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oldschoolfrp · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Raistlin, Caramon, Earwig Lockpicker, and Sir Gawain free a ghost bound to a ruined keep (Larry Elmore, from Dragonlance story “Raistlin and the Knight of Solamnia” by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, Dragon 154, February 1990)
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greenedera · 5 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dragonlance - I celebrate Raistlin’s (and Caramon’s) birthday this year as well with a new silly painting. Caramon thought of a perfect birthday (or Day of life) present for his twin, but grumpy Raistlin seems not to appreciate the thought… My previous Birthday card: click here My Dragonlance Gallery: click here
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netherworldpost · 6 months ago
There is an under discussed parallel between Mario and Luigi, and Raistlin and Caramon Majere, and I must investigate further.
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ceremonial-motions · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Happy Day of Life Gift to the Majere Twins 🐰
(They're on their way home to birthday supper.)
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therealkrynnsub · 3 months ago
HERE IT IS :D The treasure trove:
All the songs, all the lyrics of the English Adaptation in one place.
(The subtitles of these videos show the raw translation, not the lyrical translation that is shared above.)
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kendertales · 8 months ago
Kit had always been impatient with his weakness. She had never been sick a day in her life. To her way of thinking, if Raistlin had just put his mind to it, he could have willed himself healthy.
Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman’s Dragonlance the Lost Chronicles V3 Dragons of the Hourglass Mage
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cjevenstar · a month ago
So I discovered this generator:
Shenanigans ensued...
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ceridawn · 7 months ago
Unlikely New Friends
This is all going to be bullet points, but I hope people will still enjoy it.
It starts with Tas finding 7 strange little orbs. Their was an evil wizard and other things as well, but they don't really matter here.
Anyway, he pockets them. Into a pouch, forgotten about aside from when he occasionally digs through his pouch.
Here is the thing. Forgetting is not being forgotten. So their inhabitants wait and watch.
Years pass. Tas makes friends, goes on all sorts of adventures. But even the most skilled make mistakes. Even kender luck runs out.
He is wondering what death will be like as a goblin sword swings down. Then there a flash of red light and a strange squirrel is between him and the blade. Another flash.
Swords are great and conducting electricity.
Well, Pachirisu showed herself. Let herself out of her pokeball. They others may as come out too. They were getting bored anyway.
Pachirisu sticks with Tas. They fit. Through war and dragons and time.
(One day there will be a dwarf and a kender and a tree. In the branches of that tree will play an electric rodent who has felled dragons.)
Honedge chooses the warrior woman. They see inside her an ambition and skills to complement theirs.
(It is said the Blue Lady is so skilled her sword doesn't even need her hand to guide it. Lord Soth is perhaps not as surprised as he should be to find he is not the first ghost in Kitiara's service.)
Flint would like to be left out of this, thank you very much. Unfortunately for him, squirtle in no way agrees.
(There is a boat and a splash. There is a sinking dwarf. The bright white light. A larger turtle surfaces, pulling his dwarf along with him.)
Caramon wishes he had gotten the dog. Or the fox or honestly anything but this tiny pink thing. Happiny thinks her new loud trainer is funny but knows he is kind.
(Years later, as he sits and watches his brother burn with fever, Caramon is grateful. So grateful.)
Togepi chooses Tanis as the second least likely to drop him. Tanis takes the egg because no one else wants it.
(Years from now, Togekiss will fly through the sky. He will have a power to rival dragons and a prince to protect.)
Eevee picks Raistlin because he has steady hands and does not rush into fights. Raistlin supposes there are worse companions to have.
(One day, there will be a ghost. Eevee is not a fighter, never has been. But Raistlin has been a good friend to her. And she will keep him. Her fur turns black as her teeth snap. She can't drive him away completely, but Fistandantilus never planned on an umbreon.)
Sturm gets a puppy. Knight have worked with hounds before, even in this one is odd. Houndour chose him for many reasons, none of which are ever known.
(Sturm always wanted to slay a dragon. Houndoom throws himself at reds fearlessly, a shield for his friends. After all, he does not burn.)
How all this changes things is a story too big for me to write. Also, pokemon are stupidly overpowered outside of their own universe so they probably destroy the story completely.
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raistlin-archmagus · 10 months ago
Friend: I like bunnies, they are soft and cute and fuzzy, don’t you?
Me, holding back tears: DON’T TALK TO ME ABOUT BUNNIES.
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greenedera · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
IN A KENDER POUCH I’ve found... the secret picture of two mages on the beach!! To honor the @dragonlance-week , I release on Tumblr one of my stupidest speedpainting ever.
Why this thing exists? “ Okay. Guys. I am at the beach today. Sun, light breeze, the murmur of the waves... THIS IS WHY RAISTLIN NEVER TAKES A STROLL ON THE BEACH, GOLDEN SKIN is just too SHINY. (feat. Dalamar, Caramon and Tika - - don't ask me why they are there, I have no idea, I was just messing around). -  It's Jenna&Gabbana swimwear, latest fashion among mages in Palanthas. Gods of Krynn, forgive me. ”
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twigsysmythos · a year ago
Tumblr media
Hey I drew some Kits last night, she came out way too cute but I’m about to start DarkHeart so woop
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oldschoolfrp · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
“The Arena”, or “Caramon the Gladiator” (Larry Elmore from the 1987 Dragonlance Calendar, via The Art of the Dragolance Saga, TSR, 1987)
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therealkrynnsub · 2 months ago
"Look here, my dear friends./
Raistlin sent my letter back/
It wasn't read... It wasn't even opened
And there it says, 'I have no brother...'
No brother..."
On March 28th, 2021 we realized something at Krynnsub that led to last minute changes in how we saw the word "brother" in the English Adaptation.
Raistlin writes on the returned letter, "I have no brother." We wondered: does he stay true to that sentiment? Does he refuse to call Caramon "brother" in Russian?
After a quick word search, we found that Raistlin DOES avoid the word when addressing Caramon. Instead, Raistlin diminutively addresses him as "братец." He does it when Crysania says, "Your brother was a good guide" and when he accuses Caramon in "Gladiator" of having become fat.
In fact, the ONLY time that Raistin calls him "брат" to his face in the regular show is in "Brother's Reconciliation" when he says (raw translation), "I NEED you, brother, to lead the army." This is important because him using the word is part of their "reconciliation"--Raistlin is winning Caramon over by telling his brother what he needs to hear after having disowned him at the start of the show.
One might argue that Raistlin says "брат" again in "Concerning Love"--but the line it appears in actually serves to expose the previous mentioning of it as the manipulation it was, such that the two instances essentially cancel each other out.
The raw translation reads, "I DON'T NEED anyone--neither love, nor my brother."
Raistlin also calls out for his brother in "Nightmares" but his mind is lost in the past.
In the Alternate Finale's "Battle of the Twins," Raistlin says "брат" as a weapon against Caramon. He tells Caramon that he is acting nothing like his REAL brother.
Finally, the only time Raistlin says "брат" with sincerity is in "Flee, My Brother" of the Alternate Finale. We realize the significance subconsciously, being moved when hearing Raistlin acknowledge Caramon as his brother. "Brother" is IN the title. Thankfully, we noticed its significance early and our line in the English Adaptation reads "Get out of here! My brother, it's not too late."
After this epiphany, we made sure to include "brother" in the English Adaptation of "Brother's Reconciliation":
"That's a real shame. Brother, I thought you'd stay here to help me..."
And in Gladiator, "You've become so bloated and flabby, brother" became the disgusted "Look at you-- so flabby and fat, dear brother!"
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kendertales · 8 months ago
You should at least take the wizard Majere. He proved himself a real asset to us last night, my lord. Take him and his brother. Caramon Majere's a good fighter and big as a house. The two of them can't hurt, sir, and they could be a real help.
Margaret Weis and Don Perrin’s Dragonlance the Raistlin Chronicles V2: Brothers in Arms
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