. You were older than most of the others and only came here when you didn’t have to work, but that made it even more of a refuge from the depths of the Undercity.
Waving your approval to Sara, you prepared for the weight of the blows she was about to lay into you. And she didn’t disappoint - your exhausted arms were screaming at you as you blocked her punches and kicks, barely keeping your footing.
In the corner of your eye, you noticed the umber-red figure of Sevika coming closer as she watched your peers train. The sudden urge to impress her flared up in your chest and you cracked your neck, blowing out short gusts of air and jumping from one foot to the other in preparation for the next round.
“Ready?” you asked and Sara nodded, her face dark red and dripping with sweat.
“Sorry,” you whispered before going in.
This time, you didn’t hold back. This time, you sent Sara flying on her back with your first front kick. Sevika was standing right behind you now. Your poor partner took the hit like a champion and quickly got back on her feet. You shot her another apologetic look, then your foot came flying at her. She barely managed to catch your hook in time and when you flew forward, elbow out, she just accepted the blow and let herself fall backward.
You gasped for air, hearing the drum of your pulse in your ears. Sara took your extended hand and struggled to her feet, shaking her head as if to fight off vertigo. She got back into her fighting stance, but Sevika stepped in, holding up a hand between you.
“So this is how you spar with someone smaller and younger than you?” Her voice was quiet and smooth, nothing but curiosity in it. “Someone who’s not yet as skilled but looks up to you and wants to learn?”
You wrung your hands, feeling a tight knot forming in your stomach. This was not what you had intended. No one else had noticed yet, thankfully.
“Do you think you’re helping Sara learn by just beating her up?”
“I’m sorry, Sevika, I didn’t mean -”
“You don’t have to apologize to me.” The instructor nodded over to Sara, who looked incredibly uncomfortable. It was hard to tell if her face was this red from exertion or embarrassment. You sighed and squeezed her upper arm.
“I’m sorry, Sara. I shouldn’t have jumped you like that, that was unnecessary and disrespectful of me. It won’t happen again.”
“It’s okay, Y/N. I know you didn’t mean to hurt me.”
Sevika looked pleased. You were just about to let out a relieved sigh when she gently pushed Sara out of the way and faced you instead.
“Well, if you’re dying to get your punches in, I can make that happen.” There was a twinkle in her eye. She was thoroughly enjoying this.
“Uh, I don’t know -” You fiddled with the bandages around your knuckles.
It was too late. Sevika unclasped her cloak and let it fall to the side. She usually wore it so people wouldn’t stare at her shoulder. It didn’t seem like she was self-conscious of her injury, more so just annoyed that her students were distracted by it.
She was wearing brown cargo pants and a dark gray cropped top that left her scarred shoulder free. There was nothing left of her arm, just a round stump covered in thick scars, a bright turquoise net on her healthy copper skin that stretched up to her cheek. This wasn’t the first time you saw it, but you still couldn’t help staring as she rolled her shoulders, the joint moving beneath the ravaged skin. When she trained you in one-on-one sessions, she wore a t-shirt most of the time.
The others around you were noticing now, hesitating in their movements as they eyed you from the side. Sevika shot them a warning look and they quickly returned to practicing their moves while she pulled on a fingerless glove with her teeth and took off her boots.
“Five - six.” She beckoned you forward and you swallowed hard. You had wanted to impress her, now was your chance.
You hammered the combination into the sides of her raised fist. She didn’t yield a single inch, not even when you kicked into her hip. This time, you were the one fighting for balance.
“Come on!” she yelled, “six!”
You kicked her hip, hissing as it connected, then her good shoulder, yelling in frustration.
“Come on!” she roared.
“Ha!” Your hook landed in her open palm, then you took your last reserves and lunged to sink your elbow into the hard muscle between her neck and shoulder.
Sevika looked offensively unbothered by your endeavors. She stood sideways and raised her fist.
“What?” You blinked hard, trying to clear the sweat from your vision.
“My turn. Time for a new lesson.”
This was the point you probably should have started praying. You took a deep breath and clenched your jaw.
Sevika’s hits came so fast all you could do was hold out your hands and try to remain upright. She executed both combinations perfectly within seconds. You looked around confused, wondering how you were still standing.
“You gotta be faster than that. Where is your mind?”
“Sorry.” You straightened up.
“You need to change your attitude. This was not even 30% of my strength. Stop thinking like I won’t beat the shit out of you, you’re not even half my size.”
She wasn’t even out of breath. You understood perfectly. This was what you had done to Sara and now you were taken to task. You just hoped you would be alive to apply it. The kids around you had stopped training again, but this time, Sevika didn’t seem to mind.
“Okay! I get it.”
“You don’t. Sara, listen and learn. Sometimes you’re faced with an opponent who is obviously better than you. Don’t think you can just take the punches. You gotta be smart about it. How do you survive five punches and three kicks from someone like me?”
“Uh… Swerve?” Sara was looking a bit healthier again.
“Let’s see. Y/N, you’re up.”
You really gave it your all, but every single one of your blows connected with nothing but air. Sevika never even moved her left foot. She just leaned back or cocked her head to the side, as if she knew to a fraction of an inch where every punch would land.
She barely gave you three seconds before returning the favor. You managed to avoid the first two punches, but her uppercut grazed your cheek hard and stunned you enough to let you take the front kick full on. You were knocked back, taking a second to catch your breath before getting up to get through the rest. You dodged the first two kicks, but the right hook connected with your shoulder and you knew you would have a bruise to show it. Sevika granted you the mercy of stopping after that.
“So. As you can see, it depends on how fast you are, even if you already know what’s coming. How could Y/N have protected themselves better?”
“Keep their guard up?”
Sevika nodded and gestured to you, palm open.
“Where was your guard?”
Your face burned, partly from that uppercut, partly from humiliation. The only way out now was through.
“Let me try again.”
The trainer raised her eyebrows and assumed her stance again.
You lunged forward, shouting with every punch that went into nothing. Your roundhouse kick grazed Sevika’s hip, your high kick went past her unimpressed face. You would still take that as a win.
This time, you were ready for what came back. You kept your guard up, dodged the first three punches, and jumped back from her front kick, then you danced forward again for the second combination. Instead of trying to avoid the two quick sidekicks, you leaned into them and took them with clenched teeth, then you leaned back to dodge Sevika’s hook and swerved around her when she jumped forward. She regarded you with a crooked smile and someone whistled.
“Getting there. Again.”
Somehow, your power was coming back to you. Maybe it was the dozens of people watching you, maybe it was being successful at something you loved. Maybe it was Sevika’s undivided attention.
You both repeated the combination two more times, getting closer and under each other’s guards, both taking a few light hits but avoiding any more hard blows. Some of the others were cheering now. You wished you could see it from the outside. Sevika was in her element, moving with a smooth ease that was almost animalistic. She hissed through her teeth with every punch, slightly out of breath now.
After you had dodged her elbow for the last time, she patted your shoulder and nodded.
“Good work. Sara, get over here. Let’s see what you’ve learned.”
You could feel sweat dripping from your chin and when Sevika turned away, you saw her lower back glistening in the afternoon sun that had appeared over the milky glass roof. Someone handed you a bottle of water and you gladly accepted.
Sara grinned widely as she faced you. She pulled off her drenched t-shirt, leaving her in tight black shorts and a pink sports bra. Her thighs flexed as she shook out her legs. You could feel the eyes on her from all around you. A look at her face told you she knew exactly what effect she had on people, but she didn’t care about it one bit at the moment. She was determined.
This time, she went first. You blocked most of her hits, but you could tell something had changed in her. Her punches were more precise, her kicks devastating. Her final elbow made your knees buckle. You caught yourself in time and fist-bumped her. She was beaming and people were whooping around you. Sevika nodded approvingly.
You went in with only half your strength this time, but you could have gone a lot harder. Sara anticipated your hits perfectly and dodged every single one. She took the kicks with her thigh and upper arm, and when you lunged at her, she danced away and left you stumbling forward.
There was applause and water for both of you. Sevika had already put on her boots and now picked up her cloak from the floor, pulling it back over her shoulder and clasping it around her neck. Her face was still slightly flushed.
“Alright,” Sevika’s voice cut through the chatter, “that’s it for today. Tomorrow you’ll all practice fighting in unfairly matched pairs. Get some rest.”
She caught your gaze and jerked her head over to the back, where she had set up a little office that also served as an emergency room. You ruffled Sara’s hair, then you followed your trainer into the small room and closed the door.
“Sit.” Sevika pulled off her glove with her teeth again and threw it into her open duffel bag on the floor. You sat on the metal bench that was covered with a blanket for slightly more comfort.
Sevika pulled a first aid kit from the shelf and set it down next to you, pulling out a small bottle and some clean cloth. She bit into a corner of the fabric and tore off a small strip.
“I didn’t mean to actually injure you, I’m sorry.” She handed you the bottle and gestured for you to open it.
“What?” You didn’t follow. Injured? You were fine. You unscrewed the lid and poured some alcohol onto the piece of fabric.
“Your face. You didn’t feel it?”
Sevika frowned as she inspected the cheek she had grazed earlier. And there, suddenly you noticed something. Burning pain from your jaw to your cheekbone. You had thought it had just been a light scratch. Looking down, you noticed bloodstains on your chest. Shit.
“Must have been the adrenaline. These gloves…” Sevika shook her head. “Some seam on the leather padding must have been at the wrong angle. This is gonna hurt for a second.”
She put the cloth to the cut on your cheek and you gasped in pain, instinctively grabbing her wrist and squeezing it. Sevika grimaced sympathetically but kept the fabric pressed to your skin.
“Breathe, Y/N.” You inhaled shakily. She hummed. “That’s right.”
You kept your fingers wrapped around her wrist as she gently dabbed your cheek and cleaned away the blood that had already started to dry. She smelled of clean, fresh sweat and damp wood. You found yourself leaning forward. Sevika didn’t pull back. She smiled faintly.
“You carried yourself well today. Took those licks like it was nothing.”
“Thanks.” Your voice was still shaky.
Sevika pulled her wrist from your grasp, taking a metal tin from the first aid kit and holding it between you. You opened the lid, fingertips brushing hers as you turned it. A white salve was inside. Sevika handed you the tin and dipped a finger into the cream before lifting it to your face and beginning to dab it on the cut, starting next to your eye. She slowly moved downward, breath mixing with yours as she moved closer. When she finally arrived next to your bottom lip, your heart was beating almost as fast as it had during training.
“This okay?” Her voice was almost a murmur, her eyes fixed on your lips.
“Yeah, better already,” you whispered back.
God, she was so beautiful. This close, you could see the light that was constantly moving beneath her azure scars. You lifted a hand, wondering if Sevika would let you touch them. Was there something between you or were you making this up?
A knock on the door made both of you flinch back and straighten up.
Sara stuck her head through the door, shooting you a concerned look.
“Hey, I just wanted to make sure you’re okay. That looked pretty nasty.”
Sevika turned her back to you, putting the first aid kid back on its shelf.
“I’m fine, don’t worry. I’ll be out in a sec.” You flashed Sara a meaningful look. Her eyes flashed wide and she sucked her lips between her teeth before quickly dropping the face when Sevika turned toward her.
“We’re done here, anyway. You’re making good progress, Sara. Keep at it.”
Sara beamed at her and you got up from the bench, still hesitant. Your friend got the hint and made herself scarce.
Sevika faced you again, a wistful look in her eyes. You hadn’t imagined it, then.
“Thanks for the lesson, Sevika.” Both of you were silent for a moment.
“Yeah.” She ran a hand over her hair, inhaling deeply. “Hey, you wanna meet here later? I need to run some errands but I could come back after sundown, bring some food.”
A lot of the older kids stayed here in the evenings to drink and play cards, music booming through the speakers someone had brought up a while ago. Sevika never hung around after training. You wondered if it would make the others uncomfortable.
“Not to hang out with the kids,” she said as if she had read your thoughts. “I’ll take you somewhere. I have a… a spot close by.”
“Oh.” You smiled. “Okay. I’ll be here, then.”
She smiled back. “See you later.”
You exited the office and headed over to Sara, who was holding your bag and a piece of candy.
„Here. You deserve it. Shower?“
„God, yes.”
You wrapped an arm around her shoulders, letting the candy’s sweetness and the thought of tonight envelop you.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
If some of you wants the single photos please tell me!
And if you want you can follow me on my twitter account🥺
I love you all✨
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Tumblr media
nice jacket, 🧁
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Vi: *kicks down the door looking panicked*
Caitlyn: what happened??
Caitlyn: what kind of an answer is that??
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lacroixqueen · 2 days ago
can we PLEASE talk about how sevika canonically wears a COLLAR?! (18+)
Tumblr media
Like what is the story behind your collar miss ma'am.
I feel like Sevika wouldn't wear something that doesn't serve a purpose. Everything else on her body looks very utilitarian, like it's either for armor, protection, warmth, etc. etc.
So like... why would she need a collar?
It's definitely not like a BATTLE collar or like a WAR collar I don't even think something like that exists..?
So therefore by the laws of physics and quantum mechanics..
The most reasonable explanation is that she must be in some flavor of a 24/7 sado-masochistic relationship.
I also headcanon that she is the brat-bottom in said relationship and absolutely NOTHING will change my mind on this. Unless..
What are your theories Sevika simp tumblr?
Tumblr media
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honestly the only correct direction arcane's writers can go with caitlyn is to make her quit the enforcers. we have the build up on s1. also the message "good cops don't exist bc if they're good they will be forced to leave" would fit the overall plot so well. if they don't do this on s2 i'm going to be really disappointed
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roadtrip 📸
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
She was so worried when Caitlyn was hurt. They’re in love your honour
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lilbreadbun · 16 hours ago
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at any given moment i'm thinking about the girlies from arcane...hope they're doing well
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happylizard-21 · a day ago
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Nice cupcake Cupcake🥴
(old draw your otp but i needed draw this)
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The things I do for her.
Tumblr media
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