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#Carol Pingrey
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Happy Caroluna Week, everybody! Here’s my singular entry, made for the AU prompt!

It’s based off of a fic by JamesSunderlandsPillow (creator of said week) called “The Company of Lori” (link). Yes, it’s sad. Yes, it’s good. Yes, you should read it.

I couldn’t do the full week cuz there’s no time. So, here’s hoping this suffices.

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September Patreon Monthly Drawing Request for my 10$ patron, Mark Shaver.

He wanted it in celebration of ‘Caroluna’ week which made me want to sneak in a certain detail in the background.
No … not that one, ignore the Gravity Falls one, that’s one’s dumb.

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“Selfie Improvement” debuted a year ago today! We saw the return of Carol Pingrey, who Lori mistaken her as a rival but became friends!  It’s one of my favorites from this season, and it also includes one of my favorite scenes – two of the characters I love, Leni and Luan, along with Lori and Lincoln have a great time together!

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