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#Capricorn x Pisces

🌾laidback couple

🌾the couple you’d see eating at a quaint restaurant in Paris

🌾with the Pisces love for art and their big dreams and caps love for status and material things, these two may live a lavish lifestyle together

🌾 cap helps Pisces go for their goals and with practicality while Pisces can help cap relax and tap into their creative side

🌾a love like Noah and Allie ❤️


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Capricorn (male) x Pisces (female)


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Ezra (cap) x Aria (pisces)

💞💓💖💘💝💕💘💗💓💞💘💝💞💖💕LOVE THIS COUPLE - i think it was my first tv “ship”, they are adorable (if you look past the innapropriate age difference @ abc 👀👀)

HOWEVER, these two are always there for each other and trying to do the best thing for eachother!

- em n laur

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What do you think about Capricorn and Pisces hooking up?

they would likely have some level of affection for each other rather than lust alone. i imagine it to be a product of a slow burn, ending in gentle and deliberate but fiery touches.

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I'm sorry if I break any rules I can't see the FAQ (cuz I'm in mobile) but hello! Can I ask for advice? I'm a pisces f and I've been crushing on someone whose a Capricorn m and I don't know how to approach him and stuff! Like I want to talk to him but I think he doesn't know I exists. The only interaction we made was when his friends are around and said hello to me and when I almost bumped into him! I became attracted to him because I always see him around and he has that aura that I love.

He’s a Capricorn, so he will appreciate direct communication. Actually make him feel wanted, like you want to talk to him and get to know him one on one. 


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Advice for girl with Pisces sun and moon and Leo rising and guy with Capricorn sun, Scorpio moon, and Leo rising? Thanks in advance!

communicate with each other!! both of you having internally based moon signs, pisces and scorpio, could lead to not saying things that need to be said (which can then lead to cracks in the foundation etc) – take some time every so often to talk about the important stuff.

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Capricorn female and Pisces male. Thank you for what you do here. You are a gift ❤️

for starters, those signs are two apart in the zodiac which tends to indicate a strong bond between them! so that’s already a positive aspect of the pair without even considering the other aspects of the signs. a very opposites attract type situation, given the pisces dreamy nature versus the more grounded capricorn. due to these differences I think it would take a while for a relationship between them to get off the ground, but with a little patience they could end up creating a very fulfilling bond, I’d say :)

& gosh, you are so so welcome. I try my best<3

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I’m aCapricorn f and I started talking to this guy an I found out that he really like me but he’s waiting on me to make the move and I’m really really shy and I just can’t what should I do? You know I get all smiley when I think about him cause he is so darn cute and when he laugh I just melt also he’s a pisces sorry for the essay but I just really like him, I’ve never felt like this about a guy EVER except my childhood best friend which went horrible when we started dating so what do you think?

This was so cute to read. If you like him that much then I say go for it!!! Take it at a natural pace and try not to force anything, which can be a Capricorn tendency. You’ve got this, I believe in you! <3

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Capricorn steadies Pisces.

If Pisces is a ship, Capricorn is the anchor.

If Pisces is the sea, Capricorn is the elegant cliffs and earth at the shore.

Pisces is definitely dependent on Capricorn and they’re aware of it — often Pisces showers Capricorn with praise and affection as a thank-you for the stability. Capricorn desires this affection and encouragement and they love Pisces’ dependence on them.

In the same why that Capricorn steadies Pisces, Pisces rouses Capricorn. A Pisces lover (especially female) knows exactly how to nurture and entice Capricorn in all areas of the relationship. This dynamic works well when Capricorn is more dominant in the relationship. Pisces loves to praise and Capricorn loves to be praised — it keeps them going and excites them.

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Imagine your OTP alone, doing something like watching TV. (Whether they’ve had their first kiss yet is up to you, but regardless…) Person B says “I know this may not be the best time, but…” Then leans in for a kiss. Person A, a bit surprised, pulls away. A feels bad for not accepting and keeps repeating “sorry,” while person B feels even worse for surprising them like that.

Capricorn (Person A) x Pisces or Libra (Person B) -B

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