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#Carl our beloved
ray-ray-writings · 8 months ago
Dedicated to You-Technoblade
One of you lovelies asked for a Part Three to what I am now calling “The Dedicated Series” so here you go! They asked if I could fast forward a bit in their relationship, so we will be jumping in the timeline just a bit.
  Part one here! Part two here! Part Four here
My masterlist here!
This is a Technoblade x gn!reader!
Note: We are going to pretend that the war took a lot longer than it did and so about a year and a half have since passed since the festival okay? Okay! I’m going to shut up now! Enjoy!
Techno can’t help but get a little jealous as he and Y/N visit L’Manberg and run into old friends. It’s up to Y/N to remind him who they are dedicated to. 
A wave of heat hit me as I opened the smoker I was using to cook dinner for Techno and I. I quickly pulled out the dish I had prepped and set it on the counter. As I portioned out the sausage and potatoes that I made, arms wrapped around my waist and I was pulled back into Techno’s chest. A giggle escaped my lips as Techno’s face found its way into the crook of my next. 
“Hey baby,” I greeted, turning around in his arms, wrapping my own around his neck. “Hello love,” He mumbled back, pressing a quick kiss to my lips. “Get everything done?” I questioned, softly brushing the snow out of my boyfriend’s pink hair. Techno hummed and nodded at my question. “You?” He questioned back. I also nodded in response. “I did! And I made dinner!” I cheered, turning back around to the plates of food that I had prepped. “So you did” Techno claimed as I turned around with two plates in my hand. “Thank you” He accepted gratefully. 
The two of us shuffled over to the table that Techno had crafted when we first moved into his retirement home. As we ate, the two of us chatted about our days.  I told him about the small improvements I had made around the house during the day as well as how our little farm was doing. Techno told me about how he had taken Carl to a nearby village and traded with the villagers and got his beloved horse some new diamond armor. 
“Something else I got,” Techno announced as he reached into his inventory. I watched as he pulled out a shiny compass and set it on the table. “It’s a shiny compass,” I observed, picking up, moving it and watching as the arm moved around the circle. Techno chuckled and nodded, “It’s an enchanted compass,” he corrected, “It points to a lodestone that’s in our house. I was thinking that maybe we could travel to L’Manberg and give it to Philza so he can always find his way over whenever he wants.” Techno explained sheepishly, looking at me for approval. 
“Aww!” I cooed, setting the compass back down on the table. “That’s so sweet. Of course we can do that! I adore your father and he is always welcome in our home.” I told my boyfriend sweetly, reaching forward and resting my hand on top of his. “If you’re not busy tomorrow, I was thinking that maybe we could go tomorrow?” Techno offered up.
 I hummed and nodded at the offer, “I don’t have anything planned for tomorrow. What time do you want to leave?” I questioned, standing up and picking up our now empty plates. “I was thinking sunrise? I know it’s early, but the earlier the better considering how long the journey is.” I hummed in acknowledgement and quickly washed our plates. “Sounds good. But you may have to wake me up,” I joked. I heard Techno chuckle as he stood from his chair. “I figured as such… You’ve always slept in late.” I scoffed as I turned and flicked the water off my hands at the pig-man causing him to jerk away in surprise. “Don’t act like you’re not the same way.” I teased, wiping my hands on a nearby towel. I let out a squeal as Techno rushed forward and trapped me in a tight hug and spun us around a few times. “You know just because you’re right doesn’t mean you have to say it out loud.” Techno murmured in my ear causing me to giggle and blush. “I will do what I please thank you” 
*Time skip, the next day*
As I predicted, Techno ended up having to wake me up for our journey. The trip to L’Manberg was mostly silent. That was something that I really enjoyed about Techno and I’s relationship. We were never pressured to talk when we didn’t want to. We could sit in silence for hours just enjoying each other’s company. And that’s just what we did all the way to what was once my home country. 
The sun was almost in midsky by the time the New L’Manberg came into view. It didn’t take much time after that to get to Philza’s house. Techno brought Carl around back and helped me down off of the beloved pet. Phil had a fenced in backyard so we had no worries about letting Carl roam around on his own. Techno knocked on the back door before swinging it open, “Dadza?” Techno called as he walked further into his father’s house, me trailing slightly behind. “In here son!” a response came from somewhere in the house.
I followed Techno closely as he quickly made his way through the house. Techno led me into the kitchen and there we found Phil standing at the counter, making himself a sandwich. “Hey Dadza!” Techno greeted his father rather softly. Philza looked up from his sandwich and grinned at his son. He set down what was in his hands and made his way to Techno, “Hey Tech!” Techno’s dad greeted back with wide arms. The two men quickly embraced each other tightly. “Y/N!” Phil greeted as he turned to me, again holding his arms out. I giggled accepting the hug immediately, “Hello Mr. Minecraft!” I mumbled into his chest before pulling away. Philza gave me a playful glare at my word choice, “How many times do I have to tell you Y/N? Call me Phil!” I giggled once more and nodded, “Right. Right, sorry Phil.” 
“So what do you two want?” Philza questioned going back to the counter to continue making his lunch. Techno scoffed, following his father and taking a seat on his counter despite the glare thrown his way. “Why do we always have to want something? Why can’t you believe that we’re visiting out of the kindness of our heart?” Techno questioned, raising an eyebrow at his father. “Yeah!” I chimed in, moving forward and placing myself between Techno’s legs, resting my back on his chest, “Maybe we just wanted to see you Phil! Ever think of that?!” I teased the man. Phil simply looked up at us with a quirked brow. I turned my head to glance at Techno before bursting into a fit of giggles, causing the other two men to break two. 
Our giggle fit ended shortly and Phil composed himself, “No really though. What do you two want?” I peaked at Techno, slightly asking if I could be the one to tell him. Techno gave me a slight nod and I turned to the older man with a grin, “We have a gift for you!” I cheered. Phil’s face flashed in surprise, “A gift?” He questioned, “for me?” I nodded quickly and nudged Techno. He adjusted slightly and pulled the shiny compass from his inventory. Techno handed the tool to me and I bounced over to Phil and placed it in the palm of his hand. “A shiny compass?” Phil asked, gazing over the compass. “An enchanted compass!” I quipped back with a smile. 
Techno hopped off of the counter and walked over to the two of us so that he was standing in front of Philza beside me, “It’s enchanted so it only points one way,” Techno explained. Phil shifted the compass and the needle stayed put, “So it is. But why?” “Well, it’s enchanted so it points to our house. We figured you could use it to come visit us more often. That way you can always find us and you don’t have to worry about getting lost,” Techno sheepishly explained, running a hand through his long hair. Philza’s face softened at the gift. Phil set the compass down on the counter before reaching forward and pulling Techno into a tight hug. “Thank you son. I love it.” Philza whispered in his son’s ear. I watched the tips of Techno’s ears go red as he hugged his father back. 
After a moment, Phil pulled away from his hug with Techno and reached over and pulled me in a tight hug as well. “Thank you Y/N” I giggled and squeezed the older man, “Anytime Phil. Anytime.” 
A sudden knock on the front door startled the three of us. Phil let go of the hug and quickly made his way to the front door, Techno and I following behind him. “Hello Philza!” I heard a childlike voice greet from the front door. “Tubbo! Ranboo, Quackity! Hello!” Phil greeted back. I gasped at the sound of my friends’ names. Ever since I moved to the arctic with Techno, I haven’t been able to see them. “Tubbo!” I cheered as Phil moved out of the way. “Y/N!” Tubbo exclaimed as our eyes met. The young boy rushed forward and wrapped his arms around my shoulders in an extremely tight hug. “I’ve missed you so much!” He murmured into my shoulder. “I’ve missed you too kiddo! How are you? How’s L’Manberg? How is my farm?” I rushed out. Tubbo let out a laugh, “I’m good. L’Manberg’s good. Your farm is great. Your girls really miss you though.” I let out a sigh at the thought. When we moved, I could only bring a few of my chickens with me, forcing me to leave a lot of them behind. “I miss them too. I’ll have to visit them before we leave,” I said, looking over at Techno who gave me a smile and a nod, letting me know he heard me. 
“Okay greedy! Some of us would also like a Y/N hug,” I heard Ranboo complain from behind Tubbo. I giggled and let go of the boy before I was engulfed in another hug. This time by the half-enderman child. “Hello Ranboo. I missed you!” I hummed into the tall boy’s shoulder. “Hey Y/N. I missed you too. Tubbo wasn’t lying when he said your chicken’s missed you.” I chuckled at his words. “I miss them too. I know I have my three best girls, but I miss all the rest just the same.” Ranboo nodded in understanding before letting me go. 
Quackity quickly took Ranboo’s spot in my arms. “Hey there hermosa (meaning gorgeous)” Quack greeted with a sly wink. I rolled my eyes at the Spanish term but giggled. “Hey there Quackmeister! How have you been?” I asked, quickly hugging the man before letting him go so I could look at him. “I’ve been good, but I’m great now that you’re here.” He flirted, pressing a kiss to my cheek. “You’re stupid.” I giggled with an eyeroll. “You love me.” He retorted. I scoffed in response, “Some days.” 
An arm found its way across my waist causing me to jump in surprise. I glanced over and found Techno standing there with a stony look on his face. “Hey babe!” I greeted, a little confused by the attitude shift. “Hey man!” Quackity greeted with a grin, ignoring the new tension. “Hey,” Techno deadpanned back. “We need to leave now if you want to go see your chickens.” Now I was really confused. I thought we would stay a little longer to catch up and chat. But not wanting to cause a conflict I nodded in agreement. “Okay. We need to say goodbye to everyone.” 
Techno gave me a brief nod before walking away to his father once again. “What’s his problem?” Quackity questioned with an eyebrow raised. I shrugged, “I don’t know. He could just be overwhelmed by all the people. I know four isn’t a lot but it’s just been us two for a while and it may just be a little uncomfy for him” I tried to justify. Quack nodded and quickly hugged me once more. “Well don’t be a stranger okay? Come back more often!” He playfully demanded. “I’ll try” I giggled back. 
I quickly made my rounds saying goodbye to everyone before meeting back up with my boyfriend. The two of us left out the front door, deciding that we would just come back and get Carl before we left. As the two of us strolled down the prime path, I noticed Techno’s mood didn’t change as we left all the people. “Hey, what’s wrong?” I gently prodded as I reached out and grabbed his hand. “Nothing” Techno brushed off. I furrowed my brow at his response. Normally he would tell me. Why is he being like this? 
I quickly stopped in my tracks and pulled on Techno’s hand causing him to stop too. I took a quick glance around to make sure no one was around before I pleaded, “Techno” “What?” He questioned gruffly. “What’s the matter? I know something’s wrong and I know it wasn’t that you felt over crowded in Phil’s house… What’s wrong?” 
Techno let out a sigh before doing his own sweep of the area. “I got jealous okay?” Techno finally admitted, not looking at me. “I got jealous of you and Quackity. I know that you two have been friends for a very long time. And he was flirting with you and he kissed your cheek and I couldn’t help but see red. I trust you. Of course I trust you. But seeing you with your friends today… It just makes me wonder why you would move to the middle of nowhere with someone you’ve barely known for two years.” 
My heart broke at Techno’s confession. I had no idea he felt like this. I gently reached up and cupped Techno’s cheek, turning his head so that he was looking at me. “Oh Techno” I cooed as he nuzzled his face into the palm of my hand. “I’ll tell you why I moved. It’s because I love you. I love you so much Technoblade. You’re my everything. Yes I love my friends. My friend’s have always been there for me and they will always have a special place in my heart. But you’re my future Tech. I am completely and utterly dedicated to you. I want to be with you for as long as you’ll let me.” I murmured softly to the pink headed man. “And if that’s forever?” He whispered softly, leaning in so that his forehead rested on my own. A grin over took my face as I brushed our noses together, “Then I’ll be with you forever.” I confirmed gently. 
“Do you know where we are?” Techno asked, looking around. I followed his eyes, our foreheads still touching. The smile on my face grew wider at the sight, “This is where we first met!” I giggled, “This is where I yelled at you for breaking eggs all over me.” Techno let out a laugh as he nodded, “And this is where I threatened to kill you with no hesitation,” He voiced. The two of us laughed at the memory of that day. That was probably the best day of my life. 
“I didn’t plan on doing this here or now” Techno muttered, mostly to himself. “What?” I questioned, very confused at the statement. Techno ignored me as he took a deep breath before he pulled away from our small embrace. A gasp left my throat as Techno shifted his body. I watched in shock as Techno made his way down to one knee, his hand searching in his pocket for something. “Y/N. Since the moment I met you, you have amazed me. You yelled at me the first time we met. You weren’t terrified of me like so many others were. You ignored my title and my reputation and treated me like a normal person. Something that I haven’t been in a long time. You’re my everything Y/N. I love you so much and I want to be with you forever. I want to be dedicated to you for as long as we both shall live…” Techno announced. Tears were forming in my eyes as my hand covered my mouth in absolute shock at what Techno was saying. 
Techno’s hand moved out of his pocket, a small round object now lay in his hand. “So Y/N. Will you marry me?” He questioned. The small object opened and in it sat the most beautiful diamond ring I’d ever seen. It was extremely simple, but it was gorgeous and everything I could ever want. I was rendered speechless, all I could do was nod. “Yes?” Techno voiced for me. “Yes!” I croaked out, leaping forward and crushing my now fiance in the tightest hug I could muster. The tears now flowing freely out of my eyes and onto Techno’s shoulder. Techno quickly stood up and wrapped his arms around me, squeezing me just as tightly. 
I pulled back and held out my hand, allowing Techno to place the ring on my finger. I brought my hand up to my face and admired the ring. It was even prettier up close. “We’re going to get married,” I whispered in utter shock. Techno chuckled and nodded as he wiped the tears from my cheeks, “We are” He murmured back. I let out a loud laugh before turning and crushing my lips against Techno’s. He immediately accepted the kiss and returned it with even more passion. 
After a few moments, the two of us pulled away from our kiss. Grins overtook both of our faces as we looked at each other. My eyes flicked down to Techno’s hand that was still holding the box the ring was in. Wait a minute… Is that… Techno brought up his hand and let me get a closer look. A cackle ripped itself from my throat as it dawned on me. “Did you really use an egg to propose to me?” I question, laughter still bubbling through my throat. Techno chuckled as well as he shrugged, “I knew you wouldn’t suspect it. It’s also how we met… I thought it was sweet.” He murmured, handing me the oval. My laughter died down into little giggles, “It is very sweet babe. It’s just also a little strange… But I wouldn’t want it anyway else.” 
Techno grinned at what I said and pressed another quick kiss to my lips. “I knew you would like it,” He muttered against my lips. “I did. I really did…. Now come on. I want to go see my girls and show them what we did!” “Whatever you say, love. Whatever you say”
There you guys go!! I really hope that you enjoyed this! I really loved writing it so much!
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graniairish · 5 months ago
Walking on Eggshells – Part 2
Hello my dears. I just couldn't resist and had to write a second part. (maybe there will also be a part 3)
Pairing: Daryl x female! Reader
Words: 5159
Warnings: language, sexual content, NSFW, 18+ (my first attempt to write smut in English - hope it didn't get too bad)
Part one
Tumblr media
"Um ... what ..."
You stood in the door of your room, confused. Hershel had finally released you into "home care" after almost a week of continuous surveillance in the infirmary. In your opinion, the older man was exaggerating a little. You were fine, you had no dizziness, and the headache was gone. But that did not stop Hershel from telling you to take it easy anyway.
Your beloved work in the vegetable fields had to wait for the time being.
Somewhat reluctantly, you had agreed to everything, only to finally be able to go back to your own four walls. You wanted to sleep in your own bed again, even if it was just a simple Prison bed in the former director's office. But still, it was your home.
But you did not expect what you found there now.
As if rooted to the ground, you stood in the middle of the room and looked around with big eyes in disbelief.
Your room, your little private realm, should actually be here. But the room in front of you was no longer your room. Your things were still there, but they were not the only ones that filled the shelves on the walls.
The most noticeable change, however, was your bed. It was still in the far corner of the room, but it looked absolutely strange. Because right next to it there was now a second, and the way the sheet was stretched over it made it look like a double bed.
"I thought Hershel wouldn't release ya until tonight," you heard Daryl's deep voice behind you.
Still slightly confused, you turned to the archer. He stood uncertain in the doorway, Crossbow slung over his shoulder, hands clasped on the strap. His blue eyes were fixed on you as he chewed the inside of his cheek - his nervous tic.
And how this man was nervous right now, and it was not just his ears that betrayed him - which had just turned deep red.
Daryl did not expect to find you here now. He actually wanted to talk to you about it first and not just put you in front of a fait accompli. Though, somehow, he would have done it one way or another.
He was afraid he had done something wrong, crossed a line, or something like that.
"I couldn't take it there any longer."
Only now did you notice that his hair was wet and still dripping. Could it be that he had showered?
Daryl nudged his nose up in a nod.
“I know we didn't talk about it,” he began uncertainly, “but Hershel said it would be better if someone took care of ya. And since there is no chance that ya will move back into the cell block, I thought that would be a good solution."
“That's right,” you had to smile, “I'm not going back there so quickly anymore. I like my privacy."
"Well, if it bothers you ... that I ... then ..."
"No no, I don't mind" you might answer a little too quickly, "I ... I was just ... surprised."
The man across from you felt instantly relieved. You, the woman he loved, wanted to live with him. He could hardly believe his luck.
Daryl took off his Crossbow and leaned it against the wall by the door before walking slowly towards you, his eyes full of love.
“Y/N/N we wasted so much time. I don't want to waste another minute. We don't know how much time we have left."
Daryl lovingly cupped your chin with two fingers while he gently touched your lips with his.
You could not help but melt into his touch. That you could do this now was still a miracle to you, and you would enjoy every single second of it to the full.
"But I sleep on the right side," you finally said with mischief in your eyes when your lips had separated.
"Forget it", Daryl snorted and went to the bed, "I'm sleepin’ between the door and ya."
You rolled your eyes with a smile. Always the protector.
"Don't think I didn't see that."
A few weeks had passed since the incident during your run. You are now working side by side with Rick in the vegetable fields again. The plants were blooming and developing fantastically - and they would be very good yielding.
After a long shower to wash dirt and sweat from your body, you made your way to the inner courtyard of the prison, which was used as a canteen during the warmer months of the year. Dinner had just started, and so all residents, regardless of whether they were old or new, huddled together to have their meal together.
When Daryl returned from his shift at the Guard Tower, he spotted you chatting with Carol who was just distributing the food. He liked how carefree you looked at that moment.
Without thinking about it, he walked over to you and greeted you with a kiss on the cheek before you had the chance to notice him.
"Yuck, don't do that," you giggled, "you're all sweaty."
"And hungry," he said with a grin.
Carol shook her head with a smile before filling two bowls and holding them out to you.
"Here take these, you lovebirds."
Taking the bowls Daryl nudged his nose up in a nod and went with you to the table where Glenn and Maggie were already sitting.
You had not noticed how your loving and familiar way of dealing with each other had been uncomfortable for some - or at least for one.
Michelle was sitting at a table with several other Woodbury residents and had been watching you with narrowed eyes. Green with envy, she got up at some point and went back to the cell block where she lived.
But Carol had noticed, and she would move heaven and earth to keep this woman from disrupting your relationship.
Little by little, Rick and the other members of your sworn family joined you to enjoy the meal together and to end the day.
"We should slowly start bringing our supplies up to date," Rick skillfully changed the subject.
That was his less than subtle way of reducing the conversation to necessities.
"Or in other words, time for a run," Daryl said in a nutshell.
“Tightly sealable preserving jars would be important. It will soon be harvest time and we have to preserve the fruit and vegetables. Thank God we have a lot more than we need right now."
That was the first thing that came to your mind. After all, it was important to have vitamins in winter too. Even if cooked fruit and vegetables were nowhere near as tasty as fresh ones. But in those times, you were grateful for everything. And in winter, fruit and vegetables were actually a luxury.
“We should also think about how to heat the buildings. The winter could last longer than we'd like”, Daryl expressed his concerns.
"If we had animals, pigs or goats, maybe even sheep, we would be better supplied with meat."
Hershel had always been a farmer, and you could only agree with the man with a smile.
"Or chickens," said Maggie with a dreamy look, "once again a real roast chicken, that would be something nice."
"Or turkey," you added.
"I just think you can't find something like that on the next street corner," said Glenn, who now leaned over the map that Rick had spread out in the middle of the table.
"Well, the weekly cattle market will probably be canceled."
Daryl's cynical response made you roll your eyes.
"If ya keep doin’ this, these things will eventually get stuck," he said in your direction with a raised index finger.
"That's what my grandmother always meant," you said with a shrug, "and nothing has happened so far."
“You both sound like an old married couple. Really disgusting”, Carl shook himself.
You and Daryl looked at each other questioningly for a moment before you slapped the boy lightly on the back of the head at the same time - he on the right and you on the left.
For about five seconds there was absolute silence at the table, until everyone started laughing uproariously as if on command - except for Carl, who was rubbing his head tightly.
“What that would prove,” Rick grinned as he wiped a tear from the corner of his eye, “but seriously now. Does anyone have any ideas?"
“I know there was a farm supply center in the south. From seeds to packaging material to combine harvesters, everything was there. The only question is whether that still stands."
Hershel leaned over the map and pointed to an area southeast of the Prison.
“That's a good hundred miles, and only if you drive on the main roads. It will be a run for several days on back roads."
Your stomach cramped painfully at Glenn's words. You knew that Daryl would go on the run. Unfortunately, since the incident, it had become very clear to you that there was no assurance that someone would come back from a run. And the thought that something might happen to Daryl made you uneasy.
“While we're there, we might as well stop by this huge warehouse complex 30 miles to the east. I think there are still some useful things there. "
Glenn glanced at the place on the map Maggie was pointing with her finger.
"Wasn't that an Amazon warehouse?"
"Yea, why are you asking?"
"Well, I think that this time it won’t work with overnight express."
At Glenn's stupid saying you had to smile, like everyone else. Though yours was more of a bitter smile. This run would certainly not be overnight.
"Everythin’ okay? Ya are never that quiet."
It was getting late. The moon was shining through the windows of your shared room and you could hear the crickets outside. You were snuggled close to Daryl, your head on his shoulder, your legs intertwined. You stared in silence into the darkness of your room, which was only faintly illuminated by the moonlight.
Daryl gently stroked your back. Usually there was something incredibly calming about it, and it never took you long to fall asleep relaxed - but not today. The worries about what could go wrong with the run did not let you calm down that night.
In a few hours he would be gone with Maggie and Glenn, as well as a few others. The fear of losing him paralyzes your thoughts.
"Ya don’t sleep. I know that. I can hear ya thinkin’."
You did not answer, just took a deep breath - in and out again. What should you say?
> I'm afraid something will happen to you <
> I'm scared of losing you <
> Please don't go <
There was nothing to be said, just that nagging feeling was there. This fear that the man by your side could suddenly be snatched away from you.
Daryl put his arm around you and hugged you tight as he kissed the top of your head and let his lips linger there for a moment.
"We're a well-coordinated team," he finally began as he leaned his head against yours, "and it's not the first time we've done such a big tour."
It almost seemed as if Daryl had read your mind, yet all his confidence could not take away your worries.
"I promise I'll come back to ya."
"You can't promise that Daryl."
The archer released his hug and shifted his weight so that you were eventually half under him. Leaning on his left arm, he looked down at you, the contours of your face only faintly visible in the light of the darkness.
"I promise I will come back to ya Y/N. We both have our whole lives ahead of us, and I don't intend to miss a second of it."
"Nobody knows ..."
But you did not get any further, Daryl's lips were instantly on yours. At first the kiss was deep and full of longing, but after a while it became more and more hungry. Your fingers ran through his hair and played with them on the back of his neck while your tongues fought for dominance.
As Daryl's hands slowly moved down your ribs, your lips parted for a much-needed breath.
Right at the beginning of your relationship, you discussed that sex would not be an issue for you for the time being. After what had happened to Lori, Daryl simply could not and did not want to take the risk of pregnancy. Condoms were not to be found for a long time. And neither of you wanted to play Russian roulette - like Maggie and Glenn.
But there were other ways of showing how much you loved each other, how much you wanted each other - other ways of having fun together.
Daryl's right hand went down to your ass, which he gripped tightly as he pulled you close.
You moaned softly as you could feel him rubbing his growing erection on your most sensitive spot. Your arms wrapped around his neck as you pulled him closer to you. An approving growl left his mouth as he left hot kisses on your neck, making sure to suck the spot that caused your thighs to tighten around him.
You ran your trembling fingers through his hair, trying to hold onto the feeling of his lips against your skin.
The hand on your ass eventually moved down the back of your thigh - as he pulled it closer - which changed the angle of your pelvis significantly. The lustful moan that came out of your lips as you rubbed against him only made him harder against the layers of clothing.
God how good it felt for him when you took your pleasure into your own hands. But you did not get far, because Daryl's kisses slowly wandered further down. A pleasant shiver ran through you.
You knew exactly what he was up to and the anticipation made you almost impatient.
But he took his time, first freed you from your shirt and then devoted himself to your nipples with relish - first the right, then the left - until they were both hard and upright.
The longing feeling in your most private place became more and more unbearable and in an attempt to get some friction, you tried to rub yourself against his thigh.
Daryl only chuckled.
"Impatient, are we?"
Daryl's kissed down your stomach before leaning back. He was now kneeling between your legs. For a moment he soaked up the picture in front of him, burned it into his memory. How you laid in front of him, lower lip between your teeth, breathing heavily, your legs spread, the unmistakable traces of your arousal on your underwear.
A moan came from your lips as he finally ran his hands up the inside of your thighs. Without touching the place where you needed him most, he hooked his fingers into the waistband of your panties and freed you from this annoying piece of fabric with one flowing movement.
The sight the archer now saw made his cock twitch painfully.
It was almost like torture how slowly he ran his thumb through your folds and collected what already glistened there.
With faltering breath, you watched him as he slowly brought his hand to his mouth and licked his thumb clean with an animalistic growl.
You came almost instantly at the sight.
When he finally sank his middle finger into you, you threw your head back and closed your eyes in delight. He pumped his finger into you a few times before adding a second. He twisted and curled them in just the right way so that with each thrust he perfectly hit the spot inside you that made you squirm under him.
Your moaning grew louder as he closed his lips around your sensitive bundle of nerves and began to suck rhythmically. Your orgasm rolled closer and closer, and the knot in your stomach tightened until it was about to snap.
"Daryl - fuck - I ..."
"then let go - for me."
And that was exactly what you did. You came with his name on your lips, repeated like a prayer, and with each new wave Daryl took whatever you were willing to give him. You tasted like nothing else to him, and he could never get enough of you.
He slowly kissed his way back up to your neck while his fingers were still moving slowly inside you.
Your hands went into his hair and hungrily drawn his lips to yours. Just a moment later your tongues fought for dominance; you could taste yourself on his. Now your hands slowly made their way down to his crotch. He wanted to hold back. But he could not help himself, and grinded into your palm to find the relief he needed so damn bad.
Daryl's hips spasmed, thrusting forward a few times before he was groaning and shaking his head.
"No. Tonight is just about ya."
"But ..."
Before you could go on, his lips were back on yours in a demanding kiss.
" I wanna make ya feel so good today, that ya'll be happy to have a few days off."
And with that statement, his fingers left your hot core, only to re-enter with one more.
Your eyes rolled back when you felt him stretch you.
"Fuck," you hissed as you tried desperately to find hold while Daryl's fingers kept trusting into you.
As he felt the sweet pain of your nails scratching his back, his cock twitched painfully in his shorts.
The thought that you marked him, that you would let him run around with declarations of your love on his body for the next few days, almost drove him mad. He started rubbing his crotch against your thigh for some relief as he fluidly moved in and out of you, getting you closer and closer to your next release.
The knot inside you got tighter and tighter, and you tried desperately to keep it from snaping again. Your legs started to shake involuntarily, and you knew you would not be able to resist much longer. Your breath came in shorter intervals and your moans got higher and higher. It would not last long till you would be swept away by pure bliss.
When the wave finally hit you, it was an overwhelming feeling. Your inner walls clenching and unclenching around his fingers again and again as your orgasm swept you away like a tsunami.
It took you a few moments to come back from your high while Daryl's gentle movements of his fingers let your orgasm slowly fade out.
"Okay", you began with a trembling voice as he slowly left your inner core, "that was something else."
Daryl’s head rested on the crook of your neck as you slowly recovered your breath, but you could still feel him chuckled lightly.
Slowly you stroked his hair and patted his neck. When he shifted his position slightly so that he did not crush you any further, you noticed that his shorts were suspiciously stuck to you.
Apparently, he had enjoyed this whole interaction too.
"I love you," you whispered before leaving a kiss on his sweaty forehead.
"Love ya more."
You patiently worked your way through the corn plants with the rake. The work was strenuous because the plants were close together - after all, you needed the greatest possible yield in a small area - and the relentless Georgian sun burned down on you.
Your hair stuck to you and the sweat kept dripping from the brim of your straw hat. Your arms ached, and despite the leather gloves you wore, you had blisters on your hands where they were tightly gripping the wooden handle of your gardening tool.
But despite everything, you kept working. You had to work through the soil so that the weeds had less chance to dispute the valuable nutrients from the crops.
This large field that you had laid out in the style of the "three sisters" was your whole pride. Corn, beans and pumpkins, the holy trinity of this bed, were perfectly coordinated. The Native Americans had already cultivated these three plants in this way.
And what worked for them could work for you too.
You have been toiling for hours. Your clothes were soaked in sweat and your back ached. Nevertheless, you continue to work, moving slowly but steadily through the beds.
"Here," you heard Rick say behind you at some point.
With great effort you straightened up and massaged your back. You felt every single vertebra as it slowly popped back into its original position. An exhausted moan could be heard as you finally turned to the man behind you.
Rick just stood there, bottle of water in hand, his eyes fixed on the fields.
You gratefully took the bottle from him and took a few sips of the refreshing liquid. Especially with such sweaty work in the blazing sun, it was incredibly important to drink enough if you did not want to suffer sunstroke.
And unfortunately, you were predestined to forget it sometimes. But Rick paid attention. You were family, and family looked after each other.
“Looks really good. If the plants continue to grow like this, we will be able to bring in quite a good yield. You are really a talented little farmer."
You looked at him in surprise with raised eyebrows.
"I'm not sure right now whether I should thank you or whether you insulted me."
“Believe me Y/N”, Rick laughed and put his hand on your shoulder, “that was meant as a compliment. An honest compliment. If we didn't have you, we almost certainly wouldn't even be able to harvest half as much. You really have a knack for it."
“Well, everyone does what they can. And I can do that."
You lowered your gaze. You felt uncomfortable when someone complimented you, so you tried to belittle it.
"No", Rick smiled at you friendly, "some do more than others."
After a long day of work and a long - but cold - shower, you sat down with Carol for dinner. You missed your family members. You missed Daryl.
The presence of the older woman had been a comfort to you in the last few days. This run had been going on for five days now, and it was impossible to tell when they would be back.
The feeling you felt in the pit of your stomach was almost the same as when Daryl had disappeared into the forest with Merle. Back then you thought you would never see him again.
But it was different now. Now you had hope that you would see him again.
“It's only been five days Y/N/N. It's too early to worry,” Carol tried to cheer you up.
"I'm not worried," you said stubbornly while you continued to stare at your now cold food.
"Yes of course. That's exactly why you've been poking around in your meal for ten minutes. You haven't even taken a bite."
You looked tiredly at the woman across from you.
“Eat, you worked hard. And tomorrow you will work as hard again as I know you. You need the calories. And believe me, you'd rather eat it voluntarily than have me cram it into you."
Carol had used her best mother voice. Even if Carol was not many years older than you, this woman had somehow become a mother's substitute for you.
After a few moments you finally began to empty your bowl slowly.
Getting around the days was easy. There was always enough work in the gardens and in the fields, you were busy and did not have much time to think.
In the nights it was different. They were bad.
The bed was way too big for you alone, and you lacked the warmth of Daryl's body.
Even on the hot nights of Georgia, you always fell asleep snuggled together. Ever since you had spent your first night like this, you knew that you could never do it again without it.
Now you were alone. Yet again. Daryl was still on this fucking run, and the solitude in those four walls that you had always enjoyed before, now seemed overwhelming to you.
What is he doing right now? Was he okay? Was he thinking of you, too?
With these wistful thoughts, you finally drifted into a dreamless sleep.
"If they are not back by tomorrow, we will send a search party out," announced Rick over breakfast.
You made no reply as you continued to choke down your small portion of porridge, bite by bite. You were not really hungry, but Carol's stern look had kept you from skipping breakfast.
“I'm sure they are fine. They will definitely be back here soon, "said Hershel soothingly," they are all experienced with such actions. They are sure to be fine."
Yes, they were all experienced, knew how to behave and how to protect themselves, but that nagging feeling persisted in you.
You had spent the whole morning working in the fields again, laboriously dragging buckets of water to provide the crops with enough moisture. If it did not rain soon, this would probably be your main occupation for the next few days and weeks.
You had two canisters tied to the outer end of a thick wooden stick. So, you could carry the heavy burden on your shoulders and not in your aching hands.
As you were trudging up the hill again with a full load of water, Rick was leaning against the base of the central guard tower, smiling, and staring into the distance.
"Looks as if we could save ourselves the search."
These words made your body tingly and you immediately turned to face the gates. You could not prevent an unspeakably bright smile from spreading on your face.
"Oh my god," you whispered when you saw the column of cars approaching the prison.
An unmistakable chopper at the head of the convoy.
An army of butterflies exploded in your stomach when you saw Daryl. He was back. He really came back to you.
When he finally brought his bike to a stop and casually dismounted it, you couldn't hold back any longer. Without further hesitation, you dropped the water canisters, which hit the floor with a thud, and immediately spread their moist contents over the floor.
You ran quickly towards Daryl. But even before you had covered half the distance, he was already coming towards you - a radiant smile on his lips.
When you finally met, you immediately put your arms around each other in a tight hug. Your head rested on his chest while he laid his head lovingly on top of yours.
Cuddled so tightly you could hear how fast his heart was beating, and an indescribable feeling of happiness flooded your body. Daryl was back - back by your side.
"Did you miss me," he finally began, and you could hear him grinning right away.
“No,” you answered, “not at all. Not one bit."
“Felt the same way."
With these words, his strong arms tightened around you even more, as if he were trying to melt into you.
So absorbed in your reunion, it took some time until you noticed that Rick and Carol were already discussing the successful run with the rest of the group.
"We got almost everything," you heard Glenn say when you had finally separated from each other and now went to the cars where everyone else was standing - your little fingers still hooked together.
"We found hundreds of canning jars and even seeds," added Sasha.
"Wheat, oat and a lot more." Maggie pointed to the back of the overcrowded pickup truck.
"And we also solved the problem with the heating," said Daryl mysteriously.
This run was really a complete success. But the biggest surprise was yet to come.
> C O C K A D O O D L E D O O <
Suddenly the gushing and loud greeting was silent. Inquiring eyes met knowing faces.
You and Rick looked at each other as to ask if you really had heard this now.
> C O C K A D O O D L E D O O <
"What the hell is that", Rick wanted to know.
"What did it sound like?"
Daryl grinned mischievously and leaned casually against his bike; arms crossed over his chest. His chin raised challengingly.
"No," was all you could say at that moment.
"Yea," Daryl nodded, still grinning.
"No way!"
"Yea, a rooster and six chickens."
"How? Where? How?"
You were completely surprised and had to grin broadly. That was one of the best that could have happened to your community.
"Believe it or not, they were just walking around on a street corner," Glenn explained, looking incredulous about his statement himself.
"So the cattle market wasn't closed after all," you replied sarcastically.
Immediately Daryl had to roll his eyes.
"Just don't start with that," you chuckled and gave him a playful clap on the upper arm.
“You really missed something Y/N,” said Maggie with a grin, “believe me it was really impressive to see how Daryl caught the poultry. Didn't know that he was doing so well as a farmer."
"Yea, ha-ha, very funny!"
Daryl's ears had turned deep red, but then he had to laugh himself at the thought of this chicken-catching operation.
"I really would have liked to see that," you said with a laugh.
"Well, maybe there will be a repetition," said Glenn, "we have to get the critters out of the car somehow without them getting lost again."
"Ya can forget that right away," Daryl announced in a stern voice.
"Don't worry, I'll help you", you smiled at your boyfriend.
After a few minutes of reunion, you started to get the supplies out of the cars and to distribute them in the storage rooms.
Building a chicken coop was definitely on your to-do list for tomorrow. And it has been a long time since you had been looking forward to a job as much as this.
"And I found something for you too," Maggie whispered to you when she put her arm around your shoulders in a friendly manner.
You two had just cleared away a load of canning jars and were about to trot back to the cars.
"And that would be?"
Surprised you stopped and looked at her questioningly. You did not ask her to get you anything.
“I won't tell you yet,” she smiled, “but you will definitely enjoy it - as well as Daryl."
With these words, your best friend left you in the yard as she made her way back to the cars with a mischievous grin.
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treepelt · 11 months ago
HTTYD Deluxe Score - Insert Commentary by Tim Greiving
For funsies, this is a transcribed version of the interview/commentary given by a mix of John Powell, Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois about the creation of the first movie’s soundtrack, and I thought it was SUPER interesting and something the fandom might want to read! Please excuse any grammatical errors as half of this was recorded through speech-to-text and edited.
It’s dumb long tho, so obligatory below-the-cut for the full interview/notes/commentary. I’ll put some highlights here for those who don’t have time/concentration to read the whole thing.
John Powell grew up on Scottish folk music
HTTYD was such a mess up to 16 months before release that Katzenberg pulled Chris Sanders off of Croods to save HTTYD because “we’re running out of time”--at this point, only the setpieces and rigs of the main characters existed beyond storyboard form, and the plot still adhered to the books
(meaning that the super-complicated Night Fury rig that they developed was made in record time, along with the Red Death)
According to Chris Sanders, the relationships between Toothless and Hiccup, and between Hiccup and his father and the other Vikings, were “the key to everything.”
The main reason HTTYD’s score sounds so Celtic/Scottish rather than Scandinavian was because Katzenberg suggested that John Powell “throw some ****** Enya at it” and John took it to heart
I really hope he said “fucking” because that’s funny af
John followed John Williams’ advice about scoring the biggest scene first and using the rest of the movie to weave together those melodies so that by the time the audience arrives at the climax, they already know what’s up
John spends an entire paragraph talking down how impractical it is to introduce a lot of interesting, complex themes at the beginning of the movie, during exposition and narration, because you have to ignore what’s happening to hear it, and Tim Greiving goes on to say “alright so anyway, ‘This Is Berk’ is an absolute masterpiece and the perfect opening cue’”
“Forbidden Friendship” was scored last
“Forbidden Friendship” took top priority among the crew--it had 4-5 minutes set aside to take up the movie and everything surrounding the scene was to be compressed into less time so that it didn’t bite into FF’s runtime
John threw “Romantic Flight” at Katzenberg three different times without changing the melody any of the other times because Dean and Chris told him to keep it the same, and Katzenberg rejected the first two and liked the third one even though there was little change
If there’s bagpipes in the scoring, John says it’s impossible to play precisely live because he messed with how bagpipes actually sound afterwards by pitch-shifting them to play different notes
John whacked around a bunch of industrial pipes at Sony to get a lot of the metallic crashing/hammering/dinging sounds that can be heard throughout the score (ie Dragon Battle)
All in all an absolutely awesome read. I always knew the first score was something special and it’s so cool to read into the processes behind writing it. Also, totally called the part about musical themes representing over-arching plot motifs rather than characters. Absolutely called that 5+ years ago.
How To Score Your Dragon
When Cressida Cowell was growing up, she spent her summers on a remote island in northern Scotland -- dreaming up stories about Vikings and dragons. When John Powell was a boy, learning the fiddle, he often played speys and reels -- ancient Scottish folk tunes beloved by his grandmother who grew up on the country’s Hebrides islands. A few decades later, Cowell turned her summertime fantasies into a charming series of children’s books called How to Train Your Dragon. And when those books inevitably migrated to the screen, Powell channeled the music of his boyhood into a masterpiece of melodic film scoring. 
The composer was a favorite of Jeffrey Katzenberg’s, the man who oversaw feature animation at DreamWorks ever since The Prince of Egypt in 1998, which Powell worked on as a song arranger and producer. But Powell had always been teamed with another composer: Hans Zimmer on The Road to El Dorado and Kung Fu Panda; Harry Gregson-Williams on Antz, Chicken Run, and Shrek. “There was always this question,” Powell says: “Will Jeffrey ever actually believe that I could do this on my own?” The composer had long flown the Zimmer nest at the former Media Ventures and proven his chops with a series of clever, colorful scores for animated films (Robots, Happy Feet) and emotionally kinetic scores for the Bourne movies, redefining the action genre. So when Katzenberg asked Powell to score How to Train Your Dragon on his own, the chief was getting an A-list talent -- but for the composer, “there’s probably a slight father figure thing going on with this. I probably was trying to impress Jeffrey. It could be that it turned out well because I tried harder to do that. Or it just turned out well because the film was good. You can write a much better score to a good film.”
The dragon itself had a bit of a rocky runway before takeoff. The film rights to Cowell’s first book -- about a wimpy young Viking named Hiccup, son of the brawny village chief, who captures and trains a dragon he calls Toothless -- were purchased by DreamWorks in 2004. The animated feature was in development for years and cycled through two different directors. With 16 months until its fixed release date, Katzenberg cornered Chris Sanders, who was developing The Croods for the studio, and said: “I’d like you to set that down and jump onto this other project, because we’re running out of time.” Sanders had been an animator and story artist at Disney since the early ‘90s, where his credits included Aladdin and The Lion King. As head of story on Mulan, he collaborated with a new hire named Dean DeBlois -- and the two gelled so well that they made their directing debut together with Lilo and Stitch. “Oftentimes in animation,” says DeBlois, “People are paired together, and it can be a bit of a shotgun wedding. But we kind of found one another.” “When we work on a project,” says Sanders, “one of us, for example, isn’t trying to make a comedy while the other one’s trying to make a drama. We have the same sensibilities, but I think we also have complementary things that are going on.” “And as it turns out,” says DeBlois, “that’s really rare.” So when Sanders got the eleventh-hour call to try and train this dragon, he phoned his old friend over the weekend. “And I found myself that Monday morning.” DeBlois says, “sitting in a conference room with Chris and Jeffery Katzenberg.”
The previous filmmaking teams had already built the environments and sets for the Isle of Berk and digital animated puppets for the main characters, but beyond that it was still just in storyboard form. Sanders and DeBlois, who had never worked with computer animation before, were encouraged by Katzenberg not to worry about doing a strictly faithful adaptation of Cowell’s book, says DeBlois. “That’s where their previous iterations had hit the rocks. He said, ‘Look, it’s going to be called How to Train Your Dragon. It’s going to have these characters and these character names, but other than that we need a new story. It’ll be a father and son story with a big David and Goliath ending and a Harry Potter tone. Aside from that, feel free to reinvent.’ So even with these modeled environments and these articulated puppets they created for all of the characters, we still had to go in and alter their ages, and create a few new characters -- like Toothless and the giant monster dragon at the end -- in record time, to serve our version of the story, which was quite a departure, narratively.” The relationships between Toothless and Hiccup, and between Hiccup and his father and the other Vikings, were “the key to everything,” says Sanders. “Mulan taught us a lot of very, very important lessons, one of them being: if something isn’t working, it’s not going to suddenly work later. You’ve got to face reality when it comes to a problem that’s in the story. We saw the problems in the How to Train Your Dragon story right away.”
The directors inherited much of their creative team, including the cast -- Jay Baruchel as Hiccup, America Ferrera as Astrid, Gerard Butler as Stoick the Vast, Craig Ferguson as Gobber the fight-training blacksmith, and a wisecracking cadre of young Vikings played by Jonah Hill, Kristin Wiig, and T.J. Miller -- along with sound designer Randy Thom and John Powell. Already an animation scoring veteran, Powell had devised a “Stalling scale” (named for Looney Tunes composer Carl Stalling) that let directors decide how hyperactive or dramatic they wanted their score to be. The film that introduced Sanders and DeBlois, Mulan, is a benchmark of dramatic, grownup music for an animated film (Jerry Goldsmith composed its glorious score), and the duo wanted that kind of serious approach here, along with seriously memorable tunes. “It’s animation, but it’s feature animation,” says Sanders, “so the score that you’re looking to get is going to be as serious and grand and emotional and moving as you can possibly get. Which is one of the wonderful things about working with places like Disney and DreamWorks. They will absolutely bring in somebody like John Powell, who’s going to give you the best possible score that money can buy.”
Initially, Powell took the Viking milieu literally and started researching Scandinavian folk tunes and musical traditions, which he says are “wonderfully cold and warm at the same time. It’s like saunas and ice dips. There’s something about it that never allows you off the hook. I was writing tunes that were perhaps more influenced by that, and I remember Jeffrey Katzenberg at one point going, ‘Eh, John, couldn’t you just throw some [expletive] Enya at it?’” Powell laughed. “And that brings the whole question of why everybody’s got Scottish accents in the movie. Enya’s Irish, anyway -- but it’s the Celtic idea.” In the film, the adults all speak with a Scottish brogue, whereas the kids have American accents, which Powell saw as a subtle symbol of generational shifts. “So there's this kind of mismatch of Viking theory going on, but what I got from that comment about ‘throwing some Enya at it’ was that Irish, Scottish, and to a certain extent, Old English folk songs can have a warmth to them that perhaps I wasn't utilizing, because I was being a bit too intellectual. I thought, okay, I'm just going to go back to my roots, as it were. And those roots are maybe a bit deeper than I'd realized -- and before I knew it, I had bagpipes. Even though I laughed, in my head a lot of doors opened.” 
There was plenty of cross-pollination between Viking culture and the British islands they raided (and eventually, as the Normans, conquered). On the remote Shetland islands in northernmost Scotland, Powell notes, residents still speak with a Nordic accent. But this is also the realm of fantasy, after all, and dragons “are absolutely not really a tradition of Viking lore,” he says “They have lots of other magical creatures, but dragons ain't one of them. That's definitely more British.” Years after he learns those 600-year-old pub tunes on the fiddle, Powell discovered that many British folk tunes “had gotten to a lot of the classical music that I liked, including American music. Even when I was listening to Aaron Copland -- and how much more American do we think that sounds? -- in that are all these Shaker tunes and folk tunes that really did come from the immigrant population from the 17th, 18th, 19th centuries. I would be playing these pieces, and it would have this resonance with these other ancient tunes that I was playing for my grandmother. The connection was really something that became part of the fabric of how I loved music, and then was very easy to write on this film.”
“Neither Chris nor I are very well versed, in musical terms,” says DeBlois, “but every time John would play a melody, we would point at something and say, ‘That's really great.’ Maybe it's just a phrase within the larger piece he was playing. But we were always encouraging him to find that one little melody and repeat it enough and emphasize it enough so that you could go out whistling it. That was really my hope.” Powell isn't a big fan of the literal leitmotif approach -- this theme is for this character -- because “there's nothing more irritating, I think, than hearing a tune happen every time a character walks in,” he laughs. “Unless it's so beautifully and elegantly, subtly done that you sort of don't realize -- you just realize there's a vibe The [James] Bond vibe that happens when he walks in a room is different.” Instead, he likes to write tunes for story themes, which are often represented by particular characters, but are larger than the characters themselves. 
Early on, he identified that he needed a theme to capture the relationship between Hiccup and Toothless which would necessarily convey the feeling of flight. One of his first experiments was scoring the “Test Drive”, where the pair go on their first joy flight with Toothless’ new prosthetic tail fin. “I just had an idea, and I put it down, and it had heavy guitars in it and big drums, and it had a very simple tune. I didn't even have the B part of it, so it worried me a lot -- it was a bit too basic. Bill Damaschke, who was head of the studio, was very influential. “I remember him saying to me, ‘Remember that we're trying to make this for a modern audience so don't think you just have to be ancient sounding and old fashioned.’ So ‘Test Drive’ was a test of that, if you like. I thought, well, let's see if he really means that. But somehow I think I managed to get the tempo right and the groove right and enough of a feeling of floating to feel right for flying just that little clip was the key to flying which we had to really crack because there's a lot of it, and when they loved just 16 measures of that, I realized, okay, this gives me latitude, I can move in perhaps more unusual ways than I thought.”
That tune became the theme for the movie, in a sense, which is all about the joy of flight and the rewards of collaboration over conflict. It opens the film as a brass fanfare under the DreamWorks logo, and Powell sprinkled it throughout in various fragments and disguises. The tune is mystical with swirling female vocals when Hiccup, having shot the fearsome Night Fury down, finds Toothless trapped in a cove (“Wounded”), mysterious and eerie as Hiccup sneaks up to try and lure the dragon with a fish (“Offering”), and in the form of a spirited Celtic jig for the montage of Hiccup improving the tail's design (“See You Tomorrow”), so that when they finally swoop and soar together in “Test Drive,” it's the cathartic bloom of a melody we've been primed for and anxiously anticipating. Powell learned that trick from the master. “I remember reading a John Williams interview where he said he always starts with the end of the movie and gets the big, key scene right -- and then gradually throughout the movie, going backwards to the beginning, he dissolves the melodies so that they form throughout the film. Which explains so much about why you know these tunes so well when they come. That's the brilliant thing about him is you get to the point where you hear these big tunes, and you've probably heard them being constructed underneath you. That always struck me as the right way to do it."
The long cue at the beginning of the film acts as a kind of overture. As Hiccup introduces us to his island, its inhabitants, and the dragons (“No one has ever killed a night fury, " he says, "that's why I'm going to be the first”), Powell introduces us to his many themes. "It was a very difficult cue to write, because you don't want to get in the way of the storytelling, which is all exposition at that point," the composer says. "So it's a technically tricky moment to be trying to land tunes. That opening cue was key, but it's not terribly well written for the scene. It required the music and the sound effects to be pulled down so you can hear dialogue. In the reference book of how to write scores for the beginning of a movie like that, it's good in one way, and it's bad in another way. It doesn't fit around what's going on, it just kind of hammers through it. But that was very clearly the only way to achieve what Chris and Dean were asking for. If you want tunes at the beginning of a movie, you have to basically ignore what's going on."
Ignoring Powell's self-deprecation, "This is Berk" is a fabulous start to a film. It explodes with the energy of the sequence but remains grounded in the serious, more fluid musical approach to animation that the entire score maintains. and it does so well smoothly debuting a whole family of catchy tunes that will be our constant companions on the journey ahead. A swinging bassoon (old friend from the Bourne scores) sings the Celtic folk tune that the composer designated as the “fun” Viking theme. This melody quickly pivots from pastoral to adrenalized with jaunty embellishment, which it often does throughout the score. There are actually three different Viking tunes: there's a very manly, stoic tune, often carried by a male choir -- a warrior's theme that appropriately announces Stoick the vast in the opening cue -- and an aspirational tune for the hope of these Vikings and their enlightenment. (Think of it almost as the Vikings past, present, and future.) That melody is first heard on solo clarinet as Hiccup protests that he wants to be a warrior, but it's clear that he's a lover not a fighter, and it's full of symbolic upward leaps. "You could say it's the ‘wind of change’ theme, " Powell says. “His character represents something in the film that I needed a tune for, and admittedly, because he was that character and he was doing that a lot, it would have worked to have ‘his’ tune there. But this allows me to use that tune when it's appropriate. when the others are using that same mindset, then I can use the tune and it makes perfect logic in my head."
"This is Berk" also presents the love theme on impassioned strings when Astrid is introduced, walking away from an explosion in slow motion. Hiccup's attraction to the fierce female warrior is not reciprocated, and she spends the first half of the movie aggravated at his dragon-fighting incompetence and, later, his creative success. It's only after she finds out where he's been sneaking off to and learning the art of dragon training, and he persuades her to take a breathtaking ride on Toothless, that the love theme flowers in all its splendor. “Romantic Flight" features a virtuosic performance of the melody on solo violin, skimming along the clouds of a female choir, as Hiccup and Astrid glide gently into a setting sun. Powell remembers auditioning this theme for Katzenberg...who didn't like it. "He was like, ‘eh, I don't know. It's kind of got the right feel, but I'll never be able to remember that tune,’" the composer recalls. "I was a bit downhearted, because I thought it was quite a good tune." Sanders and DeBlois encouraged Powell to hang on to it, and a week later he tried it out again, with only minor tweaks and picture adjustments. "Jeffrey goes, ‘I think the tune’s still a little hard to remember. Maybe you should try a different one again.’ The third week, I played the same tune," Powell admits, "and maybe I had tightened it up even more, and maybe I had adjusted it so it really worked better with the picture. But, completely on the directors’ intuition, I played the same thing for the third week, and by this time he thought it was really good. It's not that Jeffrey was wrong about it being a long and complicated tune -- but I think when you hear something once, it is difficult sometimes to take in a more through-composed kind of musical style like that. All it needs is a few goes." 
The other major theme introduced in the opening "overture," heralded by a snarling low trombone, is a menacing, serpentine melody for the dragons over a militaristic percussion march. As with his other themes, Powell designed this one to follow the story arc: initially the dragons are monsters, they italicized are a threat, so their theme is treated accordingly during early sequences of dragon fighting and in Stoick’s quest to find their island nest. (The tune returns with the weary Vikings after their failed mission in "See You Tomorrow" on somber bassoon.) The gigantic dragon on that island, Red Death, is accompanied by a darkly nautical Old Hollywood statement of the theme ("Dragon's Den"), and the climactic battle is full of broiling aggressive quotations. But by then, Hiccup has convinced his cohort that the dragons are really affectionate and better off as companions, so the "dragon theme" turns into something major-key and heroic. "Everyone changes in the movie," says Powell. "The dragons are bad at the beginning, and the Vikings are bad at the beginning. Everybody's bad at the beginning, except for maybe our hero. So you need flexible tunes. The idea of dragons is fear, but also excitement, so that when everybody comes flying in at the end of the movie - having figured out that was the only way of going to save Hiccup - they're on the dragon tune. Rather than the Viking tune, because yes, they're Vikings, but it's actually more about the change that's happened and the fact that they're being allowed to be with these exciting beasts. "
The last major theme is first heard on solo clarinet in “Training Out There," as Hiccup wanders through the forest, beating himself up for losing the downed Night Fury. It roars back in "See You Tomorrow, " weaving in and around a wild jig during the montage of Hiccup's growth as a dragon trainer and tail-builder. This introspective tune is a kind of "fate” theme, Powell says -- a hope for the future - which “strangely enough, I remember that being the most Eastern European harmonic quote kind of Jewish horah thing. I’d no idea why I thought that would work," he laughs. "I remember playing that to Jeffrey, and I think he slyly looked at me and said, 'You know, if I didn't know more, I'd think you worked on Broadway.' Which i think is basically a way of saying, 'Are you Jewish, John?' So he spotted that it worked, but almost against his better judgment. I remember thinking, 'God, this harmony is so weirdly not Scottish. I need to really hammer the arrangement on top of it, and the orchestration, so that we don't seem as if we've just disappeared into another universe.' So you put a bunch of bagpipes and capital uilleann pipes and penny whistles and fiddles on top of this very, very Jewish music. I guess I got it to work."
The directors had explicitly asked for unique sounds, and Powell took that to heart. The score is brimming with expressive solos by the Norwegian hardanger fiddle (“The Dragon Book"), a small Ukrainian flute called the sopilka ("Forbidden Friendship”), harmonium (“Let's Find Dad”), and Irish flute. Powell also summoned a battery of Scottish "war pipes," gathering about 20 players in LA after putting out an open call, and sampling them playing each individual note. "The trouble with bagpipes is, they only have 'on' or 'off,' he laughs. “So there's various versions of the same note, and I’d try and pick the one that was best for the tune. The stuff in Dragon 1 is almost impossible to play, because it has loads of notes that those bagpipes can't really play." (On the two sequels, he used a dexterous Scottish group called the Red Hot Chili Pipers to play the tricky bagpipe parts.) Powell also sampled a bunch of anvil-type, industrial machinery to achieve a "foundry of war" sound. “I went to Sony and I took massive pieces of plumbing pipe and things, and stuck them together and blew through them and hit them. So there are a lot of samples that I did here in Los Angeles of big, grand, very industrial-sounding things that gave a rhythmic tonality to the march idea." With many pre-recorded tracks in tow, he recorded the orchestra and many of the soloists at Air Studios in London, along with the Metro Voices Choir. At times, just the sopranos and altos led lend the dragons and ethereal quality ("throwing some Enya at it”); other times just the men, humming tunefully or grunting in syncopation, provide what Powell calls the "oral representation of testosterone." “My father was from Wales, and he always liked these huge choirs that they would do at Eisteddfod's, which are the cultural festivals. The male voice choir is as traditional in Wales as the brass bands are. They tend to be connected with pits where these men were in incredibly dangerous situations together. It's part of the bonding ritual of men in perilous jobs."
One of the other unique instruments in the score is a slate marimba, a struck idiophone made with rocks, which provides (along with a glass marimba) the rhythmic current for the standout cue, "Forbidden Friendship. “That sequence, a wordless montage that manifests the blossoming bond between Hiccup and the adorably catlike Toothless, is arguably the heart and soul of the movie...and it was the last thing Powell wrote. It started as maybe the most generic story beats in our rough outline when we started piecing the story together," says DeBlois. "We used to have a card up on a cork board that just said ‘THE BLACK STALLION MOMENT,’  because we so fondly recalled the sequence [from the 1979 film] with the boy on the beach after the shipwreck, and how they came to trust one another, and eventually it ends with the boy riding on the back of the stallion as they're chasing through the surf. We just knew that we wanted to do something that would be worthless and poetic and visual and beautiful, and that the music would drive it. And we had to protect it. We had assigned it four or five minutes, and we were willing to collapse everything around it in order to give it that screen time. It wasn't until Chris, and our head of story and another storyboard artist, really worked out the ark of the visuals, and the drawing in the sand -- all of that -- that it became its own thing. It was no longer derivative; It was really unique." 
DeBlois and Sanders learned a lesson from composer Alan Silvestri on Lilo and Stitch that stayed with them forever. “At one point we had to show Stitch’s transformation, from sort of a selfish monster to somebody who would put his life on the line for someone else," says DeBlois. "We were reviewing the reels with Alan Sivestri and he said, 'Where is that moment? Where does it actually happen?' We laughed and said, 'We didn't know how to do it, so we essentially handled it off screen.' He said, 'Put it on screen, and I'll do it.' He taught us the power of music as a storytelling device, and how it could practically solve problems for us. We started to deliberately plant moments within the story, all the way back to the outline phase, that would be carried by music. Where the visuals could become poetic, and the narrative, the actual storytelling, would evolve with the music as the guide, instead of relying upon dialogue. "Music, says Sanders, "is a voice within the film that is unassailable. No one's going to laugh at your music. People can trip over a piece of dialogue, or they can trip over a character design -- but music is the closest thing to magic that you can really have, in terms of making a film. So we build houses for music within our films. And it's exciting to us - but I would imagine that for somebody like John it might be a little bit intimidating that we're just handling the entire thing to him. [laughs.] 'This has to be great!'” DeBlois had temped that montage with a track by the Icelandic band Sigur Ros that features a slate marimba, which “had a really elemental, very primitive feel to it," he says. "It just became married to the visuals for so long that John realized he had to really rise to the challenge of not only meeting it, but besting it. "
Once he had “laid pipe" with the flying theme and other ideas throughout the score, Powell was ready to tackle the sequence. "All the thematic material that I needed, that I was trying to say things with, then was available to me," he says, "and then I could go in and surgically construct what I needed." The driving idea in "Forbidden Friendship" is an arpeggiated, tuneful motor from the flying theme in "Test Drive," which symbolizes the boy-dragon relationship all through the score. (It sounds more ominous in a minor key on dulcimer in "The Dragon Book" before they bond, and on fiery hardanger fiddle when "Astrid finds Toothless." In "Kill Ring: Stop the Fight, " when the Night Fury is discovered by the Viking warriors, an agonized string version underscores his capture.) That gentle marimba heartbeat is joined by harp and vibraphone, and a pulsing bass clarinet fills out the bottom end while celeste, glockenspiel, sleighbells, and piano all adds to the cue’s glassy, fragile atmosphere. The friendship arpeggio slowly builds and builds and on top of this percussive engine adding strings and ornamented with a sweet sopilka solo, angelic female voices, and hammered dulcimer. “With John's score,” says DeBlois, “it became the most indelible moment in the movie -- and I would argue the whole trilogy. I think it's just such a unique moment, completely driven by the beauty of the music and the beauty of the visuals."
How to Train Your Dragon came out on March 26th, 2010. It was received enthusiastically by critics and audiences alike, becoming the 10th highest grossing film of the year and spawning two popular sequels. The power of John Powell's score was affirmed by his peers when they gave him his first Academy Award nomination. The day he found that out was bittersweet: that same morning his wife, the photographer Melinda Lerner, learned she had breast cancer. She later died from a bone marrow disorder in 2016.) It remains a highlight of Powell's impressive career as he continually proves himself to be one of today's best melody writers and symphonic storytellers. “Chris and I quickly realized that John has a very strong more story sense in his own right,” says Dean DeBlois. "And when it came to filling the movie with tunes and motifs, he was finding his own way through the story that was almost like a harmony to the main things that we were tackling on the surface with dialogue and visuals. It's a really unique ability, and something that I'm thankful for. Because the music itself is not just supporting the storytelling - it's deepening it." 
-Tim Greiving
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for-you-my-heart · a month ago
Techza Beauty and the Beast au… with a few changes.
Part 1 (had to split it because it’s at 845 words and it’s not done yet hELP- I HAD TO PUT THE REST UNDER A KEEP READING)
Technoblade is tired of his village life. Sure, he liked potatoes, but sometimes potato farming felt more like a burden than a blessing. He’s read every book in the small bookstore already (and of course, his favourite is “The Art of War”.), and maybe he wants more than the quiet life he had. Maybe he wants adventure.
One day as he is out with Carl, his beloved horse, an unexpected storm hits. As he and Carl are blown around by the fierce winds, a dark shape looms in the near distance. Hoping to find shelter for the night, he urges Carl forward and through the blizzard to see an abandoned castle. It’s empty, but Techno can’t shake the constant feeling of being watched. (He doesn’t see the raccoon and the goat kid run to tell the others they had a guest, one who might break the curse.) So Techno feeds and takes care of Carl, but as night falls he decides to explore. 
Many years ago, there was a king. He had two sons, one a musician, one a knight in training. Many sent marriage proposals to him, but he never accepted any of them. On one snowy night, everything changed. A witch, enraged by the king’s refusal to marry her, arrived at his castle. There she cursed everyone within to turn into animals, and turned the king into a monstrous beast, with sharp talons and ebony wings. The curse could only be broken by someone falling in love with the king despite his monstrous looks. Since then, the residents of the castle have been waiting for someone to come along to break the curse.
“Dadza! There’s someone here!” Tommy has to stand on Tubbo’s back to reach the door handle, but at least he has hands, not hooves. “He came here cuz of the storm, and he wasn’t a rude guest or anything!” Philza sighs even as Tommy jumps around on his bed in excitement, Tubbo jumping along with him. After all these years of being cursed, Tommy still hasn’t lost hope in breaking it. But Phil has. Years of rude guests have led to him being a little… jaded when it comes to someone falling in love with him. Still, Tommy seems so excited… it couldn’t hurt to at least meet the guest.
“Well, where is he?” Tommy pauses even as Tubbo does a perfect backflip and sticks the landing. For a goat kid bouncing on a bed, that’s pretty impressive. “Uh… he went exploring, so I dunno where he is… ” Laughter comes from the open doorway, and Tommy flushes at it. “Shut up, Wilbur!” Despite his low mood, Phil manages a smile as Wilbur pads in. “Our guest is in the library. He’s been reading non stop, and last I saw him he was… well, still reading.” “So he’s a nerd? He might be your type, Dadza.” Tommy heckles. “Shush, you… I should go see our guest. I would be a terrible host otherwise.”
While Tommy and Tubbo had been trying to get to Phil, Techno found the library, and he feels like he’s in heaven. So many books that he has never read before! He finds an armchair, tucked away in a corner, grabs a book and starts reading, only stopping briefly to grab another book for later. So engrossed in his reading that he doesn’t look up until someone clears their throat.
“Heh-” Later, Techno denies getting spooked, but he nearly jumps out of the armchair at the “sudden appearance” of the person in front of him. The man laughs, but it doesn’t feel mocking. It’s a nice laugh, Techno thinks to himself, quite like a songbird’s trill. He is wearing a veiled hat that obscures his face, long sweeping green robes, and something flutters behind him. Even so, Techno finds himself intrigued by the man in front of him.
“I haven’t had a laugh like that in a while. Might I know your name?” “Uh- Techno Blade. Most people just… call me The Blade.” Techno fumbles for his words. Dimly, he realises he’s still holding the book he was reading. “Well, may I call you Techno? I’m Philza, by the way. But you can call me Phil.” He holds out his hand, and as Techno takes it he realises the man doesn’t have human hands. He has claws. 
“Are you scared?” Techno looks at Phil, who must have caught him staring. Instead of saying yes, like Phil had expected, Techno says something neither of them expected as his brain-to-mouth filter malfunctions. “That’s kinda hot, actually.”
(A bookcase over, a raccoon makes a disgusted face as a goat kid and a brown fox fall over laughing. “Eugh, I changed my mind, I don’t want him as our step-dad!” “You’ll have to accept that fact soon, Tommy. Did you see how dad looked at him as he was reading? Love at first sight, I say.” “Aw, don’t do this to me Wilbur-” “Or they could just be so obtuse and stubborn that they’ll never confess their love-” “Shut up, bee boy.”)
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sellina-skyfall · 5 months ago
Dream SMP - The execution
Summary: What would have happened if there was someone else present for Technos execution? In other words, my interpretation of the scene if my character was in the Smp
This one-shot was heavily inspired/based on Sad-ist animation "Hog hunt"
This can be read as a xReader or as a xOc
I was not used to feelings, it simply wasn't in my nature. You know, being a god and all. But, right now, panic was the only thing I could feel.
My hole body was shaking, eyes widen in disbelief as I stared at the scene unfolding in front of me with horror. This was not suppossed to happen, they shouldn't have captured us, him. It had been a simple mistake, and now we were gonna pay greatly for it.
My eyes were especificly focused on Technos silluette, the usualy tall and frightening demi-god was now slumped over and unusually quiet. Shoulders tense and hands clenched, he looked  about ready to slaughter the hole room without a second though.
I watched quietly as he scanned the room, gaze ever so jarring even with the oh so recognizable pig mask he wore everywhere. It didn't take long before he spotted me, it's not like the butcher gang had tried to hide me. If anything, they had made sure I had the first row sit to the execution.
Payback was what they called it, for not helping localizate the "criminal" that had destroyed L'manburg hundreds of times before. An so called enemy of the state.
Fancy words being trowned around by kids playing adults, that's all this was. A game that had spiralled out of control way to quickly.
I was only pulled back from my thoughts by Techno's booming voice, the roughness of it making me wince out loud. He had to been screaming before being captured.
I wanted to smile, try and show him that everything was fine, try and calm the never ending storm that resided within the piglin' hybrid, but the constant sting on my wrists did not alow such a thing. Instead, a small whine escaped my swolen, bitten lips, tears slightly pricking the corner of my eyes as red marks started to slowly spread across my once pale skin.
Almost instantly I brought my hands up as hight as they were allowed to, the suddent actions causing  the chains attached to the handcuffs to rattle rather loudly. Loud enough to catch everyones attention.
Still, my eyes never left Techno's face, not even after Quackity's voice reached me, half assed orders to stay put, orders that clearly fell on deaf ears.. My gaze simply stayed focussed on the hybrid, focussed on the smallest of changes in his half covered expression. His bottom lip trembled, tusks barring out in anger as his mouth descended into one of the most prominente frowns I've ever seen him wear.
Our staring contest was put to an abrupt stop as Tubbo finally stepped up to the podium, his voice reaching even the deepest confindments of L'manburg. They really wanted everyone in this hell to hear the execucion. They wanted to make an exemple out of him, they wanted to prove a point to everyone that thought about revolting.
-Technoblade has robbed our country of everything that made it special! Of everything that defines what it was!-
Tubbo's words were like knifes to the back, the little rasckle had the audacity to proclaim such words when Techno had been the one helping them get rid of Jschlatt. When he had been the one to give them armour, protection. Everything.
Technoblade had given them everything.
And this is how they decided to repayed him.
-If anything Technoblade has improved this nation you so call yours! Look around yourselves, do you think this is what a country is suppossed to be!? You claim you want the best for L'manburg and yet, here you are! About to murder someone in front of a crowd! And for what?! To prove a stupid point?! You are just as bad as your father-
I couldn't even finish my sentence before being rudly interrupted by the defening sound of glass shatering, purple mist  quickly enveloping the air as a shadow imerged from the colored fog. My eyes  immediatly widened as I recognized the person in question.
I shouldn't have felt relief, but I did. So much so that a smile appeared on my lips without me even realizing. Punz, it was Punz.
We're safe
The relief was shortly lived as Tubbo started screaming for Quackity to pull the lever. The lever that controlled the anvil that hangged over Technos head. The anvil that would decide fait.
The anvil that was quickly pumbleting towardwas the ground, and in Technos direction.
The scream that tore out from my throat was loud, so loud and raw that even the ground and the threes shook, my hands desperadly tried to break free from the shackles that held me back from doing anything but espectate the tragedy.
For a moment time seemed to slow down, the screams and wails from everyone else seemed to turn into static, pure white noise as the world around us dissapeared.
This is it,
    This is your fault
        If only you had payed more attention
I could only watch in terror as the anvil descended faster and faster until –
The loud sound of metal crashing onto the groud almost made me gag, the bang had been so loud that I felt it echo through my body.
My stomach knotted into itself as I was hit with an extremely sick feeling, the taste of copper clear on my tongue.
For a moment I couldn't believe my eyes, I had to be dreaming.
It had to be a dream.
Suddently he wasn't there and then, he was. The echoy explosion was what seemed to bring back the word to it's original speed.
It took me a while, it took everyone a while to understand what the fuck had just happened.
There he stood, tall and proud.
Acting like he hadn't just dodged death.
A totem of undying
-You fucking sly bastard-
Nothing more was said, not that I had the time to. Before I could even react a dimond axe was trown down, expertly cutting through the cuffs like they were melted butter. Rough hands immediatly warped around me, forcefully pulling me up to my feet and leading me away from all the chaos going down.
I didn't even have time to process what had just happened.
It did click rather fast after I recognized the green cloak that covered the tall man that was currently grasping my hand.  I honestly didn't even have to look twice to recognize it.
Anyone would recognize that cape from miles away now, anyone would fear the man behind it.
But not me.
No, I could never fear the man had managed to save my life time and time again.
He turned around to face me as soon as the name slipped past my lips, the unsettling smily white mask finally coming into view as we stared at each other for what felt like hours.  We had just stopped at the entrance of an long dirty tunnel that seemed to go deeper then it should, in other words the end could simply not been seen from where we stood.
Next to us stood Carl, Technos beloved horse, the animal seemed somewhat relieved to see me, it's head coming slightly to the side as it rested against my shoulder.
No words were exchanged between us, we didn't need them. Not at this point.
Dream didn't hesitate in handing me a very familiar dimond axe, this one was enchanted with  the stronggest of spells human kind had yet to discover.
It was slightly larger then normal, expertly decorated with gold and netherrite, a very prominent eye of ender keeping the hole staff together, and slightly breaking the color pallet with its vibrant green.
I didn't question how he managed to get my battle axe back, it didn't matter.
He also lended me Carl's lead, his touch lingering around my fingers for longer then it should. There we stood, connected by a feather like touch before the moment was broken by Technos voice. We simply exchanged nods before Dream disappeared into the darkness, quietly making his escape without anyone even knowing he was in the premises.
I knew Techno had seen us, it was probably how he found us in the first place.
There was no real reason so hide what has just happened. The piglin sprinted towards me, breathing slightly faster then usual as he checked me over for any injuries.
A simple shame of my head was enough to get the point across.
-We need to get out of here-
-You two aren't going anywhere-
Quackity's voice rang out through out the tunnel, eyes focused on both of us, mostly probably awaiting for any sudden and brisk movement's.
Techno was the first one to advance, pickax in hand as he lunged towards the offender. I simply stood to the side for a few seconds, gaze careful following both of their forms as they went back and forth for a while.
My wrists were still hurting from all the pulling I had done earlier, so I had no other choice but to stand there and watch. Either that, or I could endanger Techno by failing a trow.
It wasn't until Quackity steeped closer that I decided to take action. It had been an unconscious move, he hadn't even noticed me standing there. And for that little mistake he was about to pay.
I swung my axe as hard as I could, easily knocking him out of balance, as his expression mirrored one of confusion. Next, without hesitation I swung up, the sharp blade of my weapon cutting through his hand as a scream tore from his mouth. His axe clanged loudly onto the floor, and before he could even react Techno also swung up.
-I have a pickax and I'm gonna put it through your teeth!-
And just like that, the tunnel fell quiet.
Quackity's body hit the ground instantly, blood quickly pooling around his head from the blow he had just received to the face.
The staticky voice of the radio warped around his torso was the only thing that broke the silence.
Quackity was killed by Technoblade while trying to escape Sellina.
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yanderes-galore · 2 months ago
Xenophobic Chapter 3 - Containment
Possible Trigger Warnings: Mentions of Trauma, Strong language, Gore, Drugging, Kidnapping?
Tumblr media
Screeching, It was the sound that gave you flashbacks from the day your beloved friend died. You silently watched with scientists as a chestburster burst out of the prisoner's chest. Poor bastard.... he was on death row anyway. The chestburster then plopped onto the floor and slithered around dripping blood. It examined everyone through the plexiglass with it's pale body.
You didn't know how to feel about this. They were trying to train a literal monster that kills people to survive. You grumbled and turned away, hearing desperate screeching coming from the creature as it was gassed to be moved to a test chamber. Enough of this, you needed rest. You walked off to go find your friend Carl to see if he wanted to go out and eat. Maybe you could use the time to relax and not think of the black demons who host within people.
Carl was reading a book, sipping a coffee. He still had a few scratches from the earlier capture mission but he had already went to the medic to get them checked. Nothing too serious. You sat next to him and peeled the book away from his face.
"Hm?" Carl questioned as you looked at him with stressed and tired eyes.
"You want to go get lunch?" You asked, yawning in the process. Carl then gave you a hesitant expression.
"You look pretty tired, are you sure you don't want me to go and get something from the cafe and bring it to you?" He asked, just trying to help. You thought for a moment before giving a nod. Carl hummed in agreement and offered his hand to escort you to your room.
Time Skip
You laid in your bed, fed and rested.  You smiled as you remembered you will have to thank Carl later for the lunch in bed. You then shot up when you heard a knock at your door. Shaking your head, you stood up and dragged yourself to the door, opening it. It was Liam, the synthetic robot you had met before the expedition. Liam gave a warm smile before speaking.
"Ms (L/N) I am sorry for bother you but we need you to see our experimental findings." Liam requested as you gave a stiff nod. Looks like you needed to check on their Xenomorph. The walk down the halls seemed to take forever as Liam pulled out a keycard and slipped it through a card reader by a door. The door beeped before opening and letting you two in. You then stood before another door.
"Decontamination sequence." Liam explained in a robotic tone as a laser lightly brushed against your skin. The second door then opened and you saw what was inside the dimly lit room. A fully grown Xenomorph was curled up in a containment area, possibly resting. Liam lightly took your hand and led you closer, you cautiously shuffling behind.
On closer inspection the Xenomorph was labeled. A set of numbers that read "526" was marked onto the Xenomorph's shell like skin near the chest. The Xenomorph looked to shift a bit before smacking its tail against the container and standing up, showing it was around 7 foot. Liam then made a noise similar to clearing his throat.
"This is experiment 526, He is a genetically modified Xenomorph that is male and has human DNA combined into him. He can now learn what a human can learn and is less rabid than the others." Liam listed off and the Xenomorph began to hiss at the synthetic.
"'Less Rabid?' Liam, It's hissing at you quite violently." You observed as 526 thrashed his tail violently. He didn't look friendly either. Liam stared at the Xenomorph before quickly replying.
"Well, At least he shouldn't be-" Liam claimed before shaking his head. "It doesn't matter right now, I need your help training 526."
"Training?" You questioned, 526 looking at you "You want me to train a creature whose species murdered my whole colony!?" You lashed as Liam looked taken aback. 526 hissed more as he slammed himself against the cage. Then, Liam began to chuckle.
"It looks like you share the same personality, too." Liam commented as you scoffed.
"Now is not the time to joke about my dead friends and family you piece of scrap!" You snarled as Liam narrowed his eyes.
"Ms (L/N), that is not very lady like." The synthetic argues as he began to approach you. You widened your eyes and backed away, running to the security doors and trying to get them to unlock. You screamed, or at least tried to as the rogue robot gripped you and held your mouth closed, 526 loudly hissing in the background and thumping around as it tried to break free, stressed due to the commotion.
"It seems you need some sedatives (Y/N)..." The corrupted robot said as you felt a pain in your back.
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yiiiikesizzy · 5 months ago
A Way Out
Tumblr media
Rick Grimes x fem!Reader
Summary: A run gone wrong
Warnings: major angst, major character death, thoughts of suicide, no happy ending
AN: this was requested by @rrickgrrimes8​ I’m going to do a second part.
"So, what's up with you? You've been all quiet and shit." Y/N, Rick's wife, asked as she nudged him with her elbow.
"Sure as hell isn't nothing! I'm used to you talking my ear off." She chuckled. Rick shook his head and sighed.
"I told you I don't like it when you go on runs." He told her with a pointed look. The woman shook her head with an eye roll.
"Yeah, well, I can't stay cooped up in those walls, Rick. I know you don't like to be either. Alexandria is a nice place, but damn is it stuffy." She told him. They were slowly walking through a forest, creeping towards a house Rick had seen a long time ago.
"Just be careful," he scolded. He knew how reckless she could be. Y/N told him repeatedly that she'd take a bullet for anyone in the family, and the idea scared him. He couldn't handle losing her.
They finally found the house hidden away in the woods, scanning the area for walkers and finding none.
"This place seems clean. Like no one has touched it in years." Commented Y/N, wiping dust away from the counter in the kitchen. Rick nodded and held his machete high as they looked around on the inside.
Rick was terrified of today. He felt a deep sense of dread as soon as Y/N volunteered to come with him. Today was not going to be a good day.
"You're going quiet again." The woman's sing-song tune echoed throughout the house, making Rick scoff.
"Stop." He scolded. Y/N chuckled and walked over to her husband, pecking him on the lips.
"Oh, come on! I'm just playing." She wrapped her arms around his neck while his hands snaked around her waist to give her a proper kiss.
The two enjoyed the company of the other as they searched the house. With their bags packed, Y/N and Rick walked outside, only to be met by two men with big guns.
"Well, howdy there." One of them said. He was large, tall, and muscular. He had a fat mustache and slick back hair. The other was scrawny and looked like he was tweaking out.
"Put your bags and guns down." The scrawny one said, pointing his gun at Y/N. The dread that filled Rick's heart sunk further, looking at his wide eyed wife in fear. He felt it every time she was in danger, but today felt different.
"Okay. Okay. Well, do what you say, and we'll be on our way, okay?" Y/N slowly spoke with her hands raised, dropping her gun to the floor.
"Sounds about right. This was our home, and you just ransacked it. You give us our stuff, and we don't kill you. Understand?" The big one said, his voice deep and sinister.
Rick copied her actions hesitantly, not wanting to follow. The two men laughed and collected their things with guns trained on their victims.
Suddenly, Y/N pulled Rick away by the shirt, crying out and dragging her husband into the house as gunfire sounded in front of them. The two panted as they closed the door. More bullets sprayed in their direction, Rick and Y/N running out the back.
They were panting as they made it to the car, leaning over their knees to catch their breath.
The dread followed him even though they were out of the deadly situation, but it deepened when he watched the woman reached beneath her jacket and produced a blood-soaked hand.
"Well, this is gonna ruin my whole day." She said softly with a chuckled before coughing up blood. Her knees buckled out from under her as the adrenaline wore off, falling to the floor.
"No!" Rick screamed, quickly catching his lover.
"I'm okay. I'm okay." She was paler already, the blood oozing out of her body in waves. Rick lifted her shirt to inspect the wound before applying pressure.
"C'mon, baby. Let's get- let's get you home okay. Everything will be alright."
"I know. I have you, right? I'm not leaving you, Rick." She smiled gently, her vision fading in and out.
"Hey, stay awake." He told her, gently tapping her cheek.
"You're a good man Rick. A good father. A good husband. A good leader. I love you so much." She cried. Rick shook his head and kissed her cold forehead.
"Don't say it like that."
"Like what?"
"Like you're saying goodbye. This isn't goodbye." He said, helping her into the car. He quickly got in as well and zoomed out of the space they were in. He had to keep tapping her leg to keep her awake.
"Rick, stop the car." She said weakly. Rick shook his head with tears in his eyes as he looked at her.
"No. We're almost there." He pleaded. She shook her head and grabbed his hand.
"I don't want to die in a car, Rick." She told him softly. She looked at him and leaned forward, lifting up her jacket and shirt.
"The bullet never left. I'm internally bleeding. I can feel it. I just want you to hold me." She sobbed, watching as Rick slowed the car down.
Rick got out of the car and took her out, knowing she was right. He didn't want to do this. He was sobbing hysterically by the time he laid her on the dirty ground. She looked like death, and it broke his heart.
"You're eyes get so blue when you cry." She told him, cupping his cheek with a bloodstained hand. Rick buried his head into her heaving chest until it stopped.
"Y/N?" He asked. He checked her pulse to find nothing. His cries got harder, rocking back and forth as he held his dead wife. He never had closure with Lori, and he only got half closer with her. He couldn't handle this.
Eventually, Rick picked up her corpse after stabbing her brain, neatly placing her into the passenger seat, and setting back to Alexandria.
His face was blank as he exited the car, people greeting him with confused looks by his state. He ignored them, opening the passenger side and picking up his wife. Gasps and cries sounded through the entrance of their haven, people collapsing to their knees in grief as they saw the broken couple. Carl came running in, tears escaping his eyes.
"Dad?" He asked. Rick didn't acknowledge them, walking past everyone to where they held the dead.
"Rick." It was Maggie. And this time, he raised his head from Y/N's face, her dead weight feeling lighter than the pain he felt.
"Let me help you," Sasha said. The two were closer to Y/N than anyone else. He watched as Sasha grabbed a shovel and started to dig a grave. People gathered around as their beloved second leader was lowered into the hole, sniffles and cries echoing in his ears.
Rick felt numb, his skin buzzing in a sensation he's never felt before. Was this what wanting to die feels like?
"Rick." It was Michonne this time, guiding him to where Carl and Judith were after the ceremony.
He had no more tears to shed; his eyes all dried up. There was a sense of sadness that carried around in Alexandria after her death. Rick would sluggishly walk around when Carl forced him to go outside to get fresh air. But that sadness turned into rage.
Rick would often leave to kill walkers and search for the people who killed his wife. When he did find them, he killed them. Slower and more painfully than his Y/N.
When he was done with his rage, he stopped accepting it. He kept putting plates out for her when they had family night. Kept serving two dishes like he used to instead of one. It broke his heart further when he reached the dining room and see the looks on everyone's faces when they saw his plates. For the longest time, they kept a chair for her, some forgetting that she was even gone.
The group eventually got rid of the chair, feeling as though it was too hard to keep it.
The days got harder, and his will to live got weaker. But he knew he had to keep going. For Carl, Judith, Alexandria. But it was hard. So hard. He woke up with nightmares, seeing her beautiful eyes turn white as she died. Visuals of her as a walker coming to tear into his flesh. He couldn't handle it.
He couldn't take it anymore.
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winterscorp · 6 months ago
Hi Winterscorp,
It's been a while since I've read anything from you. Have you thought about doing a Richonne one shot? It would surely make me happy.
Hope you're staying safe. 😘
Tumblr media
Hi there anonymous!! I know, I know it’s been so long time since I’ve been in the writing mood. We’ve all been in the middle of this crazy Parasol and life has been crazy for us all! So no excuses!
I honestly lost the inspiration to write for our wonderful #Richonne ever since that long ago day the show made the worst decision ever made in show history (yah I know, I’m dramatic) when they killed off Carl and then... THEN they had our beloved Rick carried off by THE TRASH BowlCutsGalore... I tried. I really did. I even started a sequel to “Vengeance” but... my heart hasn’t been in it to plot it out. I even stopped watching the show. Mind you I did keep abreast of all the goings on because... Queen Michonne was still there but the news that I got was so disheartening. First she was totally brutalized WHILE pregnant, THEN totally disrespected by not one but ALL of the OG fam with the exception of dusty Durl (but really his was the ultimate disrespect for being one of the reasons that Rick was taken from her so brutally so... he owed her BIG TIME... anyway I digress... and during ALL of that she had to wear what I call the Noose Ring around her neck and not even the show runners gave her character the respect of calling her the rightful title of WIFE...
Tumblr media
Man I just couldn’t. I just couldn’t do it. I’m still bitter to be honest but I’ve slowly been getting my mojo back. I’ve seen so many Die hard Richonne authors holding it down. @sophiasown @lovedmoviesb @titaperez @yellehughes @richonne4life @comewithnattah @vegasloversteel @amberjoy38 @chellepo @evealacran @blkgurlmuse @emeraldislegirl just to name tiny few who with their talented prose have started to bring me back. God the talent is ridiculous in this fandom.
Tumblr media
But... but... I says all this to say... I did have a sweet little holiday one shot that I did that I will put up (holla Chatmas!!!) and I’ve been having thoughts about Retribution so... watch this space.
Thank you for reaching out and sorry it took me so long to answer you. I had to get a secondary tumblr a while back because Tumblr was messing around with me. So I’ve mostly been on that on the rare occasion that I come here now. It’s @thewinterscorpion .
Tumblr media
Also here’s the start of RETRIBUTION for you if you’re in the mood.
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pathoftheranger · 8 months ago
Rewatching Shameless and i just watched 6x1 jail scene. Can I request a meta if its not too much trouble? I feel like reading a really good meta about that scene and you're one of the best we've got so.....
It’s never any trouble at all! That’s so sweet to say—thank you so much! <3 Kind of coming to terms with the idea that anyone cares about my opinion over here. You guys are too much!
This scene is actually extremely important to me because it and the response to it were what made me start writing Shameless fanfiction, specifically when I saw that my views regarding Ian’s behavior and how Mickey received it were so vastly different from what I initially read. (Insert shameless plug for “That Milkovich Reputation” here.) Now, I know you’ve told me not to do this before, but based on the controversial position in which this scene resides, I feel the need to present a couple of disclaimers for our audience at large.
I first fell in love with Shameless last March, a couple weeks before quarantine began. I didn’t know what it was prior to that and therefore was not present when Noel left the show, so I didn’t experience the disappointment of a beloved character leaving in a potentially permanent way and didn’t engage in the fandom or see how deeply upset people were by that until after I finished the series. I also don’t subscribe to the theory that there was something going on behind the scenes or any animosity between Noel and the creators, as I have not seen any relevant evidence from reliable sources to support that what happened was anything other than decisions made in pursuit of career goals on both sides. As such, my analysis of this scene has only ever taken the content and context of the story and characters into account. I have no interest in speculating on the motives of people I do not know in writing it or portraying it this way, and even if I did, this scene made perfect sense to me as it was written and performed.
I understand and appreciate that this is not a popular position to take and urge everyone to pass this post by if my position on that matter is offensive or upsetting to you. I do not mean to tell anyone what to think or believe, only to explain how I view this scene and the context in which I do so.
That said, let’s begin.
When Last Seen: Mickey
As in all things, context is important. Prior to the prison scene, the last time we saw Mickey was when Ian broke up with him and Sammi interrupted their heartfelt moment, which basically sums up her character in a nutshell. That was a rough couple of days for Mickey. He saw how devastated Ian was to hear his family talk about him as though he were just like Monica; was distressed in his own right to return for him and discover that he’d left the base with Monica; buried his frustration and sadness by sleeping around with other people, which seemed to exacerbate those emotions because those people weren’t Ian, nor had he and Ian broken up when he did it; and came running when Ian called him, only for Ian to end their relationship.
Mickey is a very sharp man—we know this. He can read people like books and manipulate or intimidate them accordingly. He knew Ian had feelings for him in s1 when he showed up on his doorstep seeking comfort rather than going to any number of other people he trusted. He was well aware that Ian loved him in s3, and that made what he felt he had no choice in doing that much more painful. He heard what Ian said and knew what he was doing in 5x12. Of that, I have never had any doubt. It wasn’t like Ian tried to hide that he didn’t want to break up but thought that that was what would be best. In fact, the way he initially framed it always made me think that one of his highest priorities was not dragging Mickey down with him, especially in the aftermath of being called “destructive” and similar to someone who “put them through hell.” That’s why Mickey’s response wasn’t to call him an asshole or get angry or beg. It was to reassure Ian that he was there for the long haul, that he loved him and wanted to take care of him no matter what that meant—and that they could make that work. All the sentiments Ian had tried to communicate before he got married, Mickey was reciprocating in his own way. Had they not needed to temporarily write Mickey out of the story and Sammi hadn’t shown up right that second, I believe that he wouldn’t have given up so easily. We do have confirmation of that being the case in the prison scene, but we’ll get to that shortly.
When Last Seen: Ian
Ian isn’t a selfish character. We know this, too. However, Ian needed to be selfish by the end of s5. What he had to come to terms with wasn’t something that anyone could fully help him with, much as Mickey desperately wanted to. To Ian, the enemy was within. It was inside him, in his brain, telling him what to do even if that destroyed himself and everything he loved. It’s terrifying. I’m not bipolar, nor do I suffer from any other diagnosed mental illnesses, but I admire and respect everyone who wakes up every morning and tackles these things. They’re heroes every single day. But by the end of s5, Ian doesn’t feel much like a hero. Instead, he feels like the villain, and he’s lost touch with who he even is anymore.
That’s not a healthy mindset to have in a relationship. Relationships require a level of give and take, and that used to be something that Ian and Mickey already struggled with. Ian gave more in s1-3 because he was able to, while Mickey had a limit on what he could openly give because of the environment in which he lived and the manner in which he was raised. In s4-5, those roles were reversed: Mickey was able to give so much more, but Ian was gradually falling apart. Neither of them are at fault for any of those situations. It is what it is, and they have a stronger relationship for it. Ian is a giver, though. He’s always been a giver. To be in a position where he doesn’t feel like he can give anything to Mickey because he doesn’t even know who he is was truly heartbreaking for him, and objectively, he needed to take a step back so that he could focus on himself. He knew it. Based on Mickey’s understanding of Ian’s reasons after watching him deny that he had a problem for so long, I think Mickey knew it too. This hurt both of them—Ian to say it and Mickey to hear it—but they’re not fools and they’re not naïve. In some ways, they know each other better than anyone.
Jimmy said that when you’re on a plane, they tell you to put on your mask before you help anyone else with theirs. Ian needed to put on his mask. His heart can’t keep beating if his lungs don’t work.
Starting Season 6: Mickey
Unsurprisingly, Mickey has settled into prison life just fine. We’ll focus on his interactions with Ian in a bit as that’s the meat of the scene, but there are major implications inherent in his discussion with Svetlana beforehand.
1.      Mickey has accepted that this will be his reality for the foreseeable future. What else is he supposed to do? Besides, he’s known for a long time that the likelihood of ending up in prison was pretty high for him, as he alluded to in s2. He was a street thug. He stole from local stores, sold drugs, ran guns, operated a rub ‘n’ tug, created scam companies, and was a generally violent presence in the neighborhood for years. He was in juvie twice during the show, perhaps more beforehand. The unfortunate fact of the matter is that it would have been more surprising if Mickey didn’t get locked up at some point than that he did.
2.      Ian has visited Mickey before. We won’t get too deeply into this yet, but he thanks Ian for “coming back.” The other times, he wasn’t even paid to do it. So, as far as Mickey can tell, nothing has changed. Ian is focusing on himself right now, but his love for Mickey hasn’t dulled at all. That’s an encouraging thought, and it certainly puts a smile on Mickey’s face.
3.      Ever the opportunist and entrepreneur, Mickey really is doing just fine in prison. He runs a business, if you will, that appears to be quite lucrative already. This isn’t surprising either. Sadly, it’s a bad move. He’s already going to be in prison for somewhere around a decade, give or take a couple of years depending on his behavior. But his behavior isn’t good. He’s hurting people for money, and if he gets caught and brought up on more charges, not only will he serve the full fifteen years, but he could get more time added onto that.
4.      Ian is aware of this arrangement. He has to be if he’s been going there with Svetlana, and they weren’t exactly hiding what they were talking about. Ian has been very consistent throughout the series: he’s not as concerned with the moral implications of Mickey’s behavior, just how it could potentially impact their ability to be together. He still cares about Mickey at the start of s6, and Mickey can see it on his face when he won’t say it out loud. (More on that shortly.) Once he’s in a better spot mentally, maybe they would have gotten back together had Mickey been on the outside. I’m of the opinion that they would have based on the context of the situation. It isn’t an option, however. This is Mickey’s reality, and he’s not doing everything he can to get out earlier. If anything, he’s tempting fate on not being released at all. (This, in hindsight, sounds rather similar to the issues they’re dealing with right now in s11.)
So, this is where Mickey stands at the start of the season: a prison hitman who is quite pleased that the man he loves has come to see him again, even if the latter is visibly not in a very healthy mental state.
Starting Season 6: Ian
Ian isn’t in most of 6x01. What we do see of him is typically sad or colored by his frustration, outside Carl’s welcome home party at the end of the episode. Even then, there’s an aura of discomfort that accompanies the family’s knowledge that things have changed. Carl came out of juvie a different person—they’re all different people after s5, and they’re not sure how to handle walking on eggshells around each other.
From the very start of the episode, we see that Ian is still struggling even though he’s had enough time to at least partially adjust to his medication, especially if he’s been on and off of it. It’s so sweet how Fiona gently wakes him up—it’s also a bit different. What happened to banging on the bunk bed and yelling for them to come down for breakfast? After behaving pretty normally with Debbie at the bathroom door, she’s almost handling him with kid gloves, and the punches keep coming when she reminds him that he (1) has to get up for work at a place he despises and (2) needs to remember to take his meds.
The kitchen scene is extremely telling of where Ian is at this point, and it partially shows why he’s somewhat standoffish by the time we reach the prison scene. Most of the family is gone or different. Fiona is repeatedly on him about meds and getting to work on time—Ian, Mister Responsible himself who was out of the house before anybody woke up to get to work on time as a kid. Lip is at college. Debbie is absorbed in her unconfirmed but likely pregnancy. Carl is in juvie, and Liam is playing with the switchblade he found under Carl’s pillow before they take him to pre-K. His entire support system is either gone or treating him like he’s broken. All he has is Fiona “going Fiona” on everyone. It’s clear that this is impacting him because he actually derails the conversation to say that they should go visit Carl the following weekend, which was the position Debbie used to be in when Fiona was in jail. Just like Lip shut her down, Debbie shuts Ian down, and he doesn’t say another word as he drinks his coffee—which he can’t finish because Fiona is once again on him about work, so he trudges out the door to another day of being a busboy with no dreams instead of a soldier who has a future.
Work isn’t much better. Svetlana wants him to go see Mickey when he’s determined to stay away. (We don’t have confirmation, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to assume that he wants to distance himself if Mickey is doing something that will potentially get him into even more trouble, especially given some of his reactions at the prison.) Sean is sending Fiona to nag him about not moving fast enough when the diner isn’t even busy. When Otis is chased down by the cops and slammed against the front window, Sean rather condescendingly tells him to, “take your rag and wipe the blood and snot off the window.” Ian—West Point-aspiring, ambitious, courageous, caring, intelligent, hardworking Ian has been reduced to wiping up someone’s snot by a boss who’s living in his house with a sister that’s treating him like he’s shattered glass and a family that is growing further and further apart these days.
That is the day Ian has had before he even arrives at the prison. Odds are that that is how most of his days have gone for quite some time, minus the blood and snot. …Maybe.
The Prison Scene
Now we come to it: what you actually asked about! It’s taken this long to get here because we can’t possibly interpret this scene effectively without incorporating all of what came before it. Mickey’s position is regrettable, but he knows that Ian still loves him and is at least handling his situation with all the grace and competence that we can expect from him. Ian is a bit of a mess who’s had a bad day and is now faced with the man he loves, who he is telling himself he can’t be with, sitting behind glass—where he’ll be for a good long while.
I’m going to divide this analysis into two sections. For a scene that many prefer to forget, to me, it’s a masterpiece of storytelling.
The body language in this scene is remarkable—phenomenally blocked, phenomenally directed, and phenomenally portrayed.
When Mickey first appears, he’s visibly chomping at the bit to get to the visitation area. He’s peering out there while he’s still behind a locked door, and he only diverts his gaze to the guard because he’s waiting for him to unlock it. He’s cool about the whole thing—he’s very cool—but he’s obviously also here for one reason and one reason only. That reason is where his eyes go the moment he sits down at his stall and spots Ian’s coat where the latter is pacing behind Svetlana. Throughout their entire conversation, we see his eyes darting to Ian as he attempts to get the business out of the way so that he can indulge purely in the pleasure. It doesn’t matter to him that Ian is visibly tired and reluctant to be there or that he plays with Yevgeny instead of actively joining their conversation. It’s Ian, and all Mickey has to look at in here is a bunch of fellow thugs he hasn’t loved since he was too young to know what that meant. Damn right, he’s going to shamelessly watch him.
In Ian’s pacing, where we can’t see his face, I find it interesting that he keeps himself angled away from the glass. We see more of his back even though he’s moving side to side rather than away. He doesn’t want to see this. He doesn’t want to be there. In s7, he told Mickey how hard it was to see him behind glass—that wasn’t an excuse. He wasn’t falsely trying to make it sound like he was suffering at their separation just as much as Mickey was. We can see that that’s the case right here in 6x01. Ian has never had a problem sitting still through difficult moments, not even when a potential court martial that would further ruin his life was on the table. But this? He can’t sit down. He can’t face that.
The first time he turns directly towards Mickey’s location is so that Svetlana can hand Yevgeny off to him, and Mickey is visibly loving the view. His expression gets a bit softer, and he ducks his head a little so that he can catch a glimpse of Ian’s face. He follows Ian with his eyes even though Svetlana tries to get his attention. What a blast from the past, right? Ian there with his son, taking care of him while he and Svetlana figure out their business? And just like before, he offers Svetlana all of the attention and input that he deems her worth—next to nothing. Ian’s over there. Ian’s keeping the kid entertained, playing with him and rocking a bit in their seat and leaning over his little shoulder to make sure he’s doing okay—but forget that, Mickey’s eyes are examining him from red hair to beat-up shoes. He only glances back to Svetlana because he has to in order to get the information for their next paycheck. Even then, he’s still back and forth, up and down.
And Ian? He can’t keep pacing. He can’t stay turned away, but he won’t look. He occupies himself more than Yevgeny because now he’s low enough that he won’t just see an orange jumpsuit—he’ll see Mickey, and he’s had a bad enough day with his family making him feel more alone than ever without adding that pain on top of it. (This is the third time Mickey’s been locked up for something directly or indirectly related to Ian. I’m sure it’s not unreasonable to suspect that he also feels somewhat guilty about that, especially when it happened right after he broke it off.)
When Mickey asks if Ian is going to sit back there the whole time and not interact with him, Svetlana turns around and presumably says something to get his attention. Their eyes meet, and Mickey gives him a look that clearly says, “What the fuck, man?” This isn’t the behavior of a man who is heartbroken at their relationship ending or questioning Ian’s love for him. This is the behavior of a man who wants the love of his life to get his shit together enough to come say hi to him—or at least look at him—because he can’t pretend that he doesn’t want to see Mickey as much as Mickey wants to see him. It’s impossible to hide that when Ian has let Mickey see so much of his heart over the years.
Ian’s response is so fascinating because he does meet Mickey’s eyes, and he holds that connection for a moment. Then, reading what Mickey is trying to tell him, he actually turns further away again so that Mickey gets his shoulder. This sets the stage for the rest of Ian’s development from now through s9. He’s doing what Ian does: he’s compartmentalizing. He’s taking the emotions he can’t deal with right now, wrapping them in tissue paper, and neatly stacking them in a box that he’ll put up in the attic where he can pretend they don’t exist. But they do. They really do.
If they didn’t, he wouldn’t have spent their entire conversation trying so hard to focus on literally anything but Mickey, because as we saw in the Hall of Shame flashbacks and as has been obvious since their first fight-turned-fuck, once they look, the battle is lost.
I’m going to be real with you guys: I adore this scene. I’ve watched it more times than I can count even though I haven’t rewatched much of the season in its entirety. There was so much said with so few words, and while I was sad at the end, I was also hopeful. This was an impossible position to be put in on both sides, and I truly believe that this was the best resolution they could get at the time. And yes, it hurt. It was painful. But why was it painful?
Because they’re so visibly, obviously, irrevocably in love.
Mickey’s tone when he tells Svetlana to leave because he wants to talk to Ian isn’t as harsh as it’s been for the rest of their visit. There’s such a disconnect between his words and tone: roughly telling her to scram while actually sounding a bit younger at the idea of speaking directly with Ian. Svetlana could tell. It’s so clear, and her smirk is super knowing. In that moment, we’re seeing the woman who stood in the doorway of what was supposed to be her bedroom and watched him make eyes at this unconscious boy she didn’t really even remember. Not in the tears and realizing she was in big, big trouble if he left her, but in the understanding that his heart isn’t in the body on the other side of the glass—it’s sitting behind her. There are a lot of things I don’t like about Svetlana as a person (as a character, she’s amazing), but since they reached their agreement in s4, she’s never had a derogatory thing to say about the love those two share, and I respect that. It’s actually a bit cute how she takes her time and is almost teasing in giving him what he wants. A bit.
As I have this scene running on repeat so that I don’t miss anything in writing this, I paused to type and ended up on such a meaningful glance at Ian’s face. Svetlana just took Yevgeny from him, and he hasn’t gotten up yet. He’s staring straight at Mickey, and he looks hesitant. Scared, almost. Then he looks up at Svetlana, nods a bit, and reluctantly moves into her spot.
Is it overkill to take this one exchange at a time? Probably. Am I going to do it anyway? Hell to the yes.
1.      “Thanks for coming back.”/”Yeah… Svetlana paid me.” – I know that people hate this line and think this is painful. I know that it objectively is painful. I still laugh every time. Not because Ian agreed to come if he was paid. (He’s got medication to afford and no insurance. I can’t begrudge him wanting to make a few extra bucks any way he can.) Not because of the words, but because of what accompanies them. Ian will not look at Mickey—he’s lost so many battles lately, and he can’t lose this one too. Not when he started this one himself. He’s hemming and hawing, not looking up from the countertop and then twisting around to see if Svetlana is still there or anyone else is listening. It’s so stupid, because literally no one cares, but it gives you this sensation that Ian sees himself as being under a microscope the whole time. That’s his life anymore, at home and at work and now here. And Mickey? He doesn’t look terribly broken up about Ian accepting payment in exchange for coming. He gets this expression that I interpreted as, “Seriously? You’re playing it like that?” Then it settles into disappointment that Ian won’t open up or look at him like he normally would—that the glass interferes with the magnetic pull between them. But don’t worry, children. Uncle Mickey has just the thing to fix that: himself.
2.      “You look good.”/*awkward silence* – I mean…what do you say to that? I actually felt so bad for Ian there because what must he have looked like these last visits if Mickey is telling him that he looks good now? What kind of mess was he then when he’s still sort of a mess today? And he can’t even return the sentiment because how can he? Mickey is in prison. He’s in a jumpsuit looking at being here so long that he’ll probably have a few grey hairs starting to grow in when he gets out. I don’t know how to respond when people tell me I look good on an average day, so I can only imagine how that must have felt in his position. And still, he won’t do more than glance in Mickey’s direction. Well, if that didn’t work…
3.      Mickey chuckles and says he got a new tattoo. Ian’s eyes immediately shoot upwards, and Mickey slouches a little so that he’s in their direct line of sight—to hold them there, because once they look, the battle is lost. And Ian does lose. For a while there, he can’t look away again. First, because Mickey is courting some pretty nasty illnesses with his improper use of needles. Seriously, Mickey, a beautiful gesture but holy crap. Second, Mickey has his name (or a very close approximation to it) tattooed forever right over his heart. Ian had asked if Mickey was going to marry him, and Mickey told him to fuck off, but everything he’s doing points in the opposite direction. He promised sickness and health; now he’s made a permanent mark on his body for everyone to see. Mickey, who wouldn’t be seen in public with him once upon a time, has plastered Ian’s name onto his body. Ian tries so hard not to let that impact him, but it’s over. He’s lost the battle already, and he falls further and further. He’s smiling when he tells Mickey it looks infected, he teases him about the misspelling (which I think says more about how much that tattoo must have hurt than any inability to spell on Mickey’s part—I’d have a typo too), and he laughs at Mickey’s irritation that he messed it up. And it’s this sweet little laugh, not cruel or hurtful or mean. The wonderful thing about humor is that it can be used to cope with difficult emotions. We’ve seen a lot of people on the show start laughing when they’re in a bad place. Ian has been trying so hard to accept his life as it is even during the shitty day he was having. He tried so hard not to let himself fall into the trap of letting his love for Mickey rule his actions in the scene so far. That’s a lot. That’s denying himself to the point where I’m sure it hurts. And so he laughs, because Mickey did this crazy, absurd thing for him and yeah, it came out wrong, but he did it. This was all Ian wanted once upon a time (minus the felony), and now he has it—but he can’t have it. So he laughs. He immediately moves to hide it, but he laughs. He smiles more and has to bend away to pretend that he’s not—and Mickey lights up like a goddamn Christmas tree. This is the moment that keeps me from seeing this scene or Ian’s actions as being cruel. They’re both hurting, and this is an awful position to be in. But Ian loves him so much, and Mickey was doing everything he could to make him show it. Not exactly how he saw that going, I’m sure, but he’ll take it.
4.      “Been thinking about you.” – Knowing that he lost that one, Ian looks away again. While the end of this scene will hurt for both of them, especially Mickey, think about the pain he must be feeling in that moment simply because he’s not. He’s not hurting. For the first time that day, he feels good. This can’t last. Mickey isn’t coming home with him when time is up. This wonderful emotion that filled him up enough for him to laugh and smile after such a bad day will be gone the second he hangs up that phone. Then he’s going to go home and have Fiona breathing down his neck with nobody else for support. And Mickey will be here—behind glass. He can’t handle that, and he pulls that box out again and starts tearing off the tissue paper. He has to get rid of this feeling. He has to be the one to put it away before it kicks him to the curb. He’s stubborn, and Mickey can see him shutting down but also knows that he’s knocked enough bricks out of Ian’s walls to say something softer, something emotional and closer to the heart. Something he is willing to say where the other inmates can hear, which I don’t think is lost on Ian since he immediately looks up again. He doesn’t look away either, not even when Mickey asks if Ian thinks about him. He glances to the side and opens his mouth a bit, but nothing comes out. Mickey knows the answer.
5.      “Gonna wait for me?”/”You’re here for fifteen years.” – There’s this thing Mickey does after he first says that. He chuckles, because he knows that that’s pretty unreasonable to ask and has already predicted Ian’s response. His comment about being out in eight is lighthearted, a serious matter spoken as a joke because…this isn’t juvie anymore. They’re not going to see each other in a few months. This is Mickey’s version of what Ian was just doing, only where Ian tried to withdraw and escape within himself, Mickey is making it more humorous. He’s always done that, make light of pretty serious things to avoid looking at just how messed up it is. But I didn’t get the feeling he was really asking for Ian to wait that long. Instead, I got the feeling that he was testing the waters, seeing if Ian would shut him down—which he didn’t. He offered the bullshit excuse that Mickey tried to kill a member of his family, and Mickey saw through that immediately. I think he knows that he can’t ask Ian to seriously wait and never be with anyone else for fifteen years, or even for eight. I think he knows what he’s saying is a touch absurd. He also knows that Ian’s excuse is extremely absurd, and he doesn’t buy it for a second. It gives him a little courage to do something…well, a bit absurd.
6.      “Will you? Wait? Fucking lie if you have to, man. Eight years is a long time.” – I think the important part of this isn’t that Ian says he’ll wait when he doesn’t mean it, which is the popular take. For one thing, I don’t think we can ascribe that level of calculated behavior to Ian in this instance. There are a few things about this part of the scene that mean a lot to me: (1) Ian doesn’t get up and go. He doesn’t even move in that direction. He sits there with the phone after the buzzer sounds and before Mickey tells him to lie. His mouth opens and closes like he’s not sure what to say. Because what can he say? If Mickey serves the maximum, Ian will be in his mid-thirties by the time they can be together. At that point, he was either nearing eighteen or just turned. I still can’t fathom what I’ll be doing in my mid-thirties, and I’m a whole lot older than that. Ian looks just a little terrified here, and that’s because he knows he loves Mickey but has no clue what he’s supposed to do with that in the impossible circumstances they’re operating under. (2) Ian can’t even see himself moving on yet. He’s still trying to figure himself out, not think about a relationship. He has a job he hates, and his family is a different brand of chaos these days. He feels alone, yes, but not in a way that has him openly desperate for a relationship. Based on what he says to Mandy about Caleb, I think it’s pretty safe to assume that he doesn’t think he’ll ever be in a serious relationship at this point or even in a position for more than casual sex anytime in the near future. How can he say that he’ll wait when he doesn’t know where he’ll be whenever Mickey does get out? Maybe he’ll feel better. Maybe he’ll be out of his mind, roaming all over the place like Monica. Maybe he won’t just be standing on that bridge. It’s a huge question, one that has a lot of ramifications no matter what his answer is, and Ian clearly has none. He’s blindsided by that, which Mickey sees. That’s when he gets serious about those eight years, about how absurd their situation really is. That’s perhaps the first and only time in this scene where we can see that, for as successful as he is at navigating prison, his freedom means something to him. His freedom means he wouldn’t have to coax a glance out of Ian—he could kiss his dumb ass and make him stop being stubborn about how much he loves Mickey. But he can’t. He won’t be able to for a long time. And I think that is what really breaks his heart in this scene, not…
7.      “Yeah. Yeah, Mick, I’ll wait.” – Did anyone else notice how Ian swallowed hard before he answered? How his voice gets hoarse when he first speaks? I paused again to type, and the video is sitting on his face staring at the counter before the second part of what he says. He looks like he might cry. He looks like his heart is breaking just as much as Mickey’s is, because he can do what he’s asking this time—reassure him with a lie. Not because he doesn’t intend to wait, but because he is buried so far under what life has piled on top of him that he can’t see the light these days, and he doesn’t see waiting or moving on. He just sees the daily struggle of being this shell of a person. Of being without Mickey even if they’re not technically together. (Admittedly, I think he knew they would be if Mickey weren’t in prison at that moment. Ian has no real self-control where he’s concerned. Lip told him as much, and he’s self-aware enough to realize it, hence his behavior in this whole scene.)
When Ian hangs up the phone, he doesn’t get up immediately. He looks at Mickey—really looks at him—and each of them watches the other’s heart shatter. I don’t see it the way a lot of people do, though. On Mickey’s side, I don’t see it as being because Ian lied. I think it’s so much bigger than that.
Ian looks at him when they can’t hear each other anymore, and if he didn’t seem ready to cry before, he looks it now. Why? Because there’s nothing he can do for Mickey besides that. Ian, ever the giver, can’t give him anything. At that point, he couldn’t even help himself. He can’t be what Mickey needs in that moment, just like he couldn’t be what Mickey needed while he was sick, and it kills him. It kills him to know that by the time Mickey does get out, he’ll be older than he can fathom being and has no idea if he’ll even be around that long. It kills him to feel like even if he is, he’ll still have nothing to offer because, in his own words, this is where he lands. And it kills him to have to walk away and leave what he loves most behind glass.
Mickey is watching this. He knows Ian, and as painful as it was to get exactly what he asked for, it’s even more painful for him to see what him being here does to Ian. Where Ian is a giver, Mickey is a fixer. He makes things better. When stuff is broken, he puts it back together. When there’s a problem, he resolves it. Ian was going to leave because he couldn’t be an unacknowledged number three in Mickey’s life anymore? He jumped to solve the problem by coming out. Ian was acting strangely and wouldn’t get out of bed for so long that Mickey realized something was wrong? He immediately went to hunt down Lip, who he knows is closer to Ian than anyone else in his family. Fiona tells him that Ian is sick and needs to be cared for? He jumps in to do it, even to the point where it did more harm than good. Sammi caused a problem that Mickey couldn’t solve? He fixed the problem of her being there at all. But here he sits, behind glass, watching Ian that whole time and knowing that he was trying to maintain some emotional distance—and, because it’s Mickey, knowing why. There’s nothing he can do about this. He can’t fix it. For the first time since s3, Mickey is absolutely helpless to fix a problem. He takes a breath as Ian walks away as though he’s about to say something, but what can he say? What can he do? Nothing. He can do nothing but hang up the phone and weather the storm.
In the end, the heartbreak in this scene isn’t about them hurting each other, from my perspective. It’s not about Ian being callous and cruel or purposely trying to hurt Mickey. They know each other too well for that. They’ve been through too much. To me, this is about two people who love each other more than anything not being able to be what the other needed when they needed them—and that’s a whole lot more painful.
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loverobynthings · 4 months ago
Hello beloved, what's your take on ascending sun and moon signs? I know that the ascendent is basically our real self, but then what does it make the sun and moon?
Hi Sweetheart, hope you are having a good day.
This is my take on the meaning of ascendant, sun, and moon sign.
ASCENDANT/RISING - Your ascendant/ rising sign is your persona. I believe this your side which you show only to close people/ friend circle. It is how you present yourself to your friends and social circle. It is a part of you but not the real you. It's like the front cover of the magazine, how people see you for the first time. It's your 30-sec trailer but it's not the whole movie. Notice how I'm not saying it's your public image because that is determined by your Midheaven.
SUN - Your sun is your personality. When people first get to know you, this is the thing they first find out about you. This is your likes and dislikes in self-introduction. This thing is the most surface-level part of you that even your acquaintances know about. The part of your personality that is the most visible. It is also a part of your personality but obviously not the whole of it. It's the first 5 min of the movie.
MOON - In my opinion, your moon is something that you should take really seriously. If you've ever read about the Carl Jung theory, you would know that he says that there is both femininity and masculinity in every single human regardless of gender. and I highly relate this to our moon. Our moon is our emotion.....and emotion is an expression, as we carry both feminine and masculine sides, we should embody and cherish both of them. The problem occurs when we suppress one side. (obviously, society is to be blamed for this.) Knowing how you feel (which you can now by looking at the sign and house)and expressing it so that none of your sides suffer is one of the many ways to honor and strengthen your relation with your moon. Cause moon is your emotions and how you feel. People say that it also shows your relationship with your mother and where you feel at home. When you go pretty into a series or movie you will know how the characters feel and what they did, why they did.
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ray-ray-writings · 8 months ago
Seeing Red-Technoblade
This is a Techno x gn!reader in the dreamsmp! I hope you enjoy!
Check out my masterlist here!
This is extremely different from what happens in cannon lol. 
TW: Fighting and descriptions of blood and gore. Techno literally slices up four people. There is nothing too NSFW but Techno and Y/N do take a shower together, but nothing really sexual happens, it’s just a shower shared by two peeps that love each other. 
When Y/N gets kidnapped by the Butcher Army to lure their boyfriend to L’Manberg, Technoblade sees red and is willing to do anything to get them back… Anything.
Techno’s POV
It was quiet around the house… Too quiet. Normally, I would always be able to hear Y/N moving around or singing randomly, but there was nothing. “Y/N?” I called out, hoping to get some form of response from them. Silence. “Love?” I tried once more, moving around hoping to find them. Nothing. 
A pounding on my front door startled me out of my focus. Maybe that was them! Why would they be knocking though, they live here… I swung the door open and was greeted with the sight of my father, who seemed to be out of breath, on my front step. “Dadza?” I questioned in confusion, “What are you doing here?” “They have them,” He breathed. I felt my blood run cold and my heart stop at his words. “What?” “They have them… The Butcher Army has Y/N,” He rushed out, taking a deep breath, trying to calm himself down. “They gave me this note to give to you.” I snatched the piece of paper from my fathers hands and quickly scanned the words scrawled on the parchment. 
“Technoblade, something of yours seems to have fallen into our possession. If you want them back safely, we suggest you come to L’Manberg and turn yourself into us. If you follow our orders, no harm will come to Y/N. But if you refuse, there will be hell to pay and your partner will take the full front of it. Signed, The Butcher Army.” 
I felt my blood boil at the words written on the piece of paper. How dare they? How dare they threaten my Y/N? Coming after me is one thing. But going for my innocent partner, that’s crossing a line. “Stay here,” I barked at my father before storming out of the house. Luckily, I had all of my OP armor and weapons on me considering I was in the nether doing… things… Doesn’t matter. Point is, I quickly saddled up my trusty horse Carl and immediately began galloping off to L’Manberg. 
Carl seemed to sense my urgancing because the trip took half the amount of time that it normally does. Once I was in the vicinity, I hopped off of Carl and tied him up just far enough away so that no one would be able to see him. I rushed up the Prime Path to the center of L’Manberg and was sick to my stomach at what I found. Y/N, my Y/N was trapped in a small cage with a tall tower built next to it, an anvil looming over the cage. Rage filled every inch of my body as their bloodshot eyes met mine. 
“Techno!” I heard them whisper in relief. “Technoblade!” I heard another voice call. I turned slowly and found Tubbo, Ranboo, Fundy, and Quackity standing in the ‘area’ as well dressed in bloody aprons, sick smiles on their faces. “I knew you would make the right choice” Tubbo claimed, everyone taking a few steps forward. “I’m here. Let Y/N go.” I hissed, my teeth clenched tightly. “Oh we will. But only after you comply, get in the cage.” Quackity demanded, motioning to the second cage next to Y/N. “That wasn’t the deal. That wasn’t what was in your note.” “Well we’ve changed our minds.” 
All of the rage that had built up in my body finally overpowered me. I quickly reeled my fist back and punched the nearest person near me, which just so happened to be Fundy. He reeled back due to the force of the punch. For a moment, the other three froze but then immediately snapped into action. I pulled out my shield and my axe as they charged forward at me. I easily blocked their attacks while dealing out my own damage. I moved with ease, taking very little damage as my axe and sword seemed to slice through the four boys with ease, their dark red blood coating my weapons. 
One by one they all fell at my hand, each of the death notifications popped up on my right arm. I stood there, taking deep breaths as I calmed myself down from what had just happened. “Techno!” my partner’s voice called out from behind me. My head snapped over to the cage and I sprinted over to it. Taking one swing with my pickaxe, the iron bars broke and Y/N was released from their prison. I hesitated before hugging them, not sure if they were willing to hug me while I was covered in blood. Y/N had no hesitations, immediately after the bars broke their arms were wrapped around me and they were crying in my chest. My arms wrapped around them, hugging them tightly to my chest and pressing a kiss to the top of their head. 
“Let’s go home,” I murmured into their hair. I felt them nod under my head. I pulled away from them and grabbed their hand and led them to where I left Carl. I helped them get on the horse before I hopped on behind them. I wrapped my arms around them and grabbed the reins. Y/N leaned back into my chest and I moved so that my head rested on their shoulder. I gave Carl a soft kick before he began to trot back towards our home. 
Carl knew where to go once our house came into view. Once in the stable, I pulled myself from Y/N to get off my beloved horse before helping Y/N off as well. I quickly desaddled Carl before giving him a few pats and a golden carrot. I grabbed Y/N’s hand and led them into the house. 
“Oh god! I’m so glad you’re alright! What happened to you guys?” My father questioned as soon as we walked in the house. I let out a small growl in frustration. I love my father but right now I just wanted to spend time with my partner. “I’ll explain later Dadza. Can you just leave us alone right now?” I tried to ask politely, but it probably came out a little more rude than I meant it to. Phil seemed to understand though because he only gave me a soft smile before nodding. He quickly made his way to our front door, “I’ll be over tomorrow then?” He questioned. “Sounds good dad. I’ll see you then.” I responded shortly. “Bye Philza” Y/N murmured with a small wave. Philza gave them another soft smile, waving back, “Bye Y/N. I’ll see you two tomorrow.” And he was gone. 
“Let’s go get cleaned up, yeah?” I offered to Y/N softly. They simply nodded with a small smile. I led them to the bathroom and turned on the shower. I helped them undress before unrobing myself as well. Together, the two of us got in the warm water. The deep crimson began running off of our bodies and down the drain. I helped Y/N wash their hair and in return they helped me wash mine. We helped each other wash our bodies as well, making sure to get all of the dried blood off of our red stained skin. As I washed, I wrapped my arms around their middle and just held them tightly to my chest. Their arms snaked up and wrapped around my neck, one of their hands resting gently in my pink hair and they began to play with it softly. 
We stood there together for quite a while, just enjoying the warm water as it washed over our bodies. As the dirt and grime fell from our bodies, the rage and the tension fell from my body inside. Y/N seemed to always have this effect on me. Whenever I could feel myself growing angry and the voices in my head scream for blood, Y/N simply has to look at me and the voices fall silent. They’re my eye of the hurricane. 
A chill ran up my back as I noticed the water had finally gone cold. Pulling away from Y/N, I quickly turned off the water and got out of the shower, offering my hand to my partner and helping them out as well. I pulled a couple towels out of our cabinet before slowly and gently dragging the towel over Y/N’s body, drying them off. I finished drying their body and quickly dried mine as well. 
We moved to our bedroom to get clothes. Y/N moved to go to their dresser, but my hand found their wrist causing them to stop. “No. Here.” I uttered walking to my own dresser and pulling out some of my more comfortable clothes. Y/N had no objections. They took the clothes and quickly dressed. After getting dressed myself, I turned and was awestruck at the sight. Obviously I’m bigger than Y/N and so my clothes are a lot bigger as well. The sight of my partner draped in my clothes caused my heart to hammer in my chest. 
“You are the most beautiful sight anyone could ever lay their eyes upon,” I murmured, staring deeply at Y/N. They turned and met my eyes, their cheeks blushed a bright red at my compliments. “You’re too sweet,” they squeaked, trying to turn away and hide their face. I took a few steps forward before reaching forward and cupping their cheek, turning their head to face me. “No need to hide from me darling. I know you better than anyone has known you. I love you so much,” I hummed, staring in their eyes. Their cheeks seemed to burn brighter but they nuzzled their cheek into my palm, “I love you too… Can we go to sleep now?” I let out a small chuckle, “Of course we can love.” 
Together we crawled into bed. I opened my arms and Y/N immediately crawled into my arms, snuggling their face into my chest. I pulled them as close to my body as I could. I heard Y/N let out a content sigh as we laid there. “I’m so sorry that happened today, love.” I spoke, breaking the silence. I felt their shoulders rise and fall as they shrugged, “It happens. I wasn’t too worried. I know you’ll always be there to save me.” Y/N mumbled sleepily in my chest. I tilted my head down and pressed a sweet kiss to the top of their head. “That I will, love. That I will.” 
I never know how to end things lol. I hope you enjoyed! If you did please be sure to leave a like!
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sheyshocked · 3 months ago
When the Wolf Comes (1/?)
Summary: Simon has been married to Markus, the town’s greatest hunter, for years. But then a tragedy struck and Markus didn’t return from the hunt. People said he was killed by werewolves. Simon doesn’t believe it though. He keeps searching for him in the woods, hoping his beloved will one day come back.
And he does. Just not the way Simon hoped. He’s bitten, a werewolf curse flows through his veins. Now Simon has to navigate his feelings towards his husband, as well as to find a way to restore his humanity before he turns and kills them all.
Ship: Simon/Markus (Detroit: Become Human)
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Animal Death
Tags: Alternate Universe - Werewolf, Dark Fantasy, Angst and Hurt/Comfort,  Eventual Happy Ending, Magic, Badass Simon (Detroit: Become Human), Carl Manfred & Markus Parent-Child Relationship, Daniel & Simon (Detroit: Become Human) are Twins, Eventual Smut?
A/N: As you already know, today is my birthday, so I decided to show you what I’ve been working on for these past few weeks - another big AU for my favorite boys!
Please keep in mind that this fic will contain graphic descriptions of violence, death of an animal (in second chapter) and (possibly) smut in some later chapters. Read both notes and tags and take care! Oh, and enjoy reading, of course!
You can also read it here on ao3!
“On this blessed day, here, in front of our friends and family gathered, I, Simon Phillips, pledge my heart to you, Markus Manfred, to be your partner in life. You are my most faithful companion, my one and only love, and I promise to cherish you, until my dying breath.”
Simon’s voice wavered slightly as he recited his wedding vow, eyes already brimming up with tears. Why was he crying? This was the happiest day of his life. He and Markus were finally to be wed.
He could hear some of his distant relatives crying, but the only thing that mattered to him was the man standing right in front of him, giving him one of his broadest grins, at the verge of tears himself.
Simon couldn’t believe his own luck. Who would have thought that Markus, the best hunter their town ever had, would choose him, a baker’s son, to be his husband? But it happened and now they were here, ready to exchange rings.
Markus’ hands were shaking as he slipped a golden band on his ring finger, just like he did to him.
“You may now kiss the husband,” the priest encouraged them and didn’t need to say no more – as soon as he stopped talking, Markus leaned in and locked their lips together in a messy, yet so beautiful kiss. Simon wished it would never end.
...So of course that’s when he woke up.
He felt wet kisses being pressed onto his naked skin, leaving a tickling sensation in its wake, stirring him up from slumber. What a nice awakening.
“Markus,” he groaned, lips curling up in a smile as he halfheartedly tried to bat the frisky mouth away. Although it felt good to be... desired even after ten wonderful years of marriage, he still had some sleep to catch up on. Hasn’t slept so well these past few weeks, heavens know why. So he rolled onto his side, his back facing him. Usually, that would be a big enough clue for his husband that he’s not interested right now. But not today.
The licking returned with even more zeal. Strange. He had to have a very naughty dream or something to be this relentless. And... why was he so hairy? Markus hated growing out a beard (despite Simon always insisting that it suited him), so the first thing he did after returning from a hunt was to grab a razor and go shave. Did he forget this time?
Simon cracked one eye open... and yelped.
It wasn’t Markus, his beloved husband, licking on his collar bone. Instead, there was a giant dog lying next to him, wagging his tail and looking as guileless as ever.
“Woofgard! Bad dog! Down!” Simon started yelling at his faithful companion, making him flinch and jump down from the bed (it creaked and raised after the beast was gone – no wonder, he weighed almost as much as Simon did), tail between his legs.
As soon as the angered words left his mouth, he regretted lashing out at him. The poor wretched mutt did nothing to deserve this. So he called him back and cuddled up into his thick fur, petting him as he whispered: “Oh, Woofgard. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”
Of course the dog immediately forgot that he was being scolded and enjoyed his master’s attention. What a good boy. Simon was glad that his husband saved him from the butcher’s knife and promoted him to his hunting dog, even though the gentle giant was far from suitable for this position. Without him, Simon was sure he would go mad these last few days.
As the reality settled in, memories of why there was only a mutt keeping him a company suddenly came swarming. It made his stomach twist so bad he nearly puked. He stopped petting the dog and folded his head in his hands, eyes glinting with unshed tears.
It’s been four weeks now. Four weeks since Markus went hunting with Woofgard and the dog returned alone. Four weeks since they brought back his husband’s knife, found somewhere in the woods, offered him their condolences, and called him a widower. It was a full moon when Markus disappeared, so everyone immediately assumed that night fell before he could return and thus was killed by the unholy beasts scourging their land.
But... this can’t be it. Markus knew the forest better than his shoes, he was the greatest hunter far and wide. He can’t be dead! Simon knew he’s out there somewhere, and he will find him. No matter the cost.
However, there was something that needed to be taken care of first.
Getting up and putting on some decent-looking clothes took him way longer than expected. Everything hurt. His heart, head, the entire body, and soul. Yet, he persisted. He had to. For Markus.
His grocery basket was lying forgotten in the corner of the darkened room. Last time, he had to ask his twin brother Daniel to do the shopping for them, as he was unable to leave the house, the outside world too much to bear for a heart-struck man (and Daniel did, no questions asked, even though he had his own family to worry about - it only made Simon appreciate him more). That was shortly after Markus’ disappearance. Now he had worse things to think about than the townsfolk talking behind his back at the market.
He was halfway to the door when he noticed Markus’ hunting knife, the very same they brought back to him from the forests, on the writing desk. He used to call it his lucky blade. Well. Simon picked it up, marveling for a few seconds at how the light reflected on the well-kept metal before securing it to his belt. Perhaps it will bring him more luck than it did to its rightful owner.
He whistled at Woofgard (he tried to be as quiet as possible while doing so - Carl was still sleeping downstairs) and together they left their home.
Funny how getting some fresh air whilst shopping for supplies used to soothe his nerves before. Now it became an unpleasant chore. All those pitying gazes following him on every step he took, and the hushed whispers when they thought he couldn’t hear them. But he heard them. He heard them every time.
The market has been quieter than usual because most of the non-resident merchants decided not to risk traveling during the full moon, and Simon was almost starting to believe it would go smoothly. He had everything he needed to make Carl a healthy breakfast, just like Markus used to make, before he... anyway, now all he had to do was to bring it home. Oh, and find Woofgard, who got lost somewhere at the marketplace (the poor thing was so much afraid of the butcher he would come nowhere near him). What could go wrong at that point, right?
...The answer was everything.
“Simon, my dear! It’s so nice to see you!”
Of course he had to run into the very person he wanted to see the least. The town’s smuggest, most annoying brat who thought that because his family had money, he could have everything he wanted. Including people.
“Oh, hi, Joseph. It’s... nice to see you too.”
He prayed that maybe, just maybe the young pain in the neck will leave him alone for once. But he was wrong.
“Always a sight for sore eyes. Where are you going, dearie?” Simon flinched at the word. Markus used to call him many beautiful things, but never “dearie”. It was making his stomach twist and turn with disgust. “Let me accompany you!”
“That’s nice of you, but I would rather be alone.”
He thought that was it and tried to walk past the sleazy little man. Unfortunately, Joseph couldn’t take a hint. He stopped him by grabbing his elbow. “Nonsense! Here, take my arm.”
Simon clenched his jaw so much it hurt. He couldn’t just send him away, even though he really wanted to. So he let him do whatever he pleased, as long as he was appropriate enough.
“Have you already considered my proposal?” Joseph suddenly asked, stealing breath away from Simon’s lungs. Not this again.
“Yes, I did. And my answer is still the same - I won’t marry you, or anyone for this matter. I love Markus and am still a married man until proven otherwise.”
Rejection was something Joseph wasn’t used to, and it showed. The grip on Simon’s elbow tightened. He was sure there would be a bruise, but that was the least of his concerns right now. “Don’t you get it, Simon? Your husband is dead, he’s not coming back. The wolves took him. You need a husband, someone to take care of you.”
Now that’s enough! Simon escaped his grabby hands and turned so he was facing him, cheeks flushed with righteous anger. “No thank you. I fare on my own just fine. And don’t speak of the... the monsters! You know it’s bad luck.”
Bad move. He forgot sharks smell blood. Joseph took a whiff of his fear and turned it against him, stepping into his personal space as if he wanted to corner him like some terrified animal, forgetting Simon still had a good few inches on him.
“Are you scared? ‘Cus I’m not!”
He tried to grab at him again, only to have the sharp end of Simon’s hunting knife pointed at his throat before he could even blink.
“Careful now. You forget that my husband is the finest hunter this land has ever seen. He taught me how to take care of myself.”
He would never kill that shame of mankind, of course - he barely had the stomach to skin a hare when Markus brought it in, but only a fool would fight someone with a knife barehanded. Even Joseph knew better than that. Still, it didn’t stop him from spitting curses left and right.
“You bitch!”
A sudden growl from behind Simon’s back cut him short. Woofgard was back and he definitively didn’t like someone threatening his master. With his teeth sharp as knives bared and hackles raised, he looked truly terrifying - no wonder Joseph decided this wasn’t worth dying for and scurried off, muttering one last: “Fine, go fuck yourself, you freak!”
“With pleasure, as long as you are not involved,” Simon hissed back as he hid the knife where it belonged, then turned to his brave rescuer, scratching him behind the ears just the way he liked it. “Now who’s a good boy, Woofy? You are! You gave that bastard a what-for! Yes, you did!”
Woofgard, who didn’t understand the reason he was being praised in the slightest, but enjoyed the attention nonetheless, laid down on the dusty ground and turned on his back, earning himself a few good belly rubs. What a sweet, darling boy indeed. Simon could spend all day just playing with him, but unfortunately, he still had work to do.
Carl was wide awake by the time they arrived home. Simon wasn’t wasting any time and went to fix him a quick, but healthy porridge to help him get through the day until Daniel cooks him the main meal.
The old man was sitting on his bed, looking out of the window with a mournful expression on his face. Poor Carl.
Since his son’s unfortunate disappearance, he was getting weaker and weaker with each passing day. They took him to Lucy, the town’s healer and seer, but all she said was that it’s an illness of the soul and there is nothing she can do. Even all the magic in the whole wide world can’t heal a broken heart.
As soon as Simon entered the room with a steamy bowl in one hand and a handful of letters in the other, he asked the same question like every day before: “Any word from Leo?”
It hurt having to shake his head. He wished he had better news for him as he set the bowl aside on the bedside table. “No, not yet. There are a few letters, but none from him. I’m sorry, Carl.”
The worst thing was the old man wasn’t even surprised. “Figured as much. He and Markus could never get along.”
“Perhaps the messenger just got lost on the way. The woods are deep and roads get dangerous at night after all.”
“I want to believe it. But I know my son too well for that.” Carl finally tore his gaze away from the window and froze. “What happened, boy? You look even paler than usual.”
“It’s nothing,” he reassured him. “Joseph was just harassing me again. He... keeps asking for my hand, no matter how many times I reject him.”
Carl made a face. “Joseph is a self-righteous prick who thinks everyone has to dance to his tune. But he’s right about something.”
His feeble hand with years' worth of hardships carved into it squeezed his own, much smoother, and it didn’t escape Simon’s attention the heartwrenching contrast between the two of them. One life coming to an end, the other still in its bloom. If he could only trade the years he still had in front of him with Carl, he would without hesitation. The old man eagerly accepted him into his family and treated him with kindness ever since then. It would be only fair to repay him.
“You shouldn’t waste your life taking care of some old man, waiting for me to kick the bucket and for your husband to come back home. I...”
His voice broke on the words.
“Heaven knows I miss Markus and mourn him every waking hour, but I’ve already made my peace with the fact that he’s gone. You’re still alive and young, though - thirty-three winters is nothing. You deserve to find yourself a new spouse. Someone who would love and cherish you when I’m gone. Anyone but that crook Joseph.”
“Carl...” Simon heaved a sigh, tone much sterner than he initially meant to. He was just getting sick of hearing this, from Markus’ own father’s lips on top of that. He gently squeezed both of his hands and looked him in the eye to prove he’s being serious.
“I won’t leave you, you are also a part of my family, regardless of what happened to Markus. But I’m sure he survived. I can feel it in my heart that he’s alive. I just need to find him and bring him back home.”
The old man spared him a doubtful glance, as everyone did when he started talking about this, but unlike them, he wasn’t cruel about it. He didn’t push or even try to talk him out of it. Instead, he silently lowered his head, first tears rolling down his face as he whispered in a weak voice: “...Very well. But promise you’ll at least think about it if you won’t find him. I can’t bear to see you so unhappy all the time.”
He gently wiped the tears away from his cheeks. “Alright. I promise. But not now. I have to... depart today. I told Daniel to come over and take care of you until my return.”
Carl frowned. “You want to go search the woods again, don’t you?”
“No, of course not,” he lied, not wanting to worry him more than he already did. “I was just -” Before he could even finish the sentence, he was given a patronizing stare in return.
“I may be old, boy, but that does not mean I’m senile. Have you completely lost your mind? It’s a full moon today! The werewolves will be out for blood if you stay outside the town’s gates once the night falls.”
“I’m aware. That’s why I’m gonna borrow a horse from Luther, so I can get back as soon as possible. And don’t worry - Woofgard is gonna protect me.”
“Doubt that filthy mutt is gonna be much of a use against wolves, but alright.” To their amusement, the poor dog in question tilted his head to the side and whined, knowing he was being talked about and not in a good way. Carl chuckled and scratched him behind the ear. “Aww, sorry, boy, don’t listen to everything I say - you are not filthy. Just a bit messy at times.”
Woofgard barked in a way that could mean approval and earned himself warm giggles from both of his owners.
Carl then turned back to Simon with a serious expression on his face again: “Even if I somehow managed to lock you up, you’d find a way to escape. So do as you please. Perhaps it will finally give you closure. But before you go...”
He motioned him to inch closer, and after he did, he drew a small protective sign, the one they often used to keep small children from having bad dreams, over his forehead with his bony finger.
“There, that should do the trick. Stay safe, boy. I shall pray that you don’t get lost or run into those savage beasts.”
Simon gave him a smile, then whistled at Woofgard to follow him outside. He had no time to waste. “I will. Thanks, Carl.”
On his way out, he ran into Daniel, who just arrived to keep an eye on the old man. Neither of them was the one for big words (plus they’ve already talked about this at length right after Simon came asking for a favor), so Daniel just quickly put a hand on his shoulder, murmuring: “I hope you know what you’re doing, brother.”
“As do I.”
The sharp, but familiar clinking of Luther’s anvil could be heard from miles away. It put a silly smile on Simon’s face. Since all of this began, he talked to a precious few people that weren’t closest family. He missed his friends more than he cared to admit.
When he entered the forge with Woofgard by his side, Luther was just measuring someone’s horse’s hoofs to make the perfect shoes for him, not that the noble beast was making it any easier for him with its constant squirming.
“Alice, sweetie, daddy can’t play with you right now,” Luther called from underneath the horse’s belly. “Go check up on your mother, I’m sure she’ll find you something to do.”
Simon chuckled. His throat was sore and the sound that came out of it sounded strange, dull, nothing like he remembered. It’s been so long since he sincerely laughed. “I’m not Alice, but I can come back later if you are too busy.”
Luther put down the horse’s hoof and looked up to where he stood. “Ah, Simon! Sorry, I haven’t seen you come in. How are you doing? Little birds told me you had a bit of a scuffle with our town’s jester."
“If by the jester you mean Joseph, then yes, you heard that right. But in my defense, he deserved everything he got from me.”
Luther put away his hammer and gloves and turned towards him. “I don’t doubt that. The man just doesn’t know when to stop. But you know what? If he bothers you ever again, leave him to me. I’ll make sure he finally gets the message.”
Simon gave him a stiff grin, the best one he could muster right now. “Thanks, Luther, I appreciate the thought. Someone definitively should teach him some manners. But that’s not why I came here.” He was silently prompted to continue. “I need to borrow your horse.”
Seeing Luther’s raised eyebrows, he hurried to reassure him. “Don’t worry, I will bring it back tomorrow. Maybe even tonight, if I’m lucky enough.”
Now it was Luther’s turn to frown. “Why would you - oh. Simon, please, tell me you’re not planning on looking for Markus today of all days!”
Simon’s silence spoke volumes.
"That’s suicide! You know those monsters won’t hesitate to rip your throat out!”
“I have to, Luther. I found a hot trail last time, and I can’t let it get cold. It may be my last chance to find my husband and bring him back home. Promise I won’t linger until the night falls.”
Luther heaved a sigh. “Simon...”
“No,” he shook his head. “Don’t give me that condescending tone, please. I’ve heard enough of it. Nothing you can say would change my decision.”
“Then take North with you!” Simon tensed up at the name without even realizing it at first. Once he did, he chided himself for it. That’s not how you treat friends. “She knows the woods like her own boots, I’m sure she can help you return home safely.”
He wished it was that easy. “Considered it, trust me. But she’s away from the town and I have no idea when she’s coming back. I can’t wait that long.”
It was clear as day Luther was getting desperate. If it wasn’t for the dire circumstances, Simon would view it as touching, that his friend cared so much about his safety. But right now? He didn’t want to argue. He has already made his mind and no one, not even an old and dear friend, would convince him to do otherwise.
However, what he suggested next took him by surprise.
“Alright, if you are so hell-bent on it, let me go with you, so I can at least protect you from your own foolishness.”
He firmly shook his head. “Luther, no. You are kind to offer, but you must think of your wife and child. If something went awry, they would mourn you, just like I mourn my Markus. And I can’t let that happen.”
“But what about Daniel and Carl? Don’t you think your loss wouldn’t break their hearts as well?”
Damn, that one hurt. Simon bit his lip, but stayed silent, hands balled into fists. No, he didn’t want to think of his brother and father-in-law right now. All he wanted was to bring Markus back. Or die trying.
Turns out his friend was full of surprises, though.
“...Very well. I see you won’t change your mind. So let’s make a deal instead. I lend you the horse, along with a few silver bolts for a hunting crossbow, just to be sure. Those unholy beasts from the woods are told to have thick skin...”
“ only silver can pierce it. I know,” Simon finished his sentence with a solemn nod, reciting what Markus has taught him a long time ago. The wisdom that every hunter and traveler knew by heart. He thought it would be one day of use to him. Probably had no idea how close he was to the truth.
His knowledge seemed to impress the other man at first, before he recalled that as a husband of a hunter, he was no stranger to the cursed forest, and quickly recovered, saying: “Right. And just so you know - if you won’t return until the sun goes down, I will send someone to look for you."
It was a lot to take in. Simon felt his cheeks heating up with color again, feeling at a loss of words. He wasn’t used to accepting such a huge favor from friends. What do people say in these situations anyway?
“I... Thank you. I’m not sure I will ever be able to repay you, but I will try to find a way.”
“Ah, don’t mention it,” Luther simply waved him off with a broad grin on his face. “You and Markus helped us a lot too when we were still new in the town, remember?”
A small, melancholic smile tugged at Simon’s lips. “How could I forget? Those were the happier times.”
“Aye. But if I can bring some of that happiness back to you, it’s the least I can do for you.”
Things went by in some sort of a strange blur since then. At some point, Luther handed him the crossbow bolts, as well as the reins of his old bay mare. She seemed reluctant to follow a new master (and his giant scary-looking dumbass of a dog) at first, but after bribing her with a piece of old bread, she gave in and followed.
Simon stopped by at home once more to grab Markus’ crossbow, the spare one he left behind when he went hunting that one last time, and then he finally saddled up. He was never a very good horse rider, but he hoped he would make a do for today.
He gave the mare a gentle squeeze, prompting her to gallop. Soon, they left the town’s walls behind.
Deep down, he was trembling like a leaf in the wind. Only a madman wouldn’t fear the dark woods surrounding their town and the creatures that inhabited it. But his husband’s knife and crossbow felt heavy on his body, grounding him and reminding him of his purpose.
Don’t worry, Markus. I’m coming for you.
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popculturebuffet · 5 months ago
One Year Anniversary: Top 12 Ducktales Episodes!
Tumblr media
Happy anniversary all you happy people! Yes it was one year ago today I started reviewing animation and it’s been a ride to be sure. I’d always WANTED to be a reviewer: I love going on and on about stuff I love, really digging into it and picking it apart... but I could never get started. I tried youtube but I didn’t have the money for the equipment nor a proper shooting space to record, so my efforts.. were not great. And while I TRIED text reviews, my own looming pile of self hatred meant every attempt I made was shot down when it got hard as me not being good enough. 
But one year ago I finally got past that. I’d already been reviewing a bit, doing invididual issues of comics... but got way in over my head trying to do the current line of X-Men comics as it came out, and wisely bowed out of that. But that left a gap: I had nothing to cover week to week and with a demanding new job, I drifted into just doing in charcter chats, little fan fictions script styles. Not bad work, I should do some more at some point and I even got a comissoin once in a while, but nothing I could really live on and not what I wanted to do with my life. 
Enter Ducktales. I’d always WANTED to review the show.. and when the double premire happened, I decided fuck it, and put up my thoughts. And then decided.. hey maybe I can do this every week.. and slowly.. my work evolved, getting better and better, getting more and more likes. I picked up Amphibia when that came by week to week.
And eventually.. this went from a hobby, if one I was passionate about to a career. Not a largely paying one, as only one person was really intrested in paying me for it, friend of the blog and our fincial backer @weirdkev27, but .. it’s money and i’m now making about 30 dollars a month due to a comination of comissions and patreon. Other contributers are always welcome mind you, my patreon is here if your curious and comissions are 5 dollars an episode, but i’ts just nice to have money coming in. To have gone from simply WANTING to review things and make a living off it.. to simply doing it. 
Tumblr media
And it’s been one hell of a year.. and not just because 2020 felt like hell or 2021 began with a full on insurrection. I feel like i’ve acomplished a lot in the year i’ve been doing this: I finished what I started with Ducktales season 3, getting better and better as I went. And I didn’t stop there with ducks: I started covering what brought me to Ducks in the first place, the Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck, and while that retrospective has slid a bit on the schedule, I intend to get it back on track this month. I reviewed a bunch of Darkwing Duck episodes leading up to the Just Us Justice Ducks.. chronologically anyway. The actual airing order reads like someone took 50 issues of a comic, made it rain with them, then just started reading whatever ones they picked up randomly. I also covered some of Duck Master Carl Barks work with the classics Night on Bear Mountain, A Christmas for Shacktown and Back to the Klondike, with more to come. 
And the Duck didn’t stop at just reviews I did on my own: Kev comissioned two MASSIVE retrospectives from me: My first for him was Ride of the Three Caballleros where in just a few short months I covered the boys entire televisied careers together from the movie, to house of mouse, to mickey and the roadster racers, to ducktales (again) and finishing with the wonderful Legend of the Three Caballeros. It has probably the worst Daisy imaginable, but otherwise is really excellent and i’m glad I finally watched it. I also covered Don Rosa’s two stories with the boys as part of it. It was a fun ride and I enjoyed every minute of it... okay most of them again Three Cabs Daisy is the worst. And once that finished Kev started up another idea: Shadow Into Light: a look at Lena’s character arc from start to finish that has gone on to be my most popular series on this blog, and that finishes next week. And there’s more to come as after that there’s a short breather with a look at Lilo and Stitch’s crossover episodes.. folllowed by me looking at all three of season 2′s ducktales arcs. And I fully intend to have covered every episode of the series by this time next year, so stay tuned. 
Outside of ducks though I didn’t slow down. I restarted my Tom Lucitor retrospective, covering what i feel to be one of Star Vs’ two best characters, tied with eclipsa, and my personal faviorite as he redeemeed himself, found love and I bitched a lot about the horrible directions the series took and probabably will more as that’s still not done yet. I did what I always wanted to do and started looks at some of my faviorite comics ever, starting with Life and Times and adding in New X-Men and Scott PIlgrim. I also threw in the awesome comic Blacksad. I did pride month for the first time and not only came out publicly, but also did two whole arcs i’m proud of with The Saluna episodes of Loud house and the rednid episodes of OK KO, and generally just had myself a good old fashioned time as an out bi man reviewing childrens cartoons. 
I started Season 2 of amphibia with it’s lows of an endlesss road trip and highs of adding Marcy to the cast and giving us more of the silky voiced keith david. And finally Patreon wise Kev’s taken me on a hell o fa journey: In addition to the restrospectives i’ve covered some additional darkwing duck, and a simpsons homage to the duck comics... but also got a bit weird and obscure with detours like the lost animnaics sucessor Histeria, the apocalyptic comedy where Santa dosen’t know how doors work Whoops! and the adventures of Santa’s bratty teen daughter jingle belle. In short.. it’s been a long year but damn has it been fun and there’s more to come. I’d like to thank all of you for reading, thank my Patreons Kev and Emma for supporting me, and thank my family for doing the same.  So with that out of the way, I figured the best way to celebrate was to do something i’ve been wanting to do for a long time, something honoring the show that gave me this calling in the first place. And with Season 3 sadly being the last, and enough weeks having passed for me to digest it between the finale and today, I could think of nothing better than my top 12 episodes of Ducktales.
Ducktales is one of the best cartoons of the 2010′s. Brilliantly taking EVERYTHING that had come before, the comics, the original cartoon and every bit of duck media period to craft a masterful, unique and wonderful reboot. It was funny, it was insane, and it had damn good character arcs. By the end every member of the main cast along with major supporting cast members like Fenton, Drake and especially Lena, had changed and signifigantly at that. The show was everything I could’ve dreamed of and more and I miss it terribly, hoping DIsney will do a revivial movie at some point. For now though, Frank and Matt’s run on ducktales, as they called it and I do too since i’m a massive comic book nerd, it’s time to look back on my favorite tales of ducks. So grab your sharks, your number one dimes and your friendship cakes with clear gay undertones and join me under the cut as I celebrate one of my faviorite shows and my anniversary in the best way possible. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
12. House of the Lucky Gander! 
 So as i’ve gone on about before and no doubt will again, Donald kinda got the short end of the stick in season 1. While Frank and Matt had good story intentions, keeping Donald away from adventure since he had no interest in it, in practice it meant a beloved Disney Icon who they and disney HEAVILY promoted as part of the series and whose being here this go round was a big draw for fans of the comics.... was only in a quarter of the season and only got TWO plots centered around him in 23 episodes, with only one being the main plot of the episode. The PIlot and Finale both centered around the family more as a whole if your curious how I counted those so while he got plenty of focus in both, it’s still not a day in the limelight sort of thing. 
But unusually for Donald, he lucked out as his one big starring role for Season 1 was both one of my faviorites and one of Season 1′s most inventive outings.  A lot of the episodes enegy comes from a one two punch of a great guest star and one of the series best settings. The guest star is of course everyone’s faviorite overly lucky himbo Gladstone Gander. The show adapted the prick perfectly: The original Gladstone from the comics.. was the worst asshole imaginable, utterly insufferable. And for a villian, and Donald’s rival, that’s all well and good.. but his super luck meant he RARELY , if ever, suffered any consequences for being just...
Tumblr media
The 87 series simply made him nicer, while Going Quackers simply removed his luck. No adaptation really got how to make this fucker work.. until this one. Here Frank split the diffrence: Gladstone is still smug.. but he’s no longer actively malicious. While he is an insensitive prick to Donald in this one, unlike the comics he’s not constantly bragging about his luck or how great he is or actively BAITING Donald to fight with him or trying to ruin his relationship or a million other reasons he sucks and I hate him.
This version by contrast... is generous. He’s not the most empathetic, because he doesn’t get how life works, but he does share the riches of the casnio with everyone and in a cameo appearance in “Treasure of the Found Lamp” gladly offers his nephews some diamonds. He’s got a nice surface level charm to him that makes you understand why people like him.. but it’s also clear ther’es nothing UNDER that of value, making you equally understand why Scrooge and Donald hate him. Gladstone in this reboot is a perfect example of why we need reboots or new adaptations in the first place: Because sometimes the original got something wrong or something can be done much better by the new writers. 
He’s perfectly paired with the setting: The House of Lucky Fortune, a mystical casino with an East Asian astatic based in the country of Macaw and provides two great plots. Donald’s really highlights his character: His understandable jealousy at gladstone earning the boys love through nothing while he struggles to make a living for them, and how he feels like a looser and like Gladstone is simply showing that off instead of just not knowing what empathy is. Having Louie be the one to bond with Gladstone was also just pitch pefefct, as is showing some depth for the boy by having himr ealize his hero is an asshole and be the one to help donald in the end. 
The other plot is just pure joy though and is where the setting REALLY shines: Scrooge and the rest of the kids try to leave.. but can’t find the exit. This is where the creative part comes in: The Casino simply morphs to keep people trapped, and caters to them, giving them whatever they want to keep them trapped. In the cases of the kids it’s all hilarious and adorably in character: Huey becomes entranced by a fancy water show, in one of his best bits of the season, Dewey gets a pet tiger who sadly did not come home with him and Webby gets to live the dream we’ve all had of stuffing her face directly in a choclate fountain. Scrooge’s escape is likewise clever: He simply prepares to get a room.. then books it as the check in desk is ALWAYS near the front. 
We then find out Gladston’es trapped get the whole mystical contest with absolutely gorgeous animation, i’ll talk about it in full some time but this episode is just a treat to watch, has a great arc for donald and had some memorable gags. I can’t help but smile when I watch it. 
Tumblr media
11. The Dangerous Chemistry of Gandra Dee!  As I mentioned before i’m a superhero nerd so naturally Fenton was one of my faviorite parts of the show. Frank and Matt were just damn good at crafting superhero stories, and like gladstone improved fenton turning him from an awkward donald stand in to an awkward peter parker-esque science nerd who just wants to be a good person and the best hero he can be. He got into science not just because he thinks it’s neat, but because he honestly wants to help people and you can’t help but foot for him whenever he pops up. Lin Manuel Miranda is a large reason for that, bringing his incomparable a-game to the character. While we sadly didn’t get a ton of gizmoduck focused episodes, the fatct we got AS MANY as we did and that Lin didn’t drop out for a minute even with his busy schedule was a miracle and I’m acknowledging that. 
As for why this one, I feel it builds brilliantly on the previous Fentoncentric episode Who Is Gizmoduck?! which just BARELY didn’t make this list and uses the fact we haven’t seen fenton in a while as both a plot point and to move some things forward without having to spend screentime they clearly didn’t have. By having Fenton be just burnt out on superheroics it finds a way to both explain where he’s been, he’s been busy with his new job, and give us an interesting angle to the old “superhero is tired of the life” thing. He never once complains about saving people or stuff... it’s just like any job it gets tiring after a while. As someone who has his dream job but has struggled with it from time to time, I vastly relate. 
Though while I love my boy and Lin is game as always, the episodes real MVP is my other boy Huey. The episode has moved Huey up from being simply Fenton’s fanboy to being his best friend, and adorable as hell relationship. The two clearly respect and appricate each other and Huey is looking out for his buddy the whole episode. His love of love is also just really cute. Added in the mix is Webby, who in one of my faviorite gags of the series, finds out Fenton is  Gizmoduck because Huey is incredibly and insanely blatant with his unecessary coverup. But she of course is game to help while Fenton is trying to play it casual. We also just get a waterfall of great gags as everyone overdoes it wingmanning for fenton: Huey sets up an itallian bistro and tries to purposfully create a lady and the tramp situation, and sings opera (With Manny on acordian), the wonderfully 80′s suit from Fenton’s dad his mom gives him to wear, and Launchpad, who gives us a tremendous list of his exes, and plays my favorite song of the series: It’s a Date, a micheal mcdonnel riff. 
This episode also wisely ups Mark’s Beaks game as Fenton’s arch enemy, still keeping him hilaroius, with the guy acting like a bored teenager and guzzling so much nanite jucie he turns into a hulk, as well as said hulk mode leading to a ton of great gags from kidnapping the children (”I got your kids.. are they your kids? I don’t know how this family works), to “take that coach dad” to eating a pie with tins and all and wondering about said tins. But he’s an actual threat now, taking on fenton in one hell of a fight, and having an utterly transcendent scene where he hacks his way past gyro’s security while dancing.. and dabbing because of course he does. It’s a fun, well done character piece that’s mostly here for i’ts laugh but Fenton’s struggle with Gizmo overtaking his life, and finding out someone he truly hit it off iwth only wanted him for that.. it’s really good stuff and Lin’s delivery after Fenton finds out, the pure pain and betryal in his voice, is just excellent. Also that opera scene is poetry. 
Tumblr media
10. Quack Pack!
One of the episodes that started my career naturally landed here. Not for that reason though: Quack Pack is a fun riff on sitcoms, specifically the tgif ones of the 90′s that Disney Afternoon Kids no doubt also watched, the kinds Disney Channel still makes today, and most importanly the kind the Disney Afternoon itself made like Goof Troop and well... Quack Pack. 
Riffs on sitcoms are nothing new and the last year has been FULL of them. 2020 gave us this episode, Beef House and the wonderful “The Perfect House” episode of Close Enough, and this year gave us WandaVision, my second favorite MCU project so far, right behind Black Panther, which used the sitcom deconstruction to create one hell of a character study. 
So you’d think with a year having passed and this concept happening as an entire mini series would dull this one.. but no. it’s still damn funny, having fun at the cliches while, again like WandaVision, having one of the main cast be responsible by accident but go along with it. The episode pivots from glorious affectionate parody of cheesy sitcoms, to that plus horrifying “Humans”, and a character piece for Donald. This brings Donald’s hatred and fed up ness with adventure to a head revealing his fondest wish is just to have a normal life and not loose anyone again. 
It takes one of his best friends to snap him out of it. Look Goofy is my second faviorite of the sensational seven, an episode with him was already an easy sell for me.. but the episode uses him really well. First for laughs as he’s gentically dispositioned to be a perfect sitcom neighbor.. but also for heart. With his family preoccupied and a bit hurt, i’ts Goofy who cuts to the heart of the issue, pointing out NO ONE is normal and even his normal domestic life raising Max, who we see go to prom with roxanne eeeeee, has all sorts of chaos. Normal is what you make of it and pining for some ideal that will never happen was just tearing donald apart piece by piece and by letting go of that.. he finally begins to grow as a person throughout the season. It’s also a great thematic tie in to the season’s overall plot with Bradford and what Makes donald, despite also disliking the chaos his family gets into, different. Donald accepted it and grew as a person.. Bradford clung to his hate and it ate him alive. Or turned him into a non-sapient kind of vulture. Before I close this part out Jaleel White is also excellent and I wish eh’d get back into voice acting. He’s so freaking good at it. Seriously man i’d love to see him and ben in a sonic property together as a mythology gag. Same with Jims cummings and carey. Just think about it whoever owns the sonic movies.. think about it. 
Tumblr media
9. The Last Adventure!
Look I knew this was coming, you knew this was coming. But it had to be on here. The Last Adventure is not perfect: The lack of a build up episode like the previous two finales had really hurt this one: even at about 70 minutes, it still feels rushed in places and Huey, one of hte main characters of the season, dosen’t feel like he has a full payoff to his character like Dewey and Louie got. 
But despite those flaws.. this episode is just a damn good ending. Almost everyone gets a big moment paying off their character arc, everyone in the party that comes to rescue webby and huey, along with the two themselves, gets a moment to show off, and everything comes together to give us one last epic sendoff. There’s just moment stacked on moment stacked on moment from Launchpads heroic second wind and donning of the gizmoduck armor, to Webby’s tearful confrontation with Beakley, to Huey using the greatest adventure of all line to foil bradford in one of the most deligfhully nuts moments of the series, I could go on for days with just how triumphant this finale felt. While it left a lot of doors open.. that feels like part of the design. It’s the end of the fight with FOWL.. but our heroes will never stop adventuring, never stop going and never stop being in our hearts and the curtain call at the end is now my faviorite bit of end credits ever, perfectly giving the main cast and friends one last chance to take a bow in their own unique ways. I will always miss this show but I will never be disapointed by the note it went out on. 
Tumblr media
8. The 87 Cent Solution!
Look some episodes are show stoppers, some are heartfelt tearjerkers, some are all this and more.. and some episodes are just clever and hilarious. The 87 Solution is the second funniest episode of Ducktales with me and my go to episode when watching the show. It’s just pure fun and with a clever premise: Scrooge notices 87 cents have gone missing, and already coming down with a cold, goes mad with paranoia as the kids slowly don face masks, something that has become even eeerier given everything, one by one realizing he needs to stop. 
While David Tennant is an EXCELLENT dramatic actor, his comedy timing is really something that shoudln’t be ignored and i’ts on full display here as his performance gets more and more deranged, to thep oint he thinks an 8th dimensional imp is repsonsible. He nicely balances the disturbing side of Scrooge’s paranoia, his distancing from his family, with plenty of great gags about it too, the standout being when he offers 2 million dollars to whoever took the money like he’s publicly appeasing kidnappers. It’s fucking brilliant. 
But while David is awesome as ever what really, truly makes the episode is my boy, one of my faviorite characters on the show if not my single faviriote FLINTHEART GLOMGOLD. Keith Ferguson is ALWAYS a dream as the character but this is his best performance by far. Part of this is the addition of Zan Owlson, Kev who I mentioned earlier’s faviorite Ducktales character. She’s not only throughly likeable in her own right, but provides the one thing Flinty was missing; a straight man.. or woman in this case. Scrooge wasn’t TERRIBLE in the roll, but can easily step away from his shit or foil it. Owlson has to put up with Glomgold’s nonsense while desperatly trying to stop him from undoing all her hard work with sheer force of jackass. The two jut play off each other brilliantly, Glomgold not getting sh’es not his employee but his equal and Owlson constnatly snarking at him. 
And of course both things hit their peak in the climax with the family staging a fake funeral (Though no one told donald it was fake), and we get the funniest scene in the entire fucking show as Glomgold burts in in a white suit, money shades and full dance number to “All I Do Is Win’, which when first watching this I was convinced the song was somehow accidnetly on in the background but nope. They got it after using it in the test phase and the scene is better for it. Glomgold twerking on Scrooge’s casket, trying to get on it to dance, and having to be placated like ac hild is the icing on this very rich cake
And the reveal scene is also gold as Glomgold gets into a YEARLONG staring contest with a baby, fails to steal more than the 87 cents and, in my faviorite touch, put on an imp costume just to make scrooge seem crazier... then keeps the damn thing on the rest of the time for no explicable reason. The episode is the show at it’s comedic peak while giving Glomgold a chance to be a genuine threat and that’s Glomgood. 
Tumblr media
7. Let’s Get Dangerous!
Frank’s Rebooted Version of Darkwing Duck is probably his greatest achivment with the show. While this show is a team effort, something I slowly realized as I reviewed the show, it’s very clear from the way he talks, how well he knows the show and how much effort was put into porting Darkwing into the reboot that this was his baby. While redefining ducktales for the 2010′s was clearly a huge dream of his... doing the same for the master of suprise was an even bigger goal. And as a huge fan of superheroes i’ve seen my fair share of half assed takes on laired and complex characters. The XCU alone is one giant grab bag of missed opportunities for me. 
So i’ts no exageration when I tell you Frank.. nailed it. In one of the most brilliant moves i’ve seen for a superhero work Frank worked his love of the show into the reboot.. by having Darkwing have been a show, one Launchpad loved.. and so did Drake, who was inspried by the show to become an inspriation himself and while his attempt to do that through a zack snydery reboot failed, Launchpad encouraged him to do it for real. Drake was still himself, but the meta aspect and the toning down of some of darkwing’s more obnoxious traits that didn’t work in a universe that, while patently rediciulous still took it’s characters seriously, he made a BETTER version of the character.
This is where all that comes to it’s peak, and hoppefully convinced Disney to let Frank , and possibly matt, run the reboot. And no, even if Point Grey is producing that dosen’t stop that: Thanks to Invincible i’ve now realized that Seth and his friend Evan producing the show dosen’t mean it’ll be RAN by them, nor unrelated to this. It just means their helping make it and if anything given how lush and gorgeous invincible’s animation is, it’s a VERY good sign their helping out with it if it’s true. 
But wether this versoin continues or not, Frank gave it his best shot. Part of his diffrent angle is having Drake as a rookie here and as such here we see him truly struggle: he’s had his origin, he ahs the cape, he has the gadgets (in a brilliant turn thanks to fenton, who he actually likes... but is so far the ONLY person to not get he’s Gizmoduck), and the city.. but no crime to fight and no real idea how to go about his lifelong dream. The events of the episode slowly shape him: WHile he already had the spirit for darkwing, never giving up, looking good in a cape etc, this episode gives him the heart the same way it gave his original it: With Gosalyn. Dimantopolis and Beatriz just play off each other perfectly, as the two go from neimies to slowly bonding as Drake realizes this kid needs him and that he needs to fight for more than just filing the ohle inside, and goes to hell and back to help her get her grandpa back, with one of the best moments of the episode to me being when Launchpad helps her realize how hard he’s been working at it, an exausted drake refusing to acccept that he can’t get her grandpa back because he promised. He grows from simply trying to live the dream.. to surpassing the original. We also see more from Launchpad, who grows into his new family and helps push his boyfriend and newa dopted daughter in the right directions. The episode really evolves these characters from the simple disney afternoon versions, who while awesome were made into fully fleshed out characters. Gosalyn still has her edge but now has a hard lesson to learn about doing the right thing, forced to give up someone she loves for the greater good but finding a new family in the process. 
Part of what makes the episode work though as while it is funcitonally one big darkwing duck reboot pilot that’s awesome, heartrending and a joy to watch... it’s still a ducktales episode in parts without either part hurting each other. Huey plays a vital role, figuring the ramrod is too good to be true.. and discovering just how it is, then when captured, slowly unravling why Bradford’s there and being at least in part responsible for outing him as a FOWL agent. While this is largely Drakes story the rest of the cast is still vital to it: Scrooge trusting in huey, Louie serving as his logical counter and Dewey meanwhile bonding with team darkwing and helping Gosalyn, knowing exactly where she’s been and providing a nice foil. The episode is just one long and impressive love letter to the original show while creating it’s own thing and that’s really this reboot in a nutshell. It also has some of the best fights of the series, with the first fight between darkwing and bulba, where our hero, unlike his original counterpart, easily troucnes bulba using his speed and skill, is the standout. 
Tumblr media
6. Woo-Ooo!
I covered this one recently so I won’t go on for too long.. but I will say I hold this one up as the gold standard for first episodes. In one hour, hell even in jus the first half we get a sense of the whole cast, the tone of the show, and the world we’ve been thrust into. It gets all the table setting out of the way by weaving it into a compelling story of Scrooge getting back in the game, finding a reason to get back to what he does best in those he loves most and setting up the season long arc effortlessly in the process. The worst I can say about the episode is it sets the bar a bit high for Season 1 and a lot of the first half really struggled to reach these heights. This episode is a masterwork and the perfect showcase for what the series would be at it’s height. 
Tumblr media
5. Moonvasion!
Speaking of Golden Standards, Moonvasion is one of the best season finale’s i’ve seen. it’s not THE best.. but that’s a really high bar to clear and that spots currently taken in my heart by “The Crossroads of Destiny” from Avatar the Last Airbender. But while not the best of it’s kind, it’s sitll the best the series put out and is an utterly satisfying epic that ties up season 2. 
While I love the Last Adventure, it had a LOT to tie up and was really hampered by having to do all of that with no direct lead in. Moonvasion by contrast hits the ground running with the Moonlanders arriving on earth and all hell breaking loose, and the episode itself breaking into two stellar plots. Scrooge leading an army of every ally he has against the invaders, and Della seemingly going for reinforcements.. but really just trying to keep the kids safe from it, to their anger once they find out. 
Both sides end up going badly: Scrooge looses most of his army as Lunaris was one step ahead of him and is left iwth Beakly and Launchpad, while Della ends up marooned.. and finds Donald. The reunion between the two is the highlight of the special, as the two argue as you’d expect (And Dewey cutting in seemingly to stop it.. only to rant at Donald for costing him “ten years of turbo” is the best gag of the episode), before embracing. 
Our heroes naturally find ways to bounce back though. Louie, capping off his growth for the season, convinces his mom they can’t just hide.. and in the second best scene of the episode sings the lullabye she wrote.. one Donald sung them every night
Tumblr media
And no sooner than Della gets her step back and realizes that dangerous or not she and her newly reunited family have to get back in there, do the cousins show up on Fethry’s giant shrimp/girlfriend Mitzi, and our heroes head back. 
Scrooge’s plot hits i’ts peak though as he’s forced to accept the help of an unlikely and unwelcome ally: Glomgold, who turns out to be exactly what they need: While his plan is as stupid, short sighted and insane as you’d expect, complete with forcing Scrooge to dress up as santa just to piss him off and dressing his sharks in parkas (”I call them sharkas”), the sheer lonacy throws Lunaris off as he dosen’t know how to deal with this and Glomgold not only gets the better of him but gets his company back as part of his scheme.  “You were prepared for our best but not our dumbest!” “And i’m the dumbest theirs ever been! Muahahahaha! Wait...”
And of course our other heroes arrive just in time to save things.. and the episode still manages to pull off what many works struggle to, something tha’ts very hard to: a SECOND climax. Lunaris decides to just say fuck it and blow up the earth and i’ts up to our core family to kick his ass in space. Epic space battles, Della’s girlfriend meeting the family and more insues and an emotoinal, action packed and fully satisfying finale is had by all... and it’s all topped with one of the best sequel hooks i’ve ever seen as FOWL makes themselves known to us.. and prepares to strike. 
Tumblr media
4. How Santa Stole Christmas! This one will also be short as i’ve talked about this one.. a lottttt. The initial review, my best christmas specials list and my best of 2020 list. I stand by all of that: this is a unique and wonderful christmas special, i’ll be watching it every year, and i’ts full of charm, humor and gay subtext. In short it’s this series but on christmas footing. 
Tumblr media
3. Last Crash of the Sunchaser! 
Another one I covered very recently, this episode is a master piece of suspense, slowly building tension as our heroes get closer and closer to the truth about Della.. and to death, the simple but deadly stakes making this an absolute nailbiter from start to finish. This is some of the series best pacing bar none... but what seals it is the ending: the masterful flashback finally explaning whatever happened to Della duck, our heroes lashing out at each other.. all cumilating in the best Scene of the show. I said it might be in the review but no I can confirm: Scrooge bitterly ruminating over things while we find out just how much he’s lost... ending with him tearfully and angrily sitting once again alone in one hell of a powerful shot echoing Scrooge’s first apperance. Damn fine stuff. 
Tumblr media
2. Escape from The Impossbin Only one episode not only matches Last Crash in mounting tension and atmosphere but suprasses it. With FOWL and Bradford’s true nature now out in the wind, this episode uses that to create tension and rattles it’s two most unshakable characters: SCrooge’s normal boundless confidence is shot, not sure he can win this time against an opponent who knows him as well as he knows himself while Beakly slowly unravels, pitting Webby against the boys.. and pitting herself against Webby when Webby sees her terroizing them is only dividing them. Both plots start out funny enough but slowly escalate in tension and stakes until by the end your on the edge of your seat. The Beakly plot is the standout of the two, giving Bentina the starring role she badly needed, having gotten even better in light of the finale. Everyone is at the top of their game and everything builds up to one hell of a twist ending and one hell of a badass boast from our heroes: Their down.. but their far from out and this is far from over. 
Tumblr media
1. Nightmare On Kimotor Hill!
I”ll be reviewing this episode in full later this week as part of my Lena retrospective, but I stand by putting it up top. This episode is ducktales in it’s purest form and focuses on it’s best original character as Lena grapples with her self hatred and her past. That core helps anchor an amazing concept: going into the Kid’s dreams and finding out their greatest desires. The results.. are all gloriously rediclous and are easily the best gags of hte series as a whole: Dewey’s high school musical santa claus is going ot high school nonsense from getting a’s in Dewology to running away from the abstract concept of a love intrest, to not getting the sybolism of himself crying a moon made of his own tears. Louie quite literally becoming garfield, and my faviorite scene of the show: Huey, wanting to be the tall older brother..g iving himself horrifcly long leg. While everyone else is just understandably baffled, what makes the scene is the banter between Dewey and Huey, with Schwartz and Pudi at their best as Dewey first freaks out and then asks what the hell man, while Huey defends his weird decision (”I”m not good at imagination stuff okay!”), and then tries to get a jar of pickles. Each dream is just so oddly and wonderfully specific to each kid and each one of the triplests dreams, as well as violets being color coded down tot he backgrounds is a very nice touch. The visuals here are just peak ducktales, using the setting for all it’s worth and the climax is utterly emotoinal and heartbreaking... and Lena’s break from her abuser, finally realizing she has the power now is not only a wonderful metaphor... but also just so damn cathartic. And that’s why this one’s the best to me personally: it just packs so much into 20 minutes: some of the series best and most creative jokes, a gripping emtoinal arc, and so much more. It’s just that damn good and tha’ts why it’s the best... that and starting Huelet for me. Seriously that LIbrary scene is so fucking cute. 
Thank you all for reading. If you liked this artcle, join my patreon and help me get to my stretch goal for monthly darkwing duck reviews, a review of super ducktales and more after! Until the next rainbow... it’s been a pleasure. 
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sokayisaidiot · 7 months ago
About the prison
Somehow, we know a prison isn’t going to make someone feel better or solve their morally wrong mind
And we all know Dream is just getting more Kuku with the time being, but we all are split up about what should happen to him.
Some want him out, we have the “stay in there and rot”, and the ones to say, “PUFFY, PLEASE, HELP THEM”. But remember, this prison was meant to be built so. This was meant to be.
Whoever before tommy was planned would get living hell. And tommy himself? This would have been his place. After he would have watched his best friend gets killed.
This ain’t a prison. This is a torture chamber.
And also, even if you don’t sympathize with tommy and what Dream did too him, then just remember, everyone would have suffered in the end.
Remember skeppy? Yeah? He was meant to be put in a CAGE. A small one to be correct. With no remorse to human contact and used as a weapon against his best friend.
Carl, the fans favorite horse. With friend the sheep and Henry, our favorite cow? Everyone’s beloved pet or item would have been used against them. EVERYONE would have suffered.
Puffy can visit dream after this whole egg fiasco. Giving him help and a talk he NEEDS. But when you do something to someone, or try it, then karma will make it ten times harder.
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liloify · 5 months ago
cw/ mention of suicide, blood, murder (only for a bit.)
Debbie dies.. wow..
what's franny gonna do? why would she- will they tell fiona?? omfg-
i'm kidding, but seriously, spoilers, I don't wanna ruin ANYTHING for you 💞
Ian and Mickey
I love the progress they're making, specifically Mickey, he's doing so good with finally articulating his words and how he feels. Ian wants to be a wholesome, tomato growing man with his barbaric, pool pissing husband.
"You're a fucking barbarian."
That made me feel something.. i had to pause like- "lem-lemme calm down."
Honestly though, It's nice to see Mickey and Ian go from:
"You're nothing but a warm mouth to me."
"*Sad gay redhead noises."
"I love you.😡💞"
"*Trying to prevent his husband from committing homicide but loving him🥲💞 noises*"
Jeremy Allen White is an amazing actor, I know we praise Noel Fisher and William H Macy but oh my god- Jeremy Allen White is incredible. The way he portrays the excitement, anger, happiness, everything about Phillip Gallagher? That man is, wow. I have no words.
I feel awful for Lip. Even though he's been a douche lately, he wants money so he can provide for Tami and Fred. Lip was going about it the wrong way, yes but, this is very Lip fashion so. I don't even have an idea about how they're gonna play out the house scene in the last episode.
Watch them do that thing early 2000's black movies do like:
"Phillip and Tami get married, they have 3 more kids. Carl gets in contact with his twin kids and begins to form a bond. Debbie goes on the run with Heidi and leaves Franny to be raised by Ian and Mickey, who mutually begin to love the westside and being parents. Liam gallagher became president of the united states."
Why the fuck- Are the writers serious?? Out of all the people in the world they could've paired a hopeless romantic, young teen mom with.. they choose a woman who bites chunks of peoples faces off and threatens to shoot her children..
I don't have any words, at this point, They should just have Debbie sign over Franny to Mickey and Ian so she can go about her day.
💞Carl Gallagher, My beloved.💞
He went from pretending to be a white passing black boy and wearing those greasy cornrows to calling a privileged white out on his shit and sticking up for the black community when that rich dick tried to claim, "I know how black people feel now."
💞Carl Gallagher, Our baby daddy.💞
I just.. Liam is such a wonderful little thing. He cares so much about his dad and wants to help him to the point of trying to pull Debbie off of Frank after she went wild on him. Liam is amazing, he deserves the earth, stars, galaxy and more.
he's still a scammer though but props to him for being quick with it.
(might be a proxy murderer though.)
Kev and V
no words, just love.💞
God, I- wow. I don't know how to even fathom the scene I just watched. Lip, Ian, Carl, Debbie, Fiona and Liam might be orphans.. (Would Ian be considered an Orphan...? Genetically wise, no but, yk.)
Frank Gallagher, that son of a bitch might die. In the middle of the fucking living room too, like jesus christ go do it in the backyard or something. The kids already had to See Monica clinging to life covered in blood, now they might have to see their DEAD father- who ended it in the HOUSE? Dammit Francis.
Kermit and Tommy
💞best friends💞
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masonyin · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
   Ludwig van Beethoven was born in Bonn, Germany, on December 16, 1770, the son of a court musician. His father was determined to make him a child prodigy and trained him vigorously.
   Once the young Beethoven played for Mozart and afterwards Mozart commented, “Mark that young man, he will make a name for himself in the world.”
   Beethoven eventually became one of the greatest musical geniuses ever lived and was best known for his nine symphonies. He played an crucial part in connecting the Classical and Romantic styles of Western music.
   His life was heroic but at the same time tragic, much like his music.
   From 1818 onwards, Beethoven started carrying blank “conversation books” in order to communicate with friends and acquaintances. They would write in his conversation book, to which he would reply.
   In 1823, once when Beethoven was visiting his favorite coffee house, a stranger suffering the same hearing condition as Beethoven approached him and sought his advice, to which Beethoven replied:
“Baths [and] country air could improve many things. Just do not use mechanical devices [ear trumpets] too early; by abstaining from using them, I have fairly preserved my left ear in this way…When possible, [conversing] through writing is better; the hearing will be spared.”
Beethoven’s secretary Anton Schindler recalled: “For breakfast, he drank coffee, which he usually prepared in a glass coffee-maker…coffee seems to have been the one indispensable item in his diet, and he was as fastidious as an Oriental in its preparation. He estimated sixty beans to the cup and would often count them out, especially when guests were present.”
   Beethoven loved fish and especially sea bass and codfish. He also loved his coffee in the morning and when friends came to visit, he would make them his other favorite dish, macaroni with butter and cheese. He also enjoyed soup with twelve drowned eggs. When it came to beverages, Beethoven preferred flat water and light Austrian wine.
   Beethoven’s ‘Für Elise’ is most likely dedicated to Therese Malfatti, a woman to whom Beethoven proposed in 1810. Malfatti also had the original ‘Für Elise’ manuscript in her possession.
   Beethoven once wrote to Malfatti: “Bear me in memory—no one can wish you a brighter, happier life than I—even should it be that you care not at all for your devoted servant and friend, Beethoven.”
   ‘Für Elise’ is especially well-known in Taiwan because it is the music that accompanies garbage trucks. The trucks were imported from Germany and the piece ‘Für Elise’ was already installed in the trucks before they were imported.
   A passionate love letter was discovered after Beethoven’s death. It was never mailed and the addressee of this “immortal beloved” (Unsterbliche Geliebte) remained unknown.
   Beethoven had four great loves in life: Therese Malfatti, Julie Guicciardi, Josephine von Brunsvik and Antonie Brentano. Historians can never be sure to whom this letter was addressed.
   The letter remains one of the most famous love letters ever written in Western history. Deep down inside, Beethoven was an rebellious soul waiting to be passionately loved:
“My angel, my everything, my very self… Wherever I am, you are with me… Your love makes me at once most happy and most unhappy… You - you my life – my everything - farewell - oh continue to love me - never misjudge the most faithful heart of your Beloved
Ever thine   Ever mine Ever us.”
   Beethoven first noticed he was gradually losing his hearing when he was 28, at the height of his early fame. By 1802, his hearing only worsened but the proud Beethoven did not want the cultural circle in Vienna to find out about his defect, so he often withdrew from social life.
   In the Heiligenstadt Testament, a letter written by Beethoven to his brothers Carl and Johann, Beethoven described the despair he felt about slowly losing his hearing and how he even contemplated suicide:
“If I apporach near to people a hot terror seizes upon me and I fear being exposed to the danger that my condition might be noticed…I would have ended my life—it was only my art that held me back. Ah, it seemed to me impoosible to leave this world until I had brought forth all that I felt was within me…”
   The premiere of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony took place in Vienna’s Theater an der Wien on Dec. 22, 1808, conducted by Beethoven himself.  Although the premiere did not garner immediate success, later writer/music critic E.T.A Hoffmann praised the symphony with this imagery:
“Radiant beams shoot through this region’s deep night, and we become aware of gigantic shadows which, rocking back and forth, close in on us and destroy everything within us except the pain of endless longing—a longing in which every pleasure that rose up in jubilant tones sinks and succumbs, and only through this pain, which, while consuming but not destroying love, hope, and joy, tries to burst our breasts with full-voiced harmonies of all the passions, we live on and are captivated beholders of the spirits.”
   Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9, also known as the Choral Symphony, premiered on May 7, 1824 in Vienna, and was an immediate success with the audience. Beethoven was almost completely deaf at this point and couldn’t possibly conduct the orchestra himself, so he stood alongside the “official conductor”, Michael Umlauf. Violinist Joseph Böhm recalled,
“At one moment he [Beethoven] stretched to his full height, at the next he crouched down to the floor, he flailed about with his hands and feet as though he wanted to play all the instruments and sing all the chorus parts.”
   According to the critic for the Theater-Zeitung: “the public received the musical hero with the utmost respect and sympathy, listened to his wonderful, gigantic creations with the most absorbed attention and broke out in jubilant applause, often during sections, and repeatedly at the end of them.”
   The audience was ecstatic, they gave Beethoven five standing ovations, and threw handkerchiefs in the air, hats, and raised hands to show the nearly deaf Beethoven their undeniable excitement.
   Beethoven passed away on March 26, 1827 at the age of 56. His friend Anselm Hüttenbrenner was present when Beethoven passed and recalled during a thunderstorm, as a flash of lightening stroke:
“Beethoven opened his eyes, lifted his right hand and looked up for several seconds with his fist clenched … not another breath, not a heartbeat more.”  
   About 10,000 Viennese attended Beethoven’s funeral procession on March 29, 1872. Franz Schubert was one of the pallbearers. The world is not alone anymore because Beethoven had left his greatest legacy for us to enjoy for centuries and paved the way for the Romantics. His music offers us not only passion and despair but also hope, strength, and consolation.
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ravenadottir · 18 days ago
nah seduction games is really 💀 it’s about as seductive as a blanket that a pet has pissed on.
the characterization nor dialogue being remotely sexy but fusebox was willing to burn all goodwill in the gamedev industry and internally over milquetoast flirting for a MC that’s objectively reeking of desperation, an LI that looks a freshman in college, on top of the casual biphobia literally just there to be there. choices is literally highbrow narrative fiction by comparison.
"it’s about as seductive as a blanket that a pet has pissed on."
that sums it up real nicely lol
i'm so disgusted by the whole thing, i can't even tell you which part was worse because i had to stop. i had to. it was so fucking cringey and weirdly sexual on the very first few frames.
they didn't even give it a drop of subtlety. not ONE.
and oh, the casual biphobia, just for good measure, to discourage anyone that has more than 3 braicells to like it.
i know there's players on it for the laughing stock this shit has turned into, but oh my god, i couldn't even do it ironically. it's just so dull and cringey.
when i downloaded i still thought to myself "yes, this is not pulitzer level of writing, but it might be fun."
it's just a weird mix of 'episode' meets 'raunchy 50 shades fan fiction' meets 'i just learned a new term for penis that will make you shiver with fear" kind of thing.
the only five frames i played were with walmart version of carl and anon! anon! HOW DID THEY MANAGE TO RUIN A GOOD THING, ANON??? HOW???
i know they wanted to branch out the public, but... WHO'S OUT HERE PLAYING THIS SHIT AND ENJOYING IT?
give me the name of one person that is playing this for the kicks of the story and not to make fun of it, i dare you. it's so sad to see fusebox reusing our beloved characters' faces for this type of thing, because... FUCK THAT!
and the mc's???? NOT EVEN DECENT MC'S???? REALLY???? it just really went out there and said "not even original mc's, let's reuse every girl that's already drawn and we'll go from there."
Tumblr media
i refuse to even go on the tags and see what's up. i have no interest whatsoever, not even to pass the time or kill the boredom. if i wanted weird stories with bland characters and lack of chemistry and banter i would watch "after".
aw, fusebox is over, isn't it?
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minionfan1024 · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
Ed was our real life Carl Fredricksen: a veneer of grouch over an incredibly loving and kind human being. Russell, Dug, and all of us at Pixar will miss him terribly. Ed loved voicing Carl, and our time working with him will remain some our most beloved memories. His adventure was ours for a moment in time.
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