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#Captain harlock

harlock : ) was trying to mimic a traditionally painted anime cel but kinda got off track

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hey so a friend and i are working on translating the memories of arcadia graphic novel since it was only released in france (i believe). if theres some interest ill just upload the entire first volume here when im done editing everything!

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Remember i found that funny when i did this.

I’m preparing the meeting of thoses giants dumbass.


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This time it’s Seto who stoles Harlock wardrobe.

Maybe i’ll draw their meeting.

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Christmas time again!

Definitively one of my best weird goodies.

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I realized I never posted this . Oops . I’m still kinda proud of it so here’s a daiba

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In theory i was just practicing because I had an artistic block but it seems i got carried away a little XDDD Some handsome male characters that I love so much and are part of my childhood <3

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I keep drawing and coloring to promote COPIC markers next Saturday in an art supply store.

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