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Vergil’s Motivational Life #56
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1970 Monte Carlo
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Carlo : Getting back to women who are drawn to serial killers and mass murderers, what are your feelings about that? Why do you think that happens?
Richard : Women...when I was on the street, I was a loner. I stayed to myself. I really had no contact with people. It’s only been since I’ve been in prison that I have really developed relationships with people, and mostly women, though I now see that they have feelings, they have emotions...I mean, i always did but I suppose I locked it out most of the time. I didn’t think about other people’s feelings and needs.
Carlo : These women that you’re making reference to, do you think they were drawn to you because of your notoriety?
Richard : Oh, they’re drawn to me for all sorts of reasons.
Carlo : Such as what, Richard?
Richard : To get something out of me. To question me. Maybe they’re intrigued by murder or murderers...some are religious, some are sympathetic—you know, they have sympathy for me. Some come just so they can tell their friends they came and talked to me. They’ve come to me from different walks of life, these women.
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🛒/𖦹 caarolinga icons!!? ★ %%
like/reblog se salvar.
não precisa de créditos.
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Happy Birthday Carlo!!
Tumblr media
The head mechanic at OK Motors, Carlo is the only bro with a beard, and he’s always very jovial and kind! He’s extremely good at his job, as the RVs he builds almost never break down, and his only real jobs are upgrading your RV and running the gacha machines! If you have pocket camp, today is a great day to open it up, stop by OK Motors, and wish Carlo a happy birthday with either an upgrade or just a conversation!
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The Grand Tour Presents: Lochdown - Trailer
Did you wonder what this trio were up to during the pandemic? Well, they took some classic American cars and went on a grand tour adventure through the Scottish coastal roads. There are overheated engines, shouting, plenty of tea, and a whole load of classic car chaos. The Grand Tour Presents: Lochdown coming to Prime Video on the 30th July, 2021.
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And in this beautiful place, Carlo decided it was time to ask Liam to marry him. Obviously, he said yes.
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By Carlo
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Had to tap out of my October gore challenge due to energy/health issues but here are my fave four from what I got to!
I challenged myself to use the prompt words only as related to things that happen in my story
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Cosmo: FINALLY!!! I’ve been waiting for a light to turn on for HOURS  Carlo: Cos, it’s 6am. We’re just getting up and I haven’t even--wait you wore that yesterday.... have you even slept yet? Cosmo: Nah, stayed up all night marathoning that stupid show our very own dear sister is a part of IN CASE YOU FORGOT Carlo: Oh no...you didn’t. Cosmo: I DID!! and i have some words Carlo: Of course you do.
Maeda Household [Part 2] 1 / 4
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Vergil’s Motivational Life #49
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wuppo doodles
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Anna Baryshnikov posted a short clip on Instagram on the set of Dickinson today! Seems like they are filming outside today! 🎬📽
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Silas Howard (one of the directors) shared pictures possibly from the set of Dickinson!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Silas also shared multiple pictures of a dog, possibly a dog named Carlo, Emily Dickinson's real life dog.
Last updated on May 7th 2021
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carlo 2019
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Have a Brie-lliant Holiday: Trials & Tribulations Of Gingerbread
Got the next oneshot for all of you!
Another suggestion by @varen-neoraven​
Read on AO3!
Summary: Rosemary brings gingerbread kits for the three young children (and adult children) in Fortuna.
What unfolds is a nice time of building and decorating gingerbread masterpieces.
Rosemary sits at the kitchen table with a smile as she watches the three young boys open their gingerbread house kits.
"Wooow! Thanks, Miss Rosemary!" Julio exclaims. The boy turns to Kyrie and asks "Can we make them now?"
Kyrie smiles warmly as she says "Of course. Miss Rosemary brought these over for the three of you"
The boys excitedly tear open the packaging and take out all of the gingerbread pieces, candy pieces and tubes of frosting.
Nico steps into the dining area, a mug of hot egg nog in her hand, and jokingly asks "Where's our kits, lady?"
Rosemary's warm smile slowly turns into an impish smirk.
Nico freezes "Oh… you actually got some?"
Rosemary digs into her back  and pulls out three more kits. Nero can be heard snickering in the kitchen. Nico chuckles as she picks up one of the kits. Within seconds, she bursts out laughing. Nero looks over and murmurs "Oh my god…"
Gingerbread Camper Kit.
Rosemary slides over a kit to Kyrie "I saw you eyeing this other day"
Kyrie's eyes light up at the label:
Gingerbread Men Kit.
"Miss Rosemary! This is so nice of you!"
Rosemary's smile remains as she gives Nero his kit. His face immediately flushes red as he snickers.
Ninjabread Cookies
Rosemary stirs a large pot of stew, listening to the excitable chatter at the kitchen table.
As Rosemary adds another dash of black pepper, she hears a crack and a cry of distress and surprise. She looks up from the pot of stew and see's Kyle's gingerbread house broken. The boy's eyes glaze over with tears as Kyrie and Nero immediately jump in to comfort the boy.
Kyrie gently places her hand on his arm "It's okay, Kyle! We can fix it"
The child doesn't look up from his broken gingerbread house as he sniffles.
Rosemary turns the stove down and goes over to Kyle. She looks over the broken gingerbread pieces and gently asks Kyle "You really worked hard on this didn't you?"
Kyle meekly nods as he wipes his nose with his sleeve.
With a smile, Rosemary tells Kyle "I have the perfect solution"
Kyle gazes at Rosemary, intrigued by what she has to say. Rosemary leans into Kyle's ear and whispers something. The boy's eyes widen, immediately understanding what Rosemary is getting at. He slides out of his chair and rushes out of the kitchen. Nero scowls slightly as the boy disappears down the hall and asks "What'd you tell him?"
Rosemary places a finger to her lips "You'll see"
Within seconds, Kyle comes rushing back with an arm full of dinosaur toys. He places the toys onto the table and gets back into his chair.
The rest of the table watches as Kyle arranges the broken pieces of gingerbread and dinosaur toys into a rather humorous display.
After working for a few minutes, Kyle ceases his work and eyes the final product with a giddy smile.
The gingerbread house still lay in ruins. However, dinosaur toys dot the structure, some with pieces of gingerbread in their mouths.
Rosemary claps her hands together "There we go! Now it's perfect!"
Kyle wipes away the dried tears as he smiles at his work. Julio and Carlo lean over and admire the gingerbread disaster.
"Wooow!" Carlo exclaims "That's so cool, Kyle!"
Nico chuckles "Talk about working with what you have"
An hour later, everyone's gingerbread masterpieces are displayed on a console table in the living room. With everyone full of stew, Rosemary watches from the sofa as the boys are put to bed. She slouches against the cushions as Nero plops down next to her. She glances at the young hunter as he nudges her and says "Thanks for taking care of that, mom"
Rosemary shrugs "It was nothing"
The two sit in comfortable silence as the TV plays some random holiday movie on low. As Rosemary opens her mouth to say something, she feels a weight fall on her shoulder. She carefully turns her gazes to see Nero had fallen asleep. Smiling, she carefully pulls the fuzzy throw blanket over Nero before staring out the window.
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Chevrolet Bel Air (1957)
Image by Stephen Trinder
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What the hell is wrong with this family??? It’s the 3rd time the aliens come to abduct them!!
And now it’s Carlo’s round :( pleeeease don’t impregnate him!!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ok, he doesn’t seem happy!!
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Quick Squidward's drawing before bedtime. one of my favorite spongebob character, sure, weird fellow and not that nice character, but he's really good at it. For some reason, he's named Carlo in the French dub. It's just easier to say than Squidward, I guess. Oh, and that Spongebob Rehydrated game is good, by the way. Spongebob and Squidward (c) Nickelodeon Artwork made by me.
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Hiraeth Chapter 81: Jumpstart
Masterlist can be found Here!
Chapter Eighty-One: Jumpstart
Note: I don't know about you but I think 5k is a good way to start our first chapter of the year! I hope you had a good holiday! Don't worry, I'll get to your comments soon! I didn't get a chance over the break, but I did read them and they certainly put a smile on my face. Thank you for that. I needed it. 
PS (a few hours after the first paragraph) Google Docs decided to duplicate what I wrote like 100 times so the chapter ended up being 111 pages instead of the 10 or so it had been before, so I had to sit here and copy and paste each individual chapter into a new document because the backup override the current version, and undo wasn't working. It also got rid of all my bold and italics! And it changed my font and my page layout and font size! And it undid all of my spellchecking! And I just realized that it undid any edits I made so many words I had added today are gone, too! FFS!!!! How is that even possible?! I’m so PISSED. I just spent another HOUR fixing FORMATTING on a chapter that was already done! I can’t find the words for how irrationally angry I am. I’m honestly not even happy with this chapter anymore because I know it’s probably a giant mess.
Honestly, I’m so pissed that I might need a few days to fix all of this bullshit. I’ll let you know on Friday. What an awful start to the year… I hope you find some way to enjoy it because I just can’t now. Fuck.
In retrospect, the docks might not have been the best place to schedule a meeting.
By the time that Patty had arrived at her destination, she had come to the sudden realization that everything had taken a turn for the worst during the last few hours, and it wasn't just in her neighborhood, either. Around every corner was another mob of people moving up and away from the water, dropping their bags and screaming as they quite literally ran for the hills. She couldn't catch most of it over the cacophonous sounds of fleeing, screaming townsfolk, but from what she was able to gather, something was after them and the military was only barely keeping things under control. 
She should be driving in the opposite direction, but she had to make it to the harbor.
If something that bad was on the loose, then the last thing that she should be doing was going towards it. But unfortunately, she had very little choice. Well, at least choices that she was willing to live with or even consider. She wasn't going to leave them there alone and at the mercy of whatever demon was going on, even if they were in the van and could probably get out of there themselves. No, she had come this far. She wouldn't leave them when they needed her most. All she had to do was meet up with the others and get out of here.
Rounding the corner and coming to a momentary stop at a side exit to the harbor, Patty looked around in a hurry for the van. She could see that the ferry had arrived already, and several of the other vehicles that had been on board had either been abandoned in favor of just making a run for it, or were caught in traffic trying to vacate the area. But much to her dismay, she didn't see the one vehicle that she was actually looking for. How typical. Wasn't that always how these sorts of things worked?
Making the split-second decision to drive down the path and see if she could locate the van, the young blond was careful not to hit anyone. There was so much going on, and the unpredictable movement of frightened pedestrians made this entire situation so difficult to navigate. But just as she was starting to lose hope that she would be able to make any headway, she caught sight of a familiar young woman with long, reddish hair waving at her as she tried to grab her attention. They had parked by what looked like some sort of utility shed. She'd actually managed to find them. Patty almost couldn't believe it. For a second she had been worried that she wouldn't actually be able to find them.
"But we're not out of the woods just yet. Keep it together and get out of here as fast as we can." Patty thought to herself as she squeezed past several of the cars, trying her best not to get in their way as she nearly had to pull up onto the sidewalk to make her way into the narrow space that the van occupied. Well, narrow in comparison to the rest of the area. It looked like the sort of spot they would park utility vehicles in if they still had any. The one upside of the situation was that there was a gap between the buildings that led to the outside of the area. Admittedly there was a metal mesh fence in the way, but something told her that Nico probably didn't care about that sort of thing. She had heard about the way that the plucky young mechanist drove around Redgrave City. This was probably just an average day for where driving was considered.
"Patty! By golly you made it! I was startin' to think that something bad had happened to ya on the way over here! Everythin' alright?" Nico called over her shoulder as she seemed to frantically examine something in the van's engine, the hood up and clearly visible from where Patty stood. Kyrie headed over towards her as she exited the car, seemingly eager to assess for herself whether or not the young blond was okay. Anyone with the capacity to so much as take a passing glance in her general direction could tell that she was worried and visibly shaken by the events unfolding around her, but she was holding it together admirably nonetheless. She probably didn't want to make the children worry about her. Patty had to admit that she felt bad for the situation that Kyrie was in right now. She could never just worry about herself. Poor thing.
"Just some traffic I ran into on the way over. Didn't realize everyone was literally running for their lives until I hit the road." She hugged Kyrie, the young brunette woman clearly happy to see her and relieved that she had managed to arrive here safely. It had been a stressful morning for all of them. From behind her, she caught sight of the children sitting inside of the van. They seemed to be able to tell that something serious was going on, opting to just remain quiet and wait where they were. Well, except for the littlest one. He seemed to be toddling about, probably giving Kyrie something to personally worry over. "What's the hold-up?"
"You're not gonna believe this but I think the battery died," Nico said as she shook her head in disbelief, hurrying back around to the side of the car to open the door. She jumped inside and ran to the back before the sound of metal crashing could be heard from what Patty assumed to be the spot where Nico was searching. She seemed to be just tossing things to the side in her rush to find what she was looking for, landing spot be damned. And she couldn't say that she blamed her for it, either. They needed to get out of here. Whatever was going on wasn't good. "Looks like we're gonna need a jump. It's a good thing that ya didn't walk here."
Realizing that they could probably get out of there sooner if she helped look for the jumper cables before she went to pull the car a bit closer, Patty made the executive decision to climb on board and look for them. Four eyes might just be better than two in this case, even if she only had the vaguest idea of what she was looking for. She'd seen jumper cables before. That wasn't the issue. The problem was the sheer amount of cables and wires in this part of the van. "Do you remember where you saw them last?"
Nico glanced up at Patty from behind her workbench, pausing for a moment and crunching her brow in a manner that made it clear that she was trying to recall something that she hadn't had to think about in a very long time. After a minute or so she started to slowly shake her head before suddenly pausing, pulling a box off of the shelf in front of her, checking it, and then quickly turning her attention back towards Patty. She seemed to have recalled something. "Nero had em! We were working on the van the day he got his arm ripped off! But he knows better than to come back here because he doesn't know how some of this stuff works. Check the front!"
Glancing around, the young woman with the blond hair took a second to orient herself. Her mind was running a thousand miles a minute, and despite the fact that the layout of the van was very straightforward, it took her a second to find the front. But as soon as she did she raced over to it and started searching for the jumper cables. Now that she thought about it, Patty remembered Morrison telling her that something bad had happened to Nero a few months back, but she couldn't remember if he had told her that his arm had been cut off. Maybe she had simply forgotten. Either way, she was curious as to how in the world it had seemingly grown back. No one had a prosthetic arm that was that realistic!
"Okay Patty, think. Nero isn't even as close to as messy as Dante is. He probably just put them somewhere that would make sense. Somewhere straightforward… " Patty looked around in front of her, taking a second to stop and consider the likely areas. They couldn't be under the seat or on the sides of the doors. She hadn't seen anything hanging out of the backs of the chairs when she'd been heading over. A cursory inspection of the storage area hanging from the ceiling above her in the form of a mesh roof compartment revealed nothing. But there was one place that she hadn't looked, and now she felt a little silly for not thinking of it sooner. "Like the glove compartment! Bingo!"
"I found them!" Patty yelled excitedly as she nearly tripped in her hurry to get out of the seat and get them to Nico. She tossed them to her companion who caught them, untangling them from the slight knot that they had been tied in as she headed towards the van's side door. These would do her little good inside of the van. They had been fortunate indeed. Nico had half expected them to spend the next hour just searching the van for the cables. That was normally how these things worked when you least needed them to.
"Thanks, Patty! I'll get these hooked up in a jiffy! Your car might be a little bit too far away, though." Nico said, running for the side door. She hopped out with Patty just a few steps behind her, the eager young blond more than happy to do what she could to help. As soon as they got this van working they could get out of here and head out of town. They had been fortunate that the van had broken down right here and not in the middle of the road or something.
"Don't mention it! I'll pull the car closer!" Patty called over her shoulder as she ran towards her car, practically leaping into it as she took the car out of park and pulled a few yards closer to the van. She got as close as she could manage given the position of the van. Hopefully, that would be enough. She couldn't say that she'd ever seen jumper cables used at an angle like this before, but then again, she hadn't really seen them used more than once, so she was hoping that this was pretty commonplace. "That's as close as I can get. We're kinda at a bad angle."
Nico brushed off the comment, unconcerned with the placement of the vehicles. She had done more with less. Much less. At least this time around she actually had the right kind of cables in the first place. At least she didn’t have to jerry-rig it. That was honestly sort of a first for her, if she was being entirely honest. As bad as everything was right now, certain aspects of their predicament were actually looking up. They were no longer stuck in Fortuna for one thing, so that was a good start.
"It'll do. I just hope that cute lil car of yours has enough voltage to actually-" Nico was cut off mid statement by a loud, reverberating boom that caused the ground beneath them to shudder and shake. Small cracks began to form in the concrete around them as all of them froze in place momentarily. Another rumbling boom could be heard just a few short seconds after the second, only this time it was more akin to a vocalization than the last one had been.
And then there was a roar. One so hard that they could feel it in their chests and the brick buildings around them rattled as the glass in them cracked and broke depending on its proximity to the source of the sound. Several groups of people suddenly jumped out of their cars and started running for their lives, screaming at the top of their lungs as about two feet of briney seawater came washing across the ground towards them, soaking their feet and making the ground beneath them wet. It receded after a moment, but Nico was still hesitant to clamp the jumper cables onto their respective mounting points. She definitely didn't want to be touching this when Patty threw the switch.
Something big was coming. Nico could feel it. They all could.
Just then, almost out of nowhere, a trio of almost amphibian-like demons leaped out of the water and landed on the tops of the nearby cars, immediately sending everyone into a bigger panic than they already had been moments before. Two of the demons scattered and went in towards opposite ends of the pier, but one made a b-line for the van's open door, much to the panic of Kyrie who was standing just a few feet away. 
Before either Nico or Patty could say or do anything, the horrified brunette rushed towards the van door, shouting for the oldest child to close the door. He attempted to do as she asked, but he simply couldn't get to the door quickly enough, instead opting to grab his two little brothers and attempt to shield them from the demon instead. Kyrie reached the door just in time, jumping into the van and slamming the door on the demon's arm just as it attempted to grab the two children.
Kyrie attempted to hold the door shut, but realized quickly that she wasn't going to be able to hold the demon at bay for long. She searched around, desperate to find something, anything that she could use to defend herself and the children. "Run to the bathroom and lock the door! Hurry!"
Carlo looked confused, being far too young to understand what Kyrie was telling him. Kyle and Julio on the other hand had a much better understanding of what was going on and they immediately grabbed their little brother, carting him off to the relative safety of the bathroom. They were too scared to say anything, and being as they were, they weren't really sure what they could say in a situation like this to start with. The best that they could hope for was that once the bathroom door opened again that they would all be alright. If they stopped to try and think or thank Kyrie it might be too late for all of them.
With one last sad, frightened look Julio closed the bathroom door, clearly scared for his adoptive mother's life. He wasn't sure how high he would rate her chances without Nero here, especially with Nico outside. He just didn't think she could win a fight with a demon like that. She didn't even have anything to defend herself with!
Kyrie glanced around the room frantically for something that she could use to fight the demon, or at least keep it at bay. It took every ounce of energy in her entire body to hold the door closed, and she was rapidly losing her grip on the door. If she could at least hit it with something, maybe it would give her the chance to close the door the rest of the way. Frantically searching the interior of the van, she realized that there was nothing around that was easily within reach that she could use to fight the demon. She was going to have to let the door go.
Taking a deep breath, she pulled the door as hard as she could towards the closed position before diving towards the front seat and grabbing the only thing that she had available to her. She just hoped with every fiber of her being that the few times she'd seen Nero use one of these things had taught her enough to be able to do the same.
Moments later the door to the van slid open and in stepped the demon, its huge claws extended and eager to sink themselves into their target. It looked around and didn't immediately see her, the brunette having pressed herself as close to the seat as humanly possible. She then took in a silent gulp of air before spinning around and pointing the gun in the direction of the demon.
Patty and Nico rushed over to the side door, unsure as to what else they could possibly do to save her. Neither of them was armed, but perhaps they could drive the demon off? At this point, it was as good of a plan as any. But just as they reached the door they heard a loud, blood-curdling scream and then a loud bang before the demon suddenly dropped motionless to the ground, not making a single sound. Both of them were wary of approaching it, but after that, they needed to be sure that Kyrie was alright. But as they stepped near the demon and noticed the gaping hole in its skull for the first time, they were both collectively shocked to find Kyrie holding one of the guns that Nico had been working on for Lady in the van, and she was still holding it out towards the demon, ready to fire again if necessary with her eyes closed. She had probably been too afraid to even look at it when she’d fired the gun.
Both Nico and Patty just stared at the young songstress in utter disbelief as she opened her eyes and dropped the gun and let out a sound somewhere between a huff and a disbelieving laugh, but too short to truly be either. She looked down at her hands in shock before looking up at both of them again, seemingly searching for something, anything to confirm that what she thought had just happened truly had occurred and that she wasn't imagining things. Had she actually just shot a gun? Had she really just killed that demon?
The wiley mechanic started, unsure as to what else she could even say. She couldn't imagine what Kyrie was probably thinking right now. One thing she was sure of was that the cheerful songstress had probably never envisioned herself killing anything, let alone a demon. But she had done it. And she had done it to save herself and her children. She'd managed to save all of them without even trying to, and as far as Nico was concerned, she had so much to be proud of. But she was sure that either way this was a lot for her to try and process right now.
"Kyrie… are you alr-" Nico started but she didn’t get to finish.
None of them had even a second to say anything further before a loud, rumbling screech could be heard from the direction of the harbor. Patty and Nico jumped up and hopped back out of the door, coming face to face with the sight of a massive demon rising out of the harbor, one of its massive clawed hands crushing the side of a nearby car. The girls each took one look at one another before running back towards the van, Patty making a sharp right towards her car. They needed to get this van working. NOW.
"Okay try starting the engine!" Patty called over, her own car running. Nico waved back in conformation before attempting to start the van. It jolted for the second before, making a noise that signified that it was attempting to start before cutting off again. And when she tried to start it again, to her dismay, nothing happened. Nico felt anxious, unsure as to what more they could do. She couldn't imagine why this hadn’t worked.
"The clamps are on the right terminals! Your battery must not be strong enough!" Nico called back, obviously unsure as to what to do. Maybe they could all squeeze into Patty's little sports car? It wasn't the safest idea, but right now, nothing was. Even still, she didn't want to just leave the van here to be flattened by a giant demon. And they were certainly safer inside of a larger vehicle. Kyrie had just proved that. But she was also pretty certain that Patty's car and the van didn't use the same battery, so there was no way that she could swap them. They were going to have to figure out something and fast. This wasn't good.
While Nico was rapidly considering every option available to her (not that there were very many), a loud boom suddenly rang out and something exploded near the huge demon's head. It revealed back in obvious pain, clearly displeased with whatever had just occurred. And not long after she caught sight of something unexpected but entirely welcome.
It was Lady. And she had Trish in tow. 
The blond demon seemed to notice their presence as the devil hunter with the short black hair rained a volley of bullets down onto the other two demons that had accompanied the bigger one, shielding the fleeing townsfolk from their unhindered attack. Trish then jumped across the roof and landed in front of them gracefully, easily clearing what had to be at least a fifty-foot gap without any difficulty.
"What's the hold-up?" Trish asked, surveying the area around them. Clearly, they were in the middle of something. She could tell just by how worried everyone looked. And was that a dead demon turning to ash in the van? Clearly, they had missed something. She had just come here because of the noise, but from what she could tell, she and Lady had been right on time. "Is something wrong?"
"Um, the… the van needed a jump, and the car couldn't do it." Nico just stared at her, really processing for the first time that Trish wasn't human. She'd known that for a long time now, but there was just something so strange about seeing her jump the distance of several school buses and land without so much as bending her knees. It was strange, to say the least.
Trish made a face that signified her relief that car trouble was all that was going on here before putting her twin handguns away and unclamping the jumper cables. She then placed her hands together and rubbed them, seemingly concentrating for a moment as she did so. Small golden sparks seemed to jolt outward and away from their source, the blond demoness seemingly charging up her lightning with ease. Before Nico could ask what Trish was doing, she placed both of her hands on either side of the engine and the entire car jolted momentarily before shuddering to a stop again. Kyrie yelped in surprise from within the vehicle, but there was little risk to her actual safety with Trish working on the van. She knew what she was doing and was in total control.
Looking over at the young brunette as she approached the front window of the van, Trish then glanced over at Nico. The mechanic seemed to still be in mild shock as to what she'd just seen the blond devil do, but not so much shock that she couldn't tell that she was being silently addressed. She liked to think that no matter what the one thing she could count on about herself was her ability to at least focus on the task at hand, especially when it involved demons.
"Are the keys in the ignition?" Trish asked, peering over at the side of the van. At least the door to the van was still intact. From what she could tell the demon had tried to pry it open. She was surprised that it was still attached to the van at all. Demons didn't exactly have a reputation for being gentle with vehicles, after all. Quite the opposite, actually. In fact, was the van magic or something? How had it managed to survive that encounter unscathed? Had they just been lucky? It seemed that the van's reputation for being indestructible was once again proven correct.
"Y-yea, they are," Nico said, staring up at the blond demon as she attempted to finish processing the fact that she had just seen Trish do that. Part of her wasn't sure she'd actually seen what she thought she'd just seen, but she was also aware that she knew someone who had literally come back from the dead, someone who had basically come back from the dead, and someone else who had grown back their arm after having it ripped off, and Dante, so she wasn't sure why this concept seemed so strange to her. "So… you can shoot lightning out of your hands, too?!"
"Dante didn't tell you about that? I'm surprised." Trish closed the hood of the van before turning her attention back towards the huge demon that was trying its best to make its way out of the harbor. It had clambered its way onto part of the ferry now, and the water it was sloshing haphazardly onto the docks was going to become a problem very quickly. They needed to get as many people clear as possible. Lightning was conductive, and she didn't need any of these people standing in something that would make it easier for her to accidentally kill them. She just hoped that Patty, Nico, and Kyrie would be safe inside of the van. She'd give them a little time to get away while she did what she could to get as many people out of here as she could. "You know what, it doesn't matter right now. We can talk about that once this is all over. You have to get out of here. Kyrie, start the van. We need to know if it worked."
Trish looked away from Nico and over at Kyrie, the nervous brunette seemingly hesitant to start the ignition after that much electricity had just been shot through the van. But after taking a deep breath to help steady her thoroughly frayed nerves she did and the van thankfully roared to life. After much trial, error, and struggle they could finally get out of there! It almost didn’t feel real given everything that had just happened.
Lady came running over a second later, yelling what few people remained to get clear. She didn't really need to at that point though. Most of them had decided to do that when a demon the size of a small building had suddenly opted to climb out of the harbor. She caught sight of the others and waved them down, having overheard some of what was being said but not enough to consider herself fully in the know.
"We're gonna borrow your car, Patty. Sorry in advance if it doesn't come back in one piece." Lady said as she ran past Patty, waving at her in the process. Hopefully, this would be fast enough to get the job done. They had somewhere to be after they finished up here.
Patty couldn't say that she cared honestly. All she cared about was getting the door to the van closed before any more unwanted passengers hitched a ride. The last thing they needed was for poor Kyrie to have to try and shoot something again. She still seemed pretty shaken up about it the first time around. But hey, at least she had managed to actually hit it. Patty wasn't sure that she would actually be able to hit anything. "Not my car anyway! I think my mom has insurance on it! You stay safe! We're gonna see you again sometime soon!"
With that, Nico jumped into the driver's seat and floored the gas, hoping to send them rocketing forward through the gap between the two buildings and out of the path of the rising water. And not a second too soon. They were quickly losing traction, and this would probably be their last chance to try and get out of here. The tires spun uselessly for a few seconds before the van finally managed to get a grip on the pavement and pull them forward and towards the gate at the end of the alleyway. None of them had any qualms about driving through a mesh fence. It would be silly not to at a time like this. 
Lady and Trish watched the van go before turning to look at one another. Patty had just nabbed a car from a garage that wasn't hers and drove it down here in the middle of a demonic attack with reckless abandon? Now that was the girl Dante had helped raise. They were so proud of her. The little girl they had known when they had first met her would have probably been the first to warn against something like that but now? Now it seemed that she was truly ready to throw caution to the wind and go for it. Consequences and financial ruin be damned.
They grew up so fast… 
"Alright, let's finish this thing off and get the hell out of here!" Lady said as she readied her rocket launcher, ready and willing to send it back to whatever pit in hell it had crawled out of. She watched as Trish pulled out her own twin pistols and charged them full of her golden lightning, taking aim at the demon's head. If aquatic demons worked the way that she thought they did then that wasn't going to feel very good.
"Couldn't have said it better myself," Trish said, ready to finish this fight once and for all. They needed to finish this thing off as quickly as they could and group back up with Lucia. She and some of the Ludwig girls were holding things down on the opposite side of town, and they were both willing to bet that they could use an assist. But still, it was exciting to get to fight something this size. They didn’t get to do that very often anymore. Dante normally beat them to the really fun fights. They were going to do their best to enjoy this! "We've got work to do. Let's send this guy back where he came from and get out of here. We have a whole city to save."
I had an entirely different end not here originally, but now it just feels disingenuous because of what just happened. Fuck google docs, and thank you for reading 80+ chapters of this fic. I’m genuinely shocked that so many people like it and have been reading it for so long! Thanks for the support. I will (hopefully) see you on Friday. Sorry for such a shitty start to the year.
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