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#Calls Him Sweet

any post that talks about how “the bachelor isn’t that rude you’re all just choosing the worst dialogue options >:(” entirely misses the point that when you’re not in control of him… he usually picks those Worst Dialogue Options himself. when people call him a rude little bitch it’s because he is one whenever you’re not there to rein in his rude bitch disease! and you know what?? i love him for that! he’s a great character! he’s morally gray! he has interesting morals that are understandable given his situation! he’s not a complete good guy nor a complete bad guy! however his ending sucks, it’s the worst, i hate it, and nothing will ever change that.

and also… he’s like… really popular. i don’t know if that’s just me but it’s not like he’s Universally Hated or anything. you don’t need to defend him just because some people call him a bastard twink. especially when he’s so insensitive and downright condescending towards the town and the Kin’s cultures.

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Behind the Scenes of Tooth and Claw - Part Six 

Excerpts from the Radio Times’ interview with Pauline Collins [who played Queen Victoria in Tooth and Claw] - by Anna Hunt:

Another amazing feat was negotiating the royal regalia during filming. “The most challenging part of playing Queen Victoria was the wonderful but very heavy costume,” says Collins. “There were so many layers to the skirts that I felt like I was carrying several small children around with me all the time.”

(Billie Piper’s clothes as Rose are worth a close look as well, as costume designer Louise Page reveals: “I’ve got a little twist in the t-shirt, which people won’t see that much of, but there’s something on the t-shirt that for me is a nod to the episode.”)

And as for the Doctor, in Pauline Collins’ opinion, David Tennant is the best Time Lord of them all. “David’s Doctor has a darker side to him, an unpredictability,” she says. “You imagine he could take the Doctor to dark places. As Queen Victoria, I don’t really like the Doctor because of this. I don’t know where he’s come from or where he’s really going and it rubs me up the wrong way.  As myself though, I think he’s the best Doctor so far.”

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…or click the #btsWhoTooth tag

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always thinking about the blue tongue skink that we had in the store for a while who had the most human looking eyes I had ever seen on a creature

I really felt connected to him, and as I’ve worked here for a While now, I’ve never felt connected to another animal like I was to him

when his owner was buying him, she was holding him and let me say goodbye, and when he saw me he started squirming out of her arms to crawl into mine .. I literally almost cried on the spot bro.. I miss him so much..

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I love I just discovered that there are people who complain about a cartoon turtle in a video game flirting/complimenting them and calling it sexual harassment. It’s a cartoon turtle in a kids(rated E) video game that compliments female players, telling them they look/smell nice. You can skip his dialogue even.

A cartoon turtle is sexually harassing them by telling them they’re pretty.

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was gonna write some real sad martin stuff after i finished my homework (part one; homework part 2 will be done tomorrow & saturday)

but in fact i am having too much fun listening to mechs i don’t WANT to write any sad martin stuff, so u r all spared

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It’s my buddy’s 13’th birthday.

He had a good visit with the vet.

He’s a good sleepy boy who sometimes just really likes to do a quick little full force yeet across the living room a few times before almost immediately needing to lie down.

He hates going outside, baths, the vet (place), and toasted bread.

He likes being outside — specifically in the rain, the vet (person), and all and any other foodstuffs.

He is also fully incapable of opening doors that are slightly left ajar. He can sometimes fit his entire head through the gap and just whine until it is opened. He’s just so precious.

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