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Sure! :)

We’re Simply Meant to be by chi_Hiro

Rating: E

Status: Incomplete (Updated 17 Oct 20)

Word count: 6,208

Summary: A collection of incidents and moments of Park Jimin and Jeon Jungkook and how they became lovers over the years.

It’s just a collection of fluff and smut. And slight angst.

Smile with Me, Fly with Me by Vitamin_PJM

Rating: M

Status: Incomplete (Updated 16 Oct 20)

Word count: 61,258

Summary: Great love sometimes comes with great pain. You can believe your soulmate is the love of your life all you want, but mental illnesses don’t care about exclamations of love. Love doesn’t heal monsters, but it’s a weapon good enough to fight them.

This is the story of Jeon Jungkook and Park Jimin falling love and not giving up on that love, even if the odds are always against them. As long as they believe in their happy ending, they’ll be fine, right?


Calling His Name by JennaMoonChildWrites

Rating: E

Status: Complete

Word count: 24,851

Summary: Jimin has off days like they all do. He has grumpy days, tired days, even angry days. But Jungkook has seen all the shades of his hyung, like a kaleidoscope, both beautiful and banal, thrilling and normal, but all familiar hues.

This is a new shade of Jimin and Jungkook doesn’t like it. It worries him because it’s one, it seems, Jimin is not interested in sharing with his teammates. He seems to want to withdraw and that sounds off alarm bells in Jungkook’s head.


Jungkook notices that Jimin is struggling with something on the set of their new music video. When he invites himself over to his hotel room after the shoot he expects to do his best to help his hyung feel better. What he doesn’t expect is to hear something that could possibly change both of their lives irrevocably.

About Hips and Hearts by TracksDifferent

Rating: E

Status: Complete

Word count: 6,512

Summary: “Like he could fuck me against a wall, Taehyungie. Just like that,” Jimin whines pathetically.

“Why do you sound sad about it?” Taehyung asks, shoving Jimin playfully.

“Because he won’t.”

“I maintain that you don’t know until you ask,” Taehyung says simply, and he starts to close his eyes, tugging his comforter up around his face. As if now was an acceptable time to end the conversation.

Jimin pulls the blanket down again much to Taehyung’s dismay. “I can’t just ask,” Jimin states, and he waits for Taehyung to offer him better advice but it doesn’t come. “Tae-ah, what am I going to do?”

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Hi I’m a semi - new BTS fic rec blog. I recomend BTS fics of AO3 and happily help others to find any fics they may be looking for! They’re member x member fics, I recommend for all ships and troupes.

I don’t mind asks, my ask box is always open and I’ll get round the answering when I can. So don’t be afraid to send any asks in.

The title, which is in the biggest font at the top of the post is hyperlinked so clicking on it will take you directly to the fic. The rest provides you with the authors ID, which is also hyper linked to take you directly to the authors pseuds.

The ship, the status of the fic. So if the fic is completed or ongoing. If the fic is completed the word count will be specified along with how many pages the fic has, to indicate how long the fic is.

If the work is apart of a series, the series will be included after the word count the name of hyperlinked again to take you directly to the series.

And of course, there will be tags written out. This will help to avoid being blind sided by something in the fic that could potentially trigger someone. Majority of the tags are what the author has tagged themselves but sometimes I add tags if I believe it’s in best interest.

Lastly there is the summary which is directly copied from the work to give an insight as to what the fic is about. A simple layout to help easily read about the fic that’s being recommend.

So check out my blog if you want to read some good BTS fics from AO3. 😊

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Sure thing! :)

Fixation by eita_tereza

Rating: E

Status: Complete

Word count: 6,298

Summary: It’s like a itch.

Not a common one, a god damn crazy itch.

It does not go away, it’s always there on the back of his mind. Constantly making itself present. Daily driving him crazy.

(or, hoseok discovers a (yoongi’s) hand kink and don’t know what to do about it)

if only to say, you’re mine by ladymika

Rating: E

Status: Complete

Word count: 5,319

Summary: Hosook needed to let go of control.

Which is how the dominant and charming Min Yoonji ended up at her door.

And needless to say, Hosook might have gained much more then just a one night stand.

Coitus Interruptus by 20190201

Rating: E

Status: Complete

Word count: 18,423

Summary: When Hoseok accidentally walks in on Yoongi hooking up with someone, suddenly everything changes.


How two boys decide maybe they should just fuck each other.

The Tiger Within by LunarSugaMoth

Rating: M

Status: Complete

Word count: 17,822

Summary:  Hoseok thought Yoongi’s music video for Daechwita was going to be just like his earlier work, but little did Hoseok know that he was going to be so intensely affected by its many layers of detail both day and night. He ends up learning more about himself and his hyung than he ever could have anticipated, including a new found respect for rope.

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Sure thing! ^_^

Reaching for you by blusidedreams

Rating: M

Pairings: Namjoon/Jimin

Status: Complete

Word count: 5,058

Summary: It was hard for Jimin to pinpoint exactly when he started to have feelings for Namjoon in a way that went beyond their friendship.

It was hard to remember a time when he wasn’t hopelessly in love with Namjoon. That’s right, Jimin was in love with Namjoon.

What About My Thighs? by joondimples

Rating: M

Pairings: Namjoon/Jimin

Status: Complete

Word count: 4,945

Summary: "Is there something wrong with my pants?“

"Ah, no. I just thought the color is pretty.” Without thinking, like his hands got a mind of its own, it lands on top of Namjoon’s thigh with a small smack.


“Well, thank you, Jimin. Are you sure you only like the color?”

He’s teasing him. Namjoon is teasing him. Wait. Why is Namjoon teasing him?

or; the sexual tension between Jimin’s hand and Namjoon’s thighs

We Flow Like Water by Lssimpson999

Rating: E

Pairings: Namjoon/Jimin

Status: Complete

Word count: 30,527

Summary:  Namjoon and Jimin only ever meet at Han River. They don’t know each other from anywhere other than this one spot by the river they both come to when they’re having a bad day. And somehow they always end up bumping into each other

teach me everything about you by sopebreaths

Rating: M

Pairings: Jungkook/Namjoon

Status: Incomplete (Updated 18 Oct 20)

Word count: 20,426

Summary:  fall is a great time to take up new activities. like, namely, finally pursue your overdue english studies. or, maybe, go on festival dates you never had the chance to before — say, never had someone to take before.

the perfect opportunity for both is thrown at jungkook’s face when he meets namjoon — linguistics and literature major, private english tutor trying to make ends meet — and develops a crush as humongous as namjoon’s didactic skills and his own sudden skyrocketing motivation in learning a new language.

My Heart Keeps Thumping by bwichimbap

Rating: E

Pairings: Jungkook/Namjoon

Status: Complete

Word count: 30,578

Summary: It feels like more than a crush, sometimes, in those quiet moments when they could be the only two in the library, with the way they’re focused on each other, when Jungkook purposefully pronounces something wrong just to make Namjoon laugh, when his face scrunches with a smile that makes him look particularly young and human and beautiful. When Jungkook trusts him enough to confess his inexperience, and ask for help.

(aka Namjoon lies about having a hook-up. Jungkook lies about needing sex advice. They are a match made in disaster-gay heaven.)

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“I wish you’d tell me what’s troubling you." 

She shouldn’t have snuck up on him, not now. He couldn’t shield himself when she did that, couldn’t keep her from seeing everything running through his thoughts. He could only stiffen in defense, hoping that nothing was given away. 

"If it’s this business with Mr. Bates…”

Interested? Read more here

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Sure! ^_^

how have you been? by Anonymous

Rating: E

Pairings: Taehyung/Jimin

Status: Complete

Word count: 18,472

Summary:  in-game husbands jimin and taehyung grow apart as teenagers, only to meet each other again nine years later and get to know each other all over again.

this thing called love by taeggukiesworld

Rating: E

Pairings: Jungkook/Taehyung

Status: Complete

Word count: 8,080

Summary: "Love could be your best friend. Love could be your enemy.“

When Jeongguk starts spending more time with his ‘97 liners friends and ending up neglecting Taehyung and their quickly crumbling friendship in the process, Taehyung does the first thing he can think of: struggles to find a balance to keep him from drowning in his own insecurities.

under neon pink skies by velvetyoonmin

Rating: E

Pairings: Yoongi/Jimin

Status: Complete

Word count: 26,018

Summary: Yoongi gazes up at Jimin, his face framed by thousands of stars, his eyes glittering in the pale moonlight, and thinks he could fall in love like this. 


Yoongi is running away from everything, not that he’d ever admit it. Everyone he’s ever loved has left him and he’s finally reached his breaking point. But then, along the road to nowhere, he meets Jimin. Somehow, Yoongi thinks he might have finally found a reason to stop running; he might finally have found someone who will stay.

Cuddle Buddies by teamkinseokjin

Rating: E

Pairings: Taehyung/Jimin

Status: Complete

Word count: 1,452

Summary:  Taehyung and Jimin’s cuddles are strictly platonic… right?

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Sure! :)

How could I resist? by dynataejin

Rating: T

Status: Complete

Word count: 1,298

Summary:  Basically Taehyung kisses Jin when there isn’t anyone guarding them like nuclear bombs.

the one where taehyung gone girls seokjin by Illegirling

Rating: M

Status: Complete

Word count: 2,861

Summary: Somedays, Taehyung likes to have a little fun with Seokjin.

They’ve been together for three years, and Taehyung has read enough relationship advice columns to know that it’s good to keep the spark alive. And sure, they have sex four times a day on average and are obsessed with each other, but it still feels smart to build the muscle when the day comes that they only have sex like, three times a day. 

Which is why a few days after watching Gone Girl together, Taehyung thinks it’s a great idea to test it out.

Home by uri_v

Rating: T

Status: Complete

Word count: 2,097

Summary:  Taehyung and Seokjin spend a lot of time together, but still miss each other. So they get a little (unexpected, inexplicable) help.

Home Smells of You by footloosest

Rating: M

Status: Complete

Word count: 2,562

Summary: Taehyung has an eclectic mix of favorite smells, but all of them remind him of home and love… and centered on one person in particular.


A tooth-rotting Taejin drabble no one asks for. 

i’m gonna take my horse to an octopus’ garden with you (and other attempts at romance) by bangtanagenda

Rating: E

Status: Complete

Word count: 7,097

Summary: Where Seokjin and Taehyung try to do what the other enjoys only for it to turn into a MESS (and other attempts at romance)

(park jimin is to blame)

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Okay, so as I previously answered here, there’s a fic like that that is already written so instead I wrote another depressed!Bellamy one in the after season 2 universe.

So TW for Depression, Suicidal thoughts, Anxiety, PTSD and Panick Attacks

Hope you still like it, nonnie!

It doesn’t happen right away-there’s a feeling of heaviness in his bones from the moment he leaves Mount Weather. 

At first he thinks it’s just because it’s an eight hour long treck after not sleeping for over two days, half the delinquents are on stretchers which worries the hell out of him but he feels broken and like he suddenly has no strength and he has no explanation for it.

It only gets worse when Clarke leaves him by the gates, putting a burden that weights him to the ground and leaves him breathless.

After, he goes through Arkadia in a daze, like he’s not really there and when he ends up in a room that he doesn’t even know if it belongs to him or anyone he knows, he collapses on the floor and suddenly he can’t breathe.

He curls up on his own and thinks that he’s just in shock-that’s it, they commited genocide, Clarke left, his friends are hurt and he has to take care of them, keep going. 

Yeah that was it.

He somehow makes it back on his feet, goes outside not realizing that evening settled and upon seeing one of the guards he asks them where the showers are. 

When he takes off his clothes and cleans himself up it does absolutely nothing to take the feeling of his hands being stained with blood away.

He rubs them for fifteen minutes and by the end it feels like his skin is peeling.

There are scars and bruises on his back and ribs and he finds out that first night that when he drags his fingers over them, he enjoys the pain, welcomes it because it’s something tangible, something real, that he can actually feel.

He doesn’t sleep that night.

Or the next one.

Or the one after that.

He volunteers for a place in the guards, the hunting team and the construction group right away, deciding that if he fills his days with as much work as he can, he won’t have to constantly think about bodies piled up in his feet, little boys asking for their fathers or those blue eyes that left him alone.

And every evening he goes by medbay to check on the delinquents recovering from their injuries.

It hurts him to do it because though they are grateful he does see the trace of fear in their eyes-he did commit genocide after all, it was for them, but it was one of the most awful acts someone can do. 

Maybe Clarke was right to leave, maybe…he thinks through his lonely anger that is a dull ache in his chest, maybe this is for the better. 

He doesn’t wish for her to see this, he doesn’t want that pain on her too.

His sister can’t spare a look at him, though, it’s the worst with her. 

She talks to him, asks him questions and greets him morning and night but her eyes never land on his. 

She’s angry too, he knows she is, because he did do this for her again and in the end she never asked him to. 

But he doesn’t say anything and he just takes it, though it hurts like nothing else that every night around the camp fire when he and the other delinquents are eating dinner, she can’t wait to be done with her bowl and jump on her feet, leaving him behind.

So he stops going there.

He doesn’t feel like eating anyway. 

The kids start getting better in just a few weeks and he doesn’t need to go to medbay. 

He still keeps an eye on them, though-he gives his extra ration to Harper who’s too weak and needs more food, throws a blanket over Jasper’s drunk figure and carries him inside the Ark every night after he spends hours looking for the place he passed out at and he asks Raven to work with Monty on wiring the expanding fence because he knows the kid needs to think about something other than blood too.

He walks through camp like a ghost though.

Barely talks to anyone, barely speaks when someone asks him something.

He just does things now, like a robot-wakes up, goes hunting then joins the construction site, then takes a guard shift, then to his room where he just lies  and doesn’t sleep.

He can’t manage a full hour, it’s fifteen minutes there, twenty here, he wakes up all the time and tries over for a few hours before he gives up and gets to the bar where he takes a drink. 

Then another and then a few more.

His feet are wobbly on his way back to his room but it does nothing to help him fall asleep.

He thinks they start to notice but they are too afraid to approach him-Monty casually asks him if he wants to join them for dinner and Harper brings by a sweater she dug out for him from a pile somewhere (probably Mount Weahter if he had to guess, which is why he doesn’t touch it) and Miller tries to start a conversation during their guard shift.

But he doesn’t say anything back, he waves them off, mumbles a short quiet I’m fine and when at night he wakes up screaming and has another attack that leaves him unable to breathe for more than fifteen minutes, he just takes it.

Because he thinks he deserves it.

Keep reading

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Sure! ^_^

Absolutely Gourd-geous by allways_always

Rating: E

Pairings: Jungkook/Namjoon

Status: Complete

Word count: 2,932

Summary: If someone had asked Namjoon in August if he would ever fuck a pumpkin, he’d say no. Of course not. (How does one even fuck a pumpkin, anyway?)

Yoongi, however, asks Namjoon in October… and well, the answer is very different now.

gains of the heart by snooki

Rating: E

Pairings: Jungkook/Namjoon

Status: Complete

Word count: 5,550

Summary:  Namjoon is hot and Jungkook has to do physical exercise to cope with it. Namjoon is oblivious. Jungkook does 100 pushups.

He’s definitely dangerous by sequoiasem

Rating: T

Pairings: Namjoon/Yoongi

Status: Complete

Word count: 8,500

Summary:  Namjoon gets buff. Yoongi notices.

work me up (work it out) by joonypear

Rating: E

Pairings: Jungkook/Namjoon

Status: Complete

Word count: 6,012

Summary: Namjoon makes it his New Year’s resolution to get more fit.

They’re still in bed in a hotel room in New York, tangled up in the sheets with the bright morning light pouring in. Jeongguk’s eyes feel heavy and limbs sore from collapsing into bed after a night of tipsy partying and giggly making out in the dark after getting back from the ball drop, their clothes scattered between the door and the bed, dotting the floor like little puddles of fabric.

“But why?”

or: Namjoon gets buff, and Jeongguk tries to deal with it.

in search of… by jeonbenet

Rating: E

Pairings: Jungkook/Namjoon

Status: Complete

Word count: 8,663

Summary: A new match message pings.

MuscleHxg58 likes you!

Namjoon snorts at the name. There’s no way somebody with that sort of username will amount to anything, but the tightness still comes in his chest, the unknown of a new message never not overwhelming and exciting. Maybe this will be the one. The one he fucks, he means. Nothing else.

(Or: Namjoon downloads a hook-up app called Jack’d and finds a match.)

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I can indeed! :)


white lies by dirtysope and wispyoongi

Rating: E

Status: Complete

Word count: 11,992

Summary: It’s difficult for Jimin and Taehyung to keep their relationship a secret from their fans. It’s nearly impossible to hide it from their members. But they made the decision that their love life was their private business, and no one else’s many years ago, so they’re sticking to it. A few tiny lies here and there wouldn’t be that big of a sin, especially if it was in the effort to protect their relationship.

Or five times Jimin and Taehyung almost got caught dating by the members, and the one time they did.

Ask Me Anything by Trilluvium

Rating: E

Status: Complete

Word count: 31,963

Summary: Jimin and Taehyung only started asking questions to pass the time. It started out innocent enough - “What’s your favorite food,” and “have you ever caught a butterfly” - and somehow that transitioned to “What’s your favorite sex position,” and “Would you ever have sex in public?”

Jimin learned a lot about his best friend.

Keeping Score by 1995soulmates

Rating: E

Status: Complete

Word count: 6,221

Summary:  What was meant to be a playful comment about Jimin’s status inside of the bedroom with Taehyung has him determined to make everyone see they’ve got it all wrong―and he’s got the videotapes to prove it.


cards on the table (we’re both showing hearts) by afuzzyowl

Rating: T

Status: Incomplete (Updated 14 Sept 20)

Word count: 84,535

Summary: I want him, Taehyung almost confesses. Jimin makes his life hard like that because he’s sort of soft, gives off this vibe of being welcoming, or accepting, or something. Even if his back muscles are disconcertingly defined.

“Say. What do you think of Jungkook? Just, like. In general.”

Jimin sighs exaggeratedly. “He’s a brat.” Taehyung nods. “Our brat, though. Even though he ‘forgets’ to call me hyung sometimes. Hmph.”

“He’s so—adorable, Jiminie,” Taehyung mourns, and it takes everything in him not to turn this into a half-hour sob fest about the dreadful consequences of such adorableness, complete with poster presentation and one of those extendable pointer thingies.

On their journey to becoming the number one boy band in the world, Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook fall in love. Based on true BTS events.

Surprise Me by narsuir

Rating: E

Status: Complete

Word count: 9,236

Summary:  Taehyung is in love with Jungkook yet they never talked about their feelings.

sex on a plate by ggukxyo

Rating: E

Status: Complete

Word count: 3,500

Summary:  Jeongguk expects room service but gets Taehyung on a plate instead.

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Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9

Witches - Part 10

by @whiskynottea

She knew she shouldn’t be there. 

No, not again. Not after evading the Comte for years, jumping from time to time and place to place. Not after managing to hide and build a new life for herself. 

A life where nobody knew who she was. What she was. And nobody could track her down. 

Despite all that, there she was.

Keep reading

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I do indeed! ^_^

Real by underfallingflowerpetals

Rating: T

Pairings: Jungkook/Seokjin

Status: Complete

Word count: 2,980

Summary: “I mean,” Seokjin says, because, apparently, he is physically incapable of just moving on without making it worse. “You’ve obviously got the thighs for it, I just—,”

“Jin-hyung, oh my God,” Jungkook says, putting both hands over his face. “Please stop talking. I promise I don’t want you to tie me up.” Then, smaller, “Not right now, anyway.”

Seokjin absolutely cannot process that without driving the car into a ditch, so he takes a deep breath, holds it, exhales slowly, and says, “Good. No tying up. Copy that.”

They haven’t even kissed. This might not be how you’re supposed to date someone.

Alternatively: Seokjin and Jungkook figure out how to relationship (with a few mishaps along the way).

Touch me, feel me, breathe me by Taebooty_lover

Rating: T

Pairings: Hoseok/Taehyung

Status: Complete

Word count: 2,533

Summary:  What happened behind the cameras in the episode 6 of ‘In the Soop’ when Hoseok went to wake up Taehyung.

Like A River On Fire by TracksDifferent

Rating: E

Pairings: Taehyung/Jimin

Status: Complete

Word count: 3,877

Summary: Why mess with a good thing, Jimin thinks, but can’t hold onto that when Taehyung’s on top of him, the heat of his body making Jimin sweat, or maybe it’s his teeth on Jimin’s neck. Jimin has the vague notion that he should put a stop to this but his brain is severely deprived of blood right now, all of it pooled where he ruts up against Taehyung.

And why when they’re here, filming in this remote location, where cameras lurk around every corner like prying eyes, only turned off for the moment to give them some privacy while they sleep? It’s so risky, it makes so little sense that Jimin finally grips Taehyung by the upper arms and tries to push him away.

I’ve Been Missing You by Wonderaus

Rating: T

Pairings: Jungkook/Taehyung

Status: Complete

Word count: 1,942

Summary: Taehyung and Jungkook drifted apart but Taehyung’s had enough.

(Inspired by the In The Soop ep. 6 episode and taekook’s conversation by the fire.)

little thing takes room in your heart by Sugarymintcandy

Rating: T

Pairings: Jungkook/Yoongi

Status: Complete

Word count: 5,075

Summary: “jeongguk-ah, aren’t you staying at the floating house?”

“yeah, i am.”

“i hear there is water leaking there,” jimin says, dodging sideway and slap a bug that tries to attack him.

(or: jeongguk is on mission to find a new bed.)

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Sure thing! ^_^

Take the Road Less traveled (But First Get Some New Shoes) by glitterandgilt

Rating: M

Status: Complete

Word count: 5,303

Summary: The ringing impact froze both of them for a second. Namjoon had just…just spanked his hyung like a bratty little child. He’d lost his temper and reacted without thinking. And that reaction was to spank.


Tensions are running high in Bangtan’s pre-debut dorm, and Namjoon would just like to get some rest. Instead he trips over a shoe and stumbles into a new side of his relationship with Yoongi that he was never expecting.

Throw Away the Rudder by notevenyou

Rating: E

Status: Complete

Word count: 19,438

Summary:  For his parents, Namjoon finishes high school before pursuing his dream of making music. When he receives an offer to front his own group, it seems like it’s finally happening. But then he meets Min Yoongi, who has also been promised his own group, and finds out that only one of them can succeed.

close / closer by shookyfan

Rating: T

Status: Complete

Word count: 4,971

Summary: “I didn’t mean to laugh,” Yoongi said. Then, in an attempt at an apology, offered, “I’ve never actually broken up with anyone before.”

It did the trick. Namjoon made an interested-sounding hum and looked up. His eyes were sad, but there was something else there too; something sharper than teenage heartbreak. “Has it always been you who’s gotten dumped, Yoongi-hyung?”


2011. Kim Namjoon breaks up with his girlfriend and kisses Min Yoongi.

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I do indeed! :)

Better by hoshigakuruchokuzennoyuuhi

Rating: E

Status: Incomplete (Updated 29 Sept 20)

Word count: 63,087

Summary: Lying on Taehyung’s lap, Jimin curled into Seokjin, who was now sitting in front of him, the three of them all huddled together. He hoped that Hoseok and Namjoon would be home soon. He hoped that Yoongi and Jeongguk were okay. 

He hoped that they’d all be okay.He hoped that he could see Jeongguk smile that smile that Jimin - that they all - so loved again soon, his nose scrunched up and eyes squeezed closed in joy.

And, more than anything else, Jimin hoped beyond hope that one day, they could show Jeon Jeongguk just how loved he was.

(Or, fourth-year college student Jeongguk is dragging himself through life until he wakes up two years in the future to find that he’s as sad and lonely as ever. He decides that he’s done waiting for something that isn’t coming - but what he doesn’t know is that there are actually six boys he’s made a home with who are about to be in for an awful surprise.)

Seven Ways to Heaven by Spacepeeps

Rating: T

Status: Incomplete (Updated 20 Sept 20)

Word count: 14,565

Summary: It’s widely known that Bangtan Sonyeondan adore their maknae. What’s not as widely known is that all seven members are in a polyamorous relationship together and are so whipped for Jungkook (and each other) that it’s not even funny.

Or: A bunch of connected one-shots about the six hyungs of BTS loving their baby boyfriend to bits and pieces with a few bumps along the way.

Or: JK being his adorable self while simultaneously making his hyungs’ hearts melt.

Cause I’m In The Stars Tonight by MidnightLunaandInnerFangirl

Rating: M

Status: Complete

Word count: 5,816

Summary: Jeongguk woke up one fine Saturday morning and decided to get himself breakfast, when six beautifully handsome men cause him to gay panic at the disco

(aka, that one scene in the dynamite mv)

your love (i want that) by moonphorias

Rating: T

Status: Complete

Word count: 14,686

Summary: Over time, Jeon Jungkook finds himself falling in love with each of his hyungs.

He tells them on his twenty-fourth birthday.

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Thank you! ^_^ Sure thing! :)


something old, something new by primarchkryik

Rating: E

Status: Incomplete (Updated 1 Oct 20)

Word count: 117,513

Summary: On a cool night in summer Jeongguk kills seven people. He doesn’t mean to, has never wanted to harm another living person, but he needs to. His fangs sit heavy in his mouth, his heart pounding as he watches the blood spill from the woman’s throat.

On a cool night in summer Jeongguk kills seven people and he lives with the guilt of the dozens of others that have died in his urge to feed. He stumbles through the hospital hazy and unsteady until he finds a room in the basement, until he hears a voice echo in his head that is not his own.

The voice belongs to a man with dark eyes and pitch black hair and the voice of an angel. A man that holds his salvation.

I promised I wouldn’t let you complete me by BTSLarryAF

Rating: E

Status: Complete

Word count: 162,569

Summary: In this time and age, vampires are a rare species. Most of people are happy to avoid them but Taehyung’s been always fascinated by them – too bad that it’s really hard to come across one. Taehyung is just a university student but he goes often out at night in hope of meeting one of the mystery creatures. He gets lucky one evening and it turns out into the craziest and the best night of his life. After that, he becomes even more obsessed, dragging his friend Jimin into it.

Crazy and unexpected thing happens. Taehyung stumbles upon a very unusual advertisement - a small vampire clan is looking for fresh blood suppliers, aka humans. Taehyung’s obsession introduces him to a whole new, exciting and dangerous world. And if he finds love on the way, that is just another coincidence.

the melody within his eyes by lookingatherhurts

Rating: E

Status: Incomplete (Updated 15 Sept 20)

Word count: 55,956

Summary:  When his friend Yoongi tells Taehyung he should get a dating coach, he never imagined he would actually arrange an appointment for him. Let alone that the guy showing up at his door would be a hot vampire under the name of Jeon Jungkook.

I’d Trade Immortality For You by Anonymous

Rating: M

Status: Complete

Word count: 24,700

Summary: Jungkook breaks one of his fangs, which in itself, for any vampire, is embarrassing. But it’s even more embarrassing when it’s at the not-so-young age of nineteen and because he walked into a pole.

Now, he only has to keep it secret and find a way to have it grow back before everyone finds out and his parents disown him, his friends mock him, but worst of all—the boy of his dreams, and his boyfriend - Kim Taehyung, who very much enjoys being bitten, breaks up with him. No pressure, right?


“Can I…?” by EliasFinn

Rating: E

Status: Complete

Word count: 3,494

Summary: “Can I fuck your face?” is not exactly what Namjoon expected to hear from one of his best friends during a Saturday night after a long week of promotions, two concerts and interviews in the U.S.

Taehyung asked him and Namjoon can’t forget his request.

let’s go home. by naturallyvante

Rating: E

Status: Complete

Word count: 2,275

Summary:  Feeling needy and a bit bratty, Taehyung tries to get Namjoon’s attention one night in the studio.

mind if i take a second (or third or fourth) look? by morelenmir

Rating: M

Status: Complete

Word count: 820

Summary: “Hey hyung,” Tae says while Namjoon scrubs his face with a soapy washcloth. “One question.”

Namjoon grunts into the cloth. His cheeks don’t feel like they’re horribly blushing anymore.

“Not that I was looking, like really closely looking, but do you have a big dick?”

This time he gets soap in his eyes. Taehyung helpfully takes the washcloth while Namjoon rinses his eyes for the second time.

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