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#Captain America x oc

Originally posted by butteryplanet

Prompt: “Are you hurt?” 

Pairing: Steve Rogers/ OC [Helena Nepheros]

Curled up on the end of her couch with a mug of ginger and mint tea steaming in her hands, Helena Rogers tentatively sipped at her drink while she watched the baby monitor resting out on the coffee table in front of her. The small screen provided a visual of her kids, Grant and Brooklyn, who were sleeping for an afternoon nap. A small smile touched her lips when glancing between her beautiful children and the peace that settled over the house without two excitable, superpowered toddlers running around to cause some havoc.

But the empty house was quiet, and Helena sighed, clearly missing her husband. Steve and Helena, although now parents, never stopped being heroes to a world in need of saving. The newly rebuilt SHIELD still operated covert missions across the globe and the two Avengers were still agents with the agency, even after the public expose of Hydra and subsequent fall from grace. Their missions were less frequent than Natasha and Clint (to a considerable degree) with their status as spouses with children. Still, sometimes SHIELD required a superpowered solution to a problem and that would be delegated to either Steve or Helena.

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pairing: steve rogers x female oc

warnings: smut (female-receiving oral, soft vanilla sex), angst (goodbyes) 

notes: this one is inspired by another friend of mine who is going through some stuff. so this one’s for her I guess :/

more: masterlist | smut reblog blog 


Originally posted by dailymarvelheroes

He was her everything.

He filled her world with flowers, kisses, and glorious love. They met in New York. And, as much of a cliché as it is, it felt like love at first sight. 

They fought side by side, through Sokovia, the Accords. Then, Thanos.

She thought it would be the two of them till the very end. Steve Rogers and Laurélie “Em” Emery against the world. Even as the dust settled, and they looked around. Though he had lost Bucky, Sam and a lot of others he cared about, he still had her. 

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rSummary: How are you meant to handle a woman who can barely handle herself? Only Steve Rogers knows.

Characters: Steve Rogers (obvs), Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes, Thor Odinson, Loki Laufeyson, Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff

chapter one

chapter two

chapter three

chapter four

chapter five


Originally posted by captainsamerica

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Pairing: Steve x OC
Genre: mini-angst
Word Count: 2017
Warnings: n/a


Steve sighed as he walked down the well-decorated streets and the bright Christmas lights hanging on almost every building. He watched with envy as families and couples walk by him doing their last-minute Christmas shopping. 

Honestly? He felt like a loser every Christmas season - although he had his the Avengers who were pretty much like his family, there was just something different about spending it with your parents or significant other.

The easiest solution? Get Steve Rogers a girl, of course. Sounds like a piece of cake, everyone would kill to get a piece of Captain America, but no one really treated him like Steve Rogers, it was always Captain’ Steve Rogers’ America.

After walking down another block, Steve looks around and spots a homey looking cafe. He walks into the warm building, away from the harsh winter winds, not that he was cold or anything. 

Steve makes his way to the counter, orders a cup of hot latte before making his way to a seat by the door. Sitting down and claiming the spot, Steve fails to notice the items that occupied the chair across his.

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A/N: Reposting this part because for some reason the page breaks weren’t in there where they were supposed to be and every time I tried to edit it wouldn’t show up. Sorry guys

Summary: Thor makes his presence known and Lilah reveals a bit of her past

Pairing: Steve x OC

Warnings: Men being stupid. Still a slow burn I suppose

Word Count: 1331

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What a wicked thing to say you never felt this way
What a wicked thing to do to make me dream of you
 - Wicked Game | Ursine Vulpine (Chris Isaak)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Original Female Character (Elle Williams)

Summary: They were not together and they never would be. The rules were there for a reason, right? It was just easier this way. Until he left.

Sequel to Between Two Points (Recommended reading but not necessary) 

Warnings: Hard smut. Oral Sex (female receiving). Rough sex. Barely noticeable unless you squint at it dub-con. ANGST. I think that’s it. There’s fucking in it, so 18+.

Word count: 9,903

Notes: I refuse to let these two go. I know OFC fic isn’t really popular, but I had to write this and I’ll continue to write them. There’s two more stories with them in planning, so there’s more to come. I wrote this for me; I hope you enjoy.

Shout outs to @peculiar-persephone and @some-kindofgnome for being great beta readers!

If you do enjoy it, a REBLOG is the best way to let me know! Likes are also great too. If you reblog with comments, I will cry from happiness and then respond. And if you send and Ask, I will literally die (and then respond from the grave.)

“I’m not on the menu, Rogers. You know I have to go to work…”

“Call off.”

“I can’t.”

“You’re the boss now, so why can’t you?” he murmured, trying to get her to stay with him.

She placed a gentle hand on the side of his face, forcing him to look her in the eyes, “I wish I could stay, I really do. But I can’t drop everything just because you’re here. That would make me dangerously close to being…”

“A girlfriend?” he finished for her, resting his forehead on her own while she massaged the tight muscles on his back and arms.

“And neither of us want that,” she whispered. Maybe if she said it out loud, she would actually believe it.

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Originally posted by beardedchrisevans

A/n: I’ve had this little drabble in my head for a while now. It’s part of something bigger, but sometimes you just need to post something. 

Pairing: Steve Rogers X OC

Warnings: endgame spoilers. kinda. ok. a big one.


Originally posted by demilovato

“Sisters! I accept!” I spoke into the air. Then I felt the woosh. Time literally was frozen. Just as Tony’s heart was about to give out. I glanced around to see Steve about to take a step towards me. Ashes still in the air. All sound stopped and all I could hear was my ragged breathing.

“You are sure?” a soft voice spoke, and I twirled to see the sisters. Dressed in black robes. They were ancient but looked no older than me. Walking closer to me. They stopped near my brother. Pepper’s hand over his reactor. The light almost extinguishing. “There are no take backs. Hades wants your soul.”

“Save Tony. Spare his life, and I accept. That’s the deal, right? I ask you to spare someone and I…take their place.”

The sisters looked at each other wickedly. “Yes, it is the deal. And you wish to waste it on him?” she scoffed.

“He literally saved all of us. Please, he deserves a happy ending.”

“And you? Don’t you deserve to be happy? With the man out of time?” she pointed behind me. I didn’t look back to know who she was talking about.

“He will mourn, but I know his heart has always been with someone else. And Morgan deserves to have Tony for a lot longer than a few years.”

“Deal. Do you wish to say goodbye?” they asked in unison.

I shook my head. Afraid I would take it back.

“A soul for a soul. Hades will be pleased,” they cackled and disappeared. Then time started to move. I was able to watch as Tony gasped for air. His reactor turned bright—the brightest I had ever seen it. Steve grabbed my arm and I turned around. The last thing I saw were those eyes I fell in love with all those years ago. I felt my body give out. He caught me. My hand went to his cheek. I felt his tears hit my cheek meeting my own tears.

“What did you do?” he sobbed.

I could not find the strength to say anything, so I hoped my eyes had said all there was to be said. I closed my eyes. Happy that my life was worth something.


Steve could cry no more. The past two weeks were a blur. His eyes were sore from crying. As a super soldier that meant he had done a lot of crying. Mostly because he didn’t understand what happened. She had been fine. She had no wounds that were fatal. The doctors just say her heart gave out. He stood at the edge of the lake. Not as many people turned out. Mostly because she didn’t make a lot of friends. He scoffed. In his hands was her dagger. The dagger she played with mindlessly all of the time.

In meetings, during a stake out, when she was watching Netflix. God, he missed her. Missed her annoying ass asking dumb questions about the past.

“Damn, Rogers, you were a sickly little dude,” she flipped the page of his file. “You should be dead right now.”

He had scolded her for snooping. Now he wished more than anything for her to be here.

“You okay, Rogers?” Tony placed his hand on his shoulder. His eyes went to the dagger and it made Tony’s chest ache. His little sister…gone. He knew what had happened. He had been on the brink of death, so when time stopped, he had seen those women. Three women. But he had been unable to say anything as she gave up her life for him. He didn’t know how to explain it. All he knew was that his little sister saved his life.

“I just…wish she was here,” Steve sighed. “I…uh…should get in the suit. Gotta put those stones back.”

Steve started to walk away.

“Steve,” Tony called out ready to say what he had seen, but then when he saw Steve’s eyes. He knew that if he said anything, Steve would do anything to get her back. He would not stop until she was back. Tony had no idea if there even was a way. “We all miss her. Don’t isolate yourself.”

Steve half smiled. “Of course not.”

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Nothing Breaks Like A Heart- 3

So this took me about 8 years to write. I’m not sure why. But it’s unedited so please ignore the mistakes. The spacing looks off but I’m posting this on mobile so I’ll look at it on my laptop mañana. Likes, comments and reblogs are much appreciated!


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@fanfictionjunkie1112 @shreddedparchment


“Uncle Tony! Uncle Tony!” A 6 year old Nora ran to her Uncle and he scooped her up in his arms. “I missed you!” Nora repeatedly kissed her young uncle’s clean shaven face.

“I missed you too baby doll. Why don’t you go over and see Grandpa Obe. I think he has a present for you.” Tony set Nora down and she ran down the hall.

Nora was dreaming. She knew she was. She was standing there watching her memory unfold. It was the strangest dream. She had never had one like this.

“Hello Nora.” Nora slowly turned as her hands trembled. She knew the voice. She took a shaky breath and came face to face with Loki.

“How are you in my dream?” Loki gave Nora a smirk.

“I’m a God Nora Stark. There are many things I can do.”

“Then why are you here?”

“We had so little time together. There is much you don’t know. Things your father hid from you and your Uncle. I’m here to lead you to the truth. Pay attention to this.” Loki turned you back to the scene before you. This couldn’t be your memory. You had left the room.

“Grant- it’s her birthday and every year you leave her here and vanish for days. Eventually she’s not going to be okay with it. You lost your wife. But she lost her mother.”

“Her mother is gone and it’s my job to protect her from what’s to come. I leave to protect her. You don’t understand.”

“Then make me understand.”

“If Nora here infringes on your extra curricular activities, I can get a Nanny.”

“Don’t be stupid. This has nothing to do with her being here. I look forward to this all year. But I’m worried that some day she’s going to resent you and it will be too late.”

“She’s not you. And I’m not our father so just stop. I’ll see you in a week.” Tony stood staring blankly as his brother stormed out. He had no idea what he was hiding. He had left without even saying goodbye to Nora.

“Protect me from what’s to come? What does that mean?!” Nora demanded answers from Loki.

“You have to put it together on your own. I can guide you Nora but you must put the pieces together. “

Before Nora could respond she jolted awake. Her heart was pounding and she couldn’t catch her breath. She felt like she was in a bad version of a Dickens Novel

“That must have been some dream” A deep voice came from her right. She looked over and saw Steve Rogers sitting in the chair next to her bed in the med wing.

“It was intense.” Nora started to regain her bearings.

“Look. I know you don’t want to see me and you think I’m the bad guy. But I had to make that decision. Tony knew what he was doing. I couldn’t risk everything he was willing to sacrifice. I wouldn’t have made that choice if”

“Steve. Steve. I know. I was a bitch. I was emotional and upset and I took it out on you. I’m sorry I spoke to you like that. It was just a lot and I think the poison in my system is making me delirious or something but I know you made the right decision. My uncle wouldn’t able to live with himself if people died to save him.” Steve took Nora’s hand. He could tell she was getting upset again.

“It’s forgotten. It was a difficult day. I’m just glad you and Tony are okay.”

“I think okay is stretch.” Nora laughed.

“Well physically okay.” Steve squeezed Nora’s hand as the door to her room opened. Bruce walked in, seemingly surprised to see Steve sitting there.

“You ready to get out of here?” Bruce had a strange look on his face.

“I thought you said I’d be here for longer?” Nora furrowed her brow.

“Well, we originally thought you would need IV Antibiotics for longer. It seemed like a nasty infection. But apparently it is healing a lot quicker than anticipated. You aren’t out of the woods but we can switch you to oral antibiotics now. You’re still going to be sore and the stitches may give you some trouble but we should be able to take them out soon. There’s no reason for you to stay in this bed any longer. But Nora, you need to take it easy for a bit.”

“Define take it easy” Bruce looked exasperated as he ran his palm down his face.

“You need to stay in the building for now. We don’t want you exposed to any other bacteria. We don’t know how this will affect your immune system. You’re going to have to keep your leg elevated and the swelling down and crutches to walk.

“So really just like being here but in my own bed or on my ass wheeling around. Bruce I have work to do. The tower is a mess. The city is a mess.”

“It’s not up to you to fix it. You need to take care of yourself.” Nora’s lips were pursed. “Don’t look at me like you’re trying to appease me. You have

to follow instructions.” Bruce was pleading. “Or I’ll call Tony and you’ll stay here.”

“She’ll follow directions Dr. Banner. I’ll make sure of it.” Steve had his arms crossed in front of his chest with authority. Nora’s nostrils flared. Before she could attempt to argue Steve continued talking. “You’re going to need help. Tony needs to recover himself. I, however, am already healed. Let me help you.”

“Must be nice being a Super Soldier, but fine.” Nora threw her hands up. “But don’t even think about trying to treat me like a child.” Nora pointed her finger at Steve with raised eyebrows.

“Wouldn’t dream of it.”


Steve wheeled Nora into her apartment. Both he and Bruce insisted on her using it to get to her wing of the tower and use it to go anywhere else in the tower except around her loft.

“Now what?’ Nora sighed. Steve could tell she was upset but was trying not to show it.

"Now, I’m going to order some dinner. I don’t think you want to be poisoned by my cooking on top of everything else. And then we can watch a movie or whatever you want to do.”

“I need to shower, I feel disgusting.” Steve nodded and was about to wheel her down to her room. “No, give me the crutches. I’m not an invalid” Steve rolled his eyes and handed her the crutches. He didn’t attempt to help her to her feet, he knew she wouldn’t let him. He watched her hobble down the hall to her bedroom. He opened a few drawers in her kitchen until he found some menus and pulled them out to decide what to get them for dinner.

Behind the door of her bathroom, Nora let a sob escape from her mouth. She was trying so hard to keep her emotions tucked inside, but after what had just happened she was floored. Aliens, Gods, more aliens. She had no idea what she would have done if she had lost her Uncle. She let her tears flow as she hobbled over to her dresser and pulled out a grey t-shirt and a pair of lavender and grey striped shorts. She struggled for a few moments to figure out how to get changed. She couldn’t put any pressure on her leg without horrifying pain. She took a deep breath to center herself and went to the door. “Steve?” she called out. She heard his heavy foot steps and soon he was at her door. “Can you see if you can get Nat or Pepper in here?”

“Nat isn’t here, she’s at SHEILD. Pepper is doing a press conference right now. Are you okay?” Nora didn’t want to open the door for Steve to see her tear stained face.

“I just.” She paused. “I can’t get changed to get into the shower.”

“Do you…do you want my help?” Nora groaned. She didn’t want to wait until Pepper would be done. It could be hours. She’d have to swallow her pride and let him help her. She wiped her face as best she could and opened the door. “Nora…you’re crying.” She clearly she hadn’t done a good enough job.

“I’m fine.” She stepped back so Steve could walk in. He enveloped her in a hug. She stood there shocked for a moment and then hugged him back and then she felt the damn of tears burst open. He slipped his arm behind her knees and picked her up like she was a feather and walked over to her bed so they could sit. He held her as she cried. “I’m sorry. I don’t know why I’m so damn emotional” She sobbed. "I don’t normally break down and cry in front of people. I just…”

“Shhh…don’t you dare apologize. And don’t hold this all in. I’ve got you. You’re safe with me. These past couple of days have been a lot.” Nora took a deep breath. They sat like that for a while. Nora across Steve’s lap as he had his arms wrapped around her torso and hers around his neck. Finally Nora pulled back.

“I really need to shower but I need help.” Her face turned pink.

“I can help you. I won’t look. It’s okay.” Steve helped her stand up and into her bathroom. She grabbed a towel from her linen cabinet and set it on the counter. Steve opened her shower door and started the water. “How hot do you want it?”

“So hot it almost melts my face off?” Steve laughed.

“I’m not going to turn it that hot. You can adjust it once you get in.” Nora nodded.

“Okay, this is awkward, let’s just power through. I can’t balance to take my pants on or off.” Steve nodded. “I’m going to turn around. I feel like my bare ass is less embarrassing. I mean an ass is ass.”

“However you’re most comfortable “‘Steve laughed. Nora turned around and pulled her t-shirt off and threw it in the hamper. Steve felt his mouth go dry. Nora felt his hands on her hips. “Okay I’m going to slide them off.” Nora nodded. She felt the heat burning on her cheeks. She felt like someone was blowing bubbles in her stomach. She was painfully aware of how firm Steve was holding her waste. His calloused hands were hot against her skin. Suddenly she was painfully aware that she was completely naked. “Can you step in by yourself?” Nora nodded unable to speak. She stepped in and quickly shut the door behind her. “I’m going to go back into your room. The towel is right here. Call me when you’re ready for me.

“Okay. Thanks Steve.” Nora felt her heart pounding.

“Of course. I’ll be right outside”. Steve ran his hands down his face. He spent the entire time thinking of the most non-sexual thoughts he could to avoid being turned on. He was attracted to Nora, she was beautiful, but there was something about her that was magnatizing.

He looked around her room. The walls were a grayish purple. The room wasn’t as big as he thought it would be, but it was still bigger than any room he had ever slept in. There was a slanted ceiling near the bathroom that created a large alcove where an oak roll top desk and chair was located. She had a matching chest of drawers that matched the desk as well as a large bookshelf that was loaded with books. Nora being a bookworm made him smile. Her king sized bed was in the middle of the room with an oak nightstand on one side and on the other was an elaborate lamp. It was built like a tree and was covered with glass flowers that all had tiny light bulbs in the middle. There was a smaller black lamp on the night stand.

Parallel to the wall with the door was a set of glass french doors with trim painted the black. It led out to a substantial balcony. Steve imagined Nora spent a lot of time out there. Her glanced over at her bluish purple bed spread that was a soft chenille. It was simple and loaded with pillows. He wondered how she fit in the bed with that many pillows. He walked over to the bookshelf and took a picture off to study it. It had

to be her parents. Grant was the spitting imagine of Howard Stark, even more than Tony. He knew the woman was her mother, although her hair was blonde it hung in spirals like Nora’s. She also had the same captivating sea green eyes as her daughter. Next to that was a picture of an older Howard and he assumed Maria who was holding a little bundle he was sure was Nora. Steve knew they didn’t live much longer after the picture had been taken. He glanced at a few photos of Nora and Grant. There was one of Nora, maybe 12, with Pepper. There was then an onslaught of photos of Nora and Tony. Ones with a young Tony and a toddler Nora. He saw her grow up in the photos. Her High School graduation, prom, a Christmas photo. Despite all of her loss, Tony has given her the best life possible. Not with his money, but with how much he loved her. The pride in his eyes in each photo jumped out at you. His favorite picture was of her and Tony, she was holding a cello and happiness was radiating from her.

Steve jumped and put the photo with back when he heard the bathroom door open. Nora hobbled out wearing her towel and holding her clothes. “I’m all done.” Her voice was quiet and sheepish.

“Here, sit down on the edge of the bed.” Steve helped her over as she sat. He took the black cotton boy short panties and slid them up to her knees and did The same with her shorts. “If you stand will you be able to pull them up the rest of the way?” Nora nodded. Steve tried to ignore her blazingly red face. “Okay, I’ll help you stand and then you can finish getting dressed. Your crutches are right there on the bed.” Steve helped her stand and then headed towards her door.

“Steve?” He heard her say in almost a whisper. “Thank you.” He nodded at her with a smile and headed back out to the living room.


Nora used her crutches to get back out to the main area. Her large apartment started with an open floor plan. The substantial kitchen and living room were what you saw when you walked in. Dark hardwood floors throughout. Parallel to her door was a long hallway with 5 doors. On the right hand side was first the guest bedroom and the master bedroom at the end of the hall. On the other side there were two more doors with a half bath in the middle. Each bedroom had its own bathroom.

“So I ordered some pizza and wings. I figured it was a safe bet.”

“That’s fine, but I’m not really hungry to be honest.”

“You definitely have to eat Nora. All of that medicine will kill your stomach.” She nodded and hobbled over to the living room. She had a large taupe microfiber couch with ottoman at each end and two over sized chairs on each side. There was an antique looking entertainment center and above it, mounted to the wall was a large flat screen TV. About 6 feet back from the couch was a large wooden table with a marble top. It had a long bench on the side closest to the wall with 3 large chairs Across from it and 2 on each end. There was a wall of floor to ceiling windows. Across from the large table right next to the windows was a baby grand piano. Nora sat on the couch propping her leg up on the ottoman.

“You really don’t have to stay Steve. I’ll be fine.” Nora finally said. Steve had been studying her profile after she sat down. She looked overwhelmed and slightly sad.

“I know you’d be fine but you really shouldn’t be alone. Something could happen and you’re not at 100%. Unless you don’t want me here, I could call Nat.”

“No that’s not it. I just feel bad that I’m hijacking your life.” Steve walked over and sat next to Nora and faced her.

“You’re not hijacking anything. There’s no place else I’d rather be.” His warm smile set her at ease. His hand was next to hers and she linked her pinky with his. Steve was amazed that a tiny little touch could send his heart racing. Before either of them could say or do anything else there was a knock on the door. Steve jumped up to open it and was greeted by Tony’s confused face. He walked past Steve into the apartment. Steve could tell he was trying to appear uninjured but his movements said otherwise. Even after a few days since the battle his face was bruised up.

“Wasn’t expecting to see you here Cap.” Tony glanced over his shoulder with a knowing look at Steve. He looked guilty and Nora looked flustered.

“Uh Dr. Banner had some stipulations on letting Nora out of the med bay so I told him I’d stick around to help.”

“Jarvis- have some clothes sent over for the Captain if he’s staying here. Don’t need him smelling up the place.” Tony ordered his A.I. He smiled at Nora and kissed her on the cheek and sat down next to her. “Hi babydoll, how’s my girl?” Steve stepped into the kitchen to give them some privacy. He sat at the large island on one of the stools. The marble top on the island and the rest of the counters matched the table. The color of the cabinets matched the color of her furniture. Her french door refrigerator and 6 burner stove as well as the dish washer were black. He looked at the walls of the entire area. The color was a very pale turquoise. Almost so pale it was white. One wall on the living room side behind the table and piano was exposed brick. Her tastes were simple and clean.

“I’m okay. Really tired still. How are you? Shouldn’t you be resting?”

“Oh honey I’m fine. I’ve had worse than this.”

Nora gave him a skeptical look. “I came over once I heard you were back over here to see if you wanted to stay on my floor so you weren’t alone, but I see you aren’t.”

“You need to take care of yourself and not worry about me. You fell out of the sky!”

“Banner broke my fall.” Tony gave his signature smirk. “But I see you’re in good hands here so I’m going to head back over before Pepper comes hunting for me. Call me if you need anything.” Tony kissed her forehead. “Love you Nori. Keep that leg up and don’t try to over do it.”

“Ditto, on all accounts.” She smiled adoringly up at her Uncle. He gave her a shrug.

“My legs are fine.” He turned to Steve and nodded “Captain.” After a second glance, he headed out the door.

Steve managed to get Nora to eat a piece of pizza and a couple of wings. He took it as a victory. He walked back over to the couch and handed Nora her antibiotics and some of her pain medication. She swallowed it quickly with her water. Steve sat down next to her as she picked another movie.

“You look exhausted. Why don’t we call it a night.”

“I don’t want to sleep” Nora confessed.

“You need some rest. It’ll help you heal.”

“If I sleep, I’ll dream and I’d like to avoid that.” Concern was draped over Steve’s face.


“Among other things.”

“Here lean forward.” As Nora moved he slid behind her so she could rest her torso on his and stretch her legs out across the couch. It took Nora a moment to settle back, taken by surprise. Once she was resting against him Steve covered them with the large blanket that was on the back of the couch. “Rest, go to sleep. If you start having a nightmare I’ll wake you up.” Nora nodded and then started the movie. About 15 minutes after the movie started her head fell back against Steve’s shoulder. Steve leaned his head back and closed his eyes, the sweet smell of Nora’s shampoo helping him drift off to sleep.

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Last Line Tag

I was tagged by one of my faves @shreddedparchment

Here’s a line from the next chapter of Nothing Breaks Like A Heart:

“Must be nice being a Super Soldier, but fine.” Nora threw her hands up. “But don’t even think about trying to treat me like a child.” Nora pointed her finger at Steve with raised eyebrows.

I’m tagging @starksparker @afictionaladventure16 and @wxntersoldiers

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Steve Rogers x OFC

A/N: Set between Civil War and Infinity War. LISTEN GUYS I KNOW IT’S AN OC WITH STEVE BUT YOU HAVE TO READ THIS. I love it so much and it’s in first person, so just read it! Thank you @firefoxcaty for commissioning this!

Summary: Caty and Steve are each other’s person until the Accords divide them.


Originally posted by fyeahmarvel

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A Steve Rogers x OC Drabble

Hi yes hello. I’ve been planning and stewing over a Steve Rogers/OC fanfic for years, literally since I first saw Age of Ultron. Anyways I saw Endgame again today and clearly it’s given me a LOT of feelings so when I came home I wrote this drabble bc I can. It’s an excerpt that will eventually one day make it into my feature length fanfic but. Until then I’m really proud of it and I love it and I wanted to share it SO. I’ve literally never posted any of my fanfics or anything I’ve written on tumblr. I’ve posted stuff before on and wattpad but never here and none of my Cap stuff since it’s not finished. Anyways, I’m rambling. I’m sorry. This is that scene from the mall in Winter Soldier on the escalator, you know the one. 


The trio shuffled onto the down escalator, Natasha in the lead and Steve taking up the rear. Each of them was still on high alert for members of the Strike team that might be on the hunt for them.

“You need to kiss Steve,” Nat suddenly said, turning around to face Heather.

“I’m sorry, what?” Heather replied taken aback.

“Rumlow is on the opposite escalator coming our way, don’t look,” she chastised just as Heather’s eyes started to drift to the left. She snapped her eyes promptly back to Nat but she had already seen Rumlow’s familiar sight too close for comfort - and coming closer. “We need a subtle distraction and public displays of affection make people uncomfortable.”

“But why do I have to kiss him?”

“I think if we kissed it would attract the wrong sort of attention, especially from Rumlow. You’re well versed with his preferences,” Nat replied with a small smirk.

“I wouldn’t say well versed-” Heather started before being cut off again.

“I’d say we have less than 7 seconds until he’s close enough to recognize us.” Heather stared at her friend and teammate fumbling with what to do. Stealing another glance to the opposite escalator told Heather that Nat was right. With every second she took stalling the closer he came to them. She cursed under her breath realizing the other woman was right and time was running out. Heather turned around until she was staring up at Steve.

“I’m sorry about this, Steve,” she said. He stared down at her, about to ask what she meant, but was quickly silenced. In one swift moved Heather placed her hand on the back of Steve’s neck pulling him down closer to her as she pushed up onto her tiptoes, closing the distance between their lips. He recoiled backwards momentarily, clearly shocked from the sudden action, before allowing himself to sink partially into the kiss. He wrapped his arm around Heather’s waist to keep her from falling backwards while also pulling her closer to him.

It took all of Heather’s self restraint to hold back from kissing Steve any more than she was currently. The last time they had kissed Heather had been too stunned to do anything during the short interaction. The same cool electricity, much different than her own powers, sparked between their lips and sent shock waves down her spine. She wanted nothing more than to wrap her other arm around Steve’s neck and kiss him deeply, but she knew this was neither the time nor place for that; if there ever would be one for them. Heather hardly noticed as her fingers started slowly kneading their way into the short hairs on the back of his head.

Natasha suddenly coughed, her way of signaling that Rumlow and the danger had passed. Heather reluctantly pulled her lips from Steve’s but still remained close in his embrace. She looked up into his eyes, their noses close to brushing from their close proximity. The pair stayed in this position, staring into each other’s eyes, daring them to say something first. Both parties involved were surprised by sudden action unsure of what it meant.

“Steve-” Heather started quietly, unsure of what she would say next, when Natasha coughed again more urgently. “Come on, we should go.”

Heather grabbed Steve’s hand as she untangled herself from him, pulling him down the rest of the escalator behind her. No one said anything as the party made their way out of the mall, still alert as they scanned their surroundings. She was thankful that Steve and Nat were being so observant, because Heather found herself lost to her thoughts. All of which still lingered on that kiss.

Her lips still tingled from where Steve’s had brushed against them. She could still feel his arm wrapped around her back, her hand on the back of his neck mindlessly tangling in his hair, their bodies still pressed against each other. His musky smell, that Heather always teased smelled exactly like something her grandpa would wear, lingered in her nose. She was reminded of it every time she inhaled.

It meant nothing, Heather told herself. It was just a distraction. Part of the mission. The kiss meant nothing. It meant nothing.

It didn’t though. No matter how many times she told herself and denied the feelings that had sprung up for Steve, they still reared their ugly head with more and more ferocity every time she was around him. Again, this was not the time to bring up her emotions for him. They were technically fugitives and had a job to do. She would stifle her feelings like she did every other time. Like she had been doing her entire life.

“Hey, Heath,” Natasha called, breaking her out of her thoughts. “You with us?”

“Yeah…yeah. I’m here,” she replied, still clearly distracted. She noticed they had made their way far out into the parking lot to the car Steve had hijacked earlier. Nat made a face, clearly not buying Heather’s lies, before climbing into the front passenger’s seat. Heather reached for the backseat handle on the drivers side but stopped when Steve placed a hand on the door to stop her.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” he asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” she replied. Steve looked at her, cool blue eyes staring at her from behind his fake glasses. She would have felt uncomfortable if anyone else had looked at her as intently as Steve did. He seemed to be able to read every look on her face, every emotion that passed behind her eyes. A younger version of herself would have criticized her for becoming so vulnerable and exposed. First Clint had come barging in and gotten close to her, then Emelia, and now here she was, not only allowing herself to be so open with him but falling for Steve fucking Rogers. In all honesty, it had sort of just happened. She didn’t think she could have stopped it even if she wanted to.

“We should go before they catch onto us,” Heather finally said, opening the trucks door and getting in without another look at Steve.

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Happy Friday! I do hope you all are doing well. Me, I’m excited to be finishing up writing this series and I’m just as excited to share it with you all over the next 12 weeks or so. As always, thank you to @winterisakiller who has been more than valuable in the development of this series. 

For those who don’t know- Links to the prior chapters are in my Masterlist. If you can’t find it, give ‘kit’s masterlist’ a search. I do very much love to hear what you think. 

Rosemary let her head thump against the door when she heard his footsteps reach the bottom of the staircase. It took all her self control to hold her head up and not again thump it against the door as she listened to the sound of Steve’s footsteps go down the stairs. It was like as soon as the door closed behind him, her sanity returned and reality crashed down around her.

Tears welled in her eyes as she struggled to breath calmly. It felt like the walls were crashing down around her. He was everything she wanted and more. Tears dripped from her chin as a shaking hand reached up to touch her lips. They were soft and swollen still from the kisses they had shared. She was well and truly in over her head.

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Pairings: Steve Rogers X OC
Genre/Warnings: Romance, Soulmate AU. 
Word count: 957
Summary: Steve meets someone special going to the gym.

A/N: Hey, I have a stock pile of fan fics about Superheroes falling in love with normal girls. So I figured I would share. If you enjoy please let me know. Hope you like it <3

The gym was one of the few places that Steve felt at home anymore. The dim light of the lower floor, the punching bags, and boxing ring was slowly becoming home to him. The modern world was foreign, everything cost too much, and the people were rude. It was much easier to stretch his muscles than try to figure out the spider web that was the subway.

He had spent most of his morning working himself toward fatigue. A difficult feat all things considered. It had taken hours and many many sandbag sacrifices to the cause, but he was finally to a stopping point at about half past noon. He wasn’t as tired as he wanted to be. He never was anymore, but the soft sting in his muscles was comforting enough.

Showering and packing his things he headed upstairs to the main level of the gym. Is was bustling with muscle bound men and barely dressed women doing various activities, not the least of which taking picture of themselves in the large mirror on the east wall. Steve would never understand that new obsession.

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Nothing Breaks Like A Heart: Chapter 3 Sneak Peek

“Uncle Tony! Uncle Tony!” A 6 year old Nora ran to her Uncle and he scooped her up in his arms. “I missed you!” Nora repeatedly kissed her young uncle’s clean shaven face.

“I missed you too baby doll. Why don’t you go over and see Grandpa Obe. I think he has a present for you.” Tony set Nora down and she ran down the hall.

Nora was dreaming. She knew she was. She was standing there watching her memory unfold. It was the strangest dream. She had never had one like this.

“Hello Nora.” Nora slowly turned as her hands trembled. She knew the voice. She took a shaky breath and came face to face with Loki.

“How are you in my dream?” Loki gave Nora a smirk.

“I’m a God Nora Stark. There are many things I can do.”

“Then why are you here?”

“We had so little time together. There is much you don’t know. Things your father hid from you and your Uncle. I’m here to lead you to the truth. Pay attention to this.” Loki turned you back to the scene before you. This couldn’t be your memory. You had left the room.

“Grant- it’s her birthday and every year you leave her here and vanish for days. Eventually she’s not going to be okay with it. You lost your wife. But she lost her mother.”

“Her mother is gone and it’s my job to protect her from what’s to come. I leave to protect her. You don’t understand.”

“Then make me understand.”

“If Nora here infringes on your extra curricular activities, I can get a Nanny.”

“Don’t be stupid. This has nothing to do with her being here. I look forward to this all year. But I’m worried that some day she’s going to resent you and it will be too late.”

“She’s not you. And I’m not our father so just stop. I’ll see you in a week.” Tony stood staring blankly as his brother stormed out. He had no idea what he was hiding. He had left without even saying goodbye to Nora.

“Protect me from what’s to come? What does that mean?!” Nora demanded answers from Loki.

“You have to put it together on your own. I can guide you Nora but you must put the pieces together. “

Before Nora could respond she jolted awake.

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Originally posted by mcufam

Pairing: TBA

Word Count: 2495

Masterlist: Black Widow (1), Black Widow (2), Bruce Banner, Tony Stark

Taglist: Open

Author’s Note: I have this originally posted on, but the way I’m posting here you will allow you Tumblr readers parts of the story that aren’t on FanFiction. At the end of this chapter I will give you readers a choice indicated by “[bolded text]”. Make your choices via the comments, reblogs, and/or private messages/asks to me!

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As promised, a teaser for Clover and Lace. As I said earlier- this is a Steve x OFC, rated M for future smut and cannon typical violence. 

If he was going to this exhibit, he may as well try to enjoy it. And so just like that Steve decided to start enjoying things again. Starting with the ride to Akron and looking at paintings by some no name local artist who some said could make a name for herself, he would learn to enjoy things again.

Sara Wilson penned her name to one last canvas and frowned down at it. ‘Sara Wilson’ it read. How she hated the name. Yet she long ago stopped entertaining the idea of taking a name she would like. Names changed with time. For her they always did and always will, one way or another.

“Sara, dear! We need the last of them to hang.” The hearty voice of the old woman who owned the cafe below called from the stairs.

She would never come up- her knees and back ached making it nearly impossible for her to climb the stairs or so she said. It was one of the reasons she let Sara rent the upstairs apartment so cheap.

Yet as the old woman got more and more comfortable her knees felt up to tackling the stairs more often and she would visit with Sara.

Sara always liked Mrs. Jones and when she told her friends in the big city about Sara’s art somehow she ended up putting on a show. It was never a good idea to draw attention to herself but she didn’t want to disappoint the old woman who gave her so much kindness and understanding. Mrs. Jones never asked the hard questions about Sara’s past, the questions that would always be avoided and redirected.

Everything tags: @bambamwolf87, @0-0-0-0-0-0-0-7, @alexakeyloveloki, @dangertoozmanykids101, @missaphrodite23, @j-u-s-t-4, @winterisakiller, @theoneanna

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Steve x OC, Steve x Platonic!OC

Everything tag: @squirrelacorngliterfarts

           I hear a scuffling from the ally way. I turn down there and see the cutest boy getting his ass beat.

           “Hey!” I yell.

           The bully turns around. “What?”

           “Leave him alone!” I smack the bully with my thick purse until he runs away.

           “I could have handled it, Ma’am.” The boy says.

           I laugh. I assume you could have, but I have a weapon.” I hold up my purse.

           He smiles. “Steve Rogers.” He sticks out his hand.

           I take it and shake it. “Violet Elliot.” Then another man runs up.

           “There you are punk! I thought you were done for!” The man says.

           “He had it under control.” I tell him.

           “Who are you?” The man asks.

           “Violet Elliot.” I stick my hand out to him.

           He kisses it. “James Buchanan Barnes, call me Bucky. What were you talking to Steve about?”

           “Well, Bucky, I was just saying that Steve should come over to my apartment, so I can patch that cut above his eye.” I say.

           “You didn’t…” Steve starts.

           “My apartment isn’t that far.” I say and turn on my heel, expecting them to follow me. They do.

           After that day, we were inseparable. One day he’s sitting on my couch and I’m cooking dinner for us. I wipe my hands on my apron and turn to him.

           “Steve, you want to go steady?” I ask suddenly.

           “What?” He looks shocked.

           “I mean…never mind.” I’m embarrassed.

           “No, no, no. I was just…I thought you liked Bucky.” He says.

           “Bucky?” I shriek.

           He laughs. “Everyone likes Bucky.”

           “I like you, Steve.” I say.

           “Then sure.” He smiles at me.

           I found myself falling in love with Steve Rogers, and that scared me. I had never fallen in love with anyone before. Not only that, but I would outlive him by…forever. And I didn’t think I could take that.

           We’d been together several months when he bangs on my door late one night. I answer in my night gown.

           “Were you asleep?” He asks when he sees my attire.

           “Not yet. What’s wrong?” I let him in.

           “I got into the army.” He pants, out of breath from obviously running here.

           “Oh, Steve.” I hug him close to me. I knew that he had wanted this for so long and now it was here.

           “I…uh…want to ask you something…before I ship out.” Steve says.

           “What is it?” I pull back and look at his face. He’s sweating buckets.

           “Wanna marry me, Violet?” He asks. He pulls out a little velvet box. He opens it and inside is the prettiest ring I’ve ever seen.

           “Do we have time?” I ask.

           “Well, I was assuming you’d say yes, so I already booked everything. We just have to show up.” He stutters.

           I throw my arms around him. “Yes!” I scream.

           I quickly change, and we head to the small chapel nearby. Bucky’s there and my best friend Mary. We didn’t need anyone else.

           It’s short and sweet and after we kiss, Steve has to leave. We don’t even have time to make love.

           Weeks go by. We write back and forth, but it’s not the same. I miss him. But I know that he’s happy doing this.

           One day, there’s a knock at the door. I open it and see Steve…sort of.

           “What the hell?” I say.

           “I didn’t tell you about the serum.” He says. I let him in and he sits on the couch. “I didn’t tell you because I knew you’d worry. I was experimented on. I’m now what they call a super soldier.”

           “You let someone experiment on you!?” I shriek.

           “It’s okay, doll. It worked. I’m fine.” He says. He stands and spins in a circle to prove it.

           “Steve…I…I have to sit down.” I sit on the couch and put my head in my hands. “Anything else you haven’t told me?”

           “This was the reason I got into the army, Violet. The reason they let me in.” He says. He crouches down in front of me and takes my hands into his.

           “You’re okay?” I question.

           “I’m okay.” He says.

           “How long are you home?” I ask.

           “A few days. Maybe a week.” He says.

           I let out a sigh. “There’s something I want to tell you too.”

           “What is it?” He asks.

           “I want a baby.” I say quickly.

           He falls back on his butt. “Already?”

           “Well, I’m home all by myself all the time. And…and…” I trail off.

           “Hey, it’s okay. We can do that. We never got to…you know…after our wedding.” He says.

           “You can say make love, Steve.” I giggle.

           He blushes. “I know. You knew what I meant.”

           That night is the best of my life. And the night after that. And the one after. The entire four days he’s home are the best I’ve ever had. But then it’s time for him to leave.

           “We never talked about names.” I say.

           “Surprise me. You know me well enough.” He kisses me. “Let me know if something happens.” He says as he’s walking out the door.

           “You mean let you know if I’m pregnant?” I yell after him.

           “Yeah!” He says.

           When I find out I’m pregnant, I write him a letter. In the letter I tell him that I’m pregnant and I also tell him the truth about me. That I’m immortal and that I won’t know how that or the serum will affect our child.

           I wait weeks for a reply, but I get nothing. Until I get my own letter in the mail with a big ‘Return to Sender’ stamp on it. I’m so confused. And then I get the knock on my door. It’s Peggy Carter. I knew of her but I had never met her. She tells me what Steve did. My knees go weak and she catches me before I fall to them. I knew this day would come, but not so soon. I let out sob after sob. Peggy moves me to the couch and just holds me for what seems like hours.

           When I finally calm down, I clear my throat. “Peggy, I’m pregnant.” I say.

           Peggy gasps.

           After that, Peggy and I become very close. She actually moves in with me to keep me company. She spends all her time with me that she’s not on a mission. I decide to tell her about me. I sit her down one night after dinner.

           “What’s wrong? Is it the baby?” She stands up.

           “No. Sit down.” I say. She does. “I have something important to tell you.”

           “Okay.” She says.

           I take a deep breath. “I can’t die. I’m immortal.”

           It doesn’t faze her. “How will that affect the baby?”

           “I’m not sure.” I admit.

           That’s when she tells me all about Shield. That night I go into labor. James Steven Rogers is born the next day in the morning. Peggy’s there with me.

Seventy Years Later

           “Stay here with Aunt Peggy, I’m going outside for one second.” I tell James.

           “Okay, Mommy.” He waves at me. He goes back to telling Peggy about his day.

           I take my cigarettes out and walk out of her room. I walk down the corridor and go to open the door outside when it’s opened for me. The pack of cigarettes falls to the ground when I see who it is.

           “Violet?” He gasps. “How?”

           I can’t seem to get enough of his face. I stare at him for over a minute without saying anything. Then I clear my throat. “How are you alive?”

           “How am I alive? How are you alive? That was seventy years ago.” Steve says.

           “That’s what I’m saying.” I take a deep breath. “I’m immortal, Steve. Now you answer.”

           “Frozen in ice.” He says shortly.

           “Mommy! Come look!” James comes running out of Peggy’s room. He stops short when he sees who’s in front of me. “Daddy?”

           “We…we had a son? How is he…how is he still so young?” Steve says.

           “He ages twenty times younger than a normal human. Because of me. And he has increased healing and is super strong. Because of you.” I say shyly.

           “What’s his name?” Steve bends down to be the height of James.

           “My name is James Steven Rogers. I thought you died.” James says.

           “I didn’t. It’s nice to meet you James.” Steve holds out his arms and James willingly goes into them. They hug, and it feels like my heart is repairing all the cracks in it. “You named him after Bucky and me?”

           “Of course. You said to surprise you.” I laugh.

           He stands and comes closer to me. He cups both of my cheeks and kisses me for the first time in over seventy years. I feel whole again.

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Miss Fortunate Chp 3

FANDOM: Avengers

A/N: This fic is starring an “Original Character”

WARNINGS: Violence, Possessive Behaviour

SUMMARY: Jane DeMoray thought her life was pretty normal, you know, despite the recent alien invasion and government plots. After a personal loss, everything gets thrown into disarray however. It turns out that she is the daughter of the world’s favourite and problematic billionaire. And what does the Winter Soldier even want with her? How come Steve is so grumpy all the time?


After a refreshing shower and retrieving some truly bland and horrendous clothing (Tony was not joking about how bad they were) - literally, grey sweats and a white tank top about two sizes too big. There was something that resembled a bra but with no wire or support, I stuck with my own two-day old bra. The rest of my clothes, I stuffed in my purse, which had been left next to the door of the room.

It was time to escape.

It took me a couple of tries, but I finally found the elevators. There were two of them, across from one another. I clicked on their buttons and waited.

Nothing from the first one.

Then, the second one pinged opened and it had two people in it.

A redheaded woman, known as Black Widow, and a man with short hair and cut off sleeves. I gave them a blank look. They looked at me and then at each other. “Going up?” The guy finally said after a moment of silence.

“No, I’ll wait for the next one.” I mumbled, backing up and not meeting either one of their gazes.

The doors closed before they could reply. My eyes darted around the empty hallway. It was weird that there was no one up here, I thought. I clicked the button again.

Finally, the second pair of doors opened up to reveal a blessedly free elevator. Thanking the powers that be, I quickly made my way inside and started to descend. The L button hopefully stood for Lobby and not something like Lab.

The ride was free of interruptions. I focused on my breathing. It was such a simple task to walk out of a building and yet it felt like I was breaking out of the Pentagon. The walls were simple, frosted glass. The room looked totally empty, and I wondered if there were any cameras in here and wished that I had a hood to pull up, just in case.

I had to suppress a cry of joy when the doors opened up to reveal the spacious lobby. It wasn’t too full but there were groups of people scattered here and there. Some wore business suits, others were wearing what could only be described as security garb. One wall was taken up by a waterfall which went along nicely with the low hum of conversation. I would fit right in…

“Ma’am, can I help you?” One of the security agents wearing a suit stood up from the desk when I walked past.

“No. I was just leaving, thank you,” I flashed him a fake smile and kept moving. Almost there.

I could see the pigeons perched in the distance and felt myself smile for real. Unlike a lot of the residents of New York, I actually liked the wildlife and the pests. Maybe having a veterinarian for a mother helped with that. Sometimes, she would bring in injured birds home to tend to, and I remember thinking that I was the luckiest kid in the world to have a new pet every week. The best part was letting them go, but seeing them stay flying around. One memory was a bit blurry to me. It was likely a dream, but I remembered-

“Miss! Miss, we need you to come back here!” The security guard’s breathy voice reached my ears.

I had to get outside. I had to get back to my normal life. I broke out into a jog but when I looked back the security guard was practically on me. My fear spiked when I realized that the lobby was now silent. Everybody just watched, quiet and expecting. The guard grabbed a hold of my arm just as the elevator doors opened again.

“Let go of me!” I shouted as panic surged through me. My heart was beating so fast. Why did I think that I could just walk out of here?

The guard twisted my arm behind my back easily, “You can’t- you have to stay here, don’t make me tase you,” He grunted.

“Bucky! Bucky, no!” Someone shouted.

Was the security guard’s name ‘Bucky’? I thought vaguely but then the security guard wasn’t holding onto me anymore. In fact, he was being thrown across the lobby, right into the waterfall. I screamed as I turned around and came face to face with the man who did it.

Shaggy brown hair fell around his pale face. He was taller than me, much taller. Blue eyes which I could only describe as lifeless bored into me. I sort of froze there at the sight of him. He looked so familiar.

And then during my mental musings, I became aware of the fact that he was giving me all of his attention. My eyes went to the security guard who was standing up in the fountain now, coughing up water. Another man was there, holding out his arms.

I didn’t know what happened and I didn’t want to know. I wanted to get out of there. I turned and ran out of there.

Of course the bloody doors were locked. I screamed in frustration and banged on the glass uselessly. It was probably bullet proof or-

A hand landed on my shoulder and I was being gently tugged. The brown haired man pulled me back a few feet and I recoiled away from him automatically.

But he didn’t stay holding onto me. Instead he turned to the door, raised his fist, and punched through the glass. Then he did that to the next set. After that, he turned to me with a blank look.

I stared at him, open mouthed. “Okay. Thank you.” I managed to say finally. He held out his hand and helped me get across the shattered pieces of the doors. I took it and I realized that it was metal.

That tripped me up. I slipped in my haste to get away from him and to get out of there, but he stopped me from falling. His arms wrapped around my torso and I leaned into him in a panicked motion.

In a brief moment, we were holding each other. I felt…weird in his arms.


“Miss Stark!”

Two of the men from before came running out. “Buck, you have to let her go.”

His eyes which had been calm turned enraged. I followed his gaze and realized that the tall, blond man was Captain America. He wasn’t wearing his uniform, just a very tight shirt and dark blue track pants.

“Miss Stark, you need to stay here.” The security guard said, holding his arm. Behind him there was a team of agents. The lobby was empty of the business people.

Bucky let go of me and pushed me so that I was standing behind him. I saw him reach into the back of his pants for a shiv.

Oh god. I thought about the men who had been shot. One minute they were alive, and the next, they were just lying there. No. No.

“Don’t-don’t hurt anyone, please,” I begged, latching onto his arm without thinking. He pushed me back and crouched down, ready to launch himself at Captain America.

“Stay away from him!” The guard shouted. “Come back here, slowly.”

Yeah right. But the man was right about one thing: I needed to get away from this man, who had a shiv in his back pocket. I needed to get away from these people as well. I took a step away. And another one.

Steve was looking intently into the eyes of the Winter Soldier. “Bucky, you don’t want to hurt these people,”

That made me stop. Would he hurt these people? How come he hadn’t hurt me? Also, why didn’t he talk?

I bit my lip. I wanted to run. I wanted to put a few good yards between me and this building, and a couple of hundred miles between me and this strange, silent man. But what if he hurt someone?

Maybe, I could help in some way. Then leave.

“Bucky? Your name is Bucky?” I asked cautiously, turning back to face him.

For a moment, the man’s gaze flickered to me but he didn’t let it stray from the blond man too long. “Get out of here. I’ll find you later.” Okay, so apparently he did talk.

That was not what I wanted to hear. “No, no, no- why are you finding me later?”


A strange shiver went through me at the sound of his voice. He was still bent down low, ready to attack. I rubbed my hands together and made a decision in that moment. Grabbing onto his arm, I spoke in a clear voice. “Bucky, you need to put the knife down. He’s not going to hurt you-”

“They captured you.” He didn’t bother looking at me but he also didn’t shake my grip off like I expected him to.

“Well, yeah, but they’re not the bad guys.”

There was a beat of silence and then he twisted his arm so that it was out of my grip. I felt my shoulders drop, but then he grabbed onto my forearm in a grip which I could only describe as ‘decisive.’ He pulled me a bit closer and my eyes fell to the weapon which he was still wielding. It looked homemade.

“They will not touch you.” He declared, glaring at them all. Some of the agents were armed with batons, others with tasers. None with guns, thankfully. They all looked primed and ready to attack though.

“No, they won’t.” I agreed, “Nobody is going to do that, right?” I called out to the small army in front of us. The security guard looked annoyed but the Captain put his hand up to silence him before he could say anything else. At the movement, Bucky’s grip tightened and I winced. I thought about the conundrum that was this strange man’s request: apparently he could touch me but no one else could.


“Bucky, we want to help her.” Steve said. “We’re not going to- we won’t touch her.”

“Ever.” Bucky snarled, pulling me closer in one jerking movement as if to reiterate the point. Now, I was flushed against his torso and his arm was around my waist, crushing my arm to my side.

“Ugh,” The awkward position made me automatically recoil; nobody had ever held me like that before. However, his grip was tight and impossible to break, no matter how hard I pushed against his chest with my free hand. Pressed up against his body, I could feel nothing but muscle beneath his shirt. That sensation made my stomach do a little flip, I am ashamed to admit, but I blamed the stress of the situation.

To distract myself from the odd feeling, I jerked my head around to see Steve nodding. His expression was as controlled as Bucky’s was. Were any of these jerks going to ask me who I wanted touching me? The answer may surprise you…None of them.

Still, the man was brandishing the shiv. I tried to control the tremble in my voice, “Can you put down the knife now?”

His eyes fell to mine and the sound of metal hitting the ground made me jump slightly. I looked away from the intensity of his gaze.

“Thank you.” I whispered, leaning my head against his shoulder in a moment of tired frustration. His other arm wrapped around me and he held me close to him. My eyes were the size of saucers. What the hell was he even doing? “Okay,” I leaned back, “You can let go now.”

He grunted, then collapsed on top of me. “Woah!” My ass hit the cement as I buckled beneath the sheer weight of the Winter Solider.

Steve came running up to us, and he pulled Bucky up and into his arms. “I got him,” Steve held onto his inert form and stood up easily, before turning his gaze back to me. His eyes were blue as well, but they were lighter.

He stared down at me from his impressive height and I think that the stress was getting to me because all I could do was stare back while crouched on the ground in an awkward crab stance. “Miss Stark?”

“I’m not-” I began to get up.

“You should get back inside.” He interrupted me. After he hoisted Bucky over his shoulder, he said, “Before anyone else gets hurt.” And he jerked his head towards the elevators.

The agents took a couple of threatening steps forward. The security guard was holding his arm and surveying the destroyed glass.

I stood there with my mouth wide opened, and watched him walk away with the strange, unconscious man.

What a jerk.

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Miss Fortunate: Chp 2

FANDOM: Avengers

A/N: This fic is starring an “Original Character”

SUMMARY: Jane DeMoray thought her life was pretty normal, you know, despite the recent alien invasion and government plots. After a personal loss, everything gets thrown into disarray however. It turns out that she is the daughter of the world’s favourite and problematic billionaire. And what does the Winter Soldier even want with her? How come Steve is so grumpy all the time?

I hated hospitals. Most people did. Whether they hated them for tragic reasons or simple sensory ones didn’t matter, really. I suppose that it could have been a combination of the two. You know, like if you wrote an exam that you didn’t study for in a school gym that smelt like raw sewage, you would probably come out of it hating school gyms. You probably already hate the smell of raw sewage, unless you don’t. Whatever: you do you.

Yeah, so anyways, I hated hospitals. And yet, I would have preferred to have woken up in one of those institutions beneath the blaring fluorescent lighting and at the attention of a depressed and overworked nurse, than here. 

Here, the lighting was from a window that took up the entire wall. Here, I wasn’t in a hospital gown but in my last night’s clothing which was torn from falling down onto the rough cement a couple of times. Here, my head was fuzzy feeling like I took at least two extra strength painkillers. And here, Tony Stark was sitting on a nice arm chair placed near the bed, scrolling through his phone. Quickly, he put it down on the end table and grabbed something.

He held up some water. “Have a drink. It’s just water, you might want to hold off on the ‘something stronger’ type of liquid for now because of the, uh-” He gestured with his other hand to his neck like he was pushing in a needle.

I took it with heavy limbs. “What- who were those people?” Even my tongue felt heavy in my mouth. I took a long gulp of the water. 

The billionaire sighed, rubbing a hand through his hair. “They are the reason that I wanted you to come back here and to, you know, live here.”

“Did you know that legally I am an adult?” I raised my eyebrows, “It’s true.”

“To be fair, we are in the age of adults going to live with their parents. So our situation isn’t totally breaking the mould here.” He took the empty glass back, and I noticed that he was sporting his own bandages.

“What happened, Mister Stark?” I wasn’t sure what to call him. Certainly not ‘dad,’ but using his first name sounded too personal, and calling him just ‘Stark’ sounded too aggressive. 

“You don’t have to call me ‘dad’ or anything, but you can call me ‘Tony.’”

I ignored him and tried to get up. “Who were those people?”

“Hydra.” He said simply.

My blood went cold. I fell back on the bed. “Shit.”

Hydra were the bad guys that almost decimated the general public a year ago. After all the information dumped onto the internet by the infamous Black Widow, their existence became a huge source of anxiety in the minds of many Americans, for the better part of a year at least. Then, the fear died down and people went to work normally, not expecting a terrorist group from World War 2 would be out to get them personally. 

“Why me? Because of you?” 

Tony crossed one leg over another. “I mean yes, technically speaking, you are my daughter and so they are interested in holding you hostage- but um, you know, I feel like I should be given a little bit of break here because without me, you may not be in danger but you definitely wouldn’t have been born.” He leaned forward and picked up a little pale blue alarm clock that was new but looked vintage. “Do you like this?” 

He was so matter-of-fact about everything. “How do they know about me?”

He shrugged his shoulders and looked around the room. “Information hackers, I suppose. You know, your public record files aren’t exactly encrypted to the degree that military ones are.”

That made sense. “What now?” The conversation was making the fuzziness dissipate, thank god, and now I was now ready to get back to work and continue getting by and reaching life’s milestones. 

“You need to stay here, or otherwise, submit yourself to government protection and enter a witness protection program, but I think it would be better if you just stayed here. With me. And the rest of us.”

“The rest of who?” I had a strange feeling in my stomach as I looked around the incredibly fancy hospital.

“Well, the Avengers. You’re in Avengers Tower now.” 

The Avengers. New York’s saviours. My stomach began to churn. It was one thing to read about them and see them on TV saving the day, but it was another to be thrust into their world which consisted of life-or-death situations and government conspiracies. 

“I take it that you’re not very excited about the prospect.” Tony actually looked mildly offended.

“Would you be? I just want to go back to my home!” My voice began to go louder. “I want to go back to how this was before- before-” A sob came out of me. I wanted my mom. I wanted to not miss her everyday. 

I shook my head. Not in front of him, I decided. 

“I need to have a shower.”

“Uh, of course,” He stood up, running a hand through his short brown hair, and pointed at a door. “Everything is in there, and I know this sounds creepy but I have some clothes here that’ll fit you. There’s not a lot of choice, so it’s not that creepy.”


“Anyways, ask Jarvis if you need anything.”

“Okay.” I leaned back against the pillows as tiredness began to descend on me again. The original desire to get up and be proactive was dampened. 

I didn’t realize that Tony was waiting for something until he reached over and patted my shoulder. “Well, you can talk to Jarvis if you need anything.” He said in his usual quick-paced way as he swung opened a decidedly heavy door and stepped into a hallway. 

For a moment, I sat there. 

Who the hell was Jarvis?

Then another thought occurred to me. Who was the one who killed those men?

An avenger likely. But who? 

I swung my feet over the side of the bed and allowed myself a few moments to get used to standing. On my body were a few bandages where my skin went raw against the rough asphalt. Already, I could feel the pain beginning.

My eyes took in the decent sized room. The first noticeable feature was the floor to ceiling windows and I said to myself, “Good going. A clear glass wall is the only thing separating me from the rest of the world-”

“The glass installed is actually made by an experimental process which I can assure you is at the very least bullet proof.”

My reaction to the voice from above and all around me was so comical that I deign not to recount it. “Hello? God? Is that you?”

“I am Jarvis, the artificial intelligence that Tony Stark invented, you may ask me anything that you might need, Miss Stark.”

“Ew. Don’t call me that. Just-Just my last name.” That sounded wrong. It belonged to my mother. How many times had I been referred to by my mom’s last name in the past year? “No. Not that. Just my name,”

“Forgive me for mentioning this but a Jane already frequents the tower. I fear that there may be confusion.”

“Okay.” I sucked in a breath and headed towards the washroom to check it out. The door was, unsurprisingly, a sliding one-what happens when the power goes out? The lights flickered on automatically and thankfully there were no windows in here.

“My god, I look great.” A haggardly version of me stood in front of the floor to ceiling mirror (whatever Tony did, he didn’t do small). Still, for someone who was nearly kidnapped by Hydra for nefarious purposes, I didn’t look all that bad. Or maybe, I didn’t look at that different to the way I had in the past few months.

“If you would like, there are multiple spa packages at your disposal.”


“Avengers Tower is equipped with a spa room and professionals can be called in for the date that you wish.”

“Seriously?” I knew that Tony had money but even that seemed a little excessive. “Does Tony ever use them?”

“No, much to the dismay of certain residents. He has made a few appointments but he never goes to them.”

I began plucking through the cupboards which looked like a catalogue for feminine hygiene products. “We’ll hold off on the spa appointment. I should have a shower and then-” Then make my escape.

I wasn’t getting roped into this. 

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