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luthienne18 hours ago
rude of netflix to cancel daredevil. even ruder of them to give us a graphic of matt on the cross but no actual scene of matt on the cross
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because-its-eurovision15 hours ago
sorry but I just need to tell someone because I鈥檓 bursting with joy
so Kuopiorock festival has been sold out for like a month now and I really, really聽wanted to go (because come on, BC and Amaranthe and Nightwish on the same day)聽but all the hotels were fully booked as well
but then today I was casually browsing during a quiet moment at work and found out that someone was selling their Saturday ticket for 40鈧 (the original price being 70鈧) and I just met them and bought the ticket, and then she asked if I wanted to buy her train ticket as well for 20鈧 (the price being now over 40鈧) so of course I did AND I happened to find a cheap place to stay for the night as well so suddenly I鈥檓 seeing my boys on the day after tomorrow and I鈥檓 screaming asdfghjkl
where did I put my black net gloves and black & white nail polish
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bethanybeatdowns21 hours ago
took me more than a year to realize that summer medb NP is the weaponized power of an instagram influencer.
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mafaldaknows21 hours ago
A useful conversation to have in the Charmiesphere.
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beetrootcafean hour ago
i accidentally took melatonin instead of my adhd medication im going to scream it's 10:42am
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fitnerd18 hours ago
Dua Lipa - Levitating the solo version is better 馃槣
Tumblr media
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underthehedge9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Can't believe Wikipedia made a callout post for spiders
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viktormaru17 hours ago
What's the most epic thing that one of your DnD characters have done?
UHSADUHDAS I think one of the best things Ive done really was when I was playing Khaine, my Paladin of Sune and there was like, an evil spirit or something attacking our party, I was the first to go in the initiative. I powered up my whip with the POWER OF GOD and I crit the thing and then I basically max damage and anyway I hit for 50 at level 4 and almost one shot the mini boss our DM put for us and it was hilarious
my party just finished it off in the same round
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gentlepeople9 hours ago
only bad thing about being in a lesbian relationship is that both of you are exactly like your mothers
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emilykolburn9 hours ago
So, all things considered, I鈥檓 high key obsessed with how the show ended? Like, don鈥檛 get me wrong, I鈥檇 much prefer to get a season 5 (at least) and let it end properly with intent but considering it was cancelled, I honestly feel so lucky that this is how it ended.
Because, sure, there鈥檚 a lot left really open but it鈥檚 all things where their future conclusions can kind of be guessed?聽
Of course, everything I鈥檓 about to say from here on out is pure speculation based mostly on what we鈥檝e seen on the show with a bit of my bias and desires thrown in, haha, but stiiill...
Let鈥檚 start with the Hills.
Even if they do聽go away, which I think they will and probably before they find out about Annie. In fact, they might already be gone聽by the time she鈥檚 in handcuffs. Presuming there would鈥檝e been a time jump at the beginning of season 5 鈥 which I think there would have been 鈥 we might get some glimpses into the Hills鈥 lives before they inevitably return to Detroit because they will. Failing that, the show might have jumped between them in their new lives and the others back in Detroit but come on, they鈥檙e coming back eventually. We know this. We also know Ruby and Stan are going to be fine, even if they argue or even if it becomes clear moving wasn鈥檛 the right choice and leads to a (temporary) breakdown in their relationship, they always聽come back together.聽
I think getting away would鈥檝e shown Stan what Beth鈥檚 dream sequence showed her: things won鈥檛 change. No matter what鈥檚 been said it鈥檚 clear Stan still believes that half the things going on with Ruby are because of Beth but being away from her will probably show him that鈥檚 not true and leaving really didn鈥檛 change a thing. Plus, I think it would鈥檝e become clear that he can鈥檛 break Beth and Ruby up, haha.
Then there鈥檚 Annie.
We know at some point she鈥檚 getting out of prison. Either Beth pulls strings to get her out and possibly even gets the help of Rio or even Phoebe who 鈥 and this is where my personal desires really come in 鈥 might continue to battle with her moral compass to decide what lines she鈥檚 willing to cross because she knows聽Annie didn鈥檛 commit those crimes and the law doesn鈥檛 always work. And let鈥檚 say Annie does聽get out. It could be for good, it could just be on bail. A time jump would cover her initial time in prison (or time out on bail) and bring us closer to a court day which could mean Beth doesn鈥檛 pull strings but we see Annie getting off in a somewhat legal way. Or hell, maybe she spends a good chunk of the season inside. Maybe the whole聽season. I doubt it but even if she does, she will get out, just like Ruby (and the Hills) will return home.
And we also know that Greg(g) still cares about Annie and a part of him is possibly even still a little in love with her so there鈥檚 no way he鈥檇 take Ben from her, at least not entirely, and we鈥檝e seen how much Ben has changed/grown (including his relationship with Annie) so if he finds out the truth about everything, there most likely would鈥檝e been an exploration of that (like there was with Sara), but there鈥檚 no way he would turn his back on her. At least not forever.
And then Beth.
We can presume her new council position would鈥檝e聽been throughout season 5. No doubt 鈥 especially if there was going to be a time jump 鈥 her divorce would鈥檝e been settled and a custody agreement in place. If Annie鈥檚 in prison or going on trial, that would be her main priority. At least to begin with.
Tying into that would be Rio because he鈥檚 working with her. There鈥檚 that whole,聽鈥測ou got it, boss鈥 moment but god, there鈥檚 just so much there. This is really the first time that, other than maybe 1x04 (and that era), where they鈥檙e mutually deciding to work together and not one worming their way into the other鈥檚 business or being forced to work for one another. She says he works for her now and the fact he agrees聽is a verbal confirmation that he鈥檚 relinquishing some of his power because arguably, he wouldn鈥檛 have wanted to give that up before when he had Nick on his back. There鈥檚 already limited power for him to give, why give it to someone who鈥檚 new? Someone he could simply just have power over but he doesn鈥檛 need to now.
And listen, I really highly doubt it would have been Beth in a boss position with Rio on her payroll doing anything and everything she said. What feels like the likely scenario is that they鈥檒l work together. Like, sure, she might have a slight edge over him but I don鈥檛 see it being a repeat of Nick鈥檚 control over him, I don鈥檛 see Rio letting that happen again.聽The last two episodes showed trust, communication (albeit minor), and as I said, a relinquish of (some) power.
Even if I鈥檓 wrong, which we鈥檒l never know now, but let鈥檚 say聽I am, they鈥檙e still going to be working together in season 5 and everything screams that it鈥檒l be different to the previous times because it benefits them both and presumably quite equally. Will it be smooth sailing? Doubtful. But if the finale suggests anything, it鈥檚 that they鈥檒l be together (at least in business, but who knows where else it would鈥檝e gone).
And honestly based on that conversation with Nick in 4x16 鈥 and maybe this is my desires really creeping in again 鈥 Rio would help with Annie because even if it鈥檚 not out of the goodness of his heart, Beth鈥檚 priorities would no doubt be there and her focus on the business could slip in a dangerous way. It鈥檚 beneficial all-round to get Annie out whereas, at least at the time, getting Dean out wasn鈥檛 so much (plus we know his strings were through Nick who probably wouldn鈥檛 have helped with Dean anyway). Still, there is the possibility that he believes it鈥檚 good all round if Annie stays in prison and that she takes the blame but that could still lead to her getting less prison time or a miss-trial or whatever聽so it won鈥檛 come back on anyone else. I mean, we have to remember putting her prints on the gun was Annie鈥檚聽idea and was to protect Beth, she might even want聽to stay in prison if it means keeping the heat off of Beth.
My point is, every part of the open-ending has at least one definite detail. Like, Stan and Ruby would be fine and would eventually come home. Annie would get out of prison (or no longer be under arrest) at some point (there could possibly be a trial). And Beth would be divorced and co-parenting. As well as that, she and Rio would鈥檝e actually worked聽together聽and been on the same side in a way that, let鈥檚 be honest, they鈥檝e never fully been.
Like, it鈥檚 speculation, plain and simple but there鈥檚 no way we wouldn鈥檛 have gotten that bare minimum for the girls (and Rio, technically, although I do believe there鈥檚 more for him too). So really, the聽鈥渃liffhangers鈥 鈥 the Hills possibly leaving, Annie being arrested, Beth and Rio鈥檚 new roles/working relationship 鈥 they all have obvious directions (albeit multiple options) and the fact a tv series finale, that wasn鈥檛 supposed to be the final ever one, left so much open for exploration but still managed to offer some guidance to how it could聽go and the key things that might (or: probably will) happen, it鈥檚 the better kind of open-ending for sure.
Again, I want a season 5, but based on all the season finales we鈥檝e had, I鈥檓 so happy it was this one聽that became unintended end for the show.
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unconfirmedbachelor6 hours ago
Boone: inside every man is a soft, pillowy asshole. you can be the hardest, strongest man on earth but inside you're just as soft as everyone else.
Arcade: elaborate?
Boone: no.
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demonloverbrady4 hours ago
oh shit did italy do something problematic?
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brokentoys17 hours ago
Tumblr media
鈥 Believe it or not, Batman is actually HOMOPHOBIC, 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 on top of being a capitalist ableist. 鈥
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