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#Catholic academia
little-theatre-fairy · 9 hours ago
There's a reason why tourists go to cities and visit churches even though they're not Christian and they don't care about it. They go someplace and they're looking for beauty, and they end up in a church rather than a mall.
Jonathan Pageau
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catholicapuella · a month ago
Catholic Phrases in Latin
Ad maiorem Dei gloriam - For the greater glory of God
Ave crux spes unica - Hail to the Cross, our only hope
Contemplata aliis tradere - to hand down to others the fruits of contemplation
Credo ut intelligam - I believe so that I may understand
Cura personalis - care for the entire person
Deo gratias - thanks [be] to God
Deo optimo maximo - to the greatest and best God
Deus vult - God wills it
Divi filius - Divine Son
Ex indumentis - from the clothing
Ex opere operato - from the work performed
Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus - outside the Church there is no salvation
Felix culpa - happy fault; blessed fall
Fiat lux - Let there be light
Fides quaerens intellectum - faith seeking understanding; faith seeking intelligence
Gratia non tollit naturam, sed perficit - Grace does not destroy nature, but perfects it
In hoc signo vinces - In this sign thou shalt conquer
In necessariis unitas, in dubiis libertas, in omnibus caritas - unity in necessary things; freedom in doubtful things; love in all things
In persona Christi - in the person of Christ
Incurvatus in se - turned/curved inward on oneself
Mea culpa - through my fault
Memento mori - remember that you [have to] die
Missio Dei - mission of God
Nihil sine Deo - Nothing without God
Noli me tangere - cease holding on to m
Sensus plenior - fuller sense/meaning
Serviam - I will serve
Sic transit gloria mundi - Thus passes worldly glory
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veritas-et-caritas · 2 months ago
My old Catholic Highschool Aesthetic.
Crowded in a classroom used as the chapel, shoving The Iliad in your backpack, girls rolling their eyes at coatless boys walking through snowy streets to church, students poised to win during house games, daydreaming during a philosophy tangent, black choir dresses, lockers piled with the great books, knowing everyone because it’s so small, laughing softly to yourself as you scribble down quotes from your obnoxious peers, translating Latin sentences in the morning, reading ancient literature on sun-dappled grass, prayers before class.
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snowdr3amer · a year ago
✨Studyblr Intro✨
Hi guys! I’m starting a new studyblr blog here on this account!
✨What I’m studying✨
I’m currently a junior in university and I’m studying psychology. I was originally a biology major studying with the intention of becoming a physician assistant or a veterinarian. Now I’m stuck on the middle between wanting to become a physician assistant or a psychologist. Both are healthcare service careers that involve helping other people get through difficult moments. I feel I would have a passion for either career but I need to choose the one that fits best with the lifestyle that I want to live. Either way, knowing psychology is helpful for both careers. Even then, I’m open to change my career plans if I discover something I’m more passionate about. 
✨Some of my interests✨
Aside from academics, I have an interest in filmmaking, writing, reading books, learning foreign languages, making artwork, playing music on the violin and the flute, going on adventures, learning about different cultures, learning and studying religion (I’m Roman Catholic) and I love being in nature and with animals. Also I forgot to mention dark academia resonates with me. So expect to see these things here too on my blog!
✨Shows and Music✨
I like anime and cartoons. Some of my favorite shows are Attack on Titan, Erased, Your Lie in April, Avatar the Last Airbender, Legend of Korra and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Other shows I like are Grey’s Anatomy, Sherlock Holmes, and the Korean Drama It’s Okay to Not Be Okay. 
For music, I listen to mainly rock, lo-fi instrumental, classical music, k-pop, japanese rock and alternative music. Some of my favorite artists are The Strokes, Paramore, BTS, Stray Kids, and Ateez.
✨The intention of starting this mini-studyblr✨
I want to become more focused on truly learning psychology and get a real education instead of learning information just for an exam and then forgetting good chunks of it afterwards. I also want to learn to become more productive with my time during quarantine and gain discipline and diligence. I would like to improve my writing skills as well and find my voice more, even if it’s just online. I hope that this endeavor lasts, is sustainable and motivates me to learn more for the sake of learning and not just because school enforces it. Also, this blog is not limited to just being a studyblr! It’s more like a blog to show my journey towards becoming a more productive, diligent and creative person. 
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watercolourferns · 2 months ago
I call this madness "I grew up Catholic and it has influenced my tastes in aesthetics more than I care to admit".
If you see something non Catholic (more akin to Voodoo, Santa Muerte, or other closed practices that use Catholic saints in their altars) please let me know so I pull it out from my board.
I'm looking to add more stuff like this, specially really cluttered altars, barroque churches, and gothic cathedrals. If you have anything like that that I can add to my board, please send it to me via DM. Specially dark, gilded, old looking stuff, and either Crying Virgins or all white Virgin Mary statues with coloured flowers or golden crowns. I'm also looking for art that I can make into prints, like pre-raphaelite style saints, specially Saint Therese, Saint Sebastian, Child Jesus, Saint Cecile... I'm digging in my old Catholic stuff to find things to decorate with, specially statues and busts and crosses. I'm a Heathen/Pagan and a Hedge Witch, and I'm very anti-Christianity and anti-colonialist (I'm descedant of Mazahuas, so...), but the aesthetic is amazing, and it brings some good memories from my time in the church. Not everything was good, but not everything was bad. Besides it reminds me of my favourite church, which is the one in the Coyoacán square in CDMX, which is the Saint John Baptist church and ex-convent... If I could live there I would, I swear... It's always so dark inside and it's so beautiful and peaceful. I also like CDMX's Cathedral in the Zocalo square.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So if you have anything like that for me. I'd appreciate it so so much!!! ^w^
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mynocturnality · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Gothic art, also known as Opus Francigenum (French work) emerged in the early 12th century and touched up every niche of fine arts. It is characterized by stained glass windows, pointed arches, religious thematic, flying buttresses, and an abundant amount of decorations, virtuoso carving, and sculptures.
The Portal of Judgement, one of the doors to the Notre-Dame de Paris, built last around 1230 and depicting Christ's judgment from the Bible.
⚜ Gothic month on @mynocturnality
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catholicapuella · a month ago
I do not want to study any more I wish to lay on the cold marble floor of a cathedral and pray the rosary while Mozart’s Requiem is being played
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snowdr3amer · a year ago
Tumblr media
November 23
I’ve been thinking about evolution, creation, and the book of Genesis in the Bible lately. I want to be more knowledgeable on the subject of evolution and so I took out a book from the library called Darwinism and it’s Discontents. This is for me a quest to better understand the origins of life from the perspective of modern science. The book of Genesis is not meant to be interpreted as a book of science, or of historical accounts, but as a book of theological mysticism and metaphors that establishes God above all created things. I’ve always been fascinated by nature, and biology is one of my favorite subjects so I feel I really should educate myself better on the theory of evolution. Jesus said the truth shall set you free and ask and it will be given to you, seek and you shall find. Science and religion do not have to contradict each other.
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lesbianmarigold · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Love is my Religion;
John Keats, Love Letter To Fanny Brawne. 13 October 1819 / Gustav Klimt, The Kiss. 1907-1908 / Zolita, Holy. 2015 / Friedrich Paul Thumann, Cupid and Psyche c. 1900 / Richard Siken, Litany in Which Certain Things Are Crossed Out. 2005 / Francesc Masriera, Penitent Magdalene. 1890 / Lady Gaga, Bloody Mary. 2011
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