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#Captain Marvel

Part 1

Request: Hey! Are you willing to write a Carol x R involving a best friend who was separated from other best friend for whatever reason (maybe a childhood crush and homophobic parents? idk) and then both grew up and ran into each other, reconnected/fell in love for real? possible plot twist, with R being on the Avengers, but disappearing during snap, and Carol doesn’t find out its R until during or after the final battle? please make it angsty w/fluff

A/N: I created collages for a ton of my fav series, hope you guys like them. 

“Do you remember anything?” Maria asked as Carol looked through the pictures, most of them of Carol and Maria together, some with Monica too. You looked through the pictures for something from her childhood, anything. 

“No, just flashes.” Carol answered, still looking through them for something, some connection to you. 

“What about this?” You asked softly, holding up a picture from when the two of you were kids, it was the Fourth of July and both of you had flags and were sticking your tongues out at each other. 

“No, is that you?” Carol asked, taking the photo from you, fingers brushing against yours. You nodded, Carol smiled at you before Monica came running in from her jacket. 

Everyone talked for a while more before everyone decided to go after the skrulls, you followed them into the spaceship, that was until Carol turned around and stopped you, her hands dead set on your shoulders. 

“What are you doing?” You asked, frowning as Carol’s hazel eyes pierced your own. “I’m going with you.” You sipped some water through the Starbucks cup you were carrying with you. 

“No you’re not, go with Monica.” Carol stated, you groaned, you knew how to defend yourself better than anyone. 

“Yeah, no.” You answered, shoving past Carol, a little frustrated and walked into the spaceship. 

“Y/n, I need you to stay behind and protect them.” Carol argued as the ship’s door closed, Maria fed up with the two of you arguing. 

“And I’m telling you no,” You answered, sitting down next to Fury and looking up stubbornly at Carol, putting your cup in the small mug holder on the side. 

“Somehow I remember you still being stubborn before.” Carol muttered, heading into the cockpit seat, you rolled your eyes and started playing with Goose. 

Everyone flew up there without any problems, finding the base was a bit of a problem but Carol solved it quickly and flew everyone into the giant ship. Talos seemed more eager than anyone to go inside, children and everyone came out instantly after he said it was safe. 

You watched Carol apologize to them, you could see the guilt of her previous actions eating her alive. You put one hand on her shoulder when she finished, she nodded at you and went further, only to be taken down by the kree. 

You tried to defend her, partially out of care for her, partially because the one named Minerva blew up your favorite starbucks cup. They knocked you out instead. 


You awoke when you were on the spaceship headed home, barely registering anything around you before you saw one of the guards aim a blast at Talos, you instantly jumped in front of the blast. Now your head was throbbing and so was your side. 

“Y/N!” Maria yelled from the cockpit, about to rush over to you. 

“I’m fine.” You groaned, resting against the hull of the spaceship. “Just get us the hell out of here.”

“Yes ma’am.” Fury joked, you smiled weakly and watched as the plane took off. 

“Y/n,” Talos said softly, calling your attention towards him. “Thank you, I barely even know you but thank you.”

“Anytime man.” You joked weakly, holding your hand up for a high five, you realized he didn’t know what you were gesturing to and put your hand down. 

Maria skilfully maneuvered the ship to get rid of Minerva, you were honestly happy when her ship went down, at least she can’t blow up your starbucks mug again. 

“Thanks for avenging my starbucks cup Maria!” You yelled. 

“You still drink from that cup?!” Maria shouted back at you, you laughed weakly. 

“Drank, she blew it up, it was my favorite anyway.” You heard Fury and Maria laugh before you fell asleep again out of sheer exhaustion. 


This time, you awoke in better circumstances, in one of Maria’s spare rooms in new clothes. It was one of Maria’s old t-shirts, your jeans and a blanket was on top of you. You yawned loudly, smiling at the glass of water and aspirin before taking one, making a mental note to thank Maria. 

You hobbled downstairs, the wound still hurting. Instead of a normal bullet wound, it was more like a large burn which someone had bandaged, it still hurt a lot. 

“Hey, you shouldn’t be out of bed yet.” Carol chastised, wearing a black t-shirt and jeans, you smiled and waved her off. 

“I’m fine, better than Fury.” You joked after looking at his eye, you guessed it was Goose, but you knew he would cover it up to make it more dramatic. 

“I think I’m gonna head outside.” You gestured to the door, needing some fresh air. Carol nodded and followed you out. 

“So, what now?” You asked Carol, leaning forward against the railing and letting the wind blow your hair out of your face. Carol leaned sideways against the railing, looking at you. 

“I’m leaving to help the skrulls find a new home.” Carol answered, a bit stiffly when she realized that meant leaving you, she looked down at her feet and took in a deep breath. “You?”

“Not sure, Fury is probably gonna start something after seeing we aren’t alone, chances are he would want me with him.” You answered, looking at Carol, who looked incredibly confused. 

“Are you guys…?” Carol gestured inside to where Fury was and back to you, hazel eyes glinting in the moonlight with confusion. 

“Oh god no, I’m lesbian anyway.” You answered, trying to suggest something, Carol laughed, her smile seeming a bit brighter than usual to you. 

“I think I remember you now,” Carol thought aloud, you looked at her in shock, she nodded and chuckled slightly. “Yep, I remember you from when we were kids, you moved away when we were 9 though.”

“You can blame my parents for that, I never wanted to leave you.” You answered, eyes widening as you realized what you just said. 

“I don’t want to leave you either.” Carol muttered, just loud enough for you to hear, Carol moved to lean backwards on the railing, looking inside. “When I’m with you, I don’t know why but I just feel more like myself, rather than some hero or some undead pilot.”

“I mean you’re definitely more than an undead pilot.” You joked, blushing at her words, Carol smacked you lightly on the arm. “I get what you mean though, I feel the same but not the undead hero part.”

Carol smiled at you, you moved so you were in a position similar to Carol and you could lean back against the railing. Your hand gently brushed against Carol’s before you could pull away, she linked your hands together gently. 

“Can I kiss you?” She blurted, the hand holding yours came up to cover her mouth when she realized what she said. 

“That’s definitely the first time someone’s asked for permission.” You joked, turning around to face her. “But yes, you can.”

Carol grinned and hesitantly leaned forwards, stopping an inch away from your face, hazel eyes looking over your features as her breath mingled with yours. You leaned in, lips barely brushing over hers as you waited for her to make the first move, and she did. 

You kissed back almost immediately, her hand coming up to cup your face instantly, your hand went to her hair, gently running your hands through it as your lips moved in sync with hers. 

“I meant to ask you to do the dishes,” Maria said from the doorway, smirking with hands on her hips, you broke apart instantly, flustered as hell. “But it looks like you’re busy.”

“No, no it’s fine.” You answered, quickly ducking in the door to help, avoiding her gaze. 

Maria smirked at Carol, nodding her head from side to side as she joined Carol on the porch. 

“Childhood crushes never go away do they?” Maria asked, Carol sighed, even though it had been five years, Maria still knew her better than anyone. 

“Guess not.” Carol answered softly, watching you talk to Monica for a bit before going inside to do the dishes. Carol moved to go join you but Maria stopped her. 

“Take care of her, she’s been through a lot.” Maria stated, then added. “Don’t make her wait longer than she has to.”

Carol knew what she was talking about, not the dishes. Maria knew Carol would be away for weeks sometimes, Maria just didn’t want her best friend to be left waiting again. Carol wasn’t planning on making you wait, she was never going to, she needed you more than you needed her. 

Tag list:  @capcarolsdanver​, @versdan​, @lesbian-girls-wayhaught​, @lovebotlarson​, @dhengkt​, @5aftermidnight​, @hstoria​, @natasha-danvers​, @veryfunnyal​, @xxxtwilightaxelxxx​ let me know if you’d like to be in any of my tag lists!

A/N: this is starting to become better, please tell me more people think so

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LEGACY: A Tony Stark Daughter Story


< previous

Word Count: 2,550ish

Summary: Bailey’s world continues to crumble around her. (Warning: there is one long gif sequence, but nothing like the last chapter.)


“What? How?”

“I don’t know the details but they should be arriving soon.”

And with that, the woman walked away and I heard another jet approach. I watched as it landed and some of the med team ran up to met it. The bomb bay door opened and they rolled Rhodey out. Nat and Vision followed close behind. I stood there, not knowing what to do. Tony slowly made his way out of the jet. His left arm was in a sling and the area around his right eye was bruised. I wanted to run up, hug him and punch him at the same time. But I stood there. Not being able to move. He looked over and saw me. 


I knew whatever went down wasn’t good. He started walking over to me but I ran through the doors into the Med-Bay before he could get to me. Nat stopped me as I went through the doors. She grabbed a hold of me and forced me into a hug.

“What happened?” I whispered into her neck.

“It wasn’t good.” She whispered back. I tried to hold back the tears as I heard the doors behind me open and close.

“Can you give us a minute?” Tony asked. 

Nat pulled away, looked me dead in the eye, and said, “We’ll talk later.” She walked away. I couldn’t force myself to turn around.

“Bailey—“ Tony started.

“I don’t want to hear it.” The tears began flowing, out of my control.

He walked in front of me. “Let me explain.”

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Originally posted by wolvista

the mess you made // c.d.

warning(s): blood, violence, cursing, long post

a/n: i might make a part 2 following this storyline

carol groaned when her face hit the concrete, blue blood running from her nose and leaving tastes of iron in her mouth.

she moved her hands to try and force herself up off the floor, but was pushed down by a forceful boot in her back. she groaned again.

“i’m not afraid to kill you if you try to get up again.” her attacker said.

carol clutched her side as she rolled over, coughing.

“who are you?” carol asked, coughing as she felt blood come up in the back of her throat.

“that’s not important.” her attacker said, squatting down next to carol.

the attacker removed their helmet, and flicked her wrist, causing a hologram to appear within her palm.

“did you subdue the target?” a gruff voice asked, and carol’s eyes widened as she recognized the voice as yon-rogg’s.

the attacker was about to answer, until carol yelled. “you’re kree!”

she made a motion to push herself off the floor in an attempt to attack the other woman, until she felt a fist come in contact with her face. she rolled into her back, clutching her nose.

the attacker seemed to completely ignore carol’s outburst, answering in a calm voice. “yes sir, the target is ready for extraction.”

“good job y/n. you’ve proven yourself well.” then yon-rogg disappeared.

the attacker made their way over to carol as she rolled on the floor in pain, and stared down at her with a blank expression. carol felt anger boil up in her again, and tried to attack the woman but not before the other woman booted her in the face. everything was black.

carol woke up in a dream, staring down at herself as she realized she was in her pilot gear once again. she looked up to stare out at the pegasus runway, and she somehow felt calm, and at peace, even though she knew the kree was currently taking her prisoner.

everything felt the same, as if she was living those precious moments again. carol relished in the moments of the smell of jet fuel, and the sounds of planes roaring overhead.

but in her calm state, she could hear the approaching footsteps.

she cracked one eye open to see the person approaching her, expecting it to be dr. lawson. the kree were more than likely diving into her memories to find the skrulls.

but it wasn’t lawson, it was the woman who attacked her, wearing a uniform identical to hers. she stood with her arms crossed, with a raised eyebrow as she looked at carol.

carol noticed the differences between the woman now, and the same woman who attacked her. she had a happy glow, little wrinkles around her eyes from grinning just a bit too much, and no sleepy bags under her eyes.

“what are you doing out here? lawson relieved you hours ago.” y/n said in a light tone, a smile on her face.

carol felt an intense urge to reach out and grab y/n’s hand, and she didn’t quite understand why, yet she did it anyways.

carol felt like she was sitting back and watching a moment she could’ve lived, rather than living in the dream currently. her dream self moved on their own, against her own thoughts.

y/n looked down at their intertwined hands, but didn’t make a move to remove her hand from carol’s. “you know we can’t do this in uniform.”

carol grinned, “i don’t see anyone stopping me.”

her statement earned a laugh from y/n which caused carol’s heart to flutter.

“i don’t see anyone stopping me from doing this, either.” carol said, pulling y/n into her as she kissed her temple. it caused y/n to squeal.

“you’re going to get us both in trouble if someone sees!” y/n said, softly punching carol in the arm but making no move to get out of carol’s arms.

“please, lawson is the only one here, and you know she won’t say anything.” carol said, the grin not leaving her face. “and i know you can’t resist me, you think i’m hot in my uniform.”

“we wear the same uniform.” y/n said, laughing as she tucked her face into carol’s neck.

carol smiled as she tucked a strand of loose hair from y/n’s bun behind her ear, which caused y/n to smile. carol smiled back.

y/n leaned in to place a soft kiss onto carol’s lips, and it made carol want to tease her about the rules, but before their lips could meet…

carol came to quickly, breathing heavily as she looked around quickly as she realized she was on a kree ship. she felt her throat tighten as panic began to set in.

she tried to move, but her joints screamed for her to stay still. she ignored the pain as she sat up from her position on the floor, looking around to see the ship almost empty.

then she noticed the bodies of her former teammates, passed out on the floors with bloody, blue faces.

y/n appeared from a deeper portion of the ship, pulling an unconscious yon-rogg behind her. she placed his body down and sighed as she leaned against the wall, she attempted to wipe the blue blood coming from her nose, but only smeared it across her face.

“fuck, you fucked up bigtime l/n.” she whispered silently, looking extremely tired.

she then noticed carol, “you’re awake.”

“what did you do?” carol whispered softly, and y/n looked around at the comatose bodies.

“they were-“

“i’m not talking about them.” carol said, flinching as she heard minerva groan as she woke up and hearing her bones break as y/n kicked her in the face. she was out again. “what did you do to me?” carol whispered.

y/n walked over to the controls of the ship, “i’ll explain later, we just landed.” she quickly made her way over to carol to loop her arm around carol’s shoulders, “can you walk?”

carol nodded.

the bright light blinded carol as the door of the ship opened, and the panic in her chest seemed to get bigger. she waited for hands to grab her and take her prisoner for her crimes against kree, but it never happened.

carol’s eyes finally adjusted to see armored sheild agents flooding around her, making their way to the bodies to cuff, and carry them from the ship.

“come on, you need to see dr cho.”

y/n held onto carol tightly as she limped down the hallway.

“what did you do to me on the ship?” carol asked, and it caused y/n to shake her head.

“it’s way too much to explain, we’ll talk about it after you get patched up.” y/n said, and could see carol go to protest out of the corner of her eye. “i mean it captain danvers.”

“you don’t need to call me that.” carol said in a confused tone as y/n helped her take a seat on a medical bed.

“look, i’ll explain afterwords okay?” y/n said, a silent plea in her eyes. carol nodded.

fury stood in the doorway, followed closely by agent hill. “agent l/n, i need to have a word with you.”

“at once sir.” y/n said as fury disappeared from the doorway. she moved to follow him before carol gripped her wrist.

“thank you.” she whispered, which earned her a confused glance from y/n.

“for what exactly?”

“i’m not quite sure.”

y/n nodded to carol, and quickly left to go speak with fury, leaving her alone in the steril hospital room until dr cho decided it was time for her to be examined.

after much poking and prodding, carol was given a clean bill of health. no broken bones, no injured organs, just really heavy bruising. she was put on bed rest for the next few weeks to prevent the already bad bruising from getting any worse.

putting weight on her legs hurt, but carol heaved herself off the bed anyways. she stumbled down the hallway until she made it to fury’s office, and hobbled inside.

“i need answers.” she said, as she dropped herself heavily into a chair. she hissed at the stinging in her back, but relished at the lack of pain in her legs.

fury motioned over to y/n with a sigh, “you’re dismissed.”

“thank you, sir.” y/n said, as she quickly pulled carol up to help her support her weight.

they slowly limped down the hallway with y/n carrying most, if not all of carol’s weight. they stopped at carol’s room. y/n kicked the door open, and moved carol over to her bed.

after y/n helped carol get comfortable, she quickly tried to make her leave, until carol pulled her down to sit on the edge of the bed.

“i need answers.” carol said, causing y/n to give her an apologetic smile.

“my name is y/n l/n, and i worked on the pegasus project alongside you and maria.” she said, playing with carol’s sheets rather than looking at her. “soon after you went missing, hydra ambushed me on my way home. they had captured me, and four others.”

y/n squeezed her eyes shut at the memory, “the kree had made a deal with hydra to combine human dna with the inifinity stones, just as yours had.” she sighed. “they wanted more weapons like you, but i was the only one to survive. soon, i was integrated into kree society, and it stayed like that for years.”

“soon i heard about a kree breaking away, and soon i did too.” y/b laughed, but it was bitter. carol could see the tears in her eyes. “i contacted sheild, and became an agent of a secret team called sword, that’s more covert than the avengers but just as strong.”

“i was sent on a solo mission to destroy the kree, but when i learned that the kree were sending me to capture you for your death sentence. i had to stop it.” she shrugged, “so i did.”

“and fury was pissed?” carol said in a light tone, trying to break the tension.

“not as much as you’d think he’d be. he was grateful i didn’t sit back, even if that was what i was required to do.” y/n laughed again, this time with less of a bitter aftertaste to it.

“what did you show me on the ship?” carol asked softly, remembering the happiness she felt even if she didn’t quite understand why.

“my dna was combined with the reality stone, giving me the ability to mend reality as i see fit.” y/n said, “but i also have the ability to see alternate realities.”

y/n began to play with her fingers, sighing. “you started to panic even after i knocked you out, so i found the alternate reality where you were happiest, and put you there.”

“so you know what i saw?” carol asked, and y/n nodded.

“i was part of the pegasus program, just like you. you’d always tease me, because i was a navy pilot, and you believed the air force to be superior.”

carol then snorted, “because we are!”

y/n the laughed, a genuine laugh, which made carol smile.

“you asked me out on a few dates, but we kept it a secret, even to maria.” y/n sighed, “so once you came back to earth, it was no suprise maria shared nothing about me. she didn’t know.”

“so the reality you put me into.. was one where none of this ever happened?” carol said slowly, realization sinking in.

“a reality where we were just happy, and human.” y/n confirmed. “doing something we loved, with someone we loved.”

carol felt like she wanted to cry, out of sadness, and frustration, and confusion. she had so many questions, but none of them came out.

why did the kree have to steal so much away from her? her mentor, her best friend, her home, her girlfriend. everything.

y/n could obviously see the pain in her face, and placed a soothing hand on top of carol’s. “you want to know when i knew i loved you?”

carol nodded, hot tears running down her face. she felt y/n’s soft hand rub them away.

“it was our third date, and you were so proud because you had just bought that mustang. you were beaming brighter than the sun, you were so happy. you said, ‘my two proudest possessions’. and i knew i had fallen head over heels.” y/n looked at carol with a soft smile. “i knew i wanted to make you that happy my whole life, but i never got a chance to say it. you died the next day”

y/n cupped carol’s cheek, with a smile so soft. “my sunny girl.”

the nickname caused carol to cry even harder, and y/n to visably panic. it sounded so familiar, yet unfamiliar.

“i won’t say it again, promise!” y/n said panicking, trying to stop carol from crying.

“no!” carol said, sobbing like a child. “say it again!”

y/n laughed, “and here i thought i stopped loving you, sunny girl, yet here you are making me do it all over again.”

carol began to sob harder. she moved against the pain to allow herself to be held by y/n.

hours later, carol finally settled down as y/n whispered stories of reasons why she had fallen in love with carol. both of them lay in the bed, a comfortable silence between them.

y/n decided to break the silence, “at least i know i can still kick your ass.”

“get out.”

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𑀈͢'⸝)͒꒱ ⣻▒ぱ┻̣#::shawnshexpect 🍜

⌗͢💫˚᪶!!⇨on twitter. ほ᪶お᪾᪶◌𑀈.(͟͞: ͟͞:͟͞ :͟͞˧♡˥͟͞: :͟͞ :͟͞)

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Discomfort Animals: Five Unsettling Movie Cats (I’m really more of a dog person)

  1. Butch in “The Incredible Shrinking Man” D: Jack Arnold (1957). Catness defined. He might rub against your leg and let you pet him but if you shrink down to three inches tall you’re just food. Not to mention he’ll tear your playhouse down.
  2. Jones in “Alien” D: Ridley Scott (1957). Beloved pet and podmate of Ripley (Sigourney Weaver)  inadvertently leads Brett (Harry Dean Stanton) to be killed by the xenomorph. Inadventently, sure. I still think they were in on it together.
  3. Goose in “Captain Marvel” D: Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck (2019). Revealed as a Flerken,  an alien feline that can shoot tentacles out of its mouth, grab you and pull you into its tesseract-like maw. Also adorable. Also, it might scratch your eye out.
  4. Si and Am from “Lady and the Tramp” D: Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson and Hamilton Luske (1955). Because they were mean to Lady, and their deviousness skirted racial stereotypes, but mostly because their theme song (“We are Siamese if you please/ We are Siamese if you don’t please”) will be running around in the back of my head until I die or go insane.
  5. Rufus in “Re-Animator.” D: Stuart Gordon (1985) Tragically gives his life for science. Later becomes the 102nd use for a dead cat. And then the 103rd.
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i wonder how men (men who watch marvel movies, being the general audience) would like captain marvel if brie larson wasnt so openly a feminist. if she as an actress was more neutral on social justice issues, would it make a difference in how they look at and criticize the movie?

and how funny is it that her feminism and willingness to use her voice is what makes me like her even more. is her personality the reason men feel intimidated? because when criticising captain marvel as a movie, it often comes back to brie, her personality and things she has said.

and other marvel actors have done/said things that are actually problematic, and worth talking about in critical light. we shouldnt cancel people for mistakes but we need to adress them. especially when these people are in positions of power or protected by fame.

many times women (and other minorities!!) are treated very harshly for doing something that is reasonable or right (brie asking for the same payment as cast members who are men, brie not connecting with other cast members, the result being a couple awkward interviews and rumors of all of them hating her)

not going to go further into this, its 2 am and i wanted to get it out of my system

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