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“ Isabella ! your boyfr— ”
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just imagine. Them. Together.
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worthy of you
Tumblr media
book of life inspired series: wait for you, fight for you
you and camilo have a little moment before your other suitor barges in and ruins the moment.
masterlist !!
The next few days were a blur to both you and Camilo. The town’s lively chatter of your return hadn’t ceased for the whole week. Everyone was still excited from your return as well as the mysterious handsome boy that you’ve brought along with you.
The girls and boys your age were all filled with envy when Camilo had often asked you out to explore Encanto with him all over again. Though he could also detect a sense of longing in their eyes which made him groan in frustration. Really? He had the whole town as his rival apart from the Del Pilar guy?
He tried not to sigh deeply as he pursed his lips, unable to think about anything but you. Not even seconds could help him take off the heaviness that threatened to weigh him down.
“Camilo? Estás bien?” Your voice suddenly jolted him out of his thoughts and he struggled to find the words. What was he doing again? Oh right. He had invited you for a picnic of sorts and here you were perched on the fountain of the town square.
“Estoy bien, bonita.” Came his flustered response upon seeing you tilt you head to the side, doe eyes gazing right up at him. Miercoles, he thought to himself, how are you this adorable? He found himself staring as he ate one of his tia’s arepas.
“Oh right, I forgot!” Camilo watched as you rummaged through your mochila that Mirabel had gifted you. Strangely enough, it had the colors of his ruana as well as a little emroidered chameleon on its’ side. You then pull out a familiar stuffed toy and he swore his heart soared. Like he had done with the ruana you gave him, you had kept the stuffed chameleon he had given you all those years ago.
“Amarillo has certainly seen better days.” You smile up at him sheepishly. The stuffed toy had clashing colored threads, probably from the amount of times you’ve repaired him in the span of eight years. “But I love him nonetheless.”
Oh how he wished he was Amarillo instead as you hugged the precious stuffed chameleon close, smiling so fondly at the toy he and his mother had painstakingly worked on during your last days in Encanto.
It took him years. Years to finally convince himself that he didn’t like you in a way that his family insisted that he did. You were just (Name) his childhood friend. (Name) who was just someone he missed someone. (Name) who he waited patiently for 8 years, never looking at anyone else.
And then you were (Name). You were his (Name). And he knew deep down that he loved you. That he did like you in a way his familia insisted he did. He loved you.
What they said was true. Absence does makes the heart grow fonder.
His eyes softened as he gazed at you, noticing how the setting sun’s rays caressed your face. He chanced upon the moment the orange glow from the sun crowned you with a halo. And you took both his breath and his heart with you without even doing anything.
You caught his gaze, face instantly warming up at how he looked at you with eyes that held nothing but love, warmth, and yearning. For a moment you were frozen as he gently reached out to cup your cheek in his warm palm before you smile, leaning against it whilst you looked at him with just as much love.
“Camilo?” You breathed out, voice barely a whisper.
He smiled fondly, eyes flickering briefly to your lips, letting himself steal just a few more seconds of holding you like this before he gently pinched your nose and laughed. He tried to play it cool, play it suave like he always had but as he pulled his hand away, he gently clenched it by his side, trying to remember the way your skin felt against his palm even as he had just touched it a few seconds ago.
He raised the same hand to his lips, acting as if he was just covering his mouth as he laughed at you but grazed his lips against his palm where he had touched your cheek, his freckled cheeks bursting into a heated fluster.
Camilo averted his gaze.
“Ay, bonita, you don’t know what you do to me.”
He knew he had an opportunity there and then to confess to you. To ask you to be his and his only forever. And he would’ve until he heard your name being called out by a familiar voice, one that he despised oh so dearly.
Andres Del Pilar strided towards the both of you, an unreadable expression on his handsome features.
“(Name), mi princesa, your papá has asked me to escort you home.” He stood tall, waiting for you who had looked at Camilo with a bashful smile, the warmth on your face never leaving.
“I’ll see you tomorrow, Camilo?” You offer as you gently pat your dress to remove any crease and nonexistent dirt.
“Si, tomorrow, mi reina.” He stammered, clambering onto his feet. Camilo could see how your offer had made Andres’ eyes narrow and he clicked his tongue in distaste. Even more so when he had swiftly added his petname for you.
You think he’s gonna let Andres call you princess? Well, you’re his queen. It was insignificant, maybe even petty but he had liked seeing the ticked off face of that pompous jerk.
Sensing the tenseness between both boys, particularly Andres’ sharp look at Camilo, you frown. You weren’t particularly aware of what the two boys were feuding about, blissfully unaware of the pair’s vying for your heart.
As you walked away after giving him one last smile, Andres had stayed in place, letting you go ahead a little ways away before he turned to the shapeshifter with a smile. It wasn’t a friendly one. It was strained, never quite meeting his eyes.
“You just don’t know when to quit, do you?” His tone was steady and unnervingly calm. “Qué Gueva,” He laughed, throwing his head back with a cackle.
“You really think you stand a chance? You really think she wants a nobody that can just shapeshift?” Andres stood tall as he approached Camilo who rather than back down, stood tall as well with his head up high. “You’re nothing without your powers, Madrigal. Let’s face it. Without your stupid miracle, nobody, I mean nobody, would give you the time of day.”
“She doesn’t want you. She’d never want you.” He hissed under his breath, his calm and formal facade breaking for a moment. “You and your family are all just a bunch of freaks—“
Andres finds himself lifted by the collar of his shirt, fistfuls of the fabric of his clothing bunched into Camilo’s hands. He wanted to swing. He wanted to knock Andres to the ground.
“Watch yourself, bastardo.” His hands shook as he held a wide-eyed Andres who grasped onto Camilo’s wrist. “I can take any insult but if you dare say a word about mi familia..” He trails off, letting his threat hang.
Andres choked at the tightness of his hold, his eyes narrowing before he roughly pushed the boy away. He wanted to say something but his bruised ego had made him scoff, straightening out his shirt as he quickly fled, muttering something under his breath.
He didn’t know how long he had stood there, eyes still locked onto the direction that you had walked off in. Camilo pursed his lips, shoving his hands in his pockets with a frustrated sigh.
Camilo knew better than to let words affect him but Andres’ words rang in his mind.
“What if he’s right?” He asked outloud to himself in the now desolate streets. “I can’t offer her anything like Andres can. I’m.. I’m nothing without my miracle..” His voice trembled as he furrowed his brows, his insecurities coming to fruition as he grit his teeth. Just who was Camilo Madrigal without the miracle? And could that Camilo compete with someone like Andres?
He could feel his heart hammering against his chest and his eyes watered as he took in deep but painful breaths. His vision was blurred with tears as he leaned against the fountain that the both of you had sat on.
A heavy weight upon his shoulders. A heavy thought played in his mind. A heavy question was left unanswered as he looked to the starry sky.
Was he worthy of you?
taglist: @madrigals-writes @0bsessedp0et @fa1ry-tales @grapesrcool @kinos-collection @sir-leoondrawsalot @zenyeaa @destinydrawssometimes @itsmesmileyface @levicorpusbitch @maya-custodios-dionach @caswinchester2000 @medeaa5 @datu-tadhana @twisted-monster @camilolovesroxiie @a-pansexualmess @liez117 @simp4everybody @chimsblogg @kaorisposts @samlealea @nachotrash @jovi-ayer @nachotrash @ewwitsbella @happyt0exist @rocketxgirl @porcelainpeachess @the-never-ending-one @joukiworld @ranzieboo @raiden88 @fantasttick @shakiraa-a @mangobery99 @i-need-more-books @mikeysleftpinkytoe @chayauwu @lunar-flwr @sug4r-sp1c3 @jinxedleo @passiveagressiveunicorn @kiraflowersworld @justsomebodyyoudontusetoknow @camlios @misstevyat @daz8i @gwynethx @ale-creates-worlds @vermilionrr @cherishedsheep @merikhhh @vanity-insecurity @roundsquishydubu @dai-tsukki-desu @naiosms @breadglasses @dilucs–wife @levexe-isunstable @applepi1415 @mcyt-obsessedgirlnamedvalerie @justmik0 @rosiefaeriee @berryaide @shitty-shino @electric-bloo @spiritualrebelist @bitchotine @leximus98 @justcallmelish @thegeekisheere @sizzie-s @your-girl-mj @raiden88 @@gwynethx @ale-creates-worlds @camilosangelita @dumbfuyu @CLOVDY-SVNSHINE @SLEEZY-AXERIIX @DYLANJONES @MERYMIKEY @EMITUNE @cappuccinoko @spiritualrebelist @bitchotine @leximus98 @justcallmelish @thegeekisheere @sizzie-s @your-girl-mj @froothoops @unstableyetloveable @ionlyshopathottopic @bxbykyla @froggydobegaytho @blobette @casitasbestie
beat his ass boy beat his ass boy 🥊🤜🤛👊 kidding.. maybe.. tangina mo andres gago ka pota
i hope you guys like this part aaa ! as always any like, reblog, and comment is vvv much appreciated ! lemme know what you think ? aaa ?
also so sorry if you didnt get tagged the max number of tags is only 50 :((
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Can I request a camilo x reader that's shy but like the family ALWAYs walks in when they cuddle, kiss, hug, or even in? Weird positions and the reader panics and starts trying to say they were like "*insert reader and family hugging*" "*Pepa comes in * *reader pushes him away quickly even though they were caught * " CAMILO W- W- WHY WOULD YOU KIDNAP ME *whole bunch of random excuses-*
Excuses For Loving You
a/n: guys omg its been alot more than a week since i last posted but i will finish my requests and then start writing for diff fandoms (such as marvel or hp or pjo) also this was request reminded me of the end of antman which was super cute lol :))) ty all for your patience!!
You were scooped up in your boyfriends arms, using Camilo's chest as a pillow. You felt happy lying there. You were about to rest your eyes when Antonio barged in, shouting something. Shocked, you pushed yourself up, and shoved Camilo away from you.
He tumbled off of his bed, and you yelled "Wow, I thought this was my bed! Why am I here???" You started to ramble on, in a fruitless attempt to lie about you not knowing how you got into Casita.
You were always quite shy, which was one of the reasons Camilo fell for you in the first place. And although he would never change anything about you, his shoulder was starting to hurt from falling off of his bed every time someone walked into his room. Your face would become flushed as someone entered, and you would try your best to cover up the 'evidence'.
---- unfinished ----
a/n pt 2: IM SO SORRY I DIDNTR FINISH THIS PROMPT!! i had no idea how to finish it and this has been in my drafts for a week or so. also: i now take requests for pjo, hoo, hp, marvel and others!! my school starts again in a week so posts will be even less frequent so sorry ab that!
so sorry i didnt finish this request!!
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happy birthday mi vida!
camilo x gen!reader
word count: 1.2k
request? nope
warning(s): tooth rotting fluff, some angst, not beta-d we die like abuelo
summary: it's your birthday and the madrigals have something planned up their sleeve.
a/n: decided to write this really quickly cause it's my birthday today and i wanted to give you guys something cute too as a treat! to those of you have requested a fic please be patient i'm writing them all!
Tumblr media
"You seriously don't remember what today is?" you asked Dolores as the two of you were helping carry some crates around the town.
"It's a normal Thursday from what I remember" she let out quietly, looking around rather suspiciously as you made your way to the town square. If you hadn't been too absorbed in your own thoughts you would've heard the little squeak she let out and the slight bulging of her eyes.
With a sigh, you dropped the crate down next to a fruit stand and wiped your hands on your clothes. You looked over to Dolores once again as she tried avoiding eye contact with you, looking everywhere else but your direction.
With another heavy sigh you walked towards the bridge where you were needed next, a deep frown and furrowed eyebrows adorning your face.
Today was your birthday and literally no one had remembered. Not even your own parents which really unusual as they would have been the first people to celebrate it with you. You had asked everyone in your family about it and got the same answer of, "What are you talking about?". Luisa was the first Madrigal you had encountered today and she, too, said nothing to you about your birthday. Maybe out of your frustration, however, you had missed how her right eye twitched nervously right after. Mirabel was the second Madrigal you had encountered and the one that shocked you the most. Mira was known to be caring and compassionate so it really surprised you that she too forgot it was your birthday.
Now Dolores had forgotten too and you had gotten sadder and sadder as the day went by. You only had one hope left, and that was your boyfriend Camilo. There was no way he would have forgotten his s/o's birthday. Right?
"Mi vida what are you talking about? Today is nothing special, just a boring old Thursday. Unless we have a celebration or a festival I don't know about!" he said to you in the form of a townswoman, cradling the real townswoman's baby.
"Are you serious Camilo? You really don't remember?!"
"Remember what?" Camilo shifted back into himself accidently from how nervous he felt. He couldn't ruin it now, not when the whole family had tried so hard throughout the day to keep it a secret.
"You know what whatever I'm not in the mood to see your face now" you stomped off back towards your house with tears pricking your eyes. Camilo had forgot your birthday. You couldn't believe it. Were you that insignificant to everyone?
As you were walking away, you had missed how Camilo's faced grew into a sad frown, shifting from himself to Abuela, Mirabel, Dolores and back into the townswoman.
The day was slowly ending as the sun was now slowly lowering itself, creating an orange and pink hue on the sky. You were curled up in your bed, face down on your pillow as you wanted this horrible day to end already.
You heard a knock on your front door, but you didn't have the motivation to go down and open the door. Your parents weren't home yet and you were all alone in the house. After a few seconds, you heard the knocking intensify.
With a loud groan you knocked the bedding off of you and grumpily made your way downstairs towards the door. The scowl on your face quickly turned into a small smile at the sight in front of you.
Little Antonio was standing there with a parrot on his right shoulder and small present box in his hands. He looked up at you with bright eyes and a wide smile as he said, "Happy birthday Y/N! Here's your present from me!" He extended his arms up towards you as far as he could reach and gestured for you to take the present.
You teared up as you kneeled down in front of the boy and hugged him tightly. "Thank you my little Tonito! Thank you!" He laughed and hugged you back as tight as you had, the parrot eventually joining in too.
You took the present and placed it inside on the sofa as you gestured Antonio to come in to the house, but he shook his head.
"Follow me!" he grabbed your hand and started to drag you through the town towards Casita.
When the two of you had reached the - suspiciously - dark Casita, he whistled and two parrots blindfolded you making you let out a yelp of surprise.
"Come come come!" he shouted enthusiastically and motioned for you to follow after him in the Casita, which obviously you couldn't see. The enthusiasm alone was enough for you to follow him.
With small hesitant shuffles you made it passed the entrance and into the clearing. The room was dead silent as the only you could hear was your own - now nervous - breathing. You reached out your arms around you, trying to scan the area for anything that could give you a clue as to what was happening, but found nothing.
"Antonio what's going on?" you said a little impatiently as there was zero movement happening around you. With a quick motion of your hand, you ripped the blindfold off and looked around the dark room. The only thing that you could make out was the outline of the room, some freshly adorned vines and flowers placed on the pillars and a large paper that hung at the very end of the room.
"Tonito?-" you had started but was cut off by the lights suddenly opening. You squinted at the harsh light and made to cover your face when you felt something hug your legs.
You opened your eyes and saw the whole Madrigal family as well as your own parents wearing party hats and blowing confetti at you.
"Surprise!" they all yelled in synchronization and you were left gobsmacked. Quite literally. You hadn't expected this at all. There was that big paper that you saw before, but now it had the phrase "Happy Birthday Y/N!" written on it.
Abuela moved to hug you first as she wished you a very happy and joyful birthday. Everyone proceeded to do the same and now you were only left with Camilo.
"I'm sorry I didn't wish you earlier amor, I just wanted to keep the surprise a secret" he smiled sheepishly, lightly scratching the back of his neck as he avoided eye contact.
"In the beginning you did really upset me Milo. But I guess you're forgiven now." You said playfully as you went to hug him. He hugged you back tightly and lightly kissed your cheek.
"Whose idea was this?" you asked as you made your way to the rest of the family members.
"It was actually Camilo's idea! He came up with the whole 'we will ignore Y/N and make them believe that we don't remember about their birthday so they'll feel sad and then plan a surprise party for them so they can be happy'." Mirabel said, gesturing with her hands as she explained what had happened.
You laughed and went to hug Camilo again, pulling away shortly after and kissing him ever so gently.
"Happy birthday again mi amor." he whispered as he leaned in to plant another gentle kiss on your lips.
When you thought that today would have been the worst birthday of your life, it turned out to be one of the best you've ever had! All because of la familia Madrigal and your wonderful boyfriend Camilo.
Tumblr media
wish this could happen to me too irl :')
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amateurasterism · a day ago
Can I request a short fanfic of Camilo and his S/O on their birthday?
feliz cumpleanos
camilo madrigal x gn!reader
summary: camilo gives his significant other the best birthday presents they could’ve asked for
notes: first request!! 18+ dni
song: hey lover! by wabie
word count: 581
“Make a wish, mi amor!”
Camilo smiles as he watches his significant other blow out their birthday candle. The crowd surrounding you cheers, lining up as your prepare to cut your cake.
The whole day, you had journeyed outside of Encanto with your family, visiting close relatives who lived outside of town. Whilst you had done that, Camilo had spent the day frantically preparing a surprise birthday party for you. Of course, the Madrigals were very supportive of this, and they were all in to help Camilo surprise his partner. Throughout the day, Casita had been set up for the party, and residents of Encanto gathered in the foyer. The surprise party had worked; they had successfully surprised you and Camilo could tell you enjoyed the party.
Nonetheless, it was still a long day and you were beginning to feel the fatigue after all the partying and socialzing. You and Camilo were dancing when you decided you couldn’t take the drearyness anymore.
“‘Milo..” you pulled Camilo closer in the dance and buried your head in his shoulder, shutting your eyes.
Camilo bent down to meet your eyes, concern etched in his brow, “Is everything okay, mi amor? Do you not like the party? I can tell everyone to leave now.”
You shook your head and pressed deeper into the crook of Camilo’s neck. “No, no, I loved the party. I appreciate how hard you’ve worked for it. I’m just tired, is all. Do you think people would mind if we spent the rest of the night in your room?”
“Aww, mi pareja is tired? Or do you just want kisses in bed?” Camilo teased, dipping you easily as the song you were dancing to ended. Mid-dip, Camilo gave you a doting kiss. He then picked you up, hoisting his arm under your legs and around your waist.
“You idiot,” you grin and turn red under the portion of Camilo’s curls that cover your face.
“But I’m your idiot, and you love me.”
“Shut up, ‘Milo.”
Camilo knew Dolores would do him the favor of telling his family that you two would be upstairs sleeping, so he was sure there would be no disturbances. Camilo slipped inside his room, gently threw you on his bed and crawled under the sheets next to you so that you were facing his chest. He wrapped his arms around your waist and pressed rapid kisses to your forehead.
“Camilo!” you yell quietly, letting out a laugh through your drooping eyes.
“Consider this an extra birthday gift,” Camilo said lazily. You could tell by his tone of voice he was tired as well and he was grateful you had asked to go to sleep early. He continued to place more kisses on your face, moving from your forehead to your cheekbones.
“Ay, you’ve already given me so many gifts,” you shut your eyes to sleep but continue to smile. “The surprise party, the handmade scarf that matches your rauna, three bouquets of flowers, the basket of my favorite foods, the necklace with my name on it, the ring… And not to mention the many other kisses you called ‘extra birthday gifts’.”
“But you deserve it, Y/N,” the shapeshifter places a final lengthened kiss to your lips and closes his eyes. “Te amo muchísimo.”
“I love you more.”
You both lay in a solaced silence, and just before you feel yourself fall asleep, you hear Camilo whisper one last thing.
“Feliz cumpleanos, mi amor.”
˗ ˏ ˋ taglist ˎˊ ˗
@dai-tsukki-desu @hallwaycrush @rosiefaeriee @yukyukinno @carcat-02 @ventiscape @whatshappeningtolife
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justanothercamilofan · 2 days ago
Helloooo can we have Camilo with a short male reader?
Tumblr media
i have free time rn so i wrote this 💪💪💪
Tumblr media
Camilo's height is slightly above the average for his age, maybe like 2 - 3 inches?
He makes a great deal out of it, talking about how he's so tall and stuff like that.
If someone were to be even just an inch shorter than he is, he'd tease that person to no end.
Of course, he won't say anything hurtful. The boy just wants everyone to have fun.
Even before you became Camilo's boyfriend, he'd always tease you for being shorter than him.
He'd rest his arm on top of your head, grab one of your things and raise his hand above his head. The usual things tall people do to those shorter than them.
his favorite one would probably be Bebé, because he says and I quote; "Your height is the same as those newly born."
Aside from that, there'd also be those really weird nicknames that no one has ever called you before, you didn't mind them though. In fact, you sometimes find them funny.
"Hola, my little ankle biter."
You stare at him with a blank expression on your face. What did he just call you?
"Ankle biter? Seriously?"
Camilo erupts into laughter, resting his arm on top of your head. "Cute, right? Or do you want something different? Oh! What about pocket sized?" He asks, grinning at you.
You give him a roll of your eyes, pushing his arm off. "Where do you get these ideas anyway? Not once have I been called these nicknames in my life."
Your boyfriend chuckles, "What about little boy?" A glare is sent his way at that.
"How old do you think I am? Five? If you call me that I'm never talking to you again." You furrow your brows, crossing your arms over your chest.
Camilo giggles, placing a quick kiss to your forehead. "I'm just joking, bebé, I'm just joking."
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desichameleon · a day ago
pairings : camilo x gn!reader 
request : yes / no
summary : camilo taking a sneak peek at the readers portrait of him
warnings : whiney camilo, thats it !
a / n : just something short for you guys so you dont leave me while i finish a request
“mi vida” Camilo whined as you adjusted his face for what felt like (but was actually only the second time) the hundredth time that night, “Cami just stop moving so much then it’ll be over with sooner” you sighed as you dipped your paintbrush into the water and then dabbed it in the navy blue water colour. You were painting a portrait of Camilo - as per his request - of how you saw him, naturally you had started painting a beautiful portrait of him under the moonlight with a few changes, but the Madrigal kid just could not stay still! “amor I’m waring you, don’t you dare try and hug me right now.” you said sternly as you saw Camilo leaning into you from the corner of your eye, the boy backed away slowing back into his original position pouting at you. “aw don’t give me that look” you cooed as his pout deepened, his hazel eyes growing bigger making the shape shifter look like a puppy. You giggled as you set down the canvas and hugged Camilo, he rested his head on your shoulder and saw the painting of himself, it was truly breath-taking. He looked the same but was in the dark, the only light source was the moon (and he guessed you’d add the stars later) which was shining directly onto him but there was something different... his freckles were tiny stars, connecting like constellations on his cheeks and nose. “(y/n) t-this is amazing mi amor” he said pulling away to look at you and then back at the painting and to you again, “thank you cariño, I always see the constellations on your face and decided to paint it” you giggled as he pressed his forehead against yours.
“well I’m glad you see me as beautifully as i see you mi vida”
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gladerwolfstarkimagines · 8 hours ago
The Cafe Part One: Imagine having a strained relationship with Camilo due to the fact everyone assumes to two of you will one day end up together. You both hate this and decide to be enemies forever but that doesn’t stop you being attracted to one another.
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As one of the strongest and oldest families yet to marry into the Madrigal bloodline you knew all eyes were on your family or more accurately you and you hated it. You were the only child in your family and of course you were born just 6 months before the eldest Madrigal boy, Camilo. Everyone pretty much decided then and there that two of you would be a couple and your future was laid out for you. You didn’t agree and that wouldn’t be your future if you had anything to do with it but that’s getting ahead of the story.
You and Camilo actually used to be friends when you were younger. There weren't many kids in town so as he was the same age as you, you played together often. You used to go to his house and eat the wonderful food his aunt could make. You loved his home and how big his family was, being an only child you dreamt of a family as huge as this and you truly felt welcome at Camilo's home...then his Abuela made a comment that ruined it all. You and Camilo were barely seven, he was still mastering his gift but one of his favourite things to do was to transform into you. This always annoyed you because Camilo would mimic you and that meant war for a seven-year-old. So you’d end up fighting and one day Camilo’s Abuela walked in to find you punching Camilo (who looked like you) while he tried to get away. She quickly separated the two of you before telling you good children didn’t fight like that. You and Camilo glared at one another before the offer of a cookie made you both thaw. You followed Abuela to the kitchen and were happily eating courtesy of Julieta when Grandma Abuela smiled watching you two. “It’s so nice to see the two of them and know I don’t have to worry about Camilo’s future partner”. “Future partner, mama they're just children!" Camilo’s mother Pepa commented but Camilo’s Abuela shrugged "so? Some things are very easy to see and these two are pre-destined to be together. Mark my words Camilo will be proposing before he’s 20".  You’d finished your cookie and were staring at the adults confused. Had Bruno had another vision? What did they mean about you and Camilo being partners? "Come on y/n!" Camilo cried pulling your arm and he tugged you out of the kitchen. He snapped you back into reality and you followed him in a daze. When you reached his room you frowned "Camilo what did your grandmother mean back then?". Camilo looked down "ow it’s nothing...just something she likes to talk about". "Tell me, I want to know" you insisted and he sighed "my grandmother likes you and your family so she hopes in the future we'll...you know". You paused "what?". "Get married like grown-ups do!" Camilo cried blushing but your response was quite different. You weren’t embarrassed you were a mixture of furious and confused. "What!" you cried "why?". "Because she likes you and our families get on" Camilo explained "she says it’ll be a good match and she’ll arrange it when we're older". "But that's so gross!" you cried and Camilo didn’t say anything. You noticed his silence and paused "Camilo? Why aren’t you angry?". "Because I...if I have to marry a girl why couldn’t it be you? We play together and you have good toys and can think of really fun games". "So you’d like it?' you asked scandalised and Camilo shrugged blushing lightly. "I don’t think I'd hate it" he admitted and you were not happy. You loved Camilo, he was your best friend but that didn’t mean you wanted to marry him, you’d heard rumours that involved kissing and that was definitely too disgusting for a seven-year-old. Not to mention you didn’t like how nobody had asked you. Your mother had told you that women didn’t use to have rights and how they were just given to men without their own preference even being considered. This reminded you of that and you hated it. Even if Camilo liked it you didn’t and you hated how everyone seemed to be in on this except you. So you had some pretty good reasons to be against this however you were just seven and lacked the maturity to express yourself effectively. In response to all this you pushed Camilo away from you and took your anger out on him. "I don’t have a crush on you! That’s gross" you cried. Camilo immediately got defensive and shoved you back “I never said I had a crush on you! I think you’re the grossest person ever”. You were pretty insulted so you leapt at Camilo fighting for real this time and he shapeshifted into a bigger kid pushing you over easily. You fell down hard and were upset physically and emotionally, not wanting him to see you cry you cried “I hate you and never want to see you again” before you ran home.
Even since then you’d stopped being friends and decided you hated one another. Camilo did miss you but he’d never forget the disgusted way you looked at him and that stopped him ever trying to approach you. You were definitely not eager to approach him either, still slightly traumatised over what you’d heard and so the distance between you grew and grew and turned uglier and uglier over the years until it reached the stage it was at currently.
You and Camilo couldn’t be in the same room without a fight breaking out. You went to school together so this happened often and you both made it your mission to ruin the other’s life. With your friends and even each other’s families you were kind, sweet people.  Around one another however you became these toxic mean spirited people who just wanted to bring the other down and this continued well into your teen years. Every summer the Madrigals would have a party celebrating the harvest and the end of school for the summer. Pretty much everyone would go but you always sat it out, not a fan of anything that brought you near Camilo. However this year your parents said that wasn’t an option. Now you’d turned 16 they said you had to start attending adult events and could skive off as a child would. So you dragged your feet grumbling about how unfair this was all the way to the Madrigal house. Or course Camilo was on the door greeting guests. You rolled your eyes, he was so extroverted, his need for attention and to be liked sickened you. As you got closer he spotted you quickly and his smile momentarily faltered before your parents stepped forwards. "Mrs and Mr L/n how wonderful to see you" he smiled at them both and your parent smiled back. No matter how many stories about him you’d told they still liked him and thought he was a good boy. No matter the problems between Camilo and yourself, neither of you could bring yourself to be mean to the other’s family. It was an unspoken rule. "Thanks for having us Camilo, look how big you've gotten! I remember when you used to look tiny on our sofa and now you're taller than me! You're almost a man" your mother cried. You snorted and everyone looked at you. "Sure if were using the term very loosely" you muttered walking past him into the house. You heard your parents mutter something to Camilo before rushing after you "you do not disrespect someone who's opened their home to you" your father scolded you. "I didn’t even want to come to his home!" you cried "you made me come here, I never promised to be polite to Camilo". Your parents didn’t bother arguing with you, they knew Camilo was a topic you couldn’t be persuaded on.
You were passing the kitchen when you saw Pepa carrying numerous trays of food, or well she was trying too. They kept tilting and one was bound to fall, a cloud appeared over Pepa’s head telling you she was losing her patience. You saw one tray tip and rushed forwards. You caught it just in time and took a few of the others off Pepa making the cloud disappear immediately. "Aww thank you y/n you're so sweet" Camilo’s mom beamed, recognising you instantly. "You're all grown up now, you're such a beautiful young woman" Pepa complimented you. You blushed "ow I'm not too sure about that". "You are, I’m sure your parents are so proud of you" she smiled "it's such a shame you and Camilo don’t get on anymore...we miss you around here". You suddenly felt guilty and looked down "yeah it's a shame, I guess we just grew apart". Pepa shot you a look like she knew it was more than a small growing apart. As if summoned the devil himself appeared. "Mami Antonio...ow" Camilo said walking around the corner to find you and his mother together. "Camilo I was just chatting with y/n, she's all grown up just like you. I can’t believe you’re both finishing school this year, are you excited?". You nodded "yep I’m looking forward to University". "Ow where are you going?" Pepa asked and Camilo looked down "hopefully somewhere outside of Colombia altogether" and you glared at him. You told Pepa the school you were hoping to go to and Camilo’s stomach drooped. "Ow that’s where Camilo is thinking of going!" Pepa cried. "Yeah not so much anymore" he smiled sweetly and you smiled back "don’t worry based on your grades I’m sure they’ll make that decision for you". Pepa sighed looking at Camilo “y/n can you give me a moment with my son, I’ve got to have a talk with him” she said her expression grave. You nodded “of course I’ll go put these trays on the table, it was nice seeing you Mrs.Madrigal” and you disappeared pleased you’d gotten Camilo into trouble.
Once you’d put the trays down you started scoping out a good place to enjoy the party. The one thing you did love about Madrigal events was the music. The whole town would come together and everyone would play instruments and it was so much fun. You had been trying to pout and be angry but found yourself bobbing along to the music and enjoying the performances. One by one people sang and you were really enjoying the night...but your smile vanished when Camilo appeared. You tensed, knowing what was coming and sure enough Camilo opened his mouth and you were hooked. His singing was the most beautiful thing you#d ever heard. It made you so mad to admit but nobody could compete with Camilo in terms of signing. His voice was deep and could be rough but also so smooth and warm. You hated it but Camilo’s singing was really attractive and you felt the pull every time he performed. His voice washed over you and you felt that familiar attraction again. It wasn’t enough he was good looking, charming, a good dancer and had literal powers he had to have a godly voice too? You sighed annoyed at how much you were enjoying Camilo’s performance when your cousin waved to you. She begged you to dance with her and so you agreed. Camilo’s song had finished now so you’d surely be able to just enjoy yourself now.
Camilo’s POV 
Camilo was getting some water after singing when he spotted you. There were tons of people on the floor dancing but of course his eyes went straight to you as they always did. You spun around in your green dress and were the most beautiful dancer on the floor. The graceful but skilled way you glided around the floor made several people stop and stare but it was the look on your face that Camilo stated at. You didn’t smile often and especially not around him so seeing the pure joy in your face...the way it lit up your features made him pause. You just looked so happy it was beautiful. You didn’t have a care in the world and you looked perfect.
"Who are you looking at like that?' a voice asked and Camilo jumped as Isabela appeared. He tried to move away but she was already beside him and followed his gaze to you. "Ahhh your old bestie, any reason why you're checking her out?". "I was not!" Camilo cried and Isabela smirked "sure because you totally weren’t gaping at her. I can’t blame you, she's the hottest girl in your year by far...no wonder she didn’t want to marry you". "Shut up Isabela!" he cried and a bit too loudly as everyone nearby looked over. "Camilo why don’t you go check on the gardens!" his father called which was code for go outside and stop making a scene. Camilo rolled his eyes but did as he was told.
Mirabel has seen the whole thing and followed him. “You okay?" she asked catching up to him and Camilo nodded "I'm fine". "I heard what Isabela said and just ignore her. We all know that wasn’t the reason the two of you fell out, I mean come on you were like 7". "But we kinda did" Camilo groaned "she stopped being friends with me because the idea of what might happen in some distant future disgusted her so much. She doesn’t just dislike me she loathes me and I pretend it doesn’t bother me but I don’t know...it doesn’t feel great". Mirabel frowned "have you ever considered that this all happened a while ago?". Camilo paused "so?". "Well how do you know all that's true anymore? Seven-year-olds don’t communicate well and they tend to be emotional. Have you ever spoken to y/n to work out what was the reason?". "I know the reason Mirabel and it's me. The fact is she hates me” but he froze as you appeared outside ranting to your mother. “I can’t even dance in peace” you cried and your mother shushed you pulling you away from the doors. You were downstairs and had no idea Mirabel and Camilo could see and hear you, they were hidden by the many many plants courtesy of Isabela. Camilo was about to step away when he heard his name. "Years! Years Camilo and I haven’t been friends and still people ask me if we’re getting married! Nobody asks Camilo that, just me. It’s so sexist it drives me crazy! How can people just not understand I don’t want to be a man's prize, my greatest ambition in life isn’t to be a wife.  I've done so much to try and alter that perspective. I study hard so I can get into a good school, I work out to make myself strong, I even pick fights with Camilo every chance I get to make him hate me and still they suggest him as a husband for me! I hate it" you said bursting into tears and your mother hugged you. Mirabel turned back to Camilo "still think there’s nothing more to it?" she whispered. Camilo stared watching you crumble. You were always so tough and harsh it was odd to see you so human...he’d almost forgotten you were just a normal person like him not a mortal enemy. His perspective suddenly shifted and he felt bad. He had no idea things had been so bad for you or that what his Abuela had insinuated was still affecting you
The next day
Camilo woke up late the next day after staying up so late the night before and he loved it. School was well and truly out and he sauntered downstairs feeling ready for his lazy summer. He hid from his family to avoid having to do any chores and only entered the kitchen when he was sure it was empty. He strode in before the door closed behind it, it was an ambush and his tia Julieta was waiting for him. "Camilo I know why you're here, you can horde food later but for now hold this". She placed several trays in his arms and he frowned "what is all this?". "I was hired to make some food for the cafe". "Y/n's?" he asked. Your family owned the most popular cafe in town and Camilo’s tia had worked there when she was younger. Tia Julieta nodded "yes for y/n’s cafe and you're going to help me take them there". "What! No i’m not" he cried and Julieta shot him a look. "I know you think the world will end If you and y/n are forced to see one another but it won’t. You'll be just fine so let's go". "Tia Julieta" Camilo complained and she shot him a look "do you want me to tell your mother you won't walk 10 minutes to help me because I know just how scary she can be". "No, no don't tell my mother!" he cried remembering the telling off he got less than 24 hours ago from his mother. He did not want that experience so soon again so Camilo agreed "I'll go but not as me". Julieta went to ask what he meant when Camilo transformed into Luisa. "Okay let's go" he said as if this was a normal thing to do. Julieta shook her head "is that really necessary?". "Trust me this will make everything a lot smoother" he replied and the two set off into town. Even as Luisa Camilo felt nervous and with every step he got closer and closer to you until finally...they arrived.
For cafe shenanigans get ready for part 2! I’m thinking this will be a 3 part series but i’ll see how it goes. I never intended to make this a series but I have a habit of writing a lot and it’s way too much for one person to be expected to read in one installment.
So hopefully you’ll come along for the 3 part Camilo series! I really liked writing this side of Camilo because we’ve seen he can be really sweet but also a bit sarcastic and blunt so the man has range!!
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bandshirts-and-books · a day ago
Camilo, pointing at Antonio: Dis a brother
Camilo, pointing at Dolores: Dis a sister
Camilo, pointing at Isabela: Dis a cousin
Camilo, pointing at himself: And Dis a ppointment
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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[ taps mic ]
uh.. car.. carlos madrigal..
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Extended Family ~ Bruno Madrigal (Part 2)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Storyline: The Madrigals continue to expand their bloodline, which makes abuela tease the question toward you and Bruno.
Word count: 1194
~ Part 1~
Characters: Bruno x fem! reader, the rest of the madrigal family;
Added characters of my own which consist of the three boy triplets you had with Bruno. Their names; Lennox, Noah & Nacio.
Subject: SO much FLUFF I felt like balling my eyes out. Superpowers and family relations
Side Note: West side story song reference made me think of babies I don’t know why.. I didn’t write anything about what the triplets' powers would be because I want to leave that to the reader’s imagination for their own children with Bruno.
“Tonight, Tonight, It all began tonight,
It all began tonight, I saw you and the world went away.
Tonight, Tonight, There’s only you tonight, What you are, what you do, what you say”
YOU softly sang with your eyes closed. The bedroom was fairly dark with only the moon shining through the window. Your back was twisted with post labor pains but it didn’t matter as long as you held your babies in your bare arms. Bruno held one of the triplets in his arms while you held the other two. It was quite ironic how generational curses work wonders with our genes. You cared for three boy triplets rather than Bruno and his other two sisters as the first.
“I think I know which one you are going to be the rebellious one” Bruno watched his son intently while sitting in a chair next to your bedside.
“Just because he’s opening his eyes for a brief second doesn’t mean much” you chuckled.
“I think you forget how much I know and don’t know” he adjusted the blanket tighter around his child.
You gave out a harsh sigh of relief and briefly tried to take in the moment. It seemed like everything was going to be perfectly fine in your life. Never have you thought in a million years you would be having three children already the first time around. The emotions in you were filled with excitement, but soon flooded with doubt.
“And to just think this is only the beginning” Bruno gently removed himself from his chair to place his son inside his crib. You snap out of your thoughts and adjust your face to seem more punctual.
“I know, it’s all happened so fast.. I just hope I can live up to your family’s expectations” you leaned your arm toward Bruno so he could give your arms a rest from holding your sons. Usually Brunito is the one you try to keep at bay considering how much anxiety he gets from his powers. But this time it’s as if you hoped you had his powers just so you know the future was going to be ok for your children. Bruno avoided your worrisome thoughts like the plague. He always knew when you seemed troubled about living up to your family’s reputation like Maribel but it sometimes affected him more than you.
“Why don’t you just go ahead and rest for a bit, I think I can handle it from here” he sat on the edge of the bed. His long raven hair had given more streaks of gray inside his beard and hair.
The years were starting to take its toll but it didn’t bother you much. He took your hand into his and remembered the first time you both met.
“Just remember that everything will be ok” he soothed. Without question you felt like yourself once again.
( Fast forward Five years later)
Fireflies danced around the sticky swarm night air as a celebration as the Madrigals swung back around. The Casita boomed of close friends and family from town. Every time a new generation of children comes around the casita marks on the child’s fifth birthday to show them their own very gift. And as you guessed it, your troublesome three was up next for their very special day…
“Bruno this is it! I’ve waited so long for this very moment” you adjusted your sons’ bow ties that match the same color sequence as you and Bruno. It was such a hassle raising them but you just couldn’t get over how much trouble these little ones will cause now with superpowers of their own. The only thing you could pray for is Bruno to help keep them in line with whatever gift they occur. You wipe a tear from the corner of your eye.
“Mom you’ve been crying all dayyyy you’re gonna make it a lot less exciting” Lennox rolled his eyes.
“She’s just happy crying that’s all” Noah innocently hugged your legs to reassure you.
Your other son Nacio was too busy playing footsies with the casita's floor plates. Bruno couldn’t be more proud of his family and how far he’s come. His only concern was that his boys won’t ever experience the mental burden of their gifts. Bruno hasn’t had any visions lately and he already knew why. Since his sons’ were born he never received a vision of his own family since then and he figured it could not determine his own destiny and only everyone else’s.
“Now now hijos lets all get ready by the curtains, I don’t want anyone to get their suits dirtier before the fiesta begins and that means I’m talking to you too Nacio” Bruno raised his voice directly at Nacio who’s white shirt was nearly almost dirty brown.
The boys aligned themselves accordingly and nervously waited for their big moment. You wrapped your arm around Bruno’s and rested your head on his shoulder. “I remember the first time I opened my bedroom door with just me and my sisters.” Bruno gazed out while the voice of Abuela announced the same lines over behind the curtains.
“The funny thing was there weren't any fiestas or other people around. It was just us being happy to have a home.” Bruno's eyes watered for a split second. You rubbed his arm for grievance.
You whispered to your husband to step over to the side once the curtains opened up.
“Now it is time!” Abuela announced with her candle in one hand. The crowd was once in silence around the pathway toward the staircase. The curtains dramatically opened up revealing the next three kens. The boys froze in silence. Noah looked back at you and Bruno with nervousness. You silently mouthed “go on” to him and Bruno gave a fatherly thumbs up.
“We can do it guys...just hold my hand” Lennox took one of his brother's hands. His siblings followed suit and walked down the lighted pathway toward their abuela.
Up the glossy upstairs the boys approached the woman who’s seen it and heard it all.
“Are you all ready for your gift?” Abuela bent ever so slightly to ease her authorized stature. Her smile was warm and kind which lighted the boys’ eyes with encouragement. They slowly nodded their heads and parted their ways to each of their bedroom doors.
Abuela stood at the end of all three of the doors and looked at each of them.
“Go ahead and open your gift”
Tag list: @im-eating-rn @abovenyx @theellyneil
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Maybe Camilo turns into a baby when he’s nervous due to the fact that he never got a childhood because he was always shifting into adults and Abuela treating him likes he’s only useful then, so now he associates being a child with negativity and being weak/unhelpful
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okay camilo with an s/o with a contagious laugh thank u 😤❤
camilo with gen!reader having a contagious laugh would include...
So you and Camilo had been dating for a while (around 5 months)
But you had only been to a Madrigal dinner like once when he first introduced you to the family.
Now would be the second time you were going to have dinner with la familia Madrigal and you were a nervous wreck
Although you knew them from the town and - occasionally - helped them out with chores, you still didn't know them
Especially Alma Madrigal
Oh boy did she scare you shitless
When the two of you arrived he sat you down next to him and his older sister right in the middle of the table
Opposite of Isabela
No offence to her, she was gorgeous and you were sure she was so sweet and nice
Didn't mean she didn't scare you as she stared you down
You awkwardly laughed and looked to the side, squeezing Camilo's hand lightly (a habit you had actually picked up from him when he was nervous)
To your luck, Julieta and Mirabel placed the food on the table and the dinner had finally begun
Camilo grabbed you a big portion and (obviously) an even bigger portion for himself
Small talk and chatter filled the room for a good 20 minutes in during eating
You didn't really join in, only replying to questions asked towards you and making small comments about how good the food was here and there
You were trying to focus on a single conversation but found it difficult due to the amount of them being made around you
Until you did and just so happened to be Agustín's (maybe sad) attempt at making a joke
More so a dad joke
But luckily for him!
You secretly loved dad jokes
"Hey kids!"
"What papá?"
"What's the best thing about Switzerland?"
"Oh god not another dad joke-"
"Come oooon! What's the best thing about it?!"
"Uhhhh what is it?"
"I don't know, but the flag is a big plus"
And as if on que everyone in the room stops talking
It just reeked of it as everyone was eyeing Agustín
Poor man was the only one laughing at his own (kinda bad) joke
Until you opened your mouth
And you just started laughing really really hard
We're talking about the 'i have to clench my stomach and wipe my tears' laugh
Agustín naturally just started laughing harder since at least one person found his joke funny
Bruno couldn't help himself but laugh when he heard your laughter
And soon enough everyone just started joining in and laughing as hard as you and Agustín were
Your laugh was so contagious it was pretty hard not to join in
Camilo always thought of your laugh as pretty (sometimes a little too loud but otherwise pretty)
You on the other hand had always been self conscious about your laugh
Some girl had said you had a 'if a chicken had a love baby with a donkey' laugh when you were like 6
And ever since then you had a fake laugh to cover up your real laugh
But because of Agustín you couldn't hold it in and now everyone was laughing along with you
"See?! Y/N, they have taste!" Camilo's tio let out as everyone was catching their breath
"They don't but okay-"
"What? It was funny!" you let out with a small giggle still thinking about the joke
"You're just so cute!" Camilo exclaimed next to you, leaning over to pinch your cheeks
"No, I sound like the chicken's and donkey's love baby" you frowned
"Y/N that was when we were 6 now we're 15"
"It still sounds like that though-"
"Antonio!" Pepa shushed her son and motioned for Camilo to continue
"Still.." your frown deepened
"Mi vida you and your laugh are the cutest thing to ever exist on this world" he pecked your forehead and moved in to peck your lips
"Ahem!" Abuela coughed loudly, side eyeing both you and Camilo
But she failed to hide the content and knowing smile that was growing on her lips
You noticed how late it was and kind of panicked because last time you came super late to your house and your parents accidently locked you out
And then you had to awkwardly make your way back to Casita and crash at Camilo's room (with parental supervision of course)
"It's really late I think I should be going now. Thank you for having me over and thank you for the delicious food!" you smiled as you stood up, the Madrigal family standing up in turn
"Thank you dear for coming, I'm glad you enjoyed your time here" Abuela said warmly
This woman wasn't as scary as you thought she would be
You proceeded to hug each family member and made your way to the exit of the house
Hand in hand with Camilo the two of you walked back to your house where he dropped you off (after making sure you weren't locked out again)
"Thank you for inviting me" you let out softly
"Thank you for accepting" he smiled cheekily and moved to kiss you
"Ahem!" you mocked Abuela when he was only inches away from your lips
The both of you laughed and he moved in again to finally kiss you
The two of you pulled away and rested your foreheads on each others, both of you smiling like idiots
"I really love your laugh by the way did I ever tell you that?"
You laughed, lifting a hand up to his head to caress his hair
"Yeah you've said it about 100 times"
"Well then make it 101 because I really do"
And with that he kissed you tenderly once more before you both called it a night
The dinner didn't go so bad after all
a/n: sorry this wasn't a fic but i honestly didn't know how to make it one, again i'm sorry! but this as a headcanon was so cute :') also sorry i keep forgetting to tag people
taglist: @dai-tsukki-desu
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Tumblr media
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Camilo: what if we all switched the first letters of our names? Mamilo Cadrigal.
Dolores: Molores Dadrigal.
Luisa: Muisa Ladrigal.
Mirabel: Mirabel Madri--I didn't want to play this game anyway.
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