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The Signs as Superheroes

It seems like ARIES has actual superpowers. No. They’re just crazy like that.

TAURUS, VIRGO, AND CAPRICORN will probably team up Avengers style without fighting in airports or turning to dust :) … but it’s mostly because they can coordinate things super well

GEMINI puts more of their time into making a cool superhero name for themselves than actually fighting bad people. Either way they win pretty much every fight because it’s (almost) impossible to outsmart them

CANCER and PISCES team up to kick names and take ass

LEO is a bit of a robin hood type due to their generous nature. They work best with helping the youth and homeless people with whatever they need, and making sure people get fed. Schools like them so much that LEO comes in and talks to students about doing good deeds and being kind.

LIBRA is the hero who works in the public eye but has a secret identity as a crime fighter

SCORPIO is most likely to be the one to wear a mask except half the time it hinders their abilities

SAGITTARIUS is a bit of an anti-hero but mostly cuz they like Deadpool

AQUARIUS tries subtly hinting to people that they’re a superhero but gets pissed when nobody catches on. They have a sick ass base, not because of the cool tech, but because of the bowling alley and arcade

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Aries: Sometimes a mystery is something you can live with, sometimes a mystery is waiting in the drainpipe to crawl up your nose and colonize your brain to make you buy more funko pops.

Taurus: Sometimes your mind will focus like a laser. Be wary of distractions, they may cause you to sweep it across the room, beheading your precious bust of Fidel Castro.

Gemini: There’s an appropriate time for creative expression and your public execution is either the best or the worst. The stars wouldn’t clarify.

Cancer: Tension is running high at the moment. This is good! It makes your slingshot more effective.

Leo: Rapid progress is all well and good but it can put stress on the things that actually make the progress. Your feet are being worn down to stumps! Stumps I say!

Virgo: The stars say you’re in a power struggle at the moment, but then again the stars could just want in on the action. Trust no one, not even the stars, and beware recursive horoscopes.

Scorpio: You’ve got the opportunity to cast your web of influence a little wider today! Flex those spinnerets and load up on carbohydrates, you’ve got a protein solution to excrete.

Ophiuchus: If you had the choice to be human, you would be surprised how many people didn’t understand the choice.

Sagittarius: Doors are opening for in your area for someone who gives off toxic fumes when angry. Laminate your applications!

Capricorn: Its not your job to keep the peace. Its your job to stare judgmentally at people while butterflies crawl out of your open mouth.

Aquarius: One can sap the energy from strangers by sharing incredibly personal struggles completely unbidden! This isn’t an endorsement from the stars, just sharing some information.

Pisces: Nobody can tell you what to do in the privacy of your own gaming citadel.

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Horoscopes, 8.11.20

Today’s moon is in Taurus, so your horoscopes are all about food B-)

Aries: the taste of red sauce, bright, rich, slightly sweet; bits of its orangey oil clinging to long strands of pasta as you twirl it around your fork. A fresh orange that gets its sticky, sweet-smelling droplets on your skin. Putting a spoonful of turbinado sugar into a cappuccino and mixing it together so the airy milk foam and the rich espresso marble together. 

Taurus: technicolored, fruit-flavored breakfast cereal filling your bowl; big green olives, chopped and mixed into rice with parsley and lemon; a watermelon that’s hollow when you tap it and leaks juice when you bite it

Gemini: raisins soaked in rooibos tea and mixed into spice bread batter; an oozing chocolate chip cookie that’s still on the tray, too hot to eat; an abundance of zucchini, sliced thickly and grilled until char marks appear on the softened surface. 

Cancer: a tray of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches passed out to the crowd; the crispy skin from a roast chicken, saved for last and parceled out evenly; a chess pie, secret recipe, that only your grandmother knows how to make

Leo: the perfectly browned marshmallow, crunchy on the outside and pure goo on the inside, place atop a square of melting chocolate and squished by a graham cracker; nicoise salad; olives, hard boiled eggs, oil-packed tuna, and cut radishes lined up atop a bed of gem lettuce; a green apple lollipop that puckers your lips and turns your tongue green

Virgo: the edge of a focaccia slab, crunchy and leaving oil on your hands, covered with a dusting of flaky salt and rosemary; tinned fish packed in a symmetrical, overlapping pattern; roasted beets staining the cutting board, the baking tray, your hands, before being spooned atop a bed of spiced, tangy yogurt

Libra: A dry gin martini with an olive and a twist of lemon, a layer of condensation coating the glass; a tray of shredded coconut in the oven, well watched, as it begins to turn a deep ochre and fill the air with a sweet nuttiness; tart green apple and juicy mango dusted with tajin,; big borlotti beans floating in a rich broth

Scorpio: blistered New Mexican peppers, chopped and added to salsa; orange-coated curly fries dragged through ketchup; slow-roasted salmon with a drizzle of olive oil and slices of garlic, placed on a bed of turmeric greens; a black and white milkshake so thick you can barely slurp it through a straw

Sagittarius: creamy lentils dressed with olive oil and champagne vinegar, tossed with roasted almonds, feta cheese, spinach and shallots; shrimp, basil, cucumber, carrot and rice noodles wrapped in a rice paper roll and dipped in peanut sauce; the gooey center of a cinnamon bun

Capricorn: tomatoes, zucchini and eggplants melting and softening over low heat before being spooned over crusty peasant bread; bright threads of carrot thrown into leafy salads or carrot cake batter and dressed with cream cheese frosting; pan fried tofu, kimchi and roasted mushrooms laid atop brown rice

Aquarius: cannellini beans sauteed with garlic and whole lemon, tossed with broccoli rabe; opening a fresh jar of peanut butter and dipping a spoon in; the crunch of kettle-cooked potato chips with the tang of sour cream and onion dip; lemon ginger kombucha

Pisces: soaking a piece of brioche in cinnamon-infused cream and sprinkling sugar atop before browning in the oven; almond butter spooned into a date and sprinkled with salt; the crunchy layer of melted cheese atop baked macaroni and cheese

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Astrology Observation

Sun Conjuction Mercury (☉ ☌ ☿)

Natives with this aspect

  • Extremely intelligent.
  • Have captivating communication skills.
  • Kind of “nerds”.
  • Capable of learning too many things.
  • Good memory.
  • Whatever your sun sign is, mercury gives an essence of a gemini or virgo energy.
  • They know how to read your mind.
  • Very stubborn , doesn’t even care about your viewpoint as long as they know they are right.
  • Overthinking A LOT.
  • On the dark side, master manipulators and very cunning(due to mercury energy).
  • Hardworkers, very ambitious.
  • Big mental energy.Better use it for good, not waste it.
  • Witty, sarcastic and VERY GOOD IN COMEBACKS.
  • Chameleon, they get along with everyone everywhere.

WARNING! - This is MY OPINION,my personal observation,what i have seen in other people mostly ,not in myself. If it doesn’t resonate with you, scroll. If it does, use it properly and never for evil.

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Chinese Zodiac Metals

Wood (Why)

Fire (What)

Earth (What + How)

Metal (How)

Water (What - Why = No Help)

This is WHY no one can help…

The Water Signs are sucking from the wrong source… We are listening to the TOOLS” we have created…the inmates are running the prison… we are being led by the Tools!

It’s not their fault…

No one wants to ADMIT how stupid we are… now the TOILET is WRITING THE RULE BOOK!

Wake up!

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♕Planets in the first house♛

☀Sun in 1st house☀

“I am the god, I am the beauty, I am your grace, I am the sun

Sun in the first house brings confidence and being intwine with your body. You assert control and have a strong energy that captivate people easily. The Sun and the first house make your sun “shine bright” and gives you a boost when it comes to introducing yourself and being comfortable within your own mind and body. Depending on the sign your Sun and the house respectively fall under, you’ll have an advantage and a higher attraction for that said thing. For example, A Taurus sun in 1st house Aries, this person attracts money in their ventures and is very lucky when taking risks.

⊰ They’re generally more popular, most likely to be famous, successful in business, big ego, stubborn, won’t admit wrongs, at times delusional and unrealistic.

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Originally posted by debbie-sketch

hello 🌙

so i’m going to start an astrology series here, covering the history, facts, myths, information regarding each sign, planet and house, the nodes, aspects, and birth chart basics! if there is anything in particular you’d like me to cover, drop into my ask box! can’t wait to share my findings with you all!

love, light and blessings,

Taylah x💞🌿💫🌞🌙

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The Signs as BNA Characters

Aries: Nazuna Hiwatashi

Taurus: Michirou Kagemori

Gemini: Marie Itami

Cancer: Melissa Horner

Leo: Elza

Virgo: Jen Horner

Libra: Alan Sylvasta

Scorpio: Shirou Ogami

Sagittarius: Pinga

Capricorn: Yuji Tachiki

Aquarius: Barbara Rose

Pisces: Nina Flip

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Capricorns are known to keep high standards for themselves. And, they don’t only set the standards but also achieve them due to their sheer determination and hard work.

Here are certain things they love in life. If you have any Capricorns around, make use of these traits!

 1.     Capricorns like to spend time with people who are trustworthy. If you break their trust, they may forgive you but the thought will always linger in their mind.

 2.     They like to have good manners and also expect others also to have it. They usually won’t prefer people with shabby language or a rash body language.

 3.     Capricorns are very particular about everything they do. They look at the small details which usually other people may miss.

  4.     If you are dating a Capricorn man, then you must be very particular about food. They love high quality, fresh food and if it is not up to their standards, they will certainly take a role of a food critic.

 5.     They love to live a life of luxury. You may not find anything trendy in their wardrobe, but something which is timeless and a classic. Elegance will be everywhere once you go to their place.

 6.     They love elegant luxury watches and home décor. They work very hard on selecting the kind of designs they want.

 7.     They love a well-disciplined life. If you have a meeting with a Capricorn, you better be on time. Capricorns are focused on their goals and are most of the times stubborn. They are the most serious people who will rarely be flexible.

 8.     Capricorns like to take their own time. This trait is more relatable to men than for women. They don’t take impulsive decisions. Every move of theirs will have a lot of thinking behind, just like a chess player.

 9.     They love to spend time with their family and friends but they also like to give time to their own self. Sometimes they really love to be alone. If your friend is a Capricorn and he just disappears on a trip to the Himalayas on his own, don’t be shocked. Capricorns usually take a sudden break from their daily hectic routines.

 10.  They also love motorcycles, playing soccer, wearing leather jackets, and respect in the society.

Capricorn Personality Traits (21 SECRETS)
5 Bizarre MYTHS and FACTS about Capricorn Zodiac Sign
Capricorn in Love and Relationships 

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If you’ve ever been in a relationship and felt like you had to be somebody new to please your partner, listen to this song! I wrote this for all those who are in love with themselves flaws and all. Through it all you must learn that you do not need to adjust to accommodate anyone. They need to take you for who you are or leave you alone! #unconditionallove 💕💎

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venus in the 9th is an extremely fun placement what are you talking abooout! you have a love for higher knowledge, travel, foreign languages, foreign PEOPLE, open-minded people. capricorn in the 9th may be a tricky placement bc of how different sag and cap are in values. but luckily, your 9th house venus makes your cap venus a lot more chill! are you a teacher? you’d possibly be a good one. or maybe a travel guide, etc. you’ll likely meet someone through working abroad, higher education, online dating, ldr-type of things. hope things work out for you!

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