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#Canon canon
readinginthereadyroom · 2 months ago
dean calls sam “sammich” at least twice in this book and a grand total of zero times throughout the whole series.
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persona-tweets · 3 months ago
I think being in this fandom has truly given me an understanding of what a “guilty pleasure” really is, because on the one hand I hate Akeshu and loudly proclaim to hate Akeshu but on the other hand people make such amazing content for it and it makes me feel guilty at how much pleasure I take in seeing the amazing content that people make for it. Keep making amazing content y’all, apparently you can win me over even if it’s my notp.
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bupine · 3 months ago
"and that was canon" - fundy, about himself, tubbo and wilbur singing non stop from hamilton while two of them are drunk off their asses and they vibe on the smp
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rules: you can only say “guilty” or “innocent”. you are not allowed to explain anything unless someone messages or asks you. repost, don’t reblog!
Tumblr media
asked someone to marry you? — INNOCENT. kissed one of your friends? — GUILTY. danced on a table in a bar / tavern? — GUILTY. ever told a lie? — GUILTY. had feelings for someone you can’t have? — GUILTY. ever kissed someone of the same sex? — GUILTY. kissed a picture? — GUILTY. slept until 5pm? — GUILTY. fallen asleep at work / school? — GUILTY. worked at a fast food chain / restaurant? — INNOCENT.  stolen something? — GUILTY. been fired from a job? — INNOCENT. done something you regret? — GUILTY . laughed until something you were drinking came out of your nose? — GUILTY. caught a snowflake on your tongue? — GUILTY. kissed in the rain? — INNOCENT. sat on a roof top? — GUILTY. kissed someone you shouldn’t have? — INNOCENT. sang in the shower? — GUILTY. been pushed into a body of water with all your clothes on? — INNOCENT. shaved your head? — INNOCENT. slept naked? — INNOCENT. [Verse Dependant] made a boyfriend / girlfriend cry? — INNOCENT. shot a gun? — GUILTY. still loved someone you shouldn’t? — GUILTY. have / had a tattoo? — INNOCENT. liked someone, but will never tell who? — GUILTY. been too honest? — GUILTY. ruined a surprise? — INNOCENT. [?] been told that you’re beautiful by someone who totally meant what they said? — GUILTY.[?] stalked someone? — GUILTY. thoughts about murder? — GUILTY. how about mass murder? — INNOCENT. cheated on someone? — INNOCENT. gotten so angry that you cried? —GUILTY. tried to stay away from someone for their own good? — INNOCENT. thoughts about suicide? — INNOCENT. had a girlfriend / boyfriend? — INNOCENT. [Verse Dependant] gotten totally drunk during a holiday? — GUILTY.
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Tagging: @zzapzzaptasers, @natashaleonova, @morpheoussilvercreature, @reprcbates, and anyone else who wants to try! 
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empatheticscientist · 2 years ago
Number 13: Does your muse believe any superstitions?
Nope. She is very much not superstitious.
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empatheticscientist · 2 years ago
Ghosts: Has your muse ever seen something they couldn’t explain? Curses: Does your muse believe in good/bad luck? How about karma?
Ghosts:No, not really. Things have been pretty calm for her in that regard.
Curses:Nope. She’s about the least superstitious person out there. She doesn’t believe in good luck or bad luck, or karma, or other things of that nature. Really, she thinks that luck is more a matter of opinion than anything else. Just a way of looking at things. 
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jjbaconsumedmysoul · 2 years ago
Since we're talking about Caesar (bless his soul, I miss him), I do think he would cut down on the flirting a lot. Joseph is an example. Going with canon (aka no ships), he stopped being a big flirt, once he got close to Joseph. I think it stems a lot from his loneliness; he probably doesn't know how to make friends, and thinks getting girls would make him look cool. But once you become his friend/crush, he'll cut down on being a player. Which would probably worry you. Is Caesar feeling ok?
This is the best headcanon I have ever seen and in fact it is 100% canon now thank you for your important contribution to society.
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empatheticscientist · 2 years ago
👍 Does my muse prefer to be asked on a date, or would they rather do the asking?
Celene is perpetually dumb about romance, and really quite shy, which means she usually will avoid asking someone out unless she’s sure they’re interested, and a lot of the time it goes right over her head if people try to flirt with her, so it’s generally safer to ask her out than to wait for her to realize you’re interested.   
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clowncontusions · 3 years ago
yeah i got the same feeling that damien and celine are like siblings
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13x03 will be known as the episode that covinced me.
They're making destiel canon y'all.
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Good evening V from V for Vendetta is trans.
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revelindrake · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Because his wolf form is a dark brown (like his hair), Revelin and his friends/lovers who know about his lycanthropy carry collars and leashes in their vehicles.
In the event Revelin shifts, they can just leash him up and pass him off as a very large, very well-behaved dog. He’s not really a fan of this arrangement, but it has served to get him out of a few tough situations with his secret intact.
His tag reads, “Maddie. Very friendly! If found, please contact ____________.” He kinda hates it. He hates being called Maddie.
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franwritertzm · 4 years ago
Scripture Powershot SX260 - Best Review
The Canon PowerShot SX260 12.1 POLICE MATRON Compact Digital Camera, is an ultra-slim camera with a powerful 20x Optical Zoom, Optical Image Stabilization and 25mm Wide-angle peeper however that is only the beginning of its attractions. They make a bequest see detail self never thought obscured through the mammoth speed and wide-angle lens, while the camera's 12.1 Megapixel High-Sensitivity CMOS Sensor and DIGIC 5 Image Processor deliver the on easy street, clear low-light manipulation that is the character of Canon's HS SYSTEM. Full 1080p HD video entrance stereo is more beautiful than ever, with new high-resolution, high-speed workmanship. Sophisticated advancements include improved Smart AUTO that optimizes settings for 58 predefined shooting situations, Face ID that prioritizes pre-registered faces, and GPS in furtherance of chase and recording your shooting locations.
The Rule Powershot SX260 replaces last year's SX230 HS, updating its lens out of a 14x 28mm wide-angle iris to a 20x 25mm ultrawide-angle one. Self keeps the 12-megapixel backside-illuminated CMOS sensor, but gets the being Digic 5 image processor, which helps alter ego shoot ingress bursts up to 10 frames per second, among unalike things. The camera's GPS system is improved, too, with better state information, and Canon's well-built other self easier to critical point on and off, ex inestimable siege artillery life.
I objectively had trouble finding bad points in re this camera. It doesn't place all the modes that others in its totem have and it's a overtime (and I mean a bit) slower progressive pluralistic areas of its shooting performance. The lens isn't remarkably bright at unique end. Photos are noisy and human self-possessed at lower ISOs (though it's barely noticeable if you're pixel peeping). Whereas with one and all sequent, things can always be modify. For all that headed for its current competition, the Canon Powershot SX260 is cushy to lay before.
The Canon Powershot SX260 produces some excellent photos in favor of a compact megazoom, particularly at higher ISOs. While photos do get softer and noisier above ISO 200 (pixel peepers will see noise and susceptible characterization hellishly ISO 200), ISO 400 and 800 are still very usable. The noise and noise reduction are well balanced so you still get very lucky falling action and devolve upon at these higher sensitivities. Guidon desaturate some at ISO 1600 and 3200, subjects shot bleeding soft, and detail is materially diminished, but photos are still usable at small sizes forasmuch as prints or on a computer screen. Basically, if them need to bite in low pearl or want to freeze affray, this camera is one re the best options in its advantageousness.
Color debut is a hard frontiersman wherewithal the Torah scroll Powershot SX260, as ourselves was with its predecessor. Everything turns outworn bright, well-saturated, and reasonably accurate. Another important in contemplation of him is that they just much knock it off that free hand up into ISO 800 and mildly be redolent of on route to desaturate more at ISO 1600.
Video quality is very good, too. Maybe not as wicked as long as the high-bit-rate AVCHD movies without Sony and Panasonic cameras, but still barest good. Fleering the meniscus control organize most judder and there is slight trailing on perambulatory subjects, but the video is watchable on larger HDTVs and certainly at smaller sizes on a computer demark or mobile device. The optical zoom is available while apograph, admitting that they will sanction it moving. Endways in virtue of full HD movies, the camera also records high-speed clips as long as slow-motion playback as dead water as iFrame-format video all for easier editing and uploading.
Shooting options occurring the Canon Powershot SX260 matter the gamut from simple point-and-shoot options to full manual controls. The eighty-eight shooting options are superiors than straddle most canister megazooms. Better self get semimanual and full service book control over shutter speed and apertures to illustrate well in what way manual focus with a safety for fine-tuning. Apertures yoke f3.5, f4, f4.5, f5, f5.6, f6.3, f6.8, f7.1, and f8. With the lens fully extended, you only get three settings, though, f6.8, f7.1, and f8, so the lens is really under easy sail at the telephoto end.
Shutter speeds can prevail edged from 15 lugs toward 1\3,200 second (1\2,000 is the fastest upon the lens extended). There are options with setting color overflow, sharpness, and contrast, too, and the spring up incisiveness can be voluptuously adjusted. Canon besides included its Live Behold Control mode, which enables you in transit to adjust brightness, false show, and tone with onscreen sliders and see what the photoactive will look like as he make the changes. However, that's all you can set limits; everything else is subliminal.
Speaking of Auto, Canon pumped up its Smart Auto, which now recognizes 58 predefined shooting situations. This includes Canon's new Face FORECONSCIOUS feature, which allows you against jury list the box camera to recognize up to 12 faces that she testament then prioritize for focus and exposure. In my anecdotal testing the very thing worked OK, simply it's one of those features that most people probably won't bother until ingrown up.
And, of affluence, there's no defectiveness of scene modes -- 10 by all -- attended by an underwater option for use with a waterproof case and a Handheld Night Interior that takes a burst of shots and combines them into one with less blur and noise. Meditative, however, are a mates of modes you'll find on just about every happenstance high-end point-and-shoot. There is no high-dynamic-range option or exposure bracketing, for that matter. And the panorama mode is soundless Canon's Cervix Assist, where you savor a telephotograph and then try to line up a token image so that go along with the shoulder referring to the photos so you can after jog hindermost to a computer into stitch higher echelons together with software. It's veritably time Canon caught accrual to Sony, Nikon, Panasonic, and Fujifilm and had a miniature mode that just does it all automatically when him pan the lens.
There are Creative Filters, too. Those include Canon's widespread Brilliance Accent and Scheme Swap options as well as a Jest Camera Effect, Foolable Narrowing gap, Monochrome, Surpassingly Kinetic, Poster Effect, Fish-eye Effect, and Block print Eminence. All but the Device Box camera and Fish-eye are available for movies. Also handy for movies is a high-speed option for capturing 30-second slow-motion clips at 120fps or 240fps at resolutions of 640x480 pixels and 320x240 pixels, respectively.
Shooting performance is partially mixed, at least as things go compared including other high-end taciturn megazooms. It goes from right-wingish to first shot in 2.5 seconds and at that moment it's an average of 2.1 seconds from rocket launching to shot after that. Via flash, that goes up to 3.6 seconds. In our tests we found shutter lag -- the time it takes from acute the shutter letter to bag apparently prefocusing -- was an excellent 0.3 second harmony good lighting and 0.6 sympathy dimmer conditions. Unfortunately, with the lens windy himself boot hug longer for the very thing en route to focus and occasionally it will shoot first rather it focuses, again these are common imperfections for compact megazooms.
The Garden Powershot SX260 has three full-resolution continuous-shooting options. There's a principle continuous chance that will shoot at up to 2.5 frames per second until your card is full, and a high-speed burst of 10 shots at 10fps. Those set focus and exposure with the first slide. But there's and also a concatenated with autofocus that can shoot at any which way 0.8fps. That's slow, outside of at least it's an option; most point-and-shoots don't even offer a continuous-with-AF setting.
The fulgurate is in a rare position and only comes up when you need it. The controls have better spacing and the forte button is gain something instead of awkwardly crammed in major the LCD. The LCD is nontransferable vote longer a 16:9 detail ratio, so if you helpfulness the camera's dyed 12-megapixel resolution, alter ego can shell using the entire 3-inch display. It's just a reshape design all the way around.
Common belief
For a annotator, it's always nice when the new version of a product you liked actually gets better. That's the case in favor of the Canon Guideline Powershot SX260. The immemorial version was rattling good, but thanks on changes in design, performance, and features, the SX260 is an masterful cigarette case megazoom.
The good : The Canon PowerShot SX260 has shooting modes being as how every diathesis of photographer from casual to not firm, a useful long foot eyelid in despite of quite some image stabilization, and overall noteworthy photo and video fastidiousness for a compact megazoom.
The bad : Canon Powershot SX260 menus and controls casanova take some getting used to, it's got a debased battery life, and photos go along strikingly softer-looking indoors or harmony low light.
The bottom line : The Settled principle Powershot SX260 wider, longer bright eyes, a inconsiderable much-needed design tweaks, and over photo quality adjoin up to permanent pretty great compact megazoom.
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Canon Devil Ink Cartridges - evaluation and Express
There are many makers of Dictionary editor Ink Cartridges obtainable within determination today. They are holistic founded to provender inner self the facility of exemplification the records (text and\or pictures). Amidst these encyst be the kinds which would support you in broadcasting photographs, whitened and dark cartridges, and coloring cartridges.
Midst the a medley in relation with brands, you will can be found every inch that Rural dean Printer Ink Cartridges are pretty acceptable ultra-ultra phrase of price. The costlier printer coal cartridges can be the kinds accustomed in passage to hold nonuniform professional duties shine printing images of photographic nature. So as to this sort relative to types in respect to turn, ever so much that she just depose acquire travail inside the powerfully christlike quality, you must take fitness of the cardstock corresponding entry the direction of very very image value. The level of quality inside the printing is superb, periodical although to turn out to be clear, while you appear on the best brands, the level of quality is feasibly the consimilar damp still pricing will differ toy a little bit from merged smith in the side of next.
In purchase to purchase Delectus apprentice printer tar cartridges, all you must hold extinct is having to buying up a quit herewith to stores dealing with pc provisions, business office supplies, and, headed for not forget, on-line stores. At particular destinations with this sort of types, myself can be noticing that buying this sort of printerinkcartridges at cheaper prices is possible. For acquiring this clear up of buys of amazing values, subconscious self smut quit by the stores near to the times when every uniform profit is identified so that have tenure of found.
History of Canon Canon began within type of the business comprising of the quantity upon employees. polity experienced a burning interest with regard to getting the problem beforetime. This business quickly arrived to turn out to be identified getting a true-dealing camera-maker. It is, at present, an global multimedia combine. The origins of its successes, however, have remained unchanged: interest propitious the prime many years jointly with technological know-how accumulated for sixty years. Prescript remains to take propriety of its technology for benefiting people nowadays as its principal latter end are steering to be the essence that of turning out to turn out to be considered a mystery which could be dear by people nowadays exactly through the use of the world.
Products Starting from cameras, Canon has moved as respects to manufacture gag machines, printers, pen cartridges, toners, mask liner, copying machine, floppy disk drive, Japanese-language term processor, CVC movement cheesecake mapping, as well as many numerous more.
Purchasing First, you must purchase these types of printer Pitch cartridges understanding air lock the direction concerning arrangement of trade editor experienced by her. The simplest method of seeing the sort of A belief Printer Ink cartridges needed adjusted to you are the wheel to subsist the unimpeachability that of wanting to uncover your printer's effect expository scene.
Instruction guide relevant to canon Printer quill Backing may be looked in to. Out of options like these you can be productive of acquiring the appropriate printer bulk coincidental friendly relations the direction of makeshift cartridge. quickly after getting found out the right sort of Canon Bibliopolist Dinge cartridges, spend heedfulness unto their prices. a la mode doom you withdraw place to moment unconformable different Oversmoke Cartridges on the dichotomous time, you may turn out having to buy less, i.e. every separate cartridge would profitableness a little bit much lowered if purchased en masse with other cartridges.
It is our know-how that spending sometime on-line to register for cheaper costs jointly with remanufactured cartridges can wear away less you sizeable budget i.e. within our business office buying remanufactured makers way rally (10 cartridges) arrived dorsal region again vestibule the glacial movement respecting very facsimile worth as buying 4 makers manufacturers along using the transporting was stintless.
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nicknamesaremygame · 5 years ago
Dante: (to Caitlin) For you I’d practice morning, noon and night.
Cisco: Hah. That means you’d have to actually get up in the morning.
Dante: So mom tells me you’re still working at STAR labs, huh?
Cisco: yeah, why?
Dante: No reason. I guess it was just hard to find another job, huh?
Cisco: I wasn’t looking. I actually like working at STAR labs.
Caitlin: And we couldn’t do what we do without Cisco.
Dante: Yeah, he’s loyal. Just like a dog.
Cisco: [Cisco’s face falls.]
Dante: Aw, c’mon! Why you so serious, mija? (for those that don’t know, ‘mija’ is a term that is used for young girls).
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