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#Can’t wait until I get there
yuutasprincess · 8 months ago
In one of your tags you mentioned somnophilia, so Yuuta and somnophilia 😜 especially since he’s so needy
He’s content just sleeping in the same bed as you, trailing his fingers up your side and watching the steady fall of your chest. admiring how peaceful you look in his shirt. with your lashes kissing your cheek and glossy lips parted. you look so vulnerable. like a princess. his sweet princess who needs to be woken up. he knows you won’t mind. you’re always so eager to help him after all. it gives him a sick thrill, the way his hearts beating in his ear and how his breath grows heavy. but he needs to be quiet. you’re asleep. he wouldn’t want to disturb you after all. so when he moves the blanket off you he can only lick his lips at the way you shiver. he’s quick, hooking his fingers under his shirt and pulling it up and over your chest. he wonders how much you can take before you wake up. before you open your pretty eyes and find him with his head between your thighs. licking a stripe up your cunt and sucking on your clit, he groans at the way your knees instinctively lock and how your hips rock. how your pretty lips let out even prettier whines and pants. how your eyes squeeze shut. how your head turns into the pillow when you cry out and cum. and he swells with pride because even in your sleep he can make you cum with his tongue alone. but you probably want more and who’s he to deny you? so when he rubs his leaking cockhead against your sticky slit he can only watch in admiration as your body relaxes into the pillows. you’re so pretty. for a second he forgets about how painfully hard he is and focuses on your sleeping figure. how your hair gathers on the pillow in loose strands. how your fingers claw into the sheets. how your nipples pebble from the cold. how your cum sticks to your thighs. oh, he’s supposed to be fucking you. rolling his hips he sheaths himself into you in a fluid motion and that’s all it takes for you to wake up. blurry vision trying to focus in on your boyfriend towering over you and humping your sensitive body. your skins on fire, cheeks warm and stomach burning. but you don’t mind. not when he was kind enough to make you cum first
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helaintoloki · 11 days ago
Hi! can I request a sparrow!ben with a reader who was part of sparrow academy but had died, but in the scene where the two academies met reader was part of the umbrella academy (a different version ofc) and ben is just 😨😨
a/n: this is written mostly from ben’s perspective and was a lot of fun to do so i hope you enjoy!
warnings: angst, mentions of death, unhealthy coping mechanisms
summary: no matter the timeline, you and Ben are destined to find your way back to each other.
Tumblr media
Ben Hargreeves had no weaknesses.
He was cold and calloused, tough enough to take on any challenge thrown his way no matter how difficult. His resolve had been hardened in the years of his adolescence, and as he stood before these strangers who claimed to be his “family” he felt nothing but pure contempt for each and every one of them— their pleas for his understanding and help did nothing to appeal to any sense of sympathy left within his cruel heart.
But as his hardened gaze scanned through the group, his eyes met her own, and that cold exterior of his melted away in an instant.
Ben Hargreeves had no weaknesses, except for one: y/n.
She was as beautiful as the day he’d last been able to lay eyes on her, though the woman before him was standing warm and alive instead of lying peacefully in a coffin six feet under. This girl, this y/n, she was not his, a detail proven to be obvious by the way she cowered underneath his gaze and hid behind the man with the long hair and scar over his left brow. And still he found his heart pounding in his chest and palms clamming up at his sides, nerves twisting like a knife in his gut. His teammates looked on unsure from above, just as stunned to see her despite the fact that she was supposed to be dead.
“Is this some kind of trick?” He sneers after a moment of silence, an accusing glare sent her way.
“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she stammers, eyes wide and mouth agape as if she’d seen a ghost, and perhaps she had. Her fingers dig into Diego’s bicep as she peeks out from behind his figure and attempts to confront the boy from her past. It’s odd to see him all grown up, big and strong and cold, a bittersweet vision into what could have been had that fateful day never occurred.
“Who are you?” He demands.
“My name is y/n.“
“You’re lying,” Ben snaps. “You can’t be y/n. Y/n is dead, you’re not supposed to be here.”
Swallowing the lump in her throat, the girl carefully steps towards the man before her. His eyes never leave her as she reaches for the metal chain around her neck and carefully offers it to him, refusing to meet his gaze as she shuffles on her feet and waits for him to take it.
“I may not be the y/n you know in this life, but I am the one you knew in another.”
A dainty picture locket is attached to the end of the necklace, and as Ben slowly pries it open he is met with the face of his younger self. This version of him looks timid and meek, too soft to be a Sparrow, but it is him, and his photo rests in the locket identical to the one his y/n had left behind. The picture inside is different from the one she had kept, but it’s enough to prove that it is her, at least a different version anyway.
And it seemed that no matter what timeline they lived in, they always managed to find their way back to each other.
Noting the recognition and acceptance in his features, y/n offers the man a timid smile and a hopeful look. “It’s nice to see you, Ben.”
The force of his hug prompts a gasp to come tumbling past her lips as he yanks her by the arm into his chest and holds her tightly against him in response. He’s always had a soft spot for the girl, and it’s no different now as he squeezes her close and nestles his face into the crook of her neck. Is it healthy of him to use another woman to fill the hole that his lover had left behind? Maybe not, but they were one in the same, and he felt he deserved this. This was the universe apologizing to him for taking her away in the first place, and now that he had y/n back in his arms, he had no intention of letting her go again.
Even if that meant fighting off her team in order to keep her all to himself.
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magpie-trove · 7 days ago
Maybe life is about waiting for the storm to pass AND dancing in the rain
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parasite-core · 3 months ago
Thoughts on the PCs so far
Dariax: An absolute treat. I knew going in I was looking forward to seeing Matt as a PC but oh man. He said he was turning his brain off and being a chaotic PC and by god did he do it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a healer who’s both low int AND low wis so this will be fun. Strong contender for favorite. Can’t wait for the inevitable prank war.
Dorian: He’s pretty. I hope Robbie sings at least once. He’s a bard and Robbie has a good voice it would be cool of him to do that. I haven’t totally gotten a bead on how I feel about Dorian as a character yet entirely but I generally like him. I like secret rich kids with a heart of gold running away from their gilded cage, because that’s totally who he is right? That’s the vibe I got from that one conversation at least. Also he’s pretty did I mention that? He is aesthetic.
Orym: 13 int means he is the owner of the only braincell. He’s also the token good boy. Well Dorian didn’t want to steal either so they can be good boys together. (And maybe kiss you know maybe I want Dorian and Orym to kiss just a little). I was surprised str was the fighter’s lowest stat then he used boots of striding and springing and started throwing daggers in that fight so apparently he’s just short discount Air Ashari Vax. J/
Fearne: Contender number two for favorite. She is pretty and I love the juxtaposition between soft spoken soft pretty nature fawn who is an absolute chaos druid covered in poisonous plants with a fire monkey who may or may not be evil (I love Little Mister). I adore how Ashley plays her so far. She’s just so softly chaotic.
Opal: Contender number three for favorite. She has no filter and yells to the sky for food or for her grandma or for the guards (one out of three worked. It was the wrong one.) I love her. She mildly reminds me of Jester, but less…focused? Jester was chaos that was directed, she knew what she was doing even when it seemed like she was doing the most random things (see: giving a hag a cupcake). Opal is just pastel chaos warlock who shot someone in the dick and won a pissing contest on their first day together, and I love her for it.
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airstripyaks · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Love getting railed within an inch of my life it’s GREAT
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radiosandrecordings · 6 months ago
Part of you needs a haircut so goddamn badly. Part of you is weirdly kind of glad you can’t get a haircut because it gives you an excuse to have long hair which you like but won’t let yourself have for gender reason because you would be read as Girl, but that excuse would be taken away if you had the option to get a haircut because then it becomes an active choice to have long hair instead of circumstance.
You are transmasc in lockdown
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1dietcokeinacan · 2 months ago
A little video of my best friend’s chinchy umeboshi munching on a water hyacinth ball I got for him :)))) he is my godson
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gerbu · 12 days ago
Ever wake up with a burning hatred for America. Like I saw one post about the injustice of x thing and immediately I was like fuck this. Fuck this stupid country that treats us like animals. Fuck this stupid fucking government and these stupid fucking corporations that only see us as another asset. Fuck these disgusting monsters who are meant to protect us but will shoot children on the basis of their skin color. Fuck the government a second time for refusing to acknowledge the continued genocide of millions of native americans.
And of course, fuck the goddamn shit sucking diarrhea pissing founding fathers who owned other human beings and were so abhorrently racist that the question of whether or not non white men were included under the title of man in their constitution was never even fucking asked.
There are no words I can find to accurately describe how angry I feel at how long this has been going on. At the fact that hundreds of millions of innocent people have died by the hand of a government that doesn’t give a shit. At the fact that if we did anything about this, if we’re short just enough people for those in power not to take us seriously, then we can be jailed and harmed by those who were meant to protect us. America is a fucking dumpster fire.
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minijenn · 2 months ago
Imo it’s very Validating to see people playing Skyward Sword HD only to find out the game is Good Actually like babes, get on my level, I always thought Skyward Sword was Good Actually from the very start
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cajunroe · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
given its storied past, lavender has gathered many meanings since its discovery. generally, it is said to represent serenity, calm, grace, and elegance. the gentle hue and aroma is supposed to soothe and delight the receiver of the flower. for victorians, though, lavender was meant to symbolize either distrust or loyalty. it would be given in bouquets solely consisting of the small, delicate flower. a representation of how fragile some loyalties can be or, if given a large bouquet, to represent how much devotion the giver has for the recipient. another interpretation was that the bouquet was to express an insecurity or questioning of the giver’s own loyalty - from actions past, present, or future - and to signify a remorse or request forgiveness for the uncertainty. a fitting representation, perhaps, that even the smallest actions can carry the heaviest of burdens.
#the terror#theterroredit#henry le vesconte#Henry Thomas Dundas Le Vesconte#DUNDY#let the record show that I LOVE HIM WITH ALL MY HEART YOUR HONOR#aight imma jump right into this loyal unflappable fun loving absolute unit#as essentially jfj second and best mate he - however in the background - is always there - a constant companion and confidant to James#he is an advisor as much as a friend especially when james has to take over when francis is in withdrawal and dundy is there through it all#supporting and guiding and managing james when it gets too be too much for him bc he KNOWS james they’ve been through war together#and he’s so chill about sir john’s passing (again as a ‘minor’ character they don’t show him much)#but i can’t help but HC that dundy couldn’t stand sir john and was waiting (inevitably perhaps) until francis or james took over#esp. with the way he ‘salutes’ francis after sir john dies THIS MAN IS A WHOLE ASS VIBE#he’s seriously so chill in almost every scene we get except carnivale where he’s a party animal - a real benjo boi if you will#but that’s not why you’re here so let’s get to the tragedy which is after jame’s falls during the haul#we get the briefest moment where we’re ROBBED of his expression by those damn (sick af) sunglasses but his body language reads#absolute concern and alert because he knows his best friend is getting worse and (i understand why and thank god for fitzier) we are robbed#of an interaction between then because their relationship isn’t the one that needed the development - artistic choice - whateva#BUT after james’ death i think he loses all hope - bc james was his rock they’d been through so much together but the one constant wasjames#he could always count on him to be there when they made it out of whatever trouble they’d gotten themselves into and without james#without his best friend - his brother - there was nothing to stay loyal to anymore - least of all queen or country#and if crozier wasn’t dead - attempting a rescue would most likely result in their deaths so a choice had to be made - the hardest choice#and his only obligation was to live because james demanded so - and he couldn’t fail him - not again - not this time#his decision isn’t about loyalty or bravery or honor or decorum - it is about promise - a dying wish-maybe not made to him but all the same#if james wanted them to survive - if that was his dying wish-then to his last breath henry would try to see that it came true-and he tries#but it wasn’t enough - nothing is enough for this place - a hell that feeds solely on misery and death - it will take and take and take#and it will never be satisfied - but henry tried HE FUCKING TRIED to save the men he could - would james know how hard he tried?#i will never be free#my edits#my stuff
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chaoticdean · 11 months ago
Okay, I’m gonna say this once, and once only.
We’ve got 4 days left until our favorite show, which has been airing for almost 16 years, ends forever.
Let’s not ruin it by circulating pretend leak (which has been conveniently sent through anon asks, because of course) for the last episode over to rile people up, when no one knows anything. Let’s not make endless post over nothing for the sake of having the whole fandom spiral into an eternal doom.
Don’t spiral. Deep breaths. Everything will be fine.
Turn off anons if you must. Surround yourself with people who can tone your anxiety down.
We’re on this wild ride together and I intend to end it the same way I’ve started it back in 2005: loving these dense idiots so much it’s etched into my bones.
Alright, good talk. Moving on.
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pixelsbichoice · 7 months ago
Happy International Women’s Day to this charming, loving, outspoken, feminist, anti-imperialist queen in particular 💖👑
Tumblr media
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