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This is the transcript of an interview done by my pastor on a local radio show discussing the current protests over George Floyd’s murder and the broader issues of racism in Canada and the United States.  It’s very good, so I wanted to post it, and I strongly encourage any Canadians who are following my blog to read it. (If you’re an American and you’ve been paying attention, some of what he says will already be familiar to you, but some will not, and it’s very worth reading.)

I’ve removed my church’s name because I don’t want to make my identity overwhelmingly obvious, although the pastor’s name will obviously lead someone to the church’s name if they want to find it.

To be very clear, Reverend Bailey is speaking as himself, not as a ‘spokesperson for the black community’, within which there are going to be a wide diversity of views. 

Reverend Bailey has a long record of speaking out about issues of racism and social justice, both at church and in other public spheres.  Within church, that’s included, a full sermon on the history of racism in Canada and its philosophical foundations (with the result that I don’t like Kant anymore); a discussion of Black Lives Matter and its importance; a eulogy for Muhammad Ali; and support for a $15 minimum wage. Every year in January we hold a Martin Luther King service with a gospel choir from Montreal, which is extremely popular. A few years ago a young man vandalized our church as well as a nearby mosque and synagogue with racist graffiti and death threats; he was caught and arrested and Reverend Bailey and some other members of the church have been attempting to pursue a process of reconciliation with him.

So that is some context for the interview. 

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