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#Carol Danvers
bad-comic-art · a day ago
Tumblr media
submitted anonymously
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sapphic-lil-angel · a day ago
Hey there Moddi! I would like to ask if you could write a one shot of the female avengers Carol, Wanda, Natasha, Maria, and Valkyrie, maybe yelena that’s up to you but of them fighting over each other to spend time with R or just the holy trinity thank you! :>
Ask and you shall receive ☺
(I'm sorry if you wanted more fluff, you're getting slut brain 😅 this is also v short but I will atone for my sins at some point)
“Y/n was my friend first, therefore I’M spending the day with her.” Wanda stated, protectively pulling you into her chest and sticking her tongue out childishly at the blonde. “You better put that away before I decide to put it to use.” Carol smirked, reveling in the Sokovian’s blush and grabbing your wrist and tugging you towards her room. “Besides, I demand a rematch, she cheated our last game.” Before you could protest, red hair came into view. “How about you both let Y/N go? Or I could shoot you, you’ve both got powers so it’s not like it’d put you out of commission for too long.” Nat smirked at the other two women who glared in response. 
This had been going on for the last few months, any time they had the chance, they tried to claim you for as long as possible. Sometimes going so far as to actually hide you from the others,(not that it was hard, you were tiny) it had only became an actual issue today. As they women began to argue once more, you found a chance to slip away, finding yourself in the kitchen to get as far from their overlapping voices as possible.
You thought you were safe, until of course, Maria called out your name. "Let's go kid, training time." You huffed playfully at the brunette, quickly matching her pace towards the training areas. "Ya know, just because I'm younger than you, doesn't mean I'm a kid." You laughed, but the smile quickly faded when you realized who else was in the room.
"Well it's good you feel that way, Y/n. Because it would be very inappropriate for a kid to be here." She joked, flashing a knowing smile as she walked backwards towards the door. "Alright, romanoff. She's all yours, you owe me twenty bucks!" A betrayed gasp left your throat as you whipped to look at Maria. "You sold me to Nat for twenty bucks!?" The false hurt on your face only earning you another laugh. "Actually," Carol's voice rang out as Wanda appeared behind you. "She sold you to all of us." The witch's hand met the small of your back, gently pushing you towards the other two women.
The Russian tilted your chin in order to make you look at her. "Oh, don't be sad now, Y/n. It was twenty each. Besides, we know how to take very good care of you." The trio closed in on you as you heard the door's lock click into place, and Carol spoke up once again.
"We've decided that it's not good for the team if we're always fighting over you." The blonde grinned as she tugged the collar of your shirt. "So," Wanda continued on her behalf, "we've decided it's best to share you." You whimpered as Natasha's hands snaked under the hem of your shirt. "Cheer up sweet girl, after all, you just want what's best for the team, don't you?"
Before you could reply Carol and Wanda's mouths met either side of your neck, and the redhead's fingers found their way to the button of your jeans. The light gasp that escaped you was met with three dazzling smiles as the women slowly began to strip you naked. The decision had obviously been made, and they were your superiors, who were you to question their agreement.
After all, they'd said it themselves, it was for the good of the team.
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clueless-sapphic · a day ago
Morning mishaps
Tumblr media
Carol Danvers x g!n reader
warmings: none, only fluff
A light thud followed by an “oof” woke you up from your dream. You groaned, peeking your eyes open to see Carol lying on the floor with a pout. The t-shirt lying near her feet gave you a hunch that she had slipped. You didn’t bother to control your laughter once it slipped from your lips.
Carol turned to look at you and flushed red in embarrassment. That didn’t stop her from glaring at you though.
“It’s not funny” she huffed “I’m hurt”
“Come here, i’ll give you cuddles” you smiled
Too giddy with happiness at the offer of cuddles, she forgot about the crumpled up shirt on the floor and slipped. Again. This time you tried to stop the giggles from escaping your mouth. Unfortunately, the hand covering your mouth didn’t stop the sound from reaching Carol.
“Don’t laugh at me, it’s your fault this happened”
You gasped “How is it my fault?”
“That’s your t-shirt on the floor” she pointed out
“Actually, that’s yours” you corrected
She picked it up and realised it was hers, another one of her tops had been stolen by you without her realising.
She laughed “How many of mine have you stolen?”
“I wouldn’t call it stealing, more like borrowing. Besides you practically offer them to me half the time”
She smiled sheepishly “I can’t help it, you look so cute in them”
You pouted “not sexy?”
Your girlfriend chuckled “sexy too”
She chucked the shirt away and got onto the bed.
“Give me my cuddles now”
She wrapped her arms around your waist and buried her face into your chest.
“Maybe i should start calling you Captain clumsy from now on” you teased
“Shut up” she groaned
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twilight-99-tm · a day ago
can you do something like carol finds r toys she didn’t know they had and says “come on doll, show me how you fuck yourself when i’m not around”
You froze as you walked into your room, quickly closing the door behind you as you realized which drawer Carol had open. Her back was towards you, but you could tell she was holding something. You swallowed hard before she turned around, a wicked smirk on her face.
"Is this how you keep yourself entertained when I'm gone, princess?" She asked, pressing the buttons on your wand, the vibrating sound making you clench your thighs together. You averted her eyes as she approached you, her fingertip tilting your chin up to look at her. "It's okay, you can tell me, you want to be good for your Captain don't you?"
"Yes, Captain," You whimpered, letting her pull your chin forward and press your lips together. She slid the head of the wand down to between your thighs, turning it on and cranking it all the way up as she pressed it between your thighs.
You squeezed your legs together and moaned against her lips, making her smirk and pull away from you. She pressed the wand into your hand, your head snapping up to meet her gaze.
"Come on doll," She let go of the wand and pulled you towards the bed. "Show me how you fuck yourself when I'm not around."
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chris-whore · a day ago
When will Shang Chi making a debut??
Tumblr media
carol danvers on answering fan questions
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razorscooteer · a day ago
Needy & greedy
Carol Danvers x fem!R
Warnings: smut, fuck machines, multiple orgasms, masturbation
Carol Danvers x fem! R
*credit to gif owner*
Tumblr media
The string of curses that leaves your lips are the most violent she’s heard them come. The moans and pants heard from behind the door makes her squeeze her legs tightly. The loud moan of her name makes her contemplate if she should confront you.
She gently opens the door. Her eyes nearly bulge out of her head as she witnesses you cum with a cry of her name.
You bring your hand down to toy with your sensitive bud as the other toys with the buttons to speed the machine up.
You moan as the machine pleases your greedy hole. The squelching noise of your cunt is so loud. You cry out and arch your back when the large toy attached to the machine continues to abuse your sweet spot.
Your arousal squirting beneath you when the toy moves faster. Chanting her name like a prayer when you come again.
You pull back with a whine at the loss. She could see the gape of your hole. The once-tight pink ring is now wide open as your hole clenches around nothing.
“So pretty” she mumbles to herself, stepping closer to get a better look and maybe you could get the real thing this time.
You yelp in surprise when she parts your closing legs. “Shh baby, it’s ok” she mumbles, setting herself between your thighs.
She sighs heartily as she brings a finger to graze along your hole. You let out a gasp when she pulls you closer to her mouth.
God, you tasted great. Maybe after this, she could finally tell you how she felt but for now, this will definitely do.
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bubbleyanan · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝐖𝐇𝐀𝐓 𝐈𝐅 𝐞𝐩 𝟕 - captain marvel & darcy lewis icons
💜 like or reblog if you save :)
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yellowvxbes · a day ago
Come, See The Stars
Pairing: Carol Danvers x Reader
Summary: You had been begging for Carol to take you to space. Once she finds a safe trip, she lets her little dragonfly come along.
Word Count: 429
Warnings: Age regression.
A/N: This came out two days late, sorry!!! <3
“Mommy! I just wanna see the stars!” You whined, tugging at her sleeve. “From up there!” You pointed towards the night sky, and Carol couldn’t help but giggle at you. You were so adorable, even when you were on the verge of losing it.
“I know my little dragonfly. I want you to see the stars too, I do! But space is dangerous.” She reasoned, and you couldn’t help but let your bottom lip up into a pout. You didn’t see what was so dangerous about space. If she went into space all the time, why couldn’t you?
“You do it all the time, mommy!” You pointed out, stomping your foot. “If you can, I can too!” Carol sighed- she knew you all too well and if you wanted something… well, you were getting it.
“I know baby just… I don’t want you to get hurt.” You frowned at that- if she did it all the time, why would now be dangerous? “I know it’s hard but mommy cares about you a lot, little dragonfly, that’s why I don’t want you up there.”
“Please, please, please!” You begged, looking up to her with the most desperate eyes you could muster. Carol sighed and you couldn’t help but let a smile escape- she was finally going to let you in the sky. “Yes, mommy thank you! Thank you!” You exclaimed happily as you followed her into the passenger seat of the jet while she shook her head with a chuckle.
“Now my little dragonfly, this is a special jet okay? It’s made for space but we won't be up there for long. It can be dangerous.” Carol warned, and your nose pinched up.
“Mommy, you do it every day! It not dangerous!” Carol raised her eyebrow and you immediately quieted down. You weren’t going to lose your one chance. “Sorry, mommy.” You mumbled, looking out the window as she started the jet up.
“It’s okay baby, I’m not mad.” You felt the sides of the seat anxiously as the jet flew up at almost a scary speed and you looked over at her with a nervous expression.
“Mommy, I’on know if I like this anymore.” You mumbled. Carol chuckled at that and gave you a knowing look. “Mommy! I’m serious, is scary!”
Carol laughed, “Weren’t you the one who was begging me to let you fly up into space? We’re almost there too!” You quieted up when you looked out the circular window to see Earth from a distance and you looked at Carol with wonder.
“Come, see the stars.”
Main Taglist: @catasha @wandanatvoid @marvelwomen-simp
Carol Danvers Taglist: @catasha @wandanatvoid @marvelwomen-simp
Age Regression Taglist: @milfloverslut @catasha @wandanatvoid @marvelwomen-simp
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Emma Swan has the same gay vibes as Carol Danvers and there is no one that will convince me otherwise
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avengerscompound · 2 hours ago
Moving On - Chapter 25
Tumblr media
Moving On: A Falcon & Captain Marvel Fanfic
Masterlist PREVIOUS //
Buy me a ☕ Character Pairing:  Sam Wilson x F!Reader, Carol Danvers x F! Reader
Word Count:  2154
Rating:  E
Warnings: Angst
Synopsis:  You thought Sam Wilson was the love of your life.  You had planned to do it all with him - marriage, kids, see the world.  Even when you’re life gets turned upside down, and you both end up international fugitives, he’s there by your side.
Then Thanos comes.
When Sam is one of the many turned to dust, leaving you alone and pregnant, you don’t think you’ll ever stop grieving.  Yet, everyone tells you that Sam would want you to move on and live your life - that he’d want you to be happy. Gradually you open your heart up to another.  Carol Danvers has lost people too.  First her daughter, then her wife.  As the two of you lean on each other, feelings grow and you move on together.
So what happens when Sam is returned to you?
Tumblr media
Chapter 25: The Shield
Carol left for space the morning after the three of you had spent the night together.  You spent the next week being the stay-at-home parent while Sam worked with Steve on the plan to return the Infinity Stones to their correct places in time.
You were excited.  Next week you’d be seeing Sarah and the kids, and two weeks after that Carol would return and take you, Sam, and Kit to start your lives together on the Alpha Flight Space Station.
It felt too good to be true.  Sam was home, he still loved you.  Carol loved you.  You loved them both and they were willing to give this a shot.  Not just for you but for the child who considered you all her parents.  You were going to be a family, even if it was one that many people didn’t quite understand.
You were home packing for the trip to see Sarah while Sam had gone back to the site of the compound with Steve, Bruce, and Bucky so that Steve could take the stones back to their correct place in time.  You knew there was a chance of things going wrong and that it could delay the trip but assuming it went well, you, Sam, and Kit would be on your way to Lousianna tomorrow and you wanted to be ready to go.
It was supposed to be relatively quick.  Steve would likely take a long time, but the beauty of time travel meant he could take years putting them back, and still arrive back a minute later as if nothing had happened.
As the day went on and you hadn’t heard from Sam, you started to worry.  You texted him and when he didn’t reply you tried Steve too.
By late afternoon you hadn’t heard from either of them and you were starting to panic.  You didn’t know if you should get in the car and go for a drive to the compound to see if everything was okay.  You had Kit and no one to leave her with.  You tried Sam and Steve again and then tried texting Bruce.
You paced as you waited for a reply imagining the worst outcomes possible.  Each a new and more graphic way for Sam to have been killed while he was supposed to just be offering moral support to Steve.
Kit was picking up on your distress and she came over and tugged on your shirt.  “Mommy - you ‘kay?”
“Yeah, honey,” you said, picking her up.  “Sorry.  Everything is fine.”
She wrapped her little arms around your neck and hugged you.  “Is okay.  You’ve got Kit.”
“I sure do.  That’s my favorite thing,” you said.
She giggled and kicked her legs and your phone buzzed in your hand.  A notification from Bruce lit up the screen.
‘Sorry, he hasn’t responded.  No need to fear.  Everyone is fine.  We just had an unintended consequence to the time travel.  It’s a good one, but there’s been a lot of conversation about what needs to happen from here.  He will be back tonight.’
You felt both relieved that he was okay, but also a mixture of anger and hurt that he hadn’t thought to message you or even reply to the myriad of texts you had sent him.
“Okay, Kitty Kat,” you said, looking at your daughter.  “Sounds like daddy is going to be late home.  What should we do while we wait?”
You ended up taking Kit to the park for a couple of hours, and when Sam still wasn’t back when you returned, you ordered pizza, figuring it would be a long time before you got to have a New York slice again.
Sam arrived home before the pizza.  He carried a large round bag that looked exactly the same size and shape as Steve’s shield, which made no sense as it had been destroyed in the battle against Thanos.  Bucky was behind him, which seemed even stranger still.  You knew that the two of them had been crashing with Steve in Brooklyn up until Sam had moved into your hotel room, but usually you only saw Bucky if Steve was there too.
Kit ran to him.  “Daddy!” she shouted.  He crouched down and caught her as she slammed into him, picking her up and hugging her close.  “You made mommy very worried.”
“I know,” he said.  “I’m sorry.  I’m here now.”
You approached him and kissed him.  “You could have texted me,” you said before turning your attention to Bucky.  “Hey, Bucky.  I ordered pizza, but not really…”
Held up his hand.  “It’s fine.  Won’t be here long.”
You looked back at Sam with your brow furrowed with worry.  Sam sighed and put Kit back on the ground.  “Hey, kiddo, how about you and Bucky put on a movie?  I just need to talk to your mom about something.”
Kit took Bucky’s hand and dragged him to the TV.  “Uncle Bucky, you wanna watch Tangled?”
Sam took your hand and led you into the bedroom.  Every step you took felt like you were walking through quicksand and that when you finally stopped you’d have been smothered to death.  Sam placed the large shield-shaped bag on the bed before sitting down next to it.  He patted the free space next to him.
“What’s going on,” you said, not taking a seat.
“You should really sit,” he said.
“Please just tell me,” you said.  “Don’t give me a big spiel about your day.  Just tell me why we had to come in here to talk away from Kit.”
Sam sighed and took your hand.  “I can’t go to space.”
You snatched your hand away.  “Why… why?  What’s changed?”
“See that’s why you needed the spiel,” Sam said, trying to lighten the mood.  When you didn’t react he sighed again.  “Sit down, honey.”
“No,” you said and started to pace.  “Tell me.  Tell me what’s more important than me - than your daughter!”
“Steve - Steve stayed behind in the past,” he said.  “Did the whole wife and kids things.  He was sitting there, an old man.  He had this.”  Sam patted the shield.  “He gave it to me and said I should be Captain America now.  And, babe, I don’t want to.  I don’t want to live the rest of my life in Steve Rogers’ blond blue-eyed shadow.  But I can’t go.  Not now.  Not when the world is in chaos and it’s just lost Iron Man and Captain America.  People need something to give them hope.  Someone that’s going to fight for the little guy.”
“And that has to be you?” you asked.
“Steve asked me to do it,” Sam said.
“Oh okay, Steve asked you to,” you snapped.  “So he gets to have a life and a family and you don’t?”
“Honey,” Sam sighed.  “This isn’t an easy decision for me.”
You sank onto the ground against the wall and began to fumble the communicator out of your pocket with shaking hands.
“I love you,” he said.  “And I know you love me too.  But you’ve managed to fall in love with two people who think about things on a worldwide scale.  Carol teased you about having a type.  You have a type.  It’s the people who have to save the world.  And right now you’ve got her out there saving the galaxy, and I need to be here looking after the people here.  That might change, but this is where I need to be.”
You started crying.  Painful, aching crying where you couldn’t catch your breath and the tears clouded your vision.  Sam moved, sitting beside you on the floor and putting one arm around you.  He put his hand on the communicator and held it so you couldn’t try and activate it anymore.  “Babe,” he said gently.  “I love you.  And I love Kit.  If you stayed here with me, you’d make me so happy.  But I don’t think you should.  You said yourself that you love your life out there, and Kit speaks about her friends out there and her whole face lights up.  I can’t take her from that.”
“You want us to go?” you sobbed.  “You don’t even love us.”
“Of course I do,” he said.  “Honey, I’m not the one that moved on.  You are.”
You completely broke down into wracking sobs that hurt your chest and you couldn’t hear anything over.  You pushed him away but he didn’t move, he kept his arm on you and when you fell against him he held you close, rubbing your back in slow soothing circles.
“It feels like you're punishing me for something I had no control over,” you sobbed as you started to get yourself under control again.
“I’m not,” he said.  “I want to try and make this work.”
“How?  How would this work?” you wailed.
“Well, I hope you’ll come back regularly.  I’d like to at the very least have partial custody of my daughter.  I don’t want to throw her whole life into chaos, but every second weekend and holidays,” he said  “And maybe you could come with her?”
“Sharing custody of your girlfriend?” you asked, not sure if you sounded incredulous or hopeful about the idea.  Not even sure how you felt about it.
“Maybe?  I’m willing to try it out,” he said.  “But I’m also not an idiot.  I know how hard that would be to maintain.  So… if I met someone else…”
You broke down again and this time pulled the communicator away from him and tried to get it to work again.  You wanted to be away from him and this pain he was causing you.  “I can’t believe how painful loving you has been,” you sobbed.
“I’m sorry,” Sam said quietly.  “I didn’t want to hurt you.”
“But you did,” you said, pushing him away from you.  “And you’re going to hurt Kit too.  Because you have to save a world that doesn’t even give a shit about you.”
“And that can’t be said for Carol too?” Sam asked.  “If you get through to Carol and beg her to live on Earth with us you think she’s going to do it?  That she loves you and Kit enough to stop doing the thing she thinks she has to do to keep the galaxy safe?’
You curled yourself up into a ball holding the communicator against you and wailed.  Sam tried to touch you and you kicked at him.  “Don’t touch me!” you shouted.
“I’m sorry,” he said.  “I’m sorry, baby.  I shouldn’t have said that.”
“No, you’re right,” you cried.  “No one loves me or Kit enough to put us first.  What a good point you have.  Fuck you, Sam.”
“I’m trying to put you first,” he said.  “I’m trying not to be selfish.  You’ve lived five years without me.  It’s not fair of me to upend your life.  But I have to do this.  I have to.”
“Keep telling yourself that,” you snarled.  “I’m sure it will keep you warm at night.”  You tugged your engagement ring off your finger and threw it at him.  “Go tell your daughter you're leaving her then.  Go on.”
“Is this really how you want to do this,” Sam said, frowning as he picked up the ring.  “You want to just cut it off dead like that.  You want to tell that little girl that she’s not going to see her aunt?”
“You’re doing this, Sam!” you shouted.  “Not me.  You!  You said you’d come with us.  We made plans.  She’s excited to show you everything and you’ve decided not to go through with it.  Your bags are packed.  You might as well just take them with you.”
Sam sighed and got up.  “I’ll ask Bucky to stay with you,” he said.  “You shouldn’t be alone.”
“Like you give a shit about that,” you said.
“Honey,” he said.  “If you were alone when I got back, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”
You looked around for something to throw at him, and when you couldn’t find anything in easy reach outside of the communicator that you needed to get you the hell out of here, you aimed a kick at him.  He evaded it and grabbed the shield off the bed.  “Call me when you’re ready to talk rationally.”
He stepped out of the room, closing the door behind him and you fumbled to get the communicator to work again.  When you finally got it to work it took a couple of cycles for Carol’s image to shimmer in front of you.  The smile on her face faltered and then shifted into a frown as she looked at you.  “Sweetheart, what’s wrong?”
“I need you to come get me and Kit,” you said.  “Now please.”
“Okay,” she said.  “Okay.  I’ll be there as soon as I can.  Give me a couple of hours.”
The connection severed and you curled back up and let yourself cry.
Tumblr media
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twilight-99-tm · a day ago
i miss carol sm :( could i pls request some carol fluff of her trying to like impress reader she has a crush on?
You were sitting on the sand by the water, enjoying the sun with the rest of the team. Days like these were rare, every now and then it was like the world took a breath and the whole team could relax. You were watching the volleyball game, enjoying the way Carol would look over at you every now and then to make sure you were looking.
A butterfly caught your attention and you followed it with your eyes. Carol had just spiked the ball really hard, making a noticeable dent into the sand but when she turned to you your eyes were focused somewhere else, making her shoulders drop the slightest bit. Steve noticed and chuckled, deciding to help her out.
"Wow, Carol," His voice was loud and it brought your attention back to them. Your mouth falling open when you spotted the dent in the sand. "What have they been feeding you?"
"Oh, Steve," She said, cocky smile and teasing tone back on now that your eyes were on her again. "You need a lot more than food to get these guns, it's okay you'll catch up."
She flexed her arms as the group laughed, you brought your hand up to cover you giggle, and to try and hide your reaction to her arms. She got the ball and moved to the back of the court, tossing the ball way too high before flying up to spike it across the court. Your eyes were glued to her and she heard the small gasp that left your lips, a grin spreading across her face.
The ball went straight into the sand on the other side, making Sam and Tony groan and start mumbling curses and complaints.
"That's not fair Carol!"
"Human strength only, I thought we agreed on that."
Carol laughed, putting her hands up. "Okay, okay," Tony tossed the ball to her so she could serve again, throwing you a wink over her shoulder as she walked back to the end line.
"Sorry guys, I had to impress the pretty lady."
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crazyyfilmyfreak · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Also Speaking about Today's episode there are so many Special and Best moments but i will mention a few of my personal favs which i really enjoyed Ep7 was a fucking Wild and Fun Ride and it was nice to see Barbie Thor being back onscreen After a very long time and i can't express how glad i am seeing him Happy ( yk after everything thor's been thru in mcu 😭 )
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
even tho it was only for a very small brief moment of time i actually really Enjoyed Thor and Jane together , they were really cute and the way the chemistry was working bw them was INSANE unlike uhm uhm the mcu jane & thor
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Also I feel the title of today's Episode Should have been What if Odin was a Decent Father instead of What if Thor were an only child 😏
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dianas-shortgalpal · 9 months ago
it has happened folks!!!!! the black sheep cover is real
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