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Nessian and Nesta Archeron are totally worth it!

Honestly, I’m someone who has a very…bumpy relationship with this series, and there are some things in it that I dislike, don’t care for or absolutely hate. Still, it managed to produced one of my absolutely favourite characters ever (Nesta) and ships (nessian).

And whatever its faults, there’s no denying the fact that the characters and relationships in this series are very engaging and downright addictive. So I cannot say that I regret getting into this series and it is a good fun, all in all (if your definition of fun includes getting your heart ripped out on a regular basis).

In my opinion, you should just start at the beginning and see for yourself. Nesta is present in book 1, and although there aren’t that many scenes with her, it gives you the first glimpse into her character (although from Feyre’s unreliable perspective). First nessian scenes happen in book 2.

Hope this helps you with the decision ;)

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I’ve just realized there’s so much toxicity in Tumblr towards elriel shippers. Seriously tho what’s the matter with y'all?! Why so much elriel hate because some can’t stand Elain?but clearly they want Az with Gwyn ony for that reason.(??). Let me say my thoughts and whoever doesn’t agree -I don’t care!- They lack chemistry, they don’t have scenes together and obviously they don’t have a history built up. The only thing they say is about Azriel’s shadows and how they disappear when elain is around. BUT THAT’S THE POINT PEOPLE!(just like they disappeared when Mor was around when he was still in love with her) Obviously you haven’t read any of the other books before(food for thought). And most importantly gwynriel is based over a necklace that was meant for another woman. Represents another woman(elain=the rose). And let me remind you that Az admits even himself that they are not even friends(!!). Personal opinion, but I think love comes after being friends and close to someone. (guess what, elriel has that) Gwyn and AZ, they’re not even close! Do me a favor and read the books again cause I think you’ve lost some big details over there. And not y'all saying about Az’s chapter that he sees elain as an object and saying that elain should be mated with him instead is a bad thing. AZRIEL WAS HURTING INSIDE. THAT WAS PURE SADNESS WE GOT TO SEE BECAUSE HE CAN’T BE WITH THE WOMAN HE LOVES. Let me make clear that I have nothing against gwyn, I love her very much and I think she’s a very strong character with good potential. What I can’t stand is the hate elriel is given to. And I’m writing all this because a post of mine (saying “I think elriel is endgame”) got so much hate I had to delete it.

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SJM’s editor is my mortal enemy. Without them life could’ve been so much happier.

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Why ACOSF convinced me Elucien is endgame

Nesta altered Feyre’s body to have an Illyrian woman’s anatomy. And she also changed herself. While that made me uncomfortable, plus it makes the magic in this world have no limits, Nesta’s exact words are these:

“I changed myself a little, too. So none of us will have to go through this again.”

She never says she also changed Elain. Which means that if Az and Elain were to end up together, they will be faced with the same problem of Elain not being able to survive childbirth. It would have been such an easy way for Sarah to eliminate this problem by also having Nesta change Elain’s anatomy. But she didn’t. And the only reason I could think of is because Elain won’t need it.

I persoanlly like the idea of Gwyn and Az together. However, the same problem would arise with them. I guess we will see where Sarah decides to tale this, but I do find it interesting that neither of Azriel’s love interests possesses the Illyrian anatomy.

Edit: Thanks to lovely commenter pointing this out, I completely forgot that Gwyn’s bones are extremely flexible and that could facilitate giving birth to a child with wings.

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Who do you picture as Cassian and Nesta?? Tbh the art work I see is like exactly how I think of them, but are there any actors that you can think of?

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I’m not going to lie my ideal plot for the rest of this series is Nesta getting kidnapped by Koschei or willingly going. Whichever. Just not Elain.

I want Elain to do something. Something for Nesta in particular. The only time we’ve seen any spark from her is with Nesta and for Nesta. She stabbed the king of Hybern out of nowhere to protect her sister. She becomes more fiery in ACOSF because of Nesta. But Nesta is not wrong when she says that she’s been there for Elain and Elain hasn’t been there for her. We know that Elain literally has not taken care of herself. EVER. This is not a diss at Elain, it’s that Elain is a flawed character just like everyone else. She’s not some uwu baby child. But she will protect her sisters. Just like Feyre. Just like Nesta. I want to actually see it though and on that adventure she can have character growth, freedom, a test of wills. Her turning evil or having her herself kidnapped makes her the victim and honest to god Elain needs a strong narrative. Not to be dismissed as some second rate villain or to be rescued by someone again. She needs to learn to fight back. Just like Nesta needed to learn to hope and love the world again.

And you know what? It also is good for Cassian, because we would get to see him fight some more. Because he could use WAYYY more development than what he got. I would love to see that struggle between just going to save her himself to doing what the IC want because you know they’d probably be trying to make plans or be smart about it. Maybe wouldn’t even be quick about it. Maybe he’d learn that he doesn’t in fact have all the time in the world so he better say that he loves her, apologize when he says something hurtful, learn to extend his boundaries beyond gestures because Nesta deserves every word of love from his lips.

And also everyone gets character development because well could you imagine Nesta being with the main big bad? How dangerous and catastrophic??? But also watch Nesta learn more magic from this sorcerer lord (still hanging on to the idea that she’s a witch). Watch her trick him herself because she’s just that smart, but also we’d get to see the rest of everyone come help Nesta, because I don’t care who tries to make posts about addiction and intervention and Nesta’s bitchy attitude. You cannot tell me that was all in the name of love. Maybe from some of them. But those comments they kept saying? The lack of understanding or empathy? Please. She did need intervention but she didn’t need to feel hated and confirm what she already felt about herself when she was at her lowest because she fought in a war she helped them with.

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I have so many pieces of fanfiction written but none of the entire thing. Wowza.

One that I just keep coming back to is about Azriel and Nesta brotp in which Nesta gets him a gift though months late, since he gave her one for solstice. (It’s “made” by the way, though Nesta swears it’s safe) Cassian of course questions where his gift is.

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A/N: Hey folks, are we all alive after ACOSF? Because I sure am not.

Sorry for delaying this chapter, my head was just so full of ACOSF that writing had been pushed back a little. But worry not, last chapter’s cliff hanger finally is over!! I think this is one of the biggest chapters I have written (it is 3K), so I hope you enjoy it!!


Originally posted by lonelinesslikeanocean

In which she makes a Friend, Part Ten

Nesta had fallen asleep on the chair near her bed, where Kaelin was currently sleeping soundly. The same scene from a couple of months back, when she had just discovered that Kaelin was actually a girl, made chills run down her spine.

She didn’t like this situation. Didn’t like it at all.

Cassian had barged into the cabin with a bleeding and passed out Kaelin on his arms, making Nesta jump from her position on the couch, where she had been nervously waiting for them. She had ushered Cassian to place Kaelin in her room, trying to keep her voice low and calm as she asked what the hell had happened.

The menacing aura emanating from Cassian took her back to the memory of when she was human. Of when she had allowed him to get way too close to her. Had allowed him to scent and see the fear in her eyes at the reminder of tearing skirts and cries of help.

Had reminded her of how he had gone utterly still, the need to kill and inflict unbearable pain on the one who had hurt her.

She was not seeing Cassian, the laidback male who cooked for her, and hummed in the kitchen, or who gifted her and Kaelin thoughtful things.

No, she was seeing Cassian, General Commander of the Illyrian armies.

The Lord of Bloodshed.

But that did not frighten her. No, as it had been when she was human, she was not frightened of Cassian.

Nesta was frightened for those who would suffer the wrath of the 500 year old Illyrian, who had been compared with the great warrior god Enalius.

Cassian had left Kaelin in Nesta’s care, giving her a tight smile before leaving again.

Nesta had tended to Kaelin’s wound the best that she could, cleaning the dried blood on her face, but not daring to undress the young Illyrian of her bloodied leathers in fear that Cassian came back suddenly.

However, when Nesta was boiling some tea in hopes of easing her nerves and heard someone knocking on the door, she opened it not to find Cassian but Esmée, the healer matron with a basket full of vials and linens, a serious look on her face.

“That headstrong kurumin all but barged into my barrack, demanding that I rush here and see to that bubbly pitanga” Esmée had pursed her lips as she took in Kaelin’s appearance “Although he did not say how bad the poor thing looked”

Nesta had watched Esmée like a hawk as the healer applied some ointment to Kaelin’s cuts and bruises. Her Illyrian blood would heal her faster, but even the warrior race could be exposed to infections. That was a risk they were not going to take, especially after Cassian had told Nesta where he had found Kaelin.

She had tried not to think of the young girl being beaten in a remote area in the woods. Tried not to think of what would have happened had Cassian not arrived.

Had Kaelin’s killing power not been activated.

Too many thoughts run around Nesta’s mind. Too many variables having been added to the already messy situation.

And Nesta had also tried not to think of how Cassian had eyed her before he left. How while he had told her of Kaelin’s breakdown his hazel eyes had been searching her face for a spark of recognition.

Searching her face for a shadow of a secret shared between her and Kaelin, hidden deeply into her mind, behind the fortress of iron that surrounded it.

Cassian suspected something.

And it was only a matter of time before others started to suspect too.

Nesta was sure of it, especially when she had tensed while Esmée opened Kaelin’s leathers to examine her other bruises.

She had only eased when she noticed that Kaelin wore a thin tunic underneath it, also remembering the band she used to bind her chest.

As long as Esmée did not remove Kaelin’s tunic there was no danger of her secret being exposed.

“He broke one rib and another is seriously bruised” Esmée had informed, running her hands over Kaelin’s torso “And he will have some nasty marks on his stomach, probably due to the punches that broke them. He’s to rest for at least a week. If that good for nothing camp Lord says anything about it just tell the General to pay him a visit and politely convince him of sticking his opinions where the sun does not shine.” 

Nesta had fought back a smile at the healer’s words, walking her to the door and letting out a sigh of relief when she was gone.

Nesta rose from the chair with a loan groan, her whole body aching from sleeping in an awkward position. She turned her neck from side to side, hoping to ease the tension accumulated as she quietly closed her bedroom door and went to the kitchen. She had not eaten a single thing since Cassian had left to go search for Kaelin, the only thing in her stomach being the tea she had brewed before Esmée had arrived.

Looking at the clock on the wall, she furrowed her brows in confusion. Cassian should already have been up and about, being the early riser that he was. But now that she stopped to think about it, she had not heard him coming back yesterday night.

A cold dread settled in her stomach, and she fought the urge to tug at the thin thread hidden deep within herself, if only to be certain of his whereabouts.

“He’s fine Nesta’’ she murmured to herself as she set the kettle on the stove “He can take care of himself. He’s not called the Lord of Bloodshed for nothing”

But that feeling of dread stayed with her, from the time it took for the water to boil to how long it took for Nesta to realize that she had been so far away in her thoughts that her eggs were burning.

“Oh fuck” she cursed out loud quickly turning the oven off and opening the kitchen’s window to disperse the smoke.

She was still cursing when a deep male voice came from behind her.

“Since when did Nesta Archeron know how to swear? Those are not appropriate words for a lady”

Nesta turned around to see Cassian leaning against the doorframe, an amused grin on his face.

“Should not a lady always aim to expand her vocabulary?” she inquired, arching an eyebrow.

That made Cassian laugh, a mischievous glint on his eyes that eased that feeling of dread in Nesta’ stomach.

“I didn’t see you arriving back yesterday” she nonchalantly said, placing the tea on the table and saving the less burnt pieces of eggs for her to eat.

The lack of an answer from Cassian told Nesta enough. He had not returned.

“Am I going to have to tie you to your damn bed?” she threatened “Esmée said you needed to rest”

“I would gladly let you tie me up sweetheart, although I would rather be the one tying you” Cassian’s voice dropped an octave, and Nesta had to fight back a blush.

“I am not joking you pervert” but her voice lacked the amount of spite she wanted it to have.

Cauldron, to picture Cassian touching her while she lay helpless, giving him full control over her…. Nesta was not one to let others take rein in any kind of situation, especially sex. But to have Cassian being the one in control…. making her go mad with his big and calloused hands, that deep voice saying sweet temptations and dirty promises in her ear… it was enough to make her toes curl.

His answering grin was enough to say he had noticed the change in her scent.

“Wound a bit tight these days Nessie?” he walked in her direction, and the need to taste him, to feel him against her skin….

How long had it been since she had last pleasured herself? She had not bedded a male since she had come to Windhaven, and even touching herself was a no go once Kaelin started living with them.

Cauldron, she had to stop thinking about that.

But the closer Cassian got, the stronger his scent was, that mix of eucalyptus and musk almost making Nesta groan in frustration.

“Get your head out of the gutter Cassian” she managed to say, not giving him the satisfaction of moving away from him, little to no distance between their bodies.

That infuriating smirk appeared again, as always making her blood boil, from either desire or anger at him she did not know.

However, upon close inspection, Nesta could notice how dark the shadows beneath his eyes were. How his hair was more messed up then usual and the lack of shaving more noticeable.

“As if I was going to take such an awful looking male to my bed” Nesta snorted.

“You need to rest Cassian, you cannot keep going like this” she added softly, and maybe the use of his name — something she rarely did — made him see that she was not joking. That she truly was worried about him.

“I am a warrior Ness, we are trained to go days into battle with barely enough sleep” he said, daring to grip her fingers tenderly.

“It does not mean you can punish yourself by not arriving to help Kaelin sooner” she pleaded with her eyes “ It was not your fault. And if you keep thinking like that you will have to blame me too.”

Cassian only squeezed her fingers once before letting go of her hand, a sad smile on his face.

“Eat something more than those burnt eggs or else you will faint. And remember that you have the week off to rest”

Nesta opened her mouth to retort that he should stop being such a headstrong brute and just fucking sleep but Cassian was gone before she could unleash her temper on him.


Kaelin was awake by the time Nesta had come back to her room.

And the young illyrian was smart enough to keep silent at Nesta’s murder glare.

“You, young lady, are grounded” Nesta declared as she sat on the chair, the picture of grace and calmness despite the blazing fire echoing in her veins.

She directed her powers towards the dying fireplace, silencing the flames with ease now. Nesta felt smug satisfaction at the fact that she was controlling her powers with more facility, although she still had troubles maintaining its constant flow during her training with Cassian.

“I am what” Kaelin croaked out, her throat probably sore after all she had cried and having not spoken for almost a day.

“Grounded. As in you messed up and so I am punishing you in an educational way” Nesta’s voice softened and she clasped Kaelin’s hand “It was very brave of you to shoulder everything alone in fear of putting me, Emerie and even Cassian in danger.”

Kaelin sat a little taller, no wonder feeling pride at Nesta’s words.

“However, it was also very stupid of you, even more given that your killing powers manifested and you thought it better to not tell a single soul about it” Nesta added seriously “And that’s why I think you are going to be one of the most fierce warriors in our history. The best of them tend to be the most reckless and self sacrificing.”

Cassian’s face came to her mind, remembering how he had lay his life for her more than once. How as much as he was intelligent he was also selfless. How he did not hesitate to put his family’s life first and before even his own.

And even though Nesta felt pride and awe at his attitude, she also felt fear for his life.

He walked too close to Death for her liking.

“Next time, do not feel afraid and trust me. Trust Cassian. I am sure he would have helped you, no questions asked” she gave Kaelin’s hand a reassuring squeeze “Do you understand?”

“Yes, ma’am” Kaelin answered, an embarrassing blush blooming on her cheeks.

When Nesta had made sure Kaelin had eaten all of the food piled on her plate — Nesta had only heated some pre-made food Cassian had already cooked, not wanting to repeat the burnt food event – she announced what the young illyrian grounding would be.

“No flying?!” Kaelin shouted.

“No flying”

“You can’t do that!” she argued, completely exasperated.

“Not only I can but I did exactly that. Esmée said you need one week of rest and that is what you are going to do” Kaelin opened her mouth to protest but Nesta beat her to it “You almost broke two ribs, no way you are going to either be flying or training so soon. If that stupid Devlon says something he will have to deal with me and Cassian about it.”


“No buts. After your one week of rest is up and you can go back to training you will walk there. No flying.”

“You want me to walk back and forth?!” Kaelin looked as if Nesta had just told her that goats could fly.

“No flying. For a month”

“A month?!”

“Want me to make it two?” Nesta inquired, fighting back a grin at Kaelin’s hopeless face.

“No” she grumbled back, and Nesta had never seen Kaelin look so much as a thirteen year old as now. 

Despite the fact that she was quite cheerful, the young girl usually portrayed a serious expression on training and their conversations, having matured earlier than most because of her need for survival. Nesta wanted Kaelin to be able to enjoy life to its fullest, without the constant fear of having her secret exposed.

She found herself wishing Kaelin could live normally as a girl and still be able to keep on training. But change took time, especially for a kind as old and traditional as the Illyrians and Fae.

“How about you show me your penmanship? You will have plenty of time to practice now” Nesta said, trying to distract her thoughts of the ‘what ifs’ of the future.


“What in the Cauldron are you doing?” Cassian asked, coming out of the kitchen.

“Preparing to sleep, as normal people usually do” Nesta answered, arranging the blankets on the couch. She could not possibly let Kaelin sleep anywhere but her bed given the kid’ state, although she had in vain tried to argue against Nesta’s decision.

“You are not sleeping on the damn couch” he argued, picking her pillow.

“Well, Kaelin is already passed out on the bed after I gave him the painkillers Esmée left, and no way I’m making him sleep here” she snapped, snatching back her pillow.

“My bed is perfectly available” he retorted “You sleep there and I will sleep here”

He tried to take the pillow from her but Nesta took a step back, snarling in his direction.

“Look at yourself Cassian! You haven’t had a proper night of sleep in weeks!! You sleep on your bed and I will sleep here!”

“Gods, you’re such a stubborn woman!! I may be just a lowly bastard but even I have some decency to not let a female sleep on the couch while I sleep on the bed!!”

“You are not sleeping on the couch” she repeated.

“Well, you are also not sleeping there so I guess the only option is for us to share a bed!” Cassian practically shouted back.

“Then I guess we will be sharing your bed then!” Nesta found herself agreeing, both to hers and Cassian’ surprise.

However, now there was no coming back. Nesta would not give Cassian the satisfaction of seeing her flustered over him.

So she grabbed her pillow and left the living room, walking towards his room and not looking back, hesitating only once she stopped in front of his bedroom’s door.

“You may open it” Cassian quietly said behind her, and Nesta tentatively turned the doorknob.

She had never entered Cassian’s room before. Not that it was that different in size from hers, but she supposed the decoration made all the difference.

Apart from a bed big enough to accomodate wings, what most surprised Nesta was Cassian’s shelf, which not only held weapons such as daggers and knives — she guessed there were even more weapons stashed somewhere in his drawer, armoire or under the bed —  but a small private collection of books.

She had seen some books in the living room, and felt a tinge of shame to think those were the only ones Cassian had. Running her hand over the books’ spine, she could see they had been well read, and that Cassian took great care with them.

“Those are military books” he informed softly, his hazel eyes following her every move “You could say I am quite attached to them, that’s why they are here instead of on top of the living room’s fireplace.”

“This is not a military book” Nesta said in the same voice tone, taking one from its place and reading the title.

‘King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table’

“I would not have pegged you for a romance reader” she teased, recalling his own words from when she had first arrived at the House of Wind.

“It is not a romance” he argued “It is a story full of blood and fights and dangerous quests for glory and—”

“And Guinevere is just a fish then?” Nesta inquired, returning the book to its rightful place.

Cassian’s only answer was a low grumble and Nesta could swear he was sulking because she was right.

“Just go to sleep and forget about this” Cassian said, awkwardly gesturing towards his bed.

Spine straight as a sword, Nesta pushed the covers back and fluffled her pillow before trying to get comfortable.

It was too much. Too much Cassian. Too much of that intoxicating scent that made her caged heart threaten to explode and pour out all that she felt for him into the open. She had no idea how she was going to be able to sleep, even more when she heard a rustling sound and saw Cassian drop his clothes in a chair, staying only in his undershorts.

“What do you think you are doing?” she exclaimed, a bit breathless as she eyed his tan and muscled torso, failing to hide how seeing him like that affected her.

“Would you rather have me sleeping naked sweetheart? Because that is my type of sleeping garments” he winked at her, and Nesta wondered if she could suffocate him with her pillow.

“But for the sake of your poor nerves I will put on proper clothes xe tatá” he added, slipping on some cotton pants that hang so low on his hips that Nesta had to bite her tongue to not comment on the fact that it did nothing to calm her poor nerves.

Cassian turned off the light settling beside her on the bed and keeping a respectful distance from her side.

Nesta tightly closed her eyes and prayed to sleep come soon. Yet she kept tossing and turning around, not finding a comfortable position.

“I thought you wanted me to rest Ness” Cassian’s amused voice interrupted the silence.

“Well, it’s not my fault I cannot find a comfortable position and am feeling cold despite the lit fireplace” she turned in his direction, trying to find his face in the dark “Don’t you ever feel cold?”

“I am quite used to Illyria’s weather, and maybe living for so long in a piss poor tent outside made me immune to it” he said with a hint of sadness “You should have told me sooner that you were cold. Wait a minute.”

Nesta’s eyes slowly got used to the dark and she could faintly see Cassian moving towards his wardrobe and returning with a huge fur blanket.

“Warmer?” he asked, tucking it so tenderly around her that her heart skipped a beat.

“Yes, but….”

“Still not comfortable?”

She felt her cheeks getting hot in embarrassment and thanked the gods Cassian could not see it because of the dark.

“Can I—” Cassian cleared his throat and Nesta felt him move a little in her direction.

“Yes’’ she laid utterly still, not daring even to breath as Cassian moved and embraced her, his arm acting as a pillow for her head.

“It’s just body heat” he murmured, his breath hitting her forehead.

“Just body heat” she agreed, eyelids suddenly heavy with sleep.

Aundê aicô, xe nhia” Cassian whispered, Nesta’s soft breathing letting him know she was fast asleep.

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Headcannon that Koschei crashes Nessian’s mating ceremony just as the ribbon is being tied around their hands and everyone launches into fight mode but Cassian is a superstitious bat boi and he will NOT let Nesta cut the ribbon, so they have to fight back to back holding hands but it just increases their synchronicity and becomes a new modern legend about the power of the mating bond.

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Nesta: It’s just sex, it doesn’t mean anything

Cassian: **leaves immediately after they finish and doesn’t cuddle with her**

Nesta, every damn time:

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My unsolicited opinion 😊

Acosf Spoilers!!!

Okay, I haven’t seen enough people talk about this, but I need to get it off my chest:

I don’t like the idea of Rhys and Feyre as King and Queen of Prythian. I think that is a very King-of-Hybern move.

There, I said it. Sorry not sorry.


Originally posted by muvana

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If anyone needs a court of silver flames please message me I have the pdf

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I’ve been seeing lots of people complaining about not knowing what the Bone Carver showed Cassian but acosf does mention it!!!


He saw Nesta as Death

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I just realized Azriel watched Nesta give Cassian head in the kitchen and only made his presence known once they were gonna do it on the table, and then DRANK AND ATE off that same table with no hesitation.

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nesta and cassian superiority in every aspect. just-

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