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#Catherine parr six fanart
you-need-a-jello-shot · 3 months ago
Request for Boleyn and Parr swapping costumes because I want to see this
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Forgot how complicated drawing Anne’s costume is
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sixfanarts · 5 months ago
Uhh... Boleyn and Parr try on each other’s costumes. Maybe Kat in Anna’s too.
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shoutout to the lovely @stepinsideluv to whom i complained about having to colour this <33
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cimanon · 2 months ago
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@queer_of_the_castle: Out here living my best life .
@the_only_one_he_truly_loved: Anne is literally drowning ❤3460
@queer_of_the_castle: @the_only_one_he_truly_loved This ain't about her ❤5094
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bitchme-2 · 20 days ago
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September 5, 1548
Not even ‘survivors’ get to live forever. Nor are they guaranteed a happy ending.
Rest in peace, Catherine Parr
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enraptureenchanted · 3 months ago
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“You’re not alone anymore.”
- - - - - -
You’ve got it all, You lost your mind in the sound,
There’s so much more, You can reclaim your crown,
You’re in control, Rid of the monsters inside your head,
Put all your faults to bed,
You can be queen again.
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you-need-a-jello-shot · 3 months ago
Kat and Cathy, that's the prompt, do with it what you will
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More sleepy Kat I think
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thesoulbonder · 5 months ago
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This line in Catherine Parr’s song always stuck out to me, so I wanted to draw all the queens fading away.
Their faces kinda look weird so idk how to feel about that, but ignoring that, I’m really proud of this! Moving forward, I wanna make their outfits as detailed as I did for my individual queen drawings.
So yeah! Here :D
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sixfanarts · 18 days ago
today is parr’s deathday :( ~holiday anon
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"five down, i'm the final wife"
(;O;; hello holiday anon ily)
#look at where you are#look at where you started- the fact that you're alive is a miracle#aahhh im late sorry#but hello holiday anon ily#school is vv busy ?? also i didn't know what to draw for the life of me#but then i started thinking and like.#another concept i had for this was survived. (parr at henry's grave) survived? (parr's grave) survived. (insert six survived pose)#i have so many emotions about her#aaah?? like she died but then she came back and then she got everyone together to create this amazing show#to quote eliza#;O;;; her#also the fact tumblr doesnt allow commas in tags :((#i hope you are doing well holiday anon i think you're the anon that's been with me the longest ily#haha im sorry im always late but thank you ever so much for the small reminders and interactions#you're very awesome :DD#six the musical#six the musical fanart#catherine parr#notes on the art: her mouth gave me the hardest time? also the heck is the lighting on her face? idc it looks aesthetic thats fine#i had to go take a photo of my hands for this that's dedication for you#also speaking of hands i just realised i forgot to give her nails? like i was planning on black nail polish for this aw man :<#for the bg!! and the crowns in general! those are the ones six uses for merch if im not wrong#i stole them off the photo of the queens at the six wall in the theater cafe place#some of the ones at the back are blocked but like. they're the crowns of aragon to howrd#and they're imprints because five down yknow#and she's holding (?) her own
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djts-arts · 24 days ago
ParrMour comic doodle
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Tumblr media
Based on this
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ahrarthesatyr · 10 days ago
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Fast rough sketch of Katherine Howard from Six because I'm obssesed with her and the whole musical, I wish I could have more time to draw more about them
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