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#Calls Him Buddy
Whos met Meg and what are your opinions on her?

(Obviously Aaravos has, so he won’t be answering. You know his opinion by now. lol)


🌒 She is…interesting. She isn’t a Hylian like Light and his reincarnations (Wild and Zelda) even if she looks like one. I wasn’t sure what to think of her at first, but my servant (Light) and her got along so there wasn’t much I could do. I like her more now I know her better. She can be fun to tease for sure.


🐺 I wasn’t too sure about her at first either. She looked like a Hylian, dressed like one too…but she clearly wasn’t one. Midna suggested being cautious…which I agreed on, but it became clear pretty quickly Meg wasn’t a monster in disguise or anything.

(In other words, they warmed up to her and became friends. She’s among the small group (which now include Aaravos, Wild, and Zelda) that knows about Light’s other form and about Midna of course.)


🗡 …

(It’s a bit complicated…and depends on what story angle I go with. But they are friends at the time of this takeover. So he trusts and likes her, she reminds him of Mipha in some ways…but he likes her more than he likes Aaravos at least even though they seem to get along. He isn’t sure about Aaravos yet, but isn’t sure why.)


📚 Once we got to know each other, we found we had a lot in common. She is a good friend and engaging to talk to you much like her…partner? …the man with horns, I mean. Aaravos.

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forcekenobi replied to your post “dietrich and areli choose the same rooftop to vibe on and it’s super…”

OH HELLO IM LOSING MY MIND OVER THIS IDEA AHJSHGJFDSHJ former armed forces diech who’s like “what the hell am i supposed to do now….i guess i could get paid to get beaten up” and god that’s so funny lmfao areli being all :> about kicking dietrich’s ass in the choreography ((they have? a friendly rivalry? always running into each other on the Stunt Performer Circuit lmfao, often working together!!))

areli laser-eyesing when she realizes she gets to film a scene kicking deich’s ass 

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Eddie is going to call Buck Evan eventually.

And its going to be one of two ways:

It’s going to be during a bad call.

It’s going to be Eddie once again terrified he’s going to lose Buck.

He’s going scream it and he’s going to be near crying. Because he just realized something.


It’s going to be after a shift, or on a day off.

He’s going to say it softly, maybe in Bucks kitchen. Maybe in the Diaz house.

Eddie is going to say it to shut Buck up because Eddie just realized something.

Either way it happens, Eddie is going to say it as he realizes he’s in love with that man.

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things i’ve done that aren’t affecting me romantically but are affecting me sexually: hooked up with my best guy friend

seriously though we went from completely platonic best friends to for about 18 hours fuck buddies back to best friends who now know each other’s kinks bc we experienced them with each other. how does that… how.

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Kriff it, i'm doing it... 💚 - friendship 💟 - friends with benefits ❤ - romantic relationship (The last two only if you want and if they get along)

Shipping Call - Send me one if you want to plot one or more of these


        Friendship and romance are going to be hard for Tamás, as he really doesn’t care about other people in that way without a ton of interaction. Friendly rivals with benefits, however, is right up Tamás’s wheelhouse as he tends to have a handful of ports he goes to regularly & is buddy-buddy with most of his ONS.

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Hey, Sojiro? Is there any reason in your restaurant, which seats 17 people (23, if you want to squeeze three people on each side of the booth), you have THREE coffee kettles and two tea kettles??? I understand having multiple kettles for tea because the tea itself is kept inside and two customers wanting different types of tea isn’t unreasonable, but you make your coffee with a syphon? Those coffee kettles are used for pour over?? I don’t think you NEED to pour over for syphon coffee? Those kettles just have hot water in them? Why do you need THREE?

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These are a week late, but here’s a few pic from the Spanishtown parade I went to in Baton Rouge on mardi gras week end.

Bonus pic at the end is my buddy who got very drunk, sunburnt, and dehydrated, so we hooked him up lol

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